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    ;; ,. The war an .
4'4lMi. IrIMBAt.:::11.1, OTOAZ
Y.. Priding; officli . Taken.
a= ;. ePresidentxFlne.llv Backs Down and
thellinit; Gen. Burnside issued an
Otlietqirohibiting the °kettle' tie!) of the-N.
-4Y , Wo rld in the Department: Of the Ohio,
id - Airecting the suppression Of . the Chi
t ittago limes. At 12 'o'clock , that night,
Judge Drummond of the U S: District
> Court issued a writ directing' the military
authorities to'tak'e nofurther Steps to put
the4rder in operation ' until tto application
.for a peimanent - tvritpf injunetion.conld
, heard in 'court next day; but at 3/ o'.
'cloCk in the ifig,lita file of soldiers broke
into tk,, Viating office and took - Pagaesakin•
Aiterreikaining sotnie_tiiue they left,giving
notice that, if any attempt was made to
another paper the troopswould take
p.e : rmanent possession of the 'office.
.- „it meeting of all oppo'sed to the infam
,txitiorder of Burnside was called to meet-
Ale next - evening. An immenie crowd
aisembled and was addressed by speakers
Ofboth parties. The speakers counseled
tie observance of the laws and denounced
; Atte suppression as arbitrary and despotic.
- On the•3d the IllinoiaHouse of Repre
isentatives passed the following resolutions
'by a vote of 47 to 13:
Whereas, Information has reached this
bOf.,iy,thOt - an order has beenissued by On.
Burnsidofor the suppression• of the Chica
gli Ilmes ;
-7 Whereas, Such order is in direct viola=
than of the Constitution of the United Sts•
ofthh; state, and 'destructive to those
'Ca-given prinotples whose existence and
recognition for centiiries,before a written
conslitution was made, have made them
tut: much apart of our rights as the life
ivitich sustains us :
- Be it resolved by the House (the Senate
*warring) that we denounce , the order
-w , bich threatens an act so - revolutionary
and despotic, as., contrary to liberty, des
tractivt. of good government, subversive
of constitutional and national rightsond
that, if carried into effect, we consider it
equivalent to THE OVERTHROW OF
-' TA} Y DESPOTISM in its stead.
thatin view of the inonstrons conse.
-qUences which must inevitably flow from
,such action, lf justified by the general gov,
ernment,we respectfully yet - firmly request,
the 'WITHDRAWAL of the. order in
viestion, and the DISAYQWAL thereof
by those inpower, as the ONLY,Course
which.ran be pursued to reisitire - our peo
-416 that constitutional freedom dear to
lickita, - has not ..OEASED TO BR.
Th'e 'attention Of th.-governor is called to
thisinfringeinent Ofpoptdar rights and_the
inVasion of-the sovereignty of-the state of
- '
LATAr.. 7 The Times publisher proceeded
-nett td" °ruing to print an Otherjoaper, when
thetrOolislgaltisefzed the:office, but =tife
alSarmed at the popular
indtnition ordered Puruside ; to ` = revoke
ijis infamous order, -and "business goes
• A - 13-iiittreetint; --
IWO Democracy of Huntintrdon county
heldnu immense mass meeting: At !imp
ingdou on , Friday afternoon, ac;.,
tion,lnTeferenee to the grOsitlont•rugefer
-porate4 on the,/ifouitor office- 7 the Dem
ocratic, Organ - of the - county—by. a black
Republican mob about two weeks pre- -
*ions ! , ,The meeting was preSided over
hY-Geneml- - Speer, a gallant 'Officer 'of
irainoW at _home on account
...eftlraialtb. On takinglhe thair:Gen. S.
-inadica - -- few olOquent- and. pertinentre - -
mitAtCstuLthe vaitzmomblage *ere fur: : :
thetiadimeti its q ,
Ciitigaris,. - Hon-. eo Sanderson, of
14.1itetti Beti•i'ef Belle
s!** 4- - 341t0n. - Speer, Esq., of Bating,
Aojioin4,; , ,thers.- series 'of patriotic
.andtalile,,resolutiOnii read by\ R. Bruce
Peirifdil; jr.sq, *re adopted liy _ accla
matkin,-and„,..the meeting-adjourned ' with.
thrue_bearty-cheets,for - the Union and
the -, -.Constitution:=Nearly, 410.00 *re
raid .and paid ve .tg=`llitr ':Owen, the
pri*lieter olitlie:AfrntjtOr, - tei 'enable, hitn
tOpurchase pew materials, tte., to again
start-the-pap&withouVdelay. - ,
...' ; ...4ajotani- Genera`-::.Thomas recently - -
- ils.peeth.
_to au Irish gimei4 al*
toticf,nortgion-ofit eallefil
far' e;`rlieers in - -favor the negro
• iittlint*fiey,-, :kat one :ton - Along -*if
responded ; • The Adjutant
inOt - to - alien , . The - na6licivire , _ , vtute.
5611410 - ;v.—n*4ly; aidefi4o
weire•; cpp6scd , , to.. gleP
et t eyfrom'ilie tinik#.':=Two or- -tAre,o's4:ll; - -
oetslin #atrdnici!fici'lani:
t,b94-gx:r4efior;-andr^lvere ; :fiiitting l y,
meat:" 4 :- -They detieiYe:
The StUttenti - L Akin - Vallandigtam.' l
Y.-,Sr Orin n--(Rep: :aye.
A lite q 6ell) 4 "*led ou:lt*Fal • deA
eOfaion of thil - greatinitstWthc;
ATROliit goyerzaii*iii•Eitt;
ropelv*l4 are' toresist Jao strong :ail
4p:tibiits 14e0iniott,-as - thc:trio;;•
. t h at foie tbat
the ite m lidt l o4tritlin
bi.-14 "maha't- I , l 44ligetelle*llik'APS
9tAbsillttlik'"‘ "Xttr 1 4 1 jOul*IiitiiViVit7AIC
to of ccr , ittd;Nria:,
landig4ito .110113 W IL
glidruse gemorrat.
~.A;:-TAlpfixonpoph ....:-.._,.,,A4ter..,.;_::
eeraed4 , a Xod /df
BCCep , Sion, etc:; disturbed Its harmony
THE corisrtrimort,As IT IS •2 -
Enforced and;reaieMod An nil aectiona of the country
• .
Members of the Bar, and parties enntratliag writs. au
thorising sale of real estate by the Sheriff of Susquehanna
county may_by.,a recent act of the legislature; arect-'. by
endorsement °tithe przecipe for the•writ, in which two
piper 'the county, said real estate r
' shall be- adve
This endorsement is to be transferred by the Pro
thonotary to the wilt for the Sheriff's guidance in the
matter. -
Attorneys or others who desire their Sales tolot; Over
'flied in the Montrose Democrat should bearin mind that
they.ranst make such directions upon the. imecipe - Sot
the writ when they issue - it. . - - •
• IP/aintiffs insults or ownera Ofifidgments npoti which
sheritra sales - are to beanade;-wbo wish said sales to be_
printedin this paper, should request their lawyer to . so
order. A cettidedtopy of the act maybe seen at 'tho
Democrat Office.' , . .1 ••
_Eleethig Of the Demeritlie ; County
The Democratic Connty`Cortnittee is.
requested to meet at the Keystone Hotel
in Montrose on TUESDAY, - June 2Bd,
1883; at 1. o ' clock, p. m 2l for the consider
ation of important matters. A fultatten
dance is requested. C. M. GERE,
Montrose, June Btb. Chairman.,
31M3fBEES OF THE coanwrgz:
'Auburn; H. P. Carter, HariOrd,A. Carpenter
Ararat, . B. H. Dix. Jessup, . • -Zenas Smith
Apolacon, • 31.1colan . Jackson, 0:11. Petry
Bridgewate,x, A.H. Patrick, Little MeadOws, P. Smullin
DroOklyn, ; Ami Ely. Lenok A. J. Titus
011.04 • Adam-Wells Lathrop, D. Wilmaith
Choccmut,., :Jacob , Liberty. - . D. O. 'Plural
:Dimock, ..; 0. J. Lathrop Middletown, Nelson Camp
Dundaff, S. Phinney Montrote„ •C. 31. Gera
Friendsvine, M. Handrick N. Milford tp, Wm Harding
, Fraoklin, .T. L. Merrinian N. Milibidbo.; (leo: Hayden -
Forest Lake, -0: D. Cobb Oakland,: Levi Westfall
Gibson, ••• Benjamin Dix Ruh, ; "N. D. Snyder
Great Bend twp. S. llamas Silver Lake, Lorenzo Stone
Great Reckhovi Springville, B. Lathro
Herrick , Henry Lyon Stisq: Depot, A. W. Ito_wley
Harmony, - L. Norton Thomson,ChesterStwaarn
Our State Legislatnie proved to he i a
veritroublesoniObodY--aefing in utter
contempt ,of the atoliticin party generally,
and of itsbarkers about Montrose especi
ally. - The election-of a Democratic U. S.
Senator and,State Tieasurer , were serious
offenses; but after sundry howls the "loyal'
pharisees subsided, and, doggedly, srilimit
ted: . Bat certain acts of the ,"Coppertmad
'House," threw.the Leaguers; hereabouts,
into such violent spasms that, their organ
has .shown weakly symptoms ofeholiceVer
since. The Honk, without_consulting:Mi.
Grow Mg . -organ or, toadies, elected the
editor of this paper, its - Posimatter, with
nuthority to OptipiOt.- his ( .!* 0 i5i.3 1 #413-
which-privilege wae
,ve - ry.:: properly - exer
ulsed the seleition'ef an editor wheie
office bad' been " i tnotA;ed - -4-Ibakolition
party. - All - passed off to the mutual Bads:
faction of all parties, until near the -close
of the:seseion When -- - (withont - autherity
from-- Montrose), the - House gave- as
the ueceptabliriOmpliMen t of a unanimous
vote of thanks for the faithful ef*lent
of,our' duty; Ain) - backed :up
their expression ; of approval of
- -
services :by' v oting to' pay us' slo9 l biere
than they ;were authrirized-bi law tO pay
when the office,—and which
the.ReiMblican Senate , concurred in S-411
_of which has so griev ed _ a fevi petty 'Curs'
inthis - vicinity thaf:they ureyet growliog
:about it,. end _dfsgrisdng,theresnectable
men of their yarty, by publishing`various
- 4 186 ; OPOtradietOrk, and sliiderOns - *des
about - Viand other:officers andMeMbera,
whin are priviotut
or further notice our consolation renting
partly upon the Oc-t; that 7b4O*O:mode
soPeAingoilt - of the s3 ffiei‘ 90 131 iligriff 3
P -4 1 1 4 1 g T kibioi abaidoli i.
zi 9u 4une number
of Traiiiii°o3 - lliagazine opens-wit:il l all Mils;
trated pairatife, of the late horrible
ari in. irtaneso* 4:llesepp*
tion the llnaaen= Quicksilver .
; sfiiiVt.,4 . .*Pliatl r ier , ,fpaper-ofsTeu(inioi*
iliSeetsjPiiirioPs4 o- th;
Tillie ;it'd*, fui_et01411413;1111.4:11k.941:
er come is are varied arid =entertaini9g;,
and Bros.-, Publish.'
`01; ' •
.:12:6 , 03Tortvo,..thscasizarri) sou intv.
. - :;•=we - iiroll4foriitelLtfult each' discharged
li•fdiereaeidtead'to;#pply far a Penawit
should dofe year -from 'the ,date
xif their , diecharzei.:',9r theY::Will
yeWs pecaton: l AlLappticatiens
m 44 alter ; the eeOratiou a year will
secure pension theAate ' 4 l
14 4aPt i ##P 4 * ,, bltt it'tliade With* '44
„Welk P ealli * -341 * l 4 i iiienekif f ith
theNllsWargiy - -;•
'for the lute
--. 14 - 4 4 4:c05.z-44:404
t h e
9 4 0
lakeid* , - 2416 1 1 Z:
soisiconriSu PdaY-10qI4 1 _01:4C,:,
it;c4ixti • s.
e :LeglslaturO!-
'''';•:*4o#M4 :- lia' r .rewiiisii t *L'' ., ' - ' ! '.
,The , et:gerable attempts , of 'Lincoln's
_minions toy destroy , the inOil i mable
of the
.pres@,has been e4tended to the nce:
free foe Penn syl e* . editor)?
PinWtonQounty.DeMocrat having - teen.
* 4 O. I).Y-.' person : sPbscriblei:bitee*
"",,E*ost,itirshal," ihat - a latii - ininbes of
hie•PePer contained language "onsidered
liigWp imi)ropeii!.;4l4 bum against
. .‘altowing- anything of the kipa ,to - appear
:again,; under:, penalty, of : 4 1 TeatiOn4 sup"
pression •of the . paper.", The 'editor re
(pleated that -the, eiceptionable! Words be
pointed out, but it was not done,
. wtere..
upon he piblished a two -Colunin *dole
showing.his constitutional . _ Privilagei, and_
quotcaall the original political nrtie,les of
the paper of the datereferred to, so that
t j he public could,--judge of_their-proprietyi
One denounces the Vallarldighini outrage
.:.,another Protests against mObti,ind riots
as practiced in destroying priniing:Offiefs
another disapproves the aboiitkni league,
while a fourth controverts negmpolicy
article from the - Harrisburg Telegraph 4—,
Each is timety d snd appropriate, and none
but unmitigated tyrants would' make each
threats about 'them.
,trust the G. SmitgEsq.,
haiirmaess.enongii to fake the enemy to
the end without takering: The cause of
an assailed free . piess demands it, -and an
outraged people have a' right
o expect
and deinand it.
. _
WE , Conx,n - N't Do rr. ek .before
last, we received the followinlrtliA and
modest epistle from General Rascal!, BlB
itary Governor of Indiana.
Ileadquarters.Diatrict ofindiana,
Department of the Ohio,
Indianapolis, May 8, 1863.
Editor Bluffton Banner, Binifton
copy of your p . aper, of May Ist has
been handed to me, which you boast of
your intention to violate Order No. 9,
from these headquarters, as much as you
please. You i an now disavow that inten
tion and-advise others to do so, or dis
coutinue,the publication of your paper al
together till further orders. A violation
of this notice will receive prompt atten
- Maui S. 'HASCALL,
Brig. Gen. Vol., Corn. District.
We paid no_ attention to this tyrannical
edict, but continued to mind our own
business as usual;
As for discontinuing_the publication of
our paper "till further orders".—we can't
dolt; and 'as for disavowing anything
containedin our issue of May Ist, or ad
vising others to do so—we'd see Gen.
Itasca d—d first.—Bluffton (Ind.) Ban.
Cattle ,in the Highways.
..The following. Act, to prevent cattle,
horses, sheep, and swine from running' at
large in the county of:Susquehanna, Ivo;
passed by the Legislature of Pennsylva
nia .at_its-last, session, and is now a law:
SEcriorr 1. _ Be et enacted. (fe.,. That,
from and ; after the first day ofAnly next,
all hors - en, cattle, sheep and swine belong
ing to l'armars or other persons, found
runningatjarge or upon the public \roads
or highwayfVm the county: of Susilitehan
n4 shag be_ ioniidered'An character sof
sfrays, - endThay,ba taken up as such by
apyperSon, and shall-and may be dispos.
ed of under the existing laws of this com
monwealth relating to strays, if snob - per
son' shall See proper to prosecute.the same.
Piovided, The act shall not apply to any of
said- animuls that may have accidentally
escapedfrom their enclosures.
Hal&sit'a ,Wu ii.—This illustrated
paper, notwithstanding a lively competi
tion, stands NO- i in — its class. Its pic
tures are indeed a graphic history of the
war now devastating Onr country. Dur
ing the past yeata !win number of accu
rate portraits ofdistinOished persons,gen
era,' frOm photographs, and a series of
finely execnted maps of the seat of war,.
are alone Worth the sabseription, price.—
The publishers offer to Xiiind Harper's Bing
ewe and Harperla Weekly one- year . for
,45 .- - . Harperit Brothers, Franklin Square,
New Irork: . - - -
9witers of uNiatented Land.
The Act of Assembly in relation to :.the .
graduating 'and valuation ' - of <unpatend
lands by the COmmissioners'of the severl
al Couuties-O fPeunitylvania,,wfil expire by
its own.lithitation. on the,first": day xtf Au
gust 1863. Thoie hsterested, had better
:take adv.9,nta,geOf it in ,time, . ' , en d-bairn
Oaklands appraise& by the commission
ari,i and patented before date:, above .
date above
. •
mocratio State tonventiiin "to fa ,fesolution idOpted bY
tienoetatio'Statotiential•commi t tee,
the - Coaihinticio' 'l),elegates, chosen by
-the' Denioerata, thioughout the - 'State,
- -asseMble at Hartiabutg, on Wednesday,
4tinelltbs'l'BB3, 10:ts'elocii, A. M.; to
niinibiate !Candidatia l fer:Goveinof and
Zadga.of the, SOrnme Court, .to:
-0461 bY thefn.eods of tbp- 'Co*aiitttelou -
AndAriton, - .f . it,:t4fieniiiing•ejeetibit; . ,
CoyOntion"7.loll:also r: ':givOixpiesa;
loin .to tbO'sent4nients of the pqmixtratA bf .
-taw aferteltpt4kitt .dig4stetis t - .. ivniv new
thqjdzitgrio -, :..patritoo2'
ofour g reat t*ragio - lbe
11 4 ::$ 1 , 4021,frOPilitialfiiiinpt1011;"
• °r; ZUGF.M . : I
: ;e440044.A.* "I,- 1217/1t
J, Speak ? of Wair Noitioics.'.
League'" : psi y. made a trii
61 : 114- balt
by stria ing a Anth 0116 4 0:re* djql.
an emliiCin.atAnib ht) a
bi:baScsevnre Plow_
ia the , face, whereupon melee
'ensued --a gvieoileaguera,who,hati Veen'
Laierhig,-araund fOrrecime - tit;ile
anticipating, a 'milintending! to Tim:-
,ticipate,:enibracing occasiofi. , /cwt:
meow.' an aiiimilt'- , tipol' , 'AnuthCr:periOn
who CopliCilibertk;badie; But
the attack was unsuccessful, as a few stir.
dy braves,- Ufter ~,insisting that - he assaib:
nuts - should . :desist, desisti, sprang to „the !rescue,
and after sharp.'.centes4" shook the
mob, whichilled - get the coveted
pin, for which some had:previously cffer
.ed any -;one
* oula ' tear it ~iiif.the
wearer. - •
_ .
Several, - - goVernment employees were
conspicuous in the shameful not, bet we
refrain frem etposing them by name, now,
'trusting that befere next Saturdav=when
the Leaguers threaten te renew the fight,
—they will cepolnde that their duty is
to not engage In .streetibrawls. If they
attend strictly and fairly to their buginess,
we trust there will -be , no difficulties, but
if they or their party friends shall persist
in getting Up such melees, they , may be. a
hie' finally to iroduee'all the`tronble they
want. Let them—let al nod citizens
observe the lazes and all Will") • well. .
Let no Democrat violate the ,0 --
commit nu assault or proVoke one ; and as
Republicans eeem.determined to inaugn;
rate fighting at the North, let thern-ii,:.
ways - begin the trouble_and suffer the in.,
evitable and legitimate penalty.
ViOla4digham Meetings.
None of the , infamous acts of the infa
mous administration seems to have arous
ed popular indig,natipn like the
gham outrage: Meetings_to denounce the
act, are being held in the large towns and
cities, Which area atteded by immense
numberk of People. The - meeting at
Philadelphia. last week was perhaps the
largest ever: 'convened Independence
Square. The epeecbes and resolutions
were admirable. As the resolutions are
lengthy, we quote those passed
at a meeting in . •Newark,lT. J c -
nereasi Itis - not only the , privilege`hut
the duty of freemen to withstand the en
ornaments of the . Executive, ,and to re
buke with firrnness those iii- po . werWho,
under any plea
' however specious, may
presume to assault the rights of the peo
ple; therefor% -
Resolved, That now, when despotism 1
has seized the government„ boldness is I
prudence, and that we shall avoid most of
all the counsels of the timid or time-serv
ing politicians. (Cheers.) .
11./?,esolved, That the-people , have thus far
suhinitted to the illegal acts of the admin.
istration not because they,are ignorant of
their ri,,olts,lor because they are indiffer
ent to the inestimable blessings of liberty,
nor becaese they are wanting in courage
to resist the aggressions of lawless power,
but because they = have patiently hoped
that the President and his advisers would
desist from their - violations of the Consti
tution in time to save themselves and the
country from the consequences to which
such acts inevitably , lead. "(Cheers.)
Resolved, That in the illegal seizure and
banishment of Hon. C. L. -Vallandigham,
the laws of our country have been out-.
raged, the name'of the . United States dis
°racedr and the rights of 'every citizen
menaced, and that it is-now, the duty of a
law-respecting , people to demand of the
administration that it at once and forever
desist from such deeds of despotism and
crime. (Enthusiasm.)_ ,
Resolved, That we have reason taker,
from.the violation_ by the administration
of the laws paised at, its own instarice,and
from the acts and threats of cabinet offi,.
cers.and generals in the army, a eettled
purpose to establish, instead of an elec
tive Goverritherit, a military despotismy
and that if -thelimoshould unhappily nr-i
rive when our „rulers shall madly attempt
to deprive tis of an appeal tothe ballot;
box, tt will then be the plain - right and du
ty of the people to withdraw their, consent;
from such a qovernmeid,and to e.onutruet,'
by the speediest and Most'available meads
in their. power, tha government eStablish
ed by - our fathers. (Tremendous eheers.),
Besolved; That we heartily ,appreveof
the sentiments expressed ;by Governor
Seymour in his .resent letter, and that his,'
truthful; and timely vindication -of the
rights of freemen entitle ',him to_ - the ies-11
pect and"iiteenlof every loier. of liberty. ;
Resolved,"Thfit ,we -renew': our declare- -
tion . of attachment to the:Union, pledging'l
to . its friends, wherever found, our nnwav-!
ering snepokt, and. to its: enemies, in what 4,
ever -guise, our - :undying - hostility,. and ,
that, lalfid;willing,-- we wilt stand hy
Constitutioonnd Inns of our conntrp'end:
ender their sacred shier& will nuPtain
and defend, our liberq and rights, 4 11eace.!
ably if we can, foreiblyif Are . must." —I
t-;-Major , jos..littini; Sen., Aikd
for& countn,Pentut., 4n1. - the,.:11tN.:404,
103 •yegi l L -,*;:sirafi with Washi4o4C*
Taller:, rove; 'ankpargpipaiiilz -the;
bittile 4 . tErpidyitine.
young lady aft -
Voithlic , T.:CV.a4 , aw she *iislc•ing-:-batiic the
Rebeilhief#4lth toinfite.4o 3 o2 l o:Pft thcf
fed fotioiri theiesittiatiPnJwoi
. <
*ll . 01- # E-DA t , ...rDnalcit.4o vino,
P 9 B -DEU°CR A t •
nmoryer the Itepublican
Henry tang lk:Elign is thus
AeScribed in I # Bl nr7 l. '#0 63 047 8 1 ." he
s in' man y reapeata -A ' great Prince,
while bis tyranny and barbarity exclude
him Troth the character of-a good'one. A
'catalogue of ble'vices -would comprehend
many of tbe worst qualittei incident :to ha.
man nature—ibjusttee, cruelty, arrogance
and" bigalc" "Lia9l'l in nenking of him;
"`As impressively-depicted by the
dying words;of Virolsey, his"chief charm):
teristw was 1043 r. of swaY; N°
king had fewer cheeks to his poweri - and
liberty and constitutional equipoise were
out of - the qiierltion daring the whole of
his reign, or what is wtrsel the 'forms of
them were rendered subservient , to
paseions." Cobbett says: "To cap the 4
whole, to cbmplete a serieeof adts r--
witty such as was never before beard
it was enacted in 1539 that the king's prod
!mations should be of the same:(One at
acts of parliament, and that, the famous
Statute of Edward • 111 for the-i3ectirity of
the people a,gainst unfounded charges of
treason should be wholly set aahle. Nu
merous things were made treason that
were never before criminal at all. Thus,
all law and justice were laid prostrate at
the feet of a siogli.l man, and that man
one with whom law 'Was a mockery, and
Magna Marta was trampled under his
feet, and the people'who had been as free
as air, were thrust into prisons withont I
trial ; who had never haill an idea that
Magna Chart.a and all the laws of the
land could' be set aside in ambment, were
and:executed witbout.
)e crimes, or pretended
ty were , acetified.",
all species of guilt, the
td with the most sera=
tamed< that of treason,
a le itltas- found most
necessary 'to protect the subject against
the violence of the king and his ministers,
In the act of Edward 111, all thefkinds of
treason are enumerated, and, every other
crime, besides such as are there'expressly
mentioned, is carefully excluded from
that appellation„—and arbitrarily to intro
duce into the catalogue anuthei,
tioned, is itself a sobverbion of all law,
and under -color of defending liberty, Tel
verses a statute'the best. calculated for the
security of liberty;that had ever been en
acted by a British Parliament"
The United States Government .has on
its statute book a definition of the crime
of treason, and the .punishment to
the crime. Lieber ,says, "Aceording to.
the Constitution of thetrnited - States
son is - declared to consistin Only twenets,-
leVying = war ..against the United
'States, or their enemies.`:' The
framers of the Constitution, not stopping
at the limitation of the Species of crime a
mounting to treason, have also prescribed
the kind and 'degree of,Proof requisite to
a conviction. That no person - shall be con
victed of this crime unless on the testimo
ny of two'witnesses to thesame overt act,
or on confession in open court. There is
no offense in the United. States - that pass
es under' the name of ply 'treason, tior
does there seem any subj t to-w_hiCh - the
appellation could be given, except an of
-fense against tbe government of one of
the States, and there it could not properly
apply, since the States are in some res
pects supreme." _ • .
. Thus were the citizens of the United
States protected against the violence-of
the President and his ministers, by the
provisioneof the Constitution. - Thomas'
Jefferson said, "The- framers of ounCon
stitutiorreupposed- they had guarded the
citizens , against , oppression, .Under pre
tence of preserving the government.
of Aaron Burr.) Treason, when real;
merits the highest punishment. Bet'most
codes do not - distingnish._betWeem acts a
gainst the' government, and acts *hlt
the opppressors of the governnient.', The
latter are virtues, yet have furnished more
victims to the executioner than.tholorav:
er, because real treasons are rare, eiipree
sions frequent.: The unsuccessful drug--
glera against tyranny:have been the chief
martyrs against- treason ; 'coml.
tries.''' - • _ • - •
In 1861 began the reign.of another IteW
ry VIII, in the Unitedfitateti of America. -
The acts of the framers `of the. Constita
goo for,the.eecurity 'IA the peopTe against
tinfounded charges of treason were wholly
set aside, numerous:-things- were" made ,
-treason,whieh were never _ beforethOught
criminal at all,- and alljnstice,
were laid prostrate. at the feet of one ,
gle man: To cap the climax, it was enacted
in 1883 that the President's. Proclamation
should be ofthe same force as acts of Con
gress. As manyeubjeks .areilTuatrated
more forcibly,hy, , metaphor and cempari ! :
ion, as ntrue ikenesi of tho hunian coun
tenance is:obtained by:light and ,shade;ao
the mostr";striking, ditrinmees „between - a
despotic. and - Deineeratk government - 4re,
best ex - envies' of the, slavo •
ry the one and the -freed* Of . oth:
er. Soon after the reig,a;oU Abraham .Ist
commenced,; 'the Teliewini - iippeared in a
WewVoi:k paper, August, 1401 f
F "The- , eilitor of .-.the'Freetnan'e deurnal
Was arrested' : yesterday - end sent nirt
Lafayette. - -:: ;yel.miudb'acited
When the - ofteera came to-arrest him; and'
talked-about , his father:and - -erandfather
being in the revolution, the prisim-shipain
whiehoim or both: hid suffered,' :asserted.
his patriotism aniVriefase.4l to accompany
, theoffieerii. They *ere theref4 o olMgu
:to-hodouff: him. Subsequently the took
iine-„ o f thd hanadurs Boblkhlipfl4
writs 4 1 14'reP 1 0 , 0
hi 1 0 1 ,:-41Orie 1 44ed Ther laced
him s in.a carriage,.irict 01,lieir way
rarieltowi thiilo4l l3 7. 3 hicklgit:Vaiidi
virough the4inciOn Mtidleialaiitted , to: AI
Meii4 thpiiirtli4,,zartB(4oiirleisi*P- r ;
*fiat.° httri*,o*
-64:kbd 7 4 .*ii_vg;'.*W. 1 444 7 0Soloto Ora
Abe;tairqr : ',oo - -A;06740' ihofeoli4gifd,
thilna6 - 0 11 -4 helaO*Rti hill!b44, upon tilt
• • •
bandweptaua..., , wetimanesa: watch he
could; nOt'percome'until ht. i ',was locked ,
-insidelP4:Prilstin.7 • .• •
:.ellitoritiViniliaid; title of
his Oper.stippitisift - a- keg: goierriment, a
1 1 4 0 .„p!op•Ae.0.0itititin'ed by free men.
-This preils SOO wherti c _freedom stops.—
The Otteient titrue_jla 04.-Babylenish cap.
- An
.cL fears- are; Tdo* - - rea d er,. that
thousands WIWI
_f_bang.their - harps Unite
.willpws"-anifint:down:by theatreams of
Baliylog and deep= they:ielneinber
- lernsakm, th# ll 9lY,ir',lliPPYt4f !milt by
iht;l:tOkkraiic POidi= llllll 'Which .Eferiry
Vlll;itindersthe,bamoig rßePublick, has
destroVed, andr defveiV the 'descendants of ,
its fOilliderS11041:1411011,4Ild .I,:ixibtli'piat he
'and; his - partiitinsanay'rlo : *the--Spoils.
)ro sbotv hp3T f,reethe'FiepPle mine were to '
theiZkelfored, we
Pne - ehort."-eittratt, from Nett?
3 47,7184 4 ';;-,;
f!..Gf :cirats, ereito*entedWe remeni:
bor than ,this j - It ii
and patierful sif-tWenty
is '
attempting tb - huitible a uation.ofsevea
-shoUlde beat a
'orippl# [ ,,wiatild; be a Nto 'eomparisen.-- ,
ticitfibt the.aatut Gen. Scott is
doirini - aa early peine. , 'President Polk,
Seciei L ari igaroyi tht chimPions of war
to be zealous for peace!: AlM
ions to. o'onquei'f:Peti,ee " .. '"rheY only
viarit,to'b v rindZeitientolier seises, Rake
ireat - and'be-frietidly
ati;• ; - This is our 'View, - and ivt .tery earn-
OA to ' but AineannOt belieie the' true
wayto obtain; enet,
,is-bysending our ar
,.uty farther and 'farther uito-Itlnkico, bat
tering `downi. her fortresses, • trampling
hdearn her , harveiti, fringlier dwellings,
the 'blood Of her :people
knOW • thar:thlif :would not
be . the right Piaiie - between
ingividuals,'-aod it :Cannot be-is between
nations:; It is.beeaese Jere - our
try,ind believe - that njtiat - Gektrho has
said "Thou,iAalt, not kill," _cannot pros
,per tfiiit'iniquity;:thai - Ave Seek itif, recall
hr front lief career of ohne, on which
wicked.? rileric are .now->impelling - her --
[lhe""same not! with: the,, writer] at
say in
soeit, is nO,part of pattiotisni . When
`oar country is . involved lower to ask;'the
might it, net-'have . been; VPided?
Of, vonisenot v We bay:Elonly to Consid
er the we - can lietch
er!, ';'.But Bard)" , ire nun ask, where ikthe
war to end blindlyio hatch
eir .till the- enemyis::.entireli Olduitga
,ted er ;
_exterminated? , [Would . : to. God
_wouldzik now a- Let
intipire. hew 'this sort 0-:patriotism
'requires us to. an cap are ; an shat
:ter ankle-joints - witl4rape-shotbefore we
may begin to - consider"
Fifteen years - from' the :date .of_ the a
bove article, the. - very man who wrote it,
- and the party of which thti leader;
plunged - this nation -into war,' and when
James MeMasters asked the . same qnes
titins that Horace Greeley
„bad.nsked he
fore-him, 'the republicans sent liiinto Fort
Lafayette, :and the editor of the Tribune
belie.ves that the same "just GOd who ab
horred war and bloodshed"then; delights
in, it note, because it is their war, and the
republicans are -resolved to !thatcher on,
till the enemy"' is entirely subjtigated or
exterminated:" when one dares say
what Greeley Saidthen, webelieve that
wars of invasion-or conifuest- are utterly
hostile to the genius Offree , inatititions,
and that the twocannotanreiVet,ogether,"
'their new definition of treason' consigns
.to prison" 7. -
Letter. frow . Hqiii 3 Ohatles Oka4W«,
In answer toan invitation :to attend -
the:l36thoefitin Masi meeting held in
Philadelphia en-Mondiy nightlait,•••• Mr.
BuckaleW wrote the following - Airief
eipitisiveletter:' _
• - BLOOSISBURG I 3863 -"
lieut.'. OW. - Your ` letter inviting „pie
attend. our ~meeting of this _evening,
ed with 'reference to the arrest; *Mary
trial undexiii of Mr. •Vallaiidighami was
delayed, in, reaching m e.
time betOretbe closing; - of the mail, to
write: a. feiv . lines , in reply. ..I : approve
most heartily .the. object _Of your'•ineeting,
and hope it may be successful•and - exert a
wide Influence upon -Public s ] opinion..
Thereeughl, 01* no doubts and.; no hes
itation among them'as tit the te, be
puisued.. ',They must uphold,liberty and
put, down its fees, and that; loo t without
regard to the poor-;„ +Pitiful
_pretni4s by •
which-the Initerieek tn.defend or excuse
;- • • _
lam - respectfully , yours;'..
C. R. Bircraixtv.
‘ 4 - Pitebbitlaben by thirireilb;,
- - Vike ".stmiitnir S eldra from gavanao
which Arrived at ,Neon :York Sunday lie
tying broughtbighly4inportant*nve frail
Efuebin;: if all , the detailscad:lm4 NV: re
lie4" Upon ;Accrued - me ta these: adviCes
:the French - hat's; ultimately sucCeedeif.ia,
-tint - aapttirsafPuebTa with its commander:
in-ilielt(GetieralVitega;) tirpasinber
of inferior officers . : air 4 thousands !Of eCl:
artillery yytrita. same
'accounts;' had also_
It is. th 4
°lbillicaqo 3 o l artinerY, Genei.4l:FPreY
ctienpiYSiAtCmenilaiSf- - batabsidtifent - on
9rderid. a
general aiisatitt.:l,' , -The.',OrriSeti - however
niSOC=b9littla resistance, and thi f ,'Whble
foipei:"o94o4diri,effienre,soldit)ra - Ar4ar.
tillnryunconditionally surrendered
` , XimsP*ll4 - VOSTA O . - F l 'his lov_ptisae4
.-tlyx l SO )ast CoOgrf3 B o. axes - thAi 'rate of fog ,
per ite oen ti t
: - • r i.o(.)' l 4( Vic: .1-
;va. vk*C - ';
Weekl7 , -;;•14.i;
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