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Confiscation and Emancipation.
In'the Cuitel States Senate, March 3d,
McDougal, Anti-Lecompton, of Cal, i
proceeded to speak at length on the Coo-,
tiscatiOn till. Ile referred to the condit
ion of tbe 'country, and claimed tlfat tack ,
sired the return of peace ; but peace could
not be obtained by subjugation, or by the
principles set forth •in this bill. Such
princiOes.wouhr only perpetuate, the re
lentless war, which must result in extirpa
tion before N\:6 "could hare peace. Ile re
• .
Stirred, to the counsels -of clemency to
enemies given by ancient' Grecian and
Homan statesnietyand also _quoted from
mO'dern authors .Aon internattonal law—
Vane!, Groans 'and others, in favor 'of
eretneneFand against the le-sanction of
.private property. -
He claimed that the policy of this Gov
eramene, as well as the coonsels of the
grcatest and best men of the country I
were opposed - to confiseatitm. He re-1
ferret! to the inaugural of s tile President,
an! the instructions of the Secretary of
.State as in favor- of elemenev.. He said
this bill was a Violation of all international
- law,'ana no such act was ever passed by
a civilizednation. The general usage of
seivilizod war was-not to touch private pro
pert* on land, and Such-wits the usage of
this Government in the Mexican wad., and
be contended that the people of this coun
y-hal as much right to the privileges 101
owed in war as those of any country.
He contended farther, that the_bill
was unconstitutional, as it. was a bill of i
attainder, and suck a hill Of attainder as
is without a parallel in . history--.operating
on a whole class of people and . not against .
a few individualt . :, as easel of attainder in
. England act: It was a bill to send agents
of the Government out to seize the proper
ty of a million of people without proceed
ing before any Court. Nothing was so
disastrous to a country as to organize an
-army of informers to 'scour the country
and pry omppropert yto seize on. Such
a policy as. this would never cure the
evil, • It would only make a large body - cf ,
Altsperate men.
- t Evesy true man, who had ever tasted .
freedom, would rather die than submit to
such degradation. lie could not contem
plate the result, of freeing the vast popula
tion of slaves at the South, and turning, I
them loose Oti . the country, without fear.
\V it honf concluding, Mr. McDougal I
olive way for thC.purpose of allowing the i
Senate to-go into Exentive Session.
Mr. McDougall, resumed his speeeb.l
Ile quoted from Justice Story and other
writers as opposod to any confiscation of
private property, Ile contended that the
- plovisiozi in relation to freeing the slaves
was unconstitutional, and quoted the de
ela-ratiOns of the President and Secretary.
of State as showing an entirely different
• policy of the Government. He declared
that the colonization scheme was wild and
impractieable, and contended that Magna- .
tdmay was the greatest virtue of victors,
and we should go tbrward with the Con
stitution as our common cause, and with
tie olive branch bf peace in our hand.
Mr. Cowan, Republican,' of Pa., said he
agreed with the s Senator from California.
•" He thought This wa.: one of the most itu
portaht measures that was ever brought
. before Congress, and on which the fate of
the pepublie might depend. -The bill
proposes to_go bas.-k to the doctrine of the
feudal ages, and introduce feud's which
centuries cannot quiet. He contended
that the passage of vital a bill would make
the whole Southern people our enemies
and the S'eheme of colonization tentirely
Ana further, the Lill is directly in con
. •.flirt. with the Constitution, for the preser
vation of which alone the war is waged.
Besides, it is Unnecessary, impolitic, and
totally uselcs=. It was, unconstitutional,
. . because the Constitution provides that no
of shall be passed, and no
person, punished for crime without regular
proceedings in the courts. It is m fact a
bill , of attainder, and Congress hasno
poiver to pass it.- The bill makes no dis
unction between thosi'i.foreed into the re
. •bellien and it willing.• He protested
:against that seFtion of the bill freeing the.,
slaves as an' entire departure from the
prineiples.ot the Constitution - and espeei
. ally impolitic at this time. Because we
-are at war, it. would not make a law
which was unconstitutional before any
better now. He ltopad some other. and 1
better way would be taken to punish those I
concerned in the rebellion when shall have
~been suppressed, and a way taken' which
avail not furnish cause for future revolt.
7'ne would punish effectlially those who
-ought to be punished, - and eorgive thor
- • oughly.tbose to be`forg,iveu.
. lie hoped the bill would not pass, hut
that Congress would attend to the meas
_ ures hei . sessary to secure , successin the
grek, struggle itt which we are engaged.
_ (Senator Vowafris a True Mason -man,
and sets a good exatip!e for his Republiean
. 'friends)
! ought to eti-olio
nilly adopt a grt.
I rv;riving to su
Tho Object of the War.l
• nsel S
On the 3d inst., Mr. Holman of Indi-compensatefur
ana offered the followo . in resolution in the ! and private, pr
House of Rapresentatives : •system.",
Resolved, That in the judgment of t his ! If tbe propos
House the unfortunateckil war into olution does 9
which, the clovernment of the United I Congress and
States has been forced by the treasonable end but Fit- (11
attempt of Southern secessionists to •de.s. al I deem it off
troy the .171ii(41, should not be prosecuted. and people im
• for any other purpose than the restoration I be at ones dis
of the authority. of the Constitution, and :so that they in
welfare of The whole people of the United er to accept
States, ivlto are permanently, involved - in„ government W
the preservation -o•r_ Our present. form of: in suetra meats
;investment, without modification or ; cut means of s
change. ' ers of the exis
3lr. Lovejoy (Rep., Ill.) moved to lay the hope that
it on the table: Carried—Go irninst ss, ately forcei
as follows : dependance of
YE.1..-31‘:!SNTS, Aldrich, Ailey, Arnold, ed region, and
Babbitt,- Baker, Baxter, Beaman, north of such j
Bingham, Blair, (Pa.,) Biala, Buffington, Union for whit
Burnham, Ciunpbell. Chamberlain,. Clark,' already,,mane,
Cslfax, IA A. Conkling, Rosoe Conkling, the southern s r
Conway, Cravens, Cutler, Davis,,Delatio, of thii hope, s
Daell, - Elv,.Fessenden Francliot. Frank, ion, -and the
Hooper; Hutchins, Kellogg, :OIL) tans- completely de
Loomis, Lovejoy, McKnight, Me- the states init
Pherson, Moorehead, 3lorrill,l The point
(Me.,) Morrill, (Vt. ) Pike, 'Pomeroy, atingislavery
Hide (31a - me,) Riddle,• ergeant, Sedg- initiate many;
• wick; Shanks, Stevens, Trowbridge. Van offer is equal
Wrek,Verree, Wallaee, Walton, (Maine,) northern shill.,
Wheeler, White, (Ind.,) Wilson,Windoni, certain_to the
Worcester. • • events•will th,
. - S:Ay..-31essrs,. Bailey, (Penn.,) Biddle in their propeil
Blair(Va.,) Bro,wn, (R. f.,) Brown (Va.,) ; itiatio; ' beta
:Calvert, Clemens,V Cobb, Corning, Cox, al ancl not god
.Crisfield, Crittenden,' Diven, Dunlap, I for all. In tin
Dunn, Goodwin ; Granger, hale; Hall, view any men
Harding,' Harrison,- Holman, Horton, census
• -ohnscm. Kellogg, (Michigan,) - Knapp, before him 4 9
Law, Lezear, Leary, Mallory, Maynard, ; how very sooi
Menzies, Nixon, Noble, Noell, Norton, of this war wr
Nugent. °did!, Puinileton, Perry, Richard-.: tuition, all the
sc.:l:Robinson, (M 0.,) Sheffield, i Such a prof
Shellaber-er.. Smith. Steele, (N.Y.) Strut- rgeneral gore,.
I ton, Thomas,Alfass.) - Thotims;
Trimble, Vibbard; Wadsworth,Whaley,
i ebster, •IViekliffe,. I Wooruff; .
Wright: .
Yeas, - all.Republic,an.l The nays were :
UniOnists, 23; Democrats, 22 viltepnbli
" eansl3. - i
Taxation, Wholesale and Retail,
The following is published in the city
papers, as an, abstract of the Tax Bill fe
ported in Congress. t i t it, becomes altiw,
the army of assessors and enliectors, and
their deputies, won't-be a small one, and
it won't be a small poiiionpf U .taxes
that will be required to pay than.. Taxa
tion there Must and will be to a large and
heavy amount, if Congress:is disposed to
do anything to sustain-the financial &ea , .
it of the Government i but we are -decid
edly of opinion, that it would be .less of
fensive to the people, and more econond
! cal - to the treasury, Congress to de
' eille on the amount ne essary- to be raised
I —apportion it, aceort ing to the Constitu
l tion, among the Stat in, and leave i each
1 State to assess and c fleet its quota, in
i its own .way. But to the Bill: i
It provides for the ( the
President of a commissioner of internal
revenue, with a salar of five thousand
1 dollars per annum, hi office to be in the
I Treasury Departmen , will:v . 's limitable
number of clerks. -, 1. • .
The country-is to be divided as the
President may diree,t into convenient col
jlecti6n districts, ‘4 4 itlatan assessor and col
lector, appointed byi -the President, for
1 each district, who AMU have power to
appoint such deputies as May be
arv. • , -
the.bill provides for a tax on spiritu
ous liquors of fifteen icents per • gallon.—
Ale and porter one dollar per barrel.—
Stem or leaf tobaceo l three cents Tel. lb.,
t.-. add, when manufactured, five- cents,
and on cigara five, ten, and twenty cents
per pounds according to value. On lard
and linseed oil, burning fluid, and.coal oil,
ten cents per gallon, Gas per thoueind
feet,werity-ti,ve cents.- Bank note paper
five cents per pouUd.. Printing paper
th ree i mills pound. Soap ft's mills per
pound. Salt four cents per one - hundred,
pounds. Sole leather one . cent'per pound.
1-Uppelz leather one-half cent per pound.-
1 Flour ten cants per barrel. ' All other
Imanufactures three per cent= afroalnrem.
i On railroad passengers two millesper mile
lof travel. Con4tation tickets three
per cent. Stearitboatftravel one mill. per
1 - mile. Omnibusses,l ferry boats, and horse
i railroads; three per, eent. on gross receipts
I from - passengers. ' Advertisements five
i per cent. on amount of receipts annually:
For the use of carfiag,es, ;annually, front
; one to ten dollars, according to value.-----,
Gold watches one dollar. Silver watches
'fifty, cents. Gold .plate. fifty cents per oz.' 'I
. 1 Silver plate three cents per outlet , . ' Bil-
liardstable twentyl dollars..:. On slaughi'
1 tered cattle fifty cents each. Hogs ten { .
cents.eaeh. Sheep five-cents each. Li
-1 ceners—for hundred, dollars ;
auctioneers, twenty dollars;- whOlesale
dealers, fifty- dollars ; retail . dealers in i
! liquors, twenty dollars; retail dealers in '
goods, ten -dollar; pawnbrokers, fifty
dollars; rectifiers, lone hundred dollars;
brewers, fifty dollars. notelit, inns. and
taverns, graduated according to- • rental, ,
Wont five to twolitindred dollars. Eating
houses, ten dollars.' Commercial brokers,
fifty dollars; other brokers, twenty dol :
lats. Theatets, one hundred doilars.H
Circusses, fifty dollars. Bowling alleys,
five dollars etiell'alley. ; :Wholesale pod- -
dlers, fifty - dollars;; other peddlers from
live to twenty -410 ?ars, ,Coal oil distillers,
twenty dollars. ; neome—three per cent.
on ail over six Irtindred dollars, deductin g
income derived front dividends, etc.,
which are tal;edl 'separately: . ,Bailroad
bonds and dividers of banks and saving
institutions, rt- • per cent. Payments of
all salaries of off •ers in gie civil, military
o- tiara) service f tire Unik.d . States, in
ch:fling Senators and members of Con
gress, thret; per c mt. .Legacies and di4.
tributiveshareg.4.yersonal property .of
deceased pertzonsl, from one -to five ' per
cent., according .o the degreca of rela
tionship, and st.
,p duties on' all kinds of
legal and comui teial pdpera, sill patent'
medicines, teleg aphic messages, , and all
goods by expres . -
The Pill is exi
of i 41004000,000,
thinkwill be fel
high tariff seas
The Presiden
Congress the fel
Fell.•w. Citizens
.of Itet,resent
' I reeummeud i
shall be substa.'
...--- ----, -
l' fight by letkral authority to intefero with I
slayer) , withbi state iimitsi-referring as it
does the . lisaute centre of the subject
in each easel() the state . and its people
immediately interested. It is. proposed
as a matter of perfet - lly free choice with
them. • ,
Insthe annual message last December
thought,tit to say ; "The Union must be
preserfed, and hence fall indispensable
means must be employed." I said this
not hastilly, but: . deliberately. War has
been, and be an indispensable
means 'to this end. A practical re-ac
knowledgment of the national authority
would render the war unnecessary, and it
would at once terse. 14 however, resist- .
ance continues, the war tutistialso continue
and it is imposible to foresee all the lucid - -
-ems which may attend; and all .the ruin .
which may follow it. Such as may seem
indispensable, ur nasty obviously! promise
great efficiency toward ending the'-strug
gle, must and will come. The . -proposit7
ion now .Made is an offer only, and I, hope
it may be esteemed no offense to ask
whether the peenniary consideration ten- i
. dered would not be 'Amore value to the
ataregatid private persons concerned than
arc-the institution and property in:it; in
the present aspect of affairs.. While it is
'true that the adoption of the proposed
resolution would be merely iuitiatory,and
not within itself a practial measure, it is
recommended in the hope that it would
soon lead to important results. In full
view of my greatirespousibility to my God
and to my country. I earnestly beg it the .
attention of Congress and. the peopit . to
Vigned) MV.ATIAM
ected to jfield a revenue
which the committee
less than an indirect
om the
VAsiLESGTON, March 6.
to day transmitted to
Owing Message: • •
of the Senate and Rouge
the adoption of a joint
ur honorable bodies ikhieb
'tally as follows: ' • •
hat the United States- 1
rate kith any states *hick
iqual abolishment of slave
x state pec:uniary aid to be
• ' to in its discretion, to
the inconveniences, publi
iduced by such change of
Ittion contained itrthe res- 1
tot meet the approval of
Ithe country, - theye. is the
'oett command such approv
mportance that the, states
ediately iriterested should
'nctly notified of. the fact,
y begin to consider wit eth
tr reject it. • The federal
uld find its highest interest
. ire as one of the Most effici
.lf preservation. The read
•ng insurrection entertain
ha o..overnment will
dto acknowledge the in-
Some part Of the disaffect
tlMt all the slave states
parts will then say : "The
we have struggled being
Itve how choose to; go with
ction." To deprive them
tbstantially ends the rebell
initiation of emancipation
rives • them of it as to ah
acing it.
. not that all the states t (der :
r"uld very soon, if at - all
ipation; but that }while the
y made to all, the more
by such initiation, make it
more.sout.herp that in no
former ever Pitt the latter
I sed confederacy., I 'say "in- .
use, insmy jddgment, gradu
' den ernancipatioit is better
e.inere financial or:pecuniary
rber - of CongresA,L with the
.and the treasury repslfts
ian readily see -'for himself
n the _current eiPenditurs
'ould purchase, at a
. fair
slaves in s any named state.
.on , the part of the
nment Sets.Up no claim of a
Contrast ptmotrat.
L. J. GERRITSON, - -' Editor.
0 - Zesiday, Ogvei / /h 2
Ur . Th e Rebel army in the South west
under Price, has been routed. .Loss
heavy'on both sides. So says lialleck.
- --,- - ;
Ur Elsewhere weprint a s ecial nies
lithe mob rushed upOn the house, doing it
, pp,
~ great daMage. Eggleston lied,
with- taken,tua l while st ru ggling on the ground,
sage from the President, whit:Wu - ill,
Ifired sevemil halls which took effect upon
out doubt, attract the attention of the
country ; hut,as to how it may be received I, Noah Griggs, with serious results. :1 Mr.
by the different factions,
we. have, at t hi s E. was held to bail in
.of mobbithe sitiri .ng. of #aoo9.
writing; no means of ascertaining. Our
Let this be - the
first impression is that among those who —Since the shore was in type we reed
a communication setting forth same addi
have no motives to control their acts and
tional facts, which, :believing thein to be
more anthentie than 'the out rumors;
'words:stronger than a desire, to-serve the
cause.of the Union, - . the subject resolresolver? we have decided to insert.
itself into Something like the. following'; So me young men had gathered iu the
practical. points : - • s LI street bet wee!' 9 and 10. o'clock,to express
First, Does any State desire to aceept4: in some way their disapprobation of the
such a proposition ? If isor,,,"there s .
is thei Unwarrantable il?-treatment of youpg Eg
gleston's wife, and the fiimily,being aware
*me of the whele Subject..4But should I:
! , of their presence, appeared in the front of
any State or States desire, to etualleiPate' th e h om , e , an d the elder 3.lrs. Eggleston
and sell their slaves, then --• !I set 'up the cry of " murder :" which star
, tied the , neighberhood and brought Mr.
Second, Has the 'North constitutional
White who had just started' out:to see to
power; the disposition, and the mope}:. tq:
purchase ? . And, - , - the engine in the tannery,to the:neighbor
. Third, After buying, can we affOrd the hood.. Ile crossed thelstreettowartl the
- menstanding on the
. near bv,was going towards them
expense of colonizatien, or the greater ott - house, and seeing
of maintaining some thousands or millionS
I ,s to ascertain the cause of the cry, and when
of liberated slaves among us ? ,
After we shall obtain an answer to the : passing near the gate saw-a flash from the
front door, an&felt a tingling inhis side,
first question, the others 'can be more.def .
t- I the place of the wound corresponding onding with
nitely considered:- ' 1 ,
.a ~his position in, passino. So -sitdd enwas
. The proposition may do no - good,
a "" ' the shot -that he passed on some steps ere
need do no harm, if en improper use be I realizing-the fact,. and then in: his excite
not-made of it. It strikes -us, that uunless', ment crossing the street met a man and
- the President had assurances that, certain ~ said, "I'm shot;" harried home. Alter
i States would accept, that Congress miglit i White was shot,- and tiro:more shots had
better not, have had the subject laid before i been fired at those in the street; the crowd
it, as the result of agitating
an imrn
aecan made a furious attack optic the home. de
ble question could do no good. -It may ; ~t ri, v i t , , the windows, blinds, lie. This
be seen thatthe President distinctly says bi , (o - I ;i. vin , at
E ,,,, ier.ten out : of the rear
, that this is a Matter entirely .withuill?e 1 door'," who rai'ifor the fields, and the men,
! control' of the States, and 'distinctly repo- ' ~,,in a , him, cried "there he goes," and
diates the,disunion.doctrine that is now'" , pintied- him. It is not shown where Mr.
much advocated by Most of the politiciatis iGriogs was shot,but it in supposed to have
-and papers of the Republican party. On' , - beeaafter - E.
was overtaken.' some five
this pOint Mr. Lincoln is right, and all time , to twelve were in the attack,; but it does
loyal citizens will-commend his firmness
i not4pear that they were armed or had
in avowing the right ; Those who endorse , any. deadly dui i n, nor does it:appear that
Sumner's disunion scheme can continue to;
they molested the house or premises until
opplise the Government and advocate the latter the firing. 'Eggleston fOund his way
ditst!ution of the Union, or they may 11,4,w i to the Dayton House - ' asked for protection,
back down and-jein in the rear of the 1 11.- ; and desired to be taken td Windsor The
ilandlor i ti told him he was safe, there, but
vincible macs of people who 'carry the tag
declined- taking him off, lest ho get into
Mid keep step to-the music of the ljnien. i
____..............--------- ~.
THE,LATEST NEWS. i t . I difficulty thereby. lit: then proposed to
. give himself up to the authorities. The
March 10.—We have news of the most
elder Eggleston being there With his wife,
eiciting character from Fortress Monrbe.
"ifthegun bpd gone off,
The, rebel iron-clad Steamer' Merrimfic,, reintnlied that , I
came down from' Norfolk on Sattirday, more wollic; shave been shot; The shots
morning, accompanied by. the steamers 'Were from a revolver. White has a wound
Yorktown and Jamestown, also iron-cfad, I in' the left aide of the abdomen ; Grigg
Moving -dire toward Newtiort. l ,..has cute in theleft breast. an One in the
News engaged th ctly e nailino fr o Una- I right side, striking one of th short :ribs.
Berland and Congress, `bloclatling, the I Both are itt a critical condition., This is
mouth of the James, River. Time Mdrri- I the substance of the evidence of Whites.
and the neighbors, with the Statements citf
•mao.,-is represented to have reSemlileilj
a-subnierged house, with' the roof only / the prisoners. Eggleston and his father,
abOve the water. The two frigates epee_ :after an examination before Wm A. Snow,
ed fire: upon her, hilt with no effeet,as 'the i Esq.,were held for trial for felonious shoot
heavy metal glanced fiom the s top of4he ! lug with intent to kill. 130(1u-ins of. Gt.
Merrimac: Even at-the distance of Only' Bend for Commonwealth;Beatley of Mont
one hundred yards, a full broadside Ifom . rose, and Wheeler of Deposit, for defence,
both vessels 'did' her no damage. Shelran I. ' 7-=------ssais.
aolin.t, the Cumberland amidsh:p, with a
full head of steam on; staving a large hole
in her side; then drew off and pOured in
a broadside, after: which she daihed
against the doomed vessel again, and '; left
her in a sinking condition. She then
turned against the 'Congress, and That
vessel, having no regular crew on bciard,,
and seeing the hopelessness-of further ef
fort, lowered her colors, when she . i was
boarded by the Jamestown, and all I her
officers were taken prisoners, while i the
feW men on board' were allowed to eqcape
in 'boats. The Congress was then sot on
fire and left to her fate.
I The three rebel vessels then opened fire
upon our batteries at Newport , N ews,
which find been rendering what assis once
was possible to the Camberland andiCon
pests, and he-action' continued. for some
time, when the Merrimac and her two
companions drew off as far, as Craney
Island; The Minnesota, at the gomnichce 7
meat of the action, in attempting to, tow
the Roanoke up got ashore near the Rip
Raps,. an& could render no assistance.
- On Saturday -night the iron-clad Ericsson
Battery. .Monitor, arrived at Fortress
Mburoe, and yesterday morning, she was'
attacked' by the Merrimac, Yorktown and
Jimestown,,but.this time they met I more
thaa their Match. "After a five hours -con
test, they were driven off, and the Mer
rimac retreated toward Norfolk in :.sink-'
ing condition: -The fall particulars Of this
last action are yet wanting.
—A deSperate. and' terrible battl4,2last
ing all. Ilay, took Place at. Valve*, in
New -Mexico,'ten miles South of Fort
Craig, , s on, the. 21st of February/ The
fight was probably renewed on the 22d.
The loss is great on both sides. I Both
parties claim the-victory.
Captain 'Mcifae, who , had charge of
our artillery, and every one of hip' com,
mand, were killed at their posts, amid their
cannon was taken by the Rebels. ?
0. Of 0, F.—The annual meetifig of
the; Odd Fellows Mall Association of
Montrose, will beheld at their Mall
o'clock, p. In., on the first Tuesday of Ap
ril next, for the election of Officers and the
transaction of other business..
D. IJREWSTER, Prei i t. ,
- - -
Rev. J. B. Pkareary and lady exress,
thlit gratitude to their fiends for !their
regent generous . donation, amounting to
$ . 130, and including amongother valuable
gifts ii fine •coar stove and a dozen Silvor
teachers' Inetitate-TinChappl.-
Vie next meeting of th e Sus u'a County
TO.achers' Association will be held atDitu
(wit Four Coniers, on Wednesday- and
Thursday, March 10th and 20th, instead
otl the lithland 12th:
• It. was : thought best by the- officets and
members to postpone the meeting a week
to accommodate teachers who had not yet
elOied their winter !schools:
Teachers of Susq'a Co.,' will you ;please
vim° forward and assist to advanCe the
gfeat . enterprisc, 'the improvement:: of the
Young ?
School Directors and citizens generally,-
*ill ill yon refuse to be present, to : instruct
and encourage the teachers of your child
ren? 'We trust not. Come one come
all, and let-us have a meeting low , to be
remembered on account of the interest
nianifested in the cause of. education.. • It
ii expected that a• number of essays and
4(ldrosB4 will be read 'during tbeitheeting
cif the association. con.
Sudden Death.—Cornelius Rosenerants
died in a fit 4 on Saturdaylast, in Montrose.
The Greatßend Tragedy differ!, sonic-
What, in details,' from our - notice of last
Week ; - attd various - Versions of the affair
kre reported, weliefer an extended report
until the court shall have a full investiga
tion. Albert Eggleston, the assailed par
ty, seems to have been notified that - his
. ,
!person was threatened with violence, anti
ton the fatal night, while the mob Was-pre
!,paring for their work, Isaac White passed
(near the house and was shot. SoOn after,
Those whowant a FIRST-GATE daily pa
must take the above, wbich is, by all
standards of worth; the at:slr one printed
in the country. - Its news isthe latest and
most reliable. Its circulation is double.
that of any { : Y. daily, except, perhaps,
the Herald., It is a firm and vigorons
herent of the Union cause, ;defending the
President, McClellan, (tc., ',front the sedi
tious attacks constantly made by the Trai
-1 line .class of disunionists. 41though it is
called a Republican journal; it is not
oted party organ; but is al Ways prompt to
defend right and ,denotincd wrong, come
from what source tlfey may. It contains
Ifull reports of all PennsyEyania business
matters, which are ignored by . the N.•
Papers. • NOV York City I markets,
fully reportedin its colutn4. • •
Try it- fur two menths'at $l, or *6 per
year. Tri-weekly $4. -, Addiess W3l. W.
IH:tiding, Inquirer Buildinc l 121 , South 3d
Street, Philadelphia, Pi. •
• . .
A foreign correspondent states that.
itiot only is the well knowiPerniuda load
4,,ing with cannon and atiuMmition at Liver-.
pobl, - but a. fast steamer is also being fitted
out at that port to be placed 'command
1 of Cuietter, the Captam (if the pirate Jeff
Davis, and that both of tt,lese vessels are
designed to attempt a ruulof the'blockade,
or, if unsue,,cessful, •to acts offensively on
the high seas. The English Govern Merit
i§ perfectly cognizant of : these facts, but
no nOtice is taken .of them: -
—The Hon. Roberts; M. Palmer, of
this . 4 itate -has been etinVelled to ask' to
be recalled from his position as -Minister
of the Argentine Republic, on account of
hie declinining health. 1
, .
Town Illeetings-Officen Illocted. I .lAnax—Assassor . Abtiit li`am
. Churchill ,-• iii
, - .
i ''.
, ;. f 1 . •.' I J. P., W. ht. Tingl i ey ; Supervisor,. Chap- ' - - ' 1 ,G. r 41 l it
1 1 , . - }man llerdiniz; constalde, Wm. Payne ; ...: _—,
- 6"
a ",J P " Tj
- ._.) - (i ,
rummoisa lamb.? ..inumAy, r 21,11302. I .auditok, E. IL Grow; liehool direetore4W. fliianpentied natter . t (rum thecireularof Lonherbari..
' .. 1"
1 O, Miller, Ambrose Brundage, A.' F. Sno- 1 , , 1 „, a,clre',..l i t , C;c , , ii.z.a n r uc e tt ai lilool , : t rg i l v i.anx iz, Cbhu I Co., hi -
ver , jtidge .of - eleetion#',. Alson Tifiratn y i ; it. 6, and t steel permit this (ippon:o;s t w o l pa ike s% l ftl i t :
inspectors lif eleetiontilLeVl: Felton, 11. I ....i t tlf a . l a n iir i.rdaegiinnip , , , , e . n herxii i ,. , , , ,.. 4 l , to u e err y le!.
W . . C4X ; clerk, L. M. Ilarding; treasurer 1 det i l to mu their custom and inneenceolinceintygsfn e es n ;
- , . interests have been mostly in the city .a New Turk; and
A. B. 13aker.• 1 1 . - . 1 I atilt Invite them, as well as Cone who have nut found
Lib+ty—Assessio, JO. Bailey ; super. 1
It nventent to du au, tolavor ow with their patronage, ,
fur a determination to and promise to phante. if
visor, NT, J. D. Sackett; constable 1Y: Ti.l Pi""ible• ~,, M. C. YLEM
I Iluntrom starch sth, pro. - TT •
Ives; tiditor, L. A. Tomkins ;, School 1 , „
M. , ,
directors, J. D. Terrell; john Deakin, 1 ih',,.71,c-...;ich-.071 .edlt I at with 2
F t .l ; l :re i .l a cte " . i r c or i s g , 310 n OgY I COllU ° ,O
-Abraiii Davison, P. P:lButts ; judge of i CU., and would,be happy to see hi. um (ars. orly.
6r , i n h c o r i l :mr..,,Lh ic ic ,t h . .,ll.!'uzeuu in the try best mai?.
electins, Calvin Stanford • inspectors
electidns, Jas. Carigg, ' ; D. C. Marvin .1 ..-„, t , G .: .. 21 r. ir k r a t- , 13 , k 2. l :
clerk, rr... 31. Allen ytreasuier , Isaac Coni' ,l -----.------ 2-.
Stock,' • - - !! I * NATRONA
. , .
. ~ . . . .
Applacon—.4*.nor, P. Cli i ord; super- i
visors, J. To. Rime, Silas ' Beardsley ; :cop- 1
stable, Chas. Rogan; auditor, S. F. Car- 1
malt ; schOol direr,tors,,Ww. House, , D.
R. Basford, W. Cray, B. Fitzpatrick 11
:judge of elections, Johnson . Foster- in- i
spectors of elections, L. B. Dond, I
Lie; clerk, H. C. Kimble; treasurer, J. T.''
Lyons. .
AraratL-Assessor, B. IL 'Poizc ;' justice,
of the
.peace, W. E. Hathaway ; supervis
or, A:. B'. Avery.; COnstabla, Chauncey
N. 11. West 'e —:hool di-
Avery ; auditor, - est ; (whom
rectors, R. Ray, Thos. Bowell ; inspectors
of elections, Ebenezer Bushnell, - W. • G.
Blozham ; clerk, J. 11. Tooley ; treasurer,
C. C. Worth. • , • • I •
.Auburn—AssessOe„ G. W. Stebbins •
- aupervisor ' k: I S. Davis •; constable, IL
Carter; au ditor, T. R. Whit; school di
C. Tubbs,T. KellOgg,J. Btish
nell ; jndge of . eleetions, Hit!um Carter.
inspectors of elections, N. II Roberts; E
T. Mowry ; clerk, S. Icing; treasurer, T.
A. Dawson.
Bridge lea kr---Assessor, Myron M.Mttt
upervisor, E. W. Ilawley • Constable, -L.
0. Smith ; auditor, George hackles ;school . ,
directors, T. Langdon, Charles Sprout,
mud R. F. Jameson; judge of elections,G.
B. Eldted ; inspectors of eleoiOns, Appol
los Stone, Enos Newcomb; Clerk, Wm.II.
.Frisk ; treasurer, Sabina Sprout ; J. P.,
Clarles. Sprout.
Brooklyn—Ass6sor, And: Rogers, 2d ;
J. P., G. B. Rogers ; superOsor, A. J.
Tiffany ; constable, Congor Tiffany ; And
itorS,ll. Richardson, 3 3ear l ;s, F...:.4: il.'ii- 1 . /Neu' Mil.tbr4 Joro',.— .:.. .......,
, ..
limns 1 year ; school directers D. S. Wat, . Ilani ;' constable, Mt! -C.
.Di ' kentan ;
roes, 11. Tiffany.; judge of elections, M. I school , directors, Tiniothy Boyle,Albert.
L. Mack ; inspectors of eleCtions, c, R . ; Moss ; judge of elections, It. A. ohnston,
Palmer,. C. C. Daley ; clerk, J. C. Lee : i Will. Green. -
treasurer, I. S. Tewksbury. i_ .. - I 4t/land—Assessor, Morgan Shutts ;J.
Cliforti—Assessor, • Alex.lßurns ; super- I P., W. K. Parsons;,supervisors,' Levi
visor, Abraham Burdick ;.coustable, E. S.( Wekttall, Elisha Squires . ; constable, S. 11. ,
Lewis • anditor,P.W. Chaniba•liii.; sc h oo l 1 Est+rbrooks ;., auditor, Bradley- Beebe •
directors, M. C. Stewart, Sand. Owens; ! sell nil direct - 00;C* T. Frazier, S. If.
judge of elections, Evan Jenkins; inspect- ; Est rbrooks E D. Benedict; D. Matthews ;
ors of elections, S. Arnold,lP. W. Chain-1 judq,e of elections, dl L. Beebe; inspect
; clerk, W. F. Wilhtlil ; treasurer, . cirslof elections, 3. Lovett, E. Westtiill ;
S. R. Stewart. , • • 1 cue/k; J. K. Grimes k i treasurer, G.'l. Fra- Tin:tacit Tcrm will begin on
Ch,roani—Assessor, DaVid Slterer ;J. izie't• • • 1
, Monday, robTnary 24, 3.8 62.
r., Jasper Stanley ; stipervisor, Michael I hitsh-Assessor, W. 11. Sherwood - -_.T.
Hurley; constable, M, B: onnelly . ; and-1 P.,tS. Granger; SuperviSor,. John
"L ib _ I
ba t t l oi,y re i .r...: L L,
t t i : , , a t i , : 111 . r it GL Ite z . c dt t l i t . 4 . tru . . f te .i e u a are
itor,James.Carrigan ; sch of directors, J. i op , constable, Ittibert Carter • auditor, C. 4.1.•‘: been faly rettlim i tl. It is 1 0•iss• in •a sourie c l i :
E. Carmalt, J. Trodden, I'. MuMannus; !At krater;school.directors, E. ' W. I) , • •'
codition.2l:o tlr.•,:: led
,eoMbletit in 'lying to the public
.114), ,that It 1. entirely WOrth , Orthe l i s t[., ::t,..., oran wt.., de
jtidge of elections : , Martin Crider ; inspect. : 11. J. Champion ; judge•ill elections; Hor- I " t .i,r,'ih s l i .,,'; . :""""( ft 'e• ol "e• - • k o, ' "T'i4: l !••`'n a ku.w/•
ors of elections, Michael Doyle; Christo- .
iac Carter; inspectqi•s of elections Fred lor raper p;tyworiti;;l.'``al;:ttr'::::,,f;',LyrUZ.-`;'ll,it:esiit,.'rf:
:c,,t to thym retereuc.4 ii made rem-main:
',her Bryne • clerk, T. 11. Donnelly ; IFa gti„ A. Leonard-; clerk—David -God- l'""'" u "" .
, .
urer, I). D. 'Donnelly. '- 1" • 1 - vri ; treasurer, Z. I. 'Cooley. , aruttian per Term of Elcien Weeks.'
. .
,Dimork—Assessor, F. 4.- Hollister; •J. ' "i/Per Lake—Assessor, ":.T. J. 3lcCor- rr,:n•irr 0,• ; ,:u•i:,,,•,,t, : .....
li.h.. ' • „ : t ....
_. . .... G 00.
P., C. C. Mills; snpervisos, W. A. liel2 mi .1; • supervisor, Jt;slm Gortiuur; ceps:a-1.. 1.,;',„:,1 . T.: 3 ' h .. '
•L th. man. ead• i 4 1:10 -
lOgg; tionstable,, Alfred .liles ; auditor, bl .., Liorace- Dee ' ker ; auditor, John D. Fr"''' 4 ' ' s• / '2. c.o.
Geo. *tephellS ; school ilirectors, I. A. I'M irphy • school directors, Jqseph Witrd, - Es ,',';',';o•, 4 r"ol',;'-`,x't, L „; : e'' .. e"t'u" 2, i`ic... , ul a s' re -
~,,,,f,,xce........ l_2
L ,
Maine, C. M. Bolles; 'judge of elections, ; M chael Laughlan II M. Gage; jtub , e. of M ., "s i i 1 .-.'
~, , ~ 1 co:
J. H. Young: inspeetors of eleotitins, I.Z. 1 elt,ctions, EdWard Meehan ; inspectors of llnsie on ; I t it; :I"it7t ''''' l " Pr '' w l k.)- •'• • - l ei e o l 4:'
Babcock, 3. id. V
- allace ;I clerk, A. W. lel etions Wm: Meeker., jr., Timothy Mur- u-t• ~t h.tnrinent • - • . 4 ,
, , • , '3 00.
Moody ;,treasurer, M. K. rfingley. • 1p y; cler i k, J. C. D'avids ; treasurer, Den- Blare. $...1..r,k) tri,i42.4:•0 per weehl •
j Thr• ssto.,-Givsnient... as heretofore f•r thos. eriehlAr,
Forest .P;kr—Assesior, E. G. Ball •, ste !
lii Sullivan. l'
pervisor, G. W. Taylor •, Constable,. Hen- 1 Springville—Assessor,. J. 1). Thomas ; ( ''''''''''il . I 'll`;!:'i, e ...
stcretarr. '
W. JiZiSl.l% rt,"te,..DL
ry Tilden ; auditor, Chester "Wright; Ist pervi,sor, Elisha Strickland ; constable, _ stontrc,:,e, Irv, rt:=7 . 11 ,1 $ 62: -if •
school directors, John. S. ifowtie, 0.. IL i J:is.-littotfs; atulitor,Elijsh Lyman ; school , -----';-.4 --:•-•••-••••••,„----, ---- i -- ---- -;-----,-.
Hamlin ; judge of eleetiotis, John Brad- ; d rectors, Jas. Nasium, David Wakelee ;1 • 1..;011.1. 7 tS cis Appeal..,..
shaw ; inspectors of elections, Leman Ijt Age of elections, lA. A. Root ; inspectors( ri
i IfF. Contrnie,lon;rs of Pne t i n4rian's Cc.r.nty have
'Carrell, E. E. Cole ; poormasterit, John ;
O elections, A. I.l.'Sheldeil, W, 11. Gerrit- i 4,„.".:,c,dr,",',:,"1,1•,,'":1;.':';,',',`,‘,.:."1'2,`,1,T.".dr" r ':" bul g in g
Brown,' Thos. Brown; jr.; clerk, J. B. Au- I 0•; clerk.: Miles ',Pritchard ; . treasurer' ,
G0i,,,,,‘:,11,,,,y.iu.4,1„.t1,:t1,!i..e11nt. or IK.I, to all. i .
gel • treasurer, J. Soittli well. - 1• • Ales Pritchard. l' . • , , at l'hainberliniS Tlotd in Gib•on.
'4 Te•rme. Friday, march 1 it h. nt SII. or's llotel.G lent, ood.
• Jranklin—Assessoi, ,Ili. M.- Smith ;J. i - ( 1 Cos ad 0i .1
s. q r/11114 fp" .---, sscssor, „,. ...,. I ,••
- r rs 1 tiluora -tit Datiditl..Paturilay.Joartik • .
P., Titus Smith ; supetvisor, John A. ; ,00k; constable, E. I, Carr; auditors, If
....... I Ararat and Ilerrick,N'londay. uMreql t li t e t , Liune•l2. 11° `` L
Welsh ; constable, Chas.! Gearv•; auditor, i 5,., Sherman,- T. McKernan ; school direct- ._ . • at ALto•oa tilden' Herrick..
Jat...l.son Mall Tno:n r tt. Tat•sdas-, mreli•ldh.
C. 11. Follet • school directors, U. M. Hall, i q:4, F.. 0. Taylor, in. A. Tutgley; . judoe I. at A. J. Turni•r's in Jackson_
J. Peck ; judge of electieus. N. T. Buck ; ' orelections, Lemuel Doolittle iropectors 1 sur, T telt . yivia 1.1.4ri t. ', r ,,,,.. .day, uia . rch ltith, •
1 . al ThiMaas Carr's_
inspect or of elections, M r McCabe; _clerk, 1 of elections, Adam Bridge, Thos. - Arm- i i13111.2iF amd 0:.'..-.laMl. 'Flinn:day. rime) `3.1111.
J. T. Williatits ; G• W Blow- trong. •'. 1 - • • r -.. ,,,i
~,13t , t _1:1: ::Ta r i. , 1( . ,' , a . .r ri : , l if ,1 11 ;• V. ., ; e lla.aza Dom.
treasurer, G. • •
CN. 1 Th!nn son—AsseSsor, 31. T.- Whitney ; .• at .01. Comm i•• •i ! m0i......0111ee in MOD trona.•istter and St•intril,tr, tirjl:loo.y..:Gartit 'ed.
l'riendsville—Assesso ;hos. Matthews - i . P.„ . Cyrus Hall ;!snpervisor, LN. Jack- , .
fE . . :.,t :he Ctoutni.eionst•s (Alice" to lissnrrose.
13y, order or Conimir.doncr.. 4 . • •
town council, Robert Winters,Tos, Mead ; ' on •; constable; R4lph Williams ; auditor, w. A. ottossmos. Clerk.
supervisor, jai:. Fury, jr..• constable, Pat. l' , 'harles Wrighter!; school director. 1 Cormalasioners (Mee, lloutro w ,tl am %Mk. 1.41,
Matthews • auditors, B.olidden, J. 3lead, ' n Jenkins. W. Pi Ilytswerth ; 'judge Of I 11-1:--- ---.-7--:':-.:".--':...';'-''72'''' I.
- ''' t ''' = " - -`-- 27
E. Bliss; shool direct Or s. Thos.: Hogan, ! sections, X. O. Wrighter ;:- iits'pedor of '..C 0 0 D ' NT
1 -:1
WS 1
, , • ... 1 I I ~
J. Hanford; judge of elections,J.:J. Roon- ,i sections, S. W,Ciarmill • treasurer, J .111 - . . 1- ' a - , . "
t AND ' I • .
ev ; inspectors tif electiOus, J. B. Jackson, l 'osier.
I • • •
James Flinn. —-421.4111.----- -'
(IRE A. y comlgorrioN
1 .
Gibson—Assessor, W I . W. Williams, Evacuatlim of Columbai. 1 .1
' .i. . 0 I.
supervisor, Timothy Manzor ; 'constable,' AAi vial I I I
peei. t espatch from ,Coluntluts, i . . 2:4 ran I
Wm. Pickerint , • auditor G. _ Wells • - ,f .i %. . : • c --_, I
C , , I, I ants confirms the report that. that ( - .W . •
Johr Smile' G. H. t. I, i been' - e d l'' ' IDR 1'
- hat , evactiat iy• the Rebels. t
school directors, ~ohn ,nh. y, ._
Wells; judge of elect:ons, R. 'W.. Gelatt ;
inspectors of elections, lE. Whitney,' Cur
tis Howell ; clerk, C. A. Kennedy ; treas
urer, N. E. Kennedy. 1 ,
Great BendyAssesspr,Galen Newmzn ;
J. P., S. M. Munson; supervisors, S.
Barnes, Ne 6 7 -4 Baker 1 constable, E. W.
Fish ; auditor,R. N. Ives ; school direct
ors, Enos Stoddard, Jas. Ciask, Jos. Du-
Bois, S. M. Munson ' 'IL D. McCinaryi
judge of eleotions, Jeremiah Hayward;
inspectors of elections, Enos Stoddard,
W. D. Lusk ; clerk, Wl ' 'D. Lusk; tress-'
urer, Jos. Dußois. 1
Great Bend Boro'—Assessor, C. S. Gil
bert ;J. P., I. It ecklinw ; constable, E.
Griggs ; auditors, It. T. Stephens,. John
- Baldwin-; school dirOtors, D. L. Taylor,
.17 T. Carlisle, T. D. Eastlrook, E. S. Fun
nel], R. Stack ; judge Of elections, G. W.
Brown ; inspectors, of! elections, •W. A.
Snow; John Colsten poormasters, Isaac
Reckhow, W.A. Snow. ,
Ilurford— Assessoi, Watson Jeffers;;
supervisor, Pennel Carpenter; constable,
Jos. Oakley; auditor,' 11. G. Blanding ;
school directors, 11. Id. Jones, I). M. Ed
wards, Chas. Tingley; judge of elections,
I. IL Parrish; inspeetor:i 'of elections,
Benjamin Watrons, po. L. Hine; clerk,
R. R. Thatcher; treasurer, E. T. Tiffany.
Lformon!t—Assessqr, Harry Shutis • J.
P., Benjamin Comfor,t ; supervisor, lI.W.
Brandt; constable, Ilavid Taylor; :nub
tor, Harry Shutts ; sehool directors, S. Hi.
Barnes, Jacob Schlagen, Wm. 'rremain
judge,of election's, 4acob. .Seblager;', iti
spectors of elections ,I Amos Barnes, pan
iel Utter; clerk, F. A' Lyons; treasurer
Harry llaldridge.
Merrick—Assessor, .T.‘T. Ellis ; supervis r
or, Walter Lyon ; constable, Robert
Westgate ; anditor,l G. W. Barnes ; school
directors, John, Thomas, Ira Mello's.;
judge of elections, Danl. Carpenter; • in
spectors: of elections„C. A. Harding,.La
fayette Lyon ; clerk,M. Williams ; trea.
urer, C. H. Ellis. 1 i . •,-•
Jarkxon--Assensbr, P. Hall ; supervisoT,
J. J. Savory; constable, M. Hall ; auditot,
M. J. Corse; selionl•directors, Fred. Br
ant, Jos. Foster ; judge of elections, Wnl
Hamilton ;' inspectprs of elections, 0. Ma, -
teson, E. A. Page; clerk, IL •'M. Benson,
treasurer;W. IL liattlett,
Jessup—Assessor, N. P. Cornell ; af
pervisor, John Bedell ; constable, J. Ny.
Birchard; auditor' G. McKeeby ; sellout
directors, Wni. Wheelock, H. K. Sladr-
Matt ; judge of ele'ctions, 11. CI; Bertholf S ;
inspectors of elections, Ti J. Peptic, .
3•lcKeeby • clerk, I C J. IL Bartlett ; trealr
er James 'Martin.
1 '
Lathrop—Assessor, John Sherman ; Y.
P., J. M. Lee; supervisor, Silas Smith ;
constable, D:•B:Packer ; auditors, W. - 0.
Brown, R. S. Squires; school directors,lS.
Quick,•Jas. Weseott, JAI. Carey; .I.'X.
Leo; judge of elactions,E.G. Tewksbutly;
inspectors of elections, Ti. W. Kellam, G.
B. Stanton ; clerk, J. N. Gardner; treas
urer, Lorenso SWeet.
• 1
.Miadietton—Assessor, IL 0. Donnel ; I WARRANTED
sitperilsors, J. C.-Mortis, J. W. - Sander- 1 V b tuY '''''"B"' ; -
son, 31..McMads; constAie JOhn -Conboy, 1 galloZz - Vru e i x l l 7o ll jrg i t i li a wb p e e l ;fi. a .c f t e jlt Ts more
I .
2d ; l'uditur, Ilarttey Keenan; school di- 1 • Made Only -by
recto, L. Curley,.Johri Dyer ; judge ofj t4.•ualour. *truer. PHIL thELP,IIIA
elections, Datinik Comiton • ins p ectors• f if h 6 -1 ' 364 ' .'
. .
, i •u ' 1 - 17 - .
elections, Danl. llickeY, Jesse Canfield; 1 -
elerk Otis treaSurer, N. Camp. -
_, M stiosc—Assessor.}..luali ott , .con-! \
stable., Seldeti A: Woo . drotr; auditor, 11. i TORMAL SCIIOOI4-
, , •
- •-•,,,,,_ -- ele ,. is. Josiah in. L. itivanar.v, PrOicipat.
K. Newell; judge Of ections, ..
Blackiiimi ;.inspectors!ol elections, Joseph
CoclJayne, E. B. Mooney ; overseers (if
thejloor,-Win. A. CrOsstuou, Wm. W.
, Smith. • •
1 .. • 21,1,0 'Mil:furd tp.—A.ssessor, Day id Sum
-1 mer 4; supervisor, U. Page; constable, i
I W. T.lldoxley ; auditclyr ; 4,ll. IL F00t,3 y's,.l.
I Elliot Aldrielk, 2' - wears ; school directors,
IN. k. Sutton, sm.. Williams ; judg.e of : ( -1/k . r in';. the c, , !Clusgm., or the ~0, , ,,, r ::,...r., -
, e r s
elec. licuis,E. S. Paige ;! in:pet:Ors of elect- rt,;,,,,':`T1 1 ,-r i ;:l i ':,!,;!,,ti ! ;; r ir 1 0 4 :11 . 1:• , 1:0 11 t. e:1,, a.
bona 3..W.Wilsno, 0. I).. hoot; clerk i charGri. awl take it .tsvAr.
I Silver Lake. F.:lirtinrs : l 4 t6l. Oiri:: liVi. i••• '
J. W. Walker; • t reaureri: Pavia Sum- . 77 --- ----------: ------ --- l - .----- -: ---..
I - ;
• mers. ; :i.srso. - Co. (nix
. . AL Alt MAI
I. -
(ace wet
it appears, from actual facts, that Colmn
bus was really ofinri . • particular value in
any other way thlin in a military, strateg :
ical and geographical point of view: Its
position on the Mississippi river, and its
knnediate Vicinitrio Wolf 'lsland, Which
is lit the centre d',the stream, made it
very Valn:;l, as holding the key to .New
Orleans, as no Northern river of any
importance enteta the Mississippi below
this - . point. It -is distant front Cake by
water about eighteen miiess; and - , cep'.
nfands, the stream
.for about live -3111.
Without important interruption. It is
nine miles above-Ilicknm, and about forty
!five Miles above Island No: O. The Mo
bile. and Ohio Railroad has its - northern
terminus. at this infra,: and the Nashville
-rind Northwestem Railroad at Kirkman.
Railroad comm i mticatton with it -was
therefore good, and water communication
still better. • Columbus itself is but a small
post village of Some one hundred inhabi
,; tains, in Ilickmah county, and, but for. the
railroad antithe river tratfic,,would have
lingered in obsettrity.. It is distant frorii
Frankfort about three himdred miles in a
west seuthwesorly' direction,anti about
One hundred ,miles' from' Clarksville in an ,
airline.! -
RPA bill•has. been introduced in the
Legislature having tor its object the ex
amination of our county School Superin- ,
tendentS, with a yiew ofascertifining their
-capabilities to diScharge the duties of the
position to which • they' aspire. It pro ,
vides that the Jfidges of the District Court,
together with - the President Judge oldie .
Court of Comin - On
,Pleas in 'all, counties
except "Philadelphi a, mid. the President
Judge. of the Judicial District,. together
with the Associate Judge.s of each county,
'shall appoint before June a Committee of
three teacherS, -- the best they can find
who shall exainitie all persons voted for
1 for this ollice at the Triennial Convention
of Direetors, and the General Superinten
shall cointaissiOn the,
,parson found duly
qualified • who ih:ts
. the most - votes. The
exmnination shall he practical and thee-
To - amt . , Mid • seVenty-live per cent of the
questions inutitlie rightly , answered. . the
ComMitteesshall hold of fi ce forthree years,
but the •ir.•_einliers. may be removed by the
General - Superintendent of Seheols. on
proof of unfitness .. Veing given hint ; ten
'citizens sliallliavo a right to call for a new
examination Of a•Countv_ Su perinientlem,
and teachers have a right to appeal to the
. CPmmittee otExamiiiiition. • • - : .
Sar "Why .01; 8., bow do you manage
to have such nice light Bread and Biscuit ?"
"Because lus Iterriok Allen's Gold Medal
Saleratus. - Dicker saw any .half as good .
I like it much€ better to use -with cream
tartar than I Ido soda. I shall never use
any other: - Ir ) rou will try'-one, paper Mrs
W; you will Oy the same. It .has almost
cored mY , dylipepsia.": all . th e Gro
, .
" Tuiflrlin
TEllllofthin d prorperp' nn Instilitian ,
will man) net, n C4.i nu. ay. February 6th. and ,
continuo 11 v 4 ceica.• Itatetur Tuition soln.n- .
tcdorc. Par
particular:4 whirr," 31, 1.... awler, Principal.
1 "T. BOYLE, Sec. ' U. (1.1.1111.ATT Pres.
8.2 a . I
• •Vr.
• j
• j
Assessor, Elijah
. . .
. • .
.4.1. t Wr.carLtrospo,.X I fork.zseti.
, -
. . . .
PROF. S. S'. HARTWELL, B. A. l l
mr.l. S. liti.tun, lst Abslstaut . ,,t Teachiq of Vocal Musk.
'Xis,. L. Ititiluad,, InNtructreps of Freudh nod Drawing. •
bliss E. ititieltiwiti. InArtictri,o's of Al on Plant,. • . '
116, A. NV:Hartwell, instructress in I'dinary Depart ,
tnenl. .. ,
C. C. I.lal . sey, NI. D., Instructor of.kastlitay and Phystol.. •
ogy. , . 1 1
Other Assistants and Lecturers will be.eniployed as tLs .
wants of the school may dtualad. . .
- .
JOHN BULL Tttre#eis WWI!
•-‘ 1 7 13 it .4 - 11:::!0 .
SO DOES THE 11D31 or
Guittnbtrß, "gostnbaum, 6: CP
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bii , „ it , n . ~,, u zr van!, and we tave jateTy laid In a larx •
stock. which ena-11 , 7 4 I"' tc"kr ;fr. our . curtomero. goo( a
on equally as goo 4 term, 45 furutcrly.cousiderlug the fats
air . .
Gattottura, :'6o46o;tuut . h E 0.,,
, • , AT.
Montrose, Susq!a County; Pa.,,
Elmira, New-York,
Susquehanna - Depot, Pa. .
, ..
We are determined not to be nutdode, either In prieee of
qualitioe,—and we will endeavor to give our et:stemma
altpuesible sattaraction„ , .'; _ •
. .
. •
CL 4:11T i-lIN Gir :
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In We branch o stock Isl cemplete , andavlll beeold,
lower, and mum tastefully debated than any enc•berve
witablishment. or a oif four•lterve concern• title e ide of :`,-
York City, lenble to offer orktrodueo. We can &eel= the,
public that we constantly eMgloy the "beet cutter* and
workmen to Make up our ll* . .
,PrGaratent. made to ardor
i• ta"On the shortest notice:
carAGOod Fit warranted Or no role—. .
A Great Stock eoutantly inept,' and sold !owe than the
lOweetr et,
Qsnttenberg, %to'senbaum *
idionlicos, Sarnia/ lot.