The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 13, 1862, Image 3

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A t susquebanua, oh the Ist, by Gayle d
Cailis, Esq., Mr. Wm. Lake cif . Jaeksoi,
and )1k }Jetta Barnes of Oakland.
- At, Sat:quell:mon on the 4th, by Rev. ::1
Patten,gill, Mr. Genrge. l MeDonald of Her
vellsville, to Miss Ella.Ayleswo,rth.
. . .
. 3apa - mezzo. •
At Camp Curtin, Feb. 10th, LYMAN, on
of Ilefiry and Litey,Giles, aged 17 yea .
When the President'first ' hotted l is'
proclamation calling for volunteers, Gto.
I. (tics, an elder brother of the decca,ed
went front this county,. and returned
with his company. When I. S. Searle
received orders l to 'enlist- a company fur
the 12th regiment., George and Lyman en
listed.and went to Camp Curtin at , wine!'
place the •latter contracted the diseas ,
congestion of the brain—of which he d ed,
after an illness of 21 hours. His rem tins
were brought. to Bronklyn fur interment.
Thus perished. the first: martyr to ill&
Union cause that. Brooklyn has been tidied
to lament. The sympathies-ot the ptiblic
are tendered to the friends of the dep. rte
Patriot, and' it is hoped that he has not
died in a dottbtfut cause. , - : ,
In Liberty, Feb. 23d, Fatter Italie°ll,
voim ,, est son of Henry and Lydia Li , add,
aged 3 years, 5 months and 20 days.
In Iranklin, Feb. 2Stii James E. win,
-son of James and Marth.i M Brown, aged
iS years.'
Soldier Boaritlr, Arrears I,of Pad;, .fte.
, ,
li:,:cy tipri claim -,t.,,, ~....-h, forl t`o. slofl ittlinty.
Itrottot Ity 11:e t :to tti int 10. :11.? ":',•Jr..orvir,.....fpdy, ‘l,-.-...1,,1 50',11.•,. P:troot,-, Willtr., A. or Itetrt. of do-'
~a..,1 .odour. aro otaft Ina to (11 . a., 'JIM:. itic atilt
.crtt:or from tow: toitlre.tolco In theittt,inc!., an !Invtott
thr forro+ttod it' -tri‘rtitat- rottowly ro...ite:vod Ron W 3.1 1,
fr4ttott. i5.414Ml tootty to prepare ttutLi
..tlntm• t.`tarty lie In irti,ted to Itit , , CU . .
N.1. , N 4 .1 12, '42.-3:n
, .IND •
TIMOTILY 81.,t0 1 .
BRADFoiti) eOUNTYLARC3.:, 4- 1 0
wlisTlinN: MEDIUM ;Clites_t: ed. ,
Peas, Beans, and Barlei , for Seed,
Field and Sweet Seed , r
Jobasn's ana
Corn itoek's Garden See4h4for sale
Arontrose; match I 1111,11662
Auditor's Notice. .
11".. In Su•ifa Aug. T.
v,. tl.f.t.tcturnable to Jan.
Pala Ilrothers. 4 l Term.
fi l lt17:•111,-criber. appointed auditor by the G
niirt to dis
tribute the prozeol, t -heriffs sale, it atle on the
M), omued writ. azt..nd to the dude, of the app
o:atment, at Mwuro-'..., on Wethousiai... the
2,1 d,y of .' q ;it one per,ons
intere,ted are retiu;recl pie-cut ti plr claim or be tie-
Lrr,d from eQuting iu upon •.tiii tend.
tahG 41 W:n
Tnk: Family Mimi 7.\1:11:,r ! !Kit
made lair] ;;unit P
tedious oceolopony tact Lox. :"...111
.6 cup of coffee. \ L only by the
P.ttn r a Jul t J.Lis) , ll,,,lrr
mhr, IyJ v 1 Walutii,.t.
7111IIS Preparation. matte from Ow host 3 re. in
recommended ler I 40:1118 as a slittee thins
bet-la-az - , for tteita.nli Dynneunta. liras
st,sarder-, T. 10.1,1111 ? ... WIIO lett e been comp than
don the use or euty, ; ,. 081 ,ithont injurionn effect
Oar can contain- the strt•nasati of 0. - tt isnandn of vrdlut
entree. Price 23 cent , . -
The_purest 11.;F:ING POWDER known. foilmakingliebt,
-sweet and nutrit nets — Bread tuid cakes. Prce 15 colts.
31.ittafa,:ture3 hy M. 11. ROLLOCIZ., Cheraid,
t.t,irnt r of ftrtill
Said by ail Orta.r_tiste and 'lnvent. - rant, I yjc co .
3ae... 2:i414
gartilE I>E:S'r IN - Yl.llll " ;" ,
At 40 Cents per 7 ion..
Ittarnint: Fluid. and Canaphrnc. Turpentine,
, const4ntly Ott hand. at lowest market pricer. •
Montrose. Felt. El. TURRELL.
Auditor's Notice.
rpTIE undereimtecl, haring been eppoirittal an Auditor
by the court of eomtetur rfeae of.,stoou county,on
mate di e.tribution of the fund aritine from raleuf pet-em:11
peopertr of I.W. Bruckner, br shjria. ale, wilt attend
to the duties of hi- appalm.oton at his I oftice in Mont
rose, on Frlday. March 'el< at I o'cioet. Ip. m.. at 'which
time and place all perome intereeted it said fund will
present their elnime of Im debarred" from - cArnim; iu upon
said fund. Ifebttoj J. It. MeCO Int, Auditor.
• ,
• .
Auditor's Notice . _ -
milE toidereftrned havinfr heen appointed an Auditor
I_ be the Court of COMIIIIIII ile:/!. orlttpltl3lll,7 Counts.
to mike di•oribution of the fund Nitell ;rorn the ,'ale lif
the root estate Of Dana, Stark, by the„Qheriff' of said coon
t,•, wilt rat,;,d to the clatie.'of Kahl' apqointme.nt at the
1 .
Office of Smith &Mee., in the borotrzit c f Tanklumnock.
on Saint - the. Nlnreli Vi. 151.1., nt to o'clee - at-which
time nod Oar, all te.reon: , interested in :lid fund. nre TM
tifi”d to premoit theiretainpf or they rill he deharred
therefrom. Ifetilh : lt] V. C. 1 4 ..055, Auditor.
Executor's 140
- 111 - OTICE is hereby given to al! petson •
.11 figll havi 4 ne. deommit ,
ilifft-tha estate of S. 11. !line-. ate of 'Brooklyn,
tovroahip, t der.eased. that the came Wn be..prv•etill4 to
the undenligitOdTorarrangeinentnnth penonns Indebted
to said t•tate are requested to make int.nedinte payment.
Brooklyn, Feb. 19.1%2.411 Ex,,cenor.
lIIE COPAUTNEIt-lIIIP heretofore existing tinder the
name of BOYD , » WEIB4TEIt nasiiliseolved 1 - 5/1 the
ftret day of Feltroary Lott, by tnutual 41311 ” ell,- ' An the
notes and accounts are in the bawls o W. 11. Boyd, NA 110
is duly authorizea to settle-the same. AU persons having
runsellied account, ,vlllttifer on t- t ,necial f•tvor by
' settling their Accounts very soon. I. t. U. BoYD.
February lil,T.U—tvf, . . Li WEBSTEIL
. i
' c 3E : t staktialM. '
r' A. lIOL - SE.SND LOT on Chen r street. helot: the
11 Foundry of Sayre Brothers. If ant sold before the
First of April next. It ail) be rented. .
aloutro,e. Feb. llth. IS‘l2.' Wu. it. BOYD. ,
Caatroaioaces at Eland.
Building material in plenty. Fish and Oysters are
plentiful and cheap.
Visitors meet expect, hoverer, to see a neer place.
Why the Property has not Been Settled Be.
sure. • '
This question the reader naturally asks. It I. because
it has been litrge tract e by families not disposed
tv sell, and being without raliroril facilities they had few
inducenn-nu, The railroad has Jetta been opened thro'
the property thin seson. for the nest time.
\'t,-ih,reareshowneverthelaudinscarriagc, free of
expense. and afforded time and opportunity (4 thorough
hivustigatiou, Throe who come with s view to ' , attic,
should tiring money to secure their purchases, as' loca
tions are not held-upon refusal.
Toe SAFtsT Tutso IN //AIM TIMESMIere people have.
"been thrown out of employment or buyinese, and posit•
ens emus:little means or small incomes. is to startthem-
Mi CBS htime. 'lltey can buy a piece oi laud at a email'
price, and earn more than wager In Improving It, and
when it is dear it. is a certain Independence and no lose.
A few acres in fruit trees will insure a comfortable lie,
in”.- The land is pat down to hoed-time price., and all
iitiprCretnenta can-be made eta cheaper rate' than must
our other time. -
'hie whole trait. with FIX mike front on the railroad, I.
being laid out with fine rind spacious lavenues. with a
town in thectintre—fireacrelote In the town eel: tit from
giant° Staid: two and a-half acre lots, at from tS4) tO *lt)
and town 10t, , 54, feet front by ISO feet deep. at sltal—pay
alik• one-Vail cash and,tifft balance within year. is
ide upoo hams of twenty titres, or tuure, that fouryware
-time is glyrn„,
'ft) NIAIitUrfiCTURERS. the town affords. n fine Open•
tug for the SHOE manufacturing business. and other rm.
,ticles„ being near Philadelphia, and the surrounding
country has a large population, which affords a - good
This settlement, in the coarse of several years. trill be
one fit the /nest beautiful places in the country, and must
agreeable ter n residence.
it is intended to make it a Vitae and Fruit growing
country, AM tads enittlfelf the must prottabie and the
beet adapted to the Market. Every advantage and con
venience file the settlers will he introduced which will in
-ente the prosperity of the place. The hard tunes thee.
`out the country will be au advantage. to the settlement;
OF it compels' people to resort to agriculture fur a lir
. lug.
large numbers Of people aro purchasing. and people
who desire the best location should visit the place nt once.
Improved Land is also for sale.
-TlMBEit.—Land can' he bought valuation. or without tint- .
Cfer2l.llll3l.22lCarletitaXits,—Tho Aoter"-Vber: , Tire Timber at market valuation.
User having been 'restored to health In Vow weeks by 1 The Title in indisputable. Warrantee' deeds • given,
very simple remedy. after haring suffert-d reitil yam' clear oral! Ineumbrance, when the money la paid. •
I Noardlng eon venielices at hand.
with a severe tang affection. t'fild that &tad isenat,Cort,, Letters promptly answered, and reports of Solontet.
sumption...-Is anxious to make bi
tht , Means ;dem. . ' to f ' 4 ' ll° ` "af ' D '.l Insect and Vat. Parry fent, together with the —Vineland
t• HI
To all
(true esire it, he will send a copy of the proseriyo
lion le the hind :,-I,enva Walnut s..reet wharf, Pblia-
Mon used of charm) with the directions for peeper- del dia. at 9 o'clock, A. Id., and 4P, (unless there
e lag and aline the same, which they will dud a Stlitz CUR! ,
Fort COilltntrrioll. AP , rt!MA,,, Itnonctuent. &c. The only 1 " 1 "" ' " 14 be a e • ha ''a a .r tta:4l ". f" . " ") 4134 ' an the Glass '
boro' and Millvflle untlroad. i t hen yoU lone the can
object of the „advert iser Iti sending the Prescriptloa Is to ; jun Vint pa. infinite:or
benefit the athlete& and spread Information which LAND I B, p ee e nu m 4v ,
conceives bit be invaluable. and itufaus every sufferer I
will try his remedy, as cost them nothing end may • • kPonnderot 4eGulohY.
prove a blianting. REV. EDWARD A. 'WILSON. i VIZILIAttp P. 0.. C'utobertand Count)" N.
Febtlautt Willientsltrsh. Kings County. N. Y.• • . •
P. S.—Thera is a change of ears at Glassboro', Also
• * beware , orstuencrs on the cars from New York and Phi!.
'MASONS Ott Tor BUSUCESP, and wanting. cheap adelpbta to Vincland.lnqulrinit roar bulliP•ogi dontfne
L. farms, sae adeartitelpent of Y4ittlind In =Oka, .‘tlott. Sc.•
noknsk. tharaary tt. 11103.--431.11
COLLEGX 1. ....,
. ...
;SIM. cornor of:7 - th & C estnut Sts.,
.. ,
PHILMYLIPIII t: •I - --- ,
. .
This Intntinion. mlitch, sta.: estahlished in ISII. and
Is no.con.: , equently in the elghig 'th renr of its exlet•
ca l
±, '
race. numbers among its gradual' .hundreds- of the'
most successful Ilerthant.s and Il Aden Men Of our
The ohket.orthe Imnitntion Is so'eltr •3 of r Ord Yo ung
men facilities further:Ault pre'patat.oriftir business.
~ , ,
Th e bi. m mat,_. tan:ztu me.. 80 -V. ellittg. SR aloplicable
to the carions‘depaitments of trad - Penmanship. , both
plain and ornamental: . C.Ornmerelal - Lan , ., Mathematics,
'avigation. Civil Engineering, Ur slug, Phonography,
and Modena Langna;,Ne.
The system. of instruction is pe ilar; no classes or set
lessons are made floe of. but each lk odona Is taught Ina.
Thinally, so that he may cornmenek at one time, nod at
tend at schaterer hours are most qttiveitient. • .
Cat:am:nes are it. teed an totally after the ISth of April.
containing names of the students or the year, and full
partici:du+ of terme, it e.. and , may be obtained. at any
time by addref,itig the Principal.?, - -
In extensive accommodation, wide.anrcad - reputation,
and the lengths experience of the Principal: this Institu
tion offers facilities superior to any °therm the country.
• f•myoung teen wishing to - nrepare,for latisinesa.and to ob
tain at the tame time .a Diploma:. which n - 111 prove a
rcnaniamdatiun for them to any Ifereauttio House'. .
101?":".rittenden's Series of Treathtotiy.-nn BOnk-keoP
inz, now moreoidely circulated than any other.Forl: on
the subject, are for sale at the Coilege. .
Irn. copartnership heretofore exist:log=lller thename
of DEWITT & RILEY 1s hereby dissolved by Its own
Imitation. The book and accounts of the late arm are
In the hands of - J. T. W. RILEY. Ail, personbloterested
ate respectfully requested to call and settle AT ONf3t.,
as all ( T eti accounta DUST DE CLOSED ITE" WITHOUT
Xuntrose, Jan.:ls, J. P. W.' RILEY.
Executors •
~7OTICE IS HEBERT GIVEN to all persona having
demands against the Evtate or ISAAC SIIIITIIIate
Brooklyn tosenshlp,decee" , ed. that the same meat he
presented -to the undervlgned for arrangement. and all
pers,on, indebted to said estate are requested la make
Munediafe payment. • •
S. K. SMITH, t
i Executors:.
.70'0TICE. IS HEREBY GIVEN to MI persons having de
ceit r in oti a ltV i n a tli n n i • n ns t h t i b p e d ß :e t :a t :el g i t j tile " s i a l in lit e A L K s:l t z:
presented to the undersigned for arrangement, and
persons Indebted to anti estate are raituested to make
Imniedinte rfyment.
Jan. '2:41, tie. , R, O.IIILES, Executor.
Great Bend Seminary,-
Who leizwiaa,g - Tos-sks OF Tuts
scuouL WILL OPEN ON Monday,. February
24th, 1802, hnci. eon! Inue ELEVhN WEBES,
under thaitirectiou of IL CUSHMAN, us-principal. The
course of instructiou in all the thorougitand
practical, A thorou-Ili preparation given to young nom
deairing ter Cuilege. •
A teachers clu.s will he,organized at the tOmmente
meet of the term, fur the more full training of those
wishing to reach; and we:tin-vice renderetrthent in pro
caine: situations for the summer: This also will re.
celyellsatntction on the theory and practice of teaching,.
one harm each day, and have public meetings once in two
weeks._ - , . .
. _
M. It. POPE,
lION. S. 11. t;ll.l*E, Instruclor to GriCk, Lit
to and German. _
IiE. : V: iIeCII:EARY, Chaplain sad Lecturer on
(IREZN. Twx^ll. , rtlt Primary Deparment.
MISS 3t.vrTlL: J. olt XUli,TcacLcrormumcunPluuu
• Terms of Tuition-
.Primary Departmcutper quarter of eleven weeks, $8 00
Common 11ranches, -a“ - - 050
.1112 her English and Matliematici d0.,_5 00
Natural tkienees, do, '7 00
I.lnmtage.. Ancient or modern . do., 801
Teachers Normal Clads. . - . do., • • 150
11,1,1 c -on Piano , : . • do., ' 800
1:,,1 of Natio 2 00
The higher branches inclnde the lower, thus : $8 00 per
quarter covert all brancheA named,.aboNe, except teach =
era class atcd music ou piano.. .
-Board ran be obtained with furnished room* at from
13 to $l. t o per work—lights, w:ishing and fuel extra.
Student' , wlshine to hoard themselves tan obtain room*
in the school building by applying in newton.
ontr os e, February 11:, '62.--y1 •
New Arrangement.
IIE undersizned continues the btislnese, of the
I arm blit,Vrrr t RIGYA, at the old stand, (I.a
-thioyS But:Mtg.) mitiary a full stock of ,
Dry Goods, Hats_andVaps,
Groceries, Iron and Nails,
Hardware, Paints and Oils,
Crockory, - • Yankee Notions,
Boots and Shoos, Loather, &c.,.
• can constantly befound. •
Ile ,cl.ll always he ghttl to sec his old friends and all who
wi-h a supple of the above articles. J. DEWLTt
llontro,c, enraary 4; •
xt.E. naxaux...e..r•Tainis .
To England, Troia d and Scotland.
131: MANI illittt'S SON'S DRAFTS. In soma of one
puanfl and nonarir, rpnYnbltt. in nil the principal
tur 33e of Englund. Inland and Scotiand.fur bitlc by
11. (.70OPEll, S Cu.. BANEV.It!.
Jo . Vontrore
- vxm•
New-lettloznent of Vineland.
A Rare Opportunity in the Best Market, and Most
Delightful Sand •Healthful Climateln the Un-.
ion. Oily thirty miles south of
liellihia. on a, railroad ; being a•• •
rich, heavy soil, and highly
productive wheat land; Amongst
the best in the Garden State of Rewlersoy.
IT COIgSISTS acres of GOOD land. divided in-
J. to farms of different sizes to suit the purchaser—from
ta - t tides and upward:—and is sold at the rate of from tlf•
tech to twenty dollars per acre for the form land, paya..
hie one•focrth cash.and the hal:lace by quartcr•yearieme.
suill meats, with legal ihterest, within - the • term of four
lA. in creat p. I,n riche:as luatn,'sultahle for Wheat, Gras,
Patsttew, nitna dui: and rich sandy loam. suitable
for NMI. eew-1.fik1Ue1 4 ,1. 1 .11 . 1 , 70 , . all Or Vegetables
and root crops, and the great variety of fruit, such as
crapes, pcart...peachet. apricots. Neetarines, blackber
ries. melatt,, aud.utiter fruits. hest adapted to thei Phila
delphia and New York markets. In reaped to the soil
and mope there can be no Mistake. aswltitors eau-exam
ine both. and none are expected to buy before to doing,
and flndinc these ttatements •correct—tinder these cir
cnrattnnett, unlets these ttatements wore correct. there
would be noose in their being made: , It in contidered
The Best Fruit, Soil in the "Union.
ISec reportof Solon - Robinson. Esq.; of the New York
Tribons. and the well known wthinm Par
ry, of Cinnaminson, New ..I...rtey,whivh will be furuirlied
TXX.E. .11•2441.XLIISCMIT.
Be looking over it Map the reader - will perceive that it
enjoy. the Viet mark, th the C - ttion, and has direct corn
inn nicAtion with New Tork and Philadelphiaftrior tf day,
being only Shitty-twit mike from the latter. Produce to
thin market brings doable thepriee that it does in lora
tioue distant from the ejtiee. In this location it can be
put Into the - marlet the tame morning it in gathered. and
for What the fanner sells he gets the higheet price; n hint
grocerlesand other articles lee pureba.ea- lee gets at the
hweet *price. In the Street. what he sells bring him a
pittance. but for what he bays be pays Iwo price, In
locating heretic settle: has mane other advantages. Ile
is within a few boors. by milt - oak of all the. great cities
of New England and the ?diddle States. Ile is near his
old friends and as:dn . :lathier. lie has school for hiseehil
dren, divine eervfee, and all the advantages of civilizli
tion;..aud he , in near a large city.
7 rI7.IMCE 40X.2.1336X,ALT3Ei
In delightful; the winters being': talulirlous and open,
whilst the summer, are cite warmer than lit the North.—
The location ieupou the line of latitude - with northern
Virginia. •
• PE.neouell - Syrixu A ellAN4i COF PI:MATE:OR iILALTII.
would be much Bete fitted in Vineland. The mildness of
the climate and it. l•racing influence. thaties,it excellent
; for ail polnionurv . titfections. dyspepsia. or fierwral
ty. Vinitorn notitie adifferencein a few clays. Chills
! ant:ft - it) a urn unknown., . -
T 833 1910 XX.,
c)7roli SUE
aVr The renewing in an extract from the _report of .
Solon Robinson: Rao.,ubliehed in the New York' Tri
bune,if in reference to V eland. All persons -
_ can read
thin report with intern .
'Advantages ofFarmingnear Itome—Vineland-gle.
marks upon Mari—toil, its greist Fertility--,The
- Caney of Fertility/Amount ofpropit Proantod—
PTactical Evidenc e • .
jt In certainlv one of the moat extensive fertile tracts,
,tnan almoat live% tomato, and callable condition fur
Pleasant farming that sekuow of thin nide of the west
ent prairies. We foul , come of the ()Meat farms appa
;really just as prolitablfproductive as when drat cleared
of forest-ally or a hundred years ago. ..• • .
The geologiat 'would noon - discover the - cause of thin •
coutioukd fertility, illte whole country is a marine de
posit, and all tlalongh the soil we found evidencer of c*l
careoun substances, laterally In the form of indulated
calimireons marl, chow, ng many diptlnet tonne of ancient
shells, of the tertiary ft:mutation :and title lowly substance
la scattered all through the toil, in a very comtufnuted
form, and In the exact condition moat emoly asmirallated
by such plants me the %inner &titres to cultivate.
!dart. le all its fermi has been need to hirtilize trope in
'England. from the time It was occupied by the Romano:
and hi France and Geimany a marl bed in counted on aa
a Valnable bed of manure; that can be dug and carted
and spread over the field. Row much more valuable then
It must, be when funud already mixc4 through the %oil,
whehu new particles will be turned up and canin:O.-and
transfurrued to the tatner'a use etery time he stirs the
earth. 3 -..
Haying then satisfied our minds with the Moist , . they
will not he exelted wftli wonder at Peeing judebitable ev
idence of fertility of ta soil which In our • situ/111one, hat ,
hag the name geuerag oliaratterletlce twat leant appearan
ces, is entirely unnainmenitive except or ire , productive.
twee is promoted Uri:artificial fertilization. •
- • A few words about the quality and value of thin laud
fur culti‘ation,of yhich we have come strOug proof.
Our first visit van' to Witilam D. Wilson, Franklin
townaltip..Glonct.eddr comity, who purchased some eight
tuner north of altivlße, 'about three yearn . ago, for the
purpose of establishing a steam mill, to wort up the tiny
ber into lumber, to send off bylbe new railroad, an well
an the fireamalandpoal. for which he" built a track a
tulle and a half lon* Ile alto furnished sixteen mile* of
the road width tiers and bad no doubt made the mill ,
prolltable, though hie main object was to open a farm s
having become convinced that the roil wan valuable for
cultivation. In toil he lute nor been disappointed, as
i some or lint crops prove. For Maumee. the second time
of cropping. We, bushels of potatoes on one acre, worth
1 tat cente - it bushel thine field. 'this year, seven acran,
without manure, produced a 56 bushels of oats. lu one
acid, the first crop ~ was potatoes, planted among the
roots, and yielded 15 Millets. 'the' potatoes,. were duo.
and ivheat sown, ant yielder! la bushels; and the stubble
turned udder and ei to to buckwheat which yielded Vivi
bur:leis; mud then le gronnd was sown to, clover- and
timothy, which g ye as a first crop fit Lora per at re.
The fertilize applied to these mope were first, ashea
lamb clearaigs • savant. 225 pounds of ,01i,, , y),h,0 , i,hat0
.or lime ; third, til)t4 L ani nits Peron bingo:mit ; then 50 bush
els of slacked lira Ins hoot spread upon the Clover niece
it was mowed , am turned in tor wheat. .
• 31r. Wilson's gr wing crop., meal the wheat stubble or
the present season, all indicate his land as productive as
, any part of the State.
At Mary Elarroot, an old style Jersey woman farmer,
several miles south of Mr. Wilson:a, we Were no particu
larly attack with the fineappearance of a field of conitlist
we stopped to huddle of the hired man how It . Wall, pro-.
duted. We found that the land had been the -year. but
one before in wheat. sown w ith , clover, and this cut one
season, funkiest sPring plowed once,,,vvith one ;'pour old
nag." and planted with corn.
. "Ver, but youth:unwed high. we supposel" see said lu
tterrogatlvely, and got , his reply;—
!'‘Vattl, you esti, We ,couldn't done. that; 'cattle we
hadn't butforty - -ime horse loads altogether. fur 23 acres,
and we wanted the most on't for the truck."
The truck coney sted'of beets; carrots, cabbage, cumli
here, tuellons,".,tl,, and a very productive patch of Lima
bean& grown for marketing. Se we were satisfied that
the evil was mitilidertile, even unaided by.clover: which
.had red the coin i because the ••truck patch' had not been
clovered. and 141 been in cultivation long enough to oh.
lijerate allsigusiof the forest.
Our next VISIt.)IVIIS to the large farm of, Andrew Sharp,
five miler north)of Ml:Ovine, from half to a mile east of
the railroad, and justabout in the centre of Vineland.—
Mr. Sharp commenced work here Iti'Deeetuber. Ism, up
on •2:0 acres. In hiss than three years he has got 234
acres cleared arid In crops this season, all well indexed
.sud divided itint several tield..avith cedar rail or pole
fence ; has built a two-story dwelling, about thirty-nix
-or forty rect. anii a emaller houre for farm laborers, and a
stable and gratutry and some other out buildinga. .:-.•
Considerable!. part of the lantl.wa. cleared for the plow
at .Sti dollars anitere, mot on some of it the first crop was
buelovhatit. Hided with P 1 bushels In powder per
'Tina crop IllaV the prat in from J my 4th to. 2Uth, tall yields
Conn twenty iii thirty bushels per acre. harvested in Nov
' ember : when the bold being sowed with 150 pounds of
Pout inn guaMi and needed with rye. yielded lad to 15
bashele per acre and tendon:in, worth of straw. The
rye:dabble turned, after knocking oil a large. growth of
oak remote'. and &erred R7,t1:11 with .I.IIPhO and PPeatl
to wheat. gave{ lb or ta Int.h,•le. The crop which he , Nvas
threshing while we were there promises more, of a very
plump grain, and the curate IS very heavy: .
We went ever the stubble and found the river mid
timothy, tromiseed Sowed la.t retain:, on the Wheat with
, out harrowthg. lookiug as well as we over saw it upon
-any old cultivated farm, and with a little work dune -in
the winter to i:lear oft' P(11110 mote and rotten stninpe,
and setting "tither to marls perntanent ores, we Will.lm
able to cut this crop next year with a
.moivinit machine
and we will ghat:tweet wo lone per acre, if he will give
the oyerpins - cf it overman the estimate.
Part of the land was planted With potatoee- for a firm.
crop. AA tali 'ylialrti Olst, !minima anti twenty bushels per
acre. it en.',4ltuo Paned with any berkels per acre, and
needed with wheat and clover,- yielding an average of
overly linvlMlstier lucre, and the clover now looks beau
tiful. ? , .
Othea portion.' have been planted with corn an a first
crop. which riettled thirty bertiels of Centime Hint corn.
and, the second crop forty bushels, and the third crop,
treated ir,oi:ogur, actions, we are sure. no one would
estimate balm forty bmhela per acre.
Übe re:ldpr will recollect that the writer is now speak
ing of Imola perfectly new. and which can scarcely be con.
altered in good arable condition.En.]
In other caret , the corn Crop of tart year Was followed
with oats thin season. not yet threshed, but will average,
probably. ha ty„ to fifty buehels. -Sweet ;vital ma, beam , ,
mellow., a» it in fact, all vegetable,. an well an young
peach and other fruit tree. planted thin year. show very
plainly thatithis long neglemed tract of land Await! re-
main no malinger. and there in uow ,t eironicprobability
that it w ill)tiot ; for under the auepicsaef Mr. Until,. it
.with be divided into mail tOtti, V itti roads located to ae- '
commodateiall—the nurvevoi in now buns at tide work
—and all pereinwers will lie renuiredto bid Id beat cam.:
fertablehoti-es,-andnither levee their lota iu unifornAry. ,
or agree waive without fence, which would be prefers-
Me. by whith means a good• population will be eecuredj
who wilt establlah churches, reltooTa. elutes. Inilla nia-,
chine rhopsantahotnee—homes of American farmers, Prig ,
ronuded 11) 4 ; gardens, orchgrdr,.fields and comfurte rallciv-!
ilized life. , i
Ii any otie.from any demngetnent of brininess. In deeir•
one of chairito , his pursuits for life, or who in from any?
=tte desirous to arida nest' location and cheap Mime la
the countri, and %%homey read and believe what we have
tritlV stated, he will do well to go and are for himself what.
may he m i ll semis, a two hours ride of Philadelphia, !,
. - • f. - . SOLON ROBINSON. j
43sipiQF2' 3:).4t&.Nr2ssi
WITH 40 1 1100 1100110EKERS
limited With Brich-flatst
.=CAL . V . 3O.E.DiT Maria El
etainav trim ex.
etoc k ciAnd irith a plentiful anpply wa.bare purchaead a large
" .*.
HA Ps .1217 D CAPS. •
800 WS- AND SHOES, 1
• r rA ArgEkNO 710X0
And I•o,oo3other articloo toot nmeroas t 6 mention which
will lie sold !tvprices that • • :I
Defy Compet is, •
Dan't Forgot The. Place.
Mit If yotilnqn3re of your /1014/0)ml:14
:The Chesip Stine,
Tbei will litcariably l lirectyou to • . I
- . ^ 4 --AT TUE—
!TOD LICE token in Exchange fni•
Vali& raid For run. I
, .
KEW'24ILFOILD, Novembar 25th, 1561
111T.A . MTEDA rrspertable person of either l sex In
every neighborhood to sell .1. R. Staftordis Ouvc
TWA; and auto .1. a. fithltrurtre WON AND SVLPLIVII Pow
ngsts. Olive Tar is a thin, transparent fluid; it Is the
Ixotretnelly known for (Releases of the throat, lungs, or
CMarrh. Also fur diphtheria, Croup, Whoopingeough„
di4. My iron and Sulphur Powders strenr,,then the oyis
tern, aid the digestion, and purify thii , blood. 3 have a
siktuen page pamphlet containing full eXplArlatiouti,
oner one hundred testimonials from:well knoWo promi
nent persons, which I will send to any one free hr mail.
• -
'J. It. STAFFORD. Chelnfat,
ju3a--iy* 43it Broadwyy. N.
*WitOWENE • tik.ntli%
iplendidiiierfmcatJnittrbefeld. dbitaisles,shFules
114- 4 1 Tor " , Inch* 014 . Tivreirs
• •
„ •
. NEW mai wiNTER . GooDsl.
X) 11 . "1P: :
fairWisC) C , MII.3EMS/
lIAIR,Tooth, .
. • and LATHER . •
Of every kind but sovr.
R EST Burning fulTgi. K . cm ' tu ; Tallow,
Ad fmuutine ,
Cr a p? .; r ri 1 4 11 . 4 11.12i.a a 1
IrNOD i.IVER, rote Olive, Captor, and Metallic 011, for
marldnery ; also 'Harlem sod Brltlrholl. , .
ALLEN'S Workr a liair Reatorer, Eylobalsamum
/TR Bprout'a Coe-mane, Lyon's Eattusrlon, one a nd two
shilling Ilair Tonle, thenn'a Beer's and Roseh air 011,
Ppimule-de•Philocome, Philadelphia and M York Mouth
%Wash, 'vie.: Parrh , h's Fragrant Ellrer, for the teeth acid
and golna.lhdyryinple's Mouth Wash, Dental Soap, lu I
Ag o itSE'S Indian Root PilleNrybVtilndlna Vegetablei
lil Ellis, Cephalic Pills,—death on Headache..
itrt ntasktoge"mtcaatr gN 'S a
ooseNov. 4th. lilie Mt
Administrator's Notice
litE.REAS letteraof Adminletration to the mutate qt
!ditto' Tingley, late of Jackson twp, duccitad, have
been trnittled.ta the auhaeriber, all pereone Indebted to
the aald conic are rollicked to malt immediate pa*.
mutt and thooe having claim* or detuanda aininat tits
°mate otttic acid decedent, will make known the sikde
Manna delar to TEIONtAS W. TisttLgr,
Jai:knot...Jan. Int, 1S61; ' Administrator.'
..01.Cir - MNTIEI 1 1717 . 1%:ZT 3EITA
w a Will pay from „tr. to 1175 per month, and all expettailt,
to act i VP.kgent - .. Or ft rutorultaiou. Particular. aunt
free.: Addreaa Ente*cwinn CURVANY, CO
eral Atleut, 31iInn. Ohio, "mitt
liiimard of Relkef.—Notice is hereby given. tb*t the
puntal.uf Relief. cutupoeci Pf (L( Amtabinte 'lndite+ it'd
('purity Cotnnl t.tiourro. trtii meet at the Cammittabinera•
Onle.r. to Nioutruae. Du Monday, ,lust ht, IS( st . two'
p. tn.. and on the first Monday of each month
the rpart er.t o receive aptteat tune and stake appropriations
for the relief of Volunteer* and their families. undue; the
pruittilone.otan Act: entitled •-Au Act to crastei Loan
and to provide for ermine the State, approved May
MILT A till y..A.II.;PACTLT.Itip 17.42,
495 Brotidway, Now-Mk.
..4yencie3 in all Oa principal Cilids and
Tomes in the Unit, e I,States
The Grovi:e & 13aker S. M. Q 03 . 1, be,g to
call - the attention of the pohltt to theif recently tittrodu.
tell •
eartisrzwe Illetentltate t
The:on macbinea combine all the latent ufterni improve
ninon. in etwing machinery,tual lire highly re utumended
for their .
Simplicity of Construction;
Noiselessness i • :Rapidity ;
Ease of Itlanagetuent;
Capacity for ali Itinds:Of work,
And Beauty and Itegularity of Stitch.
Virionk. kyle. of therm machines ?adapted o the hourle
.or wort:Atop will be found at the different a,7ruelea of the
company throughout the cnitcd State-. Toeir new
the laterd triumph of the sewing machine a4—noinelete..
rapid, and eailly operated—n Ili commend IMelflothure
who am such machinea fur manufacturing clothing.
Grover & Baker 14chines,
These Yristly-celebrated..machinee. adaptiA to all the
wants of the household end nianulattory continue to
maintain the pre - eminence which the :tiniest universal
verdict of the public iuts awarded thou. lir well-kuowu.
of the Groper & Biker Stitch will alway,s ;DAM': these
fanchines the preference for bindle use, for the ratutufac-,
tore of such goods as are intended fur wear—fur use anti
not for show.-
Ve - Wherei ei the Grover & Raker Machines
have exhibited., and raise. kidded In cdtapetition with
.the leading Sewing Machines in the market. includind
.the Wheeler & Nllton, they have invariably borne ta
the Anit-pivrolum. -
This assertion is crthflrmed by the dectsfon otthe com
mittees of the State }airsuf
alit anti - .
• • 'MVO 111.11 VM.
recently bead. which awarded the, tlrst premium to .the
Grover & Baker 3inchine over nil ImM:top competition,
F. B. CHANDLER, Agent,
tF* • 31.onf.rose, Pa.
Holiday G4ods !
W A lVlN9ll.ll.ll7E ' ;t a 4l " , n igai d 4 n •tore,
to buy Watches, Jewerly and tiattey'Oo4ds, for
The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to their
friends, that they have this day returned from New York
with an unusually largo and well selected Pf OVIZ of Goods
with especial reference to the approaching Festive Season
Any person dealrons.of tanking
Christmas or New Yeari Present.,
can find a filch and extensile APPortmOtt to select . from,
and at prices that cannot fall to suit. a..iwe buy our Goods
excinsivelylor cash, Lind show them with pleasure with.
out charge, • E%ANt. Jr ALLEN: .
Witches—Ladles' Diamond Etta meted, and plain—
s splendid article. Also a variety aril ,hl and Silvoa.r.m:-
.lish, American:fad Swisejinutinettet. Plain, very low.
Gold CM' las —A vcrytextensive Variety of Vest, rob,
Guard and Neck Chains, by J.:VANS It ALLEN.
Ear HARP and Breast iPtnit+An infinite varinty
of styles and prices, insets and simile. -
Finger Itings—Diamonklittby Illigard,Pearl.Scale
Chased and Plain Gold ltintp , —a bug stuck."'
Bracelets—(fold, Jet, Plated, am (Atli Bracelets of
all oat terns and prices. EVANS ALLEN.
Silver Ware—Every descriptionmf Sliver Yorks, and.
Spoons, Napkins RjArit; on hand able - Soup and 'itravy
Ladles. Cups, Card Cases, Pie, inner and Print Knives,
Cbildrens* sets. salts. etc.. warninted good as cola.
Plated Ware-A Beautiful assortment of ice Pitchers
Castors. Cake Baskets. William Butter Dishes, SitrAtra
Stilts; Knives, Perks, Spoons, 'Toast ,Itacks, Cups Goblets
etc.. etc.; by , Evaln ht., AMEN.
Sleeve ilutttlas sod studs-4A large stock of all
patterns and Meek
Wadi—Corsi Necklaces and Armlete, Anidici„, Coral,
Petirl, Gilt, Steel, and elicerlloads.J
Shell Combs—A good stock of hack and side
Combs. also Buffalo. Born. Ivory, and Dressing Combs
Bair and Tooth Ilmslies, eta, etc. • •
M1NT41.1%1131 dt '4EI.TaiIIEIZT. -
No. 2 Odd F ,. eItOWSI Bali, Binghamton.•
1ig . 4.1,T, by , the nar re l4 S ' l * °T ' l.94 ` d ' TtatnEL{,
ow of:l'm - for sale ono of the largest and
/ Wiest selections of 1
1 iver offered in Susqu banua County, a Sid
probably comprising . the greatest VA
WETY or most dill' rent articles of 'thy
Store tit the Norther' part ofTentut)lka
11 11, and perhaps of the entire State. Au
assortment is kept in L bout thirty differ-
Cut branched of tradeand the selectiOns
are made abou forty of, from , the Vest
Ilousee itiNew York, and more thantfif
y Dealers and Mann aeturere out of hew
li'm I. A large prop thou of the God
are brought direct from the Manufiieturers,
thus insuring genuirr articles. Curthm
rs on entering theitore must not expect
ti find everything i right, but nearly tc
et.) article wanted will be produced by
imitary. •Some ideajof the Stock may be
tornaed by the following general outline,
but enumeration is nap aetteable.
P,AINtinS—AND 01.1.8,;1 •
Dki sr CTI:Y.S,
WALL wad
JA: WEL I? •
TABLE C UTLE'R, r am.'
I .4.VP S; . • M ATLI:4U S fur L 1•01 ITS,
114 LU) WARE, I - ' ,
...., 1 STONE IVARE,
DRY GOODS, . • 1
. - . t MIRRORS, I,
.. F
- .
- . LIT OGRAPILS, 1 .. .
_i• • .
f C O .,
t C
,11120ICAL ln.qi•umoite,
li r 0
SALT,. • I
SO •
4P, P4ST.A'SII, it C.,
f n
The . attenti n of the public in respect
fullyini ited to y stock of Goods, bought
- exclusively fo,, r i CARR DOWN, tit* will' be
sold on the sable principle for low prices.
ABtl L TintRELL.:
. Montiose, if ay Ist, 1861,... l. .
- 1
1 '
artr Cab Zillt 8
all at the
all at the =
Be um and
Be sure, and
.I.l ; !Xtre 3 . 4 0
i 7.1;: ; aol
• Court " St.
Water St.
ton. N. Y.
/o i ly
11111 Onfointna,
No. 20
Corner g..a,
ired another' L.lrego Lot Of
Nov F. ~.. 11 and Winti
11 r. Goods! •
. • •
making the le o., l the lugest and bold align:led stock, ever
exhibited it. Broome county.. i I
Vide g00d ... .oxtprisin g .the tat eat Ft,leo thatappear In
the NeNir Yorid market, have .alt bee n ' bought for cash,
taortly at anc ion IL/leo at lar g e *Wilke, and us anw
otrerea to thv,,
_ ,
v legardless of their I ll 'alue,
itt a small ad nem, whereby we are e i
nabled to sell Rich
(k,uds almost' equally low as the .priee tenuity paid for
cheaper labri . Pleaso rend the follOWlng list of prices :
We arc !cilia • Good DeLabaes fur . ,
ki 12X
Handsome ' ' do ± . 15
Inch OrieJtalltastres. 1,3 . - 16
Plain and ti and French mertnoca. trto i 25
'Good .Black Silk. wide, for i I 'l5
l 3
Worsted and Silk doable Brocheh4wis,
e shawls. 2
-f, . 450
Doti lc Woolen Do 5
handsomeelalt. at lcreat Bazgalnall .
• All Wool bl ck broadcloth, IJ •
All wool eoldred cloth, • I: ....
A large rarielyof cloths for men's and boys' wear.
Marseilles HolOtTlf, ; , .
Ladies' colt, a hose,6
Ladles' rildad wool de. 3 pair, 1 1 1 -.
flood Steel fining skirts,' . 03
India Rubber combs. 2 .
handsome •1k belts. , . • i • 12X
Wire Tortni °Mlles. - - - 12,4;
And intouni t mtd e. other Goods Mille same proportion.
: ,
owing elrewhere, se WC are matirfled that thtr
taco to secure aucN :EXTRAORDINARY
berore purr
is the only
. . ,- .. •
No. 21 Court Stroot ! , l • .
. M t he of he WEE Ultra.
litrightonton.-Oetotter - ri; P4it. i,
liAal l oni). . uN vERs t i r r y
. I ,
11111 r. Pali Term of this Inttitt ton will commence on•
- I'Wedeerds.y. September 4thi,.: The Winter terinon
Wedneadty December 4th; andhe Spring term,on Wed
nel•day. Pebriory p.ith. • ,-
Each Term c °notate of I
Immo weeks.
I 3:12C.3P3E120161111 1 91. , • -..
TITITIOI.—Comnton Branchee, including' Vocal one.
1 ' •
riatoral Philotophy, Chemistry , Phytdology and Book-
KeePtog, • • f.i - - 4,1)i)
Algebra,loeometry and inelenl Language', • 5.A0
rrench I - i • 5,1'
Illogic oil Piano, until titaltr a over - 0,0
1 * Room rent, - Al
Espeneqa of Recitation shone e
• Lectures with a goo's Apt 4tua are given every
Wank, 1
i . Each toom te-forutalted with a cooking etore, - beciltead
i and table, tor 'home who choose to hoard themeettes.
: • Board can ha had-lathe neitfitburhood at two dollars
i per week. • . • :
1 Pay to advance. or properly accured
liartdrd, Atignet 8; Mil. ' '
i 1
j fi • REMEDY FOR lIMID 11
hckm thrown net of busim
tie locales or small tramline's:lst/
(SeeSdrentseMent in -smother column of the settle
ment of Vineland.] • - f
LE, twenty-two wilds Snalh of Philadelphia. in
u State of the Etatl. ' Best cattalo and lotation
kem in the Union.
.1 _ .' -..-. , -- : •
.advettisedient Of TIZMAffle:l • -
W e
S i
for m
.1,000 bushels of Oats,
10,000 lbs. Fresh Butter, in Tubs -of
Rolls, • • • •
500 lbs, Beeswax - , -
4,000 doien
500 &ail pairs - Good Woolen Soaks,
116X01500 .a.sszE,
Fon vai a leu Tun --
Highest Market Price w i ll. be
Paid in
SY u. c.iirtriaau•
Montrose, so,. Chi, Ista. •
Far Cast' spd prompt six siontho buyers.
3E3. 33T3711.7Rar1"1",
apla call attention to itts ;Few and Large stock of
flll illo WIRIER GOODS!
nom being received, log ssubmcing the most Amanitas
suietle• of Wise Diem Goods, In Rich Pall flints,
:Cashmeres. lielslankOttotnanNsloMs. hierinoes,
• Tsnibourd-Rvpat.. tilughsuntstat Silks ; tet•
is Silk, knoche. and Wool Long Shawls,
Rich Ribbons, Boanets, - ind blowers,
Ladles' elotlui„ Itrotidelottus, Cgs• - ' •
shwas, Ate., with a very Atli•
imsortmeut pi •
CR 0 CKSR r,
Staple and Fancy Goods;
an usual in
Hardware. Crockery, Iron, '
= Walls, Paints, Oils, Boots and Shoos,
slats and. Caps, Clocks, Wall raper, Ladles' •
Pars, Buffalo 'lobes, Carpeting.. arc., with a new
assortmeut of Stover and Trimmings of the best quality,
made to order, ac., Le. •
or As the mock te,larguand bought fur cash, he la fully
prepared to conquer a 'Peace," and recurethe highest
advantage, of the " War" to hlr.costomirra„ who are la . =
cited to move therneetri4 Itiold. htr Iluzi4ers" and cc
cure the benefits of the ••litibt:' -
Flour & Salt, oonitantly on band
October If6l. ' • 11. lIIMIIITT.
___.... o _____ ,
We are determined not to be out-dimit
iu the way of . ' .
ALL BINDS 6F praDucE Taken In Exchanlic for
G.G090. .
Nicholson Depoi; . May ith,. 1801 .-4431 n.
r l ii i<DMl• l
. -
MLLE Late Ylna of BaldWitart Allen. Flour and Piovia•
2. ionAlcmtcre, will be continuedunder the name of Allen,
Deans a C*o. All doe the old firm I. in the Mandl: of A.
Baldwin fur Immediate aettlement., A. lIALIMIN.
July 9th, lull. W L. ALLEN.
Under 'Montrose Democrat Office,
Fresh Ground Western FLOUR
every DO days, which we warrant to give satisfaction
as any is market ; if not good returned at COW C11*1143.
Food, andßuckwheat Flour,
Hams,. [Sugar CuredT _ i.
Dried Beef, j
Smoked Halibut,
. Drips and Syrups;
Bdolasses and Sugars,
which we offer fur sale -at Low Price', Pa REAIY PAT
ONLY. Dlontrooe. July p, 1.%)
John PaOira,
ARCH infect between_
:th., and Sth. 4
,atc Marfa - SO
nd neaten tw ltt x MPS
afFAIICY Tun", for Ladle
Nigers and Children's Wear.
(laving now manufaetur
and in More tiny tinned
itts and beautiful 'gannet
it of an the vartoun
Ica and qualittiit of Furs,
pteti to the coming Fall
WinterSeatior, I
Sid to invite in
samtnation 'ofi my stock
and pricesfroin those Intending to parebaae.,ts I am elm:
bled to olfee them very desirable Inducements.
MI my Pars have been ptirchaeed for cash; and made
by expee(eneed:md_eompetent hands,and Iloithe present
monetary troubles render It necessary that I should:dia.
Pc'w of mp rood/ at very small advance on cost,
lam sattetled that it will he to the intermit of those
who tlesipn nnrelmoing, to give me a call.
137 Rerolleet'the name, number and street
Paeetra, tlitlVl Far - StoriF,) :ill Arch :Stredt,
Sept. 121011tH. Sm. '
VittUlT AND 611.-VE (mow EltS teTituiviTtienwn of
tlainew sottluneht cs(Vlnetorattutlinc4hur.
XTOTICII le hereby. given that the underslgried, an . Nu ,
dlt or appointed by the Court at Coin. pew , of be. 1. ,
Count v, to *Ake diatrifintian of the funds lat the heads of
the riticriff of said countv.ariving.taim tlit at the real
ortato ot Isaac L. rost, W• 111 L. Meld and Albert.L. Poet,
will attend to the duties idtda appointment at Ma &Holt'
Montrose, on Tuesday; ,March tstW,lf4r,i, , at 10 o'clock,
a. to., at which time and place all persons interested will
present their claims or be furore? after baired front corn.
tun In Upon said fund.
tehlo B:STRErrER, Auditor.
Auditor's. Notice,.
TIM nndeeetgned hash* been appointed by the Orph•
ans Court . an Auditor to distribute; the amount to
the hands ratite administrators of the i-state of John
Thathhor,deceased, among the creditors and hare of said
decedent, will attend to the dntlea of hie appotutreent at
his °Mee In Montrone on Saturday - ,'March the ti.n.b. Von.
at one o'slock, p.m.,at which time and. place ell persons
interested in said distribution are regulyed to present
their Claims or be 1'01'0"ff debarred from coming in upon
aatd Rind. . ' . , R. STREETER.
NO Or .. , motto.
0 . .
r• AT -
Auditor's Notice.
... . ,
yir Ak : E been tirade to rupply' al! Ow enlon Troops:: ... •
i lle. :ll ‘4la n t o e tui r cLo: i . blar. d lArt p n t public . prodalua has as , 1.1
i . . - -
it i
od i e Feat of mankind. - 'Yet the cold Weather remlr.C . ,
the P ople that Alio. . . .
•Poneral Tailor, Groves,
atteilifli to that bustneA:l lu a nqat. prempt, an4darzt:o..•
atatider., Arid It ehoeld be remembered that ' •
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NO . 44
couult:Trcuct:RhpSbop. - Garments are pat. tageth er with
Putting disunion Criskot the question. All V: - ho have tout
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Cuttßq; dour right, forretuly pay. Renumber the
00e Deer West at Searle'4 Hotel.
Tatou.. &rhino, always oabaud. And in•truct lons
girdn to making up. To ENt suited, alway. cnll o-1 _
SiOvarouc; Nov-. ztp. ,40111N.GUOVES.
1~./ G 4e y~ .
~.~ i
Located CAW' thr Su;qtruhaiatia Valley 1;..a,k,
1 'Aqui; . -
a. W. LOWELL, Principal, Professor r..t Lb*
!Science .of Accounts, Practical AA:cc - matzo.
j Anther of Lowelts,Treaties upon Book Kttp•
ing; Diagram* illostrating the-same.
Jolts RANKIN, Commercial Accountant; ProteCt.
of Book Keepititt- and Practical -Mathematics,
J.Cuivrts, Assistant Proles;lor in tho ;hook
j Keeping, Department. •
A. J. WARNEIL., Prciesxor of 'Practical and Of
nameotal • Porimanship, Commercial Cz.lcufa
-1 tions . and Correspondence.
14.,0. 141.1.1 S. I).ekit•Ron. Lecturer on Cututner
cial.-Lav: Ee'unowv..
itAns,uin • Balcotn, Littureron C,.pntraets
~. ,
1 .I`Nraissory Notes and Bilk of Ex_ Inge.
- -
lit : v Dr. E. Andrew:4, Lecturer on Comemrcist;
Ethica: - - - . • :..
- - .EN.16711117:0;(4 C0.113171.7-71'.11:
Hen. Sherman 11. Pilelp.4, \Vin. It, ( - .l;totu. 14;q.
l'ruey,lt. Morgan, Eaq. -
The object of this College is to 'afford to atl
art opportunity of obtaining adhorough Dusino),a
Education. •
• The Book; and FGrms•are - carefully ntrnng.d
by practical accountants exprensiy for th
atitution and et:tinace all the recent itnytu;oa
The e9urse of instruction comprim , s every
department of Lus!nrssa The.learner wflt ho
therougidy. -taught the and practice of
[);.uble Entry Book-Keeping as . applicd to•the
followiAg. kinds of Lo3ineas, viz : General Mer
chandising, Ilanufacturin, ,, ,
ion, titcaullivating, Railroading', Ferv.asdirg
FreiglAing, Foreign Shipping,
Can qualify themselves ha a short time. at thli
lion. to till important and. lucrative situatloos. %mule .
ravrellCeS C4ll be ..;iven, where graduhtes of 1:4;t1 are now
lilting desirable with halarie4 :rum
per annual. • ,
The Yroiirietora are tai nossessiOn•of teftimoniale front.
some of the first Commerciat Houses in the state, to AltOrct•
aloe hare furnished book-keepers. showing their - entire
satisfaction:aid confident:du the.ability of the graduated'
of this - - . ,
- PEN - M A!,:;SIUP
1n all its branches taught by the ntost r ilafnt and lLor-,
ongh UM? CO, of the art. No College in the country en
joys a higher reputation in title department. Ladies' De-'
partment entirely separate from that of the:remit-men,.
Students can enter l'ollege a‘any tinte. vacations.
Time to complete the course 7 from ti to week.. "Stu
dents passing the requisite examination arc presented
with the most elaborate and ele•zant engraved LITAtt.
is.sued by any Commercial or Clastticallnistitution In tbt-
Kulau. Assistance rend:red to graduates in pruturing:
for *rine o tuition. price of board. testimonials of.
graduate= ftllin positions, ac. address the proprietors for,
circal.ars coula meg full 'ynatienlars t
Proprietors Binghamton Commercial College,
?Nov. 14. Din. , bari ton 'N. Y.
Mark These. - Facts! '
, ;;ft• -- • AA . i' . • ' ‘ 4'. i
• .! , 4
. , .• i4‘
i t,, ..7- . pot
/y.`sue.c.. r
t i x 4 r
:f 'd
I",_-__ ~•, .
•It"." -t:1",; . ,•$- Al•---- , ?, *.,..- 4-....e. „;.9 1. -- 1•
..i:1 - Vii•_,- - tedl r- &": 1
- Z \ l -144 iW t 'f:/- 7( tilit
t.,•VAMitr_l7:::::i6 ,l -r . ., : ..t..1.:•:&:-, ' --
Holloway's 'Ointment r.
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Sores and Meets
A LL de.eription sore 4 ore rentediabb , by the prop
er and dilbzent nAc of thl4 lutAiniable pprparation.
Trrnttempt to earn badleg4 by pla,teriitz the edgea of tLe -
wound together la fully: for ehuuld the ekhi nnfte, diiwaxelf condition remains underneath to bruit.
out with tenfold fury in a few days. Tile. only rational
and suceerelui treattnebt, a.± Indicated by nature, le to re
duce the iutlitrunnitions in and about the wound.. and to.
soothe the neighboring parte by rubblie4 in plenty of the -
,oiutiuctit ae halt ty forced into
Itiptheria, Ulcerated tore Throat, and Scarlet Bud
- other Fevers. ,
of the above di,..ea- - .e* cereal by well rub- -
bine the Ointment, three tillleY it Illy, iillo the cheat,
throat and neck of the patient ; it will soon per etrate and
give immediate relief. Medicine taken" by the month -
mud operate upon the whole ty-tetn ere its italuer.ce can
be felt to any local part, witerea , .. the Ointment will do - i:*
work et once. - Whoever tch., the nieznent in the above* -
manner for the dlte.,e - s named. or any eitnilar diaorders.
greeting the cheat and throat, will Cod thctyeelrea reliev
ed au by a charm, . •
Piles:rialto:Lis, Strictures.
T .
HE Almada:et of complaint* he relmoccd
nightly fomenting the part, with warm Aater, and •
then most of rubbing. in the Ointment. Persons
suffering from these direful complaints thould lose net a...
moment in arresting their progres.. It shunld be-Rncter
stood that it it not eunicientOtterely tL ttnear the Oir.t
anent on the AtTefiett part hut it uin-the well Tabbed in
for some considerable time t-wo pr three times n lie, that
it may taken tutu the ~yetem. whence it, will renfoie any
bidden stirs or wound effechtally thomzh palpable t.)
the eve. There sgaltehread and Water ponitictl. after th•
nabbing - in of the °Moneta, will do great service. Thiw
is the only sure treatment Par females - , ease a of cancer - 1a ,
the stomach, or nh‘:re there may la a general hearth: r
down. -
Indiiorotions of Youth;—Bores and 171:ars.
"131.0TCTIES, Re a1, , 0 erweliire^4, cau, n it h certainty, ha
radically cured If the Ointment be used treelv...and
the betaken eittht and morning a, tracomniended
in the in the privt,tl inetnictiona. When treated Id any
other way they only dry up in one place to bre4 . l: out In
another; *here?* On+ Ointment will remove the humor -
from the Fyrrent, and leave the patient a slat - ron' , and'
bealthybeing• h wilTrequite: time with %1:n wit uT mu •
Pills , to ensure a cure. •
Dropsical swolliags, Paralysis at &Stiff Joints. •
I.llllolliii the above complaint 4 diEor wldrlp in
their origin and Maitre, -yet they ull n•gnfrc locr.l
[nutmeat. Many of the worst cam.... of each de-ca,,e; -
will litchi in a comparatively !tlotttparc of time when
thba4inttuent itritllievntly rubbed loto the parts.a - coed.
even utter eiery other mean , have failed. In 1:11 etrions
talalliee the ehould be taken at:Vont:n. 4 : to the print
ed dirtctiu ie accompanying each buz. •
Rah. thi•Ointment and Pills simuld be used i 3
_ - . the following: sases:.
Bad TAT A. _ i Chleen-rout, • rtotalaa, -
Bad Ilryaatp, - Chill , laln4. gout, - .
ViUnlo.- - Cha„pprti itands, LtntaF,o„
Glandular Swellinp•CornA, (Sony - , Pilel , „ -
Bite of-)loarbettUn , , Cancun., f Illicumathill„ .
and Sand-Vittut, Cuntratull and Fraldf:
Coco-lay,- titgl:2olr. la, t Son. Nlypies,_
fitire Thnata, Skfh.lliteaev.,
.i * nr‘y,
Horn noada - - . - .Tumors, - 1 Vkerr, ~
Wentl'S. - Yaw • .k.e..t.r...te. •
CAUTION !—tune are "eicutoe nnleo. the 3rordo 4- 11ot.
LOW T , NEW-YORK ANlllloNllo`4,.. firt• di;rernfhle go.
watcr•rnark to every lea of tlor 'Weir of direetiona atont.d
each Pot or box: the .am'e may he rhiloty se. .n I,y holdinir
tlieleoffe liyhl. hzuoi,..tne reward 't% (It k frcn to
'any one rendering p?uch Inform:ohm ag may h-Le it:.•
dereelloti of any party or part les r.,nnterfc.:ttr .4,the
Olin , or t endie.ty, the palm, knowirPr f bent to he
• tidl,l at the Manttf:.etory lfor.rolevr. re
Ilfatden Lute. tie , * York, 31. a by ail revivetable Prugal,t•
and Dealeni ftt Meriletne, throag.hout the civirat vior4l.
in ham:4 at :'tcent/. t',2 curate.
Tiwrels (11
4,4(11401e ihr.1,3,4 tftklnt: larrer
•N. B.—Direction. Air. thy gulthaltze I.4tlttitt. CNI z
-11l.tavti.raro altlkt•t) to vitth box.
TT AS fnr Rare Stintutraft: t
Whb.korp And HAT, that will
Set nf Whl ,Ater out e.
Slot:matt..ln frimi "*lx In
wrek - 14: (!onaponnit,ft et:reel:re for l',.,.n.utety.
Nfontrooe, 17.1 4 I,
' " •.L. lIARDING.
• •
■ lrag.%LEll..9 In Dry Groceries, tfartlyrare. NV!
I ' if Mad," ,t Shots, Sash, Glass, de.. di:
Nfel.,l4nn Dtlnt, May 7th, Y.
C - , •
• . • MT 1 I T. 1 X
candlet, Laupoll,
vi-J Rt. .
FOR nrALTzt, see adrerieemerct of Vinol:4i
Tor ed's