The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, November 17, 1859, Image 3

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    i t,-Tr See n•icerils ,, ment of 1)r Sanfere's
i r eizorsti,r •• Cathartre .
Yillh in
annt.l, , •r col qinn.. seri ly
• of Lrctitres..—Thi ft/111114-113g,
nan l,l : v. ;;1!3V• Ind'ore
for •••You;,;.; AZ..3Ut ritac".•.uf
—• .
Lev. I). it• 'A Ora rn,
Rev. T r. 1511.
cm is ER:, Ite,tou. Mass., Pee. 26th.
line.tcg N, City„ 4...
rar Other% rtmain yet to be heard from, '
A. N. 111.71.1ARD, Pre:Up t.
G. W. TYLER. So-r,tary. [eov e
*eh of si r.hip.. in Lowull & Warner' , Com •
nlendat:Coliego„ at I3inohamini., and In the Iron
Cit Cotteze. sold a! lids i•frier. At a ,lisconnt.
1:1 - trb En 7 of us and from $5 to $l5!
4 ..utlice.—J. 11. Jt.Couum. 1 , Montr,:e,
i3rlicerxthe''third lecture before paroek High
._!;ello+,1 Literary As...ciation, in Academy
• Hall..Tnestidy eve. Pte
Nov. )0111. he lirt. G. H. iliake*leo, Mr. 11. M..
4 4+,.nr. piineipal of th« fi;Erlod; Iliyh Moo) ; to
Nii,s 0. E. of Dirn‘,ck.
In Lerlynnl. N,AI Lord,,n e,ountf, Conn., Cul
Morgan-:,..,_n 5(1 veanC
Montrcuse, Pa.
W. 1.:, the undersigned, eertity Ora we were
ir.sured in Fire Insurance rompanies represented
11; Mr. Billings .:Itroud, of Nlontrose, and that,
having.Jsuffered lo,s by fire while so insured, we
were:severally paid by Quid companies to the full
extetit of eau elairris; and have eonfide nee in
him as a.good and etreetive , a,7eut.
3.0%. R. DE.WiT - r„ f ZIP RON roan,
1.1:411nor•& DEWITT% H. J. %Virus;
F.I. CiIASDLER, 6 J. I.,yoPc &Sox,
Montrcqe., Ps...Ectromber 14th, 1359.
which "war. adi rri;? ed to take place on the th
Ls been adjourned until the 2lst. ins —Monday
uS'fir,t.week of Cotirt.. .IAMES,O-f EN.
Etidgew.ter, Nov. I.7th, 1:459:1W - ,
r i ll-IFI biihest market price wilflie paid by the
_L sub:writer. in
for aayAoatttity of . Ble atid o.a. Is delivor.
c-,d at the 'Moot:road Depot.
31oney wig Cc, left with B. CASt, the '
Freight agar, to pay for the g.rtdri deliler.-
lilltroie, Dept. Nov. 17th,.tr. f 0,19
D ACONG the Post 05ce at Montrose
.1 - 1, Fa.. Nov. lath. 1859.
I, vi Rlack, Mrs. Sarah Brown, Albert Bushnell,
i-s Marzaret Brady, Miss Letitia Buckman.
IV:.ntin H. ertythrrl. S. P. Chase, 3, Mrs. Es Cleveland, Joel Cozswell, Miss H. J.
Cory. -
!•";•-•: itschei Dcnn, Mi.,. Julia Dmlia
FiCri, D. Ferris: • -
r c unn
P Denj
Csa4acr T. larrinee. Mrs. Augusta Leach
Liryz., Mrs.
!4 . A.A. R.-c. T. A. Mills. John Mac
airs, Mitss.Eiiea Meaaa, (star D. -Mare% Al
D. D. Ttr , & -, er, Mrs. A. W. ite>,
Mii-e S. NV Stiere. - orea, Mre
Ctr-kr4.-e Sarlinx, S. -E.
.F . ,..:,rzer , t. 2.
1 - 4.l r unorde . l.
tr 31iuerra Whitrnird.
fortipt ah,•re please .say
J. WI:RB. P. M.
S. H. Sop-o &Brother,
ay N 'CA CT ( . .7R fr: R Sz,fri
cror inot., of nti kinds, 'Tin and
•r: Ag,iyultarzf Inipleiments, and
rfr. - 1•3 Dry Giiodt‘ Grocer:re, Crockery, &t.
I'fiftPOSALS a Brick
fi,.rough Latin's ! , for the
in iz..a,t't phice
the tiriit day of Dee,ener next.—
"Th ; n snott.:6,ll:mii fig tit c tri
.as Lilo 'i t ilfice of tYrri & l4rm U. Jesup,
• ; an. to be directed to Wm 11.4eis
• the buiidioz committee.
Csai-mait of Burldirsz
St We .1.E.: , , z1;.1", Si Ntrt 4 gtrY•
Pa. Nov,mbor .96,1859,3 w
The Official " Payer of Co,ngreas.
pilbj‘b now my ' annual - Prospeetus of the
Globe. and the Congressional Globe and
to reniutd-eab , --eribers, and infiirm all
desire to subserilte, that as Congress
the firi..slond.aV of D.-et:caber, 1 shall
publit,hfng the :iboro named
",.• They hare'been published so long, that
-• men know their rharseter,nlnl there
- I -teem it needless to give a minute 'aeioant
` - `l,- kind 1 , 4 a -tatter they sriWc6nrain.
Dai!r Globe Wilt contain a report - of the
- - ves in both branches of Congress at taken
reporters, equal, if not superior to any
Mlud - writers,.in this, or any other country
.olty of them will, each, be abie to report
m. 10.000 hour, - while the aver
;--- spokea.%by - Ghent) speakers rarely
7.500, When
,the de'batea of . ,a day do.
inc,re , than -45 columns, they appear
Globe of the nertsmorninz, which
, ontailithe news of the day. and iditerinla
event k ... , .
;., cut.gtesattal Globe' and Appendix *till
-,17, all the .debates-in Congress, revised by 1
, FEr.iters„the Messages of the President;the
..1.•• of the Department*. the Laws passed I
to be printed on a
Inyal ',beet, in hook form, royal quarto.;
4 e it number enntainiu,s sixteen pages. The . 1 !
itttake 3.800 or 3.91)0 pages, the long'
waiting that nateber ; the,nex
„„ *ong One:
••;;"4,E !1 : 1 session will-be en unusually in. I
candidates fur Presidot will
mil),,- end, thriref , wrr., the
.end tly on such pelitieatgne:i•
thy. finer:Vs - public ?pin ion on
the ,e bir be wilt be - the only - pa - 4
Ch lrre4Ritielit (.r • _ be,l4'btailaeL'
thro - no, anu 4ppeodix as
- - , NN—Daily Globe (Intirnaiv,l9.
Congresl Globe tke .. ""ion, - $5
T - - ndix. • •
eopteq .
~.4 n plid•to aPArdel: I
11. th e , - .n.n.ess ancom.
- '
eurrttt,ia the
tf-sitiot., taken - " Pre `" e '
Ems eurrrhi ,„ ''...obtage stamps
j oifx r. i ii 4 . 4 *. ' -' F.tvld or it
mr. 3231E1.21. - AFt.t r *P r i"-
- r 6 jubt receiving* lois sock,of NAWsistoves
inutuding alai) sussortniont of . , - - -
I Cooking, Par/or. .office,netud 814 , 0nFes,
'for . Wood or Coed.
rte More Tubes, tee:
,111! , z ~ , . 1 His sssortnient 'rill include kits az,t sekoAtisaid ,
ND ill till' ' Al "' 15:7'' Pipe.
' ' - .
....._ , I dositsbir siores in ounitet, 'sod Ind tio mai iit. l
p -- ' l-) C51: 2 1. Ari r aijr.j4o.. 1 - - 4 1 Reined Prietts,r Cash or Pl_rasspt47%.:
ie; voc.iimiri,e c i olli:ri rer ante i U.. t.'l .-.1!1"l e Miff d, ° ,11 . 5 . W Ist ' 1869. '
\LO v vi9tRANT for -160 sires. For ustEgjoa Ground Coffs• Le egtAmC°4llll'
~ ~ vriquir« 4. 4.4.Grrrittioli et die °Two • - ac e , - -c or s a ii,l4 " ..4. LYONS& 'SOX - , ,
~ • • kr,L . ../ ,,, i, Di tativrit or dine or Wrest' , -..
, „Lz• %.ntri..i...•,, a ' '
..- IRA COLE. -.i SALT, b, thoo, 4amit, ,
&et or Pound, 4 t ,
1 •
zgu...ft 25'1. Q -74'a—it tee* ABEL W.
[ ,
• .
•". :,11 ,
NO . 'a .
12.1 r ~7"4 ,* .- : P. ; •
12 of 1% , ASII I NGTON - and EV4ItETT, ludo.
ding a viow of Mount Vernon, in the engraving
of Waabinton. These splendid engravings are
from original paistings by nicks, and are earn.
red on steel in 'the highest style of art. Size,
Sz3s inches, or six -square feet, each. Many
inferior pictures are palmed off upon the public,
Qs works of art, but we paid the first. artists a
high price to produce firat.rate pictures.
, The N. Y. Observer soya : "these eugraving: ,
are genuine works of art—the likenesses are ad
mirable. Mr. Everett's portrait takes precedent , •
. I "
The Christian'Advoeste says: 0 they are among
the finext engrat'or- we have ever seen, and the
tehlishe'rs are rexpon , ibre for their premixes.
Tra'altp., aknoat gr.ti‹. Nat pa'd, in rollers
either regrowing and a $3 magazioo,-1 year, $3
Bah " .. '4
Agents remiting $3O at once, 2 extra copies.
Maeszince are Harper, Knickerbocker, ('rodeo,
Mantle. Blackwood, We pay the money to the
publishers, who mail the Magazines. Cost of
en ratingsis paid by difference between whale
and regular price of Magazines.' Pictures sent
at once; please state when you prefer auk flag.
to begin.. Money at our risk upon proof it was
mailed. First pictures beat, so send early. to
0. H. BAILEY & CO.,
oil Xtlp) 643 Broadway New York.-
HE subscrthergi have .this day returned from
1. Nog York with a large udditinn to their
stoek•of WA'ItliES, JEWELRY, and FAN
CY GOODS; our purchases being made ex
clusively for east; we are enabled to offer our
customers great bargains. We take great pains
in selecting such Goods as the market requires
and will sell them at prices that cannot fail to
le satisfactory, EVAN S & ALLEN,
No. 2 Odd Fellows Hall.
Binghamton, November sth, 1859.
"( 1 7[TATCHES—.-A large stock of gold and sil
ver Watches of thebest makers, many Of
them of our 9u -n- importation, at prices much
lower than have over been sold in town—War
ranted good time keepers. E..i A.
—Also, Watch Chains, a rust rate assortment
of GOLD Fob, Vest, sod Guard Chains.
'VAR Rings and Breast Pins—La beantifu) va
-12.4 riety, in setts double and single, consisting
or-Pearl, hit, Cameo, Lava, Coral, Florentine,
id °talc, Brilliant , Enamel, and all Gold, various
patterns and prices. •
FINGER Ringo—Diamond, Opal, Pearl, En
nmel, Ji,t, andull GOLD, a great variety
from $4O down.
OCKETS-:-.s. very fine assortment, GOLD
_Li and Plated, I, 2,4, and 6 faces.
ILV ER Warc—a large stock ofateri;ngsil
ver ware, consisting of spout's, forks, la ves
claps, cake, pie, ice cream, lAttter,& fruit knives,
chi Wrens setts, napkin-rings, Card cases, etc.
11101 a LATE!? Ware......Castors, cake baskets eard
. feceivers. tea setts, ice pitchers, sugar has
lets, saltcellars, lurks, spoons, toast racks, gob
lets, etc.
upplv, of ivory style:—
tome %ery rich patterns.
LOCKS—Eight day, and thirty hour cloaks,
a great variety, warran;ed.
not- t) EVANS & ALLEN.
At Montrose, Pa., for 1859. -
rir HE trustees are happy to annout.ce to the
1 public that the next term of this popular
Ir,t,tution o iti begin on' ‘VEDNESDA V, ISO
VE3IBEk.I6th, 18.59, under the charge of
a graduate of Vote College, who has consented
to roinain. It bi now probable that there will
be no interrnptiin of the regular sessions of the
Institution_ The' trustees respectfully mfry
th.. patrons of the school, roui others. to the lob
testimonials trout the President and
Profess.irs of 'Yale Colleee; to the present proo
f). rite of the school ; snit to the highly compli
it, wary resointions paoltd by the students,
cominer : datory of tie successful administration
of F'rof. 8., and expressing their gratification at
the prot+ect of a CODIIDIL/1013 of his raluab!r
YALE COLLEGE. June , 24. 1859
Mr. Harry Brodhead, :a member 61' the class graduated at Vale College, haR held
a high T. TA is tl:e.elass a‘ a f , e.ooler.. So far a ,
I am acquainted-with it, his moral cbs Meer, and
habiLo, are trroproaehable.
_ . THLOiOgE WoossET, President.
Brpdhead, who belonga to the gradu
ating class ut 1339 - . has shown .himself do
ring the two years of his connection with thl
college. a eapabts and successful scholar. She'd
ho apply himself to the work of instruction.
have no doubt of hie ability to justify th, confi:
Bence and satisfy the expestatiotiortiny who
mat:avail themselves of his services.
Jks.. HADLEY. Prot. of Greek
- Brodhead of theelsra of 1869, in Yale
College. is n goca:l scholar, and has a superior
mind. I bave little doubt he will make en effi
cient and auccesaful teacher,atl can recommend
him with great confidence 'that he will not die
appo:nt his patrons.. Noin POUtER,
Prof. of Philosophy and Metaphysics.
111r.11. Brodhead has just finished his course
of collegiate education ,and recieyed the de
:ree of Bachelor of• Arts at the annual :min
mencemtmt. As he proposes to be engaged for
a time is the business of traching,he is cheerfully
ree , .mmended by the undersigned as a person
well goal. Bed by his schola Minn and attainments.
by Itis,citrisfino character end deportment to be
anecessful,in the instruction and government of
a reboot. Tutplas A. Titielint, •
Studenta may here be prepared far admission
in an advanced class in any of our Colleges, aid
_particular attention will be paid, as heretofore,
' to the thorough preparation or ALL wee waive
-[ MEAT, -
. Special instruction in the latter Department
aril/ be given during the enrumg term. ••••
The:Vett Books heretofore uecd will be eun
tinned in the'Schail.
Lectures' ou subjects of general interest, will
be deli,ered tiering the year. •
Price of Tuitioa per Term of Elereft
. *SAO
Priniary:Peparttnent, - -- -
la English Branches ind,Latin or Greek, 9.00
Latin and Greek, est 4,. - - - 4,00
_instrumental and ,Tocal Maide 1011 be given
if desired. -
There will be a vacation of tea daye, begin
ning December 241 h: the term to consiit
Students within; to proeure rooms or board
Can be accommodated by writing. to J D X; Le
gsq, and those wishing to board - lbein.,
can obtain stoles and furniture from
Masora. •Seyre Broilers, on reakinahle lams.
Price of board averimeeliorn $2.00 toll2,6oper
week. WM. JESSUP, Presitksif.
Hon. C. P. READ. liken tart',
ICtirienber 2d, 1f15.2.-10w-6m.
DAN AWAY from the ii`oh.eriVer. nn the 6th
Itinst. Shtiithy, an indentured.appfen
tiee to the farminebtiline;a. All person. 'ire
for hhlden litliarbot hint; 'trust :hid; on my
accouot;,-. 110 MM MEHAN.
Forest Lake ; No - v. '7th.,9
ALCOHOL — sid LIQUOR Barrels, sellable
for Cider and Meat,—Olt Barrels for soap,
-,--Goods-Boxes, etc, will be &dd at suet* in
the street, on Monday, Nov. Hlet, 1859. at 19 o
, clock. M. (it being the fleet day of Nov. court.)
Mat will keep full as well in ryas: ligner bar.
rels as in new barrels, end those few persons
who think differently. are in error,
Montrose. Nov. 10th, 185,9..2w
, 1 Evitabliiibed In 1831.1
_ Extraordinary Otter.
T/' HE FARMER is now admitted
to be the cheapest tigriculdural paper pub.
tithed in America. It is believed to have a lar
ger circulation than any similar journal M the
world. But there are thousanda of farmers who
do not take this-4pr sny similar paper. To reach
this large rings, although the„ Farmer is now
cheaper, t ban the cheapest., we have determined
to make it cheaper
Or before the first of Deeeruner, we will send
the Genesee Farmer for 1160, and the remain
ing two-months of this year (November sad
December), fur -fifty cents. in other words, we
will send the remaining numbers of this year'vm
Send the fifty Ms. in three-cent postage stamps,
at oui risk; or get one of your neighbors to
juin with you, and send a '
Published fur 29 years, in the very heart of
the " Genesee conntry," with hundreds of-the
best farmers -and fruit-growers,
in every State,
as correspondents, the Genesee Farmer contains
information of great value. It is the
And no effort is ;:pared to wake worthy of their
WHEAT CULTURE receives special atten
tion. Every subject connected with the, famines
vocation is discussed,
,Managetnent and breed
ing of stock, cultivation of grain and grass,
farm=houses, buildings, fences, underdraining,
plowing, sowing, harvesting, threshing, market
ing, dairy management, and every operation on
the farm or garden, receive attention.
Full and Reliable Reports of the Markets,
In New Y el l, llaeton, Philadelphia, Rochester,'
'Buffalo, Tomato, Chicago, C itivinnata, Live rpoel,
and Leaden, are -given each month; prepared
expres►ly for the Farmer by a g( utdernan of
great experience, intelligence, and aazacity.
ladies, too, write for the Genesee ratmer,and
furnish hundreds of well-tried and vahrable re.
cetpts. We clotign to nuke the volume for IS6O
decidedly the best of the series.
In Cribb Pretniurriii will be paid for the :realest
uutuber of subscribers sent in before the 15th
of Janunr.r.
Agents- Wanted in Every Town
SpEcimen copies and show•biils sent gratis to
ali who desire to- 'net as agents.
Besides liberal specific prenliims, mind, in clubs
of eight.-s 15 cent prernium i to each AnLvriber.
_VO w r 13 the Time to Subscribe
Rear in mind, all xiloliubscribe n,,w w ilt gu t
the last two m'orAlts this year for nothing.
Ody bo cents a }ear. Address
Publisher and Proprietor. Rochester. N. Y.
OF the best quality ever offered in - this or
env other market.
em Etrecitieltie !keit . itiprovemente Alen; the
`hest qualities of CAMPHENE. end BURNING
FLUID; LAMP - OIL cod LAMPS, in which to
I,6rn them. CANDI ES an 4 sticks, and every
that accesary for Licit ts 4 t.r e'e at the va
riety store of - ABEL TCRILELL,
nor drit rose.
OTWE ishiiretiv given to all peranns con
1. 1 1 nerned in the faf , nwino e‘tate... viz •
Estate Elias Steenback I. to of Gibson, Mary
tstl-enhnck adm'x.
Estate of Orin (.eater late of Forest Lake, 0.
Mott, Jr.. adm'r.
E-late of Abraham Taft 'ate of I-farford.Charien
Tincim , adorn.
Estate of raletildiller laic of ifllllllP . , Milton
Hunter adra•r.
&ante of Nathan Shipman late of Middletown,
- Fretterich Tatman exee`r.
Final : , ccount o? Peter R Vsnhonten, guardian
'Mary IL W. Vatiliouton.
That the accountants Itase settled their account«
,n the Register's Mee in and for the county of
Susquehanna, and that the setae will be pretten.
ted to the Judges or the Orphans' Care or said
county no Friday the aeetind day n( December,
Nast, for confirmation and allowance.
Register's Oifiae, ,Montrose. NOT. Ist, 4w*
DE f. N S ,
NEW . DE LAIAY S not all wool,
T 162 MiteSl?J'n
Prof. of Latin
• a limo supply of
Duraelts COCOALVE for the hair,
also, Dcdrininte's - U.D.11 WASH,
the bet;t thing for the Teeih Rod Guw, known.
And bouts of othyr GOODS---no time to
mention. Al) mill bo sold CHEAP foi the
FLESIII .13144;:r LUID and Cod
Fixb=--Prense.duoA ask to get trueted,
but. bring. Yonr, Sutter, • Eggs, Dried Ap
plera,it.c., dt.c... and get the wort) of your money.
Tobacco by the pound 10.cts. •
biontroie, Dca 21tb.-1859. .
?VIM recent cold wislbericsrus us that-Win.
ter will soon be upon us, Sod -all should
be properly prepared for it.
SOHN. 01107125; tie
desires everybody to, teatetabe.r than he is al.
wityiiesdy to 4411 work in. Ida line, in a astir
fattog rascier. -
CVTT:NG irtpirc FOR tb nipAiurr.
'dui/troy: OeL •
mouifilo On. palm
‘7IE-1411.. EVErt.ETTA WACO aeeit.
FL! rats photsgrafthie gentle-
Mall. 19 now readtr:lo4otelr, M4e.tte4utiftah
ixeca34 :Jo uir a minus; VoikAlo0 1 .41 04 : 1 411 31 ) -
leans 6rmmicit vovtop - bi s
_(iglllra eagoe bdr.
der.ritippted aftrt tlieitrattolKor , . Senotelcltieo
Ohba of from 5 to and f4".*".
tied the name as the Wattbingtan Pottlait— , one
dollar for 614 pita u re brdeteti,
wirittp) DEVEREAUX dr- CO..
*Ca 7.4ird.thrwit,-/tilldepeteL
Register's Notice.
ru - zt, of
I : t'e'a,"olol , L'47 .
NEW eons! NEW Doom
4 glaSeitbaUiß t k CR.,
Montrose, & Slike Depot, Pa
provided themßelJes
e r li tL inderitigned hare
which Lit Oy booit of being the
to this mic.tion of eountry
They Oa') flatter Ihenelves that they have
the best tmellities of obtaining
Srtsl) fromAt lirarkrt,
and are determined not to be undersold by any
firm this side of - IV: Y. City. In regard to
we would any that being in this busines largely at
24 Bey Street, New York City
we eau offer the public bargains not surpasned by
any retail dealers in this section, as wp can sell
here at retail prices as cheap aai those Art go
to New York and purchase at" wholesalp and
then bring them here and hvae to make a profit
over that which they hUvo already paid them
beiveß, Call an d see us and we will prove
the facts.
Mont ms , , Pa.; Ovtober 271h,1959
Executors l ßotico
WnEßEAS,Letters of Aclininistratien bat e
been granted to the subscribers on the
estste of 310ses istopard, late of the township of
Foreist Lake, deceased, all persons indebted t ,
the snidetrate arc requested to make immediate
payment, also all persons having just demands
ngainst the i•itme will plesse present them dill!,
authentieated for settlement to the subscribers.
Wat. ti A R VEY.
A BEZ ‘VIGHTAI A N •Elveat°r4
04. 21st. 1859.
SHERIFF ' S silts.
in Y virtue of sundry- writs Issued hr the i
LP Court of Common Pleas of Susipiehanris 1
county, and to our directed, 1 will expose to,' ;
C...'s - ,'
wile, by public venJue, at the ' art House, in
It ontrosexin Saturday ,the-19th dity of November. I
1850, at one o'clock, p. ut. the; following de....i
scribed piece or parcel of land, 41., wit:
ALL that piece or parcel of -land situate in
the township of New 'Milford, county of Sus
quehanna, and. State of Pennsylvania, bound e d
and described as follows, to wit: beginning Lit
a post. in the Cncheelon and Great thind turn
piko road; thence by jands sold to Park W.
Avery, south 44 1-2 deg. west, 90 5-10th' per.
rhos to stones, the east corner of lot No. 35 on
the map or re-survey of Drinker's land, made
by Jason Torrey: thence by said lot 45 1.2
deg. west, 172 perches to a post tti.d stones, the
northvotner cf said lot: thenc ley land .old to
Alexander tiltir'cy north, 44 I. ' dig. east,7s 1 2
perches to ii poet in the nriichite . of said r^a ,l .111.1
thence al In, the middle of sed road to the place
of beginning: containing 71 acres and --i.---
perches, with the appiarrettanw, one barn and
atintlitrdixaV aitiiti'lmproceilf,lEte the Mate of
Charles Tingley. Executor of Bomber Mott,
deCeased, and Lois Mott, widow. (Taken in ex.
eenticth at the suit of fah Eldwell, to,the use
~f Sarah . Mott vs. Charles Tiiittey, Excitant of
Ithorner Mott. deceased, and Lola Mntt, widow
mot devisee I ' -
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in ,the township of Lenox, county
of Susquehanna,-and State of 'Penrillvania,
bounded end described as. follows, to wit: it
being known as lot No. 315 on Drinker's mop
of,f unkhannock track,—beginniog at a stuns.
heap, the-north of land hereby convoyed—it
being the east corner of lot No. 316,..and West
corner of lot N0_314: thence by the Nuhtltwel+l
litre el the last mentioned lot, south -13 deg. 30
olio. vast, 13(1 perrlics to a post, on the line of
William ilartiefa- laud,- thence along said
Hartley's lirM b o i oh 44 deg. 30 thin. Wc..,t, 127
perches to a hemlock; thence by the Utt,llins .
lands north 4ti deg. west, 150 perches td a stuno
heap, the south corner of lot N... ail, mid tbetato
along the southeast line. of the sind last nteM
tinned lot north 44 des. 30 win. oast, 123 1-4
p. relies to the place or ticginnmg, containing
119 acres and 311 perches, lac the same more or
less, with the appurtenances, one framed house,
tw,, barns, one orchard, arid about 50 Mires im
proved, [Takeo io execution at the suit of C.
5,..1,,ha50n vii.. John Millard.) .
ALSO—AII that certaiireecMor parcel of
bind satiate in the township of Great Beod,in'a Co., Pa., hounded and described as
follows, to wit: on the north by lands of E.
& B. Hawkins, east -by laud it, the possession
of G. W. St. Clair cod Jerome Thomas, south
by land now or-late of Gilbert Hawkins, and
weal by land o f Drake; containing about
85 acres, more or less, together with the app
urtenances, a house, a small barn, some fruit
trees, and about 45 acres improsed.—Takim
io execution at the suit of C.S. Bennett to the
use of - Stillwell 6: Brown, - ra. Vliashkagton
Purchasers will in all Mgt* lio'regit'irNi to
pay, on the day of sale, an amount sufficie nt
to cover the costs of sale, otherwise, the proper.
ty will be re-sold forthuiith.
JOHN youNG, Sheri ff.
Sheriff's Office, Montrose, Oct. 266, 1859.—bi
Cut Wore E.peciallylo
gun - and 4rivACce of the react!
In the State of Poll ',slyly - atilt*.
rpllE undersigned has the general- agency of
1. this State for the sale of U. Glidden's Form
Pocket for Justices of the Peace. cent:sluing ab
breviated foims for cheering actions, both civil
and criminal, and all sub%egatint proceeding,'
therein; also bills for Justices' Constables' and
Witneties' Fees. being a coniplete„ guide to:
i/PW 43tie.e% and saving made labor and time to
both new and old, The work is highly rococo.
tnended by lions. S. 11.Chtv.e, D. Wil mo t, W m
Jessup, U.,Burrows, C. F. Read, F. B. Streeter,.
and uy nearly" .all the Attorneys of the county.
The Attorneys in their testimonials. stay that a
"strict economy, saying nothing of the gresteon
venience of the work, will, in oar judwaent,, ire.
dute.every..fustiie in the county to pure ,so the
hookas soon us it is examined by the*"
It is substantially. Boned, aNd 61X
quires ofgetiti piper; and is sold at thiaintform-
Price - of 46. Call and see it at the -Ittentrese-
Book Stine. crderit h l y mail 'from atif part of
the county-or state, ene the east; promptly
attended to, and; work sent. by einiestOirds
directed. • A, N. BU LARD:
• lifontruse,..oet.-ad,:l9.
ALL wanting tangs in a delightiaL ;climate,
rich suit, and secure from frosts?, *0 ad
vertisement ' of _ iennnonton Linda is adethei
. • „• • • '"'
- CHEAP GOO. DS 4.l '
QPI.ENDIDIfew.CheIis. Lawns,. itritiii,%.*l2l
1...7 Gingham, at minced prices. Also, 113
of :Sam for,one_dollar, a2l of Rico. -Just,
0Pe914.204 for sale by J LYONS & SON.,
Montrose, June tatti, 18119.
. .
JQt] BINDING —Old Bonks, Neorktmere,
Pimpble% 4a4rafinef, etc., bound pp, on
'tort hi.ties. Y L. de BON.
- LT a jultt. returned (rune peleeting and pwr.
ehmitt . ,m, anti i§ itutt. reheiviiir one "61 the
ktret,lt and bi- 4.o4nrim imts• A
7 ,
erns ctftred 'ln ON Market, The quality of
11, 1 1) e r Ary ir . dod;' a.)lxattanktt as
reprusegtg. - Terfois; ouaigiisiriiptflow prici,m.
Some general idea of the btock, formed
tram tho following kiumoratioe:
Chemicals, Plaints, Oils, Varniahos,
VifludoWGlass, Dye Bias, Grocatiis, Lamps,
Mawr Ware, Crookery, Mirrors, Clocks, Wall PaPer,
Window Paper; Window Oil Shades, Fancy Goods,
Musical. Instruments, Jewelry, Perfumery,
• Storui Ware, Brooms, Brnshes,'Whips,
Ginhro/las, Bird Cages, Pocket
• Satires, Guns, Pietahi,
Supporters, Port-mounatos. Shoulder
Braces ? Spectacles, Silver andsPlatbd Spoons,
Forks, Etc., Gold Fens, Stationery, Violin, Guitar, 4
Ban Vial Stange, Bows, de., Yorcebau Teeth, Lith
ographs,- Artist's Tabs Paints, Brushes, la.,
and all the popular Patent Medicines.
Also some Dry Goods, Wooden,
Hard 4 Japanned Ware,
Fluid and Oil Cans, Caraphene,
Burning Fluid, Alcohol, Turpentine,
Lamp.. Tanner's, Feat Foot,Lard, Olive, Castor,
Boiled and Raw Linseed, and Coal OILS, White
Lead, Zinc, iind all kinds of Colored Paints, Vine-
F ` gar, Canary Seed, and other things too
numerous to mention.
As it is give mete than a gen.
ere! outline of my stock through thoNowspypers.
every one wishing goods is invited to ell! and
examine. enatothera on entering the Store
must not expect to find every thing in eight; but
nearly every artiele wanted, will he produced
by inquiry. Thankful for the liberal patronage
hitherto received,. I hope to morlt and recebie a
large increase of the' Caine.
Mentrote, 0ct.:15. 'at). ABEL TURRELL.
FRAElss."‘\,Bhuzun.l l 2,dn'clif.izc.OL,`,l‘ndd( l ,7l
Cofree, etc etc., put opened and going
SPLENDID De Leines,.6ingl,latne, Prints', and
►sheetings, just opened, cheap. .1. L.
• Mu sic.
aELODEONs, Guitars, Violin's, Fifes, Sheet
41 1 M
u,ie, on hand or furnished to order.
29 J. LYONS ..%;;SON.
j F sou want your Atubrotype,Meiainutype or
Photograph taken Cheap! Great reduction in
the price of
The SlllAcrilwr w; II take Legg 81 size for 81,00
'I he 60 size for .50 I
Vhe Su ;Alit size for . • 2 5
PHOTOGRAPHS, 44 size, 8 3 . 0 0
For each - 1.00
Pictures taken to be sent in letters without
additional post.ige. Ilariog a large Side nod
Sky-Light combitied, we can take good Pictures
in all lords ~t 1 weather.
I r e" Rooms v;er A bLott's Shoe Store, oppo
site the
INSTiILICTIONS- given in the Art.
A B. 'amps.
13inn4o.tilt, n, Oct. 12th. 1859
11.—No children undv 5 years Old taken
for less than 1,0 cents; and no :15 rent Pietures
Ltaki n elide there are customers waiting for
of higher rico.
TeaChers' Examinations.
MEETINGS for the examination of those
who desire to teu.ll in the public schools
erthi, county, w a d be held in the difforeut town :
.FI NK an follows:
Rush, Sue. 13, GrangeAS.ll.,lo a. m.
Jost - Itt, 13.d1e.s S. IL, Iu n, m.
F"reht. & a l T owne S. H., 10 a, m
Middletown. 4 o 2 . menlwin S. IL, 1 0 am.
Eriendaville, '
Apeleeen, " 23, Little 3.lead, 10 a. En.
Checenut, " 24, Clarli'a S: H., 10 a. m.
Silver Take, 1- 20, Bracknev, 10 a, 13 1
Liberty, " Broulidalv, JO a. m,
G S.H.sside)
(;heat Bend, •• 28, : 10 a. tn.
the river, $
Maitland &
Thetipson, o 80. Centre, 10 a. m.
Ararat Dee. 4. Church. 10 a. m.
Herrick, " 3, Uniondale, 10 a. in
Butiatf, • " 8, City,
It is deamtbli. tit it all teachers be examined
in the townships where they expeet to teach.
The examination will R 5 uanellbe the written and
oral methods combined. Each applicant should
lie supplied with at lenitt tiro sheets if .foots•rap
paper, and pen Mid ink.
All should be punctual,—nnne admitted - to
the el WM after the examination commence... •
11. F. TEWKSBURY. Co. Snpt. ,
Brooklyn, Oct. 171 h. 1859.
:29, Latnetboro' IQ ain
Ready Puy stud Smolt Profits.
ET 1111:11IIIITT has now ill. Store =ld is
suakiug large additions to his Stoek- of
FALL AND WINTE4t GOODS, to which he
would invite the attention of tutoNFt extrusn B.
Ens, eiubraeing the most dealtaLlo varieties of
la Neu• Styles of Well Fall Prints and Plaids;
in De Lams, Ducal Plaids,lPlain and Plaid 31eri
nos, Mohair Cloths, Cinghams, and silks; If roehe,
Stalls, Cashmere, Silk, and Wool Shalls; Rich
Ribbons, Bonnets, and Flowers. Net floods, La ,
dies' Cloths. Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, &e.
With a fall assortment of -
Staple and Fancy Goods, -
as usual, including
Groceries, Crockery,. ilardwure,
Staves,llr.osa, Steel, Nails,
'Halstead Caw,-
Boots nTslSbcsis, Csrpetiter, Flour Oil Cloths,
I , Vil , l ,, w'Slindes Wall raper, Clocks.
Paiots, Furs, tlntE.lo
'file entire stock-being htg ,, ,aud nought fur
Ce sit. will give a- superior oppertauity for choice.
.44n:tines, atai.will be sold for READY-PAY IQ
to 15 per cel.t: krelow regular prices. An e-x
-tunin3tion-.4 the sllll:ll.3Viii be found profitable,
to Ones who wish to buy. „ -
N. B —flour and Shit constantly on band.
New Milford, October, III 59;
Auditor's; Notice.
XTOTICE is hereby gime that the andersig, n
rd, an Auditor appointed. hy the Prpans'
Court-of Sosqueliantia county to ; make distribri
tine of the' funds Pernainiug in :lb° -bands of
Charles Tingley_Adtainistrator orthe:tuotata
bareert,reta - ioralbeoiceeeed, to to
heirs and' legal representifies,.wa auend to
the ;Entice of his' aPpOlatmetit , bil office in
bteettesh an Friday, the .1811 i dig ef November
next, at
~o'cleck,sps tv .,. at which time ;rot piscs
all persons intreated in said fund yeill present
their claims or be fore - xi /T. debarred from coca
in/ Irk upon - said NO. WIL TUREtEL.t..
Illontroser Oct.l6lb, 1859:-4w.
-_Auditor`s Notice:
P,XLL',lll4ilibeteitytiriett that the ander.
.sitined, .fit Aaditor appointed 11 the Quirt
of Comww Pleea . . of itlusquehvatia neauty to
Matte diattlhotiou of Abe proceeds artsio4 from
the 4,harktra .11,40 et:real-estate !steer. klevaster
/ohneton of Clifford, attend to the dottea of
said appointment at lbi"ollide of Bentley &
I Fitch hiliontrose eta Friday, the Ilith day of
isit'vember next. et g - o'clock: p. m., it,whirl
time ,itel4 place all
. pernono Interested in said .
, fund will present their claims or be roarer do.
` barred from coming in upon said fund,
tfc , iiirms4,orl Voth .111110
D. wc•coro.,
S - PRINtiVIIAR 110110 W
Frotly the - 15th of Y)ctohnr, to tho (WI of No
vember. All persons wishing . correct Pictures
of theinse . lvas and friends . will not howe a better
opportunity of obtaining thorn. Having made
Here in MONTROSE the pnet Summer, 11 flat
tering evuienee that my efforta to please n gen
erous public ate-duly eppreeiatql.
'AM BROTYPES in good eases, SG CENTS,
on Plates for sending in letters, :33 CENTS.
N. B: All work warranted to Ltire
ties. , P. 1). WOOD.
Springville. Oil. 13th. 1849 •
.fl. K, 1,1111111.1 AV, Agent.
BPACIOUS and FA.EdANT stora Ig
1 now open with an entire new 'Goa of
which for exitut; richness and variety,. far sun
pa.ts nnything ei•er Qffered in the Southern Tier.
abounds with every kind of Cloths, ()sandmen's,
Sutinetts, Vestiugs, Ovnrcustings, Tweeds, Ken
tucky Jr.cnn, etc. etc , etc., hunt the nicest to thn
cheapest. In the line of
we have the; largest and most eretrant stock of
ever exhibited in thin market. ,
Plain and Printed all-Wool Preach Iderizois, from
62c, tz.
Rich Chintz Pig-area, and all-Wool Dalaines.
Rich India Silks and Poplins.
'240 pieces French and Faiglish
New & Seasonable Dre;ss Goods
Of every known Style and Fabric.
Good doable fbld ?amanitas, at only 18c, •
Plain Merinos, Saxony Plaids and Stripes; 20c
Moulin „De Laines, 10e,
English Prints worth 12 and 15c for 10e
flood dark Madder Prints at 6c.
of every do:,-4tori, from the Oleppo,st Rob RO'y
to the tirosi elegnnt goutple,Brochi,cheartsr than
evcr known. CLOAKS,
lIVATV Mkt% •
1-ala Cloth
every- color and quality, with trimmings to
100 pieces white and scarlet, plain and twilled
Wool PlanelB, retailing fur less - than New' York
pai•kgg, price,
of all hind, by the bale. piece, or Ward. Bleached
and Lifuwn sheet icgrl, 6- cents.
11-11Y11211TY ggli‘rirD
of ev,i'y description, I,•,th wholesale land retail
Milliner's supplied with everything in the tine at
New York wholesale prates. , •
From the net that one of the Vroitrietors
spends hi, whole timein. Now York City, seeu
ring and forwarding the
the market atniras, purchasers can rely upon al':
ways tinding•uur ' , tuck full and assortthenteom
plute. Alt Goods bought for this estabilihnient
are it . c , •ntat•ctS•. , n with a large litsuse
in New Yurk.frunt the linporte s,Mtincifueturors
Agents, and Auction ifou4ns direct, theretr ear
ihg the Jobbers' piliht, the benefit of which our
enst• 411 ers have.
From the facilitiea.weamsaoss, wo know that
we can and will sell all kinds of Dry Goods less'
than ntoo:Alter home in ;his section. We have
the 4biiiiy, and we will satisfy oar -
Pennsylvania Customers
ua eNamination, that we have`the disposition
ti t :p 29 3m) 11. I. uRRAY. agent.
rw 11121 run i QJD COM 07
Ali 1 7 1 / 4 GUM S T EAU S
. _
f;1311:i . . k Cenumnk,Vion,
Uurni,aAlvaw, `3.oxt
t 'LT,L.s
• al c a art/A.A4I ,
?he Men,' ;If tLI, EPi EU): tdiaen, Ern:~t, Dt,
Caarclall, of algAintla: Inr It tnc rvast r:s.ritorNDED
roPIILA PITY ilala4.lama Enrage the Unit...lS:a:a, It
1% a randy 5 ., : ENTIFIC LATI . J.N. and a.zts .Allll6
INVARIABLE EllottrA Pt* to alt atagna ar ya1... 7 and
24, 5 14,..., 3 . '4 ilia:o4,A"kpLitet it4creaac tl4 i'rtrr.
61,4 e,:., t 1 narrow furee,,And tho mist
voweriad ,/003 veuerelling welds kniAtrili
The Cure Of Consumption,
In the aaaaaalr and rant , -140.15 13r p,e1...1, entselsently. when
than ens be no useertaletp as to the sugars of the oteessed can
be ohtsised. IN ALL CASE.s, by Vas tre.anter.t. can Ft •Lsq
the exieting the es bent to proance
amts., e Is the rule, path the exception.
Telt Email tea sot only A =awe LtiLd, but sill. If used
wham:: their esigj;tospAra et the Moss, PEEVE - sr ITS
DEVELOPMENT. as..l thus set s. PAIWXIIVASAIS semi
mosso to; melt - Immo. JCBT is 1641,2i.tatult Lnora wren ILL
'Professional Correspondence.
.t.,131.r.e.tak Ow, am. e. Peet—r hoer been nesting 11/111 i
c l aneune fur two-Av.-toerears, mat hive derived room naln.4.2Cllun
from tha 1... v of the If frordoentrres Man from sill idAel?
form. IV medieetion combined." -
Itoximltrixt,,lttmi.. Aur..t.tbso.-1 to". aped the Firetrap..
rocrre , Yr my wraetlec erffe reef/ harm/ elfects.L. mash OD
t , I FOI'LD $O - { 31: 64,311 , V , t , J0i.14,1 wintoei rota."
•If mot...whit 1 v.. 'lag. Si 1 , 3 E -I balleys.We II frown...-
enter. 000 t la tae xasoo.r. way r. 11). 1* („1,..eal ~,,,,ed lb.g.
'gm L CI,WIL. r 07.41,10,1 ,, ,,..
.%)11 , 12411.101 , 11, Vs, 4t4j. 14 is Pare vreseribei tee .
Trepe, 14, , ,apene Cl, avcrn) rraJen , and lint dnl(Onkr rat '4ll
offeas. IT to JJervin.nuartto wotontslo.•
" Lowst.h. O. Jaly b J In. -I I.sve uned In 41 nlnnit forty
book. and In but ue tnegetwe,,, , have thov tatted w behodf the co
[Mat, 3.1 th:4, .34. 3 h , e , taa net Oslnis I lortiJ 04.1k11. I bar
14 , 1 norrul can, I,s, Iv t.l slot totatz pl:l.le.ane who mix
2 , .... a.<!.l - Mi c..111....1.T1V5L1 0.0 i , ”1:111, alit [IMAM mat
*Lb ens ennornie of pa tuotoory diabase. I bat toed Ode.
ncoulti 11. my •inn 4.1.1. 1n.94 dectehni Owens*. It NI , IrX - :"
lorded aeltaracres by Orate:ma wad A do and eyel by etY
.do - Ow .VW .atracol. I ail Mal, Ado t o rid; iq .U.. 1 , - . 1
the rut nnt4 Olt% Ni 11. 1 ,0. Ito a day, e any other ybyshota4"
la Ile oquolyZ .
'• 1.10.ia. Yxbia.N. Y.. Aug. ea. t659 -T hare tnly Illnn , tbLo
mamba:, 0, day. that lime, been tudnitioAnd fft tanitralifetl AI
0 , 1.4 Olaf of the Ihroonertures.. The itattetteate ill your
pansplal are nol at all *raven:Rd ."
1 'Evillest. r /FP*, Twasaynre. lIIIII. I j. Itmld..-Yttam beep neVtie -
roar II) aoat.e,,yhttes.of bloc and Soda. mad !ale arperiended
oval fr0w0.414 , n0. a11ia. , 131 , son, who had a
Loo.blt • coo& awl bleola.4 of the lookat,falik!vilse fnue4 bent.
fi e 4 eN aL
aaa el at " , 7. l' &'.fo r ie ' t. i ' lea.t.lmeave.l - Iba.iw rbe• batilla. '
or ChtublAll'e riotioedy . for . .C.oasareption. • ! ... '1 atd.
. . .. ... .
arOlUDlrnaMrSi I,o".l,Yfrr- 'sa ss
',. , .
Maks Na 'Delay -
etnrseeracria. to ;any Mge of the Leaner atoabljerel
werliairly to the tor of the IiThfiIIoSTRITIPI OP AST.
Saw. ...lion citierreir
grapon rrrneritor anntneartnP.
beam ktnewb, me; a Ito tonthimoot
rzlhi s mot by Lth. Obnnectil `for ;moll tar; and I. plowed 40
la kfa arfoigq Forupda.
Tar. - Chordanise Work on Conintionfien,`
conning Mc Itorit rstoir thew Imperial Academy nt Mettirtok -
Oartc - ; Notes or Ca t f out •tritere Doom.* l'entbuothir.
tn. torrther tettb a Pomace. win Li gent ot make or TWELVE
VENTS in oathc. fh# 01411 ft:WU Woe ,
PlaU 6 .l l / 11 r 4 Wk. Or*****. u al, •
cArrioN.—'4oore...ted-Drukgin.wtll tri_to WU MI other
reopmetere than mot, nat Wirthalca. ."Gekolle
FastkA Leans snyfait ape fla cAruntki,
- iserrore'et ere O‘rroesolarth oirso.
ve. 0 .0.046,•,,t Eamiltaki 1110 X. M mmy
111110 M. 'O. Os Tmori , is nose so in] oknhabe - nun
-1.8'.'4****;a1174.04, ' , M1... t. MN. 'ma
44140 latanionllesak Ikea .min IMMO' yip 004mptleir
I..bas or.O I Nipoo: 750.
PZION.- O T I6 Otelo. tilkia_Ni4i. 4 8 i Se.
pliater Concentrated
addorreet.. 4 emosrake
3. WiNCIiESTEN, 43 JOB Stt, N. Y.
or' fille/d is kelitiosii by
Rep. 16, tt►ha. ABEL TURRELI.
TO `1 IiKCIIASEiaS Or- "9".
'At OA Olireini and theCtLY
, ii4LFT.
.B01) 4 1' RITEEPESE,
EstabLbshod by G. -G. EVANS,
No connection with New York Gift Book Store
I O r i g inal d th 3 wriitort, r.nterprise,
I have repeatedly called the attention of the
public.J6 my large stock of liberal offers, which
they hate always warmly responded to. I can
now, with more satisfaction than ever, Call atten
tion to my largely increased inducements to pur
chasers. suing veryheavily engaged in pulihsh
ing, ['exchange my publications fur those of tither
houses, and am enabled to procure all my
at the original cost, and thus can and supply,
the majority of the other houses engaged in the
Gift Book trade, with their books, chea,per than
titercau procure them from other publishers. I
can also, by my heavy purchases of Watches &
Jewelry; foricaeb, furnish them with their Gifte
at lower rates than they can buy them from tho
,Having aUth an advantage in buying, I can
sure my customers a greet dealbett& Gifts With
their hooks than any-atlior house,and can give my
agents a larger'eommission. A valuable Gift is
dslicered with each Book at tho tithe e
Gifts worth $lOO, at the lowest wtilesale rates,"
will be impartially distributed with el'ery $lOO
worth of Books'sold.
Send for a catalogue, which willlbe sent free
to any address, containing the ; moat valuable col
lection of Standard productions in Literature,
Philosophy, Ilistory,Geography, Travels,and all
the favorite works of Fiction and S:liences, with
every other department of Literature, classified
as described below. Send for it,for i.f you don't
.wish to order books, you will obtain a very VA*
uable Book -for reference, as it contains all the
desirablcluuks in print, and coats you nothing,
Particular attention is requested Au the list of
my publications, which will be found in the latter
part of my Classified Catalogue. It contains
large number of deservedly popular works, by va
rious authors ; among which are all of T.S. Ar
thur's best works, well known as a mot] instruc.
tire, and pleasing anth6r. 9. G. ETA TS,
Philadelphlx, „Pa.
A. SYLENIIO1 1 101
worth from 50 CtS. to $lOO, is given tith
lath BOOK 861(1. •
) "
Agricultural—Thin department embraces all
standard works upon general Agrieilture,
Cotton Planting, Floi; era, Gardening, Farm
implements, Horses, Sheep, Cattle, Nes, &c.
Albums—Ladic:,' (a great variety) Floral, Cap
Quarto, Royal Cap, Demy -Quarto, Anto
Annuals—A lafge and elegant "assortment.
Bibles—A splendid assortment of licit ket,pew and
family Bibus, in every style, from 81 to $5O.
Prayer Bocks—A com plete assortment, in every
form and at all priCetr.
Lrymn.Books—As used by the different &nom-
Sparks, Bancroft, and every other standard
Botanicai—By Comstock, Gray, Liocotn, pscrlly,
Wood, &c., &c. •
Conkery—ReCeipt and Cook 13t , c+fts. by Mm.
Hate, Lestie,, , Widdifietd, M'Ker,zie. & c.
(ierman—Standard German Literature.
Dictionaries—Wehster's Bnglish, Fiends, get.
man. Spaui,h, Litin, Greek. Italian, ‘sl.c.
Cyclopedias—All of the ntanZard authors. -
Geographical—The late,t atd moat Improved
schools and other Geographies, Maps, and
Travelers' Guides.
Gen - logy—The works of Hugh Miller, Harris,
Hitchcock, Lycii and others. • •
f litstarical—By Prescott, Irving, Bancroft. Rob.
• ertson,llmne, Gibbons, Macauley. and others.
fliirnorous--Embraces a world of fun.
Jurenile—Every description of illustrated Lookii
for ehildren.
haw and Medicine—The Standard works of
throw professions. '
Mechanical and Scientific—The most approved
works on Mechanics, Architecture, and the
exact Sciences.
Poetry--English and American. Octavo and lit
- erary editions, of the stsdz.rd Peels; pocket
and cabinet' editions—plain and illustrated,
bound in every style to suit the taste of all.
Werks of Fiction—By Scott, frviog, Cooper,
Diehens, and all the approved Writers.
Miscenaneous—Our Miscellaneous Department
erahraces every thing not included in the above
chassification, of tin_ interesting and instructive
character, that is in print. Including
School and Clanricol:
Travel. tint! A tir•nitiret
Games, &port;; and Pastimes
Religious, Biblical and il'heological.
Musical and Glee Books.
Odd Fellowship and Freemasonry.
Tho Gifts consist of gold and Silver Watches;
Gold Ghains, Ladies' Splendid Black and Plaid.
Silk Dicases,Patterns,Parlor Time-pieces, Silveri
plated ware, costly sets of Cameos, klossic,l
Florentine, Coral, Garnet, Turquois, and Las*
Jewslryc Gold Lockets, Pencils, and Pens, La=
dies' Neck and Chatelaine Chains, Gents' 'Bo
som Studs and sleeve Buttons, Pocket-knives,
Port-monnsies, and
varying from 60 cents to , &IS.
To agents I can give more liberal inducement;
than is afguded. Ly any other house. In addi
tion to larger commissions,. it is much easier to
get subscribers for my enterprise than any other.
. The: peculiar advantage? are—
A larger stock, and better Catalogues to Ae
better assortment and Quality of GIFTS.
More, punctuality and correctness in filling.
. By acting-as agents for nitl, Persons
Wishing a valuable Library' can procure it
Those Reeking an' easy nielhOd of earning a
111'041100a C.lll find it.
Any one desiring a god Watch,ean obtain it.
For full particulars, send for a-Catalogue.
&Ey. largo capital, together with my long or,
perienee in the busineaa, gird Aionsequent• fa
miliarity with all its &tails, gives me an al
most incalculable advantage °far all other parties.
All I ask in a trial. Send toe an order, an 4
you will be co4yineeil that thorn is no csagera.
Do not forget to send for a Catalogue,
And to address G. G. EVANS,
• Philade)p:kiluil'enrit.
Persoris visitio She City, are ,requested to
call and oxrunino,f4thernseiree.
V V row, mute *Hire ond entorpriejng young
men can Intl initnediale"emproymeot by which
they. ban 'Make. from: 800 to 1,000 dollars a
year, to act as agents'. for aeberal new and popu
bre wOrker-fttat published excloaively for agents.'
mid iot foreale in book Mores. We hays
'great number of atents employed, mini of
whom; are making from 15 to 30 dollars per
, Those - wiehing to engage in this pleasant and
preiltible 'business will, for oartiettlitre, don ad
dress; . C. L. DEItBY & CO.,
Publishers and Wholesale 'Bookseller%
Oct. 12',Inct-w4 Sandusky City, Ohio.
vireisp NEW 0001onrItg in at the
111` store' oP J. i 4 YONS Se SON, where every
thing gees Carer - fur Casa—esti (rick.
net, 18te, 185 P