The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 29, 1860, Image 2

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    THE ,morritosE. DEMOCRAT :
•P flt qkn TIICKSDAYS, fly
AT S1:50 PSB Antal ttt.ADITANCe.
'Thursday, March. 29, /860.
.Deif OCii'A:TIC-
FOR oovv.ftsoil
Election fur Slate co 2
. 6? County Officers, Oct. i 1
Electors at Lar g e.
-• 4TM VAI7"I 1 GEO. M. KRIM.
• . DiStrict Elecars." • •
Frederick . Se'rver. t 14. Isaac Reckhow.
Wm.O.Pattetson. 15. Geo. D. Jackson:
Jos. Croekett. Jr. 16...1. A. Al 1.
4..1. G.- Brenner. . 17. .I.'ll. Pamer.
S. J. W. JacoW. 18. J. P.:Omicron - I. •
• 6. Charles Kelly. 19. 11. N. Lee. •
7.-O. P. James. ' 20. .1. B Itistell.• •
S. David Scholl. .21. N. V.-Fetterman:
9. J. L. Lightner. • 22. Samoa:kr/trail:al..
10. S. S. Barber. . 23. Wilßain Book..
11. T. 11. Walker. 24. B. D. Ilamlin. •
12..8. S. Winclester: 25. Gaylord
13. Joseph Laubacli.
2 "('.residential Elec
lion, November 6. 2.
Dclepalcs at Larpe. ' •
.Itt.ussr BIGLER., •I JOHN Dawson,.
- Wm. Montgomery. Joseph B. P1:0., • •
-District Delegates. • • • •
1. William IL - Riler, L. • •
2. Josiah Rindall, C. DlcKihhen. .
3. - Hugh Clank, John Robbins. Jr. •
4. Henry N.B. Browne.
5: 0. Jones, John 11.)brrts.
• O. E. Lt Evans, George Men!ttry.
7. T.. 11 Wilson, F. \Taman% •
S. Heiater Clymer. F. I.Atier.. -
' 9. IL Smarr, ii. M. North;
- TO. O. D. Gloninzer, R.. 1. Haldeman".
11. C. H: Hottenstein, F. W. Highes.
. • 12. 11. B. Wright, Pe6l En,t..
13. Richard Brodhead;--Asa Par,ker.,
— l4. C. L. Ward, H. A. Guernsey..
15.--H. H. Dent, John Ross.
le. A. 3. Glosshrenner,-Jelin INifenyder. •
17. John Ccs•Att, James hill. • •
IS. A _ll.Coir,,th..loiin
\\Viet', Israel Pointer. .
O. John J. Slotterlv, .ktnet Lindsay. • •
21. . 11-i3y Paitet.4on,john • C. Dunn..
22. James A. Gibson, L. Z. Mitchell. •
23. Thomas CUnningham, S. P. Jolmton.
24. A. rininer, . • ,
25. W. A. Dmickson,
Charl.••stan conre4zii; ., il assembles, April :3
IM' An apprentice is wanted at this office
Apply in person during the present month.
The Demonists of Susquebanna County
Mil! meet at their ComMittee room
Wallard'b Store, on the afternoon and evening,
of Monday, April 2d, for the purposq of form.
log it Democratic County Club.t Democrats
frock' the ,County are invited to be rnsq.nt.
tv order of County Committee.
DANIEL .13nEwErrn, Chairmd4.
Ceicart Comniences Nest Week,
And we Lop' tbat all our patrons who are
cot grpillr.! onsour I•ooks, it pail in advsnef.,
will endeavor 443 rot ouk remember tine
hintet,l,ut Bice h "metbin
im a to ender
themselves entitled to a valued recollection,,
on his part. To do.this, pay fur your paper
We ask for 'motley because we zreqtly need it
jr4f - Prof. N A. Calkins writes us from
Ne - se •York, sa)ing that -he will 'certainly be
present - at the
.Institutes a announee4' by the
Co. Supt. in anothir column. , - -
.1:43r Y. M.L. A.—The 184 lecture Of the
cantle w;11 be delivered by Rev-. K 11. Cha
pin, at the Baptist Church, in Atioiatiose, on
iTrefrley evening, April 101 b, i 1660. .S.uhject :
t Modell] Mill - airy." • . ;
Jr. Chapin.'s grest fame ns an orator end
tl.a 6itn to-n' full Lc)Use. "See tisviee the- .
, • Curtin Caviug In ;
A. G. Curtin, the "Republican" Candidate
fur Guveroor begiOn to feel the cold •chills
runtliug over Lim uheady. Even the laiy,e
roettir.,7, of hit friends in rid:adelphia,
1, by tiro way, ria., a spiritless affair is conipari-
Eon,with thelkmociatie demonstration that ,
in - ,:zeoliately followed the nomisa:ion of C.Arn.
-did - uot Sarre to antra Liar iLto the
irclref IL4t Lis inu,peet% were of 'the-most.
ti4ttedug lied. He evidently beird, a.url
iu l'biladelphia to frighten Lim
th,loaglii:i • fog_ tLe next wr hetir t.f hina is in
eliere Le warts Lis Republican
f.i,-L;:.,g.altnt ate newination otScward, and
th..t .stiould the aoCautof the irre
pressibletedliet beettealu as tile Republi
can candidate, &feat
_is inevitable ir.
IA !wade, •
Cut tttiu'Lt feats it:e well fouuduki. Sew
abu'ite doutus Lim to defeat; tphila soli but
gewardite 1;111. Iti't party eletw bere. T 4
rtepublicau -patty bat got thei wolf by the
c;.r.; and to tilter hold on or let go, it cer
taittly fatal.
• TIM. DIFKLh:NCL.—Tike Velegtars - to the
!leading Domoetati , .: State Couw•entiun, from'
the 12-111 ClAlgrebkiopal Ui tY ct, übaulMota:ii
recoMmoutled Huu. W, J. W 661 ward, J udge
of the Courts of Columbia, Suiliiao, M o e°
tour and iVyoming, ue Delegate,to
the Chailestou Couveutiou.
This poshion'the Judge •ii?ost uspectfully
declines, upon t& high aid honorable ground
that Et President Judge oughl not, to be au
dptise particlpaOt in party
• Iu the name of et erydeniocratt, and ali cou of liraCifuttl, we•
your): eitl, that ont Judie,' the Hon. David
.11 - ihnoi, would be gov.ertntri ty his example.:
i lie is a - Reltzate -at aige Co the Chicago
'Convention;but will ye, like Woodward; an
r itunest • Judge, decline to serve! W e f ear
nut, We fear that to the injury 04. fuir (1)
Lane as the Judge of our Courts, he will feel
upon to yolluiertlie judiciary of this
District in order - that be may bare.a 'hand in
tumninatioa ofWrp.ll. Seward.
114 - , •
------- -----i-----.----------- - • . 1 "
A inch 1 epublicou 41,
' I The Vote for President in 1854.
'An otri: opponents sometimes assert that' H As another Presidential election is ?;ap
they are' a Union
„ party-4$ favor of carry-; proacting. the vote in 1856' Can not fail:t&he
ing out tbe.compromßes of he Constitutioniboth -interesting and ;useful for reforence*e
in go l od i '
pith, "iit. is well •oc.casionllty to note : give the .full vote for each of the three-i`an
.soineteiltibitions of what kind of . a ITrtioa ;'didatea, in round numbers . - . '
we woufd breve, •if they once got controPof I ilinchanan at theNortb - ,1,228,700 , 1
a ll 1 4 rl:47,artmeqa of ourgovernment.! . i Buchanan at theSciuth,. 609,600 .
A - !
Gerrior Randall of Wisconsin hai I:egu !oral
!Fremopt suite N0rth1340.300 -1 •
'the sviort of :ilisbandin " "l't • • ' '
. i c g mil "3 e°m P fune . I Fremont at the Smith, 1200 - • i
in that ;State, that are not 'under abolition i - • Total fur Fremont N.-rind 13.,-- . -1,94400
•I • ,
control..., y, a company are known to - be fa ; IFitrMore itt 'the North, 303,600 ,, • I
voralile :t9' the execution of the laws of (4 Fillmore at the South, 479,400. .i-
Unit d$ 1
l• IT tates, they
„are 4once clieloinded l .
i • -Total for Fillmore N. and 8.,--.. 875;000
If au bifteer 4eclares that-he would, if legal! 1 I — "
Total for all the candidates, 4,0944800
its the ly if. th• Agit ' ---:- .._
ied upon, eleent ie laws 01
T ,
tion,.--WltiettGoverner Randall ii sworn In sii.p'r
porti-be is deprived of b4n/
eomission. 1
satis6edLsitlr : passing nirilificatiou. lawn
real; perjury .is made 11 test,, by our
unlos4oc , '? and "law abiding" R epubli r ' .
r '>' -I,
S.natOr Doolittle •of Wiscomin bold
avos ' tls that they bare a tight to 'violate GI •
Cotiltitui ion, if it does not suit - their fancy, o I
.prefe'retiees. • I
the , brother of CoPpie, one . * r e tlarpey's
Ferri* feions, - was charged with participation
in that: i,invnsion, yet the- Governor-of lowa
. .
violited ' f,the Constitutinn by :refusing to flint
render the culprit upon the, usual 'lawful reL
quisition. • : -
Ger.Penttison of 91tio was Celled.utx;tl by`- I • _!.. 1
a relluisitiou to give up two -b the Harper'
Ferr,r 'Mons, Yet refused to; basing his re
fusa don the pled that the Constitution a
Ohi saYs nothing about fugitives from justic
1 .
horn Virginia! 'fhe fact that the c onstitu i L
lion lor the t'n!.ted States, Which he swore to i
!•upory requires.him so to do; is Of no eel- i
count--*-that and his oath are alike violated. i
Tte- now -deceased :Governor of Illinoisl„
(fli's.ell,) when called upo,n ft... the usual 1
gal inoeess for ari emaped4bief, from Kenl,-
'4 - ' • A , , I
tuc y, .committe.. one •of the most glaring
frau s e.ti record. The thief bad, after - going 1
1, 1
fo! a lw ut i b i o ch riti b et 1 1
to I I i i n n o i l s p ,
ti committed son_
.i6e a crimek' y
I .
i'e.ori to arrest the culprit and Waited upoit 1
icli : ifor their warrant, but tbiii abolition I
do, instead of at once giving-it to. them, 1
mei them, a short time, 'ondo
I r . proenc
'antng time to fill nut the paper-. , After,
a li'sints delay he gave them the required;
l i mits' for the arrest, as soon as l the thief,
ddnerve out his term, but on the arrival
1 -
le officers nt the prison, they learned-that
only carried four States.
Republicans have been- misled into the
idea that-Fremont would have bean elected,
if the people had Voted direct for-President,
instead of for electors. -This is a great erior,-
3rits no foundationjn fact, for not °ay was
he beaten more than 2 to i in the Union, but
there.was a popularmajority against FAmont
at the North, and if the vote for Buchanap end
Fillmore had beenabout equally divid4d be
-1 tween them, - it. would .heve left Fremont be
hind both—the third man in the race."'',' .
The only point the Re'putilicans.can ?peke.
in-regard to,the popplar'vpte, in their fa'yor i is
that Fremont bad mplurality- (abdiit ]00,000)
over Buchanan at theNOrth i yet the, poipular-1
majority agalnit Fremont at . the:North was',
abdut three times as large (300,000) ;as his
plurality over Buchanan. .If the Republicans
cab fi ad any comfort in that fact, thiy .are '
welcome to it. • . -
-1 ' 1
The "mass of. the . Republican party; have
been taught' to believe ihatif Fillmore had
not been a candidate, Fremonttwouldi have
been elected. This also is an erroneous idea. If
every vote cast for Fillmore bad been edunted
for Freinont, there would still have been a
Majority for - Buchanan- in the eletoral
count. Buchanan carried enough Stites by"
tnajoriiie:s over the combined vote 04 both
his opPonents to secure an election. • ; ' -,
• But had Fillmore 'left the field at a audi-.
date, the -result instead of benefiting -Fre
mont would have added to Bdahatran' ma
jority—not only iu 'the electoral . . com 4- but
in the -Popular vote. Buchanan would in
that event have, at. least, received die vote
of -Maryland, making li ; 4 majority Of the
electors 16 greater than it was. . ;
On the popular vote, Buchanan ',WOuld
have gained still more. ; 11e would - hive re
.ceived all. Frilmore's- vote at the South; and
ray three-fourths . of it at the North.. '., the
result -of. a . race between Buchanan :and
Fremont would have been to incresie Be
chman's electoral majority from 88 )43 84;
and his, popular' maj4y from 50000 to
1,000,000 -over Fremont. - ''s ‘ . 4 .
• 01)
1 And in addition to all This t rum. re :
1 membered that Fremont cartie the :i$ stet'
of lowa, New. York, and Ohio, by iuraltties '
, 1)
only; and bad Fillmorebeen out of t ' vraY'i 1
1 Wuchatiaa would perhaps' ave carried .'q of
them, by, receiving a majority of the hill
more vote; 'at least be must have•earried
some of them ; so that Ithe result of having
no third candidate in
.1836 would_ haVe been
entirelY in favor of Buchanan. - ;. .
. Baling shown that there was no issible
way in ,ehich Buchanan could Laird been
deflated in 1956, and a Republican elected,
Relinion iI we now proceed to s Proscription.- . .. .
enquire whether there is,
hc•'Clicago Times ea s y a, that on the nightl any possible way of elec'tiii i t a Republican in
of the election inChicago,the procession wllichl 1860. We are certain/ there :is not.t That
er),s celebrating a - Republican'triumpb,' pro. i party had all the influences then whi4b they
ceticd ' to the neighborhood of the: Catholic 1 now have,and besides the it rongest Lear they
Clrch where they erected -a gallows find; then - bad is . now deitcl; (i. e. IticritasOP'Co;)
prc l eeded to Ling thereon an efts); of t.he-t..and there le - no new hobby which they can in . -
clefgytpan of Girt parish; !. : ! - 7 1. vent . that will begin to l aupply its place; - _and
io .ishow unmistakably,: that this outrage
they must now . be content:to re-bash old 'nat
wals OM aimed at the ckrgymatt f,r any . of I tern--a mode of conduciing a catopagn that
lcusive act that he has dune, but .4 the re-' Beier shas and .never can be a "successful one
ligioltilof widen he is rt minister, Ill; wretchrtis with any partY; .
dressed the effigy in the sacerdotal robei, - We do not, think any ticket made ist,Chi
and thus exposed it to the jeers and insults of I cap can poll the full Fremont voted while
the Mob, who peltedtt with brich-bats. 1 I the' Democratic riominee will certainly .re ,
4.i part' that will commit,.or tolerate sich,i, ceive an increased vote. ttie.result, thitrefore,
uutrige:4, Would, if-placed in poWer visit tail'
can only be a Democratic sit cry; fir More
vengeance uponeveryman who aew fit to, j edge trillaut and decisive thanl.hat of 1836.
forl himself in religious ° matters, .or who was' /Ur - . sVPe again l i al i rthe attention of Deal
not torn iu certain - places— Aud
evil/.th i !'' !era Witte card 45iGeri. W. Mann, Salt, Deal
party:.;.boa:Cs_ that they ; will
.et.- control
the 1 er,N Y 4gon.—
ea4l4iiiC and foreign Vote! such bid:. are Fro 4.50; to be found in4nolber
..Cole" years Business„ qua i l/taut:* w i t h
eel:Willy fittraetivi to those ts:lio .I . leleo weakthi mi , - we feel - , sate . in i se 4 4ment li nj i
....iito buy
as to be sitOg by violence. . -1
'' ; ,I . Ib' - ~ • : i . _ l
td)ust left ! Bissell had falsely-detained
a add sent a messenger in ridvatice with
I . h"
Is tO the keeper to set the pris i ner free=
I pg:ihat he would forward aparden as soofn
as'pLssilde. Meantime the culprit; who was a,
slave, bad - been conducted out Of reach on,
the i 4inderground railroad r'
road Ilad,
he Seen . ..only a white man, and gOilty of any
oil+ crime than mardering - i So 1 'bran, - be,
wotild4erhaps, base-been gi'en ulp.
''Sudli are specimets Of the acts of ".De_pn
lican"4Ecials; and tteii illegal -onduct is
not bebuted by tbepty,:anywhetie. ." .
Suppose for a monient that this party got
into p4w:er and begaialieridtnin stration iaf . .
ioVerntrient upon such a basis; isl
there any
-postible :result but anarchy! .None. 'The
Unionlwould exist but in name; Mad the pro,
tecVolij that would be given to Ithe several
~e e .qtat;would :be. such as tlie wolf gives tit()
lam!b.lDui there is .no - probability of any
but aijDoliocial: being . elected ll're.ideipt .
In, 841 Fremont bad all tl'ie inlibences tliat,
can] o'er be brought together,.? and -yet ihiP
popular .majnrily -against, him ' livas'greater,
:shah' ids whole vote; and so it will be wits
1 .!
anv cand l idate they can bring o'n't in 1860;
I 1
1 or 't any future time. Democracy 1.4 not
l t
only aPtiring and unterrified, ut untmn
-1 que'rable—because-it is RIGHT. . , 1 ,
Gcu4ackiton on Political Priests.. ,
‘1 \Then General Jackqon was i'reside,t o
, .
theltOted Staten," :said , an Aged - laborer i - 4 I
the!,•l"4sidential garden a few tl_aysirice., "he
could dell an honest man from a- ilogne when 1
he pr:_ti4aw him. I remember &bat a clergyd
mats 141 , 41 a, stiff,:white.choker fld an mil t
terUittied suit of blacD, 4 ealled uPon him one
; . I
morning when be was - oierlookino sorne work
11,/t. lavas performtilig in the garden, andlre•
qu9 , .ed anappointmeat to setae-office, saying;
'Genei,al; I worked harder for your 'electiolf '
thaa Many of those upon whOrri you base ali
lealy hestowed.offirie.' :You are a minister
.of he Gospel r said Old Hiekory,inquiringly,
`ll.s,' , lsaid the clergyman, .` I 1411S'a minister, 1
hot 'I I
thought -I . couldldo-bitrey bY becoming
a politician.' So I: stuMped the district. week-
days 'for you` and pieacheil for the :Lord on 1
Suedais.' Old 'llichory, tiituing -Short I to' 7
wid him, add lookingLial.full itc:the face; I
said; the D.'ernal, rf you Would cheatl i the 1
Lord you would.ehesti rho-eountri t I will I
hate do with you, ni . ). With any
one Iflte'you. Good Morning,' 'and; he walk
ed 'rapidly:away. I shall never:
: forget "the
100 -s :Of that hypoctitical clergyman. Bad
j ..
•tlic i lait judgment been s•A, and be before'tbe
gro i at*llite throne, I doubt if be would have
looker mere hhink 'and chop-fallen." . I
Onuptate . legislature will, jeii . re'oe
is. the iciest, weewetelile
11!- - iile:fr:ii r ts during, t DPlSitte.
1 [The vote of South Carolina is not incliMed,
its her electors are chosen by the legislatirre.]
A 'careful examination of 'the* above is re-
I . quested of rill who take lia interest in Poliiieal
1 affairs, , and especially. of such as areTspeco
ilating upon the chances of party candidates
next Fall. From a careful aual3sis - ofd! thO
vote for each candidate;Nortb and S o duth;
we deduce the following facts, which we; ask
every one to , read and reflect upon.
There were- two NATIONAL eandidi(es—
Buchanan and" Fillmore—they Having , freen
largely suppciited in both North and Scluth ;
I and one sectional . eandidate—Fremont4—LiS
vote being almost exclaCvely at the Nor Ih.
Buchanan received the: largest' . vote fever
given - to any candidate for Pres ident of the
United States. •
Buchanan's majority. over Fiement!'!.was
greater than the majority ever given t 4 any
candidate over another. • - -
• Although the. Republicans have.ass red
that.Buchanao was elicted hv the Soh—
yet lte received more than twice us many
. :otes
at the i r North, as at the South:.--being Omit
the'- ratio of population; proving most' con
elusively that he wan-tvor'=the
South, but VVl , lmost.emphatically a NATIIYNAL
candidate. " -
Fremont -received loss of
the whole vote of the Union. The tots! ma
jority against him was 2,713,300; beiitg
Many times greater- majority than was'' ever
given agaist a than - who bad any lieges 'of
being elected: • -
The thajOiity agaiiistFrentont'at the Srer , h
Watt nearly 300.069; boing , s worse treat
then any candidate ever before.met witri. It
is mewl!, three times larger than the majority,
against Cass in 1848, and much...largerthan
the majority against Scott in 1852, whim Ite
tar Grove mid 59, other
hare constnitted themselves to the if?ctritie
of t 4 abolitiuti vir;levery eviny wbrre".).
retools' .
.of 1000—Quemlions, to be
. . Answered. .
On the,6r4 of June, the Work,ot taking the
cani?us commences. It is desirable- that it.
be taken with great accurady, and to enable
the' Assistant marshals who will be
in the performance of this duty to have their
work well done, it his been. saggeated •that
the 'Publication of the question s for
all heads of familiei to answer; - would he - of,
greet beriefit.._ With, this view wei publish
the', following list tritialt we --
, In :the first place i't is mammy to" write
rdoat the name of every ..penun whose
•- • .
place of abode on the fir:4,day of June, 1560,
1- wait in the family : ,• • • s
The age of each, sex and color, whether white,.
black of tnulatto.3 2
PrOfessien, occupation or-trade of each male
person Oki. fifteen years of age.
Value Of real estate - owned.- •
ilece of • birth, naming ail State; Territory
or couutry.
Married within the year._, • ' -
Attended school within the rear:.
Pe'rwns over twenty-years of age that - mint '
read or'vcrite.
Nthither deaf and
_dumb,' blind, insane' on
idiotic, pauper or convict. • .
Name of 'owner, agent or magager of the
'farm. - •
Number of improved:acres. „ -
NUmber of yoirnprowfd
NO) value of farm:
- •
Value of farming implements and machitieryJ ,
Live stock on band June fir4t, 18GP,
number of bOrses, mules, and asses,. workings !
oxen, Mid' other cattle, svrtnei
and glee -
Value cf live stock.
, .
Value of :minutia slaughteredkluring the year.l
Pr i Oduce during the .year ending,June Ist,
1 180, viz: number of barbels of Wheat,Rye,'
ladian Corn, Oals e ßeaus and-Pees, Buck-,
',Wheat, Barley, Irish Potatoes, Sweet Pota•
toes; pounds of Wool and pounds , of To-j
:bane - 0. "
•N slue of Oro-land, products indollars, • • I
Gallons of Wine, value of Produce of Nfarket
• •
,Garden, pounds of:Bu tter, pounds of Cheese; ,
tons of Hay, bushels Of Clover Seed, and
,bmthels,of 'Gras: Reeds, pounds of Hops;
'pounds of Flax,busheli of Flax Bend, poundi
ofMaple Sugap, gallon s of• Molasses, pounds
of Horiey and Beesivax; value of flon4 ;
Made Manufaetureq. •
Name of Corporation, Cpinpan'y Individual
'producing articles to the annual. value of
$5OO. • " _
Name of business, manufacture or,prodtict.i
- Capital invested in.. veld estate and iiresonal
estate iii the business. '
Ran mate — dal used, includiag fuel, viz ;-quan.
tilies, kinds, values, kind of motive power;
machinery, strunturc or resource. •
Average number of hands employed, viz
• Male, Female,- average monthly cost of
Male labor, ,average monthly cost of Fe,
male labor., • • • .
, .
. .
Annual product, viz: quantities, kinds, valass. i
Name of every person who died during the I
year ending June Ist, 1800, whose usual 1
place of abide Was is the family, the : age,.
'se* and color, whether white, bleat or mu : :
:hitt°, married or widowed, place of birth', l
naming the State, Territory 'or Country,.
Abe month in !thichthe person 'died, prO 7
fe,sion, occupation or trade, diseas - e_ or
cause of death. •
• In addiCon to these, there are-a number of
other quE•siltis,the answer to which can be -
obtained now even with little trouble. • It is.
hoped that every perion Who sees thisTequest -
will, before the first . dayf June, make out
the answers, .god in case o absence, leave it
With the family-ready forte - he
Tivikei • I.i; appearance. . .
! By the act of Congress I ,‘proidding-for the
taking. of the seventh and subsequent Cens9S
of the lini!ed States,,ancl 'to fix the number
Of the members of. the House of 4eptesen4
tives," etc.,• approved M c ay '23 Li , 1850, pta
vides, section 17th, ';that the Marshals and
their . assistants ate hereby authorized to trans
tnit through the post office any impera' or
documents relating to the census, by writing
thereon .' official business—census,' and sub
scribing the same, with the; addition to his
name of Marshal, or. Assistant, is the,case
• •
may be. • , • .
That no-unnecessary delay may - happen _to
comytm nioations addressed to the United States.
Mamba's iu. refereno,e to taking:. the census {
the press will do a !erVicO by the publication
of these , facts; for tho information of post
;master's throughout the Stite. •
Henry D:-Fostvi.
Tho Despatch,A.lican
piper, say :,
":The Democracy at their Iteading - Con,
vention beve oraifester mord 'wisdom in the
selection of their gubernatorial candidate
than is -usually manifeAed by State Conven
tions. They' have selected as their nominee
for Governor the strongest man to be foUnd
la the ranks of their party in Pennsylvania.
General Henry D. Fosteris a Man of Unblem
ished reputation as a citizen and prefesiiinal
map, and personally , popUrar with men of all
parties." - •
• The Pittsburgh Cbroniele, an independent'.
Republican journal, says
11r,Fosteria, probably, the very Lest and
strongest man; the Democrats could Lave
found iu the State to be theirstandardlearer
in the approachino , - campaign. Ile is itt•
Greensburg laiwyer of-undoubted ability ; and
_unblemished reputation: lie: has bad con
4iderable. political eiperience; is _unusually
popular- with ail parties, is.a fluent Speaker,
and can . most readily and harmoniously unite
-the adherents of all candidates.'
That "(awry•D....Fater is popular With' 1 - 111.
patties, and particularly. with
.the , Democratic
party, Lis triumphant electiAM as Governoi of
Penueylvauia im the ise6o,6 , l'Tuesday 04-
tuber will fully demonstrate, ° - i
The Post Office Critutoittee of the liouSe
alroostuaardinously iesolved io favor of the
restoration of the 'eland- maitaervice, which
wia.curtailed by. theYolsl, Office Department
after the failure of tlieappropiation bill da
ring the last Congress. , '
Ir the Republican party is "faulty, come i
and help ma ke it better.—N, Y. Tribune.
'His - Betook, Highnesit might hold-Out AM"
rameilOseements to settle oo
'•if to , i but, cows io at d cool
Sivtquitlannttia: Seminary:
•It is aimputiced . dolt Rev. kleor r y Ward
Illeeeber• letiture fob - the behefit:; of Sus,
lquebanna Seminary, the Presiiverian
IFhurch,atl3toghitintop;ooMoild” , pventeg,
Apiil 4th. • : .
This - Institution is represented., td ibe 'in a
very. tiOurishing 'condition. .Tbe_ attendance
during th 2 term. IttelY closed was upwerdi
of One'.hnndred, and forty of: the ',students
were.studying the langusges,,- TheiP is tio
primary 'department.. 'Tbe fellowing appears
.in the Bingfininton pars :
, . .
The exatriinattot) at, Susquehanna Serislna
ry, commenced, as was- announced, Monday 1
morning:. The nttendance on the part Of the
towns people was good, especially en• Tires ,
day. • Unfortunately, only we, two junior
Members of the , Examininw COmmittee, were
present.. .. ' -:,:,
.• :
,We are glad thitt the exercises, RSA whole,
justify any amount ei*praiSe we feel like - be-,
stowing. They certainly
,were creditable to
any institution of lilt{ grade, exhibiting, as
thev'di , l;-the'close schtillarsltip 'of piipils, and
faitirfulness of teachers,. The accuracy- and
promptness showed "intimacy with the ' teli,t;
nod:thuroughness of drill in it. Wesnention
the elasses in Astronomy, Algebra, F:enr;ll,
Tiigonometry and Elochition, as particular3y
fine. Itr Latin 'and ,preek, too, the filets Mks
tered were-so drawn Otit inllie examination,
Jra te prove to'theom,mittee that theTlutve
'been - acquired
. in, their relations and syste,
-matteally. Parti'culart individuals in these
classes - exhibited rare analytic ability; as Well
'Rs breadths ofjacquaintence witli prinoiplesi
' Judging the Institution - Upon : the 'inade
cpiate data, brought out M rapid Exatninatieti,
we • are
. sure that llinghamton, arid vicinity
l can not be tod proud Of it.. Not •only 'does
i \
it justify its present' patrpiage, but we feel
that the ability and ieil of its faculty, be
speak - 06 far
more,libtl. - (Sig ned.) .• .
11. KELL° G,'Majdott, \..Y.
' .. .A.l3..MlLlJER,"Grotori,lklaas.
The,next TerM at tim Seminary ivill-com
tnenne Tutsclay , April d. -
4111 b.
. N 4: 1. "The murder" of-John
.I3roirn . by
the legal nuthOritieS of Virzinia"rbeenume,he
wa . giouriTy fighting in s:elfdefence."-- .
N0..2.. "The destrhetion" otsome of John
.nsSfstantsl.hlio - * s ere him to.
nairj? out -the • RepUblicanism of the pre, , ent
'day - by - " letting stareikatolie where it exists
by.a thnrily_cf Meal •
.. .
. .
\:i. 3 . . "' . A
r rest in g" ha . band of " - P;rliiots"
at. Ihirper's Ferry, y(lio.'aecorlirg, to A: L.
Post, and other RerMOicans i had - violated ism
hyiv•or committed no erlrne.
• , : No. 4. "The Whipping') ; ,maltresiting
murdering'of a white, school master, by the
runaway blacks in Canada' for this kirim
self as - good as a nigger.-
- No, .5. The unqualified ehdorserrient of
"Efelper's abolition 130'4 by 7& Itepubli t iap
Representatives, which lioo declares on page
204-of conipendiumiliat Not to be an Ab-:
clitionist, is to be a•willful and diabolicalin
strument of the devil." - - •
No. Nearly breaking up a 11-thodit-t
Conference in 'Brooklyn, Surfri Co. , by fa!:
ing the rPresicting . Elder 'Out -of the -Pulpit
arid putting him.on the political 'tsttintp to
declare to the bungrr tbraar. "dint t h e d ec ..
Lion Of James Duch:mail - wool() be • worse
than a sbower'of klijire and Brinistone."
The passage - of an Amendment, to
the:Constitution of MarSachosetts Makiitg the
niz:mers.far Superior white men.
'No. 8. The , CiSceiery. et the late Harris
State cons:entionttthat neither the - Re-,
publicans" 'of.• the Tihnot Dixtiirt- or the
"People" of Pen'nsylvania had any: pelititml .
organuationin the State, but one Simon Cam
eron, (a renegade Detaocrat,).owned and coh
trolled the-whole Concern from 'firstlia last.
No. 9. The wonderful announcement of
I -”Notes of Trarel,Polititts; Am.," last week's'
abolition. Republican by Orfal C. Tiffany in
which be discoiers that the late Dembcratieu
Sate. convention at'lleading was a two days'
"sirozp." . "This is the-last ltepubli.can
The people want Foster fr k i 'Governor.
but the gear man - tilling s'qs they must
have A. Curtain for Siinon demands it.
A njt Between tlip- Eyes . . /.-
.A."Gerrnan citizen Of Mat;satihusetts
the' receipt of t. Republicau speech, wider the
frank of lion. B.*F. Jenkins,_the.ociatsion fdr
a few pr-rtinent rerriarkS iu rvitter to that
gentleman,. on the 14 pocrief of :the Repob-.
lican leaders and the deleterious effects of the
doctrines -and teachings of
.the Republican
patty on the busina4 interests of the State,
and the pence of-the country. Ile-concludes
in this a i-e . • I • •
";k . reaction has already set in ;.'11)43 this .
sea ofthe people begi ' n `to consider their-own
affairs' little. In Natick, theitocnn of Sena
tor Wikon, .five six hundred men - are
marching through the streets, carrying ban
ners, with insAriptiona- of what! -"Free
aa ' No more SinviStates,"-Fiee Soil foi
Free Men?' No; sir. i •.firend for :oily' wives
and . children!'" is Alio motto 'paraded before
Wilson's sindows ;the speech, which.
be sent on here , in thousands did not supply'
his conitituents7witb ' bread for their wieus
and children.' . Theyi ask for ' bread' and hi .
gives theta 'stone.': They ask fur labor,
and he sends his speed'. • These anti-slavery.
speeches don't fill the/stoinacb; though they
confound' the mind and drive a..vay.the
there ur
- toers who buy out' manufacturers. ..If there
is an, avenging sl tt, - . these agitators will
.have to answer for - a grisie offence . inalepriv,
ing theirfelow men of their daily hrelid.'-
. The workmen whci have been imposed on
by -their Abolition eriployers, are begining to
think for themselves. , , . •
W'atcrrn.- - -;- ; 113e Republican Con:
gre.ssional ExecutiveCommirtee at Washing
ton, have, issued a very. pressing and esirriet
confidential circular,leaklingup‘m the Repub..
Henn party to eontribute money individually,
in -order that the Committee may bii
ded with the.necessary means distribute
the "Leiner book and other Abolition doco-=
mews, preparatory - . to 'the. r!et-idential can
vass. _ To the eirculat is."-appended. the fde
simile of the signature-of each' of the Com
mittee, and rimong,them Hon. John Covade,
of PennsylVania, as Treaeure,r of the Commit
teei:--Itoncst Jobn Onvode r wtio moved in. the
House a resolution fora select"committee
inquire ehethFr money. had been used
Pennsylvania in the last Presidential election,
andrfrom/what source it was obtained: .
.uoatitiatiOn of Henry, D. Foster : fur Governor
by the Democratic - State Convention of Pen
sylvania, which recently . rnet at Reading, and
the harmonious action of 'all the delegate at
that Convention; has inapked the Denmera4
of the Keygone State with new life, and . they'
are preparing for'a.vigorous campaign, with
the- bright antitipatidne of a - glatious
umph' over
. the opposition, -,whitar, for two
succeesive yeari have: ruled the State::--:(ine
dillos,;(11r. Y.)2ytties. - :
. .
. .
t The.liepublican. majority. io., New.
Ilautpshire:is ,neatly :2000 less' than four
yearsago.-,—The State election inConneoyicut,
will he hell on the '.)(1 of April; It: I. on
the 4th. , ' .
. . . .
. .
. .
-, kHERIFF'S. - SALES I ALSO—Ali' that eertitin , piece or parcel of
VIII' virtue of sundry Writs issued by tii;C . court land situate in the hOrongh ; of Friendsville, in
LP' <A 'Common Pleas of; Busqueleanna County i the siiii,rity -of Sntiptehanpa, _bounded and
. te.
and tome directed, ' I will exposh to sale. b y I .. seribed,i as - Iiillows ; to wit : on the !myth and -
publiMvendue, at the:Ciiirtt House,in 31ontroao,-1 east by larids'of qiitvin • Leet, on the-south by
.on Satiirday:.Apri I 7th, 1800, at one oelock,p,trr;•, , i'the public highway ;
. and .the West by George:
,111e.' - folloviring described I pieces. or
_pittiolli el istruPP'ili contionin;..r about one-fo urth of an
lar i d; te i .wit,;; :_ • i , .
,- .--. . .... i acre, bitin g 52- feet:in . front 'on . ,the street and
ALL these two certain with l C.. ap p urtenances,e
leiiii -- o i•p a y - r e ' e li co ti runtiing!bacA 2 E
1 rods; i
,land,:situateriying Otd' being in the townihip of I : one, tavern, ono barn, and all improved:. [Taken
Fit:rest LaittOn,the`vonnty of Susquehanna, s i l d : In execution at the suit of . lle.rjaznin litiddel
vitae of Penh's ' ; the:first vireo bounled . and 1 vs:4larnion Birds:it'd:. , .. -
described IN. follows, to wit : : On; the north by isc ALSO—AII • that eeriest piece or- parcel .6f
land-.of Chauncey Wright, on the east by the) hind sitizate, lying and
- being in the "township
pnblic.bighway; on the south by. the Milfcird and r•of - For6 4 Lake. in the county or Susquehanna,
Owegmturnfiise road, land otijhe . west by land ; bounded:and ilenesibeij as follows, -to.wit: on
.of John Brown, conthining about four and onm. the noilth by land. of Giiorge B. 'Johnson. on:
half ?even of. end, be the same mormor less,--•I the -cask by-' land of Calvin'lld Cobb and John
together 'with the - appurtenances, one fronaid[f Strange:, on the south bylind now or lute or- •
*new; a barn,sotno fruit ,treea and all improved I Marshall Ball, and-on the west by hind of JOhn -
: The.ather piece boundini on the north 'belie I Firm, imntaining ninety -tine acres, be tie name •
:Milford and Owego turnpike - road, on the east r more of less, together with the nppurtenanies,
'by:the - ridge road,.on the south by the Warner 1 lour &killing honks, three barns, drie tannery, •
rem:band on the west by land of Caleb Carmalt,l with-steam engine; boiler nod other fixturetc.-
containing about fifteen and :Chair acres; more; ono. iorith mi, rand about . 75 acres improved.;
dr less, with MIK appurtenances, one barn,. and I (Takern in execution et the suit of C. C;Wright
.all improved. ' (Taken in execution at the shill vs. C. 11. Plumley." \'‘ ..
,of Seth Warner vs. David. L. ilieeker.
.• . I : ALSO—AII that certaititract or parcel of land :
'A LSO--Ail these twdeertain ciintiguouslots / :-, 1 - .
of land situate in New 'filftird, being the farm
on whiiih Abraham -Kimbi.r now resides, bound. shuate;•in the township opCiitTord, iii the coon.
tv of tiiisquehannit and State of Pennsylvania, .•..
I and butted, bounded and. diiscribed is follows, .
led ssldllows, to wit: thelfirst beginning-at the.' to. wit ' , beginning nt n static in the. centre.ol
- ne e th-ensterly colder of let No. 171 in J. Burr's ; the rods leading to the pew turnpike known - as. ,
Bnd-diet:skin of the Laws'yille tract, and - thence • the Clifford & Carbondale turnpike; . thence -
.south 30 chains and 20 links to the soutMenst ! north,-2:D degrees east, Q chains and:6l dia. ;
"corner of the same lot,thenee east 28chains and / thence .Inorth .viity-nice, deirces east ode chain
~inks, to a hemlock, marked and numbered, 172- i and - sixty seven links to a stake; .thence north, -
- 13-76-77. th - ence north 35 chains. 20 linkii, a I seven degrees welt, one ehain to a -
beech, 'marked end numbered 17243, and thence t the ineetsection of the roads 'leading to said .
west 28 chains; 13 links 4to
; the place oflegin- ne w turnpike and the road from Farecerlivillo . -
. 'ping, containing 110 aeres, m ore or fess;i;vith the to Dundsff; thence north, -eighty-one. degrees
; appurtenances, an orchard, a storY•andqv half -eastiplimg the last mentioned road three c
Id Ar l .4lityz hobse, a largeliam,and other Out-buil- 1 and pvjmty.five links; I.llene(l , . south, seventy:
t dings, 'and about 75- acres. improved ; . said lot; three. "degrees east, along s.rid last-mentioned
I being lot No, 172 in said Leesville tract. • '.. • I teat two chains rind forfv.fodr links: thence
. . .
• The:second.ol.said lotii, being forty acres off! south, i'-igliteeii dcgrees Y...est;edive chow» to,a
the eaiterly-side of 'lot No. 168, in, said Laws- - Istyke; ..ithence north, eighty-two degrees west, •
vine tract, bounded and - described 'as- follows,! six chains and fifty-four links, to the place of. •
tri•wit i; west by residu4 of said-lot Nth - 1 68 ,rbeninning; containing three acres of land, s moru ,
'belonginr., , : to John Hawley, north by lots No. [or leits,,..together with the.appurtenanee, one
164- rind 165, east . by' lot No., 16g, and I divellhighouse,two small harns,and all improved.
South by. ^ a
-road or highway, being the same - (Taken in exeeuthro at. the suit of Jacob G. - •
hinds which - SamnaW,„;• Law, by deed, dated.l Cuddeback to the use'rif Benjamin Ayers •irs.
18th _Noe., A. D. 183 6onveyed to said Abraham-I Win. - K. Hatch, adrninistrator.of Caroline Baker,:
- Kimber. together with the appurterfanceS, barn; 1 deceased, 'with notice - to-E. G. Baker, an# the -
shed, 4e., and froth twerity-ke to thirty acres ; heir ofthe said Caroline Baker,' anditerrei-;,teck.
improved. • [Taken in execution at the snit of I ants.) ] • ' . :: . --' -;•• •.--,
C. Carimilt'Vs. Abraham Kimber.] ' . - •I :- ALSO--ANthat ' certain piece or plied of _.
Al- . .t.0 7 - 7 All that certain, Tine' or parcel 1 - 4 I i nnd si i nnto i n t h n . l „„.„,- .101 , (. 4 F r Aki nr,‘i s„
land situate in the township of Harford, cotinty i
1 ens hant:a county, beginning at:la,g `aid turn
"poSt-4ri• th
of Susipichanna and . state of Pennsylvania, and 1 fence by to:aintled and described as follows, to wit: : . :
the turnpike,: thence aloo
pike north four degrees Nast - . twit chains7and. •
:Beginning - in the centre of the Imek - - street.—
ventyt,two ?inks to the north abutmerit of Thu'
thence, olong the centre l 'of the same, north 60 i
bridgWie tho original tine of: tots thence north
_t. , •;,-. Hest 6 rods and 'l3 links. to a stake, thence i
bylands•of W. M. Willhims; north 58 34' i,eight and 11. half detrees• tifest alortg said
cast i line 'of 'lots in the Si,-.-er L'alio,,iond six ehain;i 1
3 rods and 10 linkS, thence by lands ofEs, S. and itikrity-sevenlinkis -to a stake', theice south'',,
Follet,.south 32. 3 , 4' east. 6 rods anti_l3l-2lieks,‘
', six,: degrees west two chainsand ' ,l forty links to -
thenee by hinds ofH.Sibley, south' 61 1 % 4' west 4 •,,, tn i,
e 'ileac:o north edility-nine degrees rthst .
5 rods, ata - V7 links le thy place of beginning,— si% chains and sixly-fit - ehnlia to the - •plare of
containing 9.8- rode, be the salve more or
. li:s . s. ! b„i nn • i i n g,. cOritaininirlitte and . a '„half- acres,
With the.appurtenanees, lone-framed how:e. and
all-improved. 1 ! rin7re deless, with. thtappurtehanvos one house;
- • I one lnirn, and all iniproved. [Taken - in • execu-
ALSi)—All that other piece or parcel of bind
situate as :thrive and bounded and described - as . ..
lion atlsitit uf Daniel L. North vs. SoPhia Dann.]
AL o—All •thai. certain piece or parcela
follows, to wit : On the, north .by hod of Han
nah Stahley;on the east by the Great Bend and Orinct situate in the township ot 11ft'renony; county
a Sugotiehanem. bounded and described as fol.
Philadelphia turnpike road. and on the south I lows ,to it
:.on flu;
ourib by bine.,
of Benjamin' _
and west by land of .Joab Tyler, containin7 50; "
Comfort, on•thei-eii`st. by the public highway, on
:rods-of land,rbe the same more or less, together ; ~e
eo :
with the appurtenances, lone large building used ' t,",,,. e . t v li 'by. Benjamin Comfort, and. on . the
as a scale-manufactory,lwith engine, 1411?.8 and i v,,,,t i bt land of -Jur:Atllp Taylor, containing '
h , ; about t one half Mire Lt . lam", be tb - -
other machinery attached, one fonndry,
furnace and fixtures, a bainTand all improveudi.t-- 0 ,, r lesS, together wiiltthe it ppurtensi
Lof ,S 0 101001) I •' '''
barn and all iif roved.
Taken:•in execution rkt the moil house;- . ,p
. 1 to v. it:
t. o f , t
T'aylor!rit.ll.F.,„Eaton. lernassame asadver- 1 that ol. ‘ li e er certain piece or parcel ti
timed. elsewhere. JOHN- YOUNG, Sheriff:.bounded' 1
i as at 4. . , andandde-cribs
Sheriff'sOince,MontrOse, March 13th. 1860. on the north and cast ky.
than - taylor.. soul., by land o ,
Neemian and S. `,..iteni,•and - west I
highway; containing aboat one hal
the s4ine more o,r less, with the al
.one djvening house, one lilaeksin
and :ill improved.. ALSO—AII '
laid piece or 'C . :a : reel a Lind situate p;:rtlyinlipr
-mon). )township •ainl 'partly in the borough` ,f
..Stisoli,chanra Depot,-and bounded and described
as follims, to wit : (et' the • north and ease lijr
I vtithi ',(,f J. IL lingers, east by J. tl. R ogers aid
e.-S' Betinet 7, south by,C. - S. Bennett, and west bystliii ,-- public. highway, (excepting,,therefrom
tour teillding lots which ,ivcre exclited in - the
deed from Daniel Brewster to" C.- S. Bennett)
•„,..-ontialog exciusive -of the above .ciceptrons
" add. three- runt - ths acres be the same, more or
End all improve.!.. LTaken in oxecution at
4s . of, -W.,'l::. Tii: i tor, D. A, Lye°, and
- N. -C. Norton, D. W. Nertott and L
I ) V 4 yirttle of sundry writs issued by the Court.
:-• 1 of Common. Pleas of Susquehanna - Countv,l
and • tri me direeted,, I will expose to-sale, V
public vendue, at the Conrt House, in Montrose. ;
on Safiirtlay, 31st . day of March, 10)0, • at-one i
o'clock; p. m , the folutting described pieces or
•parcelS Lifland, to wit : I. • -.!
ALL that. certain piece or parcel of hind sit-
nate, lying nod:Mils in ithe township of Legox,.
in the county .of S'usq lehanna rnd• State - ot
Penns)ffranto, bounded and described as Hit e's, ;
to will: - on the
by land of Ernst
Brewster, on the east hi land. of Lehan Ru.sel, •
on the' south by hinds I of G. 0. Loomis and- 1
Otheniel,Carpenter. and lon the west by Otheniel
Carpenter and 11. Abel, containing - about
one linib'ed and eleverGaL:res, bethe.4atne Ewe ' 1
or less, With the nppyrfenanee., one house; one
barn 'one Orchard and about 7.. acres improved.
(Taken. in•eteraffion at the suit of Ferdknand
Whipple vs. •A'.lt. Hann.] _ • I
ALSO 7 4II. those two tract, or par
-eel; of, land - situate in the township of Brooklyn.
in the county of Suploarnotna and State of
Pennsylvania, and• butted, bounded and de-1
,s / cribeit as follows, to wit:. one lot beginning at I
the northwest - corner] of Thonias Gilt's' lot;;
thence . by said•Gitl's nOrtil iine"one Seodred
and twelve perches, to, a corner of Loderich
Bailey's hind ; thence, nort h;lhree degrees west,-
by the . west line of said Baicy's land one htia-1
- dred and three and five•tenth pereheS to a 'plis..e; . l
, he'll' south ; eighty seven degrees , . wt•mt, twelve . ;
pereh a•to the southwest corner of lands late',
• of Zernh - Sutliff, deceased; thence north," three.
degrees . west., by said ; Sutliff 's land' laity-tire
I perches to a stake and Stones in the west' line.uf,
, the "Nicholson line" so called; thence south,
[three degree Cast by the said line one hundred
and firty-elght and fivmtenilis perches to the•
' place :of beginning; containing one, hundred
and nine • acres, with the allowance of Six per
eent for 'roads:. ' Being the same land and prem.
I hies which ] Preston Tiffany and wife granted
' and cenveyed ' to Charles F. Maryott by ,deed
. the ' first day of; February, A. D. 1854,
and recorded in ' the of es'. of the R ecorder of
Susquehanna county in. Deed Book Nu. •22.,
page 491: .The otherl lut adjeining, the west'
zilfe . offlie?above deserlhed lut, heitig - erimposed
- of two lots known•-andrdescribed on-the map of
Te.iiurvey Of Henry Eiriniter's Meshoppan tract,
made by George Walker, its lots Il• and 19,
containing together • seventpeight acres • and
sixty-eight perches; being, the same hied and
ptemiSes which• the - said Charles F. , Maryott
porelinkd from Thomas Williamson and Na.
thatticite, by contract dated Augtist 19, 1813;
with the appurtenances, three houres, one barn,.
orehard,,aud.abOut one hundred acres improved;
[Taken in. execution at the suit of Caleb Car.
malt, assignee of Writ.l. M. Post, vs.. Charles F.
Maryott, with notice to ',Joseph Wartrous,T; T.)
I :. ALSO-All that certain piee.: or partul (Aland
I lying and.being in the ',township olAnburn, in
the county of Siisq:a,. Containing about twenty: ,
Tice acres, adjoining land on the North of DAvid
Mellon, - on the least by.
,s, B. Gray; an the South;
by IL W. - -Benscoter, and on the West by the co. I
II line. . (Taken in execution at the suit of Lath.
. rop nndSatisbury vs. Thomas Morley: • _
ALtO:-.--All that cOrthin piece or 'parcel of
land Situate, lying and being in the township of;
•, Furi•it Lake, county of Susquehanna, and State •
of PenifsylVania, bounded-and described as fob
•I lOWs, to wit : on the itor:.ll hy land, of Allen•
I Green; on-the east by fand,of 'John Mulkey and
[George - Taylor, on the Suuth by land,oJonatlann
I Taylurand.George:ll. l kLinffin, and - on the west.
.by B. B. Vail, containing i tifty acres, n.Are or loss,
1 and thirty acres improved 2 [Taken in excutiun
l at The suit Of John' Byrne vs. John B.' Vail.] '
AALSO—AII that clirtain piece or parcel of
land sitttto•in the township ofo.lkland; county •
of Susquehanna and I State" of Pennsylvania,
bounded end' describes as follows, to wit: nu
the north by land of Martin. Middaugh, on die
- east lai.Tu•nis, Vinantwert, on the south by
land of Charles Beehe, and on the west by land
. of Morgan'Shatts, containing about eighty five
I acres; be the same morel. or, less,
.with the, op
. I ,purtv minces, ono framed house, one harina•elnal I
- orchard', and about twenty-five acres improved.
' [Taken in at the suit of C. S. Bennett
vs.. FL A. Barton.[ - I , - • ,
ALSO-A 1-.that ceitain : piette- or parcel - et
land situate in the township of Thomson, in the
• eounty of Susquehanna,hounded and- describCd•
; na follows, to Wit: on the north and east by
land now or late of . lames. Comfort., on • the
South. by:the Comfort 'amis and land of D. It.
i POpe, und.on the west; by land of D. it. Pope,
Containing about thirty•sitacreS of land , ho the :
name more or less, with the uppurtenince,s,•one
- framed boned, one - log barn and about twenty
, the mires improved. [Taken in• execntiorr at
the suit of C. S. Bennett y'. Lorenzo Svr.Vord
.I:ma Letter . f . likaillir.l4 I ...• . _ _ . _
t\x •k.
the - s -,..
°thus ...
&Linen; J \
it:l .
• A 1 . 150—•--.• e. A.:lldd -half of all that cer
tain }iieee or p reel id' and situate in the town
slop of Great mil." Susquehanna - .county and
Statelof Pennsylv 1i...„1, - on the north bide of the
Great,Bend & Coatis tun turnpike road adjoin
in„., 141 d of Lowrie sir m on the'ncrth, land of
.•John 'C'rdsten on tho mi. 'the turnpike on the
is,,inhi and lands nf H. Cr e on the west.- be.'
ing in front on turnpike thir •-seven and_a. half
feet, dud in d, ptl, One hurdled nd tw.inty feet,
paving thereon a three story bui , ing -fur story
land dils - etiiug housA • ancf:ont boil ' pc; and al I
improv6l. •Lyakert ,in exis•ntion at "ho•suit of
.L. S. dAnheini t - s. Gevago K. Dyer.] •
AIVSO—AII that: eertairi.piice or.• pa el or
' land iii oa t e in the village- a Lodersville, t un
ship 4f Great Bend, and county of Susquthan'4,.
. bounded and described :is ar - follows,to,wit.: '"..
; Ealcierly by the great - Bend and Cochectnn
; turtilOc, Southerly Ly''..lllll 111 pUzSel3loClUiliV,
1 13: liclekwell, Westerly by rand of airs. Buck,
.; and Northerly by i lot-ict poss.:se:ion or 1..• W.
Chaditiek,' el 4; * tioritaining. about 003 eqll.llll
feerOf land,. being about SO feet trout and run.
ning back 100 feet, svitli the ileipurtenanei.oto .
Ifratno house, tine barn, mid all unproved. -
1 Taken' in execution at the,suit of Stil*ell - &
I Bron;n; vs. N. V: Carpenter. -..- • , 1 :
I • . Attio—Ali ttiai.- certain piece - or . piroel.of
land 'sit..tste in tiie township of Herrick. county
! of Sd-cptehanna, arid litate . of P 21., bounded and
i deseriibed as Inflows, to-wit : On the . East by
I lands,l of— Ewing,: on the North I.y . lands of
I Peteti Lee, and. West by-land of JoholGardner,
I and west b}' John and . P.Dtit•n,containifig, 50 acres
I be th:xcsaine more or less with the appurtenances
Done house, a barn and Vanut•3o acres improved;,
Taken in execution at the suit of• John Gard.
nor* Thomas Kelly: -.-. • '
:ALSO—Allltlit eertain , piece or parcel of
land it,ttte in, the township of Hai ford, Susq'a
1 eon+, bOunded . and deseribed as follows,ldiz :
,Ni rth by land's set off to the'widow.of Cravcifutd
Titus, deed.. East - lands of Preston . & David' '
• TituS„ South by : D. Oakley and T. Wilinarth,
and;Vest by hands of J: M: Hobbs and O. B. '
Tit*A, contninimr • about 1:i avres,, more or less,'
s. .
and 411 improved, with the appurtenances thereto,
ono house, one barn, and one shoe shop. .
Talc* in execution-at the suit of Daniel Oakley
vs. Obadiah Bailsy, - ndulin'r .of Crawford - Titus
deeelso. -
NOTICE TO PuacitAsEas.--LTo prevent niisun
tlerstanding,mit.exi itsihorrby -given tli:tt purcha
sers.* Sheriff's gulag will be required to pay._
the denountAid at the time the land sold. it
has become imperatively necessary to,adopt this
ruleiand it will be styietly adhereci s to, exceptin
easel; where the purchaser is a-lion creditor and
is entitled to the fund as proyided- in the Ist
seetttm cif the Act of Assembly, approved-April
20tIt) 1816, which: is follows; ='Whetever.
Ike purchasers . of- real estatu -at Orphans',Cotat
or Sheritrs sale, shall ;appear from the • proper
reeo'id to bo entitled as alien Creditor, to fo.
- ceire•tho wholo or any:portion of the 'proceed.
of edid sale, - it shall Le the duty of the, sheriff,
administrator, executor or other person making,
sued( sale, to receive the. receipt of such porcha, t
ser Or purchaser% for the amount. which ,ha or'
.);. would 'appear, froth the record us afoiJaid
to bp etititied to receive: Pro‘ided. that this sec
tioni shall not be so construed as to rovent;tho
right of said Sheriffi administrator, executor tte
othot person afliresaid to dmatid and receive at
thethuti of sale-a.isuin 'sufficient to cover all! lo
go! c'sts entitled to to paid out.of the procrs
of Kalif' and
_provided further, flint . be 'ire
any,iimrehaser ptirelrasCrs shall receive i thu
bear lit of thlosection, ho-6r they • shall Product'
to tie' Sheriff, or other so making laid,
salq'tt duly certified statement frffat the prolog
'refunds, ondtir the - band end official seal (lithe
Preget officei, showing that helsit foie credilbi
entitled to .receivo.any -part of the proceeds of
tho. Ala aforkosai4 "
it)IIN YOIiNC ; ;.
Ofil;:k% M.j (ri , March (;,