The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 11, 1858, Image 3

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    o r . A good - looking news6y,-appearently
'bout's years old, has been 'for some
time traveling upon the cars_ between Cairo
and C4ntralisevending literature very success
fully. But last -week, at Centralia, it was
inadvertently diicovered that the good-look
ing newsboy was a 'roman of some twenty
odd years of age. Her disguise bad never
been suspected. the had traveled with - the,
other boys, played billiards, smoked cigars,
swore, dram, whiiky, as easily and natural
as s newsboy might be expected to dO, The
reasoo of her disguise, says the Cairo Times,
we do not know. Her career as a newsboy
• as been ended.
Tutz.vss' iskeziStErm.—An account sp.
• peared in the I.undort papers Some— mouths
ago a very complete instrument found in the
possession df'a :thief in : the metropolis for bot.
jug holes into iron earns. Since: that time a
dsuch More CoMplete instrutent of the kind
has been found is the possession of tereturned
convict at 'Ail:-choler. The instrument fotind
in London betild simply drill a small hole
through the iron door df a safe'; That seized
in Manchester cuts out a piece of iron at Ale
operation through which a monis liana May
be -inserted. The invention ,and Vorlcust.-
lihip are iiieh as might ha#, turned, oat 'only
/ /at one Of eta. first rate machine shops, the
instrumdfiChassheen tried by Mewls Chubb,
/ the iron safe makers, who:ft:Mud thatit Would
cut a pieeti out of a quartet inch iron 'dodrin
four hundred revoluttonaof the lever by which
it is worked, or in an hour:; and it had eat
out a piece tem a plate half an 'rich in thick-
ness Without.heingin the last injured or ten
dered itself:6lmA 'for 'further 'law. A singular
fact in-the date is, that in the thief's valiseiin
Which the latter instrurnent was found, was
also discOvered a - UorwhOel belonging to the
instrument seized in ~ciridtin,*Cdtmectinuthe
person having the one mitelizie With 'the 'awn
er of the other. ; ho pefion in whoie 'pos.
session the machine wins friend:in la:ankl e:ire!.
escaped. punishment because he was it a
dwelling house with it when taken; had be
been t4tes with it in the littOeth Ile could tiat.e
been reached by thelaw..
Mr. and Mrs. HENRY A.RILEY tender their
mostgrateful- acknowledgment to their friend s
who, on the afternoon and evening 'cif March
2d, gaie them such substantial .evidence of
their kind remembrance. --• ,
Truly generous and most awry wits their
-free will offering. -
And while wa consider sucti blMefactions
-- the assurance of the 'affectionate regard of
- the donion, we also feel that they impose an
additional obligation upon the recipients to
pray and labor foi their spiritual good.
The 'undersigned, in behalf of hiniself and
wife, desire to express their sincere- gratitude
to the kind friends who remen2l4Ted them 1)y
a Donation at Nicholson Depot on : the eve
ning of the lat: inst. The avails of the Dona
'tion exceeded $6O, two-thirds of ':vilt. - 3Sth was
*Cash. -
• Vey the choicest of Mayans blessings Test
'upon 'these kind friends now and. ever.
• Ilarcli 5, 1658.
The _annual
. meeting of the..ocld Fellows
fail Association will he at their Hall on.
the,first Tuesday-evening in April at 7 o'clock
, f6r the electicio of officers &c.
• Mowrkost, March 9, 1858.
A. N . .131.71,LARD, S . ec. .
ADWELLING TIOUSE,Eirn, dr.o: Wi th tiro
abd a half sores of beautiful land, an excel
lent "stand . tor •a blacksmith, or shoe maker situ
ate,: Upsonvil le, Sutuinehsnna County, near
7. L.ME.rriman's store, wilrbe sold lot: , or tent- -
ed to-a good tenant. Enquire of the subscriber
at his office, in this Borough, or of L Merri
man. esq. Also houses and lots for sale or to
Tent, in town. • ,11: C. TYLVR.
Montrose. Marrit'B,llZST
"Bola INTati.
r 0 `IPIEE., orier . , l lW4lsoss's
LORGINCI , , b.t SEJLIMILE4 111019 M.
Montrose, litsren tOth,lßsB.
/URSA'S EidltiMM
i Persona aim intend Settling in Kansas,
and who may grant reliable Informintion in re
gard to the best Locations; tiro Cities ; Towns;
MintraLl'oints ; Itivers; Soil ; tihe best route to
CMG the prices of Lands, 4 roten tots, Itrovis
iens, dL may addr es s the todersigned,
[Enclosing - a
. Fee of One Dollar')
On 14..cipt 4 . which a. correct' and anther**
otrun't of the part of Kansas to which tbe
cant deSires to tthigrate, will be forwarded by
torn pail. 'Address,
• 801.712.Ng t!,r, CO., trereapton, itansas.
Sheriff's &am,
BY virtue or sundry writs issued 'ant nf the
Court of Common Pleas or ISnektuedanna
County, and to um directed,-t . napose to side,
by public vendee, at the Court' House, in 4cont-
Tose„on Saturday, April 341..18515, at one
o'clock, p. p., the following Real ,Estate, to
Rid: • ,
ALL that certain piece or parcol of land, Atli
ate in the Towni.hip of Harfcird, Staquehaima
,'County, bounded and described as follOws, to
wit: OD the North by lauds of Hannah'Stanley,
'on the East by•the Turnpike Road, on the South
and Meat" by lands of Joab Tyler; .containinr ,
shout fifty rods of land, more or less, with the
oppurtenancei. one largo buildinverected for
the manufacture of scales, with a steam engine,
, and oilier machinery, necessary for such a man
ofactory, ,ons barn, and all improved. •
Taken in "excentionarthe suit of D. E. Whit
coy va. It. H. Exton.
MSC) all that certain piece or parcel of laud
situate in the township of Lenox, Susquehanna
' Conntr,4bounded and deseribedss follows, to
wit; On the North and West by land in posses-
Sion of Mordecai Tanner, on the' East by land
of Amos Carpetrter, Rand' on the South by the
public -highway.; iodating about seven acres
land, more or less; with the appuitenances,
One framed &waling house and all improved.
. Taken in execution at dim snit of Grow arni
• Dreams stasigemil to W. Y. Tingley Ira. Cyrus
AIM all that tertslin *Me or parcel of laid
situate in Abe Borough of
.Susquehanna Derintt
Besquebanna COOthgllaboundea and described
as follows, to wit: on Om North by land of
Aribrose Kggleston, on The Zest by land" of
I. B. Salmon, on the Setithtw the public high
way, and on the West by T S. Sennett, con-.
Patting about 5250 feet, being 60 feet front,,and
running back 87 1.2 feet, with the apportenan;
.ces,"one framed house, and all simpered.
Taken in execution at the suit of Melia ITSft
%meek et. Jeremiah Kimber and Daiid S.
- :ALSO all that certain pieewor parcel of land,
/Agate, lying and being in tbo - townahip - of Len
, Wm zointor of SusquWanna. and State of Pen
- wylvaaia. sad bonndedfand described as tollOwa,
.to wit; beginning, of a stake and stoner by a
• ri - rock on the Soli West bank of the Milford
and Owego 'aropi e and in the North Went
line- of Paul Harris, warrantee, and along fold
warrantee Hoe N. b 6 L4' E. i - !!l:terehee It' A
Oki and stinMS in clearing of Lok MoNania
ra; 'thence S. 20° E. 44 perches to a stake and
stones in a line of lands et Asaph Fuller; thence
along said Puller line N. 85° W. 14 perches - tit
a stakeitnd atones ;"thence S. 20° W. 71 perch: o
a stake and stones; thenieS. 'B3 3-4". W. 71
perches to a stake and 'stones on the North side
of said turnpike road and opposite a, level
swampy, piece of ground; thence along said
Turnpike road N. . 42'. W. 24 perches to - a. stake
'end stones.en the no - it h side of the road; thence
N,. '64; W.'59 and 3 10 perches to a stake and
stones ;thence S. 6'7° W. 11 and' 4-10 perches
to a stake and'atnnes on the South aide of the
'road, thence N. - 82' W. 12 perches to a stake
and stones on the South side of said road ;'thence
N. 82 4 W. 12 perches to a stake and itories err
the South side Of said road; theriee 112 ° W. 10
perches to 'the place of beginning; containing
seventy-five tides and sixty-slit perches be the
same more - or ibis, with .the appnrtenances,'one
small limited 'horse,aril about five acres im
proved.. .
Taken in execation at the suit Of Beeline
Whiting. to the use of Solomon Taylor va. Vier
'Yarn 2d.
- ALSO - a\l'iltat certain piece or parcel *china,
'situate in - the intenship of Great Bend, county. of
Snsqu - ehanna, and State of Pennsylvania,bound
id and deserittbd as follows, to wit: on the north,
by Artemas ball, on the east by the Snaquehan
na kits the south by Elise Dayton, con
tamping aboit . thiity-seven and a half acres, more
'or less. together with the apPnitthienbes, One'
trains house, barn and wagon liciese, and or.
chard and all improved.
Atso all that other piece itifiuite ah above end
bounded and , described as' follows. 'to Wit: on
the north by the State line, on the east by R. T.
Torboss and Artemis Hall on the month by mi!-
ton Giiman, and on the west by Memnon Hitth.l
away and the Drinker lands, it being the undid'.
',.ded half of two hundred ecres ‘ more or less, with
the appurtenances, tWa tog houses, and about
25, acres improved. -
A 1.116 all that other 'tract 'or parcel of
situate in the township of Thomson,county and
State 'aforesaid, and descriheld as follows, to wit:
b W eg e i y nn na nd t
S a u ' sq o u s e t h aannnd
e i s n ;
nlien e
said 'eduntY line, south 2' W. 218 perches, to It,
post and atoriae thence N. 44" W..1'52 perchei
to a 'OA, the 'Warrantee corner; thenie 'Wand
-surveykil in the warrantee name of Peter Seeder,
N. 46°..,147 perches to the place of beginning,'
containio, 74 acres find 92 perches, be the same
more or lees, the vine tract of land conveyed to
Harry Hall by l'ohn T. Carlisle, by deed dated
J'uly 16e 1857, and 111 iultraved. ,
.; Taken in execution at the suits of Julius S.
'Corbett, Sonthworth, Shinann lit 'Co.. and J. ,C
Meeker and Perkins vs. G. S. Mtlick; B. A. Me-1
sick 'and Harvey Hall. I
ALSO all those two certain pieces'dr Pateele:,
-of land situate, and being in the township '6ll,
New Mifford,Sus-quehanna County, bounded and!,
described as ..fotlows, ,to wit: beginning at tha t
middle of the Cochecton and Great Bend turn!
pike road. at the . eotrth corner of land sold to;
David Minklo, the north earner of land sold to,
Khamer Mott. and the west corder of land sold trt
Ehhu Mott.; 'thence‘by Ithatner Sidtt's land and
by the lots Nos. 33 end 32., on a melt bf recur;
vey of Henry Drinker (the elder) made by Johd u
Terry, South 44 1-2° W. 210 and 5-10 perch°,
,to stones by'a beech tree, a corner of land sold
to Sylvanus Wade, and John Wellman ; thence
E by the last mentioned land N. 191 perches and
5-10 of a perch to a beech tree, and E. 120 1.21
perches to a post In the middle of the aforesaid
turnpike road, a northerly course to the begin,
ning, containing 98 acres and 155 perches wit I
allowances, it being lot No. S 9 on the map afort
Also all that certain' tract or parcel of land,
p‘?t of the survey to Peter Platt, situate in this
town,sl ,4 n aforesaid : -beginnning, at post in the
Cochoet.o' a and Great Bend turnpike road, thende
by land wit; to Park W. Avery, S. 44 1.2" W.
-90 and 1-2 i,i.erches, to stones, the east corner Of
lot No. 33 ea the map of the resnrvey, aforesaid,
made by Torry a feee:otid, thence by the said lot,
45 1.2' W. 1 .72 per:clots to a post and stones the
north corner of said met ; thence by land sold to I
Alexander Shirley, N. 44 3-1° E., 75 and 1 ; 12 I
perches to a post in 'the wictille of said road io
the place of beginning; containing, by the sad
survey 75 acres and 114 perches, and allowances,
be the same more or less, it being part of lot No.
aforesaid. with the appurtenances, on the first
described lot, two framed dwelling houses, three
barns, one orchard and the whole hei:m
prdved ; upon the last described, is one framitd
barn - and about sixty acres -improve& tho two
tracts or parcels of land lay contagions to ease
other. and ccinstitete one farm.
Taken in execution at the suit of John Howell
to 'the use of Sarah Mott vs. Charles Tingley
Exeetitor of Ithirrter Mott deed. '
ALSO al: that Certain piece or parcel of lid,
situate in the township of Bridgewater, and S
quehanna County, 'bounded and described las
follows, to wit: on the north and east by loads
of Etre Beebe. on the south by lands of Asa
Pessenden and 0.- S. Bitebee, and on the ti-estby
the pu'briehigbway, containing about fifty acres,
more or less with the appurtenances, one frau - led
house and barivorne orchard attd about forty acres
Taken in 'eeett tionit the suit of George Feiv,
ler 'vs. Theodore A. Fessenden.
ALSO all - that •tertila piece (*parcel of land.
situate, lying.ead Mint in ae township of Sprifig..
v ilr e .Su s quelantuttounty,bontidedaliddes dribed
se follows, re wit 4 north by landa of the e+te
of SarateDowning dee'd.. eolitheted 'to Benajah
D-. Powint end James Iftosencl•antt, acitt'h I by
lands of the estate of Ann Skysen deed., noir in
pDsseesion 61 Charles Chatehellin; mitt% by S..
Strickland, and west by land% lO'fricerly corevelyei
by the xecutors of n1'0044(411 of Henry brink
er dec'd'. to John Bullock; and Jerome Reece-.
crantx jr.; ontaining 77 acres and 83 perchesni
land, with the appurtenances, I Trained house and
ham and a saw Mill, Mae orchard, and abont trey
enty sexes improved.
Taken inexeeutionattht %nit Ait Brie tt
the are of'Henry Dritiker vs. flordawine A. Britd
ALSO all those three certain Pieces Or pat
eels of lend, Situate., lying and being in th
township ofNew Milford, County of Sniqat i lion•
na, and Matt of Vermeils-sale, bounde'd an de
seribed as TodoWll, to Wit the first commences
at a peat corner of land of A. 111096 - ; them
renniOg 1-9, E. on a line of land
said Mot:x . ll9 - ercliel to I post, the otiserl
corner of land of said 91'0141 thence' Sobi l it 4
1-2" E. aleng lands of t•intett and johlasto
perches to a pine sipling.terner of lands pt sai
Hatch 'and Johnson, 'and lands 15f liohn Beyle ;
thence S. 42'1-2" W. along lands supposed to
belong to E. A. &0. Pratt 130 perches - o'er
, oak Stapling; thence N. 44 1-2; E. 125 pe bt
to the Pled e -beginnine ; containing one bet
dred and One acme and 24 perches. he the kilt
More or less; add all improved.
I . Atso all that other - piece,situaie as atm , end
described as fdlletts. Viz: commencing Lai a
hemlock sapling- the, eolith corner of A. glow'
land; thence limiting N. 45 ; E. along lands or
said Moss 123 , perebes to a pbst. the eseterly
teener of lands of said A. Dross; thencelS. 44
1.2 ° E. along the first dekiihed lot of W.
Belknap 28 perches to a hetatott; thence S. 25°,
rtiorg lends supposed to belong to EL A. &
0. Pratt, 1 - 36 perches to 'a pest; thenbe,sl. 44;
W. along tan& of ..Inteydins 28 peictds the
place of beginning containing 40 acie abd
119 perches of land, be the same more or
At-40 the homestead property upon which the
raid J. W. Belknap now resides, situnte asl afore
said and hounded and.described as folldwe, to
wit: on the north by lands 'of B. B. Little, on
the east by lands of Wm. Betel I. on the; south
.by land of. Robert,Gillitredeoltai sat the sleet by
chit totirectott ared•Great -Bend turnpike mad,
ceVetidalbtg.a l bonllo acres of iand,be the menet
orsof lean, With the extersteterumees.axe tressed
dwelling house, one. bare and sited, oneMeek
smith shop, one Wagon shop, One saw m a ll slid'
mostly ImprOved.
Tsktra in execution at the Malts, of John
Sutphin. and 8: ll... Dayton nee ofl Guttenberg,
I Rosenbaum di Co. vs. James VC'. Belknap.
• ',
ALSO ;ll that certain piece or parcel Ipf lend
situate in the township of. Bridgewater, Sperca-
Co.-, bounded and described as fulloWs, to wit:
on the north and east by land of E. B. Roberts,
south by land of. Geo. W. CrOcker, And wrest by
lad of Rufus S. Merriman; containing fifty-six
acres more .or together with the apptrte
=incest one framed 'hove!, one barn, one orchard,
and about, forty acres improved. 1. •
• . Taken in execution at the snit of ".
vs. iserd
ALSO all that eertoin piece or parcel of land
sitSiate, lying and being in the township of Rush
Itiihthelentinty of Susquetikeria, and . bcierifiid and
deiteribea' as fellbwa, to wit: on the north
laiida of William Ross, on the east 'by landir,of
Charles Terry, on the south by lands of Dr. Hi
raM COgswell, and on the west by lands of N.
J.j Sherwood, being the same lAO4 recently
Conveyed by N. D. Snyder, to S. H. Canfield.
With tho appurtenances, one saw mill, with lath
machine attached, containing about eleven acres,
be the same mote or less, and nearly all im
%Taken in execution at the. suit of A. S. Smith
vs. 8, H. Canfield and Fairchild Canfield.
Purchasers will in rill cages be replied to
pity, on the day of 'aide, an amount pefficient to
crer the colts of silo, otbersitse the pr0:441 7 4
will be resold forthwith.
JOHN YOUNG, Vlterif.
Sheriffs Mee, Montrose, March 13, 185 8 . -
NOTICE is hereby. given that in titirsubOeb of
,order df. tale Iss'ited out of the 'Orplians'
'Court Of Sualittehrifils'Cduhty. I will extioree to
Pub*. 'Sale, Op Sall:ratty, the 27th day of March
Mat, at one o'cl.:ck, P. M., all that 'certain lot,
piece or pariel of Thep, sititateln the township of
Forest Lake, in said County, lido the estate of
Orrin 'Lester, idedeased, Vnd'deleribed as follows:
i Begin'bini a a post in the 'hijilvivey, the north
west coiner iifreorge Viglier lot; then Cell said
tA:S. 1712 dekides NY:, nitie'Perdhes,tol'iMst.
he SW. corner of said FiAter.lot,; thence. along
the width lido 'of 'the /Unify, 5.75 degilies. E,, six
leen 'Perches and sixldtitlik toe post near Pond
'Creek ; 'thetieelw landl73l' A -Ctirrittd ai d',(:. Stiffer,
9. d6'degt6es W., one 'huddrell- and forty-two
perches to ix point in a line of Chniles Ciav,ip ;
;thence by said, Davis' line, N. 64 degerees, W.
127 '1- ridtchel, to a white birch in east bank,of
la small creek, the line of D. C. Sherman's land ;
thence akin; said 'Cloak, 63 perches to a post on
the east brlt.of 'the - same; thence N. 26 degrees
E.. 70 peteli c s 'to a post, corner of D. T. Taylor's
lot-. thence by said lot, S.- 74 3-4 degrees E.,
145 peri s hes 'CO epolh,lthetice S. 81 1 . 2 E., 28
'7 10 perches, tillhe begnning, 'containing 133
acre 4 and 56 . peNhes of land—(ekcepting 50 a
cres therefrom, of land Whicb 'was recovered by
Mathew S. C6rnell fr6fh 'the said Orrin .
tester, and which liy in 'the sciuth • side e 1
of said lot,) on which is :a &Vetting !pi
house, one barn, and outlhildings,'and
abqut .., 60 acres under cultivation. '
ale to be held upon the premise's, knd -terms
o be wade known on day of sail..
ORANGE MOTT, Jr., Adm'r.
Forest 12alco, 4farch It, 1858. Ott's. .
THIS is to certify that the undersigned have
used Manny's Mower with Wood's improve
ment, the past season,nnd are fully satisfied that
it is a geed machine, and we recommend it to
'the farmers of this County as a profitable and
labor-saving machine.
February. 25, 1858.
For machines apply to the undersigned Asent.
Montrose, March Ist, 1858. [mhl Itht
Register's Notice. • '
IBDbtftLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to all 'Oct
sons concerned in the following Estate ,to
wit: •
E4tate of Dan'l F Lincoln, late of Forest
Lake, dec'e, Ezra Rice, Adra'r;
'Estate of L F Wilmarth, late of Jackson,
dec'd, Orlando Gnison, Miler ;
Estate of J B Worden, rate of Jackson, dde4,
R Harris, and E Tucker, Adm'rs ;
Estate of George W Stephens, late of Now
dec'd, R. T Stephens, Adm'r ;
f,,tate of Francis Quinn, late of thoconnt,
decd,' and 'T Quinn, Adra'r;
Final account of A T Trowbridge, r dnaidian
of bf A and J A Chandler:
That the .accolintsota have settled their ac
counts in the Register's Office, in and for the
county orSusqochanna, And that the same will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphan's Court
,of said County, on Friday, the 1 6 th day of
I April next, for their confirmation and allowance.
CHARLES NEALE, I .tegister.
Register's office, Montrose, Jan. 4th,
LT' ELM.BO4IYS Highly Concentrated Extract
PA. Baehr", is prepared directly according to the
rn lea of Pharmacy and Chemibtry, and is the hes
and trivitactivecreparation which can be made
for the'core-Of diseases of the bladder, kidneys,
grave', dropsy, weaknesses, &c. ll ead the adver•
tisemeni in atrothet Warm, headed -Helmbold's
Genuine Preparation."
, I X VOST patent thedleino kre lin mbu gs, but Dr.
.d i itlLTabias warrants his Venitian Liniment to
Ido all he recommends it for, or the money will
• i be tetanded by bis agent -- one !Will be found in
1 every village in the atlte. ki")"on have pain or
idle try a bottle, it stops pain instantly. Pt 3
Price 25 &50 ets:a bottle. Depot, 56 Cort
., liodtttreet, New York. For sale by Abel Tur
reli,ldontfoisn. . [3t52.
I Fr lit Bowels had their functions. As perfect
e.T.lloyh: withoutealt ichi h zi
health theg e rea l t t tl es o tble r ti
blessing that
.are of .
little consequence, we deem it' ol great import.
anio to point nit the way for yo t to enjoy it.—
The bowels must be *bill in a Otte by which
they Are enabled to carry off everything 'diet is an.
necessary. And it is impossiblb to tell what a
• ,
44 Jarge amonnt of ilickncas has ben caused by
i; "constipation, 'or bOstikent alr, In titbit words, by
Id not keepin g thb bowels rt:glitar; it il ;the Main
road to alldisbalibi; the calisb of unbittiral irrita.
tioli to the mu t tons, br Jibing membranes of the
A :a
helmets. linving lost thbir itril stisehtth, they
„,„ Cannot object to What is 'required of theiti. Hence
I ,Z the bowbli become in fl amed, anti ableiii yell find
'"i e
s'pbelv relittf, a thonsaiill othertoniptisints are bei
er really to ding yeti through a iniseralhe and
wretched life. Slitli medicines tiniest be giviii
4 as Will clbilate the Itorifibli And bowels, add ib'-
i stoic their satdral etrength. to i(ccolibplish this
' tfieit it tie itimpoitnd scr valUable as 1: lr. Mode's
' Pint; ail other inediltindi sink into utter insight-'i.
canna *hen iorripared to them; it seethe as tho'
the Auttoir of Nutt:ire had designed them for this
as well as other complainft. From d-to 5 011ie
day will increase the strength and appetite, gad
Cleanse the stomachand intestines from whitever
is injurious: [mm
Semi.Centeisollal Atsulversfiryels
The Bridgewater Baptist Church will hold PUB
LIC SERVICES, in commemoration of thbir
iltriElll ANlnimasias, Friday. April 9th, 1838,
at their meeting house in Montrose.
litsfotticat. Dttchaitat by Eld. A. L. Post, at
half past tell; I. -
Remaatts by Bid: D. Di mock, their first pastor.
PBEecme6i ifterhotitt knit ebening.
The church of this Asy)Eiition and the com
munity generally Are iiii:diall:y incited to attend
M. MliTt;
N. mrciiti4„ Coiti•
Montrose, M. S. WILSON,
'Mat. ad,1858. W. J. TUARELL,
-Still,They Come!
THE largest stock of Reiman ever before
kept in this market may found at th e
7 .1 - 2 tit Z-1013.13 , t 0 tt 3:
It will be ueeless to, enumerate. When yen
wish any thing tn , the Patent Ittidieine line, or
otherwise, call at the Farmer's Staire. , Dolatar,
let the place, efelen 0 1108 • • -
Montrose, 1411141 3doe4e.
. ...t
Twentieth Year of Publication
No other piper can boast of such a galaxy of
tal4hted sininelebrated authors as the contribu.
torliil 'corps of the New York Mercury, who fur
hush Ina columns, weiility,Wth the meat absorb
ing acid fascinating romandmand stolid. ever
DR. 3. ROBINSON, • s
Wheire . Well , kpown as the theist successful and ' 1
popultr romancers of the age, constantly con
tribute their brilliant novellelea, for the mam.
moth pages of the Mercury. And each number
also contains more complete original stories
and- sketateit—to say nothing of an immense
amount Cif riewe and general miticellanythan
a.nv other two newspapers in America, without
exception. In short, the New York Merest-y. l
defies competition. and invites the most iehreh
ing comparison. Its immense suOriciritY.A•er
'the little'six-by.nine mushrtidiu ''pu t hlidations of
the day will be apparent"at the first glanie.
We now offer, in adfhlion to a paper fully
one-third llrger than ably of itb cotemporaries,
and replete with en unprecedented 'variety of in
teresting reading mu ster, the - following
Gift worth front 75 `cch.ll. 10,8500 00 in
Gold, will be presented to egch subscri
ber, i a mediately on reeeietof tale
subscription money.
one 'copy for ono 'year, 52 ye, and 1 gill.
Ode copy for two ]ears,3 51),'and 2 gtits.
One. co 'y for three years, 5 Vo,'ltod 2 gifts
• so eI.BS.
$5 OD and 3 gifts.
8 00, and 5 gifts .
Tl tc r e et e e ti o - r e izs, o ' n o e ne ) , e yzr
Tem 'copies, one .00, and 10 gifts.
The articles to be atstiibeted sto comprised
in the following list .
do do 200 u
l'id'etanogas of Gold con triinfeg $5 , 66 each.
10 do t : do 100 "
10 , Kt. Litv, hunting watches 100 s"
20 Gold WateteS 75 "
150 do 60 "
100 'do . , 69 u
)3 . 5
300 Ladle - 3'o'6ld Wafehea • tt
200 Silver Watches 80
250 Sewing Mac t hitei 's3o to $75 "
5,10 Silver - Watches , $lO to 25 " )
1000 Gold Guard & Fob chains 10 to 30
Gold Lockets, Bracelets, Broochek, Ear dropit.
Breast Pins,. Cuff Pins, Sleeve Buttons, •Rings,
Shirt Studs, Watch Keys. Gold and Silver
Thimbles, and a variety of other articles•worth
from '75 cents to $l5 each.
immediately on receipt of tke subscription
Money, the subscriber's namo will be entered
upon oar s'n'becription book. opposite a number,
'rind tlic gift corresponding with that number,
will 'be forwaeded within 'three days, to the
'subierieer. yy Mail, or ekpress, PlAt paid. Eve.
ry yearly subscriber will recAiiuis , one .if,dro "bore
gifts, No subscriptions for a less period than one
year will be entitled to a gift.
'All communications should be addressed
A. Gnarls,
L. GAnniert.
fib auliicritier offers to sell, or to rent the
Shop occniged b 7 him in the wagon busi
ness, on reasonable te'rins. Said Slialp has a good
range of business, and h.A connected With it. all
the necessary utensilk for "carrying
on the business, togethei with a Blackkinith Shop
also a House, in course of erection, all of which
will be disposed of to suit customers.
Dimock, March 2, 1858. C. C. 1111L1 S.
All persons indebted to me are requested to
make immediate settlement. C. C. M.
Harpor's'Weekly' and 'Magazine' I year $4 00
Postmaiters sending a club of twelve of twen
ty-five. 'rill receive one copy gratis.
Subscriptions may commence with any nublier
Specimen numbers gmtnitoualy supplied.
Back numbers ran be furnished to'any extent.
Clergy m'n SzTeach'rn sup'l'd at lowest dub rates.
BABBERC.I - BRO'S, Publishers,
rnh I 3m] Franklin Square, New York.
a AULDvirEtl, ko'critwonnt & WHITNEY,
Proprietor's Or the New York alercirry.
9.2 Spruce street, N.
*** Specimen enple's scut free.
Sp!cndidly Illuatrntea Newsii4per!
A Jourtial of iivillzatioo.
..E3iplo s ys the Beit hada in the World 1
TER3I3--I%VARIiIIILk 1t ativAlscE.
copy 20 Weeks $1 001 5 copies 1 year $9 00
" I year 2501 12 " " " 20 00
" 2 4 4CO I 4 40 00
/VIM subscribers have concluded to make a
A- change in their business, therefore on the
gth of March nett, the senior partner, ILL. I
Sutphin, (on account: of declining health, and
through the advice of friends and- physicians,)
will retire from the Meteahtile trade, and the
Business will he conducted at the old stand un
det the firm of ,
ready-pay principle. Knowing that this
i* the only true, system of doing:business they
determined to give it a fair trial. We hope
oilt old friends and customers will assist them
is their efforts, 4.s they, the people, will be the
-greatest gainers by the success of the ready.itay
ayetent. SUTPHIN & YOUNG.
All thosb indebted to •tis on bodlt or otherwise
are requested to make immediate settlement.
Wb will Continue to receive &aid on account
until the tiOth • ofMarch next at, the market
Febrilary 27th, 113513.--Ow3.
'L O.OE 111 .
z.'eVnn'oßt •foitrot zli ih ti: tits,
prices ut.E
g i that o
asortment of
VitheeVaitirs %
at, t e old well kbown establiihmen forting . ) , oc:
copied-by Oliver Crane. .
apd Sate(b3r the inek or barrel,) PM, and all
aitieles found in trit cues graeriba.
The attention of Farming is indica:tied to a•
superior quality Of OaAli and GRAiS .SEED
which the undersigned his on hand and for sale.
WEIEAT 8014 at -Tery /ota raqes for Cxert. As I
Mead to merit, I hope to receiVe, a liberal allure
of public patronage ., Z. COBB.
liontrose, March sd, 1858. , [am.
6AINVS in Ti 311411,. Braatea; Titt,-CdPper and
Slier WO, Glais SLIM - aittl !Monet t;
Lititographs, at the &hie - • .
1657. • .. • -
Cloder and y . Seed;
- sale sod-retail. C:D...LATHROP.
f - - MontiesefFeb: 1,8, 18381-4-_-
rlPHEundersigUed is ithiveirepaie4 to ftintlah
I. the .pubile;wlt4h - -
Groceries of - Ali Kin ,
at 'the LOWEST PONIBLE fAYE4. ~ •
Sugarf, Syrup, Coffee, - "Tiih, : Cheeet,
Spices, Fruit, ried. anti Eiesb,'j'
.Raisins. Fi gs, Praises,
- • Candles, Soap
of every variety, and in fact ALL articles usually,
found in the best Counfry Groceries. Butter
and Produce of all ktude taken in exchange for
Goo4:et market prices.
;*'Call at his Saldon in the basement of the
FRANKLIN HOTEL, and satisfy yourselves of the
truth of the 'aboYe„ P. CROWLEY.
Montrose, PA. 16th, Itair—ltr.
Executors! Notice.
duly issued to the subscribers upon the es
tate of Wm. Wells, late oithelownshlp
of C(if
ford, deeease4,—All Persons indebted to said
estate ere required to make immediate payment.,
ilia all persons having claims against the ;said
estate ? are requested 'to present tlie same to us,
duly ahlientitia i ttl,hr settlement
Clifford, Feb. 20th, 1858.-Bw6.
illintrated. 1858. Illustrated.
The ew York Weekly GOVIEN PRIZE
Is one of the largest and best literary palters
of the day. An Imperial -Qukrto contain/hg
EIGHT PAG ES, o r 'may cocumss, of entertaining
original matter, and ELEGANTLY ttrarrniTatt
every week.
A Gift Forth from 50 . csnis to 1500 in
gold, 'bill be presented to each stthicriber imme
dicarly oh 'receipt of the subscriition money.
One copy for ono year,. Ag,and 't gift.
One 'copy for two }care, $3, and :h r gifts.
One copy for three yeartfi.Bs. and 3 gifts
One Copy for five years,: $B, and 5 gifts
, •
AND To CL:(1115,
TgeO'coyies one year, $5, and 3 gifts.
Five ccities, ono year.
.0 8, aid 5 gifts.
Ten .:opies, one year, $l5, and 10 gifts
Tivetity-o'n'o etiplels, one
ycihr, . - . . $5O, and 21 gifta.l
The itrticlos to be distrittuted are comprised
in the,folltrAing
2 Package's olGold,containing $5OO, each.
5 do do do • $2OO, each.
10 to , to do tliio„tach.
10 Patent Lever ittmting Clued.
Watch es $lOO Op each.
`JO Gold Watches, . . $75 00
58 - to do . - . . 860 00 each.
10 do do . . . . , $5O 00 each.
300 Ladies Gold Watches, . 's3s 00 each.
2'oo Silver Minting Caged
Watches ..... . . $3O 00-each.
500 Silver 'Watches. $lO 00 to $3O - 00 'erlhh
1000 Gold Guard, Vest, and Fob
Chains, • • • $lO 00 to $3O 00 each
Gold Lockets, Bracelets, Brooches,
Drops, Breast Pins, Cuff Pins. Sleeve Buttons,l
Rings - . Shirt Stalls, Watch Keys, Gold- and
Silver-Thimbles, and a variety of other articles
worth from 50 cents 03515 each.
Immediately on receipt of the subscription
rnony, the subscribers name will be entered np
on our s tib:lcriptioti book' opposite a number,
and the gift corresprrntli4e with
,that numbel
will bolprwarded within one week s to the sub
scriber, brmail or express, post paid.
'At! cortimunicationis should be aciressed to
& 49 Moffat Building, 335 Broadway, N. Y.
Er" Specimen Copiessent Ace,
TN tendering my servicek to the inhabitants of
1 Susquehanna County , am an Homeopathic
Physician, I deem it my duty to pUblish the fol
lowing statistics taken from the records of Hos
pitals of Europe, vtllich_show the marked.supe
riority of the Homeopathic over the Allopathic
Matted of treating diseased.
•Patienta Mortality
Admitted Died per ct.
AY'l6ptt`l.lito 1134 260 23
ilonieopittio " • 5 . 3 - 8 4 28 5
Allop. Hospitals ,1011 134 13
Hum. " 386' 'l2, 3
Allop. Ho=p.
Horn. "
Dysentery.-Allop.lluftp: 162 37 22,
Horn, " - 175 8 3
Fevers,exciuding Typhus.
411 op; 9997 1531 9
Hub. 30'62 84 2
A119 . p. ilokr. • 9371 1509 16
Row. 1423 219 14
Hutt. "
Ail Diser►;eo.
Alloft. total, 10630 117 . 91
Hoin. " " 12850 136 . 5 4
Perimi'a %siding at a distance 'iv . 'ho wish to
co nsult Inc can do so by letter and receive a
prompt rriPly. No charge for consultation.
Great Bend, lea., Feb. 1, '57 • pm.
re 'Office at the residence of C. Dimon; Esq.
SURE agalitst Moths;Mice,iind
AL all enemies of the Bee. Highly approved '
for the last 5 years by tile hieit intelligent Bee
Keepers in the western atiabilitii 4 A States.
REFEP.EZICES.-J. S. Gr'egorx.and J. H. Bei'.
tholf, M ' Monroe, Orange Co., N. Y.• J. E. North,
Candor; Tiega Co.; N. Y.; H. .More, Painted
Post, N. Y. -Sam'l Kidder, J. 0., Elton, and
A. C. Ely, thriira, N. Y.• John Bell; Newark,
N. J.; Frederick Fritz, E aston, Pa.; Hiram Hull,
Westfield,3lass.; Henry Fi I line°, Addisob; N. Y.,
and Abijah Wells, Gibson, D. L Hine, Hayford,
G. C. Birdsall, Jackson; and B. F. Wells, Cliffiitd,
Susq'a Co. Pa.
It may be used as a swarming or non.swirni
ing,hiVe, the surplits honey hnd cohib can be Ve
moved withoilt injuring the bees. It t?'e
convenient for tseding bees, and prevents 11
'tentMain iobbets; it, is also the eheaPes pa.
tent hiVeinow in use.• A hive, with two sections
costs three neitiotia $3,56; mpde of the
best pine Weibel.; and can We had at 'all times
of B. F. Willard; Elmira; N. Y.; 'eta the 'under
signed in Gibibb.
For. making and using $5, ht;ie and right $B.
1"will sell lowti rights; having bought the right
eounty; With 'every, hive and right 1
gibe a book instiiictihg libiar to itianige it,. 3ly
hive iris it our County, Fair teat fall and took
the prenaittert, 'With the" beeslniney in it. I
warrant every hive I sell to give iaitistaetiori; or
tefina, the - money after fair ttial.. • •
dibsBn. Inn. hth. 1838. tst*
eitIMOCERIES, Crockery, hardware and
vAri; s other articles to numerous to mei:
which-shall be sold Cheap for Cash
or Resat Pay: - C. W. MATT.:
• DILE* JAMES' ' - .
. ,
(Alcoholic iireparition from the leavieimported
from Catcutta,) for the perininent cure of
Consumption -
• rims, $4l, ika
ar None genuine without "Dr. H. James,
19, Grad - St.: 'Jersey City,", blown in the bottle.
• Per sale by R. TEATEIL, U. n., Sole Agent:
t0h414 . • Montrose Pa.
~ .
YOU can supply yourselves with Chetlileal
Manures, I.VARRA3TED mar, which has
'been in can in -New Jersey for the ,past Seven
Yearac—they have received the DIPLOMASof.I
New Jetiey, New York, Delavvire, and Pansy':
titiii; Agricultural Societies. and have 'been USED.
'by the Preakiit of the UNITED *
'3 TATEr;
ion ills Garden and on the 'Public 'Grotto& ' at,
Washington, v. Q., ' and by the fallowing Gen
- '
tlemenOrizt . ' .•
..‘ A. P. Leafier, Clarksboro' New Jersey.
J. I. Reeves, , ' . • ' -
Senator Roberts,
, t - 1 ._, L .
William Miller, of Ciiiie 'island, N. J.l,
Charles York, •
Thos. Mulford. Esq., Camden, New . Jersey,
Dr. Berens, Dr. Knight, Mr. Field, Mr. A tkinson.
and Levi Johnson, all of New Jersey—they say
it is the dtissrEst and MORT RRLIABLE MATIUEE
ZGSW itt List, being permanent and improving
the land by enriChing tlie soil. It is suited to
the various Crops you raise—Corn, Potatoes.
Grass, Wheit.,Outs, dm By enclosing a Check,
'on any Neiv Yetsny or Philadelphia Bank or
reference to any good House in. Philadelphia or
lb exchange, for Produce. at fair Market rates
hue, your orders will be filled and Shipped to
1 rePr - eriartiat lad btfmris Guaranteed. j 0
Super Phosphate of Lade, -, - - 't840,00 a Ton.
Bone Phosphate, ..... -- .- 830,00. "
I Ameriean Fertilizer, - 826,00
re A barrel is sufficient:for
,an Acre of
Ground, broadcast. ,
Pure 'one Duel, ma barrels now ready,) at
OW per barrel' or $35,00 a ton.
Pottdrette, No. I. (.500 bat rels now, ready,) al
2,00 to $3,00 a barrek.
Land Plaster No. li--1,000 barrels, 81,5 n to
82,00 a b.aiiel. . 1
Pot Ash, tit) lAirels!
'Peruvian, Patagonia and Chili-an GUANO.
GEORGE A. - -LEINAU, Proprietor.
No; 21 South Faith Street, Phil's City, Pa.
rirWholesale Dealers allowed a liberal dis
count. A
. .... . ..
, Pr Piunphl ets can 5c 'had en-application to
my Office, or of my Agents. 3mos.
628 84 13
184 8 4
2276 646 60
'8:0 69 8
Audito-03 Notice.. _
E subscriber, having been appointed an
Auditor to distribute the funds arising
from the Sheriff'S sate of the, personal_ property
of R. li. 'Eaton,lhereby gives notice that he
will attend to th;:t duties of the said appoint
ment, at his off*, in Montrose, on Monday,
the 29t1 . day of 'March, inst.,.at ten o'clock
in the fords on, at which time all ,persons
havhig, an juiciest in'Ole distribution of the
said fund, can attend if the,y'illink 'proper.
'A. CtAMBERtIN Auditor.
Montrose. March 1, 1838. • -
Auditor's Notice.
rinin undersigned. an Atiditor appointed by
1. the Orphans Court of Susquehanna Co.
upon Exceptions tothe account :of the Ad
natnistxators of tbelEstate of Frederick Pick- •
.eritig, deed., here} gives notice that he Nil!
attend t 6 the duties of said appointmegt - at
bis Office, in Montrose. on Thursday, the Ist
ilay of April, A. D. 1858, al 1. o'clock in the
rifter'noon, at which time all tracing an inter
est in the said Adrniuistration accounts, are
requested-to attend.
A. CaAN.IBERLIN, Auditor.
'March 1..1858. _ _
Co fur Board . and Tuiti.. ,
P Ohl in Common EnOtith, the Term
o 'Fourteen Weeks, eon - mem:Mg, liar& IS, ISbS.
at the
Superb brick buildings, beautifully !vented on
the Rail Road near Saratoga Springs. Superior
facilities for Music. Paintini and French. Stu•
dents received at n V time, and charged only for
the.residae of the Term. .fliplomas awarded to
Laidies who graduate. Send (or a:Catalogue,
with full particulars. Rev. JOSE I'll E. KING,
A. M., Pirwipal, Fort Edward ,
January 13th, 1553
Sarmeri aitV..'4l,lfcliani,c,s'..
N. W. Corner Second and Walnut Streets,
CAPITAL. $1,250,000.
This Company s...ffeetS Fire Insurance_ on
Buildings; GoOds, TuidiTare,
Ilittritie Insurance On 'Festers, Vargo
and Freight,
Inland Insurance on Goods by Rivers, Lakes,
Chnals,Railroads, and Land Carriage, •
to an Pdrti3 of 00.Tnton up
•"on the most Ilivord
' Idn term's.
; . THOMAS. R. FLORENCE, *President.
_T. BOYLE, Agetti: .
- = Office, New.l7lllford, Pa.
Jan aniy 18th,1853,
E 01D 14
Proe J. F. Stoddard, -FrinciPal• •
A_ MAT/SCHOOL was opened on Monday, the
30t1Yday of November, 1857, to 'continuo two
quarters of 11. Weeks each, under the charge of
Prof. STODDARD and competent Assistants.
The first quarter will close on the 20th of Feb-'
miry next. The second qnarter will comm e nce
During the_iiibi't of this q . uarter,ll. F. Tewks
bury, Co Supt., fpreseili to aid in, hotter
teachers for the dichary'e ot their ar-
Cluiks dntiee. Thos Who design &doming
teat ri shotild not fill Co . ariiil themsel‘vis of
the • • Vantages hero presented.,Prof. Siodddid
ve I delive . ,r during the term, 71 Co u f e of Lee- i
reS, on The - .S eienco and Art of Teaching, and
orb! Development,
,Thefeivill he an Experi
mental Department cofineeted ivith thh fqormil
'School, to which only 40 pupils will be aguitteq. ,
ttiitidri in Normal', Department; lief quarter
of 11 sVe'elos • . e 6.00
Experimental tlepaitinenis • 2.50'
Latin and Greek, . • , - _3.00
Board per week, trolls $2.00 to 62.56.
Tuition bills are to i;e,Paid in advance. The 1
- niohey will bkrefunded if the student is kept 1
ribib Sehniti by protracted sickness.
N. B. It Is highly important that every Mu- 1
dent be present the first day of the term, as the
classes will then be fordsed,shd studies assigr..ed. I
Teachers who are obliged to enter the sche.,s) two
weeks after the teem commences, in co•aa - eqecoce
of theirsichoOla not being.aut until that time,
will 'be charged $3.00 tuition,
- C. F. READ, Sec'y.
Montrnse, Jan. 26th, 1858„ , 14 t 6
FLOUR. for sale by tho Load or Darrel, by
Nei' Milford, June toth,lBl/1,
• DissalVitiess. •
' •• • • L
NOTIOE shx•reby th e or
'HAWLEY & GUILV itittodiz dissolved' lat
mutual-consent.. C. V. VIVO*,
Gibson, Aug. 17 1851.' E. ' ru..9 1 ,
Theooke and accounts can he-found '44thii
store fo'rtiiitly.oeoupied by the substribers.‘” All
periiidaha‘4Og'ensettied accounts ye' requested
to,Wettlo the sarrie as soon as possible.
The . bitsiness vrill he:condoled in suture it .
the undersigned. utigiF4 Its firm of - C. V.
M. Hawir.y. who are ecnistantly receiving frliiti
Noir YOric and Philadelphia, trik latest itytes at
Fall aril Winter DTI
thing,aiii; all of which will be inid vitt : vet?:
email profit fo'r ready pay. ' . ,• 2
Gibson, Aug. 31st, 1657.
• 0.1 0 •1. HAWLEY. .
The Cheapest iaper in the World.
A large :Weekly at Sixty . Centesi Year.-
I T contains a choke *election 'of Literary Init. •
IL tor. Talcs, Poetry 'and a large. anionnt
commercial information. The rt civics of 'this
Mari:as and Sin,k Reports are worth tame than.
'the price of subscription, and-the paper..beforo•
it is priori& costs More than we get fur It For
ten dolliis we send 16 copies, and. any three ,
dollar magatine. Specimen copies vent free oil
receipt ora piiita e fie stamp.. Canvasser* allow
ed liberal.cointaissfo r ri, mounting in some ca
see to eighty dollars a month. .
Address, S. 'E. ASHTON &
• National Merchant Office
$2 0 o o 0 WOR'fil
Of Goods at Punic Prices! •
jj BURRITT, is"now receiving largo addi
11. Lions of 'NEW- GCiOli.; to his stock that.
will boNsold fit prices to suit 116 tiinci,
a-great variety of .
Lilies , and Gentlemen's Deco; Goodin_
With a full assortment in all dew:erneats Of his
'[`KATIE. and at prices 'ode!' reduced tatty.
kinds of Goods more than 25 per'ccnt.i . oaqr dolt
early fall prices.
Ur He would particulatly Call the ilfelitiA
of cash buriir! ,- to his new stock of.-
STOVES, &c., &c.,
as large rand rich. and allow down prices. •
New Dee. 15th, 1857..
r ---- - -
V W.
TY A ili 1 IA 1
.0 ID TIII 111 74.1 T A
_G 0 . . 0 D: , S . ! . -..:
For Cash or-Resi.drPay. :
, —::0:7„-- • . -- ,
The iiibscriliers 'have just tiusehased UNew and . e
~ Consisting 'of Stirge l and
F anev
D R .Y G 0 0.. D - S
Groceries, Crock, Hardware, Routs and Shoes f:
~. , 4-en - . ,
Would offer thorn for sale sit their Store, at low= l i
er ralea than Goads have been sold in this place `- I
for CASK or PRODUCE; - experience having tuned.
us that this is the only true way of 'd6iirg WA - -
nes& • 4. ! ••• ' „ A
As we have bong-ht aUt: Goons for Cash du- -,
ring the great n'io i ney liftnie, wo have bought
them Low, and vi ill sell thorn the same. ' d
* * *Please give us aVidi and examine our atm . ..
ii aroo, wt.. I -.low 1 837. _ • i 1
kr ,
Subseribei returnid from
1 New-York with it . largo and Well selected
stock nt
whieh, - having been . purehased in the presnnt ex ;•
trernely depressed state of the market, will be
solilat. unusually low prices. Among his'assort. •
went rnay to fo't'dd.„.
Chain's, Senis, Keys, Pens and Pencils, Earrings;,
Breastpins, Fingerrings of every tit*, Bract:lnt!
Armlets, Lockets, Snaps,,W;ltch llor i ks, Sleeve
Buttons,,Stud;, TikimblescCressis,
Slides, &c.,&k:
. ~.. .
Threlide'd and plain i FUrks,.Spoons, - Butter.a4 '
Fruit Knives,. Salt and Vreserve Ladles., Caid
Cases, Cups.-ChildrensSutts,Napkinringii;Chaini. ''
Ke'y's, Spcetael es and Thimbles. - - - r
Afro, a large stock of Silver-plated table and. •li
desse'rt K'ni'vtift,rarvers,Castors, Cake ,Beakets; - 't.
Card Receivers, Salts, 'Tits Setts, roiks, 'mind '.''
Spoons. : double, treble J ncirtiil plate: iS
, 4
A iso,Shell andimitaqonCombs,Needles.,COvit. A l
Pocket Knives; Scissors, Knives and Forks. lei
Bracelets, Breastpins .aftd Earrings, •Hair and 1--
Tooth Brushes, Pearl and Cornelian Sleeve Bnt !`l .
tons, Shawl Pins, Gilt Ilair Phis, 'very rich.
Leather Purses. Bags ' Clucks plain and alarms..
0' -•
Sewin . K B ir ds. Ste: ' f i.?
1 All o t fillicb will be sold a t the . lowest east •, i
iaes. r
p ,ALFRED .1. EVANS, •
• No. V., Odd Fellows BIM :l .
Binghamton. Dec. 11, 1857. ~ .]
—_. ..._— •
• •• I. • - I . 9
R E it E ati
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large and choice variety of Goods, bought'
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over thirty - of the best Houses in New York,i.,
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