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1= 4, 63axa5371. - vrEtzlict
WASHINGTON, /Neel:Ober 10, 1-859,
pROPOSALS be rt;CeivM at the Contract.
Wick; of this Dvartment until '3.p. tn., of
Saturdav, Starch 31st, 1860, for conveying the •
mails of the United States for four years, com:
Metwing July •fst, 1860, and ending..luvre 30th,,
1864; in the- State of PENNSYLVANIA, on',
the routes and by the schedules of departyres
and arriVals herein, specified. . • . 1
Decisions annourfeed by April 24, 1890.
(Balers will examine carefully the forms and
• ins:ructions annexed.) " •
2379 From Tani:lnane!: by Lauren; Lynn,
Springville, and Dimock, tel . :Montrose, 23 miles
and back,f twice a week.
. Leave* Tunkhannock Tuesday and Saturday
at 7 a in; Arrive at Montrose by I p.m;
Leave Moutrose Monday 'and Friday at 6.a ui;
Arrive at Tani:banned:l4l2
Proposals' are invited for a third Weekly trip.
2380 From;Nicholson,by Glerkood,Lenoxville,•
Clifford, andiDtindatr, to Carbondule, 29 miles
and-back, three times' a
Leave Nicholion 'Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, on arrival of mail by railroad, say at
five.p . in; Arrive at Carbondale by - eleven p in;
'Leave Carbondale D'lmaday, Wednesday and
Friday at four pm; Arrive at Nicholson? at nine
and a half am. Proposals are invited for a six
times-a-weekfiervice. •
2881 From Tunkhannock. by Rinse!! Hill,
Meshoppen,Braintrem, Skinner's Eddy, Lacey- ,
,vilie, Browntown, Wyalusing, Limi Hill, Rum
tocr6eld Creek,Standing Stone,‘A`ysox,Towanda
North Towancladilster, Milan and Athens, to .
Waverly 63 taileVand back -six times a week.
,• Tunkhannock daily, except Sunday on
arrival of Wilkesbarre mail, say at four p at; -
A ve at Towanda next day at twe've m;
LeaVe Towanda daily, except Sunday at two
and a quarter' p m;aArrive at Waverly by 7 - pal;
Leave Waverly daily, except Sunday at 9 1 2
a in; Arrive at Tovvafida by two pm;
Leat'e Towanda-daily, except Sunday it two
1-4 pm; Arrive at . Tunithannock by twelve
93.82 From Mehoopany by Furman Hill,Forks
ton ard.Bellasylva to Dushere,thirty-seven miles
and hack, once a Week. •
. Leave Mehoopany 3londay at six am; Arrive
at Dushore by six pm; Leave Dushore at six
_Arrive at Mehodpany by six Pain.— -
.9383 Front Towanda, by Highland, Burling
ton, West Burlington and East Troy, toi-TroY,
twenty miles and back, three tittles a Week.
Leave Towanda Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday, at one pm; Arrive at Troy by-six pm;
Leave 'Salty Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Seven a. rri; Arrive at Towanda by twelve m.
Proposals invited for six.tinnes.a.week service.
204 Front Towanda byN'th Tovvanda,,Moore'S
• Corner,East Smithfield,BentlyCreek and-Ridge.,
bury to Wellsburg', N. Y., twenty three miles
and back, twice a week.
Leave,Towanda Wednesday end Friday six
am; AFrive at AVelisharg'hy ono Tim;
Lease Wellsburg Thursday and Saturday at
nine a in; Arrive at Towanda by four p m..
Pnopo.-nla invited for six times-a-week service.
238..5 Tram Towanda by 3lonroeton , NewAl
ban'v, Landsbnrg and tfirshore, to Laporte, 30
mites :tint back, three times a week. .
_ LTea've Towamitt - Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat
urday at 1..t.M; qtrKive at Laporte-by eight p in;
- Leave Laporte Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day at sox,a:m..Arrive at Towanda by two p m.
.2386 Fronnlrowanda,by llornbrOok and She
shennin, to Athens, sixteen miles and back,t,hree
Lines a week.
Leave Towanda Tuesday, Thursday and Sat.
urday ..t idx a .rn; arrive at Athena by eleven,
in; leave Athens Tu e sda'y,Thursdayond - Sat.
im afrWo p in; arrive at•Towanda by 7 p rp.
23b7 From Rome,hy North Rome, fo Sbe s. h.
- cqu'ut, f, ba..-k. once a week.
Le me it :,ma: atur day at right a in; arrive nt
:Shasta gain by eleven a in; leave Sheshekitin
at w tol f v ta; arrive at R,nme by 3p re.
2 358 From ma,„happep, by Keiserville and
Inc. to Senin q viile. thirteen miles and back, a week.
Leave Meshoppen Tuesday and Saturday rm.
arrivll of we-tern mail• say at eight a III;" arrive .
Lt. Sprin2:i;!e &even sm; leave Springville
Tutsda and !... , aturc.ny at one p arrive- at
11,.sboi-pn n four p
2389 rrorn Laceyville, by Spring Wit, East
Ildi.West Auburn and Stephensville to
ten mile- and hack, twice a week.
. Leave Lacer rilie Tuesday and Saturday at 12
- arrive at Pike by three p - leave Pike on
TueAnv anci'Satinrday at four p to;* arrive at.
Laveyville by seven p m.
' 2390 From Wyatusing,,bv Merryall,
town, Herrick. Herricksville, South Hill.Orwel I,
Potterae, North OrWell and West Windham,
to Nichols, N.Y., thiity.six miles and back,twice
a week.
Leave Wyalusing Monday and Friday at Beim
a in: arrive at Nichols by nix pm; leave Nich
ols Tue , day and Saturday at nine am; arrive
at Wvt.lasia7 by eicht p
- Proposals for a third weekly - trip - are invited.
g 391 F ro m Athens, by 'ringaValley, to Litch
field: seven miles rid back, twice a-week.
Leave - At - hens Tuesday and. Friday at--nitre a
in; arrive at Litchfield by eleven "a to; leave
Litchfield tuesday and Friday at twelve to; arrive
..-. •
\ -at Athens by two p
. • 2399 From Athens, by East Smithfield, North
.springfield. and Leonard Hollow., to
troy,il4 miles and bark ; twice a week. .
Leave Athens Wednesday and saturday at five"
a in; arrive at troy by twelve m; Leave Troy-
Wednesday and saturday at one p - m; arrive at!
Atheios by eight p m. -
• 23'93 From Troy,-by sylvania, Grays . ]
Valley, and 'Mainsburg, to Mansfield, eighteen
• Miles and back, twice a week. Leave Troy on
Tuesday and saturday at half past three p m;
Arrive at Nlansfield by half past seven p in;
leave '.ltansfield reusday, and saturday at ten a
, arrive at Troy by two p in; • <•
9.394 From Troy to Blossburg twenty three
faits ,bn.ek,, once a week. Leave Trey-Mori.
day at egbf am; arrive at Blossburg by four
m; Leave Blossburg rtiesday at eight am;
arrive at Troy Cy four p m.
2395 From North Orwell to Rome, four miles
and back, three times a week. Leave North
Orwell Teusdny Thursday and saturday at twely
re; tirrire, at Rome by, one pm; neav'e Rome r
Tuesdsy Thursday and saturday at one p in; •
sfriv.e at Nortlt'Orwell by two p m. .
2396 From Montrose, by Lawseille Centre,
Bmikdale, Corbettsville, N. Y. land. Conklin n
Coder,. to Binghamton, twenty four miles and ?
back, three times a week.
LcavcMontreser Tuesday, Thursday and Sat.,
. trday at two in; arrive at Binghamton by 81
p m• ' Leave Binghamton Monday, VVednesday
dFriepy at !Leen aM; arrive at Montre'ae
by one p m. !
, r. 397 From :%/nnt !Ilse by Fairdale,Rush.Pikeil
Lollay•Nille, Omen, Rome,Jlyersburgadd' Wy-i
-aoa. to Towanda, forty miles :tad back - twice al
v..eek. Leave Montrose :Nitwit:ly, and Friday at;
seven a in; arrive at Tnwanda :by seven pm; •
LlZave - Towanda Tuesday and at seven a
• In; - I.rrirk , at Montrose by seven p
,`-`39S From 'Sfontrot=e, by Lathrnris , Lake,'
Auburn Fur Corners, Auburn Cent re, Westi
Auburn, South Auburn, and East Hill, tO'L'etty-1
ville, thirteen mites and back, once a we e k ; :. I
Lease .;.fontroae Monday at eight i in; arrival
at It:cep-ilia by five p Leave Laceyvilleroal
TuCatlay at eight a"-m; arrive af Moutioso by!:
five p m.
4 .::39 . 9 From Fairdale,by Eirchardville,Friends.
vii le, and jAdif.rtiNailfy. to Leßayaville, twenty[
• two miles and Lai:. once a week.
Leave Fiardale Friday at nine a m; arrive at
Leßa:tieille by throe P - m; Leave Le Rayavillei
saturday at n file a in; arrive at Faitdalt l.g 3 p
• 2..;00 From Le Itavaville, •by south:Warren;
\V e stWorren, and ‘Vindhau3, to Nichols, N. Y. 4
sixteen Miles and back, twice a wed,: .i
• Lure Rayseille Tuesday and satuiday, att
len am; arrive at Nichols by-two pm; Leave
Ni t: tada :',..‘londav end Friday at nine, a mp arrive:
Itaysti ile by .i. , ntt p
' 240; • From York,by Helium and Wrightsvillet
- to Columbia thirteen miles and back,:dany
railroad 11.1 due connection with mail trains opr
,tho Northern Central •railroad.
it9o2 Fri York,by Dover, Ilb:famine, Wella4
Ville, and -Dilisburg, to Mechanicabulg, -thirty!
miles and back, OileC.3l week... •
' . Leave York eaturday at flit am; arrive &LI
.rt.thaksberg s by.>;ix p in: Leave MechanicaJ
tirg Friday at six a m; arrive it YOE. by ,6 Pip.. ,
2403 Frdm Etter's, by YoellmtoWH . , to•New
errytoWn.% seven mite's and back, twmtt a week.-
tenvo Etter's Wednesday and - sear : du at five p
M; arrivii, at NeWberrylown by' six and Altair?
kn; ICM*Ne%berrytown Wednesday and sat-.
tri-day at two and a half p ta; arrive , at Etter's
by four 5;0 e half pm. . . . . .
i 2404 Front Harrisburg,by Dauphin, Ellwood
.Pine Gro4 i and auumiit elation, to abith, 59
miles and,lbaek.daily; except sunday, y railroad.
I - Leave Harriaburg,aftily, except, su day,it two
ten,it mOtrrive at Auburn by six tin p mi leave
'Auburn daily, except sunday, at nine a-m; - arrive
kt Harrisbnrg by 12:42 p in. •
2405•f'yorn Harrisburg by tingleystown,Man..
Oa Hill, Weld Hanover, East Hanoier and Ono
Ma JonestOwn, 2."1. miles and back, t ice a week..
ILeave •Thanaburg Mondry and F iday at ten,.
In: arrlYe at Jonestown- by five P He' leave
Jonestothi tuesday and saturday at seven a.m;
arrive at Harrisburg by four p m.
1 Proposials are invited for a third vij,eekl ip.
c.t.e4 /
.i • 2406 From Harriaburg,by theriard wu,Diles
Iburg, Clear wit:pt. York euxphyrs rings, and
IHeidlersbnrg, tolGettyaburg, -thirty five , mace
back;twiee a week.
Leave Harrisburg Monday and Friday at eight'
la m;,, arrivaat Gettyiburg by fivem; Leave
!Gettysbu!g tneiday and saturday a eight H m;;
!arrive at Harrisburg at five pm. •
Propostils are invited for a third weekly trip.
• 2407: F-kom tiarrikburg, via Liaburn, lb Lewis.
berry, twelve tr(ileit and back, once ti, week.
'Leave Harrisburg saturday at one rim; arrive
at LewisbUrry - al five On; Leave LeWisberry on
saturday at eight a in; arrive at Harrisburg at .
!twelve M. 1 • •
I 2408 From Harrisburg. via . _ Shiremintown,
I Mechanicaburg, Carlisle, Kerrville; Plainfield, -
I Newville; Oakville, shippensbnig,, and ecotland,
Ito Cbambirsburg, fiftytwo miles and back, twice
Idaily,except au nday, hy railroad. , _ •
feat' i. Lea Harrisburg daily except sunday, at eight
and-three fourthis a m,and one ten p m; niTlve
!at Chamberaburg at twa4e in, and four p in;
Leave Chanibersburg claily,except sunday at four
land a half a in, and three and a hal rip m ; arrive
iat Harrisburg at '7.3 4 a en, and 1.1-4 p m. •
2409. From Pine Groveto trement, nine miles
land back,' three times a week. Leave Pine Grove
tuesday, Thursday &saturday at five a mi arrive
at Tremont at seven a ore . Leave Trethont toes.
f day, thursday and saturclay at'five 0. m; arrive
at Pine Grove at seven p in. ; .
'.2410 From York sulphur springs; via Berm'.
dian,Hall,and Davidsburg, to York, twenty three
miles an&baek, once a-week. Leave York mull
piiur sprikgssaturday atone pm; arm - a at York
!at seven p in; leave York saturdaY at six a In;
I arrive at York sulphur springs at twelve in.
1 2411 From Mechanicsburg, vialsidonaburg,
; Lisburn,imivisbnry,Rossvitle, and DOver,to York
ithirty one miles and back, once a Week. Leave
151eahanie:siburg tuesday at six a ut; arrive at
!York at sirp in; leave York Wednesday-at six
la tn; arrive at Mechrmicsburg by Six pm.
2412 - prom .Carlisle,- via WhitelMuse, Dick
inson, -Walnut Bolton'', and Lee's Cross Roads,
rte shippensburg,twenty Miles andlmak, twice
!a •week.:lLeave Carlisle Mon - day and Friday at
one p m;; : -: arrive at shippensburg at seven p m;
Leave shippensburg Thesday and saturday at-irate
!p m; arrit,•o at Carlisle at seven p mi•• .
i Proposals are invited for a third weekly trip.
2413 Prom Carlisle, via Allen, 1 to .Boiling
(springs, fifteen miles and bacli. twice a week. •
•• Leave Carlisle peaday and,Friday at three p
I Tarrive s et Boiling springs at Haven p m; leave
iling springs tnesday and - Friday at eight: - a
m; arrive•at Carlisle at twelve in.
2414- From ICerpville f via llount Rock, to
stoughstown,seven miles and back, once a week.
Leave Kerraville saturday at ten a tn; - arrive at
' stoughstaWn at twelve m; leave sitoughstown
• saturday at-1 pm; arrive at Kerrsville at 4 p . m.
2415 from Shippenlburg, via , Ohs:towlt,
_Pleasant ltall,..and Upper strasburg i tci•Roxbur
'fifteen miles and back - , twice a week. Leave
shippensbur..Wednesday and and saturday at
nine a in; arrive at Roxbury at cne, pm: leave
Roxanyy 'Wed al . .•sii:iy and'satuiday nt two p in:
arrive at shippensburt; at six p tyy. '
2416. From shippensburgi tia - Middle spring
to NewbUrg, seven miles and back,. three times
a week. ~Leave Leave stippensburg tuesdav, tharsday
and salnrdny at 4 1-2 p in: arrive at,Nelybur,g
at sit.l.2 p-rn; leave Nellblll2 illf,d:ty, lltirs
day and sainrday at twelvti 1-.2 p re; arrive at
sh:ppensburg by two and a half pin.- ; .
Proportala for six times a week ser!vieo invited.
- 241.7 From Ilahanov. via Fisher's Feriy and
.Augnstaito stinklury,' thirteen miles. and back,
twice a* . eek. Leave Mahanoy tue.aday - end sat
urday at - one pm; arrive at sunbury et five pm;
leave sunbury tnesday anti saturday at eight a
in; - arrive at-Mahanny at twelve 're.
2418 From Herndon; via MahanoV, Reli,neVs,
Greentfrier, Line Node taie,Upper Maiiantongo
and Barry, t 6 Mineravillo, forty three chiles and,
.back. twice a week . . Leave Mahanoy Mende'',
and Frid, six am; arrive at Mineraville at
flee p m 4 .1 leave Minersville Tuesday / and Sari:
-urday .atlaix a m; arrive at. Mahanoy at flvis p m.
2419 From Gratz, via -Klingerstairn, Rough.
& Ready, and Hepler, _to Upper - Mahantongo,
seventeen miles and back, once a Week, Leave.
.Gratz Wednesday at six a in; arrive at Upper
Malientenge at ten a in; leave Upper Mahan
tongo Wednesday at twelve in; arrive at-Gratz
- at five li:in. -
:1420 :From Gettysburg, via - Fairfield, Fount-
Ailidale,)Vaynesboro . , Ringiold, lid, and Lei
tersbint; Co Hagerstown, thirty fire and! hack,
three ticies a week. Leave Gettysburg q•ues
day..Thiirsday and Saturday at eight a milarrive
at Hagerstown at four pm; Leave Hagerktawn
Menday,V.edneaday and Fridayitleight a m;
arrive - ai 2 ,Gettysburg at four p in. 1 . 1
,Prom Gettysburg, via Granite Hill and
Hunters Own, to New Chester,
,fteeri ; miles
and back ! three times a week,-to unteratown,
and . twice I week residue. ; Leave 'Gettysburg'
TueidaV; Thursday and Saturday nt eight a in;
arrive at HunterstoWn at 9 1-2 ace, and at New
Chester':lon Tuesday and Saturday at eleveh a in;
leave. New Chester Tuesday and Snturday at 12
m; , arriste,at Hunterstown at 1 1 2 p in, and at
Gettyablirg Tuesday, Thursday ands Saturday at
three p Zii. , ,
' . 24224"r0m Gettysburg, via , - 17unatrialibuig,
, Arendtaiille, Bigler, Bendersville, - ildenallen:,and
Table Rink , to Gettysburg, equel to 'timenty
five miles and back, - rtwice a•weeli.l, Leave Get
tysburglocaday itnif - Saturday it Iseven it in;—'
arrive - atißeeeraville at eleven a in; le.aVe Ben,
. dersville'. Tuesday and Saturday aC one p En; Sr.!
rive at - Gettysberg at five p m.. 1 . -
2386iTrom Harford, - via Mortrose Depot,
Montrhicii, Forest Lake, Saint Jose,ph'ii FCiends
-1 vine, Little Meadows; and Apalac in, .N4.Y.,-to
-o,yegu, , 4fty-thtee trines and ba k, six! times
a week4o - Friendiville, and three Imes a week ,
residuesith an additiUnal daily(icept Satiday)
mail betWeel Montrose Depot-and Moatrioie.
- -
i .•
1 .—, .-' 7 INSTRUCTIONS :I -
• -1 _ .
Ciinterinfitg don i ctilions to be ineoTorated i en the
contracts to ' ke Merit the Department .may
1. Seien minutes are allowed to - ear ti inter
mediate! office, when not otherwise - specified,- for
assorting the mails; but on steamboat and
railroad routes no more delay than is stifficient
for an exchange ofthe mail bags.!
2. On' railroad i and steamboat lines, and other
routes Where the mode of convey i enee affinits of
it, the agent of the Post f3ffice Depart.
ment, alpo post officeblanks, max bags locks,
and kets, are to be conveyed suites t extra
.f •
charge. if
3. Oirritilload and'ateamboat lines e route
agents" Ibf the department ire• to be e nveyed
without- - charge,• and for their' exalusi e use.
while qivelling with the•mails, cow odious
car, or apartment. in the centre ea _car,proper..
ly lighted, warmed, arid furnished,'led dapted
to the Convenient eepanition and due security
of 'the mails, is to.lai provided by the contractor. -
under the direction of the departrient.
Railynad and steamboat companiesB,rd requir.
ed to bike the mail from and denier if into they
post offiCes at the end and cominencetnent of
their routes, and to and from all offices net morn
than eighty rods from a station or Ilandie g •'Pro.
sale may be submitted for the performance" of
all tither side service—that is, for offices over
eighty I tods'from a station or landing.' I
Receipts will he required for mail intga con.
.veyed 1 i charge of pers'pne employed I by rail.
road mitippanies. There Will also be "way bills,"
prePared by postmasters, or other agents of
the dep*rtment, to aceompany the mails, and
specifying the - number- and destinatiop of the
several;bags. Oa the principal stage - routes, like
wise ren : : eipla will be required and Way bills
forwarded: the latter to be examined by the
vey thp.- mail as frequently as .the contractor
runs, or is conceriedin running a coach, car, or
steamboat on a route. -
7. The Postmaster General may taloal lho
contract for repeated faildres to run agreeably
to contract;: for violating the Poit Office laWs,
or disobeying the instractionico(the depaitment;
for refusing to discharge a carrier when requir
ed by the department to:do ace for running,an
express as • aforesaid ; or for transporting per
sons or packages convoying mailable Matter out
of the mail. ° •
. .
8. The Postmaster General may Order atriln
crease of service on the route by all Owing thdro
for a pro rata increase bn the contract pay. He
may change schedules of departureit'and arrivals
in all cases, and particularly to make them con
form to - connections with railroads, withoutlin
crease of pay, provided the running' time be bot
abridged. He'may also order an increase of
speed,allowing, within the restrictions-of Ihe
law; a pro rata increase for the additiotial
stock or carriers, if any. -The contractor may,
however; in the case. of inerease,pf speed mite;
quish the contract, by giving prompt .noticd, to
tha department- that he prefers doing so to car
.the order into effect. The .'Postmaster
General may rils6 curtail or discontinue the
service, in whole or in pint, at pro rata decre'ase
of pay, allowing one month's extra compensa
tion- on the amount dispensed• with, wheneier,
in his opinion, the public- intereits require The'
change, or in case he desires to supersede if: by
a different grade of transportation.
9. Payments made by coll7tions fromor drafts on postmasters, or 'otbinwise, afteriha
expiration, of each - quartir—say in Febrility,
May, August, and November.
10. The distances - are given iccording, to best
information k but no increased pay will be /Aw
ed should they be greater than advertised, Ville
points to-be supplied be correctly stated. 'Ud
ders must inform themselves . on this point, find
also in reference to the w eight of the mail,ithe-
Condition of reads, hills; -streams, &c, :Inc% all
toll bridges, ferries, or .obstrui!tions of any kind
by which expenses may be incurred, No claim
for additional pay, based on 'such ground, can
lie considered; nor for alleged tnistakes'i or
misapprehension ai to the degree of :service; nor
for bridges destroyed, ferries discontinued;?' or
other obstruetions'lncreasing distande s occurring
during the contract term. Offme& eitablished
after this advertisement is issued, and also idu•
_ring the contract term are to be visited.with'out
extra pay. if the distance be net increased.
11. A bid receivedlafter the last d&y and 'Our
named, or without the guaranty required bylaw
and a certificate as to the Sufficiency - of Mich
guaranty, cannot be considered in - competition''
with a regular - Vreposal reasonable in amopnt.
.12. Bidders should fist propose for serTiee
strictly according to the advertisetniint, find then,
if they desire, sepbrattlif An' diffur,ent service;
And if the regular b-d b` the lowest offered' for
the advertisc-d service r the other propesitions
may be considered. • •
13. There should be butone route bid forin
proposal. Consolidated or combination bids
(" proposing ono sum for two or more routes'')
are_ forbidden:by law, unit cannot be considered.
14. The route, the service, the yearly pay,
the name and residence of. the bidder, (that his
usual post office address,) and those of each
member of a firm, ivhere a company offers,
should be diStinelly'stated. .
: 15. Bidders are requested - to fat as
practicable; the printed form of proposal fur
nished by the department: to write out in full
the slim for their bids, and to retain cOpieli of
them. -
Altered- bids should nol. be,submitted; nor
should bide once submitted be withdrawn. No
withdrawal of a bidder or guarantor will be al.
lowed unless dated and received before - the ;last
day fcr 'receiving proposals.
Each bid must be guarantied by two res Pan.
sible persons. •
General guaranties cannot be admitted. [The
bid and guaranty should be signed plainly kith
the full name of cagh person. . •
The'department )•eseries the right to - reject
any bid siltich may be deemed extravngnnt4 and
also,to disreg,ird the bids, of failing contracture
and bidders.
16. The bid should be s4alcd,rsuperscr:ibed
"Mail Proposaki State, of -," adar4ssed
" Second Assistant Postmaster General, Con
tract Office," and sent by mail, not by or to an
agent; and-postmasters wilt not encloseiprOpo-
Bats (or letters of any kind) in their quarterly
. .
17. The contracts are to be executed and re.
turned to the department by or liefor s e the Ist
day of August, 1860: but the service must lie
commeneeren the Ist July preceding, of on
the-mail day next titter that date, whetheri the
contracts be executed or Dot. No proposition
to transfer will be considered until the contincts•
are executed and received at the departtrienti
and then no transfer will be allowed miless
good and sciffieient reasons therefor are' given,
to be' determined by the department: in all
cases the retiring contractor will be reqhired:
to become one - of the sureties on the new icon.
18: Postmasters at offices on or near TOOide,
but more than eighty rods from a station,twill,
immediately after the •3 Yet of March next, re,
port their exact distance from the nearest sta
tion, and how they are otherwise suppliedjwith
the mail, to enable the Postmaster General to
direct a mall.tnessengersupply 'from the tilt of
July next.
19. Section' eighteen of an- act of Congress
approved March 3, 1845,irovides that contracts
for the transpoitation of the mails shall be let
‘`in every case to the lowest bidder tenderingauffi,
cient guaranties for faithful perforfnance, without
other reference to the mode of such transpor
tation than may-be necessary to provide fjr the
due, celerity, certainty, and Security of[such
transportation." - Under this law, bids that pro
yes° to transport the mail with "celerity', cer
tainty, and security," having been decided to be
the only legal bids, are construed'as proelding
for the entire mail, however-large, and whatever
may be the-mode of conveyance necessary to
insure, its " celerity,' certainty, and security,"
and will have the preference "nor all othets.
"•,. 20. A modification of a• bid in any of its es.
sential terms is tantamount to -a. . , and
Cannot be received, so as to interfere With a
regular competition, after the last hour set for
receiving bids. Making-a new bid. with 'guar
; anty arid certificate, is the only wit'' , to mollify a
_ • ;
previous bid.
21: Postmasters are to be careful not to cer
tify thesufficieney of guarantors or'euretiesWith- •
sat knowing that they are piOsonit of sufficient
responsibility-;. and all bidders, •gtiamitore, and
- sureties are distinetlyjneti fi ed that on a failure
to. enter into or- perfaXpa the contracts for the
service proposed for fit ` - the ticopted bids , theiß
legal liabilities will be - enforced-against them.
22. Present contractors, and persons known at
-the department, must., equally with others, pro.
cure guarantors and certificates of their suffieiency
substantially in the forms aboCe piesCribed.
The hertificetes of Sufficicnny must be - Signed by
a postmaster or by a judge of a . court of recor4.
No other certificate will be admitted.' .
J. HOLT , Postinosior.GeneraL
B •
URNING _FLIIII), White. and -sr CodlFish,
Ladies Kid a S. Roots; and more Oaifera
from 56 cte. to $1,75—a1l at , TYLER'S.
May 19th 1859. • •1:,
a lady remarked to us a day or AWQ since, as
she exhibited the portrait of an only OM, gone
to the "spirit land ;". which was ono, of.
• - 9Eur..T31213315;' , -
"Howl should =regret it, had I not secured
this precious Men:lora! of that dear . one." So
thought we. The lased 'tines are not always
with us, and Whila we can call them oars, every
°nil should secure:such a: Memorial;. especially
since - they cail.hard them to truthfully taken by
thatiuccessfal artist, A. B. TUBBS,' -of 'Bing.
hamton. . • -: des'
N 1
be subscribers Imo ibis day received another
involee.of. Jewelry, dtc., direct. from the
manufactory, and ore now prepared to show, to.
their friends the 'best assortment ' of goodis ever
before offered in this market. All persons wish
;g to make their frioiads andfamilies Christmas •
Pr • gents, are invited to Call and examine.
d 22 , EVANS & ALLEN.
' Od. Pollee - 7s' Hall, Binghamton,- N. Y. .
LES.—Bone and Wood Tidy- Nei,
.I_l dies, Testing Shuttles, Crochet Needles,
Sewing, Da ing and Knitting Needles, for sale
by Eva% &
HAIR PIN,: —Black, red and gilt Hair Pins,
various pat rat and prices, by
nORAL.-A fine Ortment of Coral Beads, •
kJ Armlets, Neck lac , &c., - by •
- • Evan & ALLEN.
best assortment of Sleeve uttons and Studs,.
all prices . axid,quilities, or •by
- EVA 8 & ALLEN. ---
SPECTACLES;—GoId, Silire Steel and
German Silver Spectacles, of It ages, for
sale by . ' ,-i• • EVANS & AMIEN.
IrpHIMBLESOOId, Silver and Germin Sii.
ver Thiables, a good stock, for sale‘by
' /Evan & ALLEN.
NUT C rnekiris'and,lut Picks at
GOLD PENB.=A first rate variety of Gold .
lglf Pens anl'Pencils, alt sizes and qualities,
'by ' EVANS & ALLEN.
ABtE CUTLERY.—A good supply, of
A. Kniires and
.forks, Carvers. and Steels, by
every variety-.-Pearl, Berlin Wire and Shell.
'Evarts ALLlttlo
11 1- A V T e !VAT Watches of l re stock est El o i r k g e o rs id th ' l d n; l o l f .
them of - our own importation, at pricesmuch
lower than have ever been sold in town-4 Wa
rranted. gond time keepers: . E. &A.
Watch Chains, a filial rate assortment
of GOLD Yob, Vest, and Guaid Chains.
"VAR -Rings and Breast beautiful va.
1 1 riety, in setts . double and single, conitisting,
of Pearl, Jet, Cameo, Lava, Coral,• Florentine,
Mosaic, Brilliant, EnamM, and all Gold, various
patterns anrprices, -
ANGER Rigs—.Diamon Opal, Nod, En
': met, Jet, and all coLD, a great Variety
froth $4O down. .
T OCKETSZ-' a-very fine assort I
• and Plated, I, 2, 4,-and 6 faces:
ILVEK, Ware- . --a large stock of strun g
vcr ware, consisting - Of sphons, forks, ladles
cups, cake, pie, ice cream, butter, & fruit knives,
childrens setts, nnpkin rings, card cases, etc.
P Ware-Castors, cake.baskets'
1. receivers. tea setts, ice pitchers, sugar bas
kets, salt cellars, forks, spoons, toast racks, gob
lets, etc.
BACELETS-- , A, full sorpir, - of every st) ye, —
sope very ;kb patterns. • -
01.11CKS-:—.Eigh , :LTA thirty hour elt,elo,
V../ gre.A variety, warrantt•d.
roe 9 EVANS' & A LLEN.
Ni). 2 Odd ft et.
aiI:LA - ow OF T1.111 , -- TVILVT ER
( k N and afterlhnraday, Dec.l4 1859, trains
will be run as follows :
txrnass PASSENGER TRAINS,—Moving South.
Thii night express train on the N. Y. &
- arriVes at Gt.Hend a 3:28 a.m., and connects
with the express train leaving Ct. Bend for N.
Y.and Philadelphia at . - 8:00 a..m. •
Due at New Milford - - 8:17 -
Montrose - 8:36
Hopbotmm - - - 8:59
Nicholson - - 9:16
Fact tnyville - • - 9i40
Abington • - - - 9:57 '
Scranton- ;• • - - 10:30
Moscow. • - - 11 : 17
Tobyhanna . - 11:53
Stroudsburg . •.. 1:12 p. m.
• Water Gnp - - 1:34 .
Columbia, - 1:50
Delaware (15 minutes to dine) - 2:9)
." Hope (Philad'a connection) 2:35
Bridgeville . .2:40
Washington - 3:13
' ' Junction -. 3:30
•• New York - - 7:15 '
Philadelphia . ; 8:20
- Emu:ass - Tama MOVING NORTH. ,
Passengers froth 'New York; leave
Pier No. 2 North-River, at --;- 7:30 a.m.
Passengers from Philadelphia leave •
Walnut street IWharf at . • • 6:00
Leave Junction 11:10
Duo at Washington - - 11:28
Bridgeville . - - •-
.12:01 p.
, H.ope(Philad,a connection) 12:05
Delaware (15 minutes to dine) 12:20
Columbia, , - - • 12:20
Water Gap - . 1:01
Stroudsburg .
Tokyhanni -•- 2:45
Moscow _ " 3:19
Scranton ; - • - '4:05
Abingt.ori . 4:42
Factoryrille - - ; • 4:59
_Nicholson' . - 5:19
flopbottont- 5:42
E' MONTROSE . 6:04
• New Milford - • . - 6:22
- Great Bend • - 6:40 ,
Connecting at Great Bend with the'
Night Expressl going West at 1:45 'IL CO.
An Accommodation train; leaves.
Scranton for Great 10:35'a. m. • .
Factoryville 11:55
Nicholson. - • 12:35 p. m.
Montrose - - 1:50
Arrive at Great Bend ;• 2:50
Connects with - Dunkirk EC West 3:39 ~ -
and Accommodation, train Weft at 5:33
Accommodation train returning leaves
' Great Bond - 3:10
Montrose i - 4:05
Niceolsea - 5:15
• Factoryville - • 5:15 -
• .'.Due at S4ranton . 7:15
',The Accommodation train does not leave-
Scranton until after the arrival of the morning
train on the -Lackawanna & Bloomsburg , R..R.,
thai giving pasaingers'from the Wyoming Val
ley a direct connection for the' WEst by the
morning train. ' . • ' •
* ror the aecommodation'of way travel on the
_Division a Passenger Car will be, at.
tackled to the Express Freight trains leaving
Scranton at... 4:30 a. to.
Due at Moscow ~ ' - . 6.00 '
StrOudsburg . . . .10;40 .
Junction . p.'m.
Returning will leava.Janction at 4:00 a. In.
Due atStroudsburg at '7:45
Moscow • - - 1:10
:Scranton ' - . 2:35 .
Passengers from New York will change cars
at Junction. to, and fom Philada, via 8.D.-K.R.
leave or take cars at Hope. For Pittston, Kings.
ton and Wilkes• Barre, take cars of Lackawanna
& Bloomsburg t. K. at Scranton. For Jesaup,
'Archbald, and Carbondale, take Stages at Scram
ton: Tickets - sold and baggage checked
xrnsouou. 1 v JOHN BRISBIN,
'Wm - N. Juxxs, General Ticket , Agent..
I Seranton, No ..21st, 1859,-*ti • •
() U r i. D a ( 11 0: % p v CC .
a inlli v y e
r fl y o n i t; theass assortment
i his day' received, consisting in Part qua follows:'
Richluck Moire. Antique-Silk- 18s.. per. vard;
Friular Silk, nice style, 6.i.lperlyrird; Rich Plaid
Silk, , t 1
1 ,
o very neatest Pattering, 10s. per yard;
Black i1k,,28 inches wide, front 7s. to 12,5. per
yard; splendid Black Silk Shiwls from $B, to
$ll, the finest assortmentlOSusrl'a Co.; Ilk
invoicaof Ginghams, at very 14w piiiei, s also of
Calicos; large stock of DenimsMixturesiPlaids,
sad Limier, Printed Shawls from 7*- to $5;
BrocharShawls from $5 to $B5 ; . Collars from
6 ets. ' l to 20a.; Parasols from Bs. to 241.-:aschi
'Bonnet, i• large stock; Ribb ns and Flowers;
also a new Invoice of Gents heei—Congress,
Enamelled and Calf Skin; Lad es Congress Gal
'tern, Eel and Enameled; Missel Calf and Enam.
elled Roots; Children Pasodi Boots, Gaited( and
everything in that'fine. l'he'y would also call
attention to the fact that.having an arrangement"
with one of the largest Importing Houses in
New York they will receiveregularly New Styles
as fist As they appear InNew York, and will take
the greatest' pains to please all , who call and see
anciwish to purchase. Particular attention'paid
to prodaring fine goods—in every-style.
, 6 1 1 17.1A.1ek;
A ftew .lot this .day received, and would re;
spectfully solicit an examination of. the same,.
Good ea at 5.5., city prices ' air at 4i. fia..69. Bs.
sl3Gfrllt. . .
,COF 10
,E•••livit Rio end Ground Coffee.
SALERATITS.4amet pylies, Babbitt's Med
icinal, nd Exzelsior,"&c. :NAILS, - and also a
new st ek of WALL PAPEII and WINa
I PA PER, this day received. EA WI&
111N(G *002.5 of the most ipproved patterns.
- ICI*2OO-13- er3r. 7
Goldand, Shaded, Blue Band; and all the new
styles, as fast as they appear in. New York.. •
FLO 12:' con.stantly on hand, SALT by the
barrel r sack . - PATEN* PI EDICEI ES,
GLA, S, and everything elseiYou'ivant.
ville Centre, Pa., June Btll, 1859..
. . -POOlll/ICONTALI-a . ..
G. F. FOllOlllll, • .
H AS removed his shop pteibss the street, to
building one door; below Keeler dr.
Stoddard's, which hei has fitted up expressly fora
Saddle, Harness and Trunk shop
where maybe road all kinds of --
from - tie heaviest team, to the lightest trotting
harnest4, and - a general , nssornilltt of trimmings,
which 'will be made up or sold very low. .
- Carriage Trinuulage: -
A good assortment on hand, which will he sold .
very, ; all-trimming done gheaper than else
,on hand, from which harnesses: will bb made and
* WarrEtnitea..
* * *CustomersCustomers will please bbar in mind that I
wish to settle up once a.year. Those having
iinsettlitd accounts, or notes - due, will oblige
-by settling, or making payment without further
delay. G. F.IFORDHAM,
Feb. 24th, 1859.1 - Montrose, Pa.
ra - 4,corist . 30. • -
t.;Oßß : would:respectfuth , announce to the
A. puWie that : be may:htitl be found at the
old stgnd,fully prepared to attend to the . wnete
of theleomiannity. Ho will kaep on hand a good'
stork pf
enf, GOLD
and 8,v1...r (by the sack or barrel,) Fish, and all
articles found , ii First Class Qroceries.
lief would particularly call the attention of
Faroot a::d others to, 14 fact. that he is
constant • receiting fresh supplies of •
:0,0 good and mydium - quali(ies, which Will be
sold EIGHT, for r 0 dy pay, itj quantities to:suit
the porch:lmq.
• i;aSlt paid for Pelt. 'Dcariin, and Veal skins.
rri!El fi rm of S. H. SAIC,E & Paos.'is this
1 day , diSSolved by mutna . : , c,otisent, D. Sayre
•withdeawitv,g - from the firm. The business will
be carried On as heretofore C i nder, the name and
style of S. 11. Sayre Bi. Bro. The notes and
accounts, will - be in the . hands 1). Sayre for
settlfrlment. AU indebted to 'he firm will pleas e
givo it their immediate xittetition, as all the ac
counts must be settled. ?.
• S. H. S/ YRE & BROS.
Mcintrase,,sept. tat, 18.59.;
I . At Montrose, Penn.
WM, H.' HATCH , j• Proprietor..
HIS now and commodiOus Hotel. situated'
on Public /Venue, nenr tlie Court Houseond.
nearly in the centre of the of
'Mon4rose, is now fitly completed and furnished,
and Will be opened on. Monday, the 37th day of
the present. - month for the ;accommodation of
the public and travelers. The Proprietor feels
confident that he is now prepared to entertajn
gue'sts in a manner that cannOt fail to give • •
Complete Satisfhction.
The' Hotel:and Furniture are new, and no ex:
pence' has been spared to .render it equal, if not
cuptJrior to any similar establishment in this part
qf the State. It is' well supplied with all the
'recent improveinents and comforts, and obliging
waiters will always be, readyto respond to the
call et customers.
The Stables:connected with this Houie are
.1 New and Convenient.
The Proprietor respectfully solicitis the patron.
age @f his old friend'', and the'publie generally.
. • WM. K. HATCH.
Montrose, Septemberr .tlst,llBsB. •
Batt, . alt I.r
Batt 11 -
r -ItariAM T7.1522E53 -
1 , 201 Washington-st,
fDirectly oppositil Washington Marken).
1 Navy' yeirir..,..
STILL CONTINUES te,q . ffer to the city and
ICOUNTRY trade, all kinds of FOREIGN
Co4se and,Fine SALT, at the 'cry lowest figures;
400p0 sacks and bags, i p onsisiing in part of Ash
ton's celelustd brand Tor table and dairy nee;
Jeffrey & Darcy, Marshall's,;; Brownlow's, &e..
d i
50090 bushels Turks Island, Bonares,'Cu
rac a, St. Libes, Lisbon, Cadiz; Ivies, Nantes, &e .,,
all f which will be Sold atAargain prices . from
vessels, store and storebiNspi• •
Any purchaser wishing to. select (rains a good
astment will find it teshroiriterest t 6 call. • ,
NB.—Fine table salt pit' up in small bags of
different sizes , and , constantly_ on hand in ship
ping order. Also.a splendid article of Rock
Ground salt, in qnar,t boles, put up arid for sale
byl.htl quantity, in.iasesof five dozenleach. .
• New York, April let, 1/359,:—1i* , • ",
• h •
/TIE silbscri n ewly g urchased
II Si JL re fi tted and l furnished the
• above Well known and popular Hotel,
is prepared to accommodate the tray.
.eling public and others with all the attentions
and conveniences, usually • found in,first-class
llobscs. No effort will be =spared by the Pro.
prtor - and his Assistants to make the Hotel
eq lin every point tunny in the country.:
'The Bar will always he supplied with the
Chpieest Liquors: ' .11 •
The Stables, corinceto with this Heise
are large, roomy and convenientandeerefuland
attentive Llostlersare always in charge of them.
- 41cintrose, May 13th, 1858. • • •
A. I c kr ea W r, SUPPLY, just. arriNad ß i E bas . le
011. - D'S s:
, .
• :Nr..vrit..
IT bo inuded
lv .. tand x . ,
and aportwal that
'form: to with con:lda:2<a In
Is rsenountalOtt
It itu cured thfoitands
‘ba had given up olLbotats
ansollefted<ertlflattesta me
The dose most beralspail
ludlcidusl taking it and us•
act fealty on We I.llmcdit.
Let' ths ' tileteaS af'.yonr
tit* of UMW., 11!
%Melia Liver Coss*
Illatunier Com..
ry,..Driviy, Saar
Costiveness, Cliol
'lame, Jim odic e,
is, sad lasy ba used ant ,
twencyqulsiUtps, If
- .
Alt vino we hire
la Ilstavar.f
otlrcly from (1 Itlllo, VII
Lki:1......ir1,[4)1.2.1. , ..‘”,,, Llntv,)
bars tort lt,sted is two. rs•
glO4l. Ws d.seeme fur s bo.h O.
Inahlo the test two *bra
r. t I rtbef, tut o., ll: . istsumols
E 4 bp lit, tesesteratnent of the
1.4 In`aratb. vaunts:es as to
.. •• • "gal.* yois In the
plaints, llllloneAto
0 Chronic Illarrhoea;
iplaint*, DyWrie -
le, Cholera, Clooleo
Intaaham. Plalw.
Pomade Wevihrusealo
' anotarro so grans..
•• eine. liwOlonolllClC
donna& can testify.) In
two or lihree Tea..
en It nalmownatot of.
giving ttetr teeth:loci
THE zionconicron, AND SWALLOW
Prlcf•Oue popar pei'l3ll,tle.
C A lifte r PILLS,
Dore Vegetable Extracts. and pat up In
U/41.419 CASES, Air Tight, and will heap
. in any inmate'
..- . ' j ...
The .Waudnly Ca. o • I hart, ti.PILL ip a gee.
de • M all t acli Cathartic •which the proptimar bail
neat la him practice. more ..litan twenty yaws,
• 71m cottaaatly Itreariang demand- from Mao' Wiled
harelondudedthePlLTA a lad '. the atialhelloe it . Vida
• all express to regard to their •-• ;me, has Induced meta place
them %Medi the feedlot all. C ! •
.• 'llis rrofeselon.well know that different Cathartics act
Co dliihrentrortlons of the bowels. .
The. FA.nuat CA- .T7IARTIO PII. LT
•b., with due reference to . 'Ole well eatablished fact,
been amtpuunded from a ri, variety of the purest Vede•
table . Extracts, which act . 0, alike on every part or the
'alimentary i canal: and are good and safe lo oil cm.
- es where a Cathartic to mated , each ad 1/e.
rangeminita or the- Sierra he It, Sleep'.
wenn, Patna In the Bark Mid Loin..
COillti ye them., P a tie nail'. dormice' over
the .whole body, from sudden cold, 'infra
frequently.; If • neglected, end in a im4cotuse of Ye
sm. Lose of Appe- tlte,nerteplng nen
. ration ofeoln. over the body; M e t tles . -
nest, Headache, or . weight t i the bend.
all In der m an a torY
_. • 11l Worms It
.Children or N,
tar, , LTr'7,lll!=g 4 4711
flesh I. heir. too numerous e' to MeatiOlll to UM advertise
%weal. ;Dose. I to .1.
The Llver.lnvlgorator and Family _Ca.
thartle rills. are rotated by Mordant generally, and
sold wholesale by the frade in all the large towns. .
p. T. V. SANFORD. M. DI,
335 road w : **4" "" .. I' V CU'r.
y, eW 0 •
''.Fur sale in Montrose by
eep2o's . 9 Jy - ABEL TURRELL, Agetit.
Scrofula,or King's Eyil l
i.: a constitutional_ ' disease, a corruption of the
6'. rod, by I which this fluid becomes vitiated,,
n eak, and -Poor.: Being in the circulation, it
:wrvarl .q the whole .body, and may burst out
o di.if,e on nny part of it. . No organ is free
:1...m its ttetchre ' nor is thereoite which it may
nut ele-) ' trov. . The scrofulous taint: is varionsly
cateted by imtreurial disease, low; living, a5...1-dere.'
...I-dere.' -or unhealthy food, inimire air, filth
- inel -filthy habit.", tha ileMee•singl vices. and,
a , ove all -by the venereal infection. 'What
ever be iti-origin, -it. is heretlitury in. the con
-tit-whin, el:ern:Th(l4lg ~ front parent:" 'to children
it .to tint thit a an;l beirthgeniTat iiiii ;" indessl,-
it seents t'o be the roil. of Ilint who 5ay5,..... I
-will ,visiti the' iniquities of the fathets urcat
thetr iltililrea." • • • ' . • • -
if...Z.::1171)ts coarrne:te by deposition fi s om the
Mood of corrupt or. uleerOus matter, which, in
the Iting.4 liver. and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and , : on
the ailifmie; eroptioas or sores. This foul car ,
minion; iVhieh genders in the blood, : depressn
the energies of life, so that scrofulous, coustitu
theas not only stilfer front ttrrofralutis coin
. plaints, hilt they ha\e far lee p - >wer to sil-th
'stand the : attacks of other disease,: ; cause:-
, -
eitently, l vast ituitthers pefith' by .41n:orders
- n Mich, aiiiiotigh not iterofulous in theirmature,
' still kend'red- fatal*: this .taint in the
sy-tcuit. Mo-t of the Coi4empflort : which de
cimates the human faini y ha omits origin directly
in this srofit) , lll4 coat ottiout '.•,n : and many
dostruoistesliscasesa the liver, kidneys, brain,
: end, indeed, of 'all thi : organs, ar:.;e,.from or
rare aggravated by the same cat:so. \'‘. .
One qu i arter eifl.ll' our peeple are serofedote,;
their' persons are ineteled by thiS halting in
feetion, and-their health is nedernibied by it.
To clezies!e it from i 11..., sy-tem ;ye must renovate
The blood lay an alterative inetliyier, ion! in
rigor:AL. 1 it - by healthy fond Eit d exercise.
linen a tr.ctihrine, we supply in ,
- •. ' 1 I • ' AY.liat'S • '
rf •
k,onipoinui - Extratt of Sarsapailikr;
the most elfognial' reniedv which the medical
.kill of eir times cal tievisc.for this - every -
where pr:vailing and fatal malady. It is corn- . •
biped from 'the-most active remedials - that.have _
' d i sorder
cliscurcrt.4 for the expurgation of - this foul
'disorder froidthe blood, and the resctie" of the -..._
system' from its - destructive conscquenci. s---:
hence if should be employed for the cure . of
'not Only', scrofula, but also those other tam.;
Lions which arise from it, such as Ent:rine .
and Saitr • Disissus, Sr: ANTSIONrA FIII , t,
Rosa, or Ilnysirtzss, Piumns, Pcsrer..ra;
131.orenis,Ttisuss and Bolvt, Tosmits, Tat-ran
and SATIT R111:173I, Seu.nJIEAD, RINOWOII3I,
. Burt: lIATISSI, : Sven lime and IslimettUlAL DA
indeed,! ALL COWL/ MSS ARISING . MIMS vim.-
. TED on /31rMyr. Butioo.The popular belief
in ~. imp'urity of the blood " is founded in truth,
foi scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The .
particular purpr,se and 'virtue of :this Sarsapa
rill-a-iS to purify and regenerate this vital fluid; •
Without which Sound health is impossible in
contaminated - constitutions. - i .
are so composed that disease within the range-of
their:actidn can rarely uithstand or crude diem
Their penetrating properties searldt, and cleanse,
and invieorate'everv• portion of the human organ
ism, 'correcting its 'diseased ac,tion, and restoring .
its healthy ritalities. -As a consequence of these •
.properties,. the invalid who is bowed down with
pain or physical debility is astoni,licd to rind his
health or energy matured by a rcuittlY at once so
simple and iun Ling. .
Not only du they cure the cteryday complaints
of every Lolly, Cut alma many formidable and
dangerous diseases, The agent - below named is
•pleased to' - furnish gratis my Amirican Almihae,
containing, rert itieat es of their cures and dircejons
for thrir ow in the folloming complaints: Costive
nos. Ilearthnen,lleadaehe raising jinni disordered
stomach, Nowell, Iniligt, , t Pat,, in andltorhid
Martina ot Vic:Bowels, Flatulency, Lass of Appc
ate, ,Invidiee, • anil other kindred complaints,
Srisink from a loss state of tite,body or obstruction
of its functions. •
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
you Tim RAPID CUII.I, or •
Coughi r , Colds, Initoeuzn, Hoarseness,
:Croup, Prcinchitis, Incipient Consnmp.
tion;and for the relief of Consumptive
Patients fit advanced stages, of the
. .
Siu wide is the field of its" usefulness audio :tu
morous are the rases of its Cures, that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub
licly:known. who have been restored from ramming
'desperate diseases of,the lungs by its
;tstt: When once tried, its supericirity over every
gher tiaedieire - nf its kind is too apparent to escape
:One:lotion, and where its sirtues, are known, the
ouhlie no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
'or the didressing and dangerous affections of the
4thona'rs organs that nre 'incident to our earante
twiny inferior remedies ihrus upon the
simninnity •haac failed and been discarded. this
has gained:friends by every trial, conferred benefits'
sn 'the Wiliam' they can never i fiiroet, and pro•
hired cures too macrons and two remarkable to
belurgot!en. , • . I —7!
ragrAngn ItYl
: R. 3. C.. AYER & CO.
LO .
iy EiL, MASS.
A. Teianal:Montrose: A: 1 1 : MILLER. & Co.
Gibson; 3. HOSFORD, Yriendsville; Yovso &
Mani, Summers; Ina Scorr, Springville r; HAY
DER IlnolitEßS, New Milford; J. 1 . Cknuste,
Great- Bend; E. 11. Guow, Glenwood W. H.
THAy.ER; Dimbeic; Evros &IMoxe.tir, Harford;
and all"Drogglsts. • (mh9.l.y*
THE enbacriber continues t he above, business.
as - usual' at ,his old Stand in Brooklyn
Thankful for past favors ho would solicits a
shire of the public patronage.
Brooklyn, bitiy 18.59.-=tf. -
FLOUR, friah ground. IN/asses and Su
gars. cheap. Just. received and for ati/e i by
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Corns. Try it 'vAtso Meyers Rat and Mice
Exterminatar..soldfiy, . .I.•LYONS & SON. •
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loway's Ointment,prid Pillet; Judson's Mountain
Herb Pills, and nearly all the Medi:lnes adver
tised; or in. the market, are for sale by
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Mountain Herb Pill:
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Twitter, a Chief of 1 tribe' of the etrange.Aztec-Nati.wt,
that oat* rule 4 End a full amount of
hi= and hie people is oar Pamphlets sod Alitasacy- 7 to
be haillgtatia,frocu the Ageata fbr themt Pills.
The tnientor and inaanfaetn!er" of 1 • tidsen's Won.
tofu lferb Pills,"Ass spent the grestic part of Efe In
Ira veto,. Initial TiOl4o naarireverjr 'country in the
vnirkl. /1. 11[411t-tlPer,l.lX yuars avenag the lislians of
the I:why I.lnuntalniaad of Mexico, anal it was thus that
Alia, 1 . llorterst.i ifsone Pitts" were lief:overt& A very
acenunfOr his adventures there, ion *sift 6sor
in nor Almanne and Pamphlet. •
11 kan I..taHished feet, that ail disease. arise fr.ns •
i . :ttpll . n i r. BLOOD .!
The leli,d.riFtlio dire ; atni ohm, any Toni,-,nor c
treader gets ;mit ed.wilh it, It hi at once ilditriLidk to
ar=o-4.4 tier body, Ecery Dello reels the "
• arid corso.4 .I . IIICLIJ N'i ao.nd.
1g ill .not IL. hind perfect,Y, The liner cr.
eucrolo a 6tyticiiitcy.A4 The action.of the hoar( be
renloAcit, and >4:filet circulation is fri.b!, Pie lunge
liiii.onno> matte r; Ironer, a
ii•Azll—'nod All (rams sight imputify at the fountain.' '
bead of life—the Blood-I .At if you had . ileroiyojdinew
earth, - for inetance. In a - punt Mini which ran a
tiny tirulet, in a few minutes the whole count of this
strrarn belArem, dinturbed and diaCcioreil. As eri,ltly
1:14.11 iMpure blend ay to every part, and leave Ito
behind. All the paeragee become übstrueteit,and untere •
the obutruction in reaohred, the lamp **life noon-dile, out.
-Theta pine sot only purify the blood, but rermerair •
the secretions 1,Oly; they are, thereforeconriralled
. Jiver Complaint, Sidi Readache, he. 71ht
expels frota-lhe blood the hidden- needs ef.div
ease, sod renders a4'.the fluids and eeeretiona pure and
clearing Ind risitecitotiog %hi' vital organ,.
PliaaanSindeed, to on, that - we ire able to place ,
within your reach;St Bee the ...11octerani Haul
rata," that will peas. difeetly-lo She afflicted part.,
through the blocid Arid Saida of the bedj, and me.,
the muffing. to heighten will thefluah of briuty wool
areithellest - Rensedy in exist
enee for She Allowing Complain/It: .
Bowel Contplainit, DeMlify , inward Ireakarsr, -
cibaphs, .livief and Ague, :Usti Cousigaints,
Pads „Hawk Omploinli.,Leteneir f. purer,
Owe Diseases, Headaches, Pita,
Cuifieenees, indigestion,' Sioniaeuf dried.
• Dyspepsia, ..leffecenct Sos'sidio-y Sywp
Diarrhea, ~. fejtiimatraimi, ' tome.
DflanYi •• • :* 5
' • •
remake *be tali* health,- stiiiold naves be without
thaw ma. nil parity tba blood, amine obstructions
of all kinds, clowns tbetoklu of all pimples and blotches
and bring the rich color bt health to the pale cheek.
. The Planta and Herbs of which. these Pile are
wads, were diseorated to • very eurprirlog way. among
the Teznearot, a tribe of aborigioste Su Mexico. Get the
Almanac of our. Agent, stud you will Had with delight,
• the try interesting account It rentable of the " GIUUT
Ithmut" of The deem. •
•Obeerve.—The Nointtais Hat, liTte,are pet sip
Jkaatifid Wrapper. Lick ban:Wane ea"piate. end Retaa
at RS casts pee , bar. maim arm the rttauthere rf
a. L. .777DSON Ca r ole tadfol. •
B. L. JUDSON, & Co,
No. 50 Leonard street,. •
- •NEW PORK. . '
up. Agents wanted arays—Addresi am .
'SAYRE-Ar. BRO., Agents, Montrose. (decil
A Benevolent /n.stituficni established by gm
dal Endowment, for Ileßelief of the Sick
and , Distressed, aglictecrivilli Virulent and
Epidemic Diseases, and especially for tit
Cure of Disarms of the Sexual .Organs.
MM EDWAL ADVICE given gratii, by. the'
Acting Surgeim, to. all who apply by letter,
with lidescription of their condition, (age, aces.
pstion,' habits orlife, &c„) and. in cases of ex:
treme poverty,modicines furnished free•Of charge.
Valuable R.eports on Spermatolrhces, leapt&
er Disease's of the Sexual Organs, sent to theaf
flicted in sealed letter envelopes, free of -charge.
Address, Dr. 3. - Skillin Houghton, Actingßar
goon, Ilosvaid Association, .No. 2 South 9th-et .,
Philad'a, Pa. By oider of the Directors. [oclB
'The isecreLelue to courtship, love
&. marriage: with the diseases lad
- dent to . yeiuth, maturity and old age;
being' lights and shades of married
life, its joys and sorrows,.'hopea
• q 3; !ft'•' fears and disappointmenta. Let all
married people, or those contemt:dating, mairiaga
and having the least impediment to married life r
read this book. Let every youngman and woman
in the land read this book. It is full of Plates.
and discloses secrets that every one should know:
a little knowledge 14 first may save a World of
trouble in after, life. ' - Send for a copy (enclosing
25cts., to t • DR. %Vat YOUNG, .•
ap2B Y 1 - 416 Spruce-st,.Philadlphiti.-
1 / 4 1)6E0.g-retie di aeries of the Jupaneeey
and East India Medielnes;with full direction's - for
the "contain cpro of consumption, bronchitis, ca.
tirrhs4liighs;col4 asthma, fecors;lieart disease
a °cola; cancor,dispepsia, - liver complaint,gravel
and _urinary i deposits, female complaints, &c...
Illustrated with h Ondreds of certificates of cures
and engraings. For the purpose of rescuing as
many:suffering follow-beings as possiblo from a
premature death,- it Will bo'son' to any part of
the continent for 25 cents, by " DR; BEATH,
oc2i4v) 647 Broadway, Blew York. City.
- Solitby A. Turrell, Montrose; Ilayden Bros,
No . . Milford; Mathews, Scranton.