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    van,- TO -B:xtm--;-'-.The season for boating
andibilliing.ii.dpotrusand almost every day
brings new cases of deaths by drowning in
different patty-of the country. - In nine cases
out' -of ten these cases - occur • from sheer in
hbility to swim. It is an • inability of which
'eterv'man or boy o - ugltt to be ashamed. Every
who can learn to iinik can : learn to
swim ; and so far as the preservation of life' is
iioncerned, tI latter is s quite as impokant as
the former,—ii fact, more. So. • There- are
'very few - who, in the course of their earthly "ex
perience,• do not at some period find them
selves in danger of being cast in, water be
yond their depth ; rind every man should be
prepared for such an emergency; for his very
life may depend-upon it. .
RAPID Gnowair of A TowN:—The Evans
-vile "Journal" contains an account' of Tell
city; in Perry county, Ind. • It was prganized
on the 15th .of April lastp And - bits now a po
ptilition' of nearly 1,200; . ', and more 4han one
I hundred new building& b*ce 'begn erected,
chiefly dwellin.s, Which ltave cost. from $3OO
to $ . 1,4500 natal aineng,them is:a full aver
age:of . the be y class There There are, . besides,
several eipenaiv,e,hewn steno :structures, for
stores and dWellirgs, in prozress of building.
The proprietors are principally qerniaus, re
eidin. in lAuisville and Cincinnati.- •
A LAW] E the, - fain) of. Mr.
Mears. Meyer, near Campbellstown, Lebanon
couniy, a few days - ago; eighty-six • heads of
Ilye were taken from the yield of a single
grain sof rye that had fallen among wheat
when' it was sown.
. _
-_- -FAIR WARNING:!' ,
AFTER the Ftrai of August Heit, the
Books and Accounts ofleither of the firms
- will be placed in the•hUnds of-.,s(Justice of the
Peace for settlement, with "no respect of per
sons." .All who would;prefer to settle withlhe
undersigned must do so' previoinitu
that time.-
-Those who neglect this invitUtioli must not coin
' plain if invited by an Meer, who will add a Fee
for himservices. All Notes past due must 1,4. paid
wyrtrour DELAY. O. G. HEMPSTEAD.
Brooklyn, July 20,1858.4 w. •
Notice, having been, given in the Montrotiedia that. a trial of moicinu,.by Machines, would
take place on the farm of John Harrington, on
Thursday, the 15th inst., a large number of cit
izens and farmers of the , vicinity assembled - to
witness the match. =
The following gentlemen were -appointed as
judges by the executive committee of the county
Agricultural Society, to decide upon the merits
of the machines: D. D. Warner, H. K. Sherman,
11. C. Conklin, Alonzo Williams, and S. Rogers.
After the arrangements had Seen completed.
by Alm judges, Manny's Mower, entered the field,
under the management, of Mr. Harrington.- It
war fuNowisl by II ussey's and Kirby's michines.
During the progr, esi of the mowing, and after
its terminatiou t the judges made a thorough ex
amination of the different 'marlilnes, and after
due deliberation submit the following
. ' REPORT,:
-The' undersigned judges appoinlksl to judge of
the merits of the different machines entered for
- trial. ori.l he fsrtn of John Barrington on Thurs
day, luly 15,1858 —unanimously decide in favor
of Manny's Mower (with Wood's Improvement)
-4 - or the following reasons: .
Ist.—Beratnie it. is as•easy for thenorses,for
.the amount of work it xerforras, as any machine
exhibited: •
'2nd.-7lt is more:easily controlled by the dri
ver, by means of a lever by which ; ho can raise
or tower it at wilt, in order to env over any on
ethcie that tinfj; tome in its way.. -
3.1.—1 t runs With trnme and reel which giv. s
it more strength .and keeps it cltfar in heavy
The nrwint was well done by, rill the Machines
hut for reasons aikore nsq:gnejavo hare decided
in fa - or of Mnnny's Machine. Were it not for
the wheel and lever,it would be difficult to :make
n ehoice or;give iireftrenee'to.either Macny'b
Kirby's Nfachiric. WAr.sra,
_ H. K Sirir.m/LN, I
A. I,i7tt.t.tiots, r
July 14. 1853.,
. Mann 's Reaper, (with Wood's
linproveinent,)' is forsaie by the undersigned,
atliontrose;Tal C. D. LAT,UROP.
. 29w1t. •
licilice.--Titt.PENN'A STATE TEACH
ERS ASSPCIATION meets at,Scltasios,Tues
- &zit. A ugyst 10th, I`B5S.
The Del. Lack. & Western R. R. Co., have
made arrangements by which those who desira
to attend the meeting can do so by paying fare
one way—pap going, and return free.
Ladies -to be entertained free of charge, and
as many ',gentlemen as can be, by the citizens of
Scranton., -
. PROF. STODDARD is 1 1're - side - lit of . the Asse
t. ciation, and will address it during some.of its
It is also itnnroanc i r ed in the Penn'a Schwa
Journal, by the ExeratfiVe Committee, that the
$ fIos:HORACE_MANN. of Ohio, will be present
and address-the Association;—and to hear him
on the subject of Education will compensate any
' loier of truth ten times over tor attending the '
The teachers and friends Of Sus
quehanna County should recollect that this is
probably the only Chance they will have, for
many years,, of attending. a State meeting where,
it:will be a near them. .
The people of the , northernAtart of the State
ought-to attend this meeting if theynever attend
another—the honor and good name of this por
tion of Pennsylvania demands it of them.
This Colanty alone ought to have two hundred
teachers-there--shall it have! No teacher nr
friend should stay away that can posslbig attend.
All the leading teachers, and educational
friends in this State will he there.. Also those
of New Jersey, New . York, Michigan and Ohio,
and many from New -England. - -
How many _teachers will-stay at home on that
occasion and allow the northernpart of the State
to be the subject of reproach by the other per
'lions for a want of interest in such tneeting,iT
We shall see. at Come, teachers. deteimi tie al once
to attend and make arrangements accordingly,
and Sti.sQUEHANiCA will be well repi•esented,—as
.she on •ht to f 4. - CO. SUP'T.
- -
10,000 Patients cured annually by the use of
Bel mbold's Genuine Preparation of Fluid Extract
of Buchn, a most positive and specific remedy for
distressing ailments. Read the advertisement
headed "lielmbold's Genuine Preparation." tinj
likoliciway's Ointment and Pills.—
The *Ain diseases to which the ben rirant and man
of indolent habits are 'peculiarly - subject, as well
as those scorbutic affections caused by a supera
bundance alsalt diet and the hardships and .pri
cations of a.seamen's life,are readily removed by
Holloway's Ointment. The disfiguring blotches
punt Glee, pimples, etc., arising from suppressed
perspiration or obstructions in the secretive or
gans, are also immediately obliterated by this
purifying and beautifying agent. It has no equal
as a means of purifying the complexion and re.
lievialg, the skin of dise-ol orations and excrescences.
The Pills as they carry offal' inward impurities,
are an important auxiliary to the Ointment in
such cases: fly lw.
. _
Teamsters A tteution.....Dr. Tobias
Venetian liorie Liniment; in pint bOttles,-price
50 cents, is *warranted cheaper and better !lean
any other article ever offered to the public for
the cure of Cuts, Galls; Sprains; tameness, Over
heating, &c. 'Keep a bottle in the stable, it has
saved many a valuable horse; _None genuine
unless signed by S. 1. Tobias. Depot, 56 Cont
. latidt street New York, 'Sold by
294i3.1- ABEL TURRELL, Montrose.
.13oard and Rooms, 'Tor -the Nor
' tuarSchool...---Thosi who wilt furnish board
for students during the coming term` of the Nor
- mat school, alai - those who have vacant rooms
wherio students can board themselves, will please
inform me linmediatery; sts , spplicatioos are al
ready coming in. ' "
A large attetrdsnce is anticipated, thaestu-
dints will dy well to apply early.
". At the l'ictare Gallery in the Brick' Block.
July Ist, by Ilev.r,
.4.itiler, Mr. CHARLES,
MACK, both of ErOoktyn.
On Tuesday, Juni 29th, 1858, at Sprin,gvillel
Mts. JANE . AMANDA; wife of David Wakeleej
in The 37th year of her age.
The deceased was long afflicted with a sovera.
wasting' disease, butlendured it
.with calmness
and patienceto the 14t., It was_evident that thd
Lord. made her afflictions the means of drawing
away her affection's iihd thoughts flow thethings
of earth to fix, them upon "the things which are
above." She, 'gave clear evidence, before her;
death. of having made her peace with God;
through the merits of •her accepted Redeemer,
She died peacefully: without a murmur .or
struggle.. Death was not to her "the king 'of
terrors," ;but a messenger sent by her Father-t 9
take her from the cares and- trials of this life to
a home in Heaven, and to wear_the "crown of life"
promised to "the faithful unto death."
IfIfERCHANTS who are not already sup'.
I. plied can furnish• themselves with an hr.
proved article at Manufacturers' prices, by can t .
ing onus. - S. Il: SAYRE & BROS.
Montrose, July 19th, 1858.
IN Cll
LETTEI: S 'of Administration to E stat ethe
of Jsmes W. Belknap, deceased; late ofthe
township of New Milford., having been granted
to the subscriber; all perions indebted thereto are
;requested to make-payment, and those having
claims to present them forthwith to .
- A. S. IVALKI:R, Administrator. 1
New Milford, July 17th, 1858. .29w6. 1
UME. 1
re SHE JUNE . NUMBER is the first of . .th i e -
JL Seventeenth Volume: of Harper's New
Monthly Magazine. The Publishers refer to
the Volume just concluded as the host assurances
for the character of that which is now - com
menced. They believe that the Magazine em
braces in its gi:neral plan every thing essential
to an attractive literary miscellany, adapted tb
the wants al the American public. Its regult
circulation has not been diminished even durin e
the unexampled financial revulsion, which has
proved disastrous to so many literary and corn
tuercial enterprises ; and they are assured from
every quarter that the Magazine is recognized
as a necessity ratl yr than a luxury: They
therefore announce
,no new features for . the fir
lure. They will continue to fill the Magazine,
- with articles inculcating sound views in Lif t s
and Morals; leaving, as heretofore, the discus
sion of sectarian opinions in Religion, and tee
-tional Questions in Politic's, to.their own appr4.
I priato organs. Wise men and true patriots
agree upon points far mare numerous time
those upon which they differ. The object ef
the Magazine -gill be to unite rather than sepa
rate the slop and feelings of the people of die
ferent-sections-orour common country.
The publishers do not find it necessary or est-.,
pedient to appeal to public attention by issuing
" Specimen numbers' containing an Animusl
amount of Matter or illustratiOns. They intend'
that every number shall prove the Magazine to
! be the-best and cheapest periodical published:-V
It will contain a larger amount of matter, moln
numerous and better illustrations, •printed in a
better manner, than any other Monthly Magn.
1 zinc ; and the Publishers aro confident that it
will deserve and receive the same cordial appre
ciation and liberal patronage which have been
accorded to it diming [het Eight years of its pub
lication. . .
VIRGINIANS," with many hanforous Blue r -
II tions by the Author, was conimenced in the De
cember number of Harper's Magazine. It lis
iprinted-froin early sheets, received from the Au
thor in advance of publication in England—for
. .,which the
. Publishers pay Mr. Thaelicray the
! sum of Two Thousand Dollars. i
R . R . R-.
Alarming Signs of a Sickly Summer.
THE Summer - and Fall of Ins will be mark
ed in the records of time as the most sickly
and unhealthy of seasons that have visited the
northern portion of this Continent for many years.
"Malarious diseases, in their most malignant and
violent forms, wilt-prevail as epidemics in sec
tions of our country that have been deluged by
the late overflowing of rivets, creeks and bayous-,•
and drenched by the-recent heavy rains... -
Volum:Ye will rage with violence in the vicinity
of low, marshy lands, and where the deluge of
waters and drenchings of rains have been suffi
ciently violent to produce miasma from decom
position-of Vegetable or other decomposed mat
t-H. In our Southern and %Vestern States we
may therefore expect the prevalence as e - ..,
Dlalarious disease. in one or the 0
above wiled forms; and in order th
lic may provide themselves with
means to protect their systems again
attacks id disease of any kind, we notify the peo
ple of the approach of these maladies. In Rad
way's Ready Relief you have the preventive.
With this Remedy, however violent and Malig
nant infectious and deadly may be the character
of. the .disease, it cannot harm you. A tea
spoonful of this life-protecting Remedy, drank
in a little water three or•four times per day, will
fortify the stomach against the infectious gasses
of these fevers, that you are as safe from danger
as though you were breathing the most whole
- - •- r some and invAgora,ting attnosphep ' under the
The Best, Cheapest, and rnoFt Successjrul I
sun., Radway's Ready Relief has been proved,
Family Paper in the Union. " ' in the Yellow Fever of 1853, to be the best disin
- ilift ,7.. 7 1i_P; ' ll / 4 i Tyi,.. - a 4.1 . c . 1TT i ' I fectant in Lige. If any of our readers are so un
'L" ''''''''' "-- -• ''' '''',.,"-' `-' " 4 1 fortunate as to be afflicted with any Fercr,
7 A Cholera, Flux or Dysentery—either Yellow,
WE would not so 'often -call- attention' to Congestive, Intermittent, or Remittent—Rad way's
Harper's Weekly if ,we were not titel I Ready Relief, - aided with Radway's Regulators.
satisfied that it is the best famill paper publis7zed will in a few hours arrest the violence and dun
in the United States, and for that reason and M at
ger of the disease, and soon cure you.
alone, we desire to see it .undermine and rot COMMON DISEASES::
out a certain kind 'of literature too preval nt,
Diseases such d as
h ßh , et i tinatism, G out,
. Rt Sciatia,
which blunts the morals of its readers, viti tea .
Neuralgia, Hea .
. Ac e., nflucns . a,
• -u . of Blood
their taste for sensible reading, and is altoget er
bad in its effeetii.—Nele .Landon Advertiser. to the Head, Biliousness, Cholics, loath Aches,
Cronp, Whooping Coughs, Infiammatifin V the
As Harper's Magazine has done much to d ire
Bowels and Lung s, Sudden Attacks if .Chillsand
out the yettow-cexered literature, so we sh old
&cern, Sicknesial ;he Stomach, Congestion of the
be glad to see this new Weekly take the pl co
Brain, Sun Stroke, Lirer DfiThultieti, and other
of those papers which - depend for eicitement
Painful, debilitating, and enfeebling maladies, will
, on poor, trashy novels.—N. Y. Eraggelist. i
Harper's Weekly abounds in original mater, run riot throughout the - length and breadth of
spicy, piquant, instructive and &tertaiuing. It the lnd, attacking in their most violent forms
Juts, and deservedly, a very large rind inerea4ng, the aged, middle rt,gel, and youthftil. But against
these ills , which inflict so much pain upon their
circulation. It is a tip-top family paper.— os.
ton- Journai. • v ict i ms R adway's Ready Relief will in a few
months remove the most fierce and torturing
It (Harper'a Weekly) is the proper size for
siy.pains: 'and, if used in connection with Rad .iiay's
binding, and an excellent opportunity is affo ded
teeulators, speedily effect a cure.
for any one who wishes to preserve the his cry ,
of the'country as it is made, to do so by. ti ing CEIRON IC Dlb
Harpers Weekly.--4'onlitic (Mich.) Jack ian. Those who 'are so unfortunate as to be :if
Its fresh leaves, its clear type, its entertai .ing flicted' 'with Chronic diseases, Breaking Out,
variety, its severe but just criticisms upon the Running Sores,. Humors, Fever Sores, ulcers,
follies of the times, its elegantly written and ,Salt Rheum, Prirkly Beat, Sore Mad, Sore Eyes,
instructive articles. and its able correspond ce, Bad Legs, Sores in the Nose or Mouth, Canker.,
all combine Lei:make it a model newspap r of. -Boils, Blotches, Erysipelas, Bad Coughs, Swollen
our country, and one that every family o ust Parts, will stiffer increased- agonies' from these
Its condensed weekly summary of or- distases„during this sick circle, unless the Blood
sign and Domestic Intelligence is altogethe so- is cleansed from its Humors, and the system
Fierier to that 'contained in any other jotirn 1.---. renovated of its impurities, by Radway's Reno-
Being published too, in, a form for preserv. lion eating Resolvent. This Remedy is a quick cure
and binding, if taken care of ns it deserves t be, for the above-named diseases• and it is the only
it will be found in future years- as welco e a known remedy that' will completely eradicate
companion for the family and fireside as th day from the system diseases inherited by constitu
on whch it was first -perused.— MeConnell•rille tional transmission. Persons afflicted with
(0.) Inquirer. . • Scrofula, Fits, Syphilis, or any Chronic disease,
- Its illustrations are fat ahead Orally journ 1 •if will be effectually cored; if Radway's Renovating
the kind in the country.. Its pen portraits O dis- 'Resolvent is used.
tiognished living men are of themselves orth- PREPARE TO RESIST THE PESTILENCE.
the price, of the volume.—N,l r . Christia Ad- A .
great number of those who die from pesti.
rocate and Journal. lendsl diseases are suddenly seized in the'night,
Fresh, sparkling, and vivacious. Its ci ula-
or when they leant expert an attack, and there
tion is probable the greatest success ever
fore unprepared to
achieved, by any publication at sash an arty resist the first attacks of their
deadly toe. It is; therefore, of the greatest im
period of its existence.----Brookir Eagle.
no tance to those who desire to live through an
attack of this kind, whether Cholera, Yellow
pages embra&s a;great variety of reading tter, Fever, Sun Stroke, Congestions, or Brain Fever,
and its articles on the leading topics of till day
to have Radway's Ready Relief and Regulators
are -- written with an abilility which woud do
ready to use at any moment. These Remedies,
credit to the "Thunderer" of the British pr
taken w hen you feel unwell or in pain—either
the London "'Times." In point of illustra ions, slight or violent--will instantly check and stop
it is ahead of any of our pictorial sheets. New
the progress of the disease, and deliver you from-
London Adrertiser. •'. • further harm.. Let every Housekeeper, Planter,
• " Harper's Weekly" gains readers and lope- Fa rtne r,Shipmaster, and, in fact, all having charge
larity with every issue, be - cause it sums at and of others, keep a supply of Radway's Ready Re
'hits that iavEittoe REQUIREMENT for family tend- lief,Regulators, and Resolvents in their houses.
ing which this enterprising house - s 0 welt curare-
A SICKLY SEASON is FAST A rrnoacimw—Dineaseri"
b en d. It s articles are . brief, timely; and evnid of the most terrible mid fatal character will pre,
of partisanship; ,it is as valuable in sohjoe
_" it veil; but, with these R.emedielat hand, you may
is even in tone, besidesbeing marvelouslk tilleap. •
rest secure. ' • -
—Roston Transcript; 4 - . ••
. -.. There are -no remedies known to Physicians
that the public, as a general rule, can rely upon,
in, the successful treatment of infectious and
malarious diseases, Radway's Ready Relief, or
Regulators, as curatives and preventives against
• attack. of itifectiomi and malignant Fevers, are
fixed facts. R. It. R. Remedies aro sold by
Druggists and Merchants everywhere. -- -
•• RADW AY & CO., 16SPolton4st., N.-Y.
Sold by A. TURRELL, and IL THAYER.
Montrose, July 70,-3m, . . -
One copy for one year, • - $3..
Two copies . - fr.
: Three or more colas f. r,ono year (each) 2.1
And an tth'ira c0py,..2,1i5, fur every club of T
The Postage upon " llarper'4 Magazine" m
be paid at the Office where swell ed. The Po'st
age is thi rty-six cents a year.
HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishersi
Nee York, Judy 20, 1858. -
bac% Nv=Ens of HARPERS'S W
as well as CovEns for binding the Vole
completed, can be furnished by the POW,.
Ono Copy for Twenty Weeks, -- $ .00
One Copy for One Year; - a
One Copy for Two Years, • . 0 0
'Five Copies for One Year, .
Twelve Copies for One You, . 51,00
Twerdy.five Copies for One Year, —ll l OO
An extra Copy will be allowed for everti Cl
of - Twass or twfamr-mr. SUBStIrt
volume I.; for the year 1857; of " LIAR E'
WEEKLY;' handtornelyrboun"d in Clot, e
price 83,50 is now ready, r ,
Now •York, July 20,.183.
1 ( 4 / t would call thdattention of the Farmers
Ur of this county, to the Independent Tooth
Horse Rake. This Rake has been proven beyond
a doubt to bo
They ,wili pe left fur sale at most of the public
.tilsees thie :.county, and I would say to
'those 1 - whO wish a HORSE RARE to try"
Them for themseWeii, nml if not liking firm re.
turn,them xithin three days - uninjured. All or.
ders'addreised' to the will be prOmptly attended
MOntrose, Jaly,l4, 1858.-37w3.
IS hereby gifen that all persons aro forbidden
from making any further excavations, or re
moving storm or earth from hit stptio quarry or
hereabouts, in . the liiwougfi of Montrose. exeept
so far es has been specially permitted tO William
Gilmore, to remove n limited amount of stono
already uncovered, nod any .. p , orkM or. persons
hereafter trespassing'on the sand strMe'llirry con
trary to this-. order,will be proceeded against ac
corditig to law. By order of the Commissioners.
%V. A. CROSS 110 N, Clerk.
Commissioners' Office,
Montrose, July 60,1858.
THE undersigned, having been appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of Susque
hanna County, an Auditor to make distribution
of the moneys in the hands of the Sheriff of said
minty, arising from the sale of real estate of G.
Mesick, R. A. Mesick and Harvey Hall, Will
attend t 3 the duties of said appointment at his
office in Montrose, on Saturday the thirty-first
day of July next at one o'clock in the afternoon,
nt which time and place all persons interested
in' snid moneys will present their claims or be
forever barred from coming in upon said fund.
June 30th, 1858.--27w4.
IN A. Merrhium's. Boot - and Shoe Store,nest
' to J. Ethridge.
ITAVING worked for the Ernst nine years
_L with the most skillful workmen, he feels
confident, that he can do the most difficult jobs
on short notiee.
All Work Warranted to Cite Satisfaction
W. B. Slmrso.NCiia rlied for me for sonic
time, and I can recommend him na a careful and
skilful workman, competent to do as good work.
as can be done in the country, and worthy of
confidence. Ws!. A. CHAMBERLIN.
. Towanda Juni3' 10th, 1858.
Refers to-LW - UrEtwO, Mira, E. D.
Ifontayne, E. 0. Goodrich, B. Kingsbury, Towitn
du ; B. S. Bentley, L. Searle, C. •0. Lathrop,
J. Wittenberg, Montrose.
*,*Jewelry neatly, repaired on short notice,
and on reasonable terms. [Juno 15th, 1858.—tf.
H. J. Writurs,
MONTINgE, APRIL, 30th 1648
wcn-co. hereby given, "the - Ana of
GRIFFIS & DIX is ibis day dissolved•by
mutual consent. • , LEANDER GRIFFIS,
Jackson, June 24,V. .E. P. DIX.
The books andtterounts can be found at the
'residence of Leander Gail, who is - nuthorivql
to settle the same. All persons having unsettkil
acionnts, are requ eted to settle the sante.
HE GREAT EVENTS of the immediate
future, so largely depending uPon the
boldness and energy of the Democratic party
the eouritry l call for the widest dissemination
among the people of all facts and arguments
elucidating and sustaining the Democratic Na
tional policy ;
. and the duty of an independent
Democratic such a crisis of our history
can only be fully and advantageously discharged
by tho 'active co operation of nil who desire
Deitiberatic success, in extending the sphere of
its esefttlness: The Pennxy/ronian has for over
twenty-the . years occupied the position of a cen
tral °tab in Pennsylvania, winning by its 'bold
ness and ability, the confidence and warm regard
of the Democracy of -every State lit the Union
.and the Proprietor appils with emilidence to
the denloerucy of the country, in &Siring hove
to extend still more widely its influence: He
invites attention to the ability with whiCh his
paper is conducted, add the care exercised in .a 11
its departments. Aside from its high and un
questioned political character, no paper enjoys
in a larger-degree the eonfidenee.of the business
commulttuity. 1:s Comfitercial and Monetary
reports 'are full and comprehensive; its Mario()
List unsurpassed for correctness and reliability ;
, and iu all the departments of a first-class
' newspaper no outlay or expense is spared 'to
make it. complete and acceptable,
printed every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and contains all the reading matter of the DAI
NIAN is printed every Saturday, and is wholly
devoted to News, Literature, Politics, Agricul
ture and. Trade.
Daily Peimgylva.nLm, $6 per annum, in advance.
Tri-Weekly, . $3 " . "
The price of the Weekly Pennsylvanian is
one dollar per annum; bat for the purpose Of
further increasing the circulation, the folloWing
inducements an: (dieted to Agents and others to
raise Clubs :
One Copy, one year, . . -$l,OO
Six Copies, 44
•_ 5,00
Twelve Copies, " ; 10,00
Eighteen "." 15,00
Twenty-five " "10,00
Or ln all eases; orders for the paper, must
be accompanied by the cash.
Er Letters to be addressed, post-paid to
; Wlll. RICE, Propriettir.
No. 108 South Third street, Philadelphia.
WANTED JOON tbs. of IVool, fur %%Well we
will pay tho highest market price, cash !
delivered at our store. YOUNG St. sairrit.
Summersville,Junc '7, 1858.
MEM' subscriber is carrying on the above bu
sines as usual. A. 6. REYNOLDS.'
Brooklyn, June, Bth, 1858.-23 tr.
0 ; t h is
will theay
tr h e ighest price in
New Milford. ~lane 2.8, 1858.
FOR a" Be:ter, Safer, oranofe Economical I
Light than can he had by using D. P.
Peters Patent. Non Explosive Self-Generating;
Gas Lamp, it being equal if not superior to the
best,Coal Gas., The material. used for generating
Gas is-Burning, Fluid or £therial Oil. The Gas
is generated It. the Burner by decomposing and
evaporating; the Fluid by its own heat, forming
pure Hydro-Carbonie Gis, which is all conveyed
to the Banter, leaving no substance uneonstittied,:
The Darner can be fitted to :rny ordinarY• 7.,
and warranted perfectly safe and free troth_
danger of explosion, is free from smoke or nn::'
pleasant smell. •It is perfectly adapted for
Chtfiches, hotels Stores, Reading Rooms, Pri
vate DWellings, &c., Sze., and only retplires a
trial to prove its superiority ever every other
portable light now in use.
The fulloiing Calculation will show its enno
my over other materials used for lights:
Peter.' Self•Generatiug Gas-Lump
With Fluid or iEtherial Oil at 60
ets."per gal. with six Jet Burn
ers, - - - - I et. per hour.
Cnmphene 'at 55 ets.,per gallon, 21
Lard 011 at $1.25 " " 223 ‘4 ‘•
Sperm Oil at 62.50 " " 4 ets. "
Fluid with. common burners at 60
ets. per gallon, . 2 1-2
.* "
Gas. at 52.25 per 1000 feet,. - - 1 1 - 4 "
Gas at $4.00 '` " " - 1 - 2 -4 ..
I wish it distinctly understood, that this Gas
Burner will produce more Light than any other
Port..blc Light in use. It is very simple, easily
trimmed and kept in order.
The public arc invited to call and examine
this Premium Lamp for themselves before pur
chasing elsewhere, this being the only Patent
Burner having a non conductor., , For sale at the
June 15th, 1658. .
J. F. STODDAUD, A. 1,1:;
TE undersigned take pleasure in at:Boar:v
in that the SUSQ,'A COLT N l'Y NORMAL
SCHOOL will again open in the Academy Buil
dings, in 'Montrose, on
Monday, August 30th, I SSS,
to continue elevA weeks, under: the charge of
Prot. STonoAno and competent Assistants, aided
also, for ten ,weeks, by B. P. TEwx.sntr. r, Co.
Supt., whose knowledge of the condition and
wants of the teachers of the county, renders him
eminently qualified to contrihutorntich to the in.
terests of the school - . (We deem it proper to
state that Mr: Tewksbury is not pecuniarily in
terested in the sehooLl
Prof. Stoddard's character as an efficien:. Ed
ucator and popular Author is too well known to
require comment; and the 'narked success and
universal satisfaction that have attended his la
bors among us in the past, tire sufficient guafanty
for the future.
During the present summer ho will visit the
Normal Schools of Canada tulpossess himself of
whatever improwents in the Art of teaching
they may present? -
Prsit Stoddard will lecture on the Science and
Art of Teaching and Mcral Development. Mr.
Tewksbury will lecture on'Physiology and Hy
giene. The following gentkrmen will also lec
ture before tlulsefiliol: J. L Richardson, Supt.
of Luzerne co., N. A. Calkins, editor of the Stu
dent and Sehavlmate. N. Y., Hon. Wm Jessup,
It. B. Little and B. S. - Bentley, Escr., Rev. R. B.
Emory, and others.
There will be a Primary Department connect
ed with the school, under the charge of Mies El
len C. Perk
Tuitipn in Normal Depiirtment, II weeks, $B,OO
4 Primary 4 3,50
" Norma' " & Latin & Creek, 9,0
Board pr. week, '2,00
It is desirable that tuition bills be paid in ad
vance:and no deduetionS Will be made except in
cases of protracted sickness. Students can
board themsolos;as heretofore. Cooking:stores
furniture can be rented of Mr. &tyre at red
sonablo rates.
• For information-in regard to Booms and Board
apply to %V. 3i. Dmins Montrose Pa. or t 6 the
Students should not fail to be present at the
opcning.of the school. W. JESSUI', Prat.
C. F. READ, Seery. •
Montrose, Juno 8,1858.-3 m.
. ,
rtCKM Scythes, Snaths, and hay Forks, a
kJ' cost, at TtlfitalLVS.
AG RICE lirt IR Mb
aincitlCM c WarKlK:rfl
Athens', itrndtord County, Pa.
e r
easternllte abo ti , e e ment ioned
and the neighboring tiounties in Now York, and
invite the particular attention of farmers to. the
following features of Werby's Mower and Reaper,
which we beliete to be superior la all others in
use, in the following particulapet—lt is the light
est in use ; is strong and durable; simple in con
struction; easily worked; adapted for horses or
oxen; requires touch less drang,ht,than other ma:
chines h as no side draught though it cuts a wide
swath; will work on rough,ground where no other
machine ism follow it ; very diffictilt to be clogged
in any kind of grass, be It wet or dry ; not liable to
'get out of repair ; is compose d principally of- iron:
is a perfect combined machine, working equally
well whether mowing or reaping ; mut is the cheap
est in price,—Glower being only $lOO, and the
combined Machine sl2o,=making it Altogether
the most desirable Mower and Reaper la market.
Rl — Tarmers wanting RELIABLE Mowers &
Reapers, should by, ail means see our machines
before making up their minds to buy any other.
Additional & interesting information concerning
the:Kirby machine is contained in our Illustrated
Catalogue, which also describes our other ma
' chines and implements, among which are
EnterVs Patent Chatigable Rail
goad Horse Powers, Tioga Point
Improved Threshers and Cleaners,
Tit resbers and Separators, Portable
Saw ;Mils, Plows, Cultivators, and
Morse Hoes,- Cider ruins., and Grain
Drills. Our . _
is a valuable machine, and much superior to the
common Inclined wheel,.:Crid is adapted for dai
ries of front five to twenty cows.
Send for 4.ttipies of our Catalogue and Price
list for yourself and neighbors.
Athens, Pn., June Ist, 1858. ('?l3n-6
IL L. BLOWERS, Agent for Susq'a county,
Post Office address, Montrose, Pa. - •
FERMENTED Liquons, or the
Li Art of Brewing, Distilling, Rectifying, and
Manufacturing Sugars, Wines, Spirits and all
kinds of Liquors, including Cider and Vinegar—
with Wood Cuts. This work whicli has been
favorably reviewed by the New York Press, con
taining 1000 valuable directions in Medicine,
Metallurgy, Pyrotechey, Artificial Guano. Cos
metics, Artificial Gum 'A‘rabie, Artificial Gems,
Bleachimi SLeil Lac, Sealing Wax, Cements,
Pastes, Cleaning Cleansing and Clearing -Mate
rials, Family Soaps, Starch Polish, Cololfne and
other Perfumed Waters, Dentrifices, Ahique
Oils, Hair Dy - es and Restorers, Solders and
Silverings, Varnishe; and Inks.
Price $.2, mailed tree hp the author.
Practical Chemist.
113 'Maiden' Lane: New York.-18m'3i.
rip' HE copartnerhip heretofore existing un
.l...der the name of Dickertnan & Garratt
this day'dissolvcd by muttial consent. The notes
and account 4 of the late firm arc in Horatio
Garratt's hands for collection.
New Milford, June Ipth,'lBsB.
The business will .be continue d nt the o ld
stand by the subscriber, who will be happy to
old friends, and as;Many new ones a s
may be disposed to favor him with a m.ll. More
hereafter. J. DICK ERMAN,. Jr..
New :Milford, June 101 h, 1858.
-5••. e. vvANs . & ALLEN ha'c
this day ref urned. from
/0 01 7,‘Atr New York with a well select
? ed :Ind choice assortment of
• atches,Jewelr y, •
\ 1
3 1 . /) FAiVC Y GOODS,
which together with their former stock, makes the
largest and best variety of goods in their line ever
offered td the inhabitants 'of Binghamton; and
the abovt were purchased for sash, will be sold
nt the lowest cash prices, and all articles warrant
ed according to representation. The attention
of all persons wishing to examine or - lain:him is
respectfully solicited. EVANS & ALLEN,
No.v. Odd Fellows'
WATCHES.—GoId and Silver Watches,
arr every description, of our own impor
tation, and also of various other makers, open
face and hunting, fir sale by EVANS & ALLEN.
DPILVER WARE.—Table and - Desert Forks;
Table, Desert, Tea, Preserve,- Cream, Salt
and Mustard Spoons; l'ie, Cake, Butter and Fruit
Knives; Cups and Goblets; Card Crtsi.,s; Salt
Cellars; sets of Knive, Fork and Spoon; and
Napkin Rings, of sterling silver,-at
EVARS & Atitzei:
D handsome variety of
Plated Castors, Cake and I.3ard Baskets,
Cups, Forks and Spoons, extra heavy plate, Tea
Sets, Sugar Baskets, Salt Cellars, &e., for sale
JE't• 'LIt.Y.—A very beautiful assortment of
Ca leo; Mosaic, Gold Stone, Enamelled,
Stone and all Gold • Ear-Rings and Breast-Pins,
just received by' Evarrs & ALLEN.
CIIAINS.—Fob, Vest, C,hatelaine and
Neck Chains, of various patterns andH
vr oglits,"by EVANS'& ALLEN.
BRACELETS.—The best stock of Bracelets
ever offered in Broome county, consisting
of (bold Link, Bunk, flair, .1 .... e .. 9111.1 Coral, of the
newest patters, cheap, at .
N 0.3 Odd Fellows'
Binghatutun,' May 2,511 i, 1858:
LEEVE BUTTONS.—A very superlor,nrti
-0 etc of Onyx, Cameo, Gold Studs, Gold and
Cameo Sleeve Button EVANS Slues
& , ALLEN, for sale by ,
No 2 Odd Fellova flail.
Binghamton, June 4th, 1858.
/MOLD SPECTACLES—Of every. age,.con-
Nex and concave, also Silver, Steel, lewd
and German Silver, do,, by, EVANS & ALLEN.
PLATED KNIVES.-r-A large stock 9f Table
and Desert Kdives, also Steel Knives and
Forks, for sale by EVANs & ALLEN.
CORAL BEADS—By the bench, also Coral
Necklaces and Armlets; by
.EvAss &ALLEN.
CAOLD PENS.—A first Tate' stock at Gold
Pens, with and. withoutpolders, by
POCKET CUTLERI'..--A very desirable as.
sortment of,One, Two, Three rind Four
Bladed Knives, also, a .good lot i)f Scissors,. ail
sizes, by EVANS & ALLEN.
eLACKS—PIain and Alarm; Lever and Pen
delete, 30 day; 8 day . and 30 hour, Wood
Iron Cases, by EvAlis & ALLEN.
APEIN RlNGS—Silver, Ivory and Bone,
IN by Evrirr & ALLc.N.
GOLD TEIBIBLES=Some very liesq, like
wise Silver do.; of allsizes, by
• No. 2 Odd Fellows' Hall.
• Binghamton, Juno 4th, 1858.
--- •
Office in the Union Block--Towanda, Brad
ford county, N.
.'Wilt attend prowptly to all professional
business intrusted to him, in this and a'ajoinirig
C(.latica, : „ (je3'sstr.
7To All
,tienilepzen aoho Wear Clotho..
•, •
T 11AVE,.'recently ifintle•a ;
rsitemen !s, nt
sMernble expense, for doing work in the
on very short notice, in it neat, durable, and fash
ionable manner,-and at reduced' prices.
I will furnish garments to order. if desirea, or
render the customer whatever assistance he may
need in selecting materials of the best quality,
and at the lowest market prichs.
All my' work 'will be ‘varraaed - fit„ fin
ish and aur's6ility. No customer need take his
work front the shop unless it.suits him. ,
Being Tterritanently, and exclusively:engnged,
in this business, it shall be my great aim to please
the public, and thus secure their patronage.
11ionteose, June Ist 1858
• Administrators' Notice.•
WiIEREAS Letters of Adininistrution to the
Estate of Allen Tennant, late of New
Milford township, county of Susq'a, deceased,
!twin been granted to the subscribers; allzefsons
indebted to the'raidsstate are reqUestedtc make
immediate payment; and those haring-claims
against the same, will present them duly authen
ticated for settlement, to
"Now Milford, June 2d, l85&•--3:11lw*.
TUTS ESTABLISHMENT has been greatly
enlarged and improved during the. • spring,
and is now ready for the reception of Patients.
Yew similar institutions in this country coni
bine so many advantages for the successful treat
ment of Invalids.. The location - is beautiful, the
house new and commodious, the rooms la rge,air) ,
well furnished and every .way arranged with a
view to the health and comfort of the occupants.
The Physicbt'ns, Dr.-Thayer and wife, have
had - twelve years experience (the last eight at
Binghatutoli)in treating diseases llydropathically
during which time they have treated succesfully,
thousands of sick persons, many after their dis
eases have been pronounced fatari. by eminent
Physicians. In addition to their patients at the
"cone" they have a large practice in the village
and surrounding country, which makes them th
miliar with the treatment of diseases of . every
grade and character. They pladned,tmilt, and
own the "BinghamtonWater.Cure,"cousequentiy
it is under their entire control and Management.
In.all those diseases to which the peciiliar a
daptation of tlydropathic,trertiment has been
successfully demonstrateNsthey wilt •generally
guarantee a speedy and perfeet restoration.-
- Such are the following, viz..:--Aeute and Chronic
Rheumatism, Nervous diseases, Dyspepsia, Sc rof
ula;Spinal complaints, Tumors, Ulcers, inlarg,e
mentofJoints, diseases of the Throat and Lungs;
Dropsy, Ague-and Pever, Fcmalc complaints of
every OA, Skin diseases, Catarrh,
die. &c.
Persons who haVe been long sick or bed-ridden
and who have not succeeded heretofore in their
etTorts to regain their "health, are -e-pecialiy invi
ted to consult ur,or give a's a call. Terms from
$5 to $lO per week.
Fir' Dr. Thayer will be at Searle's hotel in
Montrose on Thursday, August 5 h, where any
Invalids who desire, may consult him(
For further particulars, address
tnyttOttiJ 0. V. TILAIT,R, M. D.
GROCEIti ES Groceries!---A splen
did assortheat of Groceries at very low
11,00irg and finoes.--=Just .received a
large assorment—for sale cheap. .
CROCKERY.-4 new lot just received
and for sale.
CIEDA 'and Stone Ware—in all its
RtADV-MADE Clothing of every
To Dailrymen.---We have a large lot of
-1 No. I Firkins and Tub- for sale.
YOUNG & 6:31171I
"Suintners, Penn.-
Atiril 28th, 1858. 1
Darlia's Celebrated Catarrh Sunlit,
R. TIIAYER, Montrose; •
S.D. TOMPKINS. ..BrooklYn. !
Win H. THAYER, .Dimorli.
SAvE your its pet. .ccat. calling, at the
, ISTorritosE. ]loos STORE with your Spanish
and'Mexican Money and I will sell you any one
or all the articles 1. have on hand for Spanish it
'Mexican coin at pat., and,iorne of them at cost at
that. A. N. BULLARD:
- Montrose, June 15th, 1858.
Administrator's Notice
HEREAS Letters of Administration to the
estate of lllen lints)) bite of Brooklyn
township, County of Susquehanna, deCeased,
have limn grafted to the subscriber, all persons
indebted to the said estate are requested to make
immediate payment; and those having claims
against the same, will-present them duly authen
ticated for settlement, to R. W. GEEIt,
Brooklyn, June 811111855.-230.
L'oo4, COOL,_
IT AYHEN BROTHERS: . will ray tlit• high
.l est cash price for Wool delivered at their
store. [New Milford, June 20th, 1858.
THE original ode Mid READY PAY
'Stare of New Milford,
The People's Agents are now receiv
ing a large Stock of Staple and. Fancy Dry
*Goods,Grec'erles,. Boots' and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, Wall and Window Paper, Wooden Ware.,
Forks, , Hoes, Floor and Stilt—,by the barrel or
hiad,—Yankee Notions, Jo*retry and Wntelies=
wholesale and retail; at prices that would as
tonish those not posted in the ready-pay busi
We. nave nothing to do with Old Fogyiam, 7 ---
he has. "gone in"-L-lins vamoo se d wit4out a
groan or kick, and the last seen of him he was
bidding, on to the tail of "Hard Times," and he
grinned A glinatly smile as ho passed li'.s
Our motto is-,:Livennd Let Live.
• Can't be beat doiVn:
Every Article. Warranted as Represented!
We thank our friends'ard citstomers for their
liberal patronage in times past, and we hope by
strict attention to business, to merit n contin
uance of the gene. HAYDEN BROTItERS,
Now sliiford, May Ist, 1858.--48tc.
An dutittllttil*to4o
.s, 1 I .:
At the Old Stand of Lathrop & Co.
BEG lot, to announce to the pribVie in gen
t) oral that they. aro now opening one of the
largest STOCKS of bllacitattmsn over offered in
Montr.O:io. CoMprising Dry Goods, Groceries,
ilard.Ware; Crockery, &c., &e., &c., which they
propose to sell at the LOWEST CASH mums.
Those . za_tce renal Facts.
We wish to demonstrate to tho public the
differOnco between buying Goode for CASH and
'Montrose, April 26th, 1858.
Take Due Notieb
And govern yo4selies accordingly
gultrilbrrg, 'l'onlib . ttint i: Qt,nr,,
(, t ,
To Make public . .a flouncemettt of the fact that.
theyhave eater,. d into a NEW ARRANGE
MENT, fur the join benefit Of theinselyea upd.
the laboring COMIII /4, as follows: - ' .-- •
. -- , They.
at" par, in e.xchan,e, for all gawk iMrchaard
their establishment I from this date; and in ad
dition thereto 1v:Du i. ..them:401%3.3 to sell goodly
from 25 t 0.30 per c nt chenper :than auy .other
firm:in Northern Pe nsylvnnia., • ,
There is at the p sent . time, a large a mount
of Spanish. Coin in uirctilation in this region;.
Ru d having seen. with? surprise in the public prints
of this county, a n tiro to the eet, that such"
coin is "reduced in 'value at /11 ffp 011"/WiSK..
- •
Uitenlon . Ig.f.z Mae:oton
great need of money,
panisli Coin is the, beat
we advise all, personala
That we are
and as the sail"
silver in. the marke,
possession of stick coin to bring the .Same,.lo
' who,- -ill take it at
Its Poilmer Value.
We are .!onstantlyi;ecieving, DRESS , GDODS
of the latest styles Mid_of the finest qualities;,
"a able id assortmentef Watts',
Mantillas, Bonnets, and a superb stock of :
._ _
to which we invite tt o particular attentior:of coun
try .11illinors. A biehtdifiil assortment of HUI
broidery, comprising Collars, Sleeveit, Linens,
Laces, and White Goods too numerohs to men
tion. We dtit'ote a l great deal of attention to.the
business, and .have large Tailoring establish
ment connected ,wit our Store's atliontroso and
Susquehanna Deli° flatter onrsulves that
ere can fit a man— e he dwarf or giant, and no
'matter how ill-sh pen—in presentable - style,
provided always, thtt s t his portmonnaie is stuffed
with the "needle' (defined by ..- us to consist of
Spanish as well el American coin).
* * *Call, and get your money's worth at the
Store of
'Montrose, Pa.,
May 18th, 1858.
TIE endersig,+l would announce to their
customers, fr ends; and the publiti geitetal,
ly that they have let returned from the city anti
are receiving and pening - a new and complete
assortment of .
or various kinds, which will be sold at prices to
suit thq times, for Cistt PRODUCE. We have
sought medium of the press to announce to
all upon what principle ive shill transact busi
nesii. It is - termed the • •
C.k%11 itt.To.llll IbItOWILSCE4
to, all person:4 fortheressae - article, and it shall ;
be our eudeavor'to-.wake those prices such as
will induce persons who wish to pay,foi their
own Goods and net othfirts;.tto'bell at leitat and .
examine our stoeii, and - if the prices don't come
down to the system, we cannot expect to sell
theni. Some kind friend may say tharit will be
„ so co," but we think from_ the -experience of
the past few months of every person who hap
pened to owe the country merchants, especially
if it had beep standifig six months or more, with
what ceasing, dunning, threats, &c.,. they hifie --
been beset, we think they will all respond tie
the above system and resolve to: buy tto - More
e•onds'than they can pay-rot, and . that they are'
',.;ieterniitied to support those who .will establish
that principle and carry it out, We will tat the
system established stand upon its own merits,
believing that it is the most prudent and wise
eourso to be pursued in every branch of busi-_
ness, land that, the,dtty not far distant - when
it Willitic cr.lck.r.LLLT adopted: Call and see us
nod w e will s hoi,e von goods at astonishing low
figures. , .
Al) kinds of Merchantable Produce taken
exchange for Goods at the highest market price.
April `3SLh, 1858
World Known .and World Triad:
MBE free admission of all Nitkions, as well as
_l_ the verdict of the leading hospitals of the
Old as .well as the New World, stamp this po-w
-erre!. remedial Agent as the greatest healing
preparation ever male known to suffering -man. •
Its penetrative qualities are mete then marvelous,
thro' the external orifices of the skin, iviiible to
f is
the nr.ked eye, it reaches the heat of th . internal . -
distret); and in all external affections i • anti-in
flammatory and healing virtues - surpass anything
else On reenhi, and is Nitture'a great ally. .
Eryi,ipelas and Salt .lithenro.
Are. two of the most common and virulent
disorders proAdent on this continent, to thesil
Ointment is especially antaeenistie„ its "„ . rmsles;
operandi" is first to - eradicate the venom. and
thou complete the cure.'
Bad Legs,'Old Sores. rind lacers.
Cases of many years standing-that have peril,
naciously' refused to yield to any other remedy
or treatment, have invariably succumbed to a
few applications of this. powerful unguent. • .
Ern lainno on -she. Skin,
Aritiing WTI a bad state of blood or chronic
disease are eradicated, and-a clear, transparent .
surface regained by the restorative action of this
Ointment. It. surpasses many of the coameties\
and Other telfet appliances in its,power to dispel _
rasheS and ether disfigurements of the face.
Tiles and Flotalis.
Every form and feature of these prevalent and
stubborn disorders is eradicated locally inKen
tirely by the use of this emolient; warm fomen
tations should prece,de its application: lts,hea
linff qualities'e4ll be found thoro' and invariable.
froih Plt Ointment and the Pill: shbuld 0 used in
the following e ases
Buniothi, Rheumlitistn, _ Sore Thrmilk
Burns, . Ringworm, Sores of-all kinds
Chappedthinds Salt Rheum. Sprains; -.--
Chillblains, Scalds, , Stiff Joints,
Fistula, Clout, Skin Diseas'es, Totter, Dice";
Luteba,,i/o; : - Stivel'd Plands, venereal Berea,"
Mere'l Lrapens,Sore Logs - \Vowls bf i 1 i
Piles. Sore ntenstai dore Heads, 'Rinds.-
IV - CAUTION !--None are genuine online,
the wdtds, 4 . Holloway, Nits , York and Londois,"_
aro discernible as a Water-mark in eatery leaf of
the book of directionriaround each pot or box ;
it may be plainly seen byholding the leaf tothe:light
A handsome reward will be given to any nee red.
dernig such information as may lead to the tetra z
lien of nay party or parties counterfeiting thisa
medicines or veridlit then' knowing them to be
• •,.. ..
T. *** Sold at. lhe , Maittifactories of Prof. Iletu)-
, wily, 80 Maiden Lane, New Yoik, arid by all re
spectable Druggists `and Dealers in Medicine
throughout the United States and the civilized
world-,ln pots at 25 cents, Occults, and ;91, each..
.IWThere is a anraiderable saving by taking
the larger Mies: ) •
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patient.e .
in every . disorder aro affixed teeaeli pot. •
June 10, 1858. - - 1' i,•
ROFESSOR WOOD'S flair Restoratt”o aS
QPANISII COIN taken at PAR. - at the,Stere