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NO. XV,.
'rim cc GIFT 1100fi.94 p,2031
. . ..--,.
In our article of last Saturday we, .re,
marked that, modern usineas . enterpris.
is exhibited in a variety, of forma. Nnw4
' this, of course, assumes the fact that there
is,enterprise in trade, that pecuniary trans ; '
actions are large, and that meatitna.islic
longer a promin e nt, essential, feature or a
Monetary career. That these assumptionh
are simply truth, the history, preient• eio.
tent position of the gift book establishment
of G. G. Evans, 439 Chestnut seet, Phif
adelphia, is a sufficient proof. -E
Mr, Evans not many years a • was a l
comparatively poor man and unknown per-,
sonage. At his first entrance into thebu4
siness with which his name is Tuiw ideati-I,
'fled, he encountered _much ridicule wild
-...opposition, his trade was styled!" illeglin:,
mate," and he himself regarded; as little
better than - ,a cunping charlatan. - But
having, as we may fairly infer, a firm faith
in his scheme and .in himself, and as full,
of hope as of ingenuity, Mr. 'Evans. perSe=
• vered, worked on through-""the day of
small things," gradually mereas4d his•fa.i
cilities, became- known, was fairly fixed;
and-has become at last thoroughly inc.;
. .
= - cessful.
We have especial pleasure, .is the repre-,
...., sentative of a Philadelphia journid, in- call;
ing attention to Mr. Evans, becairse coma-;
mercially at least, he is a thoroukh Phila
delphian. He has branch houseS in other;
;cities; but his headquarters are in our orrii;,
beautiful metropolis. He has resisted all,'
allurements to remove his establishment
- elsewhere, and has determined to settle]'
himself permanently in Philadelphin.;---1,
Having_purchased the building he at pres,l .
- mit occupies, at a cost of *5Q,009 (a fire``
Story iron structure), and havingLinvestedl
several thousands - of dollars in improve- )
meats, (such as the spiral. stairca4e in the,
centre anclthe "dumb-waiter," used for.
conveying books from oue story to •- thei,
other) he considers himself as ideated, 1,6.-1
nally. In' the basement is the "stOre room";
' of the establishment ; here several hundred!
- thousands of volumes are kept constantly]
on hand, in piles extending fronilthe floor
to a - height of several feet. Literatureis i
here measuredhy the pound, andiluform,4-
thin meted out by the square foot. With i
the first floor, or sales room, Wei SlippOie II
that most of our 'Treaders are practically ;
acquainted. It is. thirty feet in *idth . 11 y, ,
one hundred and thirty deep ;- the Shelve
and counters are well stocked with boq4s
of all sells, Sizes and prices, front ;91.90
upwards indefinitely. We should judge
that in this sales-room there must', be fully
one thousand shelves, or rather divisions
of shelves, each containing from 'fifteen do
.twenty volumes. This computati Hisses
elusive of the numerous works in i e giais
case to your left, as you enter, ;ad • also ;
those on the counters_ in - the cent e.. In
front of the counters is a show'wise-COii_-_
taming specimens of the various gifts dis
pensed, and at the back is the apiirtment
from whence the presents are distributed
by the appropriate person. Directly. be
hind this runs, or rather winds, the spiral
staircase, which conducts you to the sec
ond story. Here we were showna large
closet where-the major part of the jewelry
is deposited for safekeeping. Here also
we were shoii-n the "letter register". and
the mail bags... Hundreds of epist r)lary or
ders are received and their contents noted
weekly. , Several mail 'bags are in daily
use; a perfect post office on - a scale of con:
. siderable magnitude is here conducted in
its various branches ; over $10,003]. worth
of orders is sometimes received in a siiede
week; and Monday's mail alone amounts
occasionally to several thousand 'dollar&
The books are sent in packages=ibe gifts
are forwarded hy letter..
In the second story is also located the
room of Mr. P.' A. Abel, the‘ adYertiAng
agent, Mr. Evans, it is almost needless
to remark, advertises very- heavily. Per
haps no one in this country, with -.the ex- 1
ception of Mr. Bonner, of the New York
Ledger, equals or excels him in this 'Par.
ticular. Over $50,000 a year is paid out
by him to the various journals, both of eit,V
and country, throughout the -Union and
through Canada.. 'Oftentimes wh_ble col
umns, occasionally whole pages oflinfluen
dal newspapers are occupied by his•adver-
tisements. *1,500 was once , paid' for a
single notice in the Weekly Tribune, and
advertisements at the cost of several hun
ollars have not been uncornmon. ;
And we may here remark'et that
the liberal newspaper of such shrewd bu- '
siness men as Robert Bonner and-G. G.
Evans, are alike the prime causes [,of their
. astonishing success, and the best proof df,
the great importance, the immense advari-,
, tages, the absolute necessity of free; fiber
. al and generous advertising,, in ; making
the public acquainted With your husiness,-,
and foreleg them, as, it were, to pnrchase:
.- In addition to-his dealings with news- i
papers the proprietor of the establishment'
we to-day describe, publishes - a vast nun---'1
ber of "catalogues." We were told that,
nearly a thousandcatalogues are distribu- ,
ted daily, and that in Hertnon s y street near',
Fourth a large number of females are kept '
constantly busy upon these 'catalogues
alone., This kind of advertising amounts
annualy to nearly"sl2,ooo. ,
Selling books is the speciality of this es
tablishment ; but a considerable amount
Of publishing is likewise attended: to.
Mae! of T. S. Arthur's and Ingraham'*
• works, with many others; hare been i -
sued by this
; house. Several triouSalid
dollars have been paid to, Mr. Ingraham
for his popular series of scriptural roman
ces, and other authors have experienced
Mr,Evansliberality. Over fifty-six works
have been already published by hinit Some
. volumes, such as the Memoirs of the 'Cel
ebrated Houdin, have had. *an enormous
sale; on au average two :popular new
hooks are got our by, this establishment
each week, editorial copies of which are
distributed from Maine to. California. I
Some publishing houses, aye understand,
regard, or affect to consider, Mr. Evans is
an outsider, in respect to the trade, as do- ~
ing a not strictly legitiniate business, and i
Alley, therefore, as a rule, "taboo" hispub- -isalth and ?are 114 " 1 "" mP erabie ' -ni tet
fromimtloft" blood. andieations. This, we thint, to b azunwiimut:se:6T ntillereasohyandoutCourse, originating-in mistaken views.- l ana cleaner theseimpuritiestom tiro system that
This praise, at least, can be' awarded . to 1.....4. ttut: ISO simple and innocent are the plants and
the volumes which emenate from .439 it herbs that ea raPose than. US it la-aot "COMM' to hats
, 1 Chestnut Stregt ,They are all of a sound themtit eager " In order 2 6 th" the stomachs
moral tendency, are well printed on good ii=or yiti most Zte.hei, pill.
' sug ar
SO' mai coated beeauste the
paper,' and are strongly and elegantly I; Taidar.._ _time otherwise a delfoge ei 42l could iii 4-. bear ;an
bound. Many of Olen are. ei fi et l y pun . r .„. TWIN Pills deal moth disi . as 11.:1B. and Win 110 t,
ode and American ; the lives of liirebstet 1
..... . 6 °V. ,r b 7 removing the curse; bat rill bald rip Ise
Clay, Houston tte.; written by the most. :7 -- the bn;kell ctatatita t! ° m T . t* are wall who
~ ~are so trilled, with - their constitutims that they think
popular authors. - . .. i medicine cannot help them Oa lot even:these despair.
The remarks which we made hi OW M. I iscrdollty and iseeptleism are overthrown b' &masa of
tide of Saturday last, in relatio n to' th e il testfmoti which Is troll . :At first the virtues
gift' 'business -carried on 1 Granville !!!'"eribedi° the" simmudii 6 .. b Pine were long deem
stokes, appiy ‘with eq ual truth to t h e n .ii; iledfibukaL ampleWiliam so often decayed they
feature .of 3fr &ante e stablishment.ii7 il mod ath betels the l'eeLltheox:4bY their 415, ,
__, •
.. ...., .„ e coveter. Yet has saftliihde. attested Zvi witnesses or
'preikii given WA 440 Itt:rfUllell purchased tbehOist charactarasd natilfst, have proted, ail
diminishes the amount ofthe post, but 1 lisPr'"ing each 4174bvitrillifie of Ms mi g ht y heider
, crews litg- iLI 11. Wadi Jaw th en i n e.
,I TINT Mit bitisitabwooits powa asd. dicer a mew
ber igo the • tait- total g ift i, els is 32?'!..adtet• Sad elay Is Nostra's by ,
' i .law -- . - •. , ft IL SAM 0 DSO.
beats a certain Sued '' ropOrtion to the to
tal value of the vol es with which they
are distributed ; and by I making ; all his
purchases iit - whol e and for cash, and
therefore &imply, he is enabled to sell his
taioks at a fair price, "ve a gi ft with - each
book, and yet gain a • aying pro fi t; The
presents are chieflyje, elryand watChes— , .
the majority procured from New
and the East,-but are i proportion rib,
tabled from Philadel tua jewelerik Over
560,000 worth of gol. and silver watches
have Been given awa in a few months--
gold watches watehes as. high as $lOO, silver ones
upwards 0f105, - .and a great variety of mi
nor jewelry are comprised: in the .collec-.
Lion.. . .
- The yearly expenses of the great , gift.
book establishment of Philadelphia are, as
may be supposed,•enorpouS. Twenty-five l
hands (whose wages and salaries amount I
to over $350 a week)i l are employed—but
1 this is a mere trifle w en we _consider the
Money amivally efpeded for the buying
of hooka by the hund i
eds - ind .. thousand s from•other publishe . (this item reaches
hundreds of dollars d "ly,) then the expen
ses incurred for pape printing and bind
ing its own paiblicati ns, I (these, amount'
teseveral thousands f dollars per week,)
and last but not least; the annual cost of
the jewelry pur as gifts, (which av
erages many thousands of dollars month
It is evident, also, tat the yearly-busi
ness to meet ttiese ch rg,eS must hkeivise
be Yery heavy. Two hundred packages
t i
of books are forwarded to their various
:destinations betwe,ee sunrise and sunset.
"Literally thousands of volumes are sold
every twenty-fou hours. A locXl trade,
i l
averaging.s2oo per day, is carried on at
the, counter, while the transactions by
• mail and eipress with all parts of the Un
it and North America, amount to many
ti es this sum. The I annual business. is
estimated at nearly three-quarters of a
million ofdollars. [ • • -
. In'conclusion, we can endorse Mr. G. G.
Evans, for three.- reasims. This business
is; as far as the world in general and -our—
selves in particular can judge, legitimate
in principle and honimiable in practice,—
He is a man of undoubted and proved en--
ierprise---one of the h ost "moving" men
in this go-ahead centary. Lastly, he is
the head of a Philadelphia house which far
excels (in connection with - its two branch
' es in Boston and- Baltimore) any store- of
the kind in braggart New York, and is
in fact the great 'gift book establishment '
of the world. r
- .T . he idea that e .ancet- -is incum,bler cannot
be entertained by perScins'who hare wit.
ness . ed the -effect of these. remediea- on this
.terribic,disease. The Ointmentpenetrates
the, substance of tile cancer, and teaches
its minute ramifications !in thciiifiesh,
checking its progress, and gradually re
storing the parts affected to a somid con
dition, the acting upon the
blood as a powerfnl,rdetergent, destroy
the seeds of the-malady in the - circulation.
The tetimony . on this head is abundant
`and:conclusive. •
TOE Ancric VQVAGER.—Petersen, the
:Artic voyager, who , accompanied Dr.
!'Bane and Captain McClinto - ek's*Arctic ex
'pedhions, and whose 'services services are hand
sornelY alluded to by Dr. HaVes in his
"Arctic.Boatjourney," is now living in a
small village near Copenhagen. His wife
half-breed Esquimaux, and. is totally
blind. - Petersen has. been' cordially re ,
ceived by the "Icing.of Denmarlf since his
return, and has given', by request, con
versational lectures before gedgraphical
and - other Focieties.
. .
Hon. 3 ereni ialti S. Black, Attorney-
General of the United Stat es, is spoken of
in connection with the vacancy upon the
Supreme Bench caused by the death of
Judge Daniel.
. Poirriox of GEN. SCoir .—Lieut: den.
Scott, who is at AV,shington, has :mow
eed hiinself in favor of the Constitutional
Union nominations at Baltimore. •
The Susquehanna County Democratic
Club Meets..every 3fonilav evening at their
1 1,room, over-the store. Of L N.,l3Ullard, in
Montrose. All are invited to attend.-
'3l.embershipfree D. BREWSTER,
Fire Company - N0..2. will meet Monday
erbning, June 25th, at P. INL Nomina
tion of officers. .1
. .
J. W. P. RILEY, Forernon.'
S. 111.-Wimsos,-See. f
- _
Rill preach in the Universalist Chu. ch, in
31Qptrose, -- con Sunday !the 24th inst . ..ut the
usualbonrs.• - •
' The Committee oil Text-Books will report
to the Convention to oinsist of one, delegate
froth each Board in therCounty„ on Fri
day.the 29th day of J4ne at 2 o'clock p. m.
at the Court-House ii Montrose.
• . By order 6f Cointnittee..
ItexicAN mturroto Lninottrr.
Barinale, virtue alone could .insure the success which
this article has'attained. F.orilthenniatiem, Salt Rheum,
Barns, Bruises StiffJointa orldaida, Sprain, poll Evil. it
11 3 weltnp upon Ilo6es, it hat' no equal. .14 person will
•be without it WhO has once tested its value. ", And with
reference - to the general eathiaidon i of the ithstang . Lint
pent; I can choeitally say thatno article ever performed
leo many cares in oar iicighlapthood as this. L. W. Smith,
illdgefield, Conti. , S. Leikkrosq. Ilyde Park, yt. writes,
" tha v te borne was considered wirthlese, (his case was
the but _ free nee of the Liniment- I have
° at t i t d Vfa. Your .nee
Is doing wonders up
here." Such testimony is reaching its every day- The
halfla not told. Every family sbonld have; it. BeVirs of
Imitations.. The genuine Liniment la-aold by all respects
ble dealers throughout the world.
Jn BARNES it PAO: Prpit-Wore, New Tork.
• Coictintormat, read thehdierthiement orDr. Churchlre .
Ilymihosphites or Lime and spda, on 4th pap.
• . .
• .
pl-fitfisil-4104 41.1; it
r .•;:
10 , .TRE ; . . 4 i
4311.. IFLIC r.. •
bf thopiosent oge, have acqatreii *kir yeti. yepulasity'
veli qirooibleors of Wit. , Unbounded oulabetloo
ronbarS Mop all awe.
Liver Ciressieart._Lrirveinar. grain* Nerreas
Witty. Losesees of Mdse..
sad all'iLereore made; from a dl4rierwl liver, or weak
eau of the Stomach s .ad Dyeitive Organ,
' era ranni7 'oisme
Mali mil; min mu l Ail mu Alp Alllt
lier oar Masa= /Or proof. Pascit, Mardi pie Beitla
Hoofland'slalsathic Cordial
, Cosiki . , Oalda, at Blariil2•l6, irttwebttL. lethteass. ,
Weep, ItAsesesie; lastpleit Counuapthei,
sad has terttrated the moat
at adeatikdAe curCaraenr Itame
ciaNymnizzi colufuitrrzoN.
As a Illirthete Catillai it is nneviAlhei Puce, Te mite
re• bottle.
beinirwell knows threinghout E and America - swede
no connaeodation here. They ate ; purely vlzitetablo, am
prepared ,with great imagine*. and*, itagarcoatcd. No
better Cathartic Pill can - be found. per box.
• These *allergies are• prepared. bb Dr. C. M. JAVISON
4c, Philidelpida,'Pe., and St. Lodi, Ma, and are sold by
druggist.' and dealers In Medicinal imerywhire. The gig.
natant of, C. Wilmot! will be 04 the outside or each
bAtii or bog. ..
in our .Igrerybodles Almanac," ptibllebed annually, you
wilkboti 1 testimony and commendatory notice. from air
pine or the country. Theme Alsot4ca are given away by
all oar silentb
b".nhl in Montrose by ABEL TITARELL, Agent
Moffat'i lligh a. envied celebrity
whichthis rive-eminent medielni , bairacqltiretifor invariable
eilleacy in ill diseases it professes Ito cure, has rendered
the uspal piactice or ostentatlons pittEing not only unneces
sary, but Unworthy of them. They; are known by their
fruits; their good works testify forltbetn, and they thrive
not by the Stith of the credulous. Di all cases of costive
ness, dyspepsia, bilious and flyer affections, plies,-fevers
and, agues rheumatism, obstinite Iteadachea ; and general
derangemeCts of bealthithese Pills 'tare invariably proved
- a certain and speedy remedy.- A 'Seigle trial will place the
LIFE-PILLS beyond the reach of etimpetiti.on Si the e'l.l
- of eery patient
Dn. MOFFAT'S BIT rERS will bp found to
be equally efficacious 'in all cases of Oyipepsia, headache - ,
nervous debility, stances Incident to females In delidate
health, and every kind of. weakness cirthe digestive organs.
For sale by Da. W.- B. MOFFAT:I3S Broadway, N.Y..ali
by medicine dealers and clruggiste kenerillv throughout
the country. aecli ly 6m•
Important to Females. , zlM, Cheeserpan's•Pills.
The combination of ingredlenta in the' s' e Pills are the result
of a long and extenstve practice. They' are mild in their
operation, and certain in correcting all irregularities, pain
fulmenstruitions,removing all. obstritctions, whether from
Cold or otherwise,' headache, pain ih the side, palpitation
of the heart,whites, all nervous alrecttana, hysterics,fatigne
pain in the bark and limbs, dlsturkied' sleep, &co which
arise from interruption Of nature. c
DR. C.II.ESE.WAN:f. PILLS wothe commencement
of a new era in the trwitment of thosiirregularitles and Ob
structions which have consigned so many thousands of the
young, the beautiful and beloved to ti:rP.EXASUILZ. GI:CAVE.
No fcmale can enjoy good health nnlhs she is regular, and
Whenever an obstruction takes -pia,* the general health
begins to decline. - .
.7))?. CHE.ESEMAN' t 3 PILLS' aSe themoist elfecinal
remedj everknowntor all complatatipemillar to Female*:
To Mix-lasses theyare tnvalnahle , indu cing , with certainty,
periodic:id re ' ynilarity. Th ey are !maim to thousands, who
have used - them at different periods, throughout the coun
try. havinglhe sanction of some of the most eminent PAY
ricians in America.
"Erplleit direction, elating when. #nd when tha should
not be used, with each flux—the•Prit* one dollar p:1 - Lox
containing o,to pills. •
Pills sent by mail, promptly, by tr i pelos INg. s prlce to the
'Goners! Agept. For sale by Drnggiaeu generally.
IL B. iluTclirsOs, General Agen, 20 Cedar St.. N. I%
Dr.J. Tunkhannock,a4d ASELZURRELL,
llonlrOse. Agents.. r .my3o ly
YThe following is' a sample of the numerous lettars
cow:tautly, receiving .or fostetter'e stomach Bitters;
Camindaqya, July 15tirlit9.
Menrs. 11 . 64e1f.;:r 4: Smith. Pitt.4lrg, Pa.--Genta : As
we are strangers . , I herewith enclose ron twenty-eight del
has for four , dozen Hostetter's stomach Bitters, which
0 , 0.4 foiward rt. Mohican Soathor. Railniad s Toiodcr,
Oltio.-and Clii:tton station. I have ptlrchased several doz
en bottles at Toledo this summer, bdt the sale is on the
increase co lunch that I wi,b to opeh a direct trade with
volt. I was induced to try your Bitters-by my physician
for the Liver complaint, itra received such material aid
that Lhav,etecommended It to others and have sold about
two dozen per week cot some time. t 4 I have all kinds of
medicine In my store. but there is tone that I can so
cheerfully recommend as your Bithos, for 3. know they
have helped me beyond my expectatiim. Yours resly,
. Sold in Montrose by A..I)EL TLRIAELL-,
In Jes Sup, .July 14th, by J. - Baldwin,
Esq., Mr S: RonEnTs, iof Jessup,. and.
Miss .Minrna LEONARD, of Rush.
-At Great Bend;on Wednesdarthe 13th
inst. by the' REY. J. R. .31'q'reary, Mr. PE
TER SMITH,,and Miss..JANA V. 13..tnikk,n,
both of Great Bend, Pa.;
On the 6th inst,.of con u nption, Mrs.
31Any AN.ST, - wife of Asa E. Townsend, of
Franklin, in the 261.11- year tifher age.
On the 14th • inst. in Franklin, FREDER
ICK, son of David and Helo M. Todd, in
- the 9th year of his age.
. -
• Mr.. ELLTAU NEWTON, tri,e oldest inhab
itant of tedyard, New.Lohdorr co. Conn.
died in that place bn Thur.. Way June 13th,
aged 93 years.. His wife, tv . ::hose age is the
same, survives him. .On the first day of
May the aged couple celebrated the 73d
anniversary of their marriage day. -
gein 4h(ertitmtuts.
10FA*7.qCTURilior BOOTS 4 SHOES. Montrose,
.1.7.2. Pa. Shop over Wer's store 4 'AU kinds, of work
made to order, and repairing done nfatly. ' Je2lyl..
;,. PY • • '
Ayer ...g ap:l, June 1.1, IBC4'.
17710G1L4PHS,ARTIST'S fly - REPAINTS; Brim/L
-.IJ ea
ed .. Mkt! 6x.,e., if new apply ,
ELL. just re
ceiv -
alordrosi, jlune 21. IM ..OIEL TURR . -
" f None4i. to tioildem.
mug Sa6ol Directors of Lenox tkkwnshtp will receive
-I. proposals fur building a School house near Aaa HOW
ard's, until the last Saturday in Jttn4, at which time they
will contract with the lowest and heat bidder, at theplace
where said house is to be built- riiie, form, and finish to
be like a new one near &tinsel Roland.
June 14,1860. • ' Wif..V. TINVLEY, sees , B.D.
Dr. 3p..a..exPrXlC32r..
y r AS MOVP:i bls OFFICE to aroma on Turnpike !tree,
.1 - 1. in rear of P.ost Bros.' store—lately occupied by Cooper
& Co:as an exchange otlacp—a very elliblelobliou, ended'
excellent place to receive moneyls , u offered) on old 'se
aman!. • •
fie may be conetilted at all bolirs in the day, when
not absent On professional cells. ' .
VW' attention
_given to tteatment of dioceses
and deformities of tbe.MW CLUB FRIYT,- - and all out:ice'
operation.. aforilrvse , June IN-6to,
IF you tram it good PICTURE ; CHEAP - cell at the Ca:
1..0n the °tem Riving] oat reartuell'irom the city with
alarre assortment of - P/C7C , R,C CASEB. I am now
setlingthem'at nth prices u toinakb it an .obJeet for any
one h.lng:a pkture, to ewe me a ttel beforegotng else
where. • • .; F. D. INOOD.
Montnrse, Arne 5, ' tf '
• •
2 9-
WOOL. . .
D. 1411:11.140P, PlentiNese;
WOOD iT9:42 11 7.17D 4 r 7111#,S 0171027
. .
.. - .1
N', - El7: - ,71 .- ;. -
igutipberg, Ilosenbaum,
. AT
Nontrose, & Susq'a Depot, Pa ,
The undersigned have provided themselves with a
theywhich boakt of being the
hi thi l kettoo or ottotry. They also flattet themselves
met they hive the beet beilltles of obtalulas '
stoobs-$l - rs4 from thr.',llarket,
and are determined not to to undersold b any flan ttila
aide of New 'York city. In regard to
• we woad say that being to this largely at
24 Ley StreetiNew.Yerk
we min offer the publielargaltut not surpassed by any re-
tail dealers In this section, as.we sell here at retail prl-
Mt AS cheap as those Who go to New Volt and purchase at
'wholesale and then bring them bare and, have to make a
profit over that which they have already paid themselves.
Call and see nem; we will prove the fie*.
Outtliberg - ,llostnbaum .
Monroe, At. :lime 141h,1860.
T_l - ASlnet returned from selecting and phirclussing and is
now receiving one of the Largest and best stock of
it •
ever Offered in this market. The quality of nearly eyer.p
thing good ; all warranted as represented as represented.
Terms: Ready Cash and Law Priem A general idea of
the stock may be formed from the followinplaumeration:
DRIMS, :Scoters:co, CHEMICALS,.
DYE STEW'S, Geocentes,
Musical Instruments. Lamps, Jewelry, Perfumery,
,Stime Ware, Brooms. Brushes, Whips, Unibrel's
Bird Cages, Pocket Knives, Guns, Pistols,
Ammunition, 'Liquors, Trusses, Supporters; •
Shoulder Braces,. , port MOODS'S, Spectacles,
Silver & plated Spoons, Forks, .&c. Gold pens,
Stationery, . Violin; Guitar, Bass-Viol Strings.
Lithographs, porcelain Teeth, Artist's Tube paints, Brush
Also some Dry Goods, Wooden Ware, hard
and japanned. Ware, Fluid and Oil Cans, Camphine, Coal
Oil, Burning Fluid, Alcohol, Turpentine, lamp, tanner's,
neat foot, lard, olive, castor, boiled and raw linseed Oils,
White Lead, Zinc, and all
' kinds of colored paints; Vine
gar, Canary Seed, also all the plapularYATENT htEDl
and Other things tdo numerous to mention.
It is fin:practicable to give more than a general outline
-of my stock through the newspapers, every. one wishing
GOODS ii invited to call and examine. Customers on
entering' the store must not expect to find every thing in
sight but nearly every article wanted will, be - produced by
inquiry. •
- Thankful for the liberal patrowe hitherroi received. ho
hopes to merit a continuance and large increase of the
Montrose, June 5,16t0.
EVAN% 'tt
HAVING enlarged and remodeled their Store, have the
pleasure of informing their numerous customers that
they arc now ready to allow the best assortment of
Tea l'rays,Brpastpia%,Fiap-r-ritspa,
Hair Pius, Ex.trai.2%,
QI 'y soap, Okr. air... • - •
in this part of the State., They have just - returned from
New York with h fall and ostensive assortment of goods
In their line, which they have .purchased for of the
manufacturers and Importers, and they flatter themselves
they can oiler inducements both in style, variety and.nri.
ces, notto be equalled west ot .Netv -rbru. peterunnon to
keep up with the progress of-the age, they 7 have added to
their tvuortreent many articles not previously kept agen
eral utility and beauty. Thanking the community for the
liberal patronage heretofore - received, they would solicit a
continuance and increase of the same.
Binghamton. May WM, 1860.
Rea y Pay and Small. ,Profits!
ix. - 33 - Erptxti3sars
Is now receiving a full and choice stock o f
TNCLUDL.SGI a great variety of rich Prints to New-styles,
Ginghami.Bnlliants, Lawns, Challies, Silk Dret'S 'Tis;
snes and Bareges; Black, Fancy, and - Foulard Silks, very
low; Poplins, &c., with a Superior Assortment of Silk,
Bryche, Cashmere and Stella Shawls; Mantillas. Dusters,
Parasols, Hoop Skirts. Rich Ribbns, Bonnets and Flow
ers, Broadeldtbs, Casahneres, &unmet... Sul l y; &c., with - a
large assortment of other
As usual, in Groceries. Crockery, Hardware, Iron Steel,
Nails, Stoves, Drugs. Paints, Oils, Fluid. Boots WA Shoes,
Hats and Caps. Clocks. Carpeting. Floor Oil Cloth, Wall
Paper, Painted Window Shades, &c..
C -2, 17 The entire stock being large and bought for cash,
anttlargely from manufacturers, and first hands, will give
superior opportunities for cholce.selections and low-down
prices, and will be sold on the must favorable terms fur
cash, produce, and to Prompt Six-nionths• buyers. An
examination of the Goods and price will be found profit
able to those who wish to buy. •--
B. Flour and Salt cohstantly on hand.
News! . News.! •
IV direct from New York, another of,ltiaehoictt stocks of
embracin' in the Dry Goode line, de Laing, Challis, man
tillas, Silks. Poplins, Prints, etc., etc—etc, as well u a full _
stock of Domestick, each as summer cloths, for men and
boys' wear, Shirting's, Tickings, Denims,; Cotton Yarn,
Carpet Warp; Ruts, etc. Groceries—a full assortment:, ;
Fish—Mackerel. Trout, Whitefish. Codfish; and Herring.
Hardware, building materials, Nails, Glass, Putty, Paints,
Oils. Dyestuffs: Heady-made Clothing, theltftirk/1111111thip
WARRINTED. Hats. Caps and Bonnets, of the latest style.
Boots and shoes, worth from 12%c to 0. In fact almost
every variety of Goods usually inquired for satiny country
store can be found at the
and It is the armof theproprietor to make inch disposition:
alas Goods that neither his suee,ves nor his patrons will
unoe.w." J. L. 711E8t3LMAN. '-
Upsonrille, Pa., Jtme.l64.lkoo,—tf •
• - klltatt2l, •
Is the best edkine in the corld for the airs
Coughs and Cede. Croup, -
Bronchitis, Asthma, Diffieult Breathing,
Palpitation of the Heart.
• For the rette/41 pattesits its mfreneed awe!
Consumption together with all Disfiasese.
of the Throat and Chest and which .
predispose to Consumption
It areas - me root erlisame, and makes thefell • .
etatroyerruceumb Us isvlusnoe. It alsoproda. _
as free expeeamsaim, inducer WWI., action ,
me &mad. Mucous 2Lorobrans atid tiseuee.
Ii is prettied/ minpredlto the militia . :
', mire of - MUCK& • ,
044.110ie Pf invaluableWlTUF often Ora
,tte mh sengdue seana e e m rs p kep tn ,
A w L h s ch t
c h ts e
f t,fruk
-• unfur l Ilea
c M r aury
read mat 'isvate'se in .
eseowe t Useawry
•. • . Bronchial 'illections.-
- Pries efl ammo" Dora. Premered only by Dr. 4. ESENWEIY...smd adrift , ' A: knienwein,
re Oa. N. W. corner Wand POPLAR amp, -
PULwra. aaiss
mAileigo.fesr• Alt&
H . ' ..
-'''.. • 'TII --, BE -111111111--
To' SE:-11UNG
s;•' - '.. -
o Blttigitsccitt; and CLEANiUP,
• lks) tirte ready for the BANOINO,aa Main be witnessed
everyday In the Week [Llundajd eleeptedlby Milliq at the
.hook Storeis,
~_ .
- • RAL . PIC PEIR, 43 CPOT:
.. - . .
aidpurcluulng of A; 21", &Maid enciugh cheapline tented
wallpaper will' which to.hcig all your rooms. i - •
Jatitilecelved s --- .' - • • - - -
.-. Atthelikintrosel3ookStote:
12i7 e 4,11 Paper, • - •
1 -
BYTILE - tOpo Rottl‘,
• -
*ALL PAPERpd BORDRIS br ilia /o ' ooo YARDS,
Atilse:Wayl-- aptti Dejsot: "j .
f; . .
Wail Paper from 5 to3o eta r Ro ll , and splendid border:
from Veto bets pr yard. W i Paper Bordering, Window
Curtains and Fixtures ellesper than the same styles and•
qualities tan be bought for. any other place in or but of
mcettrose,a.Oß TUT. RU Al
DY. , . N. .BUI.I.ARD.,
ALSO-A new andla_rge a ortment of:SCHOOL hooks
and STATIONERY, ..tattneous Boob and TA ATEE
NOTIONS too numerous to mention; all of which Will be
sold upon the principle that the "nimble sixpence"ils far
better than the "slow abillint," by • -
. Montrose, May 91, IWO. - -' " A. N. BULLA RD.ULL.N.D
• ' I.a r
.:41.1") FAS i . i r •
, .
. . MISS.-4. - - dOLLIER; • •
HAS JUST, • AII,RiVED isMontrose, and toested.on thestng r street, first door aboin the
residence of Win L Post, wh she hu dimmed a stock of
• ;1 .
5 An 111 .11 1 1117: — &DD c l,, - :-
unsurpassed In beautyaichnetia, and mate, and laprei
to` supply the Ladles of ttds tzlinty with latest . „
Ribbons, Laces and all the trimmings usuilly found in a
first clue millinery establiahmeut, at prices surprisingly'
low. Bonnets cleaned. pretad- trimmed in- Styl es most besuttfuland in an eat new mode. ..
DU nag 1 • ,
l ied
. I am P repared to fit the Lad es with dresses ; I ifti well
sunlit with styles .t patella the latest and most unique.
Montrose, Nay 17, MO. ' . • A:COLLIRR. -
14AY BE 'FOUND for some rnontlis to
come, at MRS. BARD'S near by the METHO P IST
CHURCH. .It is very desirsiblr. that all indebted would be
so kind as to ,--- but hold ! !Mr. Printer I It is °Slade
ture to enlarge upon a suble_ct• so distasteful and rephlslve
to most people. Montrose, May 16th, INO.tiar
subicribers having re ted the establishmerit for merly owned by Keelerut the Salt Spring In Franklin,.
are_ prepared to take WOOL , ter manufacture Into CLOTH;
FLANNELS, 3c.,. on sluwea,i or by the . yard, to 'tuft our
A quantity of all-wool clot ir on band to exchange for
wool, on fair terms. A word to the wise and prudent.
Our customers may. rest that cloth made at *our
establishment ig not compOses of old raga, dust, arid the
many other worthless materigs, glued, -pasted, and pies-.
tered to g ether as is the great mass with which the country
Is burdened. ' r ~
Wool ; cording and Cloth-dressing in their season.
executed with despatch and ncatness,-as usual, at'!`
and let live" priCes. "
Quantity of good Lath.kept icashaud and . mri . de to order.
Irted •
• I[ la expatea that paymentiwill be made, In all easea,
when the wbrk is delivered, In; cash, or salable produce.
200 V, good clean grease wanted In exchange. ~ •
N. B.—People.comink from a. distance with wool, can
hare it cased to take home with them at the time.
i • 1). 11. likk:LEit. .'
May Bth, 1860.-8 M JOHN BEAUMONT.
• _
posselises roans- imnortant advantageS over all 'Other
Forks, stnong.whirfi are the following : The tines being
allowed to drop to discharge its load, the tilting Of the
handle, as in other forks. IRWed; hence. hay can be
unloaded with the utmost tacit Ur and ease into sliedi win
dows or beneath purline beatuK and other places tehere
other Horse'Forks cannot be aked. It can in abidance be
managed with ,- ..;:satter'ease [had nnv other Horse Fork. -It
in equally adapted to 'narking. With this Fork, a ton of
hay tufty be 'unloaded in from .9 to 7 minutes.
Its 9implii . .4y. dttrabllity,..and perfect operation. ai well
as comparatively, trilling expense, recommends its ti=e to
the farmers pi oar country. \ A. B. DickissrAr.
Deckledlvlthe nest lam actina htedwith.—A. E. EAST. .
A %minable and labor facjng Improvement.
- J. ItaraidnE, Genesee Seed St
. ,__ ...../Ei., Genesee Seed Store.
It POSEeSS9 * several advantskes over the Horse-Fork
.tommonly used.
It will prove a wonderful labor saving michine. a be
lieve whereter tried it will be fpund prolitable.'
J.OIINPON, Gepeva:
Unloading hay at the barn 13,t horse power is such a sim
ple operation that it'seems wonderful how a sensible man'
can continue the exceeding hard labor of lifting it a fork ,
hal at a time in the stilling - heat iof a July afternoon.—N. T.
Tribune i . 1.. , ,
The best apparatus for unloa ing bay we are acquainted
with.—Genesee Farmer. • I
Gadding's , Horbe Pitch Fork Is one of the labor saving'
machines which will pay to purchase.—Frairie Framer.-
Unldading in'a barn by means of a Horse Pitch
becoming quite cm:ninon-in smite sections of our tountry,
and will bepiacticed -every whkre as soon as the farmers
understand the operation. ' Thy invention of C. E. Ceding
is the beat we have seen in opemtion.—Ame. Agriculturist
C. E. Gadding has constincted ti,Foris which after a late
trial we are Batibiled is an important improvement—Alba
ny Cultivator .
OW" The above testimonials are selected from many, the
signers being generally known is distinggished agricultu
.rists All who have seen - it dperite, agree in the above'
opinion -of its merits This Fork has taken the First Pre.
miumat evict Fatty' to which It bad been exhibited. in
eluding the State Fairs of Penn lvania and New York for
1858: and New York, Illinois, ichigan. and United St's
Fairs at Chivagotor 1859, and Many county Fairs. !
Forks. R.ope. and Polk)!, l< id State and County Rights
for sale, by i `STEP/MN BULLOCK., , Agent, - •,
Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford.Connty, Pa: .
' C. D. LiTHIWP, Vontrose, ltegeilt for Sueq'a Coptity.
. • L
A. taken the First Premium 't various public trial,i, and
is uneicelled by any other ma hine in the country. Ali
who use it, ipronounco it a p Gtable, and labor-saving
machine. Those unakquainted v .
with its waitte..are referred
to Latham lardner , John Harr! , ton. and F.M. Williams,
3 .
Dridgewate • Stanley Stanley Lake ; J.. M. Wallace,
Dimock ; T. P. Phlnney,Dundaff ; F . /Mb:icy. N. Milford;:
S. D. Townsend, dirookirn.'and others who use them.
For machines, or prticulars, apply to ' I
• myn ;tm 1 C. D. LATHROP, Agent, at-Montrose.
FRICtS , Wltl
- NEW itllLittillt Di , Pa., '. l
gest sod beet stock of Goble ever bronght Ined this
county,,which we are bound to WI chomp for tub or mady
PaYcomelsting of
Staple and Fancy Dry
h Goothi
- Culcil Fatal I y Groceries, . ;
Hats,..Caps, Ready Made Clothipg,
Crockery, Wall Paper, 1.
• Window , Shad,l•Flour, Po rkf r
Fish, Silt. Paints Oils, Glass, Fluid, -
". Coal
on; Htiop Skirts,' !--
~,. ,i
Yankee Nolions,4FaticyGoosai '
Watches, JEW EL V, Sliver Ware,
• Palls,' -TlabS9.lßrOullts irork%!
1 ,
Hoes, aild lots unit S auks of Goods; too
raimer4,u,l to Ini•ntiso. • . • . - i
•'T. inSiIIi:CLIS, "chStiM i kareeptont awl tescitsl l ol:l
keeping an 1 51 d get o s wbo L have not tr ied_ at o ilier
pieces to see how math chespaY the can buy; but wo in
tend to live ; up to the mark, SL & b eli eve in selling many
C 42 and selling cheaper than OLD FOGY - ,Oorettenta
tt y tlfinn. -- Now4g the ....• 'flea wont welyetnoney
and get Bargains. - Call at • - l i r PRICE STORE.
Mums stock.. f t ... *Bros.' Yens. Sank
Mateoaltus on • lrAei wll m lsl
n. . ri .
* 3 ": 2l W4d• 144 . 014 P"' ' r- . -: ~; ,
Wattend to Ms °ld and new cuitomers se penal.—
. n trooklett,how 1 , 1660--(f • • ntyigrratt
- I :: !4E44.XIASEI Cfo 0 11 ' •
plTEß.wk!te Lead, in
u oll lep, ' per . p.
• Linseed OU. tbsbarril UL. pa dal. d o E q ual
• For sate by .15
Montrose, Jane, WO. -
AsTnAP. h r .V. t i e NTlPATßi ls a l'. 6l: Te.
trtiritholcaffll, l "c I NAREM FE ND
nudity C. B. Suitor& & Cu;, =lnman street ~ ork.
; a l;rl a ii i etl 'per $o: ; seat by post.
myieme •
-- '
Partly damaged by Water, at 4, 6,8, 12cta pr yard.
' •, RICA ruts's. POPLEIIic • . .
- for 111% cents pr yard—scould be CHEAP Air 75 ceXta.
Ti. 'be cold at the following prlcie, :
Good Summer Shawls, only . - $ .75
• W n ol e S and Silk tel B "
oche • ? 1,00
• 3,00
Handsome Manta . 1,25
. Very Rich " . • • • 3,00
-.. Good Lawns, fast colors ,00
, • Fine I:Zl:natty Be Lain - • ' . - ,10
Wool and Silk Barege,lB).;
Hauges d'Anglala worth 313( ,1034
10 yards Merrimac PO/is, and trimmings.... 1,00
- - Fine Dress silks • .50
Extremely Rich - .
i • White Hose
Nice Lisle Thread Oloyes , ' ,05
Pure silk mitts • • . „12..5i •
Watch steel aprisig skirts., - .26
•• Good straw - bonnets , • ,00
Beautiful Leghorn •
Rich Bonnet Ribbons • • 10
French Embroidered curtain mue ll ns - dig
' Good Pants stuff - ,iii .
Better . - , .
Other, 'OuotlS Equally as 11;11 EA 11 ) :
. ,
that , we will dO all that we advertise: ;Be
sure. to call before purchasing • elsewhere,
"as we WILL sot, and CANNOT be under:
'sold by any establishment 'this side of New
York: iIiRSCHMAN. BIOS, &C 0...
Binghamton, May 15th, 1860'
Wyoming INSURANCE, CoMpany,
- Charter Perpetual
Capital sioo,ooo. surplus $5,000
0. SI. Hollenback, •D. 0. Driesbach, J. P. Dennis,'
- John Reichard, Davidllorgan„Chas Dorranee,
Sae' Wadhams, RI) Lame, • NFIn S ROSH,
- L D Shoemaker, Geo. P Steele, _TI'M Hoyt,
R. C. Satre, seey, • : G. M. iloussnecx, Prei,
W.G.STERLING, Trio. L: D. SnoExArsr, Tire Pre t.
H. P. BIACKMAH, - Montrose, Pa ,
'myl7 y • Agent for Sacqdehatum County.
MBE PUBLIC generally are informed that a FREE EX
IIIBITION Is given at all hours of the day, of NEW,
GOODS of all sorts, viz: „Dress Goods of Summer Prints.
'Poplins, Challis, Lawns in patterns, cheap Bishop Lawns.
Brilliant., Book, Bard. Jaconetts and .5,044 Mull,
Collars and Sleeves. Dimity. 3farseilles, Moreens, Furni-
Jure Prnits, Kentucky Jeans Nankeens, Summer Stuffs,
and Suspenders. A new and large ia of
such as Gents Fine Calf Boots—good *tins, al+e heavy and
light Shoes, Splendid. Lathes Garters from 5 told shill Mut.
warranted to•dt. White, Brown. and Black HOSIERY.
- Parasols and timbellas., Band Boxes and Work Baskets.
- • •
1.11.1 • 11131 g 3E711.1.31.C1
and Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Candles, Bros. and
JapauPd Lanters, Wash guards and Coffee Mills, White
wash Brushes. Bed Cords 80 feet lora?. whittled and spring
Cluthes*Pins, Pine and CEDAR PAILS, besides .a PILE of
/141.4t_XAV. (140eRIttgst
of every.variety, amor.e which arc Tabico and Corn Starch
!or gloriouspuddings. Cream Tartar, oda-starch Saleratus
Castor Oil, Epsom Salts. Black and Scotch Snuff;and lots
of things width won't do to read about, but please Id call.
examine and folk abotit. We are readyand willing to Show
Goods, even though they may not suit ; and thankftff for
small favors. ` H. C. TYLER.
OrCTS: buys a bottle of the shilling Hair Teak.. It
1. Li beats anything ever shook up.' TYLER'S.
31ONTROSE, 3Lsy9th. 166 D.
DII: 0. PHELPS BROWN, the g,rest culler of Consump-
Lion. was for several years E 0 badly afflicted by
tg. Sia l l e ha w t a f a ci e r v a e gart o y f dw e ll
i it: y e a he r p:As ep cia i nAn t e a d rn t i o o n
him'by a young clairvoyant girl. This prescription, given'
him by a mere child, while in a state of trance. has cured
everybody who has taken it. never having failed once.
It Is equally sure in, cases of Firs as OrDTDPEPSIA;
An engraving is here given of the principal herb used In
this medicine, and all of the Ingredients are to be found in
'Any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to
nny person. on the receipt of one stamp to pay postage.
Dn. O.PIIELPS BROWN. 210mnd•st, Jersey City. N. J.
All of Dr. 0. Phelps Brown's Remedies are fur safe-at
Susquehanna Depot, la., by S. B. WEST. Jialy6mv
. . „.
frtIOSE of my Patrons who have LTASETTLEDAceoMits
I. standing against them on my Rooks, are respectfully
invited to call and adjust the same without delay. • . '
• -BROOKLYN, May 2,1.66045 t. - A. CRAMBRRLDi.
T uSFUmm
Pim ma
w ei V iin cUzensthis
. . •
especiallyudapted to the ?dill trade of this vicinity. We
will make it our especial business to superintend supply.
Mg the wants of those who may favor us with patronage,
and we invite FARMERS, MECHANICS, and - the "rest
of mankind," tocall on ns. feeling - confident that our large
assortment will RING OUT a Nrikol2le to everybody tabo
arc fond-of making choice selections AT LOW PRICES.
suffice it to say the stars in the "rag trade" of edict days
have paled their ineffectual fires before the brilliant army of
acitsonablernerchusdise which is now filling - the shelves
of our StAirao: We have everything to sell, and at '
and only ask to show our Goods and tell how we sell them
before you purchase elsewhere. Happy minas, then, are
sere to follow! Never was there such grand combinations,
viz.: the hearts of the old folks made glad 'the hearti of
- "new beginners" filled with 'Joy. and the hearts of ail the
little ones filled with delight, and everybody made happy
dating the Spring and Summer days by calling at the
Our shelves are gnyulHing ander.the weight oral" kliadis of.
. .
ail shad . ea colors I from the hue Of an Italian
sunset to t h edrab of the staid Quaker, and must be Held.
FLO*I. r• FLOUR! Choice.bmnde always on hand—
un a large lot of pearly Made Clothing, Nate &
(Mpg, Boots and.Bhoce, N 0. 1 .& 2 Mackerel; Ceddsh and
Herrick Crockery.: etc., as chap ae eadbehed anywhere
at ram.
• With ibis we giving all another cordial invitation
fo call beforethey buy; compare prices, and save moue).
We will pay the highest price in Mule for all kinds of
Produce. YOUNG &.SMITH.
SUMMEMILLE, Pa., May let, 1910.4er
Iion for the PILO, blivuranted to effect a CM*
An retry taw &in all laws of the dhamae, or th e money
will be refunded . 'Pull filrectiOns accompany each bottle.
Por sale. by_Abel Tiara Montrose ;
no l Hempsead.
T. riabCOCk. Mock,- Panel
G. Wllllaais.Janimon • Z Ellccom
kr:rig.,o3,l3opbr/L.-3.4l.eirit, Bersdczt.
Dock flealbart pis
to ciptber aclres:
At _ ILAYD - Mc BRO• 8/
NEW JUIPORD, PQ.Jane 4. tf
"the "BEE HIVE."
WlLlii lES-BAlili Psi.
Organized November 2d. A. D. 1857.
No. Moo gate street, London.
Capital, $C,‘'..9?.,000 lnnnal Revenue, $1.001.000
!NV* GETTY, Agent. Philadelphia
For MY, 1860,
Mechanics:l and Statical Dentist. ree. 'crab of Blighaintod.
N. Y. tender their to all who appre
ciate the-j• }tett/ruled Practic e ofTbralc ;••
,careful and
skillful operationa.on Teeth:- with the most scientific and
approved Styles of platework. Teeth extracted withOut
pain and all work Warranted.
- Jackson; June HU, ret(L. . • - -
". •L: B. ISItEII4 - • .
iottudiii3 Clockk Wedeln, and Jeireiry di the
.hortd tnotlce,asdo reikaotabktarmi: All
erotic warranted. Shop In Chandler and lemon's
Montkopt; Pa. - : • • odd ft
• • WM. A.SNOW, - -
TraTiCE or THE OEM:M.-direst NIA, Pa. tate
ads street opposlte the 'Western Rouse. ripe
; • .< -- P : . ' - -
Pi LINgS . . .
r l estrtollAtt.t Tiazoit. --atoi Lc:Oat 'Pc. SWF
L. 1.0 Plunlx Block, ow score of and, Wat 2.0 4 .6
& Foster. ;All work warranted, u to Et and dbalsh.
Cutting done on s.hort notice, in best style. -.1111,1130
DR: Vii. slirriu,t - SON, • •
,—M --
Oodles Lathrops' tevr building. over , •
-the Bank. nfrDental operations will be ' ads. sa'a
performed tri good style and warranted. . •
411..110:04CX ' D. it. sx4m." :
ORNEYSind Counsellor* at law.—Montrote, PL
tllccla La th rop' new bond*, over the Bank. - -
a. c, .n.sarriav ' • r s wavas.
HAvtszo sisociatedthernselens for the ppeoatcation of
the duties-of their profeasicrn: hapectfullpoffer thes
is:n*lms to the Invalid Public : • Oiliee at theses:deuce of
Dr...Blakeilee. 'midway between the villagel of Disnock .
and Springville. • ap2o bty
arsozzAx - ..
13INGHAM & AgEY, .
'VOID announce to the public that they hare =tared
IY. into JI partnership for the prutlce Of • .
VIL'ItrINE dc..-StritGERY,
and are pips dto attend to all-ails•in line - of their
profession t sit hours when not otherwise engaged.
OFFICE.,-The one formerly occ_upled bY D. Bl.nghatn:
N. 8.-The book sicconots of Dr. Blngheni °twit be Imme
diately settled by notes .31. °Merit - Ise. • -
New 3111foix1;Bsrth. HMO • LW. BLNOIIAX.
A•TTOFCCEY and ConnneriorAt Law:—Towaina
Id, Office In cite Unionl3l9ek. J4Git/
• - • DR. E. F. WILMOT,
GRADUATE of the Allopathic Roinceopstile Col
ofXXleges of .11edleiae. 2 —Great Bend, ~Ps. -Mee, comer
I m es of
nearly oppo
-- site the 3lethotlisf
Church. H agg6 tf
WM. H.-COOPER & C 0.,. •
BAlCKgßS,—Xontrose, Pa. Suctessorito Post, Cooper,
It Co. r 02.1ce, LiOzops' new buying, Tampikerst.
for lee At.the Monrsfoic BOOK STOP.E, on .„X.a.-
Public Arsame, A. N. Bt-r.throo.
J 2 near the Baptist Meeting House, on Turnpike.
street. All (inters filled promptly. in fret-rate style.
Cutting done on short totiet. Ind warrani.t-d . to -ft.
• •
On Public Avenue, opposite Seine's, hotel. rola
• DR. G. Z:DIMOCK, - •
YHiSICIIAN AND SUllGEON,—Montrose ; P. deka
.orer Wilsons' Store; Lodgings at Searle HOW-
.1 • ABEL:TnRIII., •• • -
D.EAI.:F.R In Drugs, 'Medicines. Chemicals, Dye
Glass Ware, Paints, 011 s, Varniab„ Win
dow Glatsl,oroceries, Fancy Gods. jewelry Perfa
mere, ac..—_Agent for all the most popular PATENT
31 EbICINF.S.—liontruse, Pa. awl if
WM. W. -& . •
of Ma!o street, MoOtrase, Pa. • augl tf
J. C. 0741.STEAD.:_: • J L. READ.
• WOL L ID'ANNOUNCE to tine Public
. nit . they hav,e entered Into a partnership far the'
braelice M EDICINE-&-Surgery,
and are prepared to ettebd to all calls In the line of tbetr
Orofe.sion l Dtime—the one formerly uctawled by Dr. 3. C.
lmstead, in DUNDAFF. ' myl734ta
;•SAITFORD' - .4
.• .
%EVE It ;DEli/LITATES. .-.
IT It compounded entirely from Gums. ..La:l
: b.. lootoine oI i to: ofi.t.r.l !Am. a rgllidarkt 1: et:rn re. known
and epovvel ball" 11,...: llaTe ,mel ;1 . , .d1i.,... to.
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who kola (lreu co all no . p.e. ~, I sreorr. a s 11,e noone.riits
b eteltia. cern.; cttos ,a L - r, :C A !I . tt.--t,-, . L., • `.--•
• 1 te must be a4ltpte: L - • It the temprrnro•nt Or Ibil
liwllsidaal tnlanz 4. at,.
I 1 .1 ' ..1 lu toJt ~ ,/itlues at b./
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act geallf on rho lio:r. ; . .
-Let the Otototet of y rut . . g
:julmr.rn: 0:11e yet in We
nie of ; tLe LIVER I ti!,_ j „, [ VAGOItATOIL; and .t
veal cure faller Com-, ihif ; plahitt, Ltillous At-
Dirkl, Dysifeiolla;! IS , Clartmic Diarrhoea,
14 ant in ea Co no-i.,,
~„. tit*, Dysente.
ry, Dropty," Sour. 'Stomach, !habitual.
CosOvenence Chtil-t ,
us le, Cholera, Chole
raMorb,Cholera; 1 Infaiitam, Phan.
levee, Ja u nil I c e;,; ; /eremite Wenltnetwi
ea, tad may I* roar bur.; I ceofii2y as an 01310 M.
fy psizial I y ffiletll-i.l4lettoe.ll,4ll.eureS/Cli . -
HEAD A.CILE tat 1 . itboutands eon testlit.) in.
twentymtnutra, if: it tro:or there Teo,
sycansfyils ayo trtk- ,en at commencer:int of
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' A I who use-it sari.... 11l i giving their te=ltcony
la ha fatur. l 1 '
./1111 !WATEIt IN . Tutu., m 1)1:TII WITII.
Price One Dollar per Dottie.
s.aNron - D'S
F.l MBA'
. .
Pure Vegetable Extract., and put up In' •
GLANS CASES, Alr Tight, and will keep -
In•anyvllmate..' ' " . - • . • . •
'The Family Co- • • 'Mettle PILL ha•
tie hat ...dare Cathartic tit which the pmptie'or has
tared in Ittli practice more ..A1 than twenty years. , ..
L The constatuly Inereeitog Ira demand from those Who , - „i .
useina z usedthe pit,1„...1 .a-nod-Oar,intithetoot w 11.1ebt i.
MI czPrela:haredllnl In dieter • , Il use, has induced me toplaca ',..
them,withlit th e re teb of all 1 14 .
• • TIP. ProfosslOn well /now .11 .. that .11C'erent Cathartics let
ea differentprliona - of the Ir, 1.x...e1. ,• • • .
- the FAM E
ILY CA- - TIIATIC',..P I 1..
.1, ~1-
has, wi th doe reference to „Ms swell estailillsbed fart, a
- been tornpoundel „from a n .ar'el`br the Pun. , 7 •1(. 1- -
labia Er.racta, which act, . 1 w alliie .41. - earry part of th e
alimentary canal. and.arelig good sal wide Is all cu.,
es where a• Cailurthi in; needed, au: S' . at De.- "
raagemerds of 'he' •St orm a e I.; sleep'.
11 ,I* nw Patna -11. Mev
Hack at - Loins.
Cootlvenes., Pal a asotioleoree over
the whole body, frowsden. mid. 'which
fredtmitir, if . tel.:erica. i end In aMc roar.. of Fe
ver, Looft or App.--1
l lite e a envying ••em
'Atka, ottoter.over• theibodY. ricalleelw
ace: r ...Headache., -i iii ....,,,h, ) ,. the head.
ISIS I 11 . 1 S IS MI ha PI 'ary. ‘
.... 1)1 Worn,. is
Chllllll`en or Ada/by qi
! it heo mei Iwn.• teen;
. Purifier of the Blood iNN and many di Is II Lati n Beth Is heir, too numerous' le to torna...o h., tide ad reitha..
- twat Dow. l tel.. " ' .
th T a h r e i 'L Pill s
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sokhrbolesale by the trade
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traitor wad V`nrfilly
Veil by nilladiCA generally. 144
In on
SF° it 11, M. D.,.
11.nuf..1.1nIr and erveristoi%
ay; - .14w Vark..
For sale in Montro
• LEE &
.722 Chestnut Street, PhilAdelphia,
3 ublis,h9ra and impuriers of Slinie and Mimicat
- Xust • Publish ed..
Grobe's New 3letliod for the Pian6 Forte.
0.1 3 1.13.1100
Prieo, .. ... 50
Bound. it Moth, $3 00
there announccineiff - of the foithcomingo
" - New - Method," by Cfarles Grobe, created
an excitement throughout- Ulu country that haw ,
veer hem' equaled-in the world of music. Wo
have received orders for tea thomond copies in
advance of,lta pnblication; a tolerable evidence,
we-think, of the popu'arny of the wither.
common connent- of tha Musical' public. Mr.
Grobe in now first in rank of mus i cal writers in.
this country. llis r u
ni nacy has been recog
nized a long time a go, iind. won for hint the
general apphicisii of both teachers and pupils
- which is never aw:erdvti but to. the rarest talents
aral accomplishments. : Hs has that f)exibility,of
mind widen is the guarantee _of continued lin—
proyementfliis power deepepe and etrengtheils
with riercise. la every form of triusionztvhich,
ho has wide experinteuts tlieie is none in Whielt:,
ha has not. suceeeded. No ono who - has over .
perused' the productions of thispleaaingiand
structiv.e rinthoi, • peed-lie informed of the beauty
and, elegance that 1111
. pervades his writings, 43
art eiiiiluttt end unmistakeable. - - . •
Copies Sent by free of poytage'oa ,t5l
`receipt of 'the, market prroo. Ii can tie übtairied
Inilarge oTantall quantities of 'nitric darters" and
booksellers :generally througnout the-- COlte4
States end ,Cinaditek , ' ,
• LEE ISt, WALKER, t'ublisbers,
jal4w - 1';) 722 Chpstgui St., Pr.u:doesiii..
t• t' ~