The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 28, 1861, Image 2

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    y -r it y,-;.. 1.. r4r - The recent' municipal elections in ' ir-4r- "is
..k.r.i. 21 . 1 4) - 1 -.: -1, 14 ....•••. , I larrisburg, Reatling - ,DoylestoWn, Bristol, 1 MP', EFERy 11,EusQuit s -r -5 8107350*B1;
.....,s,', t .... s •,,,,,, ~ ...,,,-'
Mostof oar patrons are welnennainted Liiiicaster, West C4iiter, Norriitown, and 1 1: - -1717..Witt. PLititit 1 1'-i His BILL,
with General_ Pay Day, and byealling.ut ' oilier of the largii:'''towns atit. cities in i kol Duatsuk-Aiiiit. Tliß 3l . of i;otir•T•
cud °See on t hc Pir" of APril; ill t ' ll'l \l'e - riiisvi‘ania ;how* healtlif- ,.. tele motion in ; " klr ItE3l2MBEllr-1.1114 1 "1? " DO IT."
renew their aexpiaintance stills sm all rest J ' -"4 • ' ^t• . , ' - ' 3
of 31.50. Those who hate neglee•ted the! Pubiie sentiment-:t h e ; tent :l ll'e ffien d i ' 6f t h e new' ' Oileentj'teeniititi c iletee
General,may have to part with two; three, • administration. IIeXIS inyargibly loom. On the-litt'of February, 1850; Senato;
or four tunes that amount, iwt they must ; The old Keysione; is reallrconservative, Jan P. Hale, of N ew
• H amt ,,,•hi m , o ff ere d
console themselvea that said Mitt: if pa.iii-; 'and when fair! •righted up after the storm,
now, nifty - save the extra "costa" for t h e ; will do h - 6 • ' •
i her ptrt towards.rebuking the Petitione praying. that " 1 4 1 ame plan might
mileage, etc.. which is- charged by aids of •be devised for the DISS LUZON of the
the General, whozesometimes visit people demagogue who demands that the federal 1 . AMERICAN 11N10N.7 Mr. Webster
with .summons to call on bin, nuke/elm:den& government shall satisfy the enemies of denounced it uneParingly ; and on a test
Come one, come ALL; and stand not-on the South th i rd 't has" tg l • •• ' % ote three Senators sustiund the infamous
a put ~ as, ere• in ,
, ~ - thing. They were: SE.WARD of N. Y.,
the ordei oreour coming, , bet come all at' course of eatinetion." -
once, and keep coming, fur GENERAL ; CIIASE of Ohils r and Hale. Two of the
PAY- DAY is at April Court. • i • : -- 4r . Oni readerit have not forgotten the disunionists 'noir 'fill the two most ini.
N-. B. If you can't coine, send a leind- outi . 4 \ I rtent Cabinet bffices under Lincoln • the
perpetrated by the black republi• Pc 'lc c c' l
only forget mot GEN. AI P Dist', and . -
PAY. VIE I'll - INTER. . - te can legisla ture ofthe State of New York, on Naval Affair,
-bayingpower to shape
, which ejectedllibimity Mayor from office war-like legislat i on , W i -thus behold our
THE MONTROSE 'DEMOCRAT before his term had expired, and took 1 government., in the, hands of th e regular
\ 1 ' Union Haters .1
eemsts-,M:50 PER AleNTlltr, &ADVANCE. from the people - ,ef ' the city their_ usual 1 • ;
-- ---- . 4---- _-----,---"---- ---------- - municipal rights, because th ey would elect
41.. IT. 4131rICELII.X*11611CON, . \
some Deinocrate. 1 The blacks of Pelinsyl•
J__ :
v.raia have improied upon that outrage. - -.President Liticolli'; reception at Trete
They are afraid that thepeople of Mile- ton, N. J., fer a_ few brairs, costs, the
State $2,008. . • I
delphia, will turn out of power the horde
-lion.,s • • 1.
Henry Ellett, •of ,llissiseippi,
Apprentice IWanted -A young tnan IT or 18 they have passed a law. taking from the 'States, is a ileac of,Salein, N. J, 1
panto( an, wishing to blunt the reettruso business. t .
can bear oran opportunity by calling at this office. A I peopld their constitutional right to I --Thee° is a black republican in Philtt
grata education, Le . re q uired. 1 ,t
; delphia who requests the Bulletin to as
; their own rulers,- and extend the term of
I • S nounce that h e is not a candidate for anY
office forbelf a term' . longer. l '
e - rhe abolition clamor for an extra i .ollice tinder Old' Abe's administration.
The next step in the career of infamy I --llereaftenthe Sunbury and Eric Ilan
session of Congress continues to increase. _ ~
• - to will perhaps be tb extend Old Abe & CO'S read - Company will be known by the name
It is thought that if Lincoln will yield
term of office to 'six t no less of the Phihidelphia and ,Erie Railroad
this•pressure. sufficient irritation can be ,
~ F
Company, to which it is changed , by, the
-eoutrageoue than; the one just perpetrated.
Produced to drive the udiole line of boy - bill recently passed by We . PenneylVania
der slave States into secession; and this Freedom - and Free. drab. r ' Legislature. I
1 i
„ t
we believe to be a prcininept object uhich Ilefo - re election the pretended friends --The editor of the Delaware Gaiette
Offers a reward Cf $5,000 to the man Who,
the abolitioniate are
_laboring for. An- of "freedom" talk largely about being from the reading of Lincoln's inaugliral,
other fraudulent purpose is to steai con- the true De ' '
neseraev ; 'and claim that their can tell what version to give it-peaie or
trol of the Speakersbip. etc., winch could ; 8 • • . •
war. I
success is necessar) to secure the people t
now be done, as most of - the abolitions;
from s later, wrong, ,and corruption.-
States have chosen th eir, members, while ;Last ' tortes the black? Republicans have made
year their &lee Cry gave them a ma- roost for a hentired or more adtlitipnal
the bulk of the national Statese•do not' • ,
/jonty of the State Legislature, and the ogee seekers. . i
choose theirs until late in the year. A Gov 4i l ~. . - 1
ernor, y their mutts shall ye kn ow -The New !Haven Clock Company ,
full Congress next December will contain ' ~, makes 686 clocks piCr day, or 250,0d0 :%
hem ; so let us glance at some of the
-a majority against the anti-slavery admite ldonebyyear. There are;lso kinds of, clocks 'Mule, I
thedel party of freedom
acts too
istration, 1 ~ , ~.. .
, end serve as a _check to the i au t t reiorm. r - and each contains 400 parts. The number 1
of rooms occupied by the , workmen at
schemes of the fanatics. , ' 'They have repealed,the tonnage - tax ;- this establishment is shout 100. Thai oc- !
, I
Who are Abolitionists! and by so doing _deprived the State. of copied by those: who, paint the pietureS on.
the glass -is j ealous;) guarded; as
The late vote in the House - of Itepresen- ! about $350,000 }'early revenue-a sum doors . , .
; that operation is a valuable secret. 1 1
tatives, at Washington , upon the Corwin ';equivalent to - the intereit -on $7,000,000
-It is estimated that there arc between
amendment to the Constitution, shows 1 at five per cent, • , -
five and ten thousand applications alrciady_!
Conclusively who, of that body, are Abo- 1 They have passed a bill giving the Sun- . I for appointments connected with the Post
litionists. The proposed amendment was I bur)* & Erie 'Wired about' $5,Q00,000. Nrcato Orri6c•Seracees.-The Wash- , Office Department. The number °filet
as follows:- I They have robbed the treasury of $30, e 1 ington correspondent of the New York• un rec •dent' I •
1 tent daily receive d is p 4,. ell y
S amountin to six or Lev
large,. soibetime . g ...
ARTICLE. .l--`• That po *amendment 1 000 under preteece of aiding Kansas miff- ' Express, in a reeent letter to that journal ;
shall be made to the . Constitution which 1 erers-a clearly illegal act. - says: t *, en undyed :. N ineteen clerks are engdged
in attending to them. I
will authorize or give Congress 'power to ` They adjonrnd e` tor tendays to go t o 1 The number of applicants for minor off- ! -The government of the seceded
abolish or interfere Within any . State State w ith I Wa.shin . 1 .
gton to ming ein the squabble for •
' ice , ' b colored men is i s o n - States •
y perfectly a t u d-
the domesticinstitutionetherein, including , tin g from Massafhusetts alone. I am in- i Yancey, of Alabama ; Judge P. A. ItOSt s
treasury office from Liecoln; and rob the-tr _
that of person's held to labor or servitude i 4 . formed that foripostinasters' berths th ere-I -• •
iot ,ouisiana ; Col . A. u ev :um an
1I) ill 11 ' d
by the laws of said State." 'of $9 4 310 to pay themselves for neglect- I are on file 0 li • d t he' -
over .00 app cations, an ;T. Butler King,' of Georgia, spe cial Craze.
• •
Sucli'an amendment a-as deemed ne- mg their duty. , / , supposition is that there are several black 1 missioners to proceed -to Eradand and
. - es
cessaiy to satisfy' the South that a hen i -Every dollar of this money will have applications tiled away among the whites. i Fratter to obtain the recognition`of thb in, j
Helperism gets the power it SHALL NOT ito be made lisp by the hard working tax-, From this weideduce the fact that if the 1 dependence of the Confederate Statee,land
. make such commercial arrangements 38
" abolish slavery at all hazards;" and ea. 1 payers of the State ; yet these - scamp s Republicans arcs not really in favor of an
. • • * their joint interests may inspire: --' I ;
cry titan who voted " No; places himself t squander it as, freely as if it cost nothing. 1 equality it hw negroes, they have cheate d ,
-The . ; • . _ . ,
, appointment of commies - toilers
upon the record as an abolitionist; yet we 1 , They are now, maturing plans to saddle I poor entree inter believing so. by the S ou th er n' confederacy to visit Eng
• • • - ------••-.. -.......------- -I
find sixty-five doing so. Here is the black 4 still further wrongs upon our already over , s. , 1, ~ . , , land and. France seems to . have startled
•, ; ----uassaconsetts is preparing for .war. t
lists- = '-'6 , taxed people. Araong them is one - to es. Heretofore, when our pountry was in- i the administration, and it is/said th, t a
1 secret agent will be immediately es-
N a i re. ___m egsm Au er , A s hl e y, B el ie, 1 tahrish a cattle inspectorship at Philadeb ; 'ended by a foreign foe *he was too cow
,-I patched to inform those government of
Bingham, Blair, Blake, 13rayten Butlinton, i phis, Korth $.50,000 per year, for the ben-' ardly or traitorous to come forward so 1 . . . I
I the p oli cy intended to be pursued it re -
Burlingame, Burnham, Carey, Carter, ! efit of their htingrs .partisans.. Another? promptly, but low when she sees some -
gar to t h e s e c ed e d ,.. .. ate% . ;
base, Cobnni, Conkling, Conway, Dad OS, i - ,
public b ui ld i ngact hope of shedding fraternal blood,- she is'
I -Old Abe 's administrati nis just nOW I
Fenton, Ferry, Foster, Frank', Gooch, ,is to saddle a
- ' ,
GROW, -Gt . tirley, llick-man. Hindtnan, Philadelphia-against the' ill of her peo• , lin a most woful fix. If coercion is I at-
arils the' seceded States` the
; tempted tow ...
Hutchins, Irvine, Kellogg of Michigan, , pis -sehjeh . costs* her t 1,500,000. They , -Lincoln is insulting the country by
; giving such vipers as Giddings. Burial. border sieve
1 .. Suites will go out of the ;tn.
Leech of Michigan, rec. Longneck en also propose to raise the rate orintere;t
and, the country Will be lost. If 1
Loomis, Lovejoy, .Marston, McKean. Pet- f • . ,• t . game ' and Schutz, positions of honor and I
from oto, pe cen . , release the shal:y. 1 .. * - '
tit Potter, Pottle, Edwin It. Reynolds, ' i . . trust under his alt of the government. ! 1
ROyee, Sedgwick, Some.. Spinner, fite- i u the for suspension; _
anes . trom penalty , . - - ,-"..-.ll*-41."- '-- form will go to pieces, and the black; re-
allow them to redrate the "amount of ape - 1- t . r - We takis pleasure in calling atten- ,
' publican party will be broken into fc l ig-
yens, Stewart of Penn's, Tappan, Tone '
• i
1 ments. The president's position a) ,
kins, Train, Vanderveer. Nan Wvek,_! cit. now required to be kept in their Vaults, I ti o to the Strata and Lace Goods House
now be . likened to aa intoxicated individ- 1
Wad e , Waldron, Walton, Washburn of I a n d • . geantity of small notes that ;of H. Ward, at,F.Nos. 10:1, 105, mid 107,1
issue a
, nal, who was one very cold night holding
Wisconsin, Washbiirn of Illinois, Wells, 1 • - , • North Second Street, Philadelphia. 314-
will drive specie out circulation almost: lonto a spite Ott the edge of the dock, and ,
';Filson and Woodru ff -65. I !liners and Fanci- Goods Dealers, sett cord !
entirelv. who thus moralized: -"If I hold on 1 ,
` They are about the same who voted • lin this paper. !here," said he, "1 shall certainly freeze to I
These and kindied acts they are doing.-
for Blake's abolitioeiresolution last Win- • 1 [west reicarso.] - death, and if I let go I shall fall in "the 1 1
1 against the wishes of the people. ;They I water and be drownee
tcr which looked to ;acing freedom tol , • ' • • Teachers
•' Association.
all tend to,enrich certain monopolies and ,
t --The North American. in the your of
rs auv human being." Grow is alit-a:vs on 1 - .4 tins 'a Teach- r
The members of the . q Co-. .
scheming parties, at the expense of the 1 an article on the election of David Wit
the black list. - • -- e r a ' Association" are requested to con- 1 . ,,,,
.. , public; audit is believed that w h olesale I N I; d the , mot, uses the following language:-"The
d' •"'
-ene at the Ica einy'bin . mg, in t •
The ,Right of Secession• bribery and corruption is habitually' re-;
borough of M4ntrose, for a two days' ; great .proviso which gave M r. Ihnot hie
Among all the politicalbills A. ll this is '
p a p er . i n the: sorted to to pass these . _.. , meeting, on Friday and Saturday, the I
li in the,first ins ce tan is now p-Pic
tically dbandoned. in the three new ter
non-slaveholding States, the New York done under cover Of the name of freedom; ' 29th and 30th days of March, SG
_at 10 I ritorial bills s sd b
pa-sz y . late epu i
- the ß br-
Tribune is the only one that has carne tin- . lsut it looks to us just like free grab, and I n ' eh)ek s a • 111., 4 each da3'. Congress not a word is said a l l
All the Teachers in the county are earn. can • 1 I
der our notice which has• . openly adveca- is very expensive. -
• 'estly requested( to be present. ;
their own institslavery, the people being
utions to suit them left free to frame
ted the right of beeession. As early as on One act we should here call attention I The public generally, and especially the I • set s es ' 1
Thi , s had obvtoesly become a necessity in I
the 17th of December last this organ of tn, It f or bid s “ fortune telling," A: and I School Dir e cto r s, as many as can possibly e
e• { the changed condition of the country,land j
the pestilent tribe. of abolitionists in the 1 is a wise measure forafiany of those model I make it convenient to attend, are also re
,the Republicans acted wisely - 1
t queste d to be resent, i.
North," (as the N. Y. World aptly calk . legislators-for if their "fortenes " ehoilld c li • , ically in giving, up-the prohibitory cruse. ;
:come all-let es have a • • •
be told it would Show just' bow . much t
Conte °Tie ' Colorado, Nevada and Decotah being sure I
it, red the follouing language: -t gathering worthy of the object, viz: the ! fe • • -
"We have repeatedly asked those who ; each lof .them pockets. It improvemeut otour School Teachers, and ; for_ freedom, it iis idle to prohibit slavery
disent from our view of this matter (the I may Safely be told however, that the foe- : through them :the improvement of our ' in t •
; hem " 1 ,
, ,
1 • The arms seized by the New 1: - ork 1
right of ,secession) to tell us frankly ' tune of num
.), of them will be to stay at ; SchOols throughout the county. 1 police have at last all beep restOred, ;and !
whether they do - or do not assent to M One or two lectures may be expected
home iii future , i - I sent on to Savannah. The fact hating '
Jefferson s statement in the Declaratiotv - ' , ' • during the meeting of the association. !been telegraphed to respcnisible parties in ;
oflndependence,that trovernment;"derive .6 t ...._,,
41646. e. DULLARD, CO. Supt. I • - ,
Never Touches a Drop." , Geer gia, an answer has been received I
their just powers frnm the consent of the • M• li 21st,
Montrose, erc , 1861. - ; -..
During . the Presidential campaign, the , _
.... -' •,---,-..-...-...--______ , over the wires '
announcing the release , of I
governed: and that whenever :toe form of •
temperence men Were given to under- AZett The • Su;l,q'a County Agricultural . , the vessels detained by the authorities of I
government become destructive of these .
coda, it is the right of the•people to alter
stand that .. Old Abbe" Was perfectly aat}l Society will hold a meeting at the Court that State in reprisal for that seizure. !
or abolish it, and to institute a sea' gov- steinious---" never touches a drop of spir- I House, in Montrose, on Monday
evening, ! -The two indictments- against 11%Ir• I
rniment," 4 l:c.. at e. IV-e do heartily aecept"
ittions liquor. The - tavern bills for en-; ..kpril Bth 186 i. \ i f Elovd, - late Sectary of W ar, f or cons ' I
• re ar, tn
this doetrille, believing it intrim.ieallv , tertainment of himitelf and suite, on their i 2w !. C. L. Bieows,•Sec'y. , ring to defraud the government, and for
sound, benefieent, and one that, imiver- trip from Springfield to Washington in-
Doxanos. — Th
• -..,-,,,,,,,--• office w r •es er •'. i
__ ,__ . malf easance
.. in o , e , ).. t day, d ii-
.--, e frien d s of lies. li. A. i missed by the Court at AN ashm ton es un
. sally accepted; is calculated in prevent v that if be is
itieate pretty plainl . not a I
MIST are moat respectfulle invited . to , * g ' -
Ithe shedding of seas of hurnhn . blefid. Ands' heavy drinker of the " ardent himself, he ;
attend a Donation Visit at ' - he-Presbete- I
if it justified the .seeession from the Brit- must delight in the companionship of the
ge on Tuesday t \A April 2n-d- -An arm i stice has been agreed t ' on I
ish empire of three milliethe. oftolonists in tallest kind of
. suckers. The following !ran l
afterno d ' • ' '
ou and es ening. P ' between the Commissioners of the V0n
'1776, we du not see why it mould not j i pi. bill for one days , entertainment at Alba
t Montrose birch "5 h \
~ t . \ - !-federate States and- the • administration,
.. tify tile • secesion of five millions of south. ay. speaks for itself:---land for a short time at least no diitur
rons from the federal Union in 1861." -lliculas norm, Albany, Fib rad, 1881. ' ally LIST- rot i , The term of Court commencing
blnees need
, melting '. • be feared. Affairs th. Eort '
The State of New York: April Sat, 1861. I I ` '', ' Pickens have assumed a peaceful aspect, I
. - Ter-Roam= & Sow. . • osturn arims. • \ I
6 ..-1► 'The Knickerbocker for April is One dao's board of Ilon. l A. Lincoln Arid su i te , .1 /ipolacon=Richarti Cliff-4Ellx. \ :tad die commanders of the vessels off;
tirst rate. Mr,,,zl.T Headley eonti ibutes a ' parlor...dinners. and breakfast in parlor SS76 SO • ord. • • Jessup-Fred. Dayton. 1 Pensacola have been , instructed to await
White and liquor" • 3SI 00 I Bridgewater-C tl t lish,L' Lenox-Stephen Bell, furtherl'lsorders. T 1 •
.. it idea of a poaeeful
paper - ou,'Nheattolleg e s in the Rea ult.:lion; ; Smut ' '
1 . 76 00 11 Chamberlin, Jr., Z[Sprout. Wither. J Snyder. •
Mr. Johretirvin “ Derrick V I.') " , n'ltansttb" , 113 I BrOOkiy9-0 u i Hnrip., Ibritrose- J Vankuren, separation seems- now to prevail even in
g. •an ant r L•ou g res Water, lis IY3; oaggage, $4, 81 737 stead i .10 Searle.
a sketchy-tale ;Miss; Prescott continues Fier rwrilaeg 77 at ' Clifford-Joe. Brojrnell Middletown-Jolan i f De . 1 repeblican counsels.
serial; " - Fanutleroy Varrian' s Fete s ?fir. : ' s ' 114:7.1 " k "'" 1 " ° " 1--11°114 ' dull' etc ; / 2) °° : cbc " mit-2-11nt e tt es'• 't . ' I =The Tribene says that the lece:ision
I Gibson-in°. IL a tali in., Kow linford-L S. Ever. '1
R. B Kimball furnishes another install.' Tets3 I $ 7 , 730 00 I Great Bend-R PTerboss ' en, Ara Ilasumon4 leaders dare not submit their as ork tothe
nient of "Revelations of Wall Street ;".i There were eighteen' persons in the ' .
•i' Forsyth. A ° illa T lSk 5 S 2 sot eh- uetUrt e r ktot-81 1 People,:bicause the Lonisianna ConVen-
nd Mr. Chas. G. Leland a '‘ 'Slope:, It s . I party, which' is an' average of nine len. ! Jacall" - Aga 6 114 r' 94 ; l win• i Lion did not.tbink it necessary to obtain a I
~ nei eßaszveAs war.- '
per," in histisualvein. Judge Edmond s . ties a head. 'Says the Post :- - , , popular eoteipon the,Constitution of I
yam witatc.: Snag. Depot-Jno. Foot, , , s 1
~.ontitiueshis defenseof Lord Bacon. T he: "Wc are not surprised, after such! - i ifeery p en ", • Sout hern Confederaey. Is there no'par- ,
editor's table is as entertaining as ever. ' •J 1
ifilikiiig; at a considerable charge for I n tr„bili - f,„ j i,t r i ll ,, ar ieg i fi rg2 l : auer. allel for this in the history of the Republi•
1 '
For sale at Smith's Book Store. _ Congress water. Neither is it wondertlil ; cy, ‘, A Li S t erlin g , Issue 11Fottpson-A 0 Stodard , can art .' s-? In \ the last Congress !': Mr.
.... ---.---.... 411111,10.- • that the breakage for stoves chairs, and L° .spo e •taeort A Bee ' • ` elm " ) lei9E3L
, s be. Auburn-till ti bite. I Bigler, Mr. Crittenden, and others, ofrered
- 6 ,-.A 4 , Harper's Magazinefor April , is be. so forth, st ere set down at a hundred and Ararat--Jonas s Walker , .lipolacon-S,F Cannalt. 1 propositions to be suhmitted to the two- 1 ;
fore us' The contents are. Three menthe ; fifty dollars. Fellows with nine bottles ... 4 lessir t oo l klyn-0 Balky, IN ; pie to settle the difficulties which threat-
in Labrador, illustrated; Music at Night ;of liquor under their belts must h been klvn--,1 T Perry. ' Ci e lgid-John Bolton '
have, ctrrii. e Burdick. l Choemaut- I [ u ;Don- len to nverwhelmilecotintry in ruins
A Dish of Capon, illustrated : A Chapter I ins as stet*: •to break even-thin about 3 acca atraall"..cau wun° ' ll ' ad . • , the
• EReptiblicans took ..very posSible
Drab= =tidies. I ' ''''' . I. '
J A Bunnell, Il
of Mites;illustrated : Rarey. the Horse them. even their own necki;."• g A
.Choconnt-Jolua Gorman, Babcock. c u e o. Gtes. means to prevent an expression of, the
Tamer, illustrated, be-sides a number of ' - -- --- ' l6l-11- = -------- Jelin Stanley. I . Forest lake-Henry'
P' public opinion therCupon a'd - they:sue.
ehoice literary articles, and the. monthly is said
rte. Old Abe to be "just the 1 kfen'llrid Kello g i LI Ste. lie?drick. Sang. RIZ- • „..t ceeded • 8
in 0 cueing . o ar , not u -
record of Current Esents, Etitors Draw- man for the times ;" be having appointed I P Fr:ess . t Lalt 4 ±l). Oregmy,'' Lrisr li s t is:Jsil , '`iii. '•• •
mit their work to the oeople •on list 0C- 1
er, itc., &e. with leaves from little Dough- !T. D. EastabrOok Postmtstee at Ott. Bend, i ü bl t r s , u 2.: tk „Witg', PBl4l4 = 4 - 1 , - s . 1- • 9 • a '''
sums coition
ter e± Life. ,with
all the usual atirac. , and Lmmi B. 'Reds Postniaster'at MOD- IDS Viler. -• .i /Want -A ` X Adams. 1 - --- ----sr ems -es..--__
t Bend-0 it Troy- Wm. Tiffany, L R Tinglet. , e ,„ .”
'lions the publishers has c the pleasure to ivory Dept.. The less ilityOrtant affsirs 1 bri4 e e. I Reckbow, I i Jessup-L C Day Jr., • lit .., int..if !ISIAH'S BALSAM OF WILT, CITERRY
:amount* tbat a new novel by the author :of Fort Sumter. Jeff. Awls, arid the lin. 1 licralca - T BararAii -- t ° r iflL
1 .. ~
i In th " ' • "
medicinal gum of ,
the Wild Cherry •
of "Adam Bede," 'and "The Milt on the.', L'" will be swam; auter sit leisure . . . Tinny. , ; •Incholos'Austill, .1 Knapp. i Tree with other ingredieuts combined bY,
• • Harmoy-D A Lyons , ODJ Ross. s. '
. Fleas ," w i ll be commenced in _all early - f * '' i weral, i s $ L a ia mi ..-1, sw ee t ' ' a and peculiar proces iii produced ;
Urn r. Mercur, of Bradford cou n ty, -; ' 'h ' ' scientific '
num'er. Smith hacitsegularly, and or. Jackson-Jer. Ibl grin Zeno Lotex.
~ the above remarkable remedy for.eougfis, 1
las been appointed be the Governim to , Ava r tutet s frd .' ' lt tric - ' ss r"' - i colds , s throat , bronchitis,
dens, 311 back numbers. • sort, : croup, esth- 1
s fill the vacant Judgeship in this district-- B.Oltanton. P 1 Kell ' Ci -4 E hex s -Nr welt keel- 1
viceWif f ft -
reliesra , LibertY-s chain '
tpot, o .4s• om we are . • re 91—, , 4 : 1 ; 1 M". 1
er hui t . _ it . n t,, a , ma, whooping cough, lindinciptenteon-1
011 , N ea le. ,phik, sh erw . • J sumption: With such a remedy at band
~ ___ ;,...,,,,...„„,„-- .-._ , .ew liford-U li[oxley,t Susquehanna repot--John I
i •
' l ''''''' Tanner. 1-. C Paok A J Seymour Jerre none need stlffer. Prepared by S. W..
There is a•good deal of rejoicing' in s uide, an, d, -J , • I, aidailer. vac ttiS6t,ger• - ' - ' 4'' '
. (En i.y. St Co. 'Bolton and sold Its agents_
* l l . diV'iet , at ilaVitig M. , rifi of Wilinet.. ;il u .,``" P. ; ; `''''' '" ' r 1 .'1; senerels•••••• I 3 i d • ' , • I
e ...- I ~.„, 6 t ues.selo. ant ruggiste es erywher.., .
Crifgri 6 1 .1Ari.‘. /1%6/ .
**lit Josh. t;itidiugs to
.orada t at ji,e , alurr 1 1 4.‘,K40 a year.
Lint . lataV th. : fP. •
No -political world
ih now anxiouslf waiting to . . know when
(it ever) Fort. S(miter is' to be evacuated,
the Southern' Confederli cy recognized;
and Who are tole the nelw
the various impdXtant offices in the county..
Meantime, the IIONTItc4E. DI2IO6RAT will
be xegularly, its *1.5 . 0 friends,
—let :Adis tOnlinate I- as they - mai,—
and will contaid the
reliable news,
on these, And tither subjects • And those
who are prompt i about the
part., will not be afraid-to-open - tile.paper,
lest theyfSee a! .1)1.7N. i Soif you wish to
read the itews Hfith a clear comicitince,and
keep is'ell'posted, send on the promised
twelve shillings j_ immediately.
United' tEita;tes'Sentitor.
,-Well, the deed has been consiimmated.
David Wilmot, the archiagitator, the man
with of all other 6. -, has been most efficient
in plunging ourleountrylintruin, has at
last reaped his feward by securing t seat
as Milted Statii Senathr for twO years.
But oh, how ehai-iged since he first aspired
to 'that place ! Then every State in, the
Union !raja repretented in that Body; then
the Countiry way peaceftd, -prosperous, and
happy ; now heoesinto the Senate chain
ber\ to•find fourteen seatii vacant—to
as it were, upoii.theomih that he and his
misguided conlpanimjs have . wrought. Pennsyliiinia:h
,s sadly lowered herselfin
the list of conservative States, by this,her
last -act. The- ? damning record will be
.fouhd in the legislative proceed:ngs.—Lit .
zerne, Union.. I
Ez7S4ator Bigler. I •
it-to be an act litjukiioe to
• fiei*otlfigleki*ho has
.1614 corniileted
1-his'SenititOrinVierni; to
.respond •tn: the
milited:AribuW of respect paid hith l bt.
tien4toijCrittenden on one ofthe
of.the late setuip i ti of Congress. Theiven
: eralileKentueliimt devoted p . ortieb --- pf
his finntspeech . On the compro mise-rOolu,
Lions to a high sotnpliment to •Governer
Bigler's untiritig,!.leal in the_ cause of the
l Union. - This wiis well deserved. sena-
I tor. Bigler has silown all through' ale:; cession coutroirsy, t h at he is a state4man
'• who can rise titilleiior to party when the
comttry.ui ni peril., '' • .„
* -. • '•_ ' • '
i• Differingfroni him, as we do - on many
of hii piny doctrines, we yet feel •it to
be.'an act of Justice to extend to on
his retirement from
.office,' - .that thecil of
praise to which he is entitled.
• [The above ju4,tribute to the sterling
! merits an faithful' and patriotic -pbblic
1 servant is frOm the. Philadelphia Imiirer,
an able orgairofithe Republican party:) •
. • . Unpopilar, Legislation: I
;. .
Our Repithlionk„',l*titutisktittrei-4-ap
pearsoleterthinotio d&011 • th+icetutv I 19-
I•trialiittit4t thiqinen*blg.',l t teputatlim thqy
I baieitirea4 - earttel . tea t' lit.:orriorit
don ctimnilttee,ejnplciked - autkrid 4.
I make li*S.fttr thelgeneatX the likyvileget:
; •-• feli', at the iaerifiof the rightlif of Ilia_
I unprivileged many. We now learn tlint
the Bank Committee of, the House have
deciced to report • a bill.legalizing the
;Batik 'suspension, compelling, the •Phill..-
1 delphia
„hanks toltalte.cotintey•Htinls.notes
at their counters - at, par, raising the • legid
rate of interest to seven per cent., rel'ev-•
I ing the : Banlis frotti their obligation Iv
I keep 20 per cent. of their _circulation in
their -vaults in - specie,ntlauthorizing-.e
lisshing of one,.twomid three dollar bil l !
This IA truly a iiighlititided undertaki.
; Any party that will drift! specie. entire a y
i out circulation, kir , substituting slii i
-1 plasters, will certainly meet With the eon
; dentnation of the .peophi. The !currently
ij a question that conies home tothudoo -5
lof every man=inore so than any oth yr •
question which can be considered by the
Legislature= --yet ' etrisktitre:----yet you hear of no 'petitions
1 a sking ' that gold, and silver shall be banish-
I ed, and iit,their stead those " bfessinas in
disguis&," greasy .one-dollar:-,,
ne-dollar bills. The
only parties Wh9M it iiilrlieuelit; are the
doubtful country Banks that bare• nO'retil
I capital. They will then •be enabledtlo„
circulate one million of dollars, of m4ll
\ I notes, whieh'will be virtually MI irredeor
;able currency: ' • - I •
The 'Government Defeated-
For the surrender.of a Ost by the
nightAdministration, before it has-bees a rt
night in power which the outgoing Ad
ministration, with its impeeility -and py
sillanimity, presisted in holding; is an :mit
which cannot fail to have the most impor.
taut consequeneci. It is to begin with,
an acknO,wledgment, of thesieleat
Federal Government,. that the" doctrine
announced in 111 y. Lincoln's Ina Ural
found to'be untenable on 'the very firit
trial. It is an acktiowlklgetnent.that the
Union is utt erlfdissAved put all
reconstruction, except by the ntoit
abject concession.- It is, moreover, it;que
don whether these acknowledgmytits will
hot so &moral*. the North, and" sp
strengthen the South,. that-Jbe hideous.
front of Comprontise may he 'again raise
with renewed hope's and reneWed strength
and whether the rigor, ,Ikhich has herti)
opposed it may not, hY,, this act, have
gone out from tiS fo'rever."—Y,- F. Tri
When / Mr. Buchanan intimated
the difficulty of enTorcingthe laws in those
States, where all theiederal officers had
thrown op their commissions, and no Oth
ers could be Pound there to fill them, tb
whole 'republican camp, raised their lump
at him, and denounced him as an . ." . imp4-
eile," " Coward," and a " fraitor"-+
,What have they to say how, when their.
own chief tellikthem that " while the strict
jegal right exists of • the governnient t
enforce .the execution of t hese, offices, tile
attempt to. do. so would de so ,itritatihg
and so nearly impracticable withal,. that
deem it better to forgo for the time; ths
uses of such offices?" He says, too that
he shall act only on the defensive, in ref
erence to the forts and other public . pr -
erty—and when 4r. Buchanan! said tl+ ,
'same, " traitor, coward, imbecile," w;A
the Universal Black Republec . Mt howl.-
What say they now ?—/Vreic Haven Rej
United States Senate on Wednesday, Mil.
Douglas ~offered,a resolution' calling cm
the Secretary of War for • information' ar
to the fortifications in the seceded States,
ifit is necessary to occupy.the Sante, and .
'what force will lie necessary for that pur
pose, &c.. It is - stated that his idea in off
ering this resolution, is to get at the iii
temions of the administration, with th
hope of developing its policy, and 'dis.clo
sing the fact that there' is no adequat
Lpower unster eximing laws to retake ati
I hold thetiontherry forts n6w in - the pos.-
! ession.of the seceded States,
and to show
that proceedings to that end would id
volve a large additional military force anil
great expendure of inoney,, and that
therefore the question of war must be ink
cessarily postponed 'till the next session
of Congress. On. Thursday the Senat:
refused, by. a 'vote of 16 to 2 to proceed
to the consideration of Mr. 'Douglas' res
olution, because the Lincolniies were
I afraid to meet the difficulty fairly , and de
velop their ;policy: • -
gress, on Friday, Senator. Crittenden prc
stinted the memorial of ftirteen thotiSand
ladies; all from the Bader States, :pra3 l ,-
ing, for compromise. Uhe memorial wa.§
I handsomely enclosed in a-.blne ,silk
rornamented with find needlewOrk, whilb
the fourteen thousand signatures,-iiiia de-
‘icate female hand, presented an irresist
hie demand for peace., In presenting it,
Mr. Crittenden compared the appeal with
that of the Sabine woman, v.71i0 rushed ill
between the contending hosts and resin -
red peace by peaceably disarming them..
The Albimy Atlas arut Atiis pu
fishes tie following , leter froma 711epult
liean member of the lanSas - Legislature,
to . a , friend in the State of NeW York: A
the State of Pensylvania has appropriv
ted *3Q, 000 for the relief of the, Kansd i s
sufferers, it *would he well enbugh to. IT:
quire in view of the statement her made
.what hecoms of the money:
- - •
• " You must be amused and astonished
to seethe reports -of ;the "t.arvation .
Kansas." Thn exaggeratiofi - is beyond
belief. Myatt,. Pomeroy, Army it Co!,
live on the relief business. Therew i ls
last year, an almost entire failure. of crop
in some acmntiei, especially thoac .:back
from the Misouririver, and in some of the
more thinly settled .districts there
doubtedly destitution and-some.. suffering
which cargoes of relief would hardly coviir
even if Firoperly distributed. But, as yet,
I have heard ofno. ease of starvation,-such
as (rogue:AU' has oecurredin New York
city, and
.we have no pmtpErti. There hatie
been, I see , $50,000
.appropriated by- the
New york Legisliture for bur ..11
hope that they . will utilize their generotu
ty•by appointing same agent of their own
instead' of turning it over to the commik
.tee tiilleißelect Pomeroy •to ;he • Senate
—in my opinion, adding-to the imaiklidi,
hie corruption, instead of relieving.a suf..
ering communiti., Nothing would bep
fit our Stzte so much as Investing, ilk.
WhOle 31711:11111t. hi wheat potatoesokc.,.fiir,
tieod, mad properly distributing it to these,
unable ro procure it otberwise.";[ .;
reir An - etehtu4e. - 'says - Martii
in the only indi s riduA - whO,
ilbo four bigheSt positions' under ti
eufi Government. lie has •I
Secretnry..of State, Vice Piet
' l 'resident. .
S. Senai
dent and
(2.0 d t thi cAlie
!`ct;:l TIP
M"Ho . n. Qeo. Scrapton: C: - •
fro*: Luzdinetpu*, ct; 4,4'aied at Semi
' la'sOunctiy.l-3. , • .ird, -
,to :May tiM ; but arebusv
feeding litigrtidcitiOonliNs.. .. Sumter and
• othet.Southern be, ibandoned
when necessity compels.. They thirst fur •
var, but i.*tcr. vor inaugurate it, so they
quietly conpive at a final separation
of- the, States, aud,„trust the John
Browtid,fbi .
Have 'we gov=ernment , ?
_a: •
-HOOPTAND 4 t3,/;
OUIbrIAN ht,Avracv,;-- r Wrehat e sgen va.
•ions stalkements of the . numbei! of South- s , ,oe s oompliont, nympesi,4l,huindice.serria. zoo.
ern slatesin'conneetion.with the,Christiati uiuw. Dtaaar. 49 4° ! C4ae7B .
Cliurches. We give the ,following from ! 'II 41 " 3; " " Mn if;° 11 ;: 4 i"" 144 " 111 " 44 °"" 1 "
--- •re rt. ItAect!. liiip*R.Dfigini;
the 'Etiticatiorial Journal; - in Potsttli,
, , An, you.. rttaltal4 PALTER! -
. , .
null Friwinuous imi Sig _
Conneaed' with the Met hedist Church cetitn.4ellotthi.
are,200;000. • MethOdist , VOrth, in
Naryl ' and and
itry and hard BaptistS 15%,000.-. tOolland's Balantld COrdbd
• .1/414. vo.werfur CL - Pal •
bid School PrbyteriatlS, 12,000. New - g „ , 001 6 . 7/o ., sa ii i4 ' . Brostuth4
School Presbyterians (United SYnOd) , croup, Psuaner, Itiipient Cannueptlm.
.posed, 000.!Uumberlan,IPri-sby,te . rian-,'/- Went. 4 ,lit.intja i ing eardeter kaoli n
20,000. P.rotestant Eprscopaliaos, 7,c)00/ •
Cairipbellites Chlistiair. Churches,
•. DinnlKen vonliont el!nivniad. ".rsics,7l , astir
600. All other sects combined,, 20,000/.
Total colored Membership South, 400
I . y, •
"dt s child is the brightest ray,in thestit ,
shine.6f a parent's leart." --'therd is no
Sacrifice that :tinother - will / net/make tn
preserve the life Mad inCrease / the joys. of i
the'Object of her love; Init the *ant of :r
little eperieneeor a little thought is. ellen 1 '
attended with fatal yesultS. Tens of. thou-
sands orehildr`en die annually during the
.process Of cutting. teeth, and hundredi of
thousands barety es'eapt death, to pass a
life of Sulliiring,dieased in body and Mind, t
all of whichresidts from a disorganization
sr,steni'during the process of teeth:.
SVMI - yfor ohildrcn teething, is a medi-
Cine',prePared to Meet the case—simple;
yet perfectly effective and sure. • In eonse
:quetice of this article, Winslow has
.become e world-renowned as abenelactorof
her race. Children certainly do rise up
and bless here: The proprietors have'rnit
!up and sold this 'a•rticle for upwards of 10
Years,and.ean say,in confidence, and truth'
that it has iteve - r failed;in a singleinstanee
to effect a cure; when timely used. It re- .
lieves the. Child from'pain, invigorates the
stomach' and, howels, corrects a - eidity, and
and' gives tone - awl energy to the whole
system. See advertiser et un North page,
Wheat Flout', ,"P biy1,,t..5.00(07,00
ltye hid., 3,304 .4.15
Corn MZnl, L. p zotl®
bu.. • .1,181) r 1 ,t 4) •
Rye, - • 0,0,5 g MG
Oats, P' lni. t (3211.)5) .9.37
1- Corn, 1 bu.. O,OO@A .0,70 :.
Buttvr, r.):lb, . 0,140.
Clwese, . • 0,000 0,101
• ".'#) - 0,09i(4.0,10:
I Lard, ..:o i s' 0,091@,0,10
NR.f& - TRLISL: PRICES .Cl.. , .l:ltratT. •
'Wheat SI. 401 j Wheat flour 11 6141444 4 141.V11
Rye.... ...... :.. :incents.! Rye flour 14 cwt... 3 2.:4
C:orp • '.;c6rento corp sTral 11 . cy:t1.5(15t 1.75
•okl cent"
2ocenti ,
ZS rt. $1
, •
I:l7ku:lzANiTo:v P/11 1 . 4 4:ti et'i{R}.::c 4 s7.
-Flour 4.1 bl,l . $5 eig.s7 w ! Pork i 1 bbl $17130 . 62419 00
Wheat jl bu 1 1:4,!..; 1 351 Drinipud- 11,1 gs 6 Zit. 7 00.
By do .. Rua on foot .. 3 0054 4 01
'Corn do s!:r I ••• 'drexiied GOO
'Oats 97 I " jt bbl..• • 10 09
I 1 09
littekselicat .41tit ,4. I Hams . ~.10S II
tlriur cot 1 '•
Apple Bl.? hu . - 40 , Lard 11tr• . 10
' dried 7;,0d, Butter, firkin.. ..146C. 16 •
oe:4 30 •' . roll . 18
Ch , eAe• .. lob I I ;;E LT . dot .. Ll*. • IS
liar 'V ton .. t". 6 war. t 0.0! (Inver seed Vbu 3 00
Salt 1 ,, bhl 60 • ITimothy seed . 3
' ..packing, ..1 CIgL 1 7:i • W0'01145 40
Pelt.. • , 50;ir 1 00' White Fish pbld ' 9.25,
,Chiekens.ll 07 • . 4 211
Cam, tit btxxhil , Bean., 75 rir : Bl (0
Rye, pried .kripler 6A (it
;:ii , .;t:{l ; Eiill';,j(ti , ;zcn. 1 &t.
MAILS Al.'Rlll:—Daih- Funclav excepted.) from the
Em.t and South, by at 7+; M: t
Dally, e (sunday excepted.) from the We.,t,•by Railroad,
at a. m. ' ,' •
From Binghamton direct. to , .ry Tuc+day.Timniday and
Saturday. at 1.4; p. m.-
From Tut.khannock direct', cve Tue:Tday, Thursday
iud tiattirda -, at 1 p. m. ,
From Touanda.tlired, every Tuesday and
7p. m. . . . - . ...
bail; front Frteroboille .fennday excepted) at 6 , 1' p. M.
31.1.17,S LE-I (Eundayo excepted) for the Part
and mouth. by nntroad. aCti
. .. . -. „
Daily (~on. d .ar exorpt-d) for, the west , by railroad. *lt 4
. . . .. . -
P. m. .. .
For Ilingharatoo direct, eveq Moo.dar, NVednesday and
I:rhiay„ . at 7a. m. i '''
Fo'r . Tnnkhanno , k direct, every Monday. Weduct , day
Friday. at 6a. nz. '
F. - tr. - Towanda direct, evciy. Monday and Pridar at '7 a'Ann.
for Friend.4i:ine i.: 4 1111(bV ex.) t.t.Vi
For Laceyville t(hrdugli ,tatiurn)—leavei Monday, at 9
na.—arrivcs W...4ddetdayla L p.
• - ,It. J. 1VF.811,, P. M.
' Mothers, Mead ThlA.—The fuliowing Is an extract
from a letter written by the pastor of a. Baptist Church to
the '•Journal and 31er.:enger."*Cineinnatti, Ohio. It says
volumes in favor of , that world-renowned medlcine.z3lns.
!' We see aiiadrertisement In your columns of Mrs. Win:
slow's Soothing Syrup.. NOw we never said a word In
favor of any patent medicine to our life, but we feel cam.
rielleilto say to your readers that this is no bornbng—wt:
.probal,ly one of the most sucee4sful m• dicines of the day.
because It Is one of the best. Those hare babicwcsut
do better than to lay in a supply. dec.2l) y
I. 0. of 0: F.—MmivrosE LODGE.' No. 151, meetsai
Odd 1-',110,v , , Hall. Montrose, Ms Tuesday evenings.
11.111:zwiren,Sre; • ' C. C.4IALSET, O.
• •
St. John Encitrrapment 50.:50 meets at Odd
Fellolvg Hall, 3fonttoPe, on Yd and 4th Friday evunliig•P of
catis month. C. C:.llm.rorr,4Scr. A.N. BULLARD.
A It. ward la! Offered.—For the detection of any.
person counterfeiting. imitating. or the vender of any .
such counterfeit or Imitation of WERIIAVE'S HOLLAND'.
lIITTHIth. The genuine, highly concentrated Holland
Bitten, IA pot up in limlf pint bottles only, the
name of the proprietor; 11. - PAGS. Jr. blown in them, arid
his signature around the neck of each and evel.y bottle.
This delightful Aroma ham been received by Americans
with that favor which is only extended to really. scien
tific preparM.lons.' When we consider the marked axle-
CvAe attemllbg its administration, in the moot stubborn
caste of Fever and Ague, Weakness of any kind. Dyspep
sia. Heartburn Acidity of the stomach, Sick and Nervorm
Headache. Indigestion. Costiveness and Men, together
with' the complete control it elereitiPP, 4.lVer
Rheumatic. and Neuralgic A tfections, we cannot wonder
at its popularity.., 'Weil way the invalid vabfithia remit
, mar.
9 S'Fi'li 9: ta.'• ;
,„„5w...v,. •
.. , 1p , a: . 1 , 51126,12.,_,
...4 - .4 ' • 1 0 : .
I. •
1111 u but Medicine \ in the u.yorkt for the turt_4o.
• Coughs and Colds, Cronp, • '
Bronchitis, Asthma,' Difficult Breathing, I
. . Palpitation of theEleart.• - - :
For. Put retie at patients in actianad.stagrs tr.
- Consnmption together with all Diseases
• of the Thipat and Cheit and which ,'
predispose to Oonantaption,v
11 atta,e.b. di ivot Qt . (Maw. and funk& Ihefell --
d~eueeknebroltebUtuenee.' , Baboprodee. -
, Cr , PVC r ej:PeetOrtilitigi.le tatilieethitoll4 ne(los .
is the d i, ,tsr et iltuants ilonbrane and' Lintel.
•It is ly'adtiMAtlieTadicil.- •
Om does of this in talk/201 'hiriYUP;ifien aim'
- tate andeonseaventN eteep,,uhte hotel:Pt=
aatureo theedettfes. ,Ms hew
co the taste, cuidprotnig in Ii fi sts. Tut fl .
he eenvincid that it ir invalua e in the cunt of
Bronsilvin II : Affectioui, - I\ '
Price Gi) ands ,Pile.
~ ! Prepared only --tr% '
lir. A. 1:61'.1,,WE1!", and 441 hp A. Ali twain. ' .
.f. tb:, N..W.Oner Oth an 4 POPLW I streets,
Atka(' a, Pa. ! liar id* In ," .
ellei asbit) i ABEL TURRELL Diulabt.
.—..., . the hirtffados.—The Bee.. Wm Cosgrnre,
while laboring at - a mistionary le Japan, .W 31.1 cured of the
tonally/nth:on W111311'41 ether ecitna b tI failed. hf rohiPo
obtained ( remleSfUedphyolcllM ..residlug_ in. the great
city ofJeddo: This recipe has euird great niunhers who
were suffering frOnfecinsumption, bronchitis, flpfe throat.
coughs, and golds, and the debility and nervous depression
Catlred by these di sordelii.•
Desirous or beneff tting others, Lwill send this recipe,
which 1 hate brought home with me, to all who need it,
tree of oliarm• Adittr?... Re.. Wm. PO:it/R.ov l:,
. • • . - •
••, ,
• • Executor's Sale. .
.•r under:signed will.ofllle',fot.'.salci
anthitm, on FRIIYAY, 3lnrch 29tb, at
I o'clock, at thejiotise lately of Tip
othy Warner,•de.eeised, in Bridgewater,
'the following iiroperty:—Eight cows, 1
twolear old. bull, 1 Sett bob sleds, 1 otit ; :.
ter. l.borse rake; dragi, chain‘
tire., iron kettle; a quantity of dairy
furniture, dpg churn rower, Jrc. .
.credit, with in..
terest and; security. •
eIfARLES AVERY, Executor. !-
Moro rose, March - i?'; 1861.
Afx7svntcrt:ittli oF. , AN? IY
/Ei it .EL Ci 'Clo Clo 33 IS
Not 1fr1.1%, and 2d NOrtIiSECOND-st,lltra. •
' 7 lLtr arc now receirrog aur: SPRING STOCK, 'Oda
will compriie rlargeizid .desiralale assortment
all kinds ot . •
.m.... a large assortment of . I..ADIF & Chpdren'alllATll.
• Oarsiocit of 'FLOM Iftn and • 111. CRES : will be mum
ally large ' tbla ...eititun, and we wadi! Invite your special
at ten tiou to that depart inentt ~ Meuse call and exanidise
them Lame 'malatig your puichasea. - i
inbetS 4nitc , . •
.. di. WARD:.
'Nos; 7M..,106 and I0:Orth SECOND street, above arch.
.. .
~ ,
riinErCelparinerAtdp heretofore. (=balk* naderlitterm
il.• of YOI. NU ..t SMITII Is thls ay dissolved by mutual
c tnrc.nt. The putts and accounts will be In tbotttands of
E. I% Smyre for settlement. S/filltersons Indebted to lb.
late. firm will see the - Importance
,a -making Immediate.
xet tlem.nt . . ~
liummcrsVille P. - . ' 1 1 3..1.5tEEL 3r0L,10."
March 9th..
: CO - 1 1
Subteribers having entered Into colcirtniestdp
JI uuder the'natue mud Area tif '
R.., L. SUTPION & CO., . .
l'ork 1:8 ::.!O.g. licerds
Lard 12 cents
Butter }7 r ...14 fit 18 cctt•
Eggo 1). dOz.. 12 centif
rr.itrqsl: C;:". : 11 Tail
at thy old stand lately ercuided by Young- & Amltb, where '
we liope to merit the pafroumre (if old Frieucls, u well u
Kehl the chipldenee of many-,.new once.. by a system of
prompt atift Imnorable dealing in our bulnese.
R. 1.. srimiz. - . FRKEM.IN:II.IIINUM, F. P. SiIITTI
• Stanpv!nrillie. ?Ltreh tltb, I*. (r 2112-04 t
• -AT TilE----
N. L POP'S NEW pialoiNt;
_ 15 f, 17
• (Y. - 00: 101•
" RE .1D g . RE
The following list of prices and be convin
ced that von can i~tn• DRY GOODS,
arid ';:GROCERIES, 'at
almost, nne-Wf.thc;ir value.
WO 'lard. he+t Merida?' Printk, mil , ' , $llOO
1500 Y(lf. COOti 3faddor Prints, fasfcolors, 16 3 - da..(or 1,00
MOO Turd :t Nladiler Print+, t wont v yard+ for 1,00 •
chan hr, De Laines, worth Clketlii eentr., for al
Bmutlful Dc Loner, worth twkity-firs f0r...: '. -
Shuile Broebe Shawl+, , tor $3.5(1„ worth . ,
Double Brocho Shawl+, f 1150,75, worth . 12,00
liontnekeJmu,,, only twilre and one•half cts., worth AS
Over . ..oats as towns . 2 ,15
Broadcloths, Cush:florae end Satinets chea p_ruder ('vats,Mots and Vests •way below par.
- • ,
Best- New Orleans Sitar, 1 . 5 lbs. for $l,OO
Best V bite Coffee Sti•ar, - 11 lbs - . for 1,00
Best Quality Candles,. 12 cents perib.
Best . Filly - ('c u t - .Tea .
.ill the - `County.,
. •
Titi!"atoreilai moat romiuce s eeerybody that we will fell Che aper than the Cheapest.
You will fled de In N. f. Posrs New Building. Fifth
door south of. Boyd & Webatera 'Hardware .
Store,- Main Street } tliontrose, Pa.
. Montroie, March 2si 1861. ,
•- . .
. - RegiEiter's 'Notice. .-
13tBLIC NOTICE isherebi riven to - all persona . con.
cerned In the: .listittcs ~Tatteb are named below,
that the accountants have nettled their accounts In the
Register's tylice, bland - fur the' county of linfinnehanna,
and that I lut vame will be presehteds•to the:Judger, of the
Orphans' Court of-sattl County. on. Friday, Apo.l. Sat . lFsil, for, C • uritlrtnatlon antnilowance •
.'Estate of Darla* Tingley; Isle of flarford, &awed,
Charles Tingley, Executor; •
. Estate of Frerichs gtalnu. _late :of Ctioconat,. deceased.
Tboutaa Quinn, ex`r. - ' •
• Estate or Mot.iel. Stopoard„Lue of Forest 'Lake, dee'd,
Win Harvey and Jabes Wightnion, i sts're.
Estate,of Jame» W. Ellekot; late Of tirlngtkile, deed,
A. Root Cellnd3 stratoro. -
Estate of 8, F. McKnue, late of Hatmoo7..dootoolid ,
Robert 51cEnne, adm'r. ; ; • .
Eettite of. Job Tyler, late ot Itarford, deceased: Ailed
Tyler, 'Francis Mosley and Gulle„aders. -t„
, Estate of Benjamin Banker, late Of Franklin, deceased,
Elliot Aldrich; adner.
, E.tate 81Ipple. Tarbeis,l late of Jeoeup, dimuird.
C. Cahwell, miner. . - .
3fpntieFo,Ntireti I 1:' ' 111.,K.NEWEIA.Itegtetet.
IN pursnamic.of the Ail o
:40411 , have Med petitions
Quarter tO•soft.htm of ate
for.Llcerixo tokeep Tavern.
Mum will be premmeett to t
of :tort term, 1861—it being
Robert Gage, Slicer lake,
.Ott 4 William*. Clifford,
U. W. Lewis, Dpvock,
g. B. Gawk'• -
.Jacob Kimble, Marmot,
Wm R. etberwodt.Rosb,, •
Joel Sceenbuk. Gibson, •
Edwin Blimo.ltriendavtlha,
Wm. K Itatilett4acialOn,
V. Itullatil,llmoklyn':.
Nnrton, Linamthqn) . .
David WilomrthaLamthinp,
l'Ahan id Oram; (91 Ord.
N, WslkeT, Gibson..
C. IL &whim], Priendavilln,
t). Smith. &J. M.
J. M. Tillman, finequeltanna
.1 Carr;',Summanhanna.
p, tie iqn 4-11 ibillol7l in, 9a
cull; :T.
_ -
' '::%: -I '' ' ir ( , ''''
, P'' ; 14 . i' ' • 3 "
,) ' A '
- -- -"- - ' - -;-4,1- - V b i la -. , -
et . .1t,t;13-- - Turi „"
v . . tit-zr*4.'r--;t - , •?!..; 4:','
of tbepreserat age, 111 . • seiligridAlustilritsl
tuoiligkyear! ut Isia4 Kitvw 024 0.' 1 0 6 7, 11
it.rtigkre.4 •
beltu: welt I:newit tlisvuihout arope. and Atoorita,
:to Col:llM,ll4.ltildi Thi:rard purely (doable;
peoyareckwitb grea,i exartnaw, end are tuyar4osted. 1.
better CotltarticsPil/ can bo Liattd. 115 eta. prr boo.. •
These .madicipeo are 1444,04 by. Dr. C. IL J#cr.sout k
Co., Ptlladelphie, and Ma, and are ..1 by: ,
druggist;a:al deolera in inodltilwa everywhore: The idg
nature of C . SI. Jacitaer: a *steak •( each
bottle er box.
Inoue “Ertryiddy't Alms" pabltabcd annually, you.
will And telt:a:oily and - romuttodafory tiottofs - trem
1(0, aof tint (votary. 'Mao Aiiusuacs axe eras away by
all oar agenti. !I • ..
H. vvir • RD,
. , .
t goat:obi.% the forklwtag Pee ,
%vitt, 111 e Liigit,._of the .Cooltot
tor. Susquiroaum.
In 4 iddc9tustyt and per:
La court on the Apiablosiday
the Int day ants ado*: -
I Rk.ricir Ilickoz, Springvhs
tAbanion Tilden, Herrick,
Jolur 31:411ysirs: .• :
I I'Philander Afilni4V...if Ilhd
Jere: at Chan. T Leosuird Searle,- onuosei
John S. Torben; r"• -
David Thomas. Grot ',lend,
N.D. Snider. Reath ,
C.D. Wthlon..eltiord,
lrryer. Adan us,tner A0* ... 21 . 1 , 1 .,.
lo Ila. a
11. W. Fish; are.nt. -
O. G. 0 , 1 1 1104 Middletown,.
A. F. Snover, Le1:10i , .
Glinerne, Great Bend,
• . JahnUewitnon, ihiltdalt
ht;,;es not non*Utati on( it
• , :rlin. " •