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    . •
' l ".k. Dr. H. SMITH, Ilk: SON,
SURGEON DENYISYS,Joive rernaied their
► Office , to I,:athropelaew.buildiOg.l.bver the
Banking office of Cooper Dental
opeiations will be perfornio in theiFttaital good
style and warranted.• - I . •
Ziloittrose, March 9th, 18 . 60. ;
McCollum & Searl ,
Nontrome, Pa. Office jn.Laihr4pre new T ,
over the Bank.- fob 23
.. . .
Shop in the Brick Blo . dk, over Bead &Co's
Store: All work warranted, as to
,t.and finish.
Ilk Montrose, Pa, will attend - to nil business
entrusted to him, with fidelity and despateh,
/May be fountst the office .of W.I St, W. H.
Jessup, Esqs. • -
S. H. Sayre & Brother;
ANUFACTURERS of Mill Coetipgs, and
Castings of all. kinds, Stove's, t 7 in and
Sheet Iron Wore, Agricultural Imptemente, and
Dealers io-Dry Goods,.Groceriess CroeVery, &B.
Montrose, Pa., November, .16tti,•18:59..w5i..
Guttenberg, Rosenbauni & Co.,
DEA LERS In Ready-padertottifng,:, Ladies'
Dress Goods, FurnishtneGoods, •ste.,, etc.
Stores at .No 24 Dey-st, New-York Pity, and in
Towanda, Montrose, and"Susq‘a Depotßar. -
REPAIRS Clocks, Watches and ;Jewelry, at
bhort,notice, and onreasonableitertna. AI%
work warranted. Shop in ChandlerA 493800%
gore, Montrose, P-a. • [0250:-•
.ive head of cattle kept on tne pieced erri
C.SignO) G. I. WILLI:OOi.. til
~1 ,;' , • I rei
'QO motion 'the RI:on wgs adopted 191(ki ;Le i n ,
'remiunts ordered to lie rad. •;:,
'On - motion of W. I.l.Je,stipibe - 1 , - ‘3l
volution was tinnotillioni. , .- 4 --•"7- - '14074-6in. •
I?' Drs., Blakeslee & Brcisli;
- rx AVE associated themselves for the prose.
.111..11. catkin of the duties of their profession, and
respectfully offer their- pro(casional eeriiees to
the Invalid Public. Office at• the residence of
Dr. Blakeslee, midway . between thej villages of
Dimock and Springville. - ' ap2oy
A. C. BI.AXEsLC,E ' T. P.'. DIMS%
WHOLES ALE Dealers in Bajtops,Cornb..,
Suspenders, Threads, Fancy ;;Goode,
Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Waie,ent
tery. Fishing Tack le, Cigars, &e. &ci,-New Mil
ford, Pa. Merchants and Pedlars, supplied on
liberal terms.
• ir etf
Office in the Union Block—Towanda, Brad-
DR. /1- SMITH, 1 -
SURGEON DENTLST. Residence and of.
fice opposite t'e Baptist Church (north side)
Montrose. Particular attention wilf be. given
to inseriint teciths-on gold , and silver plate, and
to filling decaying teeth. ~ • 1 ."
DEALER in Drugs, Medicines. .Chc;iniesi s
Dye Stuffs, Glass=ware, Pa ints,Oils,Variiish
Window Glass, Groceries, Fancy Goods, Jew •
elry, Perfumery, &c.—And Agrnt for
most popular Patent Medicines. Monirose. Pa.
GRAPPATE of the Allopath:c and Hbmceo
pathit Colleges of Medicine, Gt.t Be"bd, Pa.
Office. corner of Main . and •ElizAbeth-Sts.,;nearlY
opposite the Methodist church: ,
Wm. H. Cooper & Co.,
BNKERS, Successors to POST,ICOOPEg
'9 &
CO., 3font,:ose, Pa: Office Lathrop's
new building, Turnpike Street. ,
C. 0: FORPHAM. -
Montrose, Pa. Shop orerk" - Tyler'iCStore,.
All kinds of work made to order and repairing
done neatly. je
• Wm.' W. SMITE &
ABINET and Chairliatinfacture'r_s, foot of
1 1,1 Main street, Montrnse, Pa. ang tf
• • DR..41. Z, DIAIOCKiI .
HYSICIAN and Surgeon, Office Over
eons' More; Lodgings at Searles-H.OO.
DR. JOHN W. C0R8,4, •
PHYSIC,, and Surgeon. Ofee iord'ublic
Av:,..iiitS7 !mite Searlei Hotel, Alci.ntrose.
N and Surge. n, MOntrese, Pa.—
. -1 Office . the Faimer's Store.
FASHIONINBLE Tailor. Shop [near :the ßaptist Meeting House, on Turnpikii street
Montrose, Pa. Lang tf
THE New. York City Illustrated Newspipers
blagazines,.ete. etc., for sale at the Mobtrose
'Book Store, by .A. N.;IBULILAKD.
FASHIONABLE TAILOR. • Sholi-in' base
ment of Searler's Hotel, Albritton, Pa - •
TIESIDENT DENTIST, tlontrosti. l'Office
a t th e Franklin House, room Nol 1. Fill
ing and Inserting teeth on Gold and.SilveSr Plate
done in the most approved modern 14)44 ,•nly
Plates are absoluteli water-tight,-no
where food can lodge. • • ner24 P
BARBER., and Hair Drease.r. Shop . No. 3in
basement or Searle's;Hotel; Montroae: *
On Public-Avenue, near Seas le - I(atel.
' 10" EEP eonsiantly on hand- good of .
.11. MEATS of all kinds: ,CABIIII paid for"
Beef Cattle,CalvesAbeleriondL t ambs.
-Alto for Hides 01 all
Montrose, Notch 30th,_
, the undersigned,' certify that wo:' . were
insured in Fire Insurance Comps/ties represe — nted
by Mr. Billings Stroud. of Montrose, and 7 that,
. baring Coffered loss by tire while e r o.inentird, we
wire severally paid by said conipailies to tie full
extent of our ciliate; and we have zonfideate In
hitruts a good and effective Agent:
_ Jas. R DEWrrr, Ztraos funs ,
, • F. B. Coasia.zit, _ J. Lyons it Solly
Mootrose, Pa. Noveml,er 9; • •
" <Dal °M VE, S - TO 1)16 - TAR:TY,THA 00e NOTE.,
•, . .
Fro 2 tiieir7ori Leader.
Tux .name Of Comae lo! Peter.tfeCulvej!
is as well known 'to 'the New*York bar and
judiciary as isl Voorbee's Jest edition of the
Code, or Story of; - Contra ta. There are many -
little epfspdes in his profwisional career which,
for raciness ofl outline, ritknesti in 'the filling
up atur generril 'grouping*, would well rival In
comicality the' - most' side-splitting narration
of Lover and Lever. . • . s .
sPeter, as . hit last name indicates, is a nati Ve
of that "gem of the - say" which prrduced a
G,attan and W.Gurran; but at the time of
the blippening of thri incidents which 1 ant
about to, relate, bad resided in New York a
number of years, where he 'bad taken; as he
expressed ,it,.:" - howly °raters ) " , or, in,other
words had beeimulmitted to the practice of
the law. . -
Some years agp there lived in the vicinity
of the . : City lIL,II a highly respectable Ger
man-born gentlemen, a citizen of - long mind
tog, whom; for slmrtners,laill call Limherg
lier. Ile had,,by assiduity- and atteution to
business, combined with he most,scruputous
ly honorable and, fair sealing, amassed a
handsome property and-quired an enviable
reputation, B 9 building in which ;
he con - ducted his mercanile atlairs, his store
being on- the troutid fl or, and the upper
stories—three in nurnber*beiog let to, va
rious tenants Fwlio had la means of- access
through a first lam sille.ban, or-passage,
disconnected from the store, which they used
in common., i• " - ;
' •
Mite, on the first dayd of Is certain May,
: friend, "Peter- MX IVey, Counsellor at
Law; Pr,octor iu 4dtrirra7, .Deuterh Adec....
cate, dc., die., 1re..," as- bi- sign said, -became
the, lessee for the term of him year from that
day, of - what be grandiloquently called a
"se • of oftities4" on the second floor of Mr.:
Liar ergher's premises, at th annual rent of,
one undyed and seventy-five dollars, pai-a:
ble to use-Peter's prim expression—" quar
ter) whin drtej r -d'ye min
• The relation 1 of hurdle d and tenant was
mutually pietisfng to the contracting partiei
fOr the -first 4iree mon bs •of the demised
term.- The landlerd wb kept the best of
liquors and wines on his premises an the first
floor, WAS frequently Waited upon by " Pother"
and'itiend, and several j "smiles"
weald pass between . them,),which would re
sult In a slight elevatihn of 'Petees..self
esteem, and wh i ch also tended to elevate his
-personal 'steam to a limitii•and - yet proper
extent._ The first of august—the meal day
di' a new quarter—which as to put an end
to 'this happy interchange of sentiment and ,
feeling at sength arrived; .' Old Limbergher,
i it the,expiratien of three .ir four - days after
the close C 4 the, first quarter, noticed that
Peter had neglected- to visit him as usual
'since the cerningin of the month. Ile also
remembered that Are first ; instalment of tiro
'rent, was then pus and paYable, and -deter
'mined to seek a busipess interview with the
Counsellor. T9 l etiecithat object, he frequent
ly,•dnirng the ; business portion of the day,
,when be could - be spared f• active Alai',
stationed himself where) ho could
mand a view of the np-stitirs enirance,
and awaited Peter's in coming or
as the case might be. So well-timed, how - -
1 ever/were the Counsellor's visit to his "suite"
of rooms, that 'several daYs elapsed before
Mr. Limberghei. succeeded, in _meeting his
Mina,. and that even happened when he was
'coming out, fort-to use thti Couusellofs ex
pre.s,ions when peaking toime on the sub
, ject—" It was 4isy,gittin' 'n, for the rayson
that I could always see bolt' the land layd ;
but gitin' out was the d- - --1 again, for thh
View out of toe Tiad ber.onlf commanded the
sidewalk, and . ,ay be. he Might be in , am
b )
uilt inside of t edoore!" 1
In ambush h I was on clue necasion refered
to,.and notwitbatinding tbelCounsellor walk
ed ay-noiselcsl through the hall as if there
really had bee -
--e-as he informed 'a client
who once' passe out with I him—" sickness
on th e ptemises," yet - he tnetilis landlord on
th e sidewalk, ju t outside the door.
"It's a fine day - this, sMis.the'r Limberghe-,"
said the unabashed Peter. N* -- ,
' "Oh, yaw ! fefry goot, pot Jerry hot, Mr.
tiCulvey," was the reply, i
' • ", Hot! ye- toay . welt saY that: • It's the
devil's own weather I as I said •to my friends,
Murray,Beffmah, the Masther. in Chancery,
and DePusstbe'r Ogdon, of the Boord -of
Thrade,this mhrning 1 lie see we had- a
'consultation on:al little question of botthomry.
and Hoffman ard I disagreed. tin 'a !mini of
law,..rind between the hait, of the weather.
and the' bait ofiargurnent we got exhausted
inthirely and ad'ournird
mention the;natther."--. .
• The mention oldie name- f the - future emi
nent juskat i • ait4ugh cooled with` that of
the most solid pi ce,of furniture of the Chant--
ber:of commer- , bad tint little effect on the
Teutonic and st lid iimbergiter, who came
1 - , , •
al once to the p int at i-sue, by saying:
I- :.:" Last Frida • vasb quarter-day Mistier
1 McCnlvey I" , ' • •
"0.61 don't i know th 4 rate without a •
Teinindber I Ilaven't I been thryin' ever
onnce to collect me , up -town riots '1 and
spaltin' of rin , 'l'll hand,: ye the :little
thrifle due ye fo me Sui t
s of rooms in a - day
or two. 1 1 11 , -iq are this- aucl - .reieral other
Small matthers ll .tip tvether!" And as
be .said this, gradually increased the,
distande between Ahem, thus di stancing, for
that time, at le, st, our worthy friend, the
landkord. •" - 1 . .
From that per mil onward, until the first of
• the followingSteotenrher, Peter, like'Bur 'iell's
boarders, " didnl
-meal?! Matters
his diplomacy, dr,
betweenqhe two,
legal proeeedings ,
procadingsl" exclaimed" Peter.
"That suits me to a turn Yell he playing
into me hand if ye dO that! •Ahd if ye'don't
find it full of threlmps, then write Sir William
I.3lackstone down as an ass , .
A suit 'was - at bat commeneed in one 'of
the Ward Court, bv'the issuing of a slim
mons against Of. Counsellor, , returnable in
six days, wh eu date he appeared, as he'.l
informed the.Cou rt. "in p;ropria persona for
00 defendant; en d asked f an; adjournment
for six days to epare a 'defence . and sub
rena his witnesses - , which; after argu ment,
wait granted. That time 'having expired.
'Peter again appeared add In . :loved n disrnis--
aatof the sot:omens bu :the ground,of a Cleri
cal ddeet. The Imototen Succeeded, and Lim-,
beigher and McqtriveY stool " as they was.'
• 40 wever, the forraer's War wak now
It pay
.a cent nor Inks a
had now notwithstanding
epened t int6 an-open warfare
and . Limbeigher threatened
.1- , •
.. r •
thoroughly up, and out came a:second Burn
mobs, returnable after the same lapse •of time,
'Which amain went over • for a week 'After
- •
the_ joining of issue,' in order that the de= fence have tit to prepare itself for
trial. Peter,
however,i, before adjournment,
derminded•it hearing Wore a jury, and paid
;for the venire. At the ,expiration of a'•week,
'the' action of " Limptirgher xs. McCulvey,"
was called on to be tti:Cd, when Peter' arose,
and in a tone of great gravity thus addre:aed
the Court:
"May it pleise y_eit • lionor----Since' the•
signitig.of Magna•Chartaly - King John, the
near relative of deed! de Lion, the,.. right of
atrial by jury has - leentbeen deemed. a sacred
right to the citizen ned-sulCjict, whether ai-
ther- his life or his- properly were to to be
made the sutjict of judicial disquisiiioti; . and
in ordtmr to secure touts fullest extint this
great right, yer
: Hanoi, is 'nwait„that certain
challengei have been created and . sanctioned
by. law rand baying :wave' duty to-perform
toward the defendant In; this case, (und that's
mesilf,) who is sought M be oppressed and ill
.thrated, -I now interpope a challenge' to.each
of the jurymen!" - . .
." What is the natutt of the - challenge ?"
asked the Court..'
. "Propto clefrctuntir replied,, Peter, with
out moving a tuusele."..i • - • -
't Propter what-1." mitred the...l-ridge in some
surnrise. •
••" . .I.)efeetumemphasized-Peter taking his
seat. •
• The Colin considered for .4 moment, and
then took up a voluine!Of . " Coven's Justice,"
and commenced rut.niag_over the index. •
Irer• Honor will nqt find , there,"'lsaid Pe
ter, " a commonlaw: challenge!".
_The' Jhdget.i..l3 clerk, and quite .ti
lengthy - consultation was had between - them
on the • snljeot withOht any very apparent
mutual satisfaction: After a wbila the Judge
"Mr. MoCulvey,: the Court docs..pot desire
toibrule any right a guitoemay have beftire
it, and 'iS, the satire titne would like to act
with caution and deliherrition. I am •not
sure that you have a vrght-to therchal*ge,
and of my Ati motitm c :to give tune for re-
Ilection,l rritit4. adjourtt,the vial fur a short
time." • -
" If yer Vonor haq (It‘abts—and what care..
fal Juage has not f slid Peter, "it will, be
beither to kt the - ease lie over for a week !"
"Anodder reekl robin Got,!" exclaimed
the plaintiff.. ".Dish foni seek 3 sot I've
been in de court mit cis dam ease!"
' , Silence!" said the Judge, with:empbais.
"Silence l" echoed- the • constable; with
more ditto.'
" YoU keep quiet !" 6ai , cl the clerk, mettan.c
ingly. •
"l eep aisy, now r genlly advised 'Peter,
Ire.r.rafessional,engagement.4," said he to
the court, It are-such - that-it will be impossi
ill for me to.attend the tinial y in less then a
Nf.±in Got, anod--? •
sile`oce.!" , again criA tne Court. , -
,ecboced! the constable, dog
This causo•in adjoined for week 1 : 1 - said
-the Judge, with 'a fr_ow-r) and a glance at the
refractory Limhergher.
"laic I think of ii,"'lsaid Peter, "I have
an engagement this, -(14 week in Albany.
Couldn't yer Honor say two weeks 11l
"Two: week's—Awn thy,vels 1" • wrat hinny
exclaimed the plaintiff, t• ~ •
• "Silence !" repeated :the Justice.
-"Sileuce—d'ye hear?" cried - .the Onsta,
Me; menancing.
" Tbeie, eirpreions nie yery wrong, sir!
. very wrong . indeed I" said the Judge, With a
Withering glance-at-Liniberg,her.
" You'll get ,committed for - coniemptible
conduct if you don't mind !" - said the CQII-_
stable, warningly... • • :. -
' "This cause Wilt then stand adjourned for
•tico week.," said the Justice, rising, "arid
,the Court will be, re•op4.ol to-morrow morn
ing at nine o'clock." l' ' \
The *rathful:plaintifP ; deiarted-:witli cur=es
1 ..
on his lips,' and duringth two folloWing
weary weeks bad the gihtffi .ation of seeino.
'his tenant daily ; Sundays n t excepted;and'
twenty. times a day paFs cooly into and out
of his "suite" of apartMents. His displeas
ure found vent, howet.;ei:i 1n certain choice
expletires in the Germaji dialect ; but went
no for the Counsellor W 43 -a. broad
{ shouldered man. , .•,
Once again the patties appeared" before
the Justice, and once More was the cause
called oh for trial. Th&plaintiltiWßS present,
and through a loung and modest lawyer, re
sponded-: . . . .
" Read Y.."
~ .
The defendant stood mute, when the Court
declared that itliad difirgently searched the
books and could find no such challenge as
that which bad been advanced by the defend.
ant,' and asked Peter iq he httl not made a
"How 'has the clerk ; enthered` the chal
lenge l' y naked the Colinfellor. ' ,
"Propter defactum!" "answered that offi
cer, inferring to - Lis !Mile: . . .
.." Octi l . sure that's all, wrong intirely! It
should be 'propter deliellt,m I " , waiii Peter.
"Your tlonor, there !is no 'such challenge
known to the law 1" suggeszerrthe opposing
L .lawyey in a quiet manner.
`' "Study the books, yoUng magi" said Pe
,' Vero - el - movingly, and apparently more in pity
than anger, "and never-. bring the inexpa
1, riencc of comparative pridessional childhood
into conflict with the ripe judgment of ma :
I tune 'age) - uranhood t • ille books is fall of
I it, yer.llonor, (t ortrinvO the Cburt,) - and the
thirty-sixth of
Well / tetra Reports has:a case
in point.''
1 - "I think," said. the. Justice thoughtfully,
"that. I hare somewhere read something like
that!". , ,
.. . _ •
"Sorry a 'doubt of it i " suggested Peter,
I " what lawyer hasn't?" ! .
, The clerk Was again.ebnsulted, and after ak
sotto voce confab, the °odd said : • - 1
' "I do not fulls understand the nature of ,
the challenge. The fact! is, we have so fei
juries here that, not being, a lawyer, I have
• -.,
never sted myself ujx)i) the subject. I will
- adjourn the case fora short time, and took
Coto ... !
, “Cohl l mein Got iti rtimMel l , " exclaimed .
Itimbergher: • ,
~ - -
-. 4 - Htsh.!" said'his more cautidua adviser—
never quarrel 'with the Court. ".
"Prudent advicethat ;_ abyboar," said Pe
ter,. who. bad"- oveheardl the remark.. "To
what time will yer Horibr•plize adjourn the
case I", ' . V."
K Well," replied ttio Ji xtiee , " we aro some-
. _
whht crowded siith busindss, weyll sap this
dnv week."-
"With 14) utmost *pleasure, ,
.1 etar„
thoussittd tuvdls t 'apockter week !"
Dta: if!: •
groanek ne plaititi
• " Yes, only ` a week, and the t. !We'll'have it
tried, withoutiOulit;" said kis' ceuniel,.
fully if tot prophetiolly.
Well, another week - sli4 avi4y,./ and again,
titer fastly-becoming celebrated' pas( ef Li rit
bergher- vs. McCulvey" wasTbil / lied up for
. •••
The novelty of, the previolA.proceedings,
and Peters-frequent allusions tlArn while in
conversation with certain members of the bar;
who' were not lawyers, bad s4rVed to'bring
together a large cioivd of speatatOrs, Who'
eigerlv•waiting, were in anticipatihn of ler
1 Al
,Both sides answered "Ready, - !when 'the
cause was next called. by the! ele).k. That
official then rend over the naMes of thtisix
jurors who lied.--been surnitmeed to try the
important issue. •The'y!all.reationded to their
names, and were about beinglsworn. by the
cleric, when Pe . ".t.erarose and satd:
" j .observe, Filly it • please i the Court, by
the procsiditigii, that On Court doeS- / not take.
into cunshleration the- fact, that a`eliallenge,
' still stands against the
"The Court,". jeplied the' Justice ; with
some asperity, "has been , -lonking into the
law regulating challenges, n31161111'1 -find any
aue 4r b o n i i ) i t e ri n •c:// a c s tic — m a- '7Licatly luggested
Peter, "atiticus
." Propler delichap.," coal nued the Jus
tice, " and as fur the - thirty-Filth -volume !of
Wendell's Reports; why, the highest number
reaches/ but a Jiitle .more than that.
I There must be sOme.rnistake,'Mr. MOCulVey."
"In "the number of the, vo unie, perhaps . ;
ver, Honor, but 'not in the e afienge," 'said
Peter It 'tvita first interp . o4tl thii city
in the Curdwainer's Case,. oni a notion to
vmsj), which wte thried hefor i p the Court iri
bunco, and Jot a single juror was or could , be
sworn Jousegnen__,_tlV the ease niVer could.
get to a jury - at Yer 11? n or no doubt
aware of the challenge for :the principal
cause i"
replied his 119
read of that'".
that's the place- 141
/jaunt cotnei.inP said Peter.
"„011, indeed!' If you had 1
you would liavo'sailed the Cuul
of -embutrassuient."
"Sure iT I didn't any-it, Im,
apologetically. responded Pete
" 'kyr k halt-the Challenge
the Judge.'
"By the Court," said
thry - it betther ?"_. •
CertainlY, by the Cotirt,'
plaintiff 4 sounsel."
The clerk called the first fiaiim in older on
the, lint, and after its owner Had been ques
tioned by-Peter upon propertyitd Assessment
qualifications, bias and this 'for- atfon or ex
pression of an opinion, and .upciii other mii:f
tdis about as ievelant' to the ehallengd itself
as was the imaginary case in thotnagitiary.,
volume of. Wendelli.the court; de
clari.d !limp be a'c.ompetent - jurot.
A second, third and fourtb . wdre in Lilco
manner " put through a course of sprouts"
by Peter, and found to, be worthy , and in
dslbirearbetween the parties.
While the fifth was- under fire, and .when
the Ct . Junsellor's stook of questi
lyexhaested, a shabby-looklogle
ol , s,rveti to quietly Land Peter
of parer% which he perueed, arK
to the donor in a very. signideat I
Be thus continued the exam
"Misther Ballo°, what is yer,
"Loelqiniti," was the reply.
•': Where did you learn ynur
"Iu tile State' of Vermont,
Ballot). • ••.
" When did you "come tp NeT
_ "In 18 . 10," answered• tho li
get!ing uneasy.
"From that. time to 155, !here did ye
live r _
New York city," respe l l
a wriggle.
"From 1435 'till 1844,5Nv
"The greater part of the time
replied Mr. BAlloo, showing evi!A
" Where did' yob go when
city ?"
" I don't know as it's any of yhur business,"
rematked. Mr. Ballot), Still inpreaneasi)y:
".Its just my business," said Vete.i. "Now,
sir, where did you go it" -
Muse I answer that I" . askedi
Court, at the same time , turnip,
the face.'
"Certainly! We a very proi
replied the. Justice. -- . •
Mr.. Halloo hesiatted, and.'
embarrassed, but tit last answer
• ' Why, I went into thei count'
"To what placesir 1" insisted
swer definitely. : • i
"I decline answering that• q 4
Mr. B. reremptoilly, and evident
tated. - • . .
" Didn'CyouNgo to Sing Sitig 1
uated Ptter. • ,
Mr. *Banco a gain-demurred `
was directed by the Court toans
"Idld go to Sing - Sine he re ,
"and a tine ',Village it was! I to
suit Your , , .
" Did y e - go td-tho Village, oil
and if the latther,- didn't ye go
will now i". interrogated Peter: { ~
Mr. Ralloo was evidently trotibled in mind
and body, and asked to say a word privately
,' to- the Judge, which was permitted.,lle
I spoke nervously and perspiirinily. in it low
tune, for t 1 few mintites, when t e Court said:
"Mr. McCulvei, yen -will'iilease forhearT
further questionS. Mr. Balloo is not a ; Cum 7
patent juror, and must be'set allide." . t
- The question then arose as to iwhether tales
shah could be•called to'ffli.the ileum:icy. ,The
plaintiff's counsel, contended in k the aflirrnS. ,
live. Peter stoutly put his argument on.tlie 1
negative sitle,of the proposition, daring sy bleb,
frequent allusions were. made co t_ e immod-, -
esty . a the young , miarhers of the profission,
who paid 4o`resplot to legal age and expari
en ce." ,
The Court 'decided that it hd no pssver of
the character speten of. Pager; suggested• l
an adjouriment, end Mr, Limbergher-sugges
ted•Comething.about some thcursends of ' , toy
vela," dm:tether Germann3att,d , ,.but. was
, -
Jilt% 21.4,r6
,ARRILI2-18.60. •
,~~ ~'.
nor, "I'lfave
re ter !e-
l i aia so tiefore,
rt a zpat al
ant to say it,"
tried V'
I; "who-could
stssenteil the
net twos near
spectator wai
a small
then nodded
I Clnnaner.
nation of the
1' replied Mr
here was yer
In this-city,"
i4ent signs of
you left this
IBnliooi of the
o very red; in
, et question,"
ooked muck
•d; - doggetdiy:
Peter ;" an-
estion,!' said
ly mach agi-
1" now insin=
find again
, iuk it would
I ;Lt 1 ; 1
,i 1'
. .
prudently iestraio4l b y his ee e t!se l-, w h eal h e
pereinp.t.orilq diee . hurged on- the So
over went ibe'frial fur 'another week; and . for
-that length of tiluel thelandlord had the grat:
itleation of seeing :,is tenant, gain- and .out
of hie preniiiseswitient let .or hludrtinf.:e.—
Added to , this, "tin weather was wa,rtn; and:
the vagrant. Titild deep qnfrozen bo neath - the
star-lit portico =nn i Peter .had a habit of
keeping his office trindows open unto - a late
hour in the eveniq„- where ho regailed a se-.
led. Circle of }ila friends isUtlr domestic; eau de
vie, antra liStOry oil the startling 'phases of
the great'cal.e of "Limliergber filoCul4y,"
which . the . foim4r ctle plaintiff) could, die;
crnetly: hear, ankcritleiee on hie premises be 7
.". - " •
. • -
• 'On .t.tieadjour'nefl• day it - was found 'that
.the panel was , riot fill. The season wits sick-
ly, and two of tlieltwors•did. not respond to
their nam6 - s; for•tnit reason nver went the
trial once more-•-•aild again' the plaintiff in-'
dulged in. Certain Ottural t th - cal exercises, not
particularly edifying to. his adutc‘fellotv •citi
'zone, nor calculated, if. tianzdated, taproye
the.morals of the riairitr-Arenerittion ( • -•*N-
At this.titne, and.t lie coincidence is `rather
efrange, a celebrated-delineator of It ish char
actor wits cleating a great eemation at the
Park Theatre by his racy acting•in the taught.
able fafec of" Flow to pay *the Rant." Peter
became. iprornind of the fact,, ar k id• at once
took a front seat.' • ',After the perfOrmnneeiwn,
over; s:ntue one, eh .knew of
lotions with his Ittallord, asked hitn .what he
thought .. .of it; • when he tlictughtfollv• -replied
Unit "it was-, all _very • well dona and • wady
worked up, but. - .nothity; flair what could
'accompffslied,through laghl exparience and a
little bird •thrying." • •
The - se various delay's 16 - the law had -
sorbedasecondquarterof time, and Col th
with a second sumtnons,•was issued agajust
the ,Courisellor,fer - the last acerhing rent.—
Tatight:...however„4 experience and delays
and being Sorneichat distrustful of the „sound
judgment of the tie tilt which Alltidiest ac-.
Lion was peinlin,l; the plaintiff applied •to an
another War•l Conti for the second process
• It. Was duly served upon the defendant,. who
on the return day 'appeared in person,. The
plaintiff declaretlfor the rent of the 'premises
from the first day of August to the first day
of November. 'Peter pleaded non est faCtunr,
aiftre Or 11011 iknilant, a vet ot, and an evi:-
lion, and gave notice of tn•Adin tocodiSolidate
. ,
.._ .
the two:snits. This•brought up..t.Wo . knotty
. knotty
question.; before the courts. They each bad
00-ordinate jurisdiOtion,and LA could either
• compel tthe other to telinqui - sli ;An• action - or
riKrtit it:101.11) other to be' tried I .And yet
1 (an I Peter . cited, grave authorities to show 1
the s ength-ofhis position.) how 'could two_;
bilis o wits be permitted to go eh- aCcuntu
latiri,g fo similar causes of action, When the
torrgregatii UM claimed wits within - the juris-,!
1 diction 'of th Court I -lle,declarird in
t:ion tliaf-whic ever-cause shiatli'l Ivi irto
hot,it woul•1 se, to the fate of the . iither, and
! render his plea of a s uother_ action. pending, a
I bar lb a recovers. ISt.he list object had no
I weight with the Cour „5t..i . 11 it had fofce with'
i the•plaintitr, who the 134.1114;
rand•moved the first natite`d Court. that- the
1 tivii causes should be consoltdated:- Hera be.
was inet by, the stout" objectht of P;eiter--
Most logically Urged and suStai ed by stacks
Of authorities—that, the two aoti ns, .while
pending, might have been consolid ••( , e4.1,: link
that a cause of action and an action. could
1 - not. . . . . .
' . Amain (lid the C•Mrt decide to take a week
I '
i to deliberate, amidst the Atron4t-oUjelons f
'.the plaintiff, the unintelligibility of which
was fully counterbalanced by their furc.e and
earnestness.. The clerk gave NM some h . road
strong hint.% about the. danger -of speaking
too plainly, and the Court said soinething,
about , `sca7i(tal<ips nzainatztni.! - ' . • "-
, On the next atljourned day, the 4afendant,
Peter, was found 'at his post; and 'professed.
shinuielf ready to proceed with the trial if-the
Court . 'would decide . that the • two...causes
should} be consolidated.• The Court stnte.i
that it tVould render its decision on: the al,-
Tearanceof the plaintiff, and waitd.fUr• that
event with. exemplary rttience - nearly:thiee
quarters of tt . it hour, ivithotit the, pleauuto .of
,seeing that side."9lthecose,,eithe'r.personally
or by advocate.
:' The Counsellor then rose, and,in a -feeling
speech which touched upon his wrongs, reov
ed a -disniissal of the case, on. the ground .of
the non,appearance of • the plaintiff. The
J.usti t te . granted the tnotiou, and deelared the
case."owt of court'," and the court adjourned.
Just as this anouttcernent fell from hit. :lips,
the plaintiff rushed in; Ineothlos with -.home
and lati'gue;- and from sheer exhaustion: sat_
down upon the first bench whicht presented
itself to lirs sight. -To attempt - , to portray .
the scene which followed .his knowledge of
the dismissal. of his action "Would he idle and
a I,vste of ink; One eimession , of Mi. Lint
heigher, however, will showf the state of his
fottlinzs,_ai4 bis.iden of the condition.of
case. "Min Gott!" ho cried, "I . nut "shust
; - tiere .1-ens pefore I Begins dis.datn 100 - . suit !"
and Liaahergber was tight !
Day day autumn p ass e d s 'away , ad• . at
last faded _ into' winter'; the. grass tin park
'had-depar',ed. Departed the Taw birds
which. had twi:tored among the .trees when
f/diago, wasfresh and green.: •Gone was the
old beggar who oneesatln the warm rays of
the .sun, on:the t•tnp:' , .of the flair Pr' 1 :"!ciAli•
Gone was the apple siind, and the shivoileg
red !leaded boy who gave it him snpervision.
Gone was' every vestige of those: legacies
which departing summer hail cast. into the ,
lap of autumn. Changing rind , fleeting,:these
lisd . passedsaway under the eyes of Limberg;-
her, who, day by 'day, would sit.. and gaze
through . his glazA door at c hanging nature:
But.. Peter still,,remained.Altheugh the find
howled without, and heralded the "season. of
snows," still, within Peter's
. "suite" "all was
summer.and sunshine. The lengthenina..even
automn 'cattle. oti,. each sue;esling,
ono stealing back 'more and more into', the
shortening days; the freshening;breczes' grad
ual ly became,chilling and nipping
Pedestrians burned through - the . thorough--
• fires at
,nightfall, and the rigors of thi season .
without served. Pater-as foils With welt t o
. the ,wattrith Within his.bospitttblo b ut
. not very quiet "suite." . .•
• Tho great litigation' of I....imberglsti vs, Mc
Culvey had now : assumed another.shape,,Tbe
worthy plaintitt had-instituted certain inqui4
ries as to the4inanolai standing of his tenant,,
and this result' was alpftinful admunition that
it would'bewaste, f time to sue= for a
cover.? a 1116 rent. Peter's real estate wivt
, s
r ,
obe in snob a complicated and =lndia,
.ndition as regarded titles, - iniirtgagea,
°toilet it wasluite clear t 1 t ar
against him would be returned - with
eriag endorsement of "nogoolls;" nrit
reon by the hands of the .Ilieriff.'
it! was that po‘seasion of the ' , pronisei
I that•the arnbitioni landlord asVed at
tiont GI
and eo
'the eh ,
I t Hence
was. all
.ds ofthe - law. Recourse was h nguiii
one of .those - dignitaries who are face
clled by the title j whick
y who keeps a blind look-ontfroni the
the ha
had to
the la.
.. ..
extretnest nlntude of,the City Ilan; ands . the
resttit was that 'the people of the State of N:ew ,
fork dorotitanded Peter NeCulk , eY tOmppear
and shOw cause why. he shonld• not be put
out and the landlord shouhr,not be', put:. in
possess on of the demised premise* which
formed Peter's consul* "suite?' . l , .
. On t e fllfie morning, while the enemy
was pl tilting what the . deSendant - afterwards
called his tact of aggrissum," theC6unsellor
&tot a I'riead on Its way t 0460 of the courts,
who tints addressed him: t •
" Wit y,! Peter, what is the ,diflictilty be s .
tweet k , on-and our old friend limhergher e '
"•Sufry l 'a thing hew—it's all . sett.lo. We
hada *mall lagel shindy, a little while ago
about-ate(auite ofrootns, but, the coons raised
and itnitiPerable barrier -between rme.elf and
the atttnipfed, injustice, and . dismiised the
prochidings:" ' .. :: . ,!•: i . z ,
".1.314 , lie's beginning again!"'' '1 - 'l 4 .
" Ibis loin' whatr".crind the ettipriied"
Peter, . I
" W tic lie's got. out dispossessing 'wars
rant b for* Justice Ctiriamr - ; N
" lltis lie r cried Peter, in , : aStonlshment.
"It's the d—l'S own wind and b‘ottbetu N he's,
gni I ,Was it a,g,ti list tne ? Are
, yon sure t'"
I . "Certain-; i Saw the. warraut ; _
. ..
" p
Mh4s must be imma'diately - tended tn.
.and ye II Oxcusn'ine leaving ye abruinly,: - ,lf
I had the; time I could tell re a hail- staudin;
histhory 4f Lll9 persecutions which that man
Limbe(gh!er lints subjected niC to! . And now.
he's at it again, bad lack: to him ! .Good day
to ye ; i. I I tnust go back to my-Ulric:010cl give
Phis thi ig satiation," . . • I
Anillattention he gave it. - There was a
tall, auburn-haited yuitufv ' -Uountrytneri taf.ta
ter's_w to ,was employed by him in °Wee,
-and w , e!! headed hie afil,lavits-'Terrence
Qll in n,jst Lidettl at law, being duly sworn," etc.
—whoSe ALe,e. Was. a question erdoulit:;evea to
lii - m.el
.11) . puu the return ofthis OLMnsellor .
Ste fon ild rferrenee at his post. •,
"'llllould are ye, * Terrence, mi. lad r
, ,
aster! . eter. :
low roula would ye like me to ba !
tin'a minor , and maybe Pin not. Its hard
x‘'Cold ve be of age-:m.4 'pinch 11.
l, " Ailsyi!" - : • ' • • 1 -
•_. " Tit' ni get a blank assignment of histse,,and
fill' it p `with all convanient. speed !t '
-, W
•tell I make ' parties I" ' • i- .
-, re erinteuutrey to terrenee Quinn ! 7 . •, •
‘ , 0; 1 ! Arid what will ye assign !" = , i
" The Pease of this suite of offices. I Come, 'I
write' hway, quick. Stop,! • There 'some i
-41in le
•; u the stui's Pull Vie donrund . l
key, so that;no one can see_tltrough
, -1.10 -I,
le. There now, ' that's: itl: nowt
m 1
y;; :don't spettk . ahove yer briath, but j
nuiyi at the - blank I"
. -
in resutued his-seat,, acid •as Is 'corn. 1
ttwriting, a loud knqck was' heard at I
r.l Line after line. was 'drawn upon
itl paper, and It last, ary.l.Veryl.oa: I
1 ,
loeunient was Cnished, and a seal . a t...
to ii, opposite to which was af4ed.the
dlo', puma.
Iktiock was repeated.. 'Mistily; throw ,
wn his psn, Peter ad ianced,.iurped
) I ,l' ciyened the..door: - The Vnock - er en
-I!rid!bland:y exchanged the'c<4._riesies
!ay with the pretspeiitive defend:S i n. •
tat , ,has'e yez - n# rue prince of;eonsta
asked Peter. 1- - -- ••, :
,p4iessing proceedipo," sald . .tlia MB -
jdueing his -warrant, whiCh'hOPolitely.
[I tolPeter,at tistae tine•exhi
.t, la time, h . dt slightly behina the nL:1:,
one cot
turn Chi
the, ke
walk alt
of that I
find ouJ
" Is;u 1
" Sul
Yltet a
sine, as the }Ay ould plaintiff will
before it's-linished,7 said Peter.
(hard feelings feelings!" asked the constable.
iv a - failing in the mattlier; - the boy.
ifi.;ne , yer duty, and now 1:11 do thine - to
the: mu t ih 'abused defendant—arid • that's me
selfr xclaimed thecoun.ellor, indignantly.
Time Ito away, as weatsaway. alCthinc ,,, i
•evthlr rt , d, at last.the return day witsreadl. -
.ed. Tla litigants appeared, the defendant in
person ind the plaintiff by attorney, The
cause was ,
•forced •on by' tho' Judge, ' . 'in the
, peter's' objections. The plaintiff's
case was,most fully made out, and the other
side Oil, upon its defence; when *Peter,' 611110
as -a - witneiis "Terrence Quinn;' who
. ietitied
that he knew the plaintiff, defendant, and
premiss in question. . ,
" De you know; the tenant iripoisession of
the premhles in dispute l" a.tked Peter... .
"Ina 4 do .I,'' was the reply. s :. •
• "Wh i ,3 is it, and by 7hat authority.does be
. bold pEseFsionr ~
itio. meself, and I bowhr be: virtue * !of an
assign' int of lase, froth the .defindant,4which
1 now produce before the Cottal" - '.
', i
Herd Was a breakdo'wn !_:. The ' tenant in
pir:siss4an !had not been served with process:
and as soda as the fact was established .that
the assignment:Was eNectited.befu're the proi
cent wa served, the judge quietly - . slid the
plainti out of Court.. Mr.•Litnbergloir then
made u e of certain-forcible l a nguage,inot_at-'
[ ~
all complimentary to .the administraton'-of
law generally, and ofthat,court in articular.; "
Which language was , : frequentl mbeillished
' with something which sou ed very !much
like "dim-", This,stri_kiir , the earti Of - the
Court, l'edßl to spe fly a sk- for an eZplana•
-6,,,,,, ±,ho %vim y, but . exeited plaintiff, en.
deavoreid !to explain; bur- his indignation -
rhaving , r- ,
tntistc..!ed him, be was interapted -by,
hi 4 couitsel, who assured the Court that' he
perfect! , Maderstood the G.Vi,inen toegtie, and
that th plaintiff, in makingssuch frequ'ent use
'of the -; ord "dam," was vile; rely contrasting
the judi •ial.priaceetlino of tibisci:ty with those
of Rot erdam, Schiedira,' - Atniterdatn, and
, .
other places in.Europe t lethicb had In _their
names shaft apparently profane terniipation.
1 The explanation Was satisfactety. nut the I
landlord.aras not thus til ( be ;balked,' fl
caused* flew process to tp issued, and ' rel•
rence - quihn, after the IN*, of :a week, once
•again stood before the COrt.. Oa the-former
had been ilia
~witness, add.-the
Counselloi bad been the; dchuidant. - , :klow
TtheY.hrlaxchanged -places; , QJinn watt . this
qlefend4t in similar proceedings, andl Bite,
"wilatl?el witness, and proved a .rtassignment
1 by Quinn to him -of the lease,Onl,O( course,-
1 out dropped the trattoria of the case, I
I. 4liis time the anger of the worths plaint itr• -
; ;pew no bounds:
.11e - oven used. Linguage _
t reatsonable . to thelaw, acid ap.tolv aiirldul. * d.,
ly swore that he. would lay his ease; peare
t h e pr e sid en t ot ti'fshiligions.”. .I..toWifeattla s •
the gavel of bisfiliOimr, but kis wnrriiiVg sounds
1111 on unappreciatiso.ears; Li:nlangher's Eb
enezer was completely up. nod .roues, both
loud and deep, and mixed in ifiiilitt..., tolled * -
from his quivering lip:.; sale` conel4ded , hi s .
[nom avelticbe by minsigiling:Jul go , eon : ,
stableaand.:speotators generally, and the' de•
‘; feridrint in particular:to that .warm, region . :
t which' lideou the other side. of Jors.•-!----•atr- 7**• '
1 .. ai 'ory t .
!! l'U L that man to the bar!" orarild tlic -
insulted Court. - In a moment, theiUdignrut
Jostieeand the indigimut.plaititiff • stozal (mu .
to face. -The .Court inteirogttod, 'iirid the
plaintiff replied :* . -
. -Ho stated - his .Wrong,a and lii, !mai" sniffer . - *.
i , at the lanais Of t*clefsiridanti and in
dignantly denounced: our tvloilr.- stisMirt . of - .
jurisprudence, deliberative Mid ex . ecptive, tis
• a snare and a'clieat, and gave 7...• t, since and r •.
form tothis 'remarks, through certasyl itc , ij-c-
tien4 - w . ) . ?igh wilt wit beil• - • t o bel•epeated -
without a sly:rid:ice of delicacy`, :a.l . 4 bie.teh
Of one oftheoramicandnients. .. • .i..
" Clerk'!" said his Honor, " enf vc sr, a rai n
. ..fining Mr. Limber - .her twentY•fiso dullara 'fur,
a Most gloss' contempt of court!"
1 • Talk of pulliog eYe teeth! Why; that op. • -
oration would • fund...ill and egiee,alifiseos a - '
Lion compared to Om 'feelings . with Whiich* Ii
adrete :a' re-pectably . filled wallet from. his.
pocket, and ruefully liend e icov q tbi e .' f i rrio u nt . . -
Thor hin . .lavolunlary .s - 111)5cliptki to the - poor.
• 1 .
Frates of the dounty, - -. .
- ,liy, i , i ll., - matters -went on seinatoinly from
'that time; for at la-t the plaint:a! quiatly . ••
- settled down under I.l‘. accarnulatedlvirongsr
It lacked only a, niontli of, the clo4 - of - tlio.
year; arid hede:ermitied to amts: until.tlre.ex- * •
pi! aliun
s of i the deniised term; in the hop:
that, he would then be'quierl2; rid of his fe- _
(rectory and unremitting i - eolsot. 14 7 ,illing -••
occurred to disturb the mutual ql-ii.;t and
.amnesty which existed' between the forr,nelly '. _
beligereor parties,. until the arrival, of - that -*..'
day sc.'sacredly a. - elebrated: by dry.jfilErt•r,
• the first of April, 011 that occasion the lands- -
lord wl“ z •stending 'in the 'front of his dour,
and ort his •Aoop• and between the Whiff; of
• - • ' ...
this rneerselmum, fighting hiS leg-4 battles
over again, for the nib 141'4• 19rt of two tsr Orris .
of liiicountryinen. Mid Needs, isdrool it dopy . s •
li• i f Har's Justice, bound in, chlf, - nrella Trea.,
' ti tie, on', . the whole dLI ti C. 3 .. of eLlsaill .I, 6l:and -
_bound •in sheep, fell- (rimy . Po i..r's . .
- window-sill and struck-oar frielid Limber. , :lier ..
I full•ou 'the head. Peter swore that iq wis ai
I accident, and in great
_apparent ,lsurrow;,*
apologized; but the liiniller l• still ea '4l-tiii tie.:l
am - mini:ins of bed - fah: The diie, the rni ann. r
.assu r e ur• .. , :ta eitza-recr- wrreti-to&+ m.}..,,,,..
i. -
I o .
z!eurred, the
__peculiar 'chariseter of lit-. vol • .
4 dines ttil l ielt fell, acid a resume of he forrn3r
i belligorent legal positions:all induceddoubts .
tizi tlio sincerity of Peter's •aptlo4y. .. i •
I The first Of Miy at last arrivral. ',tint it
brought noenlaae to We feeling.: of the in-- .•
I jore.d. Limbergbere The meridinn of - the _• •
1 day was passed, ands *yet the suite ipt3 not •. -:•
1 Vacql6d.' . .lq response to the angry dem toif • .
I of the lanillord to
. he pat inlio posse',.siOn. of .
I.,,liisarenlise.; Peter coolly and pr:ro_rnotorib- •
informPrl him that liesimenilO'd to:hrol ! rwri% ,
.Pen, ink and paper eieinidegliate i , , deserib.,
the scene . which followed. Th... landlord
was prolific of invective and boiling With in- _
Liii g nati6n ; the , tenant wa. : o, C0..1 I, polite; and '
- • -
diphoaatio. •
' "Tdel way ye'ie, troika me, 11II".1.11,1ir - Lim-
berglier,•during a long year's litigation leaVes .
me no alternative, except to keep Res.l,4 in r..d.
ver dirty aPartriiiints, until rjected tii4•refrsiiii . :
by a .. .due cootie of hiw ! and .faith! l•J'il do
that seine!" • . .•*
.. . -
.. .
Once fygain did-the ingry,Teutou involted
j • *
udicial hid, and Peter was , once mute sum- - .
mooed to appear before a Jestier.. Tali time, -
however,; Matteis were. too clearly il.twor of
the rdaiti,tiff. Peter's I.te.qinitialit•vs and -spe-
cialitle‘.s were unavailing, and a waqrsotdo_*
dispossess th 3 dffendant was dimly signed and
sealed 14 the Cuutt, and dire - oied to the 'well • •
known personOrty constobli..; whose :itoilie-
diate ditty it became fo,- . puti Peter out, .1.1, wad .
`the Idodford into possfesloti of -the dis?ired -
tenement. 'f liis'aelicate piece t.f p , Oletssioaal : -
labor was commenced 'and contimuell until .
\ ilt Von: . one half, of the Countehor's . pfgee, . .
goods and library was'iu the street, toill--111:-
tither half emlielished :Oil encuratitteSt the .
ball wilit;h te,rinimiteir at the ht . rec:. door.
The m - w a s up on th e grim face of the land-. •
lord, as be watched the prog•t ! ”,g a:tho can;
,table's ex pres-ion ilf intense- ~.,
satisfaction niingled wi•li that of 1v1i41... At '
last he was to be rid_ of the old !Win st.lie had :
pitilessly`„ hang about his Sinbad neek„frir . a '
long add _tedious -year. . At last he` mall& -
'breathe freely in rbe day, and slJep -without 7 4 ;
i.,,.nightmare et its close.. • It.' was tracildit -
, he had- notleceived nUitigie dollar or: rent .
foi . the . year's. occupations of thysithie., and
bad expended. a moiety. 'of its-,011 n meant iu
cegill coat',- contempts riyil fees.. Hat what
, eared
. IM so long .-as,.*l - war freed from his - ..
Morgan Raider- njirJohn foes? . -Thd pir- .
rioi d *of his 'd.eli . re - rance. ho thought al band, -
mod he could afford to take a Complacent ..•
%jaw evf Ifs . past mistOrtunes, .thankrhiGiet
that.tbey were no worse. .Vliile these 11 Oughts ,
Asiire calmly: passing in sudf:e.sion* through
his mind,- treacherous and ilarkenin 7 g..s.kitis _
were' quietly; and to hict, tincon.9ienely,
leaguing themselves with with his‘ enemy arid --
former tenant. They soon 1..cari.04 ofiicured,.
and the murky clouds cast ominous-shadows-.
over his door step.- 'lt grew - darker, and,
at !het, tb fulling of large end - widely Hips. .
rated rain drops gave token - ofthe 'coming
shower. .Peter appeared to Ver in despair, and:
elokuehtly_ appealed to the generosity of ids ,`„ '
former antagonist.: - • ..• ..
• •'' Ai! Misther...*Limberghor," tsiiii! ' he, in
tones of' consternation, ."d'ye see -thatl all
theseilligant furnitiates with the rain pouring, :,..
on 'ern! -Sure it, will get in the joints; and .ti
dissolve the glue otieen I - Whit .wilt I (h. 5 ?
and oh Ininialer, my library. Will be ridded!"
"-Take Bern nvotyi den!!" stolidly. sestionded •
his farmer-landlord. •• - . . • ... -*;' •. ' •
"Sure I'll do that' same;• don't the laW•eorn- '
tn And ttirs' to do it I,..and nl4 Knot a:law fairs
log and law abiding man!' 130.- as lie ate -
about to part, there should lhe no 111-fhilingit
between nil Novi-Awsi yormagnailimitz,.;
and let me move some of to,Jurotturess • into .
Tv/ . - -
"IsTeirt!"-- -• . . . ... _
"Don't he duel trove;-let the put-them t