The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, April 23, 1867, Image 4

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    • -4buntrwt," r-,y_elftß np, - • .when itesiw"
dent litireeitutttin'ptesent Senator Olark •
stoodataltn,heid of.thetthlsborough bar,.
in Nelv rlampshite, there was a upon' the
daaiet.4lcelebrattid suiecalled the 'Morse
caseP' This' action' was brought by Saiith
and liines, liVery stable.keepers, against
one NThite,ttorecover the: value ora pair
of hdrites:, liaie been killed' by
tl4e' defendatit while . conveying an insane
inan'Ao: 'the a.sylutn •at Concord. There
WAR plenty of Vreof that- the.borses died,
inon after their arrival. there; but the de
fendant took:the].ground- that
.-they died
of disease and not from being overheated,
and that a .sufficient time had been allow=
ell:them to travel that distance with ease.
Then it tiecaine fienefiissary to. show the
jury' thetime of 'starting and the time of
arrival. Many citizens were brought for
ward, antong,them, a tall, bony, slab-sid
cd.,l4al4 albeit looking fellow, who offi
ciated na hostler at the hotel. _ I give-you
,the substance o'f the concluding portion
of the .examination : ]
"What time, eiridid I understand you
to• say it was when the horses were driv
en up to the stable?" ,
" Just as I was, goin' to dinner."
" What time-was-it when you went to
dinnthe day before.—by- the clock ?"
"' .1 - twelve." -
to minute, air?" .
tw at.
... -
"Ws ir." --•
,"Whit , time was it when you went to,
dinner th'at day—by the ektelc ?"
I' Just' twelve." • •
To 'a minute ?" •
, 1 ?,-Yes, sir." -
" What time did you go tei dinner the
day befor that—by the clock ?" •
"At t elve."
"To a inute, sir?"
".lees sir." •
"An 3
'what time did you go to dinner
a week'previous—by the clock?" , •
I "At twelve." ..
1." To a minute, sir ?" 1
" Yes, sir."
" Now; sir, will you be good 'enough
to tell the jury what time you went to
dinner three months before the last date
—by ' the, clock ?" -
. "At twelve."
"To a minute, sir?"
" Yes, sir."
' "That is all, sir," replied the counsel,
with a gleam of satisfaction on his face
ihtla gland° at the jury; as much as to
say, "That man has settled his testimo
ny, gentlemen." And so we all thought,
till Just , as he was leaving the land, he
turned to his questioner with ircurious,
comical expression on his face, and drawl-
ed out—
" That ere clock was out of kilter, and
has stood still at 12 o'clock, for the last six
There was a general roar in the gallery
wbere I sat. Mr. Clark sat doWn, and I
noticedthat the judge. had_., to use his
handkerchief just then.
Radical Love . for Soldiers.
The New York Citizen, the organ of
the soldiers, and defender of their claims
for C.4'3ideration at thehands of the Radi
cal part, l a plain, powerful
style, the oasted regard of - that faction'
n .l
for the veterans of 7 tha late war and their
families. In a recent article that paper
points out the manner in which the late
attacks upon executive patronage are
made to operate to the evide reptdice.
of soldiers. The Citizen ays : " Be
ingit-p unaile to remove the resent incum
tentP though they have fattened in office
for the past siz years, the President is Of
course. powerless to reward those who
ha,ve bldd and suffered for the country in
the...field. :- . •
A Cumons Calm—The Chicago has
band.Who went away on business Chicago_
3i an f) cantebome February 16, to find
thathis wife had got a divorce from him
meantime, and married another Man, was
only saMplei ease. The only witness
against tithe charge being cruelty, ,was
the:new husband. As some- atonement,
titbits the third case _ noticed witbina week
where courts have set aside their deiree
of divorce after one of the parties had
married again. ` l There is a fourth case
which egt_taily illustrates the looseness of
our ntarnage laws, where a man, as a
mare practical joke, Obtained , the, legal
separation of a newly married couple, by
acting al attorney for the gentleman,
whom he made the'plaintiff in his absence
on the wedding tour. On his return he
fauns' the decree on his office table, and
learned that for the latter days honey
moon be had been illegally . cohabiting
wish his former wife, and was obliged to
take out a new license and get married
again.. Lard Brougham once said in Par
liament, not half the people knew whether
or not .fhey= werelegally married.
. Ares now recelvtng their - M:lg, Stock at.
in — cr
co co- 3:o iss ••
• which Will be sold .
Summer Dress Gonds, , Silkio, Greniaines,
Chullies,Printed Cambrics, Lawns,
- Iduslins, Prints, Delaines,
Poplins, gate L- Caps,
Groceries, •Pie:ekery, Earl ware. do. it:e.
s wim a DIITTEUrDzia.
Mottos. Aiire• 1861^
, ._
VIVALRO Allsoctati9iliPhltddPbta,Pa
gp woes of ;he Xenon', Semlual,llFlnsgaudiex.
ne f ' new and reliable trutmeo-40 ilePortoci
fa t . irARD'At3BOOI4IIO2S: - . Bentbfulairget
Otte etcharge. Addressikr.A. ap34131t
At e 4 aware Zsgicilauclx•No p 604 4 10 ,04 .4 1;
Ptiladilp/dS,PIi• ' ' ' ' 1 1
Is rtaigifiiito !Misr Tumour Nissuttso,:iirrearAtis
BveQz2niirxA Cos #ALs'ilri •
or =remit.= er -`
ar tip= vonmui AwrAricz—osi OM AT 01P TtAn.
Basidessidvertisements Wrierledut Si. per „Square cif
to lines, tlirce times, and.2scts for eactiaaWana week.
Yearly advertisers, with usual changes, charged 'sl o
'for four squares, qaarter column $l5, half column $3O,
onet olumn $6O; and olker amounts inexact proper' on.
filminess cards of tutee kneel $3; or medullar aline.
EV — Legal notices at the customary !Mete-about 60
per cent. in addition to brusittess rates.
Job Printing treaded neatly and prompt)/ at
fair pekes. •
Deeds, Moitgaies, Notes, itatteett'i , Constables`,
8 and other nlankefor sale.
3llearZOl a covirxa.,
E. L. WEEKS &. •C 4.
lICCESBORS of N. HINE & Dealers to
0 Dry Goods, Clothing, Ladies and ilisseafinefilmes.
Also, agents for the great American Tea and Coffee
Co [April, 1,1867.
Company. [April,
- - • - C. C. FAIMOT..
Auctioneer, and Insurance Agent
ap7_64tf x _ •
AT LAW. Office next to Franklin Hotel.
Montrose, Deo-. 18,1868. tf . ,
LAW, - Montrose, Pa. Office opposite the
Franklin Hotel, near the Court Honae. nor/7 '6O
PHYSICIAH and SURGEON. Montrose, Pa. Gives
especial attention to - ffiseasea Of the Heart and
Lungs and all Surgical diseases. Office over the Post
Office. Boards atllearlea Hotel. (Snit. 4 . 1866*
• ,
ra BALERS In Flour. Salt, Pork. Fisk Lard, Grain,
.I.Joreed, Candles, Clover and Timothy Tea ,
Groceries, stick as Sugars, Molasses, Syrups, and
Coffee. *bet Of Pnbllc Menne. -
Montrose, April" 17,1868.
DBALERS in.. Dru, Medicines, Cheibicale, nis
stairs, Paints. O ils, Varnish, Livers, Spices. Fan
cy articles. Patent Medicines, Perfamery and Toilet Ar
ticles. per-Prescriptltms carefully compounded.
Public Avenue, above Searle's Rotel, Montrose, Pa.
A. B. alma, AXos Biennia.
Sept. 11, 1868.
AL TTORNEY AT LAW, °Zee over the Store of Z
LI. Cobb, opposite Searle's Hotel, Montrose, Pa.
*ay 1, 1866.: _
Dn. E. P. HINES,
101.pernmnently located - at Priendsvirle for thepta ,
pose oT_practicing medicine and surgery in all Its
branches. He may be found at the Jackson Some.
Office hours from 8 a. m., to 9p.m. jaunt!'
Friendsvilic, Pa., San.lsth, 1666.
.ICalcionsaimnta. ALlnatle,itiAnem - is,
mylo* - Brooklyn, Pa.
Xalciexisseocl. .41.1scrticoxsoners,
feln Bid Auburn 4 Corners, Pa..
ictermuse•4l ..EL•ax.aticozse•ea•
ser 64tf Great. Bend, Pa.
business attended topromptly, on fair terms. Of
fice first door north of " Montroso Hotel," west side o
Public Avenue, Montrose, Ps. (Jan. 1,1866.
13noznias Emma:tn. - - autumn 4.,llzecran.
to 00T SHOEDealer and Manufactorer. Montrose,
.1.10 Pa. Shop on Main street, one door below the Post
°Mee. All kinds of work .oade to order, and repairing
done neatly'. = janl G 5
rims'Cl4 RGBON, has located at Broomlyn,
.14 fill
I. Susq`a conh.ra.. Will attendpromptly to all Calls
with which ho may, be favored. °Mee at L. M. Bald
win's. Only 11—ly
RESPECTFULLY announces that he is now pie
pared to cat all kinds of Garments in the most
Fashionable Style, and warranted to St with elegance
and ease. Shop over I. X i Bullard's Store, Montrose. -
toptIYSICIAN & SIIRDEON, respectfully Fri en ds
professional services .to the citizen of
vile and vicinity. Office kothe °Motor Dr. Leet.
Boards at d. Dasfoors. cart
-.... .:
DHALER In Drugs, kediclues,Dliamicals, Dye
Stnfre, Glass Ware, Paints, OilsiVarnisla, Win
lowGiass, Groceries, Fancy Goods,'Jeweiry Perth
tierydrc—Agent for all the most popalu.PATZ/a
4EDlCDlES,—lfontrose,• Pa. •
Q17120E011 DIEVITIST,--Idoutrose, Pa.
in Lathrop? new buthUng, over
the Bank. All Dental operatlonawM be t *86 411•A
performed In good style and warranted.
11: one deor west of Starless Motel.
IW - Allorders filled promptly, lo fret-rata style.
Catting done on short notice, and warranted to St
• WALL W. :!'
of Main street, Montrose, Pd
. P.,,-LINE —S,
I.' WI - Phenix Block, overskire of - Read; Natrona
.Poster. All work warranted at; to tit and Antall. I
i/ •
Cuttings dons on short notice, in beststyle. jan'6o ' '"
DBALEB. in Staple *tad Fancy Dry Goods, Crockery,
. hardware, Iron,Stoves, Drum 011 e, andPalnte.
Booearld Shoes, Hata and Cape. Parc Buffalo Robes.
Groceries, Provider's, cZe., Nvar Milford, Pa.
wm.A. COOPER co. ;
BANNERS. Montrose, Pa. SdceessorstoPost,Cooper
LP & Co. Office, Lathrop's new bniffihg,%; Turnpike-et.
ncurrylos coos= . nsonrsis..
A. O. WARREN; •-
A TTOILNEY.AT.I.KW,Itounty, Pack Pay, Pension,
AIL and Paentption Claims"atten ded ed to. febl
Or Mice prat dobrbelowßoyd's Storelifontroke,Pa
Pa. lately kept by B. 0.. V s% . .
• JOHN FACIBOT, Proprietot.
Meals stood lanai. Time to eat. wawa bete'
harried, for persons arrlvlngon the stage, -wishing to
take theears. jegetf,
PENSIONS I . e' " "'.
ifinrcularcr, Wang- obtatne4thA mecessaaxonak,
Mc.. wgl giro 3ideDae
ittentlol2 tO 014 1 1 1 intrutte9
to Mi
O ir gr rill i Pi
j moms% 'Juni -re
va . zzoir,i;A*lto:-,
Imo 4,rasinno stot •
- /at the state Met
New Arork, ( 1111inols, VirOnia,
New Jerson , N. Carolinti,
Vermont, Wisconsin, Tennessee,
Pennsylvania, lowa, Alabama,
Ohio, ...Kentucky, Oregotri‘i ,
hikiana, Missouri, California.
At -the Taira - of the - 7 ' • .- - -
American Institute, Fianklln - Institute, If ariland lA
atitute, Massachusetts lifeebanfts' Association,
Penn. Mechanics' Institute, fit. Leonia
Agricultural and IdeCtiades? •
And at nnmerono Institute and County Including
all the Faits at othieli-they were exhibited-thy pad
three yard:
thFe etprtscos haona ve also beta awarded thaaa mains* at
ra xhil)l4 of
London Parib, Dublin, Lit; ten
Bayonne, St. Dizier, Chalons,
d they bye been Ins t rr by special sonu.n.r4
Empress of France,
Empress' of Austria,
Empress of Russia,
• Empre r ssof • -
Queen of Spain, and
. _Queen of Bavaria
The Grover. 4 Bskar Mastic! Stitch Sewing Machines
are superior to all others for the following reasons :
I. They sow direct from the spools, and require no re•
winding of thread.
2. They are more easily understood and need, and
lees liable to derangement than any Other maebinel.
8. They are capable of executing perfectly, without
change of adJuatment,k much greater variety of work
than other machites.
4. The stitch made by these machines to much more
Ann, elastic and durable. especially upon articl wide'
require to be washed - and ironed, than any Othe r stitch.
6. This stitch, owing to the puma er in whith the an
der threadis inwrought, is untetithe mostpinmp and
beautiful in use, and retains thus plumpness and beauty
even upon articles frequently washed and Ironed until
they are worn out.
8. The structpre of_ the seam is stint that, though it
be cut or broken at intervals of only a few, stitches, it
will neitberopen, rein,' or ravel, tint remahfil firm and
Unlike other machines, these fasten both ends of
the seam by their own operation.
S. With these machines, while silk is need upon, the
right or,face side of the seam. cotton may be used upon
the other side without lessening the strength or dura
bility of the seam. This can be done on no other ma
chine, and is a great saving upon all articles stitchld or
made up with silk.
9. These machines, in addition to their superior mer
its as instruments for sewing, by-is change of adjust
ment, easily learned and practiccd;etir' ate Ito most
beautiftil and permanent eminoidery ornamental
495 Broadway, New_ York.
50 Chestnat street,
Oct. 211.-10 m
WESTgER R. B. WinlezArrangeurnti Dee. ild;
WESTIVAND._ .., .. ,I _. _ ,-.HASTfSrARD.
Mall 1 Evenln s , ; ,_.-- • , t listir: L l Evenlo
train. ' titan: TATIONS. train. train.
A. M. P . M . P. n. P. at.
I I 11400 New Yorke— . ..... 5,20'
New Hampton...... 2,30
19,18 Monwilos- Chuntr. - ... 1,35
a 1143 • Delaware. —Dine-. 1,30
t, 4,30 10,10 Scranton 0.45
to 5,36 11,43 Nicholson ~ 8,351
a 5,58 12,03 , Hopbottom 8,18
8 6,20 12,33 Montrone 7,58
F 2 6,41 1,08 New ;Milford
a 7IXI 1,35 Great Bend.- .. 1
1 7,15.
a P.M. P. a 4 FPot of.Libei - ty-st. A.ll
The Mail train from New York concede at 11a
nunka Cnunk with the train leaving Philad'a(Hensing
ton depot) at 7,80 a. m.. and atereatllend with through
mail train on the Brie Pathway, with alteping car at
tached, stopping akall tho principal stations on that
road. and arrivingatPuffaio at MS a. m.
The t assenger train from Scranton connects at Get
Bend with through trains-going west and east on Erie
Railway, arriving at Butlato at 1,28 a. m., and at Sala
manca at 12 m.
The Mail train from Great Bend connects there
with the Cincinnati Express on the Erie Beltway from
the west ; at Mannoka Chunk with a train for Philara
and intermediate stations, arriving In Philadelphia at
6.30 p. In.: and at New-Hamptortwith a train for Easton
Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading and Harrisburg, arriv
at Harrisburg at 8,80 p. in.
At Scranton. connections are made withtrains on the
Lackawanna and Bloomsburg R.R. to end from Pittston
Kingston, Wltkesbnrre, Berwielt;,Bloomsburg,Dativille,.
Northumberland, liarrisinutandintermettlatestatinns,
and with trains on thelielaware aneltuction 'Railroad,
to and from Carbondale and intermediate stations.
nov27 Generni..Ticket Agent. President.
r RIB RATLW,AM—Oo and after Mon'
day,Novem RAILWA Y:
8386, tritni At . leave Gra
Bend at about the following hours, via.:
3.00 a. m. Night Express, Mondays excepted, tor , Ro
ehester, Buffalo, Salamanca add Dunkirk making di
rect connection with trains of the Atlantic and Great
'Western, Lake Shore and Grand Trunk Railways. for
all points Weep; also at Binghamton Air Syracuse;
at Owego for it and at Elmira for Canandaigua.
3.88 a. m. Night Express, Daily, for Rochester,
Buffalo, Salamanca, Dunk!! k. and the West. Stops
at Great Bend on Mondays only,.
5.27 a. in. Mail Train. Sendai's' excepted, icir Buffalo
and Dunkirk, connecting nt Elmira for Canandaigtia.
11.31 a. m.. Emigrant Train, Daily, forthe West.
4.115 p. in. Day Express, Simdaye excepted, forito•
cheater, Buftlo; Salamanca, Dunkirk, and the West.
Connects at Binghamton for Syracuse: at Owego for
Ithaca; at Elmira for Canandaigua; at Salamanca
witltthe Atlantic and Great Western Railway, and at
Buffalo with the Lake Shore and Grand Trunk Rail
ways, for all paints West and faiuth.
7. 51p. in. Express Mail, Sundays excepted. for Ba ff i:
10, Salamanca, and Dunkirk, connecting with trains
for the West ; also at Elmira for Canandaigua.
1.00 p. m. Way Freight, Sundays excepted.
8.43 a. m. Night Baptise, Dall 7, connecting at Gray
°fart for Warwick;'and atNew Torkerith afternoon
trains sand "ateamers for 'Boston and New England
1.04 a. , Cincinnati Express. Mcmdsrp, excepted,
at Lackawaxen for Hawley, and *temp:out for NOW.
burg and Warwick.
1.68 p. eh, Day Express, Sundays excepted.'
8.17 p. ikl. Accommodation Train Daily.
9 - 10 p. m. Now York and BaltimOreMall, Sundays' ez
cepted. •-• ^
10.20 am. WA/ Freight, Sundays ezeeptee..• •
WM. R. BARR.. , H. RIDDLE. ,
tab S. (hug. Passings Agent. Gael Sup'
forced to grow on the emov•
theet face infrom three to 6, •
weeks by using Dr, HMO
CAKLATBA theraostwou .
Qertnl discorety:lo nuoderti
• eclende, oteßng on the &Aid
Mons manner. It has been used by the elite "endow
and Perla with the rapst ;flattering Jam*
e. Names of
sup nobugets ate registered, andlE entire agteractioa
fillyt given in eVeryin Mugu, the'lionertrill be elteer.
refunded, fiti 2 rie4i himelit UAW ontk-.POWIt
Deseriarirers andtestlinordelsmued -
Oxen BERMS a 00.,eltraletaafo.211}tiv•
is Iteset - ,; may, Ageste,Sos,ttut .llntitoe
State. " " 0121,116 Pi
fv; tqr I
41:IL 3 lt si. • •
I , • ;
, t
AS:fi 101:fiLiti `ol l 6oseer cat'
Outtpnburg, Rosenbaum &
inelit . sicattlitiegteasive saißstbisitot
, ; , .
For Fsli= t'inter,
Ropeteed ilia . week bele New Yolk.
Tam - 14itaks!
And prices satisfactory to every one.
nwszaz.23M'ilirtle Ci•CocwiDiso
tie sumerou to mention.
CZ et
And Gents' Furnishing Good%
Qiutttnburg,lostubanm to,
X. S. DESSAL t is , Managing Partner
Montrose, Sept. la ,6;.
• 8,83
P 18
3ELa.r/703, 4::),A reft;
toad* to order, and, Nottbonto applied WM* lowest
Sew Tisk rata. • •
'.' • •
The public ore Invited to eallroxistloo Goo* sod
des 5bn a 0C,1.. 1 04 ,1 7 40,0
/WU ktatimjilikrimith o lfisi. WO.
BAs • a I]')j;l?i{F.~ili~
91' )‘I
L ... ."
zatr ercrevlar,;',
Ant Quantity and Style.
rkWeit r3IM,
4. '1;...
.1 1 i! , ri (F-'IL , ligUrr..—linbiricah • i i ii' ', ',
. t . t , eria/aXeninild§Pkgil" .1:1 ti •'. ; , i; ~
prtieed tme.dee ... , .
... i•, :• - i?. .Re ~..'untlinttrx,lFlUSifig 01 i c1!•...-1
_.2.. ;., ~ -v t t l ityr=t a r, e i git ti5. , ,,,1:1 f,!i>t,
7 .1 WI .01010 iltrOlgiii and dab. ;; f , !II 'II
born hair of ritzier mg; into, .:
..... „_;
Nryntrinflate.or hearlmaraire earls: Hit beettledbf
teashi4ablea of,Pixill coldiLondow witU the *at,
gratifying reanlii. Doering Inba: to the hair.. primbr
mail. sealed and poet Pai d . $l. , beeerintiVe eireWirir
nulled pea., Addrets GER.I3/fUTTEl•it,Csi4;cheni
tetAo. 485111vitattee , Troy. N. T. :; Only &gear:for
the e ` United States. t P • i , ,' c., ~ ti9tl alerritg f
filizcololor 1 . ,J:: ,12sccolotorli
. , _
• --
...rote,Bigt997Nfi.,tmlutl?.yous nial3,.,
TO the Ladles erpeciall , this. invaluable depliatork
recommends itself as °la an almost indispensable
article to female beauty, 1 easllyapplied , gad does not
barn or injure the skin, b 1 , /tete direttir Da the Mott:
It is warranted to temova inpatilnond hair
bb ' fromloW
foreheada 4 or from ank part of tbii bodk, nom pletelk, to
tally and radically ;extirpating the same, leaying.tbe
skin soft, smooth and natnral. This is the only art' chi
used by the Ptench, and iii Or only real erectus{ Opp.
story powder In tiliatence. Price In per paidutge, sent
post paid to bay address. fonleceipt of an order; by - '
03:011 1 MG! II, 81111111 , . 12•C4. Chethb32ll.. , •
m7ll, 285 Extra; streek, 'Troy; N. T. '
, . •
• .csEr."..evitinr...i...4ool. , :e i.•:.
TaiproVirvf and Beautifying the 'complexion. '
The most valitable and perfect preparation in use.
for giving the skin a beantilol. pearl-like tint, that is
only found in youth. It quickly removes tan, 'freckled;
Pimples, brotelied. metir.patch , s, sallswirness, +eruptions
and all Imm:irides of the skin, kindly healing the same,
leaving the skin white and elear'ad alabaster. Its use t tected il by n the* e logg i se l f utin l y e , audit f is init b a
v og a artiel l e 3 2t a lfe a and. l u n agd by the F i reach s , e ind is cori e :
sidered t,y the Parisian na indispensable to a perfect
toilet. Upwards of 30.000bOttles were sold daring the
peat, yearot • entllcient guarantee Pf its edienty. , ,_Price
only 75 cts. Diailed,post paid. on receipt of an order by
BERGER-, SBUTTB & CO., Chemists,_
myt lyefspq 4 , 15 River strect;Troy,ti. -
Thla preparation, lono and favorably known, will
tboron,„ohly reinvimarate b roken - down and low-spirite.
horses, by strenthelaing and cleansing the stomach and
intestines. _
It is a Sure.proventive of all diseases incident to this
animal, eruct) as Lung Fever, Glanders. Yellow Water'.
Heaves,.Cottglis„ Dkstemper, Fevers, Founder, Loss of
Appetite ritalEnetty; '&4; Its use improves, the
wind, increases the appetite. gives a smooth and glossy
skin, and transfcirmis the miserable skeleton into a ane
lookingand 'spirited horse.
this preparation is invaluable. It Increases the quantl•
ty and improves the quality of the milk. It has been
proven by actual oxperitnot to increase the quantity
of milk and cream twenty per cent. and make the but+
ter firm and sweet. In fattening cattle, it gives them
an a , pellta.:loosena their hide, and makes them thrive
mach faster
such as Coughs, Ulcers in the Lange, Liver, &c.. this
article - natant , a specific. 13y putting-fronr; one_ %ail ti;
paper to a paper in a barrel of swill the above ditteasee
will be eradicatefittryentirely _prevented. If given , ' in
time, -a certain preventive and core for the Hoz Chole
ra price 25 cents per paper, ord. Fiapeps for $1: Pr&
pared by • - ,
• S. A. FOUT DR.Q.,. ,
at their wholesale Drag and Medicine depot, N 0.116
Franklin st., Baltimore, Md. For sale by Druggists
and storekeeper& tlinaiighliut.tireViiiied States.
larror sale in Montrose by
nov2l ypqlB ABEL TURRELL.
.'i SEWING ACHINES? -' • -
Were awarded the highest Prempim ot t e
World's Fair in toridoi and - siii first
. 1
premiums` at the' Yen) Y ork Sate
Fair ,of 1866, and are ..
Celebrated for doing the', best work.. titling A much
smaller needle for the same thread thin any other - row.'
ehine, and by the Introduction of .the most , approved
ma, hinery, we are now able to supply the vary brit ma
chines in the , World. . I •
These machines- areintade at ' nnr nete . 'and l
spacious .Factoryat BridgepOrt i , Cinin; '
, under the immed iate supervision of ----.-:
the President Vthe Company,.
Elias Halve, Jr., the, •.1 .' .
. , • . CRINR, , 1 . ,
They areadaptOtonlllnds of rtunily.Setsinsv end
totbe use of seamstresses dress makers. tailors, maul
nfactuierWtif MA AS; toll ri, skirts ; creaks , 'Mantillas',
cMhtua t imts, capsomrse e, opals, lhoes,,.barness,dad,;
ales, linen goods, umbrellas, parasols, etc., They work
equally well upon silk, linen , woolen and cotton goddi
with silk, cotton or linen thread. They will seam.
quilt:gather, tell. cord, brnid,blud,.and perform every
species of waiving, maklag a beautiful and perfect
stitch, alike =both alder; of thenrtieles sewed.
The Stitch inTlentedpy Me , . ozoi,andpiqde
on this Machine,lis- the , most popular;
. i
and durable, and all Sewing Afa
' 4..' ":, chines are. subject to the , prin. . .
eiplc invented by . /Limn. • •
The *ive litehine .Company,
. . 4 9 1 DRIDA/iTrAY,ICor. fourth sc., W. T, •
kWh. 2 01 86. . Z,. i I !. ~- • • • •. ' - -
mi.,,...... 44.4.. 'Pi now, GOODS. :
large d
H.. •-11 , 11411.1:1•11.rto" s'cill supplies •of ' • ' 7 1 11
. . i
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, • t,.. 4 • . r ,
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irl ,••
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f,' A- I ;kk;_::4 1
,e,l NAL . 2 ,, 0 o)ps,
p.,•-••.. , i• Ey . e. - e. 067., , v , „? D l'.
i 1
I ,
Embracing etre varieties of Fashio nablesa Dreit . r oodi
in plain, striped and gored Dainties, im lal
Lustrcejlierinoes, Pammattas, Phil s
and Prlnts, Cloths, Cassimercs.
' Flannele,l Broebe . and -
Wool ''Shawls, •
Balmoral and Duplex HOop Skirts, Ladles' and: Gents'
Furs, Buffalo Robes, Carpel ing, Floor Oil Cloths, Wall'
Papers, Window Shades lintS and (laps. Boots; Shoes,
and Clocks ; including also as neual agenesal assort
ment ot Other' Drypoode, Diollll tTrimmlngs; and Fan
kee .Notions,_-Groceriel,_•Crockerr. Hardware, iron;.
Nails, STOVES, Dra g s , O ils, Paints,. &a. dtc.', which
he will sell on the prostravoratito terms for 'Caah4 Pro.
duce, or approved•Crcidit.i
New lillilbrff, Bosom , DM. '•• ' • " •
_ .
I •
lac:014. _ , lciarties":,,..o
Ttu'underolned;Ll O NS4l) 231ENT TBEitiCrlti.
' 7011 4 ROW, - prompt. otleotlpo,.to 111 ,
elobWoontrilesedtollltetell: Cbtr_ge6 low, and loktri,
motion FREE. •^. ; Jo 1,
105. • --:
±,••• '4 • - ; •
010Vert8C •
: 11310 ees'
4 main* Itirofi i‘t
!a. WE maws ileamotitaltAti
'The Wouderfal Ahd: :great federal , i l l ,
pleasure to any Lady wearingtheLciplex.Diliptie Skirt
will be experienced partieelarly Iri all Chilfded Assets;
blies, Operas, earriagesc-raltroad_ cars, church pews,
arm chairs, for promenade and housedress. aa the shirt
can be folded when in use to oectlyy.4.lgekirdwygyik
aptly or (conveniently as a silk ot muslin dressoswia•
*arable qdalityideririolineinot fcemd'tePsny=wlngla
sprirqrskirt. •,e • 4.,
&lady. litiingenjiiedthesliesure:cetriffirtiedgieet
courentence:of trearpig theDuplet Zilitate eprius,
Skirt for a eingio fiey w 11! never afterwards
dfipense 'With their Poechildretti toriseeb, 4 ane
young laches theygre stiperierto_att °them.
They will not bend or break like the single spring;
but will prreerte theletieileetfeedgracefaLaipmithea
three or four ordinary skirts would have been throws
away as useless. The irocipwate•cmfered- with double
and twisted thread. and the bottoutroyls,are linot,only•
double springs, but twice (or doubleyettreite, prevent.
tog them from wearing out when dra gging do" !tires
stairs, ac. • •• • • r- :•f** "26 ,
The Duplex,Billpllels,e great favorite With all ladies
and is universally mmended brthe 'Pashimi Idsgs.
tines as the stapdard skirt of the fashionable world. .
To enjoy the following inestimable adiantages fn
crinoline; .11': superior qtality, perftet tianalltetate i
etylleb shape and finish; ,114 ibility. durablity, comfort
and economy . lequire for J. W. Bradleys Duplex
hptic, or Bauble Spring Skirt, and be atireyou gall's
gennineartiele_.. . . •
CAUTION: - Td guard against imiibbitio.n.barticu
larto notice that oUrts.offered as • Duplex" , have the
red ink stamp, • viz; .7. W. Bradley ' s -Duple; Steel
Eitiringa" upon the *niatband—t one-cothere are' genus
Inc. Also notice that e_19 7 7 , , b9o_p *drat a pin hs r
fug passed through the centre;thes - revealing the two
(or double) springs braided.-together therein, which is
the secret of their flexibility and strength, ands com
bination not to be found in any otbevektrt. •
For sale in all stores where: first Wise,Skirts ire 'sold
throughottetho United States final elsewhere: • • i
Mapufactered hy the sole owl:terror she patent.
, ,eB4, ra„, ey, ~ctrey,
97thsilioii)ors and 70 aqii 'freade sts:; 'New Tort.
• -Feb. 1,186744-Btk • - • •
Fire, Life - and “Aecidental
.I%Etaaalzricomiei, -
Hoine luminance Co. of Ni Y.; Capital: and
Surplus, $O OO . O O
Insurance Co. of Nortk-Amerita,
Capital and Surplus, _ 1,,700,000
International Pire InsurartitECflt; : •
Capital and Surplus. 1,1;0100i ;
Lycoming County Mutual Instannee Co.of
Moncy,Penn'a, Capital and Surplus„ .
Farmer's - Mutual Insurance CO. York, Pa.,
Cupitarand Surnlus. , . ,
Enterprise Insurance Company,, rt k ira,.
• - Capitalatd Surplus, - • - • - --375,01:10
Insurance Co. State of Pennsylvania,
Capital and Surplas, 700,000
Connecticut Mutual Life Insnraiterreo. of
Hartford, Conn paying 60 per cent. ,
'dividends to the assured:Ville - I:Mel('
given for half the premium 'is never ta
be paid under any alretimethnees: . :ihe
policyx Ili altrAyett_paiti in, full;. and
the 'notes given up: Capital, ' 10,000„000
Arriertuto 4ffolngtera*et
phis, Caplu4,„ •,
insttr.lnga.„"alneptHltinOcit accidents
Canittd, •
ford. Conn:, Capital and Surplus, •
Putnam Fire Insuranceco.„Hertford, Ct.,
Hartford Live Stock Insurance Company.
Insurance on all kinds efifiV•Stock,
aaainst theft and dt-. - trom any,. .
cause. Capital, v.? - $. 140b0
tser - All business our care Will be attend
ed to oti fair terms, and'aillosser promptly adjusted.
r i t
STltOtallt : B 01101 V Agents
tarOinee tfoytioaelfotel,"tieit
side !ofPnblie 'Avdaue; . A • •
Bata - Nos ST. BAUM Ca4muis I 4 Awry.
Month:lse, Jail. Ist. 1861.'" ' Ij
Manhood: How Lost, How Be-
- stored. . • , • •
t INT rub tailed, a new edition of Dr Cu Ver.
si wont, CtilebTated Essay; on tbs. radleal- cure
(without Medici ne) tg . bpntotavntuttros,,,or.,Ssmiusi
Weakness. ttiVoliintarr Seininal' Lorca', 'lmpotency,
Mental and Physical Incapacityv , lnundintenta to Mar
riage. etc. ; also, Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits, in
duced by sellindulgencesorlsexurd extravagance.
rgr Price, in a sealed envelope, only 6 cents, , ... ,7
The celebrated author in this Adrairabte cssaYeleatiy
'demonstrntes, froin.atthlrlY„Yarg' alleesßful practice,
thatthe slat n. 'constlitietitcrol i.elltabnse may tti
radicallymtred:without.the:dan,,, ,, eronA nse ot internal
medicine or the application of the knife—pointing out
a mode ofenre'atOnce siniple„ . certain aniVrifeettial, by
meatus of which every , strffeter, nn mattar :what hia- con .
ditinh' may be. may cure himself cheaply, piiirafely and
OrThis Lecture shdid be in the-'.bends of env
In' youth and ozuy man e ..- la a .: ! _
SenAtander ial.. in a p . tri envelope: .ill anY adtirers,
poston paid, recelptpr IF cents,,or two post stabaps.
Addrcsa thephblishera. , • •.
; - CHA ~ J. ,C. fltiNE & CO.,
127 Bewery, NevFYork, Post (Mace box 4,59.
March 10, 186T—Iyamp.„. ~ , . _
Come and goo tlicihmOns Barbes. •
Famous ; Barber, into of Hayti. .
-Latirofflaytil li rtv atWeeka`. , '
• Now at 4. D. • Ockeißtore , #9 ol2l .r ., {.
Find altv ng add ehtunpoollim, „
Flndme cutting bait to`oult yaw,:
; Flndine readrat rent .
At konr geryten, CHA3tLSY MOURN!
Montrose,Oct 15, 1863. g • . •
, ,
3 p1 17 11 4 1. , s impoviD ' sur:ortr
theendays of , SuOnhir, and high priced goads. ev
ery family in the country ihnntd have one.
~ 'HALF 'rat COST
of clothrng a fintily•can be its nee.. It Is OM
pie and , datablkeasily understood, and easy to operate.
leo Skill Is required tovecave with it beyond the Dimple
taming Of pn easy crank. .
'Pr Pr o& 13in 35 pirdi an be woven on it in a day.
• ' " • ' ' irklf Ni.B . R I '
h n s T e e L en tu y n o t u in j y o g a n o d n ay Se
oGDTa ,
c w a h imn
a w k i e h
a o l nea e
clothing for the family,emd much betterquallty, at half
•Pot anti inniplesof qath woven
on the Wpm, ealdreacw,lthAtnnip, • •
A. B. & CO..
• • - ..333 etteetnnt. etreat,
Alan. dealers .14 COtion Weip,, , Tool and Pisap ll lll l 6,..
Yana; Reade.'llarnesa guiefLooite aiding, gene y.
March 19,1867. 6w•
1867 -- ';''.'L"Bl'll.l • 1861
Fourth (11. Arch ;S '
Are - oietilng lor.Sprlog.;pf i lert, •
Throe eases Seleciihedeit'otSilits.•
Silks. Bismarck, the ntrW bans Stllt; 'Best hlsek
In town. PlahlAndls Silks—Terrace. New EVIII-Pr _ 4 °
Goods. New st*le tinting Clunties.• -Organales•el Dew .
est Styles. Steel-colleted Poisllnetley •
S.—id'etehants In 'search oVsestee Add lesnithle
Goods iv Ill'Pd:It ttstlaelsialltlSelllte•an aed atk inti/e •
, • , t [nuttelt $O3•l4Wi • 's
' • ...,••• t•ti
nN and after November SN,lBos;,picasenger trams
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, • • P, 4U F71% ,. #1 . 11 , 11 ,7! • ;
1447,6 retanstaw''•• ;" ME C 4:54 .
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4rrlieiitNorttaimbe '.,
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.64! 'i n v e rt./ c r4 l,,rti.. •- •
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Arrive it.tionnto!l( ‘ " 8:45 1455, 1 1"
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