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Local News.
We' would be thankful to our fiends
throughout the county for such local news
as will be of interest to our readers. Send
us the facts, and we will put them in
proper shape for publication,
Court Proceedings.
Brando and Moore vs. Latham Gard
ner. Replevin. Verdict for defendant.
This awards to Mr. Gardner the products
of the farm for the year 1865, valued at
some $2,300.
Assistant Assessor.
GEO. B. Kura', Eqq., of Wilke Barre,
has been appointed an assistant assessor
of internal revenue, . vice Wm. Cary, re
Dedication. •
The new Odd Fellows' Hall recently
erected at Jackson Corners, Susq'a c e.,
Pa., will be dedicated to the - uso of the
Order on Thursday, Feb. 14th, 1867.
A , public lecture will be deiivered,,at
the church by A. 0. Warren, ;Esq. to
commence at 11 o'clock, a. m. All mem
bers of the Order, and the public general
ly, are invited to attend.
By order of Committee
The Mewls of Rev. S. F. Brown will
make him a Donation at the house of 11.
Reynolds, in East Bridgewater, on the
afternoon and evening of Feb.' l l3. All
are invited to attend.
Timely Notice.
And it is "My Polici'? when the o'.l
place no longer accommodate the
business, to move to larger and more
commodious rooms.
Our old friends can find as every day
in the week at the splendid new Store
nearly opposite Kirby & Bacon's on Main
street, Montrose; where we are offeriug
superior inducements to all branches of
our trade.
We have just made a great reduction
in the price of E olid Filver spoons let
th-me who have he m toxitlnv, cone now.
N. B.—The Watch work wi l all be
done by 0. D. Boman after this date.
4 w
Feb. 1, 1567
Choice Deeds.
We have a fresh supply of our excel
lent Deed , l, for R a !€4 at• low -prices, for
rash. Alpo, a variety of other styles of
Deeds and Mortgages.
The next Conference of the Susq'a As
sociation of Universalists will bo held in
Montrose the recond Wednesday and
Thursday in Feb. (13th and 14th). A cur
dial invitation is extended to the public.
Meeting will commence the 13th at 10i
o'clock, A. M.
The Engine Houses.
A meeting of citizens and firemen was
held, at the call of the Boro' Ceittneil, at
the Conn House on Friday evening last,
relative to the removal of the Engird
Houses. Their removal is necessary on
account of the pr..posed erection. of a hew
jail. A coznmittee was appointed to con
eider the most desirable location to which
the buildings can bo removed, or what
other course should be pursued. Some
favor the purchase of the Keystone Hotel
lot and the erection of new engine Hou
ses. An adjourned meeting will be held
this (Tuesday) evening, j.o receive the
port of the committee, and to further con
sitlpr the subject; and tax payers would
do well to attend.
The officers of the meetinc , were in
strnoted to report the proceeding's of the
meeting for publication iu the Borough
newspapers, but neglected to do so. AVe
therefore give above imperfect report
from memory, without notes.
Sullivan and Erie Railroad.
We noticed yesterday some of "Pat's
buggies" passing through town,, en route
for the railroad. This i looks like success,
but it is not the only :sign. The charac.;
ter of me men who have control of this'
new enterprise, and that of those wile
have the Ciontracts for grading, dm, to
gether with the fact that a million of dol
lars is lying in the New York banks, all
Conspire to assure us of the speedy coin-.
pletion of this desirable thoroughfare.
This road connects with the Williamsport
& Sullivan road at or near the coal mines
of Messrs. Jackson & Meylert, and when
completed will open an outlet for the in
valuable stores of the eastern, northern
and southern portions of our county. It
is s well known fact that the county thro'
which these roads pass is rich with coal,
iron and timber, and at some not far dis
tant day will make our county
,equal in
wealth to any county in the State. From
present prospects, these roads must be in
full operation inside of two years. The
eastern capitalists are beginning to heed
their interests in this county, and coming
forth in true business like manner to tak e
hold of the enterprise., They are ready
to lay iron on some parts of the Muncy
Creek road, and expect
,to reach Sones
town next summer. We can only add,
" Well done, little Sullivan," and say to
those who are holding back that their
places are being rapidly filled, , and the
first thing that will awaken them to their
true condition will be ' the fact that they
are left out in the cold.—Sullivan Dem.
abort time ago a petrified human
leg was taken from thictoal mines of Mr.
hams Faman, in Upper Pittston. 'lt
is 9aite a onriosity L and attracts cxott'as
Negro:SO/64e iii : lennssrlianii. -
The folhawmg is talien - frbm the edito
rial columns of Siton Cameron'sAmtt—
the' Earriabur T el graph Of-the-2§th I:
3.'S.QuaY, Repreiente tve.
from the Beaver' and Washington dis
has the , honor and will be distin- . 1
wuished for his independence in introcin- 1
eing a resolution in the-House, providing ;
for a convention to amend the Constito- 1
tidn of Pennsylvania; b y st k r i iking the word
white thereti.oin.' Mr. Quay, has every
encouragement in his favor. Progress,
justice and civilization combine to sup
his movement, while his own ability 1
and thorough independence will be proofl
against all assaults which may be made
personally to deter him from his great '
During the campaign last fall this same
Radical organ denied that . -negro suffrage
was au issue at the _ October election in
this i Statev'Oeary d enied
, it. in hiseneech
/ es; anal - natty of the, radicals now' sitting
I in the Legislature reiterated the declare
-1 lion all over the State. Then they said
the " copperheads" sere " raising a false
issue on negro suffrage;" now they say
,that the issue was the true one, and that
/the people, who elected Geary and the
other Radicals upon their disavowal of
negroisni, ate ruby committed to striking
the word white from the Constitution of
the State. Was there ever such a despi
clbie set Of tricksters and liars ? We
feel safe in saying that, had Geary and his
party openly avowed their negro detigns
last,fall,„beftwe the election, lliester Ciy
nier wotild pow be the Governor and the
Log's'ature' wonid be overwhehningly
Democretio. The mass ot' the Geary par
ty in Pennsylvania are not "educated up"
to the standard of Forney awl. Fred Doug
lass. .
During last fall's campaign we warned
the.peoplc - against. the secret designs of
the radical negro conspirators. Wu than
told them that the question of negro suf .,
frage would never be allowed to come
before them upon a square vote; that it
would be stnugg:ed upon them by 80 1 / 1 6,
hocus pacuS of courts or districting, as in
Wisconsin, against the clear will of the
maAity. Quay's movement, it -will be
seen, is such a trick. Instead of taking
the-course pointed out by the Constitu
tion for its amendment—the course pur
sued in l'ffecting the soldier's voting
amendment—Quay and his radical friends
take a dtEcient and speedier method, and
one which wid enable them to detest the
will of the people. Vie proposition is to
have a Convention called to strike oat the
Word: " white," the delegates to which
will of course be elected by Senatorial
and Legislative districts. It is naturally
supposed that each district now rep
resented in the Legislature by radicals
will also be represented in Convention by
Radicals ; and thus, throllgh the trickery
of districting, the amendment can be car
ried out in spite of the popular majority.
iThe whole plan will soon be unfolded,
and then the people 'may Ssee how 6ffectu
a;ly they were duped last, fall by the nig
gerites with a little tinserand soldier clap
An editor of a literary paper or maga-
i zinc, with a single year's experience, is a
competent witneits• to prove that not I
more than four out:-of every forty who
'scribble for bread or notoriety have any
! more,corrent ideas of punctuation than a
Patagonian has of . Paradise. One pro
found thinker, leaving out the h, drives
on over three pages o'ffmlscap without a
single dot oft puuctliation. -Another per
petrates one line periods, bringing us to
"down brakes," at the end of every line,
as abruptly as if we had checked up
against, 3,-.7'dead wall at thirty miles an
hour speed. Number threp keeps up a
commons string of exclamation points—
eternally'sereaming at something that
I requires no screaming at whatever. A
good many affect the dash-lug, style of
1 punctuation, slipping in one m, two m,
three in, and halt line dashes, indiscritni
liatcly, dash-ing paragraphs into spasmod
ic nonsense. ..
The Di& rence.
ty the recent act, of Congress establish
ing nDiversal suffrage in the District of
"Columbia negroes are allowed to vote at
all election's in said District, but white
men, Such as Germans, Englishmen and
Irishinen aro prehibitcd . from Voting, no
matter . how intelligent and respectable,
unles they hai•e resided therein five
' , Airs, and been regularly naturalized.—
Such is Radicalisni.
Auction Sale.
A. B. Smith has sold the Mitchell farm,
and will sell at auction, on WeduesJay,
Feb. 6th, twenty cowel'three two-years
old heifers, one pair two-years old steers,
seven yearling heifers, one pair yearling
steers, one yearling bull, five pigs, one
sheep, (a good Owner); horse-power,
threShing machine, drag-saw, circular
sawi cross-citt.saw, Buckeye mowing ma
chine, horse rake, hand rakes, fanning
pocket grist mill, corn shelter, two
carts, four wagons,Toad scraper, plows,
cultivatoroirag, 'chains,' hoes, forls,crow
bars, shovels, blasting drills, carpenter's
work bench With iron screw, iron vice,
scythes, giain cradles, : rope, hay, grain,
two hives bees, vinegar, potatoes, white
lead, linseed oil, chrome yellow, window
glass, putty,'*tar, , candles,., lard, tallow,
pork, nails (assorted), pick, horse shoes,
churns, milk pans, milk pails, swill pails,
()And stones, axes, iron wedges, ox-yokes,
roller; steelyards; steel Arapa, and a
lot of other traps not. too numerous to
C. 8. Gir..nawr, Auationaer.
2iew Milford, Jan. 22, 1867. 3w.
—The''gtaperor Nnpolcon 46 ordered
1,000 Winchester rifles.
Stamps on Notes.
Promissory notes are liable to a stamp du
ty of five cents for each $lOO or fractional
part thereof.- ; . If a
,not9 . tcontaias any spe
cial agreeitient, R
ah waiting the stay
of execution, right to 'inquisition, appeal,
or exem.ttion,jol)iableto 4n additional
duty of five omits. Notes containing a
confession of judgment are liable to an
additional stamp-duty of fifty cents when
entered of record. Sealed' notes are sub
jest to the same duty as other notes, and
no more.
mglidnejaiwated by Dr. J. tr.-c lig' A ct, o f
dolphiQ I Intendaditt - diseolve tho foal rid inske 16 . Into
elision, the fine proceet of digestion. IV eh:sinew the
stomach with Stlionek's Kendra's" tho 1 . 012/0 some
.. amitilniotite;sfl fond the; 43iiirnot be e t sbabofore
using it will be easily' disc/daft' - "-"
Consumv:lon etzlot Ito r.nrel Ebttruck% Palmonto
amp =lees the stomach and liver to autdo healthy and tho
appetite restored, beau the Tonic ao . d Pala ate rOulrod to
noarly every case of consumption. A half dozen bottlos of
the SEAWEED TONIC and throo or four boxes of the
MANDB.AN.E. PI LLB. will care any orahlry case of die.
Dr. Sone:lox makes pro - action& visas h New York, BM ,
ton, and at hie prine 4 pil °MCC, in Phil:lA.3l) . lla every week.
Eno daily ,h ;Once, or has p3trpli:Ot 033 eons-amp
tio.a for Ws days . rclr yi2ladon.
Piratic ob.wrce. when p tresallng, tba`. the two likenessot
of the Doe:or, ono whoa In the last Glaze or Coasnaup.ion,
laud the othor as ho now Is, In porfezt tvwch, are or/ the (tor 'tamp. . - •
SJId by all Dru4elste and Des'.ere. price sl.tiO par bottle, or
*:..1,1 020 half dOkou, Alt letters for ettlyleo ahoa'l ta) ad•
dre...1,7,1 to Dr. ti - .. , unso.i.'s 0.11,1, No. 1; Nortb Cch
Goners.i.Witolesa'o Alents; Derma: Caress & Co., N. Y.;
P. B. Bocce, Baltimore, hid.: John D. Parke, Chmixrustl,
Oltio; Wa]ker d.; Tu tor, Ch:cor,o, It.; Co:Ens Be
Lanisi, &tn. [lst w. ea. mo. 1 yr.
rirStearnens, Bllndnens and Catarrh
Treuted tr-Ph the et nun. t vtice(s. hp Dr. .T IsA 'h.
o...flint and .4. uriF,t. (formerly of Le% ,lon, Rolland.) No.
519 Pine Street, Philadelphia. Tt.riimonittis from the
mot.: retiab:p sot:mew(' the City .tntl ComOry call he
seen at In ottlee. I%c fnedlerll'facnlty - ate invitml to
accompany their patient., ar I,e has no secrete in hid
practice. ,„ insertsd
tin charge for exam illfainn.
ithilAdelpiala, July 1, 18 , :6. ly.
IMr'A Cough. A Cold, or A Sore Throat,
Irritation of the Dtt ngs,
A Permanent Throat Disease,
or Consumption
'wawa 11111LCTiT1T11-MtOE TO VIZ 1.1.ET9,
etrr ntxrDtarts rztrir
For Bronchitis,
,Asthma, Catarrh, Corummptivo
r.tdMroat Diseasos,
Tr.octlns arm TISLD VITTI ALw A Yl3 GOOD SCCGS69
will and Troches useful in clearing the voice when ta
ken belbre Singing or Specking. end relieving the
throat After an unusual exertion of the vocil organs
The Troches are recommended end prescribed by rhy•
elciana, and have had testimonials from eminent men
firoughota the country. Being an article of tree merit,
end having proved their efficacy bye teat of taany.years
each year finds them in new localities in various parts
of the vrorld, and the Troches aro universally pronoun
ced better than other articles.
do not take any or the Worthless Zmigations that maybe
offered. Sold everywhere. • n emplA
tlY — ABEL TERRELL is continually receiving
new supplies of Genuine Drugs-and Medicines, which
will be sold as low as at any other Stc-e in Montrose..
[3l'•Empire Shuttie sewing Jflachine■
are superior to all others for Family and Manufacturing
purposes Contain all the latest improvements ; are
speedy • noiseless; durable; and easy to work. flue.
trated Circnlars free. Agents wanted. Liberal die•
count allowed. No consignments made.
Address LM PULE S. M. eO., 610 Broadway, Sew York.
[}7 Notice,—The beautiful Plano Fortes of Gttovt-
RTt•.ev tt to. are deemed by all good judges to be the
Ultima Thule of luetrunient e of the kind.
e can .ot suzgeet what le wanting. to make it musi
cal inotrument more perfect, although we are Blow to
admit that the limit of improvement can over be at
Before they had brought. their Pianos to their prcs
rut excellence, thej had submitted them to competi
tion with in,‘truments of the beet makers of this coun
try end Europe. and received the reward of merit. over
ail other. at the celebrated World's Fair. It is hut ins.
nice to •ay that the judgment thus pronounced has nut
been overruled by the musical world.
Still. by the improvements lately 'applied lir them to
their Pianos. it is admitted that a more perfect instill-
Metiftaf , heett m,de. They hare accordingly achieved
the paradox of making excellence more exceilent--
Surely, alter this, they are entitiedta.the motto, '• Ex
cdlator." • . - rfune.l9 , L-17 :
Reported for the Mon;rnoss DEMOCRAT, by Fenton,
Fitzgerald a-Tracy, strictly Produce Commlesion Mer
chant..., 32 Whitehall Street, Now York. for the week
. .....
Flour,-per bb1...... ... . . ........ 1 ,....-„,,,5.10,00 fa 14.00
Wheat, per bushel, 2.50 Or 3,00
Rye, do 1,25 64 1..3
Corn, co 1.10 Q. 1,2.5
Olits, -, : . ido '-, j..:. 4:- ::.. I 65' :11',5 ' "20
Butter, perib.-- ,-,' ' " '- • ' '4o' e--.,. 50
Cheese, "
IS /a 20
Pork, mese,per bbl
Beef, mem, "
Lard, pbrib;"'" .
3 "
Eggs, per doe.
V. out, per lb.
Dreesed Hoge, per
lu AbVatistments.
TilE enbeeriber will sell at public vendue on ble
premises in Litid,getrater, on
Wedne•day, 111)..20111, 1867,
commencing at 10 &el ock, a. m., the kllowing proper
q, to wit :
1 span of Mares 5 years old-4 Cows-3 Calves-1 new
lumber Sieign-1 light two-horse Wagon-1 Lntnber
Wagon-1 Cutter-1 sett double Ilaruess-1 Horse
Rake-2 good Plows—Drat, Cultivator; Otlnd.t-tone,
Chains, Irowbar, Stretcher, Neck Yoke—a quantity of
Hay and Straw in the barn—Outs and Corn-1 grain
Cradle—a lot of Sap Tubs and two largo Sugar Kettles
—1 dog-power Churning Machine, 1 half barrel Churn,
Milk Pans, and a variety* of otlttr articles too namer
out to mention here.
TERMS OF SALE.—AII stuns et $lO or teen icash
down ; over $lO, nine mouths credit, with interest and
approved security.
Bridgewater, Fcb. sth , 1867.
To all wishing Fruit &
Ornataental. Trees.
ilE....a.;igeerede p l a u v es ing lade s a e vrg i e i ngente with
deliver ,. Fruit: rit a iT Orast2tal Trees, 9l Orsra te . ifin vv ea,'
) Flowering nal unit lihrobs at the growers lirrAm,
1 Palen . All wish gto purchase will tlud it for their in
tercet to call on r communicate with
,Firreitf;ako ci 4 tro, Feb. 6,1667. 2m
at the Fairdale Cheap &ore
MAUOZ 9 .B, ,Notice: , .
-4 •
frillt undersigned. an auditor spotlit:lead :ty the Or
phan's Court of Susquehanna County to distribute
the balance of the fund in the hands of john Boyle,
guollllll` OfClisrlen J. awl Mary - Then:me t irrinomirill
atUduLtOlthe.dittles of.hla‘ fitilkii4oftlde in
BiontreFtt, on Monday. the 18th day of .maroh,A, D.
1861, at one o'clock, p. m.. at which time and place all
Persona tiro required to prevent their claims or.bu for.
ever debarred trent corning In upon said fund.
31 °n tr wei gets. G, /SGT.
I~'ew - 112:r.
Baldwin, alien, 41 McCain.
M.a..X.sriMiirXW (lb 1 I.4X.NEZAT
After retiringfor tb1... ,4 ,y days at "hard labor."4lave re
sumed basiurea at tboold stand, under
the mule and firm of
BALDWIAT I AttEri DleoAliti,
Flow•, Feed, Sall, Pork, Butter, Cheese,
Dried Beef, Rams, Fish, Smoked Ilal
ibat, Ctodles,.Tea, Coffee, Spices,
Syrup, Molasses, Sugar,
• Seed Wheat,
Clover &• Timothy Seed, Flax-seed, Beans,
Brooms, Nails, &c. etc.
Thankful for peat patronage, we shall be happy to are
and waft noon Our old End new customers.
All Goods and Flonr warranted.
Montrose, Feb. 5, 13,7. •
AA~OTICI3Is hereby gfren that the undersigned has
iN been appointed by the President of the United
States, Assessor of Interne! ffevenue for the 12th Col.
lection District of Penitryivanie, composed of the comi
ties of I..n.terne and Susquehanna. The folio
paintalente hest: been made of...tretrtant Aetersors :
F. W. Now Milford. Divkiori 4, comprising
the townships or .New Milford, Grunt Bend, LiOvrty,
Thomson, Jackson, and the bor
oughs of News .Mill'ord, Great Genii uud Supnquehauna
D K. CArl;cndae. DiYiSIOT: 5, cornprimirq
Carbondale city and towuehip, Fell, Greenfield, Scott,
L. R. LITTS, rittston. Division 8, comprising PArts
t"te, Weßt. Pit 'Eton, the townships of Pittston, 81 ng•
}Amok, Covington, Lackawanpa, Norton and Ransom.
G. N. Ttrtesuroa, '6lvlslon 12, comrs•
log Wards No, 2 and 3 of Wilkesbarre,that part of 1 ard
No. T embraced by that portiOn of Rivet street between
Market and Colon, that part of Wilkesbarre township
south of the road leading to Prospect Rock, Hanover,
Wright, Newport,Dortance, Hallenbeck, Nescopec and
_ .
Jon?: GommAN% Hazleton. Division 13. comprising
the borough of Hazleton, the townships of Male, Fos
ter. Denison, Butler, Sugar Loaf and 'Hack Creek.
The ass !stint assessors In tho other divisions rennin
as heretofore.
All persons residing within any of tbero Divisions
will make their returns to the assistant assessor of their
proper division. and make application through him for
a permit to transact any business requiring payment of
opscinl tax; and any person neglecting to make returns
is liable to penalty.
All assessors and assistant a9AClisOrli are required by
law to note any breach of the Internal Revenue laws,
both in not affixing proper ettunps, or in transacting
business without having paid the special tas when the
same is required. and to report the same to the proper
officer for prosecution.
A. J. GERRITSON. Assessor
for the 12th District of Dennsybrania.
Montrose, Jan. 29, 18G7. 4w
MUM Commissioners of Susquehanna County will
race lee at sled. proposals until the 4th of March
next. for the erection of a new Jail in said County.
The plant and specification* are at the office of said
Commissioners, and will at all times be, accessible for
the arena nation of such as desire to bid for the erec
tion thereof, by calling on Wm. A. Crosemon, Com
missioners• Clerk.
The Commissioners do not bind themselves to ac
cept the lowest offer that may be made, but reserve the
right to accept °fetich pmposal as will secure the erec
tion of the building to the mostdurable and workman
like manner.
By order of the Commissioners.
W. A. CROSSIdOIi, Clerk
Commissioners' Office, Montrose, Jen. 22, ISM
Courts of Appeal.
UI Commissioners of Susquehanna County have
fixed upon the following days and dates respec
tively for hearing appeals from the assessment for the
year 1817, at the Commissioners' In Montrose to wit:
Apolacon, Choconnt and Little Meadows, Tuesday,
February 19.
Forest Lake, Friendsv Ric and Middletown, Wednes
day, Feb. 20.
Franklin, Liberty and SilVir Lake. Thursday, Feb.2l.
Auburn, Jessup and Rash. Friday. Feb. 22.
Dimoek, Lathrop and Springville, Saturday, Feb. 23.
Great Bend township and borough, and New Milford
ton uship and born, Monday, 25.
Ilarmony, Oakland. Susquehanna boro, Ararat, Jack-
Son and Thomson, Tuesday, 20.
Montrose, Bridgewater and Brooklyn, Wednesday,
Feb. 27.
Clifford, Banded Lenox, Gibson, Harford and Her
rich.Tbursday. Feb. 28.
By order of the Commissioners.
WM. A....CROSSMON; Clerk.,
Conaraleelonere' Mee, Montrose, t •-
wq, H 47. _
of New Milford, Snsq'a county. Pa., dec'd.
Letters ofadministration npbn the estate of theabove
named'deeedentheying been granted to the undersign
ed. all persons Indebted to said estate are• hereby noti
fied to make immediate payment, and those having
claims ngutust the same to pretent them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
W,Af. C. WARD, Adra'r.
"lowllßford, Jan. 22,1661.
deceased, late of Sasq'a - Depot, Susquehanna
County, Pa.
Letterset a drulaistratlon'upon the estate of the above
named decedent having been granted to the undersign
ed, all persons Indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to make immedbxte payment, and those having
elating against the same to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
1, 1 3,08
.4 72 (d, 13
11 4 . 9 12
48 124 62
50 e 65
8 CD, 9
Great Bend, Dec.. 25, IEGG.
LASS rend STONE FRUIT JARS, and also Spear's
Fruit. PreL=erving Solution, for Bale by
11th, 1846. ABEL TURRELL.
at the Fairdale Cheap Store
mado to order, go down to CHARLEY PuRDIUM,
( You get a good pair.)
ForeNt Lake, Jun. 22, 1867.m2*
CIONTAINE4G 182 newts, two miles west of Mont•
rose., for sale CHEAP,
Montrose, Nov.lB, ISM,:
8 utak, Robes & Ladies' Furs,
A chotcOot., for rale . at.loy , v.,4nrce, Dp _
U. 0171111 ITT.
. Nov dlilford, Noy. 18, IS6O.
91163 " " 5°94 ""clifiAr VORDIIAIf,
(nu can kt.)
Hit subscriber having formed ft par'..nership with
STEVE _wishes to .make, hie beet
Bowe to Ws old; Customers, and inform them that the
'Mercantile Department •of On) baldness will bereaher
be carried on 14 0.. D. 'lletnan Za Co. with inereaaed
esplial and facilities, a large oek of New Gorda in all
departments, a atom thuronglily feinted, and
3Priaor3 111. 1 0 c l -tax,
The Watch-Making Department
Is retained by me. and wilF receb-e - persotial atten
tion. I have atiecrial the services of SIR. C. WoLu.
BYJI, a gentleman who has had twenty-ire year's is the
beet chops of Earone, Ist. no ttiperler in th.• •
try. I shell therefore be aide to do nil work within
tutee daysfrom the time 11,4 e left,
The Ulcck.~nd Jewelry - Repairing
will be,ownedbiy air, Steveui. who will do all work in
thn t tine promptly, old in7the Mwtetyle
covr - Ers. .IST,C9C7Mr..
eonaldt of a assortment rho following' gooch.,
eaitable,for,, tra ao d an low. a mi
mnnp k
of lower; than by any"otte elan Etas ride of
New-York city. S- _; .
Read tho Catalogue.
American, Striae and English, both gold and ailVer
MI styles, Including their celebrated Calender Clocke,
which tell the day of the modtb and week, also the
name of the month, making the changes for every
mouth correctly, with no care but to wind them oncu a
rileity. solid Gold Clardne, 1 - looks and Keys. Fine rol
ld ±.tto Jewelry-IU%, 4leevu btutia, Ear
Warranted to fa en kinds of eyes.
A neat little Charm holding. eighl small Photographs,
A fine assortment, with and without holders. Old
ones re; :Anted.
Made to order of pure Coin, consisting of Spoons,
Forks, Thimbles, tlotter Knives, Napkin Rings, Fruit
Knives, Vest Chains, &e. .
Tho best in market—Fangio, double, treble and quad
ruple plate, andlirmuum.r.D—from a full Tea Set down,
including Castors, Cake and Card Baskets, ice Pitchers,
Walters, Butter Dishes, Sugar Bowls, Caps, Tea Dells,
k.c. at.
• •
PIA A' 0 S.
Manufactured by Decker Brothers, which, with their
late improvements, surpass those orally other makers.
Also, Bradhardr's New Scale Pianos—a splendid instru
ment. Other Planes from WO to saw.
From $llO to sl2oo—warracted for five years. They
are the finest reed Instrument in the world, and I have
only to say that Dhave sold \nearly $15,000 worth of
them in the last four years; anfi they are till in good or•
der and have never cost my casfeteers a cent for repairs.
Violins from S 5 to t. 50, Fluter, Fifes, Clarionets,Ban
jos, Guitars, Bows, Strings, Tuning Forks, &c.
Supplied with instruments of the beet American man
ufacture, by the single instrument or full set, at the ma
ker's price—also music for any number of Instruments.
Inetraetion Books and Sheet Music on hand. and new
supplies received every week. Piano Stools from $0 to
Perfect Sewing Neediest.
Waimea the exclude° agency for R. J. Roberta' Pa•
tent Parabola Needles—the beet in the world, Try one
paper and if not eaddled thewioney will be refunded.
Fire Arms and Sporting Materials.
Allen's, Sper.cer's, and Henry's Breech )(aiding Ri
fles, all styles Revolvers. Fowling Pieces, Shot Belts
and Powder Flasks. Cartridges for all the U. S. Army
gene • also U. B. and other Percussion Cape, Cooper
Cartridges, all styles and sizes.
Montrose, N0v.27, 181 M
950 A PER TEAR I We want Agents every.
4J where to sell onrIBSPROVe,D $2O Sew
ing Machines. Three new kinds. Under and upper
feed. Sent on trial. Warranted five years. Above sal
ary-or large commissions paid. Me only machines sold
in the United States for less thM $4O, which are tally
licensed by Bowe, Wheeler ct -Wilson. Grover & Baker,
Singer & Co., and Bachelder. All other cheap machines
are infringements, and the seller or user are liable to
arrest, fine and imprisonment. Illustrated circulars sent
free. Address, or call upon SUAW & CLARK, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, 111, Imay29lly*
THE arra of Crane, Unwell & Fergerson tuts been
dissolved by rnatuil consent. The notes and
accounts orate late arm have been,placed in the hands
of P. T. Fergerson, who is authorized to collect the
sauna ; and all indebted are notified to settle without
Montrose, Jan. 8, 1867
PArtnerhipNO tice.
. .
/VIE underegned haring entered Into, a partnership
A, under the firm name of Crane & Howell, will con
tinue beefless at the old d mud, where, thankful for ra
yon In the past, they, will etrivo to meriti the patron
age of old and new customers. '
Illontnaso, ..Tan. 5H1,1867. -
. sTovEs! STovls!
and select stock of Cooking, Parlor ,S) Shop
STOVP.S. last received and for sale on the most
favorable terms.
:New Milford, Dec. 11, 1.806.
rinnE onderalemed, LICENSED AGENT of TIE GOV.
EttNI3II,:NT, will give prompt attention to all
claims entrasted to his care. charges low, And infor
mation FREE. - • • L. F. FITCH.
Montrose, Jan. 14, 1265. ti'
PENNI. iil ,
And Back Pay
mnr. undersigned Licensen nonwr or tun Goesnw-
A. astir, will give prompt attention to all claims Intrus
ted to his care. No charge unless successful.
Montrose, Aug. 20.'03. J. B. MeCOLLUM.
i4lihl.llllllll OF BOUITIES!
oLDIERS • Congress has just passed an net to equal
fee your Bounties I Thc_nie who have not already
done so, should make Immediate application. WI&
Owe. heirs or parents of Soldiers who have died in the
service, areentitled to the lame bounty the soldier, if
livin would receive. Having already prepared over
twohundred claims, thoseetho have delayed making
application will find It grcatls , to their advantage to
give me ncall.
Myatt& and whines entitled to an' Increase of pen.
Eton ander act approved June B,lBsB ,y should *Om make
application. Information free.
• • r OtO. P. MILE:
I.lnerased Government Agent. .
Vontroao, Aug. 7,180. • tf
• .
10 to 16 per etot. on a patt of BoOteot Shotslo to
(Well you can.)
Firth Life and Accidental
HOMO InSomittos Co. of H. and
, $14004080
Insurance CO:Of NOttliAmcr,ics. •
Capital and Surplus, • -* IMIO4OOII
ternatiount Fire insurance CO. oiN. Y.
Capital and Surplus, I,6oe t osoo
GLrard - Fire and Marine Imam= Co. of
Infra, Capital and Surplail; 000.005
Lycoming County Idutuai Inonrance
3lttney, Penn's, Capital and Surplus, LOOM*
Farmer's Mutual Inenrauce Co. York, Ps..
Capital and Surplus. , 800,000
Enterprise Insurance Company, Fbira,
Capital and SurPl l l°. ,„ e ,„„
!neurone , . Co. State of 14;_nnsylViallli. rtf•
Capital end hurpins.
U.enoington Fire and Y. Inourazes
Phira. capital and Surplus,
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. of
Hartford, Conn.. paying 130 per cent.
dividends to the us.4ured. The notes
given for half the premium Is never to
be paid under any circumstances, 'ti he
pelfeymvill ajways be paid In full, and.
the notes given up. Capital, 10,000,00 0
American Lite Insurance Co. Philidol
phlft, Capital.
Travelers' Insurance Co. Hartford, Conn..
Insuring against all kinds of accidents
Capital,; ,
„ Hartford-Tire Inouranee Company, •
I ford. Conn.; Capital and Surplus,
Putnam File Insurance Co ~, H artford;
too.=Capitel,.. . ..• . • •
buslneini el:deleted to our care s dU be attend•
ed to on fair terms, and all losses promptly adinsto4;
• STROM) ff. BROWN, Agents..
IV"Offlce first door north of" .11ontrose Ilotel,r west
stde of Public Aveavio.
En.Lnveis STEOZD, Csuntas L. IS*Ollllll.
Itunt{ose, Jan. Ist, 1507. 73
This preparation, long and favorably ktiowa, wW
thoroughly reinvigorate broken-down and low-spltited
horse-, 1 , 3 , strenthentng and cleansing the stomach and
it is a sure preventive of all diseases Incident to ttds
animal, nachos LungYever, Glanders. Yellow Water,
Heaves, Congas, Distemper, Fevers, Founder, Los‘
Appetite and Vital Energy. &p, Rs use Improves tet6
wind. increases the appetite. gives a smooth AO glossy
'et In. and transforms thmiserable rkeletun into a due
coking and spirited horse.
A largo, flue as.ortment
this preparation is invaluable. It increasealhe qemst2-
Cy and improvea the quality of the milk. It has been
proven by actual experiment to increase the quantity
of milk and cream twenty per cent. and make the bat.
ter fern and sweet. In fattening cattle, it tires them
au a petite.ilooeens their bide, and makes them Wire
much faster
each 66 Coughs, filters in the Lungs, Liv, er, ac..thle
article acts as a specific. By patting front one balf
paper to a paper in a barrel of swill the above diseases
will be eradicated or entirely prevented. It given la
time, a certain preventive and cure for thelle4 Choi*.
ra. Price 25 cents per paper, or 6 papers for .
pared by
at their wholesale Dreg and 'Medicine depot:2ro.ll4
Franklin at., Baltimore, Md. For sale by Druggists
and atorekespers throughout the United ;HAM.
g3 — For sale in Montrose by - •
nowt yricitG ADEL TM:MEM.
0. M. Citias'E.
Also ' a goad moortmeat at
Conststing or Ladles' aid. Lasting and Goat Bulgur
als and Gaiters, Men's Brogans, Bore Bahnorale,
Youth's Congress Gaiters. Baby Shoes, eta. eta.. an or
which will be sold
AT SMALL pitorrral
N. B.—Alldnda of work midi to order and ranatttair
done neatly.
Montrose. lay 8, 18414 tf C. O. I+OIIIIBA2I.
forced to grow on the vow
theft face in from three to 5
weeks by using Dr, 81, 1 110-
Ot.PILAIRE, the mostwon- •.
derfal discovery in modern
'ciente, Beth-won the Beard
and Hair in en almost mirac
ulous manner. It has been used by the elittof Louden
and Paris with the most flattering success. Names of
all purchasers are registered, end if 'entire satisfaction
is not given in every instance. the money will be cheer
fully refunded; Price bymail. scale :• mid postpaid. $l.
Descriptive circulars and testimonials mailed free !
dress-BERGER, SHEYTTS & Co.. Chemists, No. SBSRiv
er street, Troy. N. T. Only agents foe the United
state. . myl Intim
Etrlt.Cl 3EgEttells. Pievsr.
!VIM undersigned, LICENSED AGENT of the GOV•
ERMIENT, baring obtilned the necessity for
Sc., will give prompt attention to all clnitne intrusted
to his care. No charge,uuless successful.
Montrose, June nth, ISas. - -
Is continually reselling
And keeps constantly on band a fail and desirable al o:
sortment of genuine,
Drugs, Medicines, - •,Chemicals,
Liquors, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Teas. - Spices and
other Groceries, Stoneware, Wall and Window PIP
per, Glassware. Lamps, lierownse, Hensel%
Tanner's Oil. Lubricating Oil, Neatstoot Oil, •
Refined Whale Gil, Vernish,
Gans, Pistols, Cartridges, Powder,
Shot, Lead, Gun Caps, Musical
Instruments, Tact !Soaps,
Hair Oils, brushes, Pocket Knives, Spectacles lilies
Plated Spoons, Forks, and Ivory Handled finites,
Denttst'a Articles, a general asitortment of.
Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Perfumery, 6.0.
Patent Medicines
advertised in Montrose. and nearly every GOOD En
In short, nearly everything to restore the sick, to
please the taste, to delight the eye, to gratify the fancy,
and also to conduce to thereat and substantial cordons
of life. Enumeration is impractlesble, as it would MI a
newspaper. Call lathe Drug and Variety Store of
ABEL TURRELL, Montrose, Pa.
7C1C2+3333.1C1V15t 0
Saves Time ) Saves Money, Saves Labor,
Sores Clothes Saves Women,
And all Grocers sell it.
It is need by cutting late small shavings and dissolv
ing in hot water, then soak the elothes Are to ten Min
utes, and a little hand rubbing will make them as clean
na hours of machine rubbing would do. with ordinary
soap and the most delicate fabric receive no Injury--
We can refer to thousands of families who arousing is.
and who could not be persuaded to do withor4
rsold by all leading Groerre throughout the State.
Mannfactured Only by, •
32C10/33311 4 41119 a MaC01172316
• WHOLEfint onto%
107 South Fifth Street, Philad'a.
- Nor. 13;1885.—ly•adm
, .
$Oll6-A MONTH t ABentalriated for six entirety
er new articles; jest out 'Address . 0. T. OA.
REY, City Building, Biddeford, Ife. - finality*
slarpod. Thst's wbattsaltss se-mistLbsy thetz
Boots and Shoos et CRABISTIONDEAW.