The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 17, 1859, Image 3

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    ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in the township of Thompson,
County and State alciresAid, bounded and ade•
serilood os follows, to wit:- beginning at an old
basswood stump—lacing. an old witnessed corner
of lota—thence along the tin s ° of Jaws Burn,
• hatrii land and land of Charles %Vrigliter mirth
forty six and three-fourths degrees east heel
hundred and thirty-six rods to a corner In the
line of said Wrighters land, at the intersection l
of a cross wall: thence along said crops wail 0,
the line of other laud of said Joel Lamb north
fifty two and ono-fourth degrees west ninety
ferir and one half rods to the end of .said cross
wall; thence north seventy-four and one-half de.
greys! west thirty-two rods and five links to a
stake on the east side of creek run; thence up
said creek run south forty-six and three-foniths
.degrese west twenty rods - to, a earner • on the
west side of creek run, to the south end, near a I
large -hemlock on theeeast Bide of said - run;
thence south thirty-six and a half degrees west, I
nineteen rods and ton to a beech on the
west side of said run --thence south fifteen and
three-fourths degrees west sixteen rods and five ,
- links ton corner n..i an ash tree, on an old I
division Sit of lot; thence on said division line
south forty-six and three-fourths degreei west I
. forty rods to a stoke and :torn: 'in the line of
-I,Vilfilmson's lot; theme along said.line south
forty-three degree,. east one hundred rods and .
thirty links to the place of beginning; contain'.
ing eighty-seven acres, be the same more or less,
with the oppurtenances, - one barn, and about-one;
half improved. •
Also, all that - certain piece nr parcel of land
situate in the township of Thomson, County
and State aforesaid, botondrd and described as
f0;10WN to wit: on the north by hind of Ebe
nezer Messenger, on the east - by lands of Eby - -
nezer Messenger and : „..t hallos Wrighter, on
the south by land Chas if Wtighier , end on the
west by kinds of Olher Williams and AlvA
)(edge, containitig about two huniircli nod
twenty-three am% be the same more or less,
te,gether with the appurtenanees, framed
house, two barns one hotse-barns, sheds wood
honse 'end other outbuildings: one orchard, and
about 'one hum' red and forty acres improved.
[Taken in ixceution. at` he euit-of Smiley &
Curtis vs. Joel Limb ]
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of' land
bitunto in,the.t.ltsvnahip of New Milford County
and State aforesaid, bounded and deseribed as
-follows, to wit: a post in the fence.
it being the south-west corner of the parson
age lot owned bY, the CoUvegati.nal church;
thence south eighty-five and three-fourths .de - g.
eag 105-laths perches to a post In the fence:
thencec ast three and one half deg. six and
four-tentl s perches to a post in 'the fence, for
a corner; hence- north eighty-eight deg. west
two and eight-tenths perches: thence.-north
sixty-fee de! . west eight and four-tenths per
ches to a beech stake,
it being a corner of a
lot serve ed to A.W. Hard by Ooden Pratt;
thenite east three and one-leitf deg. north three
and one-foitrilt perches to th'e place of begin
ning; containing. fitly fpur end s x tenths per
elms, be the same, nice or less, togethei with
the appurtenan. ea, one - building formerly n e e
rupied as a foundry. cad all imprwed rriiken
in execution at, the suit of Silas Hot illot - to
the in,e of-E. Aldrich vs. Orrin Bennett.l
ALSO—AII that cera'n piece or parcel of
I Ind. ly ingand being in the t..wn-hip of Rush,
County aid Slate aforesaid, bounded and des
vrihed es follows. to wit: Oa the north be lands
of G •ofg, Kennedy : on the ea , t by Georoa
Snyder :-on ltw ,outh - he P. .met7:,u'ev ; on the
we-i'bv bath•,. Logan, contaibinz one hanfred
and fifty acres more or less, with :h.. eptloirte.
113!)Ctli, one framed houseond abut forty -Tres
itn ; ,, 0.--ed. I:l'2ikm in eleention at the suit of
A. Lathrop & Co. vs. Detr,is Crosby
A LSO ---,At I that evrtaih ph ce or parc-I "fi,,,,i,
situate in the township of Gt. Rend arl I OA:
I mid. County and Stele aforesaid, tiontided and,
CI . ...1, I 11 , 11 : : "S f I / ..t . t.. taa Wit • On the north by
I of Wasttingtotli Hawkins, and land int , r,
h.te or.l. C.', F,..! ; on the east lit' land, et M.,
ao, ' l•S4l.l . rte, nnit Thomrs: An •Ile -otith
L. Squires :Ind s land c.f . !! 1/oR in
nor ; on tri4 w 4,1-1 by 111.44 and P. Min-
J ottipn. conta;ping. abo,ttt 2'B
acre: inure. or le-•.; Wlth the apporir , llll‘....
sin hens:. one 0reb.0 . ,1. and x i. t...ut ti :vrev
[Token in eccertiorr, :It the rni•
S. li. fbirton to the use of C. S. &um tt r..
G :bet: ld.wkihs j
A Lso.—A II that certnin piece Or parr's.; of l a nd,
slit:ate in t helown s irp of New Mil ford,Connty .
nai Sure aforesaid.; bound6l and described as
si.dlotc s oo n• - . 3 : 00 the north by land of U.
smith and Wm. .11.ttliestst I:ast be land inland
1) Jenninos, tux, the south le; lands of S. Lewis,
`nod west by lauds of .f. Willianis.containing one.
lan ired and fifiy-t No area more or loss, with .
the appurtenances. one (tamed blouse, one fram
ed barn, one cow 'house_ one orchard. and abut
9 ) acre. - improved. [ fakes in execution at the
suit ~ f. C . S. Bennett to the use- of S. dlutchln
sou & Cu.-..r Joljn-IA. Dlx.)
a ALSO-*-A II that certain piece or parcel of land
s'tuale and l y in7ln Gin: township of Springville,
County nod St de a foreslaid, bounded and des. j
Bribed r:4 toth,w4, to wit': On the north b e ta t rd s i
of urns Ball, ugd Bunnell : on the east
I.v John S. Willi.un• ; on the st.uth by lands af 1
Drin . ker. and on the west by Jol.n Gosscontein
in one hundred and thirty-three acres, with the ;
appurtenances. one house, two barns, one ',saw ;
mid, and about eighty a ' rrom improted. [Taken 1
in execution at the suit of 0. A. Eldridge. vs. i
H e nry Williums.l
All :hit certain piece of land situate iii
I.;nox township. Sut.quehanna county and State
of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as- fol- 1
lows: on the north by Benjamin toorjie. Asuliel 1
Wescott. 'Warren M. Tingley, James - G. and 1
Marcus Case, and Andrew. (..'ont-tni; on the cast i
by Wm ren M.Tingb y,Besittnin Tourjie, Eliel.a.j
• Bell. and Andiew Conrad; south or Elisha liell,il
Martin Coma and and Stepheti . J. Millard, and, on;
nest by James' G. and Minsus Case, DaYid Wil--.
!mirth, and Genres' Miles; containing about '
472 acres carne or less. together with the`appur
ietiances. 5 dwelling housq., 3 barns. 1 black-.
smith shope2 orchards,.andiahout 200 acre im
roved. Exe•pting t howeller, '2O acne add G
perriles included in the above description. own
ed by Harriet Clark, and hoUnded and described
follows: beginning lira stake and stones co r
trer of lot sold In Benj. C. Totinjie thence north
88 t-2 - ' east 60 perches to a stake and stones
corner; thence south 6 1-4's3 = 4•lothaVerrhes
to a stake and stones stp.rier on the north side
of the Clark road; thence south,l3B 1 2' west
GO perches to a stake.and stones Comer: thence
tort h 6 1.4' east 53 4 10th_ perches to the place
of beginning: with dwelling house and partly
imsrared. -[Taken n execution at the suit of
C. ' L
Ward vs. R us - D. Clark.) .
te l
ALSO—AII that - certain tract or parcel of land
stuate tn .t e township o 4 Lenox, County and
State aforessid, and butted, bounded and de
scribed. ns follows, to wit: beginning at a hem-.
lock. ifk r i, south corner. of Aaron Rynearson's
land and ..the west corner of lands hereby con
veyed; thence by lands of Hugh Mead, Ilemy
C.lutanrand Reuben Baker north forty-Ere de
grees and thirty minutes east two'hundred and
se; only perches-to a state and-stones on the line
i.f the Drinker lands; thence along said last
mentioned line south forty five degrees and thir
ty u inutes east - setterity-four perches 10 . a cor
net-in the marsh; thence by land of Omit Tiff..
tv • outh; eorti-five degrees and thirty minutes
wen til4t-feur perches-la a maple; thence south '
twerit-seven degrees east- seventy perches to
Veech, thene e alor. the south bank of Meadow ,I
!seek naldeight reds 'therefrom southwesterly 1
by the , :iveral and distanres thereof to a stake I
and stones; thence north thirty-seven and a half I
degrees west sixteen perches; thence sixtfeeven i
Rail three:Vmrtiri degrees west forty-tisto per- I
eat :14)
.to Okt.: thence sout6 sixtoen and a halt
degrees. east forty five perches to a post; thortiie
south: thirty-taro -and a qnurfer, degrees east
1,,,,,; :e ...i x peT e h k s to a benritsS.; thence south
sixty-G ee and os quarter degrees west tw e nty
perches. to . . a hemlock; thence north larty.fiVe I
at:d a half degreci west sixtysseren perches to d ;
i.inlock; - titecee i-outh forty-nine and a half de- 1
tree-west sixty-three perches to a past, and I
'Li'ne,. forty-four degrees lie , est. °Wk . hundred and I
Lily-nine p- reties to the beginning, contalningi
I . vt, hundred and acre., (reserving i
to tn.. said grantors the grist mill ; the dwellin a t'
l!'use near it. and tweed* acres - around and adlr
I , lning the same from the above deseribed - land.) , ,
, vi l - , th.. appurtenances. .one (raided daiailitfg, I
t.u-n o ,„,,n e barn, wagon- house..ehop. two ttr. I
c l'' r d - , and about one hundred and forty acres t
l' , lfettYltd: [Taken in exe.mtioti at the suit oli,
G. If, Frazic ,r administrator of Oliver Bacon, .1
dtecused vs, Luke Reed and 'Martha Reed hi s!
, s, ! .
ALSO--All that certain piece or parcel of
land, situate in the township of Herrick,Connty
and ate aforesaid, bounded and sleseribed as I
follhws, to wit: Beginning at a corner en the I
south side of the Cochec ton and GL Bend turn.
pike road, two rods below the west end of the
dwelling house of Chart. Bonner ; thence south I
65:' east, 83 perches to the middle ul the Mill
creek ; thence down said creek the setlersi
cnurse;thereof, lit perches to where the !said
creek croses the road ; thence northwest 320
perches to a stake and stones; therce northlsV
east 118 peiches to the beginning, containing 72
acres and seventy and a half perches, excepting
nd reserving for the use ol Erastue_ D.ry,l. his
heirs- and•assigns; one rod square near the head
of the-spring adjoining the land of the said Eras.
les Day for a watering place, being the sr=
.premises which Chas. Bonner and. Catharine' his .
wife by indenture d: the 23d day of April,
1825 conveyed to Bach' Lopy, jr, &c., together
with tbe.appurtenanvs. one dwelling dquse,inne
barn, one grocery, some fruit trees, and.mtretly
improved. [Taken in execution at, the suit of
Cristopher - L.WardandWilltandessnp,AssigPees
of Catharine Benner - Va. Wm. P. Cox and %Vm.
Cox, Senior,"elth Notice to Wiilard Walker;
Terre Tenant.'
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcelpf land
situate in the township of Clifford, County end
State aforesaid, bounded and described as !fol
lows, to wit: on the north by lends of Blinja
min A 3 res end William Coil; on the ?ant and
west by land of, Thomas P. Phinney anti the
Chrystal Lake; containing about two hundred
acres, be the same more or less, together with
the appurteuanies, one duvet int; house, 'one
wagon house, two barns, and other out
lugs, one orchard, and rwout one- hundred and
seventy five acres improved. [Taken in xe
cution. at the suit of D. N. Lathrop to theluse_
of Eliptia!et Wells vs. Sylvestee Johnson.]
ALSO—AII that certain piece or puce) of
land situate in the • township ;of Aubhrn,
County and State aforesaid, bounded - and de
scribed as follows, to on the north by
land of Abrahnnt Wslthen, and on the
and west by land of George Haverty, and ori the
south by land of C. H. Lowe, containing :afoul
one and three fourths 'acres, more or less, to,gcth.
er with the.eppurtenances, one framed hciuse,
one barn, one blackamith shop. and all improved.
[Taken in execution at the
_suit of A. Lathrop
& Co, vs. G. E. Lyman.]
• ALSO—AII that certain piece of land situate
in the towship of Middletown. County and State
arsrestiii, bbunded and described as follows, to
wit. beginning. eighty perehes soothwest,m4th e
Nlilford'and Owego turnpike mad - at a corner of
land in libsses•lon of Ebenezer Potter In I the
line of another lot of land in possession of John
Harrison; thence south thirty-seven deg. West
one hundred and twenty perches to a post in the
Wolf - road (so called; at a corner of Michael '
Whalen's land: thence north fifty4hree degiees
west altar , said Whalen's land eights' perehes '
to a post in the line of James . Ferry's tiled;
thence along the line a said Ferry'a land north
tiiiity seven deg. east forty perches to a p i ed;
thence south e.. 3.4, at a right angle from the last '
above named, hand twenty per. to a po-t, thine
nortli.east at it ribs angle from the hist above
ntioaed line 80 perches to A.p.14; th ace squib
three hued. ed and filly three deg. east sixty pe .
she. to tt.e ulnae of beginning containing pity 1
acres; be the same more or less, with . ' theittP
pertenances„ one framed house, barn, some
trait -trees, and about forty acres impreed..,
; Tiken . in execution at the suit of J. !w t , i
Kiley. vs. Philip
ALSO—The foltowing described lot. piece or
p ,reel of land situ .7.1! in Rash town-Rip. Codety
urd State aforesaid, bounded as follovs : beltin
n•nj at the nerth-west corner of a lot of land
surveyed to Philander 11. Pepper, in ' , the tine
of an- tir; warrant to Henry Drini;ei,
thence try said Pepper's line north seventy deg.
east Caly vretre-; thence south 2.0 deg. eat] by
Sands conveyed tie John Granger 24 iterates;
Aeries; by the same north - 50 deg. east 107 and
4 'Wills rert•hes to the line of lands in the po+e-s
ston of Nathaniel thence by the sail N.
Ii hi S.' lot sotott forty six deg. east thiyteen r
eties to th, line of 4and con Coyed by Zel liat•
Lathrop: thence : by the same mid by lands Or.
i merty et-Warren Lung south f'ortv.fur deg. skest
eighteen prrelies; th,nre partly by War ren
Lung's 1 •t rni partly by bold of IVm. Lsthrop
~.uth twenty-ti , e and one half deg west tune
I hundred and eighty-threw pen-lies to the line of
an erginal warrant, being also the line iii the
said Drink:et', 'tract, and thence lay the lin kof
the raid ll:jai:el. - 4 tr.,cts north twenty deg. West
one hundred and thirty-tire perches to the place
of beg„inning; ienntairtit.g fifty four acres and
sixteen perches. litre or less. with the appYrte
-' names, one franei bons,, barn, amt about thirty
, fire acre, inputted. [Taken in ext•••ution at the
suit of E'Reard Ob'erton. vs. James Crawford )
lALSO tli that certain piece or p tree! of lind
situate in the toicship of Apolaron, Cauntc• dnd
State aforesaid; .the-first of whit h is bounded
Wand deseribrdies follows, to wit : Beginning at
a post by the road in the line of J.ibo.. 11.-
1 ter s bad; thence north 68 perobes to a peat,
thence west 55 pel-chei to a-p05 , ,3 -thence. ntirth
! 37 4 east 90 pelt:hes to a post, tnince north 29
snerehes to a hetntnek, thence east one hundred
and 43 perches to a post, thence south one bin
'drti and 59 perches to a post, and thence est
23 pushes to the beginning, 'Containing thiutty
; one aeree, with the appurtenanves, one fra cd
house, one funned barn, and about twenty. pre
acres improved. ALSO. One other habituated
as above- bounded and described as roLows : Be'
ginning tt a post in the esst line of
CI es
Butrom s lot, thence south 83° east ten pen; lea
I to .post,thence south 4 perchee ton posv,thspce
'it - ql4
1 west ten pe'rehe's to a post, gnu A; eine n r 4.
t fourteen degrees east 4 5-tenths perches to ?he
I beginning; containing 3 tenths of an acreoll ; am.
; proved, with an treh - .rd thereon. AL.:O, The
.; interest of BarneyMeSherer to and in the follbw
.; ing described piece or parcel of land, situate as
' ab•;ve, bounded'and described us follow; to tilt;:
IBeginning at a post by the road at the sotith.-
; east corner of the above first den - eribecl piece of
land, th e nce north one hundred and 59 perches
Ito a post, thence east 26 6-tenths perches tor a
Pdit, thence south 70 east oar.. hundred andl6o
i perches to a post-and thence by the road vt'eA
36 perches to the beginning, rout:tieing thirity•
nue -acres more, or less ' th the Itp.
• ' together with
',erten:trees, 'about eighteen arms. irrproved t —
ALSO. One other lot situate as lrixtve, and
bounded and described as follows :''' Beginning
-at a post by the road, a comer of Charlesl - uf
furdstlot. thence north fourteen degrees east 7
perOes to a post, thence east ten perches t a
post`, thence south 6 perches to a post. thence
' west 8 perchesto a post.thence south 2 porches
to.the centre of the road: and thence north 112 4
west 4 perches to the beginning.; containinet 5-
Itenth's of an acre with •the appurtenances, no
; orchard and all improved. 'Taken in exeout ou
at the suit of It'ut... Buff= vs. Barney 4 Ic.
Sherer. .
ALSO, By virtue of an order of the Orph-1:s
Court I will expose for-sale, at the same ti e
and place, the following described real (-suite
situate in the township of Gibson, County rind
i State aforesaid:bounded .41Idescribed as Vol.
lows, to wit : the first piece bounded on he
north by Inns of Lewis Brainard,tormerlv oWn.
ed by Alonzo Abel • on "the east by land forMtr
ly oecupiedlty Ir. Belcher And, Elisha Wilhelm;
Inn the south by Elishe Williams ; on the west
1 -by lands of Oliver Payne Ana Hubbard Perm;
containing one hundred and „sixteen the
same more or leas ex c epting a piece of land nfar
the Kentnrk mart, r o ar rods square, encloled
anti used and occupied as a burying ground.
'with the right of way to and from the same.with
:from Keyentt to eighty acres improved; a dwill
ing-house, barns and orchard. Also, a second
piece, situatin the Township. County and
State aforesaid : Lonnded and described'is fid.
10,4 to wit :,Beginning at-a • stake and stories
the south east corner of find formerly owned fiy
Hazzard Bow_rs, deed ; thence south five de
green west twenty-eight pttrehes to a stake attd
• stones; thence north eighty five degrees tv at
ninet V-All._ perches to a stake and stones ; then
north five degree*, west ninervodx, perches 1 a
stake end . stonee; thence north five degrees ISt.,
twenty ei2lll-perChBl4 to a hemlock tree ; thenFe
squill eiihty-fivy degrees east ninety-Six perch!es
to the beginninz.containz sixteen acres and 0 1 , 4
hundred and twenty right perches, be the same
more or leas, the said sixteen acres wholly unim.
proved. • I i
Purchasers will in all mows he ',required 'p i
pay, on the day of sale, an asnoant sufficient
to cover the 'coats of sale. otherikise, the proper
ty will be re-sold, forlbwith.
• JOHN YOUNG ; $/ierif.l i
- -91Tritrs OfficOrentroieMarch 16th 1859. I
iSherirres efastle.
11.11 Y virtue of a writ issued by. the Court
Li of Common Piece of Susquebannit county
and to me directed, I will expose to•sale by pub.
lic vendoe, at the Court ionic in Montrose. on:
Saturday, Mnrch the 19th, 1859, at one o'clock,"
p. m., the following described piece or parcel
of land, to wit : ,
ALL that certain tract or parcel of land eitatte
in the ininshipof Oakland,Co. of Sinfa and State
of Pennsplvauia, and butted, hounded and,de
scribed as follows, to wit: beginning at a black
oak tree on the north bank of the Susquehanna
river Arid in 'the northwest corner of lands btdong
ing to Charles Davin, running thence two de
grees and five minutes east along the east line
of said DUOS' land to a stake in the center of
highway leading from Lanesbero' to Great Bend;
thence westerly along said highway sixty-six and
two-fifths perches to a stake in' tne corner of
land now owned by Jamee Van Antwe4; thence
north three fourths degrees east 305 1 3 perches
to.n stake and stones; thence-south eighty and
one half degrees east one' hundred And seventy
one and two-tenths perches to a white oak tree;
thence south threede - eriltS degrees west along
the line of an original survey two hundred
and fifty and two.thirds perches in the center of
said highway; thince wetterly along said high
way forty-six and onedenth perches; thence
south two degrees and five minutes west fifty
perches to the bank of said river; thence down
said river to the place of beginningi containing
three' hundred and thirty.eight acres, wore or less,
(excepting therefrom however twenty.five titles
on the north side of said highway, belonging to
Charles litvi;,) totether with the appurtenances,
three framed dwelling houses, two barns, nine
orchard, and about one hundred acres improved.
[Taken in execution at the suit of Caleb Car
malt, assignee of %Vm. R. Osborn, vs. Thomas
Jnckson and Fanny N. Jackson, his wife, and
Harry C. Godwin and Helen Godwin, his wife.]
Purchasers will In all cages be required to pay
on:the day of sale, an amount- sufficient to cover
costs of sale, otherwise, the priipertv will be re
sold forthwith. JOll :Vs YOUNG, Sheri,.
Slieritra Office, Montrose, March tat, PM%
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Window Curtain Flxtures—a large variety.
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can be had for cash at as low prices as goods of
the ...fine quality can be Nought for any where
in this vicinity; Binghamton, N. Y., not excepted.
Montrocc, Mareh Bth, 18.59.
A NEW SUPPLY. just arrived. end for arde
ch..ap. by A. TURRELL.
1 91 1 11 E aubwriber will offer fgr sale on hie
ot, the 29th day of March at 10
u'el , ,ek; a. tn. s at public auction: one span of
IlOrseS, six Cows, one Diniinn Calf, one yoke
of Oxen, two Lomb. r Wagons, one Top Wagon,
ond Lumber Sleigh, one- Chaser, one Bob Sled,
ono Cutter. one set of Double Harness, one Sin
gle Harries+, one Side Saddle, one Parlor Stove,
end a lot of IlutbiLehoLl Furniture, Plows,
Chains, and a great varieetv 'o.her articles too
numerous to tueation. Al,. a lot of Hay and
Straw, ahout 15 bushels of Wheat, and 41111
bushels of -
s s sTertus of Sale—Cows, Grain,abd all sums
utmer 85, cash ; the residue, nine months credit,
with interest, and approved security.
Bridgewater, March 9th, 1859.
I.6. r n i u mr , 0 uopTrninfie
iraiminuE mianniuuati
rHAT every intelligent man in thin comma
-1 nits should not know that a new arrange.
went has been made by
aaa Carriage-Ironing.
na,,n,32-5r know this to- be a fact
tut lot . the benefit the f ew who do
not. we would bay that-we arc prepared to do atiy
work in our line. whieb. may be intrusted to us,
in the most dtfrable manner, the most approved
style. and in the shortest possible time. All our
_sem: warranted to give good anti-faction.
Montrose, March tat. 18 - 59 —6mlf.
Register's Notice.
'DUBUC NOTICE is hereby given to All per•
eons concerned in the following Estates, to
Estate of JACKSON PARMENTER. 14te of
Gibson township, deceased, Jacob L Gillet, Ad.
mi , istrator. •
Estate of EZEKIEL BARNES, lota of Gib
sqn township, Groused, Charles Tingley, Admin
Estate of AMOS TIFFANY. late of Harford
township, deciped.TitEmy.Adminis'tor.
Estate of NELSON TIFFANY, late of Brook
lyn totins . hip. deceased, A. I'. Tiffany and E. S.
Finsl:arconni of WALTER WATSON, Guardian
of W. W. HAMMOND,.
Estate of WARREN LUNG, late of. Rush
township, deceased, Matthew Dunmore Admin
istrator. Dc Bonisoon.
'That the accountants haw. settled. their ac-
Counts in the Rrgister's Offic.e, in and .lor the
Couoty of Su%quehatina, and that•the same will
be prrsented to the Judges of the Orphans'
Court of said County, on_ Friday, April 15th,
1859, Gar confirmation and allowance.
Reaister's rave, -
Montrose, March 9th, 1859. # 4w
rptiE subscriber will offer at Public Sale on
the premises; on Tuesday, the 24 . 0 day of
Match inst., at one o'clock in the afternoon:. the
following described piece of land—Bounded on
north by N. Mitchel, on the east by land of My
ron Mott and I, 1:1C. McKeebey, on the south by
Watkins, ind on the west , by Benja
min. containin,o, ninety-seven acres and eighty
four perches•=frdin twenty to thirty -acres im
proved. The unimproved land is well timbered,
a portion of it with hemlock, and lays within
shout one mile and a quarter from Brackuey &
Chichester'S tantar,and two and a half mites
from Mongol°. erupt of Paycktie quarter
down or r•crurity tiwrefor, and the balance in
three equal annual pap:news; with interest on
the whole ,chin annually—on the first day of .
April, 1 860, '6l. and 61—to ; be secured on the
land by bond nod Mortinge. Also two stacks
of Say and three or tour thotisand feet of Hem
lock lumber will be sold at the. Same time,
Bridgewater, March *h. 1859.
THE Pub Briber will offer for ash) at Public
Aukion, at his fi6tise in Harford township,
on the 24th day of Jt web, 1859, at 10-n clock, a.
m.' the fo,lowing property : two Colt, 2 COWS,
8011, 9 Calves, 8 Sheep. I SOW, I, Shoat, 1
Heifer. 2 Churns, a lot of -Tin Pans, 1 Horse
'ake. I Chlrning 51sehine..a quantity of Hay,
20 Fowls. Terms of Sale—all sums under
cash; all over $5, six months crertit—with. iota=
rest ad spkoved security. E. B. HOWELL
Ilt , rford, ?larch 10th, 1839.—w2.
Patented June 15111, 11938 by
A. a. BRUSIE, Groat:Bend, Pa.
WE recommend this POWER : to 'ikon
who have Churning to do,'lis 'Wag em .
inently adapted to their wautii. It Ift simple and
efficient, requiring less sveighLto operate' it than
any other power used for i similar purpose. It
is cheap, and at the a me time pninanent. Its
construction ii en perfectly adapted to the-work
it has to do, that it is inipassibtalotetit tint of
order. .•
• • .
At the Susquehanna County Agricultural Fair,.
held at 'Montrose, Sept. 30th. 11858, it appears
from•the followlerreport of-tho Committee on
Farm Implements Addison G. Brush's Dog Pow.
er took tie Vitisr ITEIIIIV3I. Here is what the
Committee nye;
';They„have been coach pleased In the examin
ation of Addison Smith's newly invented Dog
Power for Churning; combining, as they believe,
marepower with less friction, at has expense
than any machine that has yet come under their
ofiservatlon. The ease with whirhit can be con.
smeted or repaired, and the Po Ater Indefinitely
increased, is a recommendation that cannot be
extended to the endless chain or roller—its sim
plicity in truly.a Veptarttable feature. and a dairy
man has only to acquire the ordinary ability to
use a saw, to make a mortice and tenon, and he
has one of these machines within himself. When
we consider the drudgery from 'Lich a farmer's
wife Is relieved by those achievernenis of skill
and genius, they,cannot avoid - froling4mteful
for every .effort that may be made Afor such a
drsirahle result. They awned him the premium
of 82" CA LEII CA BM A LT. Committee.
The above indorsement is a sufficient guaran
tee that this invention is not one of those worth
less patents which have gulled the people so ex
tensively. -
Any one wishing to purchase town or comity;
er individual right; can now be accommodated.
We invite those who are interested In improving
and cheapening farm implements to give us a
call and examine our DOg Power. We offer
such inducements that thos, Who engage in this
business are not only sure to make money them.
selves, but prove a blessing to every ono who
has churning to do whom they - furnish with one
of these time and labor Saving Powers.
jan. 20, '591 ' Great Bend, Pa.
artist FLeoeivrecis
Beet;Carrot, Rutabaga, Flat T urn' poind
Onion iced, In FOUND PAPERS.
Also a good assortment of
413 t• Eta " gE;
plontroso, Pa.
Office on Public Avenue, opposite Senile's Hotel.
March Ist, 11359.—tr.
"BEEF!! BEEF•!!"-
vinIAT of that? Nothing—only : that article,
1' V together with occasional "Bits" of fresh
can be had in the Basement of Boyd & Webstor's
Now Building. just bdow Searle% finial- •
S. T. Scorn ' E. B. Rootlets.
Mont ro ee, March Ist, 18.59.-1.
HAS removed his shop across tho street, to
the building one door, below Keeler at
Eauddard'a, which he has fitteslng exlicessly for a
Saddle, -Harness and Trunk Shop,.
where may be found ail kinds of .
from the heavtest team, to the lightest, trotting
harness, sad a general assorment_ of trimmings,
which will be made up oc sold very low.
Carriage Trimmings:
A good assortment nn hand, which will be sold
very low; all trimming done cheaper than eke.
on hand, from-which harnesses will be made and
' l ol;74stri e gtaated.s.
* * *Customers will please bear in mind that I
wish to settle up once a year. Those having
unsettled accounts, or notes due, will save costs
by settling or making payment without further
delay. G. F. FOKDIIAM,
Feb. 24th, 1801 s. Montrose, Pa.
Twelre Pages of Popular Move for Ten Cents.
"OCR SIUSICAL FR lESD" is Pled With the best
Piano Solos, Duets, Songs, Operstle Anas, Pol
kas, Mazurkas, Quadrilles, Waltzes, and every ,
other species of musical composition for VOiee
and Piano by the best American and European
Composers; printed on full•sized :antic paper,
adapted to every grade of performer. _
The same quantity of music, procured from the
regular - Publishers would cost More than ten
times what we charge. •
A year's subscription to "Dui - MUSICAL
F i itIEND," will secure tleVi: and fashionable mt,i
sic. worth at least Two iju3DRED D01.L.1.C8 and
entirely sufficient for the honie,circle. -
Price Ten Cents, Wet&ly.
Yearly, $5; half Yearly, $2 50; Quarterly,
$1 25 cents. The Volume commenced ou the
let of December, 1858.
C.. B. SEYMOUR & CO„ Proprietors,
mar.3,lmo.] 13, Frankfort et:, New York
- -
• "i7Cr.a...1=t13.!
rp HE undersigned, notilli.,-'tandirti .311 torts
.1 of eumor.r, tn,the contrary, wankd most re.
Spectfullr inform Lis many mercantile and trad
ing friends,lit this county, Its well as in other
places, that his interests still centtinue, at both the
plam, where ho had hitherto been concerned, viz:
46 Courtin nd street. in ibe HAT, Car and STRAW
GOOD» Partner, -Also in the
W . h I. I. HUNT. at 2115 Peirl,etreet N. Y.,
w ere (thankful for post favors) he earnestly .
i. ites his former customers, and others, to toll,
j ?
mnising end bellering.,thnt they vill. be as
'tell dealt by, as at any other estahlisliment in the
City. . •
Montrose, 3farelt 6th, 1859.* -, .. .
BLANK NOTES; Wed., imu' r ifritriety if
ether Olodkl - for sale at.
rHls kind of HAT KNIFE is- used to
J. Cut Hay is a Mow or Stacks. The follow.
letter will show how useful th 43 Knives are.
. • . CLINTON, PA.
MR. ZEITMER :—Dear Sir:—Please remember
the- township I bought of pou,,-1. made one .
hundred Johan; in slew weeks, in selliniyour
Hap Knife: Please find eneloie,d‘32o 'gain ICr
the right of two mere townships.
Persons wishing to make money an stated
above can du ao by,sending Ten Dollhia to mu,
and I will iend by mama printed genuine Deed,
tor the right of any township you may wish in
Susquehanna—County, Pa, and I will send by
Railroad one Knife for a model, but you must
state to what station you want it sent, rite: Full
particulars howto make the_Rniversend coat of
Knives, will be sent with the Deed, upon the re.
ceipt of price as above. This is no humbug.
Addrow D. ZEHNER,
j.l3m2•J Ilonierville, Medina Co, Ohio.
1858 is dead and gone, and
1859 is, but just begun.
Soplease call at the Montrose Ito o
Store and boy a copy of ilia Arts of Beau
ty by Lola Monte;
,and subscribe' for Godev's
Lady's Book at $3,00, or fur Peterson's, Arthur's,
Frank Lesli e ' s, Mrs.A. S. Stephen's &c., &c., at
the lowest lub' rates. Harper's'and the Atlantic
at 82,00 each.
Call and buys...copy of Livingstonn'e Travels
and Explorations in Smith . Africa, stria a copy' of
Recollections of a Life KllO by - S. G. Goodrich,
A fine sett of Chessmen', a beautiful Album, or a
Portfolio, a hlcePocicet Bible, or a Praytr 800k,.,'
(of which you inn find 15 or 20 styles,) a - copy '
or3lisa Cooper's JlountVerndli Letter, a snperior
POcket Knife, a Pecker. Dimly and Almanac, Le.
dv's, Democratic, Farme ra',Tribune, arid Juvenilo
Almanacs for 1859, &c., &e., and (a the same time
subscribe for any good Family Paper you may
choose at the very lowest club prices. .
Fur further items of exciting newt end im.
portant events please buy and read tho N, Y.
Ledger of Jan. Bth and 15th, for sale at the
Montrose Book Store, by A. N. DULLARD.
Montrose, .tan. 4th, 1859.
tgr Discoresed at Last...ifEl
ALl:persons afflicted With thtso painful ex.
cn3aeneea, can etfect perfect curos, without
tho aid of a surgeon or the knife, by using San.
ford's Corn-Plasters. 'Sent by mail, post paid, to
any part of the country on receipt of SI.
Address S. J. SANFORD, 24 I Docket„
de,-30 or Box 261 P. 0., Philadelphia._
Binghamton, Broome County, N. Y.-
THIS establiehMent is open for the reception
of patientalluring the - whole year, and is
arranged with a view to the comfort and con
venience of invalids dnring the COLD WEATHER.
Win garlit 11,06416
are thoropghly warmed, and the entire house‘is
Experionc:e has dernonstated that the Water
Treatment is most successful during the
You are an Invalid and desire to be cured.
You long for health.—make the proper effort
and your health will be restored.
Are your Liver and Stomach diseased?
Are your Throat and Lungs diseased!
Are you Bed• Ridden—unable to. walk?
Have you Rhocantietn or Impuiity of the BIM??
[lave too qener..l Debility and Pal2itation of the
Have all your effinb. heretofore proved abortive ?
Go to the Binghamton Witter Cure.
IVa:er Treatment will speedily cure you.
* * *For further particulars cell at the "Cure"
or addre4s 0. V. TH AVER:II. D.
T ILE BEST article in market. Try It.
80 BUCKSKIN LASHES,—oo humbug-=at
and no less.. '
ANEW supply of those exceNent Candles,
by the lb. or boa. ,
XEW supply of those good TEAS;-at 4,6,&
Bs.per lb. • the very beat iu market.
Of every variety that is used under the present
O . - ... .
TI. CLOTH CARPETING : aml.indeedlan
"city" cnn now boast of an assortment
on' quailed heretofore., at very low prieea for
cash. - R. KENYGN,Jr.
4.1.-ml3 Lawsrille Centre, Pa.
•.57P Jusx Published, the 25th thcusand.
S— ^ mailed in a sealed envelope, to any
el tan ss,
address, on receipt of three stamps.
A medical essay on the physical exhaustion 4. de.
fay of the frame, caused by "selpabuse" infection,
and the use rf mercury. by R.J.Culrerwell, ALD,
member of the royal college fl surgeons, 4-c.
Spormatorrhcea or seminai emissions, genital
.and nervous debility, impotency, loss of energy,
depression of spirits, timidity, diseases of sexual
•organs, impediments to niirriage, promptly and
effectually cured by the ales novel and suc
cessful treattneut, by means' of which the inva
lid can regain pristine health without having re
course to dangerous and expensive medicines.
(From the London Lancet.)
The best treatise ever written on a.scbject of
vital importance to all, well worthrthe author's
exalted reputation.
Address the publiAers, J. C. KLINE, & CO.,
Post Box 4586, New York. [fl7yeq p
Aar A Bocik fbk•Evetybbill:•-iti
DR. TELLER'S great
mirk for the married
or tho.' contemplating mar.
lage-2oCt paps.full of
111Eistea s ;
lee 25 rests—sent to all
cis under seal, by mail,
IST.PAID. 50,000 cop.
isiskitb:e past &Par. The
iglu inarritd,sn - d the.mnr.
al happy. A Lecture on
;a a partner,; a complete
.rontr;itis hundreds of se
_pu ishod—Warinntod to be
worth three times the amount askeiffor,it. .26cts
in specie or postage stamps, enaloied, will secure
a copy by retard mail. Addinsi
S. TELELER, Id. D.. .
• No. 6 Dearer : at, Albany, N. Y.
Fir Da. Vlcuols' SESIALE Pats, el /1. box.
with full directions. • Married !Wien' should not
use them.-lent by mail._
CAUTITtI.-7 hese Pills should not be taken by
females during the FIRST 3 ,lIIONTHS of
P?egnancy, as they arc sure to reuse ctiscarriage,
but at any akar timeihey are safe. '
In all cases of nervous and spinal affectlon,pshi
in the bark and limbs, 'fatigue on slight exertion.
palpitation of heart, hysterics , and.whites, these•
pills wilt erectseers Mie n -aKothor tneansiutve
Mite% andaltho' a powerf ul remedy, do *not ton-
Wu iron, calomel. .antimony, or an\lhing Mirt fat
to tire constitution. Address DR. TELLER
as above. • foblilay*
ti,r r el s.
)0 of needy .every descriptions
Bertrr and Cheaper then new owes,
• - • • -for age. by . ABEL TURRELL.,
Montrose. Nov. 95th, 185,
r . .
T 111r1104111,AP1H15.....4 NEW SUPPLY
Dee. ht, 1858, A. TURRELL
TR= ; ate
Y T . 44 4
T Ti s sedan that Goods eatt be sold successful
ly' in Montrone-and at Susquehanna Depot
Thoso dOubting this assertion will do well to call
at the stores of
Gutteilitrg, psenbaum, ,
where it will be proven that' the i Nerchant in
selliog his Goods can afford to eeit Cheaper
for Cash, and can offer inducements sull!clent
make it AO objeet to . Turchasers, at, whatever
sacrifice they are obliged to mike, to,prneure the
Money to adopt in their Purchases the CASA
They here just received and are constantly re
ceiving, clarge assortment of Dry GOODS and
CLOTHING, particularly' adapted for
and which are purchased, under the most favora
ble circumstances. They are enabled and WILL
offer and sell at pr ces far below others that will
give and have given .an everlasting Credit; no
matter whether it Is Torn, Dick, or Harry.
Au assortment heretofore unequaled by anything
ever offered in Montrose.
Faney and - Staple Dry Mode!
Comprising many .new deeirabin .styles of
Goodsutiknown in this market, among which will
be found, in
All the novelties of the season, cheap et
New and choice styles of Brocho double and
single, Stella, Plaid, Wool, Palm and Mantilla;
and a new style of Chenill Shawls, cheap at
6attenbtrg, Iloseithantp,.& Co's
An assortment always on liand,also Ladies' Cloth
and Trimming to match, of all shades, att!) ut
15uttenbag, Tostithanin, & Co's.
In this Department a•e can offilr great induce
ments, •as they are purchased directly from Im
porting houses. The assortmegt•compriies
French i.etts„ Sleeves and Collars,
Worked Edgings and Inserting,
( and a great massy more aril
, cles belong to this line too
numerous to men
• lion, cheap at
Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers and
Plumes, Wire, Stiff Net
tings and Frames,
at Wholesale,aad Rotall,--cheapit-
Domestic Goods !
May be found all the diffbrent qualities of Prints,
Gingham', Blotched Goods, Fine Unbleached
Moulins, Ticks, Stripes, Denims, Sheeting,.2 1-2 -
yds wide, cheap at
As this is ono of tier Pluirerrxr.yEANCTlVl OF
Bustinss to New York City, they le rtainly have
one great Advantage ovhr all the resat of Clothiers;
they having one Partner steady in New York
city to devote all his time to this particular branch
of manufacturing. They wi 1 furnish, at any
time, a Good Garment at about the same Price
for which the material can be got.
They will warrant their work and a•complete
_ •
fit or no par. .
They keep constantly on hand ono of the Itest
docks of
Such as Frock, Dress, Raglan, anti Sacks
In Great Variety and Different Styles,
Wive•: Plush, Gzaimei, staci
cheap at
of the Best Mateilal at Short Notice.
Under Garinents
such as Silk, and also LambawooO s theap at
,E N
Md it-particular those. knowing themselves
indebted to u we will say once mont , that we
will sell for Ready , Ply, hereafter, and all Ac.
counts and Nofes malt be Settled without Fur.
ther, Notice. We are tired of writing,Dunning
Lettere and Supporting tho PostOfSce,snd tbere
by lining. We will take all, Weds of . grain at
tba Highest Market'Prices for Payment, sod all
Accounts: standing, over Six Months • on' our
Books will be left for collection unless settled
by Note, •
113uttenberg, ioseubaum, IC; Co.
!fontr o ne, Pan Octubet 20th, 1808. -
1838: J. DiCKEKHAN,JII. 183
11V ,stOtt iinportuth
Tamierhigned i•9tilti take this - 406mi'.
1. oily to inform. 1114 Mel* aii.ektetonterit
that he hat*eotiffyin:i'do.. t tge-'adiiitionii 7 to'
former extenelve dog: of • • -
StbVe TriithnTrigs;
and that be is prepared to supply the ,cants of
the community in that tiro at unu:nally To*
priceii, He flatters himself that his facilities Pir
manufacturing his n':v7 n Wzia es, fltutes, Qc., give
him a decided advantage orer, , arly who par
chase and tfansporfat - a heavy cxpenze their en
tire stuck.
He would say to thric.o who. wish to purchase
STOVES of any description, STOVE PIPE, or
TRIIIMINGS, of any kind, and pay for thrll, ho
is prepared to give them great bargains; but • to
those who want to purchase. on a. year's credit
and then let it flan two years more; he had rath
er they would can nn %onlo r !moist., even if they
hare to pay seventy . ..firs per veer mere than:an
article in worth. In the bar of
Shelf liardivare
his assortment is Ike largest and hest selectedin
Susqsehatins County; purchased R 4 'him Mock
has been mostly ofmanufacturers, ho is eitahled
to offer inducements to those country merchants
who buy small bills, rarely foißtd this lido of
the big city. We can otferspetial inne;i 7 inenta
to Carpenter' andloitierit o Are Fa Wont of
either Tools or .building Material's, Iliad:-
smiths can find AXVILS, VICES, BELI OWS.
and, Sc Lot, almost anythiag in their line, by call
ing on us,
CQE ,P V O > d C A. 511.; - •
. , Our stod ui . - - •
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots -and
Shoes,• Hats and -Cam. Yan
Nollong, dcc. &e., 1 .
Is as largo as the times will admit of. They
purchased at a low figure. and will be sold ':4t
prices to correspopd with the times.
, _
We. have just Opened . about one.nna ealmit
cords of ready-made clothing.. Every body says
they are cheap. Some say they are wale eke: p,
and a number lasxo ventured to say they aiego.if
cheap. Certain it is that a small pile of money
will buy a large pile of clothing.
We would add, in this connection. for fhb In
formation of airconcerned and the "rest of man.
kind," that we are tired and sick of the credit
system; We have suffered enough by it already,
and are determined to rid ourselves of th.
the whole "critter." Believing that the thnhlt;
eixpence is Ake true Nyetem, :re are resoit.AA to
adopt it, and are offering our 'goods. at prices to
* * *Produce taken in exehange for Goods,
New Milford, Nov ‘29th,,1858.
• •
THE firm of Cobb dt Rogers is dissolved by
mutual consent. Their notes and accounts .
ad;id the hands of C. Slier:Man e at the, Old es.
',Matfett!, who is duly authorized. todt settle
the same. Z. COBn,
Noutrore, Feb. het, 11569.
IVOCO ir riMo
LiCOBB would respectfully announce to.the
. public that he may mill be found at the
old stand, fully j,reppred to atteLd to the watts
Ape cotro'nu!ty. !e iwia keep on hand a gooa
stock of
4Currc,ceieless'` - i
and SALT (by the sack or barrel,) Fiset, and all
artielesioutid in Firet Clays Groceries,. •
lie would iitrtieularly calf thn • attention of
Farmers , and others to the' fact that he is
constantly reeereing fresh supplier. of
Dien good and medium kjualities, which will be
sold ter ready -pay, is quantities to suit,
the purehnevr. .
Montrose. Feb. 2.1.4 1859
World Known Lind World Triode
il -. •' ' 7-- - 4 / - .. A4? ~. rt..,..1.:P
• - .6P4 1. . L'll'• t7 1 7 1 ' i,Y, i.
i : ii ' - ': - ''- V f'l4el?
v-i:A• , . P '''. : • ••‘..,- ~ . ." \ ,
iii . 17:1:4.....: :7 4 t , N•ezi i l• [ X •.---
1 •-. I . 7 . 1.4. - - , F's -'. ' . 4'7; - - 4 -.7.1 I.' -
--.Z.- ' •.:.:- 1,4- :.f. , ›; - :. - 1--:._": , .. r. t r Arc,
_ • -- .
rrliE free admission of all Nations, ris.ivell as
the verdict of the lending hospitals of. tho
ad as well as the New World, stamp this.iimc'.
edit} remedial Agibt as the greatest heating
preparation ever. made known to autTering man.
Its penetrative qualities are more than marvelous,
thro' the external urifickAt of the skin, invisible to
the naked eye, it reaches , the'saat . e . , internal
disease; and in all extuktal_ateetiona ita-anii-in
flammatory and healing virtues surpass anything
else on record, and in Nature's great ally,
Erys•Joehoi and ralt Rheasia
Are two el the mem i;ottnacin an& virulent
disorders preva!ent on this aoritinent, to these
Ointment is especially antagonistft. its ,`!,matta
operandi" is first to crailicateLthe venom and
then complete the cure.
Had Lear, Old Sorer, and Uleerr;
Cases of irony years standing that hare - perti.
nacionily refused to yield to any other-remedy
or treatment, have invariably. euccumhed to a
few applicationasoCthia Powerful unguent.
.. Eruptions on the Skin, - •
Arising from a bad state of 'blood or chronic
disease are eradicated, mid a clear, transpareht
surface regained by Ibe restorative action of this
Ointment. It surpasses many ' enstimtV4
and'uther toilet its power to dispel
rashes and other disfigurements of the face.
Pifer and Fist u la.
Every form and feature GI these prevalent and
- stubborn disorders I. . eradicated locally and, en-
Airely by the Ilse of this emolient ;•warm lumen.-
Wiens should precede iris application. "
ing qualities nili be futnt•thoro' and invariable.
Both the Oiatroeut. and the-Pias should be used in
the followitia '
Bunions, Rhe,urnarron, Sure Throats. •
Burns, . Ringworm, &read' all kinds
Chappednards Salt Rheum Spraini.•
Chitiblains,Se Ma , litiffJoints, - .
Fistula, Goat, Skid Diamixes, Tetter, Uicern, ,
Lumbago. Sword Glands, Venereal Sorbs,
Legs; Wounds - of. ci -1 I
Piles, Sure Breasts, Sore, Heads, • [kinds.
E'CAUTION !—None are .4,ennine
the words," Holloway, New York and Lontlon,"
are discernible a,s a V: ater-mark in every leaf of
the book of directions around each pot or Jinx;
it may be plainly !ken byholdim the le6flothe Ugh!
A habdsoine reerd wilt be giver to kny one reit.
during such infaination as may lebd to the detrC•- . .":
than Many party or parties counterfeiting
medicines or vending them hewing thetir-to be
spurious. -
* a * Sold at the. Shwa:wieder' of Pro: HULLO.
way, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and btu!! re
spectable Drugg;sts and Dealers Medielnii
throughout the United States* and the•
world. In pots at 25 cents. 6,l,cents, and $1 each: -
OrThero is a considerable sating by- taking
the.larger sizes s
N. B.—Directions for the geldaneehlpatients•
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