The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 31, 1861, Image 1

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rurtusunir T4nsts'Ars, BY
ortlcE o. 11.:BLIC AVENUE,
TERMS. --41,50 per. annum M AncEt-NcE ;
otherwise . t 2 WM he charged—and Mt , ' cent , per anpam
added to arrearoges, at the option of the Publisher. to pay
sapoase of oallemioh, etc. ..I.arkacz .payroeht preferpc&
ADVIZ.IITISiOIgyrs will be inserted at the
rate of $1 per square, of ten lints or less, fort/lel:Irk three
weeks, and 2 cuuteifor each additional week--pu down.
31ereharit.9, and °then?, 1111( . ! tylvertise by
the year, will be chanzed' at the fellou log rates, Six.;
fir one SqlitMg. Or lett, one yam. uiM cAeengu,
Hach additiona/ square, at the rate cif - •
_ No credit given llZr4lll/. to 1.40 se of known eciponsitillt 7
' • -7 I i
The love of narcotics and ' intoxicating .
coluponnds is se_yniveivir it may almost
count as an instinct- . Every - nation_ bas it '
in a greater or less degree ; some . 'in the
_shape of opium, some of smoke, sonic in ,
drink, some in snuff; but front the equa- - ;
tor to Ale snow line, it existf—a trifle :
changed in dress . , according to the clim
ate; but always the saine - need,alwapt the
- same desire. Rings have &creed pUnish-
ments,on the secular side; priests , have
ant!-liCinatised on the spiritual ; laWmak
era have sought to pluck out the habit,
root and branch, - from their people,; but
all to rio good—man still goes on amok.
DR. 1Nrr.,1,1 A.ll. %s -WITEATON,I i ing, snuffing, and ; chewing; putting . an •
ECLECTIC I:•'*YFICIAN •i i su •AG F ogortinsT . • enemy into his mouth to steal away his
WITH DE. 241.)7:0 117 1r.' ATONZ I brains, and finding immense satisfaction
. ..
Itechtstest and surgical. Dcntist. rereUtly of flinghamtma; ,la a practice that makes hint both an in
'N. Y. tender their professional sen'ices - to all who appre• : va lid an d a ma d man, an d nev er quit, him
date the .Itetorrnod Practice 'of - Physic: ' careful and '
exillful onenttione on Teeth; with theXaost scientific and till it has laid him fairly in the gnat . .
?proved' styles or plateworlt. Teeth, extracted without :
le end all icon: u•irrlnt .I ' ' i The praCtice of self stupefaction dates'
Jackson. 4.4tri01411.1, IIZO. ' ,'! 7 * 1 far • back. - These - terrible shaggy old
OR. 11. SMITII & SON, i Scvtlmians made a paradise for•themselves
Qt. - R.3EON nEyns•rs.-Menin.Ae 'Pc -! out of the trines of burning hempseeds ;
~ s-A
i7Office In .a.throps' new buildiuz. 'Over - -S l ' ' ! the Greeks had their nepenthes and ~their
the Bank. All Dent.d oporatlons Wll i , he '. .Y . '
perforatedlligood eel le and swiented. . '. " henbane; the Romans knew the ViillieS_
J. C. OLMSTEAD - J L. READ. , I . of opium and the black drop; - and their
DRS.• DRS. 01.MSTEADi; riEt.D. I Loeusta, the Tafana of her age, could
carve out a way for an enemy's th. as
WO u l:l h D ey Ii ANNOI oco d TNCE. - , to the Public 'i , . •- - -• . . - •
I CANDIi. in its course as it u as, certain in
partner:hip for the 1 '
Practice of MEDICINE'& -Surgery, .
its end. Lethe it s elf might have beLinsiti
iy the poetic-name for the prose idea of a
and are prepared to ottepa,to ton
rell-; In the lane of their '
tr i o m fle , v i o a rt. i nt , tv .. v forw.crly occupied by 11r. , J. C. , huge river of laudanum—like.a child's im-
Y . "3- 4 magination of a- world of cake; and! the
Delphic ravings were perhaps esused' by
certain furies of an intoxicating chbrac
ter, whoSe precise name is utanoWn.7 . -
Later doivn hithe ' great tide of life,l we
fintl.ntracelsos founding his fame and in
fluence on the unpublished propertiles of
opium; and what was half the necroman-
Cy of the dark ages but bang and Ilach
hish; and the rest of the magic coir.poimds
of a. like nature' In the East, until ' . I opi
um was discovered, and; indeed, inde
pendently of opium, hemp- has been! the
great madman maker. Hemp, which in
Europe means fibrous mats an the
toughest ot cordage, is there a soft fibre
less plant, saturated with naroeotic jo ces,
and ofno textile value whatever. T tore
is the same difference bet Ween the' hemp
of North and South - America; troineal
beat converting ropes into bang, by s min
mysterious process of 11:111:re as yet •ept
I'. LINES. i . secret "Besides making• haelishish or
. .
'V kSiITONAIMII TAH.OII.-Mcnir ,, ',e. P. Shop ( .' inilig, litIIIII!1.lerfOrDIS the (unctions cf to'•
IL In Phcenlx Block, aver kThli.. or MIA, lletraus
baCCO, Ilini is sinnetimes smoked in •ery
, .
- is Foster. All work warraot',...i. as to !it aod f / i4isi... .: •
C ll
oning done on short notice, it! 1.,..a st!.te. .jan 'Up unorthooox ptpes,such its Cow e- 11 ,
:JOHN GIZOV1:1S, • - . , gourds, cocoa nuts and. time Eke.
:this to‘ntco o . is tna , le only alter the r
I,v ,SITIONARLI: TATI.O.n.-montro•le, rft. shnp*
1. sear tea Bapto.! Meet::.;; ll ,, a-e.4a Turotae 005 price ---Wll4 - 11 is the unrcmiel
street. All ordersc • l '" ll.4 "'P ll i " f '' ' '''''" ' le- 6 ' . , been tpoken away ; and this is done in-sk
Cutting, done Go .hort Ivn!re. al:d m arnwed to Bt. -L.-
, . , ______.
. parts of I; din, iii rather a stran!re ni:Ul .
Men elothiA in leather - di eases rush
Aently throngli a planiatiim oflienip,l4
ing the plants this Way aria that, so II
the soft ruin, called churns, allicre4
] the leather • it is afterwards scraped
and kneaded into balls, the selritig - ,v:
of which is five or six shillings ,a. - 110 i
In 3k-paul, a finer kind is g,ilsl4 , red f
' the hand, and sells at ibutbl4
amount of that got bv - the leathern d
es of S the rest of India " . The Perstansl
lect their clotrrus by pressing "the •
between coarse cloths, - the resinous
which - bC * - - , • , thed off, -fr
ww. novrmin coorEn:.
11)AN1 ElLS—Atontrm.. Pa, Snece.Rora to Post. Cooper
& Co. nice, Lathroluenew building. Turnpike -et.
J. Z. D W.
- A T o r te'ein i3 Eltir n o d p"a u v"A l u a ii'di'lla r tvo w ciret t° Pa.
TTOIMY and CiAtn.Felloiat Lit's.—Tnwnyna, Pa
4 1.1 Ofiice in the L'itinu Muck. ' . . ! ' j;,1158 tf .
• - DR. E. F. IVIL3101!; 1
A.lLvt_tr , r;3..rn vier itt4oll4aie and Illomicpathre Col- ,
N.....W tepee expaictne.--Greqjlend. rlt. °Mee, corner
or Naga at t Elisabetly,ta, zicwir oppOalte tl,lO Mettiodhit.
Chard'. .. . . apse tr ;
Dl:.-\. Y. LEND,
'l9tysidan and S'4l7can j Tr . dend i g i r!ll , e o ,..Fa. Circe. te
On .• , •
DR. LEET gives attention to the treatment
of dilmismi of the EAR trr ; and t, confident that
ids knowledge of, and experienee in that linittch of prat.
tlee enable him to elect a.enre the •tuoFt difficult
. For trea!ing of thee° arrant no fee wilt
be etkan„Tell unless the pitieut ie ben ittedtiv the-treat
ment. (. f
:1;11.4 a tb , leg°.
.011. American M üb!c Tor Mommiri.:,y, Ilon&tonce,
Tomb-Tedea, Mautles. Sickg , aml thintre.Tabl,:+.. Al.o
dealer' , in Marblehm4 Slate tor Ma M' r'.`entra-Table',.
I Shop a few doom cast of Searle's.illut el o: Turnpike
•tract. Montrose, I's. ' . 't.C4 i •
. .
\ ' WINE, A. SNOW,
. i
TINTICE OF THE PT;ACE.--4nrcniater.a. Pa., °Ake
el on MAIn btrret, oppoEltu the We. ,tern House. spi
: . - •
JOITN SAITITTIr..II., , .. . ' I
F.vituoNAnt..r. TAlLoll—M•ontroie. ta. Shop
ower 1. N. Dullard's Groe.ery, on IN!aitortrect. •
Thankful fueps,t Cavort , . he Po!itit. n . .r.a:dinuanve
—pledging himself to dotal! work sall,rdriarilv. Cut
done on short nOtier...and warranted to fit. . I
Mo!,trose. Pu. July "Vtli, 11 . 414.1. I f.
• ----
\L.. I>.
EPAIRS C".aaks, and .Tr' ,try at the
abortaat n:,t:ce, tin d In rt.:, ,tnaide.
work: warranted. Sh. 4, in Cl`,.w.dier jl`Afllll . l.
stare, llosinnar,;..t. , ' 'O:43S.Z
W3l. W. S)IITIT ('()., -
ANT) CIIAIn ItEttS.—rolt
NJ of !..4.ain 9t re,t.'`:a:tv;,c. tt
- - - --.
t.... 4). 1.1.)1-,1 HAN'
• ---, - -- -, )
ANUFIC-TCRETI of . // .. OriTS,f`' $.l - i ors. IRlontroF..
.IT I Pa.: Shop Icrec, Tron 1. ,toile. All klyds of work to on:ler, and repalriug Zone tally. , jeR y__
- .- - ABEL A T. CRIZ ELT..,
FALTat. in Dram , Ned:elr,es. Chi•thicali. Dye
J, Stuffs. Glass Ware. Dat.t4. Vnrabkh. 'Win
dow Glass, Grueertes, rane:r Goods, .4NteirY
men. Lc. , —Agent for all thr moet pop ti,lar PATENT
:ftlClsl.:9.—'.lluntrnse, Ps. - ; log a
rz corm Gaya
. ,
riftlie drug. Hemp resin, when puri;.
!blackish . gray in color, fragrant but I
e'otic in c,dur, slightly warm, bitter, I
i acrid In flavor. The famonS baeh'
which Makes nicri mad with jov e mid lei
them mad .with despair, is a dark' gr
•'• hitter, highly perfumed preParatie9
._ • .
P E 13RUSIT, 1M..D.,
Y: E . • 'ibis elifirrus, of about the consistene
I syrup; and of effects that may well
/EATING NOW LocA.Tr.D i , EirnANENn. - r, xr for . iniratmlits. No other drug has *
% ; a potent influence on the brain as 111
.. .
ISSIP 1 "- 7117 7 1121 Pi gone seems'to etTeiit the liiimagniattof
Wal 14:and to the ; intim:of li.s pni:fese.lon T ronlpfly. !
entirely. 'Dr.:Moreau once took a
I .
Office at a..Laths' op'siletcl. ...jivit bethre going to the opera,- and
A. .. jr
..... ... uai . grr ,„_,,, e4 ~ seemed to him that he was three hour
-A-.-r— i getting through the passage the was pi
NEW' MILFORD, PA:, ably not three inimites.) M. de Saf.
, took a dose, the effects of 101k:hi:if
IS '1 . 1.1E PT 1(..7I.: : Tt") P,[' 1' Vai'll. .
,•• - ~ •i._.. the whole day; that day - seemed to
-V. c .. 1
. Q ,
.64 • '1 to he &hundred years. Half the Ara
H A R N ii. 44 0. 0 E y 1.- Nights' stories introduce linclishish-4
cn - aa p roil c „52r.-,E, • : always by ;iiarne--as one of their mt
'! f gction • mid some end iv tI • •
AND GET THE WORTH OF 'SOUR MONEY, '° • '' - P-I L .. • 1 0.
! composed under its influence. Actin";
law, 4[114 s . . ...1:. IT. N'CITII.
it. doe.s on the imagination, it prod,
'• -
xi ®M. M ' - 'all .kinds of strange, • wild and con.!
! . 7
~; tive Yisions t . sometimes very beau;
NS ill\ Cr • C-I) lii pA A -, i , sometimesrvery . terrile.. . I
, 1, • Afreets-an•l pins are.dadv compar
1 ' J
. .
'he tugs Resolute anaßelianee
. . .
.. - .
cal . 1 v e0 „,,.... 2 .- c , x .ii,. , : with tile Easte: 7 ll takers ofliat•lishisii ; they color thi s j u i ce i s ,l ace d in iii
; - i.time course appoin t ed to most things hio ' ill the clay
- , hold long emir erKaiong together, n ake ,,,1,,, to allow it coffee-colored liquigflan— the small liginging, the sharp op-, run the gat ntlet of the R.ebels shells and
way an d t h e ii n „i shot, and arrived up safely.. Theßesolitte
1 to i .
far journey-, see wondrous sights, , ;Osumi), the steady'
ON DOLLARS liSe draM oft; when (in Benares) it dried to f
' , thiough even fell lives, ill the time Ithat ' •.1 -• ' - is
I to mm di, with o ion •nts liate , ini their had in tow { the schooner John Beatty,
ASSETTS la dtay' 1.350, i 1,411,819.27. 1 the pour )tr ret ch. is lt i t.g drunk in his f tol's requirt., consistence by exposure to air 1 .I. .. PI ' .' I' • l from New . York lorded with ba and
LIADILITLF-3,• " ',l , I 13,068.68. '' • , in the shade; in Mahwah, it is immersed I diminished heads. Tobacco is IIOW an in- , , , , y
, paratuse upon this K. raw, and IRridin on i n li nsee d nil; and ii, Turkey it is beaten stitution. Banished from the drawing r
, cement moil the Government. Af one-,
I. Milton Smith., f.. - eey. e11.,,,...1 , Il'anns.Presld.nt. 1 llTlSlth , t:intial a isions, tLe wealth and. en- ioMt on the river, someerhere near Ship-
1 :up with saliva a process almost as r
I room, it is paramount in the dubs'', moors- I
John McGee ..I.,'t .- A. i. 1, 11.nanh, N tee • !Ping Point ,j a-chain cable. was _stretched
, er:zy Which should have gone to build; °Pi as the Friend id or ders' ' ' nasty
' hipped-underprotest,and 1;1
yl,nova t i) „,1, 1 0,
...! . .
---,-- • - --4 a ' noble and useful hi e.
Those ftsof' a -' ;froth the V irginia to the Marlyand shore.
Policies Iseped snci retn,rod. hr tnc tt:Yel ,, r-1;:r. ,,, 1, nt. bit• . • i e: we shall come presently. I t is repared in the raiiwaY carriage, it is at times on
cllee,,one door Above 5,..tr1,.' ilutd. Mc•nvosr. Po., i lirium often repeated, close-finally in I di ll -' iiir the_market in various forme, The : the omnibus top ; the soldier smokes it, 1 The river here is not more than a mile
nom y BILLINGS Stitt/VP, - 1 9 0,1 -
1 Bengal opium is made into bails of three ' the sailor'ehe" it, the elderly Matron
,---------- - - - ____ -- - .:., to the sensations of indescribable hppi- 1 an d a hall' • 1 • 1 5110110 d it • scars, el y and still • I safely.. but' the schooner, being heavily
MC . 23, 'Er 2EL Fit, 'X Tor , ~ . . .
Ti S just C. ell a large •-torm: ••f new'Storm for ' "`"" the t etlialeg` , 6t linmeas arable in- I each, of a child's, hend, - coated with poppy 1 iew-devotees are to be 1011111 e, I„4,i ng i„ 1 caught on the chain, and was cap
.ra.ACooki 7 c. P'srlo- (Allen and 51n.rp purposes. for Wood , ennlainnieable joy , the elastht frame, i theholes and corners, with breastplates of a I Cured. The vessel and ballot' the cargo
1 leaves, fastened together bs the lewaleor I
crgai, et`kk,O,,.,i;iiie, Zinc: ,S,c , . i _ ,
ass ' o r nment 1,. sclea nod deal Ahle. end will be NOM teeming el atm t Int atmosphere Of ore . co ff ee-colored liquid draine'd off i n t h e ' golden brown, and , bandkerchiefii cur l - Arai ownedlby Mr. John Maxwell, of
an the most favorable term* for , r Casli., or :.0 hrnspi six and glory; mid divinest beauty, ii 1
wit•e.' ' shallow saucers. -Garden Patna• '
opium is ousts embroidered. 1 Tobacco can make York , the other portion of LIM cargo
;Von th• Xitrerß. ,
New Milfr, o.a. 2:44,lffia. 1 , , make •up the sutn of those hat .!shish !in square cakes, one inch thick, and three , the hungry Man forget his hunger, the 1,
belonged th Mr. Adam Warthman, of
. i I drearnc... , ' • '
- 'in diameter, wrapped in thin plates o f shivering man indifferent to the cold ; 'it 1 l'hilalielPhii•
Dandelion'Coffee, ' The assassins upon time mount-tin of ' •
1 . ..,.... • • , I , mica. Mahwah opium is in round flatten- There ws no insurance on • %essel or
( can lessen the toilsomeness of.thelburney i , , • .
it iliaL•rlir trrervc. One hound , dell,: coff e e Nelll :which every body has heard; were simply ie d eakes ten weight, packed in 1 and brighten the weary way ; it soothes i cargo. Three or four Other -vessels are
.1411. Duke Ita runcb ea Merputmcd of Oulu. C0:h..% For . I t h e li heartand ' ll h I - I
I I reported to have ,been c a ptured iii like
•0r..14 ABEL TURRELL. I Haeligldsciiing mo the takers of liaclislish ;t, ~'
-, 1 boosa, or coarsely, powdered poppy pet- , ac ing sti s t e t iro ii- ;
-- l - • bet their hempen madness genet:dly ' nis,sometitnes packed in within , * at all. Mg pulse •it can do all that opidin and imannee. * - ..
choosing, 3 turbulent and aggressive tit- i
, Cutch opium is ill Small cakes, al i n pi-, i n ; Imetishisli ' do in their special spheres, and I - — ....."11...---
fall, leading them to the somen hat un- diameter, enclosed in fragtnents of R t e es . without 'their special evils. So pckeiltil ` Pr Dintdicen ti& DyFenSIT) as ill loci,
pleasant demonstration of oil titig tl sir , K a „d e i, i i i ni ii„ l „, is
-iii round
flattened is thiNainted herb which Raleigh bliought, mate the Volunteers far • more than the
neighbors throats, the name Ciotti: t:ra lu-1 ca k es , we ii i i ng h a lt a nolind ! gyr i ti„ii 1 and - Ni thought worthy f his Bitllets,of the enemy, therefore let every
illy to be synbnymons with all bl o odthirs- ' opium is ato in round flattened - cakes, I own nape s po i l need h avo I to i ,raise ( .man see to t that. lie , cari.iee . with him a
is and riotous people Whatever, .1 1 ;
na(-, 1 - 11 i about: an inch in diameter, coveted with ;it ; small need to advocate tree uselof this 1 full supply of Ileilloway'srPills. Their
TAKE NOT lb E ' , Flmrlist!, was corrupted into assassins
- - ,ltachshisclims, or the takers I the vestiges of some leaf. Persian opium , he: 11031 Y weed. Dirty habits, indned 1 ~...
I use in India - and the Crimea Saived 00U-
B 1 Soldiers, l " '
of hachsh;ish iis in - sticks, sir inelltis long, and half an digestions, offensive rooms, crn§s l'illyeet ' " us °' u l b '
"Agit x -i 3 ,1 4 -3. gar xariclaso , —men ever readv for some. impromptu ' inch • ..r. Yment and spoiled furniture, i Bus, S'.l3,
beep F , Le. F ur. , Ilnk..netkra:: unit all kind s ...' , . , .„ in ....umeter, covered with smooth ' intense enjo . .
...., ,
Fara. A good al*OrtMk ni a LA:attar and Ikx,ta and ; act orilgitallee and murder. ,
__l. 1 satiny paper, and tied with cotton. Sin 1...
I attest the-universality of its reign, .and
oboes ettnettney on banC.• eir..:r.. Tia , rr., l'• Clap ” , The Sheik Haider, chief of the 3 sce•ies ma'o • • Lottroundand fl - d
• Make the task of proselvting unnecessary.
Bain Wed. pllirll IS flattene d, -i n ,-in ,
Montrose. Feb-6th. ,A.P.A' . C KEELER lOK Isis chty, was the discoverer of the dr- cakes of irrekular •-fl t d dI On the , whole, seeing that man . must and
I an% i , alli ,_ covere • , . .1
- geronsly.delightful properties of hem --- i with the cavities of a species of dock .— ' will'have some "IQ of - narcotic stimulant
For ten years he had lived in the molias-4 And Constantinople opium its either i n some kied of drug'. which Shall still the
ten) of the Fakirs,a recluse from man and : large irregular cakes, or small regular cob-' nerves but ass 'ken the., brain, ,totacco is
pieasure but one day he chanced to ti
-- 19 (4 • vox ball': covered_ with poppy leaf and 55 good ma anything else, answering its
, i
I orit into the fields,atone. When h
• 4e. if) - 1 two inches or aa in iiiturieter. - Of; all legiPmutejiurposes; bit•7:l4oiogl so far
' ' 10rd - ell he - was a changed man—gay, I - ' ho . • 4 , .....0d - thenitastbe twp 'a ly .6i/ru l ers
• , , , . . . , ... , . , Atisct kindso Engksh market .reetaves 1 —J- ... . ~
I blithe, eanrinnteatwo—in nothing Ire- I rroft,.gbotir - ,44 gstep,*optim. Besides ,-spcken of betora t ; mta though not a
roe tar Odes Metinie OM for thudas=mtnes• s • ernbling,tbe igiprny saint Who had - wail these, tlitireire'virtona adultefai4oria,sonila iparticulillf curb' habit; tbe tisk Of it is
za.mocatb Watch Oa, Bod Big. • Bat and rat, ' '
POS. Uosetiopatalterpeetes, ponelArtnct:oestrea. loved - forth Into theAelda, dill' 'Of lit i ain o f t h om. b o i oo , lob, o f,•l,lomi l oeo , I not so bad ea betel.nut chewing otj Can.
reriet7 at Lillian/A% Salves. Filbl,l4 l a, Fitton. s a d aC ) iiid ,i n d o f h'is a re. fe.,.,efiten rife was a 1 , ur lfi l m y,"• -,„,„6, 4 „-,,,t,ibi t - b,,,m, - nea t ly ' elrialangieieepting,indee'i in the 70ited
117e.in0...A...7 a Pew Me•dietries • • •,, "•- ; ' •,- 1 , ,, •"c, , • - 7.-rfr.. w-----" , , . ~ .7.7-1" -., -l; pea •
, . . . -
FA,.? Mkt>Tic and UliratelPilalliie3tl:*•ol;:epGrr.tirST;ll7. ,
tune, would returoble sincere thanks to thepelip!e of Gt. :
Bend and vicinityne t bthe very Jibe= pt.t,yonege with
vtieb they have te. for .bini, and be b ped be a Wirt et- !
I enClon to liulueevoredeet. a liberal 6 are 45t the .public
confidence. . Unit Ikud. Jaatuary tY2d.1:761. i
•DAVID C. ANEY, itt. D:, --
J - •
HAV rgqioEited permattentfy it hew Milton!. pa., I
will a tt e nd promptly. to all calla with which ,Lo =Pr {
be Wore& Office At Todd's:l33W. t - • . .
. .
New Milford. Jaly.l7, met I I ; ' 1
. .
We Join Ourselve to no 'Party .that floes not Carry the 9FlagH
on .1 cap o scraped rdf,
leatilcr ; t!ic churl-us egnsi.l
etl.flie most pnwarful of all the 'varit
„Err karoz:n. 1,4
' . . . . . . .
. -
. . \ . . .
. • ' ',.... "1
~ . . I , , .
--.- • • . . • • . . . . _-- . - '.. _ . •
... ' • '
f, ~ :._,, 4 t- •_.' ,1•,,•,- - .-.;••• ~ 0.; ;.- . '''' • 'I. —; ; -•;= ":" ',. '-••••• ,-, -'.. ;- .•r _ - '-',' - ! ••••, I , . .t - i• .. ..- . -;ti "i" It .s• -- ' "`I ---""- " - •''' -• ''• --- '.. l'• - • '-' -- ".,. ' - ..,:•; ,, i. •• '•;,'. ,-.• "-- 0`• • ..• ... .. . , .. .
--..-.,, ‘ ~.,,:-) . , . ..i ••,...... ••••.. 4 • - -."'.., .-: . 1 s• - - • ~f , , r,•, .< - - =4,..t. -, •••-; • .
, ,P • ••.•.1 4 . , .
~.,. ,
..,- ; 4, -°, ; , - . -,. .• :' ~., . °-;. t•
:, a f •
. , , :- - - • -.. -!;',- ..-. 1 • '',. s " - • , 1 ,-- -j - '-'
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. ..- -
r • •-•,-, .•- ; T •
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.. ,•:•t - , ' . if' L -• , : •::, \ . •: I." - ; -",..!
• I s.
. . .. . . .
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' TO .
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. - •
. • ' • .• . . 1
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. . . .
. . ~ .. • .
• ... . . .
. .
. I
- . -
VOL. 18. I
The Love of Intox7-7-icatio;
. •
long act of penanct, and joy: a.. thing ':Of
the past. Lie told his friends that he had
seen a plant which hatteeezned to dance
in the sunlight; that, 'struck with its' ap
pearmice;,he had eaten some-of its leaves,
when, on the instant, earth was transform
• ed'te paradiae,and love and lieauty flowed
'Where only stir - and stagnation had
•erept before . lis complnions,went with
him to the puree,found the plant dancing
in the heat, ate the, leaves like their sheik,-
and were confirmed haehshischins for ev
, ertnoiv. The thick wait accustomed to
take his portion steeped in wine, and the
bright green tint it gave to the liquor was
the meanine. of "the emerald cup," so eel
ebratedin Eastern poetry. This discov
ery of the properties of hemp was in the
ychr of the Flight, 658. Twenty-two
years afterwards, the set:crest_ ordinances
were passed. agaiust theliempites. Their
1 teeth were knocked out; they were per
! secuted and maltreated ; and the famous.
I valley or garden of Djoneina, where all
! the inhabitants were - given over to the
was ronted up 'and laid desolate.
Vi a tt ct nt's desires-were stronger than. le
gal enactments. In twelve Years time af
ter this raid, -the -users thia abusers of
hemp was as powerful ind numerous as
ever; and now the problem would be to
find an Eastern who has not, at some
time or other, known by experience the
faseiniting effects of Intelishish. his even-,
creeping into America;" and men with
turn-down collars and whittled sticks
semi themselves into a state of stupor and
delirium by means of the. same drug as
, that which made the assassins of the
I mountahrso terrible, and rave the world '
! scone ofihe'best stories in Scherzernzade's
The lindoos make several preparations
of the plant and juice. After it wasflow
ered, and resinions juiel„! been extract-!
ed, the dried plant is made into bundles,
two feet long and threelnches in diame
ter, each bundle containing twenty-foOr
plants, which.are sold for smoking.- The
larger leaves and -capsides, , .• without - the
stalks, are called Bang, Subjee, sand Sid
; Vee, and malie,first,an intoxicating, slrink;
an intoxicating tobacco; and third
ty, an intoxicating conserve. called ma
joon --a lozenge-shaped Mass of butter,
flour, milk, sugar, and-bang, sweet .and
pleasant to the taste,.and of potent prop
erties. One drain of majoou is enough
for a beginner, but an old hand may ven-.;
ture on three. Almost :ill kinds of -car
nivora eat this conserve greedily, and be
come ludicrously drunk in .cousequence.—
The Melees swift:limes:mix the heeds of-,
the datara• with 'their . with
What 'specific effee't is not geite, clear-- !
The caters of hachshish- have almost
• ways ‘oraeious appetites; .and, .in some
ti in,tan c es, the . effect orthe hallucination
aisle, and delirium ends at a moment., abruptly
plat - and without gradation ;inn otlio.s it pass
to es gradually, and by a painful effort.
'off ;• Dr. Militia tool a dose of a s ere
':duo strong. kind, called Birihinei (the laugh
and. ter producer) macht beet, got at Bechar.
Fled- : est in hard black tablet, very smooth,in
e the odorous, insipid, and thigh, hecomine.,on
:ess- mastication, :t pappy mass, which in time
deel- dissolves, and leaves crumbling solid
ent substance as a residinin. , The - doctor
ittice took 'ten grains, and the . dose- began to'
th in abo• n ho , - id a half. lir
111 N,
111.1 t
he operate in about an hour ant lie
met an aegnaintanee it, .the town ‘rhere
airs helm(' none, and to him talked incoherent
is nonsense: his face and eves were red
, - and
lnar- inllanied , and everytbiwi . le saw or did
!rind had a ludicrnus aspect. i•Suddenly he be
-)ish. came pale and sad, his ; excitement and
av 4 s pleasure faded, and the whole world
,seemed dead, gray, void and .narrow; his
of blood was boiling arid - Feel/fed to surge to
Mof his head like it heated ilinntain: He drank
ass ; cold water, and bathed his head and neck
such ';:ko in cold Water; and for a time Ives
Oi r.
s; r . better, but in five minutes the attack was
mso renewed. Be tbought•he was dying and
dose spoke_ of his dissettiosv; and so he contin
it ; ued fur three days, with intermittthit, at
i tacks, growing gradually less severe, but
the effects not passing, away until hiug af
nley , ter.
fedi The "gift," 'as the' Turks call opium,
lout plays even a more important part
• the
paradise Of fools. It is a more sleepy ser
'not pent than bang,.more deadly and less jn
atts dicious,; still its ,votaries' are just as devot-
Fere ; ed as the others, and its reign as deplora
";l ly universal, But it haS, as a set-off
ices ' against its hideous evil, a counterbalance
Pc n agood: the gift stands between the an
iGtl, nel and the demon, with, a considerable
I leaning, however, to the demoniac side.
j"ns ! When fresh opium juice : !s of a pinkish
, . .
„ .
made and rubbed over;with a•ivateryaso- I States, were it : is simply a 'disgusting r FientatOT Baker's Lifo 'and Death , 1 ,. - - Chapter. - or Accidents. -,. • .
ration of chandu (the extract for Sinoking, ) nuisance. 1 • -.-•• - The•co.untry will be profoundly affect-1 Surfounded'as we are by dcstrdttive
obtained from the pare opium;). and .otir. I Reteanut, chewing, as praetised by the 1 3 y, the intelligence that the Hon. E. D. ;a g ents, artificial add, well as natural, the
era mere cakes of refuse, admirably ponn-IMalays and others, may be a vastly pleas- Baker,Senator from Oregon, ColoniT of :•eltapter of4tceidents necessarily occupies
dad-and washed, so as to rentable the lent ,but isle, highlroftensive ;operation.— t the California Regiment recruiting in this ! a large sPace - in the record -. of physical- . _
real thing-to all save the unbelieving aA slice of the: areca-nut is wrapped tip in-1 city, and commander-of a brigade ;Mlostly•lsuffering. - But for tic -kind Providence i
Frank, with hisicursed tests and infidel la leaf of the betel "pepper smeared over ' made up .of Philadelphia' regunentaa was ) that hi a measure shields mankind from •
aileroseope. ' ) with a little :powdered . Icing ; and . this killed in battle yesterday , near / Leesburg, ; the consequences ,of their own ire-glee',
1 , The opium used for smokingisi an- after 1 combination is•eliewed incessantly, in can - i Virginia; while gallantly leadiag,his 'men I recklessnerss and brutality, that chapter
preparation—a purified process, by which - sequence Whereof all the . population, male • into:the fight; a•: -. A more nable and patriot- 1 would be much longer than it .is. Still • •
.i all the irritating matter's got rid of, and and femoral,. adult , tand • infantine, have is statestnan 'and soldier did not live and ; the number of 'human _beings bruised; 'Ens-
I only the soothing and . soporific qualities black teeth ; and blood red genie and lips, ;at is asadarad task to chronicle his untime-'itorted,,,' Mutilated, end destroyed every
remain. This smuking-opiam oachandu, land give opt incessant showers of blood- Ily death. • . . . / - i - I year, by-fortuitous causes La immense.—
lis got, aiming other ways, ' by I intense . 1 red sa liv a . I A Malay_ would go without I Senator Baker's lifelaa been almcist a' Unfortunately the last iagyeativ augment-'•
heat, and requires much care in the pro-) fOod riitheil than • without . his areea-nut 1 led by un s killful freatment.- Limbs are - •
, romance. He =is an ' old Philadelphian,
1 ceis. - The men who work at it,•• read a ; which he calls pinang a his betel pepper I and of Quaker lineage. His- s aneeatory 1 lopped off ; lameness and distortion - super
! strange life of physical discomfort atid,l leaf, whichlia sirri ; ; and hia powdered I were E ng li s h Friends: Colonel Maker I induced aud'perpetuated, and unutterable"
, mental excitement; half dead with heat; lime, whir:llia chunam . The ',lime excori- I . himself - was horn' in 'England, but: was : pain and : sorrow indicted, in thousands of .-
in the day, drunk with arrack at night, In es t h e lip and -nteuths : ofstreangers, but i brought to Philadelphia whets an . infant, I casea' where the application of -the
I and, as some say, tho Ugh others deny, i n I the nat i ves ' are used to it, a n d find it great-1 *here he, with a younger brother, Were 1 proper - remedy: would haVe prevented)
a perpetual state of cerebral exaltation ;ly to theiil-liking. • The Cingalead also:: left orphans soon after their arrival. I- 1 such lamentable consequences.- " But,"
i from the fries of the boiling opium. So I use the nut i with a like preparation,' and 1 1 This' alamitY left them no resource but 1 exclaima the inexperienced reader, " what.
precious is the drug, that the very paper I have; in enhsequerice, teeth of eben black- to workiheir- way through the: worm ;is the.proper remedy V' Every Surgeon
through which the chandu is strayl
wed is ! fleas, and bps and gums of Irideons: red. with their own hands. - Far a while yOungl has his pet theory, his- peculiar style of.
: carefully preserved ; and also the howl of ; The Burmeae choose the coon ;a• sliee of I Baker, the present Senator, worked ;as a t practice. The - ihertlty "disagree—who,.
water in which the'workinen . frbin time !areca nut, a piece of cutcla arid some to. hand-loom weaver in a 'Small matmfaetur.," then, is to be-trusted ?' -We answer, 'let ,
! te a time wish their hands :as else, again, I bricco, rolldd up . in leaf ofbeteLpepper, I Jug
! establishment near Thirteenth; and I the prepoaderence of testimony, : deeidc: -
I the refuse, consisting of charcoal; oiasalts '.smeared over with, temocered quicklime.. South streets, the loom upon which ! the qUestlen. . That prependerence is in
°ph= and uncousunied chandu.
This ;Clad' is fr4l the Acacia eatechu, and is wi, he labored is still standing.' It is likely, I..favor of !rollaway's ointment as the best
! refuse is smoked by .the poor, sOlo . can- l • powerfurstaingent, well known iu Dig- i now to become an obje c t of interest i Be. rtuid safest dressing for u r otinds., , bruises,
not afford chandu, and costs them just I half commerce.' One value of this beteki
, forehe reached manhood; he paid Some ! burns. scalds, and every species of exter- '
half the price. - When smoked, it leaves nut nastiness is, that it counteracts' the ) attention to the study of the law, and left I nal injury to which humanity•is• liable.—
: a second residiaarra called by the Chinese effects of an over dose of opium, which is ! Philadelphia for the . Great West. ! llis. IWe have examined - this subject lit
. two
samsiting. Samsbing is mixed With ar-, cofivenient-the bane and the antidote I purse - being light, he and; his yolnigeri lights—The light of unquestionable cvi- .
! rack and drunk by the very poorest— 1 growing side by sidea When the teeth 1 brother crbssed the Alleghenies, and Went • deuce front foreign 'set/rens and the light
beggars, outcasts and the liCe, who can- lure worn ontaand not able to, eliew the tbro - ugh Ohio and Indiana, all the tv3a- on lof personal experience. We-find that dw .
! not,ge without
,their drug, and who yet I nut, attendants perform :that 1 - kind office 1 foot, until they reached the arabaal l l aver, I t ' ring the campaign of the Crimea; both in -
cannot afford its price.
I for their masters, who , would
; think life ) which he descended in a canoe, and at last I the atatienaryliospitals at Gallipolis. and -, '',
In Egypt several varieties of conserves . ' very little Worth having if they could not ! found themselVes:onathe,br o ad prairies.or
,SeutarFaud•in the ambulances at the seat
are made of hellebore. hemp arid : Opium,. chew their irecti. Old. a - . 1 Illinois. In this State,. Colonel Baker of war; .the ointment was used with the
to each of which kind a sep.vate inanifes- The Cava! of the. FriendlY Islands is an-I took ,up the studyof the law in a regular i happiest effeet as a dressing for sabre tuts '
' =am of enjoyment is given. Thus onepunctures, and gunaluit wounds . .
! other preparation that does' not seem 1 Way, and made for himself a mune, ! haaenet
This is history.
; The Preach and English
kind makes one sing, another talk, Wild cleanly to I European tastes. • This is a even at. the bar of..Spririgfield, where- he
incurs of both nations, have, we under- --
and fast, a third dance, a I'olllo , gives ) drink made of the s ifewed root of the Ava Met—sometimes as colleagues and al'ine• surgeons admit the fact, and the govern- :
wondrous visions, and the fifth siinply in- I pepper- and is accounted Its ,near per. times as adversaries--both 'the deceased
- standi.atithorized the ptirchase of large
dues a lazy sleep, calmapeacirful ' l ,ar.d uta I Thatoir, in Ore way of intoxicating- liquid i Douglas and President Lincoln. , . -I:
I quantities. of,the preparation. for:l4rmy
excited.' In China opium is smoked; .in I as - the Fciendly Island mind can conceive. , Being. of active mind, he took -part in
purposes. . -
:. - . - - •
Java and Sumatra it is:eaten mixed with 1
sugar and ripe plantain; tire. Tarks take
A whole party sits in solemn. conclave I the polities of Illinois, but as he wits a
public iiaa un . cacy derived from abroad, we hale the ..
. with their C hief, chewing c.lva ; the round I Whig, 'and 'in a itroagly• Democratic But in addition to tire roofs of its, eft. -
theirs in pills,or mixed with syrups,whicli
are either moist or dried into small cakes ball whieli . %id' puts out of his mouth' are State, he did not appearan
with the words Mash Allah, "thelGift of i . Oast it rapidly redcaps the agoaaaof eon- ;
I then laid reverently in a howl, and water til 1845, when he was elected to Cougresi. testimony of our "own sensea.
is poured on them. 'this water after sundry Shortly after this, the- IKarAtay
God," written on them. When two . or I
other itijitries of the ! fleshy - -fibre, boner, ,
I cerethonies,l is ladled out into. improvised 1 lug occurred, lie raised a regiment MI his tuslaraaufa, dislocations, fr,netures. and
three drachms a day have lost then , effect I cups of screwed-up
they mix corrosive sublimate with the banana, leaves; and I State, and went out to reinforce General .
I .muselea and integuments; allays the ini- •
then - is the 6onmany transported to the I Taylor. Returning, home as n bear& of
opitimointil they get to ten grains. The I seventhirealveli 1 • . ' a•
Hindu Makes his gates of paradise out off .
The comair palm is another masticator fever which. under ortlinat•y treatment, so
! despatches, after several Months service t mediate..,inflaniation. raid 'prevents, the
y on the Rio Grandealnareatimed his 'seat . ;
pills ; and the English swallow • laudanum 1 delight—a Stomachic and a tonic: tasting in Congress, but 'almost funnediatelv re- ,frequently,subvener. It has . also been
of it homes from the shops—bitter, pois- i like grass, and dveingthe lips -and saliva i
on us, adulterated ; of infleite,blessing to i•• -
I a' •• td in - thesiegef Veral fit, in cases of stiff ajoiat :lad :Millar :Zee
signed and rejoined liis`reglineliCl .lle I applied, in this rcgiuin.with strikirg lame- , a
, pat iamate
1 green. I -
the diseased, but ul ways hateful ; to the A s„ . 1 . . . , ...- . .-.:•; and in the bloody straggle at Cerro poi- 1 flans- - ~ . _
• •
_ at low peapte use tnortaappre wuturo). Our purpose itithis'artiele, is to toitA,
healthy. It is almost incredible to what do. and afteeGeneral Shields, received his t
• • and a few others, nightl .
quantrties the opium eater arid landairitm I s irides (iltreata 1
- eciall - u a ''' --- 1 la 1 • •
; apparentlyrmortal'aveued, at the latter i
.eaa -.- a p n ita•i ni ra.t.llcd ()scaliness'
Briludfm. r '1)1, qrAt henbane Ina
1 ~ . same
.. ,
drinker can gradually attain. Dr.lCle•isti- I • . some Lbattle, Coleuel Biker took cormnariii• of 1 ill all eases of injury arising front acciden.-
the bater-sweet ; In fact whatever can •
, son speaks-of one woman • who took .a ; ... . s t ,„ a , , . . •
i , !the brigade: • I. - • tad causes; and to recommend that it 1-a
. •
dram of solid °Omit daily foraen )twor ; e,. 1 ,,c : 1 . 1 „ e er ' 3 .3 ' a1 -X i 7 ., e ,
run ciL i tr t , r i ' a l ; 1
; After - the war was'overa Colonel Biker I kept oil
wl:arever-caual. . a
•ies- Of thi
Lord Mar, far thirty years, drank or , 1 " "; kied are to be appieheteletl.. talks.
what Cost. IThe seeds oethe daitir e a itrel was again elected to Coagress from i Eli-.
three ounce , : of tend:mum daily ;•pe Quin- t no- traveler by - laud cr . water,
where he served with distinction du- ! Fe: t' '''
, al often giver in. India to stupefy those ! Haiti,
; His ,railroad tar:tam, no stem:moat: s it - Ltd . /cite:
cea' got to a dailY" l "'sc l'f vi g ht :; ll 611. " i Witi3lll is is intended to rob or ill-treat in ! ring the sessions of l Eta arid 1350.
tenapoonfai , ..a. c'aid thousand drops— !any
way ;
adventurous spirit soonded him to a ;stew chest, no family, house:l:cid. should he :
laud the letharav 'or stupefac- without it. As a prqventivc., of 'Lemma
about " ( ' 4 " t! ' r thr.'''• '''"4"',"o area - , induced aon field: 'ln
• pursuance of a contract with the;
fetimeala4s for two days I
~ r. loel-jaw, which, if thn blood be in- a
ty patient a maim- ot-dinary • ~o!epita'-ae ;two( „ more, a t • .
Litt''. t tike I Panama Railroad Company, he raised,
treatment ; and half an ounce in the twen- I_ " a! Peru, ';
l •
" ')
' I equipped -
morbid \atate,, may esue from the scratch
nearest . relative . of a sick man, who takes 1 , . . . ! t
tlalourirours is not at -all au urarounnon I' a. pin •as a means of remain , - proud
i in order tb (Its .
•er the sorcerer Or MO- I dyed men, wail Wilolll he surveyed I and ' a , ' ~ • . ,t' a ~
amount for tonstant drinkers. But the ' -t 1 ' c - • • • , u e al ; aa a safe 2 :uant a•_ ! atilSl InOWaeacion*
r , ;‘, hari who has g h( ert id s f r i en d th e
_di sease ! cleared much ofthu, traJkof that impoatant •, 1 d :. a
a . 'a, , II 11 • • •'?
worst feature in the English ! highway. Here .in common with - manv : a I as a hea ' m l `P','-' acn - t ' ° °lv4) •'
l ira4i "
.... a ... a ; fur all disease's is by witchcraft in Peru:
the immense number ofaleatlis ,i tjof his . laborers, he
seized irith 1 the Ointment, we feewe.l . assered, has no
'"'"--- I He dreams titider the inflireta•e aid:Aura
among the infants of the poor. . A dos • 1 rival ,v. am . otig the , preparations of . the- day
i and when itta,•recovers, he describes if, i deadly Panama fever, and nearly lostl his
of aquietneas" is-given by the bust moth- "Ile:reterned to Illinois - itith both.l —4 '? ' ' if ' n; "!!' - h '''' n? ""
' his tite ' person of the sorcerer .he l •
er on the careless nurse,,and the ' 'quiet- i' , : family
' 1 I • body,i health and fitr• s i d I
tune very . midi- impa ra , •__ - -
F . l •y then set out ta • a 1
netts" comes so often that the little ' crea- i "." sec"-
tures are finally qninted out of tlin world
altogether. theChinesel.
delicious dream of theopium smOker is'
followed by the hideous waking lof the
drunkard; with shattered 'nerves and
gastly fancies. the wretched - being . must
tly again to the source of his delight and
Id. , despair. The opium pipe.muSt undo
what the opimn pipe has. done ; and tints
he fulfills the same sadround of ! dream
ing ecstasy and waking misery. until dis
ease, madness, imbecility and death•close
that terrible chapter of misused ilife • for
As much beloved by its adherents, but,
by no means so' maleficent, tobinko—r
herbe saute, T herbe sacree, herbe prop
1..? a tons lesmaux, lapunacee .antarchne,
as it was called by its early admirers—helps
men also to a mild kind of heaven. Not
so deliciously delicious as that get out of
bachshish, nor so soothingly enchanting
aS that from opium, it. yet has its own
special gift of calm delight, and if it does
not intoxicate, soothes and refreshes.—
Brought by Raleigh or some of his men
front Virginia; christened by Jean ?picot
for the benefit of future botanists ;ipatron
ised, in the'shapp•of shug, by French and
It, Ilan princedom; evilly entreated -by
English royalty—tobacco has I,Tohe through
T - -
and 'Keep Step to the Music of the Whole_ Union:
i „
and compel ithe inohari indicated to under
take the cure instead. Shn• - ,ld 016 - tient
die (luring the dreaming of the relative.
_the Moharild-eamed of most die too.
In Siberia and gamtchatka the fly :qt.
lie (.41penit mum-aria), so poisonous
us, does duy f:n- a narcotic stimulant—a
great boon in a country where , potatoes
nevcryipen cabbages never heart, - and
;vas only Mower; and where • therefore,
hemp or henbane, or any of the more
powerful plants of paradise could not be
produced. And • what does it signify
whether it ie tobacco, hemp ; opium; hen
bane, thorn i apple.coca:root - or- fly agarie,
if the same result is obtained. from each ?
All that is required . is, first, excitement.,
then stu eleation; and whethesr this comes
from smoktog, chewing, snuffing or drink
ing; what Matters it to Me devotee Wrap
ed in lib; dellicious dream ? 'One thing is
as guod as 'another, he thinks ; and who
shall say that the paradise of a weed is
better than! the paradise of a fangas ?
. Oct l The 'great • question now is
whether the navization . of the Potomac is
open or libt, The Rebel batteries, at
times, semi to be seized with spasmodic
efforts. Some forty sail of small craft'suc
ceeded in .rinnuing. - up yesterday. tater'
'far NN , 0, are glad to' see - ii - dispel:ll.l6n
tin,the part-if Manufactures in the country
to excel in quality .and of conotnuers .to
purchaiii thii beskin the. rnakket ! omeei•
elly'in the iitieles which , eller. into, the
food of nu* We ore led wilie - aboye
mimics sipee havieg-tbe plein, ere of-"eat
ing, olifielvery., eider light /:lisimilti. entitle
T en
fr. 9 14 Ile ."-eQ P 14 7 , 4 004 k 140048
Orli bet Orimitiugioesit ti*liest she
I I ever 1, 1 4 " - -#. Most An the G.iocers
awl nin ny , '.. iggik , lte ,eillii.": • ' -., '
~,.- :
1 NO. 43.
Mid ln3si4. went' witlibis family to Gall
itbrnia. In San Francisco•Colonel.)l4ker
soon tookn front rank in his priafi!ssicinQf
the law, and acquired a niest lucrative
practice. His fume as A lawyer and 'ora
tor penetrated every part' of that rerirk,
able State. But he ‘vas-famotil also-:is an
orator, and his panegyric, - of Bro4rick,
over the body of the murdered Sena*, is
said to have been one of the grandest, ex
hibitions of fen id eloquence ever seeb -or
heard on this continent-. -
But a little oyer a year ago, the Fiptrit
of progress beingstill in full vigor in his
• breast,Colonel Baker removed to Oregon.
His character and fiane-. had preofcled
him .and almost immediately after lIIS ar
rival he was elected to the Senate of the
United Statesfor six years . . True to his
instin4ae e'patriot, he a second time, un-
I der. almost exaCtly similar circunistatices,
laid aside the robes of the legislatmi for
the armor of the soldier. - =
At the outbreak of - . the rebellion!
. „1 - ie
raised a regiment called " the CaliOrnia
i Regiment, mostly enlisted in this city.—
SuhseqUently, lie added another battalion
rto it, also of Philada. Not satisfied.
! this, he. undertook the organization f or a
brin.'nie which hasucces.sfully ticeomPlish
• • •
; ed out of several Philadelphia regimnts.
ilt was atsthe head of One - of these ilk fire
yesterday lost 'his life, falling iu .. dcf.m.Ce of
his country's lice• and .honor.—Pliitadtl
phia Inquirer, 0ct..22d. • I
TERRE Elivrz,.liid., Oct. 21.—Tw
three companies - :of 'the. Third' Indiana
regiment, stationed at Camp Vigo, itt this
city, tinder command of their Colonels qui
etly proceeded to the office of the ! foot-nal
and Democrat newspaper this evenini,suil
in a short: lime demolished ei•eiythirig,.—
They then .proceeded to several jiriv'te
houses and served them in the same man
ner. The . citiZens • are organizing land
preparing to take their cutup, and great
excitement iirevails throughout the city
toHnight, in consequence of the cotidnet.
°Nit, soldiers, • •.;
SoldierS to the .
..ltesehe.-- - -Y.mng
men rushing into the exposures: r.nd jdan
gers of a Soldiers life, should prepare
themselves" far the fatal revers; the Sorel
And scurvy, which are Ali - host eertaih
f flow. Hollotray7s Pills, used •oecasion
ally riming :the . campaign, itill insure
eonnd healthlo'avery Ord,t2stenti
Tiprhoz, 4 . 244-
The Blocktide, of the Potome;O.
Counnodere.CraAepliiis announced
dally. tha t the Piilornao bas been chased
11 . the i'etiolti; .There can', thereforn, De
nj.aso fitribof doubt upon th e subjeit ; 1, and
the acivernment has , now a large naval
i force coltootect .at'Fortress Monroe,. it is
!Trot:sable thata ntirtien,of it 'will Soon be
rtifrpii,toluid)vith aantfAcient a rm ament
jidnve trio -‘, impudent., *alb. (ram t h eir
batterie Taa agira, aviNritti bile°
L Fsda bfr:th4.insurgenia olefin the navy
employeAnd prevent :ST,,taeica cron'Sn4ll.,
Don: 4? 2:lmprylcp dfin**-
mums 419> Paimarnir.
, TEE office of the .31ontrose Democrat
s has recently' been implied with It new end choice variety \
of tyyppee. etc., and we use now prenatal to print pamphlets
etc., etc., In the best style, on short notice.
iianabills, Posters, Programriies, 311 d
other kinds 'gawk In thla Lae, done according to orbs
Buiittes.r; Wedding, .anil flall Cans
Tickets, etc.; putted with Lc -sizes* aud dtrpsicit.
Justices' and Constables' Blanks, Na es",
Neal, aid all other Blanks, ca hind, or printed tor rs M .
rir Job work and filnaks, robe pia for or dellrork
The. Connecticut iteinp3licapsOpf.
posing iho Administration-
Resoluticinq, 'sustaining 'the. President
land the government in the constitutional
stand taken against theniadsehemeof the
ikbolitionists for the conversion of the
war into a crusade against'slavery, Were, ,
[Tuesday ; (October 15th, 1561,) in effect, •
voted own by the Republican majority
lin the Connecticutllouse of Representa.
tiyes; '.After ,unsuccessfid motions from
the leading Republicans of that body to
kill the-resolutions outright,bY indefinite
'ly postponing teem, they were 'finally
tabledr—by a vote oft lj to 70.
\lt was a straight party vote.- The
Democrats voted: No, the Republica-a
voter Yes. Among the- latter
were only fonr,. out of a total of nearly
1 GO, to_ vote frsr sustaining the Govern.
meet, and against Abolitionistn. •
r It is a strange spectacle,, says the Iran
i ford Times, from.whieuNKC take the above
and one of the many singular result's de-.
veloped by the existing state . public
affairs in _this count ry,.that 'the action' ,of
the President in sustaining the Constitu,,
! tion and laws, is repudiated by his- own
party in, - a: Connecticut Legislature—
' while his position, so far rislie. abides by
the Constitution red 'the Union,: is sus
taiby the Minot:rots, in opposition ; to
the IVptiblicans.
A SAttort oa HonstnAcx.—The war
correspondent of the -Providence Post.
Writing tlom " Camp Brigho:rood,"
across the Potomac, tells the folloWini
story of one of the. men connected . with.
the Mode Island battery :—Not
long sihce one of the rider;i, a son cif oht
'Neptune, got , unSeated from . his horse.
The &Wounding officer came up and'rep
ritnandedhitn, and asked him stefuly if
he didnot know how to ride? He unhes
itu-tingly said "!o.": " . What did you
enii•uF for ?" asked the captain. To
which the . lc - tilorpromptly replicA, ."'To
. shoot d—n secessionists ; not, stn break
colts." The - reply to amused the. of hoer
be rode of smiling. .
:Tr Superior City; which Is - is,ttn,atedi
rut the Lace:Superiot at the beal'ofnad.
igation, in Douglas' county, Wischnsin, is
owned almost entirely by southern i6il ea.\
sionisis. The principal proprietors Aro
Bobt. N. T. Hunter, of Va : John C.
Brockihridge and Lazarus W. Powell; of.
Ky.; Win. Aiken and W: W 13oyee,- - of
S:C ; Beria 31 - again, Govenor of. Ken•
tuoky, and W. W. Corcoran and GpOrgi
W Riggs, dr Washingfon
In London, on the 28th ult., tOle•
graphic communication wee commenced
with the. station at Taganrog, on the Bea
of Alsoff..- This telegraph lino is twentr
five hnildro I Tiles long,and the exper.metit
was quite successful,' the clerks at -414
one... conversing with. Melt; other tips
the state:.Of weather.... This As - the
lament telegraph line inftha tearld.:
far. Now is the thus subteribe4hr
the Illmtrnas