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A. J. GERRITSON, - • - Editor.
THURSDAY, Ourtnim - e, 1864
• , z - For Precidput
• For Vice Presidenii 7 -n• 22
For Congresi
RAprekkntative, • EVERIT E. GUILD.
„ b4Won'6r, DANIEL A. LATHROP.
1 . ; Lincoln is the rebel candidata.=
The. Richmond Enquirer declares its Ire-
ference for bhm,
-or The leading Lincoln elector in New
York State ia an original secessionist and
clisn - iiipnisi, as will bo seen from his OW TI
writings on first page of this piper.
tirHon. Emerson Etheridge - of Ten
ncsiee, the noted Border-State Unionist,
late the iltep üblicain Clerk of, Congress,
(when Mr. Grow was Speaker) is making
speeches for
far The difference between General
McClellan and Abraham Lincoln, in one re
spect, is this : McCleilan is for the Union
unconditionally, while Lincoln is for 1.4
Union conditionally.
far The abolition party which is DOW
supporting Lincoln, is in favor of mixing
or amalgamating.the white and black races.
So says a member of Abe's Cabinet. See
fourth page.
Or Since the nomination of M'Clellan
gold has come down to 81,9 6. As Mc-
Clellan stock goes up gold comes down.—
The day after Lincoln's nomination gold
pitched up to about $2,80, and staid up
till after the Chicago Convention assem
bled. Significant isn't it P.
gar Wm. Lloyd Garrison, now.a loud
mouthed Lincoln man, is the author of the
following abolition sentiment:
" The Constitution of the United Stater
is a league with death and a covenant
with hell."
Of coarse all such leiigners support old
Abe Lincoln.
.Every voter who is-in favor of the
restoration of the Union under the Con
stitution as out fathers made it, will vote
for George B. McClellan. 'Those who
want a " new Union," with the negfo as
-the peer of the white man, having the
right of suffrage, "an anti-slavery Bible
and en anti-slavery God" will vote for
Abraham Lincoln.
gar For some weeks the shoddy org
ans have been boasting about gains in the
Vermont and Maine elections. The truth
is that thero is a Republican loss and a
Democratic gain in both States. If boast
of their'` gains indicated 'their triumph
in November, do. not their losses just as
certainly infcate their defeat in Novem
ber ? Will shoddy deny this?
fgr'The Montrose shoddy organ says;
"The Chicago platform declares, that
•'the war must immediately cease—that
"the troops of the Federal Government
"must at once lay down their arms—that
"the territory wrested from the insurgents
"must be given up—" arc.
As there is nothing of the kind in the
Chicago platform, the man who penned
the quotation uttered a most WILFUL am)
Daumlnezz uz. Nothing uew for him.
drifDr. Brownson, who two years ago
ran as the Administration candidate for
Congress in the fourth district of N.
J., has changed his views concerning
the administration, of which ho was then
the champion, as will be seen by , the fol
lowing exiradt from the last number of
his Review :
" In our deliberate judgment no worse
thing can halal 1 this nation than the re
election of A. Lincoln. In oar judgment,
the re-election of A. Lincoln renders in
evitable the independence •of the Southern
SIGNINWANT.—LincoIn recently offered
Gas. iticCIELLAN an important command
with General Grant, on condition that the
should withdraw as a candidate for Presi
dent. Blair, Lincoln's Postmaster Gen'',
stated . this fact in a speeeb in NeW,Y*l4
)ast r :weeli. The 'Hero of Antietam was
readyfor the battle-field, but could not in
t.aking command, agree how he` - would
mote; Or ask others to vote. So Liocolo
arithdreir the order of service, for he now
imins;ges the-war so: as to help electlitn
-self—a fact of which ibisattempted bribe
-is Conclusive pro. T
o p* aft..vinnot",_'
P*Ptit .. r
POD co uld have Cu
NE.l—”Mlactelpkia Pren,—Abolition.
a t when rebellion
is way zAutits kuit4egalAnd Pribeti
about to be ; pnt down. That is just befdre
LineOln papers now
swear that it is so, and they would v t::::
for tenty year's td ccome. They--
go uponi...thwprineiple 014 foola are
not all dead yet." They think they eau
always ciateb 'gulls in that trap.
-storation ofgto,cr!iony, ; tl/p . ,Reptiblicans
for the einaneipetion of „the negeops.„lt
is for the people Ao decide by • tflok.holtoth
which they prefer—Union, Peace and yhe
salvation of the ,reountry,; or, a perpgwal
war in a vain, effort to Emancipate Soathi
ern negroes. ' • ' i
tar Those of the men who voted.f far ,
Efr, Lincoln in' 1860, in whom, actor) all;
deyotion 'to tOTTnion is tilipiirktific'• are:
deserting iitnh . :all, over . 60, i 9. 5 0):1 — ,7,
Every papal among our exchangez cop2es ! .
to us with scare fresh 'announcement ,of
such ilesegtioPlof a,PTOMigen4 man, from
the LincOln.kititeafoelellairranks4 .
Thei - Last Working West-,
This, is the lastweet beforellmOntbber .
electipn.'Are otir' friends i4dY fofititi
contest? Are'• all thir:-Voteli4l home
able apd i 44 : turn .ontl See to it f
and bring them with. you. See , that, dot
one:Democrat thbughtlessli stage away.'
'than sone hundred foteili '
county generally stay at how because
each thinks his vote cap maiol no ithaPge j
but suchlearekissness may defeat us.
See thlit,; ever y man votes a full ticket.
$3OO fOr:l7 BarrServide,
We clip the'foildwirig pertinent reMar4v
from the North primal DempcMt
". The late "extra. session of the Xegiala-
Lure lasted for 17 -days. The abolition
majority voted themselves the snug little
sum of $3OO each for their services. Mr.
Wells, of Susquehanna, now the abolition
candidate—in this and that
county- r -of course did, not oppose this
nice little arrangement, but, as we are in
formed, -voted for it. At. least, be pocket
ed the 8300—about 818 pet day—for his
seventeen days' arduous labors, He now
asks the tax payers of this district to send
him back again! We think this 9ther
too expensive for a man to sit in a richly
cushioned cbeir for three or four hours a
day. John Jackson anilE. E. Guild would
do the same amompi, of service for j a far
less sow. At least they). would ,havexor
tecl-with the Democratic members :who
tried to reduce the compensation to $100:
The tax-payers of ,the district, whu cop :
cur with us in. this „opinion, withoot t re,s 7
pect to party, should vote for Jackson
and Guild. When a man, like Represen
tative Wells, gets so " steals lik4 an
old member"—a new one should be put in
his place. What say you, taxpayers.? .
The " steslings" for. this 430.0 pay a
mountsto over 880,000: The law' allowed
the members for Stich services 83 - bet div
and a mileage . hat would pay a meinber
from this county over 8125 ; or over 87
per day. The regular and " stolen 9 pay
for Mr. Wells, and milage, amounted to
8375; or over 822 a day.
Sueb is , the price, pocketed contrary to
law, by the shoddy • party, which toted
down a bill to pay soldiers $1 per day I
Republican Journals Abandoning Abe
Lincoln and Supporting ladHellen, •
Among the nunitei of influential news
papers t'hat. have repudiated Lincoln, and
now support Ilicasuesr, we notice :
' The National Intelligencer, the old and
dignified Whig organ, has given its vigor
ous and influential support to Mac. • ,•
The Louisville Journal runs up the cmi
didates of our party for the first time.
The Somerset Herald takes down Line.
and puts up Mao. - •
•The New London Chronicle has taken
down Lincoln, and advocates Mac. •
The Westchester Monitor leaves shoddy
and supports McClellan.
The Ann Arbor Journal • swaps horsds,
and-trots out Mac. • ;,
Oinainnati Vollmfreund, (German)
tiides Fremont for Mao. • ;
The. St. Louis Anzieger, (German) puts
up Macin place of Lincoln, and says that
" thoassnds of Republicans will desert the
incapable, corrupt, and perjured Lincoln
administration; and gather under the ban
ner of McClellan to save the Republic."
The Wood County Independent swaps
horses—Link for Mac, of course. '
The Suffolk. Herald goes for Mao after
taking Shoddy from its masthead.
The Highland Bote takes down Frem
ont and advocates McClellan.;.
The lowa Banner (German Republican)
has joined the. Mao Pen. standards
The Chicago Telegraph (late rremont)
now supPorta McCle lla n.
War jACUSON Senx—The following
words, uttered by Andrew Jackson, are
worth, reproducing at this time when the
party which he so truly described has be
come, throtigh the ,fatiblessuess of the ad
ministration, the ruling poNier,at, Wash
ington: •
...The Abolition party is a disloyal +,
ganization. Its pretended love forfree
•dom means nothing_ more or lese: thaneivil war,and a dissolution of the . Union. -
Honest men of all parties shoulof unite - . to
ixpose their,intentions,and ,arrest
EC — Goads 604 a Fair Ptioeit'at tho
Dry Goode House of Eyre& Lindell 4th
& Arch dreg% Philadelphia. Read adv,
iiitopmtrz LINCOLN Mit •
NAVE Dzowinf
, opsr rizeounma
t3hoddy,hl dying ! Everyid y
fresli:evidenpe of Shoddy los s and Defla
'4loratfe . gaine: The corropti s-arid inca
paeity Qttbe dpiainaptiFty are driving
all the ociiiiiiiriativic "tile Union
men to,the standav,d gf
lollowih)parela .M• tliest Aka 4
left the foul party and havd joined heart
atunittaliftfilVdiaNrlrdlii - -
the gallazdtc.illitUr Allen U) position
w filcb_P r lP.. l 934L s eße.k;. 4 . ,
tea ffm o,9 o Vgbig,kulgor sritli,(ieueraki*. ;
lor, iir;rB4l3)-184c0t1Youpporting .41p.
_arid Menillet,ou, ; )95 CT
,Opy.- . 4mtigprrkz, mt. Xeßtucky.,Al9,
roa , weptea try . „ ftlp4kicalth
- 1 4s 0 X, i°.rNl I YitOti*Red • - 1 1 ,
AsiPC44% ‘ 1 ,10.4134 Ai(atipportiag
Rnd , Rllailljlls9,• ~, T
Postmaster, Hera, Ana. 0144 e most) op
dentia,upraiiters of_XcP,lellax4 apd; endle ,
Hon, Hemordy- karylaaa,
*enator, mljui v ,ais *4O
to his preson4o . sitiNr by tliqg.emlblisall
c,onik? .o 4 fiqUare iva *et4ei, for
hinClet4m. -Se says siaincoln
Hem, j ean. ai hquorible roan,. heligyg
114 innOn'llanhafi sea signally failed fatal
most four entire,years,,carrlbe, successful
if another, foux mars be granted him."
Hon. Edgar, I ORWASI S tates San?
ator. /rpm !lu t e, State, and ,otn3 ,of the few,
gOcid , lnan in the ilts_ROtinna party), is -PPt
posed to. Abraham ,Lincoln and favorblo
to Gen. McClellan.,
Es• Gov. Wasin4ton 'dant, of New
York, formerly, Whig, enppor,4s
lan and Pendleton: . , ;
Hon, 0. . H. *owning,
.late United
States Senator from Illinois, and always a
steadfast Hepublican, has come out. for
. Hon. Robert . C. Winthrop, of. Massa,.
chusetts,. formally Wbig Speaker of ,Che
House of Hepresentatives, aild heretoforc
not with the Democracy, is out strongly
forrlgcClqicm.-i Si r • T T . -•
James T:Bra4l 4 "s
,q.,` the `difitinguish
ed'lkTeW 'York lawyer, who has zealously.
supported Mr. Lincoln, is stutniiingThfow
York forMcClellan. • • • -
Gen. Le‘slici Coombs, of Kentucky, and ,
Hon. M. Underwood, of the same State,
are' now'strong supporters of Little Mac.
George 5: Hilliard, of Mass:, the' essay-'
ist op; historian, who has heretofore Op!.
tidtidd DeenoorncyJs - now entlinsia.stio
hi favor of McClellan afid Pendliittin, to
save the country.
John Van Buren, Esq., who sometbirig
more than a year ago went over to lin
coin's support -and cook an netiVe f pari
against the Democracy last fall,' s -BO
gtvirig M _ pll his energieSio the electitha"df
• :
-JameSS:llMyer, the. most etoqUent
ritbr of 'New York - ,.arid Oats the'bouitii
fridnd' and political' partizan' of " Henry
Clay, has turned in as la - enthtraistiftic sup=
porter of the'Democratio
George D. Prentice, for many yeaTs the
len_druig • opponent- of ther Dem ocracy
Itentucky, is out strong• in support of
C. Seaman, Republican SOril-
Uri. from Michigan, 'hag iymitnenced a-vig
orous campaign fOrLittlBMuc. •
• Joteph B. Mori's, seven years editor of
the-Boston Traveller • and for many yeara
editor of the Newtru; .
yport Herald; in op.
position to the Democracy, is now in the
rabbi of the- gallant McClellan. '
Hon.-Wm. B. Ogden; Republican Sena
tor of Illinois, is suppoiting "MCClellan
and Pendleton.
President Osborn, of the Illinois Central
Railroad, whose influence was so poten
tial in the election of Mr. Lincoln, basde
elareti tie idtfntion of voting for General
McClellan. 'lllinois was certain for the
Chicago nominees before, but this makes
'assurance doubly sure.
Hon. Brittuss.T. :Cray, of the old Ken
tucky Whig stock, has taken the stump
for Little Mae.
Nelson Fratiklin, 'a foriner'Republican
Senator. of Ohio, it out for McClellan.
Col. A., W. Brewster,.of Mass., has
joined the ranks with hia:old commander
--Little Mac.
Col. Wm. H. Irwin, for twa years cora
wander of the gallant 40th P. V. i .and a
bitter opponent of the Democracy, is now
making speeches for McClellan...
.15i9. General McClernand, of Illinois, is
for Little Mac.
GenAjObert Anderson, of Fort Sum
ter fame, is for Little Mae:
Colonel .George W. ,McCook, of the
fighting McCook family , .is Stumping for
Little Mac.
• Gen. A. M'D.. M'Cook, of the same
stock, is with his brother in the good
cause ofitbe Union and Little Mac.
General Edward Bull; of Zanesville, 0.,
who is an ex-member of Congress, a. Lin
coin eleetornia.lB6o, and a'member of the
State Convention which sent delegates to
the Baltimore Convention i , is a recent
convertitof Deilderatie • pritiOpkific: •
Hon , James Loomis, who,,Ailts•topen
claimed, as. a *publican' by ,the Lincoln
,preases, presided at a mass meeting Of the
D'emocraoy held pt „Bridgeport cg yho
21st, which was addressed froan, differont
stands. • ~ • • :-•
yearsA.l.. Moon; wbq n bas: BOMA threA
ikthe ,War„ Jiileyi the
Present cotaptrollek p' the .0. tate,pfEGtuo,
who was elected - )a Abe , Reptthiinans e . and
1110 P.. John _W.7.444r414004f...04en=1004,
Chits : have recently, rep'agliate4 14mepin?•'
• Abner Thomas, 'Fahomas 'chairman. of
the Reptiblicatir county, temnaitteit of Mif
ilia' Go, Pa.; 'presided . at, • Detnoemtie
=elating in thateounty last week.",: , .. i
One Of the tpenkere . Who M]dresiedi thb
great , ' `McClellawdemonstradoniine Phila.
was Mr. D. C. Gillespie, -a members of
the Rep State Central Committee of
'L , pay ran , :e , .. - ciq, , OS" , ,ni -,,
:IT Old co ~. ",r sq - lyt fo ~,cS' el
~ . 1.. a. 4 .4
: :.:::iffoti:D. It Wocidinti 'Jed of the
Piro) i - diciOistifet olinoi d who
e t
hasAti ' befciie saFipor a D cratiq
Attnitine - balop Iqt/de ed hi ,
Went of cClellan.
-41on1-B,Barairaddressed- large-meet,
ini at Mans6eld,Dhio, Sept. loth. Mr.
plifiTaNT. 1141provi ~ t upyt*ffsiln . thimiti
zen s tfßiellaiid' 'Cott , t.s>; lanld - ritl4 . fof 13eV•
-erf. l 4. -.3 41 4F&Pa 8 4-2_ : ....' _ -. .2_ : •'-'• r . " ' :.
cans. . - - - ----
liori;tidatoie`altilne;lfai- writ
ten a3o4.ltitiffipitillifigl4rili6itilte.illons
for advocating leicnetian in preference to
4}FA 1 .,.,,. , voi9i ,I ..-•,!:, 1:-. , V )
s4nong!wirtee,st lm pamenl,, Aep Allen
!4 " i gbio, wic;'.. - bavis r,cpudiat f ed o Liii' 41
' 4 , Stierii4,J. idßhe -;0116c1414,'5.t. 1
.40 '.
m efi 3. 4 %' A r l i " B 9 . 9;'''9XPV9' ;:ril
e x .4 " - -rf".f'ti:•.?4 e5 5.!1,:77 , -.i.;- 1 .1.... r . •..!
Tharanadabilil7 APIXTAPAaMona fir;
-Jr !!!funishingthe , lViailtetHtnizei , i. • , "
• The: etarahraiiidrrappropriatiOnsvrttade
hy tlie prehelit atid-thdpreceding 06 n greia
for '.futtlishino the h reeuti,Ve ineasion 'have.
litt,rlicted' touch-01%1in- (mention; in con=
tiOtroglivithilletstnall 4.eittitaeneettailigly
atcettiplleNd"blf tilt;se -91irge' disburse.
tnehtts.!!!lnhi'fun'dt, . for refitting the-tPre. ,
sideto96-behee; iti.distninied mtult. thanlati?
6tileiltillptitipriatiolt!!!tinder thef trf-the
ekedlithiei and' he isnlwaytoheld. spotted . -
ble for tbei!fieilestyl'ofthrileipenditttre,--:"
The %MS - and' accounta,:• to' be -sure igo
thitmgh '- the- 'routine of tioditing . by , Vie
treitstlertititeau ; but, slbile the; disburse:
meats' areas klirectfy and , peculituilyiniade
by ' the .President; , o I' : 0114 nf big domoinio
fatbily, the roc 4 ork!orthe 'auditors haw heed
one of mete fora.. !WOOL so happened;
in the'early part °air. Linhoin's adininis ,
tratien, that a bill TwaSpresented at Wash
ington' for payment! bY ! Messrsj E.1 , V , /
Ilatighwont . tla C4c4'ofthisci!,y,forlathind
dinnhr Berrien, .ihrnislieff .hy 'order of Mrs/
Lincoln:for the exectrilve•quitnsion. '7lle
amonnrof the , bill as ' tendered , 4TIFY soma
twenty-three hundred dollars. I i There was
delay itili hyment: Messrs: !Haugh wnut, &-
Co.-, sent one of elieir•prineiphi 'mnn , iti the
White 4.louse to push! tticrliill -th tone)
and 'get ;*the'smoney. • There wie' ill
difficul flea ih the Way; thenature:Of which
fords long'tinte'edald nor be ,eertainta:
At last 'Rive§ found!thatiotheelerki!who
bad to pass upon the bill, delayed it be:
ettusecot the very unheard of rite chilir
ed for-an A triericatr service of china. At
length a ddaYer..from Philadelphia was
sent for to examine the chitia and esti
mate its value, and the appraiser returned
eight hunditclidollats taltos , full vatueiiti;
stead of twenty thee° htintire& The case,
at last, came agairt bllfOrd . - the , -President *
and' 'the , representative-4 blessrig Haiiiill
wont ifs: Co:, was called etilatitt coufroni=
ed -with the Pbiladeldbin ruination.' •He
prorninly: answered, in isubstance : "-Why,
Mr. President, my firra'ne4er 'pretended
that the' china was really worth more than
eight hundred'dollars. !We had reason to
sappOie • yon knal. !Thedifferentife tie
tWeen ' the , price-of the china acid,`--the
amount ofthe hill is for - articles- 'ordered
for your privateihmily use, but • , inVoiced
as 'china foir.the White- House." • o-Hon. ,
est" Abe was cornered and caught. Like
*thither verynnfortunate tban - v dishonest
in' another , - scandalous transaction .iii
which he was • caught, he had- "nova
word to-gay." Mr. Lincoln at'last paid the
difference' out of his•own' pocketc - lant
Messrs. Hanghwoat iitv Co., 'got • their
money.—[World, • , ,
The Mcelella n',doetzlidrie,
• • 'The trzii6n at all hazard
The Lincoln doctrine-is,
jz 4bolitifin , 4; all bafaide
Oct. I.—We have very ; little news of the
progress, of . General Grant's new move.
meet against Richmond.. Our intelligence
is to three o'clock yesterday afternoon. It
appears that Ilirney and 7 Ord- halted-.on Chapin!s' Bluff, just above
Cinch Gap, end .thatoresterday; the Con.
dero.tea Kende; a„fierce attack , Ivan the
position. Secretary Stanton soya they
were rePelsedi..rnnt his despatch is: very
unsatisfactory. Gen. Warren,. •on , the
Weldon R,ailroad 4 ; has made an attack ep
bn the Confederates, and has advanced to
Poplar Grave Chureb,:a half mita north
west of his , foriocr position. There has
been no very severe fighting, and neither
the movement pa. the south (hank of the
James nor the one on the Weldon Rail
road is.yet completed. Our intelligence
stops in- the middle of them and leaves us
in suspense. .
„The invasion 'of Missouri has assumed
alarming proportions. Nothing has been
done to check it.j, Business is suspended
in St. Louis, and.. the people are ;arming
for home. defense. : . -Serne ,regimeatto: of
hundred days' Men have been sent from
Illinois. ;The Federal. .force- which was
at,D,e.Spto, watching, the progress of the
invading army, bas abandoned that place
sand,rataraed 4,tiorfb word. along the
Now% towffrois RAJ ;Lotkis. • They hava hitit
ed on the north bank of the. Maratueo
River, twelve mites -south of St, ',mils,
and given up all
r the,equatry oonth:of it tp
the enemy. ••, T I ' :
We have Southern intelligence from At
,Poo. week ugo Rood's ; army ; was
tiltem miles&nib west= acAtlitata, with
its northern hank rOstingsai the, ;Oftt,
, tahooeb eft : , ~ ••t j , •
There is nothing new from the Sh.eniulh
.oah-74110,To,.;liematiwy- Stanton, eay,9 he
feePO. heard ifg944•Aaridas sinee ; Slun4sy
•Ilightraft the griertilliKintpmptcall.pows.
or ei-Genad'Ohlllameaye the Union:hahe
,onlyfiaMdition !jar Peace. 1 Mr. Liacolit
says the freedom of the negrcrit:the only
condition of peace.
:1 ~_ ..11 ~-. :I.NED.
".Vil , i'• ~. se ••• tu4 l ,ve fo mg transla
... fry, the tifemosicti iff motique, of
f it il . golit 4: , 18(W) ' ,1 7
.l i'
; alt ilk ertstin. th h it tho,fl i ernment at
Washington will rceOgnize e Mexican
emplia, EtitPllr.fLinci:kiii, fearing that
those who are opposed to bm in politics
rOtty-litiFtifvF- -— eeogoitioo-ugainst- - -him in
the election, has manifested an intention
40t to accredit a minister froisitely-
Ced States to the Emperor of Mexico until
jhq ., gsyzoritif Diplomatique is, comi , ider-,
ell ohs `6FIIN est Europeateligitidriiio'
in allqiiiitkell.4 Of; internatatid atilibetu
and is %%6.Y '6O,tfoue as to its stateitidiitit
This, therofoli;Vretlfo l :itiderstanding,
toong thii' diphi"liito . "'cOrlis'tis to 'Wild'
giiesidelA Lincoln, intends to do, apd his
r'OasoZtfor not'd6ip„..o it, immediately: ',.
;) t:t• .:' L - 2 w,._,...Jis ••••••• :•• ..,...___•____ .1(1 •••!: 1 • i
rirGedrge'lil • Adleton, the Doinol
cratiOsOdllidlite'lfti ''VlifOrPfesident, is i t •
gent Mina iiA'''ddcidfd aliility, • libet'ar lic
ctnirements iip4r:niestiiiied inivatvettpiatei
trom=2rit , 'Yok - TritAne.
eirThe- Republican papers , speak ul t
ingly,ef Verimbiltrs firingtheifirst: gun iii
the catartligait.tgeilifile fired the first
:irtJufferiien-Af, Jaason, Van Barbra,
PolkifFierbe,46l Buchandru v.Thcise - she
fifes against ttreAwity s electefivo •
4,44614, in. the House — of
ILOivseingutit , a,rithifeivuteixtber of Coli/
gress, sahlia-sSfititrelir: v. I ' •
..Abylitlipteir!arry4lierh,-iseing inclined
and littvhigithe , fower,rhaVi'the , right;:lo
rise stii an :shake off the existing Govein-
Meni; and' from anew one thlit suits them
better. Ittx- IR this right confined to cases
Wthere , thc . 3-peciple (Win 'existing iGrOvern
iitentryi ehociser to , exerciwiit.i.#' Any
portion of stiOli pepple that cart ''May . re
4olufioitize; Inlttine down a minority in
termingled with or near about them, who
may PPposP theta- . . : #
' L -In` e t scli .Selnator Hale presented txi , e
petitiotliffr46M Nett'-Englatod,- -4 praying
than Stine means-bey devised; for the'
Soluiioh of the 'American Hnion.i' These
Petitions received three votes in the Uni
ted States' Senate, John' P: Hale, Salmon
Chasc, , and WiHiamlj. Seward. These
entlemen ate all ardedt•'supportera of
Abrabani Lincoln !
mm s 5. ;of isconsm, not
tong ago uttered the following " loyal"
sentiment:." I. have no doubt the free
and slave States ought to, syparute . ... The
Union itA ?pt. iwprth supporting;to : con
nection; . vgo4hol South., . i .4.fter i the
avowal gf the above ,beanifrespeCiruen of
Abolitionn's loyalty," Mr. Lincoln appoint
e4 Mr. PikQ...Minhitr to Holland !
ri • . .
TAUT, trg
. :
6lftenbitrg, *frstnliztuut it. Co.
reeeioed.patt of; and arra making iihdly ad ,
JUL tittlone to their new to for the coming tall, and
*inter season , respeetfritly call the attention cfr the
taiblid to it, and Weald feel very haPpy to Imo their nal.
nacroua Mende +and cnstmiters call and examine their
new goods' glitch' for variety, style, and price, buccal
lite.excelledi lathcemparta. Buyers of ccmealtiek
their midges, will find 0 mach to their advantage to call
on II first •ticifirre looking elfrewhere, an we are prepared
to after eatrilpdaretdetati. • ,
Oar Stodt comprieen .
D ESS': , ; GOO DS;S
both kareigh andAloacetic, each as
' (all colbis,) nil arm] add part cotton PLAIDS,
. 'weal inerparmooliDELAlNS. plain' • •
; and prinfect DMAINS, etc.
7 3:1.1t . : 1 , 1 7zi t y- 7- 01 ;
Man Bl*ck Bfflica4l3reekut, , isitillancy colored. ' -
rrintit, "aneetiags, • Stripes,
_Ticks . , Denims,'
Flan sel ls
and Consai; fanerSEdifitir and opera do.
of the latest endmost, popnlaisfyleVand . make. Ai°,
Beavers: Itioddclosho Ladteg: Cassfrnere, Waterproof
Cloth, 44. foD , Clo4kblge, 4X1% NOT: large .vartew, of
Cloak Trinunfries. Ornate' to thbrvto.
•1111:11.1.:ENERY GOODS.
A fall Itnek.trefillsbons,Nretreta,:Blonflaj Ae. Rc. usual.
kept.' : . „
P3E!largil; 3011.1.1•19.
A eery AIMAIMCIIt Slid eitravbatgainA
• 11001'4011RTS CORSETS,
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For'Gbutlemen's - Weq l ,
the largestAnlintlitcoinplete t st ,
Ready , -Made • Olothitig,
- 4 , A :1' • -
i 00 1 4,4 1 'IA AZOOLLS* ,
erer IntroaneetliM tbla market, to which
Mar attention . . 40 vmminuflittine. every garmeot we
veil we erie thezieby ermlled not only tb'roll them tench
RR than:othms.who buythent ofnumufacturen,
but eaegleo more egaly gparentee co own work; as
•We k4oW mit market: ab d are betted to hate them work,;
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,scar 6, - itc...tte. A labiot btu • - l A , • .
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for.Coatom Work, - yr I bibli bran& pitipiillot
ientlon. j. • I •,.; .71;
Guttenberg; Sestulbatunin(b•
Itglitroee, Sept. StPtb, ISO..
- 1" Mr ' " riik.llll. - - hi-T4-0 li.
i f i lii , ~ . $14 I CIR Ni
I N C g. troillatr:/tlntLtir, :attend b a l iaoc r t t re b !
lilting athe electiOniVihit_Clhatoonairealthl=
the ad yOf IY. AP. 11u.R..,. I. DILI 8u
High 8 rite Busgtiebanne County, aid comm.,
4 ,
wed I, do by gite notieo to the l ectors of the
con afo d, thata General El on will be held
Ins • on tbilieconrt Tette October next,
it being the 11th day of said month, at which time th e
following Officers are to be elected, to wit:
One person to dli - the office of REPRE9ENTA77VE
IN CONGRESS for the 12th Congressional District,
I) ol3 l4 , efitt ___ t aoffiardento and Susquehanna.
111 gig ° An Et u- 12 I O 'AfrOnfEpilVi,riliE
for the district cort,aposed of the counties of Susquehar,
One person to Ad : the Mace of COMMf-r for IMIONER
held county. 2.. t. _
Olversort ,to ill the office of iiiiiiTOß for mild
Oie porton to fp the erne, of FORONER for said
,Aia .1 d 6 he mitki4known and. gitonollea e itlitig
'the place for bedding the General" Elpctbandin th'e Eat! -
Mal Wards) horoughightidtcramaielpe'wlthln the COUnty'
of Sosquelmona rapes follosir, to wit :.
The said Eiectimin will be held theong,hrint the Conn ,
ty, mato/lawny ,:..; ~i il
The election fqr the district .compw , ecl, of the flair - 11-1
1 ship of - Apolaeon Will beheld at the hinise Or &faqir':
Beebe in said tqprothip.,
The election for the distrietecoriposed of die township'
dfAthmt win be hold nt , fh 0 schoOldionto MLR the Pres.'
byterian church in. sal d township.
The election for the district composed °Alfa Ritetishire
of Auburn will : ,lie. held at, thottouse l of : @mei Lott in
said township.
They elestiOn Earths district composed of this todpabik
of Bridgewater will he held at the Cond i -hi/use,' in the
, The election for the district sdinposed of. the taWl3-
ship of Brooklyn will beheld-at the - beetle of lames o.'
Ballard in saidltiwnshif."
The election for the ittrlct compOecd of the term
ship of Choconnt will be held at BehooWitiusetther
Edward Clark's in said township.
The election for the district composed el' the loitnr
snip of Clifford will be held sitiiho tinhee late of 'Joins;
Bewetsow in said township, . . .i. , I
_.,rl , .
The election far the dirt ri et Coil Poled - f the borolagii
of Dander will be held at the DtUldatrhotekbx sahib:Cr.
° Vr i e.election forthi 4 district composed iiiitiViensiship
of Dimock will oe held at the honsOf T. sialabtlicluifi
said township.
The election for the district composed otthe township
of Forest Lake will be held at the house. of John 0.
Towneld said townsidp... • . ~ . , ..:: Ili .1v .2 .I- „I
The election for the districbcomposed,Of the,lellrn
ship of Franklin will be held a t the ,sehdtd.housenear
Jacob Allard's in Bald tovrilithipt ' . . • `-' , :i
Tit e election for the district composed of the hotting.
of Friendsville will be held at the ethool bunco inlmid
The election. for the district composed of the borough
of Great Bend will be held at the house Oceuntedby Da
yid Thomas in said township. ; , • , • ~.
The election for thedistriet Composed of the folit
sitip.of (Rent Bend will be held at the lions° occupied jr
E. Barnum. .
The eteetiOn for the district composed of the township
of Gibson; ill be held in the Academy-building in-said
township. ,
The eleClion for their Strict composed of treetownship
of Ilarford will be held at the house late of N. W. Wal
dron In said township.
The. election for the district composed of the township
of Harmony vigil beheld at the house Of S. Winters In
said township. ' . •
- The election for the district composed of the townshi p
of Herrick will bo held in a building occupied -by John
Miller in said township. .
- The election for the district composed of the township
of Jackson will lo held at the house ore. C. payee in
said township.
The election for the district tomposedorthe township
of Jesse p will be held at the house of Daniel Hoff In Pahl
The election for the district composed of the town
ship of Lenox will be held at the house of Grow Jr Bro
thers in said township.
The election for the district composed of the township
of Liberty will be held at the house of Bela Jones in
said township. .
The election for the district composediff the township
of Lithrdp will be held at the house of Blithe Lord In
sold township. . .
Thb election for the i tatriet composed of the tiorough
Of Little 31eadows will tio held at the school-horistoin
- The election for the district composed of the township .
of Middletown will be held St the house of Otis Rosa in
said township. .
The election for the district composed of the borough •
of Montrose will be held at the Court-house in said bor
The election fer thetlistriet composed of the borough .
df Now Milford Wily be held at the house of If. C. Vail In
saldborOugh. . I i .._' •, . ..
The election:or them - strict composed of the tornelelp •
of New Iffillbrd will be held at the house of Philander
Mammy in the hotorigh of New:Miller& , • -
The election 'for the district composed of the township
of Oakland will be held at the house of Robert Nita in
the borough of Susquehanna.. . ' - , I •
The election for th e' district coMposed Of the town
ship of Rash will be held at the hda re of N. D. - Snyder
in sold township.
The election for the district core posed of the township
of Springville will be held at the honse of Spencer DR.
ker. in said township.
The election for the district composed of the townithlp
of Sliver Lake will be held at the house ofli. McGerigle
in raid township.
The election fur the district cemptaged ..,f thohorongh
of Susquehanna Depot will be held anhe hOtist 01 1 11 P 0 .!
Canavan In said borough.
The election fur the district composed of the town-
ship of Thomson will he held At The house of Chester
Stoddard in said township. - ;
1 •
I also make ltnown and give notice as IT and by the
lath section of said act.l am dittoed, th it every per
eon. except Justlece of the Peace, who snag hold any
office or appointment of profit or trust unchir the United
States, or of this State. or °ratty city or itroorporated
district, whether a commissioned °facer or agcnt. w4O
Is; bd, employe , under thelegblattve. judiciary
or executive department of this butte or. tho• United
States, or any city or Incorporated eittrict; and alto
that etery member ofCongress, zed of the State !Agfa
leture, and of the select or common council of any city,
or commissioners of any incorporated district, is by
law Incapable of .holding or exercising at the same
time • the office or appointment of Judge, Inspector or
Clerk, of any election of this Commontvealth, and that
no Inspector or Judge, or other officer of any each elec
tion, shall be eligible to any office then to be voted for.
' By the act of Assembly of July 6. 1830, It is also made
" the duty of every Ilavor, rheriff, Deputy Sheriff. Al
derman. Justice of the Peace. Constable or Deputy-Con
stable, of every city, county. township or district With
in this Common wealth, whenever called ripen by an o
Hee, of an -election, or by three qualified electors there
of, to clearany window or avenue to the window of the
place of Generaftleetion which shall' be obstructed in
?incite way as to prevent voters from approaching the
tame; and it shall be the duty of the respectiVe Consta
bles of such warti,distriet or township a 'thin this Com
monwealth, to be precept by person or by deputy, at the
place of -holding. elections, in such ward: district or
township, for tbo.purpose of preserving the pew? as
Also that DL the 4th section of the act of Asurribly. eft
titled "an act relating to executions and for other par
poses," approved-April 76th, 1640.1 t le enacted that the
aforesaid lath section, "shall not be conetrued .as
prevent any militia or borough officer froni 'serving as
judge, Inspector, or Clerk, at : , ;my general - oesliscial
election in thisCommonwealth.'
Pursuant to theprovisions contained in the 76th
tionof the act.aforesaid, r tbe Judges of the aforesaid dis
trict shallrespect vely take charge oft be cettifleatedr
I return of the election - of their respective district's, and
I produce them at a meetingrof one Judge from each dia
-1 Wet, at the Court Donee, 10 the Borough of - Montrose,
on the third, da alter the day of election being the pre
- sent rear on Friday, the 14th day of October nett. there
I to do andperibrurthe duties reqtdred by law of said
Judges, Also that where a Judge by sickliest* pl una
'Voidable accident la unable to attend said meetlrg of
Judges, then the certificate or return aibrelnild - Isbell be
taken charge of by one of the Inspectors or Clutha of
the electitm Of said 'district. who shall do surd "perfOrth
the duties requited of said Judge unable to attend.
Also, that In therlst section of said act,it Is enacted
that- "every general and special election shall beeped
between-Eight:and Tin In the forenoon, and than too
thine without interruption or adjournment uhtileven
o'cloelt in the evening, when the polls shall be bland,'
fl y
sectlons 19th and lath of the act of Assembly ap
proved the:2sth day 'Of Augnst, 1664, to reeolate the
elections by seldiets is actual military servicd. Meet
acted that, "The- return Judges of the several even
ties,. shall adJOurri to meet at the places, now directed
by law, on the third Friday after any general or. presid
ential election, fwbieb for the general electito of this
Year will be onithe 118th day of October.) for the purpose
of coutiUng thcsobliers• vote ; and when two.or more
eomillea are cornected in the election, the Meeting of
thejadgensfromearth county shall balrestpened, On sash
ease,Xintil tharriday•fpllowing: The return JudgcsAo
- met. shalltnelude•fft theirenumeration, the votes eo
returned, and thereuiron shall proceed In fall , respects,
in the like mu nexus la provided by law, in eases vr here
ill the Votes shall have been given at the usW• Veva of
election,. . d • f: ' - •1
The retuniJudges for rho Twelfth Congressional Dig
eompoaed,of the counties of Susenehasialand Lll
- will meet at the Court House In IVilkes•Darre.;in
the county of interne, on Friday, the 4th rat allover:I
-her next; - •
_ The return judges ,for -the Representative cl
tomiXosed of thee counties Of Susquehanna and W
vtliji meet 64 the Court Bousein Mirrit.fotte,, ddS,
:the 4th Of•Nqvember next..
- • 12111'feet-her directed that
u esat th Court House
thne •
`Mmeoc n t t lti o g so f- -the.
aoitt h
J h dg generstre e urns shall be hefrrtFeidomukeeed
loathe General Election, athlete will be on the 14th day
Octeber 2800.
Given hand, at my Grim In the, oiro
imflifdlitttisc, the 19th day cif Anno •Dominl;l
landbm.tho year of the Commonwealth rho alto,. ;
DAVID that Ann, Lori '
• •
Sheliff's W6ce:miattrose.• Sept. 19th. NCO. . ,
Off'Subscribe for Oo Damocoo.