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General Grafit's, Glorions_Calonilar of
We of the loyal States have exper
ienced a for days of anxioati Suspense
c oncerning Genera) .Gitti.pckaria his noble
army, but liow amply, how gloriously
they have been compensated by thp stir
ring despatch Of Colonel RAWLlN9l.o' , ..tille:
secretary of War., Simple and straight
forward as it is, it thrills the nerves like a
trumpet blast. It is a bulletin' - of twenty
days ofcontinizotts victory . . It is a chron
icle of \military success without a parallel
in the history °four arms. It is an illustri
ous record of what is meant, by "war,
short, sharp and decisive:" •
From' the beginning of his march from
Bend to CarthaeilloWn)o the
hmir when his victorious divisions crown
ed the heights above Vieksburg,' general
GRANT has done what all others of our
generals have omitted- to do. He has
controlled his operations according to the
Napoleonic maxims of • war. He has
moved with secrecy ; he advanced rapidly ;
he marched in commanding force, he cov
ered his own line of operations perfectly;
be broke up communication with .the
enemy; having possession of the main
line of supplied to the enemy, he held it
firmly; he compelled his adversary to 'di
- Nide his forces; and he then pursued and
beat them in detail. The results are vic
tory, glorious, conclusive, and priceless.
Look at the record. General GRANT'
after a series of admirably concealed'
movements, landed on the Mississippi side
on the 30th of April. -On the Ist of May
his army defeated Bowen at Port Gibson,
the Rebels losing 1500 men-and five pie
ces of artillery. Between that and =tlie
th he advanced to and took, successive
ly, Willow Springs, Rocky Springs Cayu
ga and Chrystal Springs, , and compelled
the evacuation of Grand Gulf. On the
/2tli General Mchisitsos fonght e rd won
thd battle of Rayincad, - inflicting a • fur.;
ther loss of 800 on the Rebels: .Advan
cing to Jackson o the 14th, Gen GRANT
there defeated Joseph jolinstim,'one
of the best soldiers of Rebeldorn, took the
Capital of . Mississippi, bunted large A
mounts of Rebel supplies;' destroyed the
trad br idgcr s killed and wounded four
hundred more of the enemy, captured melt
enteen- additional guns; and sent Johnston
and his men flying towards the ,nor 44.
Turning his back on 'Jackson =GsAnrr ad
vanced on the road to rieltsburg, all 'the
time keeping possession of the railroad
track. On the I.Gth be met Pemberton
at Baker's Creek, about eighteen. miles
from Vicksburg, and after a most desper
ate and bloody battle, he cut Pemberton's
army in two, took t wenty-nipeopeices of
artillery, awl - four thousand prisoners,
and sent LovelPs Brigade flying to. the
South. Pursuing - Per7rberto‘-who had
brought' ut the Whole • Vlckabing fOrce
with him, Git.tyr brought him to - bay on
the 15th at the great bridge over the Big
Black River, about ten miles front the
city, taking twenty-six . hundred more
prisoners, and seventeen more 'pekes of
artillery.. On the 18th he marched to and
invested Vicksburg itself, carried the,
fie pits to the north of the city, cut. off the
formidable batteries at. Ilainea7Blufl; .and
opened tip a a neiv line of supplies for
himself through the Chickasaw Bayou' in
to the Vazon. Next day being the 19th,
which is the last of which- we have Offi
cial accounts, General STEELE carried
the enemy's upper water batteries, era
hung General Gra,orr to-- test:his-right
wing on the Mississippi Riser, where the
great stream is overlooked by the famous
Walnut ilills, just outside of Vicksburg.
Referring to the above brief, narrative,
it presents a celerity Of movement, an en
ergy of o_ iteration
the most remarkablecharacter. With re
(aril to the first two of these qualities,
the record will speakfor itself Ilve_baf
tles and five victories in
with trophies in possession -the shape
of nine thousand four - hundred prisoners
and sixty-eight guns, exhibit,* case which
requires no. comment._
The • ro . iiloitig, -was- penned' tat an
hour 'when it was thought. Vicksburg bad
fallen and the public has since been as
sured of its capture: but that event is yet
to occur: The daily 'reports. are sea-
Rational and unreliable„ - but a vigorous
siege is now .in progress which Must RUC
ceed as it is Loo far from?. Washingtoirfor
fatal interference. '
On Friday (22d) General Pemberton is
said to ha:re ciffer64 to surender if Gener
iil Grant would allow the ,rebels, to lay
.down their arms and march out: , , The .of
ler was refused. The rebel batteries. on
the hill north of xhe town-were taken and
turned on the enemy on Thursday. On
the evening of tie same day the water
batteries at the foot - Of the liilT were carp
tared, and. Oru. ritorta . o3Oati 4tolk.fliti w*
ter batteries below the city. Mter refus
ing PenthertoWsterms on Friday,- 1 Gen
eral Grath, mimed on . the 146'4'4 i s egr.kit
Arove the retels within their fortification.
Grant feels certain (Whig ability 'to take
care of Johnston. Our army is said to be
larger than has been supposed, and
stretches completeliciritund. the doomed
cky. The p .* iiSsibitity' , of :es . ttape is en
tirely cut Of. Every man - WOrtiatk;:
.child in it must fall into ottrbbliatir i .` '
Our ad vices from
meagre and not wholly reliable. _At 00-
xinnati it was understood that the both
bardraent w,as being
_yigoronply Thsceu
-ted by latidrabajtatei.i ; ; ;
—The news frunt the Seat: of 3i- the
Mississippi - still coutilittO -1 ? e Po - •newN
and a tanialized, aniiong.,",POUe
turns toward the War Vipartntentfor
lief from :ga sespensgr. telegra4thi!
dispat4 stlites that all j oftle'redolibto on'
the heights of Vicksburg-4,e " , been; fip
ken-with fearful "Federal abiUghter;, ; .b4
the. last. Richmond papers eto#9ttitpt . , - .:11011 1 ,.. -
and represent Grant 'as qttTelesstir*
pulsed: • -
Journal from -t Marfreesborotellay 241
mjdnigk .84111,;:' 3rillbindigh4lll7prlir
aud , was sent to the. rebel lilies this. mot
in g. , The, rebel pickets at first: Mimi
toireceive him. -.Finally the. Colonel cot
manding the pickets assented to his
ception, when Vallandigham thus al
dnisved'the:gtiards, askin'rientitteiitif
• •
of the Federal officers;_ "I kcit t lzen
()Mo; 'WS. of Atherica, - IM - d seni 41%11
your,lines against my, will.-, I hope y 4
will receive me as your pritioner:" . li
was then promised to be sent to the :rebel
authorities at Shelbyville at- the earliest
is I, be guest of 8ru033 at Shelbyville.
is reported that Biuoo telegraphed
JuFF. Dam' as to what lie -should
with him. Davis replied, "If he'll tal
thp - oath oflnllegianee7to the Confederate)
`reteiVe - himl if' oe send him baele."'-'
Abolition Comments on the Valandig-
ham Outrage.
Henry :Ward Beecher's Independent
with great t propriety wisely, says: '
Gen. 'Burnside may ignore the Cis
Courts in Ohio, so may Gen. Dix in NeN
York, and the next step will be the" ar
rest of every editor in New York who
offends Gen. llalleck," and that "the
tors of the Independent
.may soon be aen
tenced to the . Dry Tortugas. There are
nn liberties;" it continnes, "for the citizen if
the new military doe(rine prevails. The bet
ter conMeis to stink" to' law - and order, and
in the peaceful States, to prosecute men in
the Civil Courts for treasp_pable acts."
gtarSECtiETARY STANTON'S avowal of
his intention to nullify that portion of the
conscription law which exempts the con
script upon the'payment 01$00, is sug
gesting. to certain evil disposed personi
who are liable to the draft the propriety
of nullifying the rest of that enactment.
If the Secretary. of Wfar is not bound by
the . taw‘oTthc land, of course no one - else
is finder any obligation to submit to' it.
This will be the certain result of the
teachings Of the Administration if they
keep on in their present contemptuous
disregard of the law. Toni Dick and
Harry will only be tixi happy -10 follow
the aancierosis example, set hy.:Eliwiti and
Extensive frauds 'upon the revenue
have recently been diceovered it Satilrhp
eisco, and the books - of several litrgif
porting firnistare- been seined. by the
COHector of the Port.' •• •-•— •
liarA brig from Pernambuco has ar
rived at Philadelphia,, and reports the de
'struction of eiliht Vessel's .. by the Alabama
and Florida. The following are the names
of the Unfortunate craft: Oneida, Louisa
Hatch, 'Nora, Charles Hill, tthipk; Henri.
etta and Lafayette,- barks; Kate Koria,.
.brigil - and - Ifinatisher -- schooner. - Loss
fer The young lady who had a- thous
and acres of valuable land, which the
young men mid" was grounds for
attachment, did not marry as well as the
young lady without a fortune, who had
learned to discard all kinds of aleratus or
soda, save Herrick Allen's Gold Medal,
which has no equal on this or the other
CS:14 1 1/bnt. Mo. ye... young,,tautes.
do likewise, and Dame Fortune will smile
on you also. Everybody z, retails it, and
most of the Whalesale &niers . Wholesale
it. Depot I t 2. :Liberty streeti-New York.
. „
Report of the Treasurer of the Soldiers' Aid
Society for the Month of May,1863 :
Ree'd from Mrs. 1 . 4.-Searle, $2 00
" Mre. E. B. Wilson, 50
7,4`14 Attilya FOrgtUN so
co Stronl; l'"00
• " Mr. BiOinel. C. Morton, 25 00
" ' Mrs. Dudtton Lathrop; 50
,from 1-4 tlcational: Banner' 75
" - 'Mrs. Jesse Bireharci; . 1 - 00
Mist! Fanny..M.Assti4 V5O
1:4 s sale of ay*Jes-by,- society, 83
Total received,
sa3 58
The expOnditurea for the month
amount to $49 21
AM'Crentaining in treasury,
By order of the Society.
D.,l3tuutar, Treas.
Btiitragit AnithaneCtita Amanda thy
- 42 1,1*P.:77
. SecnoN 1. Be it ordained. bythe Town
Connell of the'Boroligh,of gontrose,.,and
it is hereby 2by41101 authority of
thesame, That it shall sat be lawful for
horses, neat cattle; 'swine, steep, geese, or
other Alornestieated - anirnsis ,ofainirefuev
gas nature, to go,at -,large in 11},e;sai0oro;
anliifany such animal shall be found at
largo Within theaaid;Borougb, it shall be
the duty Oldie-High Constahle forthwith
to take up.and itripOund -the same;
any of tbp'S'aid anemia be, foundjU
any lot or .elose, itrshall be' thwiduty of
High Constable at the,request of VS own
er orooeupant of said close, to. take pp
and' 'impound the same; PrOilded„That
beti-eeri the 15th day of
s' Aril, and 'the,lsth
day of Novenper inmy,year, it 'Shell - be
lawful for exi!si rtilt at large in said
BOreugh &tint the*. daY.Kupe, 'frptu
o'ctoek LSO's to svew?elcsek-P.• T.
av(ll4 , s:;.Aiiirt;e`it further
by 3thpuutto rittaforessid, , That ifany dog,
turkey; duca,llo :or fowl, phalk be found
in any eellar,Pbarn otlhouse,garden,or
the own er- firA : 9eI O .APAOt *FAO° kill '
close ui Agi
_said 'n tig t;it er tal tie, tawrill, f9r
and carry away , suoh,-dogy 'turkey, duck,.
hen or other fail, '
By ordieiarthii , Coinieill7...i
MAY.40§11.3; T. A. LYO/o,Fee,
„,, .: ,„ : ._ -" , i;iiiii. ,',--
D D -..-1.4%1
.-- 'Ait4 ”
tic"tMettintokije Parße3t*
.oagem in WIWI"' Emontm e , My, 1883, potence.
VE have made arrangements for some of these Mowers, and can supply those who
intend to buy, Our Country being so uneven and rough, but few machines are
adapted to it. We unhesitatingly
r say that after severely poutested. trials with other
inaehin4 and thorough use on -all .kinds of land and in all kinds of grass, we have
become satisfied that we hmie the best machine in use at f the present day. In proof
of which we refer to a few of those who have tried them e . . ,
Itfi['bourn Oakley,
G. B. Howard,
11. F. Handriek,
J. Hosford,
William Bartlett,
James Giddings,
John Lee, _
A.M. Coon,
D. E. Snyder,
H. C. Conklin,
Lafayette Lynn,
Montrose, May 25th, 1863.
nr We learn that there was a serious
riot at Harrisburg on Monday night. The
soldiers attacked the negro quarters back
of the Capitol and demolished, door's and
windows. - . - -
rtfa . tak Q
_ .4 *) s
A fresh supply of Deeds just printed,
and for sale at, this office. The best out.
All who try theta are suited. Give them
a trial. Bed Parchment paper,desirable
forin—nmtly printed. Can't be beat.
Pregame your beauty, symmetryorforat, your health,
and inertial powers, by using that Bale, Pleasant, Pop.
afar andSpecide Remedy known as lielmhold's Extract
&mho. Rqad tbo Ailrertho.rgent 1p anotbereolntan.nnd
profit by tt iacasce and symptoms enumerated. Cut It
ont.and preserve It. Von may not now require it, bat
may at some future day. "It gives health and vigor to
tho 4111.1
long exposure.: Beware of Counterfeits .
Cures guaadced, J March 10-2 m.
Parrot t lbszocrur :
DEAR Sits—With your permission I wish to say to
the readers otystatr paper that I will send by return mail
to all what wish iii (freeja Recipe, with fell directions
for makingntid using • elmpleiregetable.Bilm, that will
effectually remove, in 10 days, Pimples, Blotches, Tan,
Freckles, and all .rippurliewof the Skin, leaving the
same soft, dear, smooth and beantifal. '
will -also mail free Wiliam: having Bald .Bead' or
Bare Bate* simple directions add information !bit Will
enable them locate . a Bill growth of Lastirient
Whishara,./or a Illotwtattlit. fillet.. than $ days. All ap
plications anowered by return mail without charge.
Itetpeetrally yours.
• - • - - TROS7-F. CHAPll.AN..ttemist.
Feb. ' — lVio.B3l Btoadway, Near York.
'7;irmi ALL ram RECENT mentowanurrs,
Is the best and cheapest and most beantifutof aliSewing
Machines. This =Ovine will •sew anything, from the
running of s tuck in Tarletatibi the matting of an Over
coatanything from Pilot or Beaver Cloth downto the
softest Gauze or Gossamer Tissne.and Is 'ever ready to do
its work to perfection. entifell,hem, bind, gather.tuck,
quilt,and has capacitrfora great variety ofornamental
work. This is not the anti machinetten can fell, hem,
bind, andso forth, but it *ill do 80 better than any other
maeldne. The Letter "A" Family Sewing Machine may
be bad Ina great variety of cabinet cases. The Folding
Case which is now becoming so popular, is as its name
implies, one that can be folded into a box or ease, which
whenctpeneiLmakes a beautiful, substantial,and spacious
table for the work to rest upon. The casecare of every
Imaginable design—plain as the Wood grew in its native
forestioraaelaboratety finished as art can make them.
The hfanchaftices are all well supplied with silk, taint,
thread. needles, oil. etc.. of the very best quality.,
fiend for a copy of •'Susoku &Co.'s Gs.v.errs."
I. X. B=OEB *CO., 458 Broadway, IC': Y.
igrFhiladelphie Ofilce,Blo Chestnut street.
RICAII,`WATROUiI& POSTATtoligents n 3fontres
Sgi 7 22
Auditor's Notice.
In the mattegattbedhtributtou of the furiailWing from
italeofthe Seal estate of Lethent - Gardner,
rikalcidesslgned having been appointed by.the Court
oinizion Pleas of the county of Susq'n, an.auditor
to distritdite Said fund. will Meet the parties interested in
the same. at his office in Montrose on Saturday the 27th
day of June, in.: at which time
and place all personibasing clittmenpon said fund will
present them or befOreffer.delita•
May 25,1553: .4.;:i1.415tg0/4,1121, Auditor.
DEL, Lit II & WEStuill
YEAVEStirear Rend at T. 40 a. in., after the arrival at
.1.4 6.30 e. m., of the Cincinnati Express from the west ;
conneetingut Scranton. where it arrives , at-10.10 a. m
with a train on the Laelmsvanna and Bloomsburg Rail.
road :tor Pittston; Wyoming Valley, , Kingston and
Witiesliarre, And' by omnibus with the and
Hudson railroad at Providence, for Olyphant and Cat.
hondate. Atlitipe Station: this train connects by; omnt
bud sigthatie Belvidere Delaware 'Railroad for 'Phillips
betigcsTrenton end Philadelphia, ';'At New Ramptou
Junction, where it arrives ut m., the same:train
connects with trains on the-Central Road of New Jersey
for Eibrabetta - Olaurark.-"New Tork; - Ewan: BetElehem,
Allentown. Aitiusis•Chunk; -Bonding end , Ilsriisburzi—
painegees. ,ey.soia• train arrive in New York at 6.40, in
rhiliulfoPhhiai6. oo . anti in tiarrieburg pt B.lo—
train leaving loot of Cortiand.street, New Task, at,
6.00 a. in. and foot of Walnut stneet. , Philadelpida.-at.o a.
gri w counecting,witiktheßnasenger train of this road,
learingliewßaMptonshuntion at 11.20 a, zn„ arsdywer,
iu P4*Muttoes4,o2.l).Pad. airhpre .it co - rnettaleitit a
tniin on.Alinl i stionnotnentittfiloonobnrg Railroad,,aud,
with the omnibus running to the Delaware and Hudson
Ve.t.T.c.;„,..,„..,.t.1_.. • ).• •,;
Ts nun Armee, at titeu isendut 6.10,p, making
a elate tke train going - , West on
the Erl -
7.- Ce6iiiiktb ' ktlON TRAIN
leans *canton at,111.10 ti.,M.,cotinecting_adiareat /W}4
witli-theDay,Raproa train wed Ott thaKtie AntIWAY.-!; ,
B this ttainftweingers arrive at Ithaca. Syracuse. fti
rug,- ass . tins awe , nay. Returning. this Amin leaves
Great Bea eSISO m.. on the arri val - of be New Weir_
press going_Witfeet. EspradAir,oing West,
and arrives at "
• , JOON BRIBBiic. Sup%
' R A. RENRY, Real Ticket Agent.
Stranton, May 20,1863.
south Auburn,
Abington, Luz.
Administrator's Notice.
1 OTICE Is hereby given to all persons having de
-1.1 wands amtinst the estate of STEPHEN MEAD,
late of Bridgewater township. deceased. that the same
must be presented to the mdersignedfor arrangement.
ami all persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make Immediate pay-Mont.
Montrose, May 25, 186. J. B. IfeCOLLUM, Adtn'r.
31ontrose, May IS, 1863.,
I: ) ii:":' . '' •
fil I
:" . ':' ' ' VaLl. OPEN ' - ' .
On Tuesday, the 10 th but., at his NEW
STORE, a fern doois below S'earle's
Hotel, a Choice Stork of
CLOTHING, &c., .
Together with a variety.of , nsefttl Notions.
Congress itEmpire - SiiiiiigWators
from Saratoga, &o. &o.
Montrose, May 18, 1863. ' tf
• Garden Seeds,
Wheat, Clover, Timothy k Flax Seed,
Peas- Lard , Pumil L ek
Fish,Smoked Halibut:
§I.T. TBi:laplasses -anC{fngarsi
..f •.„ . AND
Cash Paid' for 'Butter. • •
Montrose, Apri114,,1863.
and a general assortment of Garden Seeds.
cam PAID Fos
Daringthe womb of March. '
Montroge. 31 ren8.1353:3 : r
The Great Cause Of Stumm
Jag Pub/lard, in a Efealerli:hveltrA; T rf4e „ ffia, Celia%
A LECTURE ET DM CUtVERWELL; , on the cause
41L-at dame of spermatorrtusa, Consumption. Mental
and &yawl Dainty, Epilepsy. NervousnestOmpairetf
Nutrition of Bit' Body,' 1403111tude, Weakness- of thi
Limbs and,Back. indisposition and incapacity for study
and labor, chillness of apprehension: loss Qf MCMOI7
versloato soclOyi love of 'solitude, timidity, seltills
traels WEZIT/Mt. biatlgiche, affections of the eyes, Wm..'
pies on the face i lnvolantary emissions and sexual Inett-'
pacity,,the conarquermea 9f,youthfill indiscretion,4tur l
12Er'Thiliultrirahle lecture eleailsproves that the 11%
hove entunerriteloolteri, selt.tuttieW may ;be/o
wned widiont aiedleloVand. wit/mint dangerous:Sin'''.
cal operations, and shotddle read by : every, yowl and
every mania the land,
13ent ander seid. In *plain onvoloys, to any address, on
the receipt of sigeratta, or two rootage many*. b 7 ad.
droning • • CHAS. ti:KLINE et cO.
1 2 , 1 1 1 1791) , lig/OmM 1 1 44 . 9 11 0 ” • -
mums' COxiollND.WlThegrol pc% 0 31 %
tho Great Sioneily tor UnlVlStiOrtv ftlau
Scrofulous Complaints. and all diseases rd.theldjapj. for
sale, at wholesale and retail, by ABEL n,LI
Truman Tingley, Harr • 7 . ,
- Sam', .Tewksbury, Smith' Aiiimirni
Geo. B. Johnion, Middletown, -
Jonathan Smith,
_Gibson, ...,
Seth Abel,
J. C. Morgan, Brooklyn,
James Kasson '
E. G. Babcock, Bridgewater,
S. A. Petiis, Montrose, .
William Jes.snp, _
Cadwell .
SATRE & Agents:.
digestion fmutunlicalthy food, impure air, filth: and
filthy habits, the depressing vices, and, above. all,
in , the venereal . infection. Whatever be its origin,
'it is hereditary in the constitution,dettending "from;
parents to ebildren unto the third and fourth' gen
eration;" indeed ; it seems • to he the rod of. Him
who says, " I will visit the iniquities of. the fathers
upon their children." The diseases which it orig
inates take various names, according to the organs
it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tuber
cles, and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swell
ings which suppurate and become ulcerous sores ;
in the stomach and bowels, derangements which
produce indigestiou,dyspepsia, and liver complaints;
on the skin, eruptive and cutaneous affections.
Them all having the same ,origin, require the setae
• remedy, viz., purification. and invigoration of the
Mood. Purify the blood' and these dangerous dis
tempers leave you. With feeble, ford,-or corrnOted
blood, von cannot have health ; with that " life of
the dish " healthy,. you cannot have scrofulous
Ager's Sarsaparilla
is compounded from the most effectual antidotes
that medical science has discovered for this , afflict
ing distemper, and for the care of the disorders it
entails. That it is far superior to any other rem
edy yet devised, is- known by all who have given
it a trial. That it does combine virtues truly ex
traordinary in their effect upon this class of com
plaints, is. indisputably proven by the great multi
tude of publicly known and remarkable cures It
has made of the following diseases : King's Evil
or Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Elution
Pimples, Blotches and Sores, 'Erysipelas,
Rose or St. Anthony's The, Salt Rheum,
Scald Read, Coughs from tuberculous depos.
-its in the lungs, White • Swellings, Debility,
Dropsy. Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestion.
Syphilis and Syphilitic Infections, , Xerarial
Diseases ? Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the
whole serial of complaints that arise from impurity
of Ile blood. 'Minute reports of individual cases
ma n y be found in AYER'S AMERICAN ALMANAC,
which is furnished to the druggists for grituitons
distribution, wherein may be learned the directions
for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which
it has made when all other remedies had failed to
afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from
all sections of the country, in order that every reader
may have access to some oho who can speak to him
of its benefits from personal experience. Scrofula
depresses the vital energies; and this& leaves its vic
tims far more subject" to disease and-its fatal
than are healthy constitutions . Hence it tends to
shorten, and does-greatly shorten, The average dura
tion of human life.. The vast importance of- these
considerations has led us to 'spend yiars in perfect
ing a remedy which„,is adequate to its cure. This
we now offer to' the 'public under 'the name 'of
Aran's' Ssits.trisntpt.A, although it is composed
of ingredients, some of which exceed the best .of
Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By its aid you
may protect yourself from the suffering and danger
of these disorders- P urge, out the font Corruptions
that tot and fester in the blood ; purge one the
causes of disease. and vigorous health will follow.
By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the
vital functions, and that expels the distempers
which lurk within the system or burst out 'on any
part of it.
We know the public have been deceived by many
compounds of Sarsaparilla, that' proniisbd Much
land did nothing ; but they will neither be deceived
nor disappointed in this. Its virtues have been
tor oloind A nt trial. and there remains no
question of its _ and
L.* Wk. melon
of the ,afilletingi.ami:itiis Intended so leach-
Aldnmgh tinder. 'the saints tome, it is a very dif
ferent mediOnc - from say other which has been
before the people, and is fez 'more effectual than
any other width has ever been available to thens''-
The World's Great Itenwdy ler Congbat,
Colds, Incipient Consumption, and
for the relief of Coniitimptive
patients in advanced sta
ges of 'the disease.
This has been so long used and so mammal' y
known, *at m need do no more than, assure the
pnbile that Ha quality 4s -kept up. Mother bath emir
has been, and • that ift tiny berreSed on to do all it
has ever done. '
Prepared by Du. J. C, . Am & CO., ,
• Nu:tined end Analytical Maack
Lowe% MM.
Sold by all druggists everywhere, a6(rby;
• A. TURRELL, Nontrose,
and by one trader in every toica in the
eopnty- t mayl9 owls
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ESPECIII3LLY infrmn. , tbe ,chizerus of Montrose
I.lhund vicinity ; that .thrY carry. on , the. Blacksatithing
business in all, italiranchas at (bellhop lately •crecnplitd
by liens) , Clemons,on the plank road, near , tbe-,stepm
itar — ft'a still guarantee-to make •as good'work, -at as
reason ble pricesas say shell In town. -
Montrose, - Prrraell.
April 2 :414,34.1-4( . ..A.41:141(T.
comp:omit:it BY
garlferi:Vatint!, & ! trace, • ,
Government Agents and At.ornietk Washington. D. C.
Branch for Susquehanna County, conducted by
r....s.lrterf, Montrose.
Claims presented and propectited before Coigress,"Cciart
of 'Chtints and the' Departments. , PAT PEN,
Tho Undersigned, being now LICEIIS.IID b the GOV
BBNIEBIRT (and' dui/dated with thlte agency /if Wash
ington for thopurposo of expediting' business,l 'Will at
tend promptly tool) calls in Stip line - Of birsidess. Infor
mation stunt,: and No CHATILGeIOtes , suceessful. • •
• 'bforttrote, Web iF -- • •li.-11VFXTC11..
! 1 . • - • .. •
- - DEN, Tonl
;EAT e.
Suitable for Gra , ,Pqatii - Raspberries,
Strawberries. Black tries, turtat to, &d. of 1, 23. 5,
10 , 0r20 acres rach,:at the fettling pi for' tte' pro*
cut; IDO Wes, to $2OO, 11). reel 140 t AaerEs r4r
&A. 2 liere3lok 1 , 40// aerit s tai. APIPM-3)1 DUO
dollar a week.
/aw", odd bindtolna - tots :In Piet;
wood; g hy' . lol:trect, SCSI 0 payaNe brOne 46110_14
week. The ttboVe' pia and; farms. ardsltuated at .Chet
ctoA WaslithgrOtt towitshlV,. Burlington 'irountp, New.
Jersey. For further Information, jm0 . „,..1r. 'with a I'. "O'
stamp, for a4hrepra',lT c. - Dj l7 - A- "k." l4 A, c/FIK;
Feb. Nd. - 50 Cedar - Sfieer,'New York..
FC 004 B,TlMPth r i l eol
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alvertiser having beta restored. to healtkin e. few
iveeks4by eiroad ildulcdy.after-iniving` suffered
seversi years will - tempera ipog affectjon,.and that dread
disease, Consumptiont-rinamtlemitol46,ltnown to We
felicnr-eraftrrerot llo
Total ashodhire it, howl!! end cpifigthirigitiistiri
tiotrotedltretor charr,,e,tvriih the directions for prepar
ing and usingtbe eamt4vgbich they willibuleetfreCortn
for Consoarruis, Astgicaißittercorrtsi 844- 4, lThe only
object of theadvertlser in./sending the Prescription is to
benefit the aXicied t and tiptoed leformation which be
conceives to be invaluable" and he hopes
p y ro h eabog, as
- t ßev. EDWDAeWO3OI4I,oay
Ap. 8-$m- Williamsburg, Kings wordy, tr. Y.
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dated state of heblotid.
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ised by: therOnrial ,di.4-
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~ ,No paint) pill. be e pared to make thelfieboalavOttbi at
patronage. It dill be conducted twat; thoNorpull
tom No Oetter PPPorttmitY forltroaoAnallfying
enkTep for, teacktng out be AtteTe t ti , .
• _ •
. Tsiontrtryopa, BOP A:OMM
PrTu Thipetment , ..
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magma ScL!.tuct?s t ot *attrentaq tat:. ika!)
F 111 INT Oitectrali
MiirchAL: tr - • , _ ,
.fr` - --_• .‘ ' • ;
Bpi away from the subscriber int theta* of March t
asi v IOSEPHGARLan indentured llRPointleOtOthk
farming htudnpae.. •Whoever will ratan' niwa to the es .,
gereigned tail) receive the above rower& 4u . p e p api
are forbidden to tutor or trait him on m yactiount: U 1r:
wilipqno•debts of hi. contracting after aovedmio.•-,!, •
Jessup, 3f.ay 5 . 04 . 1868. his •
G{X)l) IzikitWB !
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M r atlMl '3333111503, ZaZa.A.CUEI
- To Purchase
ILF 11)
Whero yen nro aure of getting the worth of Yeiti.i ll 4"
ey, lent the '
Ar i r C;;lirtM CON! i r
6utteuberg, 'gosenbaum, & tad.
has put ns on our gehrd, arid we litwelately taldln
stank, which enables he to offer loony eustomemgoor. s
on ertually as good terms as tonnerly,consideringthelath
Gattsitler4, Ilastubanin 1t to.,
Montrose, Susq'a County, Pa.
Elmira, New-York,
. Susquehanna Depot, Pa. , ,!
Is ct)tkiroioite,
We are determined not to be outdone, either in priceseor
onalitie.—and w•e µ•ill endeavor to give our customers
olt posaibie eatiefaction.
. ,
Tn this branch enrstock is corapiete, and will be sold
lower,and more tastanliy ,finistaLthan any .one-horse
'establishment, or any tour-horse concern this side of N.
Yorrkeity,,, 'sable to Otter or produce. We can lustre the
Aach t a e in w nlMi t il l ei l lsg e ct i , el the beet etittee and
VD — Garments matle toorder •
(iOn the shortest notice.
Ord Good Fit warranted or no tole.
lir ' order to close oat orei stock of
we will Eel Tat a mall' advance above cost. .
A Great Stock conttmtly kept, nndlold loiieithan tha
lowest at
tfintitubrrg, gestitbartm
Memtro'ic, January 18t,.1863
isr& bave made mangements to send Antes to ; New
York on Conaignmerit or Contract; daring' the
SOWII. We will tarnish pails free to all who ire, demi
roua of doing either: To those who want :to we
wilrgnatantee the MAW market prior and prompt 4*
turns. they paying freight andeommission: • , •
Of We will adyande money on consignments If
wanted, and hold ourselves responsible for all 'Batter
and Pails owned by dairymen and sent by ns.•
taw-x, ALLEN &134851G11tt
; Montrose, April ilith,•lBB:h • •
Jele xo
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Eiamiaftl!Surgeon S
subscriber havirsg-Rm r appolnted the in
1. cilesioner of Pcneloni, a MEDICAL EXAMMR at
large, to•examlno and give certificates to all enllffett to
Pension j 8 will attend to all application, that maha
lifoatrosa, Mama at Z. S.Tar.
ape.l24 Rbtelk , - r.Be Pftingera
.3fontiOlid. pril 6, 1806.-44 , .
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`BOYD & womturp
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N*Xl' DELOW SEARLE'S 110n;44 .11.130
NEAP, '1:112 1 , AILTItOI , ClaßitO.
urE keep tonal:Mite on iand intieralltasertment
ei Of the masa apprtma pat
!q ih i i /P r ?! - Pi rd wA r eorOk!ttd! ) -
• • Farmers' Todd of All Hinds.
Brass Ware, Porcelain Ware, Japanned and Plain Thk
Ware of the treat material,
Paints, - Oilir Glass; Patty, and Bath.
Primps, Lead Pipe,iimps, Dint Cages, ete..; ite;
Terdistight. ' Rethember the plate. Cell qhd obe
wk oTn. t norm ad WOODIZIOIn6;,'
e. woßputirr... 3 I .240ntz,086,, Jul)! A:how !ft
Wilt °pop in Monthise, ,
F. D. RUNT, tiftwiliiit
BIiss.JESSIE BISSEI4 Afaltitant