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    Pal Alatim.
Rough & Ready - Election , .
• ' The semi-annual election of Officersof
the Rough and Ready _Engine Company
No. 1, took place at their rooms on Mon
day evening, March 2nd. . The followitig .
officers elected for till ensuing term :
Foreman; 'E. C. Fordhami Ist Ass't,.
D. D.,Searle; 2nd ,Aset ) : S. G..Pache;
ec'y,.l3-.-S. Bentley, jr.; Treas'r, 'G. F.
Voidbam i Pi pemen, A. ;Keeler and D.
- B. Tu Wardens ?. ---
1 rrell; - .IL Jesup, S.
H.:Mulford,'S. H. Sayre, H. F. Turrell.
After the " Polls" - N ere closed, the bal
lots duly - counted, and the results an:
uounced; - the Compaiiy,,"by invitation .of
the 'officers elect, . foKrued -:line of march
forChamberlin's Saloon; Where the ene
py, in shape of OySterS and " good fixins"
generally, were - drawn_up in line of battle.
After sonic "light skirmishing" by - the
advance corps, supported by the veteran
"honorary's," the enemy were suddenly
rendered hors du combat by a grand
'charge of the-whole division. . .
'The entertainment was oare,of those trIF•
ly_social and ever weleome.occaSions that
- are not soon forgotten, as we are sure all
who' ware present will most heartily testi
fy. The oysters, etcetera, were served in
-.Tack's best style; and the unpeStionable
evidence of our busy jaws proved us vet
' t rans - in the cause of" stews" and "Taws."
The meeting was then organized by
Calling the Foreman to the chair. After
some appropriate words of introduction,
several of our honorary members, who
,were present, were called upon to " say_ a
few rcmarks." Dr. Patrick was the-first
sp - eaker.,- He expressed himself underev
erlasting- obligations to the - Firemen for
_!ertiiin valnable services rendered in, wa
tering his, house and what few things there
- .were in it ; and after other spicy and "Pat-
Tri-otiek" sayings, gave us the t' - pint" of his
. argument so we ",could all see it," in the
• shape of a - 5 bill. Re closed by saying,
"She said vas worse and wan't expect
ed," and therefore lie most - withdraw.;--
'His remarks, especially the " point" was
received by the boys with three rousing .
cheers and a tirer. -....
B. S. Bentley,,Esq. was next called up
..on, who responded in his usual happy and
feeling mariner. Tie alluded to the many
evenings like thepresent, he, had; enjoyed
' With us; also: to the many faces which he
used to see at these sociallgalteth's, wlio
are now 1 far away
tt.tli..m . - Or the - right
yin oar country's battle-tields r -bidding us,
while. here, surrounded by qe . rything so
:pleasant and cheerful, - not to 1 . ..)e unmind
ful of our brave comrades on' the tented
field. • Following the Doctor's, r'enerou -1
pattern, he concluded with a donation cif
Hon. n
C. Tylver was the ext speak
er. He said . he had ever felt an interest
in the Firemen, and that the citizens did
' not appreciatetheir efforts its thCy ought.
With other characteristic and patriotic re
,marks, he also gave substantial evidence
'of his interest in oar behalf with the high
' ly acceptable, .$5. •
. Leonard. Searle, Esq.,
and % Biilintrs
.'Stroud, Esq., being called upon, spoke'
words trite and sensible, and came down
- with the ditnes. 'to the tune of *5 each.
Capt. C. W. Tyler - and I. N. Bullard Esq.
excused themselves from malt-inn:speeches,
but added *2 to our fast aceninulating
fund—which said substitute was duly ac
cepted and ‘,‘ mustered in" the financial.
box by Hon. G. F.
.F6rdhpan,. Sec'ry of
the Treasury.
The - following - Song, written by W. B.
• . Deans for the occasion, was then sung- -
the Company joining in the "Chore-us :"
SONG— A ir," Glory Hallelajah."'
Rough andsßeady fellows will yon join me in me song- 1
All who to the tried old No. 1 _Machine belong,
Gather up your voices for a ehorps loud and long.
As we go marching on.
Crory, Gloryy, Hallelujah: Sc.
Hurrrnh', hill_ hip, hurrah I
• But whilewe gather round our social board tonight
Let us not lorget our brothers battling for the right,
,Nobly have they stood in theAhiekest of the fight-
When the foe was' marching on.
Glory, glory, hallelujah.
Hurrah; hip; hip. Iniralt 1
Let. US give the health of all our Honorary men.
Such as do not grumble when we ask them for the " tin:"
When-the hy-valves open, we will gladly count them in,
As I vre :to ;marching dh.
,Glory, glorv. Hallelujah &c.
- Hurrah, hip, hip, hurahl •
Fore:Tian Fcrahain then_ made some
statements' in regard to the presentcondi-i
tion -of the Company.. Thirty-eight of our
Members had enlisted in the service of-1.41 -,
cle Sam—yet. we had so • increased our I
numbers that, ive Stank today in good
'working strength, with interest and titian
imity unabated. In speaking,, , of interestl
felt by the 'citizens . generally, the Fore-'I
man said he would cast .no-unjust refiee
tions, Those present as Well as many oth
ers had ever responded no - bly't,P'..say and
.every call for funds to keep the'' Machine' 1
rutining—but there were even .Honorary
members who could not afford! the one
dollar . a'vear, they "had so many
-3a xe s to pay." (Cries of "name him" a 0
"N 0,"." N 0.7) He would call no namd.S,.l
but heSelf there should be more sympa- I
thy and interest felt for the Firemen, and I
"a more just appreciation of„_ their labors
and sacrifices. With _other. appropriate
'remarks he closed, - by tendering thanks
to those present for their munificent' do
nations. I . would here state - that E. C.
Poidhata has been our' Foreman - for the '
past §.years, and to his untiring energy
and - tcar in a great measure, our present
good condition attributable. The.eVe.
mug - drawing toward the small. hours, a
motion l was made and carried to adjourn.
And thus :closed one' of the ,most pleasant
gatherings of 'the season, and.. we'cannot
. but feel that all interested' Wish, for many
a rqturn of the..same. 'Sec'ry:
iteport of Soldier's Aid Society.
- The Secretary of the'Soldier's • Aid So
ciety ;Tespectildly present the following
report for the months sof January and]
- bonations:,Mrs-Eatob, 2 pairs of socks.
Wriidit of Forest Lake, 5 pairs of
soc ks, 1 under : shirt, dried berries and
linen. MO. jeg.sup; dried apples. Mrs.
Drinkei, 1 pair socks. Mrs. Mott,
blalikets. Mrs. J. Madk, dried 'plums,
pears, berries, crab-apples,
apples and
tomatoe figs. Airs. Mulford 5 pillows and
cases, 7 handkerchiefs, 2 Undershirts, 1
pair of drawers, 1 blanket, dried plums
andi,currants. Mrs. D. Searle, yarn for
pair of socks, dried berries ; 2 cans of ap- -
plesauce„ Mrs. B. C. Sayre . , 1 can plums.
Mrs. G. V.-Bentlev, 1 can of jelly. Mrs.
L. Searle, I can of fruit, 1 bowls i atjelly.—
Mr, B. R. Lyons, 2 packages of common
starch, 2of cocoa, 1 chocolate. Mr. S.
Perkils, €;1,013. Miss 1 4 .'Avery $1,0(1. Mrs.
David Morgan, •of Brooklyn 45,00. -A
'Friend (name unknown) - dried apples. -
The. Soeict3-has piechased i piece of
Canton:flannel which made ,54 shirts and
04 pairs of dra_wrs. , •
One barrel has been sent to. Capt. E.
W. Rogers; Norfolk; containing 12 pairs
of drawers, 10-,shirts,s pillows,3 blankets, .
• 11: pairs of socks, - 4 packages of common
starch, 3 of cocoa, 1 cliocOlate, 2 of tea,
(green and black,) 6 cans of fruit, dried
:crab-appleS, plums, - cherries - , berries, ap
ples, currants and tornatoe figs.
The Ladies continue to meet . at their
monis ov=er B, H. Lyons, store every
thursday afternoon; - alt who are intersted
are invited to attend. ~ •
L. :SEA I:ME, Seqetary
Teacher'S Association—Time Changed.
T 4. sus,ya Co; Teachers Association
will hold its next Session in -the Borongh
ofSUstia Depot on Thursday and Friday
the 2d. and 3d. of April next, instead. of
the 3d.. and 4th, by . Consent of the execu
tive Committee. • TeTtchers of Susrfa Co.,
will von all be on liand to help inak the
exercises profitable ? Prof. John. F. Si o(
dard of Now York City has promised to
be present and assist you in the exercises;
and the Delaware Lackawanna and 'Wes
tern Ilailroad . Co. have generously offered
lto pas all Teachers home free, that may
attend the associatiOn, and pay full fare
from any of the-stations on their road to
Grt•atlfend. Otlie:r particulars and Pro
granTme of exercisesruext week.
• •
Death of Hon. Joseph E. Streeier.
DIED—On Friday, the 20th - ult., of
olisukuption, :Hon. Josph E. Streeter,
aged 34-years.
M. Streeter was, a native of Susquehan
na countv,' t Pennsylvania.' He was •ap
.pointed Associate Justice-of the ..,;upretne.
Court, and District of Nebraska, in Octo
ber, 1661. He removed to the Territory
and entered upon the duties of his office,
where he has gained a reputation for abil
it as and uncompromising,
rite, which will remain' , a lasting monu
i-ment to his memory in the hearts -of the
;-people. .His actions. as 'a public officer
have been unexceptionable, while his- . in
! tercourse as a citizen has been stich as to
4 , Ctomniand the .esteem of all, Woith whom
hevcame iu cantact.—Peopte'd (itieb - raska)•
Press. • ,
-Bar Meeting.
At a meeting orthe Bar of Otoe conn
ty,held at.the office of 0. P. Mason,Esq.,
on Saturday, February ~21st, A. D.• 1863,
called for the - purpose of- taking suitable
action on the recent death of Hon'. Joseph
E. Streeter; Associate Justice of, the Su
preme Court of Nebraska Territory and
-Judfze of the Second Judicial District of
said Territory, the 'following proceedings_
Were had
Whereasjn the Providence of our all-wise
Father, the 'Rolf.' Joseph E. ;Streeter, As
sociate Justice-of the Supreme Court of .
the Territory, has been removed by death,
- and asst feeide expression of 'deep grief,,
and to testify_our sense of the irreparable
loss the: Bench ; the Bar, the sucial com
munity and the Territory- have sustained
in this sad-, dispensation ,of Providence,
Resolved,.That-by the death of Judge
Streeter, this community has lost an es,
teemed citizen, the" Bar an able and learn
ed-brotber the Benchan honored and
upright Judge, and the Territory a favor
ite son.
.Resolved, That we unitein hea'ring tes
liniony,fhat; Judge Streeter was a most
consciep_cious and' estimable. Judge, and
posSeSss of no oidinary 4nalifications ;
that_herga - sve universal satisfaction to the
members of the Bar throughout the Terri
tory, by' administering justice -` 3 withoUt
sale, I den iaLor' delay. .
Resolved, that we heartily and truly
condole in this nffliotion with his bereaved
family, and extend to - them that sincere
sympathy which the lips speak not, -but
the hart feels. • - -.- -
Resolved, That in token of respect for
the deceased, we wear the usual badge of
Mourning for thirty days, and. that we att
tend in a body his funeral. .
ResoJim!, That, the Secrlary be request
-ed to transmit a copy of thpe resolutions
to the widOw of the deceased , and also'
that`they be published in the newspapers
of the city.
.Theyeport of the Committee waß,:unan
imdusly adopted. - on . • .• H
On motion of Mr: Harding, Mr. 3i • -
was requested to TrepreSent. the Bar of
Otoe County at the' next session of the
Supreme Court of this Territory, and' nn
-their behalf announce to said. * Court Oa
death of Judge Streeter; -and also at the
next session of the District Court in.and .
for Oteo County, to move, that a-copy of
the above resolutions be spread upon the
records of said Court. '
On InOtion Of - Mr. Taylor the meeting
adjourned. • .
&eretary. " . . Chairman.
Nebraska Citlj, Feb. 2.18/,-1-863.. - -
_Abolition Perfidy'.
The most ungenerous and indefensible
persecution of political opponents , ever
witnessed in has been prac
tised: during the his, eight months by, the
Republican party. That citizen's who
voted - with the Democrats hr. the State
elections should resebt-With spirit and re=
pel with manly indignation the wholesale
charges. of treason 'made against; them by
the .Abolitiotrimerely evinces a just
sensibility to insult, and 'a ' reasonable
prid`e of'oharactr; They - Are -denounced.
as disloyal for no other crime than a free•
exercise of the elective frapchise, accord-.
ing to their deliberate conrvictions of pub
lie.daty. When attemptS e are, made to
howl 'hewn as treason that freedom of
political :talon without which the right of
suffrage is a mockery; when the right of
canvassing public measures and.. holding
public servants to theirjust responsibility
is denied and - denounced it becomes the
duty of self,respecting. men to confront
their persecutors with resolute defiance;,,
We that in the. elections about to be
held in New. Hampshire and Connecticut;
the sacred right of -freemen to canvass
publid measures will be as triumphantly
asserted as it was-in the autumn months
by the patriotic bentocraoyin New York,
New - Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and •in
Illinois. When the independent exercise.
of the elective franehise is denounck.d as
treason „it is the duty of the people to
place theinselves On the extreme-verge, of
their rjghts. — They must show the world
that universal suffrage has not, deg,enerat:
~tl4l-in this country- into servile compliance
with the behests of the party temporarily,
.in possession of the goVernment. . ~... ,
The,DeMocraey repel with indignant
defiance the .charge that- they are Jess
fiiiriotic than the supporters 'or the 'ad
ministration: The War had its. -origin in
. ie success of the' Abolition or . so-called
1t publican party, •andyet, the Democrats,
-,,,wh0 strenuosl3r opposed that party iu the
elections, rallied' :lin - lost as one man to
protect it: in 'Office: The recognition they
received for this prompt and spontaneous
. support is that' they, shall adopt t more .
odious political creed than their Opporients
professed in the presidential canvasi; 'and
submissively surrender' their judgment
and conscience into the keeping of the'
administration. A generous' and high
spirited -party would have a more
fitting - return for. the hearty- support givr- - .
en by the Deniocrats to every measure ot
administration-which wasnot a mani-.
fest violati - oir'of the pledgo of that party I
before cominr , into power, The Republi
cans declared that they had .io - intentipn
to disturb slavery in the States, and have
given us the emancipation _proclamation
they pretended to b.e so devoted to the'.
privilege of_habeadcorpus - that they
not tolerate ;ts denial even to the fugitive
slave, and have.suspended it throughout'
the country by the will of One man ; they
passed bills in balfof the. Northern States.
'for the pretended protection of personal
and they have Converted the Gov
ernment forts into bastiles-; they clamor
ed for freedom of the press and of the
Imails, and they ha,ve-suppressed some op
, position newspapers and refuse4 - to, trans
' mit- others through the pokotlices ; they
affected".reverence for the Constitution,
and have trampled under foot every pro
vision of that instrument which stood in
-the. way of their designs. A party -thus
false to its own professions has been -un
grjulgingJy supplied with' men and money
to maintain itself-iii power_by the Demo-
&ad& aid, and it turns round and stigma-
Jizes Democrats as traitors, because while
zealously supporting .the war; they de
flounce the unparall4iperfidy of
-The great - and growing beinocratic
party gtandss to-daV where it 'has stood,
and -where, with God's help, it will Con- .
t.inue to stand nniil the-rebels. lay down.
their arms. It is 4t, theintention of con
servatives to narrow a fac
tion; which a few-brilliant victories would
extinguished in, the general , outburst of na
tional joy, but to lay-its foundations in
broad constitutional,principles, which will
stand' the:test ,of all vicissitudes. of for
tune,' and give ad - assured:triumph in- the
presidential :election takes . placo
naxt-year.--/V. - Y. -World.. .
GrNavigatio4 opth6 lakekbas OpeD-,
ed for the season. ' •
The Abolition Thieves,
Tbe . Carlisie . .VoltinteerlMs• tcathing•
article. on Abolition thieVeli from which
' we, extract theSolloWing ; .
• O A :Washington . corregpOndent of a
!S" - ew . York paper says that the amount'
stolen from the.. government by: the men
exposed by ibeSenate cotumittee,ainoUnts
to at lease gleven millions of dollars!"
And yet Reimblidan editors. ( Offme-holders,-
I;and collar men are mum. on the subject,
and consider it unworthy their attention.
I Here are eleven millions Of dollars, stolen
I by the direct aid of the Wtir.llepartment
! Tucker, the head thief, was Assistant
Secretary of War, and his only . businesi
'appeared to, be to concoct extensive
schemes 'of robbery.. That hiS transactions
were known to the administration,- there
I can be no -shadow of a doubt. 11, short
.time ago thebastilesgroaned with - Victims
whose chief-Ofrence.:,*as osed to be
the utterance of an earnest-protest- against
the corruptiOn of the agents of the admiti::
istratiob. Jt now turns ont that Assistant
SecTretary of ',War Tucker has been- making
millions, 'with his partners, Loser and
Hale, out of damaged water crafts. • And
what says old Abe ?kr.othing. He gives
c:iuntenanceto these • refusinA.
-to bring the guilty to pnnislunent.lie
screens them with his official position, and
histrucal hisparty journals to speak of
every man as h! a secessionist" Who dates
condemn. the theives. . •
." us ; tuen • of PennSylvania—Was
this war coMmeneed for any noble or pat
riotic purpose, or was . it determined' upon
that Republican rascals .might rob . the
people ? Look at. the filets. - From the
hour of Lincoln's inauguration to the.
present, e have lost ' more Tammy by
Republican thieves than bas been expend
ed for the .war—and thee thieves-are the
pets of the administration—the "loyal'.
men who fill responsible positions• in 'the
governlent,l These are factS, and cannot
General Hitchcock,
Who. Was one of the judges in the trial
of Fitz John Porte'', and who_ has just
written .a letter 'Charging Gen. McClellan
with disobedience of order t, is a Vunion
ter, was
r aptpinted Nnjdr general on the.
accession - 'Of Mr. Stantbu to the War
Department, aiid has since been the chief
military adviser of the White House and
the War Oflive. AltholTh. holding a
prominent Position, it is said that he has
never yet, to use a homely phrase," smelt
gunpowder." He vas Colonel of the
I:„;i! , hth Regiment of, Infantry,- which
wont with Gen. Scott to •Mexico ; but
Hitchcock skulked frain leadibg it into
several " sanguinary conflicts, which' it
liravly went through,. Hitchcock, had
for years; bitterly hated Gen-Scott, and
had anoymousl,y, though it was wiill known
lie was the "author, - pUlAiShed several
dehimciatoiy articles against the Gen.
- When the army under command of Gen.
Scott was embarking from the Rio Grand
for, Vera Cruz, Hitchcock took occasion
approath General- Scott, . and by ,his
hypodrispand sneaking subthission, made
matters, ail!righe - with the old Chief. Hitch'
cock -Veing considered a _good bureau
officer, a ready writer - , -- and knowing bet
! ter how to handle his pen thanitis
he, got Gen. Scott to relieve him from'
duty at the head' of his regiment in the
kfield, to be comfortably fixed. at General
Headquakers, to. write and - not ,to fight.
I Hitchcock Is a man to theorise and eraW
plans, but Was never kifown to do anything
substantial Or - Of'ilse ,to any but hiMSelf.
He resigned from the - army some ten or
twelve years since to better his fortune in
St. Louis; Where:leis greatly disliked.
" . WhYOlrs. B. how do you manage to
have - light - Bread
"Bccause I use llerriek Allen's Gold Med 7
. Salerattis; I never s - .13v any hal.eluS
good. I itmuch better .to' use: with
dream tartar than I do soda.' I shall nev
er use ttnY other. If you* will try one .
,p.a= -
per,.Mrs. W., you will say_ the same. It
has almost cured my dyspepsia."' '4sa.
all the Grocers keep it.
• i
—A dispachgo the Secretary t e Na
vy from , comrtamlore Porter, of the Miss
issippi squadron, dated 27th ult., reports
that the U. S. gunboat .which
lately ran 'the Vicksburg. blockade, was
attacked by the rebel rams Webb and
Queen ofi, the -West, (the latter taken
from us,). and' after prolonged battering
was surrendered to the enemy. The com
modore traces the affair - to a disobedience
of hisins6Uctions. .
—Mr. Coßainer,
_of Vermont, said a
few.days ago, itillis.plae6 in the Senate
This War will come to some end with - -
in the cOn i rseOfa:.y6t . or "so. 140 not
.desire toniake:prenatations for, its con
tinuance lorigei than that; anal
will not agree to the framing - of any meas
ures that ; ;seem: to be . ,,predicated, on the
idea of 'continuing a long thine:".
—The pon sg resi-which happily
no inore seems to have been. swilling to a
dopt, all the Crotchets of the Tribune save
one—that relating to mileage. One of its
last and meanest acts *as to vote itself an
extra compensation in the - shape - of mile
iige for the extra session. of course it
was a SDI ftlrbusiness itu this day of whole:.
sale s pluideriug,but'theb wa,s a =all
Congress in evertionic '4sf the-Word;-
31; 1 33.41..WMEE1.
,• .
On the' 12. th of FebruarY, of lung - disewie; Lewis.
vonegest child Of Horatio and Harriet Garret. of New
Nlilford Snag. Co. Pa.; aged 12 years 7 months. God, the
wise dispenser of all things, has seen fit in his, Provi=
diet tot ratOofer from this world to another the soul of
this dear child, who was the object •• of tender affec
tions to
..hiSl family, and the 'reccollection of the
quaint, even tenor of his life. in)connection with the se-
rious sentiments-of his mind, will.aid ia affording them
e comfortable hope In his death wig patient resigns. dos to the Will Supreme.;—[Com. • .
In Eckingt on Rospital,Wasbington, Dee. 18th. leB2,
of Typhoid Pneumonia, LzwisY. oldest son of T. U.,
and ly. Dialltow of Liberty,andmainber 4.4 Cu. R.l4lreg,
P. Y, laged twenty one years. - ,
• Another soldier's gone to :rt.
Ills Father has called him home:
• . - Parents lament no more his death,
• • - lint say the Lord's will be done. •
" Dearest Lewis, thou hitst left us,
' And thy loss-we deeply feel,
•• • Butltis God that has bereft 113;
He can all our marrows heal." ' ,
• .When Jesus called him he obeyed,
Parents be no more distressed . .
His boat. in the dust is laid,
.• His spirit has gone to rest.
In Jessup. Feb. 27thi..1863, of consumption,JouN B.
DRAKE, aged 27 years' 2 months and sdays. John vrasit
young man of an amiable dispbsition anti pleasing mini-
Tiers, and during the brief acquaintance that the writer
had with blue, manifested a resignation and patience
undet his protracted and severe sufferings -truly. Chris
tian like. I visited him several times during his confine
meat in his room and in nil oar converse together he
gave full and satisfactory evidence of strong nuir'llllWß ,
vexing faith in Christ Jesus as his 'Saviour- from sin and'
death. '
' Although he had not made a public profesidon of ,his
faith, yet about five weeks previous to. his death at hips
request I administered to him the ordinance of Christian
baptism, which he appeared to enjoy very uich, and he
was enabled to triumph . in view of approaching death
saving it had no terrors for lain, - then as the last words
lie was heard to were that he wanted to sleep,we
trust he died rweetly, fell asleep in-Jesus. • . •
• J. F. /Iwo
In F' rest Lake Feb. gun, DANIEL Beit,i aged 22 years
3 months.'
-In Jet=sup, -Feb 25th, .11vrrrn UrtErrts; dahgbter of
JOUN and LNCE - LAKE, aged it years, 10 months and 11
• • " I take these little lambs, said he,
And lay the'm in my breast, 4 . -
. ..Proteetion thcy.shall find in . the--,
In me be ever blest." -
~ .
In JessuP:Feb. 27th, A..M..:RANDALL, aged - 5 years,
) G myntlis and 2.2 days. ~ . - • ..
l '' • Another little feria aifeep,
And a little spirit.gone; . . -
' Another little voice is hushed,. '
And a little angel barn. .
''. Two little feet are on the way ' -
- Tp thir horde 'beyond the Skive, - --
- And our hearts are ie the void that comes
When a strain of music dies." -
In - Camp:Suffolk. Virginia, Feb. 6th. 1863, GEORGE K.
rooLY., of - Co. IL ltithitgeiment, of P. V., aged 32 years,
`9 months and [23 days. - .
Brother Cooly was a native of Auburn, Susquahanna
Chanty, in 3vhich he had , lired a life of industry, scent.,
Aug the confidence and high esteem of his townsmen. .
little more than a ytiar ago he was sayingly converted-to
God, and united with the M. E. Church, and remained a
'faithful and consistent member until he passed away to
Join the church above. lie was one of the new recrnita.
which left fast fall to' defend the Right. Leaving his
amiable wife and three lovely childred to the' care tif the
Great Shepherd,llle Ibule farewell, hoping the war would
soon end, and he be able to return andgrdet them again,
. but alas i -In Ihe•iiiitla of life.We are in death." A few
days of! fever and thelitisband, the father, the soldier is
dead. l' Ile.fell," says ~- , the captain, " a martyr- to his
country and Liberty." •
Of Etiptlieria, - in Franklin, Miss 'CECEI,IA L.. only
dams.hter of Orisbn and Aurelia J. Hall, aged years
and 3 months. • Nonebdt parents who have lost an only -
child can know the real sadness and loss of these pa
rents. Hiss Ilan was a most amiable young lady. None
knew her but to love: She wan gentle and affectitmate,
and seemed Only anxious to make others happy.• As a
teacher she was most suecess.inl, leading by her gentle
ness, the most wayward in the path of duty. She had only
to make her wishes known and each selinlar-would do
all thdt was requested of them at once.
Few $' , 30.11g people are able to exert so extensive and
beneffcial an influence over their associates as Cecelia.'
She was a practical christian having been united with
the Universal ist Chursh -at Montrose • about four Years
since.. She remained !wits fellowship till her death,.
'and died in the full. triumphs of her faith. She made
choice of the place alter burial. selected the text to be
used by the writer at her funeral, and bidding her perents
not to 'teed) for her, calmly closed her eyds in death.-.-
, Her funeral attended on the. 3d. by synipa
thisino• friends.
RiVing removed from the old stand n ear the C ourt-home
may now be found in Lathioil's brick:bleel; in the firm
of L4TIIROP, TYLER & RILEY. All my old friends
and customers are invited to elli at the New Stcire.
.Me ch 10, 1863. IL TYLER.. •
lAS removed his stock of Goods from the Lathrop
' Building. to the storejormcrly occupied by H. C.
Tyler. next door to J. S. Tarbell's Hotel, • where , he Is
ready to Gobds to lug old friends and the public, at
his well known_ _
A good stock always on hand, * consisting of
Nails, Iron, Hardware,
Notions, Sash, Oils, .
ST-e. &c:
All kinds of Produce at Cash Prices token in exchange.
March 10th, IM. I
WE would respectfully once more ask our friend's
and customers to come forward and settle with us,
as we have got tired sending letters to them. We must
haire pay for the Goods wo have sold over three metal's'
ago, as we cannot purchase Goods Without cash in band
now, Those who will not take notice of this request,
must not think hitd if We make them cost. We will re
eeive 'Grain of those who have no money; and if no
Grain,- we will take Notes. with interest. A settlement
we'must have, either in the - Store or before a Justice.—
We-are in earnest.
Ityr, C. TYLER has Specified Interebts 'with us,.
ITIL. the same as with oar predecessors,: MOONEY,.
coif & co, 31EretreVviraiore, clb.Chrtet,
1017 Dealers,' and would be happy, to sea his 'old
friends, or receive their orders, which We will.e:tectite in
the very best manner in his abs_enee.
23 Park Roly, N. Y.
Jun. 14t,1803
• . •
Grateful for past .favors, the subscriber •woildmosts
respectfully call the attention of all prompt paying Mer-,
chants and Traders, to. the above notice. , Ordets for
Hardware' will be received here, and forwarded (ifap
proved,).except during. the months of April, May, Sept,
and Oct. Limit* those months be will be most happy to
see his friends.and serve theta sit 2llParkßow.l7, Tiark.s.
`noWetfullY., _TYLER.
Montrose, Peb.l7th,lB6B: , • •
~_l l E rih'eroo6 l, o l2. o .s
rIA men in market; constantly on hand„ - andat ailete ‘
s_price as it can be obtairut4oriSmAeluarl*S o lThl
Ifirgenteasher - Terzeli s Drnp store.
MovposEi FEB . • 20th, 186 a.
iii4 : 42treatite in. it Cues,
Known UehnboWii
" • —1" SARSAPARIZZ.4.„
r:.,„EOLD'S tEIIVINE ritiPiskruer, -
"Hi g hly Concentrated''• Compound
' 1 Elmtreb4StilAvail
A positiv. nd Speciilefilemcdylor disUaies of the- '
Bladder, Kidneys, ;Gravel and Dropsical
. Swellings. • -
This Medicine Increase i the flower of dliestion; Ana
excites the absorbents Into healthy action, by NV hid.' the
watery or calcerons depositions, and all unnatural' en
largements are reiluced,a s well as pain and inflamation,
and Is good for men, V. omen or childtett. ` 4 - •
. . FOR siEi.E.NTSSES, .
_ 4,
Arising from Excepsps, %tits : of Dissipa
tion, Early liidiscretion, or Aliiiie
Attended with the following - sytnp_tnins i : ''s .
Indispoaltion,to Exertion. Loss of Power.. -• •
Loss of Memory, . I :Difficulty of-Breathing:.
Weak 7 , 7i:ryes, 1 ' Trembling,
• Horror offfilisexso, - 11 .
. Wakefulness, . '., • :
- Dimness Ort'ision, . 1.. . Pain in tließack. : - -
Universal lassitude of thn Flushing' of the Body,
- Musctilar SyStem - , 1 - - • lihmptions on the Foss, ,
Hot Rands, • 1 . Pallid Coauteutinct;
Dryness of the •Skim. - . , ..
These symptoms, Bellowed to go-on, which thli med.
kiwi invariably removes, soon . follow ----.. • -. . .
In one of whiEh the - patient may eipire. Who.caneay
that they are not frequently followed by those ••direful
diseasea," - • - •I • .
--- Insanity and Cbnsumption. ••
31any are aware of the cause of their suffering. but •
none will confess. The records of• the insane asylums
and the melancholly, deaths by Consumption, bear am
ple witness to the truth of the assertion: _
The Constitutton, once atlectecl. with-or
' • • cranio.weakness,' •
Requires the aid of, medicine to strengthen and invigor
ate the system, which lIEL3IBOLD'S.. EXTRACT PU
-0111 invariably does. A trial will convince the' niost
emales, Fem .- ales, Females
01 of young, single, tuarriedoir • content
. pluting ttiarrtage, - , • -
many affections.pecullar to Females the FAtratt-litt—
• is unequalled by any other remedy, as In•Chlorosis
.r • tention, Irregularity, Painfulness, or SuppreEsion .
of th •
.customary - Evacuations, :Ulcerated or t chirrous
state of the Uterus, Lenchoryhea or_ Whites, Sterility, -
And for all complaints incident to the am, whether arts-
Dig from Indiscretion. nabits. of Dissipation, or in the
_ • •
. ,
Take no Bitlearn, Ifereary, or unplea.eadt medicine for
• nnpleaeunt and danerpus diteises.
In all their stages ;.at little,expense ; little or no change,
in diet, no inconvenience; • • . •
It causes frequent desire, and gives. 'strength to Urin
ate, thereby removing !obstructions. gives,
rijigciirictures'of the Urethra, allaying pain and inflam
mation, sy_freqbentin!this class of dismtfesi and
jag Poiaonous, diseased, andworn-out matter. • -
Thousands opon Thousands , • ~
crI:7,4EILCI3ECEES, - . • •
And whd have paid HEAVY PEES to be ciced in a short
• time have found they ere deceived, and that the " Pbi
son ,' has, by the Ilse of•L Powerful Astringents." been
dried up in the system; to, break out in an ; aggrai'ated
fc.trin, and . ' • • • -
, .
For all Affactlons and Dikeases of
Thelfrina . ry Organs,
Whether existing in MALE OR FEIMLE,from whatever
eanao originating, and no I:natter -
OF.HaVi,IDNG STANDrNG. • • • ,
Di;ieases9ftheiß Organs require the aid of-a 'Diuretic.
And , certain to have-. the ttestred.c.ffeetiin all Die
. • cans, for Nvhich it is recommentled.
• •
BL=OOD'! Ta. 001 5- BLOOD!
ilelinbold's llighlp
,Concentrated Compound' •
Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla
_ .
This is an affection of the Blood;and nttacks . the Sex
`nal organs, Linings of the Nose, Ears, ,Thront,-Vind-
Pipe: and other Mucualpiurfaces. making:its appearance
in the form of Ulcers. Helmbold'a Extract Sarsaparril
pnritlei the Blood and removes all Scaly Eruptionanf
than Skin giving to thef : Ctimplciiop a Clear and Healthy .
Color. It being prepared expressly for this einSa
plainls, its Blooc-Purifying Propeities aro preserved-to,
a greater extent than any.other preparation of Sarsapn-
• _
Helmbold's Rose Wish.
An excellent Lotion for Diseases Of a S hilitic ' Natnre,.
and as an injection in Diselises of 'no Urinary Onzatie,r
arising from habits bf dialpatibin uacd in connettion
with the•Extradts•llichu and. SureaParilla, in _such,
eases as recommended..
Evidence o f the most reaponsible and reliable charepter
will accompany tbs. medicines.
Fiom eight to twenty years standing, - with names
known to science and fame. •
.:. For Medical Properties ofBl7CßE,sett Dispensatory of
the United States. • • .
See Professor DEWtLS' valuable work on 'the Frac- .
Hoc of Physic. , •.
-See remarks made by the late oclebiatcd Dr:IIIYSIC
of Philadelphia. '
See remarks matleby ,31cDOWELL,,a
celebrated Physician, and, member of the Royal 'College.
of surgeons; Ireland; and published in the Trabsaetiorus
of the Ring and_ Queen's Journal.] ' -
See 3tedico-Cirurgic,alßevieiv,publishea by ilenjamm` . ..
Travers, Fellow ofthe Royal ! College of Surgeons,.'
See most of the late - Standard works on.McdiCine;
ETSIL&CT Brum Ste BOTTIA, Cid STY ' , or $5 DO"
" SKltsAikatrua,,l • . --. • 2" - 5 00 -
I,WOVED Rosy. WA-sn; 50 " " 58
Or hat a dozen of each for $l2 00 ,' which ' will b e ,trafrP
dent to cage the MotitelettinatO caset, if • directiorm are,
adhered to. • -
Mr - Describe symptoms-in all comtattnications.' Cares'
guarantee* Advice gratis. ! I - •
' ' • •• AFFIDAVIT: i t • .
Perionally appear'beforovna au •the ear.
of Ildladelphia, R. T.! being daffy avionk
doth say, his preparations containno.varcorie; --no mer- .
curl, or other ipjdrotts drake, but are pureirveecAlde,i
. • ,
itvOrtiand inbscrib'ed before Ole,__this 294 day , l% err.
•1664.;, „WM. Y:RIRBARD, „
Aldentnan; Ninth-street, above Race, Milk
Address Letters for Information in Confidence,
• - IL.T,REI,3IIIOLII; Chemist.
Depotlo4 South. Tenth-street, below Chestnut, pi la.
_ - •
Atfolptertutanattizazi.s;' . r
Who endeavor, to 'dispose ‘ , 'of theirArt t. 'l and other ,
articles on the-reputation attainedby _ , s. •
- • .llelmbold's ()entities:Preparations, , • :
""" • liatract
. 41{ "
• "
inipoiltion and itxposprC. ' • Idarrialfith,lfi6S—ly,
-••— • .