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Ittontrosc ‘ :pcillotrat.
S. 3:,GERRITSON, • Editor.
(..a ( .l;iy 2 7,r/;, z:f 6 . 2
S. Z. Pettengill 1k Co.,
IVO. 37 ~ P ARE ROW, New York. a - ud - I, State, Ftrilet,
Boston, are ortr 'wants for the _atm:lraq Dirms•rattu
those fillet.. and are antboraod to take advertieemopts
and stens reptiona tor To at our low eat 'rates. -
Demecratic State Convention,
In accordance AN ith a resolution of the
,„Deinoeritie State Executive Committee,
the Democracy of Pennsylvania will. meet
iii State Convention, at Harrisburg, on
Friday, the Fourth day of July, 1502, at '
10 o'clock, a. m.; to nominateeandidates
for Auditor General and SurveyorGener:
al, and to adopt such measures as may be .
deemed necessary for,the .welfare of the
Democratic party and the en - untry.
Chairman of Democratic State Ex. Com.
Whereas, There appears in the public
prints what purports to'be a proclamation
ofMajor-General liurrtn, in the woras
and 41res following, to wit
13/1-TONlitap, S. C., May 9th. V 62, I
GENERALORDEft, No. Il.—The three
States. of Georgia, Florida, aid South
Carolinas, comprising the Military Depart
metit of the South, having delillerately de
clared themselves no longer under the pro
tection of the United States of America,
and having taken up arms against the said
United States, it became a military neces
sity to declare them under martial - law.
Thi!, was accordingly done on the 2.5t4 day
of April, 1562.
Slavery and martial law in a free court,
:IT are altogether incompatible. The per
sons in these three States, Georgia, Flori-',
Xla, and South Carolina, heretofore, held as
, laves, arc therefore declared forever free.
(Signed), DAVID HUNTER.. ,
Major-General Conimandlnc.
W. S . 3,.trrrt, Acting Ass't Adj't Gen.
j; hundred thensand additional i What the Country Needs.
voluntjers have.been or soon will be called 1 A prominent class of men and journals
for throncrh 'th,e States. ; This causes the i tell us that but one thing is now needed,
onterepping of ribolition treason through I and that is rbunited effort to suppress the
• - I Tribune, add the imPression is, tried .j rebellion.• Beware of all suCh.pretences.
AN-r; MITER ..L£, The same is producing 1 the i _ •
• to be Made, from 'Washington that thel It is just these parties who are busy doing
•orne excitement and misunderstanding, -! - ! . something else all the while, and they
Therefore calf will not o be responded to unless the *4 .o
.1, Asr...t.s.s.m Ln-eot.Y, object lwish to mislead the people„ so,that they
- , of the war be changed to abolition
.rent of the United States, proclaim and -
iturpost l ‘s. Such MisChiereila attempts t4l I can better aecornplishthei.
declare that-the Government' of the UM ~e have an army now that can rind will
! embarrlass the o•overnment ocone . only froth NV
7rd 'States had no knowledge. information !1 pm down the rebellion ; and while we en
those t i vith whom the Union is atheStan
4r belief of an intention on the part of that we
have other matters to at
- 4ioierril-Htinter to issue such a proclama- 1 insider object in their support of the' o ' l unlge
noir. If the troops rtkAlled for they . wilrl tend to. Let us refer to what the country
Clan, nor has it yet anrauthenticinforma-;
• h furl ishecl ; and shout l • the . President I,needs r
:ion that the document. .-is g enuine ; and ! unequtoci r cally announce', that the policy ! The entire and unconditional atippres
farther, that neither General litintpr nor ' promo gated by himself- lied' both houses ', - sioaof the rebellion.
, -
o •
.: ,, ,,ly other commander or pen;on has been
jof Con ress; a year agoii will be honestly 1 The repudiation .of - .leaders Who seek to
oohorize.l bz: the Government of theUni- 1 and f.
j ihfully adhered to, the border slave ' undermine the foundations of the Govern
*. ted States to make proclamatiou declaring • 1 • * i
' States's - NI furnish the troops, or the free i ment, Setaside theonstitution, and erect
Coe slayea• of any State free, aticl thrktbe / \-• , I •-, • • , -
, - ortniwtii ruse trait a Million, if requi-,ed. I aJfespothsm. As examples of these we re
supposed-. proclamation now in ,piestion,
1 - It begins to apPearl that the abolitionists fer _to Sumner and los eo-wcirkers. • ,
, whether genuine or false,- is altogether lovill attempt to destroy the Goverronent i The retirement to divil life of the whole
• void, sc. far as respects such a declaration. if it refuses to be controlled liy their suici.. * i class of agitators who seek to disturb the
I further make it known, that whether
dal policy. Let the true men stand firm, ; harmony of theUnioOn times of peace.
'.: be competent for me, as Commander-in-
~ .
~ - .
• !hid of the Army and Navy to 'declare , and urge twif' - riMnste* . rs, - secession t hb . o-: . l *, Wade,.. yvilsem. Lovejoy, etc. must go out
.• 1
Ihe slayesS,of anv - Stafe or States free, and i lition,i will die, that the Union t . . .
nwlive , —ltem & Co, their southern
. kin, have" !
o-hether at any time, In any ease, it shall ) ~m ay, _ ---,------, : .....-•••-..-----.. -- ; , i left, never to return. Both of the classes '
i.,.,- .'" iPeople . are con s tantly, stoirousty,
'i-ave beco* a necessity indispensable to i i must be kept out by the people. .
the maintence. of the Government to es- ! askira, What is the-piOsPeet of the return
TreasirrV robbers must be discarded.—
. o-reise sucli'a f tuppesed power, are o qUes- iof peace?
_.ltimay be difficult to give any*.! t .,
•on Cummings, Morgan, Stevens &.
• -, ions which; under my responsibility, I re-1
,deflitvl Ms wer rig :to time • but the rebels i ' - ' a .
" '
. , erve to myself, and which l‘cannot feel ' . i . , •,_. ' . .. '1 Co. must . be looked after, and as effectu
. will finally be annihilated . and the South
iistified in feavim -, le the decision of corn- i i t ally kept where they can .lo harm, as will
'loanders in the field. These are totally I return uneonditiontilly to their a ilegiance.
their like—Floyd ; etc. at the South. •
offio•ent questions from those of police !.This a inilifaryl i : nee6 . ,sFity. Bat hew I While'slave states are desired to copy
• 7'. (TtliatiOllS in. the armies anti -camps. . I , will taketo , accomplish this, will 1 -.
th , e example of free states, in getting rid
gn the Coh day of March s r e "! depen i tl upon other intliMnees. If abolition
. •: - .i.1 message, I recommended to Congress i .
took i• , . ... . 1 .. . ,„i o. slavery at their own pleastie, the free
1 is .l sang,armies wi haiways be needed. 1 l •
: .10 adoption of a joint resolution, to bei NV lite labor of the North is not to be tat-
But as follows: .• : : But if l the Constitution and its' authority
• • 1 ed to buy Millions of negroes; nor must
'Resolx;a: That the United States I and restorative' inflnenee, follow in the 1
we encourage their flocking, to the North.
•Oiglit to cooperate with any St a te which i rear - of victory, the Union
: sentiment will] In short, the extreme. men Of bath sec
•oay, adopt a gradual abolishment of sala- rov i r j and pre*C:all, and ; the Union is then r f• the
0 union are no -more to be al
restorlZl td,, practical-1 tiou s loed to get into power to riot upon and
. • : .‘' ,7l - e ' t g ls lN e ll ns o: o su s ent,i t t t , e in t it en d h is ia e r r Y et l i i c i . ' n :l , ' I
compensate for the invonvenienees, pub- l ! IY! al permanently- Let the people say'
i rob the nation. Their placeS are to be
:.,.• and private, produced by such a change - , widen they prefers
-- -: system." - 1
' • The-"• -7 "' •Tiejnitiicaa 2 of last week* pub- i whom arc to be found in all. parties and
Theresolution. in the lang,riage .abtive I ` -- ' - '1 , . : .
-owted, was adoptul by large, majorities i lished .
an olio uarY and added a request for. sectlons.
.i both brandies - of C.Mgress,* and ,itands . i us to' copy... We shall ',do ,no such,tbing.l •li...seepting the first, these are all politi
• • ::ow an authentic, definite and 491emn pro-, Th a t notice was sent to the licpublican of- l cal matters; and we_ favor their adoption
•osal of the Nati•Jii to . the States and pee, I fiee triore than two weeks ago, with are-1 through the agency if the roost available:
most immediately lutere4ed in the I
i questithat it. be furnish 'd t L. *B t l' t means. Parties are nly - useful. to a&,
i . _ e o tr.. nma -. i • •
• :••ilbject matter.
* I /I . OIV
To the people 0: tIWSC Stait , ,S , car-!
ice prevented a respectful compliance with. complish desired' ends ; and if theforma
• '
7 , P:411v appeal. Ido not. argue, I beseech': whati• expeeted,.• arid•after keeping - it lion ofa new Union organizatiou- can best.
--. tot to:mike the arminients for yotirseiv! , - from iris tfivo IV:efliS., Nvi! are • eoeUy asked, subserve -the interests of the . Union, we
~ „ , i
- ou cannot, if you would. be Ulu .1 to the i to cu b, a we d; Af ter i ts . pu bli cat i on i n I are for it. H not,. the Defriocratic organi
•..o..tis of the times 'l•b:eg.uf Y° a " aim I• .111 t . W -- d• o t •• . t I Lotion must invite all who agree with
- 0,1 edarmed consideration of :em, ran o,: ; that•t -e • , e 'ro 0 Tx* •ecil miles to ...I -
.:io• if it may be, far „h ove ~•,( mai an d i tend the funeral of the deceased, ( ,
Jud..e 1 them to " make common cause for a corn
.rtisan politics. This proposal makes : Tis.oi,nr,) and made a 4 special request to i morobbject ;" let the dead past bury its
'oottion cruise tor a e01111:10n Object, east- : lite friends that such an * obituaty'be furn- I dead, and act for the living present- and
. ...- no reproaches upon any. It. acts not is j ied , b,,th papers ; and .we should have i future. Those of our late .leaders who
: ..•
tild harisee.
come octi Th tly el as the d iange it cewso ntemof h p e a
latven es have to ease
been 1
be pleased ha beim able to furnish 1 weot into the rebellion limy be, hung or
- ---- ; -
. - —Loot rendine• or wreekino . tinvtliing. Will i the numerous relatives and friends of Bro. i imprisoned, if
, they . do not flee the coun
•.- of not embrace it ? Snmuch good has ', TixcinEv who read, otii paper, 'with *the i try; but of l course they can nerer be mefia
:2t. been dotto by one effort in all past itist-Oihute to his 'memoryo• but we I bore of our partr; and such men. as Ben
-one, as, in the providence of God...
not to be Made the medium of ; :gernad-hand ' Wood and Vallandigharn; must be per
oow. your high privilege. td do.. May the i , r .
vast future not have-to lament that you , mattpr, in such' cases. *We blame none •I milted to retire to private life. .They do
have neglected .it . but clur roic4dior Printer, .who makes. a I not represent.the Democracy; tmd are but
6 ,
I3y the President. •
-tor.`.; TorNooror. , practice of sening us just mach gentleman- I a weakness and incumbriume. From the
m. H. SMV.iMI+, Seerytar y ty of State.
frocks. : • . Republican party we hope for nothing but
1.1 - ashiugton, yin'. e. lOth. Iso2. . •
• , Those desiring notices inserted in Lids; a furtherance of Sumnerisrn in ali- possi
. i
. ,r7-4 — According to the testimony - of' nii' : paper should see that we are furnished I.ble ways ; but from tens'of thousands of
it 1' 1 1 •• 1
•ary officers who came, passengers from W,eol/3 , do riot - entinst it to those who.{ the rank and fle we do confidently look
' 'ort Royal, to York, oil the st&tn'er i would be about as sure to detain, it as Jeff' for aid in making our Union what it should
• i
....Otlantic, last week, .Bunter's ribolition Davis would be to detain reinforcements be. -In what precise form we 'are to co
. , :der had al - ready been o attended by rids.: for•tile Uniou army, which might get into operate • remains mainly - for them to de-:
'oievous effects upon - the troops. Some • his e ' ?titclies,„ :
:,• • ,; *- . . :-.. . .
. i termine: 'This is a,subjeet for future con,
..o: the Officers are said to have toldilUntor • 1 -..-:• i . - I sideration. .• ,
-- 11. i. Lincoln has shown his niost i •
. L., his face that they thought white men . , a ,
empntio adherence, to party proscriptfon *
. were abundantly able to suppress the - re- .
by riamoyino. Mr. Taylor,the Postmaster
. ...Moment' that theY were determined to ; • 1 e ,
in, New York City, beeause lie would n't
:oil. be degraded by being put sitiodtler to . , ~ ~ ,- • ~. • •
_ •
.. , , : reinOve everienced and faithful clerks to
; : I,ourder with uegro slavei.. -The rot ton- 1
make room *. '
for raw oliticians Wr - lk nn
teen had been growitig restive. uncles the', the l. 1 ~, P . • • . • • em •
, .mcumbent. has been so pestered with
oefoo.enureing syStein- to whielt ibey -leave !- I. -- . • •-. i •
, • applicants that he has posted the following
Leen subjected. They . • enlisted to fight !„. „ t. ,:: on . hi s 01:6 ,; d ;,.. •
, ...
•' e rebels, and they - W*ant to be' allowed tn; -- “'W g "'• b - -1 ?7,' &,,:_:'' • :' ' ,
' be tep!in
• .1.4 it, and not - ... .:loners -• just to ,
, .
.t ere are .0 rea , rwry - .appitcations
for„Tery 61443 .1 vithin. my fife, no . More
....-.1, - a :ter ectitratoindS. ' . - . W:V he reoeirei” ':- .- -- *-. (,
As we anticipated,...the -President.i. A Revolutionary, ininglion Party.
repudiated o,Mitdfs abtitjon order.': -',Judging by the - -speeches in Congress
Tie could not da.otheAwise ;';find-ti-e.l,`Will I
and elsewhereVe hive been led , to be-
(16 6(.1 on ,anY! likeocetisiou iti;l.l)'e future, i Dere' that..-ilWitepilitliOn,: or: PeoPie's
although he thereby offendabis late party. 1 Party, as.lll9W Constituted, is entirely Com=
.Ml the; radicals and party orgnns approve ; trolled by!Men Who are utterly opposed to
Ibf Hnnter* fanati l eism, although 'in? . l4of i ' ilie'ilnion, : nnleas its old-4 rrit can 'be:en-.
t , .
i them will prob . :11)1 - Y try to 'find evasive' tinily - changed. But all doubts' 'which
I words in.which to pretend an expression tinny have existed are dispelled by the res
. •
lof dubious submission to-the' poSitiYe or- I olutions adopted by the .Repnblican con-
I (lers of thp P re sident,- . . : But,they net,n`ttlyl,ventionin Bradford . county, - eonducted tin
I Ciidorse 'Hunter,* bust give tiemisinkabl6l der•the eye of David Wilmot", -who was
i evidence of an intention to use all efforts 1 present to give color to the. proceedings: .
I,to force some auch action upon the policy IWe quote two of the resolutions f .., i...
lof the adininistrationi and it is therefore. Retdowt,. That Iniyin;* :wined :Md.
the duty 6f all - 0647cititeir t6 - iiiiite' thei
even. effort bi'iticfonlyeestitlnlni the, war: ! equipped more than six hundred thousand
soldic_rs for:the field, 'to defe'nd our .right,
we will insist that the peace we shall con-'
to pot down .the tobellien,: ~ b ut to
.i , restore! quer, shall be based upod " indemnity fbr
the jegtrafe antliority'6f : tlie Govern-' thepast and security for the future:" that
ment, iDestroying the rebellious uSitrit.: we will hollow truce as i
viT Will consent to no sheath
tion is no longer the only prominent Wot4t..,. ll ,ellleuffi
erm which there inust'be ' a Union i in g
of hearts, hands;and halletst. To destroy the sword, nor cessation of the con
! flirt, until armed rebellion shallbe effectit-
i ally put down, and the authority of the
i .
I militarY treason, and yet;, permit, political ! Constitution and *Laws, established in
!! treasonito riot upon :the Weaknesa of the 1 their full force and vigor—until the pvern 7
is t 6 but half perform the good I,,country meet can be administered to everylttnian be
• l' ii . i . q mho .
. is r its guided, upon the unirerial prig= I
1 work—r only a Choice between -different
~ . (epic or Liberty., •
t modes 'f national destruction. Those who 1
~R440/red, That in Our. belief, slayery .is 1
now pr tend that at the }rolls all questions i the real same of this war, and that thlna:
ial - e,to be ignored' are diTeiiiers—desiO'ing , tion cannot retirie from, the contest with 'son-,
t hi s lor and safety, until some system - is inciugura-
I political demagogues, who . seek by
to' for its Oltimats extinction.
T means a, cheat theirway Into power with : I
We italicise '''a few lines to direet.atten
ltlie-inteitt lc 'carry out political ,purposes '
tion to the objectionable .deelarations.
which 1.14 ' dare not .trust -the people
1o . are. informed that -when'
Ito give their verdict upon. Rebellion is I From .them 7
the rebel armies 'shall have 'been entirely
to be u crap. destroyed 'end abolition fa
naticisn is to be driven -'; from 'placesdispersedi the leading rebels hung and
p 'of i
public trust: So the people; an d t h ei their property confiscated, 4and the Ismith-1
events Cf the past teti'cla Vs have brought 1 ern people unanimously return to
allegiance and lofalty, the war is kill to
ibis double issue more • 'vi,vidly before the
on until John Brown's idea is accom
not matters to be attended to or ne
! friends of the AmeriCan . o;uion - : These ara.l go_
I pl i sk!d—until' "every human heing'' is
tt ; they
set at liberty--cutry,stave made free by'vi
whieh depend thelife or death of the Gov
are a task upon the succeSs :or failure of '
olence, war and bloodshed. What was
once the Republican party, lias degenera- I
ernment. Bullets fOr7oini, ballots for the
! other. - We have over half a million of led under the lead of Sumner, Wiltubt,"
1 men under arms ‘ i. if thesd are,not. ample, Lovejoy d: Co,:, to a revolutionary aboli- '
' the call has lint to bo made and thel ; tion disunion party ; and if they succeed.
I peop e
will promptly fill
this war will be changed into a mere sirlig
the rtuiks,—only &man- I
ding thatthe Great, 01-iglwa Object must i file for negv.6 freedoM i'' the Union of
Washingtiin td be changed or destroyed,
not he departed from: Meantime, all who I
Would bail the,retura of 'the palmy days i and aliolition will be the only primary mo
ot' the .lUnion bequeathed to .us by the'- tive instead of our present commendable
'Father lof his County, runst take heed to , undertaking. Every vote given for the
his exai
nple and farewell. advice, - and dote party led by Wilmot is a vote for anarchy.
accordi ugly, for the ballot -box is the true I. Should not all good citizens- unite to op-
Guardian of Free .Government, ; ; pose these fanatics ?
far We arepleased to record. - the:fact
that the Union Republicans repudiate the .
(Minter, programme. The modernte.ew,
alites cannot swallow
, so bitter a 'pill, if
it bet talielled by the party as "loyal," An
extract trbm.the Times, (Sewardite). may
be seen in another column.
141/leCtellan's advance is' within 8
nalleg of:Riehtnond.: The 'Snn crgsh is
. . . _
- . Delittinttitit - Address,`
hlon: Virtu.. Riehardsott.,...of
and thirteen ..other metitherf'of Congress
list a issued an -address totthh pedple of
the iiriited i tates, in favor efmaintainiag ,
the Peinoeratic 'organization, #s the hest
way to presniwo the Goveriinientrigalust
all its foes. They "invite all trien,Without --
1 dh - tinetion of State, section or parts, who
are for the Constitution :is it is and the -
Union as it was, to unite with us in this
groat work upon terms- of pOrfent
The general, printiples set ,forth ,are
those marked out byJefferson, as follows:
"The support of tiler - State gp . vernni.ntEi
in all their rights as the ufost competent
administrations..of our domestic concerns,
and- the, surest bulwark against an ti-reliuh
licantnndenei es.
The preservation of the general govern. I
pent in its whole constitutional vigor, a.s
the Sheet anchor of our peace at• hemeA
and safety .abroad. ,
A jealous-care of the right , of election
by the people.
The supremacy of the civil ovei the riiil
itary authority:: .
Economy in•the public•expenic, that la-,
-bor may be lightly burdened. •
• The honest payment of our -debts and
sacred preservation of the public faith.
-Freedom of religion, freedom ill' the
press, and, freedom , of person under the
protection of the licibetts corpus,• and' trial
by juries impartially selected."
Touching • the present crisis, they , say
The.Vederal-,Government is the agent
of-the People of the several States'oom
posing- the Union ; that it consists of three
distinct departments,—the Legislative, the
Executive and the Judicial—each equally I
a part of.tho Government, and. equally en- I
titled to the confidence and support of the
States and the I'eople, an that it is the do-•
ty' of every patriot to sustain the several
department' of the Goyerionent in the ex
ercise •of all constitutional powers of cacti
which may be necessary and proper for
the preservation. of the Government in its
principles 'and in its Vigor and integrity;
I and to stand bt• and defend to the utmost
the flag which represents the Government,
the• Union, and the country•
In this sense the Dentocratie party has
always sustained, aid will now sustain,
th 6 Government against all foes, at home
or abroad, the North or the .South,
I open or concealed, in oflice or out of Mike,.
in peace or in war:" .
The address is several columns in length,
and is to be pittili'slied in pamphlet furor:
The Fourth of July Convention.
The approaching Fourth of July Con:
vention will be an iinportant one; and we
trust, that its importaime may call to its
delibration - tbe ablest minds and purest
hearts in our own party. If the salva
tion of this great government does not
depend exclusively upon the teachings of
the Democratic party. the existence and
q oraabization are at ]east es-
senti:d to-eo-operato wit
throughout the conntr, in order - to
- -•
ri;t• radical teachiligsatid p.ractices,
which arc rap 'illy hastening the Union to
A cslruction. Abolitionism has already
i i
exhibitedit. destructive tendencies in va-
tions. ways and upon divers. occasions.
Its most. raaical 1 caner:: have proclaimed
their determination to resist, a reunion of
the Statei, except upon their own insan
conaitions. 'The destruction of slavery in
the States by Congressional _ , actiow; the
manurnission of four millions of degraded.
bonamem to be scattered throughout tide
country, and brought in competition with
the lalior of the eery men who are .n9w
so successfully battling for . the Union as
it. was, are among the deigns of leading
Abolitionists in and out ofeongres. Thes(,-.
wicked diq,:igns‘rnust he .metand.resisted,
or our government is gone. rpon the ;
Democracy of, - Pennsylvania a great I
weight of responsibility, is . placed. Their
course is clear, howeyeroind . their duty
straight and simple. It is ,to go I
1 all lengths. first against secession and re- 1
bellion,, with a determination to sustain
the government in its efforts againstthem,
and Lti en. 'et ern al hostility to Abolitionism,
that iell monster which.,engendered. this
1 vile rebellion, and which is ifow 'plotting
for the permanent overthrow of .the: Un
ion. We must not forget that this gov
ernment is the result of Democratic
teachings; thelTuion its triumphs and its
I glories, are, in a partizan sense, ours al
most exclusively; and upon us, therefore
devolves thexTtliter re.sponsibility ;to
serve them. the,
the language of the He
c roic Jackson, "They must -and shall be
. i preserved."---7Pitb'burgh Post
How to Carry "No Party."
If the. Republicans desire have no;
party '.hrganization- .during the petiolof
the war, they' can accomplish it very easi
ly. All they have to do is to abandon,the
abolition schemes; . pending in Congress,
and repeal thoge they have already pass
ed. Utley will be honest, and confine
the war to what they professed year
ago L-to a struggle for . the Union and the
COnstitutio'n—party dissensions will cease.
I I It is they who are reviving party Ifeeling
Ilnd party issues. The Democracy zre on
acting -on the defensive. -Slt is not they
who are reviving party,:
Our State Supreme' Court ihas de
cided the army vote to be unconstitution
al. Opinion by I.Voodward—Strong and
Read concurring, Thompson disSenting.
This settles the right of Hon. E. B. ljhase
to the office of District Attoniei. in Lu-.
zerne county 3 and we presume unsettle's
the rights of sundry 'Ochlocratic office
' holders in Philadelphia. • -
Politically, the seireral judges who have
passed upon the law, stand thus:
. One
I Democrat for and one again 4 the law ;
I one Republican for, and three against-the
law. . ,
, GROVE AlEirriso.—There- will be a.two
days' tiriversalist meeting in the beauti
fol.groie of• Mr. Sherman,-near the
school hOnse, An Mthrop township,
29th itist:—
Speakers`from abroad, are eipected to 1-.;
present.- All are respectfillly , invited to
attend. • •
S. S. Corzykl.rriox.—The annual meet
ing of the„ Susquehanna County Sabbath
School Association will be beld at the
Presbyterian CliniTh in Montroie, Orl the
14th day of June; (Wednesday) it ten o'-
clock; •a:s.m. 'Prima of Ile. canoe are in
vited to. attend, - )
. .
-7 iielliiriiiiiiiii. - 10iiiiii itifilif: 1 liii. • Aboittraiii - ViTsehtiod - Eigioseir - 1
„ .
. Intelligence reached town on Monday "OcciStotOL" (Forney) in his letters to
meriting., that rapt:lottepliVright - ;.,whii tl e - Ph itadeted 4 i3 -Prix:. hay4i,g misquoted'
had been Slittering!frontyphoiii:feve*, it? portions.:4l-Atittis Kendalkletters- to sus;
.oeiniantoveni, had-' died the- daY,previoui. J,.lin!, l oooerali I gniter's *Within order;
-Capt. Wright Was'itt - native of this toy. n, : Via . ; Otitlerrlw, Oublisb4 the following:
the eldest soli oalon.A. B. Wright, and let.ti*‘ in the '44o* byiiiihipwer. It was
frona an earlg military edocation!acquireit !niritten'i.heforOtlfo`iatitAbr *as aware of
"a:hive for. he "pomp and eircutaitatreeOr Al eßreiilleafii litoclaiOatien modifying
war.'," On the breaking out of the - pros-1 Il hitter's or4r: 1 ,!- . -• --!!"-- .!
• .
ent rebellion, he was among the first of i . GEN. tiENT .
..".'s LATE onorat.
oar town boys to "volunteer—going a 4 first 1 -' • • W'sinNu:!rox, - 11tay 19,1861.
Lieutenant of the Wyoming Light •Dra- ! 7'o the Ediidl of the ffational Intelliaencer:
goons, in Cr& 'hlmicii Luzeroe'vegiment, , , -•-• , !--i4';.•••--I•r 1 ,-, •e-', , ' •• •
• My attentrofilas been ealledlo alVaili
of which regMmat his superior military at- ~ ~ 1 .
er Hl' the - Philadelphia Prow,
taininents soon !made him Adiiitant, Int- " g t ".! le '''' ' -
tylicli 'the afterwilter,7 quoting a passage
:mediate:ly -upon the close of his -threel
serve, he as appointed ! Captain I flf1"1 one °limy lettripidlifecd,in your
in ColAtush's_Sixth_PennsYlraniacavolry 1 1)4 ,P er ' ' - ' : 7 s * * • _1..., ...
-D : ...-... ._.
of taneers....oring; the three months ! "Th its it . *ill he leen ,(hat even the Vet
stay i.ethikregifuetif at, Gerinatitown, l it , ! eran:Detnoerat;:! Amos Kendall; while-ob.
acquired the reputation of being one o f j jeting_to r the,coirse of the abolitionists,
the besedrill offieers in, the service. The i is entitled to the credit of hating made
- regiment Then went to. the '-Potomac, ;the proposition which:Gen.-Hunter has'
where Capt. Wright was unfortunatelyithns practie4y earrjedOut;',"
, 7 :
,wOunded by the kick of
.h horse, : froin I 1.N0w, - I slintild. Coinsidei Myself a traitor
`which:he • had .Scareely - recovered - tit - the ! to . my cotuttiVif I were to approve of.the
"time they were ordered to Fortress - Mon-.'.late order or Oenei*lllmiter pliepO?ting'
"roe. , his systein being prostrated, he be- lo set free all the sl'at-es within! his Milli:a
me' in an erisv prey to i tkat disease which is ! ry distriet. tt‘rliile . ;Cnosing to Southern
proving sollital in Our - army. His milita- !yebels the giiif wilMli_ is„ yaWnitig befOre
ry enthusiasm- led him, in...spite of the-re-1 them,
"the Onceptien - never entered !my
monstraoces of !friends, to go. on with the ! brain that *Mille:lry coinmender - or the
advance„ and he had. gone on sonic ais-.l ! P t residelit. hnnself eotild constitutionally,
tone! beyond Yorktown -in the pursuit oil) •• gelieral•erder or! preellimatien,
the: rebel';, lie was sent back to - the , e. te their' pilopert?and emancipate their
hospital.- From bere;die-was afterwards shires, 'or that suchian object could be ef
'sent, by order of the Surgeon to German- , fileted otlieririse - thati - bY a conVictiOn ; for
Own,. where 110 died: :Capt.•Wright waslt 'ehsOn,by,dhe courseof law hi the Conks
a young man melt 'respected- by his juStice. - In,the Order of Geri; Winter I
friends and associates; all of whorl sincere- I s e the essence of !military despotisth, ut
ly mourn his early death. • ' I i rly subversive of theConstitittion We are
The body of Capt.. - Wright diTived here . , ftditing,to filaiiitahr;' and' it is deplorable
on Monday eyenifig, accompanied by hisilliat the
.President ; does not, hy, lIM en
aorrotr-strieken father, Mother -and •sister.l . f'.reement.of a general line of
,polidy, re-
A military escort, consisting of Captain ;1)-6s - these assumptions of power by his
Meyer's home Guards, on foot, ailed all the' ; s ibordinifte4.. Leery such assumption Mi . -
officers of the three monthOerviee. that r bilked . by; him exposes him and Con
were here,- on horseback,, conducted theitess itself ti) the charge of hypocrisy and
sad procession into town, The 'body !ar-I,4 l erlidy in their announcements of the pur
rived here itihout 8 o'clock, and lay in state !poses Ibr which the! war is waged;" it dis--
in charge-of a detail of soldiers. The fu. (, urages th' - ti loyal! men in all the. slave
neral took place yesterday afternotin, at- , bolding states, and in an equal. degree en
br the Military and - a largo eon- i c6urages thei leadiog• rebels - ; it will cost
course of 'citizens. — Wilkesbarre Union,' lie ..N - orth thousands of lives and millions
May 21. t' money; it alarmS conservative, Men ev- ,
lmywhere and makes. them begin to think
It il. own liberties in danger; it streitglh
en,s disloyal ten in loYal States anti 011:1-
1 les them. to i embarrass the Government
i 1 its legitimate operations. 'ln flue there
i: but One siffe coliFse Tor tbeGortrinnent
to pursue, apil that is to - disregarikall par- I
es. affi iii liationl: and adhere tirml;;; to theprii-
7ratne.originally *flounced, viz: The ,
4rosecu ti on of the war for the sole olject of pre
(pirrriiiy the e i onstittilimi and . the ,Union with
c rights of lull the
,States intact, to be fol-
tact! by jeraCe. as soiin •as these oljects cal: he I
(t b, ;Ad: Ifitliere be not firmness enough
in the Administration to do this we are
em a sea oil revolution , .with s'eareely a
loi.le of ever-again; reaching tile haven of
onity and peace._ ! , Amciiiiilimi.t.u.:
The President and Gen. Hater.
No one can be surprised by the Un-
nouneement that Gen. Hunter's military
order, emancipating, all tlic;slaves in South 1
Carolina, Georgia and Florida, on 'the ab
surd pretext that "martial la* and Slave
ry are incompatible ,in .it free country," is
repudiated by President Lincoln. Gen.
Hunter will be largely' indebted to <the
President's forbearance ;,if he is not re
called. His order involved a ver;it gross
t rdepart tire froth his official duty, was utter
ly unjustifiable in itself, and was calcula
ted very greatly to embarrass the Gener
al Government in its great ;task of deiling
with the rebellion.
From the vOy begitininr , of this rebel
lion, President Lincoln has been perfectly l
clear and decided on the subject of slave.:l
He has refused to make this war one
-of emancipation, and has steadily treated
it as designed to restore the integrity of
the Union, and the supremacy - of the eon
stitmion. He has not vielded one iota to;
tierce : and relentless pressure bro't
to ben. 4onhim in ;favor, of a sweeping
aholitionpoliey." --- Re_ required Gen. -Fre
t mont'to modify his prrietann ion of free
j dom to the slaves of rebels, so as on
form strictly to the law of Comrress.
I It is urged in defence of the General's
I act that the yellori- fever season is ap , ;
proaehing, and that he needs acclimated
•negroes to work upon his fortifications.
giveg no such reason for his decree.
lle baseS his action on no such ground.
Besides. the yellow fever is not to be a- 4 ,
verted by a military order, nor canlabor
ers be commanded by such a process. Hi
he needs slaves for' work, let hiPit seize
thenvfor Militnrv . purposes; his poWers
are ample for so . doing. But proclaiming
their freedom neither swells the number
of his workmen, nor gives him comfnand
of their labor. So far as practical results
rare concerned, it is brutent - fiilm'erx. If it
t i takes effect and actually frees thy shiv 6, it
plunges those States into an abyss a blood
and terror which might glut: the most
~ 111 -wolfish hatred, but, which could not-,con
tribute in Mc least toward the peace and
iunion which the war professes' to seek.—
Ar. 77711(1% • •
Panl:er, RepublielM i 'ofAlassachusetts,.'has:,
a dear vision -and sees the difficulty in ).
liich,bis party is entangling itself. He I
writes to the Boston Journal as follows: , j
To the Editor of the Boston journal . :
Dear Sir:'Will . yon . permit me to say I
that the sooner the Republican party cuts
itself loose from all unconstitutional pro
, jects (whether they relate to inci a
tion7 conqueriag, States and holding , them
as territories, confiscation without trial; or
any ether measure not 4:li-ranted by the
Constitution,) the sdoner tt will begin 'ter
provide for its own salvation.'
Very trOli , yours,.
C./mamma:, May 5,-1862,
Car - The wickedness of
,abolitionism is
illustrated in . the extravagant expenditure
of the people's money to• buy the ndgroes
of the District of Coltinibiaonstead . of ap-• ;
propriating , that money to the relief of
sick and wounded soldiers and the s,lesti
tute families of soldiers, who have been
killein'this rebellion. . 'Congress
- has not
appropriated one dollar for the convey
ance of disable& soldiers to 'their homes
and families, but $100,600 to pay the ex
.penses of such negroes as may wish Co go
to Hayti, Liberia or elsewhere.
plams; one of the oldest resident of Nich
olson Township in, this 'county,: commit
ted suicide by hanging himself on Sun
day last, at a schoolhouse ( near the place
of hhi l residence. Mr. Stephens was a
bout seventy - lears of age and the lathe
of a large and revectable !'amity. .
lie has . betn subject to fits of jusani
ty and has, we .learn, attempted suicid
at various times before but. was prevent
by the viligance of his friends.----Nort
.Branch Democrat. „
MrT6rt Wri i ght,•.on the ,Mississipp
river, liasbeeti evacuated by 'tbe•rebels
and ourg,imboats -luti•e- penetrated fret
New Orleans to ViehSborgi - •
tar The Howie has tabled (84 to 43
the Senate hill to pake:neiroes inail ea
—The slaves not - emannipated by the o .-
der of Gen. Hunter, mind)* in the three
States, about ", _
— 2 The Erie. Railroad 'Company settles
up 8805,000 on the ,April earnings .:thi's
year, agninst.ts4o,ooKin,April last yea
"fwo '. Rebel . Ste a mers and Twenty
. Schooners Destroyed. '
• • , NVEIITE! HOUSE, Va. May 'l7.
To the Hon. E. M. Stanton, ',Secretary
• A entnhitied naval and - army expedition,
mder . Cripti Murray;'l7. S. Navy,'" with
roops andtirtilleri - ' under Major 'Wil
iainq and Claptain'i Ayres, of the • army;
vent some 1. Went . yfive miles up ' the l'a-•
iiiiiiki!.y''river to day, and forced the
' , , , 1s to chystroy tWo steamers atilsome
. . - .
The. ezde i• ' wactuimirablv
t r•cl and t 1? :ekve ffreat eyed
AN'e tutA•etat vanfec ,consi era
Ie roads ilre. not imlii•oving:
t.; 11. Sli!,Cr.n.r.A,
Arajor General Coninian4lt_7,
• r
: The gvatuailon of Pensacola'
-The Mobile' papers of the 10thinst, con
tain the miportant information that Clic.,
- Rebels, in.4ccordtee with their peculiar
mode of wirfitre, lave evacuated, Pensa
cola; after ilestroying - the Navy Yard and
the forts.
Fort Pickens 'men discovering the -ev-
Mance of v'andalism, immediately „opened
upon the rebels,. bot, according to seces
sion authofity, nu one was hurt, —.On the
~d'ay:a flag of. truce was sent up
to the town, an 4 a surrender . demand
ed H - , '
in charge refused' to corn;
ply, bot upon stating that hehad not the
power to cipposeits,oecuiation, be. was in
formed the! Union forces would , take po
session om the next day (Sunday.). Thus
has fallen another Rebel stronghold.,
Washington dispatch„dated Wash
ingtio' saYs! the - gunboat fight, on the.
Jamesllietr Wit fort Darling lasted four
bola*. fortjissituated on a - bluff at a
sodden twin .ot the : river ; the boats. etinie
upon it suddenly,' and the Monitor went
within .4poiyards,..but could
,npt • (Ovate
her guns' stafficiently for effect. The.prin
ciple fire Was directed at the Galeria. The
Monitor N6s hit three tithes, bait was unin
jured. Sliarpshdoters manned rifle. ilits,,l
which like l the fort,. command
. the fiver,
which tit that paintis very, narrow, Ma
king die P;osinoti Of. our, men' very; 'btu?
zardous.. Itere,'WerelWd, barricades-a
cross the raver, thritied'Ofstinken. veSseli:
among th6it the . .TaniestoWn .apil !
town, anttiles fastened with chains.
liave from the Gulf :nr .
details of leVentsl which have taken lace
since the capture 'of.New Orleans: The
vessels of rapt, Farragut's fleet have been
judicious:lY distributed; some of -them
having gtine up its tar aS ViCksburgh,
Miss., on the way to Memphis. Wchavc
also further details of the evabilatimi and
occupation. of Pensacola, from titfhich it
will be seen thtg Fort 13arancaS 'and the
were Saved, Besides a consid
erable atnoinit! of.public _property, and,
au amount of ';rebel ordnance stores, the
value ef ',whiehl bad pot been estimated.
I The autheritieskif.Pensacola, it 'appears,
Were willing to part with their rebel
I' friends, 4111 receive the National soldiers
in their stead.
. ~"
Ave names from Newbern, N.
C., to the 17th inst., by the arrival at . this
port of the 'transport haze. The
Union cause in the North State seems, to
be making the in oStiapid:ittides...A union
meeting had , been- held at Shepardsvilre,
in cartafet CoiintY, N. '0:, which a
series of iviolutious were 'adopted depre ! "
eating the attempt to break up the Union,-
aiid'iriii(ing the Military Governor .Hon.
Edwardi Stanley, to pay' train a visit: !
The ITni)mf men Of Bay River :had also
held a Rioting at measures were tn...
I ken to oi:ganize a',Hot-Guard: •
' •
- . . .
• WTt ie stated tliai four otthe Rebel
Generale •trere biirn in Ma.ssaehusetts,Antl
one'j . n_ eedh Of, the suttee .of 'New York,
iN n neyi-ania;: t .Netr,Teree...;"and Ohio.
• — 7 - ; :
May j9th, 1436`2, at flaiffOrd tniversity,
by Res: tyninti itit; harttsbn; Mr. ANl)ltklv
P . ,: - 11ta. - 4; of Herrick,,'. and Aliaiy
E. Ititzt4i.7,. of Gibson. .; .
Brooklyn, May 22,.1862; alleF,a short,
hut severe illness of one week; TuosrAs
years," • • 1
. In Dinthek,
s on - the 4t6 nit., POLL)" M.,
danglithr'of Dewitt . and .4.lniirn ;Underhill,
aged. II years, 6 . montps and 6 days.
early her last •words were: "I want to
cross oven!' - • • I
In Delhi, Delaware county, N. Y., May.
20th, Jour S. War.tun, aged 18
yeais c son-of-James ,Waldie, of Brooklyn',
I'a..: In June Brat, .ymnig %Val
--enlistdd inafic service of his country.
He. barely escaped with his life at, York
town, and was
.tlientranslerred tiYSlckles'
brigade,•Hooker's divisiop. -At the fight
of Williamsburg, :his company st - noctin •
'the most: perihms sitimtkoo, and while in
the net of .loading his - grin. the:l4th time/
a buckshot was lodged in his fore-arm.
the time of battle youngi Middle was
baring under bodily infirmities -sufficient
I. to excuse him' from service, and his Cap
tain told him he was too .weal: to carry
his gun. He replied, c h must go on with
my company." At that he had had -
but one bisciiit to: eat forl4B hours. 'After"
!•staying in the Ilospitalt,kvo:days he was
seta tO his - friends in •Didhi. Isis
hearing of did sitoation . of his son, hasten
ed with his daughter to Delhi, arriving
barely in time, to be recngidied - . by him. -
His remains were conveyed to Brooklyn,
a nd a funeral discour preached in the If
niversalist 'church ; bit his remains were
depositedthe •tersi in S utl •-
in eu . o
water. Thus ends the,ea' reer of another
brave and patriotic youth ofßrooklya.-- ••,
• [Cost.
Doi'k begin with th l cr RVN .L •
T.I) and YOI7NG, Rtilian4 POOR. GAY and Fest I T
I.J aro hourly aeon rtoptugonwrrd to the
AU eager to he rnpplled trout the choice and estanstro
...lect,on to be Touad 1.
Hid at++ortment or '..1311r3r 0-ADlcircli9 beta 'cal
all. Inld ael fJr choke - • 1
4Gril_ (Do . 40.104:3E30' 4 •
Vlz.: it and . Ilk Seger, ST. Itiee,lCotrev i attil Tobarco,—
tcordiarz hey ore Th . - ft 1 4 Its 0...5 . to ttleO•
the TWO thoulautl end nee Illitie.4cf 3 cull•flipply
is kept e. - ie4t.intly at the Ontitql,tori. In' town. :1 con
titillation of calls det•ired. (weir there era
Devon tinfort sums :Is not to ileveifimnt TUE piiies i '•your
frielid and neighbor will tell yulipe
and oppoiite the - iiIArS.T OIV
where 50 percent-. hawceased to 40. We are hnunt: tolot
people live—And live. Bring along, row Rutter P:zo.
Rag.. Oat•, 15cr. Paeh, ninnt anything vine you
do n't want, and gi.t value rece el
• N. it. Pleaie do tit leave the rihorke mentioned articl.4
hump. for our rale won't perthit 174 to Vb,C4t. " till you
come up again.". .
ShaltersA now lot of whit} and: colored. Big `Lai
7.A.1T/V.of all kinds, and Cralne'j..a for bu mint: Kern*ersek
now ready and reaoeheap. Beet I;,ene. chiaper than
du‘liht Fre:tit lturnln.: finiiL Clainioltent..
...k4lannintme AntrTallow Caild! , ilt eon fly on hind
=,7 - Anew supply of ILVfal aloud CAPS_ BOOTS .ftr.4l
Sill /ES. Stone :mg Wooden niolltrifolgeo
of as ,or!.. Yankee Notion+ Pcrfurrni:7.
nod Soap, Ol t nite of 1t0...4 fur chapped bninl..-brtt
thirn: etc.. tt2..; nil of wiricii will to roltl Ine the
tiny (1.n,c1;. rho timer demand; I,st
• 42 , . I e t ti: it 11 11 4,
TO D.t112 f,41.*ar(111...r ilusTr.rt
York. on term, ..1,0;' , 11:11.-im! Olaf z•llit:voa. Call
alai inquire. atal look ualt; to M.lfki oC all el
zee. aotiti 114 e4ll Au 1 . 011111.1 in Conn.
• 31ontro4e,:1In'y C. f:.
MCI AHD iiha mg:
Large-Lines of PRIDES Conquered and
• 1 Reduced
32iT31=ti:LIT 0 97,
- • - NEW MILORD; VA., . . •
Is receiving. for ;:pring suppl 4 , 4. new and large storks of
WALL Paper, WirOow, SHADES,
Including, as nenal, full enriches' of the moat poptast:
• . „; SHAWLS : . -
• •- • 4::GA - • -
which he -will sell, on : the 'rriopt favorable terms, for
• CASH, -PRODUCE:. , ,
- . •.• {, or to •
'.Flour & sait constantly on hand
have now returned from ;Now Turk
tc which they would respectlitily'call the attention. of
their en.totners Theii ir now complete and
unitea truth 11,e(ul and Ornanivirt.ll. We have taken par
ticular pains to:elect all the r..5 7 1 - New l'atterni. out thin
Spring. and think we can, without doubt. plemie in both
Style,.Quality, auU Price: - Wi• have a Irtr4e 'tucker' t
English, American and Swiss Watches,
i 130 1 ,4 and Silver, ',Wolin^ and Open F.dce,)
from the cheapest up to the .% very full Aartity-of
warranted aagoodas otiiva. Also
FINE 6011. -- jEIVELRY
In every varityi
Plated .Teivdlry.l Fancy Goods,
. Brushes, shell Combs. ••,
A very One variety ut • • I -
Plated Goods{ Vety Low.
Tea Trap., - • Clockr.
. , Brlttanla Ware. *,
'MI kinds ot,Wcrrided; Tidy4Nettlng.Sen: l ing, and other
• ZT 44/enill. -
Thermometers ; Roads ; Violin, Guitar, and Bass Vivi
Strlogs; a nice lot of Pan* : Table and Pocket
- • • Cutlery, Scissors, -
141Tniatkhoce Ottudr basing been purchtved for rash,
will be soldhe Very low }ulcer. - Pleasts call and examino
our Goods, ind.lve are i contident cari plviwo you.
mayri)No.:d Odd Ps:flow*
AdramistrOior sSale. •
lnbtlp Nottie it hereby, given, that 1 will. expr.c to
ktiii9 by noiery, oil the prtnitelf, - -all that Int °Nand
ykituate Toormhip, itAitiquehanna county, Coil
acreg, !ato the t,tate of Patrick ICleciivin
. deed. It bringlot 02,npayi draft-of re-etirrey and Pnt,
dirt-lion of the Thomas P. Copp tract, and bounded N.,rt
by:lnt - No. onth by lot No 1 ; Ott the cant by lot NO
61; and on the went bylot No. GI. 'About 20 acres •ire
proved, - Tote told on
Thiracia# l the VIM lir Tune, next, -
et one wetoci. .Ttrovp unite madOrtriivin
Nay . ..Oat- 1 R.' • 'JAMES DONLIN,
, ,