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    i;i:vaNT7ir -A.M."Jet.atl:ZWEig;i,
Sabbath Mods.,
Tho annual meeting of the-Snegnehan
a County Sabbath School' Association
gill be held at Great Bend on' Wednes-'
d a y, Jnne 12, at one 4%.• at. A
ge neral invitation is, given to all interes
'l'ol in Sabbath Schools.
D. a. OAKLEY, R. S.
To Bark Peelers.
It is reported in the North vfrestern
tools of the county, that both Tanneries
in this section are ',About to conic) under
the control of one agent; and that he will
on ly pay $3 per cord for bark. Thisis a
hint to those intending to peel bark,' to
not peel unless they first get a valid con
tract at a fair price. Better peel none
till next year and secure living prices.
it we peel now, mithout a good contract
a t fair prices, we may be forced to sell at
a ruinous rate. •
Bounty Statiments.
Auditors will do well to observe that
the law requires them to publish their
statements of the Bounty Taxes in'the
two papers having the largest circulation.
Such Auditors, therefore, as neglect to
pnblish their statements in both the
Montrose papers are liable to the penalty
of $5O each.
The Auditors of Montrose,. Harford,
Silver Lake and, Liberty have complied
with the law—all others are liable.
Patent Hay Rake.
Read article headed New YOrli Farm
ers Swindled. Look out•for a similar op
eration in this Comfy.,
If each person in -this county,who has
given his note to these'agents;and taken
a receipt for it, will send such receipt to
the (Aloe of the Assessor of U. S. Internal
Revenue, at Montrose, immediately,- he
may hear of something to his advantage.
The receipts will be carefully preserved
and returned to the owners.
Religious Notice,
The Pennsylvania State Convention or
Universalists will hold its next annual
session at Scranton, Juno sth and 6th, in
Washington Hall. The public are cordial
ly invited to attend. PER ORDER.
Susquehnna .Correspondence,
We are getting . to. be a fast town in
more ways than one. A very bold piece
of Burglary was committed here on the
night of the 21st. The house of J. II
Cook was brOken into and robbed, of €337 -
iu money, and of their store key and safe
key. But the store key did not happen
to be the one of the store that contained
the safe—so that any further game in that,
direction was blocked. The most eicite
meat, we have had here, was in regard to
change of Post kfasters, which seemed to
to cut very hard at first ; but all Tirties,
are still alive and doing as well as might
be expected.
If there could be a changes: in wea her'
clerks I think it would suit all par les,
especially those interested in Base all.
We has e two crack clubs here, called the
"Susquehanna," organized in '66, and the
"Harmcny." The last is the old "Key
stone,'') organized in 63) and -the Cana
wacta combined, and which I assure von,
are going to be hard to beat, by any Co.,
club. If by some mistake, the ground
should ever be in condition to play on,
I expect to see some warm workbetween
these two dubs for the. Championship of
the Borough. When it takes place will
give you the report. CA:ttimacr.A.
Susq. Depot; May 23. -
To the Stockholders in Montrose Gold
For the information of those interested
I would'say,.that after the return of Mr.
Mahany, our Sup't, from Colorado last
summer, and placing back in the treasu
ry of the Co. 9,000 shares of his own
'stock, the Directors subscribed for near
ly one half the stock owned by the Co.,
viz : 13,000 shares, on condition that the
balance was taken by the stockholders.—
The financial panic which soon came upon
the country, and the unsettled state which
still prevails, has been the cause of our
not having -commenced operations, or
getting our stock all subscribed. Mr. Ma
hany is now back at the mines, under 'a
very small salary; until - we commence
work onr expenses are reduced - to the
lowest point possible. axle
mill and pro
perty are reported' in good condition, the
Co. is out of debt, and efforts are now be
ing made by the :new board- of Directors, ,
who are large stockholders, to raise mo-"
ney with which to drire ahead in our best
shaftS as soon ,s possible., In, the mean
time, labor and provisions are decreasing
itP value, the railroad is nearing our work 6
at the rate of 2 miles per - day, which will
soon be sensibly; felt, in lessening freight
bills, etc., while new proeessaar which
cures nearly all Aheguld, are reported on
good authontya success. My faith is still
stoong that after all die"- g ood or evil re.
ports in regard to the " I 'Montrose Gold
Ce:" it will one day rise on the wave' of
trimuphl My, feeble efforts have ken,and
God giving me strength shall be directed
to that end. "I have.put
,my money ip free
to protect the buildings, , flume'; dam,
&c., and., pay off olddebts, so. as to save
our property till; the good , -time comes to
work it; and brilig back the gold-to those
who invested their money.'llad -Cy,rne
—Field been discouraged and deserted by
all (as-he wart by some) of his friends in
his first and second attempt, where, to
day, would have heel IhkAtlfmric Cable!
You rs
M. V.; TiLER, Prat..
Montrose .Ma.v.25, 113t1i
rir//Ilret TEMlELVlscontinnani,recalif.4
new supplies offienedne Dimas and. Medteinesorbled
edd -15 / 79 1 113 a% at, other 13tcv Montrose.
Iffeiziting kidi 01136Ciety.:
cineVanna' t(ita — tY Sd
clety : field ,their:,next;seai annual
sleeting in New 'l!Ltiffeir : l3oreiiigh at
Phi nays Hotel, , Wednesday uue - sth
186r1.n,•A1l regular-practitioners are . invi
to toyattencl.- : A gaol will be bar in
the afternoon is patients presenting
themselves to the ,soeiety treated
free of 'charge. Minting session to com
mence at ten o'cliak. opreeisely.
E. L.',G.upas - run, Secretary.
—The President has determined to be
preseni at:Raleigh, X. C., at the ceremo
nies of laying the corner-stone of a con
templated monument to be erected over
the remains of his father.
Car Colgate'a ArotattsiolVegetable Soap. A su
perior Toilet Soap; prepired from refined Vegeta..
blo Oils in combin orlon a tlh Glycerine, and Me
daily designed fo r the use: of Ladles, and for the
Nnreiry." Its perfume is exquisite, and its washing
pro . fiertiesnnrivalled, :}:or dale by all dregglsts.
May, 28 1867,='lysmpl2
Mr Deafness, 111.1n4lness and Catarrh
Treated with the utmost success by Pr. J. ISAACS,
.ocutist anti .aunst. (formerly of Leyiku, Ecilur.d.) No.
tin Pine Street, Philadelphia. Testimonials from the
*net reliable sources in the City, and Country eau be
:seen at his office. The 'medical faculty are invited to
accompany their patients, as he his no secrets in his
practice. ARTIFICIAL ETES Inserted without pain.
ho charife for ezatnination:
Philadelphia, July 1, ‘ 18411. ly.
"Night Bloom'll4 Cerena-r
Them Pills are compared, of various roota, haying the
power to ion i the ancretiotts of the liver as promptly and
effectually, ea blue pill or mermary, and without producing
any of those dintmeenable or dangerous effects which often
follow the use of the latter.
In ail billow disorders these Pill! may be uned.with confi
dence. as they mmike the discharge of vitiated bile, and
removes those obstractiona from the liver and blllary ducts,
which are the came of billow affectionate general.
SOFIENCWS MANDE...4..IE PILLS cure Sick Headache,
and all disorders alba Liver, indiaded by sallow skin, coated
tongue, coMivenoss, drowslnect, and a general feeling of wee
rineze and hisaitude, showing that the liver is in a torpid or
obstructed condition.'
In short. these Pill, may be awd with advantage In all
cases when a purgative or alterative medicine is required.
Please ask for "Dr.. Schenck's Mandrake Pills," and
cleave that the two likencsoss of the Doctor are on the
Government stamp—one when In the last stage. of Con•
immlitlort, and the other In his present health,
Sold by all Druggists and desiers. Pricer cents per box.
Principal Office. NO. r+ North 6th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
General Wholesale Agents: Denum Etantea 6; Co.. Z. Park
ROW, New York; B. B. Ranee, 156 Baltimore S. Balti
more, Md.; John D, na, N. E. au. or Fourth and Wal
nut St., Ceseirad4VlThio ; Walker tt. Taylor, 154 and IzB
Wallah Avenue. Chicaza, Ill.; Collins Brothers ‘ southwest
ears= of Second and Tito Bta., Ek. Leek, Mo.
(4th .h sth w. ea. tao. 1 re.
For Bronchitis. Asthma, Catarrh, Consumptive
and Throat Diseases,
Pimlon's*! 4 : 4 Blooming Cerens.”
rhnlon 9 s , "Night Blooming Vereus.l9
rholoses "'Night I:looming Corona::
*baton's ••Night Blooming Cerene.2,
A moat eicjtlldte, delleato, and Fragrant Perfanao,
d!ati.led from the rare and beantlful flower from
_nrturn it takes its name..
Manufactured only by
PINALON tic SON, New Terk.
jlyl7 ly smp z n 29 oew
CITA Cough, A Cold, or A Sore Throat,
Irritation of the Lange,
A Permanent Throat Disease,
• :or Consumption
will fled Troches useful In clearing the voice 'when ta
ken before Singing, or Speaking, aid relieving the
threat afterAn uensual etertiOn• 01 the yew.] organs
The Troches are recommended and Peicribed by Phy
sicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men
throughout the country. Peing an article of true merit,
and havingprored their efflcacy l by a test of many years
each year finds them in new localities in various parts
of the world, and the Troches are universally prOnenii
taketter pan other articles.
Otrrami only ...”..Bp.owtt's extercrito, Tnocires;' and
do not take any of the Wortlituse Imitationcthat maybe
offered. Sold everywhere. nov2 am smplY
erNoitce.—The bent Eta? riangfrortei of-GlrgOvr
wreric & Co. are dectim& by all goal judges to ho the
Ultima Mule of instruments of the kind.
We cannot suggest what if wanting to make a TlMM
xatinstramont more:p . erfeet t altbough we are 010117 to
admit that the limit 'of ititprovernent can ever be at
Before they had brought their Pumas to their pro!,
enrexcellence, they had submitted them to competi
tiati with Itivit Truncate. of the - bear makers of this ?atm
try-and Europa, and.receivedthe reward ot merit, over
all others, at the celebrated World's Fair. It is but Jns
ticeja ray that the judgment thus pronounced has not
been overruled by the musical world.
Still. by the improvements lately applied by theta to
their Pianos, it is admitted that a more perfect Instru
ment has been made. They have aceordin,gly achieved
the paradox of making excellence more excellent.—
Surely, after this, they are entitled to the motto, "
eel si or, Pune 19—ly
May 18th, By Rev. ° B. C. Morse, Mr.
Lonuv V. ICELLiat, of Forest Lake, hind
Miss MAIM TO TAJ.I.9 - s, of Montrose.
In Ditn9ok , Ma Nth, at the bride's
kather's i by , Rev. Wra..Sdi . elp, Mr. MATII-
Ew DoLewey and Miss Ali sty. J. Tzt
nonr, nil Id —
Exported for the Moos Drum - Tier, by Fenton,
Fitzgerald .2. Tracy, strictly Produce Commission Mer
chants, 88 Whitehall Street, New York. for the week
ending J. _ „ _ Min' 28. 1881, , - .
Flour, per bbl. $lO.OO e 14,00
Wheat, per bushel, 2, 5 0 fa - 8,00
Rye, do . 1.08 t -1,13
Corn, 'no ' ' 1.20 99 1,40
Oats, , do 80 fa 90
Butter, per lb. .. 20 C :- . 80
Cheese, ..` - 10
Pink; m,oss,pintibl. - .1:-...;. -* ; - • - 22.00 ft. 211 E 0
Beef, Incas',
__ - .-!,1• :' . *.i,......, . ~.,......,20.,00 0 "=,OO
Lard,- per lb. , - ' '' " * - • 12' Q , 18
Tallow, " • - - 3/ ' o._ 22
Zggs, per doz. „e 18 41c -. ,- 20
Wool,per lb. BO fiir ✓ ,-, -:-. SS
Drenedifos:M?crib;•'• , %•c'' , "'''""' " 2-8 6 ,'ACI.
- --4 Stitil - : - -Vhirtisematts.:
VlEre,c3sl 'astral/in
.-A ND--
etOTll. - bat WAIIiG.
?WE undersigned respectfully inform the public that
IL they are carrying on the above business at the old
standidJessup„ Having recently refitted and put their
machinery pecanfect order,
the Country
are prepared to dikes
good workbe done in the Country.
Jessup, Juno 1,1867.-3 m. T. J. DEPUE.
Mt 'Er 4c.,33r.30 - M"'M
eli t „tr far 'Age: g
This unrivaled machine for sale at Dim
ock, Susq'a Co. Pa,
gßepairs constantly kept on hand.
May 28, 1807.-4 w. Aossys.
• ir ie l ta)llCrrl3ag .
T AM still on hand at the old Emporium of Fashion,
I over Stone Cooley's (late Chandler's) Store, west
side of Public Avenue, where I will be happy to see my
old friends and customers, who can appreciate the ad
vantage of substantial work and neat fits. I °mulct,
none but first class workmen, and am prepared toettar
anty as good work as can begot up anywhere.
Prices reasonable and work done at the time agreed
Montrose, May2B, 1867.—tr JOHN GROVES.
Please Read this Carefully
riinE subscribers have entered Into a partnership for
1 the purpose of carrying on the
Merchant Tailoring
ha.iness ; and having supplied onreelves with a first
rate stock of materials, such as
Cloths, Cassimeres & Trimmings
We are prepared to furnish
Coats, Vests,Pants,Overcoats,&o
npon very short notice, made hi the latest style, of the
bent mat ertals, and at very low prices. Weals° have
fur sal ,
and all the other articles usually kept In an establish
ment of this kind.
We may be found in the rooms formerly occuided by
G. F. Fordhatn, between C. N. Stoddard's Shoe Store
and It. B. Little's law office, west aids of Main street,
Montrose, Pa , doing business under the name of Morse
.t Lines.
S. Li. Mons, - -
Montrose, May 28,1867.—tf
Statement of Liberty Township
Bounty Matters.
Wliole amount of bonds leaned, $5,100 00
Amount paid on the above to May lat,lBBl, 2,687 40
Balance, exclusive of interest,
Duplicate of tax for 1864, $2,643 92
Collected on the above to May Ist, PEW, 1,649 IV
Balance, Including exonemtions, & Col. per ct. it 'J94 72
Duplicate of tax for 1665,
Collected on the oho, e to May let ,16,67,
Bal. including exoneratlons and Coll. per et. $1677 58
Exonorations on both duplicates to ?!ay 1, '67, ,BC3 61
Coll. per et. on 12,691' 90 at 2 per cent. C. 3 94
lonx P. FISH,
1.. ' R. B. SHE'RItiAN. . Audltc;rs.
THERON L. 8111T11
Liberty, May Wth. 1067.-3 w
Financial Statement of Silver
Lake Bounty Matters.
Whole amount of bonds issued,
Paid on the above to May ad, 1861,
Balance to be provided for, including interest, 4,268 04
Amount or tax levied for 1866,
Exonerationa to Collector,
Amount paid on bonds, and expenses,
Balance In treasury, and uncollected,
We certtfrthe above to 4e correct
Vit id. MEEKER, dn.
Sliver Lake, May 21,1867.—nt
of Franklinloanathip, Ousq'a co., deceased.
Letters testamentary upon the estate of the above
named decedent having been granted to the undersign
ed, all persons Indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly authentr
cated for settlement,
Franklin, May 28, 1867,
, late of Dimock, Saeq's county, Pa., dec'd.
Letters of tidmintstratlon upon the estate otthe above
named,decedentlaving been'granted to- the undersign
ed, persona indebted to : said estate are hereby noti
fied to make 4itimeditte payment, and those having
cialideatattatthe %aide to present Sham dub , authenti
cated for settlement, - • '
Dimo* Dlay 91,1867
.II-J.AoN,decetised, late of Dlmocktotenship, Basque
lianna county, Pa. •
Luttersof administration upon the estate of the ahoie
nemed decedent haring been granted to the undersign
ed. all persons indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to make immediate, payment, and those 'haring
chime against thestuno to present theraduly autheutl
cated for settlement- ~<
d; 4tbrokJ,
Dhairk, April 80, 1867;
To the Vo3arles or Popular Scientific Skepticteit,in
vindication of the Troth and Supethutann Origin . of
the Hebrew. fiectolde of the Creation, lustsc.thoser Re
cords read. fikituigazine form, quarterly, or oftenet.:-
25 cents singly, or five enticessive numbers for $1.00;
.work.ithieleitshoult read.
Address.L..l. CliAlliacßot4.§i, P. . ' •
• Nay . 14,1667. PhLiadelphit - Pfi. •
"B Y6ND THE - fAiSSISSIPPi - :" 1
From tho I:heat - River_ to the 'Great Ocean.
; ?sr AstessFr mcuazosos,
Over 20,090 ..eopiei sold in
Life and Adventure on Prairies, Mountains, and the
Pacific coast. • With over 200 Descriptive and Photo
grapnic Views of the Scenery, Cities, Lands, Mines,
. People andeurlosities cattle New States.ubd Terri
tories. • •
To prospective em "grants and settlers in the "Far
West," this 'itistory of that vast and fertile region will
prove en inialuable assistance. supplying as it does a
want long felt of • full, authentic and reliable guide to
climate, products, means of travel, &c.
Send for Clreulars and see our tat ms ana a ain ae
seri piton of the work. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH
ING CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
AGENTS WANTED for a new Work
entitled " Oxoir or TIM Tlll3lollTei Ural" for la
dies, clergymen and others, it has no equallo sell. For
terms and territory, audress
L. STEBBINS, Hartford, Conn.
$2,412 GO
$2,725 iS
1,048 20
po,ni 57
6.006 53
$2,896 07
322 20
2,612 37
080. W. lastitTON, Adel.
• -.• ~>
first class monthly, containing 36 large double
column pages, only 50 etc for 6 months. Try it I Will
save every farmer many dollars, as we offer a Horse and
Cattle Doctor free. Address N. P. Boyer & Co., Gum
Tree, Chester Co. Pa.
WANTED, to make an arrangement
with alive man in. every county, who wishes to
make money, and can give good references. No capital
required. Will sell a business now paying $1,500 per
month, ant rely on prolts for my pay.
Add ress, J. C. TILTON,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
sell at 65 cts. per quart in City markets. Weaver's
Patent Cherry Stoner will stone three bn shelf+ per hour
end separates.the seed from the fruit. Sent by express
on receipt of $2.50.
Agents wanted everywhere Jo make $lO to $2O a day.
The trade supplied by
Reading Hardware Works, Reading, Pa.
M. 0. fficOLTISKY,
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Toilet IL Pearl Powders &' Lily White
No. 606 Sonth Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia
Orders by mail promptly attended to
AGENT WANTED, to sell the Amer
lean Window Polish, the beet ever offered to the
public, It cleans windows as fast as fast as yon can
wipe them with a cloth, without slop or water. It
leaves the glass clear as crystal, end tree from streaks
or lint. It ale° cleans and polishes Gold Silver, Cop -
per, Brass, and Tinware, better, and with less labor
than anything ever known. Agent& are making from
$25 to per week. Rverybndy wants it as eoou as
they see it used. Send 25 eta for sample and terms, or
Chestnut street, Phil's.
per month, everywhere, male and fern ale, to in
troduce the Genuine Common &nee FAMILY BElt
-I.6'a MAVITINE. This machine will stitch, hem, tuck,
quilt. bind, braid and embroider in a superior manner.
Price only $lB. Fully warranted for live years. We
will pay $l,OOO for any machine that will sew a stronger
more beautiful, Or more elastic Beam than pers. It
makes the " Elastic Lock Stitch." Every second stitch
can be cut, and still the cloth cannot be torn,apart with
out tearing it. We pay agents $75 to $2OO per month,
Or a commission from which twice that amount can be
made. Address BECOME & CO., Cleveland, 0.
CAMION. 7 -Do not be imposed upon by other par
ties palming off worthless cast-iron machines, under
the same name or otherwise. Ours is the only genuine
and really practical cheap machine manufactured.
WANTED—Agents _4250 per month
the year round, or 900 per cent,, profit on com
mission. We guarantee the above 'salary or commis
sion to suitable agents at their own hombs, to intro
duce an article-of indispensable utility in every house
hold. For particulars call on. or address G. W. Jack
son Co., 11 south et., Baltimore lid,
ATARRIT Bronehit is, Scrofula of ev
-/ery phave; Liver and Kidney Disease. Wm. R.
Prince, Flushing N. Y., for 60 years proprietor of the
Linos° Nurseries, has discovered the Remedial plants
which are positive cures for the above and all filbert
tel and Chronic diseases; Dyspepsia, Asthma, nervous
debility. Rheumatism, and all Female maladies, and
others restating from impurity of the blood, hitherto
Incurable. Explanatory circular, one stamp. Treatise
pn all diseases, 20 cents.
Manufactured exclusively by us. •
AFTER en experience of 2. years with all the differ
ent Machines, we offer this to Brick Makers as
'combining everything most desired by them. We only
•aek a fair examination, and would prefer to have those
about to purchase some and see the Machine at work,
and compare it with any other in the country. We
make Lae Adams Machine, for making front brick,
Rail's patent machine. clay tempering wheels, and ey
ery thing complete to etarta brick yard. Also, engines
end boilers, cane mills, portable forges; and Machinery
of all kinds.
DRUNKENNESS Permanently Cured
by " salvation powders" or Antidote for intem
perance. Administered if' necessary without the
knowledge of the person, In ale, tea, &c. Sent by mail
upon receipt of price, $1 per box. Address, Dr. jambs
L. Clark, 488 Hudson et., N. Y. Cut this out.
We have facilities for the transaction of the business
of a GENNIIAL ADVERTISING AGENCY, which are not sur
passed, and we think not equalled, by any similal
tablishmeni in Amerlixt.
Our special lists of," One hundred Newspapers" offer
remarkable inducements to such as are desirous of ad
vertising extensively, *Send 10 cents for a copy of the
Advertiser's Gazette, giving lists and fail particalin
The large amorist of patronage controlled by us ena
bles us to promise our customers the most favorable
The " Adver leer's Gazette," published * by us, con
tains umeirinformation of value to advertiser. Price
Srper annum in. advance.. • ,
GE . O. P ROWELL, .14 CO., Advertising Ageutsi .
40 PARR' . ROW,:-.New'York,;
• (ilbrmerlyat.Costott Mau.)
C1.816.11:7 1 1 1 X Co lk•IT
OTICE is hereby given that my wife Alice bra left
;LA- my bed and board without any Just cause or prov
ocation, .therefore I forbid ail r.persons to harbor or
trusther on my account, als I will pay no debts of her
eontracting after this date.
I also forbid all persons paying or purchasing a cer
tain Note of 1140, given by Catharine Gilroy and dallies
Gilroy tome, dated about ass said
of ArAy, .18Q7, paya
ble first of January neat,' as said note has beeit taken
Trcrm me by my wife, the saki Alice,, without kny.-con
. • - .:ANDREW 316VINNO-
Ida - 14(8111867
• 111111" recent dee sion of the aotirtof' minus.
cers holding commissions hetween dates oflifirelt
1et,1864, and May 84,1655, are entitled to $5 per month
for each `arrantallowed by milt.tot
7 -' 4 1? 51 1 Ihrtherinfopriation; apaT o - -.• t`• '• •
' • :••.- =" - *.:LioeneedrOcriferlineathelltt
••• ..*:°O4OC,; t tf"
GREAT ifillialOßSl
one month]
lety, Styles,
_andSaria' his,
Merchant Tailoring, and Gent's
Furnishing Goods.
Guttenburg, Rosenbaum & Co
Take great pfeastire inforining their friends and the
public ftl general that Dry Goods have taken ANOTH
ER TUAMLE, and that they have purchased a more
than usual large stock of
30 Sic,
which Tor price, variety, and style cannot be excelled
We have in stock—
DRESS GOODS : Black and Fancy Drees Silks
Rich Mohair Dress Goods In all styles and colors
plain, figured and striped fine Organdies, Cambrlcp
and Lawns, handsorno DeLains, Olmllies, &c. ge.
WHITE 000118 g Bniss Mnsline; Mulls, plain,
barred, and striped Jaconets, fignred and striped
Brilliants, a line lot of Drapery linslins,Marseilles
Quilts, &c.
LINEN GOODS t Black and brown 'fable Linen,
Table Clothe, Towels, Napkins., birdseye and shirt
ing Linen, Scotch Diaper,Linen Tuck an@ n,g
for men andboy's wear, tc. Domestics, bleatbed
and brown Sbirtings, Calicos, Ginghams, Denims,
Ticking, Cottconadca, &c.
FANCY GOODS t Superior quality. Ridd Gloves.
Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves, all colors, dress and
cloak Buttons, Trimmings, Embroideries, Laces,
Veils, Rosaries, new styles in Balmoral Skirts, Par
asols, Sunshades, Corsets, and iloop skirts.
Shalw Basques and SaeUs •Of cloth and
ilk, splendid variety, and cheap.
MILLINEUT GOODS: At wliolesaln
A large and complete stock of milrinerj , Goods,
each as artificial Flowers, Ribbons, Bonnet Silks,
Frames, Blogks..Straw Hata & Bonnets, Blonds,La-
CCR, which we JOB to the Trade at Nevi York
wholesale prices.
ufacture—the largest and tastieet variety in the
county. •We g,tiaranty ear work. .
DIERCHANT TAILORING : We hare over 100
different patterns of Cloth, Coedit:fere, and Coatings,
for custom work to select from; have a FIRST
CLASS CUTTER. and are enabled to give perfect
satisfaction in regard to good fits, style and prices.
Parties preferring to have their:garments made to
measure, are requested to give us a call and exam
ine our stock.
Flannel Shirts, cotton and merino Wrappers and
Drawers, Gloves, Tics and Scarfs, paper and linen
Collars, Handkerchfefs, Traveling ,Bags, Trunks
and DMbrellus
CAA line variety of Gents and Boys HATS 4.t. CAPS,
(Stitttuburg lio.ltabanm Co.
M. B. DESEINUER, managing Partner
Montrose, tiny 14, 1867
Financial St tement of Harford
Township Bounty Matters.
Whole amount of Bonds issued, . f. 19,6211 62
Ain't paid on the above to May let, 1867, 13,591 79
Balance to be provided tor, excluding int. $6,044 83
Duplicate °Max levied for 1864. ts,:ty.l 5"3
Collected on the atove to 31ay let, 1867,, 6,854 68
Bat. due Including exbou'e &., Colrrs per etlge, $1,497 84
Duplicate for tAs levied for 1663, $3,978 Sh
Collected on the above to May Jet, 1367, 3,694 49
Bal. due Including exhou'a and Coll. p'r ct'ge, &.Q3 83
Duplicate of tar levied for-1866, t 3,974 72
Collected on the above to Ma' let, 1367, 2,512 66
Bal. due laclualng collector's per centago, • $1,442 06
Wo certify the above to be as correct an account as
can be made under thetircumetances.
Harford, May 14, 1567.--Sw:
Dry Goods In great variety and desirable styles.
Notions, the largest and best assortment in the plane .
- . 4 fall ltna of Stationery.
Being dextrous orelostng ont my Mack of Crockery,
Bate, Cam and Lmites' Shoes, Ithem
, -
. •:; Atilt C)0 0- Itis
Gaid:Oilik•riower Seeds
• i' t , .7. ' et fall. kinite. • .
do and examine'myelock Velure poreEaalng else•
where, and be convinced of the quality and eheapneaa
of my Gonda, ! ,
• .
Or Biota in-the same building es Abe Postallico v en4
formerly occupied by Webb in ,
- .1.. A. V; BtrTTEAFtEIXO
xplittoole;ll., hay : - • ; 0 : .
"":;-t • ;
uzuY qoinTrats, von
ttfr *ummer
Now Ready for the
Jut *aired cad. !11l be veld at
i 7 : ; i '-;;,;.1
' fC' l '' ,-; ':.‘
;t4i 7 t r.,:,..;, ~
.1. ..r. - -... • _ - .45 enntlOnlix,r.ecetting
NEW ~,:GooDSII .
And keeps coniltimtly on hand a full and desirable an. • .
- - ' Obrtnietif, of genuine; • r
Drugs, Medicines, . Chemicals . '
9 , ...
Liquors, Paints, 'Oils, ;Dye-stun, Terts t _. Spices and
other Groceries, Stoneware, Vail and Window
per,- Glassware. Lamps, Kerosene, Benzoic,
Tanner's Oil ,Luhrlcatin,.._ o Oil, Neatsloot Oil, ,
'Relined , Wbala i Oil, Varnish, Whips, .
Guns, Pistols,. Cartridges, Powder;
Shot. Lead, Gun Caps. ldnelent
Instruments, 'Forel Soaps,
hair Oils, Brushes, Pocket Knives. Spectacles, Silver( ~
~Plated Spoons, Forks. and Ivory Bandied Knives,
- - . Berm -4'. Articles, a general assortment of
Fancy Goods,;dovietry, rertutustsr,isurr --,
: . •.. . ALL THE
Patent Medicines
aivertlsed Mitlontrose, and nearly every GOOD K D`'
Iri-short, nearly everything to restore the sick, to •
please the taste, to delight the eye, to gratify the fancy,
and also to conduce to the real and substantial comforts
of life. Enumeration le tmpractteable, as It Would all a
newspaper. Call at the Drug and Variety Store of
ABEL TURRELLI Motitrose, Pa. ' '
Ali per.rons who wiah to
=Asti - ye Ma 0133.0
Win call at the Store of the enbserlber, where they will
tintta Good Stock' IA
Choice - Flour, Fish, Hams (sugar curea),,
Coffee-and Tea, Sugars, Syrups and
Molasses, Tobacco, Snuff,
Cigars, etc. etc.
Also:--A good Stack of
School and Blank Books, and a few this,
cellaneons Books, Writing Papers
and Envelopes of superior qual
ities and perfumed l , •
Gents' land Ladies' Paper Collars, Canned
and Dried Fruits, Oranges ck Lemons,
Condensed Milk, a, choice article,
anfrittfact•almeot everything needed by all the good
people of Sto=quelitinna County who get hungry and Ory,
and by purchuAlnetbem of
first Storo soup or the Court noose and cast side of,
the Public Avenue, you can save frcm 10 to 20 per cent:
Montrose, March sth, 1557.
699 BRO D Air
here awareied the highest • Premium at ,the
World's Fair in London; and six first
premiums at the Nets York Suite
Fair of 1866, and are
Celebrated for doing the best work. nsiug a much
smaller needle for the same thread than any other ma
chine, and by the introduction of the most approved
machinery, we are now able to Supply the very best ma
chines In the world.
These machines are made at our nets and
spacious Factory at Bridgeport, Conn.,
under the immediate supervision of
the President of the Company,
Elias Howe, Jr., the
They are adapted to allkinds of Family Sewing', and
to the use of seamstresses,, dress makers, tailora, man- ,
nfacittrers of Shlrf.:3, collars, skirts, cloaks, mantlllea,
clothing, hats, caps, corsets, boots, shoes, harness,Sad
dies, linengoods, umbrellas, parasols, etc. They, work
equally well upon silk, linen, woolen and cotton goods
with link, cotton or linen thread. They will seam,
quilt,-gather, fell : cord, braid, bind. and perform every
species of sewing, making a beautiful and perfect
.stitch, alike on both aides of the articles sewed.
The Stitch invented by Hotoe,andinade
on this Machine, is the most popular
and durable, and all Sewing Mal •
chines are ,:s-'uldect to the prin
.ciple invented by him. '
• General:Ageote,
Feb. 26, 186.
m Natmderri g ned have this day formed a co-partner
ship, under the firm IMMO oUStamp & Moran, for
tho purpose of carrying on Blackemithing in; all its
'Strict attention wilt be given to ilorse-ehoeing.
All work will be done neatly and promptly.. Tbepnb+
lic aro invited to call.
S. P. 81 ( .1 MP.
Montrose, MarcltAtti, 16Gt, tf P. T.tII9IIA.N.
ilLcio,ture to Young Mon.
,Just ptibliehedin a sealed Dr . /elope. Price :dcanta.
A Lectnre on the Nature, Treatment, and rattled curd
of Sliermatorrhtes, or seminal weakness, involdntar - y
emirelone, s'axtial debility, And hnpedlmenta to fuer
liege generally. Nervousness; consuteption,lipilepsy,
and Ate; mental and physical incapacity, resulting from
sell abuse .t Didion J. Cuiverivell,l4 D,, Author
Of the' G men Book," - • ; •
world renowned auttior, in' this admirable Lee;
tura, Clearly proves from his own experience that the
awful consequences of self Onto may be effectually re
moved without medicine, and without dangeroas gut ,
gietil operations, bougles, Instruments: rings, or (*P
atois, pointing out a mode of cure at -onco certalaand
effectual, by :flitch every startler, no matter what his
condition may he. mnycure himself cheaply, pricately4
and radically... This Lecture will • prove s boon to thou ,
Bent under seal to any addreaa, in a plain sealed em-
YeloPO,ion 'the receipt of 41x cents. or ttrei postage
stamps. Also Dr. • Culverwell'a " Marriage? .grittlC"
price coats. ' ?tddresa the publishers.
1; •
• ; cau.6; kr. C. ELM* &
rzr Bowery, New York, Y05t,0111edb0x.4.5.96.
!arch 10; 18117-Iyemp. ; ; ; ;.••• .; • •
' Span aok. -
unaersigned baa purchased . the celebrated
Imported brit. Et, Hugheo, * frm s - t on .
which testi tun first premium at the - New Y ork an ti
Pennsylvania State - Pair. 'llo..Will .110ept at my place
41Ifirea. Lake Townshipi near the Lame.
!itoreat Late, AprU 18, „