The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 17, 1864, Image 1

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,*L'i.';'.,,P.'V - W,t. , 'T.,`YppTin - ,
ninamtss, CARDB:
A. 0. WARREN", .
14,TTOILICWAM LAW.- ritiminty,back Pay,
andEtemtaton febi
Inca Arirl dam tieltAv,BoyirylE4ol:l: AloatcorN /".•
;lit e ' B
71191 % T '
IMPTOTiD ?I,l3o l l'l ti- ottitlpe, Sanoro co
Pea l • ' , MM.'S& `• A
OPIICEw Rost, fVflietitta= Ho n e.—
TrlnieVef 4 011414K123e.411Vit1063.
-,-__,. . POL.E. L. HANU RICR; ' '
,puistei&re& SURGEON F ' 0 . -i. 1 • •
" prcifeeiltinal ' sErvices the ' esP e e tt c . tr " ul " '6derlillis
tillc nadVicluit or co ts " LIMB
116402 ARJ. HO Y s?o ' • Ollice
thc°lllce of ar.l4et.
• '-'l,B. 0017 so, Ise& .i , ,
'WALED In FloUr, Peed, and liteal, Darrell and Daley
Timothy and Llover
M iD 6 ll„.Grocerica, Provis
ions, ,Pcolt„ en, Petroleum Vooden and Stone
Wahl, Yankee - Not - lone, .te:itc.. Opposite Railroad
Dbpot, NOTlP„tortd; Pa. 4 .; • - Atcb
ffril loo o GroeCtles,.;lardwareateady
.1.1 Stade Clothing, ts to :Shoes, Hati".l.' Caps,
W00d461 1 71110w Vans, Iroa;Nalls, s4llosEf Upper Leat
her, flat, ;hoar and Salt, Alija! whit they Qdfxr at she
vet 7
ellErMacascirossat IPl3iziees.-0
Lathroope Brick BuildlagOilontrose r k'a.,
April 6, /863. y.
w Y. ninmusia soprani, , SZIfBTDSINIUM
IVII. H.' voctligie& CO.,
13ANICERS;—Montrime. Pa.. Suatissclre to Pott,Coope;
Nlb Ca Office, relthrops'new bdlldlng, TunpWt-st.
J. ■. 31.COLLItt.
' iidooLLint & SE ALE,
LTTOILVILTS and COentiellors at LaW.—ltentrose, Pa Lathrop' new building, over the Bank.
QIIFIGEON DEIsiTIT,- I .llontrose, Pa.
00ftice In Lathrops' new building, over
All Dental operations will bo 'll*. ses di
performed In good style and warranted.
UtASHIONABLE TAlLOlL—Montrose, Pa. Shop
over, I. N. ilallard's Grocery. on Maiwatriet. :"
Thankhatorpastlarere. he solicita avontinnance I
—pledging himself to do all work satisfactorily. Cut
tine done on short notice, and warranted to St.
Montrone. Pa;, duly 2th.
.-rIABIIIONABLE TA/LOX—Montrose:Pt . Shop
.11: hi Phecnix Block. Over store of Bend, •Watrons
aThstor. All xreirksvarranted, as to lit sad finish.
Pitting done on abort notice, in best style. jun '6O
'NUM:aiI:STAB:LB TAILOR,--Nnntiose. Pa. Shop/
I near the Baptist Meeting Rouse. on Turnpike
treet. All orders ailed promptly. In drat-rate style.
Cutting done on short, notice; and warranted. to fit.
L 11.131*.LL, , .
PPATAS Clocks, Watcles, and d'ewelryist Olt ..
IL shortest notice, and an - reasonable terms. AM
work warranted. Shop in Chandlnr and Jessnp's
!tore, Mcprimosisalii. oes tf
kJ of Main grea t Montrose, Pb • nag tf
• C. 0. FORD ,
..Vl. Pa. Shop over Dewitt's store. All kinds of work
mode to order, and repairing done neatly. jet y
EALErt in Drags, 2.ledlcines„ 'Chemicals, Dia
Stars, Glass Ware, Paints, Oils, varnish Win.
Glass, Groceries, Nancy GoodN Jewelry Perla- •
fe err, etc.—Agent for all the most pozalsr PATENT
MEDICINES,—Montrose, Pa. nag IS
.11 OF Y. 4,1,13 COLLEGE, have formed a copartnership
for tee practice of ISedicine and Surgerry,andsxe prepared
to attend to all business faithfully and' punctually, that
may be intrusted to their care, on terms commensurate
with the times.
,DMlsses and deformities of the EYE, surgical opera
tions. tad all surgeed:,,. diseases, particalailyattended to.
.CllrOfdea oinfyirebb's Store. Ocoee honreTrom Ba.
Fm. to 9 p.m AB aorta ot cotmtriprodicetaltenln pay
tbahlghest aalna, and case 410 T
trOsO,Ta., May 7th, 1869.'—ttf
AT 1111146EMEUL, ?A.,
gag EdabWw.al44APl4llll3e.
Tike vacst insurapie:CO:;,bi
ASSETS OiritEt.,..... ... ..
?MB rate! are as low it those of an y good company In
I. New. York, or elseadwae, and its Dloctonsare among
the first for honor and Integrity._____-
,Sy. ARTHUR &COFFIN - , Pres.
Montrotie,ledy ' BILLINGS STROUD:AgI.
_ • .
/X Co Thdr 3EI
(; ) ; - ,74 ) •T,law.k.lrprAx-f-`
Asstris lit tale; --emisksnoirr;•;
LIMI141:138, • -' • ~.750103.320
.061 km Smith, Seevy. :Chas:J.,
7httik Ilptgete,' ••• A; P. Willaarth., Meer" •
Policies I forget le ienewea. by the tlntlereigee - at
Jils ease, lathe Brlvic Block. ..liaarreee:, • •
8. IL Pettougill & Co.,
Ivo, 37 P4IIM ROW.,Neiv tort. i}nd 6.Btate street,
it Beititdii; ate- wifigemfas foitheLarcialoosalkmatrat to
Akif,eigg•P';‘, igidAre 11441194r43404ake.adts
luta ms=puoltrlcir usqt'ouolaressratee.
- 11A - ZLETON
sarindareiWisalis all kiti skiobreatt.O.i-Itkiiboa
itYle 01 4,;40- . 1c.,-;-=R?"0
macpwammiumeno,.. A pp --- Pah
orricE ppMidi" a:Stre,et.. P4:ll(titlaii ifigefen
to.dakfilarciara "JA .440640/9.lll•aid
blisher.4 • ,
7 " - ''T*o -4 7*:* ',:*l-00,0
With brirof thelrturipst,
And Srthe'drim;,.
And:the keen ring of 11010,;'
The o.vridry . ,nume.
1. -Sharp chtnk-the steel Scabbards,
, The bridle .OE* riPt
And' &am- from -red.nostrils
' - The Wild' Charge - fling. ,
Tramp! tramp! o'er tbagreensward
WAlCh,,qatfera beloW,`
Seareeheld -bp: the, curb-bit
' l- `•I eFierce horik4 •
And the grim-visag,ed - Colonel,
With . ..ear-rending shout,
Penh) forthio the squadrons •
o . 01 . 41a0-,•r"Trot Out)"
One band on the sabre, •
Aid'orte on-the rein,
The troops-quick move . .forward
In a line on the Pam.
AS rings the word "gallop I"
The steel-scabbards clank,
And pressed
.L•ik.TO:rafhoise c slot fah k;
.end swtis tbeii - rash"
Like the - Wild ftot*lit's
When. it poiiricfroni"the
On the'valley
" ?ate I " thunders, the leader ;
Like shaft from the bow
Each mad horse is burled
On the wavering foe. _
A thousand brig ht sabres
Now gleam in the air;
A thousand dark horses
Are dashed on the square.
Resistless and reckless
Of aught may betide,
Like demons, not mortals,
Our wildzoopers ride.
Cut right,and cut left?
For the parry who needs—
The bayonets shiver
dike ntnd-shattered - reeds.
Vam--,vtun.the red Volley
Which] bursts from the square ;
The random shot bullets
Aro wasted in air.
Triumphant, remorseless,
Unerring as depth—
No sabre that's stainless
Returns to its sheafh.
b. W. szara.s.
The wounds that ere dealt
By thqt teurdeientottel
Will never :yield tam
. •
'Hurrah they orebrokett—
Hurrah 1 boys, tbey
None linger save - those
Who but. linger 7 .te die.
. .
...itelp.up o ypur .hot Aot!sea, ,;
Men; °
the trtimPeLsoandi 4 !Bally
- color'. again.
Some saddles are empty,
are slain, •
And, some noble horses
Lie stark on the plain.
But war's ii:ehaneogitme, boys,
And weeping IS vain.
Lincoln and Clutsel'hotographed.
L yal Boston abolitionist by name of
Ileinzen, connected with the Pioneer, a
radical Gentian paper, has published his
impressions of the PrAident and Secreta
ry of the treasury, after a. trisit,to Wash
ington, &milt .which, he was ',brought in
contact with those distinguished persons.
He is pretty severe the smutty joker,
but, the following fromfiis remarks will be
read with interest :
"They [members..of Congress] told me
openly that this is no, 110.einocratie govern
mentr-,-the 'Frock Coat Irurtg'': holds the
nation -in his pocket.
"Chase at* me word he would like to
seethe, Bel Went. His appearance indi
cates more 'good-heartedness than Power;
more smartness than character. He is am
bitions,ut seemito,Nivegood intentions.
I doubt, hOwaver, that he js.thenian nee
ded fer.the.,eriaia: able
to ascertain from - himllnitte wOnid Ong .
to.the Monroidoctrine. B.s anMiditionii6e
qua non.
"As f0r.,11.r. Lincoln, he has,,tmt.. the
least interest forme. le is, from every
lift:mortal:al null—a good-nattriiii Mons
ter, totalli r flevoillof ichw, ophel.d.Simidy
I by histoncesled ennnipz_, a inality which
I harmonizes somelhwith coarseness., Here
I in- Wathin#ton hit-has_ fe,tv., frif;inds.'All
s P e2 4 C -qc him 9914#5' lov e 0
show 414igh . xottld excite. ;Ay.. , republican
inclignatzon. ISip,cavilerists held contin
nal - ithr gate, aid tivoiiitanterists
at t,tie,Atrtqieer.t4 his door.' Mni. Lincoln,
tbfiy,sztietaitticil,so i sink-to : please her,
tholLsttblican rresident,...must imike lac
clogs pf j;:siezen veßublisartsitizensl3yery
day. lEiera4a-Eiroixtlito palimirioius
himaelf :itch' hambugo•Copgresi titigia
iol•tiki ciidlititateniatO: 11.1;he, - 0r.. - ifie i
Post , Pr 9.112. 4 190 PolitiOmmiliWAshington
toldime heleard Tif.nLineor say 1. 4 . f the
I ) est PoliO,li o NaBi(no;Pondfilt all," : I
.replied; ! "Translate/LA*l GOVEiin,ithat
-uleaPkilikbctst t4baTCgoliiiiciiila422!,
and asiittle" sense* leataiWaPt , "n4fiflll
lPtikOlitiva§4d'bypiir - GeitinilyeAS :
tqlegetil idom_byjds -Btu kli c te-.---Atid
it it?, tterlitintle„' L for ,
ter Make lose of him wh o' ?those: Are
itlf - iiiirriiirr"pitiiiti'Slia?:-'t!`t - -
i 0..
4rstishirciet, lialtraailt eii-
ot i tit; h4t4 tiftra - 'IWW.i/rOttier' ' '''
BIONTROSE;.'I)A„ MlRSDAy,iltißcavki46.
.;. (:
. Woman;(MAU& men
=Awl why flotl - WE - reboot& all the
, basineas ofootitiship• apiorie:tipepa - - mit ?
• It=3a
,only 'fair `tliatoxlntan should . do her
share of the'work.
• Besides many - a match that.would have
proved 'a happy one,hatvbeetisbroken off,
'because ilia costal - a sobiety, restrained
'the woman front' saying the right word at
-the right' moment.. . What ia a baShful
lover to do if . thollady' oak- - choice will
not help - him cuit'of the-difficulty of popp-'
ing_theluestion • • •
Frbe , fact•is the ladies do performtheirl
share of courting, flbt Only in,semi-civiliz
ed communities, 83• in therinstances spok
en' of-hi:duty; :but; in-our oft enlightened,
la u d ; • , • • • •
'‘‘ A most custom pre-'
'mils' among thePOiertact a . powerftili tribe,
csicupyitiglin extensive im....strlot in Cabal, I
among the mountains between'Persia and
India. •It is in fact•a female prerogative
that .has: no parallel -among any other
people.oh the earth and reverses whatewe
'are in the habit of considering the •natural
' order of things—the winos!' choose their
husbands and not the husbands their
wives. Ifs woman be pleased with a
man, she sends the- drummer of the camp
to pins •handkerchief to his cap with the'
pin she used to fasten herhair.
• The drummer watches - his opportunity,
, and does this in public, naming the -wo
man and the man is obliged to marry. her
if he can pay the price to her father.'
We clip the above from one of your ex
changes,' but . our brother of the quill is
mistaken in supposing that " this female
prerogative has no parallel among other
A custom . substantially the same pre
vails among the Sandwich Islanders.--
We remember once to have asked a good
looking Hawaiian 'bachelor why he did
not get married, and ho replied, with a
look of innocent simplicity, that 6 , None
of the girls had asked him."
Harpers' New Monthly BB4ctzhie.
": Unquestionably the best .sustained
work.of the kind in the world."
Critical Notices of the Press.—The
volumes bound constitute of , themtelves
a library of.miscellaneous reading such as
cannot be found in the same compass in
Hay other publication that ho come under
Jun-am ar6700‘.• "
!Thee most popular- • Monthly in the
work .—New York Observer.
-We mustrefer 'in 'tenni of eulogy to
the high tone .and varied eicellencies of
Harper 'a Magazine—a journal with a
monthly circulation of about 170,000
copies---in whose pages are to be found
some of the choicest light and general
reading of the 'day. We speak of this;
work as an evidence of the American peo
; and the popularity it has acquired
is merited. Each number contains fully
144 pages of reading matter, appropriate
ly illustrated with good cuts ; audit com
bines in itself the iaey monthly and the
more philosophical • quarterly, blended
with the best features of a daily journal.
It has great power in the dissemination •ofi
a love of pure literature.—Turiezzies
!hide to American Literature, London. I
No magazine in Europe or America is
so well known : none has half sci many
readers : and; we may safely say, none has
'received so large a tributaorinimiratition
from cultivated classes that delight in a
healthy, diversified, elevating periodical
literature. It is , the'foremost Magazine
of the day. The fireside never. hail a
more delightful companion, nor the Minh
on a mere enterprising friend thaniloopers
Ilagazinee r ifetkodist Protestant -(Balti
Terms--. The pipers of pertmment value
which have been published -in almost
every number render a complete set , of
Harper'e Magazine a desiiable, actinisitio9
to any public or private The
_publishers can stip_piy complete sets, or
any number from the conu - neuemeitt,„For
_TYlnty-five cents they will send any num-
,bers, by • mail, ,post paid. vsatiate,
containing, six numbers, bound -In muslin,
ivili be:Mailed, post-paid, to ant.pliettin
the United States within 1500'_milelrbf
N.&ork, for Two DollarS and Fin) ,
Cents Complete 00z 411f/Og l gitOiltY
fiVe.volatnes, will bo sent by Express, the
freighf,., puicbstsir,
forflee:Dollar and 'Eighty" eight;:Ceots
per - Volume. - ,
One , Copy for 'one year,45,000;7150
Copies:-for one year, 05;00
~,Ifoc_rzfiti ilisfimeallriekly E cine year
$5,00. And an Extra Copy,-gy_tAicr,
,every Club:of Ten Sithionbers,l4l2; 50
eadh or;II - 544ficti,for,„$;5. '
- Ciergymet2. , and :Teachers supplied. at
82,50 a year.- -The Semi-Annual Volumes
imumitin etoth42,-50 . _perTelnmeAtittslin
7,4)5 ,- fOrifigs , %.404 .;144(t.'"=!: : VtiEn
oideredlo'bo,,Sent tor,: Ma Ejoilt _Centt
ad itiiibnl u Viiethittedibt .
:The postage itiorrilarieertAiroktuit,
le-paut,* the cw4* . ltifir r receive
Iliee*Wis- - 4 1 457:14*-vOenitiu
Yeaiwz 10,0 ;PP.ntfl*tliFtw,ln'ttlii3l3 , :t
%AaPtsB;_iary_er, , A=::Brothekti;-:lNsrililin
Spare Netir , Y.firli: ,`,
tbs.-tarty eitizeil of
Gettysburg - vrtrojoined - the arrnyL„ittid
rceilOgii:lhetc4Clo4. lira,tll43/la4i - is
tolbs7 4 . 11 A 3 f110. 11 01 1 0 3 tAglr. fAintth'
14'ispet'essa fidiZeolittii§s • '- , .
, ~,,
~, Tup piloszo Ar4uminbut , >.!,? ,
'i i .
I 'k - Uoi, gi ) „,... , 1f0,,,L20 - 4. .7=.14, .. ,: ; .
bi t
tliitri. 6elAllitrS"' artffeirMErt,ed:
birth 6 iskr. r T e.FtfAo., .PPor*
'GI •'Eilii;'- ° " ljeeMY-eb,Eina, coal.
O'allf4tl te_
1 4 1 4
miatga, roam
states 'l.ll4 s
teas off the' ,treiOatist 9,T,Apdia 7 and': BO
barbed aa Athenian .vessel from Pleivd
York. A lettei tr0.i0,;,041)-4109;:s0t:
Siug'apote 884'8 teat 811.41/9 Rl,l**l4l4Fri
eleyeninga:9a` hoard ' 1)4 41,iliscao- 11
*tea ; thAi'are six ~on~l2Ci'!Z
men r4OyAr t i ea :ter. .4910*- v,cact.
inerde in the
'been opmPle4lY
4,9003" arP4111414.1"n:
the' ports. The epreerajthe 4cF6CriPa
ss'bcie'of hmosni
,IpuZ on Tere°rd
'irhat she perauttefi to c spourj
the seas'aud stop e"lehd .c co9l4ierce
thantima eap:ooB>qii4lo.
strdigo., she must Hod i•lkeip
;9* lined at every she toueliftr, and
Information Mae; be • obtained by her
11Beera fiximall quarters in Eaqern Sea&
of the situation - ‘ ebaraete . r j r4 the
taericsh yerit36l'tiallifigiu.that,
_quarter p
*ell as Vie_elhances of:tapetang and
ayoiding Ver - pdiguers. ilt ,is to,-p , hoped
hat ere tong ' b 'career Sv,ill L nadod 1.
Our Government have tho plcier and the
skill to do it if the'y, ;will exprcia, it vigorc
ously to that'eaq.
_ _ .
--- _
thethOdS adopted to avoid the draft, that
Of drawing teeth seems to be the least ex-
Onaite and dangerous. To some people.
it may seem almost incredible that a man
blessed with a good set of pearly teeth,
should endure the paid and mortifiCation
of having them extracted . Yet, through
tAte great anxiety to avoid t/ie draft, the
practice has recently prevailed, to a con
siderable extent. Two cases, says, an
Armstrong County paper,' have:recently
bi , en brought to our notice, and 'vouched
for by respectable authority. One in the
township of Manor, and the other
kiminetas. Iti . the latter inataisce, the pa
tient- rent all the: - Way to Pittsburgh - to
have the draft-inviting molars extracted.
But the most singular feature (as smite
may think)' of the whole transatiOn is;
that both' these young gentlemen are
overflowing with intense loyaliy i .of the
abolition-type, and bent on , tying "the
last inn and
"Put that iniplidoitt:l49Cit Out. !" ,
While -a congregation was colleetcd at
church on a certain occasion s an old,dark,
hard-fequred, .skin and :bone individual
was seen wending .his . Way up the aide
aisle and taking his near ,the pulpit. The
minister began his prayer by saying—
" Father of all, in cvery age, by saint
and savage ador ed="
" Popo!" .said a slow itnat clear voice
near old hard-features:
The minister, after casting an indignant
look in the klaection of the voice, cocain
" Whose throne sltteth on the aAanzan
tine hills of Paradise—"
" Milton!" again interrupted the bard
The minister's lips quivered fora mo
ment., but recovering himself .he contin
" We thank thee, mostgracions rather,
that we are
,permitted once morn to:as
semble in Thy name, while others, equal
ly meritorious, biAlpseAvored havn been
carried beyond . 'that, bourne , from. whence
no trawler. retorns7- , " : •
SWllicaPcarer! r infeziuPted tho VQil3O.
,ThiA was tonmucti. ", Put that, impu
dent rascal out)" shouted the minister.
"thiginal!" ejaculated . the,
_voice, in
the same calm hut ; pcnyokijig mtumer. •
Ur-It is a fact thaV.the only Northern
man, since' the. war hegani.known haie
given valuable., information to the-Con
federates, As ;M:r. r Har . ve3r 4 Republionn
I and now I.l6coln's niunster to Portugal.—
It is also &loot that thaonly persons in
the North,: .known :to Ohave "thriiished
materullS Of Aver. tb. thanonfederatbg, are
Republitumas Palmer; Callecitor43arn-
OA:Cle*,•: tyld:Aebtarinatr ,of tho:i'New
York Republican> Centzal- moininittee:4
Licoolu pnomplypnt;:him :under r_Federal
protection, to -shiekl hint prosecu
tion, for his,oriines:. • r .
, A:4 - arrrire from ontrWeit froiria'vione
indiiidnei says : , !'"-Dear Itrotb r e'rffilraire
got one not the - handttennibv!faithe in the
State; and. haveli :nearly Paid tor. Crops
good intrprieeto vere' never, better.--
We bpi(' had- a glorions 'reviv` ON:44l°n
inohureb, andlboth of °tug 13bedili6 (the
Lordike praised !) are eotiverted."-ritker
got t 6 ,110 rather
&st-sreekl nentlinr to 'l,bipbOr=beiree."'
• : • 4 ]. - 7 , fir; •
LEGki case:: fto2llllt.
tit tried - : 114 roditertiilip
is tolpay ha titst":6t theitilibp reiOttild
ildngt s ;1240
Shia7insol7 se:' isti 1 ts- - t t *
ithrotorths-exisetuid 'fb - 0 idfrisbeissi;
taiting , the grciand Usti the fOiii3ititisitS;
fitai*novrtotidirailbfliwi vris tok - is
fitteestirrlistitvtif eintisedve•t;
.stemp*this kliiloinimiit4B l / 6 7$Nti. 1,1
- ..:.'!) , , , :ii i--.',
';'' Si :EAVT . TitiOltOP tlO,OPu. ,
: tier ZiE'it'iiili l 'horile•dettleiii* r inOst.
' *aridly ilotedailf'being'" - shirr - oiY- a•
• trede,'' •but , ! , ilin sharpest = - trfek.ithat 1. has
ibeeir pinired by- -the ' 2 lboliti** horse-gun-.
tractors :woe ,receutlteur Vf.sAliiipgr k ont`
City. They' '' 'done ' 'tfie . "Qoveintnent
nicely, and this is the way they'sPiirfOrin
, eft,o,2Seif, , telitik i hy t AiTyKasbi
h.i ttgton
corresionOenti :'' -' ' - . l .l
—4 4 r am"llintiibrii= isi z 'HviliraJire
libitievits:-Llt - iiill'bei .reinensb‘recilliati
zebu) ;-steeks;:irgzs f Peat - stainpede , s, of
, borses,-took - frog} th#
' W
..4: ~Qlve9got4
. et 4 3l4V * few r lis;heitw, rms,city, -ori
the roto*c.
Th reportieth i at'au ll 'tlt siiia•cf the - alinifitifo'llielrVer
iand.been droweedii Itolealingont,th4
,th 4
whole, Wog Itirtie, , orre -of the: many,
entt,trjyanons,394 giere tu..teb
,the,,Wr i vent,7'.. i,t,N9u,111 ElPRVAat.Betne
two. thOdian4 - 43f - th4se iiiitiestad 'not
been'biiirlded '. itid - the` eta - m . l4de 'Was ,a
'gotten nvalidr4O -see Aimee •liribrauded
~horties,loose. .2n.shio .was, the. repOrkthat m I
'a: th 948 " 4 ofthe.R.lrefe .4, o *lted, d
made -. up stor:y.wiihOut a particle of trUth
in "it. TheSe unbranded: - hOrsdi *ere
afterivards caught, iind<intntieriif them;
eiral to-that reported drowned,: werei - re= .
sold to ~the Government at oda hundred
and forty-five d ollars. : per, head. That is
pretty sharp pratice, even in "the horse
line, where sucii*btiderful' tiicks of trade -
Are reported US:occurring. -: The airair will
I am told, undergo an inveetigtind , some
time imweeu ibis and,the eaose ef, the
This in only one of
„this : thaiuland tri cks"
played on t the Government - by - its pol i t ical
friends r 1 Verily,' thoGiiverument is - be
ing restored to its- ancient.. ptuity :,by,
" ftone#",(?) Qld Abe,i'li ,and his .pffiee
homm ia,t4,,m45.r0A , „ ...
1 111E - PML/0112,11W44E.-18(4.
,$ ;r.r: "• :_,L•
rrn ONLY DEMOCILAITIC DAILY. 4017131%.'41,
. vcrztraentaintriqUlAbafirtliC
'ThE IngsNcPIE,PONI3Lra 41Sts =cc
/MTORCEZIENt or xur /Awe.
and policy
of the DeinoCratict: party; is issued every
Morning, .(Sundays excepted;) and con
tillichtthi t ire - W
iiirdrtigh m e . Verri ffycjite
pared- articles on Governm ent,
Trade, Finance, etc., and proMpt editors)
comments on the questions and affairs of
Say ; Market Reports, Prices Current,
Stock uotationa, , Marine, Intelligence,
P,epc:!rts'of Public
.Gatherings, -Foreign
and t t ocitnestic Correspondenee, Legal
Reports; Theatrical Cnticistus, Reviews
of - Literature; Art and Mttsie, 'Agricultur
al Matters, and discussions of whatever
subject is of general interest 'and linpor
ulnae. .
. _
ia a coMplete couipeaium of the „Yews of
the Week, and contairui.the,ehicif editor
ials,', the pricee, - Orritt and market re
ports, stock quotations, correspondence,
and general news matter . published in,tbe
Daily Age. IL also cOntems a great - vari
.ofother matter, rendering it in all
respects a first - :class fainily journal, par
ticularly adapted to the Politician, the
Aterchant,_the Farmer, the Mechanic, the
titeraqinan, iwd all classes of readers.-
3t. has, - In Tact, _etkery,, characteriithi -of a .
.tit,lt.X.EltsP42,Ext, fated for the' ounting
}Tense, tte`WOrishOP the .Farmer's Fire
side, and the 'Genefal 13,0apr..,
.., ~ _.
. .....
• , ,TEilus
I?4iLy. ' •wony .
`One year, By ,Mall. $BOO One ryealaiflrail 12.00
SErllontha. .: :f . ' 400 Six Months. - .... , :-.1"00
Three, Months - -...2 OD, Three Months. 00
I .
- For any period - less th an tTabsofth 1150
three month', at. the-.rate ,•.,,," I. 20 ...,: ~8000
of Seventql-flve cent ,
. per wan 1111 extra eopy"oruorze
month. , - I . ) ', - ' forgettthutptheethlk. • 1
- Pirxr,NT rorgenzED *ivAlPAllLt4n.t, AP'
Specimen cqpiesnflhe Daily and Weekly
will be,sept grat is to any ad,dressom ap•
itcaticin: --7 . ~„
`Ttni r rs,ibliatters of l*Apricoqldfiatiyy
fill t theii' Oormnqa with the'
. i . Ougl4l ! :_ . .raad
Inci4.liberal *mgildittiona, 4110 press
thife'pOont tha:c9untryi bifl ,ififiii pr*r
that - photild' - I)tand alOgether:. , upon
filaltiis til .. .Publi 6 :QnnficiFlic , P,*Pirricilimu
and ' esta blished:; ; Thq , lel L O4lt' /. 0 , 11 !
,mnii.p.'d" this' te:p:ut*.ten,%ii,;the sander s •
.rflatigs9`eig Mid luilqiendoned*ikillich
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'atiaitiOiiaifeeriflietciifel'itliots *104143
eiibfeets;io iiiiteAtOalnibeff, Afifixiinkpl•
ed publicitiiat p:lo6ot;;,eod::Will'be,
1 as here!ofiife - , tfke:iiiiit)orter it truly Till
rtio, 01:100141,. - Olips‘ tntlical
-4"1, and fintiqMPA. in, Very' ,66l o.;:fu4d
'de4ad - t"tr the' etiinteistuO,' of gißog:g"'
' vinliiic 'fitl'ai ' ; m:id bider ... 4 • - • '
' . - niti roblisitatiorrgi Aqz P1!.909 1 :v 5 43
'diet. it,thini:yeahre' ',lkeil4ar gettis4oo
) 1 4 ii,4440 . ', P4 11123. '*ititl,''4 lll is :IV !
-4 i1i6113 . hitii 4o o.o ( kilOA r i#,lSO d a . 7ti
hi thP PrNter:M* 6ll 9o, 4 4 ll. -*. _ a
ct ii , 4 , t h e -bob's; tilfevg - rfstpOtfßp „of
, Vialniteii',": t rii e' ~ itatjAs , t l o ll P 4 . l OP 6
se Se, of* ' iiirOilif iiilt i 3 O , P l2 ' 6 !
1 : , c e itl " Beo4l l hkgreit :# l3l , r
'—' . al*fis 1) ~.a. 0 1 3- 6 10 $.i ' itall tai ig ,
' ilii ' Ofikaini!ibtifiaelisier44o6o. ~
,:-T • f.-9-7 , ,/,, •:‘.
*l Err A tidtii -3 ' - - ; - '
•- ' ;I} , ,i, .
lap. vn Pvisciaiii.„6 - a'tAtike.f-,.;, ,
r!v i i tifp - i - Git*tb,! , t,,,T:hNrp. iwfi 1
V:OLVIAEII:XL: , -1-3111101 .
Vez 4 l o :49 ll llgg ttur - 4.;nmt.:
Lizzle laarixAmptouline omit
434,bythei Provoilt_Ans,vl 9 f f 13440 9 5,r 4
OiStaCity .last . diticoveied,'4)liii
.pretty young yo sm sllttte.a
mets,r.aiidt'seiit ' to Ltinisville:- Shelled
'bell& :encamp - With hhr .reginient,lthe
11th Kentutikyl ed
Cavalry,ofwhicki Outbid
been a member-for-aeveralznonths past
tibmrstc..darittg-, theAA - teen
Ition.thicisrotranomi rAttiftoje. , ,,
5547,84, se,v,en, ditTevyllcre,Oniilats_ond
pericipated 4 1 '.`i'eier41,11411 - Fs.. Pad
ut' rdeoVeredi did) dierforunies
of ivaffiivhichneast herjromiAte-sarray•of
4 1 1aNtasmeLtoitlittil,Tgly : of9.1 4 e r-
land, .SheforOf isr.tha _be
'River Ifidge - On the 41h - of Ufa; laid
ieceivei s` WolindjtVhicli : diSUbledifieribr
s . short - utliticq 'She rhan:beetr disecifered
ami , niustolneltaut r tile , Service seven, or
eiglitAiznely, but ( impiddietely, re-ejklised
in, another rtiiimeat.-ISfui stetisitiut her
that tier 'parents-arntiow living is that
place. This young girl haErserved aterm
of eighteen-mandarin the army, and were
itlintithat; she dreads, the_ annoyinee of
being discovered and. mustered ont r ahe
would enter the service Erie.
'the Richmond Ekammelbee the fol
loWing account of thcAiscoveiy of efts
male 'soldier, a• member of the 'l6th
regiinent, in :prison at,Richniond r
"Yesterday., a rather KepoSsessing
lookiw lass' wes discovered on gene, Vile,
disguised, among 'the priiioners Vier
held there. She taveker real Mtn:lnas
Mary Jane Johnson, belonged tollicrlfith
Maine regittient,:and htid beena ptitoner.
some. .time. :She; gave as,. ea-pap:lac:for
'e. pang _her , 14 pia ie.' . takaaiYi :that ahT)
tp si,ield And pro
' feet him When in 'datigef-. Ile bad' been
killed inrbattle, 'and now she wield have
no objection to return to the more!peace
ful sphere forivhieh Indere, by her sex,
had better' fitted her. The ''h eroine of a
novel:yenta •_be written- in , Yinakeedom
was aseaideixthly sunburned mt:roughen
ed byfthekardships she had encountered
:but still
.retained merits of ioine woman
cimiliness,- Which would he h4i been*
by a - calico . froek and trinolinev - Upoil&the_
diacovery, of ,her sex, Miss Johnscin;wit
removed from .Rolle Isle, And is: now, con
fined at Castle. Thunder. She will ppifia
Rather. Fast; • -, ../'.
Artemus Ward, in speaking of' - his `re
turn ,from the wars, tells the , following
I most, relate a little incident which oc
curred to-your humble sarvint on' his-re
tarn frotn. the wars. 'I was welkin' along
the street, lookin' so gallient and.gayiln
me brass kotoand Woo button% atid.oth
er military harness, when a.excitedtfemail
mein Out uV a house, throw'dber pump.
handle's - around *me neck—iihieb' pair I
didetanind much, as' they was fair,loutid
ones, an' exclaimed :,
, tDoo I behold thee once agin ?" `.
"Y4)14 doo--and I think you are a hold
in mo too fastly," set I, ,a trying to re
lease the eccentric femairs arms.
"i Or), have you own' back--hay . you
cum back-1" she W il dly oiled, han ging
tighter to lay neck, i . ,..7..,
'Certainly I've cum back,...or else I
would., not be here. tilutll don't think I
4u?Mi_tr,n4nohly.” .- '
"iNot know me—your own Planate
Rosetta .Belletta,—she . who has not sot
eyes butt; Yrt Tor morn tow feara. t- Yes,"
she eentiritted; placin. her hands onto my
.ehbeldersiand lookin up intnthy face like
a dyin: hpas•fly--,‘.i.yea,• I sea;mo own Al.
e r ,:a!„ eyes, hia,riose, bia ears, his-'.-" :, •
‘ - '' -, e'.3rsakiti'," . 601, 4 exense .iii,e , ;: liiik id
kiw, me to correct yii. Ef rurnot tibia
-ten;-these eyeses, - end earsek'and itotite,
belong to myselfjudividooly, an ; yonr•Al
fred.neyer o9rned,?* ,scarcely ."... ~
"Away with this farce,'.! sea ,ebe.,, .'7'ou
can't deceive yourSO,FrChWetta. - Chifi In
to the hpuso i andiee yonr-little-fsen,-Lin
chlii!llUrnaide Ardelellan geaier."
''-'lt Wife eiidititiliiittliefeihail was mis
takenthatl it ventitait -'•ine- but another
fltalkAihe wanted. :-1..•: • • -
:i'llmr Add 4 he ,?" sez I.
'''‘l'Whiciil" Bei she.
~ .i "The little don;Lincoln ButusidO ,, 0.
Clellanntid-acid 4tb." "
.....„<frThe s i ast jythanths old, = the iittle'diii%
'i n. ', , ~. • ; •.: ~:'..
, 4
' Well, madrn,7 l ..seZ, li et tittlet , Liti•
Burnside urniide McClellan .and so ethis on.
ly 8 inutithii old," and'yn havn!t that eyes is
your' Alfred for intir'n tow yekivll4lc
tbair's .a• - ,mistfakittorneWhaw, an thal:M.
,not Alfred,,li•nt,nnuther. mon !altogether?'
. .
The ..)voArilan,sbat - into- 019) hoWletlai•
Eiti ,' it'd' this tiaellui lire r enNtOfP,YAt
!iett'a'Reaittis'llelYntta, buirkitz.
•!r; lat4hope6pki, thrOdiroiiiiii : Fie iiy
tender gr k ilpor r bqoy i tOyentiopfonitiChako.
e i tla t '• iii ittit, ti l47,,a b h r . t 0r , 0 0 ,, i 43,4705,,r
-vietaviiviaiscoaritto_, „ iota Ails ,
Premium cm gold in New- tirk.' Theo 'kir ..
Kltrikistboattempt to ohesitheattiOdito:,
ore- ~41 , 11an,g I.4l l aßkage , :pf:tins : &vela).
liin;FrienlAkoki ad.M I LP ri rr i l .
"alibis entlhif* 4 12 4AT9 ry , ; ,SStr•
tlaiid Alifealidfolorirrall the Were.
.. .
7;:1r1:1:a- ,:ii