The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, August 06, 1857, Image 4

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    i wAltez,t,
H 2 0 60 0 bagc.
IfillE undersigned hoeing purchased ilia
lL tereat of Geo. W. Seymour in the firm of
,Geo:•W. Seymour dz: Go, will hereafter •
Under the firm ot.
NVhere . therwill be happy to see their'old friend
and show them a nice stock of Goods of a sti-.
perior quality t!t vE. - nv Low ;.nter.s.
°HALL'S, Lawns and Ginghams, choice”itnaent atil.etwap
AVERT Nice Assortment of 4n n-
mer Shawls, at all priet.s,at
GUILE & 111..17M1NA.3-S. .
DONNETS, Bonnet Ribbon% and
.1) Trinnning , 4,. rt Cool and F.:•Thionitile
assortment at Gurt4 & llLAspiaG's.
I •
C •
ocriErar. of the a
Poiterng m)
a full assort:ne.nt of all kinds of .);141,;i
Wa"rat GutrE & 2t,ANDI.N•fs.
SPEAR and 'Jackson's Saw?, and.
Carri . S bet Itrard s in ni q ., at
Ilarford, 'May 12th, 1857.
O; Yes! Of Cotiv,t.:
ALL.who 'vi.-h to hny nooKs tiTATTONE - 137
cheap, will call'at noetirc, , ie Book
titore; in the Post Office, where they can get
good articles at a fair price.
A Nr..W LOT OF SOIIOOI. DoOKs—Towil s end
Wglas series of R. Faders, &e. Wavland-;' Ele
ments of Moral Science—eight ditervm
- Webster's Stand ;rd IMetionarks, at reduced
.Mont.r9se, Pa., 7Alay 13th, 18:57.
TIJNE...9'Pop Goes the Weasel."
hallo, stranrretr. stop n minute--
Here's a store, just cirop iu it,
And view with wonderial surprl , ct Tuvs that meet . vt•nr
At Bullard's.
lie and juo, t';,e 13...5.t, •
That yon can fintl Ei=.t.. or; V. - e.!:
If any of my friomis ..shonPri (i.o:!)1 it,
Cail in, I will. oi-o= your minds:llpol:
• At lia'.larki's
fine Books, Peens ar,tl Prirc.r
All kiwis of :.rd nt.w;
In shart, hore evervthing; : yon'il
In the soon ancl ----
coma n , •)roc onz , . r.!l.
(;orne rik-)r eoto: , erent sun,l l , ;
And I win •sk!!! you 13.•0k•=. s,o chonp,
I knov: I tdiul: yont cast'oni korp
Montrose, Pa,
ill VA • W
• .
1 :1 ACING
its..nt f. l ", l i t l:ti vl.. a , f':: - .l ‘ 1 i . n i 7 1,.. n n n t
i .:. 1 11 1; ; , :. t. 67 ,1 7 1.1 1 1 ` . .;!:i1 t
with New Go , }di h- 1 , ..:-:; f. - pr C. , ,h only, f.r - It-s.,
than can be fonnti in -lio.quelv , r,7l:lC ~ :-.%f v. W,,
are determinel to.(!il (\
, no3s tow nr.twit;: , l:.n,lioirz
the railings oro nr up . I;yam n:;,abut;. 5.).1'1 - 1,-nti , ,
one and all, e..,:smEt : , :i I 1.,..1y W :ion? y , ..1 :-..1r. tot)._
the cheapest. Y03r00..1y p,. ive I:s ft . ; r• ~ , . 4 1 f or
you as fur thnse y , , , u have er.ri( hr-ci horoi,
It. Tli -1.1 . E.11, & CO.
April 38th, 15-7. . : .
- • -
U.J. .-KIT 7 1 e• -4
if 0.1 - 77? 0 SI:, c_ I P L'll., r i I ••?..,7
A NEW D t I LriLlt 1E CIF STAGE'S! ,
- 4;. ' "5,: - .7 - fr, - ,•::: , ;4 1 .....7, \. .,-- - i"-"' : .' i
d e—t ,
-, - -. 0 a.,%,..7.- e -y,...,41
.. • , 1,, , ,2.--t-f. . .
_...."..A , ...e.n...m.--....c.t
.. ' ~ _ I
From. Springville to Tunidic:Ln6cl: .1)Tot ! ,
(IN the Del. 1 - J:telt - fx:tarn & NVe , ,tern R. R., -,
A. 5 via. Niven ;nd 1 3, ..r.`t•vilik.; e , tnneeth.g . with '.
a Daily Line to Carb3ntlaltt..
Leave Spring % ille ev, , ry morniaz (exatrpt Stln-
. days) at 6 o'e!e:•1:, art-1\ e at 'i'tilthharthork Sta. ;
tint in time for.the :' , :ctrni! - .g, Trt;:ht,- zt4in•i Ea -t
and Vjet,t. 1 i
Leave Tuni:hannoel; Strtion cn the arrivai•'
of the Trains East and \Vest anid -arrive - fit E
Spring,ville the same evenin , Z. .
• New and Colutundi. - q•is StL•tzt.s., an;ll:Neelertt !
Horses, are in use upon thi•A Line, I%illi Cart-tal
Drivers. • -
GE011(3F; lVii,SO7:. I'r,:,priLt:,r
N. B. Hors(-4 Crxrriv , iss nitynys in rea:ii.
nesfs to conve} rS trom to
any point desired.
- Springt 3Lne
FLOUR znil Sec' by. 0,, at
11A ti'LEY & GUILD'S:
Eagle Fwandiy Flows,
FOR superiority of :r!(1 excellency
of amehinery can not he erellecl.
S. 11. S.t-rizt
AiSNurtnient ot Cnitt
and Die Tra:IIIIII,,CTN, &r.. ai
11/0:1,1.3: &GUILD'S'.
AL.a”ge stock of GI (IVPS and Ill'Sit.ry of every
variety,. for Getit! - :. Drlll : t t
. ,
1)00T8 and n;:d
f.T , g, of every Style- in rintl,et, at
• ifAW LEV & C Tiff ,D'S%
cIUR Stove been -o thoronglOY tried
kJ to the entire satiNfite.Lin of . that they
need no recommend irran
S. 11. SAYRE it 11iifiTrIrr.
Challis DeLaing, •
T"E pace is buy Chalqi for a sc,n2. is at
C. \V. Mores
A T:redueed prices at
Lawns• Lawns.
AT reduced prices at
C. W. Mores
Parasols! Parasols!
you can buy a Parasol very cheap at
_ C. W. Ittyrr's
FrHE subscriber is fitting up his machinery
to accommodate his cufitothei's with work
to suit - the spinning ., and knitting public on short
notice. Thartkru(for past favors he hopes by
-strict attention to' business to' merit a share .of
public patronage. A. G. REYNOLDS...
West. Brooklyn, /one Ist, 1857. - 23tf.
- -Dairymen Take Notice.
-T_T.AwLEY - &-GU,ILD hare constantly on
JLL. hand and have made to order Charm, Fir.
k ins. Return Palle and Butler Tubs of the best
k lathy. 'l,Clbson. April 2011, 1857.
Important Discovery.
CONSUMPTION. and all diseases of the•
LUNGS and THROAT are positively curable
by INHALATION, which concept the remedies
to the cavities in the lungs through the air past
ges, and comingindireeteontset with the disease
neutralizes the tubercular matter,allays the cough
causes a free and easy espectoration, heals the
lungs. purifies the blood, imp Arts renewed vitality
to the nervous s}stem. giving that energy so
indispensable for the restoration of the health.
To &able to state COnli iontls that Consumption
is curable by Inhalation, is to me a so,u ree of un
alloyed pleasure._ It is as much under the control
of medical treatment as any other formidable dis
ease:9o out of ICO cases can be cured in the Ist
-Cages, and 50 pr et. in the end: but in the 3rd
stage it is intim:l , 46k to sire more than 5 pr et ,
fQ. the lunzs are so cut up by the disease as to
bid defiance to tacile:if Even, lion er, in
the la-4 stages, INIIALATION affords relief to
the suffering attending this fearful scourge, which
annually desire% s 95000 persons in theU.S.alon.t;
and a correct calculation chows that of the present
population of the earth. 80,000.009 are destined
to fill the consumptive's grat eQ.
Tully the quiver of death has nn arrow so fa.
tat as Consumption. In all ages it his been the
great enemy of life. for it spares neither age nor
lust sweeps ofialtio the brave the beau, tut,
graceful at d gifted. lie the help of the Su
preme !king pram whom cometh e very g o od an d
petit it, I .111 CO tbit to otr, to the :Shoed
a perm tnet.t. :in cure in Con.tumption.
The first c. usc of tulwreles is from impure blond,
and the hip, di ate t prodaced by• their dep
osition in the lungs is t
t o pre vent the free admi-t
-sion of air into the ni.• ct Ils,u hich s a u eak
ened vitality thro' the entire system. Then sure
ly it is mitre rational to .expect greater good from
medicines enteric..; the cavities of the lungi than
from those. adtn'tilstered through the stomach :
the patient will eta- tys timl the lungs free :and
the breathing easy, after :nil ding the remedies.
Thu,. fah .lation is a local remedy, nevertheless
it acts con-titut'onaliy,and wait more power and
certainty than remedies administered throu_ril the
stomach. To prove the pow, 21'01 and direet
influence of this mode of .1 intini-'ration, chloro
form inhaled wi'l entirely dt stiey sensibility in
a tits minutes, pat :113 zing the entire nervous sys
Ittetra. so t'i.,t a Betel, tray be amputated without
the sti o htct pain: firth ding the ordinary barning,
eat; will dt sirot fife in a t e w hours.
The Ileko..itiOn of nitinionia will arouse ti:e 4.ys•
; tem Ivl:en ft.inting or apparently iL•rttl. The od.
or of, mlny of the medicines Is perceptible in the
skin a few minutes after being inhaled, and may
1: - t • immc•il.itely (Jut etcd in the blod. A conria.
:in: ; prnof of tio-eonstitutional criTts:
fact skizness is always. rr,•duc e d
hy foal air—is not this 110,;cv
that proper rina..dies, carefutly prepared an.l jn
i'die;onsly ,!ministered thron:qt the 1rt:,;2,4 s houild
prinitTe the If . :ppiest result Dating IS years
practice, marlY thoW•ftrhis !••11:rt..fitg Ir , llll diSoZZ , k . ti
Of t: - .c. - Itirt2s and that, !ince undertay c:lre
And I Incny rcmat-liahle cure 4,, even
• after the saff,•rers had ursor t ii ''the
last stazcs, which fully sati,4l. s me that Con
stimpticn is; nci bingo r fatal discasm. teat
mebt of Consnmpilon is originai, and fountic
•on e ;ft per:c•:. c and a thorouvlt iavcstigatioy.
My perfect iltrpt .intrnce ‘lit .4 the nature of to
cle., el„ahles me to dislingt,i,h, readlly.
the various form , t,f diseas.t.. that :srmul:t.• Con
. sunintiort, the prouer rctucti:t rani:
twin . ; n if. a single rune. This fcm
i tlilrity, in connection with certain
and roleresecTl,*clise.weries,ennYes melf,.V•reQ'
111n., - ;;4 from the efr-cts of eon:m.l4A chestQ,
I to (Marge the chest, purify the blood, impart to
it rene..yy•cl vit•tlity, catircy and tone to the
entire , wslcm. •
will. Le.] til , i'et:tlr.S to nr.v ri
eo - ratrum!e it:rg thrir ic;:;•r.
the cure IA or,!(: le more certain 1C t:;e raticnt
sbou':d pny Ire n mil V% hit 11 nn
orportphily t' exnmine the lur.?A vie
•Ni:11 much grcuter ccrlairtv, nril
thcn the cur: e_eula be v.itht,ut
tb:t 11.11 7 w , t \V. i I k
- I
(Mire.. 13 21 031 No.
• {':l4,.?li:'.
Of i disa.ise ; the great fir-t eau
Si-iags from ticen:ft cat Nat arLis laws. *
surrEß• ©T
11 ern +.7 ('I 1> Eis 6'7, a 7 - .{7lt,'l't d* all i
SE c: RE 'l' DIN Sr' A s.', rra s
ti!rictu-rs, (iratedi:Ary i s and r, 1I rcuri•l(
ghtrimroihn), niins in the Bones rind
reles. Diseases or the 1,11:,•rq, Th roa t, an d
Eves, upon the Iletlyor Le:111,,
Dropsy, Epilep t tle Fits, St. D 'ace an-1 all
diseases arias; from -t d_rtagemetit of the Sex
ual Such as Nutt 1 ! ,0,!c+
or Power, Ccnerai Weal: rt. - .-Fs, Dimness of Vision i
ti; pot•ttti.;r spots app:eiring be fere Ile.- eyes, ;
Dyspensi . Liver
Disease, Eruptions upon Um 'aatt, in the
Lack and head. Ft irregularities and all
Troper disehaTrs'from butte rerses. it n.tler;:
not from hat rue the disease originatcd, lour
ever long st and, ng. or obstinate the rase.
E RI" is rztrr.t.tx, a shorter time than a !,
permanent cum can be effeetei by any . 01h:T
treatment,,inn after the diseaset has boiled the
of eminent physicians and nos iced all their
me ans of curt.. The Indicines are pier:tant with
out odor, causing yo sickness, and fr: e - frota 1
nwroory or' als.m. Darin , * act %ears of practice
I have resew ti tit'.tri the jar. s of Death many thou
sands. who in the last stages of the above nom
-tinned diseases had been given up to die hr
ihys*:cianq, whi . vb %tenants me in promising !
ttu. place untis:r my
care, a perfect and most speedy cure. Secret dis
eases are the gr.: , test enemies to lit alth, as f
a r e the first calse of Con.umpti,,u,:-z....rofula,
and atone other anti ought to be a terror !
to the human f:ndtly. As a pPrinant,nt cute
scarcely ever offer ed, a tmjOrity of the eases feel
I lin' into the hands of incompetent rwrsens, who
not only laid to cute, the diseases, but ruin - the
-; constitution, filling the system with mere urn.
liit li,skith the disease, hastens thy-sitar-tit into
a rapid e‘-nsurap inn
1 lint st‘ou:d the diseJse and the, treatment not
! cause &alb sot cdily, and the victim marries, thy
d.i- e ase is entailed upon the- children, who arc
horn with feeble constitutions, and the entreat of
flit corrunted by a virus 1%114'11 betrays itze:f in
. Scrofula, Tetley, h cers, Eruptions. anti other of
fections of the skin. :Eyes, Throat and Lungs, en
tailing upon them a brief existence of suffering,
h ati d eortshming them to an early.grave.
f4ELP A f. 11 . 7.171 another formitiableene
my to health, *tor nothing else in the dread cata
* logne of human diseases causes so destructive a
wain upon the system,dr,twitig its thousands of
vlctinos through a few years of so Itering ttown to
pn untimely grave. destroys the Nervou s sy s ..•
tern. rapidly wastes ,away the energies of lite,
Causes mental derangement, pretents the proper
developeatent ofthe s, stem, distlaalifies for mar
riage. societc, business, rind all earthly Intppiness,
and leaves tflt , Sufferer wrecked in body and mind,
predisposed to consumption and a tr a in o f er t i s
mere to be than death itself. With the
fullest cot:lick-nee I assure the unfortunate ' vie
titus of Self A britsc that a perinatteitt and
speezly Cure can be Creeted, and with tne :than
dentnc-at of ruinous ftraelices my patients can be
f re bared to robust, vigorous health.
Tire rtfilieted .are cautioned_ agriinst the use of
Patent Medicines, for there arc so many itigen
iotis snares in the columns of the public prints to
cati-h and rob the unwary sufferers. that tuitions
; have their constitutions ruined by the vile com
pounds of quack'doetori, or the equallti iIOIPOn.
„us nostronts vended as - *Patent Medicines.” •
have carefully inslyzed many of the so called
Pat i ent Medicines and find that nearly all of them
contain-Corrosive Sublimate; which is one of the
strongest preparations of mercury and a deadly
poison, whid, instead of curing disease disables
[the system for life.
i Three-fourths of the patent nostrums now in
; use are put up by unprincipled and ignorant
persons, who do not understand even the alpha
i bet of the malaria Infdica, and are equally as
destitute of any knowledge of the human system,
having one object only in view, and that to make
money regardless of consequences.
Irregularities and all diseases of males and fe
males treated on principles established by 20 .
yesis.ofpractiee, and sanctioned by thousands of
the most remittable
,cores. Medicines sent to
t any part of thetUnited States or Canadas, by pa.
tients communicating theirSYMptoms byletter.
Business corr4oudence strictly confidential,
Address, J. SLIMMERvaLE. M. 1).
(wee N 0.1131 Filbert St., (old NO 109-
1 VSLOT 12th, P eru. Pi.. [27 .
C. W. IAit,TT-s
farmers antr Ballaities
North West Wa lnut-s/. l Phile.
fIAPITAL, One Million Two Hundred and
V Fifty Thousand Dollars. ASSETTB,
$:433,057 07, Invested in Bonds, Mortages, and
Good Securities.
Eildidts -the Inc! Business and Conditionligf
the C , Inpany to November Ist, 1,856.
Preiniutn received on Marine And
Wand Risks, to Nov. Ist. 1856, $9.14.684 60
Pi PPretuiii ols, 169,796 61
11/1121401 on Luang, 8,701 47
.Al 5 ---
Total .fleeeiptm, $100,185 6.1
I': !aline Losses, - $64,427 03
Pali:trim do. . - 39,737 89
ExOnses. Salaries and
ebrumisstong, . 45,489 00
Reipsuranee, Return
PA•erniums& Agen•
Ch: roes, 27,474 tifi
• . 61
Balance remaining with C0.,5223,057 07
THE ASsRTTF. of 111 F. COMPANY ARE AS fo11°W:1:
PliiCtltAphia City and • •
County Bonds, - $16.848 18'
R.:Broad Bonds, - 11,poo 00 I
Fwd. Menages,. Real I coal Prices
Estate, 144 ; 500 00)
:31.ocks,Collaterals, en
Call, ... - 3:1,100 00
Girard and Consolida
tion Rani: Stock, .
DepeAts with Ruean,
Sherman &Co.,New
Deferred Payments on
Stock not yet due,
Notes for Marine l're-
- 108,090 00
Due from Ag2ents, se
cured by Bonds.
Premiums on Policies .
rezently issuetl:and
debts due the Co., ;26.47n 38
13.11ance in Bank, . 16,436 74
----1 " -- $. 5 : 23 , 0 5 7 07
This Cotnpany Insures Buildings, `lerch:undizc•,
alci Stock, from .5.r.,.p0 to ss,otm, at the Lowest
Hates consistent with Sec•uritr, and upon the
most Liberal Tertns,nod make PROMPT PAY
MENT upon the ::(liostroent of Losses,under Poli.
cies issomi by them:
The Board of Directors have thisday declared
a dividend ;•eif- 15 per cent... payable on demand.
:Tim the business of the Company, to the Ist
instn ht. • •
EDW MID IL 111:1,M1101.11, Secretary
Philade!p;lia, Novorther 171 h 1856..
of New Milford, Pa., Agent
52.: 1 p 11)p.
2.3 Ix 'TN Ess
_ twirl Onituitib.
s 1)11: IS A rf1101:,
R' h „ ; 10
ve., e:cr erit nee aw :t
• ,
r ,
r, :too. ~tabor of
ss. , /
.1 o I f 1, , ei:1,(s at the Ili , ,a , bray
,rnacles+,tlt n for 10 suteeksive 'o% or
c4l - 30,000
Grt c:orl him %%id, Runr.d, of Applanso,
x:,:bite,l tae in:lnner in IA hitt)
ro , ,r,torf,-iter4 cx.,•,•tito thoir Prat
s s - Stzortc.;-t li!uns of Detecting
r:c Mink _)* , /e EnzrverY all coy that he is
1 7 v: g re qh. rf Mont?
( - 1 REATEST I ):.c - - I .C:OVERY ;be
Century 1 . . 1...
atedti:g" Counterfeit Bank.
GLi;nuine. P.M in 1-listent;e,
and Exhibit 111 r. at a 41atioe ever}
erivit in Cirvolatf
Arran:v(l F.o atllnlrablv, that TIET - ETIF.NCE. i.
T..ku;l" - and DETZCT'ON ISSTANTINfArcs.
No Index to (.7...atnir.e! No paf:c to
mint up. lint arranzvd, !i.ut
;be M, -;e11-• • Ilan!, cr :.nti Iluz , iness enr.
id a Giapre.
Evql;z•k, Fici,cl4 and Gernwn, •
rhu- Eauli may the snme in his own
\. five
' Perfirl Anil: -Vole Li: Publ;Acd.
a Lra of
the Priratr Dinkei.s i;?
; A Complete Sunttunry of the FINANCE or
extzore ANi; Al Et rC.t Vkill be pubii,hed
n edition, tc.gethcr with :11l the-L:-
: NE.wQ or uttr. DAV. Also A
14',T ALES
(From nn Old Mnitil ,, eript found in the Elst.
furni,,hes the M•est Complete history
ieseribirg the Most Perplexing Position .
which the Lad and Gentiemen of that
:Conntry been f‘tund. These Stories
e , ,ntinne thton;.:hout the whole year.
:and will prove the Most Entertaining ever
~~iotirred to the-Puldie. •
Flanibed Weekly Ac Subscribers
at 61 a year. All letters must be
, to
JOHN S. DYE, Brf,Ler,
- ' ZPLI Wisher and Proprietor, ;0 Wall-m, N.l
priun :42 1 1!050ras
az 0 iDaY
L i G rra t I'rifusion and 4 1IagaiiicoireV
if ft' 11: T tt.
phtilstit TiPr"tmh'entell t :ta i nl i tsial f r i neond d sloannrr d I
continued patronage of his business,. would again „I
announce that he is receiving a lArge and NO
stock. of . I
Spring and Summer Goodc,
Including- as usual a great variety of Ladies' Ii
Du;ss Goods in Prints, Ginghams, Lawns,
Blirege•DelaneY, Calicoes, Silk • Plaid
B:reoa.s, Poptens; Brocade Black
and Fane i
v Dress Silks; Broche,
. .
Stella, Silk anuCashmero
• :
Shawls; Mantillas, Par- • i
asols. Rich Ribbons,
• Bonnets& Flowers,
&c., &c.
. • • -
With a great variety of other ttapie and
Vaney. Good:, including Groceries, . I
Crockery, hardware, Iron and Steel,
Nails, Stoves, !fats as d Caps, Boots
• and Shoes, l 7lirpeting, Flower I
Oil Cloths, Painted Win, .l
dow Stin des, Wall Pa- i
. . per, Clocks, Drugs,
. Oils and Paints,
. i
&.:ti., &e. . .
The entire stock having been purchased for 1
CASII and with much care. will be sold at the
lowestfigure, and to meet the views of' the closest 1
cxstr or Tom buyers.
New 'filford. Mar 1857. •
Salt! Salt!! Salt!!!
1il?, subscriber begs leave to inform his
friends and the public that he has taken the
Store No. 201 Washing! on -street, (dirt eill op
posite Washington Market,) lately oceopic'd -by
Volney Elliot, and is now prepared to offer for
sale on the most liberal terms TOR cant, al/
kinds of Foreign Coarse, and Fine Salt, from
vessel, or store, either in sacks or bulk, or put
up in - small bags to order.
• Dealers will be furnished with their names
printed on the bags when ordering a thOusand
or snore. Persons from a distance ordering by
mail can depend upon having their orders
promptly filled at the LOWEST RAREST PRICES.
Now York, Mardi Ist, 1857. 10y1
5,2'25 00
30,000 00
97,700 00
35,376 18
Patent Medicines : -&c.
GRAMIENBEIIf; MammaEs --Veget Able . Pills
1. Green Mott 'lain Ointment, Samparila
Mpound. Children's Panacea, Eye Lotion. Fe.
I ver and Ague Remedy, Health Bitters, Dysen.
I ary Syrup, nft upt i re's rig I tn, Marshall's
Uterine, Catholienn, Dr. Libby 's Pile Ointment,
and Manual of litaith.
.Ayres Pills and Cherry Pectorial, Tanner's
German Ointment, Trask's Magnetic Ointment,
Hollewvy' s . Ointment and Pills, Davis' Pain
Killer, Dr. Fiteh's //cart Corrector, Bennkt's
Rout and Plant Pilk, Soule's Sovereign Balm,
Wright's Inilinn Veget tide Pills, Rhode's Fe% er
and Augue Care, Mtrehnnesth , rg,ling Oil; Arni.
ca Lineament, 'Cant! her, - Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Aloes, Pievra, 51)rrh, licorice, &e. &e., &e-
A new supyly just reeeiv'red, to be kept constart
ly on hand, for sale by I. N. BULLARD.
October, Ist, 1856: •
$l5 will purchase one of the best
Eder Invented'.
r..(SHE undersigned is now prepared to furnish
_IL to FARMERS,llillersuud others the world.
renowned Excelsior Corn Sheller--the wOnder
of the times—beim*. the Lest, most durable, and.
easiest running Sheller now in uie: I't amnted
to shell More corn in a shorter space of time,
than any other mathiye, entirely cleaning the
ear, front end to end, withotit crushing either
corn or cob. •
The Muchine4 . are constructed with two
cranks, and putty for a belt, so that two persons
can turn them. or attach a belt in motion by
any power. The attention of perzons owning
mills, itripliejtepris the Machine's are wonder
fully adapted to rant kind of poorer.. They are,
very easily turned, and when once in motion a
small boy can thin them; they are c::pable of
shellim , one Ipbel per iniante—every F.:rtner
should have ene—as they save their cost, in
Its h:111 one ~vn~onr.
They are eta at Searle's Hotel,
Savre'Si Foundry, Mill in Brooklyn. and
al Llthrop's Lake Mills, where the) . can Le seed
in operation nt ary time. AB order.: mittresAml
to the 11:idvrsign4 . d, till receive prompt atten
tion. Machines ',hipped at a distance and w:ir.
ranted to operate. D. D. SEARLE.
A l i 0,7 MAI
llotitrose, December. ill. 1
• cmcrinc.a.E.
THIS is to certify, that I have ex:lnflict - 0 and
used one of the altexe 2 Sliellt rs. for :talc by 1). unhesitatingly prittutunceil. one
o f the b e st. most. durable and ettsiest running
tiliellers ever introduced into this county. It
will shell more corn in a she time than any
tither :tlsen'ne, and is al‘cays ready for service.
I mieit iorattily and freely riettninulel them to
the .County, ns the cheapest
and liost r, new in Ilse. I have one in
operation in my mill in Dinutek. which needs
only to It scett . t.o recommend itself. (: i d; and
Ne 0 ir.. :01111 EIX
n. r?;•i•t 111.o.:r I III!.
E:s:,f;i::: F,11.:7-,i1•t.!..N
f d from N, w V, k, with
Tr;., 1 ,• evri,;-;!! 4t in r:ft fc,tl,m,t.
Dry ii:1042-. C.r7)ceric ,, . Crockery,
11!,..raware..::•;00:s ,S:.
l'itabr&la.ti, Vial; Pa
per. Lredie.•
nel.. Owe. /Le..
A Imo .t,:•1, - .-„r 1 . - , A.V.A 11.1. ,V 772,1 . IV, and
I'.t 1,11. 1, L.l F 11.1 TN.:.:•ii mr.rif
efts t.,0 ntlint•rucs 10 . novntinn, y. 010.1 h IN ite the
e4puri::l r.itcrti,n en-11 . 101yers In :In eX3flli
n.t;ion v.1:1,1 1%111 11. •11..‘Ari irt.f•le
to a!1. „rol no!kl . ns r'oe:T:o.they v.,,t es this
4;l' V. , 1: • tor :I.e patron
o :11:1t b.:, I 0 , !71 1:'0 , 11 • 11'011 the
,:.r, 11,•!t !IV the t‘',...n . ` 4,
;.!1 V. 1,41 rtny
i l ly v.1;1 thit !..•: . )44•MI•jit
441 . :11 . 4•4 4 4:141, 4
tht•;r strv;:f t,
Lcol: and Itc;nd! - .
r PiiE bunt at Diraock ronr
corm r,‘, that for
r yhr ca sod! t;lorc Goods. a ,;( 1 . male more
money at usu.ll profits pnt upiat
Country Gorels. tons gat ntiy 1 can soli Goods
from 116; to tet. et•:•t. It , V:cr :,ny other
!11, I 1-;It ;II: , ~ t ,cl ion. But Jo not taf;e,
fuy word for it. C., ii aid n. 1. r yriurstdvrs.
Brinr litt:o C.t:it or i,,vroe kind ;if Country
prcit eye. and h , ti !,.ar.Go.,:fs :It a p;iee unpnr
hikled in the history of 11:i:rent - A trade. .My
stri.A i. ::td el; siikcted, ti.d 'am re
ceiving •
N :
every 7.1,..y r :Ir.• PAN . .
It will int,...74-0. to call . and
see mi. , bcfore win.lia,ll.;2..,lse•Ahcre.
Ditivivk, Jan. 1:103. 1E37,
r.:31-ccE-son sn A. & E. BALDwIN.]
.Manulaigitrer 01 5.1111 e...; Haritesses, uad
Tra;ik . (IL-4 Clrrirlye
11T0i;LD invite dl who pre in want of any
arliek ever kept at a Harness shop to.give
him a rail.
I larnes . ses- made of the best Oak Tanned
Ler.ther: -liQrt
He has on kind r , z: , . -, :tlissortment of CArrin7e
Trimrnin.4s which oal,rs on the most -e .m.
nt le terns, Carrin , 2e. Trimming &Me with neat
ne%s and disicticii.
ltoririn2 d : me on , short natlre.
N0.1:2. and 3, Basement Settrle's Hotel
Montroso. t2.6th, 18:A,
• PAM Zit 7:131111.111141A,
tieeps all the Popular
LP -Me Jr! l i FM . )
Dialers in Fish and Provisins;
nave v on hand an r.srirtn tilt or -
Mackyrel, Shad; /lerrings.
Park. 1.,: id. :3lmiltders,
Haws, Skies, Chetse Rice;
The World's Great Exhibition
For. his Torn L'mf/on, Ocisi ! tr 15 . , 1851.
RESPECTFULLY inls;rms his friends and
It the putlic generally, that he has constant
ly on hand PIANOS egnal to those for which
he .received the: Prize Medal, 'in London, in
1881. -
- All nrciers promptly attended to, and great
ear Wien in the selection and iiacking the
*Ho has reeieved during the lest 15- years
more medali than any other maker from the
Franklin Institute ; also First Frei:Mums at Bos_
ton e and Premiums at New York and Baltimore.
war e rooms removed from 528. Fourth
street to No. 180 ARCH STREET, below
Eighth, South side Philadelphia.
May 14,1857.
:1 -171-li II
E:. VON.
Colds... Coughs, and
Bitritrtrth, MAP., V)Lrt Roc., 1.355.
Ds. J. C. Arta: I do not hpeitate to my
tlie I,st remedy Him° ever finite] fix
Coughs, and the
cmicmuitmat sy mptoins of ig your
Cltratlit P6C7In U. ttl rnn.inot 1;.0 In
my practice and my funny for the Imt
till ]mars trag shown , It to reNow ., 4 .iope•
nor rirtera for 1114 treatment of these
rentplalnts. KNRIIIT, M.D.
A. R. 3101111. El; P-4.1., of Uttc+, N. V., writes: "I have
trwal your Pr:el.:y.4 repc•lf and in my family ever since
yon Invented it. nti4l believe it the f.+r its
perrare. ever pot out. With a had ruht I shouhl *lroner
pay twentyfire dollars for a batik than +to withent it, or
t4ke any other retools.?
Crimp; Whnoping.ConZh, Influenza.
Feb. 7. NUL
name& A ITE :frill rlewrfully certify ',our Proroaaa
A the beet retne.ty rre,'n.>46e , ,t for the cure of Inoving
Cbugh. Coup, and the chest disea..4 of children. We if
your fraternity in the South al•preciata your akill, and
commend your mediciue to mit. pe0 , , , 1e.-
Alfrr3 LEE, Fo44...ttn•strmsr. I t., writes, :Id Jan.. 19411:
"I tied a tediinta Influenza. which confined ma in doors
six weeks; tool: many medicines wid,ont rencr: finally
tiled yotir Preto...a. tbe s.ltire of our cler:yman.
The fiat. doae the solti,e-s In my thnxtt and
!mix.: Ines than one half the bottle Made me completely
well. Your medicine. are the Ciwskt,tit NA well as tlk beat
we can buy. 1114 we ext.,mi u, Poctor, and yuur ream.
diet, as the poor man's friemt."
Asthma or Phthisic, and Itronchitis.
:',LANvat,rrix. I\-1,. 4, P. 50
. Yenr Crtwer.e t.err,rl,,lTrz nun eritntui
clam In this atothya. It 1.11 11,4..1.4 'Tat (win ntarrn
lug Rs I:Lino:us of cwmt:n;,:t.. , n. and eminz a man
chi, Sots Ittnter nn 5t114.60 tt o Lungs for the
lint forty years. i:NITY 4_
111.7.8, 'Merchant.
A. A. RAMSEY, Mtrilitot Co.. /Ow**
writes. 24 pt. 11., 1555: DUI Irv,: lay pray 11re of many years
I him t`ilini nothing o'inai to PI:MAUL f.,r
giving ea,* Anil relit 1 •consurnytl% e patients, or curing
lintch av are rumble.'
We milrht e!.l volumes r.f ertlenen, but the mast eon
pro,f 61,11 w tirtoire - , , f flax tepirdi is foind in 112
effects upon trial.
. _
rndably no one teneet) I..rn elver been kriesrn eihteh
estriel so many toil ew h d.te:zerees con' a, this FPTUIP
110 humsn aid can . 1.111 even to tires the Cllt&r.t
PECTORAL afret.le r.l;er And c•,,lntart•. •
A:47OR 111.14,E, NES' YORK erre March 5, lASII
Darroit Avra. Loatu.: I fool it a tints and a I.;easura
to inform pol what dean fir
my will!. Slit, ha t Ivan tire avinulis minder the'
danneredi synildects ef Consewet+on• !rm. , whirl , no aid
are on;LI IITTIC:Ito. gave her la milt steadily
failitic. n ntil Isr 1 ti,i• rir base risitir
For recommendel rrit.l of :101a We
bit,. k to v ilo r Flae ha,. rem,
ete..l from .'..iv. She i• rat I.etta
to lint is fn from her sough. and eails herself
You's with arnrdede real
tr.:LANDO SitFLIrY, or Fart.litstu.r
-f-Lnocioir!;roY. do sal you have tried AVRR'Ir.
COLIALT It is livvie ty oia. or the 1,4 m e .t.h.l
nori.l.amt cion alt Aron mid ris tarpcak
the high :nor its of its %trines.— 1141:p.r.
A.yer's Cathartic Pills.
rpm I.4lPitre or ii.rn!stry and 3t.olicine have been
t;*.xt,ql their ntnpot to t . .. Eve this 1.14 t. not rerfret
pnrgnthe ut.hlt 1 known to man. Innninerat.le proofs
rru .to w tt th..t have str . tt:::t ANA samosa to
excri!rnev tt a oa,tiL nod [lint thry aitt nn•
lo,ctot-nteTy vino 11, n . l' art , safe
nut plevant taLe. Ltd pourtful to rum_ Their hen:•
tratiltg pri.pertiva gtim;:l3te the vital art!,
11,11. We the 4 - .1...:11trth00l of I'l ratify the bluod,
expvt tilli1:11111 , k1S
. bret.l 1111 , i ;.!'n•Vr tro•t••111i,r, •
do - v.:Mg:IIIF lith.tlttir hatzital and !zulArt
tone with ttrer..7th to V.:e cysl , ..N. Not vuiy do
they Cute the e rer7-4.1r. com;.lai ~(:eyery I,ly. but
re.eo 3:1.: tirtt have I.ff.!
the Inman its they prsohr.e vocerful
effects. th. car' at !Ise t;ine. iit slim is:brio-a Joie!. the
shoal Can he employol f•r ehitstren.
Being soptar-mateti. they are plenennt to tale: and Lasing
pmrely ref f • -• , l ;e. tiro free from any rink or bartn. Cures
have been mode whist, sarpass 1...1,4-r afire they not me,.
etsurtinto.ll,y in.,, of noels estalttsl pooltion and cb:usactrr
as to feithl the suers!, ion of untruth. Many eminent
clergymen ansi ph3sieise.s hare Imst their nanies to certi
fy to tho pnisl. f c the is. lial ili , y of my r, :m a hire ten
ers hate rent me the Br:mance of their amt ietion that
my Preparatio : us contribute insmtsrls,l) to the relicf of cry
afUirteh, - suffering fellow mon
geht hamel plesterst tss farnleh gmtist cry
American, r sot fie issa .Pfeetheiso for their me" Mut
mils - se:ties of their Cl:rt c.f tl.e P.Musing etllli-laint4:
Co.:lv.rtr-.. Cs4:110.1111,... ji b
.. r,P.1 6 111, Dropsy,
lissorthern. Ileosiso he as fiL Os a f... 11 Fisormsch. Net:.
11 7, 1:41• , :jr,11. N:lorr./.1 I i.. 0 .d the lloviset.aml Pain
Srs -so s r thereileta. I , :ntahlusy. bees or Am -, fit°. all tris'i'rs
05.. soot I , i a hiss': re lune an ese.sunot
}twin sue, Ss•rofssis: r 11:-y alstl. by porifys
in:: the Mont ac.-I stinsel.f.Sts,ss .t-t.-tn.inae massy
oesuplaiaps alsi, it it stool.l v t selps,el they esollsl
reash. P.0.f0•, Parsi a Piss ~ . 44 . enra:;;in mad
N. rv,r...k lrt !Pt v. P s.s eralsgements. Oa , 1,1,•, awl
try*. C..:L.41ml 41: f..or r .1 isrinia.s.: from a
how -txte of.t Lc IN.* or ohntru...tioss it, functiohn:
Ito net be put .::7msprirsci,•loi dealers with .0111 r
other pill they1:1011"kt. more' Front .on. Ask for A rf.C. ' s
PILLS, acl take - nDthiitg el.e. No other they cau give
you cr.wpon.s Vial this in it. mitt" or curative
power,. Tile 'irk want the bast aid there is for theni,
and they should have it. •
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AI ER,
Pi acdcal and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass.
Pula: 2z. eTs. rra itox. Firs Loxis Ica $l. •
SOLD 111'
Ana by 11.8flyr. re.
nS :11AIN DCor. TO Till: F.'.l - .74F.ES ST( 1 11E.
T E ::sttio : : toni , xvil
t t , . 74.11% BTIIEEI,
:1131,111. rt•ev . virfr ut
• EI:().s,I)('Itf ".
lie i. prvin:ri•ti to cut to or
-4(.r. i n ri ! ..r‘k that. car.!: t Gail to :;t ho
may I:tvor 1:411 itl, [I.,•L- .-ti Vii:,ll
- their ‘vnrh, dont. in a :Ik.! wn
rivr, will had it to thL:i.r inter,st to givo me a
J. 5.1171 - 11:n,-Tailor
llor,trcso, I 5343 •
Samuel LI. Eillecute:in,
JILL- ITR. /6VIT B it! R.
31.1 _V 1 - I'.l f_: 1 Ell ER.
SOLE proprietor bi . . J. l,l v „p p i ove d
iitipriived .s•<it£l{NlSl:
tmpritreil Iron (: , '
:ee:nc.•.lir.ui Dure.t.r—tt.e Pru•
N. 61 "(ISli NV:7,rd,)
at:nrcu, .-,ingtori I'o,l (:(II
. tiL v- Front, 1 3 i.iladf-lribia.
calif•„ Fqiiutt Ma.
Stretch•t d anti Seri en Wirt',
rture. r/ (70'ilag
313 y 2:;111..P'57
411aitul - .;titsitranct
Charter Perpthrid. Grantfl by Ott Slate of
• I),
CAPITAL ';t.'00.000
Fire, Mari tr.ean(ll Eniatiti Tranwpor.
Cativo:2. '
- - A.111,7N.5. I.4l‘rxxcrar, P=esiilent.
- Vice Prehl.
ALITEU WEL:hz;, Sccretnrr.
Aaron S: Lipincolt, (Mark , : WiF•i;
Wm. A. 11 , 10(1v ,, , A 164,1 W t ; t k,
Tiforal , ,
.1u!1 P. !..iintnons,
ClintieA J. Fiebi, James P. Smith.
0171` , :e iierchant's Exchange, Phira.
A. N. BULEARD, Agunt, 11 - marue, Pa.
20v1. ,
C. W.. NASH, & 41:0,
Real - Estate Bmkerg, and Dralcrs in Ex
. change, and Land -IV4rrants.
EASTER Exchange bought and sold.
Interest paid on rtlepol•its. Mom y loaned
or invested at Western rates. -Land s b oug h t
and sold. Lands located with VVarrantil or Cash
on the most favorable te'rios.
We attt•nd to any busint ss. connected with
Government Lan'd Offices, in Central or We -
tern JOwa s —taxespaid. Collections made, and
promptly remitted.
Des Nioineo, May Doi 1,557,
"..Ar pound for Dysentery.j.. A sun, e . nre. For
safe as venal by A. TURRELL.
BEAUTIFUL stock of Ladies' lino Shoes,
and Childrerks' Gaiters and Parndis !It
SHAWLS from $1;00 to eio,oo at -
4' v ,
..,.. , o ,
A*4 l- ...4 .4 - , " WV . ' • ":. r, 4 ' 4 % i - -
t ; -
-4 -
.'-: '...& • '', 4 :c. " 41 -- . : =',, --. -4.1.15.:A.
Tho Groat Counter. Irritant!!
r ir flE virtue of the disease often makes 10
• way to the internal organs through 'Abe
'pores of the skin. This penetrating Ointment,.
melting under the hand us 'it is rubbed in, is
absorbed through the same channels, and,
reaching the seat of intlammatlon,.promiAly and
invariably subdues-it, vihether located jn the
kidnets, the - liver, the lungs, or any other im
portant orgatr, It penetrAtes the surfaee to the
interior, throu!Th the countless tUl•i•s that rout
municate with the skin as summer rain passes
into the rovered e3Ath, diffusing its tool and re
getter& ing. influence.
Skin diseases and Glandular.
• - Swellings. .•
Econ.. spocii nt ext:lior irritation is quickly
redtpcti by the ..ntiirdlathutatory netivn of this
Ointment. Angry Ear FT ‘ itS. such as SALT
SCALP 11 EA D. :NETTLE R A 44 ScaraEs. (or
Inn) S:.e„ die out. to re•urnno tli under its
application. ll.spital experience .parts of
the world pro4s its infallibilitp in diseases of
idzio, the muscles, the joints and the ;,lands,
Ulcers, Sores, and Tumors.
etTeet of this unrivalled external remedy
upon siltl ether virukut ulc e rs and
i;iores, is almost mirsenlons. It fir:st dh.charges
the poisol which produees s.uppuratii , n and
piond flovdhiend thus the oures which it%
p r ,,perti er s afterward eomplete arc safe as Well
Wounds, Bruises. Burns, and
In eases .1 the fracture of the bones, injuries
el:lmA by steam „explosions BgtrlnEt:. j;6 S,
S- - .A1.64. RH r.trMATISM. STIFTNEI 4 S of the JOINT: , ,
a4t) contraction of the sinews, it is employed
and warmly recotatnended by the:fattulty. This
in iryepOus remedy has been introduced by its
iaventpr in person into all the twitting liospiturm
4,1 Europe, and no private household should he
without it.
Tho Stair of the French and Enolish
Araftas in the Crimps have signed
their ap?roval of lownys' Ointment, as the
most r.linhte dres•simt for sabre cuts'. stabs, and
gin-shot wnondi. It is id 4t: utd. by the ~s3rg
vons of the Allicd Navies.
Both the Ointment and Pille.shn , rld be used
in. the following case „ I 4
Sore Le-i Ts.
Sou. Bre:t Pit
eh : ll l ,d Ilant7s, Sore Ile:ids, •
(7id I ninins, Sor e Throats,
Fistula, Sprains;
(41u t. Stiff iciintg,.
.Ltimban'o, ' S
Mercurial Eruptions, Scalds, -
Piles. -Skin Diseases,
Rheumatism, Tester, . ,
Rinvoworm. ricer's,
Swelled Glarnix, Venereal 9oi•es, -
Sores of all kinds, Wiiunds of kinds.
Sold at tho Manuftetoiies of filiofessiir
Itor.LowAT. 80 Maiden Lane, New York. and
241 Strand. London, by all resneetabli. Drugs
and Di niers in 117:‘dleine throntitiont the.
13:::t id Slates rind the civilized world,. in pots,.
ht ei•nts, 6:2 1-2. cents. and i,sl each.
Tliere is a considerable snyinfr by ta
kin ,7 the 10r , Pr Si ZieS.
N.. 117--Diriieti, , u+ for the cnida nee of patients
hi every disorder are Ltfixed to each box.
Delaware, Lack:mann:L.& W.111.R.
AT ENV anti exn,ditioas broad gunge - nate
171 II om the North and West, Yid lir,:at Rend
art: t;eranton, and from the Lek:lir:lnn:l and
1 1 1yoming %%diets, direetly throt:ol to New
Y.9rt: and PhilacieltAtia.
On and after ThuNday, Jute, '1337,
tr..ins will be run as follows :
Cincinnati E. Train hound cast en the N.Y. &
E. IL R., arrives at Gt. Btmd at er.ld and
the Mail Train at-9:23 clinri - eetinz with
the EXPRESS Train which leaves Great Bend
Tor New York and Philadelphia, at; 930 a.,m.
Due i.t 51entroso, lO 03
;73,..r0nt0n. 11 40 "
St rond,burz, • 1
'Delaware, 15:10 n:ilis to dine, 27 "
Bridat-v Me, Phil. pi.t.s. Ica e 2 'O,
Junction, • . 3 35,"
New York. 7 15, "
• Philadelphia, 8.20, I' from N. Y. Leav'e •
Pier No. 2, North River, at. 7 30, a.m..
'Fr . orn Philadelphia, leave Wal-
nut st. Wharf, at 6 00 " -•
Leave Junction • • - - 10 55,"
Due at ItridLteville, Phil. connection..ll 15,"
• Delaware, 15 minutes to dirte,l2 Oa m.
. - • • litu.miNburg, . • • 1.07,p.tu.:
Scranton, - . . 3 48,"
'Montrose, \, lb 35,', •-
- Crrat Bend, 6 10,"
COnneetina at Great Bend with the
Jl. 11 'Praia 14 eat at • .
Ser;int , tn Train
leaves Syr: -Aw l l'itr Crew Bei,d :it. rt.rn
Arrive ut Grt:ltt Bond. 1 00 p. to
C"nnt clip ! , with the Steamboat Expres east
mid Dtsttkirk Express we :.t, en the N. Y. & E
Iteturning, leaves Great Bend :.t 425 p. rn
Due at Scranton, 8 30 "
For the Lecommodatii r n of way travel MI OW
Southern D;vision,,a passenger • car'. will he ot
tarit,.4 to the Express Freight Trains, leaving-
Sera:art.,. at _ -
11 6 ( 35 10 a :' m
Due at Stronrisburgut ,
" Junction at_ - • - 3 451i.m.
Returuin:!, will ;cave Junction at :4 CO a.m.
Due al Stroudsburg at . 7 35 "
" Scranton at - - ti tIO p; ny.
1 3 : , ,5,: nt ~ rs from New York will change ears
at Cla.ksville. . .
To and from Phiindelphis, via B. D. R. It.,
leave or- tuke cars at
For Pittston, Kin , ,,,ton. and 'Wilkesbarre,take
L. & B, R. R. ears at Scranton.
. . .
For Jesanp.Archbald, and Carbondale, change
ears at Greenville.- -
Tickets sold and baggage chucked between
all,statioas on vonnecting roads.
Passengeis to and from Wilkesbarre, Wyo
ming, &e., -via.. Lackawanna & 810 onsburg
itailroad, , go.throught without any detention at
Scranton, as the trains on that road run in eon!.
nection with the express • tnins on the D. L 3.
W. R, R.
Fare from Kitmston, Wyoming and Pittston
to Philadelphia. 84:50. FroniKingstt,ti to New
York, $4:85. Wyoming and Pittston to New
York 84:75. : . • •
Tickets sold, and chcp.ked` through.
W. N a hams. Can't Ticket Agent.-,
TAICKERMAN & GARRETT - are giving es.
pecial attention to the improvement ton.
templated in thin connty, the ensiling season,
and now alter a helping hand, by keepil g con
stantly for alio a large quantity of Window Sash
and Glass, Blinds. Door, Nails, Paints and Oils,
and 'a
complete assortment of Builder's Hard
Ware, &c. Those goinglo pet up honsei is
the spring' will find it fur - their interest to give
neat call. We can furnish everything you want,
and at the very lowest inanntacturburprie . es.
Nfoir Milford, Feb. Bth, 1856.
Undeniable Testimony.
New Rail Road Route,
S. H. SAYRE4t, 1111.071111. Rs
sup ply of Air
ihrAti NI Yet it COOlll%.
or Paiduee cab be bough
WALL PAPER. A select tessorftnert•j us
ARPtTING.' igertiti by
lJ 43. It. SAYRt& BR,9IIIERS
- MOWS; We irvio the aitt•ntiiin of farmer
to the celebrated l'eeKsLille-Plows whic,
we haveridded to our Lire assortment.
Proprietors at Eagle Foundry.
Montrose. April 29t.h . .1857. ; • IBti
0 @'.'D 21'6 1111
A "Nr) examine - the ehiriee ste,ek- tif'Sjwin,
aisd Sunsapr Geodsi; just. ()pent(
fur Zmanination and SALE, a/ 'ff ry duet: figures b .
.C. 1Q:17.
1.4wn4, Brilikits. choice Toterhs l
C eery Oleap by - • more.
LLA, Cashmere, ond DeLpin.Strml4
C'very how priees 1' C.:: 1 4 1. MQTT.
HpaAWS And Cik • r •th • •m. • s. •1 -
. m •wt .
great vnriety by C. W. 3101" r.
abunerifice: I.,1;-
\ • C. W. MOTT
DROWN anti lihrtOi-eting and Sb rtiags
Shiriin Stripo!‘,\ Deiinv.; Sutnme
Sors, Ste-, &e., tps-kw ti n licrdrortirti irt
market. • • C. %V. MOTT. I
el LOTUS, Ca-himersattlitings, very d
hirable styles. at prices that cannot fill ti
suit.., Call and be t.4invince-d. C. WI
RAGS Hoops, Lli.,siery, Cloves, 13.4 t.,
1...1 etc., etc., by - C. W. MO — 7.1
,Gr.acjint e: v, Itirdware
war i utis other artklex t,, numerous to-men'
tionall shall s
be ,Ail fo - r Ca..
u.r.Ready pay.. • • c: W.. 1.07 P.
Montrose,- 314 sth, 1 952
. .
rrn is the great p ir.4tj,le among o u r s , H
fißh. amali tnerehard• to proof or t ;06,
at the late Act pi:Red at liarrisbarg.. pr, hibitir
hawking and peddiing bac tia Cmmt i '
an Aat pasted to gratify 1 ;-otne of tllo3l.erehan
who laivo.espresbul a desire "Lu strip some.lar_
tccgons." -
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-Their large - wagon will •rin more
than ever Left-re. until their license dor peibili
pins. • In -order fn tiver:lntni,d;,te ti>P C01:,112
nity and be able to battle monop o ly .fleet”
airy have • made arrar,L.:cments to out Ni'
Goods weekly from X r:rk. an d I h cr ,
the same from )5 to '2u per eent, apr-r. tl i
any other 'estabiislarti ht in r te -quel,:,titur Cie
ty. IVe have now rvrei•ved .z .
NEW SUMMER. 1 1;a1.0 , ;)% !..
The larzest, elieltetn. and best ste
ever offend in this marl; et.. It is not mess.;;
to enlmerate the artielk.e.4 wllleti our 35sorttnk
eompiis6s: it .gi t Tivient . say that we ILA
gerieratock of the latest' ar d'inost fakhowal
goods and we eamtot fail to si
the public - . as ekell'iti taste,-ati in firers.- A II
words more to our fello - x-eitiiens. and patti•
bitty to 1,1.57 whit 14.0 thurnsviri s
and not oldhzeii to purchase at stone pori=ieui
'store.. We lirtoti' tlizd it %ill be for your
test Inexninine nt.d price our lic:f;ire pi
clip sing,; elsewhere; ittst is a true motto Clint
penny saved is better thpn, ton earned" 1,
. .
are detertaini-d to !Tare rat-n , lfil I."- itivel'gent•l
,::ti-faction. rnd ne tthall a ivaya be feraly .1
happy to e. l / 4 1tilit .oltr'as.s'ortiti..etit to t!iit‘ie n
will favor um with a Ilan. i .
:Wont 12.ifi. 1857. •
J. L.
I. S happy: to annobtiee to . hi- ninoeions e, , i
-tomes that he is bow reeti‘jok a • - ch.!
stook of e 0 itT atid Suultater G ,t 1:, euuhh,ti
in part of .. .
Dry Goods, . .
-.' • •
9:neeries, l . _
. Crockery.
. . . ilmitt are
Whiehl:e tr ill stlh for eLsli.. ' ..
- Eggs 4 . .
• ,
or any k ir..l o
. • •
in a manner which will prove *rt . ( etly sails:
tory -to ail who, are . iii:p:ise.l . ' . 2 21 with hi.
. sonviile May Sth, 1857.
rt at the ‘‘ tipsitarple Exehnng.e.,
(X)TS Stl()Ezi JIIST i:e:1),
- at the - Hip Exel.anze
G 57,"
H/0 - 1 1 / 1 hr I' RICE'S' I'A ID
\ IL 13UTTEII,at thict Upnotoine
- _
itt the, *.t.Up4nville
'itittatue "
S• 1 g 1 ;0:tkitil . 111:1 II a r Dli ::-,f .
• ,-. •
. .
At the New Stoie, -
TIM undersigned-having
,just -returned (:rem
:New ; York, arkeenow exhibiting to the cloud'
people of Gibson and s\icinity,it.eotitplete as. fo
ment-cif Dr:,%\ ("voids, Groceries; Ciockery, 11 rd.
ware, Boots.,and Shoes,. flats and Cap_s,-Re •itr=
made Clothing ,Stzple and F a ncy ;Day. G (ids
consisting of wns. Berger Chalz;r. Gingh: tom,
Prints. Sheetings, Tielting , s ?lad a larg.e' sodt.
of Su:rimer, Gqi,rds . for lien and Boy's wear. •
Believing ist6 Ready pay and ehort credit es's.
tern to be. the true one our motto hi "The nit tide
sixpence is better than the slow "..Fall shilling.
and see.usityr we will sup you goods Cheai for
Cash. • ' .. • ii -
Gibson, April 9.004
N 8. All kinds of produce taken in exa
for Goodi.l.• 11. &
TICIV.4 7(1113 A. Ili
At, tit tt 67.
No. Mi Walnut-sly above Fourthil
CAPITAL $300,000.
Make Insurance against loer or damage 6,9
• Fire, on L'aildings, Farnilare and -
Arerehanclire generally.- •
Horses and Cntlte,_agninst avant
tram any :licause. - -
faT - LCOES PROMPTLY ArlipSTP:. : o3 ,
- .
DlREcTolisvi • ‘i
. B. It. likt.rx - n, - .'. J. Cho:snacfi.
3. It. FLANIGEN, F. S.'lloecia.Exts
MARY Jottep i - o • , SANIL4. RANDAiL
• CMS. Ft..onaE*. of, Wittnington, Del.
itkßl'Efit.ET. See. . . _
- • tiftt.FAZ, Neil 1