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OCOTr3q.*lr ALIPN I A11•3110
The friends of Woodward, Lowrie; the
Union and Constitutional Liberty,—Free
Press, Free Speech, and Fair Elections,
bold meetings this week as follows:
Wednesday at Now Milford,
Thursday at Great Bend,
Friday at Lineshoro,•
Saturday at Frien4titvMe, bothifternoo4;
and evening. •
East Bridgewater, at the Kennard School
House, Saturday evening.
Capt. Stanley 'WoedwPrd, of Lucerne,
C. F. Black, Esq., of Philadelphia,
T. H. Oehlsohlager, Esq.,
J. B. McCollpm, Esq., of Montrose.
Evening meetings will also be held as
follows :
Saturday,'Oct. 3d, at Brailmeys.
Monday, Oct. sth, at Springville.
Tuesday, Oct. 6th, in Jackson at the
Club Room—Roberts' Hall.
Wednesday, Oct, 7th,Snyder'sio Rnsh
Thursday, Oct„,fitli;. at Herrick Center.
Friday, Oct. 9th, at Dundaff.
Saturday, Oct. 10th, Brooklyn centre.
And such other meetings will be sup
plied with speakers, as may be requested.
Speakers in addition to above will be
announced next week and in the bills.
The Assessmenta—There are perhaps
300 Democrats, fsome of them returned
Soldiers,) in the county, who cannot vote
because they have not yet been messed.
These votes must not be lost, lest it may
defeat some of our candidates. They can
still be saved by being assessed. =Let the
Township Commiitees attend to this at
once—before Oct. Ist, Does any Demo
crat know of a voter who should be
assessed ? Think, and let-at once. One
vote might elect or defeat a Governor.
Let not one be overlooked.
The Draft,.—The draft is not to take
place just yet, and when it will, no one
knows. The quota for the county is said
to be near 800. Aged or infirm parents
must select one of their sons before the
draft, if they desire one left to take care
of them. Attend to this at once. Af
fidavit and proof must be made before a
justice of the peace, of such election.
An Imposition. —The " Agricultural
Fair," which Grow Co. advertised to
come Off at Glenwood, last week,,proved
to be an outrageous fraud upon the people ,
—a swindle managed for the benefit of a ,
few gamblets s ipeeilators, and politicians.'
Butler was falsely advertised to speak,but
Galt:tabs was the only one expected ; and
the only agricultural topic he can talk of
is wool—and old party friends.Of his said
they recognized his speech as the same
old affair committed to memory long ago.
The petty pretence that the Gmernment
had suddenly called Butler to the fiehi, is
characteristic of the creature who told the
falsehood, indireetly,'Wthe angry crowd;-
brit Grow 47Cii.T-kfl . oW" that; Wafer was
elsatrhoui making'speecbei, and , bad not
been engaged; but the lying use of 'his
name put some. thousands of dollars iTh the
pockets of IN, speculators, and drew a
crowd fbr Galusha bore. 'The attend
ants who shared the - spoils of the specu
lators and gamblers, and those who were
satiated w ith the horse-Tieing, went home'
content ;, but the mass of people who saw
nought but a show to humbug them and
swindle them out of their money, went a
way sorely , disgusted with the thing and its
Soldiers' Aid.—The ladies of the sold
iers aid society acknowledge with thanks
the receipt of $40,25 thro' G. A. Jessup,
the proceeds of a dramatic entertainment
given at the honsiaof W. J. Mulford, Esq.,
Sept. lith. By order of Society.
11. Wootton, wbo'has for a
year been the active and eifpieut ,Presid
4ait this societyi . having,Men Seilictcd
as Matron in a Hospital near Washington,
resigned herpoaitior, and skameeting of
the society resolutions were adopted com
plimentory of her services and expressing•
sympatbyfor her future labors in the cause.
The society meets to-day trhen a Fri's
ident and Treasurer arettZe chosen.
11100 d-Letting.—An affray took place
between two colored men in Montrose on
Saturday morning, which is. reported as
follows: .Emanuel Dade wanted a fight
with Jacob Warren, and pursued him till
the, latter drew a knife, .and stabbed his
musailant, cutting him severely in several
ZUrder, Nearly attempt at delib
erate murder, ( which failed because the
bullet missed the mark), was made in`
South Bridgewater on Friday last. I. W.
Kerr was at work in the field, when Jas.
Nicoll; came up behind him and fired at
'him with a „revolver. -- Ork hearing the .
shot, Kerr turned to discoiei the Source-,
and seeing the would-be assassin, dashed
towards him ; the fellow fled but was o
vertaken sad disarmed. He acknowledged
thoilting with intent to kill, but insisted
that he mititoplaL: for Wmir-ileynolds ;
and begged to, be released on condition
of leaving the cottati7,, ,which mu; finally
agree t 4 - lbe - Oht p - appeaiu to havuite
ted the purtofsilisoipte of the higher Isar
and military 'necessity advocates, '
of these
degenerate times.
Ul next ..annual .
session of the Sniquebanoa Aelocisition of
Voiverursts will be held Neihooe,,
yomhig etianty ,l3 & 6 6Wearif*7 fto:
t Thursday Oct. 701114 0 . !,11.'' '4fatim ,covi
dially invited te attend: ' :
2Yr 4. 0 . wAnBEN, Clerk
sit k irleigit, km State atitCounf
iftteliA - bertig Pined It lie* . devolves
uPoP ittiPsvas (goo& mettueting for,
the' co geod Cot' tiff country, to see
thak:itti 1)1 010tedivIs COmpOSed, pf, good
'iiten,,thoge whew* acClot the seed of
flee .thosii who wilt- uphold Con
stitutionalliberty, free, press, free speech,
and the rights of die pOopid. 'Men mast
we go to work in earnest. Let all past
differences be oftrlookect, let,all tbu.con...
seriative elements'be gathered together,
and strike a blow with the Ballot, which
will show t 7 o the world that Pennsylvania
byredeemed I ,The,issne beforolis Is one
df no Ordinary character: Wu-have to
deal with those who are bitterly,opposed
to oar form of government. To4lay they
are ~o Dios d~ to they ijoaditd gonstli t ution
for4 l s4 b,r; ciAr&them A naiitis
their do
termination that the upholders of thii
Ctitiatitiidou be eleiteit if there
are means in their power to prevent it.—
The party in power are striving not only
to.ignike:State Rights and overthrow the
Constitutica - of their country,- de
stroy the rights and liberties of the Amer
Their term,' loytdty," ineans to be lay-
al to the administration. Or in other
words, you must. Fall down and worship;.;
the, mighty decrees set forth by Abraham
Lincoln! Now if the administration is
the government s what right had the party
that hold the reins of powectp come out
against James Buchanan's administration?
Why did they oppose Frankliti Pierce?
Why oppose James K. Polk and the war
with Mexico.? How came Abraham Lin
cola, then a representative in Congress,
to stand up in his place and make such a
revolutionary speech as he did—using the
following language:
" AnypeoplennYwhere, being inclined
and having the potier, have the right to
rise up and shake off the existing govern
ment and form a new one that snits them
better. This is a most valuable, sacred
right—a right which we believe is to lib
erate the world. Nor is•this right confin
ed to Cases in which the whole people of
an existing governmenrtnay choose to ex
orcize,it., Any pomaonsof such , people
that can, may revolutionize and make their
own of so much of the territory , as they
inhabit. More than this, a majority of
any pinion of such people may revolu
tionize putting down a minority inter
mingled ' with •or near about them, who
may oppose their movements. It is 'a
quality of revolution not to go by old
lines, or Old -km, but to break up both,
and make new ones."
This speech, from which this extract is
taken, was delivered in the House of Rep
resentatives Jan 12, 1848. Now I ask, in
all fairness, candor and sincerity, if such
teachings are in accordance with the prin.
ciples of the Constitution.? This was not
thesayinp ofJefferson Davis, but of A'b
lislmin Lincoln,' Then look in 'the N.: Y.
Tribune of 1860, awl you will find the
doctrine inculcated there, "if the south
ern states wish to secede, let them go !"
Thus it nppears that the web , feet of the
North, And the fire-eaters of the south,
were determined to break up, this Union
—a Union formed.and cemeated;togeth
er in fraternal affection. ' Had these men
forgotten the teachings of the fathers and
patriots of old ? Had they forgotten the
watirings ,e Washington P -Had' they o
verlooked the siyirrs, of Jackson, Web
ster, Clay and Patria Henry? Now will
they heed the teaching* of Crit
tenden,,,Oeymonr.„ and all those who are
and have , been upholding . Constitutional
liberty—those who are in favor of the
North and the Sonth being under the pre
sent ti Constitution, -which for many long
years has been our guide, and prowled
us through trials,, troubles and vexations.
Then we can see at a glance that the
so-called abolition party are following in
the path marked out by them, to over
throw the status of the negro, and to un
dermine the institutions of our country.—
They _are not in fSvorof the North and
the South being nuked, unless the latter
ignore their State Constitutions, so as to
suit their "irrepressible conflict" doc
trines, or in other !nerds place Sambo on
an equal footing, with the Cancassian,und
have a mixed up Web-foot amalgamation
sort of -people. But we must have men
in office who_ look to and will act for the
good of-their Country'. 4 -As for those who
denounced the Constitution As a "coven
ant death. and, an . agreement with
hell," 'we have had ' quite enonglkif their
manner of government. It is time we had
a chai?ge for the 'better. %. Otir preachers
herein a great mpasure: helped on this
fratricidal. strife. Instead of preaching
the geepel of their Lord and Master, they
kicked this aside and put on a cloak soak
ed with abolition dye. In the pulpit, on
the rostrum, by the way-side, in the corn
er--finally-at all places could their voices
be heard proclaiming, not love and good
will to their fellow-men, not teaching peo
ple to , lave each other, riot 'praying for
'Union and happineieto sectiousefour
beloved country, bat filling Ow minds of.
their bearers with bate, and teaching
them to despise a . pirtion of their fellow.
men, because their institutions were dif
ferent Irom.,onrs—rlalaansA they owned.
'laves:, 3V:wonder ;theY- must biive
new Constitution,a hew Bitile i end a new
(God; for,thisCoitAtiOn, this Bible,and
the God -whom we worship and adore is
not the one to snit' .thiir whimsical no•
Steed ona.eisfaill4 its-try to do
the best we can lug& #141116' cam
paign. Let us ski to CV: Connty i Ticket.
*6luporied irt-good - andi
well worthy of the plane! for, which " they
have been nomit*W.
relio*Aitizeponfoe , great
wokleto: be Susquehanna
muFt redeemed- Mer..loslll, Citizens
aid"' &Lei** 'that, Am*" • end- right
shell prevail; "That'a new order of things
must be accomplished by having,.a new
ijecotincin electetip.tholatit.x, who
will 'go In for the rights and 4liberties of
02- A‘eriCuipjpitiien: t
:.Lenox,. Sept. •1
.803.,x: LEI4O=AT.
vt, "or 'lke
Wednesday and Thursdays Sept. 80th
and Oa. let, 1861
Rules and Regulations.
The Committee and Secretary have, an
office on the Fair Grounds, where the
Judges are requested to meet at, 10 o'-
clock of the second day, when their names
will be called' and vacancies filled; and
,they will enter upon their duties, and be
'ready to report in writing at 2 o'clock of
tliesame day. It is hoped that all per
sousUppointed on Awarding Committees
will be 'present at that hour. The Judges
can resort to the office for instruction and
to make out, ~reports.
Exhibitors wsshing to compete for pre
miums, must have their animals or arti
cles entered on thcileeretary's. Book the
first day. of the Fair t \if possible and a
Card, which will be received from the Sec
retary, C.' L. Broein, must be placed on
the article or animal to be Teirbibited.—
They must be-all on the ground for exhi
bition by 10 o'clock, a: m. of dee\ second
day, or they cannot receive a premibm.—
No article or animal can 4 removed`be
tore the close of the exhibition except by
permission of one of the Executive Com
It is very desirable that all vehicles en
tering the enclosed ground should keep
in motion.
Superintendents of the different depart
ments will have all articles and animals
systematically arranged. The officers of
the society and superintendents will be
known by their official badges.
A sufficient Police force will be in at
tendance, day and night, to protect the
property of exhibitors. .
Arrangements are made for all stock
over night. There will be a Committee
at the entrance of the Fair Grounds, to
direct all persons driving in stock over
Stock can be entered ten days previous
to the Fair by calling on C. L. Brown,
Secretary: Office at F. B. Chandler's
Colts and Mules mint be exhibited in
strale, during the exhibition.
No provision will be made•for stalling
stock over two years old.
No premium will be awarded to any
person exhibiting articles or animals not
entered in the name of the bona fide own
ers of the same.
Order of Arrangement&
The gates will be open from 7 o'clock
a. tn. until 6 p. tn. each day.
At 12 o'clock, m., the track will be o
pen for promiscuous driving until 2 p. m.
All horses in harness, entered for premi
ums, are expected to be present and take
their places, as called by the Superinten
At 3i p. m. voluntary Lady and Gondo
l:ilea riding until 4; , and driving from 4 to
sp. m. . , t.
At 11 o'clock a. m., a Grand Cavalcade
of Home, ,entered for premiums, will take
place on the track.
At 11i o'clok a. m.,at the call of the
Superintendent, class rst will assemble in
front of the Judre stand, for exhibition
and final inspection.
At 12 o'clock, m, tingle and matched
At 12i p. m. Colts.
At 1 p. m., Mules.
At 2p. tn, the address by Benjamin
Parke, Esq.
AC4 p. m the announcement of the
Award of Premiums."
To conclude with an exhibition of gen
oral driving on the track.
CLASS I.—Stallions and Mares: Best
draught stallion and one of his colts, di
ploma and 85 ; 2nd best, 4; best stallion
roadster, 5 ; 2nd best, 4; best brood
mare and colt, 5; 2d best, 4.
Judges—Chester Bliss, Silver Lake;_ A.
LatbroP, Mentrose ; . Geo. Harrison, New
CLASS n.—S ingle and Matched Horses :
Best, single gelding, over 4 years old,
raised in the county, 413 ; 2d hest, 2 ;
best mare over 4 years \ old, raised in the
county, 8 ; 2d best, 2 ; best pair match
ed horses, over 3 years old, raised in the
comity, 5 ; 2d best, 2 ; do. mares, 6; 2d
best, 2 ; best pair matched horses owned
in the county, not raised here, 8.
Judges—Dr. L B. Lathrop, Springville;
F. F. Badger, New Milford; C. Stark,
CUSS m.—Colts and Mules: Best pair
3 yeaf old colts, $3; best pair 2 year old
colt", 2; best pair yearling coltsi 2• best
3 year old' colt, 2 ; best 2 year old colt,
2.; best yintrling,colt, l ; best mules;
3 ; 2nd best, 2 ; best jack, _2 ; 2nd best,l.
Judges—lL P. Blanding, Harford ; S.
Mammy, Choconnt ; m. T. Austin,
CLASS L—.Devons : Best devon bull, 2
rim old and;npwards, 80 ; ,2d best, 4 ;
best do. between 1 and 2 years, 3; 2d
best, 2; best devon cow; 3 years old. or
upwards, 41•2dbest,, 3.; bes,t drypn heif
vr UtVlikif 2 and yesis old; 3 '22 best,
2; best do. between 1 and' 2yrs
e.aold, 2;
2d best, 1; bendevon bull '614-2 ; 241 do.
1. -
diskom—}l. g:Sbermlnylessup; Orrin
'Prite42,rd, Spingville S. W. Bnled,
• CiAss m.—Grade .Vevons Beet ball,
befit Cow ever 3 Years old, best - heifer be
tiveeiffind 8 years old,, best 4yearlingei
and best a calved, each .3; 2nd do., each
32. '
Judges—Hafna Smith, Franklin; G. V&
cock, Ilarford ; S. B. Guile, Harford.
Cuss rv.—Grade Durham*: Best ball,
best cow over 8 years old, best heifer be
tween 2 and 8 years old, best 4 yearlings,
best 5. eaten, eachietr; 2d' lest do. each
Ads's-44 Harris, Jackson';'Wm.
hash, Bridgewater ; Wm. Graves, Dim
Cuss v.—Nativn bull, best cow
over 8 yeani old, best heifer between 2
and 8 years old, best 4 yearlings, and best
5 calves, each $8; 2d best do. each 82.
Judges—Warren Tingley, Lenox • Dea
-1 ison Thomas, Springville ; E. G. Babcock,
CLAss & Steers : Best pair of
working .. oxen„ Over, 4 0313` 4gdi raid in
the ' county , as ; 2d best' 4 ; best pair of
steers between
.3 and
.4 years, =bed in' the
3 ;, 2d best do. 2; : bat Or of steers
between 2 and 3 years old, raised in Coun
ty, 3'; 24 best, ; best yoke of fat cattle,
; 2d best, 8; best single steer or cow,
4; 2d best, 2.
Judges—James qage, Saver Lake ,• S.
'W. Truesdell, Liberty ; David Wakelee,
Swine : Best boar and best breeding
sow; each e 3; 2d best, bat 4 spring
pigs 2;. 2d best, 1 ; best 4 pigs, less than
10 weeks old, 2 ; 2d best 1. .
judbfesA-8. Roberts, Jessup; J. S.
Towne, Forest Lake ; P. T. 'Ferguson,
SherfP.- Best fine wooled buck, best 3
do. ewes, each $3 ; 21 best, 2 ; best 3 do.
lambs, 2 ; best coarse wooled buck, best
3 do. owes, each 3 ; 2d best, do. 2; best
3 do. lambs 1; best middle•wooled buck
and best '3 do. ew es , each 3; 2d best do.
each 2 ; best 3 do. lambs, 1; hest buck
lamb of each, 2. LiecesteFs, Baltewells,
&c. "are classed as co.artte\wooled ; Sax
ony, Merinos, do., as fine Wooled.; and
South Downs, &a., as middle Wooled.
Judges—Joel Turrell, Forest Lake ;
John Tewksbury, Auburn ; E. Ball,Forest
Poultry: Best pair turkeys, cock and
heti,liest 6 fowls, over f year old, best 8
spring chickens, and best 6 ducks, each
82; 2d best, etich ( l.
Judges—S. D. Turrell, Liberty ; C. Per
kins, Brooklyn ; ST. Scott, Bridgewater.
Bu tter frnd Cheese : Best firkin or tub of
butter made in 14ne, best do. made in
Sept. each $4 ; 2d best do. 3 ; best I 0 lbs.
butter mada by girla under 18 years, 2 ;
best cheese, not less than 25 lbs., 3 ; 241 /
do. $.
Judges—C. Dickman, New Milford ;
Henry Cobb, Montrose; C. P. Hawley,
Wines ! Canned fruit and Jellies : Best
grape wine, best currant wine, best black
berry wine, best elderberrywine, beet
cherry wine, best canned fruit, best cur
rant jelly, best apple' jelly, best grape jel
ly, and best crab-apple jelly, each 50 cts.
Judges--Mrs.A.J. Gerritson, Mrs. W. A.
Crossmon, Mrs. W. J. Mulford, Wm. J.
Turrell, Wm. M I . -Post, C. D. Lathrop,
Fruit and Vegetables : Best fall and win
ter 'apples, ,not less than. one doz. of each,
and at least three varieties, each 82 ; 2d
best do. 81; best pekrs, not less than
peck, best quinues, and best and greatest
variety of vegetables, each 81.
Judges—Elisha Tiffany, Dimock ; M. L
Terrell, Forest. Lake ; E. 8.. Hoag, Silver
DIV/810X vI:
tryttsicaq VIII.
•VinfloNaroi `;,!
Vinegar, Honey and Sugar : Best cider
vinegar, not less than 1 gallon, 81;'2d do.
50 cts be,st 10 lbs. maple sugar, and best
10 lbs. loney, eact42 ; 2d do. each 81.
Judges—N. Mitchell, Bridgewater ; d.
IL Ailey, Dimock; A. L. Webster,-Cho
conut. -
Cabinet work awl Carriages : Best bu
reau, best extension table, and best cham
ber sett, each $3l best double carriage,
$5 ; Best single carriage and best single
sleigh, each $3. All articles in this uivis•
ion for competition must be entered by
the manufacturer:' • •
Judges—Coe Weibt„ Gibson; 1. Reek
bow, Great Bend; J. Hosford, Friends.
Farm implements and BlarAsmithing :
Best plow, $3; best cultivator, best corn
shelter, best straw cutter, best churn pow
er, best three firkins, best horse rake, and
best lot of 6 horse shoes, each $2; 2d best
lot of 6 horse shoes, $l. Best white oak
Corn Basket ill, 24 best, 50 cu.
Judges—R. F. Breed, Brooklyn ; C. J.
Hollister, Dimock; David Roe, Jessup.
vrtiNioN za.
Seeds: Best bushel of tofu in the ear,
best half bushel of white wipter wheat,
best half bushel of red winter wheat, best
half bushel of spring wheat, best half
bushel of rye, best quarter bushel of clo
ver seed, best half bushel of timothy seed
and best half bushel of flax-seed, each M.
Judges—Amos HiAlieW t Brooklyn ; J.
Blanding, Raeford ; Philo Shorwood,Mid
dletown. — •
Leather, Best a sides harness leath
er; $2; 2d do. 1; test.. 3 eh* scdoleadle4"9“
2; 24 do. 1 best upper bathe;
2 ; 2d do. 1; test carriagelarness, 2 ; 2d
do. 1 • best,' two horse harness, 2 ; 2d do.
; "t Pair. gad "was; 2 US: Pair of
coarse boots, 1.. . -
Judges--)i. t.' Hendrick, Brieidsville,
Cris W. Bard, Springville * , A. Moody,
niirtetoti sive
i9omestie itentufegures: Best Sanest, 10
gordo.:l ObetelitialKel‘tb,
rade; 24- 2d 410. - 1 ; Itietwoolcip. - cirpet, •
15 yards,a ; 2d do. 24 beet leg doten•
pain socks, 2 ;2d do. V # best,
cm woolen mitten., 1"; sla, law 150 1 ctB.o
t p i ece , linen cloth, 10 yards, t best
Wen ountimero,.l la •
j u dsrao.—L. . F.- Etekliontrosig.l6,
cbafd C. ConVisb
Jessup ; Mrs. N. P. Wheaten,
Franklin . . " •
'latraort yr.
AM Jer i Ornamental Irsedlosork,-, , 4
Best dental work, $2; 2d do. 1 ; best spe
cimen of ambnot,ypes, 2 ; $d do. 1. best
patch work quilt, 8 .. ; 2d do. 2 ;. 5d do. 1 ;
best quilt of any other kind, 3.; 2d do. 2;
ed do. 1 ; best bed epread, 2 ; 2d do. 1 ;
best winter bonnet, 2 ; 2d do. 50 cts.; hest
tidy chair cover, 50c.
Judger.—Mrs. A.N.litdiard, Montrose;
Mrs. G. W. Orange, Greet Bend; Mos.
N. Y. Loot, Friendsville.
I l r fn a l " , i
lierd of Cottle: Best herdof aide, Opt
less than 10,.raised and exhibited by, ono
awn, ; 2d , d0..2. -- ' ••-
Judpes—L Carpenten; lierfordsi;fierk
Walker, Ana& ; H. Drinker, Montrose,
Divisiox4writt. '
P/owir' s,O Match: The Plowing 'Match
will take place on Thursday; π 2414
at 2 ealmkp. m., oath. farm °Mania.
Best Plowing: 44 2d,.
44 ; $
41,0; 4tb, 42; "
Cons. of Amthgements--1. Wrßirdarde
John Bartlett, Wm. HolniriguMt )
Mr. Hamill furnish dinner andleea
gratuitously . to competitors for premiums
at the plowing match.
.Tudgat--F. A. Bunnell, Dimock; F. Ma
Williams, Bridgewater; W. C. ILIA,
rick, Jessup.
Judges-3L C. Tyler, W. H. Cooper, B.
S. Bentley, Mrs. G. V. Bentley, Mrs. F.
M. Williams, Miss Kate Hill.
General Superintendent—C. M. Ganz
iluietant—Gro. A.JEssile.
Dairy Hail—S. Cranium.
Fruit Sall—W. A. Crossmon.
Vegetable Hall-Martin. Newman.
Mechanic's Hall—Silas Perkins.
Ladies' Hall—L. F. Fitch, Henry ,
Kinstry, Miss Ellen Searle, Miss Victoria
Dimeek, Mrs. Joel Lyons.
Price of Admission.
Badge of Membership, which will red
mit all articles competing for Premiums,
with faruily who are females :awl minor
uude'children, 81. Badge of Membership,
iilielowill admit fatally= above, without
competing-for Premiums, (except 1u
vieiona 22 and 184 50 em Single admis
sion, 10 AU' clergymen. And their
locales' admitted free.
3. C. MORRIS, Bt. ***.
HOLUM% + lse
::Itstnt7.—Left4hoencloinire'or ,", sub
setibitorr Eist Bridgeittitei; abent the
middle of Azimuth last, an ordlirwe with
two ewe lambs. The persnevahoneturns
them to me, or gives information where
they may be found t ill be hberallyrayar
ded. AN 14 . 1 4"*. Wen.
Montrose 'Depot, Sept 224.--
Estray.--Left the enclosure of-the sub
scriber in Haat Britigowater, Aboin the
10th of Aug, last, a yearling : Heifer, all
red: - Whoevei'will retuti;l3o give itifor.
matiou4hereitheis, ebill,Peet4ably re
warded. AtNIEL Srowzr.
Bridgewater, Sept. 17th, 1863. 2w
Wood Wanted. —Any of our subsorits
era who intend paying their subscriptions
in wood will please bring a load, of dry
$lO 1188383 L—Lost, at .the circus at
this place, on the evening of the Ilth Wet,
a Pocket Book,oontaining $3B in money,
and notes of hand to the amount of about
$BBO. Payment having been stopped on
the notes, the above reward will be paid.
to any person who will return the et
book and its contents . C. L. em.
Snsq'a Depot, Pa., Sept. 24. t 3
Teachen' Miamiliations.
Examinations to commence punctually.
at 10 o'clock each day, and to be held 'as
follows :
Springville Village,. Sept 20,''20.
Auburn, dame, Sept. 30, Oct. 1.
Rush, Snyder's, Oct. 2, 3.
Forest and Lake
Towne% Oct. 0, 0.
Cha Ind. dia. .
Mid • letown, Apo, :
lacon, Choconnt &
< Friendiville,oo. 7,8.
Little Meadows, '
Silver Lake, Brackney, Oct. 9, 10.
Franklin, South 8. H. 12, 18.
Liberty, Brookdale, 11A, 15.
Gt. Bend do bor.,Borough, 18, 17.
N. Milford it br ro, Borough, ,-, - ,19, 20.
Oakland; Sammy 1 . ..._
sum p s, , nusq'ls zip. 21 t 22.
ilitakson t .No4 2, ~ r - , ; ii, 24.
flibson, Will, 2e 2?.
Thomson do Ararat, Thom. Cants*, 2 20v
Herrick, Lyon street, 31.
Hayford. Village, Nov. 2, 'B.
Lenox, Glenwood, 4, .5. '
Clifford:and Dundaff, City, 0, ir.
Lathrop, Hillsdahli 9, 10.
DiMOtiiii Cprno! ' f , P 7 ' At 1,42.
.lessiip,,Bolles • 13, 14.
Bridgewater 4 Montrangdputiose,l6, 17.
Broolr.lin,-Cenire, , -',-. - ------/ 10,3-19.
: , - B..A._Wasixer,-Co. - Stip. ! t
- * ' .' •
, Auditor's Noda 3
iIV - lc'
rvirsniiiiibetitia cp t i t o osii...
... am Ontrt of limotortamat eta, to
ltm*Mtbe bands of es admiral go
go 4 10 - a
A.. piameU. dammed" win attend to the of
tro4 ri,
Ms -:satoolatment it his dam Al .Ws • on
Triday:tbs On s et 02 nal* konintkintbo • Yi•
at wtach time plane MI papas Mtemstolt i
nanatheir, claims or be former dabarredfrometan
noon midland. ~
Olt. 24, MC A. 0. WAIIIIIIV. Auditor.
AP TO IIZ POtollil l Af
I ' ilila ,r stlL`N
ELIOANT abaortmcat at Wes' PrikEitogg. De
....bumu ertishiketik Mis Rittiti!Lailiel sw =
r"W*l"atalig g iral AWIS / 4 A
141 4 4
DOME' ) 11c,
pv .: l= i t idi, altr ..ii.,,.. L l ft wr- r „ ; ,,
111‘ t 1
en,!, *
e ar .
Particafar &Mafia tacititaft4Y V
a a ' f i e e i lea
Sae black liPtchcbclotitialldecattu
eaV ftii, .
th anes,
, as io se u aia d ' , iii ,s o rtf.
Ladies Wear;'
i az , it i m s o
" rig az to tEtt igm gpio ff
iglu otiO*Driess 1:olloW . i tr rr 7 . I r .
(i 2 e i t t 12; 301810
SiOr, bar", 'allow sad pbftt, e llip OS „i et
'cellist Mpg., IllacS, A Valk 'T ILV
quailltir c = 'Soo,' , kat
Crockery, Oil, Lampif, Ghia; atil
Crockery stall Idads, bardw6a ;il iisili,, t cos Ilai
sod Mite. offs, coal ell lamps OA Ilscasulsi ea. .
palate, IHNIA Plustml, de.. "MI , 1 ,
tea/VMS= 0004.1:71,,i4ab0d Tostk's kt!
' , Y semewr es. ladles' p a r b t ymteoste tl u ele wa
: '
rg -ebd.43e..
, T 4 aretat*stadapita,idolwhim.-
I have anyrbuttlicm band& irapiNyet biker pada. No
chargq fur palivLud 951149 r 101. di,,l44plMt ter rale
Prodwie taken; In PsOinge.. ,
Nontrusi. &Pt. 41, INia• • • r.i4ILJDNWITT,
NVs.reabli,le overtly. given that the intdere4l , ati
' AndbOr appolntal by tlieltrphan'e Coo of na
oetianna connAt_tandilte dlstributtlot t ex le In
the bands bf 'LYDIA OARPSNT)III 4 t, .
it: w
the heirs and legal representative. Of
attend to the &Lica of hie, a i qlnnneot at hie aloe In
Montrose, Nifty theta 6f October. at! o'clock
In thqa ft ernoon. at which tlp andltu:it all petions In
terested will prasentl , aims helr dor :tomer
S debarred
froincomlnglnogonteald tont ;1, . 4 ,
P. B. TREWN% Andltqr.
A ... SI. 1863.
, . .
Igol/015 brq v yre.thothomderoviidegas 4-
. (tor • tiptio nt y the coigt, of •ftmmun Ram of
Susquehanna ContityitcittlakAdMrifttWlP thW
In the hands of the Executors of Mint • PpOiliiik deo
ceased. will attend to the duties of kis iipppointmeut at
his OfEcein Montrose. on Friday. the , ' Wh - d/y'olVct.
next. at tan o'clock in the forenoon. at :i =httee
and Oats persons interested win t s ir
claims or be fawner barred from copilot to ;upoti d
Aug:St:lSM STREETWAnditur.
A4o4lo,36lrataiefl , *Wee 1 •
A L .riohs' Indetfed the Itihste GARWOOD
.biL Meted Pisiddinkobrilibtp: tie'd.'ar•
hereby nettlgad tpuz l eAtemment, sad eillrer•
earls !Misr eNi=l rst tudd, estate *PI OTWOnt saual
to the shaValPeskibreettlesbeeet...l
Fniskllin; 6erk a, issi: D d Pslt7B .4lll*.z.
• • .
Adithdidrator's Notice: •
NOTICE'S beteby!glten to allsrosinilsbted tsi/
. 4/-
4 R.. Wstes, ofll lowtk n ep dsc
to mats Immediate - payment; lEt IVe s baying
4 411 40 against AIM Oft 4c Pottoet tbst NW, to
thy imdarsignid Tot ttlexacnt. .
t t,. set
!Franklin. #A l 4 l:l ,*. V 46 3; lOr r , 1 •
11100101( Dfififil rut
A d ITER mature dodibiratloty about oltr,riegooar ►we
Financial amsri, - forouive come to the =Walden
1 / 1 1.1 , • ; •
H 1
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0 ~ , i ' l l .
. 1 • 1, ;I it; • •
' '
v". 4,1.3, i• 1:
Is Actually IsTecessa s ty L
for the following goodstsuema: lelrstote tarralia asoll
a splendid Stock or
Murnie; Emwhit
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Dolotsior. BoregtoW Ladles' Cloth. Glailtosto.
,; Velvets; ?Mks, BoinbastnoC-Whito
ad* irnaCol t.. • 09 emita
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D '‘.
boson cuts tiyintrds: HILUIRIGest Ailment soy
. • , price.. 8ED7747X1N94 iSTALP.IM *NV .
DHNIMZ from IS cts upwards.
larTlasoutto of all colon sae vilcsa,,lPV
we flatter aeriiidem that lis teneteete with say
Arm this side et New York Prielts. " r t,.
yottl[ tits I F . "" ii°l4l ' Wf Sie_
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rr bishop' ( oda
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bra/heti lie arithe
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o say no matt*. Wort
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lasueb.y. 1 . • . 1 , qt
'itre eat pieutablinentiOlo 'SOW**
- ""unseril" with Z r to cow Intkii 1n1110.4
Weigri 01 1 1 0. 114 00. 0; 11),, *plan&
' lt aAnitag l WC l AVai ll ,thet ' ;s! t
"a* Sefth*Pli.tafibittafficOek:'
*beast Rosenbaum ao.
montimit Au . re, len.
;:Dress Goods,