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    THE morrrßo - sz DEMOC
TEENS-$1:50 PER MSlnt, ret avAxcE
.0.4 y l ad , f.e#o._
Of Westmoreland tourity
Circumstances oblige uS, in
to get our paper out at all this week, to
spend so much of.our time at fli6
that our. editorial columns arc entirelt
neglected.- But as our timehas.been, in
part; occupied" in making the improve
ments upon, the Democrat, out readers
cannot but feel satisfied with j' what we
give them. i
We expected to . issue our :paper this;
week with a new bead, but ivhetiwe,went
to press it was still in the hands .O . f our
electrotyper. •
; •
• One %would naturally fuppose froin the
fondness of the Republicans for In'Vekiga
tionl that they would do all in their !Tow
er, k ! oth individually •and colleetively to
nid in euosing culprits, and bringing them
to justice. But it,makes i vast diffet•enee
*hose ox is' .gored. ...Look. at tht .
duct. When a committee propose,to in=
quire into the detail of a • Con - siilrady
which culminated in treason, inSetri'ection
and murder, they
_interpose ob
stacle they can by subterfuge' and 3iciftnee,
When Republican witnesses.are.subj ne
ed, instead of appearing
,to aus' er; I,What,
do they do? Some :ran away to Cititadit
• or Europe, ()thens fly tothe mad-4use,
and, others dipappear—perhapsi go.;1 and
hang themselveS.' defy all
authority and resist legal process thripugh
the medium orcoi:rupt; State, conrts;! and
aijiiied gangs of assassins, who throng the
halls of "justice" to Shoot down,. if 'heed .
be, the' officers of the governinent and
who even attempt to murder, a peaeefiti
artist, in cold blood, because he walked
in &Olt of one of their dens, at mid4dav ;
arid one of 'the most stubborn, thirating
for notoriety, goes to jail before he
tell the truth, as required. Why aillthis
evasion-ofinyestigation? Because it NlfoUld
develop facts to show that ,John BrOwn
had "Republican" - backers at the North
who deserved hanging far more thair be
did. Besides: this they wish.; to develop
the " irrepressible. conflict.". Itothi,not
such law-defying ruffians destrOy the 'trial'
ion if in their power? •
REV. J.s.: HA RDEN.—BeIx idere,Mayt
Rev. ,T. SJlarden, who wits yeiterday
victed of murder in the first degreefor
killing his Wife, was this morning broti`ght
into 6itirt . for sentence. -He was
g reitlY
agitated, and could hardly'stand- When
asked Why sentence should not be; tro
pounced, he replied, with difficulty'; ".1
haye nothing to say." The .ludge 'then
sentenced hint .to be hung on the 2:qh :day
of June, between the hours of 10 a:!ln.
and 3 p. m.
DENOCRATIC T1:11:31Pil IscoNst—
Thejltdicial electiou'in Wisconsin resulted
eheeriing,lySfor the Democracy. DiOn,
the Demaratic candidate, is handsonielf
elected .over - his ,Repuhli`can competittir:,
Throughout the campaign the RepubliCans
assailed "Dixon most bitterly because,' as
Judge ofthe Supteme Court he luukqe
cided the Fugitive - •SlavelAw to be Con
stitutional, but the
_people came to
vindication and the revilers of the C4n
stitution and the lairs wefe signally :re
bulzed. Vnll. done, Wisconsin !
Et.EcrtoN The elec
tion in Philadelphia on - Tues4ty last :re
salted in the success of all the 'l3lack Re
publican candidates. The most shamehl
frauds were committed by colonizing Vo
ters, scraping up the' voters out of the
Alms-houses, and altering the returnsift
ter the votes had been counted. 'ln the
24th ward of the city alone a differeri;ce
of nearlyt4oo votes was -made, after; it
was fouls that nufty for City Controller
was was ctefeated—so as to elect him, All
the officersiseats will be contested. Re
publican is since last' Mayor electfOn
4000 voterS - ! Another such wvictory and
Philadelphia will_be right side up. .
• I
. • • . • The ion. Fernando WoOd,
capital speeches and pleasanfdeportme*;
has really ma 4 himself very - popular
our city,- among all clagseS. e heard'a
gentleman say \ last evening that Won
was a limps. .So says the CharlestonNeWs
of Wednesday. -
There was a trial .of skill between
John 3.leKitiney and Patrick Kennedy,
t wo blacksmiths of boy, last Ttiesday,*
"331. Q 8 I aforgSaid, '; 4fliat the,price_for . a license for
to which could make - the most horse shoes
in ten hours. The -two sons
°f .%a ii within !the }units .of the•BO
f rough for any circus, menagerie, theatri
went to - work, with' an assistant' each, and
cal perforniance
.orlotherxhibition what
:a the expiration of the. time, Kennedy.
.soever, that shall- be set up or- established.
had made twenty doien, and 31eKianev
t - for the pill-pose ofl making or receiving
seventeen and a half dozen. -.- • •
7 ' money shall be as follows, to wit: for each is stated that. Virginia: 1 kas- a -and every Circus or mertagarieand for each
' length or railroad in .operation
.day.the , same shalll be. opened the sum' of
than any other State in the Union.' -- s -- 1 * 1 .ten . dollars; and 'for ',every other•exhibition
has an aggregate of 1825 , miles of road in I as aforesaid of whatever . kind or nature,
actual operation, .angl'including : thOse M,.. 1 and for euih day, alsum .not less than one
course of construction, they
amount t v 1 dollar nor*.more than five dollars, in the
2058 miles. The cost these rosads, -wit t -h 1 discretion of the purgess, or in • his. ab.
the buildings -and equipments, amounts tt;!
sauce of- the.Tveasurer, ..and in their ab
over *43,000,000. It
. cannet be -denied i seence of any two f the Town Council,
that the Old Dominion has 'improved,ber -.! such licensi to be tz ken and paid. for be
ways.' Those Who have had eTaperigTute
I fore the commencementori any such 'ex,
in - regard to the ! ,corrugated character 9f. hibition,° and if any . pers. or persons
_ the "Old Virginia Ito'a4s," Will be g . ratl-- i
get up any such exhibition without.
tied With the mtroduction.of "the.raiL" -.
:- i first having obtained - a license - therefor,
• ...A new and short route by railroad I }
e sons So - offending* shall
, , sue t perso or p r 1 1
11'1, 'been ° P e Ped from Easton t° Wilke *l forfeit and ay.-the sunt of Ithirty dollars,
Barre, via the Lehigh gap; _Bauch Chunk, to be'rec,uVered before any i .Tustice of the
,Weatherly, Hazleton, Wllite. Haven ; and 1 Peace Susquehanna ceunty, in the name
Cobb's Gap. - Time, 6 hours 15 ---ri " —in i' te s•',` of the Bondugh,,as debts.oll like amounts
•• • • 116 " °w " 's°13;71 "•:` - r• 111°Pir 4 are by - law I•ecoverithle, .with costa of suit.-
-It is .dangerous .to suppress an alisoes4 .
..,. , .
_,.... :i, ____
with the astringent 'ointments in - common- ' - - S
DISORDiRLY' BEtinvlooll. - • •
-use. Ilolloway's fatuous - Unguent operate:S . ' _. - -I . .
..SEc. I. it:shall be 1 the.duty of the Con
on a different principle. It does ttottclose
.the issue superficially, while: 'stable withr. without other warrant that
"- j ! --- !li the' nuther4 herein contained to arrest
. Foul corruption, mining all Fittlin :
~Infects unman; V : ' ' .i and take info custody any person or per
:.: r • -
but purges the cavity of allacrid and in r l, sons behaving in a rtotous .manner, pub
tlauunatory matter, and expls,every par . i'l I* using any profane, abusive or ••,iude
ticle of the poisonous virus which generl cent language, Or. Indecently • exposing
-tea the pue. Consequently there ;is nog their person,' or making a great or unusual.
danger of thediseaSe breaking out iii-lan,',l noise to theldisturbanee of peacable citi--
other Place. The same l Principle applies in " zees, to. arrest such !,person or persons
all eruptiveandglandular affections. The:!: .and take hun .-or het i before the 'Burgess,.
r i ms; which - are a 'certain . remedy for till or Justiec or the Peeee.for trial, and if on
complaints' of the aid/mach, litier, and bow -.1 trial such person, or persons shall be.con
els, may- be • beneficially used -as an "aperi--. victed. - Of either .of is the ..above . offences,
eat medicine; while the ointment is remo-
.such person:.i.'shall - liesenteneed to Pay a
ring any external disorder. • . •-•.- fine for the-nSe - of the Borough of not less
SEC l 'Bel it ordamed by the 1 4 own
Council of .the Beret* of New-Milford,
and it Is herelXy orelaintd by the authority
&title smile, hat' its all not be lawful
for horses, n t cattl4 - "Pwine, sheep, or
other domesti animals to go' at large in
said I3orough, and if !any., such animals
b'e Thirie at large within the said
_Borough, lit shill' be lawful for Any person
to take uP, and it shall be the duty of the
High Constabli3 to take up and impound
the same, or if any suds animal shiill be
Sound in any ldt or closii; it shall be lawful
for the; oectipat or invtOr of said dose to
take up and im mund,thb,samo. It is also
made theduty of the igh Constable, at
the request•of the own, r or occupant of
said -close to, take npl and impound the
same animal Or'animals •
IN" . :c WIT
SEC.: 1 2. And be it o dained by the att
thority,aforesaid, Thad wheri any of the.
animals shallhave ben impounded :Di
aforesaid, it shall be th duty
: of the High
, Constable. to . , •ive pe sonal notice forth
with to the owner :or owners- thereof if
known; the-own rbe not known,
the said Constable shall give notice bj .
three-advertisements,. put up in. some con
spicuous • places in sall Borough, and if
the owner' or owners of bush Animal or
anitual4 or some other 'person for him or
them 'iliall . '"t Iwitinn I Wenty-four hours
after such personal novice, or within. six
dayS after notice by advertisement; pay
the fees and charges ho l ein.after Mention.'
ed, the littiges shall issue his-warrant to,
the High 'Constable for tliat Purpose; in
pursuatice whereof such animal or animals
shall be sold id. public vendee by said
Constable, afteri three day's notice of such
sale * three advertisements put up as
aforesaid, forhe payment of such fees
'atil clwrges, ail, the Surplus, if any, shall
- f i
be paid to the i owner Or owners Of such
animal, or animals;
but if na -owner can
be found said sitrphis,.if any, shall be raid
-to the , Treasurer of saia- Borough. to be
used as may be directed by the Town
CounciL : And in case of advertisement
said;Constable'Aall funish the .necessary
food fir' such ithpoun ed animal or ani
mals. , • i '
. FEF...S 04 , C9NSTABLE,AC r -- -
SEC: 3. Aiid:lbe it.further ordained by
authority afore Said,. That the fees of the
High Constable-Shall bas follows: •• ' -
- For impoundng' a horse 25 rents:
, ‘ - ' ' neat cattle
wi each 25 e,ts.•
i • .-
" ~' " s ne each 25 cents. . -
J 4, . " sheep each .4 cents.
And all-Other . tniscbievints animal's each 15
cents, and for._ iving Personal notice as
_aforesaid 10 cents in cal.eli case,. and for•
notice by adveriisemen 25 cents, and a
reasonable compensation for food as afore
said. It', any amoral or animals a.s afore
said-are taken orldriven to said podnd by
any other person than siiid: Constable, it
shall be the duty,'of saidltonstable to re
ceive and.. impound the Same„and to. pay
to stich person • One-half his fee - for so int
pdunding.. IfanV dispute arises a§ to the
value of ictid food and a••tention in taking]
"care-of such impoimded animal; or - animals,
the same shall
r by refered tb the Burgess I
whose decision sh - all be final. The fees of i
the Burgess for issuing his Warrant to sell I
shall be 50 cent's.: s . -'-'
TCTIIKEYS . 4' FOWLS, SC., xor . O 1:1: - N AT 1..1 - 11GE.
SEE. 4. And I; , e it further ordained by
the,authciritY afor said, That if any turkey,
goose, dOck, or.fowl shall be found in any
barn, garden, or close in said Borough, it'
shall be litwful for any Orner or occupant
thereof to kill• and carry away such fowl,
turkey, goose. or duck.' - •
'INJURY TO !Tule txtpuovimis'rs, a.c.•
SEc. ]; Arid be it further ordained by
the authcirity aforesaid, That -if any per
son shall wantonly injure the - public pound
.or. any other building belonging to said
Bi3rough or fence or any public improve
mentthereof; or shall break Or open said
pound,' or shall take away any animal im
pound ed..therein 'without the consent of
.11i0. Constable or'his deputy, midi
person shall forfeit and pay the sum of itot
more than twenty-fife dollars together
with the duMages actually sustained with
costs of Suit, to. beTrecovered before am
;Tusth.:e of the, Peace, as debts of; like'
amounts are recoverable, in the name - of;
the Borough, one-half for the use of the
Borough and the Other half to the use of
the High Constable or any other persOn
• who shaN'Trosecute the same.
SEC. 2.. And be . 4 further ordained, That
if. any person `shall wilfully girdle, cut
down, or injure an fruit, shade, or mita
• Mental tree in said Borough; such person
shall for each offelfee, on conviction thereof,
r forfeit and;pay.a snip not exceeding twenty
fire dollars. No person shall fasten a hOrse
or any other anajrnal tO any fruit or orna
mental tree under . penalty of one dollar,
besides being liabl to the owner thereof
for all darnages su:iained. , , •- -
i --,-.:o:--- . •
- ac.-
SEC. I. Be it. oriairied by the authority
tharrone nor - more than - thirty . dollars;
witheostS of suit, Mid in case of refusal
to pay - - sech -fine - mid costs, such per
son or persons shall be taken to the -coun
ty jail and there kept - for the space of
- twenty-four boars for each dollar. of 'said
fine and costs, or untilfiaidfirie an costs
Or the proportional residue thereof shall
be paid, and if any person scij committed
as aforesaid is in the °Pinion of the Bur
'gess or High-Constable unable to pay his
bohrd then the Boreugh' is to pay the
same, provided always that - a conviction
shall not be necessary #o justify , such arrest
and detention. " ' .
The foregoing Ordinances" were adop
ted this Ist day of May, 1860.
'V I M. C. WARD, Burgess.
Att. llouAno GARPATT., Seery.
The School Direetdts of -Susquehanna
county met in convention a,t, Montrose on
Monday, May,7th, Hen, at) o'clock p. m.,
and were, organized t)y• the election
. of
Hon, S. B. CHASE ; President; W. H. JES
stip and Anzi„-Ckssnq, Secretaries,
After tv call, of tbe ;townships and-the
settlement-of some co4tesied seats, it was
moved that.: the convention proceed to
the 'eleetion• of County Superintendent;
which wits decided in tie aflirniative.
The following ientlenien were then
noniinated for that °dee: F. B. Tewks
bnry ..of , Bro,ooklyry A. 0. Warren of
Montrose, J: E.
,Shoeniaker of Rush, E.
A: Weston of Brooklyn,' Lyman Richard=son otHatford. i'• -
. . . •
The nominations bei,hg dedared closed
the convention - proCoded' tO :vote . for
County. Superintendent" with ,the follow
in.-, result : '- , . 1 . '-' .
,-. . . .
B. F: Tewksbury lia4 66 'votes.
.A. o.,Warren had..
.15 " '
I. T'. Shoemaker 1uu1.....- ..1-1 "-
E. A. Weston had.. a 5 95 .
Lyman Richardson had.... 21 "
• Whole number of siotes .. 11 6'
Necessary - to a chiiice... 6O
B. Tewksbury (having received a,
majority of fourteen votes over all others) :
was then declared (lily elected County
Superintendent for 6;e ensuing term of.
three years.•
A motion to make to election unani
mous. was then . earried.s
Mr. L.- :14 1 . Clark of ;Susquehanna - then
moved that the salary ! of the County Su-
Iperintendent be fixed itt' seven hundred ,
dollars per . annum. • - - •
Gen: ;Blending Of qarford • moved to :
amend by stiking out f! " seven hundred"'
and inserting "five hundred." A motion
was then made to iltrther, amend by
striking out " five, hundker and inserting'
",eight huddled." •
The vote being taken on'the last amend
ment, it was decided itilthe negative.
The vote then being tiken on the amend
ment, it was also lost j.. 1 .
•• Gen.' Blanding_ .
then moved tn amend
the original - motion I).y striking out
"seven hundred" and iriperting "-six: bun
dreil." ' - - -
'The vote being taqn on this amend
ment it was lost by a tie vote. •.
The question then Oeuring upon the
original motion fixing the salary at seven
hundred dollars per anninn, the =vote was
taken and it was deeifid in the: afiiima,
The . following resolt#ions were then
unanimously adopted: ti
,Resolved,. That the-President.of this
coention appoint a cqmmittei-of three
to examine the ditre, rent khoot books now
in use; and report whist ones in their
judgment are best caldulated for
our public schools.•
Resolved, That each Bard of Directors,
at its first meeting after this' to . uvention,
Appoint one delegate topteet In conven
tion at the call of said committee, to de
cide upon their report.
,The President then appointed R..A.
Weston, W:Faurot, and F. Bryant such
committee. . •
•.. • • .
• ,On motion the conv4tion, adjourned
sine die: 'S. B. CHASE, President.
W. E. .I".ESk:P, } • , . - ~> •
Aii.EL CAS.SEDY, i Seeritaries. :.
..A.Republican paler advOtates the
nomination of Sh'non Cameron because
his initials Stand ftir, Sucassful Candidate.
It should remember that S. C. also stands
for Slippery Cheat, and Skunk's Cabbage.
Another goes in for Salmon P.Chase, as
his initials stand - for,;Successful I'residen
tialCandidate ;- forgetting, that :those let
ters also stand for Small Candidate,-
and Slim Chance Candidate:' • -
DIED.--.—ln Elmira, on t e 16th ult., Mr.
CHARLES WirrEigazni- aked 33 years.
At a meeting of 'Marren Chapter No.'
180 of Royal Arch - Maso:ns held at ,the
Masonic Ilan, inAtontrtise; on the 3d
inst., the
.. following_ Resolutions . were
unanimously adopted.
.Whereas, We have heard with deep emo
tion of the recent suddert.tdecease at. El
mira, N. y.., • of Oar -worthy and much es
•teemed - Brother and Chariipion, CHARLES, late ,of this idaCe (but more
recently of Susqueliatina . Depot,) and a
member of this .Chapter. Therefore,
- -'
Resolved, 'That we unite in the expres
sion of our profound regret at this afflic
tive dispensation of Providence, and our
heart-felt sympathy witfl the sorrow
stricken widoW and '.'relatives ' of the 4e
ceased.; in their and (Mk bereavement;
while we invoke the tileised consolation
of that Almightyrleing whi " tempers- the
wind to, the shorn lamb,'.' iand . who looks
down with infinite compassion upon the
widow and - fatherless in the hour of their
desolation. - . ' . .
i- . •
• Resolved, That in testimony otour es
timation of his worth and regard for his
memory, these proceedings be prepared
for publication in both the papers of-this
place, and that a copy of - the 'Same be fot
warded to the family Of theYleCeased. .'.
Attest— J.. W. Canix.tiv,- Sec'ry.
Dinti.— Lynn; on Iheitth: ult., In . cit
h i
Asti, da owe - of Justusi l Knapp, Esq.,
aged ears.
The health of the deceaseithad been de
clining • for nearly five years; although she
had not been confined but 4 feW. days pre
vious to her death... She bud been• await
irig'and expecting the Chancre, . and con
sequently was prepared. Her preparation
was - that of a death-bid. repentance.
She infomed some of,-her nearest
dearest friends that near a (year since she
had enibraced the ISavionr4and-when the,
moment of her departureaTved she was
atady, Peaceful; tranquil, anflhappy. Du
ring all her affliction a murmur-never fell
-from her lips. • Shehas left niYenemies, but
a large 'circle of friends. Tire_ have - Rod.
1 reason to believe that
. she ha:s gone 4i-win,
the min - timbered millions in pie city of t th6
New Jerusalem. :4 have tvashed.- thiit
robes - and Wade them white in the bfood ,
-of the lamb. ' . --- • ',.' ' [CON
. ,
- P. REYNO LDS,! (
inent - of Searle's llotel,.3loliti‘se, pc .
• - /q .
. . .
The Cominittee of Award 'on'the Prize
Oempositiim at the Eihibition of.of the
.Susquehanna County•ClaSsieal- and 'lgor , .
mat School make the following decision:
Tina the First. Prize-(.3)' be divided by
Miss Lucy D. Wainer and.MissFanny M.
Seymour,_ and.. the, Second : Prize (s2ybe
given to MisiTripbena E. Barnes.
. • 1.4
'• A. L. - Pon, - •
The- two best. Orations handed in for
examination Were by D.ll.'Brodhead
and J. M. Lyons. The fornier declining
to compete for the-prizes, the First Prize
(*3) was awarded to. the latter without
competition. • H. BRODEEAD.
The exhibition at the close of the
last term •of the - Normal and Classical
School was largely attended, sand passed
oft in a manner,- highly pleasing to the
audienccv: and creditable to - the partici
. - .
-.. The next - term ;will -Commencc-on•Wed
nesday, - the 234 inst., as per notice .else- .
where. .
The, will of.Law . rence Janson, the .
recently deceased Philadelphia type foun
der, gives . 13,000 . to various •benetoicrit
associations, proVided his real estate ho'd .
prove to :be w0rth1324,000 one year after
his death.
F. D. WOOD, with his :CAR,.: is once
more located on,tho GREEN. onoomito to the
COURT HOUSE, in 51ONTROSE, where - he
will cheerfully wait upon, all !Who may . favor
him with a call. ' - -
. . , grind e.:neek, 50
.;cents. Libera
deductions for Families. .All well *warranted
not to fade. [Montrose, Dec. Ist, 18b9.
Afflicted, ficttd.—.-WILIAAMS' COMPOUND
Soturion for the PILES, is, warranted to ef.
foot a euro in every case, and in all stages Of the
disease, or the - money will be refunded. Full
dirctions accompany each bottle.
Abel Turrol I, Montrose ; T. J. Pabcock,Di nt:
ock ; 0. 0. Hempstead, Brooklyn; and Dr. J.W.
Lyman, Tunkhannock, agents. (deo y
Important National Work's, ,
Published by D. Appleton & Co , 346 and .348
Broadwiy, New Yonk. The followino• works
are sent to subscribers in any part oftl7o court.
ty, (upon receipt- of retail price,) by'alail or ex.
press, prepaid :
lar Dictionary of General Knowledge, edited by-
Geo. Ripley and Charles A. Dana, aided by ' a
numerous selectecorps - of• writers in-all branches
of Sciences, Art, and Litecature. This .work is
being published-in- abbut fifteen large octavo
volumes, each containing 750 tyvia;column pages'.
The first eight volumes are now ready, each con
taining near 2,500 original 'articles. Ad addi.
tional voludie will be published once . in about
three months. Price in cloth,s3 ; sheep, $3,
50; half morrocco, $4; half Russia,. -$4,50
The New American Cyclopredia is popular.
.without being superficial ; learned .but not flea_
.dantic, comprehensive but sufficiently detailed,
free from personal pique and party,' prejudice,
fresh ye'L accurate. It- is a complete.statemint
of all-tliat is known upon every important topic
within the seope.of human intelligence. Ev.ery
important article in it has been specially written
for its pages by men who arc authorities upon
the topics of which they -speak. They are re
quired to bring the
.subject up to the present
moment; to state just how it Standzi now. All
- the statistical information is from the latest re.
ports; the - geographical acceunts keep. pace
with the kitest explorations; historical minter
include the freshest just views; the biographical
notices not only speak of the-dead. but also of
the living. It is -a library of itself..
Being a political History of the United States,
from the organization' of the first Federal Con
gress in, 1789 to 1856. Edited and. compiled
by Hon. Thomai H. Benton from the Official
.Records of Congress. The work - will be con].
pleted in 15 royal Octavo volumes of-760 pages
each, II of which are now ready. .An additional.
volunrewill be 'published once in three months:
• Cloth, $3 ; Law Sheep, $3;50; Half Morocco,
$4; .Half Calf, $4,50 each.
club of four, and remit
the price of four books, and five copies will be
seta at the remitter's expense of- carriage; or
for ten subscribers, eleven copies will be sent
at our expanse for carriage.
To AGENTS.—No other works will 'soo fiber•
reward the exertions of agent. An Agent
Wanted in this County., Terms made known on
application to the Publisher.
• •
Teachers' Eiataiseations.-.Teacheri'
examinations will be held in the different town
ships, at 9 o'clock, a. m., as folloWs:
Choconut, May sth, Clark's S.. H. ; Franklin,
Bth, South Schoolhouse; New Milford and 80.
rongh, 9th, Grided School Building; Htirford,
10th. Village; Gibson, 11th, Union Hill; Jack--
son, 12th, No. 2; Thomson, MN - Center; Ararat,
15th, Church ;. Herrick, 16th, Uniondale.; Clif
ford and- ,Dundaff, lith. City;' Lenox,
Glenwood; Lathrop, 19th,
dale 8ehoolhouso; Brooklyn, 21st, Center
Schoolhouse; Bridgewater and Montrose..22d,
Free Schoolhouse . ; Dimoek; 23d, Corners
Schoolhouse; Springville, 24th, Pillow School.
house; - Auburn, 251 h, Low Schoollguse; Rush,
96th, Champign SchoolhoUse Lake,
Bolles Schoolhouse ; Forest and Chap
man, 29th, Towne; . Middletown an 4 Friends
30th,Baldwin's Schoolhouse Npolaeon„
31st, Graves-Schoolhouse:
_ .
It will be•required oral) teachers that have
engaged schools Ceither positively or condition.
•ally) that . they shall be examined irr the town.
ship where such schools are located, and all not
having engaged sclieols_in the township where
they reside.
.tacb teacher will please supply herrell with
two . or more sheet foolscap paper,-pen, and
The examination will be the written and-oral
methods coral/idea.
AU inteiested aro invited to attood.
B. F. TE‘iritslitluv, Co. Supt
Brooklyn,April'lo, 1860. "..
qklikNk9 tt
• ES EN W ELY'S •- •
Is the best Medicine in the - world for the tie of
Coughs and Colds, -Croup, Bronchitia, / itstlitia,
Difticulty:in Breathing, Palpitation op the Heart.
And for the r . elief ofpatients advaitced stagei of
Co.usoMption together with all Diseases of Throat
and Chest and which predispose Consumption
Itattacks the root of dixease, nd makes the fell
destri-yer succumb to influence: It also pro
duces free 'expectoration, anti induces heathy
Lion in the diseased Mucaus i Membrane - and tissues
It is peculiarly adapts t o the radical cure of
• V3lllll. •
One dose ol this inyituabl A e
SYRUIt, Oen gives
ease and cOnsequently ikep, which thfi particular
nature of 'this dice se denies Aim. It is very pktis 7
anC to'the taste, 9nd prompt in .its effeets.. 'Try it
and be - cnniinegT that ifis intaluable;in the cure
/ Price -50 cents per Battle..
Prepaed only by-A. ESENWEIN, Druggist,
N. W. corner Ninth & Poplar streets, Philadelphia.
General Wh6lesnle Agents, Philadelphia.
Eir-Porsale in Montrose by - -
ymh29 ytl ABEL TURRELL, Druggist.
Yi/ 80 4 &C.
NEW SUPPLY, just arrived, and' for sale
cheap, by - A.TURRELL
Montrose, Mareb lbtb, 1860.
On Public Avinue, near &ark*
EEP constantly 'Ott fUnd a `jood supply of
11 MEATS 'of all kinds:" -1L7./18111 paid for
Beef eattle,Valvehigheeliyand Lambs.
Also for Hides of all kind!. -
• N.
- ' Afootrose. - March 30th.
WHOLESALE Dealers in Buttons, Comba.
V V Suspenders, Threads; Fancy Goods.
Watches, Jewelri, Silver kid Plated Wate,Ctit•
ery, Fishing Tackle, Cigars; &c.
-ord, Pa. Merchants and Pedlars, supplied on
therm terms. -
.; watt
S. H. Sayre & Brother,
As ANUFACTDRERS of Alill Castings, and
Castings kinds,. Siovos, Tin and
Sheet .Iron Waro, Agricultural IMplethents, and
Dealers in Dry. Goods, Groceries, tlrOeltei% dtc.
illontroSa, Pa., November, ICth,-135p...wa.
Roienba4m &
DEALERS in Ready-made. Clothing, Ladies'
Dreits Goods. Furnishing Goode, etc.
Stoma at No 24 Dey-st, New-York City, and in
Montrose, and SIDN'S pep ot, Pa. ••• • •:*
.1 -
BARBER, and Hair Dresser 'S - holiNo: 3 in
%asentent 4;f Searle 'S Hotel, Montrose. *
.WARE. f AL2
North of Barnum's Hat a , Nei a Milford, Pa.,
• GELD be plpased toSee all-his old friends
yi7 .
and many, new ones-at his NEW Store
fret Ling, the DEPOT,. where he ii prepared to
shovi. them- such a stock of the above.artic'es
as New Milford has long stood in need of. • .
"Diiision of trade- hits as many advantageka§
division of labor." .A 4 man confining himself
'to One branch of business; giving that bratiCh
hie whole Capitaland:attention can keep aletter :
assortment; buy cheaper and SELL CHEAPER
than if the same means and time was Employed
in a general trade. If you dont think so, call
on the subscriber and be•conVinced. The'sound
`principle of
. ,
WII.I be strictly , adhered to. Butter and other
Produce_forwarded to, Nevi York to one of the
best commission houses in the City, and prompt
payments diaranteed. -
New Milford, 'Susq. Co. Pa., April, 1860,= ty
flounced by, coop JUDGES to be the
of the advantages of this Rake are that the
workman occupies a ,comfortable goat While raking , raking, instead of havihg to walk, and that its
'construction is 'so Simple thatany part of it may
'easily be taken apart and put together again.
Four bolts are all the blacksmith work reqttired.
Farmers, please call and examine for yourselves.
Lumber will be taken 41 pay for Rakes if of the
right kind and fetched in time. None but those
ordered will be made at pritent.
This machine was invented by the subscriber
who resides 1 1-2 miles North of Montrose, on
tho Snake Creek Road.'"
Montrose,April =N o 1860 . * .
" hereoy notified to Meet at the house of Col..
C. B. Jackson, in FriOndsville, on the second
Monday [l.4th day] of griy, - .1860, at 9 o'clock,
a. m.. equippul as the Iliw directs.
ap2r3 3w • - VAILES, Captain..
Laweville cent r e, Susq. co, Pa
WALL Paper, Wiwipw Rapers and 'Border's,
1' V n very large ,stoe4 dap received, by
April 11th. R. KENYON, JR. & CO.
Challjs, silks, leans and calicoe s , an immense
y?rietj, by R. XENYON. JR. & CO.
- LIVERY style of Cott!!kn Pant Goods, etc. this
124 day reed by R. IcENYON, 'JR. - at CO.
S"j("Brochs, and Cishmere shawls. &lam
stock, 1. 4 0 W--. R. KENYON. JR. & Co.
-I °BBL& TOBACCO, this day received•and
.141 for sale lower than elsewhere in Sukqu'a
county. - R . lENYON. JR. & CO.
1000 LBS SALERATUS in store and
fur sale by the box or lb:
LARGE Sti:ock of FANCY Dry GoodM for
sale by' • R. KENYON. JR. & GO./
IfilEA Setts—Five Elegant styles. comp i lke
from sto 850.. R.KENYO.II,.JR.&ca
Laweville Centre, P4lApril, 1860.
- A t.rfa./* •
DR. 0. V. THAVEIty Of the
WILL be at
April 271h,"ht 11!kiTitim's Hotel. Also will
be ,at SUSQUEHANNA on the FIFTH of
each month during the/spring § and &Milner,.
at Niculs Hotel. Du r ing ' each visitation he will
give Free Lectures ter th q .Ladies 42•Velooki
m. upon subjects orthe first imps nee relativ,
the special' di7eases and hygiene of the sex,
revealing the causes of sitch maladies. and !hap
most prevaleriand subtlti violations or phfsiu-.
logical laws •hich resul in the premature ,de.
clipe of American Wtsllletl. • •
Invalid will find ir tn their advantage tdgive
him a col.
ninglfamton Water. Core, April 10, 1860.—tf
Orphans' Court Salo.
'l3 Y virtue of an order (July issued out of thii
Orphhi' Ccurtof Sdsqueharma county and
`to 171.0 directed, will be exposed to public sale
at auction, on Monday, the 14th day of May,
1860, p. m., at .the Court House in
Montrose, the right, title; and interest of which
Aodrew Rooney, late of the township of Auburn
in said ceunty , deceased, 'had at the time of his
deceaso, in and t 9 ALL that certain piece or lot
of land situated in said township of Auburnel
boundedbs follows : On: the east by lands' of
John Reynolde,nn the northeast by Node of the
said John end (if James Reynolds, on the west 1
by lan& of Win Bcnnett, avd on the south r}
lends-late the estate f Put ick - Don I ita, deebas4
with the appurt(mances, containing 'abctittit
acres, and having thereon 4 framed house, tv log
barn,some fruit trees,and about, 40. acres cleared.
• Terms of payment - made
,kbown it time of
apl7) Adat's Are., of AO. rew Rooney, deid. .
. .
: . C.4.3Er, -:
, •
To .Merchanta- nd Dealers. -'
T TAKE tMs• method ofiinforming toy many
I. kind and generous fri rids and customers
that I have etianged my inte l rest in the Hardware
Business, in New tork front are house fernier!) ,
Hnt, Thomas :& Co. ' and Jately I. L. Hunt, at•
20•Pearl.street, to that-.ofi - 1 • - • .
• 23 Park Row, opposite ,
where wofild moat Teepee
Dew friends to cell, or send
will'be kratefully received a
ftfy addierm will be at 3fo •
Ist of April. and from that
Of abrive.ffouse, or Lowre!
bury 46 Coartlaudt street,
• mb• , . 111
T HAT FATAL scourge. of the humanjace—
Consumption—can now be pretrated and
roam with the same CERTAINTY as any
other disease - . The new Remedy discovbred by
Dr. Churchill of Paris, has performed•more cures
of Confirmed COnsumption in a single year than
can be foinid,in the records of Medical History
in the past century !
• urßead theollotaing Testimonials
Cure ,of a ease in the Last Stage.—lf you want
facts, I can give I them abundantly, that the Hy
pophosphites is the only Remedy that .an cure
corsuMptiOn. Rend what Dr. Powers says :
J: WINCUESTEft, Esq.—DPar sin.l.nm en Alo
pathy, of thirty
_ s ears practice, ill Western New
.York. My first tr ial of the Hypophosphites was
made a year agolDecember, with. great Success.
Miss E. C.. aged 25.years.:7ffis was truly a
• hard. one. The patient had been prOnonheed a
Consumptive for Six years priwious to the begin-
ning of the treatment. Shii3videntle was' in the
3d and Last stagb.; tuberCles in the 2d staoe in
each Lung ; several cayities in the Left Lobe,
shovaing. cavernous piles ; a most incessant
cough,; pulse to fryquent and weilt• to count. •
With these 84;naptoins of confirmed Phthisis,
having no faith tn' any remedies I had 'eVer be
fore used, I wrote and obtained 3 bottles'
of the Hypoplipphites. On using one, her sy rnp
toms improvyd ; and during the use of the fifth
and sixth,
.she was strong enough to walk half
From then, up to this week, When I
saw Prer y ahe'llas been at work. •
This/remarkable cure, I must in candor, say,
was effected by the H VPOPIIOSPIIITES. j
C 7 mlYa, Wyoming Co., N. Y., March 12;1860.
The following letter from an old physician in
Chester \ Co. must satisfy all whO hate ever
doubted the efficacy of this Wonderful- Remedy :
• CHATiute, ad - Month, 26th. 1860. "
persons - haie obtained the medicine: from me,
twelve of which have been* under my owc(care.
.Five of them were, in my opinion, and the judg
ment of other physicians, hopeless cases of
Phthisis—irritable cough, s copious expectora
tions of a peruledt character, night sweats and
emacipation. These cases were from obe to
three years standing. Ausculation and pfircus.
sion developed sounds, which, taken in cohnec•
ion with other symptonts,; gave evidence; of a
condition from which have never, in seventeen
years practice, seen a single case recover by any
other treatment.* Under the treat...l
meat of the Hypo hosphitcts, all the bad symp.
toms ceased; and they hatto gained flesh; and
strength,.and health—sot:no of them better:than
they had enjoyed for seven years previously.
The other cases' under my care werh in the
incipient stages, and in them all and
traces of the disease havedisappeared. Of those
who were not under my care, 1 hate not beard
of a single patient ram did not express hititse`f
benefitted by the nse . of the Remedy; althOugh
in some of them khe disease was too far, ad
vanced to admit. the po‘sibitity of recovery. I ;
presume I am its skeptical in medicineX, or
specifies, as most physicians; yet, tient the ex
perience I have had in the use Dr. T. F. Churc
hill's Remedy for i'Forberculosis;would 83V
- to all' who have a tendency to that disease—'Falico'
it; and the sooner the better, before there is
disoiganization. *' *
- .
- Winchester's Genuine linkhophole.
CERTAINTY in every stage of CONSUMIk
VON, and with, i aveisble elite:icy in' all De
rangemerits Of theNervOus and Blood Svpteme,
General Debility, Hysocpsia, Asthma, Rickets,
Female Complaints, Spermaturrhes, in all die.
- orders dependent On imperfect or impai,ied"bu
tritien, and in all voiles of local oreoastilutional .
debility. They innrease the nOiveus 'or Oat
energy, relieve Cough, check Night Sweats, and
,diminish Expectoration, inprove ,the appetlte,
arrest Diorama, promote refreshing sleep, and
create new and Healthy Blood. ,
-Pnws—ln.7. and 16 outlet, bottles i and $2.
Do not confound this remedy with the PhDs
phstes or.Chenti,i;al Food. Bewdre of all pre
parations containing bon,. the um' of which;: in
Consumption, is pronounced highly dangerous
and criminal by - eminent medical kauthority:
Head for tny new Circular; which ,gives the
only reliable Information in regard to Dr.Churoi.
ill's Treatment. Inquire for and use ` only
"'Minuend's .Gianuss PAMPAWATION," and
which may be bad of all respectable . Drtiggista,
and 'Wholesale and Retail at 'the sole .General
-Depot iii . tbe Unitedltates, by - •
. I • 43 John street,
ar For sale by A BE L TURRELL, Montrose.
he Astor
invite old sod
i_they orders, which
'nd promptly
:trose, Pa.' until the
date till June, ears
• Griggs dr, King/.
. Y. City; •:t
c. TirLEn.
ATTHE - Rll a
6uttenbag, lansenbaum, Ca,
Montrose, &Susq'aDepot,pa.
TtlE undersigned have provided themaelvea
,with a I
;chich i they boast of beipg the
I •
in this section Of country.
They ulso flatter thernselves thet they have
the best facilities Of obtaining
;Ifob's ti : 4' from t'r
and nre determined not to bo,undersolci by - any
film this aide of N. Y. City. In regard to •
• -
we would say that being in this busines largely at
24 Dey Street, New York City
we can offer thelpublic bargains not surtimmed by
any retail dealers in this section, as we can sell
'here at . retail prices . as cheap as; those. who go
.to New York and purchase at wholesale and
then bring thorn here-and have to make n: profit
over that which they have already paid them.
selves. .Call add hoe us and we will prove
the facts. -
05111teltbtrg, l goseltbaitm, -
. Montrose, October 27th, 1859,
• BOARDING. 13011004
AT. G R EAT . B E.N_D r PA.
pins SCHOOL will be opened for tfie recap
lion of Ladies and Gentlemen, on the 29th
day (Wednesday), of Febtuary,:l96o. ,
. . TERM OF TUITIGU. . ' ' ...-. •
.Primary Branches per Qr'tr of 11- weal!, $3,00
Common " I it . .ii "-am
Common and Higher, " " ";
r ... 4,00
Higher English,' " . . " " j $,OO
Lessons on Pia'no, - " " " I 10,00
Use of . "I " " "I - 2,00
Ornamental, and Classical Departments, extr/L
The , Principal has
.. had much experience in
teaching in New York and Peonl'a for the kat
ten yearn, in COMmon, as well . as' Select, Graded
or High School'. References given -if required
; N.B.—Boardat th e boarding hull, tWo doll'a
per week, Lig is and washing extra. ,
. Payments to e made quaiterlk inirdvance.
mh y . E. W. ; ROGERS, Principal.
W. TOWNSENI3, 31. b
YlDlcliNE'iot the miLL;wl - 4.
T HE BLOOD is the life.sitstaining agent. "'
furnishes the components .of flesh,bu us.
cies nerve and integuinont.. The ..storuach. is its
matlafactory i the veins its distributors, aid the
intestines thechahneti through Which the waste
alittei•relectcd in its 'productions, is expelled.
Upon the stotnaeh,th e circulation and the bovveli,
these Pills act simultaneoualy, relieving indiges- .
tion, purifying the fluids, and regulating ,the
• Dia'Pepsin is the Most common diseiise.among
all classes in this country. It assume s n thous.
and olizipes, the primary source of [anew.
orable!dabgerous maladies- '
but whatever Its typo
or Artiptorns, h e ver obstinateit4 resistance. to
ordinary preparatlons, It yietds,readilyand rap.
Idly to this searching and unerring remedy..-
The quantity of Abe bile is "of vast importance
to health. Upon the liver, the, gland which re.
eretes . this fluid; these Pills operate specifics/1p
infallibly Wearying its irregularitierr, and effeetu.
ally. curineJaundiee, llilioua Remittanti, and - rdl
the varieties of disease generated by an'uutiatn:
ral condition of the organ. -
Unless the bowels perform theif functions prop.
erly,The whole bcidy mutters. Tene of thousands .,
die 'mildly of Dysentery, Diarrhcea, Chronic •
Constipation, and other diseases of . these .wanto
'pipes of the system. The effect'of the Pills-np - on
'all intestinal disorders, whether casual or . epi.
'aemic, lei phenomenon in mediciine. By follow.'
ing the printed directions; the most alarining'ca.
sea of bowel.complaint are promptly controlled:
The local debility and irregularities which are
the especial. annoyances ,of the weaker sex, and
which, when.neglected, alwaya shorten lire, are
relieved for the time being. and prevnted in time
come,by a course of this mild - , thoro' alterative. •
Holloteay's Pills are the best remedy knowiz in the
world Jos. the following- di,seases : . •
Asthma Chest Diseases Fever and Ag ue
Coughs Bowel Complaints Female Complaints
Colds Costiveness Inward %Vistaless
Di'arrhcea . Headaches - Liver Complaints
Dropky • Indigestion. Lowness of Spiri Is-
Debit ity Inflammation ' Stone and ,Gravel
Influenza DysPepsia - Secondiay Symptoms.
Piles Venereal. Affections Wormsof all kinds
* * *Suld at 'the Manufactories of Professor
Holloway, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and 244
Strand, London; by all respectable Druggists &
Dealers in Medicine thro'out the. United States
and the civilized world, in boxes at-25 cenis,
62 1-.2 cents, and $1 each, ,
k' There is considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes.
N. 13,Directiontefor the guidance of patients
in every disorder are affixed to each-box.
PHYSIC l i t:Sl and Surgeon;.)ldntrose Pa.—.
Ofllee in the Farmer's Store. - -
0 3133.C0Nta.1. - - •
OULD intiiim his old customers; and the
vest of manttind," (what few there are,)
that - he has removed hie Tailor Shop to reigns
clic; I, N. Bulkr ,, s Grocery. Thank fillior past
favors; be solicits - a euntinuance,"—pii•dgitg, hity
aelf,to do all w . ork satisfactorily. • - '
111ootroc. Pn., 31:9-ch 28th, 1860.-t1
. FOIL I MM. •
FOOT vri mApi STnErr:
THE exten, , ive Furniture I.; , tabliAntent of
Sitrin IlaosnEroi having been - refuted and
greatly, imp „. roved. the proprietors respectfully
announce to the . citizens'of Montrose and vicin.
ity that they ore entiistartt , y mnkirtg and keep oa.
hand the 'LARGEST- an& HEST as , ortment of
To'be.touud hi the Conutry. •
We give the folloWing list of some of the ar
ticles which we will sell at greatly reduced
prices, for CASH or READY PAY: • •
BereatiA, Walnut or 31ahogany, with glass,
from $l6 to .$35. .
Brireaos with marble or brotsitelle-top4,?from
$lB to $24. And a large assortment, from.s3,
$10..12, 14. to $lB, - - • .
W3Bh Stands. Card Stinds, Corner and Square
slam:la . ,' or all varieties and prices, from 75 cents
to ten dollars. - • . - •
Desks, Divans .Towel linekil,Footstools,Otto- .
mans; Lotinv,esSe. . .
. .
Centre; Card, Pier, Toilet, Dining, Kitchen,
and Extension Tables. -
Chairs—Cane and Wpod-Seats; Rockers—
Cane; rag, and - Word Seats, of every 'variety
and style.
Norms, tete a tistes furnished .tit short .
at New York prices. -. ' •
N: B. Ready made; eofftns on Band or fur
nished at shod. notice.-:4l.r . ..irses always in
readiness when desired.
We moploy 'opus but CAREttIL and Expent-
EXCED WoRILVEN. We intend to do our Woßir
WELL, and bell. it
,as Low as it can be . c afforded.
W. W. lin ITII,
- .
- -E. R. SMITH.
Montrose. Jan. 18th, 1860.--tf.. —.-
: ... HERRING'S . SAFES. -.-
FARREL, HERRING at Conti/it'll'.
No. 629 Chestnut 6treet—.TAYNE'S Nall—Phiburs.
-.. ~. - 'ON o l,Y_Nanntactured in t ik a t it rVte .
r H erring ' a Patent - 0
---; c 3 .,„ 11, -- i Eire & Burglar Preof Seim', seciS
-- '
with Hall's ratencPowder Loc - •
1 both-or widen ree'vrd Medals at the
......,.I._ World's l'a#., LoodonrlB6l andese
World's Fair in New York, =Pt
More Than • .
Twesat y-OsOusasid ' flerri tat's • Safes
have been sole, and are now in actual use,i and
nearly...lw have,been te'ted in accidental fires
%nd hire never failed to preserve their contents...
'We also keep on hand and make to oriler . - -
Dwelling House Safes; "Sideboard and'Parldr
safew"_.(imitation of handsome furniture) of
eli•gaiit .de..iign.and workmanship. /
Also. Burglar Proof Safes for Banks, Brokers -
rind JeWelers, Vault Door Safes for Specie, •
.Silver Plait er &c.-L-Trier Burglar.-Proof safe in
-use at tlie .Treafturer's Office of Pickaway_Co.
0., (at Circleville,) was manufactured by us, and _
•is univerally:acknowledged to be tbe_ strongest •
safe in the • WORLD. - ' " : -
Persona -wishing safes will find it to theil In- •
tereaL- to call or ttepci for our catalogue before.
pnrehaiiing elsewhere, as these are the only safes
whip's-hi:re proved ihemselyes perfectly Fire - Proof
and free from dampness. -
• , .
st,qob R - EW &RD will .be' 'paid tit any person
that can Show that a Herring's Patent champion 7
Safeis eier billed to preserve its contents To an
aeeidenial fire. - ' - , apt' 36 c • .
Billlift' 1111M
/nut :subscriber hiving purchased
-11 refitted and newly furnished the
above welt known and popular Hotel,
is prepared toAccommodate the tray
(fling public and others with all the attentions
and conveniences usually found first.elase
Houesi.. No effort will be apared . by the Pro
prietot .and his Assistants to make the. Hotel
equal in every point teeny in the country.
The Bar will always be supplied with the
Choicest -
The Stables, connected with this' House
are large, roomy and convenienCend careful and Hcitlers are always in charge of them.
jel6*y 1 24eow.