The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, April 17, 1862, Image 1

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    TSE EtliN'TßOSEAWiffeMtfi .
A. J. CA•ox e rtsta ' aria,
twricE . ON PUtg.IC eXE2itt, . •
Doort.l A.novs.,sicknt,Es
Vi..:fnti.--"31,50 per annum Nc;
ez*lerwi, , e 1.2 will he eharttedLatid fittytente per Mum..
a i lto Arrearnes, at the option Oche Publiatter, to pay
e a,.o.i.c or ,oHoctlon., etc. ADrl:rce payMCIII,prdtITC4I. ;
tt %Ur ennS - rs I, Abel
.r tte or. fl per ' , gime. of ten lines err leuritoi the, Ott three
an.l Li tent: , for each additlinuil weet—: : pay down. j
410 .. b
• M and terso .:1 verttse y
he will he charged at the ttillimit4itates, vtF.:
Pm. nn.e N riff, tlit
elre. or fria..tme
h the "
tok 44.1alieivr/ ate 1r #te rif •
eredit given except to tbooe nikn own torpor, ifglity
WM. 11.-0061'.1 4 .31 & co.;
BoonvEßA.—Ntontrol+. Pa. fineceopoiti to Pott.Cooper
S Ofttett, ladlirupinew LalWing, 'ltnwpcbst.
1141C01.1.1.131 S S,BAitLE,
nnii-Ciinmennts ftt tatr,—Zdahtmee, Ta.
Ll tiaice in I.athroira' new building, over tlit flank.,
II1?.N11,1" B. McKEAN, •
TrOiINRY n'tul conwellorit Lan=.—TowAnnA,.lia.
LI. 0.115 e in Owlyn Nock. ja Mit
- Dll. EA.:
el_Tt PeNT .a the Allowable and 11maceitathle Col.
VA 14,1(.1 Mealcine:.—(ireat Bend. P*. Office, owner
of Wall at. I Elizalreth-ata, nearly opposite the MettitAhit
Ciyu reh. • 4p511 if
L ‘v[r.F,1.1..11. W. • WIIEAVYN,
1177/1 DR. alr,rox. It7/17,4 TOY,
,techvv.e.,l awl Svor_icdl Drottl.t. etvvntlyt,t Mogi uunton '
trader their pro ho , .lonsl rerriom to all who ammo.
l -forma Pr.tctkc Ph ai
ytle: - rehal atdl
.1111 fol it;o . l. Te•ltht 'with the,mogt nientitle aohd
1,,,..1.%ty1e+ of platework. Teeth =Acted without
:11 work wn Framed
.0:1;,,111. one 14th, 1:471.
Az SON, •
in I.:it:m.l).e 311,Ve .
Ille 111‘1):. All 1)t.11131 i ra ii.ns will be '1
prr:nnued in zooti 1 , 4311: •
Av (>11;1) A.N.NOUN CE to the / ) 111111
I 7 that they tie entered Into a'
fer the
rrsle;ie..3 . sf MEPIeIN - F.& Siirgory,'
.1.n,13.ri• prepared to nttend to nit clop. 17, the tine o r rt ie l'r
Olhee— formerly oeetpletrby br. J. C.
in DI:XI/AFT. •my lamp.
1)11, N.. Y..
PAy4rian S,,,r7nort. Qfflaro/750th
1%11 T.FET par: l it - Oar attention to the treatment
I er or the Eat and Ere: and la taantitlent that
and etnerieree in that lir:ail:li of pme•
e 11 e•, tbA. tem In etli•ti a rtire ill the dtffientt
Fen treltitrz tl ae.e.e, f there DO tee will
i.• is/Ars...the Irilieut 6 bel , ofillvti Ity tlielrvat.
sot - 111\1 - 01:1'11 N - AI)ANIN,
7)F.ALCIIS in lintian Anil
.I‘l Nlininivuila. 17catl.tonrog.
1 1311 r, I ,Ailau.
4 43ter..r
ay . , ~ f Ilotel MI1'111717116:
l'a, ad y•
WM. A. NN W.;
irSTICT: 01' TUE re.m . E.—cti•At - mead Oa. 'Me:"
•P on 'NI3III , tret.t. oppo,ite Cut
.1()!I\ SlAnil:AL -1 .
- ,
ir - li v-zyillS: 1111A'. TA II.011.—Nl•mtro•e. 1.. t. Stun,
r ...tor I. N. 1111113rir. Gro,ry, !Isla-.trot:-
Ist, •••izrn) for pa-t n,vor=. h, ...brit. a etaiiiaaniace ,
1... t zill.,!him.elf to do ttn work , atbillit torilt,: . Cut- -'.
Giu :1 , .1,..•0t 'short not ill, said wurantol to tli:. . .
Nl-,.arosr. I'm_ July %h. IM(1.---11. . .- i - -
\ fit ti.tilt. , -.Munerosr.
' i 11!fr-k over i:tore nT Rezd. Irntnato
t'.•-t..r. All Nl arr.un NI; a,. ttilt and Ankh.
cn; inaien. in bei-t. 'op'
• , •
I...l%sirierN %ME T
Mtn-1 ing 11,41-,,, on Turllnike•
Jirssinptlc. t ryt-rate
Cli!t 4inin, olt Amit notice. alit( %Ars-wilt:4ln tit..'
T.. IL ISUEI.I.; .
• IF:I. trizc. rifick%. Watches. and elvelry at title '
t•-t noi !et% and tot xvtiltonntile tertn. Lk 11
tk...rk Shojo inthandlcr and .lev:ait)p,
0c25 tf
• \‘' .W. 5111 . 1 . / 4 S COI
‘StI.:CkT &Nh CITAIR• NIANti".II(.7TURritS.—F , b , I
f‘yrttroee„ Ibis. • tt;„: tr,
(). ri)111)11‘31,
I \ Nt:FAc..7l REV: of BOOTS as stnr,s.•
.1 I .
I. slnq t ovc,r.Tylec",i All and. or wotli
rirol, and repairing dotte;flently.-„. la
irtin ,
F.ALET: in 1111 n.. .Itit:dicinetti Chstnit2tltt,
01 1 N'N atraisl.
~, OA rainy Goo,l4.4ewelry Pttifn
.• r • Lent all the moat popular rATEXT
v Nr..;.-110Tar,o, : -ll7ls c 6
/I,\ VDEN .
traor.g.:AT.F. DF ; il.fil*
WALii t Vt)FiNi, 1 ,
' Tit kcy it Y IMN. •-
XEIT . grpr.o.vp. TI
1 :1:411.*: HAYDEN, , ,
11. E. BRUSH, - M. D.,
11 V1:1:4; NOW I : , l::flia.i'Ere• 11 . `ER . ..NIANkSIT,S,. AR,
7z,r133. -. o"iria' ley
nzt end (tic rregOon'rromptlY
OClce at d. LatbiOrs
.1-_l' . 71iff.igts3Ei'M.-1..
NEW 3i 11X(i1iPi...1 3 4.,
Is VLACI TO 111.7 Y
H A P Nri' SEE ,
- c.Fgc •
AND GET THE '11011711 . 0F VOORinaNEY,
tuvs • SXITIL
-1-1 C) .wal
i\till\lT 11011 P
.s ..--S a------
. I i
its , rns Lt. j u l . c' . 160 0,
... 54,4t1,819.27,
Liaziz.rnEs. - ••[ - . 14.063.0.
5 M:ltnn stnitb. Ace,.l 5 1ta..7. Startin..: 3 ' sll oest•
At hu Mak. -Lei -' _F. Wlltri...lh. V,it.l.
P•Aitiv- antl reipAtvesi. Sty tus ander.l7,ned,
one tio.r almv, Semi )11.nini*.e.
.1;"vt:i y 1. sTisoup. 45-vq.
TA513.14',.:3-ivt-t1 x lyre of urvvittover: for
tlo rriu ()lire .Ind F , b‘;',•purpAnser. forAtitmii .
Cod. Aros•ol`ipc..Zbic. 6xr•• .• -
!ti. i 4. .telcart tinddprlrrb4,attdxitl bc . 1m144
.for eath. ur to .PrruQ4 Bit
Oct. 2.lth. 1960. • .
_ . ..
Dandelicin Coffee,
a !IC % LT; i 1 - - I,eVerll., , e one. rottliti of li* Coftee vent
..t. , i 1 kkt• +I- lOWA/ az.. t Wiiinittudr okrot tier Cutler. Fur
.1 ate itr • - : • ' A ISEL TIAtiCELLI.
I:tatliiMo'l 4 ,.. D.• ,Graddtio,
A, U!
~,t tie 404 .0 a•e, mid Collage.. of Sled
•. , 11 r.,tite.l4lArineorothaukoto tide *indeed Gt.
it • -I 1 viemit v•I I lithe tiery Itheritt patronage with
w hav r. ta, for hitd. said be hopes b7. l r dtrigl "t"
1.. hadoe•rorederitlftliherallthitee . onhe Public
co I.llzacCF. ti rent iltrid,Jairnary 944.1861.
' ' .
C. -2.11 :P 1. .) A .. X 7 1711 4•11 1 . Taqs i r t 7 t. and alllnde. Jr
Ci t
F i:....: 1 -.. t :-. tJ i ll i . ..i..:Livii:%ti •
ur Leathltr lind rtaatVand
••'. , I a • . x... , mtly ma hand. ipalte. Tummy; 4 Slaip aa
M 0, wrest. .- '
M , it r....i... ! . F‘,l).not, , -4.. r: .E. L. C. TN EEiER
i).kviTYC. P - .
.w^ - n Itrirdlr at New 111111brit
11 I , llra•ltit• 1.i:t11 calls with_Vrbli.h. ma,
n 1 . , . at. Tn 44 HOW.i: • - ' -
Nj.r7.loford. July., 17. 1. 1
L .T•
• , • •
kr: f..r V,. •
nil. for Ream s *whiner.
• I.'c So A'atl'i 011.1141.R.i,r. Rat and None I'M
so% , rrithic R rorikk Poixo E x t ric t. an di sko re a t
vArirty otLlalmants. Mt. fold . Plastersoinitilik
elfler t soluietvgl Patios
. ,
1 , .
, .
. . .
- • • . , .
, .. .
,i .• - ~,
• . . i,
... .
. .
9. .1.-, ,-- ,,- ~.- -. .., ,, , ,. ..4-I,l ' re., T ~,,# 1411-1 , V , '5,-- ' .o%'‘'-' , ,- ..'f ----1 ?--- ,,4 ' r') i, , '''' "?' "'" ' ''- I' ' '''.' '''' .-..q 4 ,4,:r4e1. .A,- !i , ~ • ;, ; :.-.0 .--F.- - •- • .. t ~,„ ,i
-,,,. , .',.. ' i i :
~, : 4 ', 1 ' ,. :• • ; .
~, . ,
_... '.' 1:'
-'— - -
.1. •:. ~,, ' -.; ..,,,' ;...,. e.
.- . . . _ .„, . . . .... .
, . ~•••4 5 1 ,,, •.,
.. .
.• - . • - •
- .
. .
... ~ ,
...,-•5... ,
•-,_ • , . .
• • •• : 1 / 4 -, ..
.- . .
; .
. .., ... .. ~ •,
~ ~
.1 .„_, • . t
; ii' ',
-,, ~., , - • ..
, :.'
-,,,'... . . . . ,
. .
. ...
' .
_ -
We .Join durseVies to,' no Party that Does not Carry the Plag and Keeii, Step to , theAdu
EDt C .4i,rr.1 . ,0 N 4-L."
..Att enargimicartoxa ,vutaxtb iron; Tais .coLinri
aeotnm 3abbsceskito "a.: NaLLUID, itONTII6II,
Stnierat# lll C o :oo l : 47 6 MICA." • ;
- ..ITEXIVIC nem
'Tlie'selionl'inotit is "not i jail, thai•it•
Should 1w avideled every 'one eteept
I.thine whom the lit* Minks 'tliveingli its
portals. It slunild be a - place: of traet
t —the flatlet-Wand the
friends - of - the : tittle ones • who meet and
mingle in the ,school. ` • .
2. Parents, a . re..'or - ' what-.
Lever your voeation,- it is lone duty to call
Upon t he' teaelter,not only aV„lii!l 'home,
lint :thin in his schotil: • 'Y'ene need', not: call
often; oceashoiai.visit Would -tend
to etictinMge hint iii his toil. • You-owe-it
to yourself; too, oil i ecome personally .ate
ttainteil With hitt) tt, whose)care you have
committed 'roar own'ettildren. How little
hearts g'adelen, and 'little 'eyes brighten,
I when a lived visitor titters =the
room -Thenthe yiititig learner feels
that he is remembered. Thep lie will he
incited In newer life, • greater effort, and
tenderer, love.
• 3. But let eliildren.ft.4.l that_no one nut
of the . sehor.l cares fOi• tbeny,-or a. 1 end ) .
I er that parents are indifferent to his iootn-
Rot nr success, and the seliOnl will !an
1 , 1;11 into a bitterer than prisrui life. Yes;
'Lit seinnti,--not to Hint fault - or'criti'-
i'elite, or tO show ^iv brief am hiwity which
may have: vesteti 111 yon i —lint to
help by Yeiiir stiles and words In --a miss
. ion, antUto be Ittottore.ti by a company',
even 'totter than yont:own;
4 'l4l . •
et - ott tale' -sottrtiesoi int n
• d ie ra ce ! of sweet Workers.' Remember,
von go to mittgle with the eitiOrt•ii Hilt le
14' kotaer- r di pi m ` 'a 11Z,1-and
ntotriiitt ! oo l ,fhowerot - tinit not
feet liaveqolig
t i go i t tOotolett 'into' the dust: DO 11'..t. go to
"make water. glad. t.;O:anil he g - tatitivittoot
norolot ti, ii.:zoltoo•- t '''.llllllg, lint gO
• i,
; to he net etiVtis .11, and a rich blessing will
; crown yOur
5; It-IC I : i,e,•ttonr"ricli_hiftil ar i l almost
constant tin foloynnottutitirin . ptAlte last four
years,,to ;visit SeltootiSin fintity of the Nor
thern and West ern,atuta few of the Beast -
, ci 1u
0 01
states, an d s i n :in:ma.
We hate ittingiVil with and talkeel to
I nearly a half a milion 'children he the
titolotool rOoni..- We have •elaspeill lie hands ;
H of thousands of .brother and suer.suer.teach=
ens. Anil int his work our, heart Itas
Tieoi ;ciphered mph taught more than' by
ball other, influences, of..milife. The Smiles
aintlindjmords. eve.hate niet sliall be very
dear the co ever more.
• : 6. In ail our travels,• we Jilit2e: been r e .
fitseil admission into, hut twO selnuols,"—
every where else a w me.
eleo .
-7. • A little -metre than dyear' ago., we
I were in itteh • ilaureat a Teachers Instittne
in the count or
I the State :of Pennsylvania-- Ihiving an
{honr.s:leisare one pletislitt afternoon (I lir.
big - the 'meeting . , we took the arm of our
(friend.. Da . county .school
I supyrititendent, and 'proposed a visit to a
I Select Sehool in the villaj , e. So, We start
. antietioatin,...o• a pleasant relict' tr the
; routine lathe Institute.. Theintroling
ward. which we were goiltg? was a little
}white frame, otiel over the il.on, (with the
S crooked - the, way,) • was a *igit i
something like this: .. •
• • :‘.x. FM I NAB 838."
I 8. •We. Were Unacquainted with the
-school.and . its teacher. It ag-red,
tliereftite, between us. hat, we sli{ i tild . in
roiluve eneli ()I er. -Guided theby. , sign.
j (which we were ignorant e•liough' to. iin•
aigne wasititentled io.lead strangers in;)
k npliVoiielied the door. \\ c: knocked,
1 and its ryas opened, but t'Tt unto its. - For
before lut v i g• iine to introduce • ourselv es
las ntentltertinf the Itestitirte and ask per-
I ini.siott to visit tlie-scliool, the teacher's
j Band, (by . , iireixy,):waved ; its. „away . , ancl`itt
verr.plea.sing•voice ,asseireil its that "We
never admit, emliarrasik'li the
1. L. READ
"Gay !" groaned the little housekeeper.
"Lay. in a supply of cigars, Geome,"
suggested Joe. "When do you go, 3liss ,
"Monday Aunt 'Jane's letter said
Monday," s:dd Harry. , • -
"Monday, then ! We will come, Lag
and Ia a, e, oh
.31(milay Morning."
..With many allourish, amidst, the gay
est jokes, George WRat c h it asitlenin con
tract, Avid eh, tliey . Intim d themselves to
ask too serrice.of any. kind, at. a wontan's
bawl for OneMinoth i . rom the. date 01 the
fulloWingMlindar, June—, 1860,.i0nd 411
put theirSigoat tore to tile. important doe-1
timeott. Snsy,,tiecng that her • brothers
were really ia,rameo, tried to think Ole
WAS Oft , i too go, mid added her laughing
directions to the-many schemes proposed. '
At a later - lenhour the conclave broke orp,and
retired with - a head full of •Plans and
a heart full olsorentisgiVings:
morning rose 1104• and elear. , _
Sit o'clot:ler saw Sus) , drive away frooto the j
door iwa carriage, the trunk strapped be
hind, the lady's; - preiti•dress I
atod.the shawl -of her colisito..M;
antes • S.ven ;saw
the servant depart to spend - a mouth with
her. mot her inthe colototry. Nine o'clock
witnessed the nteeling cf the merry young I
Vocindors. S . -
"Noir then;" said George, after the .first
greetings were over,. "I, as, the eldest
Joist, will take charge to:day. 1.. As S . W , : y
says,. when arc yon going down townV
"I have nothing to do ,to-day, so
stay 10 assig "yott," saill:3liti .. • I
"Timid: you:" •
. -" I W hat '.s t .r dinner .?" saitl 'Joe, ;trying
to lookiiket heard•of strespectable
a nti Sibling Most depbtraLly in the ut
.!ltitit.'ll see aithreeecloek." ,
"Is that the
''Y e- , " gild George, - "and remember:l
wait fi,e 11. !k t,me. . Pullet It:114y is the soul
of dinner, cis somebody (met .said before
mein io tied the: ram.",
. seen . the others.tdr, George end
Minnie went hitt, the.lihrary for a smoke,
to Prvparc them for. the llercureatt task
before .
1 ."St;c," George, . producing cook
hoolt,:"we are safe." -
•`•3lrs. ! d woman!" cried
!Minn e. • •
I "W hew !"never once tltouziot of that.-
We wilt stick to contract.: 3Jy dear, mad- -
' am, I - atn sorry to - appeatl . rtide; MICE ittust
l'shire:yoti : barit ro the hOok eatie." - ' 4 .
'"What's for dinner," . said Uintlie.
•f`Ritait.lantlt; 'mato* - green pear;tti•
ipaealitts, Ala stns irlierries,
I 'do; Durk' ion t
A letter' arfilirod the Pr" peas or stmetfung? . •
':GT*4'llfit.l l l - . Itliskielitttietts ::;' : 0 10 : 1; : thitt i s . etsy-pmtigh.:"' •• ' "
s wri.ek, &recta-Co 4 %.4,*licitt.itiriChi- • .•1 . i'.. - 4,*rtit,ti . c4 - ,7'staltliiiAes after
yit two. I,oiprt . '"tibfi: • -
'4l Trirmr - - •
:1136 1 00:40.41-.10.r...tutr presum Id ion, .
,witlol w r .. ,ry It. eer e4l
at each other, then . at, tit - t. lrniiinl,
mutually iisehi. l to SitY tarok' it
----ttoCat thulustitute.
10. 'The : 9o47 school
.that - closed • its '
door in its.lwas2 . ene'in the. Soul and a
long altire hi..fore`seeessittil timer, rte, that
im,pt,littial . •:1 ; nt; it.* The
reastor a :is mor e p:T ‘ tis ft was
Tarnchial sehnol tilel;asetm . .;lll oft little •
tumble-di - 1m ti brick tintri:h in the t•MattrY.
The teacher; u'e rglnettihi wits'a tobacco
us luiz t red..fitt.l4l,ll tut sattr t li'' nl,l*gt
Heinen, am! lie wore t.trein . ii*gli;s. ‘Ve ;
nliserre,l .that Matty Italics were
brniten from the, wilitlnws - ,\• As we
thrOngit the tomrli mud we
ee ilirouilt t splintered *I./140w r ii.4l6:,
conip y u tit e boy s
It was ',us' school. *- 14,14; :before
readied the li t ittses, ice heard
11(vir then a lurid and
ttsif t ,„,.. , you' mule=!" from,. a pair
of leaf her • ,
Wie Were intiffrilitta,..:,l ana simr.
what Latiely., anti tiled ti .avnitl
but sonic our ,
earY I:11 4 imam.; until %re' stM 111
11,1; )rl . OW digital - tin4i% We kit' , lelte. l ,
heard. - *if • klititlieil!
and lontler,witeif flit t9tinr WaS•-itikt..l ajar.
. The 116.1 ei Wits liazitM , *_ stria
lirtittgli his izreen l.rtii.itzles in inter asintl
- -all the impils roared in finis-
terntis er. The iltior was hilislamnf
•ed ' in our (ace and made; stieit
:rifeati ti
ring. reintri • that—we awoke titian_ hoof
- troubled dri'flini,'fitint Inl we were In a
eninfitrfahle.lLA in die itoPie of that Siiine
aiieorniiiitiied to,itlie se
'l hat.
I.,l6.Ksiiiiihitiry with . the ,$ efookeli the
supl with whom Jio hail beeit
. •,
eotiver4ll ,, the previoits. evening, :mom,
l otir aslvetit tire:
.p e
Pal ell ,liWee reline*, •
ILid we, rellitied. t o bt.' pie, we
*441 not; itit' ; e:bt'iett to
the sehniii. 1 7 ,
. .
VOL 19:
:144MTUQSE t . ‘Pi;, ifithgtoi*,,, -
APRIL.. 17'; 4 . e
Boer Vivo Bachelors Kept Rouse.
BY slant' mattimE.
It was a 'warm erenine in 'early 'Juno
and in the 'IMAM; of a peasant house
;---;.street, iirthe:handsorae - city Pidl
a(lOphii,a merry party- 'Of voung- folks
were holding warm, laughinu_diSeus=
. •
• Susi Arnold, the young: host es?, • Who
Itonse s for' wo brntliers, • harry
and GeOrgtb,tiiok One side of the queStion, -
while thee other gentlemen,'• besides-' her
talihrotheriimposed her. Charles Gray,
hltie-eyed; early-headed,mati,Whos,e fidr,
round thee and-boyish air formed 'in appa
rent contradiction AO; the - assertion he
made allaying five Tears before attained
his majority ;Joe Morris; , who • from a
Spanish mother inherited:jetty hair mid'
eyes; and a pale comply:don, mid from his
tin her; a tall,•tine figure and a friink ingen.
ions. expression ;
and Milton Kfaeres,w hose
Small 'figitre.and "baslifill ways accoutited
ftely - for his nickname Minaie;,t hese three,.
'with the roasters Of the house, waged
p'ayful war upOn.-„the little, brown-eyed
midden who sat so demurely upon the so
fa. ' • • •. •
"Say wkftt yon plense,"lsaid Snsy, "you
I Will never eonyinee nle 'of
. the,f ! uperiority
min t.4.emmeity of hout:ekeeper:"
"Ilia I nmitituim".erie4 Joe,' "that! Men
can keep house without Women, 1w
lctunen ran:nh.t do so unless we
them." • '
1 .. -"For in4anee," said -Henry,
' your lfiddc w:is sick last winter, Si
would ,neat smite a' milt have. h. •
tip vital, kept up the thrtme - e fire,
te,l about titile•N your
Crs Enid gallantly rehired •
envy?' • •
I "Nut to mention Ina the
,ittrnace fire
went out three---_-/
Said' George
"that was ntylanlt ; Itni. ;:teeideists will
liapin;ii in the Is•st regulated families,"
"I only:wish eon rtudd keep house ; for
T would :well& :Vint Jane's invitation to
travel Witll / lier this summer. were it Dot
ifttr learing'ytits." .
have an hlea;" said Charles GraV-- .
"an idea whieb, if von will •agree lu net
upon i it, surely cure the women of
00r / insane notion of their indispeusabili
' tv--nbein! that word nearly choked me."
2 / "The'ungallatit sentenee 'should, have
cquite strangled yott," Faid Stpxy. ,
I"Present conipatty alWays excepted,"
Ira= tide replv —• •
41'1w hlt.a! let's have the lam"
- "Suppose wik keep house here; while
Susy ravels."
t'llere 1" cried.Stasy, aghast
"Yes, why not ?"
-"flat." saiq Susy,,
wonld mit stay." .
.• We •don't want her; we wont
; en "
Visions of ninitly,boots on her- parlor
sorini, cigars' in the flower vases, pipeS on
the eentre-tablt;,, - spittoons in the best bed
room, and frving,,pans ht the lihrary, mu
ed through the young latly'r.mitnl; but be
fore,slie efutO remonstrate, Harry iethi—
,"So he it! tin., the bachelor's
hall. Pack. up your trunk Susy
"But Harr?'
"Glorious !" (Tim! Charley, "not a pet
tivoat'wii hitt the flonrs, for a month.'
- ."1310," again said poor Suzy..
“No tUsses about tobacco smoke in the
ehime4l in George.
- •
"Rot; brother"— •
. .
~ ! qVoit't ?" said Minnie:
"Snppose we the peas up here.—
cooler here than in the kitchen. -I
suppose there's a fire there V'
-"Of Cfnirse:e'
441'11 go' bring them up.
"They're in the - basket on the
Just leave the rest Of the things': down
there." . • '
Shelling pens was raPid.tvork, even for ,
1 unaccustomed MT - pp!, bat it b+. a matter Of
taste whether the thorough smoking they 1
.had frOnt the actively 'paired 'eig,ati • itti:l
) proved their thiver; ..: • : •.' • .. , -.:' 1
"Now, lyhitt +cyan do; . with them-?"
: said Minnie : r Ittere.eitet.many (Willem," •
• be'added, agile leaked iii the little green.
balls rolling about-the bottoM of the huge
market *basket i and i hen , eyed the. - -large
pile ofshells On the floor.l-. •. , - ,
"You boil . them,, :of coarse, “, as
• George's answer,. ,
!"Ohl ' ' Suppose we gii f i n e,;: n .”
"Well, come . along," said ,Geyrge, ink
• ing tip the bas l ket.. . ..
The -fire . burned brightly/Jennie bad
.: left all in good order, end/ the prospect'
was not bad for the am: car cooks.. * '
"What do yonlioil, hem in, George ?"
i 4- 0 h, anything."
l - "ut where is j . ."
t z
1 • "In some ofthe closefs,l guess,:""
1 , Susy wont certainly have taint ed co'd
i 'she have s7fi the overhaiding other iict.,.
! ,
ly arra . iyed eksets that hollowed.
i - ,- -Ths! Minnie dragged tbrth • a pot
'hough • to boil about I went y , pounds
It iti4
. .
"Ad riAtl that's done."
. . ,
"Now fileasparagits; how do- you 6x
it ?" - . . •
of the
"Lit - 0114er if:; , ott roast untiton ;in this'
thing ?"; said George s holding up a. large
ionhling dish. , . ;,. • 4
" I t r ues~ so. Pot it m the !nor, don't
yonV :- • : • . _
"Y-e-e-s." George determined to find
a hook on rookery written L i ra man, the
very next day'. _
George r
''Ycs, Inire's a tin thin. , that's long and
:.halloo• ;. I guess that's for stteh
And a dripping pan came , forth front thO
• The aspara7ns fitteil in like a charm, as
loth men declared, and water Waia •added
and all set on the range. '
The mut ion net went on, the pudding
dish, into the
"Cinne t let's , go - up stairs again ; it is
fearfully hot here," said 'George.
"But the Ainner
"Oh, time§ jot nothing to; do but to
cook until three o'clock."
"I'in sure Jenny
titorge,here's the'potatoest?' •
Another pot. was produced, and the po
tatiles, with about two gallons of water to
the half peckd*Murphies„ put on 'the fire.
• Stni,kii g c hatting,- reading, and a lit
tle prnetke on the • violin, filled up the
morning,. though flenrge• declared it was
horrid slow, and Minnie wondered what
on earth -women did With themselves.
ll:dritu:4t two brought home thre !m
-arl men ib dinner.'
• Leaving the cooks to "dish .up," they
all adjourned to the parlor to nook them
selves: That it•was duSty there. was not
noticed. Jennie haul made the beds be
fore she left, but clusting, the parlor was
St 14?!: work, awl her early start had pre
vented her from ,
"Geo itm
rde"—Mie'b vOiee:• was rather
doleful. •
- W hat !"
`Tlle:#re is. out." " • -
"Out !"
w,iiitier it any.:hing isiCiiolced?"
"The-asparagus is burnt fast • to the
pan: • -
. . '''So is- the meat L" •
"The pant Oes . ?"- , •
• ...
"Broken all to pieces, floatingtn about in
, . •
the wittef." . - ' ..: • -
... .. - : ••
~.``Tile peas are all inusity,:slinttie!"
,"Pnuettiality is' this ,soul. of dinner,"
,Jtie, fru
,tn tiie parlor '"it's ten 'pin
/IRAS:OAI, three: . ' . . : •,. •
"Go set -the t ab u•," George.
It was tud‘pie in its arrangement:to hat.
table; a' tile gentlemen sat down. •to din -
tier. The nteat“l on an eunratous
With:attocean j tkf white! china stir
romoling its shrunken proportions. Th e
potatoes. in littleininip:l,nitskinttek were ,
piled alt-in th a fil the -11, , reen. twigs
:whielt had .with intinite
fished' friun the, meat por, was: nerved on
a red eartheru plate, and the stalks .of as
paragus was hi the salad bowl! The, ta
ble t-loth was awry, and napkins were
.ontitte4 altogether.... •
, Where's the grams?" was Joe's first
quest ion.
. "There wati*tanyF' '
The l nei burne4h" cried one voice.
"It's stone (phi," said another . -
"What's this?'' said another, digging
into the netts* of lulas 3.
f4ll9lVril. a daring attempt to
eat fLlMte. , :tragml•-•
"Never mind, said Joe. was
not built in nday; Give us some bread
an'! impel.; and pickles, Georgi%"'.
.` . 4 0, not J•icklett, prestqcoes;istid;Char.
;- • ,
• tey.
"City 1 - ,iltll Paid Ilarry,
laughing. "Site declared a' wont:fit pito
them 1!11“01 , 1 that if ire warited them Wt
must Iwepare them riPr (Jurselveg.7
:11itade proancea the itrawberries; and
:some sugar, and the gentlemen declared
they had dined supeildy.
rellowg clear :may," said Minnie,
"w•.'rff tired."
"Yti s *nib - up, don't 7" - qtteritid
••. . .
"Where!s'ffie water? " • .`
he hydrant:" ' •
"I'llitat do von wash 'em in
"Pat 4 I goe - g:t." -
Away Went Joe on t voyaie of inves
tigittion arid. rcititrned soon t.lth a tin
- dish full'of cold , water. 'The oleaving,s,p
Ittrry tenneil the : remains of the
lunipttuma dinner, were thrown from the
vrinilim into Stnivia floWerylnids, mid
armed with a bar atinali and a fine dam
'ask title napkin, - /ric hegan to, 'wash up:
"Ilovi the grease - sticksr"
stream* time warp
hey went , tinw:Wieii
it withir enlii."
her," •
boil niparagns, don't you,
be int ~. m anful!l nt b.• l •'. • .. lates
bed' ' i rit : I'i .
and dieth*riatrit he,ivater - • airitild,' he
certainly Netrif,not - .- ----: :., : 7 --" ' , •
"I have wet mys hirt f tut-I" : Splash
No. - '1:::'-;':';_ - •: , ;:7:: %.,-_-• •--.'. :j -- '.-`--- '.- k .'• •
"Good for my *hit , .pants!" -,I Splash
:., o— thest tent hits My. eyeS; somebody
• wipe, thYmi:My . hotds. -- are: wet. 1 - -Peti f t .
rub them out * 1a147. 1 ".•
_.: _ --:-. -..-,_
..L ,'_,!
- The . table as. et c are d at , larn4 ' yive
lamp,•gre. y, ttap itis, thrown IntTri
tier of tli • room, thtifiesirtliat" kik.' dishei
were w shed - 'tindfiriped.', - .''',Tliti • - ,-Wat,o
folio e . il the
_"leactii,ors;"' 'mot • tlie . - 'halm'.
ett sat diner) th4tpololf. 'ADS'eioc.:l 'ns,-
-• ,
sy St• t Hat operatiet 'll '' • . 1.. • •
Spite of the sap
..!rb dinner, -five "inner
men"valled u like Oliver Twist, fur: rtiore,
a o t e • 11 01 , 17 seem n 0' ,. (1 , 0ek-_ . - -
i '
,:' •-:'
• "What's for te. V" Four voices'" ech
"Let's have,;cogee ;I cap make cpffce,
saidd George. 1..
1. .
"Anil a steak ; .- can rook .it,"' 'said Yoe:
t l
"There's bread' and.butier "snlti Harry.
George went
George stefik; Dlinnie an
dertook to make the fire ;.:Ilarry; cut the
bread; Joe set the - table; whilerCharley
elearri. the kir Oa n by sweeping the
. pt.,rt s
and: pans used lit. dinner, m . a. closet,
1 washing being on)itted in dtte:oprrittion..
- 3iittnie; blows" 'and puffing making
• the tire, was'saln• !eil with---.. g
" How it smirk l" '
"What ails thi. fire, Mint"
: Harry discovet 4 ed the catrl-e, p'nlled' nut
the darriper; and n. merry, 1,14 e •
the•pan, and the mel repaid
him. - The coffee Boiled , the • st e
ak spur,
tered,iii panted, 1
perspired, -whist, 41. and. used. rittiproper
words'overibe likt. - 2 ' ' -" . :
It was a good upper, and pil ing . np,the
1 diShes, (it was "too hot to uaith,") . the
fine • bachelors rimmed to the i)arlitr.:
It was invillint ary,but each pr,iir of eyes
rested Or a mon4•nt .on Ille•leat . Susy
wasvoni to oceUpy. - Alittle_ninsiivnore
talk, and still titre stitokino., filled - the
tittle , till midnig h t.. when end', 0 ? e yawned
bimselftti bet .Itirry, who w i ns. the one
to "lock up, " . st, yed the latrat. - The
kitchen . loo ked deary ;no fire, greasy fry.
'log pan placed ni a helmet over - . the col:
fee pot ; bits of 'wend' lying abput • loose,
dirty pots: here, ilirty dishes there,: • The
parlor tit disorder, chairs stood in forlorn
ctntfusion ; smilic bung, ov,eriall.., The
dining room with its piles of D irty cups,
saucers-, and 'plates, its unwept float.,
greasy impkins, innd smoky ak-tnostiliere,
was worst of all and Harry inwardly ad
mitted that the Ilotise didth lOok . as - usn
• • al
, .
Theie *as - fun the next morning .th.,ak
big. up this hedit. The milkman .
ker, had .vainly 10,ocked toradnlittance,and
finally retired ittldisost, and, thebatchel
( breakcastA ff. the - stale ii&read left,
frnitt thp night'4lCast,,.alur r . ci)ffee black
4ml %valet... I' ' - ' 1
. .
• "E'ery man clear np his Will i: ' 09M. 1 !
The order givon,rach started ti obey;
tl e clotheS froi( ,
Joe ',Oiled off P hi , : bed,
and haying laid he holster anil'pillow im;
proceeded to pit on firsta-bbinket, next
aspreml, and tinlilly the tWo sheets finish
ing off the wholf• by pottinalhimself on
top to-rest froimbis toils. * ll}innie; after
polling all the clothes off one fide in. 'try
mg to tuck theth in on the. I other,: sad
then clirrbeting the -mistake ibv, tacking
them in on the loth& side 4na,.puliing
thent Off the firs , put his bolsters Mi oVer.
Illiespillow, and concluded it 4-tiuttl Ao.---
Charley.merely smoothed hisfdown, sage
ly observing:llmi Wile pfilledthe:thing24 off
( 1 ,
he never could: Mt them on akain. ~... /lor
ry and Georgeo -lio shared: the same, room,
having.followe Charley's plan; put on ani
cx t fa. touch byl.Weeping thei room', and
leaving this pile' of duit in the ' entry.—
"ExcelAor 1 .1 , i
• i •
Three days' experience colivineed them
that hachelurs'' cooking is slow .:starva- '
tion, Steaks .MI coffee f4r breakfa4
i y
'were followed 1i .
• - Coffee and steaks for *Mi.',
fifer, and both f, rtea.-Cliarltl Suggested
that they Month haves , theiri'.'ineais sent
from a ;esti' . aralit.
... men cooks,: so %ye st kli to the : On'
t raet ," Wasliis ' 'ital ObServatlon.' T,
: - The Minion - % :a seconded 1 iii 4 carried
by unanitnon4 . i.olo. -''' _• ' '.
By this tinie lelvtry disk, piate, napkin,
pOt.and pan inAlte house waii dirty, and
rytidly concluding that this -w,otdiltet
want them attylmore, the getiftemen, piled
them up in the kitelien•:sink,lon the ' floor'
and tables.. them 1 - -
"Ifarry"it; Was Gtorge' voice—"l
'liac t i't gbt a td4att:Shirt."' 1
- "NM' I. ' I
"Nur I." -I - • . '•• '-. -
"Nor, I." • - - •
"1 re-got - 1: • .
"Nor n - handkerchief, noracollar, nor a
pair of stoekintra,.nor— .
- "Stop! Twit weeks sineerSusy went,
and no washini day," • ' 1 '-
There-Was aTtleall silence:l • •
”Wlin. kno4 how to waslit''.
No answer. 1
, "I--I've reel
voice, owned U
t hit wii and • rut!
it it done," - - sntil one:faint
y Chirley. 'Oran soap the
tent on :t board."
iy won: I
bight they could • manage"
WAS' opened for - -- the first
,ys.. - One cr34 burst from
I t
les, uhairs;• • oor, dresser,
masw,of ro a r ; es, collected
f greasy dishes-, 'racy over
. ~. ..
~e. - . 1 •
imr. - Now fpr . it.," "cried
asked nt - the inv ad e rs. 'Bed-
• "iirt miyho
.They 8111.130 i
that Or%
-The kitchen '
time et ten tie;
five lip9r.
sink,, 'were out
by the piles n
ran every-pla,
'•Shut the (
George, mid
have orompi
ono or the "critters" Char
table; :Crash went • 'the
Teams of laughter, crie4 of
thick as comments on
wanfingd•tinir aiiiint for
heir the panting party teak
awl viiewed sternly
usea"uftheirroes.• A scream
e flown my ixt•eir 4 .
• d—"Joei rthere's one on'
rlelting art.
le • upset . the
crockery; "
the heat, join.‘
an hour, and
ed from their
the "enl4 et)
from Miami •
"There's A
Georg era'
year hair
tion it. to'iilt at tile fellow
sleeve!' - - •
• ntilere." •i • •-
a•thar, dories Theflotied
"Don't. m
.A general
followed; . I
Nireack err;
.(if the 'Whole. Union.
' No. 16.
• Trf - r+77 „
clothes *ere collectedfrom allAho rooms,
and 'the liardi and"loap brought up from
• , •
lOe and' Harry wlshefAblistering bands
strearniiig forelieiids testifying to
their efforti. Cold Water required
1 great deal and ; somehow- :the
.. c .thnigs,haTitycllow , tifigo . after all, as
I,Giorge; ieinarked Osre: thent but.
Ulliiinie . OhjectiOg to goitig into the yard,
lintig them ever the chairs in :the dining
bimisterS 1n the:entry as 'fast
'as George 'and Clutiley Wrungthein, out.
Urine!' tune came and found them still nt
work. Dinner eaten; the diSfies - Carried
.off by
. the waiter. from- the res . tati
ratit,..theY'cliangikr plaeeicithd.the Wash
ers, wrimg..aitdlning tip; Whilethe :others :
• AC:last : sbirt hanging
in damp liinOnesi ; Over the parlor chandel
ier; ',the handkerchief Waved
insiitlepiece, and the Stockings dangled
front' the bars' of the Canterbury. .
!They' always iron the next day, so they
cana dry in the night:: said` Harry.' -* •
Attu another siatigliter„of • roaches in
the morning the fire-was lighted, the
iron:llia:On, and the clothes . colleeted,.
,rough, di& Vo• t h e final tont:Ales. Every
man hadhad visions of smooth, Clean,. linen to
repay him for 'Ma . unaccustomed 'efforts.
Such is hope!
Charley took the, first - step. Planting
iron on . the fiont of a' shirt; Is smell
greeted his moStrils; and he lined it again
to behold large brown- mark,the precise
-shape of the flat iron, burned on.. the
,'bosonsof his. `go to meetipg' Min
i tile's iron la:mg almost cold, was 'travel- .
ing briskly - np and down 'his shirt, but
produeing, , no visible circa. .' ' -
-It was humiliating but true that JOe
took an order 'to a gentleman's furnishing
store that A - 01)10g for a supply of linen,
mid the'Acashed `clothes'-were , consigned
to the' pot ch t set ti, aiFint:Sitsv's return.
Susy's return Hew can I describe it!
Every man on that day, foiind he had: an
iMperatii'e engagement abroad, and 'the
little maiden . found an empty house. She
, went first to the parlor. Dust - lay in piles..
One curtain was torn from the cornice,
and lay in limp folds against the window.
Cigars lay about loose, some whole, some
half' smoked, some reduced 10.. a -mere
stump; the chairs were '.promiscuously
deranged; on the center table three bottles
two demnolirei ' a pack Of cardsomd about
two dozen tumblers reflfced . her pretty
book.• The -tkno bore two pairs of'boots,
deposited there when the owners were
too tired to go up stairs, and• tbrgotten
all erwards ; the Canterbut had a dish of
•chicken salad reposing peacefully upon it;
one ottoman, supported a hat and cane,
another ia:cont ; every chair carried • some
• relic oriliw departed g< sets, 'here a hand
kerchief,there,a Cigar case,on one a-pocket
t conih, on another a toothpick. Sus).- was
I dismayed :Ia like a brave little woman,
detetmined to face all the muss at once.
The kitchen came next-. As-we
.scribed it on the eventful ironing day, so
it remained, roaches inclusive , meanar
ing everywhere. The library was nest in
Order, and. it was the-counterpart of the
parlor, only more so ;Aunt roots ditto ;
bed rooms to Match. '
. ,
Stisy looked at the washboards in . the
bathroom, the market basket in the library',
the Parlor chairs in the kitchen;• ("It "walo
the nearest," Joe said,when they brought. 1
them out) ..; the frying pan in ill 'best beff, l
'room, (Charley broke his ba. in) . ; th'e'l
bread pan in the spare• room fur dirtvi I
water Joe said) ;-:the dish . cloths in .the'
bed • iminiii(niwels all' flirty). 'She- con.
teniplated the floors,unsWept tbr a montli;;
marked the , dust,' the accumulation of a :
similartimC, , and then went -to her own'
room, the only orderly, become, untouch
ed plac.: m the oast. A'little note lay,
on the table : . ..
- :We own bent!' It takes a! woman
We.beg pardon ! do so no more !
Clesti up and invite us to dinner. _ !
. .
Speech a-Republican :Senator.
SehatorDoolittly;•• Republican S:
Senator-front Wisconsin, in :time speech
in the:Smaty, made the following sensible
remarks... said - •
. . . .
Let ns look at the real facts, and' neith. l
er deeeiye ourselves Zr . anybody els'e.
IIoW - do the:free States stand on theies- I
Lion ? .111 my own Stale, where there]
are few colored men there ip not mtieh i
feetine , pale Wav or ihe other. 'And. so in 1
New Enghmd. • But in the. States near the
:dace States how is it.? „Illinois has form- i•
eat a.constitntioh excluding. free colored i
men. Indiana bas.some similar pro Vision, I
anti I venture to say Wynn come down to
t Ite practical q nem ion wiietlier,if the whole'
negro population. Were7to : be .set. free and I
distributed. around among. 'the seve'ral F
States, yen . 'iveittil 'find . just' the same re-1
pngintnees in the more _ Northern States '
that bc. now exhibited in. Illinois and In
diana. I have been iefornied that in 1843 .
a distinguished` gentleman from Vermont
w as ete k ”.lito'CungresS, amid. 'one of his
•nightuirs,':i Well-to-do- firmer,
.game to
tia , y his respect's :to hiin before he left for
ashiugtini, and says he : "J Edge when
yen' get to Washington, I wish you would
takti hold of this tieg,r6 gnestiott and have
iediStinseiref.- 1.4 its haVe shivery aliol.
ishcd and ?ie . :mre' said about it." , IVOI,vi
said the Ifulge "I suppose niatiV"Of those
persons Who hold slaves - have paid motley I
fir tliep. Perhaps yon.think it would be no
more than just that they should bhve genie
compensation." "Well; -yes," said . the
firmer, "I think I wo - nld stand my share.
of the tat 'for that." . 'lint: . Bain d the
'Judge, "there is another thing. If - they
are emancipated; it is ati:iportent clues
tion: • What shall be done with them ?.L.-
There must be some Piave for them to
live: Perhaps yi' woUld_ think it fitir
fliat'We should take our share sir thein ?"
"Well,,hOwmanY weinid that t) ?" ''Well
our share"Viould";lie' to every ' six 1
- lirldtei; or hboht 800 for the town of
of Wondsteck."` 'What,' Said the farmer
"50(rnagrtiea' hilViindshick: rlirill bid
yiiii good 'evening, Judge." „He started
off, but trs, he got to. hil horse 'ha turned
itround - anpaid :' • "Judge Vint .., ,need not
do inythintmere . aliiint•tl4' negro ..busi
hiss on iityieconnt," . "' ' [Laughter.] Per-- ‘,
hiti4,it Isnot midis to eay that ' that. dis-
ggi fied Judge - sit:s before roe now Dir.
JOB Pilaiirnici of ALL HINDS
=nil Tiff. Co CI IR. .13. ,
?AND AT nucr-
iTnicofilee . id' the Montiose Denioe: • t
i hasrecennibeea supplied with a new end choire j
=re" and we Renew premed to print pun4l.l. •
etc. t etr., Le the had style, on short sotite.
11andbills, Posters, Progra' nim' es, mid
otl?er Wads of work tbt, line, dotioaevording to ore , r:
I dlasiness,' Wedding, and Ball CAU/h.
TfOkets, etc., twitted with neaten and . despatch.
fJlistices' and Constables' Blanks, Notes,
Dias, and all other Itian!or, oti hand, or printed.k. roes
fir" JO, work end Ittutko,to . be paid (9r or dellres
- -
• From Itreelers Tribuner;los4.
t • All hail the ilannting•Liet . •
I) sinrs gro %%pale and ;
I.: The Stripes aie bloody sears,
I . * A tie - the vaiinting
' ,It shields n Pirate's deck,
1" bind's a man in
•• It yokes the captive's neck,
And wipes the bloody stains;
iirTearilOwn the flatntinn' l iie!--. •
Half-Mast the stiirryliaE!
tar Inshlt no sonny sky • , .
With' Hate's tiolluted Rag! • ,
Destroyit-ye who can! . •
';•Deep"Sink it in the wives! I" -
[ bolts a . fyllow• man : -
• To - groan with fellowslares.
• Furl the . boasteil Lie f
.t Till freedonriives ii . gain,.. •
I To. rule once ' More 311 truth •••
Among untrammelled men. -
V.: :801l up the starry 'Sheen,
Cotie:ml its bloody stains;
For in, its folds are seen .
1 The stamp of rtiilling chains! •
Mr Let the friends of the American
, tidal! beware of sacli sentiments as well
l as - the authors. The . Tribune.- has never
feputliated the above.
llontrainuidg attkoitrags Monroe.
A correspondent of thePhilailelPhirt
fnirer writing s from - 4'ortress Monroe,
pays— ,
' "Speaking of "contnib u nds"—out of the
large number assembled at this point and
Vampton creek, if you want a little labor
!one, it is ahnest an itnpmtibility to get
!any of .these folks to do . itf The creek 4
aryund here an!. filled with oysters,known
to the loyerm of bivalves as "Norfolk Oys- .
iters;" aftl - t4e Roads and rivers swarm
with fisliry;ev you cannot get either witl!-
)0m great 4.4liieultyi., When these-colored
!people had: itasters, oysters were in ai-tn.-
;datice.° lea only when want cowpels 'eM 3
that they. will go ont and catch a few. air
soldiers Wade in and catch them with their
hands... In the hingnag,e of /Inky Phely,
in Uncle Tom's Cabin, they. are' really a
illsitiftless set." ^ _
In the morning the. males leave their
quarters for out-door wprk. It is painful
to see them move, in single file, at snail's
pace, as though they had no power -olio
-emotion, and were making- efforts to get
along the best way they could. Ask the
females if they have any work, they say.
"yes, plenty of mending, 'Washing and
cooking." Upon further inquii'v,yOu find
that nil-this mending washing and cooking
is done for themselves.
- -
They are far better off than our soidiers.
While these poor fellow;• are birOttacitlg
out in the open air, the darkies have good
slielteri-good toot, and warm qnarters.---
The soldiers complain sadly of.this-parti
alitpin favor of negrocs.
C0.). - xt - nt.t.i. CoNruAcr.—A , few days
since a firni on Wt
er street received d letter from a customer
near 'Youngstown, enclosing an order for
a—wife:, The customer was o rich, mid;
die aged Dutchman, and a:widower. Ile
Said he wanted a wife right off, and be
.liad fib time to look up one for • himself,
hut should be in town in.a day or two to
marry the woman which he- depended on
the city friends to have ready
. for him..
Such au order rather took the merchants
back, hat the man was too good a custom
er to-disoblige: As they hOdkne ,
Of the article on liOnd fin. sale, one . of th e
firm went out tr'?. bunt it up, and at anlu
telligeuee,Office 'got ,track ofa girll whr,
tout& speak Gerthan and English, was_tol
eralily goOd looking, and very much-wo=
tea to find a husband.. A
struck. The Dutchman . _in yester
day,fonnd an article ready for bun, ap
proved of it, and took his curious purchase
home with him. We did not l"nrn wheth
er the firm Charged it special fee, or "per
mange commission on the market value
of the article.—.Clece.ifeiaid, 2:7111. .
In: all: social interenurse f
COtiversations will take place in' wßielt op
thionii are given and .moiives_ scrutinized
which it would lie extremely improper to
repent. 'Yet we find a great many people
who delight in retailing remarks made by .
one party uptm another, thus' stirring nv
disorder and Nfrengthening, hatred where
soever tliey.appear.-. Such 'characters arc
liarie of vonntry socimy. What is
more abstird; for instance; than if one.lady
should say to another f well, Jane;. what
do yon think Lucretia Smith says of you ?
She says you have the thickest ankle and
the thinest arm of any girl in tough . and
that your shape is like an Alligator's and
your head resembles that. of a bison
, Another class of tattlers are; th ose who
visit theirfriend4 and take note-of -all the
habits and customs of the flintily, the con
versation at table the government .of chil
dren, treatment of servan ts d ress.of
the mistress, anti 'even . the late hours Of
:the Male .meinheas should there be any
who stay'lmt late. " These are told-in de
tail at . the visiting plaee. It is almost un
necessary to say that such people are
contemptible.- : If 'you wish to pre—
serve any claim to respectability or
ocial position, yon will refrain froin
"eising, even by a single Onfavorable: re
mark, anything you may have observed
in the louse - ofa friend where you were
stopping as - a guest... - .
. 1Y no Pr:Asmto ma Vidrozuzs.—The
Springfield Republican makes the follow
ingstatement : • "The slmject .was under
discussion. at a dinner fable "Where . Gen.
Banks waspresent,. and, who by the way
stands by Gem McClellan- most Igyally,
quietly remarked that white in consults- -
turn with Gen.' 3hClellaii . last Novem
ber or Dean:her ; the !atter incidentally
took down a map and-'pointed net to him
upon it every movement that has since
been made by our
.nrnahr ; and, as' to
Manassas; said', :that; we should either
drive the rebels from it in A successful tat
tle; or they would evacuate .it .of their
own sccerd." _
The Salem Gazette- sayi MAK has
furnished four 'General% for the Rebel ar
my, namely :. Wm. Chase Whiting,
Albert G. illan'elt‘r.d,'Paniel Ruggles, and
Mansfield Lovell; son of the-late Surgeon-
General Joseph Love.ll. '