The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, July 22, 1862, Image 4

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ettbm xtiee, - baro thcir ant poPutArit7
eulythtan6bSanethial. 'Unbounded satblbetiota
La reildeml 4T diem In all cases
Liver en:aflame. Dylpepei; ;mindlee. Wervens 3l•.
Diiieevede of the Kidneys,
sad ,all from a disordered liver, or weak
ousel of the etomach and DigettiVe 01V•314-.
: , (110111, FEVtit, BILIOUS f WIN. Au ITYIkpl3 ACM
• • E‘re our Alm,r.A . for proof. ratct, ctita prir Bout!.
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~.zu . - roaartnti cum
Coc6Sa, Colho, or Iloonesoss,Erisolitia, Aotoinoi. '
Croisp, Prioomon.ia, lacipiat Celisidapt
. 1,541, •
and bia perforomi ;he molt istorbblog Carel ever Lawns
COXFITIMED coNswouriox. *.
As • Dl.ariusaeciaiirsl It is atavusllsd. mci, eaate
kocrin tbronhoat ravelaiin4 Amnon. coeds
no coriameaditten.bire partly iegetelbh an
:Inured *lib ireat exacrne . .m, and ate sugarcoated. \o
better Cathartic PM ma be Land. - Pince, Zeta. per boz.
Tbcae 4iieloes are preparod by Dr. C. M. Jarrapte
CO, Dhliwielphla, NI, and FA. Louts, Me, ind are mold by
-ebstaiitrard .4ealera is medicines ererratere. 'The air
titure of C. 3L JAIMAtI3 Win be ea the outside of cede
bottle or box. s.
In vur " Everybody's dfiii (mai," pi:bibbed annually, you
will find tominumy and cammendiitery &tan all
porta of the co u ntry. Theca Attrauses aro glrosi away by
tli isur
. .
Attu the various alections consequent apes a dlsoulerod
Pith as billgwition, Acidity of the S tomach,Colicky Palms,
Heartburn.' Loss of Appetite, Deepoudency. Coettreness,
and Bleeding riles.. 10 all Nerrona. Rheumatic, and
-- ITeuraigie Affections, It has lea numerous ,isotenees proved
hliddy beneficial. and in'othere effected a deolded cone.
This is a purely vegetable contp,lnd , pia crud on strictly
'scientific principles , after the manner tithe celebrated
Holland llorrhare. Its rtilllt.ttioll at home pro
dOred its introdstrtian hem the 'demand commencing-is ith
those of the Yathrrlaal seettenel of or the fore of thiv
migbly country, mane of whom brought with them sod
Limited down the tradition of Pis vain, It is now clfrrra
to :fe Autrri...en public, t waina adi its trify maalclrrfal
Thtdifilia M . :lilt:TA,: to ad - 17.1fe,7ed.
It is particularly to thrice persons whom
constitutions may hare been lrtpairnt ly the rev:donuts+ nep
of ardent - spirit& or. other tonne of diksipation. Generally
dEllantltlrTteone-in sliest ft find, it, toy directly to.the newt
of life. tbriniriz and quid:mune carry acme , r.uaing up the
drooping spirit, end, isct, infusing tasty health and vigor
the•syrtrto -
litsTlCE.—Winwver esptcts to fled this a laeversce all
to di.expolidel; I,llt to thi , alek, weak and low spirited. it
ill,prerri a grateful aromatic eold'ad, tositunod of singular
remedial properties. •
Genuine highh enDeentrstud Ikerhays's Tlnlland
Dittoes is put or. lu I.a;f-piot hot-,1.+ only. nod retailed at
OSE per Is.trte„ur sfx. hottles LT Fire bottom, The
gtmt demand La thie truly crle;.rste4 MAlL:ins hss froluoni
maul. irsitatisiss,, , abirh the puLlic tlould guard age:tut
ski'llnertre of Tmpafitinn. Ste tbut our acme is nu the
label of every bottle you buy.'
Sold by llrattista geterely. It can be forwarded
by Express to most pointa.
Pharmaceutists and Chemists.
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HEAZZ ' • Itak t o
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. 50cTS ; 11
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Atalortri4l,ll .A.F
h r iirVl-0.
. An aperient and stomachic preparation of
,MON purified of Oxygen and Carbon by coin
btation Hydrogen, of high medical author ,
ity and c=faardinary effice . l in each of the
Laming complainti ;
_TEE EETR. etc. •
The 388 N being absorbed by blood, gag
thus circulating through the whole system, no
.part of the body can meal* their truly wonder...
ful lid:nonce.
The extiemience of thousanti daily prim that
'no preparation of Iron can for a moment be
compared with it -Impurities of the-blood, do.
precision of vital energy, pale, and other
sickly complexions indicate , its nelieseity in al.
most every conceivable tan: is all eases of
female debility (firm albnA ciblarcads, etc.), its
effects are delightfully renovating. No remedy
has ever been discovered, in the wholelistory
of weds : duo, which exerts such prompt, tan?.
and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, com
-plete. digestion, rapid acquisition 'of streagth:
with an 'unusual disposition for sidtive and
cheerful, exercise r immediately folic* its ssW. •
As a 'grand stomachio and general, restorativeit has no superior- sad no substitute. .
Pat arta neat Oat metal 'boxes voastalabitg
tio pills, pt.*, 30 rents per bat Late boxes,:'
04 60; one - dazra baits. 04 00. - For , salt by "
areatzlas ganereUy. be seat tree le
ant- a.tdressnn rarelpt at the price. AU let.'
sees. cadres. rte., dtsuld be addressed to
R Locmc & do.,
- - Chimera Agents. _
"go estomow cr. Fr r.
te %Is -s. floNsisuas stif
nee . *mai
. • .. ..t..,4.,, ,
i l l.rEettailt.. -- :. , :c:::-
The proprietotts anti mariufacinrersof HQS.
TERS can t appeid with perfect,' confidence to
physicians and ctizens generally of the l:nited
'States, because te article has Attained n repu
tation heretofor e unknown. A - few faits upon :
this point will -"peak more paweritillj , than
volumes of bare Savers ion or Masoning puffery.'
The ooasurnetied'of lleateiter's Stomach Bit
ters for-the lastiCar 3111063{CLUCI Orel • hilt
million bottles, nd from itemandfeet steady
increase in timesipast, it is ovidentAii:during
the coming yeat' the consumpt r ion_will
near one millionbottles. This, imp eeseumen t iot,
could never hav been sold fbyttler the rake
medicinal props tea eentainstlitithOirepart4
*ion, and the sapetion of Me inset prominent
physicians in those eactions of the-country ,
where thearticla best hnown, who not only
mermaid the i. inns to i llteir Patients, but
are ready at all tines to give testimonials to its
efficacy iu all , ea of stomachic derangements
and the diseases resulting therefrom.
:This Is rinks t mporary,popularity, obtained a ' -
by extraordinar efforts ,in the way ortrum- -
?citing the quell ies of llie;Bitters, ,but a solid
- estimation of aniinvaluable medicine, which is '
destined to be as enduring'es time itself.
Hostetter's Blomach Bitters hard, proved
a Godsend to reglad where fever and: ague
and-various other •bilions complaints base
counted their victims by hundreds. To be
able to state cehadently . that the "Bitters"
are a certain care for the Dyspepsia and like
diseases, is to th proprietors a source of un
.alloyed removes all morbid matter
from the atoms h , purities the blood, and .
Imparts renewed Roddy to the nervous system,
giving it that teine and energy indispensable
for the restoration of bealiin It operates upon
the stomach, live, and other digestive organs,
mildly but powerfully;and loon restores them
- to acondition assonant to the healthy discharge
of the functions ef nature.
Elderly persons may use 'the Bitters daily as
.per directions on the bottle,-and they will find
in it a stimulant peculiarly adapted to comfort
declining years, as iqie pleasant to the palate;
Invigorating tole botteli, excellent tura tonic,
and rejuvenatin generally. We have the evi
dence of thousands, of aged men and women
who have experhinced the benefit of using this
preparation whil suffering-from stomach de
rangements and general debility ; acting under
the advice of phvsicians, they have abandoned
all deleterious drugs and fairly tested the
merits of this skittle. A' few words to the
gentler 'sex. Thrre are -certain periods when
their cares are so r ; harassing that manyof them
sink underthe • The,relation of mother •
and child is so absorbingly tender, that the
mother, especially if she be young, is apt to
fdtget her own health in her extreme anxiety •
for her infant. Should the period of maternity ;
arrive during the summer. !mason, the wear of
body and mind is generally aggravated. Here,
then, is a necest•i y for a stimulant to recupe
rate the energies of the , sistem, and enable the
mother to bear up under her exhausting trials
and responsibilities. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer the Bitters td ,all other invigora
tors that receive the endorsement. of physi
cians, because it. is aable to the taste as
well as certain t a give a permanent increase
of bodily strength. '
- All those. perso 5, to whom we here particu
larly referred ab Vey to wit: sufferers from '
fever nal ague, used by malaria, diarrhkes, ,
dysentery, indig tkat, loss of appetite, and
all diseases or d ngemerits of the stomach,
superannuated i vitlids, Tn
eons of sedentary
occupation, and uesing mothers, will consult .
their own pltysi I welfare by giving to Hos
tetter's Celebrate. Stomach Bitters a trial., -
CAIiTION.—W: cautions the public against
using any of the many imitations or counter
feitN, but ask fo
,IlosrsiTsn's CstannsvEs
STOMACH BITTERN and see' that each bottle has
the worda ~ Pr. J. llostetter's Stomach Bitters"
blown on the sid o'f the bottle, and stamped
on the metallic p covering. the cork, and
observe that our a tograph 'signature is on the
label. • ' e
N. av- Prepared aik sold Er{ it
SWIVEL -Pittsburgh, Pa.,' and sold by all
deuggeste, groccta, and dealers generally
throughout the nited-Statee, South Amer
ries,. and (Term . , -••
1 .
. . ,
- - Ad arril -- -
Wistar's Balbami of Wild s Cherry.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
roughs, Colds, Coughs, -
Coughsi Colli, Coughs,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Boatmen, llnmehltis, —.
~Asthma, Bronchilis, Boaraenes, Bronchitis.
Whooping Cough,! Croup, i .
Whooping Cough, Croup,
Cinsumption, C usumption, 'Cous/
Sonsump ion, Conintiption;
ma all.likt disease, find as unfailing antidote, a,
j am
rely relief; and a sure :and :speedy cure, in that
great and tenieersall - atipraceareraedy, - • -
i '
Wieter's B f , W ild Cherry.
Wistar's Bale= of:Wild Cherry.
1 ,
The 73„ , v. Jacob 'Aeciler; •
ma known and Muck Irtiprcta oirOng thi Germ= peps.
Nam nffkii 0.431154 Innku thi'foltoioing •fA
Gi /Knelt: oft alliaci
ilivrovitt, PA., Felt. 16, IPSCh
Ntersr.: SAC. Portt & poetou,e-Deer Sirs:
flaring realized in in fawili ihtportanh hene6u . Rita
the use of your vale •le preparation, WterAre BAD.
SAX on Min Mit
recommend it to the p
of mit daughters seem
bones of ,her recover%
cured a bottle. of you 2
had taken the whole
was n great impoinpt
individual caw, 1.0.14
• WV ' , it. Words me pleasure t•
Bottle eight jean age one
and to be in a decline, and little
were ‘enMrtained. I then pro.
excellent Ilatmin, and before Abe.
dia.conitnitenf the bottle thins
rot in het' health. I have, in toy
frequent 'nee of year valuable
medicine; end have
Irma, Aintorrcr, catttio
taut MT: is a good 4,
irai (Nurry ggsat.thr ,
ilaayi been • benefited 17 it. • I
• i tAe Pl , frii<;efaia!t Isqmaiqfmt b•'
tat of spur:it:u fristar's Babas if
dart, mit the estuary:
04ce, Rirkatami.
IctiXO.ND VA., Feb. 23. 1880.
Certifivue j; Mu
, Erani
Messrs. X. W. Fow
I with pleasure' testi!
valuable lung medicit
many of snit esteem
virtues by trial.'
I first made use of
for a violent anddisti
i l
skill M . physicinns, a
gratifying relief as to
I always keep it by •
ing in its e ff ects. .1‘:1
lien gireusuch speedy 1
& Co.2,ikatun;—Gantietoest
iv to We Mott merit of your
ite, Dr. TVISTAIOI timaskx_or
is likowige highly valued by
'citizens, Who have 'Metal lb .
is Balsam crime three years since
ening torMh which' leaped the
i d, to my joy, experienced such
'nduce me to 'persevere In its usea
I •, and ever And it go be rudaili
medicine that I. have!tvei used
Yanrs truly, ' •
e Smith, .83q, '
„i• Ciiinny Beak, euut like it *di
Visaed Lb-01414nd Also Arm.
purrOmf N. 1., Jan. 9,1860 ,
LE k Dwar Sirs: Haying
kLaILDII °VI WILD Crutaity tot
id baling realized its beneficial
l it affords Me greatllsafrain in
valuableisatedy is
atd., cwig•744,4.c., andia may:
eallteli Magee' Ili, Pal 9isY b• -
.3r by the adan delicate la Malta, •
't7 noneetrldiri
k and. atn tlrlcer warltteetits
e t and Aficacinal Baal, his
TTS," written Will a • pen,
'of the, preprietars," S. Tit.
the outer wrapper.
Mosors.'B. W. Fow
Used Tirorrai's D
'about Afton - geol., •
results in:my-Camay,
coatnionding it to
mei of weak irOir,
which f ea:older, to'
takruiritb potion
• t :Yours r
:off' &wariest/
The anti G mine P
the name of "L
ancithe printed
kOWLE' CO.;' • •
AR who reel.ta ' dm/disease ofthe nice{
4.24 or chea, aps:a 771 e
eat/ usi v
Widar's Basiini of Wild Cherry,
WY 3 e O ,asa i rri
.5 1 1 6 74d:_9'
- S.W. POWLE & CO.,
No. Is TREW - DiT 27fitirr,
. .
, .
vgist!, Dealers. and Aterchtta 'is
_tlers Pee . ,'
. *Li tits? iit:tkitaiie, Agate& , . - •
- , , . . _ ,
1177 or tile:tly Abel'llur r .41 andita.d,watrotis&Fw
ter, .tiontrobe: -. E. Wdparef, Dimock ; 'Attot.Ntchti*
Izivuokitn ; Willtuey & .14...t1ey. litkrtottt iliVeett &,..Wattl. -
Great ilead ; J. V. tdisatead,• bandit: L. tirtlati, Omar
bend. \ 1.. '' I . Jail 16-71 1 - - -"" -
rICR Itxtde ti Lot eta!
. L • • • ;14.t4.1.
4 • I -
Iti the tininepnto of the Jobblog Hinnies
on Minitel; rhird.'a d bentoot 'lnman; thr- Banks,
ihnit When litcrehinitelonbango, t t c.ote. '
BOARD' PER DAY; 181,50.
Accommodation; when re.quired, en the EUROPEAN
PLAN: Rooms from SO colts and upwards. per day. and
Ideals at a Porr-Ciats Restaurant attached tolls lintel.
Pricer ttee.ordttLs to the Bills of Fare.
The City Can take Paueagera from any Station
- TO piCLOSE TO the &tot - SYltrr .
illrEagliali,PretHiek, and Oermepiepoken. .
treehint toe: innitranne, in thiloliii).-
11inig Compatues:
• -
Charter Perpetual.
;stoo,ooo. Surplus.. —el' ,000
Organized 'November , 2.1;' A. D. 185 . .
G. M. Ilotionback , o.llrteebaeh, J. P. DCIIOIP,
John Jteletuird. . Davidllorgam Dorrance.
game! Wadhams. It D 14c00. - S nolo.
Shoemaker.. Gco P 'Steele. II 11
R. C. siorti. See l . imm.nniincn, Pre".
W.o,Simmtss, Trena. S.. D. 3110111AULti, Pre/.
. Hattford, Connectici4.
Palll ap Cipl6l 91,509.000 00
Asiscts, ..„ ............... .... —2,194,100 02
No. 1 Moorgate street, London. •
Capital, $6; 0 46,000.... As spat Re sena r. $1.1:01001
_ . „Wx GEM. AystAt.Phßsdelphis.
PANT of Hartford, Cooneeticat.
Accumulated Capita', #3,0'9,00000
Any one wishing their lives insured will do well to call
and examins their mode* of insuring, and their rates.
which are bettor than those of an other comply. berms
taking Policies elsewhere. 11. 1*: - B
oce 'GO] Office over Chandler S Jessup's store,
rptiE extensive Furniture Establishment of
Sian BnoznEns having.beon refitted arid
greatly improved, the proprietonflispectfully
announce to .the citizens of Moutrescond viein.
its that they are constantly making and keep on
hen& the LARGEST and REST assortment of
We give the following list of some of the ar
Cele' which we will
.sell at greatly reduced
priees, fur CASH or RE A DY PAY
Bureau% Walnut or Haliogany,_with gigs§
from $l6 t. $33. .
.Bureaui with marble or broeatelle tops, from
$lB to $24 . , And a large aasortmoot, from $B.
$lO, 12,14,, to $lB,
Wash Stands, Card Stands, Corner and Square
Stands, of all varieties and prices, from 75 cents
trten dollars..
' De'like, Divans .Towel Racks, Footstools,Otto.
mans, Lounges, &a.' • • . ** /
Centre, C,ard, Pier, Toilet, Dining; Kitchen,
and Nxtension Tables,' J ' .
Chairs—Cane and Wood Seats, Rookera—
Cane, Flag, and Word Seatis, of es•ciy variety
alad style.
Sofas, tete a totes furnished at short notfe
at New York prices. • -
N. B. Ready made coffins on hand or fur,
'wished -at short notice.--Hearses_alwaya in
reaciinesi*sen deal : ed.- '* . '.• . *.
`W e employ* none bat CAREFUL and;EXPETII.
ENCED Wonsainn. We intend to do - our Wonx
WELL, and sell it as Low as it can be afforded
W. IV. SMITH . ,
• A . SMITH. JR.,
, .
- E'. lc sprITIF."
Montrosa. Jan. 181 h. 1866.-4 f.
WM. K.. BATCH Proprietor,
.. •
Tills new and entnrnodious Hotel siivateo
on Public A'renues - osearthe Ceurt House.and
nearly in the centre dr, the business portion of
Montrose, is now fu lreompleted and, furnished,
arkwas opened on Monday, the 27th day of
Siptember, 18.58, for the accommodation of
the public and travelersr. The Proprietor feels
confident. that he is 'now simpered to entertain
guests in a manner thit cannot fail to give
Complete Satisili' etio.n.
• The Hotel and Furniture are now, and no ex
penile has been spared to render it equal. if not
superior to any similar establishment in this part
of the gtate. It is * well supplied_ with the
,recent improvements and'comforts . , and obliging
waiters will always be readyto responkto the
call of customers. • .
The• Stables connected with this. House are
New - and." - Convenient;
The Proprietor respectfully solicits the patron:
igo of lileold friends, and the public generally:.
NEW 7 - GOoi)s.
• - '• .
• -D .
= -
We nie d etermined "not ft) \ ).)e - • out-done
in the w#y*:
Take= In ExchaAge fur
G , C O- 9:41:30 Azr. D .
u'iI4IMPFG:44 V 9. '
ILTASinr *ale Beilizghs*a , tar
.I.llthil9kialtera add Mir, that bring out a. thick
erg otYWhilikent;vra.llloastaehe7 . In from aft to pight!,
weaka::' Itaket'a Compound,a sure cure for. Ikricatety.
Montrose; t9T17.1801.7 ' • • -
• .
. .
aF IL -
ricpui MarICLIDC) - •
llecte , CentiZt &c: • " •
' 51arelra.'
, .
ltiryEni• 003001.1 N. D'ltintiei Oi Ri)CE NOSE;
iyi the;unAt—lternetif tor Indtgettloak. BittkonEEKl
Scrointotis Corablicliits,' sod all'ettheues ofthe • (6,
ask, atwbolesde..and,ret, ::;&1 3 rk . .
33-311"Twax;m 4
t4athrearck- .113.!
To be found hi the .Countrp.
'. At Montrose; Penn.
IRLEA * ColtikiXl.o " •
ER/ - 711.E' PEST ry 314,RKET,I;;EI .
36. 04ti...ts, per ,Q4lon.
Alen iatking andCamiktiene, Spirits ityventine,
dc.. coastal:l . o,r on hand ; $t lowest market .
..11.9t,ktrose. fel?. 19. ,tII)!..L,TV:ARELL..
Locate' ovq!thiSliqiteluuilit nalkk•
D. W. - LOWELL!, Principal, Professor' of the
Selene*: bf':A4Aitinftir • Pirmtleal Acceantant.
-Author of liotiell's Treaties "upon Doilit•licep
irig, Diagrams illustrating the same:
DI Accountant„
- of Boot; ICeppit(g and Practical-Mathematics.
J. J. Cuims, 'Assistant Professor
_in the Book
Keeping-Deparent. •
A. J. ,Wa WIER, P fessor '_ - pf'PrietieetAtnd Or.
nationtal Pentuamihip,,Commorelal.'.dalcuh..
thitis . and doriespeltdetutx: ; • '.•
HonManiel tiii.PiOkirpc,n4olkqerop doinmer
Don: Bitte - ora.teetet'er OD Contract.
Promissory Notes and Ri"...B4'tElebOg°'
Rev.4lr. E. Anatiives, Lecturet l ott'COmmeicial
Ilona ; Shernian D. Phelps, Wm: it: Oshprti; Esq
Tracy 11.41eirrau.:Esil. • . . •
The object, of this College is to afford to all
an opportunity of obtain:rig a thorough,Businesa
' • .
The Books audYorms are carefully arranged
by practical . accoentatits expresslY .for this In
stitution and ,euibiuce all the recent Improve.
The - eciun!e" oftinstruction cempmes . every
department butiness. The learner will be
thoroughly 'taught the science and' practice .f
Douhle Entry Bonk:Keeping as applied to the
following kinde,og tipsiness, viz: General Mei
cl!andising, Mantificenring; Banking, Commis
sion, Sieamboatirig, Railroading,, Forwarding
Freighting, Foireioo Shipping, &c. .
- 4011.TNG MEN
Can qualify themselves inn short -time, at this Institu.
tiunito fill.impcirtantlaud lucrative situations: Ample
refereueds Can he givdii where graduatee of o...tia are how
filling desinablo situations. with salaries ircim $.500 to slooo'
per annum_:' •-.' • • .
The Proprietors :wet I pneeeelon of teefitnontale from
some of the first Commercial Ileum:II in the
,4.tate, to whom
they have Airnlshed lyouk-keepers.- showing their entire
satisfaction and confidence in the agility of the graduates
of:this Institution.: .I.i. •
In aims braeclis:rangbt by the mos t . thor
ough masters:of the' 'N'o College in: 'the country en
joys a higher reputat fon {nods departraent. Ladies' De
partinent entireirsetinnite from that of thegentlemen.
Students can enter College at any time: to vacations.
Time to complete thd!courne. from 8 to 10 weeks. Stn.
dente passing the rakulsite examination aro presented
with the ,Q ,-t plaborntt and'elegint engraved Diploma
issued ;by:any - Con) ntereial or Classical Institution hi the
Unfurl. stAititance-i,muleted to - graduates in pitieuring
'or terms of tultidn, price of hoard. testimonials of
duatea filling, address the proprietors for
'cl char, containing full particulars.
Proprictorti Binghamton Commercial College,
or. fl - Binghamton, N. Y.
. •
CnTaila ' antl PiAnenge;s between
Ntentroae and Frrundeville; will leave Seatio's Hotel.
in gontrese, at o'clock;a. m. and leave Frieutle.
vine at 3 o'clock, p. ri. ' ,
Orlionte,• and caravan ean be proenred atthe'Llvery
Stable of the anbscrlher ill 311ontnme, on reagomible term's.
Itontrrae. .big IG, kNiO.. tf CiCifal
• 1 ,
undersignetl having taken too Rooms formerly
L occupied by W. 13, HE \\ S, is now prepared furnish
who may desire with a good and truthful Portrait.
akin well posted Ikthe pmrduction of the various kinds
Junctures of the day,l flatter tat self th tt my m ork Isnot
fxcelled by any in this section of the country.
AmOng the various inch taken at my Rams arc the
Locket Pictures do3rn to the smallest sired miniature
Bldg. Transferred Artibrotypes—the finest thing out, for
Minding by Post to any part of the.. World militant extra
postage. Ity Picture-sere bold, vigorous, and expressh e
—not these faint. lifeless shadows often sold about the
country, Pictures taken in all kinds of we..thur., equally
well, except those of young children..No picture need be
taken animus perfect satisfaction Is ,• , teen.
In dressing fora picture; mold. f ight colors,—snch as
blim.purple. scarlet, pink, etc. Most others take well; as
green, black, red.snulf. brown, orange, )(glom etc.
• VW - Remember that the place to get your " picture" is
nthe Brick Block, °Sur Read , Watium..t Poster'sstore.
Von use, Pa....!tar. eta. isw.o.
•, • '
- ,
Ji • •
. .
~ ,G OODS.
495, Brdadwity, NeW-York. •
11 •
Agencies in all
, the principal Cities and
Towns ii4the United States.
I l The Grover tt),Baker, S. 31. Co. b'eg to.
call the attention of thiti public to their recently introtht
ced . . . .
B .kVingg% •1R14,012111615V 6 -,
Tile a mdatin eMiil4fie'all the lat6t irsefal iMproee
ralvernitshoirn aewilighlaclancry, and are highly recummenited
• ' ;
Sisopileity of Construction ' -
Cupssatycor all klndanr wall/
And Beauty and liegularltk of Antall. 9. -
Various styliis of thesb machines rutipted. to the lionief
or workshop will beltrand at the different agencies of the
company throughout•the United /Rata. Their new.
- • -
The latest trlumpu of thi sewlnw Machine Art — floiseleoo:
rapid, and . mibt oPerated—will coinmend Itself to th ose
who use such mach ined for manufacturing
Grover & Baker .
It.tUING Tun N ,
TheseJustty.t.elebrat machines, tuteptcti to all 'the
wants attic ,housebold'and manufactory, continue to
maintain the pre.enniLleOCC Mitch the almost.nniversal
verdict 041, 1 (1)4111a? itwa,l•dtt tetn,
of the Grover & Bakze4illteh lain alwaye insure thee°
umi rA l lePftrocuta,lot fatallAnie,- for the guintkaa
itKiore Mat gW18104.,44te,3401,0t1t1ar-lbrPie 110
tt tOrlitCM ti% ! , 'l' 1 ~,,-, "t: •.5 Ip,, 4t ,
1 gatPl'Whieliesi, ikel4oiee 4..' Biker it tittif Yob
byre exhibited and Igor judged la eoleneekknl with'
I the leading Sewim "tdaehlum In the market. Including
',the Whetter 4 Wileo the grit w d tkef have' Invatiably borne Off
This aseartion Is warmed by the decialeW Otto ems-
Wittdaet °Nis State Pik" or:,
: ,
arbk. . 1
reeenliy o awagded the tirrt pendent to the
i t
Grocer & Baker Ifatbita, user ak others In nompatfrinn.
As I , altowiNo 'r.troolufzilesTs'
. i , i __,_,..
~.; 1
_,,.___!- ,
i n- I L
',EAT . ,,- A GBE
linitolici kit by M
Spalding, they, afford unquestiongble •
• proof of 111 e effietzq of lel - 4 truly
• scientific dirmweiy.
* :
Xasotryttpti'Consr; Fel, 5, -
ME. BrA2.mfo. 'in . -
- Btu!' '
!hare tried your Cephalic Pills, and tlike tArms'so
that„l want you to send me $2 worth mole. • .
Part of thmk are of the milchbors, to Whom I gine a relov
out •Orttiallrot hox Ygot frous-you.
Send the Pills by tubll t and oblige
liottrob't serr't. • •
't wish you to's'emYrneroilu more box nf. yfrarCeptisl
Pills; f Attoo rsogratt a gooat-4016f - •
- Yours, respecaully, •• • •
• Asti sToticlictrSE.
= • '4 . .
tipince Creek ' Huntingdon'eowrgi., - Jan.16.1 •
YOit id!l please send me twa.boxen of your Fills. Sea ,
(born .I,l??m.PdigktOi
111 "Art
F:S.—/hare ind(Mebo.. your FiUi , and find !her
exceil44t. - •
, . . ~.... , ~ „pent; Vernon, Ohio, Jdz. - Z.
Ilenry C.iiialdiak,ttiq; ' -.-. - • ~ ,•, • ..- j
Please dud. enclosed twentyl ve cents, , for Which stiit'.
Inn:another box of your Cephalic, Pills. 1 Thry arc trur
the Writ pillirl Wive ever tried.'
,A. STOVER, P . M.
BelleN'ernon. Wyantlot county Obi .
0 .
t, .
. .
11. C. lipaldinl, Esq. ' •
) I wish forsoute circulars or lame show bills,- to Irriu l
yode Pills more particularly before ;Ely customers. • .IfyoL
hrivarthytbiug Gf theidud, please stud ,them to me: ;
One of toy customers, who Is subject' to a devcrl4 -
headache, (usually lasting. two days). brae cured Of an -
;ail la an hour 01, pour Bile, luliich I sent her,
..- Respectfully Imam; •
W. B. Wllltth.
Itrynoldalm. Franklin Co.. Ohio, t
January 9.
!lent,. C. SOldtog.
N 0.45 Cedar istreet, N. - Y.
Dear Sir: •
Intionett [lnd Hive.nty•five coop, 1...)r which Rend
box - fit.tephalic Ittrect to' 'ter; t
IttoololtlAborg.TrankllO county. Ohio. ". '
.Vour. Mir work like o'charm--curt •lleadaelie olmo
indattyr. •
Trill,. yours, Wm FILLER
Npsllanti, Mich.; 4111 n. 24
11r. Spadini&
S r : ....
Not long alnee I sent to you for a box ca Ceplndir Pik
for the cum bf-ilie littrvmi• lieadnehe. at(t, Cost i vent.,
and received for puma. .aradfikiy - Add io - geof on (fed I
was iiichoodlooend for mon. , •'- , . . N . : f ;:,
_- Mad arend,by isturn'malLi..fareciiii
- - '' -.. ' Ypsilanti. Mtrii.
• .
• From the Eiyminer. Norfolk, Vo.
C . ephalic PULoaccompl ahlheotlact tor rhleb they were
made, viz.: cure of Ilea • lite Xo9Xlit.
• Frovi the ,E7ankiner, Norfolk, ra...
• . . • •
Aare Crated 14 m
.orciluin Ir thousand case.
entire svmas. : • • .
Froin the Demoerat. SC Cloud. Minn.
..Idou are, or have been troubled with the headach.
stud for, oils, so that you may: hay
them lo ca,i of in attack. .
—„. . .
From. Proeidotee, R. I.
The cephmiertiliari sahl tei Ile a.rem rhably effee s tiVp.
remedy fur the headache. and one of the very beat for
-that very frequent annidaint which has - ever been di -
covered. ,
From•the Western R. R. Goa , lle, 'Chico!,
We heartily etidorse•Mr. Spaldli)g, and hid nntivalle
Cephalic Pills.
Froin„the Milky Sr.t4 liunntehd. Try . _
*care ' , MY that pertl.,ns entft.riug with the headset'
who try them, will stick to them.
From the PatleFindei% New Orleniist, La
Try them I you that are AtTlicted. and ire are earn that
iour terlitnony can he added to .the already utunerotd.
itpt that lams received benata that nu other ntedltine e,4
Prom Ole St,Logis Dentorrpt....
The immense demand -far the article. (cephalic pills)
Front the Gazette,',Darri4}ort,
Mr 4 Analdlng.orould not connect Me Dame:with' an 'a
tide he dld nut know to inme.e real merit. _ •
Fruue h.e- Advertiser, Providenee„R. I.
The trati ony In, their tavor le at rung,' from APO,
resprvtable quarter.
, . •
Frond,the Ad! "---
fie Doily.l.Vetos..ll`eloport, 12. I.
Cephalic i are taking ,thc place otall Mode:
v5l/04.44 ,
coo eA
CURE `ve
,t 1,72 CURE
rairea4 al 311--
By the nee of these Pills the periodic attacks of Nerroua
Akt Ifeadadte may-be prevented ;laid if taken st - the
cununenearnent of an attack, lannediste-rellef from pain
asid.sickness will be obtained. • - '
They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and Headache
to which females-are io , inbJect. • - •j - „
• Theract gentlyupon the howels.--reatovitig Ckildit'Snem
-For Literary Nen, Sradtnts, IlelleatelFemales, and all
Persona of Sedentary Witt. they are valuable as titaxcifiee,
improving the - appetite, giving ton*3nd vigor to thediges•
tive 'organs, and restoring - the manila .elasthißy_iiiid
strength-of the Whale -system.: • •
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long itivesiV
anion and carefully conducted experimentsamving been
in nee many years, during which thin , they have prevented
and relieved a vast amount of pain and spEering Iron;
Headache, whether originating - in the Steramar . system ut
frouta deranged state of the stomach. ' •
They are entirely vegetable: in their einnpositioh, and.
aymhe tak atialtbnes With perfect, salty without mak,
mg any
change of diet, and Ms . abeene4 al* disagreed:di.
taste renders Wary loud/MU:Ur 1114)i children.
Beware 'of Counierfeiti. .
The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding
on ',sell box. • • •
Sill by Druggist's and other Dealers in Medicines. A .
hex besunt by, mall pcepalilfasysteipt olthe
4:543 . 01504ir l
Me r , , j0 1 ,4 11 0 1 4. 1 .1404*.110•.tC
- • . HENRIK. C.• .81M.K11814F.,
tovi4 48 Cedar.Strioh4!feii,Vitrk.
rgr - A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE
. • will save ten times its coat aunually.ya •
SPALDPNIG'S "PrtgrAßiD wig!
SPALDts.ZG'S,.PRE.P.Aniii) , ,GLITES : ,
. ,
zco3iomy 1 L•
An aceldrestawill -bappen, even in Will reentered Will
ilea; It is very desirable to have ' somoebeep und.cOuven
lent way for repairing flarnitnre, toys,' croetpry'4ie.:'.],, - ..
(JL rrif
litallt4ligliinetientemanetee, andel* bonsabidd eansaltbni
.to be without It. It Is alwayis ready,--and up to the
-ing Wet, . •
'nll' RirEßr //pima"- -•-- - -
N. 11-4 Bitulb,aecompanlea
eents, - e: SPALD .17R7f—
: • . 4; Cada:Stret, New l Y.swi....
Ailteietain unpriikipledperaoretareattemptlup is a
,ofrota tire itnsuepivingssaari t s, ha itathifrearasrp.- ‘.•
Oka. would. mutton all persons to
chasing, epasing, etid see Mu theMliime,
Simatlto ontalSe wrapp.r ; others are 'Winkling man.
trrleits. •
itytt's ',.SAstiparaill,
: .- sr ~, ',,,, ';'' li,it.i • ',..' ~" :', . ! -t 1.:. i..t . ,
. - 1
,1.7- itiV.PtrAttillitt - 41 1 4 : BLU E '.
x,..14 .. , •.., i t , . -.. , t......
- And for the speedy 'eare•Of thir suidolool varieties OI
ina,ms., ~P2 s .- -
_. , ,1,--
,_...' :1 . .
Sicredlitht ,inittiicrolfulloiss Aire ettlentri,isiseh as
Turistorrii, iffiterik Sores, Erin ptient, 'Pius-- !
plea, Vast's/esit J3lotolicts, -Dolls, • Bluing, „
and a ll Shiva Diliseases. . , .-: . - ; ~• • , -
\ . 1 4 ''.
' '.-
''.'----• ' , rho4ltioittti.ind:, Rh Jinn', lAD. ,
1 .I; C. Avim Rt.'Co. L0i.,,t.: I feel it,itty ditty try as- , A
knoWledgalitlist4ohr „tiariatitrilla4 Itaii :one - for d too.'
Milt* Inherited a'Seroritlotts infivtiott,l - hare suffered
frOln-it do various Woks for -years. thimetimes , it bond
out In !)leers on myy, hands nod an tu
s' nnetimes it
turned Inward and tititressed me at the idOMltell. 'lwo . .
• ttawittign it b?olgeotitieni!rtly head matelot:Mini : MY. scalp I
,audrinat eritlanne soot, widehAstut tudnfulaildhuflormir . I
beyanti,tkovrilltiort...,l4riod.many medicluca and sere: r• .
physieltinr, - Intrwitlichit nuteltrellef (him any thing. It..
Aq...o4n.ditygirtlxir..orgme,....„Atr.l644o4.lwaa.lajoi ‘ eed
40„tolltd - iktlife,c • 1 4 1 1eite!'qgor tliakYntrinki intlost•M
an itifivativit orastmillls). for I knew from your repo
fotipn That Atty thingyou avide mast I n good., karat to
Clciefitnallancl got it, and used ft till it redme. I look
it, as you . adrior , hi atitall dos e s , of a hasputtuful over a
' ktomtli, and ueetratOto'ff • tlirreltettlead• INew Mid healthy
'skin otonn.lietan fn - firm undei the Oath whieli after a
while fill oir My skint. new clear, sod I Imo* by my
findings that the disease: : is gone from tray .!yatetn. You -
taolwell hellerellutt find:what ittut,tuying when I tell
- you', that' I !Mitt Trio t be one of !Ito apostles of the a;te,
and, ritualu OyOr grate I,llly, %yawl's. -• •- -
At I , itl II" B Ttl I Ft . -
SC! Anthony's lire, Rose or Re:rsipmlas,
Teller nisei Salt Rheum. Scold, Head, Ring.
worm, Sore Eyes, Dropsy. , .. . . ..
lir. /Cohort M. rub m
le )trites fro., , rtlem, N. Y., 12th
Sept•VASYA7 , I4II:-Ite .litut - -rural, wit Invderatn ease or
Proptit. mulch - thee:des:gni to terntinnie fatally, by the
• Iteriteverlnz thee; or-wttr Sarsaparilla:nail also a danger
soisallark of ;11ittirotoot Ernsrpebta g b,y" htry.e. don's of the •
same; sayalle cures the common icrafttious byit'enn
Altattl!Ye.:. :- • . -,,, -I ~, • ;-• ~- ~.. i: ~.p.:, -, -.4+;, -' •
lironehorele; Colt re, or litiitelließ „Reek. •
: . 7 - 14 1 616 ti -510 4 u: or,
~ , Y it.ttlki,• ' Ettxtut, Willoa i' .. Three
bottle*" of yonr.ttarO ewilla cured tne:frun: a thoitm— a"
likhnnts swelling on tite meet., Whieltl luutialfertid. from
- Over two - yearn!' ', • 1 .
"Leiteorrlurn 'or' .. Vlittes. • Ovillitait Timmer,
- -,' Uteri's a 'ltflee'rat lan, Female "DI
Me. ,T . P. S. Chinitliiir.. of Nem Yon{ Cite, suites i o I
Mat eTwerfollv'eonaply with tip- nntesit ofyour *gent In
airing T bare !amid Vour Snrinonrillnln snort excellent
et,.i.,,3„, Ibelittutih•ourreonoltpintalfor Whialt we tin
plo iamb a remelt:. but vigor lly ill Female !presses
rof the- Serufhlousedialliests. 1- have - awed:4lml: Invet- ,
crate eases of Leneorrlpen rand !, by. it, an some where the •
mrnirinint miss rtUllhUll by pleeration of the uterus. The
ideeratfon itself Wes rigooo cured. Nye:thing. within my
knoWledge equal* ietik thevy female demo;-,nett,."Ellwartl Sr 3TarroW,bl Newbury, .1 1:4, writ,: u )1 dim.
gerOus or:yr/fin tronor!on owl of thu retrial, li. m.y.finufty.
141101A13.tdCtied all the fotnedlei we eould i•mpiny, has
ati.Meth.lieen comPlett4Y rated by yollr ektradzof Sat ,
stripn,tilin ',Our, nhyririxn thought.'notliing hot extirlt
tiati eoulll ;aunt relict;lint he advisedl 1111..1 riot of your
kturiMptirltht As the, hint resort. Jn:fore &trine'. and It
,pearod•eiTerfttall' Aft , ir taking yOur remedy right weeks
no apttptont of the di eake renuthts."
Syphilis maid Sterearial jD,I „
, ' • , -New fh:i.E.t.:lB,t!itlo-AtitruNi, Imo.-
n..T. C. vt:::. Sir.: I eliverfully:inunply with the
request of your ntrenti . illitt r.cort to 'you some of the
efleets I linre renlizeillwltia yptir.S..n.ktutynrilln. , . •
I ,have.etd e. lilt It, in toy tonetleeoort , t, of,,tit Corn-
Dlnftla for . moilmor 14 roe ~,,, ttnnidi;d, and I,1:11. found
effeet of truly wonderilai fu the rare of ErOrreol mod Iler.
e ,, e ia yv,,,,,e. <b.. 11 niy pptjeto A bal Syphilitiz cleers
to ids throat, which were ronaninittg- l i
la palate and the
top. of his month. Your. Snr.:l:::tri I in, r•ten , llle taken,
Ij eared him in five weeks.; ,Ifoolt, uni, nttaek,nl by sen
t! • onilary, symptoms • Milan nose,,atel Xlie eleeratioat had
eaten away a ennoiderldti,; I.:Art of It. PO that 1 believe the
disorder would soon eeael, lit , brain, and kill lain. put it
I - VieLleil to my atimit&trn:Voi of your far .pariah; th..
utters benled,ntvi be in wit agn in, not of rearm` will:oat
crone digit - mg?! ion of lite, kin.. A trolitun Who 1.41,...,1
trenterl'for the winte.rlimsr.ler by alterrlorr *ram 'Auffrrine ,
. from tills poison in bey bones. They luel become ••0 semi I tie.: in the weather I kat nn n 11:11151. ibly the vile:red ex
. erneir.tin....• pain in •Iter. - Joint. end. bon , . Si,", t , :o. WAR
. euretl entirely lw you'r,Sarrniutrilln in 3 fee week,- 1
in I know front Its fuirtnitlit which emir agent ga.• Ille, that
thiii reeparation_frotn'yndr laNtotanty nol.t be a great
1 remedy; • exiwarnitientl,r, flinty: truly rein:lrk:Able:results
with irltre not,i , isprkeirso, , J
-.. - Fraternall yours, ", 'G. -V. I,AIIIIIEII, M. D. •
. i
- 'throats:tiara' l 'Gout, Liver !Complaint.
- I I:lngettigni - ier,tPrest an On. Vi;. ath.aii - h-. lora.
Dit..l. C. At En. Slr: 1 linvebeet; it:lli:red seal, H l,hiri.
ft:l 'chronic Ammon in far a Log Hoff, whieb holed the
skill of pliyaleinnn.'nrol :Bark; to rate lira apit e ,br a il the
rentediert 1 eenki tintionit II I ;fled vour:etat,varil la. (hut
tUlttliieUred Me lit 1 . 4 it wants, and 'restored IoY enteral
IWaltli ao ineelt tint''-1 ant far h-tter ;than before I , wita
attneketl. I think it a:wonderful media., J. rm.:A M.
Jules Y. fietehell.lif St. 1? - oth.. Writ,: " I bane hr•in:
afflicted for years with ail affe,tioh , ! i . the I tree, width
lleatrofed My henitit..l I tried every' thlunr.nlylro - sr thing . .
•fill - ad to relieve sue'; 411.1 I fir.- b..eo ailtrokultliori n man •
for j sonte Y‘enrs from no other ran. , 11,J,n el,ritvgrta,nt of -
th eLirer. My belLo'cil lutstok - .2lleltet . .!3l.r.}:hiry.nclvid
: me 1 o try. your Sarum. rill:) beentlx.:t.knni:l lie kitste ran,
and any thing - you made leas worth trEL,n,r. - ,ltv Cr. 1,1 , -14-
.: itigwt i lot! ft hap enr.sltnrctijd I,ateant.piwisk4f fay' brood ,
! an to Marie a anew - Matt or to, .1 r“-1 y 1.111:: n.lnin. The
bcph that poi be raid ,ir Vollln not lialflglotut euOugh." .
Setarirll*. Cone eriTiamors. Vella irgenteeit, r 1..
; Areklat,ion, Carl . eo,,•=otuiti .tixfollistietti 0t..11.1fr
I Rosie.. .. t ,:- ,l , 5 .:-:',..- .-- I - :"' "- • , •
1 A great Vail,:ty ere:1t...1.1;a, , beeit reimrted to men:lmre
1 curia of these tormidatile rom?laittts • tare result...! front
1 the,uneor this relue , le. lot our sp,u4 here will not nil
: 'bit them. - Seine of ilivoofots- I.• 10o:id In our Ann - rb•an
! ~ ' a • ~ , . . . ..,
- taftUtUar, w il c o tot' u,.„- - enT, !;riour ranted use pleasetl to
' '
furviali gratis to nll n hos:all fur them. ' -
. .
Dyspepsia, !Trait Dfortiow, -
'l7ito, •Ep.ilepay, Detailed' ol y, Neuralgia. • ~ .
. . ,
. - 31nny rentarknble elms of 'theae ail Alone lutve`lreen
mule by the alterative power of fhb minlieitto. At I-thou
-1 latex the vital functions into vi:feroitit hetion, lull thus
, oreocontea disorders ;widen would i.e; r.upp..tted iwynthl
I -Italy:telt. 'Sorb's: ban lontrlannt nnrirell by the
•I neerntaitioanf the petiole, unit we ore 'eoulltleus tint tills - -
, I will do for theist tilt that inedlrinS von 'do.
.ritirlerlY. Mau., Ike. 9
Cherry _Pectiar - al
• • FO. TIMID eritr ow -
COtiglixv Colds: Iniftwenin,! Iloirsemiess,
Croup, Droneltltis. oil plc tt t. (*outgoings! ,
And ror'llit nether of Consnittp.
aye Pot lien ta',Att
. • .atettptin of the Diocese.
This is a remetly'so universally knoWn to ettrmiss any
other for the cure Of ihront mot Imlg milli:alit., that ft
is useh:sa here to pub 'sit the erkicnce'uf its virtues. lts
unrivalled excellence pr coughs. and eohls. and itstrulv
wonderful mum; J of pulmonary - 14 . 1.f4,?1!,' 11/tie made it
known W threttgliont the. civilized nations ut..the. earth.
Few are the communities, or even fazidlies, among them
whti have.not some persostaLexptTioice of US:effects
sonic thing trophie hithele midst of' ittreictortcover the
subtle and dangerous fdinorders of the throat and lungs.
As alt know the dreadfhl fatality of these disorders, and
as they know, too, the etTeets of' this nfmetty, Lig need not
do More than to. assure thcm that it has uwv all the vie
toot that it did luevelitheulnakttig4ha cures which have
wooscratrongly upon the confidence Of mankind.
- Prepared by Dr. J. t..AYEB, & Co., Lowell, Nam
For sale brAne/ Turrell, Montrose; (berth & nit n
DundalT;'. Woltman s .Cliwirher, Auburn Centre, aril 1 y
dplerannd de :gists 'everywhere.. .1 . cc b r cw
-11JAIATi ,
.411 14 ,.4 .EnrelopepPricf '35 Ce11t1.,7
'11;gt1 ttREIIiY.IDR.I . CI.7IVEIttVELL.
On the, cause and cure. of Spermatori
doe% (.:4.4.rtruption..slentabarl l'hyeina
Behilltr.llVrttrveotirieftf.-Itrmetw.. ; Impair
littitrition'of the body ; Larsitude ; Weakr;catt of the
WWII/Mil the bae7r.l.:lndirporition.; i 01.1 - of: nteMerv;
averafon ta society ; love Of solitude ttroidity ;
trust; dizeineaa ; headache; affectionn of the eyes; Dim.
pleamn.the face ; involhittary emisefona. and reseal In
clout :he ; the consequence,. of.youthful indireretion ,
Cif admirables lecture - clearlyl proves that the
above enunmerated , often aeltaillieted. evil* witty he re
moved without medicine and' without enrgical operation*
Mid should be rend by every youth and'every man. In the
land.l ,
Bent under seal. to any addrera. In a Plain sealed euvel
one, nn the receipt of six centa, or tircf po.tafre clamps,
by ad:dropping C. KLINE.,
J ll 3o—'ol 127 Boirery New York} Pod Box. 45M.
d JL for the rob of the "srijaiiiii Pri;ie - a . ititni and the nuttily,
haeinx•enpereaded . the: 'l4O " Aiometsc."
"Cordial; "Medicated," "tichnnippej,' etc, it en'
doreed by ill the prominent phyalelana; ehemlsts and con
noleeenre no 110SSV,48111g nil tlins , e IrttysPze medicinal
gnalities ( tonic' and di ret lc! which bekirt to tin OLD and
PURE Giti.'trstt - np.ln.litiaithcfttleglinit *told byall Drag!'
glare and Drobere:mte, • ,traI:BLNINOER '
4.161 4 71#''`R , 'Nel 4 l9 . iitil3B3tteCt N. Y,
Fur ialentTurrell'il
1i , ,
T A .
F_V•-00--1--q D . N
.r.! . i r. k A
, i i P
-I ?a.2 9ft q .
- le (4e &sit Afedicide
N the worlelfur the cure qf ,
. Cpughs antl Colds,'CrO4p, -. ,
'Bronchitis, Aatli'ma, Difficult Breathing, ~• . ' Palpitation of the - Heart. •,. ,
For Obi fellolol pallehls is attraniktf stave air , '
. •Donstituption together ivith all. Ditmalles: •
t-roffhe Throat and. Cheat anti whielt , •-•‘ •
prediaptise to - Consumption, - , • ~
. .• ! D'ittlarbi the Aloe arAteari:ct - i 4044 thifen .
1 , destroyer succumb b)itelpnoe..ll - abofirviiii.:.: „ k
T. ea free czpectoraildn, 4 wee Qtalthy.erellon
. *Vvelliiisifeed lfwrilt, • embraint'aiul ague+.
, .
1 ' ' 'it tipeeuiiii:ltadtiptetntitb*Yaslietil •
I, . - - - --1 '- , -7 , -• ....• -rir* Of Abi, ....,..,.:-.
-, .... Pati.rtt Mir Ist.,ratualite stit DP ttlAls Otior ,
' 44 4 :iugle0444hrtentlif aleep.vhbehl4is partieninr'.. ..
. _ - isatiiiiiqjihetitoecuigilenie4, /t is tieryginescini • •
in liiri taste, and prpnaptlails vifeeliu - Try It di .. • -
, •Peroarlarra that tills invaluable in as cure q/: -• .
,' . '; • s iiroticholl •• . A rfetionii,,..,.
.. - Prfee Liftwats perlattlr. ' Povaritt only . ,_ AY ..
. z • .
"- ' ' , Dr. A. A:9EN ir slit' and old hir,i-esmirs*- .; •
. - ...:. *..c0..N.: II otirsir IA and Po ,10 , . 44R,fery44,,. - ..!
-... PhikWa..l32.: - Sbr.sals In .ganirons 4_,
.2 -;"; : t.,,
siiA49 4,04) 4.liSrUng".74' Thilliiiii '.
/' -
• „ors _ 411 pi
rui p e w s ifiAo4l.. 44Yoit'intly hand:audit-at Inv
nrka u ityan ban:t r ier: r
ed - 0f Any Dealer in lawn.
lieintsaber Turreti's Dreg MEN.
Akittfa FAIR,
, • or THE
suSRvEHANNA c9urvrr
Iv' elLs. rkipsm - ,
:-..0* Tatesillay Wednladay;Sept.
234 and 2,4 th, i$G2.
• • - • '
4-4101111112.—C1A35 I:—STALLIT/S8 AND Mints:
Vest draught, stall/onmut onnot bls tin tn. diplanta and ;33
Besestallion roadster Sr, ‘ beet brood mate and colt 5
tiesoud best ter each uf ;bore three II • -
Judges--J; S. Tarbell, Alontrove ; JOhn Tewksbury,
Auburn Christopher Bytu.e. Cbuepttut. '• •
'tCLAMf Ann reaectuar nooses. •
Ite_g s gehling, over four 3,cara old, raided In the county-
Bait mare • : '•! • • - " • • 3
t pair matched berate over three years old "
MAMA " • . 5
Si cund heat fur each of above Nor .
Burt pair of matched mama not ralectl in the collet • 3
-Judgee—Baniel l earle. Montrone ; R. S. BirchanVlee.
aup; Bridgewater, '
Be.t pair 33=re übj colts, told beet pair Moles. each. $.l;
- .I'er:wad beat for Jena St • beet pair: years old wit* hest
pulezerrling colialre.elr) cora old craft; bot3yeara old
eult„. and beet Jack; each. 112 f I beathelcsl.
'Judder—John Brown. e; IhunlebllllA, Auburn ;
ThbuinoJolmnon, Bridp.nester ,
, .
f.—Mt/0/LS. .-
Beat bull over 2, years old VI, 2d beet t 4; bvat yearllng.buli
best 9; 'heat eowinrerit jearf okl $l,
_ld boirs3 ;
best 2 yea old heifer $3. 24 beat beat yearling bfi
Itti best ttlt best heifer calls 2: 2d best $1: - Ixat bull calf
$2. 2d best st. '
Judges , ‘-.11. 1 0 .11audrieli. F. Lake; Jas. (,=malt, Cbo.
eouut ; James Kasoun, Springville. • • .
cusse u.,-Dthursos*. -
Hest bull over,. year's old $3, 2d $4; beet yearling ball $.1%.
2il $1; best-cow over 8 years Old $l, 2d $8; best 2 yin old
lisle $3, 2t14- 4 ; beet yearling hfr,s2,.ltd $1; beet bull calf.
El. 241; best Ittr calf $2. 2d I. _
. Judges—J.l4: Hawley, Ilawleytat • Thos. Hlehalsod,
Springville; 3111elund eitocurtut.
CLARIS 111. , 4711ADE .DriON2
Best bull, best cute.over3 years old, beet 2 years old heifr,
best 4ye rungs. bests catvcs. each VI; 2d on midi $2.
Juckees--Sameel Williams, Pike; 0. Prichard, Spring
ville Frederick Lints. Franklin:
Premiums name mitorgradedevoui. Judges—William
Moreau, Cii.konut ; Wm. ble.liulab,,pridgewater ; Wm.
‘ Orarim, Apulneoti.- , -
L'4 , .;nduras sante awou the two laifebisses. _Judges.-- it.
Ilipds, S. -Lahti:- E.G. Bebeuek , Brigdowater; Stephen,
Balpenter, tlarford, , '
• ,• fLANS.lre—Oirl%Altitl a#re.s.
Beet pair of Working ox.en over 4 pairs old raised In this
cranny $5, 2d $4; best pair of 3 years old. and 2 rears old
',steers raised In the county, each un eseb $2.
Judges—Daniel Seeley, Aulmna ; Jl. E. Bush, Bridge
water; David Wakelee.Sprin,pille....
Best beri - !, and breeding sow..-atch Cr, 2d $2 best spring
pigs,aod hest 4 pigs under hi wks old,tach $2,2d each
Judger-4. S. Towne, A. Tilden, "; Ir. Lake ; Edward
Choconut. ,
-.— .
Mid fine wooled kiwi: .$3. 2d t beot . .3 do ewes 3.511;1;1.ot
ldo lumb"2. Fur coarse Doled:premium. Paine.
,an tine, except lanitfo et:ileitis $l. Middle wooled untie
as catlike. Bert buck lamb
,p( ench,s2.
Lelceeter, Bakewell.4c., - clgtk.rdnn cOntoe: Saxone,, no due :"Sonihdftn, Re',:nt. middle woolea.
JudUeo.—Samliel Roberte; Jetsup : 1 01iver Trowfiidge,
Gt. Bend; 0. M. Divine, Forest LakcJ
Best pair turkey., cock and hen be.
6 teals oven, year
old ; best Ii spring ehicken.: and be t l duck. ; ea, h $1;
44 Ixa , t, on imch lot tr.ti` , Jrult„;in.—,Al.mtniroe; .
'...Jahri Ilud.on. Choconut ; Jackson Thildwln;llrlstge6tr
.' 1- .- L ' -, tattoos 1 - 1,712C1TY.11 .0.X6,C/lEWIX.. '.- . . -
Bead Eilifnlyr praar.func.butter ta. '413: came premltuns
for Sept. butter,llest In Ile+. butter made by girle 1113-....„.
der IS yrs .f ::: Beet chem ,- e. not leal(than X. 16.. 3. 51 2.
1 , - Jutl2.o*—M m..J. 3lnlfOrd, .31untroat.::: It. T. Stephen.,
C. P. filmier, • .• - • ..
I' "-- , nryttiroat vit.-•iiiitarr, 1`.11:471ED 7111:17.. AND 212.1.122. ,
Pest ape, currant, blackberr!.. elderberry. and cherr y
wine; canned fruit; mirrant,apprM, gtape, and crab apple
jelly; each 'fifty ecuts: ~.
.fudges— , Alrfc...s...l..l4firop:Mm. A ;Cro.iimon. Wm. J.
clltnlford; and NY J Terrell. CD Lathrop, W.:6 1...,t, 11.4,,,.
DIVISION i'lls.—ruurz porn v govrani.r...
limit fall apples.:not.les. than 'a dozen:, and at Icaffthree
' varietle..„ ,fit; 2d I; ‘i:lnier do. tame premium.. 'lest
peari, and onincea, not leo , than Ji'peck. each; and the
lies and greate.t variety of vegetable..; cacti $l.
- -J'utlife.—Apollos Stoue, Bridge-water ; S. F. Carmalt. '
Apolacon • Lrhauc Burrow., Gibson...-, .
11,•=t elder-vinegar, not less than 1 galbm $l, 2d best 10
lbs. maple sugar, and - du. honey. eaelt I. 2d each 1.
Jud4eA—S. 0. Itandilek;Frankllno! Wells. iibton;
A. South woith, liberty.
• D1V1A1031.2.--CAISILIAURS'ANp CABINET won't.
Brut - double earritpi. $5 ; beef single 'r
rinte. bureau: extension table, dumber *ell, each
All articles in thilidlyirlou for colniirtitlen.:mu.t be ell,
tere,l by the manufacturer. Judireii—d.. Smiley. 131b50n ;
G..lVejid, New lilliford ; L. ThontareDrent Bend.
Best plow VI, beet cultivator. cork ktraw cutter.
churn-power, three firkins. horse rake,, lot of six Inure
!hoes, each $ 4 , Yd beet bone Shoe !' I. Judo's--JohnFlynn, 'Middletown ; George Walki•r, Bilouck :
Barnum, New .1111Pird
Best bnehcl "(corn in the ear. half bitihe' of widtearirter
wheel. red do . .,rpring cheat; rye, daxeced, tfulothysr.l.•
tkci:eoLaf clover nned,ench $l . Judges—L: SN.'fnrort.F.
Tupper, Ls .
!hi= t rides luirne4s, wit!, and tipper leather; cauriageanil
two horse harness; eleh. $2.21 each, 1; best pair of tine
boots V. conree. Jlidger—Judr_on Stone. F. Lake;
tteorge Ditnock ; S. IV. Wert% Brooklyn.
• niristos xtr.—DOMEAte ILA It TACTVIIT.S.'
Best 15 cards trnolen'earpet. and rag'do:. $2, ad, 2; beg
10 )ialile flannel, 5 yards fulled %loth. six pairs woolen
Inuits. each. 42, ad I ; bi—tlo yards linen cloth, and 11
yards ctss fi niere. each. $2; bust 2 pairs woolen mini,.
$l, 2tLX. F. Fitch, Zileintrose ; 31ra..1. .1.
Bunnell. Dinutek Mrs. Sherwood, 'hub ; 311..
Covil Park, Franklin. .
Be~tpntchwork quilLand quilt of any ; ot her kind. eaebsll,
ad a, fal I: best burl i'preatd.nutbrotypes, dental work. 2,
ad. 1: beet winter bonnet $1; 2d ,3,5. tidettair cover N.-
Judges—N...l4l. Yprner, and Kati*Slarle, 31.ontriur;
Jennie Binekney., - 1.: Lake ; Ceorgiind Parke, Difuock.
- - .
Xvl.-1(C111) OF eATTS.C. ,
Be-t herd of cattle, not less . than In, ratted and exhibited
by one inan.5.5.24 Jull=ci—lienie Drinker, 31trose ;
Burns Smith, Franklin; P. S. Casselty; Dimock.
Welsh)); xru.—TOW:NSIIIP tfOCII.I7ES.
Tothe 'township Society that makes the largest and beet
exhibition, $20.. Townehips inOadins;, to compete.
will pintee give notili, the Eia;entice Committee, it
thugs before fise Fair. Judgee—J. M. I/mtg.:ll'.
town ; Wm. C. WintLXllllford ; Aa Beardslee.
• • -D{VJAIoN tesTen,
Beet ploWing, $5; hl, s4:.s:l; $2; sth. st. .
Judgiot—Clarlatopher Byrne. eboconOt; .1. Barrington,
Bridgewater; Janie* Storling.AttoultiPt. -
Btrl..l3.izsiwerravlov worse I
Cryznot. Stuotnntiuntirarr—Wm. U. Jessup. '
AnsISTANT ••• ',C. M. 'Cure. l
Suer or CATTl.E—Avery Prink. I L _
" _Sum Ann tAWM..-M.4:"Marriligtoll.
•• FARM Isirtzirrnit—Elljati Mott. - •
MErnANI& TIALL—Wm. n. nova._
• - rarlT AND Veautsauts—Wzn...A. (.706.eczn"Er.
and IC M.'"Mott.*. •
Iwo& Mr. and Mrs: Fitch. 'l49's Su
sun Morton. Miss Jane Searle.. Mr.. B.
- Lathrop. and Mrs. James Tyler.
• "• . .15.'nei.enntar A ItTICLtS—M. C. Tyler, ,B.• 8.
• ' Bentley, D. 8.-Wasner, - Mrs. F. 11. Chandler
and Mrs. J. 8. Tarttell. •
Woricre. -4: of: 11Lamissisilcosa.:
. pallire of 3Lembershi,,,.whlcti will adritit aliallieles com
peting fur 'Premiums. with. thmil y wtmi are femalet - or mi
nor mato childrin. $l. Badge e:A
of menthlp. a hich ail:
admit family a,. above; without competing fur Premiums,
except in Divirlono 11 and 15. (Doniekle manufacture..
and Fine Arts and Ornamental Needles ork.) 50 cis. All
clergymen. printer.. and their fanglieri, admitted free.
Good Music will be provided.
- .., A. BALDWIN.I
L i r ....„„ eu . tire
s Montrore. • J. C. momusi
, Conimlita.
Jane Xad. V. F. It. IiOLLIS ER. P .
: NtrF,
Established in Pittsburgh in 1840.
The Only . Ciininereial -College in lkt -
' Union, Conduetell . by 'Practical:
Mei.chernt. I: . '
nVER 8000.Strithints have nttendOt It frOni
X./ different States.. Four Sliver Medals have hems
.warded,Diarn*.Svatem of Book lieeping•, nod, the new
nirettiallitst lAntiPl tenoning Setters - front stuck:stain Phil
adelphia. Daltiinorp,,St Louis,pincinmal, etc., proving
it to he the befit - known. - 2.411 - list Premiums were re
rentlit lardrded - the Petimannhip.of Win 11:DUFF. alty
with :his ittanniate:Frufesaar, V. V. CoChran, are unduslat
(ally the best penmen in America;
Darner's. Edition of Duiroßook'KeepantPo9t
.DiatT and Du nesn's °missal' Penmanship. ."
Dianna Danean's *ea.:School Cops Itoohn, 6 S. . 56
For sward ea of DuffAh'Coohran's lin n I item' and . 0 rnam en
tal Petursimihip,vrith.the nbwcltcularufdt Pago 6 .lnriase
25 cetas la istatapil to •
thiv 4 y )0, - . • R.IDUEF. SON.'.,
"LlitUIT AND DRAPE (MOWERS see]adverthientent or
the new 'tenement of Vineland tiiianothei column.
. • :• • •
,B •
bound In smulln. - Price $1 .
arsold . free; by'roturn quill, op receipt of
At4i:N'l7s WANTII,O, d -
In 'every . CRS', - ylllnue and COunty, to cell thte
thrilling end retharkoblenarork. Address
• (11$0111GE - W.'CUlLDS,•rtibllPber. •
-• .
• 0 . 2 Waiid:.o3o chot,tout,strtet,thiladolphio
flONlfitiitilfilift and EXPERIENCE (it a SUFFERER..
_-11Mbl ished as lemming, and for the especial b event.-
of-Young ktemsnd Masa who suffer with Nervous
itritior - Mesnaty; Premittattakairi jha.. 'by on*
who cured himself by simple meal* after Del ug pan
to great expense dud trtetkviutience; 411.1statb, the.: mice!
trotthkis ntellettitlearrred Doctors. SM.
id caries may he - had Cif Iberian*, by tAttersteg a -putt.;
paid uldicrted crtvtdope .. •
CITAA. A. 7.A3113 FM", net.
joeyru - tireeepelet. 'Amy %Med, Ncw Ye rlt