The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 10, 1859, Image 2

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    Nine. POT Suivehanna - aione, 'V and '5B,
Simeon 13 -Cbaiet - ,
Se- Stale mate's. •
. ,
For NorluMberland, Union, Columbia,
Laura*, and Susquehanna, 11312 ;
Ross ; M 4, Thomas Murray, jr. - ; 'le, Charles
Frazer f, 4 year,' ;_'lB, SiMon Soyderdied ;
'l9, ltobett Willet,_ to fill 'vaeanC y ; '2O,
Redmond Catayoghwas succeeded Fraser.
-For Susquehanna, Bradford and 'flogs, 1622.
'Tomah Eliewater,; '25; John Ryan; '2l), Sam'l
McKean, res:gnad; Jan., '3O, Reuben Wil
bur, to fill vacancy ; 33, Almon 11. Read, 4
For and Rredfciod,lll37,
Eihn Case; '4l, Asa Dimock, 3 years. For
Suvqbehanna, Wayne, and WyOming,, 1844,
- Wm. - 11. Dirnmiek; '47, K 13.1St2.ecterf. For
'Susquehanna, Bradford and Wyoming, 1050,
Geo,Sandtwtoo; '63, Wm. M. Platt; 'SO, E.
Reed Myer..
A ft.- The. Seuatova and Represeitatives
whose 11111/6t9 are marked with a t, were from
This county. •
Thnyearii standing against each 'name
refer to the time of their October.
Their terms of services of course commenced
the winter afterwar4s.-
. Members' of Congress.
FOT Northumberland, Uniou. Columbia,
Luzerne, and Susquehanna, 1812, Isaac
Smith, Jared Irmo ;* 'l4, David Scott; Wil
liam Wilson • 'l6. David Scott, Win.
soa i
'l7, Joh n; Murry in place 'of Scott, re
slgned ; 'lB, Geo. .Denison,. JOhn* Murray ;
'2O, Geo. Deni4on Wm. Cox Ellis. For
Northumberland, Columbia, Union. Lycnin
log, Luzerne...Supquell'anna, Bradford, Tioga.
Putter, and McKean. 1822, Samuel McKean,
George Kreuter, Epsy Van Horn ; "24 and
'26, same members as in 'l2 ; '2B, Philander
Steikens,t Akm.Marr, James F. rd ; '3O,
Stephens 4 Lewis Doward, James Ford. Fur
Siislnehanno, Bradford, flop, Potter and
Nh_: . hean,lB32, and '34, John. Liporte ; '36
nd,'lB, Sainuel W. korris• '
'4O, Davi4
Dilworth,' jr.,f— died Jan. '42 ;—Almon B.
Readt elected to,fill Townley, io March. '.or
Susquehanna, Bridford..and 'nowt, 1842,
Almon Fulle f elect
ed to fil: vacancy; Darid Wilmot for
29th `Congresi; '46 and . '4B, 1). Wilmot ro
. elected; '5O, '52, '54, '5B and '5B, G. A.
Grow f.
B y- It should be remembered that the
regular term of office of each member in Coo
'gress commenced,the fourth of March after
the year of their election staudiiig againa the
DaM3 of each.. - _
Nathan Beach . ,and Enoch Smith were
also candidates that year,
but. believe the
above was the one elected.
Os Thursday afternoon, Febrnars . 25th,
Mr. Bozock, of - Virgittia,frorn the Select COM
mines of the House of Representatives to
examine into the alleged naval cotaracts
and frauds, presented a report from the ma
jolity.' -The resolutions appended say that
the testimony proves the existence of glaring
4nses in the.BrooklyiliavY Yard, requiring
the interixesizion ofiegislative reform. They -
have,been growing up for along series -of
years; secondly that the.coal . agency lain the
hands of incompetent persons,
ii-needed,-inthe regulatibas,on the subject.
There is no evidence to show that this incom.
petency and inefficiency came 'to the kitowl.
edge' of ktbe authorities 'at Washingtco;
thlidly, that in all the Secretary di.l in re
gard to - the contracts for live cak, he kept -in
view the good of the - public and the interest
of the servh*:e; fourth, that-in letting the con
tracts for Machinery for the seven /sloops, the
Secretary displayed . laudable zeal and ef
Wa-hington letter writer; in speaking of. the
action of the'Repriblicant in voting against
the admission of Oregon; says that 'Eli
Thayer, a libtral _Republican, Massa
climets, declaires that the Republicans, by
this oik6Siti Hi to a free State, have cut t h e
torolt of their !party. Re told Giddings he
worild hear it frima every stump in O hio, if
he-were a candidare for Governor.• Thayer
says it ts rerna4able to see Southern Demo
-crate voting tc4admit free States,whilesNortb
era Republicans, who propose to be a free
State parly, rote against Oregon.
_11 , " The Republican., in their scheiiiings
to govern New Yolk city by Leeislativeen
actments, ocernionaily meet with- a rebuff
from 'some di-c'erning members in their own
ranks. A measure having- beerupresred for a
large batch of appointments in that city, Mr.
Meeks, a Republican rose and said
He hoped the majority of this House would
never' do an act cif discourtesy and ii jr~siice
towarls them. As•s Republican, he desired
to protest against treating the Detnocrstic
Representaiivel from Neir York as glares
from the B.roth,. and to declare his belief that
too ranch legislation hat been forced on that
City already fur the crime of voting the
Democratic ticket. Ile - had no sympathy
with Democracy,,bet he had respect for the
will otthe majority of the people, be they as
thiy may in. politica ' • • •
BOLNDARIES- or OREGOL—The error ap=
pears to 'be cuirent that the boundaries of
`the new State of Oregon ere coincident ail)
those of .the f4rn3er .Tetritery. .Even- the
Philadelphia- "Enquirer," noted for its ac
ensiles, gives the Inuits asreaChing - from the
Pacific to the Rocky' Mountains, and from
the 40th to the 42d- parallel of North lati
tude, on area of 227,000 square miles, only
a 'fraction lesathan that of - Texas. The error
is material. The act of Admission defines the
boundaries of the State to be the ocean on
the west, the Columbia River to its intersec
lion with the 46th parallel; -and that peralell
en the norlit; the Snake River to the af
fluence of the Owyhee, and line due south
from that pent or the east, and tile 42 paral-•
lei! on the south. -
The area thus Aexignated covers a trifll
mare than bailor Oregon Tetritory; in square
miles about 113,000; a sullies far exceeding .
that of -any of the-older - Suites. yet falling
very touch short of-the extent -either of Cali
fornia or of Texas. Kansas, if ndmitted,would
bring with it anarexjeeaterby 21,000 move
miles ) than that oftregon.
let POST Orrice Bta having been lost,
-it i 6 .a matter of speculation bow that Depart
ment it to get on. If it only effected mem
bers crMegress,it would be no cause for grief,
but as - almost every man; woman and child
is the country is robe injutiotialy affected, a
terrible responsibility moat test upon those
who caused the defeat of so important an
appropriation. The Ad ministration can wash
its hands of it. ‘.
The bi 1 to repeal the Tee Per. Cent Interest
Law has passed both brancliCi ride Ohio
Legialatunk—lt leaves the rate of 6 per cent.
col/actable st lasi. Parties can pay or receive
any rated:interest on uhict they cies - agree;
butibey roust trust to honor and not to tha
law-farpoiswhes it is over 6,per' cent. - This
ii t b e i s s e frassimed 'when none is mentioned-,
*AUL, or contract or accounts. •
BY, a.tooMtact of this
_lllinois Legislstuns
Alstissofassisnisl juror's ocenpation is - guns, si
kt 'Abe law Do. pomp is allowed - to or so mom
Ilion oboe sysoi opal a jury.
ALetter fromHon•leas
the Committe
its :-Ibare received_ you
Sib and 9th: itlitarrt, 'whir c
tristhoonz, voxd n,et i pression it)
the committee ever wirier-3'4)111
ceiva from me ant statement
io regent to it which I
*l3.''ll l
I now comply with thevequest i
neferettori the contractsfor h
model:to - der the adrertisemen
18.58. • •
No Ike-oak timber- has
.by . adwevieedi contract for th
years,'excepting in these Meta.
let. A contract made Septe.
for 11,000 cubic feet.
' 2d. A contraot-made in Sei
fur the fumes of six large sloo
to moulds to replace that w
taken Jor the six large steam
in 1855, of which two have a t
used fur the sloop-of-war "
"Pensacola," authorized in 1
other - four can only be used for
3d. The want of additional
live oak`hatingleen repeated - 1 .
Bureau of CUnEruction,- the
the Ist of July, 1857, authoriz
to be made fur such timber as
in part what had been taken fr
plate frames of abipe-o
which the wants-of the &aryl
necessary to break in - upon, a
vide crooked timber suitable f
of vessels of larger classes, of w
ply was insuffitrent:
For several years past-the -pairs on the
5100 p..-of-war,f-war, and smaller v. -ela have been
very great, and have gradual! • absot bed the
best and the most the small timber, add
the want of. thet timber was every - day be-
coming more apparent. Thu. this kind of
timber being absolutely wank., it became
advantageous and economical
.to purchire
that which had been rehired o. the existing
contracts fur being below the Contract size,
rather than to cut theilarger a.d mote
able pieces that remained oft a old fitock,or
that was theii coming in on the now contriets.
So great was the want of this manrr timber
that it had been used to cons' erable extent
in the Norfolk and'Ellitery yar . r.; - in the lat
ter to the amount of 83,792 47 afore autrioi
ity was obtained in proper for to make the
purchase, the officer.: in these aids believing
that the public iuteteita, w wanted than
course. 'And so great was deficiency of
live wake timber in the navy yerd at Pease
cola that there is not now a stick_ of that
kind in the yard which bast= been purchas
ed since. !
While this deficiency of t
Navy Yard was known -to exi
formation-Was received in the
that.the governme.
the pretended right of search,
British cruisers were exercisi
merchant vessels of the United
neighborhood of Cuba. Thi
erexted -great excitement th
country. It is only nrce.s4ry
warlike debates in both Sm..,
ro appreciate its extent. To -
cise of this right, a fleet of twel%
was timed out and despatched
Sorhood oC Cubs', with instr•
them from time to time, beta
May and the 15th of June, to •
sets cf the United States again
of the right of seateb on the•
of persokr,-try the armed vessels
,power. These instructions w!
hare produced a collision ha•
beeti abandoned by the B
meat. .
While ibis was going on, Co
12th of June, • passed an act
Secretary of the Navy to can
strutted, "as speedily as may
i with the public interest," eight
of ligkdraught, '`c,cmLiuiug
armament and greatest spee
with their character and tonna
ad of July orders were given t
,yards that they should be lau
'next /dieting of Congress, an
should be permitted to prevent
By the same act Congress m
riation to defray the expenses a
lieu of special i
the joint resolution passed on t
authorizing the use of force, if
the adjustment of difficultics
lie of Paraguay.'- Independent
lion, the Presiderit dews mined
ly, and Measures were taken t
squadron on
. the east coast of
cf..' that it should consist of
vessels, including two store
them to be fitted for, the pur
Ip this threatening posture o
the public mind excited by the
pretested right pf search, wit
that the : attempt to suppress
bring us into collision with t.
with a squadron of twelee she
its of Cuba to resist it, with a
Irun of twenty ships to be pr the direction of
1 with eight . war steamers of F I
Lto be eon.tructecl, according
on of Congress, as speedily as
Is'stent with the public interests
my duty, upon consultation wi 1
the Bureau of Construction a
meet the exigencies of the sere
ly directing on the day of the
of Congress. June 14, that an
be 'fouled calling for a supply, i
as peso itable, of live oak tient
of smaller dimensions tbau' ha s
required, such as was adapt
structtion ot,the smaller, vessels
ed br Congress, and toithe ext
qotb of large and smell ropel
exigencies of the see vice wont.
require. 1 would have rani.
before I would—have failed t
promptitude which the occasi
demand. The list was made o
of theßureeti ofConstruction,a s
own judgment of what the
necessities of the serride requi
terference by me in its detelli,
tisement was issued on the
calling for one-half tui the lit
and the other on the let of -F
ing, giving to bidders twrb and
notice to make contingent. a
the Sew delivery,' and 'eve
months' notice for the other.
lowed in the advertisement f
was • sufficient for persons w
-dealers in such timber,- and
offers intended tee comply lit
in any devise Prepared, but
short fpr any speculator who
to dispose of his contract to
These were the reasons WV
department in the exercise of I
this particular case,and *bee
were executed I was assured •
ended officer in charge of tb
and Repair, that the MOSSO
highly -Oixesote . tntal sod be
gorse meat, eivieg to It
teteutplive- demented
L ifollare..-;beyond" - zwhat.
could have ~luMni t acceloplished by an (Tea
I purchase. _
After tbe contraista had been awarded to
the lowest bidders a question arose to 'which
I applied : the prirterple of a decision I had
previously, made, ym: that when the depart
ment advertised for a contract upon certain
terms, and one of the bidders applied to a
sobordmate-c and - obtai n ed assurances
of more favo rable terms at variance with
those advertised, aid regulated his bid ac
cordingly, thedeperttnent trould enfortse the
advertisement and ;net the .assurazrees. of_the
subordinate, end the - assnrinee thus obtained•
would:constitute np ground of relief, because
unfair to other biddere._ ' When therefore, it
appeared that those to whom the' contracts
were awarded had neither, performed them
nor intended to perfohn them when they bid,
but had aoted-iipoe information or assurance
obtained,at the nay yards from subordinate
officers at variance with the terms of the ad
vertisement, the de!partment set aside the for
feited contracts, and instead of purchasing
or contracting in npen market or of the next
hi)thest bidder, and charging the difference
to the defaulting parties, accepted acoatnect
Kith Mr. Swift for the whole- amount at the
lowest -bid, which was mach lower than the
bids which he hadmade, thereby saving the
defaulting contractors from loss, securing the
beat terms for the doverntnens i and requiring
to accept as low a ;price for the timber to be
delivered immediately-as if time had been
given logo into the live oak fuses s of Flori
da or Louisiana to ;;:itit. The department
did not advise any oft the contractors as to
the endow he should pursue, but apprized
them, unequivocally, et all times, that the
time of delivery, as advert ised,would be post
poned for the-reasons I hare stated.
„When I came into the Department T found
a system established, which commenced dur
ing the administration of Mr. Fillmore, - of
purchasing coal foi• the use of Navy, by
the instrumentality of two coal agents—one
for anthracite, the Other for bituminous coal
—with a compensetion Of the per cent, emu
onisaion on the cost of purchase and transpor
tation contracted for by the agent. There
ass also during Mr. Fillmote); administra
tion a special agency for supplying with coal
the East India Anil Pacific squadrons during
the Japan Expediti on. f
Maser& lowland and Aspinwall, of New
York. were the special -- agents employed by
Mr. Graham, Secretary of the Navy, ender
an agreement of the data of April 3, 1852,
by which they were allowed ten per rent.
commissions on the purchase money, cost of
transportation, insurance, and other unavoid
able expenses, dedticting therefrom the iom
missions allowed the agents fur supplying
coal withitt the United Suttee. This agree
ment was usodifiedi by Mr. Dobbin, on the
-11th of Augu-t, 1853, by which, after the 1,1. 1
of September follonieg,, the agents were to '
ship not exceeding-lone thousand bushels - per
month, 'the DepartMent agreeing to pay the
cost of the coal, lightereee, cartage,
primage and demo rage, and a coinm;s-ion of
six percent. on th cost of thecoal including
freight or tiansporl ation. The commissi,ins
under thi; agency durieg tin; years 1852 '53
and '54, amounted) to $50,975 88 while the
cottonie l ions ;dell cilia, coal agents for sup
plying our steam weasels of war with coal du
sing the whole period from-1850 to the pres
ent time, atu-ninte to only the sum of 919.-
851 59, and for s.mplying the Navyt Yards,
to the further sum ¢f 618,358 67. This -pe
rill agenby was abolished by Mr. Dobbin in
1854. There has bran no other change in
the system except duly that :in pursuance of
the policy expressed in the act of Congress of
sept 9 onbeso4l, las r of giving preference to
Americas producti.ns.
Toncey to
14, 1869. s
-hitter of the
. pies . of 'Certain.
- ibe . deitire 'of
pre , lde to re
. r iofermaTion
t'll io pineal'.
end tint with
- eMali timber,
I of - Jun 14,
I :n purchased
I last aisteen
ber 12, 1818,
cember, 1855,
of-war, cut
iicb bad been
frigates, built
nue been need
Aine.aater" and
857, - and the
ships of that
quantities of
urged by the
lepartment on
• a contract
(would replace
rm the corn
and frigates,
! bad made it
1 .(1 also to pro
,lr the repaiii
ich the sup-
'tuber in the
.t; reliable in
.onth of May
• t•had revived
I nd thitt the
k it upon the
'Scares ut the
, ughout the
• refer to the
, of •Congrass
' ist the exer-
I -
le war vcseels
to the neigh
; ctions given
the 14th of
( went all vea
t the exerbi-e
Sea iu time
of any ,other
uld probably
not.the right
l itish govern-
I have caused a . thracite coal to be sent
from Pennsylvania ..roes, by American !elf..
els chartered by th. Department, sod, with
out 'any spwayl ag any, to the East. Indies,
Pacific, and all nth r 11,r,ign stations where
it could be delivered at no greater cost than
than that of foreige coal delivered atthe same
place. This has winged an increase of per
chases of coal in this country, but it ha.
proved most an 'economical and
IcgreSs, on the i
rtoiring thO s 'l
1 to he con
be consistent I
war t Wainer*
the. heaviest
beneficial improvement, as will appear by de
tailed returns which Are now probably befott
the committee, sec iring, without any increasT
of cost to the GOvernment, what I. 'deemed
the best coal in the world for war steamers—
the anthracite coal of Pennsylvania.
change has been Made in , the bitemieoe4
coal agency, nor in that for anthracite, except
that the former a ! =at, Mr. Tyson, at the end
e. On the
all the navy
'ched by the
tbat nothing
'clean approp
l'd compentrx.
execution of
• e - 3(1 of June,
• ecessary, "fur
! Lb the repnb•
of ibis yek)lo
. act prompt
• increase the
'nth America.
aentr armed
hips, most of
ses of the ex-
of four yeses from ris appointment, was suc
ceeded by Mr. II pier, the present agent,
whom I appointed in May, last, upon the
most reliable recoirimendations,„lenving him
to the discharge of i his duty upon his own re
spoombisity. I was not aware until the pres
ent investigation, treat he had employed an
other tivr•ion to aid him allowing him to
share in his commilssions as his predecl6sor
had done, nor au) , want of attention on ,
It was well kno i r to the Department that
the Navy was sup lied with coal Of the best
kind and quality for naval purposes, at lees
cost than formerly, at what was deemed in
the liureaus, reasonable .toiees, and that the
hills passed under be inspectiun, and requir
ed the Ai:littoral of the most faithful officers
of the Guvernmen who were in the constant
practice of institut r g inquiries into the rea
-1 50 b bk uess or ,and of refusing payment
I when they were .scezerive. It is now the
affairs, with
evivel of the
no certainty
It would not
i rent
in the vicin-
Ilodger squad
ired and con
jernguav, and'
nailer clamsee
the itjune
'might be eon-
opinion ofthe Burr, after full inquiry, that
the !rice paid, 3 8 per ton of the best an
thracite coal for st;ro purposes, screened. se
lected, and delive r
, at, the vessel in Phila
delphia, has Dot n excessive or unreason.-
le. - .
The Departmen has at all times left both
thew agents forth purchase of coal perfect
ly free in the disc! urge of their duty upon
their own responti ility, with such assistance
as they might cboe to employ at their own
expense, subject oily to the check. which ex
i=t on ship-board ed at the naval sa i ms,
wa /4 re it the Mitir of the proper officer to
report any deficiency in quality or quantity,
and. also to the aliment supervisionsof the
Chiefs of the. Bur us, under whose, orders
the purchises are ade, and. by whom the
hills must be exa 'ined and approved . Wore
they can ini passe . Both doe high officers
enjoy my entire ease --confidenca nut
only in their ca ity f bet in their vigilante
and uprightness.
.... I should be ver willing to give full delta!,
of the action of tDepartment in reference
to the Navy Yard and to the ;eontraCur t for
steam machin er y for ravels of war . betas Ito.
evidence has been transmitted to arse on those
subjects, I shall co tent myself with $ brief
general, statement . ..
The system -by . y hick the navy yawls- see
I managed the swipe - which I fonnd eetab
listeddihen P casts into omce, with tome iti
proven:lints. Tbe commandant of the yard
is - responsible for its general conditiew 'it ilt
his duty to correct or report any: abus which
may come to idol knowledge; Be natives
„riliorders 6oni thrOpartment, and iiatrthor
ized to use the priver items to correct them.
Dan order iivittn6d, that I vesark, be - buNt or
repaired f Or;o4iter work does, Iti - Airette the
- eropkiyment ort men; and thee the number
totiemployed sr them interferwase- by 'the
Departmesit;; . is authotiaid and required
to dianits any wetkarsa, and to' report isy
1 tfeemi-d it
.11 the chief of
I.d Repair , to
• . by prompt
a short limp
r, most of it
been usually
to the coo
kie; authoriz
trsire repair,
, which the
he -likely to
ed my place
act with the
n seemed to
t by Oneida'
.riling to hi•
interests and
without in
mdtbe adver
fth of June,
of September,
brunt,' fullow
/II half mottle
ngernents for
and a half
The• time al
' r thin timber
o were actual
ho is making
the; tit were
al much too
ad it in view
other parties.
b induced the
tadiscretion in
the etracts
the etperi4
bad - proved
jal - l'lo the
master for istgleet or mist:abduct. When • a
master is thus reported to the department, an
investigation is ordered, he is notified, sit- .
hems are examined, and tie testimony is re
turned to the Department kw its action. The
master hes.tbe selection of the men, .subject
to the approval - of superio r officers, sod is
held responsible for them, and the work done
by them older his charge, and has therefore,
auttiority . to again tilers:. - .
This system'orlOponstbility is found to
work bell in lhe glory yards generally, altho'
there is greater diffionity ? and- epitimstasment
in theilrobilyn yard from the super-ab,und•
ant poprilation of tire gmai adjacent - cities
pressing for eiteployment4andiesorting to all
legitimate means to obtain it. This difficul
ty will .not be oliviaterrby any means that.
can be adopted. ?ken Mutt be employed ;
they 'must come from the neighboring Con
gressional dittrictse they Wet be selected by
some one; they should be' selected by the
master workmen who is responsible. for them
subject, indeed. to proper restrictions and SU
pervinon ; and this master workman must
always feel, and base to contend With the
in:steno of Vast number's seek g eta ployment.
and espticially during periods f commercial
distress. He'ie alai) exposed t the accusa
tions of dismissed and disappointed workmen,
and to the, scrutiny of vigilant competitett
'seeking his place, and; if there be any well-,
founded chrrge against him, it is quite sure
to be made known to the officer whose duty
it 14 to inquire.
There has been no report against 'any
master air:Mum of any of the Minnie Navy
Yard since, I have beensin the Deprirtinent,
except In five cams; one for alleged miscon--
duct several years ago, which was folly in
vestigared by my prerieceseor, one for intoxi
cation which bhs Seen investigated and fol
lowed by a new appointment; one for tem
porary insanity wire, the inaster was after
wards re.tored upon his recovery and pro
ducing it certificate from his physician that
it won d not be likely to recdr, -and other
two cases recent)} lot neglect of duty which
have teen invelitig. tel and the retorts .hav
ing j ice come iu will soon le td.posed , of.
There emptily instances of charges - presented
to the Committee which have not been pre
furred to the Commandant of the Nay ) .
Yard, and opportunity given to the ponies
implicated to defend themselves:lt is at least
very doubtful whether such charges can or
ought to be sustained ; at all events, neither
the Dem meat nor the officers' of the yard
have lied any" knowledge of them. There
has been an increase of the ituinber -of men
employed, but it has taken place stimultane
ously in all the yards and for the reasons al
ready crated—the increased activity of the
service, the expedition to the neighborhood
of Cuba, the expedition to Paraguay, the con
struction of eight new reamers "as speedily
as rant ht be consistent with the public inter %
oats," in obedience to the injunctions of Con
great. There is one instance where the Bureau
has been induced-to depart from the general
rule of- non-interference with the number -of
men 'o be emp'ot ed,and that was in the Na, y •
Yard in Pcitedelphia, to-an inconsiderable
extent in useful work, upon the urgent plea
of neci.sity, humanity and utility. pressed by
a gentleman of high and honorable character,
incapable of falsehood,
The course of the Department in reference
to etnOracts for steam machinery- fur vessel*
of war, has been 44) prescribe certain condi
tions, advertise for
.plans and proposals sub
ject to such conditions, and award the con
tracts according to the merits of such' plans
and proposals having due regard to price.
They cannot, from the natute of the case, be
awarded to the lowest-bidder, haying refer
ence to the price only, because no two per
sons trio roe the same thing, each plan being
different 'from the others, and it being the
object of the Government to obtain the result
of the big? est skill. The bids are given
utoier seal ; are not opened until the timir for
receiving them has expired ; and; of course,
no one-can know what they contain, except
the party himself and these to whom Le may
communicate it. A board of engineers is ap
pointed, and each is required - to give his indi
vidual opinion andlis reasons for it. Often
they are unanimous; sometimes there is a
single dissenting apinton ; and sometimes
they are equally divided. I have in on case,
that I am aware oGawarded a contract to op•
inxi•ion to the opinion. of a majority, al : 1
thOugh I shauld feel at liberty to do so.
The contract given to Messrs. Merrick ril
Sons, of Philadelphia, in regard to which a
letter from Col. Patterscus - -to the President
was by him in the usual conrse, without an
intimation of any *kb on his part; referred
to this Department, was awarded to them '
upon the merits of their plan and proixeuds—
in accordance with the'unanimous opinion of
the board of engineers—their hid beingicrwer
than thuse of the other bidders whose plans
were approved. The President did not in - any
manner interfere in this case, nor has he in 1
any other case of contract since I have been
in the- Department.. In all, the contracts,
made under the act of last- session, the De
partment obtained an absolute guarantee of
the number of revolutions of the propeller in
A minute, in-toad of the uses! number of
about forty,the contractors guarantee eighty,
and, in one instance, a hundred. In one
contrite—that for the re-ad - under construe-
Lion at Norfolk'—avtarded to Messrs. Murray
dr Ilazleburst, of Baltimore, there is a guar
antee airspeed of fifteen statute miles div hotir,
under a forfeiture of twelve thousand five
hundred dollars, to be, dedueted from the
price if the speed fal) to fourteen miles per
hour, and half that sum if it fall to fourteen
and a half miles. • ..
In the contract for the' veriel at Philadel
phia, awarded to Mearrs: Reaney Nesfie ;
Co., there_is a guarantee, oot only fur ane
.hundred revolutions of the propeller per min
ute, but ala•r for the speed•rif sixteen statute
mites per hour, ender the forfeiture of fifteen
thonargai dollars, to be deducted from the
price if the speed fail to fifteen miles per hour,
and half that sum if it fall to fifteen and a
half miles. • A more ettingent and advanta
geous contract for the Govrnment has not
been made.
The awarding of this:contract haring been
the indica of comment, I will take the occu
ion to say, that the charge made against a
very competent and faithful officer, the engi
neer-in-thief, by an excited and interested par
ty wimbelly investigated by me and found to
be without the slightest foundationexcept in
a - mi.appreheasion of that party, fully ex
plained. and that the contract was awarded
to the lowan price, to the beet guarantee, to
the highest experience in the coettruutioa o
marine wogisow, optima DO experience at all,
and in accordance with the opinionAif a ma
joilty of the ongioomo whom I eonswhod on
the subject. .
I Imre tbs . be, sir, very respect
fully, your obedient servant, -
• - Secretary- of the Navy. •
Hoe: hits Swwwitit, •
Chaiwoos Coromitteirivoimigation &a,
. • 11061 14 of; goepOoeMatiyes.,
A ?Simi of iI Toad dttiaa 'Preis' of.
&e recently skirtellniim Fond du Taa across
Lekv . Winnebsta and op the Fox river. to
Belie. a distance of Seventy taro inilev,yer
torsaiostie hietla jolt IV. haute and Arleen
Willa*, Or IS% of foultpimi mils per
Thuridity,tloi 10,1839.
$1.50 Per Alfiniat is Aldvita
jar All mho;have v iumettled SilZytekplion
accounts at this office of more than one .year's
standing must slide the same immediatrV.
or the next notice will come from a Juitice
islthe'Peaci.No Imigeriletay t4ifile allows?.
A settlement coils less than a SUMMONS.
t on. A. V. Brown, Post Master General,
at Washington, on the - 8111
?antics.—The firm of Radwity & Co 4, 'at
.162 Fulton -a} New. York, bare failed
jar Our thanks are due to Hon. G. A
GrOw for valuable public documents.
Important to Hole' Keepers.
Those intending to apply for license at
April term of Court, will need to bear in
mind that the Court sits on the fourth day
(Ara! Monday) of the Month, and that their
petitions must be Sled with the Ptothonotary
at least Aree torch pre% ions to tlMt day, or
Tic license can be granted. It .)-r not in time
ft they file them in time fur thiee insertions
in the parer.% rri the law requires them to be
filed as before arate,i,
lair We devote a ' rage Pr/11C43 to-day to
the 'publication of Secretary Totieer's reply
to the Congressional.. Investigating Com
mittee, aura-ask of our readers tsr real it care-
It vindicates the Depatiment from all
charges of fraud. so freely made by the op
-prklon for Partizan pnirwes. The only
practical work of 4 the anutnittee has been to
worse than squander *10.000.1)0. A pretty
party of retrenchnient, indead h are the Black
Republicans, at whose request the committee
was raised. ;-
For the Democrcit
Die irml is g Occurrence.
On Tuesday murhing, Match ist,Mr. Isaac
Robbins, it Liberty t•twintitip of this County,
WAS found dead, suspended by the . neck by a
small cord ar rope, the end of which was tied
'together deer a ladder•iountl, just ,abtiie his
bead, and lacing the ladder. which was ‘an
upright ote, stetted on the. frith° of the
barb ; big feet were about one and' a hall or
two feet from the floor; no exter - aal imam
of violence were visible except a snialls abra
sion of the skin on_ one cheek, but not s•tf.
&tient to draw bluol Every appearance in
dicated the rash net to be entirely his own,
and the verdict of the Jury balding :the In-
A tut.•s rcodercd accordingly: The de
ceased was a peateable and (Viet ran, in
easy but nut affluent circumstances { leasing a
wife and -huge family of children, and , there
is no imaginable reason giveb fir his
melancholy we
The Doings of Congress.
For the infottnation cf our readers we give
a resume of the no,riniportant Inca-urea act
ed upon during the Second 'Session of the
Thirty-Frfib - Congress. Such a statement
i•An nor fun to perm.. ;. , ..., ,;-ttg• w nil. A
bill providing for a Rail Road to the Pacific
was introduced by Senator Gain; ofCalifot
nis, debated at great length, and,finally kill
ed by striking out all between the enacting
clause and the final section. Jo this mutilat
ed condition the bill was seamed to remain
for the balance of the session. - The bill
granting, pensions to the officers sad soldiers
of the War of 1812, was' passed be the House
but defeated in the Senate. The French
SPoltation bill Was defeated in the Ron
The bill to admit 'Oregon into the Unio was
passed. A resoltrion tegftesdn the Presi
dent to. take such s.eps AS' a t tout, t neces
sary to abrogate the ' Clayittn-Bulger - treaty,
visa defeated in the Senate. A bill appropri
ating thirty millions to facilitate the acquisi
tion...of Cuba, afrer having - been ;endolcal by_
a lest vote in the Senate ; was suffered to go
over until the next session. The Homestead
,bill passed the House, but the Senate refused
to consider - the subject and thus the hill fail
ed. A bill donating some six millions of the
public lends to the States end Territories, for
the purpose of eArrlilislring Agricultural Col
legea pasted both Houses, b t was vetoed by •
the President. 'the proposition to revise the
tariff:4lBsl, so as to put it upon,a footing
that would produce more revenue, wa3 not
acted upon favorably. These are the prowl , '
neat measures of the session, and the discuss
ion upon some of them was protracted and
pointed. In addition to these---bills, some
one hundred private bills were considered and
acted upon by the two Hortssa of Congress,
and a large number of - joint resolutions dis
posed /Asunder the . rules of the Houses.—
A gold mid fitaigniar Odtinge.
On Saturday eve: last, es Mts. Bates, of
ttur city, was at Isom° alone, a perta;n in wo
man'_s apparel came in and told her she had
something for clearing sterch,-which she
wished to sell her. She s4l that it was also
very pleasant to the smell,and suggened that
she give it a snuff. Mrs. Bates, like most
Indies of her age,-being up to snuff o geve 1,
good pull, bat at once said, 'Why, I feel
faint.' whereupon the pinion; seizing het isi• h
strength which convinced Mrs. Bates that
the person was a twin, laid her back,and that
was the I tan' Silt , knew ; till long 4 llfternards.
Iler.busband coming - berme some ten bouts
afterward; forted het on , the floor, almost in z
sensible, and called - Dr: Hence, who found
her sill weak and n.uch Inclined to sneeze.
On esstnination 'tithe house it seems that
every drawer bad been opened—trunks un
locked ana, rummaged—end some things
taken. The whole thing is mysterious •
what artielerit could be that would produce
such an effect, wire can tell -1. The doctors
do out seem to know. llitrtahorn might lntve
begun it. and chloroform might hare ended
it, bit Mrs. Bares remembers (hat it was nut
barishoto that she Mat smelled and of the
effects of which she made hers remark. Our
police ban asyet no clue to the impostor. ,
ideanlitne we suggest that every penny heti
littlecareful not to smell everything preieut
ed.-.-AgrOrit helm*.
Tut Sing Shag Chronicle, ari Opposition
paper; cl;amcierizus the Republican vote a
gainalhe Itrimimion of tltegon, in the fol
lowing tefros
"We have seen ralitleranis- turn summer
saults in a most•skillfuiend . scientifictmompr,
but this last &Age of ferfeant Republican
ism bean 'of the pactia of political incoosist
atop.", ~ •
. .
Tax . Pitee' Inner. spplinted, . and &ante
manned; Robert Olds at United States At
torol fliNnt Distticit of Otil um bi Key,
All the General Appropriation bills which
'were paid by both Houk,- received -the
President's signature.
The Post. Office Ap propriation, and Post
-Route bills, failed to becolue lawn. 'The-for
mer ,
er appropriates about *20,000,000.
Whether an 'extra session will be called in
- consequence ofits loss, is a matter for.R.sec-_,
wive cOusideration. So, far, no • tellauVe
is to be placed on the rum ors to that effect..
Amid the it' the Clerk's oP:es.
it:v.l'6,3ot yet be definitely ascertained wheth
el "poivete 1101'1.13kb poem! both Hous
es failed to fncrive the President's approv
The Miscellaneont Appropriation •billmon•
tains a section for the estl.fisioo . of ibis Trein-:'
'try_ blot* law for two years, an appropriation
of $4,52,000 for , the Coast Survey, which was
agreed to with' 'xiiigultir unanimity; beide,
appropriations for the lighthouse establieb
meat, the survey of the public land; taking
the next census, etc. .
The Cceau hiail*Stenm'er hill was killed,
lint there is appended to the bill to (miry in
to effect the treaty with the llacotali and
Tonawanda Indians, an appropriation forcom
plying with the eliating contracts for carrj
ing mail* via Panama and Tehuantepec to
The President Was at theCapitol.thismorn
ing attending to bosinea's.
The Rouse failed, as heretofore, to- send
liim:At message. asking whether he had any
further Mantbunication to make, and that
Congress was ready to adjourn,.s:oreral
tlemen having objected' to the ampension of
the roll call' on a 'alive!' bill, which ws.. de
feste,bio order that this courtesy might be
John Idarron,,Third Assistant Postmaster
General, died hot night. It is said tlist,he
was at his ulfice yesterday attending ti;`•
The Post Office Anpropri Akin bill con
tsined an item of $3,000.000 for the deficien
cies or the prritent year, and a hich WAS abso
lutely required to meat accumulated obliga
tions. With this the Department could have
got Wong cbmfortabty - tilt the. first cd
No means can be availible till the first tif.Al.-
ril, when the Firoceeds of the quaver xi I be
paid in. After the 30th of June none of the
incoming, revenue can- be expended, as the
present law will have ceased to uper.te. The
land an well as the ocean service and conse
quently the whole machinery of the Depart
men' are thus dii:arerauslv affect-d. •
Senat,r 3,;ward and other Black "Repub
lican." appear much cbagrineO with•the fail
ure of their schemes to force an extra sessi-m.
It was detetmined early in the session to de
feat a Tariff 1011, * Treasury Note bill, and if
possible the Appropriation hills. They work
ed incessantly to accomplish the-4e objects,
and at one .ime imagined their well laid
combination to this end was cettain of Ade.
No detefetinetion can he arrived et , fof
acme days a 0 to whether there will be.* yolk
ed session or not. but it is known that the
President will nut teaort to this course if it
can. avoided.
By an unfortunate coineilenCe the, heed
of the Nat Office Department is !ling on _A
,dolt tied, and the financial oftes of the Do-
• partihefit diet, riuddenly on, the last bight of
the seeded'.'- The Poi-Wong bias directed the
two Sutviving Postmaster Generals. Mrs-rs.
King and punting, tb Fitepate, without delay,
ik complete exhibit of the Doper ttnent.- show -
ing the deficit in appropristions for the pie--
- snit year, ending June dO It; believed to be
four the-several contfacts for *llia
the Government is behL thi. freea
be sustained by the stoppage of the machine
ry of the Department. and such stwgesdons
as they May deem - proper. 'When till, exhib
it is received. the President will at once con
eider the whole subject and promptly decide
upon the neesasary course, with a' strew ,
•predetermination to avoid an extra session strong
The misery which contractors will be sub
jected to on account of the failure of the
Government to time its engagements. is in
calculable, and the damages which
be entitled to will annsiunt to millions. All
this can be chargtrd to Mr. Grow's movement
in-the House, on Friday night, in sending an
insulting tmessage to the Senate. and doubt
less with a view' to forcing an extra :session,—
Grow is a prominent Republican candidate
for Speaker.
-At; AWKWARD Fix.—The Brook.y ille (Pa.,)
Jeffersottian. of the 10th Mat., says that a
German, named Curb, whileont hunting in
Clearfield county, came across a bear trap,
and having never seea one before, he entered
for the purrae of esingskioing it,hut unfortun
ately touch'ed the nigger, and was shut up.
In this predicament lie remained two days,
iteiirlf dead froth hunger and cold, when the
matt who set the trap came to examine
and found that, instead of a bear, he bad
caught a man.
Wa have ot.i.eryed in the Opposition papers.
.various stinies of corruption among Federal
officials, with an occasional insinuation of
complicity .eh the part of the Pretideot.
Charges -au contradictory of the uniform tenor
of Mr. Buchanan 's public life, which through
all its vicissitudes has never contracted 'B3
mochas the t , tain of suspicion, are too pre"-
posterous to require formal refute:ion:
fgr During the confligtation at Canton
sauced hy the bombardment of the British,
the extensive tnelicat warehouse 'emu: coun
tryman Dr. J. C. Antn of Lowell. (rhe depot
of his Cherry rectors! and Catharic rills, fdi
China) was totally destro3 ed. Ile now makes
a demand-upon out government for indemni
ty from the loss of • his prop..rty, sod hence
will grow another nut to crack with our elder
brother Johnny. Stick to - it *Drew; and if
our Government maintains our righti
et iour Pills are sold; ire shall onlv , he un
protected on _tracts that are very barren.—
/Wormer, Trenton. N. J.
/HOS CITY Cotxualt.—The sapid growth
soil extended populality of this Subsoils the
nosult,of the confidence it has
Mr dealing and thomugh teacisine.-tPrey ,
byterian Banner and Adraeate,of Pittsburgh.
Three hundred and ifity-sersM students ate
in attendance at this time; snaking it the
Is.rgeat and trmst pipular Business School
ever organized its the United States.
MANY of theJeadiag members of Congress,
the limt being headed by Vice President lirec
kinridg e end Speaker Cry cif the lionset,ltere
tendered to the Bon Alexandef Stephen.
of Glenr . gia a comPlionentdey dinner in testi
mony. of his valuable vervices in lite tiouve.
Re, however. !leper:trolly' declined, private
demanding i bbi insmndiate departure
from IViivhingtow.. .This is a well bestowed
complinVent . ;
Pots STY= eleetionn taktsphieetiris.prina,
viz: Nuw ilaturbite, March 8; Connecticut,
Aptil ; Rlsnd ishtert,. "goal B,and Virginia,
May 26. In each of. thir4e Sinter , I, G ower .
nor is to' be chopen, and also members to the
neat Congiesti. , •
gi'The Hon. 'lloratir - Grftley, will Lec
ture before the, Young Men's Literary Ado
rldion of.Surequebo t nna Mepot, at the M. E.
Chtirek,on Friday evening. Much 18th 1859:
Subject—"Gienl Men." .11,dmietion 1-s•ete.
AT an-election held in , Williamport on
,Satuldity lest, for Barges.% J... 11. Cf 1411211, Dem
was a - 1ac:4441y. 140 majority.' A good be:"
gi n ning fiW.lB5O.
- r FL TEL Pettenoll ab Co.,
A diertiring Agesalsi at 119. - Naaaau•st,
11. New-York, and 10, Boston, are
agents. for The Montrose Dintoerat. and are au-
Outlawd to contract for tal at our loweipt rates.
Bt pears, bald ng oode of ,Ziegler &
(Wholexale Drug, Paint and Glass
Dealers,) corner of Second anti Green Sta.,
Philud'n, you have the advantage of select.
lug your purchases trim as extensive and varied
stork f While lead, zlisr,col'rd papa's
and Window glass of assorted sizes and -
qualifies: All of theie - erticies Are fir.rked at
such prices as Cannot fail to suit the closest -
buyer. - freba 1,810 , ke jr•
s. , .
I ...portal' SO leasaleW-...Dr.; Cheese.
mem% Pilla e •Prepirred by Cornelius L.Citeese.
man, New-York City. The combination of in
gredients in these Pills are the result of a long
and extensive practice. They aro milk! in
operatiomand certain iriarreding all irregulari
ties, painful menstruations, removing all obstrue
tionsovhetheilrom cold or otherwise, headache,
pain imthe side, palpitation of the; heart, disturbed
sleep, which drip* from interruption of nature.
TONAIiALED LADIE-S,these Pills are inval
uable, sithrtv will bring on the monthly period
with regß
ins- Ladie who hive been disap
pointed the.use of other pille..caw. place the
utmost confidenze in Dr. Cheesoman's Pills do,
ing all thev are represented to do: , •
NOTICE. They i.hi , ald not be used during
Pregnancy, as a miscarriage would certainly re
sult therefrom.
Warranted purely vegetable, and free from
nnythinginjuriou. to life or health. Ekplicit
directions, which should he •reutraceempiroy
"each box. price $l. Sent by mail on axles.
ing 'to soy anthorierd agent.
K. 13. 1111WICIMINGS,
- Chumbers•Sl, New- York,
General Agent for the United Slates, to whom
all Wholeasle orders should he addreased.
Dr. J. W. LYMAN, Tunkhannock, and ABEL
TURRELL, Montrose, Agents. jan2o ly
Notice to School Directors.
Thu four tpontli certificate should not be sent
in with the inibrro,g4ories on the 31 page of the
sheet unanswered.
The State Superintendent, has decided - that
he will r ot helm a wairult for the State appro..
priAtionatitit.they are properly atrawered by the
Pre3'drnt of the Board.
=tr.! 0,w21 B. F. TEWKS.BURY: Co. Sup' 2.
if the
pharmacopeia were eventually to be narrowed
down to two specifics, Holloway's Pills and
°ailment W have conversed with individuals
who have Witnessed the eff•ct of the Pills in
case. of epilepsy, °Minter convulsions, spasms,
bittona colic., pagination of the heart, cly,apepaia,
ett.,aind they the Same story of their
t IS:lacy and infallibility. So. too, of the Oint
ment. The general opinion seems to be that it
never lails in ulcerous tied eruptive cases. It is
an undisputable fart that:those .est acquainted
With the preparations have the most implicit
coblideheo in them?.
4143.4 3 1180. ,
s On the 6th of Faint:try, by E!d„ I.
sen., Mr. CIiRLES It. PERM.37O. sod Mrs. JE
RUSIIet E. BAILEY, both of Rush, Susq'a
Co:, Pa.
4t Dininek, Suareg Co., Feb. 28th. by Rev.
Elljah _Sturdevant, Mr. ASA L. CARLIN of
Blalock and 31i1N RIODA BENNET r of Tus.
carom, Bradford Co.
At Harford; on the sth nig , by Rev. A. Mil.
ler, Mr. SIMEON/ M. CARPENTER' of Har
ford .nkl Miaw CATHARINE M. RUC:KLAN'?
of etnalm Whyne Co.
- T0.,13k . HUNG! -
Over 2,000 Pieces of Wall Paper
SIDES Bordering,.. Window Shades and
Window Curtain Fixt nre-s---a large variety.
••• For further- pa-titulars please call at A. N.
Bullard's Bunk Store, first dont north of L
Sentle's Hotel, where you can hid also a large
and stipetior assortment at' Boors and Statione
ry. Ycnkbe Notion's &t., &e, dtc. , all of which
can Vo had for cash at as low prices as goods of
the same quality . ran be bought for any where
in this vicinity; Binghamton, N. y„ not excepted.
Montrose, Mirth Bth, 1859. •
ANEW - SUPPLY. just arrived, and for sale
cheap* , A. TURRELL
THE subscriber will offer fur sale on his
prentfies on the •29th day of March at 10
o'clock, a. tn., at public auction: one spair of
Horses, Six Cows, one Dothan" Calf, one yoke
of (hem two Lumber Wagons, one Topyagon,
utie Luniticr Sleigh, one Chaser, one Bob Sled.
tine Cutter, one Set of Double. Harness, one Sin
' gle Harness, one Side Saddle, one Parlor Store,
end a lot of Household Furniture,
`Chains, and n'great varieetyof tuber art;cles too
numerous to , alsd n lot of Hay and
Sassy, about 15 bitsheli of Wheat, and 400
bashels of*.
* * *Terms of Sale—Cows,. Grain. and all sums
under 85, cash ; the residue, Om months erelit,
with interest, and approved serutity.
Brid ,, ewntet: blurb - 9th. 1869.
frillA'r every intelligezt mu tin thin com M
u-1 pity should not know that a new arrange
ment him been Made by • .
Bladating ' tidag, •.
and Cairiage-lro
maist,nzr know Ise a Met
biit for the benefit of tke reVir e r - who do
not, we would say that,we are prepared to_donny
work in our tiny. witth may be intrusted to us,
in the mina. dural•lw mitnner, the most approved
style, and inYthe shortt pnattible time. All our
work warranted to give good satisfaction.
Montrose, March let. IWO ,
Register's Notice.
D UBLIC NOTICE:in hizreby given to all peal
atts.concerimd in the following
Estate of JACKSON PAR3IENTER, late a
Gih.on townahili. sjectase4, JacoblL GUM, Ad.
mihiatrat or.
Estate of EZEKIEL BARNBS, late of Gib
son township, deceased, Charl6sTiegk7, Admia
istrator. . • .
Estate of ANIGS TIFFANY. late of Harford
township, decenard. -- Virel Adminis'tor.
Estate of NELSON TIFFANY.Iate of Brook
lyn town ship. deMMiell . , A. T, Tiffany and E. B.
K. Administratbm. - - •
• Fins% seeduint of WALTES WATSON, Giardiam
of W W. HAMMOND. ' -
That the accountants have nettled their-ac
counts in the R-giitei's Office. in and for the
Cour.ty,of Susqueh ulna, andlhat thtiname will
he presented. to the, Judges of the Orphans'
Court of said County, on-Friday, April 15th'o
1869, for confirmation and allowance.
- Register's office, .
Montrone, March fith, 1859. .4W