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Thursday, March 1,1860.
They .Are Dirintouists;
Republicans sometimes complain' because
they are spoken of as disloyal to the Constitu
tion, and are charged as having con tri bu
their doctrines'.'and teaching; to such 06%-
rages as obi Brown's invasion of Virginia.
We have no. desire to treat them otherwise
than justly, or attempt to fix upon them re
sponsibilities which do not fairly attach to
them. Mere policy, if we were,governed by
no higher considerations, would prevent
, us
from preferring, charges which we could not
We believe the charge'of disloyalty to ...the
Constitution, and of treason. at heart to its
proviioUs justly lies at the door of • thaße•
publican party. The Members of that party
—as' an organization (there being of course - ,
many honorable individual exceptions)—are
not willing to discharge in good faith all,the
duties-imposed by all the articles of that in.-
rrument. If they are in faior'of the Union,
is i:- without the Constitution upon Which it
is..founded, or at least without a faithful fa
fillment of all i 4 obligations. Wherever this
Itipublign party has the power, it interposes
obstacles in the , way of obedience to theCon
stitution.and tl3O federal laws founded upon
it. It pa s ses State laws to prevent the esecu
tion of the' Constitution and laws of the Na-!
firma] government. It resists in every mode
coiasi,tent . with - personal safety, and . not
.openly incurring the penalties of the criminal'
law, the plain commands of compact
%Lich is the basis of the Union. - Thin is.
treason in fact, although it may escape in
:dietment and conviction as such.
mo establish the trtith of our remarks-and
the justice of the charge against the Repub. -
titan party of disloyalty to the Constitution,
wee, shall only refer in this article to the ketion.
of the, Republicans of New York, dnrirlg the
session of the Legislature- of 1859. A Re
publican Selent_committee,of the•Aisembly,
appointed by
,a-Republiain Speakei—tbe
same t entlernan who has been - re-elected
Speaker of the present Assembly—reported
to the house what they termed a ` Pansoxst
LIBERTY the provisionsof iirktch con
tain rank treasonable sentiments,' it proposing
to nullify the Constitution and Laws Of,the
United ,States. We give a synopsis of th•
infamous bill, the whole of which we have
beftife us, but is too lengthy for our columns.
1. The let, 23, and 4th sectiont utterly
renounce and set at defiance the jurisdiction
of tlie Foderal Oovernment and would punish
by a fine of $l,OOO to $5,000 and by impris
onment-from 5 to 20 years, eren a:U. States
Marshal, who should attempt .to arrest on a
bench warrant from a U. S. Court 'any noto
rious offender under indictment for counter
feiting or any other crime—or any officer or
any other person, who shmild deprive any
one of liberty except by "the usual process
and forms force,by the laws of the State
and iA.sti.d by the Courts thereof." The laws
and process of the Unite 4 State's are ignOred.
The 31 , section gives "twenty. perempto
,ry challenges" in a neoro.ease,"iti addition"
to• those to which a white:man is entitled.
It also provides "a trial by jury" in fugitive
Clara cases, not only against the plovisions
of the U. S. Constitution and Laws, but
filSO ' defiance of a decision of the highest
jadicial4ribunal of the State, that such an
enactment is unconsitudonal. •
3. The Gzb section in the face and eyei o
the Constitution of the United States, enacts!
that slaves coming into the State with or with.
out the consent of their masters, "Shall 14
free." 'The, Constitution: that in the
latt e r case they "shall be delivered up," 4cc.
4. The 7th section is a repetition of the 4th,L
and makes the arrestof a fugitive slave, even:
under legal process, a felony.
5. The Sth section gives a fugitive negro,'
who is arrested an action for damages against
the tinted States Marshal, Sic.
G.-The 9th and 10th sections have the
, disloyal and treasonable design of preventing;
Judges or Commissioners from executing the
laws of the United Siates,•under penalty of
losing ;their office.
-7. Tue 11th and 13th sections ciepriVe tbe,
White party to certain legal proceedings o 1
counsel and provide for the BlacE party,
counsel at the expense of the State.
8. Section 12th infamously •punishes any
officer of the State for aiding -in executing;
the hits of the United States for the retu
ftwhive staves. Under it the Govern. - -
could be criminally r, onvietod, should ho or-1
der out the militia to prevent a Jerry rescue;
or preserve the
,peace and execute the U. S.
.F.:trch are the infamous provisions of a billi
r, pored by a Republican Select Comtnirtee
of a R.pnblican Assembly of New York.!
• But 11.:s is not . all. More `infamous
On final passage
; in that body, on the.Bthl
- of Apii . l , 1859, it .nceived - 84 Republican
- vote', and. not one Democratic: rote. Only
one Republican voted against IL • 4 .
*One of the members who voted for this bill;
in 41,e last Assembly„ was the Spe,alter of the:;,
House. The same gentleman, notwithstand-;,1
ing this treasonable volt., has been elected
Speaker of the present Assembly. .
-Is it not fair and tight to treat the Repub.;
lican party as disloyal to the Union, so long
as it advocates 'measures, and passes laws of
this description ? .Wa-inbmit to any candid:
and hOnest man whether a party voluntarily .
placing this position, has any.claim!
to be regarded as faithful to the Constitutioni
tad the Union I • - * •
The action of the New York Republicans;
is but a type of: the party wherever it has
power-to enforce its - dogmas. This may
looked upon as a sample of the-laws that
Sewardism would force upon the country,'
in the evetrs of the success of that demagogue,
who now oispires to the : Presidency. It al
park pass laws in defiance the Conttitu
tion, th,ey would dahvy it if they had tbel
power ; even if a resort to civil warwas nec e i.!
sary. Is not such a party made up of Dis:'
unionists t•
sa- We are pleased to learn of the in
cteasing prosperity of the _Beam. River .;n.
rtitute, at Clarerack, N. Y. .Professor A.
FlaCk is doing well his share of - the -Educa
tional work: See" advertimement in another
column. •
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Opposiliou Statto•Conveutli
. 1 .
Thle Opposition State, Convention
_Met at
Banishing on the 22d. Ex-Governor liplloat
presided. The day and nigh, OHM o?clock,
wass*ousumed in discussing the Pte.idency
and "General Cameron, the Convention Ifinally
declining for Gete. - I,oattieron by a vOte.rof 89
tiy4. 'The result - was not throe& about
without h stoim. At the adjOrnmen4 reso
lutions were pending relative k to the elction
of delegates to Chicago., One proposes that
the Convention elect all the !delegates' with
positive instruction fur Gen.. anieron. l The
substitute proposes to give tc?'. electiou ,Of the
Congressional delegates to the people a the
ieveral districts, and recommends Gen.lCam
eronlo their support. The first sill, cou rse q
be adopted. - 1 . ! I
1 ,
. I .
next day, on the third ballot, Andrew
G. Curtin, of Oen:we county was nUrninated
for 031;ivernor. In the selection of delegates
to Chicago, some of the disttlets were left'va.-
cantjo be filled by districts-,-`but ertrd wad.
takettto fill a majority ofelistncts with iCam
eron'S tools, and pledge them all for that cor
rupt gambler. , Theis ihis Caine=
put his party in hi* pocket, :
. to . be used, or
sold to the highest bidder'. I - ' ,
, ,
,„ .
A VLERICAL CENSOR FALLEN.- i. 1113 ttepu u
'Book State Treasurer of Maine has rbbed
the Ttiasury of nearly one . hundred and sixty
- thousand dollars. •The delimiaent, Re ..Mr.
Peck,f - was one of tbose pulpit cerf4aa who'
are went ,to preach against the corruption
and dishonesty of the democralic party and
- urge - „their flocks to oppose it as a Chrietian
duty.,, He bitterly. fought 'the Maine Drituoc :
racy +nth in the' capacity of minister and
editok:and enjoyed a goodly4licg.9l;phinder
at tbelands of the Republicans. T his than
is no s a defaulter to the amount above s ated.
. i
At i t'he last Congressional - Ott' ion kti Maine,
'te newest ; was ' Pry close between lthe De
m rats and Republicans in three tt . ',Odgres
% c
siotiab'Districts. The .Republicans saceeded
in eaali of o tbetn by a veryl few totes, the
plurality `i. , one of the-districts being but
.sixty-three rtk - a vote of 'about -14.,0Q0.' As
usual, to cover`their own misdeeds, the Ro,
publiaans rrtiseeces of bribery and cone!).
tiow against the Democracy. was evident
ly the:old "stop thief" dodge. to the plaving
of whibb our Republicanfiiends are expert.,.
Elder'Peck. has novi "let tke cat out of the
bag" entirely, and arr ugly looking speOrnen
of tbajeline race-At is., There l l 'is no need fur
down - tent. The Bangor (Me.) Unien s iemitrks:
" We are informed - 11okt Pea l k has\inide a
statement to this effect: That! be expended
thirteen-thousand dollars to elect Danis \E.
Somei;:lin the first .Congressional DisOict;
eight thousand dollars to-elect Ezra B. Frenclt
in the is third ilisirict,; and -fora , thousaitd to
'elect Stephen C. Foster in ihe,aixth dis iict,
and eleren thousand more to one of the most,
prominent Republican leaders in the State.
Here 4,e have an account of $36,000 of the
State's:: money. ' What say you, vote a of
Maine,;basit been spent to your iatisfact en!"
~.. , ~„,
WAtitiiNGTOtt'S Biftrit IJAY.-7—/ni3 'nfuser
sary of:the birth cifWashingtort was celebra
ted with much spirit, notwithstanding a ter
tilde storm of rain. At Wasbingtoti, Nile
Equestrain ;Statute of the grbat states an,
was - inauguroted with' imposing ceremonies,
and.ani eloquent oration by the Honorable
nig:in:La's S.Bacock, of V. There wits a little
civic and military display, includi ng the
Seventb.Regiment from Nor R ork, and nth_
er companies from Boltimore Washington
and Riblititond. In New Yoik4Boston, liar
tisburg,', Baltimore, and Other Points, 'salutes
were fired, .and the day was kishered in by
the•rini,ing of bells. •At Il+i,buri also,
the Farewell - Address was rear before both
bronchia of the' Legislature ; he. Governor,.
Heads of Departments, and a crowde d` Hall.
The COnticiloofPhiladelphil atit in the Com
mi] Cbuncil Chamber to
,isten to - the read
ing of the Farewell Add J ess -by - the !supra:
ble Horace Bintiey. A Convention ;of-; the
soldiera of the war of 1812 was held atlthe
County ; Court House. A State Convention
of old isoldiat *as also held al. Harrisburg:
-The diiy was altogether Observed with much
more than usual spirit. - r •
.._ •
A bo I Ohili the Franh I og . Privilege. •
Th; :opponents of tiro Pecdocracy: hive
from time immemorial advocated the Aboli
tion of the frankiiig,pribilege, and made the
House Of Representatives ring with eloquent
denunciations of the., system,-,. and Setting
thewsetves up, on this and other questions as
the only true and real-refortnersii But when
ever brOught to the test,'tbeir action ismever
found .to correspond with their professions.
The laSc instance of the iesincer'ity of the Re
publicans may be seen in the vote 4:lf the
House f rori: the bill above referred to. The
measure had beerradopted by thy Democratic
Senate; but when it , came up In therHouse
it want; rejected in 'the. Committee of the
Whole),;by a vote of'.oo,tin 1,12-.-tiearly two
to one. i_ol3, eonsistent,'reformog, economi
cal Reptibli . ctinsl When were:you ever known
to-supprt a good measure 1 \Ey it grOwling
about, the expenses of transporting the Metts,,
yet_ ref* fo the free matterlwhich
makes 'nearly of - quite .otie 7 lialf of this etitize
weight:.!. Who'tiouldn't be a Rfnblie r f aa 1
- A Boons Fuoinvz ram St.s.v'Ear.—The
habitants of Portsmouth , N. H., were fevtired s
last weft by, a call from a brigh t ,
smart look=
ifig negrp .whil repregented iiiinseif to be a
fugitive slave direct from Maryland. 'He
called On several of our-traders who responded
liberally to his call. At about car tine,lol36
of our liberty - loving citizens , learning . tb t a
fuiitive:, was io town:.determined to eee, hbi .
before be left. He therefore, in greatib4ste,
' reacbecli- the - train just. in, timel to giVe I the
'"nugget from Aftie.a" 4 "qu,arter,7:and t o .
bid bit* God-speed in his iinclirtalcing. it
now seems that this same " fugltiven• ~ - - a ii an
imposter, trisiort by tbe•copftilence of any 6-
---13ostiin Traveler._ _ .
'Roil err! Cottaos ) rtrresurto,
This lid - pitt - ler - thstitution for the
t j l edocatioh of
business:met3 ,has, for the kat r yestri.sthod
prP-emiiient, for .being- the • !argot end' moat
iborongt Cotomereial School oil the ;(1 bid° :
. .
PEN, PASTE;- AND 'Benton.
A tieNi Republican p . nper Ina been
"lituted Milwaukee - a;
~117 ankle nailed the "lirlpreeiible
, .onfiict.
A Washington letter says tnat Torn
Uyei is in Washington atid. purixrmiS giving
Sparring letisons for the special benefit of Con
San- Antonio (Texas) Men
tians-xt gentlituan who,took charge 'ef a flock
of,sbeep in ]856,-valued at $4600,-lind that;
by diffidence and i'end - fortene,' h s d made
that stock worth $40;000.
.:The explorations of dri f t. i.ade,ef the
South American exploring e_xpeditizotiebrive.
been extended to the headwaters of le Par!'
aguay, two thousand miles above tide-water.
Coul oil wells, ►imilar to thole found
in Pennsylvania,
.have' been . discovered In
Trumbull County, Ohio. The diseary was
made . by a flurries in. digging a
Kentucky Home of nePresetita
tives passed a bill on Friday,-'by a vote Of 77
to 5, providing for The removal of "frett';oegroeti
from that State. •
1 . .
, grog'
. BO
y ad-
people of 'Meng° are? taking
'daps . to memotialize'Congress• to e,tibliah_ a
Branch Mint atAhat place. ) •
Loiaisvile•Journal, one :'of the
-Southern allies of the 13Iack
speaking of that
_party, says: " The ►isiioo
.orthe patty is fulfilled. It has 'no finger a
decent pretext for existing. Disbandajepthas
in every point of view beCotne_s parrot:mint
duty , '" •
....We find' nothing of itterestrAo our
readers in the proneedings of the Legtslature.
The mernhers hare hum, regaling theMselves
in several "pleasure excursions during the
past couple of weeks, and consequently have
done but litle mischief a(tfieir poses,
....The Democratic National Conven
tion will assemble-in Charlioton, S. Cit on the
23d day of April. - Judge Sthalley, of Ver
mont, Chairmaniof the National Eiecutive
Committee, is now • in Charleston, - arlianging
some matters preparatory to the meeting of
the Convention.
- Fred. Douglas (black) and SarahTarker
Remond (also black) have lately l:gen ad•
dressing a tneetiig at Wakefield, Ehgland,
and uttering there .a farrago of abolition and
abuse of the I.7ni'ed States. Varions gentle
men entitled" Reverend" ,participated in the
blasphetnotrs proceedings. .
At the last term of, the Cumberland
county Com t, J udgo Graham; a t ALM instance
of the metiihers of the 'Mr, made are, order,
requesting the CoMmissioners hereafter to
prohibit the publication, in the newspapers,
of the names or the jurors. The , reasons for
•this singplar order. are not
......The stately darries • of, Edward 66
Yourth's Court roso with the lark; dispatc hed
their.dinner at• -14 o'Clock,.and: shortli, after
8 were wrapt inslumber. - In "The North
umberland., House Book fur 1512," We are
told that the family rose at 0, breakfaiited at
7-, dined at 10, and supped at 4, Thei gates
were closed at 0.
As an illustration .Of the ,vicissitudes
of fortune, it is stated that -Leonard AVells,
who was one of the wealthiest men in'llud
soniNew York, a few .years ago, is noitr ped
dling candy 'irk Albany. He had acquired a
fortune of *70,000, but lost it suddenly' . by
railroad - inveArnents. . , t 7.
....the'Te'cumsetryesterday took ;down
a fami!y"o l f,six perioni- 7 mul attoesz-on their
way. to Helena, Arkansas, to enter agafn into
the service of their old mas ter. They were
manumitted about six years ag o, since tvlaeh
time thu have been living in NewYtirk, and,
now, stiStike as it map seem,. having ;tasted
of the sweetie of literty, - voluntarily return to
bondage.—Oin, Corn. 13th. • •
.. A fashionable young-lady lateli' went
into astore - in Norfolk, Va., entered into an
extended examination of i•s conteota, and
then bought a dime's worth-of thread, Which
she requestedio have delivered at her house,
a . mile ,distani;„ The, polite proprietdr as
-smiled, procured an express, which, otil arri
ving at the house, wasbacked up to thd,door,
the tail-bOard lowered, and all the mOons
incident to express business gone thiough
with, including the collection of fifteen "bents,
the usual express charge . . •
....ltseeMs that. the People's; Party - in
Peonsyivania is beset- with secret orghtiza
dons, which are endeavoring to'control , l , it.
The Philadelphia nab American sap.;--- . :
"These clubs are nativistic in their charitcter,
oath-bound and exclusive ; precisely like the
Know ,Nothing concern-which the people set
tled-so effectually; proscribing everybody ex
cept their own members. and reittictitig l their
member.hip to the important pdliticiani on
ly." '•
:.From California dates.are reevWed to
the 30th ult. Min:Dense • memorial,f"con
. a hundred thousand rignatures; had.
been fresented to. the California Legislitture;.
to prevent the further immigraticin'of the Chi
nese. The telegraph-on the.overland . route
bad been finished about two, brindred
beyond San.Franeiseo.
..We had a number s of sympathy meet
.here for John Brown not long since, and
wedo not know how much money - was raised
for his family. Now, why cannot we shave
a sympathy meeting . for the, "poor a bite-Shoe
paker," striking against the aLasiery of star
ration wages. L-mot in. Virginia, , -nor South
Caroliits, but down in Massachusetts
....Theseductive coact man in the Lemo
ine case in France has been, engaged for' a
Patisan cafe at a very high saloy to "draw.
custom,•and the establishment is nowi i run
down with customers , every one of whotri wil
lingly paySiextra to have his- ctiqe - ptiorei
out by the illusttious ex coachmen of Mme.
L.:moine, and ex-lover of Angelina. who Wears
his white apron;
morocco slippers and blush
ing hniters as modeStly,as could lie qpl4,cted:
....Black Republican Forney., Black Rei
publican-like, has .beitowed the greater ma...,
jority of the offices in ,his gift as Clerk of the
House, on Black Republican office seekers,
....The Adjutant Gen. of Pennsylvania, in
consequence of the' previous neglent - of as
sessors, county commissioners, and Itigade
inspectors, to make proper return., is not able
to furnish the neeeasary arms for tbri'pres
ent organized volunteericrce.
• • ...At the late.caucu . s of the RePublican
'members •;If . the New York . Legislature; Mr.
Sevsions, a leading Republican, ii reported to
bave.said, " they had got a Republican. Pre
sident elect.',atid would need a million of
dollars to. accomplish it, and he . thoOght it
their duty to, b "
e looking around,to see : *here
1 t w
ias to. corns. fro th .
. ,
...The editor of the Beaten Argos, a
gentlemanlin ill.h`ealth at the t l iene,.hasbeen
ananlied in *cowardly manner; by -a son of
Gov. Reeder; on account of, some strictures
upon -the actions, of his father. It.seems the
son is abrutal, coarse and `indecent &nip( a
fellow, who has learned Oa \ other wey of
treating a well merited' rebokOthawlytntin
wait for an invalid with -a - club. IYhf don't
the N.Y. Tribune take up this affair and band
it down to its black posterity, Witb
.`the im!
Mortal Sumner. Hickman, th Co.
.... A lot of Helpers Compendiums, sent
Ely the Black Republicans to one of their
emissaries, at Maysville,. Ky., were disposed
of in a very summary manner. - A constable
went to the 'residence of the emissary and
demanded the book; the 'demand was not
complied with, but, the- possenor agreed to
make.a 'Ware of them, and the); were .ac
-corbingly burned: This cannot excite sur
prise.. If the work thus burned presented R
ealm, rations! view of the subject on which
it treats, it might be different: But when it
stigmatises the people of KentaCky aid other
Sou therti States as•:' robbers" and "murders,"
and speaks of the negroes being "glad of an
irkportunity tq cut their master's throats," we .
cam let-wonder'that they should determine to
Idevectits ,circulation. Self-preseriedos is
the first
DEFEAT or OORTINA.I.II. the 26th - of
December, rbattle took place between•Cor
tinas, the Mexican bandit,rwith 500 men and
a, force's& 150 !Jolted States troops, and a
body.of Teian Itankers, commanded by Ma-.
jor Aeintzlercian and Capt. Ford. Cortinas
was totally defeated, and routed from his
possession at Grande City, 'w ith for,tror
fifty killed and many Wounded: The 4mer
loans had sixteen wounded. • -
- .
—On Tuesday the 14tb, inst.,. Stephens and
Hazlett, the remaining prisoners of the Dar
per's Ferry raid, were found.guilty, the for
mer of %/king and conspiring with slaves
to rebel and make insurrection,' and the lat
ter- of "murder in
. the first degree, in wilfully,
feloniously, and 13f malice' aforethOught; kill
ing -and murdering George W. Turner, Foun
tain Beckham, and 'others ; " and were sen
tenced each .of them to be hung publicly on
tho 16th day of March next, between
the hours of 10 O'clock P. M. .
The trial of Benjamin Reiburn for the mur
der.of Susan Emma Kimble,at West Chester,
Pa., terminated on . .Saturday, in - the jury
rendering a ;ndia of murder in the second
degree. The actor in , this fearful murder is
bat sixteen years old, and - the murdered girl
was but nine. ' The victim disappeared in
October .brat, just after being seen in the
field where Reyburn .was .plowing. Subse
quently her body with marks of violence, was
found in a mill-pond. On Rayburn was found
blood, his shirt and Pantaloonebeing
marked with its traces. Yet, according to
the testimony, he had done a full day's ,Work
at plowing; bad gond to a religious' meeting
on the evening of the•day+ of the runnier, and
acted. througbmit in wonderful consisteuey
with his protestation ,of innocence. He ac•
counted for the blood by. saying that his
nose Lad. bled, a matter not difficult of be
lief, as be was plowing land both stony and
stumpy, and where the handle of hia. pkrw
might at any moment have oece.ioned bleed
ing at the nose.
--- •
The question of conferring upon oegroes
the right of voting, is to be submitted to the.
people of New York at the next 'general elec
tion.' The resoltitions Co. amend the constitu
tion so•as to make them voters, sanctioned,
by- the last Legislature'• of that State, have
passed the present. Assembly, as we learn
from the Albany Argus, •by an' iiffirmatite
Republican, vote of 70, only five Republicans
voting in the negative, and having been ad
opted as one of, the planks of the Ripublican,
platform, will doubtless pa.4s the Senate.,— ;
This is the third rtepublittan Legislature of
New York which Las formally adopted .an
amendment of the organic law- putting ne
groes on the same footing with the whites in
the exerciae of the right of suffrage. Od the
first occasion - the resolution•was lost in the
-labarynths of the Governor's chamber. Last
winter it escaped that peril, and if now atiop
(ed by the Senate, will.go before the people
for approval or
A: WM:CH.—The Auditor appointed to die
tribute the assets realized by the assignees. of
the Bank of Pennsylvania, made his report
last week. There were $7,942 10 for distri'-.
butiOn in the hands of the assignees. Of-this
amount John Fainum rk-Cri. are allowed $2,- .
613 - 05..
-The aim of $4,449 o 5 is swallowed
up in commissions to the assignees, fees to
lawyers, and•other expenses, and the very
contemptible- sum of 8 - 11305 61 is' awarded
for distribution among the poornote. holders.
We cannot specify. what fractional part 'of
one per cent. this may be, but it must he al
most infinitesimal. Even. this poor thirteen
hundred dollari, is not to be allowed -the
note-holders without a fight. AitorneyOen
eral Knox claims the whole of it, and much
more, on behalf of the State, which, lie insists,
must be paid in full before other creditors.—
'What a miserable wreck has been made of
this,banit; which four years ago was supposed
-to haver a magnificent capital !'—Sunday Dis
Scctionn!inn CosigrerN.
The Black .Flpublican papers are com
plaining bitterly \over the manner in which
the standing comthittees.of the-Senate have
been formed, and allege' that 'Senators from
the Seat(' have been placed at the• head of
all the -principal Committees in dist body.
Here is a list of - the chairmen of the most
- : important cominittees, whicli'is7now being
published to prove that the.DemOaratic party
.has been sectionalized , in the Senatk
Foreign Affairs—Mason of Va \Soutb
.CommerceChty; of AL.:..:Stmtli
Post Office—Yulee,of Fla. . :Soto
Territories—Green, of Mo. .... .. . Sou t b
NavalAffairs---Mallory, of South
Judiciary—Bayard, of Del.. ?. ....South
District- of Columbia—Brown, of Muss.. South
Now let us, Ook at thir sectionalism df the
Republican. party in the House. There are
thirty-seven standing comaritteesin the House
of Representatives,, thirty-one of which are
headed' and under 'the the dontrol of Northern
-rneinbers. They-are as follows; •
Com meres—Wasburne, of 11l . North
Post Office—Colfar, of Ind • .. .:.North
District•of Columbia—Carter, of N. Y. North
Judiciarp—Hickman, of ... North
'Naval Affairs—Morse, of Me... North.
Foreign Affairs—Corwin, of Ohio.. —.North
Territories,—Grow, of Pa. _ North.
Ways and Meatis—Sherman, of 0hi0... North
Claims—Tappau, N. H.....• • • • North
Public Lands=-Thayer, of Mass. North.
Revolutionary claims—Briggs, of N. Y. North
Public - Ex pendi rel.—Haab in, of N. Y. North
Pr. Land, Claims— Waahim rne, of Wis. North
Manufactures—Adams, of North
Agricultorer—Butterfield, of N. Y... —North
Military AffairsStaiiton, of Ohio.... North
Militia—Tompkins, of Ohio - ..... North
RevolutioaryPensionsPotter,of Wii. North
In s valid Pensions...—Fenton ; of N. Y.....:North
! Patents— • Mil ward, of .. ... . North
I Public Buildings--Train, of Mass:. North
Unfinished Business—Logan, of M... North'
Accounts—Spinner, of N. Y..... r!... &alb •
Engraving—Adrai rain, of N.J. ..:North
Ex. in the State Dp.—M'Kean, N,Y94.North
• " Treasury Dp.—Loomis, of Ct. 4 . North
" War Dp..—Stewart, of Pa....,".-..North
" PostOfßoe DP.—ralmer,of NA'. North
" Public Build.--Brayton, of R.l.North
Joint Comion Library—Pettit; of Ind. North
Jobit Com, on Printing- - Gurley, of 0. North
Aar Daum POST, Ea+, an old , !relianown
and respected resident of- Montrose. died 9n
Friday morning leek _ Aged 'N. .
Ilou.owets Prt.t.s.-This great household
medicine ranks among the leading aecessa.
nea of life. Dyspepsia, bowel complaints;
and billions disorder 4 are common to,.;11
climates. %Tens of tboulmnds did ofthemi and
to suffer under theta inltheir clironic form
is living death. Now i id a fatii sus well es",
tabliiibed, as that the . lights the world;
that these Pills ' invsri6bly cure - the abdve
named 'maladies, Protean forms..
Are they not, then, artibles
.of Ohne necesii
ty f• And does nor tbelhead of ts family . wbo
degleotsro adMinisterrthem ter the sick of
his household, incur 41 heavy friisponsihility.
If ,proof of ' their efllcsry is desired, it . is-of
feted in the shape of : Toludies of authentic
testimony from every4stion oti thesface'o
the earth :..' • .;
ebllle.ll4ld - IPeure&= - 06 - iof the ' - greatest
Veinetileifthate'hits - ever been laid before the pub
lic, forTiver and Agui3,knd which have rec'vd
the highest encomiums froin the Press and tlie
TED BITTERS. - %Vhobwould ,'etidere the.tor
tures arising from this terrible dis'pase, when it
can be an easily cared f Who Weald endure the
'sleepless. nights, burning, fevers and icy chills,
I alternately, when a remedy. can beobtained for
a mere trifle? And yet how mani-families
ger out a painful existeice
.tiedelc. this deadly
Might, and 'de nothitig bit gulpldown quinine,
untrl it.becomea as common as their daily meals,
and yet they, are not'relleved: :gone but the
foolish andweak would hesitatete procure the
valuable Bitters, and• sa t e therdselv s es intense
agony. For sale by druggists everywhere.
}teed Advertisement oq 4th page. mh.
. .
. .
Diseases of the Chest and Lungs.—
Thesediscases are too well, to require a
description, How Many thOnsands are evorryear
carried to a silent grave by that dreadful scourge
Conanmptioo, which always. comMences with a
slight coulh. Keep . the blood pare' and , healthy
by taking a few dolma ofiJIJOSON'ii MOUNT
MN HERB PILLS each week, and disease of
any kind is imposaible. Consumpti4n and Lung
difticulties-alWays arise - trim particles of corupt
Matter deposited in tho arr.colis by bad blood.
Purify that stream of Breland it will very soon
carry (Aland destrY tho poisonous matter; and
like a crystal river liaing through 'a desert will
bring with it and leave thiamfghout 'the hody,tha ,
-00tnents of fertility in its dourse,catiaing the be
fore bdrren waste to bioalm with flowers and
fruit., so pure blood catinesithe frame to rejoice in
strength and health, andiblood with ontading
beaut _ auk
I See advertisement of
_Dr. Sanford'a - Lirer
Invigorator and Farnilyl Cathartic Pills,' in
another column., . aepli ly
Scholarships in , gny- of t4e , first•closs
Commercial Colleges in the ceuntry;furpished at
this office, at a large disciiiint frOrn;usual rates.
MeTican rflatlaug- Llniment.—/ta
wonderful effects and catisequent.impularitt—
perhape no article in the. history of •ffie Mattria
Medico, ever acquired thosache patronage, Was,
subject to the Alamo numebr of vevete anddiffer.
wit tests, and met whit sb few canines as the
Mustang Liniment.. It hall justly been styled
a Panacea . for all eiteroall Wound 4 Swellings,
Cuts, Sprains, ;Bruises, orlEruptioni on Man or
Beast. It is so far a medicine of snsptising virtue,
Ihat Physicians are cchnOetied to 'prescribq it,
and from some remarkabletwiresiof Chronic and
Distorted Rheumatic has nat ra I Wit trac.
ted much attention from the first:scientific minds
of the age'. No fatuity earl affoi'd to be without
a battle of the Mustang Liniment in: the hoUse.
Beware . of imitations. Tile genuine is sold by
respectable dealers in all parts of the world.
BARNES & PARK, Proprietors, •
. - feb23 4t cm • New York.
' --t-- ! -
A Mc t.t4a am' Costrounn
Sot.crion fur the PILE(, is warranted to ef
feet a cure every case, aid in all stages of the
disease, or.the money willibe refutided. L Full
dirrtions accompany each bottle.
Abel Tu rrel I, ontrosei; T. I. Babcock ,Di m
ock ; O. G. Hempstead, Brgoklyn; and Dr. J.W.
.I.yroae, Tunkhannm:k. agepts:, [deei lyi
- = , •
MoHat's Lite=Pills.—The high' and
envied celebrity which thi' pre-eminent medh
nine has Acquired for its irvariahle t efficacy in
all' the diseases which it professes fo'cure, has
rendered the usual practicelof ostentatious puff
ing not oaly.unnece,saary hitt unworthy of them'.
-They are known by their; limits ; their good
works.testify for them, and they thrive not by
the faith of tho . credelons. i In all eiscs of cos
tiveness, dyspepsia, biliousland liveriaffectienN
piles, rheumatism, fevers a d agues,! Obstinate
headichcs,and general der ngements of health,
theSe Pills, hvvoinvariably roved a certain' and
speedy. remedy. A singleitrial will place the
Life Pills beyond the reach of competition ifi the
estimation of every patient{ I
Br. Moffat's Phmnix ll i itters Will be found
equally efficacious i a ill c.vels of n ervom a debility
dyspepsia.cheadache, the sickness incident to
females in delicate health, sickness
every kind of
weakness of the digestive-Organs. For sale by .
Dr: W. 11. MOFFAT, 335 Broadway, N. V.,and
I by medicine dealers and druggists generally
throughout the-country. • I 1 - decB !y
F. D. WOOD, with hie ,CAR. is once
more located on the GREgN, opposite to the
COURT HOUSE,In 5101 i TROSE, where he
Will cheerfully wait Orion 11 who may favor
him With A call. •
Pictures in good . Cases,lso 'cents., Liberal
deductions far Families. 411 work warranted
not to. fade. NontrOtle, Dec. N. 1859.
WTI. 0. 0. - -F. Lecture.'
v''here will be a IPUBLIa
lecture delivered before the Odd i'ellowent
JACKSON, on Thursday, ,vening, Marsh let.
tar The PUBLIC are inrped to attend.
School 311eeling.--I,he'School Directors
of B ridge wati r will meet a V the Frank lin hotel
on Saturday, March 3d, at 'otie o'clock, p. m., for
the purpose of organizing, and the transaction of
business. - By order of the illuard. .
mh Ist M. LI CATL:IN.
. staistatitel - .
\\ln Kirkwood, 'Feb. I I th,l at iht; residence of
thir\hride, Mr. Mart Haydorq of New Milford, to
MisS\ Hattie Blatehley. i. -
• On tte c tlOth ult., by S. %if. Tewksbury, Esq.,
Mr. Leander J. Merrill, and Miss Julia A. bee:
man, ull oflathrop. ,
4011101:' - •
On the 115th,Willie,Neladn, ben of G. It and
Al miry Smith , sied tvrosears and flee d a ys.
.del6.l=lLi s In v ; •
. To Merchants - anTDealeri.
ITAKE this method of infornilv my many
kind and generous friel f ids atiVeusttintens
that I haveehinged my interest in the Hardware
Business, in New York from the house follrierly
Hunt, Thomas & Co., and lately is L. Hunt, at
215 Pearl street; to that. of " N
. .
' 23 Park Row, opposite tie Astor House,
where.( would moat respectfully invite 'old 'and
new friends to call, or sendltheir orders, which
will tie gratefully received olid Promptly filled.
dip addrest will boat M ontrose, Pa. until the
let of April, andfrom that limb till June, care
of above House, or Lawrence, Grigijaadt Kings'
bury 46 Courtlandt street,'N': Y. City. •
mid* . • •.•mu C. TvLiGe.
Anditoris Notice.
THE undersigned will mfika distribution of
the assets lathe hands Of ttle administrator
or Abel Rice, dec'kathis offida l In Montrose on
.Ssturday, the 31st, day Of. Match next,. at one
o'clock, p..m.,at which time l e ld tlace alrpersons
, •
interested will present thei i e aims, or be for.
ever barred from coming in ppoil said f00d... -',
mhl 4w FRANKLIN F4ASgit. Auditor.,
MCC°llum & Searle,:
Montrose, -Pc Of h. 111`L,athrope Dew
battling, over. the Back, feb 23
r• A. m'cou.lo4, ' r. R. •RAILT;t.
Iltlti,ll4/ both April 13111, 1800.
'uoptird *Tintless Fourteen instructors.
14 weeks at' • or Ladies desiring to
tfddibatiVer institutei tench, furnished places.
citiverseir, Write for q Catalogue.
New York. Bet. 1. FUCK,-
march Ist, 1860.4 w - Prineipal..;
noAmotrara scampi., • -
—• • t
rl-11S SCHOO,L'iiill be' opened for, the recep.
1 tion,of/Stries and Genflemen, oq theptif
day (Wednesday), of February, 1860. • •
• TEltkle of TFITIGF. -
P'rlinary Branches per Qetr of I,l'weeka, $ 3 , 5 0
Common ""• " w., "3,50
Gothmon and Higher, u• µ
, 4,06
Higher English, " • " 5,00
Lessons on Piano • " " ~ - 10,00'
Use " of " gßo
Ornamental; and Classical , Departments, extra.
The Principal • his had much experience in
teaching in New York and Penn's for the hest
• ten ears, in 'Common, as well as select, Graded
or High Schools. References given if required.
N.B.—Board at the boa(diug hall, two doll's
per week. Lights and washing extra
)Payments to be made quarterly'in advance. .
mhl ly E. W. ROGERS, Principal.
REH AINING in the Paid Once at Hontioaa
Pa., Fob. 15th, 1666. . 1
1 -
Gecltgo N Addison . j J Hickok
S F Basset • ' - i D N Heatoll -
Miss Jane Bell . ' 2 _ iHonryiisuniltott
Mrs Augusta Brciwn • 11014 Haight -
Ch.irles HBrooks Thilmas Jackson
~ .
M P Cooke - ' CII Loomis
•Ecnanuel Dade - - - -• Ellis Jano Die Adonis
JacOb Denny . - ft A McGill - -
NM Anna Denham Moses Reed
S 1.) Pellet Read&' Nicholson
filre . Lumina Gordon • Doci Sanger
Albert Goodspeed Alias S W Sherveoikt
Portions calling for the - ginoxe letters please
say advertised. I'M J. WEBB, P. M.
. Adudnistratoiq Notice. _. •
ETTERS of administration' having been
grantedvapon the estate, of Edward Corn.
wall,: late of New Milford, decd; all persona in.
I .,,debtrd to said estate are requested to make for
payment; and all Niving claims against
the same to present them to . -
feb23 6t* • Jotorsos A. COnsgra l t.r., admin'or.
.- • -
and limo) wßjEAT„.sord 6y
M . ontrOse, Pe. • BALI*IN & ALLEN.
THR aubacriber , having sold his Farm, will
sell at Auction, en Monday, the sth day of
lidareh,•eomitecciiig at 2 o'clock, a. tn,, the fol
lowing propeity, viz: • • •
One yoke' of Oxen, 1 Horse, I I Cows:B three
years!old Heifers, 3 two years old Heifers, 23
Sheep, 3Wagons I Cart,Plows, Harrows,Sleds,
Culttrator, Fanning Straw Coder, 'Corn
Sheller, 1101'88 Raki, two Potash Kettles, and
smaller Kettles, a large, quantity of Milk Piths
and other Tin Ware, banels, Churns, Wash
Tubs. 2 Coo'king Stoves, with Pipe and Furni•
tune, parlor Stove, Tables,' Chairs, Bedsteads,
&c., a quantity of liarness . and Old Iron, HAY,
StraW, Potatoes, Turnips, and other articles too
numerous to mention. Also a Horse-shed at
the Baptist Meeting House!
, .
-. TEILMS.—Nine, months' credit, with intents
'and.aproved security, on all sums over $5.
. Forest Lake, Feb. 15th,1/360.3t '
SITUATE IN JESSUP, one mile North of
I.ttbroiis Lakes, containing 102 acreN.7.o of
which are improved. Framed house and barn.:
Price -1500. $5OO down, balance on time to
suit the purchaser. In possession of L. Stowe.
M ontrose; February 16th, 1860.-tf, ' •
A STACK OF HAY for; sale -
rrii!p.Fllol.oF W. 13:;A:11. S. BANDRICK
Iff this day dissolved by mutual consent.
The Notes and Account's are in the; hands or
W. B.4lbildrick for collection. • • _
' The: TANNING 'Business will hereafter be
carried-on by W. 11 Handriet.. •
Springville, February, Bth; 1866.-tw •
Courts of Appeal.
T .
HE Cornmissionors of Susquehanna County
love fixed upon the ', following days and
dates - respeetively, forbearing Appeals from the
Assessment for 1860, at the Commissioners'
Mee in Montrose, to, wit: . • .
Auburndessup, and Rust;—Wednesatty.Feb.
29th. I. , • _ .
. .
• Ditiock; Lathrop, and Springville—Thursday,
March Bend,
. Gt. Bend, and New Milford—Friday, Mara 2d
Hartnony, Oakland, and Susqueltann Dor& -
Monday, March sth.. 1
, Ararat, Jackson,. and Thontson—Tiesday
March Tith. ° •
Gifford, Ganda ff ,Borough, and Lenox—Wed
eaday, Mareh.lth. •
Gibtion, Harford,' and . Herrick—Thursday
March Bth. -
Bridgewater, Montrose, aod•Brooklyn—Fr
.day,y March - 9tb.
. By order of the Comrnissiodera.
. W. A: CROSSMON, Couere Clerk.
Com;ra'.9lfice, Montrose, Feb. 2d,"1860.
' • ' At DEIIIOCK, Pa f
IA TILL commence March sth 1860, and con
•V V ; thine ten weeks, •
• -
\ : 11 1 1l eetellergit
8.3[ STONE, Principal of the Academy.
Prof. EAL KNAPP,- of Skeneate les.
Prof. J. M. WATSON, Ekieutionist, and others.
Lectures wilt be given dining the term, eithe
science; of teielting, aid other subjects, by -dis
tinguished men.\The limo has been changed
from March 19th, to the tlth, in procure
the assistance of Prdf.,S. W. Clark , Principstof
CorttandAcsidemy, nod author of Clark's Gram
mar. He will be here at the commencement
and-give the teachers tied this° preparing to
teach, ti therough , drill in the science of -the
English language. -
The Institute and Acadetnical ,Departinents
will be kept separate ; 'the Profs. aervoting their
time to the. memters of theJustitute.
EzrzatEis.—Tuition - for. Institute, • . 5 '
For Academy same rate ai heretofore.
Board, $1 60 to 111 15 per week.' .
Those wishing.board, or rooms to brilathena.
soiree, will bo.providettfor by calling on, or by
'addressing , the Principal. lam out of towp '43 , n
Saturdays. M. STONE,
I . DinttNk, lreb:l4th, 1860 , 4 t Prireipsit.
//tithe maUei'pf ere estate of Harriet - C. W hilney,
, • 'deceased. -` • - ••-
irOtirundertiigned having been appolatedAu..
It - Pilitor in the 'above estate, by the Orphans'
Court of Susquehanna county, .to report a die.
.tribution to and among the heirs of - said dace.
dent, will attend to the duties • of his- appoint.•
meht on Friday, the. 2d day of March', 1880, st
I o'clock, p. m.; at the office of W. and W, 14.•
Jessup, Esqs , in Montrose; at whitit - time all •
Wsons having claims - upon the fund of acid es.
tate, are required to present them or be debarred
front coming in ter. a•sbase of such fund. • •
._ • A:I.FREDJIA,ND,, *Auditor .
Montrose, Feb. 2d, 1860.-4 w,
A ...0 A R: D .-
• -
rylitEßE:bavini i lae . en unavoidably considers
.1, bFe dbubt in, regard to . my' remaining iti
charge of the Suaqtabannatjassical and Noma]
School, I wish- to draw the attention of the pub:
lie to the advertisiirsw.nt in another. column, and
to state that I than \ contintie to give myself
faithfully to the intimation of all who may place
themselves under o y charge. , . ..
1 . • : IL BRODHEAD.
Sus. -Classical. and Normal School) .
. : Jan. 20th, 1860., . • i . .
AT•TIIE - • •
11 "t e r. ; 011 MAIN stuns:mi.
rri HE extenkive IFernitore Establishment of
•,1;: 'Sorra RitotnEns having been refitted Sind
_greatly improved, the proprietors:respectfully
ann'onnre to the citizens of Slontrt?se and vie's-
By :that they are constantly making and keep oo
; . hand the LARGEST and BEST assortment of .
To be found In the Country..
--: We give the following list - of some of the ar
ticles which will - will at greatly reduced
plies, for Casit or READY PAY:
Ileresas, INslnut or Jishogsny,. with glass,
(teat $l6 to $35. , , • •
• . Bureaus with mMble orbroratello fop, from
$lB to $24. ../locl a largo assortment; from $B,
$1111.1f2; 14. - to $lB, • •• -•-
Wash Stands, Card Stands, Corner and Square
Stands; orall varieties and prices f from 75 cents
to 'ten dollars.
Desks, Diviqui ,TOVvel Racks, Footetoida, - Otto.
mans,' Lounges, &o.: . •
centre, pard, • Pier, Toilet, ;Pining, Kittliscr i
an4,'Extenaion. Tables. ' _ • -
Chairs—Cane and Wood Seats, Roekeri--
Cane; and Wocd Seats, oT eVerrvaricty
Si•faß, tete a tetes 'furnished at short notice
at Newyork pekes. • •••
N: 'Ready mide coffins 'on baud or,for.
Bibbed at short notice.—Hearses always in
readiness when desired. •
• We enploy - none .but Cm:SFr!. and Exrzel.
slicer) %Varicose.- We - intend to do our Woes
WO.L, and'aell it tie LOW SS it can be 'afforded.
j A. SMITH,.
. • - E. 14. S3lll'll. -
14bntrose, Jan. 18th, 1860.--tf. - -
T. f iRRY not by tbe.way-side-:—.bdt hasten to
!' the Head Of navigation and get
. , •
0neric),1.164,2 1 • .
lhar, : can be had at any BEER SHOP in;Penn'a
I ara'bound . to makelit an object fob CASH buy
ers to leave Aheir Ishillinip with me; and not
spend thorn for :lazy trash—Wulf—the fag ends
of Peter Funk Auction Shops—which make a
Big' Shon, on Band- Bills.- Don't be humbriged
by three cent handkerchiefs; sold only to Weed,
but come to t e -',
one door below Tarbelre Hotel and buy Soo►
GOods at New-York P ri ces,e
Calicoes, Licking, Shectings, all godd Goods..
Excellent Teas, 40,50, 60, and 75 cents:. Bing
hamtna price - 4s: ss: 6s. and Els. 12 1.1 - Pounds
nieary Sugar for 81,00. Box Raisins, I s..Soarp
Starch, Tobacco,.&e., &e., all of which I vim.
-eel! to suit the closest.- • „
Jaoary 25, 1860.) HENRY C. TYLER.
N.4l.—Don't forget the place ; the oats Store
aBoQE Mulford's,'Ne. 2 Public Avenue.
A T a meeting of the .ALPHA EPSILON
held On the 91. h ult„lt was,-on motion
Rqole2d, That, as many of the Books of the
Society are gone; and a.number were taken un
der the mistaken idea ihat the Society was to
,be diScentinued, we'request all persons having
books belonging to the "'Society So return them
withciutfurther notice or delay._
_ • -
Published by order of the A. B. Society.
jan26tff) E .E.'LTorg, • Committee.
. .
FivrilElßS and Mothers, Brothgrs
stud Sisters, and all others interested.
will please take r4HTICULA n nirtief3 that
Eitairta, .
the 011 ow that comes round once -year to tickle
the children, •is expected along soon, and has,
agreed to call at Bullard's Book Store 'arhersibi
can find 7 -
• . • For Girls and * Bel's. .* ,
Also, !a Ens lot of Gift Ilooks and Annuals, die l .
such old Santa Claus will surely be plesstd
PleAtte remember that the old, fellow will be
round: a few days l eather -this year than tumor,
as Christmas cornea en Sunday, and will try to
finiolthis travels to all - the Bale Girls and Boys
Saturday night.- At the Montrose Book Wore.
Remdmber. A. N. BULLARD.
Montrose, Deet.llth, 1850. f .
Ready Pay, and Stnall PKOlitt.
r3r BERRITir has now. in Storo and is
Ili making large additions to . his stock of
would invite the attention oillPßOtarr,ii VIRG BUY.'
ans, embracing the most 'desirable' varieties of
In New Styles of Rich Fall Prints - and Plaids;
in DeLiins, Venal Plaids, Pliin and Plaid 31eri
rlos. Mohair Clothe, Ginghams, anctSi I ks; Broths,
Stella, Cashmere, Silk, and Wool Shalls; 'Rich
Ribbons ' Bonnets, and Wears, Net; lioods,La."
dies'- Cloths, Broad'Cloths,'Cassimeres, &c..
With !s full m ent. Of
!Staple andTancy Goods, -
ail, inctuding
Groceries, cockert, - Hardware,
IStoves, Irois,. Steel, Nails,-
Boots and Shoes, Carpeting; Floor Oil Cloths,
Painted Wiadow Shades, Wall Paper, 'Clocks...
Drugsi !Xis, Paints; Furs, Butfialo Robes, dtc,
The entire.stock being large, and bought for
,C i tsugaill give a superior opportunity for choice
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N. ft —Flour'. and Salt constantly on band. ,
•= New Milford, October, 1859. ' •
IVL Pottensill'ar. co., , •
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Sfonirose, Ps, 1 . 3 . ALDWIN & ALLEN,
Auditor"' Notice.
FOR 1800.
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