The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, June 06, 1861, Image 2

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• • •,
I TIECIIII:CIOMTiele/C=9:7 0 1•XCom•
. • .AND ALII....TER
second engagement has been had
WAim:loi Creek, and, the
.rebel batter - y
silenced: . The ratan'. of a tight at Fairfax
,611 beeittintifirtned. • About thirty rebels
- - andlinte federal tionps were Par
tit:Ai:ilia next week.. - _ . .
-r "*Forern .or ahont time at
arrangements were Commenced fora good
• tld-Lisbioned celebration of."cheFourth"
• ssere, as well •as elsewhere. . Americans
really appreciate the day -now, to an
e:stett - they 'never hare 'before. - 'At the
velebtstiot, in•llontrose, last year, the or
'ator delivered at excellent, historic,al,,and
patriotic Address, Veautifqlly spiced with
a glowing trihute to our, :glorious UsriON,
and ; sin appropriate and well-timed appeal
to all iciehetisb the iistot: sentiment in
.heir hcatts.. All • true -UNION people
were highly pleased with the tone of the
addness;. yet a malignant few (not so
iew•as.thiy should have been) were "
ded herr:toe the speaker did tot disgrace
the occasion by, .partisan harangue-and
• the next issue of the Montrose Republican
cottoned. a low-minded. article, 'abusing
. him for mallug a "Union" speech in Mont
rose. if:We - conld hOve as good a lJnox
speech here this year,' it would be quite
received and far more fully appre=
distal-4nd We Venture. to predict that
even thetiost rampant sectionalist would
so far.cre spit the true patriotic sentiment
of the - ponitry Op refrain. from express
-14513-ictf:disapproral..''••• • •
,Leithe:AmerieanFourth y be miu
.protietly celebrated by the People, erery
;wlieie; for
itOw is not the time to do
so; y, when ts..l 't:.Th e threatened
siatiger - of losing tlic benefits of the work
of July 4tb, - 1774, is now upon us, and
fail iti rendering_ the !lie botnage of pa
trigta,:wOuld' eihibit an absence of the
firt : hl . patriOtistii; which, th4gh in times
of peueet:_und harniony, has necessarily
slumberekhas not by any means lieecone
.extliiith'shed in the hearts of all true litVl/
tien All Hail tine .Fourth' of. -.lnk-
Tic learn that a Unims . Pule and
and ! ...klag were raised • - at —Birch:Ovine.
June. Ist. The ladies
had Made the' Flag and due: prepora
ttemOlaTitt: been "made, the patriotie.
•• raiainir,!,':inoV place in presence of a
ortfte.people of the
aecoininmied . be cheering, firing of
gunii`lte. s 1n with ess was deliveied 'by
Fld::1. Virgil; or Greene.. N. N. The
True ritioa : sentiment is Universal at
;:irrite tloyerner hasappointed lion.
..I.s.eob Fry, Jr., of Montgotnery, and Benj.
'Haywood, Esq., of Schuclkill, a committee
to investigate, the frituds in .the State sup
-plies for Volunteers. It is
,hoped that a
thorough investigation may be liad, and
That the heavy hand of justice may fill
vpiSit the thrice guilty robbers, ttl , they
men .high or low inspublie or private life.
If there be lower depth of moral treason.
it is those who rob their country's . volun
teers. -Butbecausewe will unsparingly
denounee ;inch donble-dyed piraCY; the
cry 'of traitor" is,raised against us in
31ontrose by the Organ that is supposed
to represent - the administration iiew of
the matter. •
fir: Abbott, late a. Philadelphia 31em
ker of the Legislature has been added to
the etumittee. Yr. Haywood had pre
viousls• been requested to report .- Therein
the troops neededeelief, and in a telegram
from li - aqiingtort to the Governor hr
•• The Fourth Itel,imeat, Col. H:wtrauft,
and the, Fitth.lteginient, CoL McDwell,
are stiffening badly. Their biomes and
pants arelef all colors, made of damaged
go,ods of inferior quality, mostly of 'shod
dy,' and some of • Kentucky Jean.' The
blankets are of the quality of ice blankets,
not fit kr hems., The shoes are of wretch
ed material. The heels come off, and they
are constantly ripping., Many are almost_
barefoot: The report among the troop .
is that their appearance was so bad,. that.
General' Mansfield said they. n•ere nut fit
to take to, the field.• • .
-&7We were willing (and so expected) the. administration should remove
very;offtee•-holder who did not give it his
ote ;• but we are disgusted to hear the
cry of "no party" raised by a party, in
time of war, and to hear promisea made •
that "no removals are tube made for po
liticalf:rasoint,4 when a directly contrary
coarse is Icing. pursued. It will be iio
fault of the Adnimistration and its -man
aging friends, if the parties--politically—
are not driven further apart; for not con
tent with proscription, the most infamous
course of abuse, titre:its. and, in many • ea
+es, actual violence is being practiced by ,
them,',ocraidi men whose sthole lives are
a good'patie'rti of patriotism for the ne4-
Iy-est:AlislieA . l, iituodaids of public senti;
meat. The gm-aromas of honest men in
the Republican party are intuwent• ,: of any
intent to-do 'Wrong to their fellow chi
rens, but the' presses and the men, who'en 7
deuvortO give tune to public sentiment,
would 'establish .a tyranny over •: men's .
mind., to which Old John'ti gedi- •
• tiOn law wag but an initiatory
.step; and
with a liieh the " Reign of Teiror" could !
wrrrlo erliayPeke. Hut thanks to the, good
worker Or Pairiin Fathers we , Itive''
Cimstittitiou t able not only to. pretterve
itself, tinc-41,# tho : l;l;ersties of ,its.adhe
"patriotV4icaver .tbie, the bett er f or I
!hemselvim and the pettee theeoutitry, '
.r the ota,:t andr . tine
•"„;,,t. •
;.-*fr A telegram from Chicago states • Senator Douglas. • , ; • Gen. McClellan's Proclamation. I Restoration, Not. Conquest .
that Senator Douglas iiieit.on the 3d, ;AS • The loss of Stephen &Douglas-14'414 I-'. 'On Sunday night Mat- • 29:" Col, KellY,'; , Thelarge numberOF.V.origittalTtlion
. =
mac o clock; XV. : `lris perhaps true, a. E 'l erisre,and-these is
~,,room for hopt• of in cenmand, of • the' lirsf Reghnent oq: th eif;7o . otsolo; w4o,tottg4ligaipst, 807
•it lad-been looked-- for ..:eiery t im ii. , fi r :!itis,reeofery_ Jitiust:-bA.. regardedjiis a Na.l,l 7 l 7 irginiaVoluitteers, station ell,' at Whee,, cession up7,,Aoli'•„Certatn''-poi„.AE. and ' itre,
. . ltional cannily. .With';'ivbatever !limits of.:llin*; - , received marching Orders: They I=tioit,loult.'noni*niceS, as e*iest in• Per.
some days pait, , , ~%' '
- '1 character....-WO, would rather :4r of edneat 1 left: -- Wheeling -at 7' o'clOckr Monday 1 belbOn aiif;the oliginivi distil:llo'Bu,, init
.--t- , -.. -......---;---
itipi , ,. !. t . 's
.rll,,,LAzi.l.l:„:fron - ,11 - tion—Mr Vinighis"!Wai - iilwayti and. eini I - moikiitig 'taming 'toward Grafton . After I harediewiellidtaid ti:llltilie girt agiiiiit
' 1
J ''. N F .--- ''`; i'-intntly . ati . :American Siatesnitin. Sprungt their - elt:p i artnre, the Sixteenth Ohio Regi. I.the doverrimintOnde'rilie impress' io,niffat
good number. -,•- 4 ' Toe-Gault Itangere," 11.;.!*fro lo the People and proud ofthis orf •in, I nient 1 DOO strong stationed 'he Belliire lit is iniposeihleiolreatere' things asiheY
AustratiOns and all, are rich as etetun; prompt intrepid, selfassured—he . wts the '; ' 'under ' 'C ' onimatul - of Col. -Irvine, cro ssed 1 were before hostilities commenced; land
Phis •
is issue eminences- the twenty-th ird except•as subjects; and inferiors. . 1Q pun
bescoff-hand tit-for-tat debater . in Anieri 7 l" the Ohio and followed Col: Kelly's com...;,that they can-never return to :the .li t nion
' %Mine. to which we l'yi h the highpros: T ea—perhaps in the world. - Entering the 1 wand. ..
etitVitirillil -*• • :' ='' Tr' ' '
p , - Col-.-Tno otherreasonean- , we . petionn forl;the
frierided. - Withoat fi l itnilY influence, inipes.- ' Steadinan, - erosied i lieOhio' af"
' ` Marietta ' sitdden and snifl'eliiinge**liiith"liaii some' 80 1
he outdone in-the things that culture :1,441. ing presence, or personal tollowing, in a about the same tinie,and occupy Parkers- ; overote many hitlietto -loyal- men in' the -
I ' •
delight, the popular taste. . yor sale at ' in:iinly Seuthern-bern community to whoni ; burg, Col, Kelly-is in - possession of Graf- 1 South. , They evidently embrace rebellion
• Smith's NeWs - Offici.. I • • :• he was a stranger and,a*Yankee adventie• - ton this Meriting probably.' -''- :- - • fie a painful and -disagreeable - nem:nifty,
before .he was thirty • tive, L. .-.Before crossing the river,, Gen. 1)Icelel- - , forced upon them Iby evetittligainst. Which.
, ... .
I - f —Knickerbocker _acid • Peterson have he' filled,-
, • ~Per, r ears of : -age, the offices successively of •: - liin iSsueittlinfollowing- proclamation : they: "have . struggled, in, rain. At :heart
not been received. ~' , ;
:Stitte'sAttorney..General, Aiseniblyman,' ' Ihunqc.citTintibEroirrmiN•r in , Onto,) 1- they die loyal—destring the* rester:4lOn of
• 4 .
Register of - a ,Land.Offiee, Secretary of, ; CINCINNiTI, lifa'y 26, 1861 c ;the Union as it Wiitifheforti the:Warinegan,
GinsoN Atinicuittraat, - :SoeiglV.—The * . , .
~., = ... State, Judge of . the (State) Supreme ,Ta the Union Men of WiStera Virginia : but deluded b', the folic impreseion,,that
- ~.
Gibson ..c gricultural .Secistp wilt Ineq at ! Ceurt,.thriee elected, a ft er being once de.* VinGINIANS,:. The General Government this is impossible.' '1
theAe4dcm3 - ,Building,on Saturday, .tune i forted, and finally entered Olong enou gh n Senate of has endured the niachinations Now, in order;to remove ihis'dehision
15th, at 1 o'clock p , m., for-tire election of i the •Vriited States when but , thirty-fire lof a few filetiouti reberebelsin • your midst.: and to 'produce a counter-it:V .- Muth:i at
• tne officers 6'66 - setiety- • for ilie ensuing' years old.. •We doubt 614 another Amer- 1 - Annedtraitins 'mein vain .endeavored 'the eimith, it is:the duty of the *Govern..
year; and the trtrsaction of other import-
turn—we are sure thatno . other who be ! to dater you fromxpressing yoer loyaltyy 'tient, of the Northern* people, and the
a .
, -
'th S I S tates_ - ishose ' • el' at i ons
ant business. :* - G- 1 1. I N 7 EMS , P ".. I, ever held sa tMuii and such desirable . * sta- I Baying tailed in this infamous attempt e out tern
Sem Ann.; Sec. - . :., , ' - • '
_ . -I lions before he had passed the meridian - ,to deprive Volt of * the exercise, of your , are, loyal,.that. it is - possible for their to
. .
1 -• • • of the appointed life of man. lie has dearest rights, they now seek to •.iithugu- , return to the Union ~without forfeiting .
t..17 - In.reswnse to an inquiry in regard since served fourteen years in the Sonatc, rate a reign of terror, and thus forge von! . their righteland. - privileges SOVereigit
,to the intention of the .admi n istration to :or throughout seven successive Congress- , to yield to their schemes and . bitllni i t to.; States. 'The same Constitatton thatl has
iufterfere mith'elavery; Gen: Harney said : I es, ahem's evincing :4 vigor of intellectl the yoke. of the traitorous conspiracy, dig- , protected them will con'tilitie -,te-Spietect,
' "1 must
-'promise by eaylag that I have ; ,_and fertility of resource -which command 1 nifieti by t h e name of the
,Southern 'Con. them.'.. Of edursy,,jutitiee niast-Laxe. its.
.no 'special instructions on this head from the- respect of antagonists and the adini. , tVileratY. They aredestroying•the prop- eoursetreison must, „punished--
; the War Department, But I should as ration of his many des -sited friends. 1 erty of citizens. of your State, :old ruming i gnilty men . must stiffer for: their, :aides;
I soon eipeet to' hear that the orders of the So early, we,thin ki as 1844, When bare-'lour- magnifieent railways. The, General 1 hitt this is a matter
.whieli will affeel 'Judi
' GOVertimenf Were -- directed - the ly more than. thirty ! years of age, Mr. , 'Government has hetetofore carefully ab- I Victuals, arktiot'the 'estahlisheds,righis of
' overthrow of any other of property I Douglas was regarded as a probable can-Ist:tined from sending troops across' , the I cOmmunities *tit Staten. • 'ln . fiet,Jlitilgiiv
as of this, in 'negro slar CS." *, . 1 didate for the
,Presidency ; but .he was " Ohio, or evi.n from postinc , thent along its , eminent is fighting - nothing More ,than
not earnestly pressed , til 1t32., when' he I banks, although frequerttly' urged by," the restoration 'of thinge as • they were be-.
Gen. Ramey has since been -removed. I
. reiVed, on one:ballot r
o o t the Democratic. 1 many of your prominent 'citizens to . do ' fore secession conimenced. Southern4neia
Gen. To . -en has been appointed in his strad„l N,r id
who have dtifted into rebellion under! : the
nal Convention,' ore , votes than I so. ,
any of his competitors-92 out of 288. impression that this cannot, be,-ehotild die
-11 suppeked party exigency finally led to abuse theinselYes Of their fatal erior4and" .
a concentration of the vote on Gen Frank- Northern "men .cannot be held . guiltless
lin Pierce. In *ll3OO, lie- was again a can , who strive to deepen it.—//arrisburpi Pa
didate, and on the 16th ballot receive, trios.
121 votes to 168 'for Mr. , Buchanan; an - -41. 411,4. - •
';' •
6for Gen. Cass.: ,Again the prudence o • - The Case of Merryman. I
the Convention overbore its most, gee erou -John 31errythan,:a - prominetit citizen of
impulse; dictating this. tithe the noniinas Baltimore county, Marybunt, was •reeent-
Alen of Mr. Buchanan. ,In 1860, he was a ly arrested upon the . charge 'of having
third time brought forward, and now led participated in the
,burnitig of the bridges
on every ballot,: being at len , gth declared on the Northern CentralraliWay, and. in-.
dirt regular nominee; But meantime a :eareerated in •Fort he nry : '. Upon apPli
considerable ; share of , the. Delegates had- cation top Judge Taney a writ , of habeas
bolted, exploding the party, and --nomina- corpus Was is'sue'd requesting.Geueral Cad-.
,ling Breckinridge, to run wallader to produce the body of 3ferry
against 3lr. ,Douglas,, which, he did, to the 1 man and show cause why he should be
certain defeat of both. Mr. Douglas had I detained. • - General Cadwallader refused
the large popular hitt Mr. - Breckinridge Ito appear, but sent , woid to the Chicauo.
I tice that he was anthorized. by the il. esi.
the, more considerable _electoral. vote.—
The election of. Mr. Lincoln had,long been : dent of the United States to' suspend; the
ieevitable. 'Mr. Douglas—on whose nat- i,writ of habeas corpus in such eases, and in
orally strong% coristitution• the eXeitement, the exercise of the diacietionary pOwer
excessiye labor andfree habits for nearly I thus reposed in him, lice declined obedi
thirty years of political gladiatership had I ence to the order. The Judge
- then I di.
already hails a deep impression, -at the I rested' .a writ -of attachment to Issue,
close of the late session - went home frotii 1 againstitheGenertil, -cominanding hint to
Washington probably .to' die.- 7 .N. I' I appear and answer for contempt; Which
Tribune. 1 the United States Marshal was unable to
serve—whereupon Judge Taney then 'read
' the, following statement:— . 1
1 -' 1 ordered the attachment yesterotav'‘.,be
cause upon the face of the return th'e de
! tendon of the prisoner was unlawful upon
' two , grounds-- 1
. •• 1
. Ist, the President under the Constitn
tion iind"the tart's ` of the United States,'
cannot suspend privilege of the ;writ
• efhabeai corpus nor authorize any military
'officer to do so. . '1
1 9d ; a military officer has lite riqlit to
arrest and detain a person not. sub ject to
the rules and articles of war, for an offence
1 againSt the laws of the United Stated, ex
• cept in aid of the judicial ;Authority land
: selljeetto its Control. If th'e_partyp . is ar
rested by the military, his the" tinti• of
1 the -officer to deliver him over immediate
• ly torthe - eivil authority, fo be dealt With
aerording to law. ' -
I - I forbore yestCr:chly to state erallyi the
provisions of the Constitution of therni
-1 red States, which' make thoie principles
• the fundamental law of the.
.Untop,i' be
-1 cause an oral statement might - be misim
-1 derstood in some ;portions of it, and I
. 1 shall therefore put - my opinion in writing
and tile it in the office of the Clerk orthe
1 Cirenit, COurti'in the course of the Wtek.,
1 The Judge added' that the military au
• thority was `always-- subordinate tot the
civil; - that tinder {ordinary circumstances
it Would be the duty of the Marshal tO:pro
i reed with a posse comitiseas and .bring the
!,part named in the writ into Court, I but
from the notoriously stirierior fOree that he
1 would encounter this would belmpos4ible.
Ile said the Marshal hid 'done • :ill - id his
. power to discharge his duty, During the.
!week lie Should prepare his 'opinion in the
I premises, and forward it the President,
(calling upon him' to perform his eonfttitii
tional duty, and see that thelaws be faith
fully executed,-and enforce the dectek of
i this Court. - . -
. .1- •We suppose that when all the- facts of
this case come to: the Attention of:' the
President lie will not hesitateto ordei the
, surrender ofMerrymin to'the civil nuiher•
ides. We do not sett how this :can be
avoided undts the O:411 to fit!OF;ort( the
Conktitution of the Vince(); Stites. Nei
, .
I ; ryman's offence , if-anything, IS. treason—..
' and the laws define the proper inodv of
, trying and • , punishing tliat crime. Mary.-
' land has l not revolted against the author,
ity •of the United , Statewand the odurPi
are still in full poWer and. vigor., If-. ho
is-not tried and condemned by,. ordinary
process.. of law, we do not: understand
how - he can be punished. - Not by court
,maitial, because be has never. been .sub
ject to military government. A stinutiery
- trial and execution Without, affording the.
opportunity for-defence, -to which, every
-person 'charged with crime is entitled, -
st'ould be little keit. than Murder. While
the Governintint is attempting to-eitab•
fish- the supremacy of law Without] I- not
encourage the slighteit needless infrietion
of the sacred obligations of the Coits:titu
,l4ton,.. ,- . . , .
."None but a, physician -knows ow
-much a,:reliable alterative is needed by
I the people. On all sides of Os, iaalkeitin..
munities every*here there. aremultitades
' that suffer from ,complaints that ')iothing
jhut an alterative cures. i Hence . a4retit
1 many of them have been Jnade • •ind,, p ut
abroad with the as:nuance of being - effect
{ tail,' But they fail to . aotiomphithithe,
cures they : . promioe because they= have
Inco the intrinsic-virtues 4hey - - elaim. • Ifi
I this state-of.-the ',ease, DrJ. C. , Aiir-&-
I Co., Of : Lowell,liate.:sup,plied- us With a
I corn pontid 'Extract _Of Sarsaparilla,, • Which
does- prove,tele Hui:long desiredniiiiidy.
Its peculiar, different* from othili.kinelred
preparations inonarketio that 11, curephe,
diseases' : for.,l*Whieh:• it la - 3 , I . o'4*M - find: ed,'
awhile they - o'llo. .We' are itlitited 'of
this faiff - hy , more -than! one of our
gent Physicians la thelneighborhOOdl-0 d
:have the tertlier'erideiiee • eittinti . 6Wifek".•
perieietiofite trath.H{Teitneiieertielitei.,
- Nashville, Tenn. -*.• • ..I. ' r-I ' '''-' -.i >, '-': •
Bir4seye View of the Ar my.
' Under the call of the President of the
' United States tipian the militia of the coun
' try to snppress the unlawful combinations
usurping the powers of Government in the
Is rebellions .States, there are now, in active
service in the tield, - cin the lines extending.
from Cairo, on the river, to
Fort 24,onroe,at the mouth of the Chess- .
peake, .Isomewliat
. nver - eighty. thousand
' men. Of thesifrOnifive . .to thousand
are 'at Cairo, *int, ten thousand at Cin.
einnati;:and the,remainder l =-saYsixty•fiye
. thousand—areconeentrating with throat::
eningtid - overvehelruirig power: upon the
! rebel lines in Virginia. • As the forces
which 'Compose. 'this latter .body are the.
objects of most immediate interest: in this
wt• propose . 4 glance at
! Weirpresent whereabouts, and movements,
' so that eiar - readeri may judge of the sal
! dicrly skiliwith which the grand old Con
querer tit Mexicio is,direeting the upriser
: people Of thenolintry in the "work of crush.-
, ing out thereWlion.
.On the Virginia side of the Potomac,
opposite Washington,. there:ath Seventeen
regunents'of volunteers . , - ali - out a thousand .
. Distriot 'militia and several 4fachments
- ; -arre g ul 4 r °cavalry 'and artilery amounting ! I . .:. A' Patriot . Martyr,
in all to
aboitt:seventeen thoiisand men.,: 4 wail
~of sa dness, deep and - long,
This force is strongly entrenched for the 'comes up.frOmAlevandria—from the very
defence of thegapitat, sand at the smite house and thp very threshold of the
• time menaces the:Manassas Gni) jitnetion , i,KerYtoom where Washington once slept,
With the Or:moaint,Alexandrta railroad it ?n . d is' now. ringing • from , mountain to
through the — risen • North ! Ells
: —an ' iinportant-point its its eapturir cuts ,:v4eY ,
Ofr the .. llarlier's Fern' rebels front - the ; Worth has ,fallen—the , romp". accomplish:
.. •
edand galhuit soldier-the patriot hero=
main bodiestn the interior: In immediate :
I contact with the Virginiarorps cram' ee are. ' the martyr Mileer. He fell 'nobly in the
I fifteen regiments:ofvoliniteers,in. the city', cause of his Couritry,-with his "martia
cloak around hitn"—with;- the Stars and
of WishingtOn,l augmented bv fifteen bun-
' tired of the District militia and a thousand ,;„Stripes warm in victory over his hear],
Iregulars. - These bodies make up a b,„* . and. the secession- flag in blood, beneath
sixteen ,thonsand 'troops inside of „the , his feet! His blood, freely shed—among
the'first spilled in our see4md. revolution . Federal.! city, and with the I seventeen
for Liberty, will nMoisten afresh the 'rooks tholisand occupying the' heights across:
the river, present the array of of our glorions Government
and. grow
armed men, who Willcomefrom the bloody thirty-three , thousand men immediately
under the•eye pf General Scott . ground like the iron men of Cadmus. -
SuppOrting this force at Wadtington, Tt may be said that Ellsworth - was
rash and impulsive and sacrificed, indis.
and so posted 'as
. to concentrate either
-there or at Flarper's Ferry, are ten regi- erectly, a noble, valuable life. But he was
merits at ChautherShurg, embracing eight the Colonel of 'a fighting reginnint—a fiery
force, Whose idolatrous allegiance to their
thousand five - hundred men ; " .ittd Seven
leader must be rivet ted by deeds of phisi
re,ginients- .at Turk, Harrisburg, and on
66 North Central Railroad, amounting to cal daring! He dared, he - wrotight, he
dins-fell! and his sacred ! 'remains repose -in
about six'thonsalid men; the two"
fourteen thOnsand -five the, East Room of 1.110 White House—are.
ions' summing up
hundred, There arc also moping upon wept over. by the. President, by all the
great ones of the land, by , his . comrades,
Harper's Ferri two Gratton
, by the people, and at- borne in triumphant
and one at Parkersburg, 'Virginiano. ,
'state through great cities to theirhumble,
togethera colninn of twenty-five imakimnda.
honored, resting place, in the.
In naltitnore and at Fort McHenry, there , but now
of the Empire State! The light,
are five OH reginients' - and a battalion, of ;heart ning, with its telegraph, flashes his praise,
all some. four ', thousand eight -hundred ipraise,volunteers and abittalirm of regulars
the thunders of cannon roll his eulogium.
A Nation mourns over it i fallen -hero!
strong. Occupying Fortress Monioe, the
-village Of HaMpton abd the point on 1 Glorious life! . Glorious death ! Ye
James River, known as Newport News. . patriot soldiers, weeP, and emulate - and
arc nine ,regiMents* -of'volunteers and a-, tak! , courage! If ye fill, ' Ye will
: also be
mournpd and honbredonuf the starry ban,
regiment of regulars, amounting to about• • ~
ner of your country will be, your itmnortal
nine thousandmen.-;—Phi/ade/iiiia hipti- '
winding sheet ! The,blood, of the mar
tyr',s is "the seed of the plinrch !" The
blood ofEllsworth is one of the seeds of
_country's vengeance and triumph !
Binyham?va Repuld;cci». . .
, .
—;‘,..i..•—: - - .
WILE* C r larksville (Ten n.)Chron-
eat', which was a famous Union paper du- '
ring .the last] campaign and supported-
Bell for ?resident with the •doble andpa
triotic motto - 'l`he Union, the Coustitu-%.
tion, :inti the enforcement of the laws,"Nls
as but as a salamander for • ab,,,nion. It
talks abOut itsiin the following rapturous
style of paneOrie
The people Of-the .Northare, at this mo-:;
merit, more abject slaves than the blacks'
on a cotton farm, and the readidess with
As hick they obey the mandates of a tvrant,
and submit to Ale-Violation of 'the Clonsti
tution, proves - that they never were the
safe repo sitories
. of freedom. . A people :
who were once free and surrendered their
liberties Without a struggle, always had
the soubi of slaves. • -
(17".i . ,1e.tandria wears an exceedingly.
dull aspcct--‘like that of a Sabbath day.
Many of the stores on the wharf are en
tirely closed, and the SocessiOn sentiment
among the.enntnitiliitv does not seem to
have abated much'. "the women and chit-,
dren ar - leaving daily. for the hostiitahlei
sliorea r 4 Maryland. Freedom of speech'
is apparently unrestricted; except when
ton open', - add - s - icilent in -the presence ..of
• The National Intelligeneer,a jour-!
nal conservative to a fault, takes strong;l
grounds as to the right.of the President I
to suspend the kafras eoiptp. In its pa
per of Thursda,y .editorial . article of
two cohimer discnises the' subject that. !
oughly, and: denionstrates - beyond- cavil
that Mr. Jefferson. exercise*. the right
of a suspension on the mere ktotind. oft : an
anticipatediniurrection.- fen. Jackson, ;
both in Florida and in New Orleans, ex-
ercised the leune•powers, and in the case
'of the_ j' I'hhskt .. itistiriectian.- the same'
thing was done: But. the existing state
of affaits tiffords_ajtustifitztittn infinitely
strobgenthitithOseittst referred.
•. —.l. ......,ii,:..„ - .. :........-._ ,
. i
-. ---Lienterishrtileninserand 'his original I,
enintuai2d frotn -Fort Pickens - have atvived ;
NOrt It. They arc worn out with`the inrig I
labor awl - ituaiiinne - `tindery:one- fireVioul
.11)1111-ir tr.Pftforronhtit
; Fraud of Army Contractors.
- One of the most disgraceful" ?tad dis
gusting spectacles which-the- present war
reveals, is the dishonesty and cupidity of
contractors, speettlatOrs and middle men,
between the. Government and the poor
Volunteers, who have left the comtlirtS',
peacefitl pursuits, of home, to serve their
country on the field of battle ; or, what is
worse, and more dangerous, on the tent
ed field, or, the field of Barracks, where
the etientV is miserably and unhealthy food, i.
and garments which the winds of Heaven ,
should not visit ,roughly, at the peril of
their fallitk to pieces.t: - Yes, the practicM
enemy is -strong butter, half-starved or .
diseased meat,mustyflour,stale vegetables;
and blankets; and paler garments, which
libel,the name thek label. And all this
comes from_ the selfish fraud and rascality
of speculating contractors who, to cheat
the Government put !of large sums, for
,they pay enough, will, like Hessians, not •
patriots,MOt_Christiatsr, thus prev • upon
the 'poor andssuffering Volunteers!
Out upon such infamous imposture !
Such pirates should be tarred and feather
oil and rode on a rail, forthe exercise and j'
amusement of t6C same Volunteers. It
; would be
--a new
not- found in Hur
-1 dee, but one very conservative, practical
anineceisary.—Binpliamton Republican.
I Tue - Administration of GoV. -Curtin hMi
—lnimenSe quantities oc freight for the become' sO steeped in corrnptiOnrand ithbe-,
South are now going over: the Nashville 1- cilitv that thti stOmach of the- Attorney
Railroad. It is rumored - that . the . trans-' General his revolted: Rank indeed must
portation of Sonth by .
this root will i be the rascality which would compel, such.
be stopped on ?Monday next. - .The eiodus I a •step upon his part,
.and such a sblic
of Southerners for thlNCirth by railroad I rebuke to iris own party. chief. Below we
through, Louisville ii- i nprecedenied, and i give his letter of resignation : . . .
is partly attributed to the stoppage of the ;. _. \
.a.TTC/R.NE4 GENSit:Aeti OFF.ICE, i
boati 'on the Mississi p pi river . It is ru- " ,'-‘-. -. •: • .
morel that if the trade over the Nashville ' . -•-- - - •
Harrisburg, May 24, 1b81.4
road is 'stopp ed, ite TeiinesSecani Will ad. [To -Andrew . G. curtin,,Gov. &v.:
vance into - I entuoky and take - possession i For reasons , which appeal to my SELF-1
of the roa'd.. • The Union men orKent.acky t RESFEVT,- I -- emmot etmsent to continue'
have deteiniried to - krinit,n6, aggression 1 an Y li .
a, iiin_er in. , c onnection - with' you i:ad
from any quarter. ' ' - e"3l.emplits Bulletin i IninistrO 6 n • -'-: ''• • i . . - . 1
announces the arrival Of Gen. Beauremird. , rtlierefore: tender you my resignation
on tlu 29th instant, to take rotrunatid .. of of - tlic -olTkit of Attorney-General of the
the Western flivihiun . fbe rebel army.- ' ' 4lll4l'. • SA M . 1., A. PL` IIi."r.A.NCE. •
It .determilied to await the result of the
P State election, desirous that no one might
he able to say:that the slightest effort had
been made from this Jiide to influence the
free expression of your opinions, although
the many agencies brought . to hear upon
von by the secessionists were w4.•11 - knOwu.
You have now shown, under the most ad
verse ciretunidances;. that the great mass
• the people of 'Western Virginia are
true and loyal to that; Govern
ment under which we and our fathers have
lived so long
As 'soon as the . result of the election
was known. the traitors commenced their
work of destruction. The General Gov
ernment cannot close its ears to the de
mand you have made fot assistance. 1-
iMve.ordered troops to 6.0)4' the river.—
They conic as your friends mid 'brothers ;
as enemies only to armed rebels, who are
preying upon you. Your Wines, your
families and your - property are saf. under
our protection. All your rights shall be
religiously respected.
Notwastanding all that 'has been . said•
by the traitors to induce you to believe
our advent among you will-be signalized
by an interference with* . your slaves, un
derstand one thing clearly ; not only will
•1 we 'abstain from all such interference, but
We will on the contrary,• with an iron
land, crush any attempt at insurrection
on their Tart.
Now that we are in your midst, I call
upon you to fly to arms and support the
General Government ; sever the .connec-
Lion OM .hin4s you to traitors • proclaim
to the, world that.the faith and traitors;
long boaStefl by the Old Dominion are
still preserved in Western Virginia and
that you remain true , - to the stars and
(SiLrtied) G. R. McCLELLAN,
Major General Commanding.
Important Letter 6om Cameron.
WASH IN VI"ON, 31a' 30, 1861.
Six-LI - Our action in respect to the neg
roes who came .within your lines from the
service of the Rebels is approved. The
Department is sensible pf the embarra;ss
ments which must surround, officers, con
sidering military Operations in a - State,
by the laws of which slavery is sanctioned.
The Government cannot recognize,the re
jection by any State of the Federal obli
gations, nor can it refuse the performance
of the 4'edet'al obligations resting upon
Among these • Federal obligations,
however, none can be more important
than that of suppressing and. dispersing
armed combinat tonslormed for the purp
ose. of overthowing its. whole constitution
,al authority.
While, theretbre, you will pert - tit no
interference bv • the persons under . your
command with their relations of, persons
held to - Service' tinder . the laws of any.
State, you will, on the other inunl, so
long as any State within Which your mili
tray operations arc conducted is under
the control pf sueh armed 'combinations,.
refrain from surrendering to alleged mast
ers any potions who nay come within
your lines. You will employ such per
sons in the services, to which they may be
best adapted,_ keeping an account of the
labor by them performed, of the value . of
it, and the expenses of their maintenance.
The question of their final disposition will
be reserved for future determination:.
SIMOY CAmicRON, Sec. of War:
To Major-General Buritin..
, .
WASTIT - NGTON, May 31.--,4t was stated
in despatch last night that a number of
vessels were fitting out here for some des:
tination not .publicly diclosed. The
lowing despatch, received from the Navy
Yards, between four and five o'clock , this
evening, affords an-explanation. '
"The Keystone State reports that in
passing Acquis Creek at noon, 06 steani
gun-boat Freebordiand AnaCtistia 'were
engaging the battery at that point. with
success. Shall I sen,d the Poca' houtas
with her ten-inch gun to assist.",
despatch - Was signed by Cap. Dahlgren,
the commandant at, the Navy Yard. lin-
Medi:44y on the receipt of the despit,ch
the Navy bnpartnient ordered two men-.
of-war down to the support - of Captain
Acquia Creek is fifty four miles from
Washington, and the battery is located at
the terminus of the Richmond, Fledrieks
burg and Potomac" Vessels can
approach within musket shot range of the
—The lion David Taggalt, fornierly
Speaker of the Pennsylvania , Senate,l has
J. eee appointed Paybtaster. in the 'Ailny.
I Peo
nlfalting in Pennsylvania.
, ! -- lve,..lollllio"ronfl t he Philadelphia
thollttilburglpitkpateli that the
.' 7 1 1 3? W#th a heavy
'ofweithleskitt:ni i s wore furnished to
the .f.troojni,, is receiving a"
thorough Oak • -These purnals
th - ti napn'es afthe. iparties, chiefly no
ifoiious peliticisiisivlci Skived as middle- -
, men or go-lx4weens in these most infa
' moss transactions. It appears that favor- }
ites received contracts for furnishing parts -
unifornisit 410 iiachiWban responsibleil
' put in for $7.50; that
, panta-1
loonse•mtde o$ very poor materiat,.*ere
paid for-at the rate. of ; SS, each, when theyl
could have. !been attained, at retail Tor,...ragoidiDg,,PierAndwr ay. Profit of 1
iwentir-fiV"ia urs)er cent. even at 'that low !
rate.' --- Thejouinals-iiie 4 ow names of
i protalinenC politicians. WhiY,ll7l) = charged
t.witlthating - receivpd - handsome -sums for
consummating:theptconttacts. -
IWe knosi.nothingPeisonally-of these
racts; tint-frili what .
-taking place in.:
this city and elaiwherei we havn - dodoubt
of theirgeneral reorrectness. -
That therels to be a good deal of steal. I
ingin expending the vast sums furnished
for the :war; is to be expected. Some
meii-whe*e ostentatiously and conitant-1
ly appeFing-treforethe public in guise
of patrtots, have too longprofited -by levy- i
ing, black-mail upon the Legislature and '
Government Contracts,' noito take nate
rallY4o so rich a pacer as the current am- I
test affords. We - know *them and their
acts. o longns Ahoy." ive they - will labor
• ,
Submitting to .these .peculations . as. a,
_necessity,. we nevertheless - insist: that the
equipments, ninuitiOns . • and-• provision:
which they furnish for our brave boys, and
[ out of liinch these carrion: vtiltures make
I money, Shall .beof..o good.. quality; . Let
theßrovernment;lf need . - be - , but - not our
heroic. ;.troops; - be: ,-; the . sufferer.' - Give
our soldiers, - gentlemen peculators 1 stout
i Copt :and warm blankets, -goodineat, and
j; Sreet bread, even-though you . charge the
Government twice What they--are- worth,
and put the: excess; into . your .own pock
ets.—N., J''. ',Tribime. . ... ~ ... • . .
. In the. New Yorklribunoof flay• 25,
we find the follOwlng' article; which we oprimaders for. their perusal.
idd consideration :7 ,
[• ." How anybedy . but fiends can, . for lif
ere, wilfullyFpahn .oti'• upon the ,Govern
ment sleezy and - rotten
.blanietsoind . rns-,
ty and putrid pork, to cover, by night and
feed byAar bur brave . sons ; and ' brothers
who are enduring ` un wonted fatigue, and
braving d e ath; in defence Of our country '
-•, - - -
passes CoMprehenision... And "Set . that
such things are men Who . .fernish•
equipmentitanitippPlicifor, isenie s 'of, the
regimen tstiow inactive 'service,- is heyOnd
1 - all doubt. - We'laie beard :Mims ; ,
tioned in connection With there - infamous
Itriinsactions' . At - prettent -We :forbear to
T repeat thinf. Something' Mist; be done
ItO 'stop theie - outrages - upo n our, brave
troops. ..Vultures. that . prey ' üben the
hearts of• the dead'On 'The battlefield, are
htimaweonipared With monsters Who fur
nish rotten blankets .
- amt rotten ; meat to
I the living in the: carni::,.,They ',riniiit, ',be
rsiimmarily &aft. siiih, . snit ' at: the, very
obeginningeof the' wai - Uteri; their
becornes throriiii. - ; Wellington's remedy
I would be . effectual.. - In .the ...Peninsula
I War, soinerieetiliar CoMmissioners, who
made money by furnishing bad provisions
to the arini r were sent by hint , first to a
druin-head eourt-martial, . and
, the gallows: Lot New York' and l'enn
li.sylrania traffickers, who palm off rotten
} tress and putrescence ; upon our tivops,
1 profit by the examp le." .
!'lam) O,N Tuz Yzatiirster.—lf the Rich
mortd Eraminer may be - believed, the
1 great object of the cotton rebellion is' to
get rid of the Yankees, who are, so cor
dially.treated. by the aristocracy of the
South. The,..Vairisgratift-i . below evinces
the most bit' i ter feeling; and some of. the
articles Which we .see in . Eastern tapers
show that there is no great. amount of
im , e. • list 4t*een Yankee latid and 'Cot
tnudoin. ' • .
"Ali the benefits .. and advantage!' of a
!Ong war sink iittct iuSigniftcance when
• ..
'compared With the Certain' good that will
result from having nothing hereafter to
do with the seminal and infidel . literature
of Abe Nortlf;' nothing , to do it; its
counterfeit'inantifuctures, no;. its :knavish
trade ; nothinglo c7o with its, free-lites,
sgrariatis,Thand',anarchists ; nothing to do
wtth the thieves cut-throats, lazaroni, and
pauper banditti of New — York ; and; best
of all, nothing to 'do with the .Y . ankee,
half-nothad, half Jesuit; whit ihfestS, and,
distnbs society, citilized and savage, in'
every corner of the-world. - As ,InischieV-•
oils and prolific as the ikroirrayratlbe
stealthily insinuates ritifitself int#' every
country, and depredates _ on' sooirtj in
annually iricreaSitig . geminetrical be
cause he breed k and multiplies in geometrir
ratio. The *nth now 'has , bundredi
of thottSan'diof these vagabond; nortiadie,
thievish" 'npsylik'e
confine" ; but. we, hopre'ilie B,olith Will
soon become 100 hot to hold them',
volunteer,. quartered in
the Sen n te C lA antiier el the capitol ) Wrote
letter; to h is 'sweetheart in but
was called away before be /had lime to
addresssthe envelope; it. iras tbuttd. by , a
Senator who opened the wiesive;.l9PPos
inglit to be intended for hini. The` chap
had written to his , hub- If•ve".atiout the
gOod Prospects.: ,before • bun:and ; , then
wound up by. telling _her that,hellidn't in
tend to come home he.had ; Jeff" Da
vis's heirt in ° hie hteedes pocket."
INIGSTIFICASi7.—It . is Ssid that 5,00 Q
applications 'have been made at the Phila
delphia, Custoni'House for inspectorship's,
clerks, &c. ' The appointmentsAire, for
four years, while the , volnnteminAlie
my are , enlisted —for •only three: years;
which -issaid'the Melee given- for
- preference 'of seriiec in- the former over
,the latter. , - '
Vintru, lite2w
Orleans Commercial Bulletiti thinks , that
,the attempted ldoetkiloni, the Southern
Oita is. c accordinit to' all principles or 61-
ternational law, at : icor►*ion of the.enp
arate 'and clii;t inct.itatiqnslit theSiantb.
, Ninnies iiitnAnr:OPr-jirttii'Cinniii,
to; a inibinawpncoirreninibloiContko.
'Cohinc•Siiterhiost; gird , nllo4)74oW,
-Croup;; WhhopineCotWaildliciiiiint
Consumption, his WOW„tlie binenf. dine,
and hos: tile lotnitiOncor phy
iiicianit who employ t.hoh. ' practice.
Sxin W. Fowl e itc• Co / ' ; Profi_rietorn; Bol
ton. Sold: by. Drugritif: - Akeloo4
every i4thire. , y. •
-Babaututta, ~/tfity.-31,-,EzGovernor
Pratt 'was arrested this evening atAnni
-pails, - by - order.-of the Gaveitmiimt4 and
taken' to the Washingten Navy Yard. It,
is also rumored that gx-GOvernor Lowe
lies also been arrested,
2 . Atolgtfitt,dV:Of NeWs
E —The eJtport, cot4pn
There LE :
'been 3 - 4tiiitiesitiottrtitat the i;.‘1,91-tal EEEE,
might - becarried.:.-on i : E .by. means. vt"
South western rout es.l it no NV :appears thal
the Seuthent,Conivers iimaerl nu act
riOcept , E:througli
-SetitheniiiertS.,.":"Thi:news.limities :At' 11-:
'by the Ivp..l o r, Ne)v::-0„ r•IY'4 I . I / 3- • . :
• 411 - leave:of uhsenee- - ot' - -3jr.. Cal;
will proceed
tii - Spaih; and -
nut ge tip V , 41
31oiiree: With his regiatent....
—Tlke ship - ,..Abtehul -front-Boston -
heeris.eiat.. .411/yE the Southern .- authoriti , ..
at New 'Orleans. -E ; , .
,-Nr;‘ltichatsl .Itairli4on;' has TAT; I 1.
-teil to till Mr. -Cnrwiie vaenney in t l•
SeVenni Congresploiioll)istriet- "of 'I 11,
—Er-Givoi'nor :Minks of 31Oss.
and Qunit ernitist 1.1
._ir arm: .
—The llortler_buttO Conyention is t
isstegi to the
'All ttie.nitiiiiitera.ti:ivit be.etr.orii - . to 1.. ,
&Wife to the United_ States...
conscription is : 1/4) W COI:
- Mon' at New Orleans. • • - A - Yankee, wI, ..
was driven, into fokeed .kmlistinent,
has writteu hoine the. boys n.•
.shalt aim high and ,fir O-blank cartridges
The outrages 'of the spc:culatorh, ar.•
eliciting curses hollt loud and deep
our whole colunnsnwealth, from all clasm , ...
On saturday, we ire infornied, one . of - t 11.•
volunteers Frornlatilir Johnson was
while attempting tb steal a turkey,' havin tf
been drien there - by' insuffiCient and in;
fit food: • - •
3taine s 4 ,olanteer company thei
arithirtv-one oyer six feet in their steel.
"They are 'calle4 the _"iliiity-o&
.TII E. VI; tor.of Plaind ea I •
says. he has been-a#llall Columbia" Dein,.
cnt':;alt his life:*ind ; ',.proposes'to 'die a
"Y:it;kee DO6dlO.Pan-flY."' • • -
--7.T.116..,3"-ilg i niaiis bare removed Cap,
llepri lights and . ljuilt o n ' . the bea,-1-)
- aboukhalfinile • AtStn - nt,.- to d'eceive . ea!,
' tains,:in eonserenee' which the AIN , '
lwith -800,tons miiiifropi England to Dal
timore, ram ashore, - •
Tine Mobile papers - say that the agent
-of the - Yieneh - Gorerninent is itou- in that.
• city, collecting info riniiiient for the Ent
per •or Napoleon.: . •
on Webb,. of New
Yorkilias been arilointed F.tivor ,Extria
ordinary afid . 3liniater, einpotentiary
Braid: r
- 7 -In - tbe C. S. Oirenit court at Bohtf.i:
t Boston,
'plead - guiltfto npdning a letter belonging
to .anhtberiper!fon,l4s - been 'sentenced b
.:TudgeLBpramle -Nvelve
tient and a-fine oft, i;75. • -1 •
lion. Wii:lti.3lerefiiiii 'has:
_beep al !
. Go4' , ertior,'• AttOrpert u
eral of the ContniOriwelth.. We aro" in
formed thiiACliitS 7 t6ePfed.
vessel4.iinproperly .:cap`tirre,.l
the‘blciektiflitig 3drees ilaya, been cirdpr
ed to reletisest - !The - Governtrient will
act proinptly, in altfuttire -raises of a si,ii
liar character.. • '
Boston; .Post'•-•puhli;lie;l .1
letter :jinni ex-Preiiident Pierce, in Whieb
" The very 'idea !, of aisowinbernivnt o! -
the Union has always been to me' one oi .
terrible signifimisci.. if it holds a
'place in the inevitable march' of. time—
if the noble-fabric tniist totter to its tal
there is, I linpe. no inexorabl.•
necessity that its' ruinS be' stained .with
go:.! • - , - •
:•-. ) '"The paper ; ;
.whore-tountrY a i m occupied with indi
nant denunciation's of the, tn4)l) ill
atwurated.„,by • the ,Ileptpican
Nothing has Alone Uwe:to revive ,the Do
moiraticzkaLthan ese very- fit obs Whici
have . tried AO - beat down Ireedmik ~ 1
speech and freedont ofthe•press.
'frtnit.Setiator.....Donglos's speech.:. in the
Senate MI the 2d'cif Marti!. .
thy, to ho reprodm!ed •••
"I oan confirm ;the I Senator's' a celara
tion, that Senator
himself, when on tin, Committee . .(br Thir
teen; was-ready atdall. ebni)ront
rise - on - the Crittenden .l - will
funkiji.:iinil say' : that3lr„Tpdnibs Nva,
.• , ' •
Theerittoinlen . eornpr.4-:iniso rrtis alniust
unanimauslr refused bythe -Itteptiblican
. (40erpl.illair; has is
.sueAthd tpllciNiugio4vr ; _ •
• -. the '-stales of
Virginia, North . Caiolinn; . g outh Cord'''s,
Georghti'Ykiriftln,JAlkliittria,-,?AliSs.6si t Api.
Lnttistana c Arkaiti)isi•Und,Texait,-,tv lw
Suspended from sot 'afterr,tlte
Letters forelEimriVeriii)Orniilv olOsod.
thiSoider ivillbelorn-arded deal
lextrs,ffice..; except • those, : of Western
) 7 -Arginin; \Moot
.• -
-- •••••.14
lau;fintini., 3.k.oht
among the JOS • iif • s'Onye",••• of thje
troOpS,itear_ Vt r allki*ton ' the- other day,
Was siespeeted'Oflittvingynt poise!) into a
..,1),0.*1.1,w here :
ai xm some melt ?.,•lught, hontunt:'nlkde.
.hun eat of , the' the.
emetic ; Offthitq cotAiOn . p - d: theirel oi
and yet_ they We ifc,u.crr,Qr ; the sugar, had.
not.. pOn.poisoped, but .the wen...were ig
norant of the' nutiibct pfpounds of, weep.'
at .whiett.the , hnnutit'; . 'stoniaett_.begins t
rebel: ' • After_beingeoptineft - fcir - some'
time-inlhogoard,•4louse i - . dui..was.iihera
ter], glad mth _ his life. fie it
not9light :Iroi44 . 4,ntang, thou! Phi()
men , soon- again. • -
E 1t
•• • .
beef' - determined - the
diplotita.en parehnfent, iiarehment pa
per;' .signed by, trte rresidOtand heads
of .Deriarttnents. • ••
. _
TnE'Ct.crriirvla - W.
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