The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, July 28, 1859, Image 3

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    .Y virtue oe'sundry writs issued by: the
B" Courtof COIII%IOII - Pleas of Sit,splehatina
county, and to me - directed, I will expose to
sale, bypublic veodue, at the Court House, in
'Montrot-e, on Saturday, the 13th day of August,
1859, at one o'clock, p. in., the following:de
scribed piece nr pareel of land, to nit :
- LL that certain pjece or parcel of land, situate
in the township; of Breeklyn and liituock, Susg'tt
count - C. and bounded and described as follows :
North br lands of 0.C.F.1y and Preston Tiffany,
east by 0.(.14',iy and John S. Bailey,slontiLbY
and Jabe,r. Giles, and west by Jaber. Giles
and Preston Titraity, containing about 210 acres,'
be the some more or less,with the appnrtenances,
two houses, one barn, and abort-100 acres im
proved.. Taken in execution the suit of Jos.
Wartreus vs Clots. P. Maryott.
. ALSO, all that.-ptece or parcel of land situate
in the boro of Fricitdsville, - Stisq'a Co. Pa.. boun
ded' and:described as follows, to wit: beginning
at a stake and - stones, the 5011th east corner of.
Presbyterian church Jot, thenee south 52" east,
52 feet to a corner of a lot conveyad to C. Lent
by IL Glidden; thence along' the north West line
of said lot, south 38 4 ; West 12. perches Loth,
Milford and Owego turnpike road, thence along
said road, north 82 .4 west 82 feet to the south
east corne - vof •Goorge StruplerV lot,thenee along
.the line of said-Struplor's lot, north 38 4 east 12
•perches to tlte plate of beginning; containing a.
bout 38 so ital-e perches be the dame more or fess,*
'together with the appurtenances, a tavern house,
bsrn,,iind all improved.. in • execution
at the .nit of Jedis.on Stone, vs. Harmon Birdsall
and !B. Glidden:
*LSO th3t certain-piece or parcel of land
situate and befog in the township of Jessup,
county Susqifehanna and State of Pennaylant,
bounded and described as follows.. to wit: orr
the north by land of, W. C. Handrick. on the
cast by. Calvin - and. -Jacob Moore, on.the.sauth
by Byron Griffis, and on the west by land of'
Fredrick Dayton. containing sixty two acres;
more or less, with the appurtenances, one'dwel
• Hog bruise and wood shed,' one barn, orchat
and about fitly acres improved. Taken in exe
cution at the snit oft. Lathrop vs. A. B. Lathrop.
ALSO, all that certain piece or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in_ the borough of
Friendscille, susquehanna County, Pa., bniindad
and described ns follows; to wit: begin
ning on the 31ilford and Owego turnpike at
the cornet of Datid Robber; land. and thenCe
along said turnpike road north, 37 -4 west,
perches to a post; thence south, 370 west, Igs
perches to a birth: thence south, 53' east,
7-,l(fths perebes to a post in Robbe's line;
thence north, 37' east, 87 perches to the begin.
`Ding, containing 48 acres and - . 131 -perches of
land, more or less, together with the appurte.
nances, one framed dwelling house, one tannery,
ito barns, 'sheds and other out buildings, one
orchard, and all improved. Taken in execution
at the suit of Judson Stone vs. D. C. Dayton
and J.'l'. t.aogdon, administrators of the testate
of S. C. Dayton ; deceased, with notice to terre
tenants,execution at the suit of D. N. Lathrop, to the use
ALSO, 41 7 that certain piece or panel of hind ,
of Eliphalet Wells vs. Sylvester Johnson.
situate Tri th&toWn;dlip of Lenox. county of Sus- I ALSO, all that, certain piece or parcel of land
quehanna - .and State of Pennsylvania; bounded , sitintto iu the township of Susq:A
and described as forloWs; to. wit: on the north , county,- bounded and -.described as follows, to
by. lands of Wairen M. Tingley; -on the east bys,.. wit' on the north and east by land of Win.
lands Of 'llnflo Quick and Elisha Bell:. on the and Dasid Post. on the Knit); by the Swope
south by lands of Grow d,.....asethers. and- uct i,hauna river, and on the west by James Van
the west by ptibtic roati,containing seventy acres, ; Antwerp and Wm. M. Post, containing about
with the appurtenanies, one house, one barn, 47 acres, be the same triorctor less together with
an orchard. and about forty acres improved: the appurteatinces, .oto framed house, barn.
Taken in execution etthe snit of Grow & Bros. i corn house, orchard, and about thirty acres bu
ys. Henry Millard
ALSO. all . that certain piece or pzreel of land
sitnate,•l v . g and being in the township of Gt.
Bend y of Suiy - Qehanna and State of Penn
sylvanta, ounrhd and described as follows, to
wit: on: the north be land of W. Pain in: on
the east-by land of thi estate of - James Grime,
deceased: on the, south by land • late of Pemina•
Alled . and S. It Dayton, and on the west by the.
Great Bead and Cochecton turnpike: it being 66
feet. in front qn the turnpike, and running back
I op feet,with the tavern house.
one barn, I woodshed, and all improved, contain
ing about 7340 square feet of tend. b.: the same
more or less. Also, all that either piece or par
cel of land situate as above, =Oil bounded and
deseribett as fe! wit: on the mirth by
land of llitton - Giilinan: on the-east by Henry
Langley; on the south by Plant:lin-street, and on
the west by ..-'..—.Teimikin's - containing about
one-fourth of an acre, Le the. tame more or less,
with the appurtenancessams ft nied house and ail
improved. Taken in execution at the suits of B.
&..Bentley and S. D. Townsend vs. James Adams.
_ ALSO. all that certain piece...or parcel of land
situate - in the township of Great Bend, - count,-
- of Susq's and State or Pennsyluania_boundecl
and deseribedaS follows, to wit: on the north by
land 'of W. S. Wolcott; on the east and south
by lind of Truman and Daniel Baldwin, and i
west by the-laud of the Great BodandCochee- 1
ton turnpike road; coutatioind about lag acres
more Or less. together with the ', ppurtenances,
one framed house, one bare, and all impaired.,
Also, all 'that other piece or parcel of Lind sit
uate .- in the "township of Liberty, county and
State - aforesaid, bounded and described as fol
lows, to wit: on.. the north by ths; New York
State line': on the east Ly land or Artetaus Hall
and A. Wanton's; on the- south end west by
Memnon - Hathaway, tionte.intng ..about sikty.six -
acres, he the same more or; less, With theaPfur- -
- tenanCes; one s2*-m ft t and abOut thirty acres'.
impriived, excepting :beret - ion: about one.and.a
half acres of land;•.mora - or les's,•with the vadi
-tided half of the saWmill and mill privilege: Ta
'ii emit: execution at the suit-Of Chancey Gurnsey
-to the - ..pie of - Then:Las &. -
Whiting vs. Henry"
DiKay.. --.- . .
ALSO. all that 'certain piece or parcel tif land
.situate in-the township of _Lathrop. county of
&Squat - alma-and State of Peaasylvania,bounded
and described as follows, to wit:-on the north
- by lands of Grow dz..-Ilalslead; on the east by
lands of Grow & llalstead; on the south by
land's of Grow dz. Halstead, and on the west by lands - of : Wm. Squires, coutaiuing 50 acres,
with the appurtenances, two houses, one log'
barn,and anent twenty-fiye acres improved. Also,
all that 7 othor.piero. or parcel of land situate as
above, bounded and described as follows, to
wit: llceraning . nt a hemlock tree the Southwest
corner of land conveyed_ to Elisha Lord; thence
by the laudeast MO perches to a post the said
Elisha Lord's-southeast comer; tifetke south 90
perehes to - a post;. thence west .120 perches to' a
post; and-thence north 90perehes to the place.ot
beginning: containing sixty-seven _acres and
eighty perches-ofiand, be the same more or less,
with ,the .appartenunce-s, one framed house, one
bzwn;One bfaikemith shop, and4bout fortracrei
improved. Taken in: execution it-the suit of
,Wm. &Brown es. P. S. Women, Lake Bronson,.
'and Aisle 111. Bronsere
ALSO; iirtlutt certain piece or el of land.
situate ttndbeingin the 'borough trf Friendsville
ootardy - of Susquehanna; bopaded and denertbed
as Itillows, - to on the Borth by the yubTie
road; an the east by D. W„ Glidden: on the south
by lands-of Seen Horton, and on the west by
Sasn'l . l.lorlon; containing about one sere, wth
the appurtenance*, one itouse;one barn, *some
fruit - tfees„ and all impr.ovird.' Taken in eseenz
Con at the suit of J. P. W.. tiller Ps. Phillip
ALSO ellthst era Sin piece oi psree I of land
situate sod :lying is the. town...nip of SpricipTle,
county fit' Sisqueharins and, Stale of Petea,
hounded and dieritked as follows, to wit: on
the north nniyeist by:the publin`read, and,on,the
56u t 4 : 4 4 4 1 .c.“4 4 'L ift -' , 4 o ,4thalele
•eostainiarshont -half sn Sere, tre.4 he srppnrte
naUCOS. ,Vie dwelling Wu" one barn, and 41/1
improssed,. l —Takan in exientfon at the r esit of
MeAnilen& Psrk,,to the nes.of ,it.,4thiop;•.*ll.
Isnal.StOckiand. . •
ALB I O, /lit cerlitio peiee or parnel of land
situate ib fhetowtabip-effranittia,Busqnstutnna
county, Peonsilvaaia, bounded and-described na
follows, to wit: - on ilk north by land of David
Watson, of the ant.' by land.of -Duval frown.
se nd,,913 kbe*Otaill by tand.of Freeborn. Church iit,
aorLon.west by land of Jacob.. Allard, con.
taiaing eigbty.ttro acre*, befttut setae more or
less, together the appartertaneos, one train
ea i.,,,ose.cmokhea„orusinsbastiocutiabout-forty,
tao aciaa =welted. Taken-br eieention =Abe
suit of Churl - ea 8.-Gone vs. WAL - JeFeal4stl
ministrator :Don - Goddard, deeeasect - with
notice to Msqy M: Godard, widow, and Frank
Goddard, heir, and-Freak of
Herrick Goddard mod 60 dcardi htin of
the aiid - Elcr. Godard, 4e-ce 25 6 5 - •
' ALSO, all that certain piece or parcel br land
situate in the township' of Auburn, county Of
I.Stiteinchanna, State of PecnsytYania; bounded
and described as follows, to wit : on the north by
land of - Michael Divine, on the east' by land of
John Rooney, and on the month and west by
land of Miles- and Wm: Coburn, containing 52
acres - with the appurtenances, ono hiiuse, one
barn, orchard, and about 30acrec improved. Ta.
ken in eaten:ion at the suit of M. S. Wilson vs.
John Tubbs.
- ALSO, all that eertuin.pieeo or parcei.of land
situate in the township of Brooklyn, Susq'a
county, State of Pennsylvania, and described as
I follows, to wit: beginning at a stake and atones
1 it being the sOutheasteornerof said lot; thence
I north 3 1.2° west, eight perchei and seventeen.
links to the turnpike road: thence south, id 1-2'
I west, four and a half perches to a corner of land
convened to John C. Wright by A. Kinsbee, Jr.,
then in tbsontherly direction by ttic- aids of a
shop on the saki Vl:right's lot five and a half Per
ehes to a strike and stones; thence west to
stake and stones in a brook; thence south, 10 1-2'
west, forty-three feet to ocorner on the east side
of the bank; thence east ai.v. perches and ten
links to the place of beginning, containing about
ttirty-tivo perches of land, bo the same more or
less,together With the oppurttnaoces, ens fram
ed welling house, one barn, and all improved.
Taken in execution fit the suit •of John llrishin
vs. Gabon' V,:•Aidatns, -
ALSO, all that certain piece or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in the township of Gt.
Bend, county of Susquehanna and State of
Pennsylvania, bounded and describi:d as follows,
to wit: on the north by lands Of J. C. Fish, JIIO.
Lane and Enot.h Haekins and Myron Mayo, east
by Gilbert Hawkins. south 'by Samuel bayton,
and oe the west by Orin Mayo, containing about
one hundred sod five acres, be the same more or
les, together pith the appurtenance', one house,
burn, sawmi I e fruit trees, and about ei ghty
five acres in:Mu:lvo& Taken in execution at the
suit of Oliver S. Dyer vs. James %Vorden.
AllO, en that certaie piece or pixel of land
situate-in the township cf Oakland, ‘ tusci .3
county, State of Pennsylvania, bounded a 11 de
scribed as followf, to wit: 'on the north by land
of Martin Middaugh: on. the east by land of
Tunis Vanautwept; - on the south by land of
Charles Beebe; and on the west by land of Mer-
gen Slintl..s containing about eighty.tive acres,
bo the-sarbe more or less, together with the ap.
purtenauces, one framed house; barn, small or
chard, and about twenty.tice acres improved
Taken in exeeutieii at, the suit of D A. Lyons
& Brother vs. E. A. Barton.
ALSO, all that certain piece or parcel of bind
situate, lying and being in Clifford township,
Snsquehannit county, State of reuns'jlvania,
botimhAl and &:scribed as follows, to wit: on
the north by lands of Benjamin Ayers and Win.
Coil; au the east and south by-by lands of Chas.
B. Campbell; and on the west by land of Thos.
Phianey and the Crystal Lake; containing about
two hundred acres, be the same more or less,
together with the appurtonance, one dwelling
house. ono wagon house, two barns and other
out buildings, ono "ordlard, and about Oro hun
dred and 'seventy-live acres improved. Taken in
proved. Also, all that -other piece situated as
above, kind bounded tnd deserilied as follows , to
wit: on the north by land n ow or late of G.
Gregory, on the east b) James Van Antwerp, on
the south by W. Stoddard, and on the west by
land of J. H. Parsons, containing about sixty
acres, more or less; with the appurtenances, one
house; barn, orchard, asd 35 a e re t„
proved. Taken in execution at the suit of Ro
setta . Meriunis, administratrix of Joseph- - W.
~legianis. vs. Nicholas Van Antwerp.
ALSO, all that certain peiee or pareel of land
'situate in the township of Great Rend, county of
Susquehanna, bounded and described as follow,
to wit: on the northeast.northayst and southwest
by land of Truman Beldwimand on the southeast
by the public highs' ay,eonh,icit,g h itc acre o f l a m,
be the same more or less, together with th e e p_
purtemmets, I dwelling house mid all improved.
Atm) all that other piece on parcel of lard sit
nate cs aboveand bounded , and described as fob
lows,to wit: north by land of Olitrr Trowhriatik .
east be, the public hfghway. Routh and west by
land 01 - Geo. l)osenbury, conittihing about one
ha/t-rcre of land, be the same, more or less, to
gether with tha t appurtenat.cesone frarne4 honsd.
one' budding occapiedsas a shop, all improved.
Taken in rxecution at the suit of Thomas de
W lain . Inane Hamlin, Jr.
Purchasers will in all uses be required to
p a y, hit the day of sale, an 497011[11 sufficient
to cover the costs of sale, otherwise, the proper.
ty willbe forthwith.
'JOHN YOUNG, Eslutrif.
SlecifTs Office, '#ontrose. Jgty 251 h. 1859.
At Montrose, Pa., fot 1859'
r HE Trusttf.s are Dam to announce to the
putille .tliat the next term of tbi4 popular
si•11061 will continence on Monday, the 22d
.of AuOut, nest, 'undei the: dirge of
Prof. IlAititr 12P.111;Dtir t Ali, A.,,1
a•graduateof Yale College, Principal, isi.ted
• •
Prof. J. F. STODDARD, A. M.,
:ands corps of competent instructors in-the ea.
riouS departments. Tho trtstees would , refee
the patrons of the school., and others, to the fol
lowing testimonials from the President and
Professors of Yale College;
rALE.CoLLEGE, June 24,1559.
I Mr. Marry groadhead, a member of the class
about to be graduated at Yale College, has held
ta high reek in the daps aS2I Fehcar. Sn far as
am acquainted With it, his moral character, and
habits, are irreproachable. •
- TlrtononE D. VV(x)LsEi., President.
Mr. H. Broadhead, who belongs to the grade-! To agents lean give more liberal inducements
Ming class of this year, has shown himself du- /. than is affordt.d by any otherlionse. In addi
ringlhe tiro years of his - connection with, the I tion to larger commissions, it is much easier to
cotlege,a capable and successtkil scholar. She'd i get s*nbseribers for my enterprise than any other.
he'apply himself to the work - ot. instruction, I The peculiar advantages are— - : ;.
have no doubt of his ability to justify- the conti- 1 . A larger stock, and•bettar Catalogues to se
derive and..satisfy the exseetations of any who 1 fem. from., e
may avail themselves of hii services. •A better assortment and Quality of GIFTS.
. ' /as- Hattrzy, Prot. of-Greek. I: More punctuality and correctness in tilliqg
-Mr. H. Broadhead of the class of 18.59, in Yale j orders. , ,
College, is a goad scholar, nod lies a superior l' . Be acting.sis agents for me, Persons
mind. I have little douht he will make an clii. 1 , Wishing a valuable :Library can procure it
.cient and inecessful teacher, and can recornmend I:gratis.
' him with great confidence that he will not ills- li Those seeking an easy method .of earning a
appoint his patrons. ' NOAh POliTErl, [livelihood cis find it. --
Prof. of Philosophy and Metaphysics. ~ Any ono. desiring a good Wateh,ean obtain it.
; Mr. , H. Broadhead has jail finished his course l . - For full particulars, send fo r a catalogue.
of,collegiate 'education and will reciere the de. ,; My large capital, together with-my-long ex
-1 . .gree of BaChelor of Arts at_ the approsacltirig. Vont. I: perienee •iu ' the - bnairloet, and consequent fa
tneneOtfreac 'A's lie proposes le The entaged for ;, toiliarity with all its details. gives me an al
-I.a urns in the business of tei . iciiiu , ,,ta l is cheerfully ',i most incalculable advaotitge over all otherparti es.
recommended 'by Ilitt - 'itnderigned as it person l; All I ask is i trial- 'Send me an order, and
I well, qtialaied by:his scholarship and attainments, '.you will be donvineed that there is no exagera
' by his chletian character and deportment to be i! tint!. ,
r,uceess' fulln the instruction • and government of '—: Do not forget to send for a Cataltue, -
a eihrrol. 'TI natas A. Triscezn, i f And to.address - G. G: E V ANS,'
. _
t ; Prof. of Lelia... •R .
I -
Studenilatitay hereire Prepared tor admission . F. OR IG:LNIAL GIFT ENTEIZPRISE,
. .. - - .
i in.ati.lideriticedrlasri in-any of °Ur CoNes, end !, . 439 CHESTNUT STREET,
1 paiticulsr attention will be paid, as heretofOreg ' t ' • Philadelphia, Penna.
Ito the thorough preparation. or ALL wlio PESIRE ; . Persons visiting the City, are - requested to
1:-TO SECoNIE TEielltnel.ta TIIE NOrrnit DEradr- : , call Mal ezadinefor . therrisilves.. - ' '-'
Special :instruction in the latte r Department r`
9rilj be gleeweloriug the curdling term. •
• The Text Books here:dere ti will heron- - As there-are-parties oftioubtfuLresponsibitity
tioaed in the BOA: - I advertising Gift conetieg, and eodic eke making
. .
I Lectures 'on sulijects of general. interest Witt t larg",eprieni6as under fiet Woes nitmapiAlhont the
be idativeretl..derint ibe - yeer. -- - !intention 'oi: ability` to te/6//them, hopini,
' Price - tif -, Triiiiiit - per Term of Eleven c through the popularity of rn`y..aeterprise, to de.
Weeks: ': 1 ' . --- .." - . • - 8649 f ceire and p/under the'pnbrie,atittiet sense of du.
I Primary - .'- - 3, 5 50 -= - "-. -3,50 - 1 - to compels recto warn a ll -against them. And to:
In Englibis Breiraes and Latin and esi Pelt, - 9,00 1 liewarei of being,Atieeived or cheated. by them,
- Imam nriAltalMid VeCil-idueire will be -given f for they are base imitator , _ of en enterprise - that '
if Aesi'rest" -, - -=;' ' .. -" , ..i. -'. : - ' " * ' ,- - 1 . has-enat me *an, immense, amoent , of time' and I
Burdens - *fern to'preenre - roosis or' boertl mosey to plum, in the Position which it now oc—
ean be Miami dated 'by writing to , it. Cusp - I etipies, commanding an extensive and ineressing
man, EN.; Sind timed ovishist g . laird them. i trade, approved and endorsed with the - Most en
f. seises misn ;obtain steertwrimdcfiridtur4 from litire freedom and : confidence; by the leading put-,
tteruire. f3ayre Broiharis, reasonable . terms "ilisiting, honest* in the Union; whose fetters of sp.'
i Pike of,beeid seaqweres from ;.4.001a 82450 ier ;prove/and endersementare in my permission, and
I week.: Hon. WM. JCSSUP,Preeisfent. • '
.be-produced-and -shown at sey time with'
gen. Cr. 114.1. :ii, ;Coos , * ~ ..-;-; •. - - - s the grassmit4sitiaturis;-; -,"- , -G- 03- EVAN S,
1 NT Mit, 1838.--393,- - , - • - ir ' • 439 Chesbitut-a t t est, Phibidelphis. • .
, . •
w" GIFTS f;,a,
At the ORIGINAL end the ONLY
Established. by G. G. EVANS,
In 1,13U4..
'No connection with Now York Gift BOok Stoms
iQ INCE ['Originated the Gift Book Enterprise.
I have repeatedly called the attention of the
'public to my larg,a stock of liberal -offers, which
;they hare always' warmly responded to.. I can
!now, with wore satisfaction than ever, call atten
tion to my largely inert:tied inducements to per
chasers. Being very heavily engaged in publish
exchange mykpubilcations for those of other
:houses, and tun enabled to procure all my books
at the original cost, and thus can and do supply
the majority of the other houses engiisged in the
tift Rook trade, with their books, cheaper than
they eau procure them-from other publishers. I
-can also, by -my heavy purchases of Watches &
,Jewelry, for cash, furnish them with their Gift
at lower rates than they can buy them from the
Ilaving such :in advantage in buying, I min in-,
sure my customer, a great deal better Gifts wiili
their books than any other house,and ran give my
i agents 'a larger ewer:libelee. A valuable Gift is
hilivered with each Rook nt the time of sale.—
Gifts worth the leoesmholesale rates.
will be impartially distributed with every $lOOO
Avorth of Books ,old.
- Send for a catalogue, which will be sent free
.to any address, containing the most volusWeetd
lection of: Standard productions in Liferature,
, Philosophy; Ilistory,Geogiaphy, Travels,nnd all
,the favorite works of Fiction and Sciences, with
:every other departimmt of Literature, claradfied
!as described below. Send for it,for if you
. don't
:wish to older hooks, you will obtain a very rat
'ortble Book for reference, as it containl all the.,
desirable books In print, and costs roil nothing.
Particular attention is requested to the list of
my publieationS, which %%ill he found in the latter
'part of my (?:ossified Catalogue. , It contains a
large number of deservedly works, by t•xt
lions authors ; e end which are all of 'l'. S. Ar
.thor's heat works, well known as a moral instrur.
tire, and pleasing author. G. G. EVAN S,
• Ph 'lath:1011a, l'a.
rurthfr4lso ets. to $lOO, is g irrn ec;th
earls 800 said. -
Agricultural-11as department embraees all
,•t:mdard Worki upon Ireneral Airrwalture,
• Cotton I'lttnting, Flowers, Gardeninttf;4'artn
mpletnentmOiorses, Sheep, Cattle. Itces, &c.
_Chums—Ladies' ; rent Pivot. Cap
Quarto, Rnyal Cup, Dcmy quarto, Auto
graph. &c. •
Annuals—A lamo and elemmt assortment.
BibPs—A splendid a•sortm‘Mt of pocliet,pew and
family Bibles. in every style, from . "31 to
Prayer Brinks--A complete- noortment, in every
form anrbat all prices
Humn Books— is used by the life rent denom-
inntivns. : • -
Thozrai: hient---Works of Trving,fleadley,Wet•nlff,
Sprerks, Itlncroft, anti every other standrird
lifterrrical—By Cometnck, Gray, Lincoln, Derby,
Wool. .-
ry pt :*rd Cook
. Ilooks, Mrs
111"Kenzie. &c.
German—stars rd G. rtnan Literature.
Dirlionarirs—Websti r's Encl;4l, French. Ger
man, Spani.h. Latin, Gret
of,the :•tandard whQrs..
Grqzrap/4 ical—Tht• indst improved
u•hopla and other Geographic's, Mips, and
Gook.fy—The anrks of flute) Miller, Harris,
Hitt:hoot-Ir, I.yell and others.
Ilia rirul, By Preneoit, Ireinz s linneroft, Rob.
ert.on.linroe,Gibbons,Mneaulev, and others.
11:erm ,, ms—Ernbrrtee% n world of fon.
terrifr— Every tie.cription I , rillu , trated books
fur children.
Law and lierli,ine—The Standard works of
these profee,siofis.
3/ccininica/ and Scientific -The niobl. approved
works on Merhanie;, Architecture, and th,e
exaet -
i'oetry—linglieh and American. Octavo and lit
erary editions of the stadard pocket
and cabinet editions—plain. and illustrated,
bilund in every style to snit the taste of all.
Works of Fiction—By Scott, Irving, Cooper,
Dickens, unit aft the approved Writers.
,iliaccllancaus—Oer :Miscellaneous Department
ershrsees every thing not included in the above
ct,assitication, of an interesting and instructive
character. that is in print., Including
Schaal and Classical.
Trace's and Adrentures
Gaines. Sports and Pastimes
Rriigibus, Bibi,ea! and Theological.
Musicd and Glee Books.
Odd Fellowship and FrceniasenCy
The Gifts consist of Gold and Silver Watches,
Gold Ghains, Ladies' Splendid Black and Plaid
Silk Dresses,Patterns,Parler Time-pieces, Silver
•plated ware, costly sets of Cameos,. Mosaic,
Florentine; Coral, Garnet, Torque's, and Live
Jewelry, Gold Lockets, Pencils, and Pens, La
dies' J`Zeidt and Chant,elaine Chains,•Gents' Bo
som Studs and - Sleeve Buttons, Pocket-kniVes,
Port.monnaies, and
varying from 50 cents to $25.
- • -
Wm., H. Cooper & CO.,
j)ANKERS, - Sueeessoni, to POST, COOPER
S. CO, Montrose, I. • Office one door
east from Poses StOre, Turnpike Street.
, Montrose July 14,1859 —IS [tnYs
/ig4tor's . Notice•
milk.' undersigned atipointed on auditor bvthe
court of Common Pleas of Sustfs, Cu.,. to
make distribution of the lut% arising front the
sale of the Real Estate of Emanuel Carpenter,
hereby Ricer notice that he will attend to the du
ties of tliti said appointment at his ollieo in the
Borough of Mon I;vbe, on illonday, gin Bth day
August, next, at I o'clock p. m., at which time
and place all persona hating au interest in .t he
distribution of the said fund with present .00ir
cl aims or be forever after barred from coming in
upon said fund. A, CILUIBERLIN,
July I I, 1859.-4 w Auditor.
Auditor's Notico.
rIVIE undersigned appointed an anditor by
•1 the Court of Common Pleas of Susrea Co.
to make distribution of the funds arising from
the sale of the R Estate of gurus D. Clark,
hereby gii , es notice that he will attendio the du
tins of his appointment at hie office in Montrose
on Monday the 8111 day of August next, ut one
o'clock p. in.„stwhieh time and plane al lpentorm
having an intereta in distribution of theettld fund,
will present their claim or be forever after barred
from coming in upon said fund.
Jule 1 1111. 1 859 - 1 w Auditor.
Farmers, Attention !
Arid is Warranted as a Peqict
: 14 6- SJ 111.0 1 -al
IT is very ktrorm.and durable, being nearly_all
I. iron. It if' LIGHT and the LIGHTEST
draft,and runs steadily: there is no pressure uppen
the IF , rses' necks; and it has n sur-Au.mervie;
Fiance-BAR. The works upend down
itideperAtently of the diit,:ng wheel; enabling•it
to go through dead !are ws and ditches, among
stones and bogs, and over stones and hills where
no other tanchine can follow it. IT is nantt., -
uAlt•Annil AND (tern Ann. By means <it'll keel.,
the driver can at plessure throw the cutters in
and out of gear; ivy another lover he can raise
either end pr both ends of the linger- bar to pass
over tdedructions. or move from field to-field.
It is ditlieult-to clog thlu machine. It is a cheap
machine. It is simpi( , in construction. made of
coed material;ari d a cI I coutdr wed and finished.
Maatitrietilredl)y WELLES, BLOOD & CO., at
thellioga Point g olt oral Works.
Full descriptive and illustrated catalUgues to be
had on application to tbeunderidgned agent fel-
Susgla Co., at Munirose.
The het It t,luay Horse rovreis,
Threshers and 'Cleaners, Threshers
and Seliar:tiers. R:e.. &c. in the world.
QuNDAv scitooi: LuskAttics
rurai-hoi. to order b J. LYON 8 & SON.
Juno- kt, 1859.
NT KW GOODS, in my line of hip‘mosd„ arri
eveq` ‘, .% : i•ck, . ABEL .
(Address )in , o2.7yn P. 0., Box 320.)
The Paragon self.-Generating
cam 33 1.1L1"11.01°.
'rims valuable patent, portable, self:genera
l. Bug. Gas Burner i,i offered to the public, in
full confidence of its positive superiority over ev
ery other tiAsn-LIG . HT in existence, for SINFUL:-
1M SA Firl" V. E wions, and uniLt.i.lN °Night
in any tril - per.,,ture. - •
It id ,ilvoi(1 (4 SMELL, SMOKE or FLICKER, giv.
ing a .teady, avail and
-s-r ) r s , rr s so” ci s
requring no trimming, or other attention, exeept
simply filling the !amp good burning fluid,
one quart of the fluid converted into gas in the
Bnrner, giving, a rem, Unt,AD Rime
eighteen hours. This light, which is equal to
that front eittht ordinary whiled lulies;at en cix,,
purse of but thre6, is also; tinder convict° cons
tfol, being redlieed by a simple process, from
a fell bkne to a small one, and as quickly re
stored to its full e . aparity. The ,bnlmer can he
readily appliml to all styles of Oth, KEI;oSENF:,
CAanrttisc. and 137,1:51N, FLUID vilso, on
pressure and with founts to Gas fixtures, In all
their rarioties.
It is admirably adapted for lighting churches,
dwrltin •, lerture-rooms, halls, 'hope, steam
boats, and railroad cars, or wherever asgood light
is deAired. Parties desirous o f emunng thu
right of territory for a valuable article that, will
commend itself, should make early application,
only to the. undersigned,
Bu rne rs, Lamps. ; Ste.,supplred in any quauti
ty, with promptness—f , rwarded by express- to
II parts of the Unite.t‘Stntes--payAlo cash on
debvery. .
BUTLER, BOSFORD & Ca. Proprietors:
Coort-Stroot,Broottlyn, N. V.
or, No. 171-Broodwar, and No. 1 Courtiandf St.
New York. jyl m'o S !
12 1-2 LBS.Ok' S
June. 8111, 1859
- Silver-Steel 4 3c3rthes,
Pitchforks and Rakes, for sate by
.Tinze 20. J. LY0.1V.5,&430.1'.
A NEW SUPPLY', just arrived. and for Flak)
.21 cheap, by • • A. TURTON,L.
v -EEPS conutantly nn hand a full amsorttnent
11 vf the choicest qualities of
In all of the ,following de partments . of trade:
New su plipe arriving every week. Buying for
-cash, and selling cheap fur e.ash. .. .
chemicals, Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glass, Dpriltaffs; Groceries, Lamps,
Glass Ware; Crockery, Mirrors, Clocks, Wall Paper,
Window rapeF, Window Oillikatims; Farley Goods,
-- Musical Instrnmenta, Jewelry, • PerfrOneryi
';.Stone Ware, Brooms,-Brnshea,Whips,
• • eYntbrellas. Bird.oages. • P,ocket
Ethics, Guis,
. . - Ainzannition, Ligrlurj , Trnsses ,
Supporters, Tort-monnaleir ifhdo
Btaces, - Spedaclos, Silver:andilated Spoons, i
Forks, M., Gobi Pens, Stationery, Xielin,, Guitar, &
Bus Viol Strings, Bows. &c., Porcelain Teeth,
°graphs, 'Artist's Tube Taints, Brushos„dte:,
And all the popular Patent
Also some Dry Goode, Wooden;
• - Hard &Japanned Ware,
Fluid and Oil Cans, Campbells, -
Raining Plaid, Alcohol, Turpentine,
Lamp, Tanner's, Pleat Foot,Lard,Olve;_Caster,
aid Boiled & Raw Linseed OILS, White - Tad, Blasi'
all kinds of Colored. Taints, - Vinegar:
and other thpaito too nomonnur to meitilOtf.:
M - 66troso, „limo 16,.'b9.. _ABEL, TUB.H.ELL:—
. , • •
MOdical C9Partueriddp
LP having asakelated themselves under the
'name of 131Akeileii &. erneh for - 'the
, prosecit.,
lion of the duties of their protessihm rokpect
fully offer their professional riervices to the,
Public." 4 ", -
Office at the rellidenerr of Dr. fillakiesice, mid
way., between the village* of -- Dime : ink mid'
- : 20, - '69-17 P. E. BRUSH. 4
DR ;E F tom, tot,
Graduate of the AllopatEe Hemet»
pathie Colleges of Medicine, is now -per
manently loci* in Grekkilleud i Pni
I OrkllPE,cprner 0f , 314.10 and Elizabeth:sts.,
nearly :44 5 1i, the Methodist „ ,
Auditor's Notice.
111th undorsig,ned having been appointed by
the Hon. the Orphans Court of Susquehan
na.dounty to distriCute the moneys in the bands
,of John Smiley, administrator of Leonia4l Cook,
deceased, will attend to the duties of his 4p
pointment nt his Atm in itlontroso on Friday
the :19th day of July next at one o'clock p. m,
at which time and place all persons interested
will present their claims or be forever barred
from coming in• upon said fund.
Juno, 2.k, 1869.4:30 4w Auditor.
Auditor's Notice..
rpliE undersigned having. been appointed by
1 the Hon. Court or Common Plena of Sewed
county to make distribution of the moneys in
'Lbw hands of the Sheriff arising from the side Of
the real estate of Luke Read, will attend to the
duties of his appointment at his,ollice in Mont
rose on iiattirday the 30th day of July neat, nt
one trelock p. en , at which time and place ail
persons inerested will present their claims or
be forever barred nom eaming in upon said fund.
Jnne 30. 1359,—tve
_ .
Dr, CoggswelPs
a attre cure for INFLAMMATORY Discuses of
ull kinds, fur by ABEL TWIRELL.
3lonir, se. Jun, 2:3(1, 1859:
7.7‘71 3 / a clie.s.tor'
Dr. J. F. czauncutmc,
THE s of M 1.: and of SOPA are
the ON I,V•Preparati,,n uluch, for the pr4sent,
would r..e.matmoi:l for 'G EN EItAL • USE."—J.
Franci,Churchilt, 1).
" Plithisis is a diathesis, or general disease.
depending upon the want or undue waste or th,
txydizable Phosphorus normally existing in the
animal economy.'
" Hence it follows that the Remedy consists
in supplying thessleticient element by the admio
, istratiou preparation of phosphorus which is
at once Assimilable and Oxydizablo. The lly
pophosphitesr of Lime and Soda possess both
the highest degree, being perfectly
soluble, and nearly as as phosphorus
The ilypophosphitcs are the Specific Remedy
of the Diathesis, or general condition (Attie sys
tem, which has, as a taotliitillltirlikCythe
of tubercular :natter. When once this c onditi on
is changed, the deposition of trash tubercular
matter will cease.
What 1 nro anxious for isiihat the Hypophos
phites should be brought as speedily as possible
into.unit ers.,l use as I know that they will prove
not only as sure a Remedy in Conan mpti on as
Quinine is in Intermittent fever,but also as effec
tual a Preservitive as Vaccination in Small-pox.
I This assertion no longer rests upon the 34eases
I with u inch my discivery was ushered into the
world iu July, 1 bri7. I can now appeal to the
results in upwards of one-hundred and fifty de
tailed observations of the disease, collected du
ring the past year at toy Public Dispensary, Rue
Larrev,Varis. To these eases might be added
a lmost an equal numbel from nev private practice
and in no single instance have 1 found the Rein
edy Nil- to produce n%er thing that could reason
ably be expected from it. 111 most instances th e
benefit derived from it has far exceeded what
could, at first, hove been loped fur, u hen taking
into act , unt the degas u and extent of the injury
sustained b) the Lenits previous to the use of
the Remedy. Similar results bate, since the
publicatitiwof my discovery, been announced by
I Professor- Parapet of Bru,els, Mas-stre de San
Juan of Granada, Spain; DN. Jacinto Lo River
end and Gulvez of Havana, trail Reiuvilliti‘ Paris.
Of 8:.: 'case, iu the third or last stage, treated') ply of Gaiters. Corti Starch and Tapiao
at rev Dispensary during.the past y ear, S have for puddings, Cheap at H. C. TYLER'S.
completely recovered, 8 died, (owicer i n every 1 Montrose, June Sth,
instance to complications,) and 6 are sti!l under
treatment. Snob a result Is altog ether UNPAR
ALLELED in the Annals of 31edicine.—From
Dr. Churchill's Letters.
' • We now see the rationale of ;he etriployme9t
of Ihrphosphites of Litec`and Soda, redornm
eridea by Dr. Churchill in the treatment of Con
sumption—they not only net as absorbent's, but
repair and rcrard the es iste of tissue."—Dr H. P.
Dee , ees, New York
"Your preparation has not failed to benefit. in
a single instance in which I hare used it,"—W.
F. Clark, M. D. Lowell, Ohio.
"Your medicine we think invaluable and cheer
fully recommend it."—Dr. Ezra Clark, Kirkland.
`They IMPROVE the nervous strength and is-
VTOORATE the nutritive, functions."—W. E. Rust I
M.D., Morristown, N. J. . .
"Their anodyne effect is sometimes remark 4
ble .ahoy tend to produce most REPRI.S/Ilati and I
nnsovarso ritsx."—L.Y. Newton, M. D., N. Y.
constitutes_ NERVOUS FORCE, and are the
AGENTS KNOWN."—Dr. Churchill.
• " I can assure the profession and the, public
that this PREPARATION of the ItYPOPHOS--;
Chilton, Chemist.
wpm : a:maws GETCrINE PRITA2IIIO2I, ,
is put up in hr g e IsAtlcs with "Dr. J. F. Chn r. ,
chill's Hypoplinsphltes of Lime and Sod.i. J. I
Winchester, New, York,",blown id the glass; I
Each, bottle Itas my AM-simile signature. No I
I other is genuine. . .
... .
1 - The Phosphateri, or CHEMICAL FOOD
[so called] aro raaieully different from the Hypo
phosphite-. and can in NO CANE be used as a
SUBSTITUTE. Bear this fact in mind. fie I
preparationcontaining Iron can be used with out
danger of inflammation and hemorrliagn. No
1 other drug or medicine should be combined with
the Flypophosphites, or used at the saute time.
igr The HYPOPHOSPHITES aro a most I
efficacious - Remedy in all Nervous Diseases Gen.
eral.Debility, or Prostration of the Vital Forces,
Chia/obis, .Suppression, Bpi pepsia, Asthma,
; Bronchitis,. &c. I
r o-Priep $2 or 3 botiles far $5, With full di
rections fur use. Liberal discount to Physicians
and•tbo trade. The Dry SaltS furnished to the
profession': Single bet eoneehtrnted Selo
tion .werst by mail, when apeeiully ordered:-Sold
wholesale and retail zit the sole General Depot
to the U. S., 43 Jolitistreet. Let - no on derewo
you; but buy only Winchester's l'rertrniten."
Dr. Chnichilrs . Work on Consumption,
. • -
glvingcs full view of tiniTheery and Treatment,
and other invaluable informatieu * Sent. gratk up
receipt of Illets ju stautps for postage. SUM.
31Eitis the most favoratle season for. treatment:.
Lot no Consumptive delay—time is. preeiouit in
so fatal s'tnalinly; This is the ONLY , Rewedy
that will ClittE. Bewsre:cif aiTatteMPii tci
postn different under thepre
tease'that 'it in the.snme is mine.
iluniOns,- -Chippedlien, 9, Scalds, •
Barns, Mercurial EroptiOns, SOre Logs,
Chilblains, K'henmatism, Soro Breasts,
Fistula. Rino . "wornl, Rare 1 ,/eatia.
Gast. Sulu .l..innbago, 4in, Diseases. ; . Bores cf nil kind's,
Piles. ' .Sprains,- Stiff Joints.,
Ulcers, , Vomit OVS - 11 kfrids, Veni,(*iL: Sorer,
'Tr - Ater, Swedhil4l4loB. = I
'4„,* Sold 'at 114: llidnfnetories or Peofosaor.l
HOLLONiAt 'SO' akjeti Lane, , Ne*, orl, rind I
Strand': LoSdon; by.'sll reapectible'Didgitrsts
and-Dealers in4fedielnoihrotighOnl. the' Itd'ed''n
States and the, civ),110(1 . -wo'rld, .
t.ef.lotg, 43 i.. 2 .
81 each. • .
Bvit.:ONG PUMP - , Whiti and Cod flab; There is a cinialdetible advintlyi taking'
Ladies Kid . S. 8: BocitivSrid - nioi - erlifters Ile larger :Niels' • •
- .storn 5a eta . 081,75---alr St N. 8.- r ipiteeklopri 44 the 'irowitoico of pa oats
- Mnl ptli 1859. • s'eeary-Aukrdsr.,wkstri
American di,l'oreign Ageocyy43
gold in NOotrose 1.1 y! • '
• Joao n0,..1859. "ABEL TURRELL.;
C. 0. TORDHAM, •
AXIL Moritrnsq, Pi. shop orer Tyler ' s Mora.
All kinds 'nfliark - pr and , teptiziaj
dotie? : nentlyr . .; lul
UlVQll . qr_' 0,4134 Coffio-in,c,n!i,,Cafish,
; lane Ist, 1859.
rvn E undersigned, appointed an Auditor by
J_ the Cour; of Common Pleas of Susquehanna
e.lunty,.to rnaks distribution of the, moneys in
thshandnof theliheriff of Raid "connty, - arising
from the sale of-the real astute of F. A. Ward,
kill attend to the dirties of hie - appointment at
thu. office. of.Buntley & tank; in Montrone, en
Friday the sth day of August next, at t o'clueh,
p. In., at which time' and place all persons 11*r
ested in soot nieneys will present their claiius,
or be forever barred 1 . 70121 Coming in .upon said
fund. - H. 11. CIIASE, Auditor.
Great fiend, - July 6th, 1659.-4 t •
Tiff: undersigned having been appointed by
the florieptilv, the Cirplian's Court of Sus
(tuella:tit:a County to dirdrjbute. tbu. ntoney,,, in
- the hands of the AdininistCater of William
hßreinley, deceased, will attend to the dutics'of
his appointment at hid office in 3font rose on Fri
day, the. sth day of Au,gust next, at one o'clock,
p. m., at which time. and place all persons inte
rested will pre4ent tliir cliiima or be forever bitr
red from coining in upon sairi
• F. IS, STRE.EI'II:R, editor:
July 10th, 1859.-4 w.
T"EundcrAgned appnilliVa :1/1 auditor by
theOrphans' Court of tiuscrit Co. to make
distribution of•the assetta of the estate-of J. IL
eihadiinch, deceased,. hereby:gices notice that ho
will atfend to the dutie.s,of thu-said appointment;
at .is of in Montrose . 04 SUjUrday,the Cith clay
of August next, at one o'clock p. tn., at which
Hull and place all persons having an interest in
the Distribution of the said fund, will present
their cliiirua , or ho rotevel.:Lfter birredfiom com.
log in upon sairt.tund. - • A. CIJANIBERLJN,
July 1 :19.4w Auditor. •
FOR 8100: also, -11051F.Tr.ADs :FOR
8100 AND V ER,V hi a. !Jeirabie, healthy
r,r,f" AGENTS WANTED! Send for n Pam
Wet. Address E. BAUDER, LAND .kGiNT.
j} 2.1 If. Purl Rfniai, Vil.
WM - W . 4arC31C>77:::.1.1
- •
TAT ; ILAINE-S;•Trlnt.,:it4,l;:t Shawls,Mantillas,
Duster. , ; and Umbrellas. and an
immense . 141141;14y 4iFber GOODS whirl, will
hr stii,wn mitt of ,barge by 11. C. ,TYLEit.
May 19th; 1859.
E aro now Manufacturing the BEST end
r CI4EIrEST MOW Elt mid it PElt
tver ofrAva to the PARMEMS of Sob
quchanna County. , .
. -
KES ri"rlif: • ,- •
P I t:asi: enp aud ex.t mite f.r
• t.. 4. SAYRE • BIWS.
'Montrose, )fay tit 6, ltli9.
Lawns, Prinb. and
Ginghams_at reduced prices. Also 13 tits:
of Sugar for one dollar, or 2t of Rice. Just
opened and for sate by J. LYONS &
Montrose, June loth. 1859.
A C'IPE:IP and easy reined} for the Piles and.
Corns. Tr) it- Also Meyers Rat and Mice
Exteitufnator. aOld by J. LYONS Sir SON. -
Juno 15th, '59.
Att: YEE-341 .
-)LACK and Colored Dress -Silks, Collars
11 and • linderbleetes, Lice Fails Bro. Tissue
for Vails, Esnteralde; Cotton' Yarn, Carpet Warp.
Bacd Boxes and Bonnet Boards. item; sup.
• ..; :14 • r
ii - $4. ~.rt,:),
.•.' -' ' 4 .; - .1 T' 4
? r,
.4 -t-, .. ,
I,i '.- •, •'h , t .:' ' .'N; . W' - • -
4: "
* .' 4 ''' := . ''''.... ' el' • • }-' Ol
.!_. •
~ v
, • ~.
v itztrfittl z .
-,. !*,..N... ~..
,-. •:::' 7z• - --... 4:-.---,....-,..":•,...,..-. •
Fp lIE first hoipitfil surgeons and medical' pub
licists of Europe,. a'dmit the unparalleled
antiinflammatory and healing properties of this
Ointment; governments - sanction Its tise in their
naval' and military, serviee4; and the messes in
this country rind' throughbut the world irepoen
the utmost confidence in iti curative, properties:
It penetrates the inurces of _inflammation-and
corruption which . , underlies, the external evi
dences of., disease, and zentraliFe the fiery-ele
ments which feed and exasperate thCmalady.
"lithimmatiarn, &refills, Erysipelas.
These are among the most terrjbtc and ago.
-nizing diseases of the muscles, the llesky:fibre .
and the skin yet in.their worst forms; futtfwlien.
seen-1410.Y 'incurable, ,they invariably. disappear
under a yersrvering application of this soothing,
healing, - antidote to pain 'Trod inflanimation. •
Salt Illmart, Fever Sores,,Stiff,Tcdula. '
In nil eases of Salt 114 tn,W here mlMlcal wa
fers, lotion:S . :arid 'every receipt of the plias mace- -
prett have proved useless, the Ointment will
etimplislia - Atferentric'enie2 ' Fever Wires .fienl
quickly under ita influence, and its relaxing 'of—
feet upon -contracted sinews; is truly-wonderful,
• Discharging Metre._ •
kmost retnarkable,and happy slangs:is pro.
duccd in thiruppearinceof malignant
ter n foie applications Of this Oinment. The surz
rounding redness vanishes, and granules of
of healthy flesh be ,, in to, take tke place of the
discharged matter. This process goes on. more
or less rapidly, until the millet is filled, up , with
sound material. and - the ulcer radically cured
A Word to - Mothers. •
The young stet horneat frequent sufferifrofif
'external injuries, aid therefore etwry mother:
aIMUId hayelhis - heaTing preparatimi unnstantrY
'at hand. It is an absolute- specific -for sore
hrensts,'aid quichly reutoves the encrusted sores
which,surnefinfes. disfigure the beads and -facet!
of childien.
This Ointment:ispied•on board gin
Athintio And Parise whaling fleet as a euro for
scorhhtia — ati d eetions • 9d as the best possiblev,
romtdy for wounds And braises.' tares supplies
of it have reeently4kell ader.derbY the Sultan
of Turkey for hospital purposes. •
moth 4hir ointment ditd - Tilis dna -. in
:LYONS l4. SON; I p r zralll,w•GUA/ AND PLAIN 2rEt . 114,
for eslo by A NEL. TORREY/
Auditor's Notice.
Auditor's Notice;
Auditor's Notice.
li,Le following-cases,
- .r iritz tp .
1 ; 4 tis
ITi. certain that Goods eah be sold suceessfe l.
.ly le 4dlfutrose and at Sequel anna s Depot
' .
Thottodoubticg this ses,rtion to ~at
at the ntores of
alttenlitr.g, 'ilosenhinit, k Gr.;
where:ft. - wilt be proven that the Men hart io
selling his Giiods ran afford to sell Cli , apor
for Cash, and can offer indueements au
make it an abject to Patellas - et:4, at ; atever
sacrifice they are obliged to make, to pro ure the
.51oncy to adopt in their Purchases a C ASJI
We- hav just received and are cc sfantly re
ceiving, a splendid assortment - of
adapted ter tbis
r sea.4ob, and Whirl: wilrnot
gite general setlsfaetion. Thew wore pur
purchneed under the most favoraVe 4tiroutiistan
era, and we are fnabicd ant tear, offer and sell •
at prices far below ethers that will give and hare
given an everlatking Credit; no tuattu• whethu
it is Torn, Dirk, or Harry.
An assortment }wrote fmre mega:tied by anything
over Mimed iu Montrose.
Fancy 'awl Staple Dry Goods!
Comprising many new and desirabru filNles of
bonds unknown in this market, utu6ng which will
Le fuand, in
All the twrelties el the seauon. cheap nt
New and choice sty lea of Broehe double And
single, etaid,Wooh nud
and a now atyle of Chenill tillawleap ut
(541thberg,',il05enbilum, .k Co's
t~z[&::t. T :Cl_iH:li.:Ci:s.
An iiivortmcnt al amys,on hand. airs,. Ladies' Cloth
•nd Trimming to match, of all shades, cheap st
In this Department we can 'offer groat induce
ments; us they are purchased directiy from he
porting louses. The assortment comprises
Vveitelt Setts. 'Sleeves nadHai's,
Worked , Edgings and Inserting,
• and a great alfasty more arti
cles belong to th lisle too
ttttt eroos to Olen
• tioa. elfvap at
13onnets, Ribbons, blowers and
Plumes, Wire Stiff Net and Wire,
at Wholesaio and It etall,--Lelieap
Domestic Goods!
May be found All the different qualities of Prints.
Ginglintas, , Bleaehed t;oods, Fine UntdesZhed
31uslitnh.Tielis, Stripes, Denims, ShtSting, 2 1-2
y'ds wide, cheap at
. .
As this is one .of their Parsorr 4.r
13t;ip:ass in New Turk -City, they s certainly have
one great aaventatre over all the rest of Clothiers;
then having Ole Nitre+ eteidylu. New York
city to devolo all his is particular I/ranch
ormatufaituring.. They wi I -furnish, at any
time; a Good Garment at about the same pried
for which the material can be gut.
They will warrimt ;heir work and a complete
fit or no pay.
They keep constantly on . lid one of thtest
btocks of,
Such as • Frcelr, Dress, Ftaglaa, arui Sacks
Great rarirty &Jul Ihyertliti_eSty43
Such as Velvet, Plush, Cassimer, And Satin,
cheap at -
of the Rest Itatetial at Short Notice
Undei Glituterits
7 . pi1.,4D1F„b 4 as wkaL as FOJt GENTLEMEN
such Its Silic„nntl al,Fo Lp.altuvoul, eileilp at
CUT rl'\ \I,,LCo 'S
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IS, sumamrtat. THE WISE,
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taii i aiii,h4Silliptirtingifili,P,ostQfliee,and then.
i , byl.tiorrig.,. WO will take all kiutl4. 44.011:a1a
tha ilighedt Market Prie•cit for Poytnextt, andO.
Accoliots: stapling 0 '.'ir . , .S 4 4lootha on ln .
SPbki , linY,bo Tat, for, aall4:tiola-,unloas oath.
-1,- Note.'
I- . 'by
. 'g. ostabiram, *Co
I , Mantraaat Pa , April I:sth,lBl9t: ' ' -