The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 06, 1864, Image 3

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    E1er4154Y1, 7 ,1, *ltitlk-; A
imp allof4 of WM*: c : 7
ang — ltiPe4 l :llo44o# toilq4/118
eleetipn, we,inuy l ligileituted 11
4 1Wv 0
will illecehl dIA7I 4 ' I "
ONE Vote often. changes the result.
AArotlitnay dtfuo Vveoln l ,
' `oNtt - v64 they eteet 111WIellan - and" --
ONE VotOay tinnt save 'the Union.
ONE Vote ;it is tents 1 cast it !
Do ot } lalk~ but WQrk ., :
Never atop to. talk polities on electigxl
day._ 'See to the votes and voters.' While'
brieWniglyiK antlther;.s‘ll l
&mt . king outf.nt ;Nuke. ", L I.;
Don `talk`, but - wo rk. '
7 - 7
SpxmoYiratiliiighainteit. -
§dithour is expected to iip6ak 'at
Bioblisili by Ivittfin_ti short:time ; and the
people. Arthis county should be sure / to
attend-- irho northern towns should send
over Itt4ellet a thousand men in procession.
triiik-alvirtior is' a FIBST-CLASi: speaker,
quad' none should fail to hear him. --
leok,,ou,t, for tbe Handbilla. -"
llldeputEvary Veto,
.the - glectidii for member a Congress
and Cottaty officers, will come off 4:ln
Tuta,dayi Gabber lltb.• X.,et our friends
have a Committee in eurii-school district
tOlUtilig out the voters. Attend ' to, this
at , -onee.•;•. A vote for. - ibe .Democratic
tioLetia Obtoberis'ay.ota forGENERAL
GEORGE B. McCLELLAN in •liovem
ber. let this be remembered W:every
friend Of Lititz MAC. Insomuch as will
. it wi
be impossible for the Democratic canvass,
ers,to go into every townsliip, priortAu,
the October election, We. earnestly.cai
upon the people to attend to this matter
in their own way.
Have a list of all the 3.l'CleUan voters;
mark each name as ho votes ; and ifany
neglect to come out, send for them. Sc.
tba every vote is cast for Denison, &c.
The Presbytery of Montrose will meet,
in the Presbyterian Church in Montrose,'
04 Thurs - aftY, 4)etober lath, at 9 eelock,
m. The installation of Rev. J. G. Miller
will take place (D. V.) at 10 o'clock.
'Sermon by Rev. Charles 8. buncrinifiif
A Soldier's Letter.
Mu. Eurron.: 4 My attention has been
called to a speech recently deliveredat Gt.
Bend by a Mr. Crook of that place ; in
which he enjoins upon his Republican
friends to raise money to procure substi
tutes in case they should be drafted; and
alsO stating that, as of late they have got
If.9r p al the " Scallawags,"'
andt-Ihe rest being good . Republicans ) ,
should stay at home and do all in their pow
er towards-the reelection: 'Or Abraham
Lincolui • .L • •
.lOurr 'aSk Mr. Crook 'and hie — party if
Tuts iathe " loyalty" that,' he, gad Ahoy
have been boasting of so, mtieli-? Li the
principle that they maintain one which
will slander and insult those who laaveal
reldy gone forward at the call of their
country without a murmur, while such as
he, still terrain at. home, working' gainst
the,Gowntnent he makes so strong pre
tensions to uphold ? If the•men that left
there for the army are, ds he says, th'e
" scallawags" of the place, they have at
least proved themselves to be by far more
willing to do their duty to their country,
than he is. At the call for troops they
made no effort to raise subscriptions to
buy a representatiie of themselves in the
army, but concluded that. it *is 'Only just
and right, and that they were equally
bound to lend a hand towards crushing
this gigantic rebellion. If our country
was tilled with such people, who would
only make attempts to screen themselves
when a call is made by their
. ." beloved
PreSident,"' our 'army *cobra - lon g since
have dwindled down to nothing, while a
ravishing enemy would ere this have had
possession - of our capital and, overturned
the Government. They thirst for the re,
election of Abrahant Unbolt); 'Perhaps it
is because they think so little of 'the sold
iers that they 4111 not , give them their
support for tear of their being scallawags.
Let them consider for a moment, who itis
at the present time that is saving their
heads and bones from destrtiction by a
rebellions enemy; and let therti j 'also una
gine themselves sallying forth Arab a knap
sack on tbeis backs and a gnu upon their
shoulders, instead of staying at home to
insult find ttpbraicltbose who in patriotism
are their superiors. SOLDIER.
Fort Ward) Va., Sept. 22d. •
The presses -of the government
printing office at Washington are kept at
work night and day; printing political
tracts for circulation in the army. The
mos taricfaced lies- - -sotne of-which they.
dime pot print in the plpero- 7 --diel told ;
they' are given paymasteri3, chaplains,
and officcra- seeking promotipn r -for circu
lation among-;the men. They are. also
gyp' to finders who use them for wrap-
ProgrldPd,'ina : the
declines to receive the lying slanders from
his caiitain 9r chaplain; Laenie:to have it
lolim.nround his. tobacco, jtc.
Maf-addifto' the l'enermity -of- the" se
Aimitud 'sfleideia is the fact that it is dbbe
at the public expense, while Democratic
,papers anik - dognnients are almost totally
.excluded from the army, by military 'ord.
. ers and robbery of the mails.
Shoddy is troubled sorely Witt its of
rfiee.-tioldep. •Teii elarkillveN*Oar.g_ed
in one day at W6Einiton, - fronv•neolLice;
bemuse it , was ,tho tight, t hey T would vote
farktah. I ttite'asked ibe-ettale of 11113 re
.ttio),al aud,was.ol4 that be was.ebalged
wiWieadineldeth'eatiltithttre 'bfliacePt=
Ance.lol4everitivf Ads fellow dab.
4FT -7 . --- ' ---
• ..IEITI''.7
:-;!p i•r'r -; :7 - r 'f 1
. .::,s , •
t u rSE.k n 't: §AVAIVAVINTIGIitiq
"I.lrn', • •••.-7 anc'
At tlielCiayetoneflLs,ll.
,a7cl2..rre u,.-
1..(1‘. „ "c ' - LA`
A...BEEtiE, ESQ.,
Tcp,R a +THE. BAL,Irr kiti&ELltill. I-- -
W'See Handbills-for other meetings.
ilarTurn,,nator Iticearta.sur and the
UNION.A. 4 ` ~,:?''''''''.''', : :.i,
ei . . , ,i- .41. ,
Lincoln*ting and ItlioliCs ? „\ t ::7:,,,
Th • Rieetitig upon whigilliiiigdy spent
so m o'Ci'litiOr t thite.-PA.mantiy, went off
Sat it ay , + itecoMpatilect+l'vith a , Artinken
bra I,;andTreti fight aintnig the aboddies.
Gr efforts were made to add' to.:: their
proCitissioriiand,arlerranitiCking the region
for italiiiivi - Onad.i , olnnteer, or be lured
to it ‘ oirling - i . efiet r e sorted to by' placing
wagonp,acrossthe.'*4l4o.'different, pla
ces, some miles otiteftoir.aud coinpell
ing travel erit to stop and wait to'''' follow
in ,the kocessiont---614,...perinitting,t.hose
to pass who could remain
without troubrellilitiy..tAyo-borso teams
contained only two persons, natubers of
four-horse teams had one 'citiaitikrien and
some women and. ch ildren, it - bile most of
the lightly loaded` wag Ons bad more hor
ses than voters. All were detained until
titetiastown„O'.okit'hotnia by getft - thYth
..ilione line, 4.o°4lllst:ince-apart, a great
effort was made- brdriving- twice round
as slow aqesstble j - to preient the appear
ance a ant ` . ,timartense" i 'gathering- , But
when the slim lines, dinlVn out a /a shoddy,
forined In a hollow square, ii-appifalid to
be a ineeting scarcely as large (and many
shy not so laii'O )° as , the IfeCLEttlix meet
ing two weeks before—with this itilpet
taut difference: That gathering was one of
voters almost entirely, while this parade
was mostly women and children, with a
great show of horses and half -empty wag
ous,.with some voters and darkies; for a
respectable delethation.of !` fiii.En & EQuar."
Lincoln men and. women of African de
scent mixed in, and gave strength and col
or to the demonstration. To be consis
tent with twii)ieeks ago, the shoddy pa
per will number this - affair at "1,000, and
mostly'-' niggers . Some rails were drawn :
about on a linigan,: innt some - men pounded
_theuros-,lt %yap. said, to get thens i ,.iiolpfn-•
out - di to - fence-a s- shoddy grave-yar - driiiiild
Abe. Songs orfrni sung 'in - baniif, r inT
Old John Brown, the 'first traitor who
fired on the flag 'ind . reurdored white and
black in trying to free the latter.
Knox opened the meeting' (and knocks
closed - 107TO the usual re , taatr of slang.
*olll3hff Dichinson, tried - to'be l'utinyJnit ,
provedtici be in his dotage. ' His veracity '
may bre judkedlirthe fact that int print
-0114;dr he says _there tves`a fight . in the
Chicago Conveniintra most wicked and
shameful falsehood. George Laudon who
was Charged by his Own party with selling
his Senatorial vote to the Railroad ring,
proclaimed r that red whiskers isnlicated a
smart man, butinehis -egotistic+ lissertion
bad +no evidence to sustain it; the people
laughed at the red-kvhiSkered folly, and'
concluded he could'fit'ketc/ilim 'with that
nonsense. Simple appeals to sustain Abe
Lincoln—for the benefit of his thieving
contractors, &e. --with -no , arguments for
the Constitution, the Union and laws, and
.familiar slang, could not, bold the people,
and they soon left, some, for home 'while
others returned to the nearest rum-shop,
and after several more r'oiinds' of shoddy
fire-water bad been imbibed, the .partici
*Pik- epicieved theirdeVotrodi..6 the - Araby
volunteering- for stfree wool-pulling fight
among•then v elves in'the street,- 7 -ptilliug
+and' slashing' at anywho passed or were
mingled •in - the- crowd. The finale was
'tbaysundrp"loyert . chaps wanted to go
home on both sides of the road, and wore
flattened noses a9d various fancy mulatto
colored badges about their eyes. Some of
the sp . ectatora 'suppose that is a new fea
lure in. imprintiog. Lincoln stamps and
leather medals. So the knocks that' eloped
the affair made the most marked and - tin
rable impresliiotis ; upon the faithful. The
timely interference of the Sheriff and his
posse, brokeal : And dispersed the drunken
riot, and , prevented; that civil+ +war from
' etiding in "thelast, man" going- to' dm
ditch to dream main of the old ” end:.43f
the . war."
?,lAct , ,ery largelnita . ber of Irettelian . tn' en
attendenit-pee_ifehoddy had
any,defer t mefor.jta bladders aid quips,
but hearing none, went home' more firraly
conihmed'ofthiliieeeisittof a change.
Some off - the baimers, speaking, and oth
er features of the_meeting, showed -that
the depths of scurrility and•blackguardiiitli
had been reached - in diagristing efforts to
scare weak men into voting for shoddy—
but if sucteltdibitii Vele't - repeated daily,
ihn;Phoddy dynisty - irould come.lo gtiO,
even, in its abolition stronghold. ,--- r
The effect was gond,,44he Mcciti.i.tAN_
CLUB met that evening andradded . mutrtY
thirty new members, including sOrue eel
ilierarte its numbers. -. , , - —.l
—'.-Tliti. - PottsvilleiAbnerielournal,-one of .
Shaddy'n orgatisitrgels:PAFClellarNdefeat
because.:it says tie, aogunation 'red:rice4
price . of 041'00,16 two dollarwa
, •just• so ,era lug election. will diunagn
'all tipeculatois by reducing prices tolhetr
proper standard, and restore peace snit
priisperitY !With theUbibri.l' 1.- ;
A • ••:.
~~ ~_
~:..t.,A, - • ' ' -
unt; eratfittkiptem
i f 11M:A 116 P :, -,!,.: 5
.. 1 1klittliVatk. , 48*IV28.:, - ...1 :n ii
John Goir:...", r.. - - 27: . :', HojsZ l arffes
John H4lpin 'Wm a n
Cornilius I. .- i. aligthae • Ines
ttya .. • Pt:WO il oksniik A tO
( x
Q - ''. Amilt.tit-11 2 -ibitt ofig? -'4--- - F
Samuel d Tao*: ::s- :Chi A; AEttlkeff
W:mz - Eratbtewrae_ - _Ebearie RitoE - - ,
George :Spar , , . Joisep, , if ~ :,!, :,,
Jones W Walker - Daniel:oomi `:,-t I
4ffersin Simcps . ,,,Andrew ArcOer ----/--
'4ll43,ltWaliont j 1 i Tgeodbte Atp!tcr it
- konEsr LexE-Ziel oui'oft-100. "."-*
Henry:Jenberk - 'Eltiirge Fisk -
FO4O tf.44etf, ; ) Tporbas Cabin 1 i
Richitid:R4rl, ,_ _ 3 . 4.40 atiatme
~- _
Dinie - 14ialiew ":;-L-Uwiall:talTolit-__.:.
Wm Booth a' ': ''' Stepben4 Marston
Elmer A.S.WCT q_ThoLlJ:McNtiry
Abrant,Bontih ~.Tolomon Biidshaw
Charles Baldwin -E.M Fairbrother
litimint.tisc , r ,:' T tirti. F LeouFfin
Davil44l.eeker 4SEO n 5, :,,,, , .iar
GREAT BEND rioii - 0424 out 003: , ~,
John }Twat. Alonzo Arnold
Nkriti t Viiali' .'-'-'.. 1 1- Viailei4tititiiii d?`::
Rukeettitiewtap-- '_:: ThcmSAXIIPITI
Michael Gilbert, lieq4en,Arnplit-; 2
George W Brotrit - Michael Carrick-. '-,
Wm A'COlsion Wm Mailii:otti' -
James Campbell John Colomiin
John , Co_ i x - • 3 . 1 i 'VITT H.Straqiere l
Low's 4 1.nlioart Gebrgeogrigrj i 1
John shi e lds , Douglas Simmons'
R Snow ' . John Campbell
Lucius Buck••• Jarces-:Beebe - •
1 . • il4O ii±rrtx,filts•- 1 2'ciut of • "3.:,
fiailat 'OlioNya :'§ineon L Dimock
LEl4O7k -L-3 I oat ) a 102. •
Jackso Elisha Halsted ,
Byrod.:Hbles Imo Deoltg..;:
Cyrus Mullard Stephen Bell
Patrick }Ostia Philip Wade:nen
F. T PoWere. ; ; John W Sweeney
D Pir;,_Wgr.tatni 'II NV' Hartley`
AlftodMaroy Amos C Tanner
(moo tie Ntten D S. Robinson
DI 'Robinson 'Larry Doran
Fayette Stephens, F Sheridan
A „RObineOn •. John Chat') tplin
Osear Roberts 'Loge Harding
A,A,Payan _
Jogn F-Snyder- - - - Washington Brown
James Clatksop Simon Marcy
• • Moses Cox .
, LIBERTY.--.200ut Of , ,
tsaac Comstock jr Albert 'Bailey
James W Banker; Roe Smith
E P Stanford James Hill -
Ji lins B Knapp JohiaV Hiechman
Wilmot Bartle _ Samuel White head h
HJ -
John Mcked-, . Zopher Knapp,
Jus' ti lovely " iStephen'MaYoley'
RA-Lyme„ Pbineas Barley
lotibibaif 'Ross Andrew Warner
Jared Polhamus, Wm -
H A True S.W
Ziba Lindsley , ; - _ - , --- rnkimarn Davis jr
gScritnesrsa DrtoT--18.011t
John Denly Thos Fitigerahr
Pat Harrigan • -Glias Bawler
John - Q‘Bdineir -- Robert Wallace
Plit, flap:oi( 7 . ‘ S Vail
Jo Layton Thos H Burke
Mirit sargwell , Sobii Calvin •
Swiih_. • fohii Gallagher `
A .A3.-Sin , Wititter
aloha .0 1 Gonner , , 'Jobe Merritt,
d •
Dennis Lynch Henry C Hill
William Dowd' John B Yeomans
Pat Gibbons • Pat Blake
Michael Doyle - Edson Norton
Jonathan C Davis W McMahon
N Newton' ' Charles Bravo
Charles Sterling., -Hosenkrans
Jas B Salmon ' Sanduet 'Wallace '
John Satterle . ? W Ontnaton _
lifftQley - 'John W-Oationi----
;TritirK Moorit- _ Isaac licgers
D Alfred Cnairin
11 A Tingley A K Perrin
Charles Caffrey E W Rogers -
Charles Tiffany T 0 Rourke
Hugh McDonnell John Duffy
Chas A Juri3h Nath Kimber
James - Mullen Thos J Wheaton
. John Griswold John Norton
Michael Hogan jr A T Thompson
Jas McDonald Chas Morgan '
Roger Holloran Wm McCarty
M Dunn • ' Jofin `4 2 copliii
Martin W6gner • Chas Salmon
l'fartln_Ashbor, John Ba rry
John Smith Joha'Donovan
Geo Starkweather Thos Harley
John Hare.el4 L ActwlirdAk-Taylor
11102.12:0/7-26 out;of 41. ,
SainnelVanhorn D R Stone
Francis' Messenger- •William Jenkins
John Dalton , , John Gates
Jolla - O'Brien Ambrose Lamb
Samuel W.PiOteringJ X Wrighter
,Jos:44.:ff4rlcE F Dow
Samuel Hubbard Collins Gelatt
Nathan Tenborn -Wm 11 Crozier
E M -Spence • • George Crozier
Geo L Kirenaugh Jas Cleaveland
E D Cleavelaod " Lewis Giles
Pat Fairell Fades:Rogers
Jas W Sampson A wNessengeT
Not the Last "'raft.
-- isy. not be ,Ainiktgresting as a„sab
fbitroh Which te- ' liv.46e Adminis
tration has officilillYTtiformed Governor
t3ey fNe Yo k, tlifictliF (Rufus
voluntpgrAs-0,144 State.willbe- credited
op, ifaft-Arik ,414 . 4 pm qeiteTber.
verywhere 'Men ariilieit% urged th'ehlist
for three s ,yegrx and , a Tenter from the
Secretary directs ` thet all °Moore
bd beSeetOrtit , mustered for tbretr - leagre.
If there are thosieefflelentlk :tali to be
nlieve.that the war is near. its Ask, under
the present , AbontiOn polieg;•-they' are
welcome te' what einnfort thelosiy tlerive
•frogtiktyibloigish bellift ; 1 •
en ;
014 41f rOi 40:4 r
By pursuing thetioljtical amide nava
always advised, i'taieqessible to• bring
a V a rr in A n b i t'rt t iteWLOrlhe'
Ifni Onion - I let hi &eighth &
'both se : olds& ealliihrlalieleiaa,Titnd by
whieh'UOtkparties-shall •iresfirvte , -Abeir
self r 6 Pecte .0761/eclbz -x4 1 91/:
opplifftlitO iiii3floo4;pflliiion,2tnless
npon i thikbasiti eACitire.,aban . doptaent of
slav,ry: galleprohn. distinctly an
. uneed that,l with-147i AkthelTnion was
.the: 01113 .Therfrieride
of the - Union.
.vote for Lineoln-4
their sheice !a r kyst' b e the " Viotor r of An•
tibia i - SIN)
art r a_ ,
Wendell Phillips-made US 0: of the follow
in I ha:iii)itici r red fdr
itzwi t4Peai4 dig Dicroot), and titatix
Ih it i 6 r. . 111,1 now an
9thailinatio7awrt i e,tr . i#
614 ? .and 4 - 04 - arat4 OfttXo-, 1414-,
denim. • -4 •:,
perEya and Ear.. 7 ProfeatoraLlSAACS; M, D.,
°muss and Manse, !armed of Leyden, Ho ll and, is
now locatett- IV N 0.411 .1' E Street, EhtladelphM,
wheievereetteiltiwith . seatteivf the 'EYB an d
wilt sill hOMn ir y treated suet= red, If =PIO.
IlaMitetltletalilye rtedl4lthottetain .... .-,......
N. B.—No ellatEMlNend‘tja Ziamlnatlon. The Med.
teal faculty la inetteem betetamo secrete in Ws mode
of ttllallgexts c'n r) ';
~.-.- 'N'Tr - r -, ran
~: E . YA,F, X liit_NREL,l 4
4th Ar 6 '94.04. S. ,
rime on the beetramindff" I '7 #4 l N 3 A 4
kit treptioa toLailatm mil, it Vely.oite .. I I ! 1 3 -
3P4LXIEIL 7331343.,X...tiViCk .- r 7
AND • . •
. .
4100 D 60008 1 r
Beat lierlapes Paglicimblek 511ke.,N6611111 Plaids,
Pim's PoliDapi r Mk ?oiddidapTirdOd Morita* Plaid
SliawisMwd-Dlaikate, ete.r-. 7: ...- - :D e.?
P. 9. We follow GOLD - down, as dose gerwe follow
it op: Now le o good time for 11Lerctutzda rind cuoimm
era to cornett. - Pet, 8.186 V Dii ' • - .
Auditor's Notice.
EDI thrtletalgit 3 an andifot Illobete4_l7' the 01.-
I.phans' CM= of as an
to to niadit the
accounts ofR. D. rkevand lttifY leCtnelten'fttiminis•
tratore of Geo. W. Crocker de'd, will attend to the du
,ties of his appointment at his often In Montrose, on Fri
day tlie'4lll day of November next. lin'eloßk,P ,
when all petsonsinterested wij/Utthebee.
F. B. STItEETER, Auditor.
Sept 27, 1664
Aulifor'i3 WOt e.
THE undersigned, an andltor.appointed by the Or
plues Pours of flipmietutntunolutrto4 make dis
tribution of the funds in the hands of . the admtnistrator
of !MI eititte Eferbeit Stindevadt: dant, c# lll
tend to the duties of btu appointment at his olden. Io
Montrose, on Friday the 4th day of November next, at
o'clock, p, mAwhen all persons interested In said fund
will ptescntetheir claims or be romver-debamOd:
ST.USETEB, Andttoti."
Sept. ST, i 864. .
Auditor's. Notice.
TlllidetSlgned, an dor apianted •b 7 t
Court o f
of Sninnna enmity to malGs dls
trib-ution In the matter of the estate ofJustus Smith, de
ceased, will Wend to the duties of his appointment on
Tuesday the let day of November, 1864, at 1 o'clock,p.
m., ethic of fi ce Montrose, at which time and phyla
*ll persons Interested In the same will-present their
claims. or, be forayer barred from como 3 ln pn said
fund. rf.-1884: . A. 0.
Oct. ••
BY virtue of trundeorriti leaned b the Court °More
mon Pleas of Susquehanna county, and to me di
rected, I. sraex_possr to sale-by public veadne.aor.the
Coutt.hodlie, InMontrtaid, on Sattledirject. 1864,
at I o'clock:, thelbllowii% described 'plea" or
parcels of land, to wit :
All that ce i rt4th a w i re ..4 .EFLor 6 . I t cOnd situate In the
township of channa,and state,
of Pennaylvanla, bounridMr des cribed as follows: On'
the north by lands of GeoMayk and J. P. Tifly.
on the east Salida to giet_otat-04 •
Park, catlhe soiithli Tan s o vid are and obis
T„..Buck, sod otitbewest...bx the-public toad—contain
ligiabotitotia traistirciacrag mote in , lesseevith the ap
purtenances, one house, onelarn, abeds, one orchard,
and about atglityaoses kektrdnitliMa... Merri
man & Sdn;lo tbe tele dT TV. Dialimbrd Va.-lrehdird
&b./Nit:kis 7i I 5 ~, 7
AMC:P.-All that certain *coot llama 00144 sltalite
the'bdrough MottlroseanddownshiP
tat itristitreotifity,tbdfided and described all Tol o s
On the northwest by lands of Joseph Shipman, on the
southweitby lands of John IS. Tarbell, on the southeast
by lands of N. I Post and Wm. Foster, andpo the north
'Dll .Va kY tOL ,3l4i and llerd acidiraiWm cg o:c 4l 9 l!l-I L 4ll 7 ll4 helr*
purtenances. one framed house, one bag% come fruit
tzees, and aillulPTOtfa. AkiNg . qfriditaarrs Post et al.
executors maid. rost.,-etsreasso,tb the use of Mary
L.R. Isbell, vs. Benjamin Morrison and John Short.
ALSO—AII that mud. or 1;114 jof ,land titate tie
township of Lenox, In sett unty-, - botinded and de
scribed as follows : Beater:lug at a stake and stones,
Corner Ofielot sold to'llezdaMfn Tatgee 10 a line of RD,
los D. Clark's lot, titmice Ninth SW` mist GO perches to
*Stake andstoneacorner ; thence souttin3c.caat, tit
10 perches to a stake and stones Comer oh.thanorth aide
of the Clark road ; thencnsontk,SElN. west, GO perches
to a stake and stones corner Climate along Bald Clark's
land north 6lriast, - 53 CIO peit - hes to the plach of be ,
ginning—mintainiar, - 20;c:crea trod - Cperches of land,
more or less. being - the tame piece eland that James
Wright and wife by their attorney. ID fact, C.S o rd,
conveyed to Bartle* Clark by deed bearing date th
day of January , A. DAMS—with the apporte 0, I
house, one barn, one orchard, (Name Trait trees around
the bonseasprimordly improved. r [Saito( F. P. L. FIR.
Grow vs..Usfritt-and Bit fus p. Clark.
Sheriff's Office, Montrone, Sept. 49,1864.
4 - C3Ottir,s6 ,
C= into etieneliostweekithe SubserlberioAbe 14th
lint, a 898.1ty,LAtatr, with a white strip° on her
face,end lame hrboth Mild kg's:" The owner s reques
ted to prove piropeity'.'pay. awes, and take her away.
7Athrop; 840. 17111, kW. • • '
Executors' Notice.
ir r hileeby'Avgn letters iceislinMirr
A upon. the estate' of PATRICK NVIIALEN, littsof
Sliver Lake tow, 'd, have been granted to the
subscriber, and a ll nshi
pe p dec ßPlßEChseing claims against said
estate are requested to present the same, duly attested,
for setfletli#Ardr,th9se idde 7 v t i ln i e l ar ! Pm/lured
to =aka , to phymen i t,__,_
JosEssi AHD,
Silver Lake, Sept. 8, 1861. Ow
tqd 6ti dtice. • •
WanCE is hetatoystact that letters testamentary up.
IN °lathe estate ondibbard late of New .1111fOrd
tomtlohl.P. Oedeoled.have beep granted to the sulascri.
bee, and all persons baying claims againat said estate
are regueeted to proem tberoalt .13rattAlehaa. for set.
tiement,and those indebted to eataaase regains:lto
make hamodtata pastaatat; , ' _L `` {
. Etztap kumaCti f Executor.
newlttlrord. Sept. a t 1884,
'" - EfEECtitClit' '&1 1 1
ltfOilelt is hereby given that lettirs testaments?, op
.ll on the estate oI..EDWAND UOLPORD, lite of
Clttrertl-t75 1 . &Mud, Weheettilel a tl a T the
stibberlhes, edd Wantons Itutvantei s said
eatateub Pelg tettotpresenethe dein duly a tested,
for settlement, and thoeo indChted tf? setae are, reflelied
to slake immediate peyntent. , •
Sept:JOSEPH Ctfddr. tieeito.. l
ley co ;, S 29, 1884.
4: 71
diappoluted by the Or.
'OntWelff lititifineVate bend= rrertititeltt :
of the estetesst Itairl4l7. Rotatt,wis, - ;.ffli attend to
the dettep Wee epooldtatebt ai ItteWbe to Montrose,
eh BeterleN the hth ay or OesoberkiB64; &LI °Wake
p. m., when eadwhere ett persons Interested in said
ftd—orill present their
Jor be forever eemed.
- • • it' l3 A natol.
g klkstfosel'43spti.lif t • . a
amp tritigitittlitivto COSAVIC
.• 1 .'" -.-
.46termatr2-11 itters •
,• .1. ^ '
, t •• '' • " . Tire GREAT STIGINGTMitiIiCG • '
• ,:!' .Tp.,rt ro , ig
Theli jOta ri .WTS::VOtrAl l 7Prrit7lirea
Have afid.:de gii , 4 Benet Batlfaction
aVtlitottistrigittir r i -
Revs *eagi'a . gepacmoLa PEOPLE
° • ' 'kat' THEM I
artyptheral4ielpinthe in ark 4-1..
trideiy any ona tc ccintilltot thresiie j rtiOn;
AND Sati c- i*At $l,OOO
To sn ou(* - 40 wiII A — ii . "4 - #41p1:418 - iuu4s4edp,
. us that iii not Ottruzils..
. 9 154
Cbroaixitor ITertr.cma Debility; Diseases, of
diseatewarising '
, ~.I f rri a disordered stomach,
Reatittinfrpom Disorders of the Digestive
cp la g t t lej A. Nee, Fullness of Blood to the
11 "Aaiun - Tot me. stomach, Nausaf-Heartburn,
Disgust for Sot4,rulinesa or Weight In the
Sumnleir, Sour Britctations, Siphing_or Flat
tering at the Mt Huntt'S
•• - mlng-of thoMea,dind l
cult breathini i Fluttering L at the
- ebb ng or Soffoca."
Ling Sensa tions
• Lying Posture, Dlinneas .of •
Vision, Dots or Webs before thd
Sight, -.Fever and Doll Pain in the
• Hmd,Deacieneyot Perspiration,Yellow.
ness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side,
Back, Chew Limbs, dm., Sudden Flushes of
Heat, Burning im 'the Flesh, Constant w
tnings Evil, and great Depression of Spirits.
Antr fake prultharbfi
gar READ Wilo BAII3 b
From the Bev. Levi G. Beck, Pastor of thd Baptist
Church, Pemberton, N. J., formerly Mlle North Bap
tist Church, Philadelphia
• • • • • •
I have known Hoolland's German Bitters fa.
vorably for a number of years. Ilion, used them to my
own family; and have been so pleased with their effects
that I was Induced to recommend them to many others,
and know that they havo operated in a strikinglybene•
tidal manner. I take great r pleasnro. In thus publicly'
proeTalmtniCts tactotratia ll ing theattentfon of those
immsteil i zi a Ult - diseases for Flitch they arerecommen
nn MEM, iroin ezperience flat iffy
recommen flon *lll — be Sustain - ad: Tdo this mote
uz ch e = a il ii. oo . . Lia ng o li tt al ar tertr arthic hr , to benefit
Yonne Imiy, 'LEVI Q. BECK.
From Rev. S. Newton Brown, D. D., Editor of the En.
eyelop% of Religicaus Knowledge, and ChristianChron
tele, Philadelphia.
Although nbt ditposed to favor or recommend Patent
Medicines in general, through distrust of their Ingredi
, entaand effects, I yet know of no enffloiept macula WIT
a min May not wormy to the benetta t}e believes himself
'to have recePred from say eimple preparation, in the
topO that he May thus eontributa to the benefit of ot.l/.
-ers. '
I do this the more readily in regard to lloolland's Ger-
man Slitters, prepared by Dt. C. Jackson,of this city,be
causel was prejudiced against them for Many yeara,ute.
der the impression that they were chiefly an alcoholic,
mixture. lam 'lndebted to my friend, Robert shoe i ng.:
*iter Esq., for the removal of 'tkls prejudice by proper.
tests, and teruneouragement to try them, when suffer
log from gredtand long_ continued debility. The nee of
lhreo bottles of these bitters at the beginning of the
present year, was followed by evident relief and restora
tion to a degree of bodily and mental vigor which I had
not felt fltdfuix months liefore, and bad almost despaired
of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for
directtog me to the mfe of Diehl.
3. NEWTON BROWN, Philad'a.
Prom the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of the 10th Bap•
th3t Church..
Dr. Jackson:—bear Sir have been frequently re
quested to connect my name with commendations of
different kitids p 1 medicines, butregardingthe practice
as but of my appropriate sphere, I have in all cases de
clined • but with a clear proof in various instances. and
partimilarlyin my family of the usefulness of Dr. Hoof
ad's German Bitten, I depart for once from my usual
course, to express my full conviction that, for general
debility of the syitem and especially for Liver Com
plaint, it lik safe and valuable preparation. In soma ca
ses it may fail; but usually, I doubt not, it will be very
beneficialto those who suffer from the above cause.
Xoure,ircier yespectfally,
. . +- J. B..IOITINATID,
Brom the Rev. Thomas Winter, Palter of Roxborough
Baptist Church.
Dr. Jackson :-.-Dear feeiedue Co your excel
lent preparation, Rooftand's Germ n Bitters. toini
testimony to the deserved reputation it has obtA
have for years. at times, been troubled with great disor
der in my head and nervous system. I was advised by
frilituttotrldi bottle of youreermstrßitters; - 1 did so,
and have etperieweet great-and unexpected tenet; my
I:Witches been-very materially bepW.. ted., /confident
ly recommendthn article:where I meet with cases simi
;ler to my o and Dave been asent ed by =any of their
good e ff ectL -vrd,
Resvetfo wi llm a. iurs, •
Prom the Rev. J. B. derrnsU, A of ttieGerman Reformed
Chock llntrtown, Berks evintitY, Pa.
Dr. c. IL Jackson :—Respectcd Sir :—I have been
tionbkiod,with Dyspepsia neatly twenty re•arktifid have
tidier hied any tied that did me as muchhea l th
Hoot:land'. Bluets. T e am very much lmptoved
after having taken five bottles.
Tout', velthtempOW ' J. S. BARMAN.
• -
!To 01zet,poldLog nearly doublequantl
. ty ) • •
$1 00 per Bettie — bel l doz. $5 00
Small else- - t 8 eta per bottle— belt dozen, 400
BEWARE ,OF courrrEßTErrs.
See that the eignataie of" 11. JACEACON," Es on
tho WRAPPER of each bottle.
• -
ihionld Ins iii;llthe at tlelOf do
not be put off by any of t o intoxicating preparations
Abet ineyboodered titttikPllllit. Mid WWI .W we
WIAMTNIMS. ileaPtely puha& bysexprOs.
l infila l 9 l fkeo tflA,Ma!lnfictoq
, prz.Nc!" — St - •
Weir:Leo de; idly/Art.l4,
7_1 41 9 4 ,,, / "..1, 12 r u 5:1 11,°P - 4,c0 •
• • . 13 t9Siet°,1;
041Mr*Itslitsi Ina Patent itt ergy . lavi
Nutted elluo•
tt.4 AVM , 7407WZZAP.
will cure evert. case of
Commurs x 6 Ru 7 016911ISEEY
.pa the World
->, . z
. _
II: - t,F,:: - ^ -
, ..." ~ j: j .11..., 111',dr 1
i iii t giretiritedtoti‘sesarY lives 'notice that with.
airgr o ptfohs WDI be'reiele fgr Coup:4l'l'63'l'l:lBooW
payithie wyeara fruntLig ie6r Nith
fil - ifitsres4t ttie`, l rabija..seit . 'o4eidlii
- 1-
G4 l 4}e!lT 2 Pmc - liziF-ISTI - ititureattioui to nepauf
Inliw&ltahrleY ji r. •
Theionotes eonyertible at the; me
holderatmaratitri toile 'percent. gold bearing Mids.
Paretde net Sept adflvesoemote than ; twezt7 7..M4
out their Gam, aalhe Goeeriunent maKt. They
*ill be Istuodln dentuntnatlons of IPSO. .500:14
000 Auld 47,000,1ditt all subscriptions Must e for
dollars °Teem" multiple 01'11V-dollars.
. The notes will be unolunitted to the owners flee dr
transportation charges as soon after the receipt otttie
original Certilleates of Deposit as they tan be prepared:.
- As the notes dm,. interest from Mutest 15; persona
tnahingdeposits subsequent to that date must pay thot
itteredreeerued hoes d a te of bote to date of deta i alt.
Pahlavi deppelting twonty-thte.thonsand doi and
upwards for these notes at' any one time will bell r owed
a comMissioniofone quarter atone per cent., which will
be paid by the Tresemylkepartmett upon the receipt of
a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with
wham the deposit was made: No deductions for cow.
missimis must be undo from the depoeits.
Ill ' A.NiTiON ' Ai SAVINGS Banc offering a hlghei
rate of interpet than any other, and the-best security Any savings batik which papa its depositors in U. S.
Notts, considers that it is paying in the beat circulating
medium of the country, and it cg
ter, /or its own assets are either in government semi
titaor in notes or bonds payable in government paper.
It is equally convenient wi a temporary or permanent
investment. Thenotel can always be sold for within •
aft-action of their lface and alimmulated interest, and
are he bestsecurlty with banks akcollaterals for at*
co ts.
ddiZtiortible'intiVl3ll per cent:B.2o tlold Bomix
ID addition to thb Val liberal interest on the notes
for IhrooYeall, tMd privilege orcotwettion is now worth
about three percent. per annum, teethe current ram for
5-20 ,I3onills is not less than nine per cent. premium,
and twilit* the war the premium on leiglier cent. U. S.
stocks was over twenty per cent. It will be seen that
the actual profit on this loan, at the present market
rate; is not less than ten per cent. per annum.
Ito Plcomption from State. or linnicdpal Taxation.
But asiat;ltions the advantages We have enumera
ted, a special act of Congress exempts all Bonds and
Treasury Notes , MAI local taxation. Qv the average.
414 , exemption Is worth about twopp cent. per an
num, according to the rate of taxation in various parts
of the country.
It is believed that no securities offer so peat induce•
ments to lenders as those issued by the government. Is
all other forum of indebtedness, the faith or ability - of
private parties, of stock companies, or separate com
munities, only, in plbdgedfor payment, while the whole
property of rho country is held to secure the discharge
of all the obligations of the United States.
While the govemment offers the most liberal terms
for Its loan*, it believe* that the very strongest appeal
will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the people.
Duplicate certificates will be issued for all deposits.—
The party depositing must endorss upon the original
certificate the denomination of the Notes required, and
whether they are tube issued to blank or payable to or
dee. When-so endow& It must be left with the officer
reserving the deposit, to bo forwarded to the Trelamry
Department.. • • •
Subscriptions will be received by Inc Treasurer of the
United States, at Washington, the several Assistant
Treasurers and designated.Dopositaries, and by the
and by all Entiorud Banks which are depositaries ofpab-
Se money, and • •
throughout tho country aillgive further information
Aug. 11.
Otte of the oldest aad molt reliable remedlea la the
world for
Coughs, Co l% Whooping Cough, Brouthitia.
acuity of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarseness,.
tore Throat, Croup, awl every affection .
Bo general has] the use of this remedy. becalm:, and so
ocular a 4 nowhere, that it is waiecssary to recount
"a virtues. Its tomb speak Ibr . U, and fi nd utterance in
the abundant and voluntary testimony a the many who
front' tong ftfpring and settled disease have by MI use
been restored! to-pristine vigor and hatitA.. fl canyro•
dues a mau accidence In profit of our assertions, that
The Bev. Jacob Sethler,
Wallknown and much reapecied among the Gummi
populatton of tide connht, makes the tbileteteg alto.
meta for the bandit of the afflicted :
Ilasovirn, Pa., Feb. 16, ISSO.
Dear Sirs :—llaving realized in my Almily important
benefits from the use of your valuable preparation—
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry—it affords me pleasure
to recommend It to the public. Some eight years ago
one of my daughters seemed to be in a decline and little
hopes of her recovery were entertained. I' then pro.
Cured a bottle of your excellent Balsam, and befere she
had taken the whole of the contents of the bottle there
was a great improvement in her health. I have, in my
individual ease, made frequent use of your valuable
medicine, and have always been benefitted by It.-
Prom Jessie Smith, Esq. President of the Morris Coun
ty rank, Morristown. New Jersey.
" Raring need Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry for
about fifteen 'yeirs, and having !raised its beneficial
results In my family, It affords me great pleasure to ro
comuland it to the public as a valudble remedy In cases
of weak tangs, colds, coat ha, fie-, and a remedy whlck
consider to be entirely innocent, and may be taken
• effect rarely by the moat delicate in health.
From Hon. John E. Smith, a distinguished lawyer in
Westminster, I.ld,
I have on several occasions need Dr. Wistar's Daum
of Wild Cluirry for colds, and always with decided ben*.
fit. I know elan prepamtion that is more efficacious or
more deserving of general use.
The Balsam has aleo been need with excellent erect
by J. B. Elliott, Merchant, Hall's Cross Reads, Md.
Wistar's Balsam , of Wild Cherry.
None genuine - =lees 'signed " I. BMA:" an the
P:.Dtiffitortz, No: 491 Broadway, New Tat.
8. W. FOWLS & CO., Proprietors, Boston.
And by all Druggists. _
Redding's Russia Salve.
Hu Ihtly established the supetioiity of
' Over ell other healing preparations.
It =resell kinds of SORBS, GUl' s
&e. An., removing the pan at once, and reducinie Sh•
.most angry looking swellings rind indsiustiOn 'es - Lf by
tug * , „ ONLTM CENTRA. BOX.
d. Toll ' BALI 211'
P. DINSMORE, No. 491 Broadway, Beit\Tork.
by Druggmts. No: 18
; Mont it. Boston.
Txaose 2,140 t:. Iyeovs, - r - •
ISTOTICIOI herrtiy glPen toed persona Wino claim
Agoiner‘beestato °MAL BEATS; 124. c. or Moto.
nuttrattPl(4red, triVresont ihrroornly atteated4 for
eat. et aid 'all PCIBOOI indebted to same Illie r rc
eerie pzi o ar t tirAtritir •
ettbrinink:Sept, 8, VV. ew
- i tc m i t; W EGOS, DR= Amu'
Goofis it the Greeerfeitrl
-AV; Y•::"Z`k‘ !,,o