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Now StyleampPrlclrs trans 4 11 • 10 111)1126
1495 Broadway - -_New York.
These michines sew from two spools, an pur
chased from the store, r. quilting no rewinding of
,thread; they flem, Gather, and Stitch in
a inperiOr etyle, finishing each seam by their own
operation, without recourse to the handneedle. as
18411'14rd by other mlchines. They will do bet:
• ter and cheaper sewing than h- seamstress can,
even if she works for one ctrl an hoer. and are.
unquestionably, the ben Mach-Oen in the market
for family sewing, on acconnt of their simplicity,
durinilitt. ease cf manpg f rnent,and ad .ptation
to all varieties of family aewing--exi-cuting
either blowy or fine woil with equal facility, and
without special a t Ajustment. -
As evidence or the unquestioned superiority
of their Machines, the GItorER & BAKER Sew.
ING MACHINE ColoniAlcl . beg leave to fespectfully
refer to the fo . towing_ . '
"Haying had one of Grover & iker',4 Mn_
in toy C.niiiyf,r nearly, a yel and a hart.
I take.pteamtre in el.llllll.lldllle, it a .-very way
trimble Air the purtse fi.r w . hii-h i t la de.igneil
..I..`aonly' Sewitiv,.'—Mrs. Jo-hua avitt. wife
i of Rev. Dr. Leavitt, Editor of N.'...Y. lodepen
• dent.
s , I confess myself delighted with your Sewing,
31. chine, whieh - has been in ruy•lstniiyfor many
'months; It ha always ''been ready for du v_
requiring no adjustment, end is easily adapied
to evrry . viairty of family srwinar, be simply
Nchanging. the ,pools.ot Viz:l6dg
IStnekliaid. wife- of Rev. Dr. Strickland, Editor
of N. V. Christian Advocate.
"Af. ,
ter tr)in,T several good mcchineß,l ptefer
voura;.un amount of its simplicity. end the per
fect este with which it is tnanaged, as. well as
the strength-toni durability
_of the scam. After
long experienee, L feel competent. to ' , peak - in
this manner. and Ile confidently recommend it far
every tridiety of family bewing."—lllnk S. B.
Spooner, wife of the Editor of Brooklyn Star.
". i.w used Gnaw szA32k,.e.. C a a g 11...
chine-for two jeans, and n.,ve found it ail
to`all kinds trt fatuity sewino., from I:anitone to
Broadcloth. Garment. have been norn out with•
out the givin t watr - of a etitrh The Machine i.
easily kept; in order, and easily
8. WhiPple,a.ite of Rev. Geo. Whipple, New
" Your Sewing Machine has been in use in toy
th'e imst. 1%0 year'', and the ladies requtst
tne to give you .heir testimonials to its perfect
idaptedness, as well a., labpr satintz qualities in
the performance of fatpily, and household sew
ing,"—Ejobert Boorman. New York.
several months we have nsed Grover &
Baker's Seeing tnsehiue, and hare come to the
eenelnsion'thsE every lads who desires her sew•
ins beautifully and quickly done. would be m .st
forttinatv ptssessing one of these treliable and
indefatigabl e • not , needle•wouien; whose (-ern.
bitted qualities of beauty. strength qnd
ty, are inval Morris, daughter of
Gen. Geo. P. Mortis, Editor of-the Home-Jour.
[Extract of a letter from Thor. R. Leavitt,
an Atzteriean - gentleman, now resident. lb
Sydnq, New South %Vales, dated 'January 12th.
I had.a lent made in Melbourn, in 1853, in
which there wire ore' tlinau Ointbuitid yards of
,sewtog done with tone of Grover & tfaker's 51a
citittes, ond sinzle seam of tutu has outetood
all the dovhfc seams sewed by.. sailors with a
needle and twine."
Homercould be 6111, d up from hie murky
hades, he wquld ping the adv - ent of Grover &
Baker aft a -name bemeuunt miracle of ort than
wa+ vv• r Vulean'aptutthy. lie would di.r o .uu e .,
midnight *kin melting op the direful timing of
woes unnumbered.' —Prof. North.
"I take pleasure in saying, thit the Grover &
S s. Baker S. wing 3larnines have Inure than sus•
taint d•int expeOatoin. After trying and return
lni othent, I hare-three of duem in operation ih
my chiferrot plates, and, alter four years irial,
have no titan to find."-4. A Hamill - pod, Senator
of Routh Csiotina.
"My wife has hadonel of Graver & Baker'sl'am
ilyttewini Machines for some time.and I am act pi•
fled it is one, of the heat labor-saving ttoiehines
ttua. 'haw been invented. 1 mho much pleasure
in reeomtuen•iiao it to toe public."—J. G. Bur
vie, Governor of Tenneisse.
tlt k a tiftatifniithing, and puts everybody
into la ezeihrowni. E imd uuuwr. W. IV I a
should insist upon Saints GroVer and
Baser having an eternal holiday in cinninesuors
tioa oruieir good deeds fur hanianiß.7--Camiiun
1 think it by far the beet patent in use. T his
lelaehihe ran be a.t.iptrd frees the fineet.etunbrie
thp heaviest pasKiinerr. It Mews eitrong,r,
faster, and more be.mtilully than - say ime - ean
ins igige. If wale could not be repl.eilt money
czald -out buy iL"-3lra. J. IL Bruns, Nashville,
'hit is speedy, very nest, and - durable in flo
work; i* easily understood and k pi in rrpair.
tatirraly ree"tninend thiK ilarhiao to a 4 my
&NU le Mauves and others ."—Mrs. M. A. Forrest,
iluiptus, Tenn. - -
_ .
, .
"We find this Machias .to work to our satis
faction. and with pleasure ree.ontutend it to tbe
as we believe the Grover & Baker to be
the bed Sewing Machine in use."—Dery Broth
:sia,.Allisciats. Tenn.
mied exclniiively for family purpose'', with
ordinary rate, I will wager they' will laid one
.'three snore years and ten: and never get out
.of Krekitie, Nashville. Tenn. •
"I tonre had your Machine for several weeks,
- atifFatti perfectly aati.fied that the work it doe*
is the behind auk bun:llllDi th a t ever was
toade."—Maggie Aimaeon, Naahville, Tenn.
; •
_ .
"I ose in, Machine apoa coats, dressmaking,
Sid 6ne linen sleeking, and the work issdao.
rakle--Jar bettor thito the LW* hand-.eying, or
any ither anwhino ; have ever seen."—Lucy B.
TbompsokiNaabvitle. Tean.
• ,
• '' I And the work the strongest and most bean.
iWal 1 ben ever seen, made either bhand or,
machine, and regard •the_Grftver & Baker Ma;
thise ai one 'of the greatest blessings to oir
sez."—Mrs. Taylor, Nub rills, Tenn. .:
felt: 7 /127*10c.13
giilleasiress . Sinless.
Y virtue of sundry write issued by the Court
LP of Common Piens of Sunqueluthua county
and to me directed, I will expose to rode by pub.
lie vendue, at the Court Howes in Pillottuote..on
Saturday, Much the 19th, 1859, - st one o'clock,
p. re, the following described pieces or parcels
of and, to wit
ALL that certain piece or parcel cut land sit.
tote in the township of Auburn, Susquehanna
-County State of Penen.yltanie, bonded and
described at bilious,. to wit: on the north by
lend of Dr. C. H. Lowe, and no the Cant, amok
and west by land of George Flaverlv containing
about two and a half acres, more or leas. together
with the appurtenances, one framed !house, one
hlsetrsmith shop. and all improved. (Taken in
•x. cation at the suit of A.-Lathrop & Cu. t vs.
G: E. Lyman. I
ALSO—AII that certain tract or parcel of land
- Situate in the township of Oakland, County and
State aforesaid, and butted, bounded' and de
scribed as follows, to wit : beginning at a black
oak tree on the pooh t:nk of the Susquehanna
river swd in the northwest corner oflanda belongs
,Ming to Charles Davis, running th ence two de
, airy. a and five minutes east along the cast line
. of said Davis' land to a stake in the ,tenter .1
r highway trading from I,aneaboro to Great Bend:
' thence westerly along said highway sixty-six and
two-fifths perches to a jatake in .thin corner of
land now owned by lamer Van Antwi.rp: thence
north three fourth,' deerees east 395 1 3 perches
to a stake' and stones; thrice 'south eighty and
onehalf 'degrees east one hundred arid larventy.
one tort two-tenths perches to a white oak tree;
then t he mouth three-fourths degrees West along
the4ine of an wit:Anal survey tare hundred '
and Pat and - tw.. thirds percher' in the center of '
ividthighway; thence westerly alongt!said high
sail-forty-six rind one-tenth perchtls; thence
south two degrelm and five minutes' west fifty
lwrehes to the bank of said river; - thence down
said river ter the place of be:rooting; 'rontaining
three hundred and thirty eight acres, More or less,
( xceoling therefrom however twenty five a t s
ori the - nor h side of a lid highway. be . hinidn g to
7enrlra Di yks.):te g eth.-e 4 - ... le asu appisrtonunoat
three framed dwidimg houses, two !barns, one
relrird, and about .me hundred acre' improved.
[Token in execution at the suit of Caleb C tr
ivial', assiahee of Arm. R Oshorn.tZs. Thomas
ackson nod canny 31. Jackson. 1.14 wife.-and
r Mary C. Godwin and Helen Godwin. hits wife.l
ALSO—AIf that cr-rtsin piece 114 parcel of
bud situate In the township of Thoniprion,
1 County and State- atoresaid, hounchld and de
1 -coiled as ftilliews, to wit: boginntng at an old
basswood :amp—being an old witn4.44l corner
f lots—thence along . the line of James Rath._
iron's land and iand of Ch.irteri Wriehter north
urn tett and three-fourths derreei east one
. undred and thirty-sit rods to a corner in the
in.. of :said Wrighter's !arid. M. the intersection
if a cross wall: ine,nce afoun. said cross wall on
be line of other land of -said .Joel ismh north
fry two and one-fourth de4reet. west ninety
our and one hail' rods tit. the end of sidd eross
all; di s tinct. north - seventy-four and one , hslf des
rocswest thirty-two rods and five iinks to a
take on 'the east. side of erect run: them?.• trp
aid creek run sou h forty-six and three fourths
eg-ces is-est twenty rod,' to a corner on the
'est side of creek run. to the sou'h end, nest a
arge - - nemiocs on - the' east maw or mint rim ,
hence south thirty-six anti a-half degrees west,
ilnere - !n rods and ten links, to- a beech on the
;est side of said run; thence south ififteen and
hiet , fourths degrees 'west sixteen red Land five
inks:to a corner near an ash tree, on an old line of 1.. t : thence on said division line
? ,, iutli forty.six and threeifourths degrees west
arty rods in a stake and atone* in the line of
Villianison's lot; thence along said, line south
arty-three degrees east one hundred ends and
hirty links to the place - or beginning; contains
n. eighty-seven arre,i, be th same more'rir leak
it h the appurtenances, about one-half improved.
Taken in i.xerution at ale 'suit of ;Smiley &
'urtis vs. .T.wl; Liimb.)
Purrhasers will in all caeca be required tq. pay
n the ear of sale an amount sufficient liecOver
. rots of sale. otherwise, the property will be re
old forthwith. JOH - $1 YOUNG. Sherif.
Sheriff's (flfire. bloremsi.. *arch tat. 1859.
quelmosessi Comity have lilted open
he following named days anti Wares. rsr bnidine
ppeels limo the Triennial Aeaeaatoeot of 1859.
/0 wit:. - • • ;- -
Montropp end Bridwntmr, Fridny,i)iitieh 11,
t the Commigmi,wrg OtEre in Thttriose.
Snturd,z, March ;2th, at _die house of
aoiel Hoff in Away.
By under of the Cummissinners. !
Wen A. CROSSMOr4, Clerk.
Commissioners ( )trice, /
31;40.'4 % J..n. h. 1852. janl3 troll)
-I• •Imeentor's ale. !
. .
ILL. b0.i..01d ut the house - 180i occupied
by Patrick Nam/airy, late, or Rush town
ip, Reeraseit, on Saturday, March 191 h, 111.59.
i t two "'dock
..p. in., at public vendee or out.
I rv, 1., the highest and beat bidder for .caeli,ali
e right, title and interest of said Petrick Ma
uley, deceased, in end to the farm and itn.
grovementa therelin. The - farm vont-sins 26
.res. The impr-ietnent's consist of one lug
iouse, a lug barn, a young apple oreir.ird. Thir.
acres ot said farm err improved. i A never
iiiii.g spring of water near the door.
.1. RONEY, zaccolons.
I Rush, Feb. 22.1 18.59.-4 w.- .
r 11 E AUDI 109. apiminl6l by the court to
audit, settle and adjust the arce..unt of olio
, t elle Hcl..ir4 .4' the estate of `Samuel Ililborn.
d I, make di4ributi,m, ike . will meet the lair
' es int«niitelf It hi 4 .ittiee in Montrose, On Fri
d• y„ March 18th. 1859. it I o'clock pam.
feb.24.4 J W. J TURRELL. Auditor.
HE undersigned timing been appointed by
the Hon. the Orphan' Court of. Supque
li .nna Conntv, to audit, settle and' adjoat the
•ount f Lymsui Bleekingtn, Adminiatrator of
yid Blackingtuo, deceased. upon ixeeptiena
fi ed to laid account, will hear the parties into
ri.itrid, in hie 'Ace in Montroee,on I Haturday.
1 e 26 h day of Ha
March next, at one o'clock in the
ti erOuon.
Auditor's Notice.
/HE AUDITOR appointed bi , tha l Court to
;edit. settle and adjust the account of one
the adners of the estate of Robert P. Vane, . .c . d. make distribution. &a., will meat Ad par
s interestrst at hie tam in blontroso, on Fri
. March 18th. at one nelnek p. m. I
feb.24w4.] WM./. TURRELL. Auditor.
Ty H ERE AS. Utters - Tests ntenta ii, upon the
estate of, Honorable Nicht'lsis therfirld.
e of MeshopPen township. drawled. hare
Zn granted to the onderaignad; .11! persona
ebted to the - said estate will pie se make
...I marg.:sod those, katiery claims will please
r .1 the same without delay to fl .Nathan
' ' 5, eldeaboppen, Or. Charles Keeney, .of
otrim, Wyoming county, Penn's. I •
4 ' tfIettI.ICZENEY, f
eb, ]7th. 11959.--mar.Sme. t 1
"WE fent OURIiON.TIN TO NO . PAILSTT TEAT DOg irOT Oil*. +6211 - i'LAiLO 4Ni MU* STNP TO 1112131 Ni
4.uditor's Notice.
Auditor's Notioe:
Executors' Notice.
American Sarmtrs' (31 agaiint.
...HIS WORK was formerly published at $3
A a year. and' more ieeently at 82. war a
heavy loss in both eases to its 'proprietors ; It is
now published, enlarged and every war impoved,
in advance; and, for the first time , it Pave. Suc h
is the effect: of giving the best article at the
lowest price.
It is THE WORK for the FARMER, the
GARDNER, and the FIRE SIDE, a complete
-rgrlicaloarat, Ilertlettilural ao4
Family 4ournal,
Pal linhtd Monthly, at 7 I:Crkma,s,St.; N. Y.. at.
the - unheard•of low pike of ONE DOLLAR a
year; Ninety Cents to clubs of tea or more ;
and Diuhty Ctlitn to clubs of twenty and up-
wards!!! Single c.miea Ten Cents.
Address • J. A. NASII, Ed. & Pub.,
-Feb. 20th, 1854) New York.
117 C) C,.1111.
TAR- E.,PA TRICK, JR., would like
-IV after a - silenre of nearly ten yearkto appeal
to the moral sensibilities or a very generous pub
lic, who hayo always manifested, their sense of
,appreviatlon of his 'usclultults by exacting his
aervicesi when needed at thought to be needed,
but...whe have given no other evidence of grati
tude or good will—particularly in the way, 6"
ntlbstantial aid" as Kossuth would say—that
he now desiretfa full and entire settlement of all
his account., also the accounts of the late firm
of Patrick & Dinwek ; and he wishes fu•ther to
state that he desires nothing to he considered
Tyrone*, if, after a few weeks, the said accounts,
remaining unsettled. sho'd be pla - eed in the hands
of a good 'sharp e llectnr, and maJo to account
to him something that will buy Oats and Ruck:
wheat. Please notice this and take action accor
dingly.—Yours Truly,
4 NY PERSON (Lady or Gentleman,) in tha
ilk Coiled Supra po-seasing a, small capital
of front to $7 can -enter into an ratty and
mlailth front 8.5 to am
per day can be resli.,-ed. For pun len UM.. address.
(with ' , tamp.) W. R. Al ToN & Co.
uth3 3m wi 41 North SIXTII-„t, Phhad'a.
.Tbe results which have ken attained, by ex.
periments in the cultsvelion o f thi, t new ly im
ported species of pro• uct, have awakened an
ttrest among the fanning classes in many sec
tions never h 'fent evaled in the entire history
of cur ngriculturat mitose,. In_ sows
to its vs!uable prepenies, which at first seemed
almost incredible. have now been established
beyond the pus-ibility of a doubt. And it is be
lieved, by those best capable of judgsng of its
merits, that its general - introduction will add
millions of dullard to our - agricultural wealth. 1
have not the space here to enter into details,
Los will present briefly some of its advatanges.
First. It will produce doable the weight to
the acre, in uny soil, of any utherskind of grass.
From four to six tons ps r acre is net an,uneorn
nm yield. and 1 urn in possession of sworn
statementi by disinterested and reliable persons,
of a yield ist over eight tons of good dry hay
trout's single scream, is. mes a r s..
sible to get more than one halfthe amount from
any of the common grasses.
Seco:id, The same weight possesses more nu
triment, end consequently, will sell for a larger
price in the market. thus insuring the farmer_
More than double the return from his grounds
that be valid obtain from nnv to her forage plant.
The hay poissessem one-third more nutriment
than, timothy,
_and huts sold for 613 per ton,
here.tho price of timothy was but 810 ur
81:1. •" • •
Third.• Both hay, and seed can be proddced
from the'sssme crop, the hay being equally vale
uable as other flay, after the seed is taken Gem
it, While the seed is as v doable as tht; best of
other grain, as a feed for hdrses, 'cattle, pigs.
chickens, &e, and it is proved to be superior t,)
linseed hr the.n.neufsetare of oil, and must .1•
wins find a ready sale, at a fair price, fur this
Fourth, IV matures in about Iwo months
time, and can be sewn on grounds where other
crops have laited. either by drotith or other
cauvea, sad at the lame time will yield a l.rgo
• Fifth, In northern climates whera clover and
other grasses are killed out by hard winterS,lllos
will yield'a large crop, and in those seetionv of
the South where other grasses will not thrive
at all, it,vvill grow very
Birth, It will stand all kinds of w•heatheranJ,
whether the season be wet or dry, the farther
may always rely upon ni 4 Haney Blade as a 'sure
Theae and other advantages are proved by
facts a Welt, ate endorsed by some of the first
sgrit ulttiiist; or the Union, and cannot NI to
curry i rodyietien to every intelligent reader.
ifavirg been engaged, tinting the past year,
in the purchase and. finportatiort of the pure
Haney Slade Seed. I have determined to otte r
it for rale etcsuch terms antei I makit it an ob.
pct to even tarwer and planter to interest him.
self, during the.ctuning season, in its eultivit•
lion. It is put op in unifortobugs or about six
teen pounds each, the amount' being autfieient
to seed one acre, and tile pike ie 1141 per b.,g,
delivered in New York or St. •Loith.
Single bags, or lots, can be tent to any part
of the country 1124 freight or . .by express; and
will be pot qp, delivered f-r transportation, and
the proper arrangements made, free air charge.
Each bag is stamped with the Hungarian
c oat of arms, and the following lettering,
'Honey Made Hungarian Grass Slvd," It
will be sold by agents in_ various petti ,, n., but
prties should be careful of whom they purchase
and secure• the pure genuine seed. They are
especially cautioned not to purchinse,ihe common
Hung.iirian Gram Seed, as it is very fur inferior
to the Honey Blade.
An interesting pamphlet. eontnining sll of the
facts, and full particulars, rill be furni.hed. froe
of charge, by me or any of my agents. noon
sppl'estion. I will state, as an indication of the
!forme interest which the sultjort is exciting,
that 1:0 rly ors quarter of ■ million of copies
of this pamphlet have already been applied
for. . _ •
Parties desiring to reeure seed should order at
ones, es the indications are that the limited a.
m obtained will be exhausted long befiire
the srason - of sowing hue passed. Those who
secure seed this year can realize a ri c h este rs ,
by producing seed to supply the demand of
fanner* ands Planters for sowing :nuother year.
Orders should be send directly to me, unless
in the vicinity of New York, where they will. b e
filled bj J. U. Emerson le Co., 406 Broadway,
New York, General Agents.
Agricultursi Houses, General merchant*. and
any other parties properly situated, ere invited
ti. become agents for the sale of the Hussy
BLADE Sean. Authority, fell puticulare, and
from 60 to 100 pamphlets for distribution, will
be fmnished either by me ar the New' York
Agencies. on re:eipt of tlb amok to prepay the
packiges. ,
I /140 authorized to Dame the following well.
knowngentleman u. references : Hon. J. B.
Barret, President of the Si. Louis Agricultural
and Meehanihill Association Vice President of
the National Agricultural Association,
sad Member
of Congress elect Prow St. Louis; Gen. T. Till
man, Oxford. Md.. - President of the National
,Aviettlinfil Society; JohnLAndemoit,llinker.
Bt. Louie; John Riggan, Jr., Broker. Eit LOGIN
and. EX.IIE7OE Washington . KIDS
Ft-1:44-314p 71 Malket st., St, ktotils, MO,
I have long thought that the annals of
Susquehanna County, or at least some sketch
of 4111 early settlement and subsequent histoty,
ought to be rya ten before Atli its early . pi
oneers, most capable of furnishing the requi
site facts and-incidents, are gone from among
, iti, now nearly half a century since
this county was organized, sod uomiderably
more. &lieu that since the first settlers pene-
trated the then wilderne-s is try the experi
ment of making it habitable. Those brave
and hardy ad vent arms have already 'dwindled
away till the foinnaut left is but few- and far
between;. Whine is second , a third; and riven
a fourth generation in part are taking their
plativ, among vast . nu m hers of late emigrants;
and even now tbero are many iniereviing
dents connected with its early history', which;,'
unless soon compiled fur preservation - by
some Antiquarian, must spoil pass into oblis ,
Whether any one competent to the ta , k
would be likely to find a warrantable remu
iit ration fur the hnterprise, may be consider
ed as yet Foinewbat duutuful. But there is
one underrating of less magnitude, kr - which
at the sugge-imi orsume friends, I have gie
•eu mune attention for the edificaion of the
pilules and that W•th. a bri e f sketch of the
urganizabon, to compile a li-t of all the cffi
eer• elected or appointed to. serve in the- art
ri"us official 'stations in and fur the county
since its tbgrabizatiou. This may prove not only
iuttneging to many of the present generation.
but really 'useful to preserve as a matter fo'r reference in .nine to come. Many
of our pm , May here see the names of their
Sired and-grand•i t t 4,, who have filled honora
ble posts in the s;ivice of the county, and tie
stimulated Owlet.) , to study, acquire, mid
treasure up useful information connected u I h
our county's I is'ory. Besides: the Warne* and
dates may, assi-t materially in , determiuitg.
Vali4tll other events and inci lents connected
thereaith, which it may be found durable
from time to time to ascertain and pero-tti
at-. But ti wit bin the eitibracedA this
et ' LIUI Y , and hat ing resided here-from infancy,
aitlt but brief interkalslotabs,!nce, I am able
prim my VIVO &CLOi .t: to furefsh lurch of
the requisite materiels. - Fur such as are too
early or minute' for my unaided mein. rty:l
am indebted to the records of the pubic of
fbre.,-&r. If my labors in preperiuCthis•
sketch shall contribute anything ro the utii y
or interest - of the rehlie, it is lu-rehy made a
welcome utleiing, by the public's I - terrible ser
vant, • . J AMES W. CHAPMAN.
Susquehanna County w,ta Piet off from Lu
z.ree by an act of tae Logt•lnture posed
February 21 , 4, - 181`0.. But it was. not fully
orgarriate wok .1
Fall of 1812. (Luzerne had been taken front
Northutubeslandju 1,188 ) This county es
tends from the 6th to the 40.1 t Tilt stone.
(counting from the Delaware river wroward
on the New York Slateline,) briv 34 rbi'es
east and west by nent_2B moth and booth.
It included when chgnuised thefolloaring ten
Rash, then extending 18 miles to the State
line, by 8 miles east and west, einbtaiing be
qrs its [resent Lin ti, as may be even by the
late count} map, all of Middletown and Cho
ennui (sd , h Apolacon taken from the latterd
awl tbn
western parts of Jessup Forest
Like. •
Bridgewater, then embracing besides its
present Wok-, all of 13sooklyn and Lathrop,
Spaingville and Llimock, the east part of
Jessup and Fute4 Lake, all of Silver Lake;
and. he Fund) part
Latosuille, eml.r.cing Libeity and the
gr ea ver part of Franklin
• Willingboronyh, afttrivarils celled Great
Saw IfilyonLpretty mueh an it
is - -fulticeity called "Nine
Partners."- •
Harmony. embracing be♦idea its present
limits, Oakland. Jscks In, Thompson, r o od the
northern part of Ararat.
Clifford, erobracmg boobies its present
. li.baua, titrsick, and the "warp n pan
Niche,lron, being pert of old Nicholson cu
ctr froth I,uietne lty,tha county line, afe,
wards railed Law.
Braildrim. tyoug that part of old Braio , rim
cut uff nun) Luzern': by the county hoe, O
we:arms called Auburn.
The County Seat ware located at Montrose
by three Commi-sioriers appointed by the
Governor. Stakes were first set at reread
plea. s proposed.. One in Ilrookin, one in
Hatlool.ol* In New Milftod, and one at Greet
1A.1..1, I believe. But be-ides greater political
ittd..euce existing here at that lime, a str•trg
peuuniery influence was brought to bear fur
its he.ta iota here. Dr. H. el
tensive Gaeta of land reached this tirisaity,
we- enabled to wake more litter 1 offe s for
this locat on than could be tuella nl.ewhere.
- The old Cou - rt Nuu.e flat erected here, was
built by'Olivtr C. Smith. Though now so
diminutive in toze and appearance, compared
with our new one, it was then con-idered
qui e a tnngnifieent editlee—alt comment to
Una legion of the State. Beritiee the court
room in the second story, the jail and jailer's
ri-Vodence was in the first ',tory. a n d the cor
net rooms in 'front, *bole and below, were
made to accommodate, all the mohair offices
Aim the fir t Court was held in January,
1818, in the chamber • of Watt Poore Old
intern house, which .stood on the corner
where Seatle's hotel now stands. The a int .
old feshiuned, stup-roofed building, reinovt d
and iapitired for • dwelling house, nui• stands
next west of the hire' on Owego street. The
firatjail was the Cellar 1. P. Foster's house.
now Keeler's hotel, where Obadiah Green and
mason David were confined- for some time,
in the winter of 1813. -`
On the Doan! record of that first Coed,
the firm ow in the &salons Wee, eonarnon.
wealth is: Obadieth Greek David Green and
CAestee Kaliesini-44urety of the Pence. The
fret suit in the connnonTlens 'vas Obadiah
Olio vs. john Bennett. - • •
The flier Commission reeordid hi ti\* Re.
eorder's •offire (after digit of the eqeety.
cers—the Prothettotere . e, Water' eed
carder's, Shinn. 41;414i- that4.4aoketel eery.
p g .. (father of Charles' Se*, ks.,) Jol
ene of the Poem . I Theleit Pea reiierded
was frees Wt6..Mitohcil set irifirle Vas
Whit retire. fora traefof tied nee in 'Latlir'Op'
to waahi Nfortnerly tit:Olathe! Plitoi."
Frtim_the Independent Republican.
Judgeo of the CourlW- 4 . -
. Hon. Jouw B. Otniod, (since Chief.Jostice
t ,,,,,
of the Supreme rt of ld'ennst !Tanis.) was
the first Presidrin Judge of the district to
arliioh.this,counts was attached:lt embraced
old Loierne, Briufforsi, and . Tioga, and if 1
misiakei not, Wayne and Pike. Is presided
here about four veers. .
fun. THOMAS 13131RH8IDZ succeeded him in
September 1810, presided here two years.
He too has since Woos judge of the Supreme
lion. EDWARD lizasica first presided Pere
in Aug., 1818, being appointed for a new
di-triut ritubra)citrg. Susquehanna, Bradford.
and Ting% counties. Be prerhied ben 21
years lacking one Term of Quirt, when be
was superseded by the adoption of the new.
ConsiLuiluri limiting, the teraisi.of all the
Judga, and-, •
Hun. JOHN N. DONYNCIIIAM succeeded him
in May, 1839, continuing 2years.
Hon. Wm JII4SBVP, who had previously teen
appointed for the dun FLA embrsciug Lowrie,
-Pike, and-Wayne con n les,- first pre
sided iu our countylo April, 1841—Susque
hanna being added to his district,,and Luz
zerne put with Bradford and Tioga in Judge
Convngham's distrir t for the mutual enema
modatiun of ktirlie J. presided here 10}
years. -
lion. DAVID WILMOT was prat elected Judge
fur Brtdfurd, Susquehanna. ant Wyoming in
Vie Fall of 1851.. lie presided near 6 veers,
and on his resignation in the Summer of 's7
Bun. Dantus Buttoca wits appointed •to
fill the vavalicy . fur the temajuder of the
year. - The diq,nct embraced only Bradford,
and Susquehanna.
Judge WILMOT was appointed to preside
again in January, 1858, and re-elected fur
-10 years, last Fall.
..r• .i.ruluted Arnindate Judges rut tills
county at its organize i•ro in 1812.. The
terms of all the Judges were then' "during
good bolurvi. r;" but the resignation ofJudge
Tlinuiegn (after serving 25 years) created a
vacancy which was filled by the appointment
ISAAC POST in October, 1837, who served
a litile ore , 5 years. The limitation impos
ed by the Constitution, terminated Judge
Di mock's sett ices after nearly 28 t ears, and—.
Jana, tivne was appointed in big plaq_in
A/mm11,1840. His death some 18 moralis
afterwards crested a xacancy, and—
13ENJ %HiNLATUROP WAS apisinteci let his
place in Novemper. 1841. ilesetved 5 - years.
Dr. CALVIN LENi ancveededJudge Post in
February, 1843, fa 5 years.
Mosse . C. TvLsa succeeded Judge Lathrop
in March. 1841, for 5 tears—nearty. 1.1
Cnartai': TINGLEY succeeded Judge Lest
is Match, 1848. 14 . s' term lasted only •3i
years, as the amendment to the Constitution
fur the ele. ti m of Judges cut him off, and—
._ Jo -I4a-r,.rAt,d WARNER were
elected Assucit.te Judgei fur 5 years in the
Flat of 1851.
pie.eut Judges were elected in the Fall of
At the first Court',held in this county, Jan.,
11/43, we see by the !enteral' that the following
attiiirnays were admitted to this bar: Eoenezer
Bowman.' Garrick blellety,. David_ Scott,
Nathan Palmer, Putnam Catlin and Henry
Wilson. The tint tour were from Luzerne,.
Wilstm from Lycoming. Sam after..Johnu
Evans and Thonnot Graham also came froutt l
Luzerne. and B. 1. - Case, (now the oldest an , -
viving aetruber of the bar here) Alamo R.
Read, Charles Catlin, and Wm. Jesup, lo
cated here, and became active practicing at
turne3 s.
Sheiiffs and Coroners.
The election for Sheriffs and Coroners has
always been rot 3 yeitkeneb. They haie been
as foliose:
_ , .
1812, Edward Fuller, • St‘phett Wilson,
1813. Austin Howell, Phil. Stephens, •
1818. Samuel Gregnry, Chapman Carr.
1821, Poi hauler Stephens, Datn!lTrowbridge
1824, Samuel Greg..ry,, Ches. Cmotler, jr
1827, Chas. Chsmitleo,jr., Beni Diranck,
1830. Juaepli Williams, 14 , 14 D. Warner,
1833, Charles 4..eryi Hiemill Finch;
itao, wiii4m Hartley, Walter Follet,
1839, Walter Fulled, Thanes. Johnson,
1842. Thomas Jo hnson , Jonas Carter. ,
1845, Nelson a Warner,' Wm. B. Mancltick,
1818, Christ', M. Gera, J..lan Baker,
2851. Gabriel li. Eldred, William Boyd,
1854, Fred. P. llolistet, Benjamin Dix,
1837. John Young, Dr. Blackman.
On the death of Chapman Carr, Nicholas
McCarty was elected Coroner Ac 1819. No
vacancy ever occurred in the Office a Sherif.
All but. the first, third, fourth, fifth, and Sixth
names (counting Samuel Ginory twice) are
still li.isg. ,CIPAt the.. first election Asa
sen., was the chief competitor of Mr.
Fuller for Sheriff; and as the two highest
were re-nrovl to tho Governor, who- her( at
that period the power to commiesion either of
the two, Mr. U., presuming his lie/Utica/
trending would commend him to the Gov,
emu es favor, net withsianding he stood second
best in the popular vole, actually gave bonds,
had them recorded here, and forwarded to
ilarlishoogin hopes of getting the commis
es.m. B.t • Governor Snyder dii not like to
"tire the re*ponsibilhiv." So in doe time
M'. Fuller cot his bonds executed, recorded,
and sent on, and finally received the coromip
shim •
Prothonotary, Clerk et Conrto,Regl
liter aud Recorder.
Dr. Charles Fraser held all theke offices by
app inttnent of Governor • Snyder from the
organization of thy county in 1812, fun? years.
Jabra. Hyde held all theme appointment..
under Governors, Snyder and. Orodlay -from
Droairber,lBlB. four years; and Judge De
finert, who had been clerk for Dr. Fraser.*
pert of his, time; did all the writing as de
puty, fur Mr. Hyde during his tend.
,Aaa Dimuuk. jr., was .Prothonotary and
Clerk of the Court., ,doing his own 'work,
from Japuary.,lB2l, under Governors Meister.
Shulse. and W01f..-in nil 15 years, jek
Post wet : Water and
trt. H., Read and tubers dePuder) under Gov.
Lielmer three years flew,.,4aneary, 1821.
Widiamiessep was frem.ter : and Recorder
under 00rernerkShnle and Wolf nine.yeare
from January, 1424. - DiCtbelrork,mainly
himself at Ofst,r.r.Riagetutry andAbate.itu
demi at, Is., were deputies !au oats time.
'_,Pl l os4fter Iras.ReeHar•and Re.
uPueFt Onst. 01 4 14 0 1 4.7e* trent Jan*
183 ficAti 14.91491-A1941.T. P4l- *AO*
poorgi i al for was 'frothcitotary &c. un
der Goy. Ritter three years from - Jan. .1836.
Diditis awn - work mainly," .
Simon Stevens was Register and Recorder
(S. Men lert deputy) the first 'year of Gov - . Rit
noses term, and Charles Avery was appointed
for the remainder of the • tern] r and did his
own work. ,
George Fuller was Prothonotary;l and Hi
ram Finch It-ester and'Recorder Order Gov.
Porter In '1839.
George Palle rnd Hi Tarn Pi nch ilictid 1839
- John Blending 1812
la ' r,. 44 44 it 1 al 1 845.
Fred.M.Williamsand - CharleaLßrown 1848.
Pad A.' Ward and J. T. letngdon, - 1851.
`Sidney B.Wells and JamesW.o h ap man,1854.
Geo. B. R. Wade' and Charles Neale, 1857.
Note—All the Registers an4Recorders since
1839 and an the .Pxorhonotaries exceloing
Messrs. Ward and Wells, did their own, work
mainly, serer as one person could do it all.
F. M. Williams served as deputy for the for
mer exception, and J. T. Langdon, F; Fraser,l
and W . B Wells for the latter.
Conantissitineis Auditors and
= Count y Commissioners have always been
elected annually—After thefiru board one each
year to serve three years each, and so folloW
rng each other out in torcesion. Auditor* in.
the same manner, after 1814 None elected till
1813, and then three fur one year each. Trees--
nyerariere appointed imnually by the Commis
.siohers till 1841, since 'hitt', they have -been
elected once in two years. The following, are
the names of those who have been elected to
these offices-in October of each year, or ap
pointed in Jttruary following.
COMMISSIONEREL-1812, Bertlet Hinds, one
year, Label) Capron, tvrcii and Isaac Brown
son, three; 'l3. Jonah Brewster; 'l4. Hosea
Tiffany. j • ' l5, Stephen Wilson; 'l6, Sy I
vanus ; 'l7. Daniel Roos 'll4,
ander Brepb - ens; ln, - Sernuel Warder; 1820,
J==seph Washburn; '2l. Philo Bostwick ;
'22 . . Hosea Tiffany.jr. •, '23,lfiroon Siephetis;
'24, Edward Packer; '25. Charles Avery ;'26;
Walter Lyon; '27, Ansel Hill; 28, Joseph
Witlisms*; 29. Wm. Hartley; 1830, Joseph
Washburn; '3l. Calvin Summers; .'32, Arad
Wakalee; '93, Jonathan C. Sherman; '34,
Cyrus H. Avery; '35, Charles Tingley; '36.
Robert Griffis; '37, John Comfort; '3B. Ed
ward Heald; ;39, Thomas Buidick ; 1840,
Nathaniel Norris ; . '4l, Wm. G. Hendrick ;
'42, Abel flesi.t ; '43, Alonzo Williams;
'44, Isaac Reckbow ; '45. Jonas , Carter ; '46,
Nathaniel West; '47, Elisha P. Farnam;
'4B, David 0. Terrell; '49, John Murphy;
1850, Shutcref Dimock; '5l. John Hancock;
'52, Amos %Than's; Arrnberst Carpen
•er ; '54. Joseph Smith; '55, Wm. T. Case ;
'56, Perin Wells; '57, Prange Mott. jr.;
Levi S. Page.
AtaITOREL-1813, Di. Park. A. Dimock.
and 11. lilting, Jr. ; 'l4, D. Aldrich, J. W.
Hill, B. Moore ; - 'l5, Seth Taylor; 'l6, Benj.
Lathrop; 'l7. Wm Ward; 'lB, Philci Bost
wick ; 19. Edward Packer; 1820, Myron
Kasson; '2l, Spencer Lathrop; '22, Bela
Jones; 723, Hiram Finch; '24, Isaac Brown
son; '25,5. S. Jewett, Ja*. Smith; '26. Jo-iab
B . Bill ; '27. N. Trowbridge.. E. Dawson ;
'2B; Orange Mott. jr.; '29. E. Dawson; S.
Hatcht 1830. Jesse Lane; '3l, Sabin Hitch;
'32 - , Henry Drinker, Atsh - er Peck; '33, Josiah
B. Bill ; '34. Martin Hall; '35. Frederick
Stephens; '36, Abel Hawit; Charles
Dimon ; '3B. Wm. C; Ward ; '39, Joseph L.
Merriman; 1840, Johu Yong ; '4l. D. B
Sneeden ; '42. Joel Turel;P43, Banjltnin
Thomas; '44. Loren T. Ferrari '45. Its N.
Hawley; '46. Francis Quinn; '47, John
Smiley; '4B. George B.ldwin; '49.: Almon
Spoor; 1850, Martin J. Mornfortl; '5l, James
E. How r '52, Norman Foot; '53, John W.
Cargill; '54. Orin S. Beebe; '55. David O.
Brown; '56, D. P. Tiff-my ; '57, Geri. T.
FrAzier ;. ',58. John F . Deans; . .
Tags sraxiii.-1811,1i*ac. PoSt; 'l5 David,
Post; 'lB, Justin Clark ; '2l. Charles Avery t•
'24. Mason S. Wilson; '25,J. W. Raynsford;
'26. Hiram=Firicht '2B,Devis Dimock. Jr. ;
'3l. C. L Ward; '32, Wm. Foster; '34 Davis
Dimock; jr.; '35, George Fuller; '37. Henry
.1., Wehlr;.9, Meier C. Tyler.; '4l. M. C.
Trier, elect ed ; '43. Davis D. Warner; '45.
Walter Pullet ; '47, • Harvey Tyler ; '49. D.
G. Hompatead; '5l, Wm. K. Hatch; '53. D.
IL Lathrop; '55, S. A. Woodruff; '57, C.
W. Mott.
COMiIISSIONERS' Cutnzi.—Jonah lliewa,ter
was appointed • for the fiat year, and Dr. Asa
Park for the second. •
Almon H. Read was Clerk five years from
Annan , . 1813. Bela Jones deputypa! to f
the time.
Wm- Jeu'iiP six Xenia from Jan: 1820..
George Fuller three years and te, months
rom Jan. 1826.- -
E. Kingalapy. jr.; one year and ten months
from March 1829.
B• Streeter eight months and J. W. Chap.
Irian four month+ of 1831.
Davit Ditoook, jr., for 1832.—Chas. &req.
Soekn I!daylert seven years from January
Asa Dimook for the year 1841.
Robert 3. Riven eleven years and lour
monthogrom Jan. 1842.
William A. Croesmon from May 18b3 up
t b this time.
Rmearma.—For the information of those
who desire to know what townships bare
furni:bect Commipeioners for the county, and
bow many each, (fork is desirable that !Item
oftivers should be somewhat distributed.) it
May be seen that—
Bridgewater. .(having them so frequently
at firer,) has had eight in all, carmine Mr.
Sherman, who was afterwards cutoff into,
Jeesup; Messrs. Hinds, Brewster. Wilson,
Stephens. Warner, Jos. Williams, Sherman.
and Welk.
*Ritrford, 3--Capion,Titany twice, tingley
a ‘ nd,Carptritter. • -
Rush, 4 7 -Brownian, ROSS, and G 4611,00.
iis Joy‘pp. -
Gitison. : ll---Waehhunihries, and Caw
and,Reolthow. •
„Sprkagtille... $ —Aare*,
,(afterwards in
Dimook.) . Wakelee and Amo s
sliddlstoffaill—Boatiriek nod Hendrick.
Brookly.ns9 -- Paaer'end Hewitt.
Rerrink,sl.4Yon and Dimook-
Lam, 2—lianley suad : Fartioun.
A üburn. A!ary slut \ Ostler.
Apt Eieti!,bs (barids_i_
ebsonsu; sad
1 511esisannloadvap. sr apPointwitcrom.
r. l4 ' Bl !Pm! 1 1:thetNIPN . ta Mir, Qui ihs. iset
year .4911947Wi11i50w who resign/4: : ous
Wog elected Sheriff. -
—And the following Loin* hive had
Montrose, Charles Avery ;. New Milford,
.Bu/timers ' • Harmony, Comfort ; Choneout.
(afterwards Apolacnn) Heald; Clifford, Bur
dick; Jackson„ Norrii; pranklin, Aloozo
Williams; Liberty, Terrell; Thomson, (4ioets
Ararat) Weat ; Forest Lake, Mott; atm Sue.
quehanna, Page. Oakland and Lathrop
have neither ever bad a Commis4oner,nor has
Cbocoout or Thomson. within their present
limits. .
Col.-Thomas Park was a Cominioioner for
Luzerne county before Ibis county was set
oft ;and,. mistake not, Hosea Tiffany, Ben.,
waft 01303 also.
Jabez Hyde was Sheriff of Lucerne county
at the time/tsf the division, and 'Peeved not the
lasi year othis.term there, while reeding in
The first assessment of taxes for.thisecamtv
was fur 1813, and the following is the list of
Collectors appointed for the. tea townships,
with the amount of their duplicates:
Bridgewater, Jonah Brewster, - $1,485,04
Clifford: Walter Lyon, • 442 22
Rush, Philo Bostwick, • 418.37
Harfurd, David Aldrich,— . • 273.71
Willinghoro',(Gt. Bend) Silasßuck, 220.61
New Milford,. Benj. Hayden,- 19498
Leesville. Titus Smith, • 151.80
Harmony, Isaac Hale, - . 7L22
Brainzrirn,(Anburn) Win. Conley, ' 58.77
Nicholson,(Lenoz) Solomon Millard, -57,27
Fax aaseqsed -for 1858-45 yeah after;
$17,132,27a1in04 six to one—and yet
Bridgewaret, esclutlve of Monirufe, cut down
to her presentlimits,pays only 841,31 higher
iaz than then.
sgrl gtexn the following, items - from the
firm. juin turn -try Itio-Cknanty Cu tnintstiluu
era after the organization. Here is the first
entry made. •
"At a meeting of the Board of Cammi ,
era 1.4 the County of gnpueharnti on the 22d
day of Comber, Anno liomini,l,Bl2—Present
Bartlet Ilindx,LabatsCapron,and Note Brown-
E.4q's, Commissioners: Joitah Brewster,
"Ordered that the Clerk receive Is a corn.- .
pensitiOu for his service) $1 per day, eatcala.
dug six hours per day.
The first three County orders issued, were
to Qornel ius Luce, Ws! ter . Lyon, and David
Alcirich, fur elect'on expenses. The 'fourth to
Darius Bixby j r ., f ur wolf scalp.
It-may astonish some of the present genet.
ati on to learn that so prevalent were the beasts
of prey in this then wilderness country, that
during the first year of the organintion, the
Commissioners of this county paid fUr 36 wolf
-scalps and 7 panthers. Among the slaves of
these "varmints," I find the names of
John Holtuan, Wel Bristei,, Dyer Lathrop,
John lankly, B. 'ltlilbour — ii;rututu e l :Wright,
Alfred Tiffany, Thomas TiffauycTingley, Tif
nine, Pvt-stou Titus, B. Millard, I'. Itynear.on,
Wardell Minuet:, Marshal Ihmtnick, Charles
Chandler, John Ellsworth, Isaito ILde, Daniel
Westfall, &mai hau Troidwell , t,tc.
Soon after the o gauization of the Board;
Isaac Post, the Treasurer, was charged ,with
the subscription; papers of donations made
toward, building the Court House, Ike. -- By
the following list of , übseribeis, with the sums
given by each, it will be seen t. at the amounts
ere graduated somewhat by the nearness of
their pioperty to the new county seat, as well
as by the lerorth of their purees. R /Vert IL
, Rose, whose leads
reached so Dentate villag e ' , gave $2OO, Steph e n Wilson, vi;hiSse Nita was
It little south of here, gave sloti. Ab noam
Hinds, and Isaiic Peekius gave each 00.
David Harris, Jonathon Wheaton, slid J•lnet —
Trace gave each!s2s. Simeon Tyler,
Messeugtr, Samuel Quirk, Hubbard, and
Samuel Cogswell, gave each $21.). "Jos; Chap
man, Edward Fulfer , Joseph•Butterfield,Hen
ry Post, Levi Leonard, Juba- Bard; Zebulon
Deans, and Bditiond Stone, gave each
Freemon Fish baitk, Tnemas Scott and :Sato - mil
&wt, g ave each $3O. Harriet' lliiids,2-tband
1. and D. Past, on whose lands tffe',cuurny seat
was located; gaire sundry village ibis. It
maybe news to those wl o.:ecollect,pfior"Old
rrur.,e," who otVer had a fang y, end
. who
died sumeyears ego, a pauper of this Law- .
uugh, that be wria..aotually one of the FistA
era of the town.
Od the 13th OrJan. 1611),(46 year ago)
we foutrd on the Oounniasiutsts' jouroal . the
"Nute.--Qa sdttling with D. Post, Tress
urdr, there were 't1.3,22 jo counterfeit nutes
and bad tickets, !which welt sold at auction
fur one dollar."
"Meinulittidam:—This day there- wire found
in the Trtheettry one hundred forty rill dollars
to depreobited Batik notss,and sown' of tut=
nut worth any tliwg. The- Cotuunwicw.w
by and-wail the advtee - or:the 4tuthturs. • ex
posed the same to sale at putilio auction
and sold them to 13ahj. LathrOp and Wm.
Wald tlir $80,25--cibe )eats credit nithout
. •
Furluzurau and Susquehanna, 1812, Chas,
Muer, Beujatuiu .11.:ranite; 'l3. Abel Lb dal
jr,(f) Josekm Pittner; 'l4, Putnam Qat:l6(f);
Genjamiu Liman:As ; 'l5, Redmond Couyags
uaw, Benjamin
. Durrauce; 'lO, Jouab theartil
tet.(f) George Duni:am; 'l7, Breasiet(f) and
J81114131§ licethri 18 . -- ilebtel(t) au 'd Bauder •
'l9, Breu:stei(f) and Bunj. 'butratutte; ;JO,
Cornelius Col tright sindlJutranee ; ',Jabs%
de.ji.,(f) Andrew 13imumoni; '22, Itycle,(f)
Beautuunt and J aoula 1.14 um hailer; 23,11) dee)
Lr utUtieller, and El:j 1 Shoeuml6.: ;. '24,
Pniiauder Stephens,(f) Druumutter, and Geo.
M. ;'25, titepheop,(t)Hulleubauk,
cud Bawl H. Thomas; '26,- Stepbens,(t) .
Thomas, and Gariiuk Mallery ; '27, Almon
IL Ituad(f) Mallery, And George Denivon ;
'2B, Isaau Pus:,(t) Mallery and Dennison.
Fur Suiquehanua atone, 1828, 'BO, '3l, and
'52, Alwun IL Readt; '33, Bane Jonesf ; '34,
Joseph ; '35, Bela - June:4 t 16 and
'37,Lea Ditnookt; '3B and '39,01m5. Chandler.
jr.f ; ."40, Franklin Luskt ; -. 41', Dr. Calvin
140 i:'l l2 , Franklin , • Avery._ .For Sus
crehanna and Wyoming, '43, Lewis Brash t
John Morley ; '44, Bruslit aqd Morley . ; '45
cud '46,• DOW Ibornari.f Slikayler Faust ;
47 anC4B, Samuel Tag,gart.t R. - IL_ ;
49,iSidaarlk .Welis,f E. Mowry, ,jr, les ,
Siliqa4banna, WYoulin. and Sullivan, 1830..
Isaaolockhowt and 4,1 ; Reckhoist
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