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Teachers' Examination.
An examination * for teaeberk alreadi
employed, will be held at Auburn Centre
on Friday, July 26, 1867. Teacheri wish
ing to be examined must present a writ
ten request signed bT atleast three mem
bers of the board of the district in which
they are employed. Examination will Com
mence promptly at 9 o'clock A. M.
County Snp't.
July 16-2
Dental Notica.
Dr. T. J Wheaton, the De Li st, will be
st Charles Sprout's, two mi ll west of
3l,ontros6 Wednesday the 24th lost:
riends in that neighborhood desiring
to see him, will please call on that day._
He may also be consulted at Day's Ho
he], drangerville, on Monday the 29 h inst.
Friends in that section will please be
prompt as his .stay will be necessarily lim
No charges for counsel, nor for extract
ing the teeth where the jaw is cleared.
Binghamton, July 13, 1867
Struck by Lightning.
Basler Burdick, of thitTA, aged 16 years,
soli of Caleb S. Burdick, was killed by a
stroke of lightning on July 4th, at,Union
dale, while' in attendance at a plc nic. fde
was standing under and leaning against a
maple tree, when the sad event occurred.
The shaft_ ran down the tree, passed thro
the rim of his hat, down his back and
right leg, causing instant death.
Some others under the tree were slight
ly shocked. '
To Peddlers.
lEver§ peddler should be, prepared to
ilioduce a special tax reciept in his. \ own
name, upon the demand of an internal rev
enue officer. It is not sufficient for him , to
produce a receipt issued to another person,
even , though that other may have been
employed by the same party and upon
the same wagon.
Shooting Affair.
A young man, son of Lewis Armstrong,
late commissioner of this county, who re
sides near FactOryville Depot, was- shot
by a Man named/ DeAlerse, a few days
since. The circumstances as related to us
are as follows: DeMerse, who is said to
be an irritable and violent tempered man,
had been annoyed by the conduct of some
boys in the neighborhood, an threatened
to shoot them• and in pursuance of his
threat he had procured a minnie
e young man, Armstrong, who it is said
ItA no intimation - Of danger, when pass
ing the garden of DeMerse, in the fore
part of the evening, went into it for the
purpose of getting a raddish. While thus
prig I L ;•111 DeMerse who was; near by , shot
him. The ball which was ofthe largest
size, entered near the point of the shoul
der blade and passed out at the breast.—
At last accounts the young man Was alive
though his wound is said to be such as will
probably prove fatal.
DeMerse was arrested and is now in
jail awaiting trial for his rash act.—Tunk
4annork Democrat.
The Balbach Novels.
"Joseph the Second and His Court;"
"The Merchant of Berlin ;" " Fredrick
the Great and His Court ;" " Berlin and
Sans-Sonci" By L. Mulbach. Each $2.
Published by D. APPLETON cC Co., New
York. Sent by mail, free,-on receipt of
the price.
To discover and bring out anew novel
ist of genius is to confer a real benefit on
mankind. It is a boon, as great in its,ayay,
as the . discovery of a new metal or Uf a
newlmotive of poster. The Aappletons
deserve the credit of introducing the
American public to an, entirely new realm
of fiction, wherein the enchanter's wand is
wielded by :a Dew hand, We allude to
the brilliant series of novels by Miss Mul
hach, nom in course of publication at their
house. The writer is a German woman,
living, we believe,ln berlin ; and her nov.
els are first published there and translat
ed here by
,practised hands. Of herself
we know nothing ; b2ther interectual pow
ers are vividly revealed in the works,under
notice. She is a person of erudition ex
tensive, and suite accurate, possessing an
extraordinary unaginatibi; a gift of
dialogue, which fith her well for a high
order of draittas, if she cared to attempt
them,a vein of wit which is trencbond of
humor which is English, ,besides a realis
tic style of description which belongs of
right to the age of the photograph..
Convention of Teachers.
At an adjourned meeting of .teacherS
held at New, Milford Jape 21stisind"22d . ,
the following preamble and 'resolutions
were adopted: -
Whereas, a supplernent to an act for
the regulation and continuance-of a sys
tem of education by Common Schools,aykL ,
proved the 9th day of April, 1867, re
quires the county superintendent of each
county_ to hold_a Teachers' Institute as
often as once a year, at stitch time "arid
place as he or sproperly inithorized com
mittee of teachers-.acting with him, may
deem most" convenient. • Therefore, , re
solved, • '
1. That a Convention 'of teachers be
called tr) be heldin Montville "August" ..16
and 17. `" - • ,r '
. ,
2. Th - ft\siiia meeting; bo oP9ood ,
two teaCiers appointed as. - bol
delegates to
repaesent eaclL township or --:school
trict, except the boroukh of Dundaff and
Little Meadows,' and . ChapinanandlOalr ,
land independentdistricts ; whiclithallte
entitled to one delegate each,'
3. Tbat each delegate be entitled to One
vote in determining the teme andpkio for
holding t h e county . Teaclkera' Initi tut
nextf e
4. That 10 dip teaches in f thin county
and coiller persons. interested, l in 7 ,pclnilar
ednCition.biv invited in 'attend!: '• '
5. That each :teaclier- :present -_shall be
entitled to a rote on till questions brought,
before the Conyeaticini -except the two
named in resolution TA third two,
shall be left to the deleg ates only.
6. That the Teaelier6 Institute he or
ganized at this meet ing,, solar , as consist
ent-. With the,.econd section of the supple
ment to the school law. ` •
The foilloiring, teachers, are
as aele g ile s to meet in Montrose, Aug.
10th and lith, 1867, for the purpose of
organi*ing the County Institute •to be
held next fall,, and transacting such other
business as may come before the Conven
ApOlacon—J.S.Gillen, W. F. M'Cormipk.
Ararat—A.o. Stearns, C. W. Saneif
Auburn—C. E. Davis, AlphioSteb-
bins. -
Bridgew.ater,—A.P.Seett,Gertrude Sweet
Broo - layn—W.R. Gere, Al meda Waives
Chapman (ind.)—Ella Cornell.
ChoeoriutFraneis J. German, Mary E
—Julia Lewis, Mr: Watlins.
DOnOck—Howard Baker,Fauthie Lindley.
Dunllatr—A. S.. Taylor.
Forest Lake—J. F. Wanner, Helen Hall
Franklin—Lavinia Smith, Chloe Robins
Friendsvi)e—Eugeuie Sherwood.
Gibsou—U. 13. Gillett, Geo. E. Dutcher.
Gi. Bend horo—C,M.Welis, Miss Newell
Gt. Bend tp—W. J. Tinker, Mary A
Rounds. -
11arford—E. S. P. Hinds, H. N. Tiffany.
Harmony— . -C. E. Morris, Susan Belcher.
Herrick—Clara Lyons, Ella Ellis.
Jackson—O. E. French, Henry Barrett.
Jessup—Ai letta Granger, Wat. Dayton.
Lathrop —Susan Taylor, H. G. Wright.
Lenox—Mary Mills, Helen A. Hartley.
Little •Meadows-T. W. Tinker.
Middletown—A. J-G illen, T.-T. Evans.
Montrose—Jas. 'Newman, Anna Deans.
New Milford boro—E.. B. Hawley, Ella
New Milford tp NV. F. Lathrop, M. 0.
Oakland—Enttna Bushnell, Emma Rich
Oakland (ind.)—Carrie Wellman.
Rush—Frederick Keeney, Affie Griffis.
Silver Lake r -Margaret O'Day, Mary C.
- Bradley .
Springtril'e rfT. W. Lyman, F. Sheldon.
Susqu'a DspoLr-A. E. lloolittle , Ada
Bradt, r. 1%
Thomson—Ellen Butterfield, Emma Ge
Tile ati - ove delegates are appointed so
as to give every part of the county an
equal voice in locating the Institute, and
it is hoped that.each school district will
be represented..: If there are thyse ap
pointed as delegates who cannot attend,
they will please, notify the Snp't and de
signate some one who will.
The Convention will convene at 2
c'ock, Friday, Aug. 16th, and continue in
session L till 2 p. yi. Saturday, Aug. 17th.
Friday, Aug. 16th, 1367. Afternoon
session, 2 o'clock.
1. Calling roll of - delegates.
2. Filling vacancies.
3. Organization and misoellaneotts busi
Evening session, 7 o'clock.-1. Report
—School Discipline, by E. W. Rogers,
Susq's Depot.
2. Discussion of above Report.
3. inaugural Address, by Prof. ,Cha..
W. Deans, St' Adler's Orphau Scboul,
ford, Pa. - •
Saturday, Aug. 1 i th. 3lorning session,
8.1 o'clock.
I. Report—Qraded Schools, by C. M.
Wells, Great Bend Graded School.
2. Discussion of above report.
3. Report—Graae . of Certificates and
Qualification of Teachers, by A. W..Lar
rabec, Susq'a Depot.
4. Discussion of the above Report.
5. Report—School Apparatus, by Miss
Ellen Webb, Lanesboro, graduate of Mil
lersvilleState Normal School.
Social Meeting:' 1. ResOlutioig - 2. Ad
dresses, etc. 3. Adjournment.
Fellow Teachersycome one, come
let us have -an= interesting and profitable
time. In the language of our State Sup't,
"Let the teachers 'show that they know
how; up a profestiiiin for them
selves and guard its interests."
• W. W. WATsoN, Co. Sup't.4' •.1 ;. • ;
Sewing Illachines:
We cati,furnish. a Grevec,A,Paker, a
Finkle Sewing
Machine, atless than manufacturers' pri
W 4 -1 14. or'En.` , C4.l.l NC•A. af=ll
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new supplies ofGennine Drugs and Medicines, whit
wilibe BOW as low /IS at any saber Sir in Montrone.
107 - Colgate's Aromatic Vegetable Soap. A Ea
perior Toilet Soap, prepared Worn relined Vegeta
ble Olio in combination with Glycerine, and espe
cially designed for the use of Ladles, and for the
Nursery. Its perfume is exquisite, and its washing
properties unrivalled? For sale by all druggists.
May, 2.41867.—1karep12 -
• •
Phalan's •• Night Blooming Ceram'
iPhalonhe . 1, Night Elloomhig Certua.”
PanIOW. 4. Night Blooming Cereuo.”
Planlon , ' ' , Might Blooming Comm,'
Phnlon% "Nigh: Blooming Berens."
A most exanWie. dentate, and Fragrant Perfume,
dialed from tbe rare and beautiful Scrum from
whirl it takes Its mum
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lyn. N. Y., twain the Bible Braminer, by way of apol
ogy for publishing a medical certificate in Ids magazine
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" meta, not forpay, but in gratitude to God who has en
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" satisfied that there Is virtue in the lodine Water
treatment, which the readers of this Itiaga4,ine
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circulars free.
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the whole eyqtear.
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Debility, Female W. aknesses, would but test the
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run no longer tremulous and debilitated, as when you
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Thousands have been changed by the Use of this rem
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A CERTAIN REMEDY for all complaints so peculiar
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Retention, Pain in the Back and Loins, Pressing-Down-
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This great medicine cured Dr.J. H. SIMENON, the Propri
etor, of Pulmonary Consumption, when it bad manned Ito
naCet forasidabs acpxt l and whoa speedy death appeared to
be inevitabsei. His physicians pronounced his case incurable,
when be commenced the we of this simpte bat powerful ,
remedy. Hie health was restored In a very short time, and
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Since his recovery, he has devoted his attention excitt•
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Dr. Seamiest makes preitesional visits to several of the larger
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n - ithois seeing Dr. SCUIV:OI4 lout when it la COSMO/lb:Mt it
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PA533 et:terse, when purchasing, that the two lionesses
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Sold by all Maggio:a and Dealer& Price ste!) per bottler
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General Wholesale Agenta: DCMIL3 Barnes & Go., N. Y
B. S. Ranee, Baltimore, Md.; John D. Park, elnelnnatl,
Ohio; Walker 6: Taylor, Chicago, LL; Collins Bros, St.
Loma, . (S 4 w. ea mo. 1 yr.
June Ist, at the M. E. Parsonaq,e,
Springvilie. by Rev. J. .F. Wilbur, Mr.
EDMUND M. CRAN.DALL, of Brooklyn, Pa.,
to kiss SALE.AH, I I I A. YEO3LiNS, of Lathrop,
Pa. -
July 3rd, in Nicholson, by the same,
311":' GritORGE M. NICROLS, of Lathrop,
Pa., to Miss GESTIII.II)E A. 5.11.1111, o .
Nicholson, Pa.
jut' , 3rd, at the M. E. .Parsonage,
Springville, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM A.
Hi encziv to Miss SUSAN STEVENS 2 bOI,II o
Nicholson, Pa.
July 10th, at the M. E. Parsonage,
Springville, by the same, Mr. pgNtonicK
B. Wllam to Miss EuzAnntit A. TAN-
Len, both of Nicholson, Pa.
t3rliintices of marriages and deaths published free
of charge. Obituaries published if paid for at the rate
of fifty cents per hundred words..
- In Dimoell, June 22, MINon. K. BAILEY,
Ron of Col. Olney and Susan Bailey, aged
22-yeatB, 6 trio. and 28 days.
. • Atlrcaiii - rcreale, Qa.,•
To consict of Exercises in lir. Dio Lewis'
Tableux,' Sortg4
Doors open of 'fW o'clock.' Exercises commence at
Admittance 25 - • Children 20 cts.
• - auditor , a Xl:Alta.' ,
lIE undersigned. an auditor appointed by the 40dg
1. es of the Orphans' Court of tithiquehanna can't) ,
tq dierlbuteAte fonds in the handsel thendminhitra
tor Of the estate of Wealthy Bennett, dree'd , „ will attend
to the duties of said appointment at his office in Mont
rose, on Tlnaraday the Bth diver August, X: DOW, at
1 o'clock. p,m., At which time and piece all ye MOMS In
tereated will make known their claim* or by foretet de
bitredfrooi corning ilt on bald Ana. 8 88, ,
• " 8 Wt'
tlontioritoitily 16,1E01.
late ef Hush, Susire cwinty. Pa:, dec'd.
Lettere ofadmlnistratlon upon the estate of theabove
named decedent having been granted to the.undersign
ed, all persons Indebted to. said estate are hereby noti
fied to make 'immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
Rush, July 9, IB6Z
Auditor's Notice.
frIIE undersigned appointed by the llon. the Of-
L phan's Court of ititp‘quehrtuna County to make
distribution of the 4uud in the hands of the admin
istrator of Richard France, deceased, will attend to the
duties of his appoint ent at the office of 'Fraser &" Case,
Montrose, on Saint y. Aug. 3d, 1867 at one o'clock. p.
In.. at which time ri d place all persons interested will
present their clatm4 or be debarred from coming In
upon said fund. 1
July 9,186 t.
California Winter Wheat,
(Positively ridged in California.) constnntly on hand
and for sale. Manufactured at tho Eureka 31111:by
Ilopbottom, July 2, 1867.-tf
Financial Statement of Rush
Township Bounty Matters.
Whole amount of bonds Issued, $18,500 00
Expenses, $509 9$
Interest to June 5,1865, 188 63-• 698 63
$14,198 69
Ain't collected . and paid up to Junes, 1863, 5,603 41
I n tercel one year to 1866.
March 5, 1r56, paid
$8,484 5
Interest to June 3, 1867, 889 00
Janc3, 1867, paid
We certify the foregoing to be as near correct its / can
be got under the circumstances.
Rosh, July 9, 1667. JAS. P. DEVINE, Al udi tors.
deceased, late of Choconat township, Susque
hanna county, Pa.
Letters testamentary upon the estate of the above
named decedent having_ been granted to the undersign
ed. all persons indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to make immediate payment, and those. !lasing
claims against the same to present them only authenti
cated for settlement.
Choconut,ty 9, 1807.. •
Auditor's Notice.
TIIE undersigned an auditor appointed by the Conn
of Common Pleas of Sni9nehanna County to dis
tribute a fund In the hands of the Sheriff arising from
the sale of the real estate ofPatrick O'Hara, taken in
ecution at 1 , e suit of D.;. 1 helan. will attend to the
duties of his pointment at his Wilco in Montrose, on
Monday; Aug. th, IXi7, at 1 o'clock p. m., at which
time and place all persons Interested in said fund may
present their claims or be forever debarred from com
ing in on said fund
Montrose, July 2, 188.
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Philadelphia, Pa.
July2-3m* .
Notice in Partition.
WO Sarah MeEnne, now residing in Qakiand town
1. ship, Susquehanna county, and issue, nine child•
ren, 10 wit:- Charles F. Mamie, eldest-son, now resi
ding in New Bedferd, Bureau county. Illinois ; Silas F.
hicKnne, also living in New Bedford, aforesaid; Jos.
McKune, since deceased, leaving, a widow. Jane Mc-
Kane. and two minor children, to wit !dart E. Mc-
Kane, aged eleven years, and Fanny McKune, aged
eight years, (the said Sarah hicKune'.having been duly
appointed guardian of the said Minors, the said Jane
McKune also residing in Oakland township aforesaid,)
Benjamin P-MeKune, the petitioner; Betsey
termarrled with O. M.: Nichols and now residing at
New Bedford aforesaid ; Mary V. intermarried with A.
S. Lathrop living In Wyanette, Bureau county afore
said ; Niche P., who intermarried with I. !dinky..
and Is now deceased , leaving her said husband and is
sue, three children, to wit: Henrietta, Francis and
Sarah En ice inzY, all minors under the age of four
teen' year , and now residing with their said - father (J.
D. M inzy Elmira, Chenango connty, New York ;
and Eunice intermarried with - Jameh McCannon, and
flow residing in Oakland townshioatoresaid ; and also
one grandson. to wit Timothy Wheat, con of Esther
Wheat, who was a daughter of the said Joseph Mc-
Kane, and died before the said Joseph—the said Timo
thy now residing at or near Waverly la the State of
New York—
TAKE NovicE : That an inquest will be held at the
late dwelling house of Joseph Mcitune,. deceased, in
the township of Oakland. county of Susquehanna, on
Thursday the 18th day of July, 1, at 2 O'clock p. m..
for the purpose of making partition of thereat estate of
said deceased to and among the 'children and represen
tatives, if the same can be done without pre}itdiceto
or spoiling the whole; otherwise to value and appraise
the eamo according to law ; at .which time ana plate
yoci arc required to attend if you think proper.
S. F. LANE, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, Montrose, June 2',1e.61.
RAVING scented the services of lr. 11, Zoehe, one
11l of the best hinders to bo found In the State, we
are prepared to furnish to Banks, Insurance CoMpantes
Merchant's, Itannfacturers, Coal operators, Hotels and
others, with
of every description, on short notice, bound in any
style desired, in the most substantial manner, at reas
onable prices.
•Idatrazines bound, and old books I °bound, at New
York prices.
' Orde s left at the office of the paper publishing this
a ivertisemcnt, or sentby Express, will be attended to
and returned without unnecessary delay
• E. S. M. HILL.
,Scranton, Pa., Jane: IS, ISG7. tf
AL7CMICL3T' 4:313100re
BY a recent decision of the Conk of- Claims. all of l
cere holding commissions between dates of March
let, 1864, and May 3d,1885, are entitled to $5 per month
for each servant allowed by rank.
For further Information, apply ( to :
Licensed Government Agent.
Montrose, March 26, MIL tf
Aliditor's Notice. -
TSB undeniamed, an auditor apriointedtby the Or
phan Court of Susquehanna County to distribute
the fund in the handset Caroline .B.lolmon,adminiatra
trix of the estato'of Charles Dimon,- deed. will attend
to: the datlea of • his appointment at .his deco in
Montrose, on Monday. the 29th thy .of July, 1667, at 10
o'clock: in - the, forenoon, ht which lima . and. place
all pertons' interested are required to piesent their
claims or be forever debarred from Coming in upon geld
Montrose; June COMM • -• ' - ,
01i,,a,;14 great eimety` OlLEifor asurar
MK,u,lr for Ws by ARAL TVERELL
1;0 II IS-A -111 0 14 t OIL! -.BIE.MORICAL
/Z• AMIE:4)1;00in. 0112 Ca.
Mos. ' 443 &. 445 BROADWAY , REW-YORK I
• Have just publtibed. by L. Iffuhlbach......
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lated by Mrs. Chapman Coleman and her daughtere..-- ,
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cecding novel of the well-knowu Muhlbach Series-adds
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JOSEPH 11. and HIS COURT. An historical novel..
Translated from the German by Adelaide D. Chrandmp.
1 vol , 8 vo. Paper cover, $1 50; $2. "In Joel
eV; IL sbe transcends her previous efforts.-11 biladelz
phia Inquirer.
FREDERICK THE• GREAT and Ills Court. An his
torical novel. Translated from the German tylirs.
Chapman Coleman and her daughters. 1 vol. rano. 481
pages. Cloth. $2. Most remarkable volume of our
Hum—Troy Whig.
THE MERCHANT Qf BERDIN. An historical nov
el: Translated from the German ty Amory Coffin, M.
D. 1 vol. 12mo. Cloth's 3. " There is not a dell chap
ter in it.—[Utica Herald.
BERLIN and 8A NS' SOUCI : Or, Frederick the
Great and His Friends. By IL Ilinhlbach. 1 vol. 12mo,
$2. "Unrivalled in the whole domain of historical ro
mance.—[Chicago Journal of Commerce.
Either of the above sent free by mail on receipt of the
vase fOr Chne:W.Xillott's new work.Reinarkable
Characters and Memorable Places of the -Molt . Land.
The contributors to this work are sufficient guarantees
of its value. ttenry , Ward. 13cecher, T. D. WOOISCAr,
LL.D., Pres. of,Yalo Collees. Joseph Cummings, D. D,.
LL. D., PECS. Wesleyan Univ., Rt. Rev. Thos. M.Clark
Bishop of Rhode Island. etc. Agents are meetingsvith
astonishing success, selling from WO to 'WO - coples each
per - month. It has go equal. Er 'Per full particulars
dud terms address the publishers,
- J. B. , BURR trco.; Ilartford, Ct.
WANTED—Agents fo Prof. Stowes
new work Origin and lllstory of the Books of
the Bible. Showing }shat the Bible is not, what it is,
and how to use it A work of patient research, dili
gent study and experience; being in fact the lite work
of Prof. Cale in E. Stowe, D.D. s
It is.destined to be °neer the mostpopular books el ,
er published. Clergymen, Teachers. Experienced
Agents and Ladies want,d to canvass for this work.--
Address or apply to ZEIGLER, McCURDY & CO.,
501 Chestnut a., Philadelphia.
From the Great River to the Great Ocean
$2,223 22
515 59
Over 20,000 copies spld in one month!
Life and Adventuie on Prairies, Mountains, and the
Pacific coast. With over MO Descriptive and Photo
graphic Views ol• the Scenery, Cities, lands, Mines,
People and Curiosities of tho New States and Terri
$9308 81
2,624 29
t 5,313 52
2,221 31
To prospective emigrants and settlers In the "Par
West, - this history of that vast and fertile region will
prove an invaluable assistance. supplying as it does a
want long felt of a fell, authentic and reliable guide to
climate, products, means of travel, &c.
Send for Circulars and see our tem, and Rini) de
scription of the work. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH
INO CO , Philadelphia. Pa.
A Model School' of Trade, associating Theary with
Practice by a syatein of Actaal - Bneinesa Operationc,
which practically Illustrate and simplify the Science of
Acconntaptship, Mercantile Exchange &C., in all their
various relations.'
erected at a cost of $t25,000. Acknowledged to be the
best nod moat complete Badness College ever estab
Book , Reepin,. ,, Commercial Calculations and Corre
spondence taught' in an interesting and practical man
ner. Banking House Merehapr
in emporium. and fif
teen Business Offices daily operation A thorough
ly organized department of Merc.antile Law. Physical
Culture under a el:illicit gymnast. Penmanship taught
by masters of Art. Students cementer at-any-time ;
no particular degree of of ItAvancementrlfeijuired. La•
dies and gentlementproseucte their studies together,and
enjoy equal advantages. Graduptea pave averagod
over six months in completing the.priteribed course of
study, and as a result, seven-elghths of them have se
cured Incerative situations in business. Strict attem
tion given to the moral and social welfare 0 , students.
Font?. SPLVIDID Pumas. of $75,wi1l be presented Dec.
"sth, 1867, to the four graduates who shall have entered
college from Feb. let to July , Stir, 1867. and made the
most improvement In Book-keeping and Writing. Pei-
Heelers in College Review.just issued.
SPRINGFIELD is situated in the beautiful Connecticut
River Valley; has 25.000 inhabitants is a city of great
business acts vlty. and the most healthy and delightful
place of residence In New England,
COLLEGE 14,, CIJICrILAITS, etc., giving full partic
ulars relating to the course of study. expenses or board .
and teflon mar be bad gratis. Persons in pursuit of
the most ednc&ional facilities should address LOUIS
W. BURNIIAM, President, Springfield, Mass.
RODMA.N, FISH, & C 0.,.
..113 1 4 :4T 10 El. ,
No.'. 18 Nassau St.
Navy , ' Sorb,
Buy and sell at market rates Six per cent: Bonds of
ISSI ; Five-Twenty Bond,- all issues; Ten Forty
Bonds; Seven-Thirty Notes. all series; Compoundlu
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Convert all series of 6,30 Notes into new consolida
ted 5-20 Bonds at best market rates.
Execute orders for puichase and salo .all miscella
neous securities.
Receive deposits and allows per cent. interest on
balances, subject to check nt sight
. Make collections on all accessible points:
All Issues of Government Securities credited or re
mitted for, on receipt, at market rates, free of all com
mission charges. • R. -F. it CO.
. _
.1E 1 12 0 .e , NATlctrims.
32 tr: 34 Maiden Lane; New York.
Twenty-Fourth. Annual Sale. • •
Gnatanteea hest quality, fall .size and weight, 'lnd a
most complpte assortment at Reduced Prices. '77
Orders evecuted with care and despatch. City, town,
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A liberal commission alloyscd• for accruing city or
town Exhibitions: • "
"ENT CP CO La • .•
40 & 42 South . Pronl.Sis., Philadelphia,
Commissions 5 per cent. Advances in cash made.
Interest 6 per cent. per annum.
Combines in one garnient a 'perfect fitting Coriet,and
the most desirable Skirt Supporter evil.. offered the pub
lic. It'places the weight of the skirts upon the shout
dere instead of the hips ; it improves the form without
tight lacing ; gives ease and elegance ; is approved and
recommended by physicians. Diantfactured by
Of, Sampler St., Bo ston.'
ARE you Lame, Crippled . or Deformed?
Or Ave you or your neighbors. a boy or child
lame with contracted limbs, or carved spine, or crooked
feet, or weak or paralyzed limbs or ankles, or whciate
eutirely helpless, or who aro dbliged to creep, or to
walk with crutches, or whose limbs are shortened, or
crooked, or drawn up, or who walk on their toes, or
whose ankles roll over or tarn Inward, - or who have
crooked knees from white swelling or scrofula, or who
limp from hip difficulties ? , letterae such from a life of
misery will you not write. a giving the promin
ent points of the case, and receive in return. free of
charge, a circular _which may be the means of saving
them ? If so, address Dr. J. P. MANN, 133 West 41st
Street, New York.
are now manufacturing the ‘Best, Cheapest and most
Dataablo Paint in use: to clans well put on. mixed
with pure Lint/teed 011. sill last to cr 15 years: it is of a
light brown or beautiful chocolate color, and, can be
changed to green. 'lead, stone olive, drab or cream. to
suit the' taste , of the consumer. It is valuable for
Bouses,Barns,,Fences. Agricultural Implements. Car.
riages and Car-malreri , Palls and wooden-ware Canvas
hietel and I-I:Ingle Roofs, (it being Piro and Water
proof). !!ridges; Barna Cases, Canal Boats. Ships and
ithipit Bottoms. Floor OliCioths; (one mat ufactuter
having itsedlooobble;; the past year.) and as a' paint
for any purpose...lo unsurpassed for body, duribility,
elasticity. and adhealveness; Price 136 per bbl., at 800
me:: which will supplfs'farmer for years' to come.
.Warranted in all Oases as above. Send fur circular.
which gives fall particular!. ,NOna • gen** "upless
lininded in etrado mark ' G rafton. Malmo wint, Ad.
dr,el.o DANIM BIDWER., Paprifirtor 404 Petatit N
ircLD\icaorati ,
Variety, Styles' and 'Bargains
DRY aoons,ralwevaeoM
Morehtuit Tailoring, and Gent's
Furnishing Goods.
Guttenberg, itogenbaim
Take great pleasure to Informing their Mends and ttAt
VirPalear,al`. bdlVitatrigrep=4lZ4l
than tined large stock of . .
ring Ulttatt
41 ar 4 0 0 CO 3C;S t g - ,
wbieh fot price, variety, and style cannot
We have In stock—
DRESS GOODS Black and Parl
Rich Mohair Drees Goods la all a t ea and color*,
plain, !lowed and striped fine Man es, Cambria/PI
and Lawns, handsome JieLnLat,
WHITE GOODS t Swiss Ending, Ididle; s g i . '
barred, and Ptriped Jaconets, figured .afg r X2
Brilliants, a Anoint of Drapery Molina, '
Qatits, &c.
LINEN GOOES Bla N a pkin s, Milt Table alibi
Table Cloths, ToWela Menlo iind !WV
log Linen, Stotttt Diaper, Mien Vint ate /Mill
for men and boy's wear, &c. thimestics, bleached
and brown Shirting's, Calicos, Gingham', Dadaist
Ticking, Cottonadea, Le. •_.
NCI( GOODS r Superior qtality, Kidd Giotlol,
Stlkand Lisle Thread Gloves, all colors, dress an
cloak Buttons, Trimmings, Embroideries, Lunt
Veils, &merles, neW styles In Balmoral Skirts, Pare
awls, Sunshades, et:inlets, and Hoop Skirts.
Shawls, Basques and Sat di f 01 Sloth ell 4
silk, splendid variety, and cheap: - '
MILLINERY GOODS s At wholesste & Reisif.
A large and complete stock of millinery Goods,
such as artificial Flowers, Ribbons, Bonnet Bilks.
Frames, Blocks, Stiaw Hata Ih Bonnets, Bldnds,Ls
&c... which we JOB to the Trade at New Yorli
wholesale prices.
utacture—the largest and tastiest -"minty in the
county. We gottrantrOur ttothe
INEUCHAIPI 6 rdILIIII.IIIG4 We bits over 1011
different patterns of Cloth. Cassimers ' and Coaftpire.
for enstom work to select from; ha ve a IPIEST
CLilBg CUTTER. and are enabled to give perfect
satisfaction in regard to .gdod fits, style and prices.
Parties preferring to bate tteirgatibefits made to
measure, arc requested Welt as a calf stiti exam
ino our stock.
Flannel Shirts, cotton - and merino Wrappers and
Ihmwers„ Gloves,. Ties and Scarfs,. paper and linen
Colhrrs.—liandkerchiefs, Traveling Bags, ,Trunks
and Umbrellas •
t-gr•A dna variety &Gents and Boys 1id1:941 CAPS.
utteuburt, riestubaum
M. 8. MOM% Maaaging,Partadr.
Montrose, Mny 14,1167.
699 BROADihrAY,
Were awarded the highest= Premium .at a.
1V . 64.1d's Fair in Lomitin, and eitfirst
. ,
premiums at the Nets York Stale
. Fair of 1800,, and, are •
Celebrated for. doing the best work._ udng; a
smaller needle for the same thread than any other ma
chine:and by the Introduction -orate 'mast 'approved
machinery. we are now able to supply the - vex; Ira! as
chines in the world.
These, machines are nziule out lew and
• spacious Factory at Bridgeport, Conn.,
nndor. the ininaeciiate*pent!isicisi.'ot
the Priaidelit'ojt4 cOrijony;
• , ; Elam,
They are adapted to all kindiof Family Sewing, and
lathe use orseamstresses, dress }takers, tailors. Man
ufacturers of Shirts, collars, skirts. cloaks, mantillas.
clothing, hats, cape, corsets, boots, shoes, harnees,liad
dies. linen goods, umbrellas. parasols, etc, . They work
equally well upon silk, linen, woolen and cotton geoihi
with silk, cotton or linen thread.— :They willseino,
quilt, gather, fell, cord. braid.bind. and perform every
species of solving, making a beautiful and perfect
stit,th, alike on both sides of the articiegsewed.
The Stitch,invinted by Mr.".Eldwe,Wnd Made
on this Machine, is • the most popula r,
and , durable, _ and all Sewing . Ma
chines are subject -to the'prin- • .
ciple -invented by hitn. - ,
• •• NO. 922 CHESTNUT STis 4 E-HILUI.
• .
Feb. 26, 1861. •
21, 23,:25., & 27 Entedway, N. Y.
o Opposite Bowling :Ewa.
eaHE STEVENS 4.0115 E Is well and witiely .t.n. _knowit
to the travelling public. The location' ,
table to merchants and Witness - nien it iihraitsi
prozunity to the busineas part of the, etty—le oaths
1 highway of Southern and Western travetend ailleent
to all the principal Railroad and Steamboat depot",
The Stevens Rouse has liberal accommodations- for
- over 800 gueettit le well furnished, and nommen n
ary modern improvement forth. comfort and entertain
meet of Its Inmates.. The rooms are apaciontand well
ventilated—provided with gee and-water—the attend
slice le prompt and rcepeettuiran4,the table is supplied
with every delicacy or the sessoiki•-or moderate nimk
' •"-GEOr K CHASE ,'dc •
. . • ..
istattali te 0411144