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13. IkIeCQLLI:I‘I,
Thursday, Aawast 6. 1.857.
miffittop 7111CrillI,AIND
1111.1,1,/13 sTINONc,
Still Acnother Cimitce.
We' furnifli nut 17 1 r.mocn.vr, froni,now
until election, nt talc=, pnyable
n advance.
Single enpy, £0.30
Five copie, 1,25
Ten copies, 4' Co
W,• We regtet that the account of the
Consecration of the Episcopal Church was
handed in too late for inset tion this o•eek.--
It shall appear in our nest
IMT"Nugust Tern ef , Court commences on
the I.7th The.Dentocratic county Con
tention fortnonlinating county officers will he
held on :tire same day, instead of the first of
September. De:poet:its Clem forget this,.mal
also see that there is a general attendance'at
She Township Delegate Meetings on Saturday:
It will be remembered that S. B.
Chase, 'Esq., addressed . Along letter to . his
constituents throngh the dolutAr? - rsf the /ie
puid;car, a row weeks since, in he en
deavored to defendi hitusell from the charge
we had preferred 'against him, viz : that he
procured the enactment of the Hawking and
Pedant?: prohibition at the instance of a few
interested persons - and without the kno•Vded:re
of tiler:o2Jc. of the County. .1./r. asc
failed in his attempt to refute that char - re
rhe~ttuth of our statement was in fact s 11)o.
-apparent to adroit of,succces4ol denial. As
is probahi~'tirell known, p e titions - are nor
in circulation 0.-I,ziarr for a REPEAL ,r the odi
ous, and sTeretly obtained prohibiticm ; and
-one of the reasons urged in favor of REPEAL
is in the follow:a: , wotds: "Bocauscits•pa.v
..aye was procured by a Tr:13.1" 'FEW/70772 f C7';-
tsit'd motives ; and. wlthrrgt the knowledge ef
the People pi the Cou;:ty;" To a petition
containing the al-eve paragraph; the name of
IL IL Frazier is apt'ended thus he who
dared not at.theou::-e-t-.eNr)TCSS his disapproval
of this infamous , la but c.ho pettif , ,lrging
endeavored to palliate the net; has endorse-I
our charge against. Mr. Ciric ; net however
he discosel that •• the mass •c4' cur
citizens :at: opposed to that
What a brave and faithful defender of
peop;e's rights he has F:ll.)sn hint -elf. to be :
" The cloctritie is ope;Ily nsF-et tett by tho..e
who hold the Gorertai3:ut IU thcir lifinds,that
God created the mass ef mankind to le
We extract the abow impudent and lying
paragraph from Wilmot's recent epistle to
the "Plug Ugl!es." It is a fair specimen of i
the means employed by the. mongrels to ex- j
cite an unjust prejudice against the Democra
cy and to place in power a park- of coriupt
demag,o2Tes, sao - fatten on filsehood, - and
•wouldeheetfullv welcome Gidding's
leniuna.? D.Avm Wrtmor when be penned
the ridiculous passae uo have quoted ,
.ought to have linown that he syas giving ut
terance to a foul and Is
sane enough to suppose that the int e Ni ge nt
:freemen of Pennsylvania can be made to .
prove ISECII 1-crvetsions of truth
history ? Those who bull die Gucernrne.utj
in their hands" Lave not aiserte.d any such
doctrine by legislative enactment, by JuTreial
decision;-ar otherwise; and the party chose
candidate this man Wiltinfot'is, ou.-Itt to ic•-
prove hit for such a darivginsult to the pop- •
ular intelligence—such a profitless,and laugh
able display of demagoineisra. We hail
be'rettolore given Wilniercred it for some sa
gacity we thought he, possessed suf*,ient
cunning ;to conceal his i g nor:zt:ce,tut this last
overwhehthing and pc.mpaus ,deelti,ation cf
his, 4 akes - our faidij in bib Eh;ewiloess:
ffar comtnenl to the ay.entive con ;
-sillerntioti of the Ugly fatuity, of which
"-our ownWilinot." is a rev - valiant mop,
bey, Article Ist, of C4t. , . Amen-:events to . the .
Constitution. It dtclares 4.bat. " Co..s.cnEFs
Judge" must hare ignored the existence ,of
this clause when he piepared his - budget of
absurdities for the edification of his breth
ren of the bowie-knife and bludgeon fraterni._
ty. Before leveling - his an at an irn
aginary " llierareLy" be ought to read , the
Constitution of his country: He must tram
ple on the plaitiest prOvisions of that instru
ment before be can disfranchise a ; citizen for
his religious views. -
jtile C. L. Brown Esg, relates to us a mi
raculous escape from drowning. -The facts
are as follows. John McCabe of Hancock,
while walking upon some boards laid upon
saw-logs floating in a mill pond near s = that
place,accidentally fell in where the water was
fourteen feet deep, and being unable to swim',
sunk before help- could' reach him; 'Mr.
Brown states that some fifteen minute's:elaps
ed before McCabe could . be removed from the
water ;, and that when removed rto signs of
life were apparent. lie was however, wrap
ped in blankets and rolled
,upon a barrel until
life was restored. lie is now well and active,
The Democratic Party—lts Posi-
As the enemies of tl4 Democratic party '
delight to misrepresent its position and mo.
tines, it-is well occasionally to state in a suc
cinct manner its princitles and purposes, that
the public mind may not -be' misled by fla
grant and . oft-repeated 'falsehoods. .We as
sert without fear of successful contraoiction
that the political organization to which we
are proud to belong:, has always proved - it
self the devoted friend of popular righ l ts;th
champion of labor and the laboring man;--
the indoinitable toe of all prOjects fur the
vatiOn and enrichment of the few to the man
ifest prejudice and impoverishment of the
mane. In its infancy under the leadership of
le&rsort and his able syMpatbizers it suc
cessfully resisted the,'efrorts'of the then.domi
cant party, to clothelbe Federal Government
with almost unliiniited powers, and swept
from, the National Statute book the infamous
alien" and Sedition enactment. Subsequently
pith •the "Old hickory" at its
heal it fearleSsly grappled with a mammoth
monopoly, danqerous to the liberties of the
people because of its ability to corrupt their
public servants, and after a protracted and
desperate struggle Jshrottled the monster s_,o
inimical to the peace and wellsbeinif of the
Republic. Again, with the the determined
and patriotic Potic at the National helm it
substituted fur the odious '42 tariff which
discriminated' dairly in favor deal/in/I and
against labor, a rev/cline system sufficiently
productive and at tho l same time just and
equal in its operations.-- Under the energetic
administratien of the gallant 'Tennessean it
.defended the interests - and honors of the Na
tion, and on the soil of our enemy vanquished
his armies, planting. our fl a g in triumph on
the wallsof . his capitol. The benifto.ent fruits
of its glmitpus career are too Many and pal
pable to admit of enumeration in this, aiti.
cic. Nov no considerable portion of our
citizens can lie found to dispute the wisdom
and justice ()fits past policy ; those who bit
as.s;iil its pr‘jects to : day concede that its
past is unsullied by intrigue or dishonor, and
base their hostility to its present measures
the . unsuppotted rtirefration that it has de
p•trted from its anciett I:Ind-marks. It foIL
then, if their allo ,, ation is unfounded
and the 1 lemocratio party can be shown to
beanitnated Lr th same liberal spirit which
has hitherto tii,tinnished it and made it the
IN:.:•oplo.'s favorite, that the croaking.; and as
saults of its. flies arc uncalled for; and not
only uncalled for, but hypootitical and the
product of their corrupt passion for power
and its etnolutnents. That no honorable tno
tiye inspires our as , ,ailants, and that in mai:-
trig war upon uutiorgnazation - they are ot;-
tl.e, vrol - _ , reks of tlio:-e pr:twi
w!iieh tli at eat to approve as es:ll.loclied is
legi,lation, we propo , e c!eln'on-trnte.
I.d. it I, borue in mill thoie
nr,d pc , fi!p.He acllloone4ts .of cur party
to whielz rer.;retlee is had in ',Le fcr<•guin4.
were an the . natural neees , _ary zeJ•ulis of
a n ttilcoliquerable dete9nination on the imrt
of an 0T:ti,i7.,;,1 rolitical.bc:,l::., to maintain Oi e
liberty ( -, Ni;ee . t.h :ir;d the ines4 to npliuhl
the z• - tanklara of religioe,F, freed, , in: to te,i,t
the* affressive - tiLtuutid.e of capita!,
1...t, , •+r and hs fs,f;e7ie of equitail.i legislative
ell . actti;€•nts pope:ly •re card its pra;:ttcal
champions; to iq•eerve at it hazards. the
pri , nciples of State sovvreiguty, combat even'
iNs'idioz::, or, onen etr,,rt t.) contract the
night of the people to self government and :o
vindicate and heel unsullied the national lion:
or. The patriotic putpose:s lAhiell this sum
maty pootiy reflects, c:-.)asti'tuted iii cally
times, the basis Of the Democratic Patty ; that
each.and every ptinciple tltertan ntitrcted is
ardently cherished by that party now, a brief
analysis of its• position and designs will
abandrintly prove. Its latest authoritative pro
clamation ( f detotion to :hose plineiples is
populativ'hown as the CY:Ty:NATI PL.AT
, FOOL in the Convention which prepared
atid muized that instrument, each dis
' trot, of locality in the dtqmblit, %vas repre
sented. Tie presinnytion then is morally
mmclitsite tact it clearly defines the political
cmvietios, taut only of those directly con
• cermd its izreparatiori, but of the men
whose *t . fents they were. , If any doubts on
this existed prior to the 4th of_Novem
ber, 1:3,3i?, the triumphant election of that
Conventi,!•ti's choice—the pledged represen
tative of its declared political wili—must
have removed them. To determine. tdit:n, the
:VMS of our party and pci ,. :sess a clear conrep
lion of its principh:zS,.tcourse must be had to
that rLATIL,I.m; arid 'ail that we, ris Demo
destre,is that each man will study that
instrument eat-July, and by the exercise of
j‘idg,nient, uninfluenced . by former
prejudices ; and regardless - of the elainor rais
ed i y the'pack of office:seeking demazogues
coutinuzzliy yelping at bur heels,
a decide,
whether:Ls a lover of his country and a friend
of liberal principles, it does not behoove him
to take Lis position under the Democratic
We demand that the organization shall
be jud ; :cti by its history, its - acts, and author
-,zed ilechtration of principles, and not by• the
philippics of the secessionist and the fillibusfer
who may have temporarily shelterd them
selves under its '..zEgis. Admitting that
the 'character of a political body is under !
stood only by a calm consideration of its
measures and an attentive study of its Plat
form, it remains fur us to 'state the position
of the Democracy as defined by these lights.
j I The subject of dotnestie, or African servitude,
receiving as it does, at : kills time a large share
of public attention . is wrthy of notice iu this
connection ; the political relation of our party
to : this' vexed orze.stion being 'constantly and
grossly misrepresented.' A recurrence to the
early history of the country and. the manner
in-which the subject of African slavery was
treated by the men. who made our model
COnstitution affords incontestable proof that
the General Governinent- was not then sup
posed to possess the power toestablish,or pro.
bibit the relation of master anctilave in the
political cormnunitiea con3posihg ilia-,con
federacy. • The people cf each were 4isely
left to determine for. thetesolves wbether. sla
very .should exist. among theta or _not ; , and
their decision on this point *as . supreMe4nd
revocable-by . no other power. 'Washington,
Jefferson, namiltot ?Madison, and all the
great statesmen of the early period foresaw
the evil consequences that e might dluw . from
concession 4o the Federal Government of the
power to
_l4'egulate the'domestin institutions
of the sevettal States; and they wisely with
held that power. 'Before 'leaving the scene 1
of .their labors and triumphs they warned
their countrymen against the fornration of !
geographical parties which they prophesied
would be the inevitable fruit of an attempt to
make the Federal Governtnent an instument
for. the propagation or restriction of slavery.l
The present. deplorable agitation and tumult
resulting from the efforts of mad fanatics to
etpe that-domestic institutions of remote
ccommunitieS, is a strict .fulfilment of their
prophesy and theeconserrence of negle c ting
their repeated warnings. To thwart the
machinations of those who under the guise
of philanthropy •winuldliverturn this gOv
ertonental structure,' by construing the Con-,
stitution contrary to the Intentions of its
finniets anal professing to find in it a warrant'
for the exercise of any power necessnry fee .
their own agrandisernentand the executhet
'ef their faverite, but irrational schemes, is
the goeat:latol patriotic mission of Derinecraer.
The maintenance of the government as it is;
a strict construction of the Federal Charter
and a toady obedience to ;dl its requirements,
and especially to those which guarantee to
the citizet freedom of speech v and of religious
opinion ik jr purpose praiseworthy, exalted,
and devotedly cherished by the Democratic
party. Its history and its /lay:Jret unite in
proclaiming it a CONSTITUTIONALPA IZTY t
nently worthy the qontidence of every patriot . ,
and friend of the Union. Its professions (-or
respond withits acts; it couoteifeits'no sym
pathy for the negro; in order to secure the
votes of real, or mock philanthropists ; its
flaunts its banner to the breeze with its pi
ples inscribed thereon, invites the closest
scrutiny, and challenges discussion.. Tt is
neither a pro-slayery nor anti•slavery party,
in the sense in which those phrases are Ire
quently used.- It refuses to interfere
questions over uhich the Censtitution ha
given it no control, and does -not assume,
its enemy, to doe:Mille nerve elm., lu
the domestic institutions of lionsas. and Ler 1
sister Tertitoties a yitartcr of a r;htary hcf re:
It Cares the haply pion, flee: tolvgi , ':itt. in
such rammer as h± thinks the nece iiiea nnd
peculiarities cf p , sition roitlhe ; wisely
concluding that he is better ah.. o to j : ,,; : ,:
what laws ill be most condueii-e to his pros
perity acid happitio4s, than is
,tile Amq_icat:
Congress. This is the pret:i,e ro,ition which
the Demoerntie - party'oecupies with refeietwe
to slavery; an , l neither its history nor its do:
claration of piinciples ran be se . euttsli - ti , .l
to mako it appear otl.tvrwise-to the irve,lgell!
math pcolloll boot fortiii
bY a decision of the United Mates
prone Co-urt ; rrrla .opirosi:io:i to our I,:a;:y'
riAi-interve.ntion is, therefore.:t.rcr.-
monnt. !(-, ilizect war upon Uovo2:in,l)l
11).:? Cun,titutiun as-att:ho/ilative'
I"Le ea:ern:or...oo:a! Co 11(c.q.
Lear at bans L. a tLe
ofTetttl,vlvlttfa Le'eal:cd ni)on to
their chief l'.!::gistrato for the t. : tpo.tiflg three
vents. e:tmliti tCs are nheNdy
I, Y ittrtier: ; :Ind to emn
; trtunity otie of th - cm azi v.ell
politic:lly known. It is nut OUT purro,e a t ,
time to Spil:lk of the, ritriliti , r.tions
each or either uf thetal ; Luc to t
Hon to the T;cstio:ls necessarily hi v,-11. e :1 i;
the selection ;; point out the error
cornmittei in our 1:1St (iithernatotial
.a like one mac not be. perpetrated in
this. As tie dukes which devolve upon Fed.
eral and State officials, are •tvi , helv
rlue Hors over ithe F(Aeral Go%-crri
mPrlt has exilusive control, hare 4-I:r.,itialately
no connection with - a l State cant-ass. roe
Govc;rnor of Punnsvivanili. has iu hi; ofra;:ial
'capacity, no wore autbority over tlie-Najlon
al Lt• . ture, than has 3 • C;)nilable, s or
Shoed Director. While the coricetn(fi; ,
this-proposition is n•enetally admitted, it is
quite common to see State, Courts aril
Township officers, chosen with sole refe,f nee
to their views on the' lave ry Tics; ion. or
some other bobby of jerung,o-oes, to the en
_tire disregard of the fitness of the candi(h,te
for the place which he aspires to fill. T o
tuanage properly the of of our great and
gro , .xing Commonwealth with its multiplicity
of interests, requires an order of talent and a
practical knowledge of the workings of our
State Government, which Mr. Wilmot does
not possess. His political info'. rrnation relate.
almost exclusively to the subject of slavery,
—to his attacks upon _Shat institution rind
his acrimonious invectives against that Por
tion of the union which tolerates it, he is in
debted for his unenviable prominence. lit : .
stead of deserving well of his countrymen by
consluting and • laboring to promote their best
int e rest., he has sought the applause and
pandered to the passions of a sectional host,
governed by unworthy prejudices and i day,-
g,crous because of its habitual interference in
the affairs vf others. The selection of this man
' as the candidate of the opposition evidences
I • J .
ra disposition on their part to re-enact the '54 1
1 Ara!, and to disgrace the "Keystone" again
with an incompetent and' corrupt Adminis- I
tration. It is well: u I nderstoo I now that
James Pollock's philippic's egain , t the South
together With his alliance with the danger
ous ..I.,odgi , pqwer placed him in the executive
chair of the Vornetionwealth. The Adminis
of his' predecessor was admitted to
have been eminently successful and uu , ullied
l by a single ntibtake. No reform in the con
duct of State affairs was proposed by our en
emies ; tliey were laboring as they told us
for thc e rettoration of the Missouri Compro
mise mise aSi 'he restriction of slavery, Pol
lock was to be their agent for the perform
ance of e great and patriotic work'.~ Well,
their ridf ulous twaddle about slavery,joitted
to their midnight plotting - against the rights.
of conscience and the naturalized citiz,en,gave
them possession 'of the • State Govermne nt
and the results of their triumphs are now
1 matters of historp - The objects the; pro-
I fowl to seek in - the election of. Pollock. be-
ing impracticable, have not been attained,—
The rloetrine of popular sovereignty is ap
plied as an effectual remedy for the slavery t
agitation ; and the Kansas Nebraska law is
unrepealed. The Pennsylvania -State - goy
ernrnen t has not controlled the National Leg
islature; and the only notable thing which
the Opposition have succeeded in doing in
proof-of their devotion to "freedom," is the
election of Gcn. Simon. Cameron—a friend
of the Kansas Nebraska measure—tb the U. I
S. Senate! They have however exunplitieil
the:r high appreciation . of their owu sec vices, I
by increasing the pay ofmemherS, from 4 . '7'300
'to 00, per annum. They havq broken the
pledge they made to the pelile, to adopt the
wise and discriminating Banking policv
Gov. Bigler, by creating an innumerable
number of " Rog Mills," and were only pre
vented by the integrity and firmness of Canal
Commissioner Mott, from consummating
their sale of the sover'eigniv of the State to a
mammoth corporation. These are some *of
ts • pracitical fruits of the celebrated " anti•
chraska victory." Now, they propose to
make: Wilmot Governor. for the beMlit of
Karneis,an I lecr.iise. be is unwise and treason
• able enrinf , h to rail against a decision of ClOr
highest judicial tribunal I They have little
frith in the intelli:rence and discrimination
of t he pi...nple, if they expect to succeed in
their contemplated reenactment of the 'ZII
noiicti the ft h•rids of base llazle
hur,t—the candidate of the " strahrht out"
wing, of the orpo,i;ion for Governer—have
trn,l(le arlingerncdts for biln to enter trpon
canvass (f tire Stato. Ile npc!ns at
11Firrisburg inst. and appoint
molts are alreadv;niade for him up to the
: nth of Septonlidr; • 11e is io f•pcak at. To
; wat•da•on Tue,l.av eve. S e pt. I s'ith,. at Se) an-
I ion. 1V,1n.-=;fav eve. '23(.1,:tr1 at Wilke , -
Thurs , lay eve. Sept. 24th.
irg" The S'erc of F. U. WAS en-,
f ete d OBI? night last week througha side v in
lute, nml seveval I , leeesof. LaFAing. Si!-.-:
Velv,t &e., 'eat rie;l ME Tile Burg . -
!ars apt , : ztred, to 11.L1 . ,e Lecn I , vtlte
of mat,-le-s only; a ennsi‘leralle ipawity
in ti , e I,dra..),L Mr. C. of
f•N !":Iflo fltr Oft. of tlle l,Srt It . .
to - r.„.v. r. 17,12111(qt Nt:!tt Yt4k,el:titit
ot.t.rct: ewe for .coi,,tirot,tioit
. ef7 .1 .1r0.0.i ttodiill , r for his
nr:3v Ircrll , l,! lii 7iv.•
-(1;• 1 1/ ; :, c:SI , I !?'AC 1.42 rxen itl eOl
Tnr. PILL Tn.A.n.t.-111,0 coa1:1 "dre.i.n.l of
tbe t:.a,nitu•!e t.tteli :In nn,lert-.!::::1 , 2: nz: ti:e
!I e •r--"tma ,
1.0.11 it Vt , ni , !••• 11-0. 201 , 1 110 W
I .ail,:tdiv do the fol!!,ivi:: ! :;
1! C ;:fri-wql:. c,t !!!Jrn:t:l ttrld !=:!1:1;•rit,g,
I l ot d i , to
vomlla! atol Dit. J. C. A'l En (1.
Lowel,:m.owitctu: , -.; in hi; labralorr
vo-s 11.1 dirm cf Co‘blrtic i'ilfrthc.lll7ll
al CI,- I,.,xes 4.rr
one .1.1.0 a !.—\Vc...ll:ll. (.v , ..!r. 4:3.-
00'.1 stv:il!)w evely thy, or
0.6 3
tii It : :01 - tientsl ,lay f.eck rtTa.f
c:,e Swe!v
is in liti, ca , e one
C 't I Ut. dt
upou 111111
f we:A or v%‘.•,..? of
OF/ ; 1 1 . - -1.1L C 4 ‘ll/:I2SI'!_)NI'E.CE
pArKET.:. - ro TM-. I r.:l,:crATic STATE
WILLt it ON 18•.1),
110 N. it. 1;1:c);
(..".'airmt - rit or 114,' SJitte • Cumm itler
lic,n• •'2 . 4r . 1;;IV,. , ilio c-ticc,o4c,l
11:1.1er 110111 011t - ' 0:11 , .! C:11id11,!:11f , CA"
li:Av.:111a1011:1! 11-li , l inasmuch as. it
1)1::u fir tlIt• conduct of the -cam
-Im, uvver tb..;fore bcen pract!i,ed
i (it 0t11...1
1111',12 4 ,r 11:1: , ..11Vt...] 111 1110
C'loll, 1 LiVe 111 - :• 11g!:: 111111: duty to , 111 , 11111
11.0 :' , •111:113111'0'a11011 to flit* alit
l• , IetiR:.trICIIP: the Dept ,- lerWil .
It it. is 1110k:;.;:t to be as•tolwr
(...o,:,ictinfr t. 11.! r;iurv.,,, 1. t.5 1 .1.1,F. eltecluily
acc,•it• to tia , ptupo , iti(itt.
1:ort-1;ectfully "yoitr.F , .
I)I:LADT:L' rulA, July 25z1)-, 1857.
2Emr Sir: I 1u0,. - e laid before the Stgte
Comthittce -the letter sizned D. Wilmot,
the 14111 instant, mid arn authorized to
say to yoti that in the opinion of the
; miter vou-o , :rdlt to:uxede to the propo
salon iL comatipz. The rearents fur this opin
! ion I will pr"eee.l kit:fly to state:
The slaiety question, which it is probable
Iyour oppoOnt .ptirpos to discuss, has very
recently been thoreaahly considered and
ts..e.l upon by the people of the Common
; uealth. The late Presidential .canvass in
{ volved the whole sub ; jtet ro far as i t wa'
proFet fur considsfration by the people, and
ue, can perc.ise no utility in its re-discus-ion
at this time: nor any other good reason for
op e ning cart ate upon it. The position of our ;
party is well understood and reoptireq no yin'
diezi!iffil, :it lea-t be anY,extratbdinary pro
eeetiing* bke that proposed..
A joint canva s s by candiates for the Glib- .
ernatorial c thee bas never been con : -
d timed in this State, nor, I irelioc, in any
otlier,Nurhei a one, and may well be giuestion-'
grounds t f public policy. If the prae
tie be ounc adolue.l, it will doubtless continue,
ancl i party nominations, be uniformly made,
with reference to it. ' No party will venture
to selectlt candidate fur this office win; is not
qualitie , t for'the stump; and aptitude for de
bate will hence come to be preferred to ad
minim:afire ability. In sbott, the ieiult will
be to confine nomination* to the clan* of talk
era, and to exclude all otbert... .A rule of par
ty action which would prevent such men
Benjamin Franklin, Simon Snyder and Fran
cis it. Shrink froth filling the Exectitive chair
of this State, must- be a'"bad one, and to be
denounced rather than adopted. -
We believe there is a Considerable public
opinion against, the propriety of executiVe
candidates appearing at all before popular
meetings to solicit votes. '-This was first prim
tired by Wm. F. Johnston in 1848, and . hat,
been to some extent followed by - candidates
since. The good resolta'of it are not obvious,.
It did not originate with the Dethocratic par
ty, nor-has it ever receives any formal, popii
lar or party ianotioa.' It tali)? therefore
considered an open q `prat in futuro prec. -, -Constitutional Awe ut.EWents. • neeessary,* . T.eptit,t.ollie.fitet, that my no-mj. •
tiee. end at all events, as forming no part •of - .Thelirciposerl amend:pents to the.Constitu- nation !vale an --- -setetlependehe . oilO.-;made by
the duty of a Candidate imposed upon Mit by lion, of Pennsylvania, ere again published in j myself. In which , there, we no sortiof promi se
his nomipation. - . . : the newspaeers of the ettveral countiese:qbey er.pledife, either exfirtisSed Or iiiipliedeo serve --
bfet eneltertn. .0n ihe'e:entraiy [ distinctly
White your opponent holds the :trice of niirsoloydeirLfevreatere.:rdB,3ei:,ti,74 that - w e re e a v 6 e ,T re ee . , Ful;• to
recogeti - Zed ,- the pi opriety. of -- ,i,' - eieeleetions for • -
President Judge, there is a special objection
to the acceptance of,his . project.; The !prei- by two s u c eeeeive Liettielittures, the next -.step eteb 44eq, lee intidetting . .theecondition in
priely of late jtidges taking_plirtein. politictil toward theit.ndoption. wilt be .their•-4ulaniss7 my firsc'anemeneernent,.that it -wits to be on
meetings is denied by our li:say, and ie op• 1 ion to - a vOte of the people at Hee Cie t e her. the centtegency:th)te tt 'change shotild b e
posi , .l by sound publicopiuton. llv no act. i ele * etiert. The amendments rire four in num-s made, that is, 4' 1 )1)1, people shontel not - ay tt li
ought we to san t :lion or becomo participants, her, and the vote will be take.n for:or against thentselyes of the experienee of my .predeeeee- • .
in a prostitut:on a the judicial . eliaracter.--' each one eperately. 'f 't hey ere all .of sufliyi- Or, as they had dlioni formerly:in-the e.a;, 3 o f
Mr. finch and oiliers..•- Neither was any sueth -
Nor will a deign:ohm now made e eeltegether eat importance to demand . the serious &teem:
retrieve thief of jeetiom Yitur opponent ha's f don of every citizen. and we think their ex- stipulation ever made tome by otheiF,nor did I -
imput,-..liv I:t.ia lai office until eithin three
pi, iienoy an d pr ,, pl i e ty . ar e•y, o ap pa . ten t, th a t i t ever hear-the. lessst hint, of any such . : under ,
tm , nths of the election, (renderime it imPoi- the people, without distinction of party,- wil
.. stamiiegein. - any smarter tits lately.eslt does
eiltle to elect a sucee-set: the present year.) -be ready pis accept them. •' not seem that onr legiAatolA ever eontemple
ted ailY - StWit pri.nciple, inrefeeenceto -such
il, lid it -,ie,re','ig . .nali,° ll should nett Lahti place. The First ilmen4ment relatea to thP.. -pith
otlices,.!s hen itiliittning the Ir,s.w 4..ney merely"
it w ''"" o " . "'" - 1 y be w ith the intenti"" of tie ‘lebt, and piarpose.s the following,_salutary
after a defeat for the p
resernirg the ()Mee eet. pro,e,e,„: . teetrieted to-one Perm retell offfeeS as Sheriff:4e
, . . .
to whet!) he ri-piree. . County Teriasetirers, - &c., 'who are - . eherged . . .
The propesed mode of conducting tarn r. That the State Debi shall never exceed
with . the es ! liection and.disbursententof large
*750,000, except in en.e's of war, invasion, or
paign• nrsy po-sibly be suited to some of the h e e re:c o on, or for
-the th e porpos ,,y o f redeeming 511 n/ 5 Of money. while they left the people free -
Sim:leen :del South Weetetn Sintes, where it the, pre ....or .l e b.. to avail themselves of the experithiceof those- .
„„r.,Leliarged mainly with ki , exitig the public rec- 2
ha, t., it prtictjet-d, aml. whew . poPtiltifion - - it: :‘ Stuking Futt;i shall be prOvidol
and politiell conditions differ from ours; but .r„.t tott. to paw . 1 1, 1 a5e ,,,.,: t on t h e , ~.x i .oit , ol ottb:, witlrout any such' rest riediere :Stet t ed.
its iiinoiuctiou bore wo"tild be agidest. eolirl .• . t iere-e'il itiglv in 16)st-rot:Mies all over the Suitare-
Stateeltle ne - Id to reduce tree -a ~,,
~..,.. t ,
.. , .... r,
~., ,
o'...j••clioll'i, attl wiT.ll4int any cone.,4ahlt' 000 :t star. ~I,tutetotnitee, ekegss,crs - alio c..ecoruers,_ we.,
good. •• it is thi..refore a proposed -.5.,,,:i,„.r, ili. The ete•lit of the Commonwealth ? l i ar s : . I have been tee-eh:geed - withent siiat, -- ivbenevt
aggression' ye an the pr.:sr:thy:: and p o lieles
. „„ t it , „ Dr „ mow ., 1,,, i &d . , 4t ,,1 or 1 0 . the a to il be pereenal elpeficetlier trs their IMSlness they
of parti e s its l'enit!sylersisia, tvhicli cannot at .11 - .
. -
any isulivid sill or Corpora t ion, nor sit:di the'v, :-" - e "" I )rniP 4 c l4 . and gle7 s .gelieial:'l ll3 Nitc ;
all be necepte.l nr permit:6,o. C. , mmoilwealLit bet.-onte a stockholder its ati-v..'l ) t on I" ihe. pe'°l'lsr''.- Lien hie . r,c , :wP Bever ,
It. i, ‘v,.11 i hat the. Taf-I. ion has arisen when we --; h'eat..l of thie "Oat fence ' notion evert in . the •
,011,,,rarion. , . : T s ". w :
' MOP 3 temilideti, capable ;mil - tit for any dis IV. Tise Corainonui.alth s h a ll not. a .,,,, an - ti
H . i erneratic party till
_a few years ago, when
ca'''it' i ' bef'" - e the - i''"Phl , and when the de - :Ire tlebt a anv come y. tit.., leyonelt, or l ill"*lrsl'ii lice Is.'ez" . 3 - or the caucus machinery
pereeee, ee eee t
~ , ,, t tue, ::•l ; ,,i a t tr act („if. eotiii....aitersftitts fame.4,,mtel -
eisien can be ,iii I, without e tnharat.isnent y ,
---', -om te•biiy or tins' cur • 1 I -
ueon peblie ground , which control it. -. wile coterie:led to aid the State in time d the dig,ettey ;,f - their mespectivel l frieuctS, it
. was • .
I :merely tietteiefily , yoie elr't servant. - 4 war, i eptung upon the ins to make' r rim - for : the -
C. If. 12.1:Clee LE \V, Chairman, i ee X . , „„„„ Re cursor et t,,,. ~,e ni „i,„o errs-i Guts. N t rr it, it. ( . ipv , i!)us how a y Such prece- ': .
, . t
. po t ation, el l en t ee om e a stockholder je, or 1 dent dm- farad Nei n that pefty, . (by :tne.:e. -
! ,,, :u , he o . es it t to env - eo „, pe. „ y o r e i„, ( „,,,, e e ue i strife ,:t . itsrpurrisarts•Olure 11.1:111 by any inter
n! :Vt•Ver.. i est oldie masse-) is in any way binding up-
The s, coli d A,,,„,i me w ' 1 477, - ,i,1„ r ,,,,,i,,, L ien the pr.5...-ient 11(1o:hilt:an partY. ?duel less
,h e e „ e ie e s,, dit isi o n of eou n t i.4 l',‘•_• p ro t t it,it., ! c a p it be upon nue, who came up for of- i l
( 4„
in, 41st efectionof icily Lw e etuttstv contain i li ce entirely_ io‘ls-I)endet , t"f - till - live-viol 5 part y
•le less than 400 sipiate wile{, anal requiting i ltsetees, Ititon to Own pllff!irin, " - ere . by
The expiess a ` writ ot 'the yOtels of the s...ount v. l 'DY'e'lf , I " l "ffif"rt.r '"th' ll Plank at " 8 n it:
o nutIlo:;Z , :! - it iIV (Ili i-ii , ii of such county is Another-tinfootided intn4)l whit:ll'l weuhl
whieh •Aiall. cut off use tenth of . its p o puhi. i votteet, i- that. I have avoWed a d e t ertn i r eg. -
lion, . . I lion 1 , 3 14! keandidate whether nomietited. by
710 Third Anten,imeat relate: , To incipally la C.urventiOn or- not. To sieerli ; as might be
I Bare never give -
to Phil:el.-leiter, a rid” proposes tit antenti Lice , puluipi -, ‘ , ll}y iT, I . will ~,y
. 4,11 anybody any antisor'rly for so •teportirrg .. .
first Article of the Constitution, by striking
frosts iti. several seetie - ne the e ;Norris t h eri e li 5,,. me. To all wile have avproldbed ,me upon
cognize the separate municipal existence of! the slii..i. - "'i sin Ce. I bevel...lee-sin the eftee,and .
the 01 , 1 city of Ptillarletpliie. i , i who 11:yi7e hinted-at keep - ii unc bete as tlik, ,,,
I „„ poeessonee C h,„: •! l i . l tile late Mr. - Fineli, (wlio after holding it
'lbis amendment also
t e„ see., ter ; stse. term by appoititment, was elected for
~es it/ the, itt,,,,h.: of a Kee tieniee
le , iee ,,,, eet e et. , l i lt , r0 ,:., t i mpo ; imkt „f which three more sucee , stvs. tetms by the- people) I --fi -
i- that it .i.. ill alit,:, the cite, , if Plulaileieliie, 1 hive r• - plied in substance as 1 4 now , state.--
(att.bittly city with taxelile peetilatiim seithei.- I T1. , .",gh "Pt"“ed . tr , (-'ither extreme-••-(it
out for' tw" Riit:e,,entatives) let fie rdvided in- l for liter or- tt?tcon:lition:d reslriction to ono
to sitor!e Iteptesentative Di:soh:ls. i term—elteulii I here reason to lielietre I had
eq , 1
• The Fuarik ,linfprlinent proposes. a new 1 , lie (... this tithe aceeptably.' I. teheitial prefer
section to theCense t etiene n e leitsit the pee • (l"te :2: t 1(.! sante, t Itirg' I liiii three years ago,. .
re: of the,l,..utti to :tier, r.:•voke or topy,..:d lo fr:yokly :01oottne.A . trty , t-!1,;.t candidate for
,test-r ,
cli:trter , I i t te,:pse:Li i ots ,e,yi.n•h ~1 0 ,.•, Q 11,,, , i :e-Cle.•licOl, (q1 1 5,, , Lt. to A:lel(' ityclit . ta:tiOtts of the
it•tio-5e5,,... by ~,,. ~,,., „ t ••-i, s ,„_,,,,.„.„, 0t v. „i p ,pukr will as • itilOrt,
.1) ,. . -developed) and
thon. , hsorts , ueo•Y‘t 'to tyk,lVo • i; • ) • is e s 3 . l „s,ic 1 leiyvt• 111(.•,1, - , ,, V:i.: to • 1:11. - .0 =44th 4f 'th ' ili uplin it, -.
(.I,N4,try!•..L. -1 . . • y ;
: ,;a 1;i4:0 - l,yoirk•Lliory or 011ti•rWiz.e . as they - •
t „ ,
This is a Otero • 0111.;if 0 of the - prepesed l, mien+ titink pr.-tver.. I repeat that this open -.
Ameniinienee bet erttl•ient, we trust. to sho.t ,' 's'rtiigitt• li t 'Kara cotit,e i,..; 4.,1:c. th at 1
_ m y se lf ei r
tl i ol. it„! , ,,,1;;1ny, :li:d to induce our readers! gr,6iY 1 , . - h I'': l'-'”g been regarded ''
iii evi mine the m •catefu II v. -0 t isat-th-v „ i , iby the as lee more herierable than -a sly, '-..
1,.l plepar;-1 to ewe upon third with an intel- 1 cict'Ping , b‘,..hind-the-btodi mode of seeking
l•:.retil eteiersmutling of their nature, and i on - e.• 4. never possessed tiny tact or.still at - •
I.(•• , [in.:: tfton our ineeent fentianim:al law, •,. pie:kin-3' Cottle:ohms ,Hilt D e lp ga t es ' to g e .
is'ett,iinv Git:: , , , fir. . i cu re any re.-e l l (of which we used. •t o hear ..
isomtAhing 111 old e r parties) nor have I titne • .
to :Tare Clore my detiess hete,,tb go abenethe
county on eirch err:mike em et) had I the dis . -- •
. , .
p•Js;tron, or v.-a; that requisite; whieh 1 trust
it is out. All I have to say thereilee, I,
laa,:t say is )hie leiblte manner, (for Which l
I .a , ~.t.k. ,el.,z,t, L.-t thi , laawf, , sto will be ex- L
i ett-riti.) IL : re:elm:di I ettleitit the matter to
you,those fellow - Gitieens : Aed t'- i who par-
ttc:pate in chooitnr d-degites to 'nominating '
1 Cote-1.141one: 1 witiild . sac; it is - 'for you Co . i
' see to it that a doe eepteesion is - given to
euur.prefete:nees. 'vithent env dictation •from
'ale, or ca.l'a:t iall'.lem:c frctu arse quarter. IC: •
the deleeetee :tech:teen :Lail believemrnorrt-
! in &den tO ler meet aeireptettilte - to the 'peopie . '
they ..e....r..L e tepee t Mee will be forthem to.
act-acteutdingly. -..11.1 I here d e clare. .ellet 1..
desire no delegate to vote - ter me if the!re-. -.-
1 verse ba the va , ki. Any othzr course than
the one here ind:Cated weehl e retider the dele - -.
I gen. sy.teui a mere ineekerte4iiitth.tieuet;in- - -
evitebly tio'repudiated, as l'i Oat: - been befOre,
when-1 p a rties become corruptis; i ; long indnl-:
gence ie pewee, Yor would I invoke- tiny, - '
supposed relventage from the. fact, that the •
party in which I :tan classed h a s hecosne,the
1 majo:lty in this county. In other .w Is, if I . .
I have nut mertted a re' ; electiorl by ' a faithful - -
persomil atterition to my. . dud ~., will :not .!
ttek it On tiny'increl,f.litica ~r ount'.• .I , • '•
-, .-7 ,9Y.te\- -
es' poteitt that de s leet - tee near tie. • 1
tiev i s t O i ;; It o:4 1) •:1 , O...1: , y;
1. 1. ,! , is o ": 1 1 ,, l
t s; l iy jct et t l i t i t e t
i m iv r p
e 84.:t n i s o iO
n ti o A f
~I r,
a CM - Ivo:dm. Although nil . / :platform is a
little older than the pre:seal" Republican" or- . ;
ganu a ti_on in this county, I -calcsi Ate _tts pey ,
all due delerence to the Wishes o my. friend's •:----
an,f 1 . ..:11pw-citiz, - ,ms in - whateve
. way -they
may clitae•e to make . - ;hem Inattiftst- I de- .
Si Lt l i ' nl.i Liia to ./Vg Ater to: presulturely
pledge tilyeelf to uneantlitional submission to •
thit setup of any, Ce.nvention beforeliandee-
Or if Such a fairly cell:lite - tea bo - le o f d e t e .-•
. -
'- e ti t . :l ' i r t t r i ' , l s ft % t:t l i :\k i y e t t i i t, :t e rl i o i : l r , l '
e t e r :r: l s i t l e p ( l ' er l i . e l ) ' , , f i ,
i . n t i l l e ce fv fo r P ;t i l l ' i n ' i l S e l a l' .
t - Alice,-e l e l ,: , -
tire fem. the'lleld. . • . •-. ) - : • -.-
' Vcry reepeef - fally, year obedient. Servant - , - :
- .
.. Jeetes W. CHAPMAN.
. S .
1. , ..,5,, L wo.thl muss Teepee...fully invite any.
of ri.401/ls and fellow citizens from all;
erert- 4 . oler:eerily who roar come in town,
.; eatmot leave my. post, of duty to go and ;
see them) to-citti on me and - advise • me of- -
their yiew se 'w Nether fur or -against Ilice.eourse.
I ant talon:;.- " - The atrocious c rime" of re- -
siding in N . Fontrose, is one " I can neither un
deitake to palliate or slenr-," sieve Providence,
has ett•st my lot here for the present.• lint I
elesire , to do rite next best thing I can to liv 7 .-_,
i q u ,'":.?`,,, m i,"'h lg e!'i i : l t l it i- :: i . a r t t 't ! e n r ° , il f.h p i:r — i c , q e, il i g ik l e n a reo l i d d. C . •,.. _
:Ti , l k l .) ' ii ' t s s, ti ;v il h ' i l : assume In d : t t .o he -t , l d iy ie. . " :' l l ). lo s't - t ; ; s 1 h ) ;:l e l
who shall net Ie cattilidatCs for the several::
offices. -
.. . . .• .. . 'LW; W.O.
Of PACKCIt TO JUDOr. %%Mica.
woli :tro , port, 27, 1 18.) 7 . ••
Ilem. L. Wain'''. •
• I /car Si: :—Yonr letter. or the inst.
v.-a, dal!: rec , ired, and t it:ptopos , c , 4 a plan
t;o• cot:dm:tin::: the itlictaintorial Catnrtia' n
which had notor to kicti :Adopted ill
Fentczyl% :111.1 n••: :he intere , :ts c.f other
candidates \yene involved in the re-ailt, I did
not t:•cl at liberty to accede to :fuer pv1)(14-
(ton v.ithout titst co:1 , 1:1021.r the ::ate (Jam
inittp , to V. hich the lhatorwlatie Coat ention
~n it, part specially contlled the euutrol
and tnanav,'ctnent of 'the Cattva,:'.
Vt , ll teeidve herewith n eop s y of tnv
letter to - tlie Cottonittee,.n. al.o their reply
!iv wl4ll veil will perceive tloit your sug
geii.tion;does meet their Br iooral. nu t
re•i.onq stated nt length. I. ought no
to ac ee de to your proposition. there
Jere re-pectrolly declined. . -
I :tin, yours, tiolv.
It. will he ()b.ervc,l that P.Yrnimc,,
trur-tnitted Wilmot's IC•tter to the St•tte Ceti-
C o unni , te - e: tv .Almtn. nee.ottmx to 'the
12,3 1 .70 (4 4 our party, the tnaoa ! r..ntf.rat (4 - the
mace=s is rommitt... , .l. In - this tesr-et In
:le t!ii 3•Cir t was his duty to art as
the tstatnlitol 1.-4.‘ar<.r of a :*reat.. Consetutional
ino ty. the Comini t tee vet, forth .their - ohj-e
-lions to the p(11,0 , ..11 nwthn.l. of eomlneting
the i.anyass, and it tnm-t t e entiftecl- that
nut all thmn :17,3 f tsr.ilclr ir.a vai
i•l. have ri,)t ro .- oul fur fu-llier comm.-at
cin tiii-z.subjr.w.t.
Dc:rnot.ratic Ccrtin
Tht, eiiiiens a the County tf
S.ln., l Qt-h:".'r,:i are :,,inested to Mee: in their re-'
steett.e Dection Di-tiiets, at the. I,lace of
the 6ene.inl Electis,n , , - en tintdt(lay
13th t1;1 of Aug,ust 1657, and elect t%yo
1 , 4-leg:co in each I)jstriet' to the County
Cur.v:ivion fu be liolJen nt the Ceurt
in 1 01,:ntr..) , .e,
.:Thin.hiy the 17th .bty ot Au
go-4 nt l'elee+.: I'. \l.. fur the plli
vfir.didalcS* to be supported br
the tf the Coon'y fur the varloti,
‘.ofv--; to he .lterrsuitl7 Ekotion.
itli u-ct:rk , s 6f tbi: Dsttn
ociatie Parzy, the Sr.rtulin, committee, hay-
Itict. ifl Niotstr,) , :e 6ti the 1,511 it I, purfm
rrra to tirr call - of their Uhaitrarstr, nirpoirrted
fullo.wing 'Fow!isLip C:,uiu ‘Olo are
teTzc , !e,..! 110tice In theif •leFlfreetiVe
ut the I ).44,..!gaze ttikft..:titi.44, :tad at
all,l I.e.tve as the lioalti fol
thk: Eic;Oion of 1k.1,:71:(3.. •
A rai at Wcz•t, O.T. Cat pvv.;(.l.
P. 11. IY!x
—II. 111;1„J;lek , ,on Iluwrov, John
~l7i ~ ~
A I!. ,1:tcor:-t-DaN 13uffinn, John CI
t::: Jt. t~' t cr—~iuicuu Leu ,I:ruLtct\ `cif
M. Patch.
I:;u,,klvii-EQ.s l .:a Williams, I. 0. Mi
. •
- An-on TitEttir.
11. my It t .m os t..
—M. J. IT.-al neley, IT a 1 Ilvatb,
E. A. Kenny. •
Fo,ter, G. M. Dennison,
\\Warn Tyler.
Durnirtlf—Tho..r. P. Plrinnc.y, Ayres,
C. C.
Franklin"—Danl. L. North, J. L. lerrirnan,
C P. Me-senger.
forc , .t Lake-11. N. flrew.:iter, Grif
fi-.han. •
C. Sutton, N. Y. Lf:e.t. E.
Great fletidL-Clins. S. Gilbert, James
Brook:, 11-ekliow.
Gibsun—lt. Tuttle,
• Thirmony-L. Norton, Wm. Potter, Rich
ard Nlartin. •
Mu-fool—S. E. Carpenter, L. F. Farrer,
°via Follet..
Heriiek— Manson Tilden, Ziby I flea; S,
Turner; Gurtlon
. .
Je. , .up.—Jarnes Faurot, John Smith, Zenas
Smith. .
Llthrop—S. W. Tewk-bury, Daniel \\'oud.
E. S. Bromoi. .
Lenox—Arno, Carpenter,-\\Villiarn Hartley,
13, - J , j. Young.
1 -* _Liberty-- D. 0. 'Futrell, Willard Truesdell,
Jarob Chalker.
Mitileto%% n—N. Camp, C. D. Cobb,
sepli Tierney.
Nfontrose—C. D. Lathrop, J. a McCol
lum, ()liver Crane.
:hew Milford—D. McMillan, W. ILlyden,
Wither Watson.
04:lane—O.. Phelps,' M.- Slants, Ixt . i
-Rush—Josiah Ellis, James Logar4 Minor
Silver Lake—Michael . ,Mehan,Per Gaige,
Springville--4f. S. liandrick, Saru'lQuifek,
Dana Stark.. -
Susquehanna Depot—JOhn 13. Carling, S.
F. Smith, Wm. Neugent. - ' • •
• . ,
Thomson--Chester Stoddard,• D. NYtiglit
or, Thos. Stoddaid. --* •. • • •
- A. LATIiROP, Ckaien.
-IL J. Wrap, Seep.- • •-"
, ,?`
i is An.—The Si..
pilbli,rlC`i all pit,
It% Ik of the Supremo Court of
17:311, 3,!i1re , 5, ,, 1 to I'. S. .1 ttorner f";•.7:1f.:11
IVack. t tll,, enurt ;,ffix
vl, s'r.t. , nient in .3...,1g0
I)rounn , il:.l% rc: , l. l .rna . .ion is f:.1 -P,
0.0 l'f the re,! 4,1 tio.
Com:: llol:on.ilecl:oes tlic:n to be • all
in Lis osloay, and not one is 11)is,in:: 7
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agAit, l a c math: f , ,t• The st•ttion 1 now-1111. I
lake the oecqz.i , qi to r..MI it/ nee, I fre
o,;:e;:tly pro;ni,ed do when interrogated up
n the ••tthj..!et that I Lail again he a cry:di
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is•ter and ltevottler; if ou a future eow•ultation
of the popular nil: it. ah li appear to meet
your.apiu-oval. •
Duly grateful fur the marl: 4:l ' your gener
ous iu tesp.m.ling . to 'my t o ruble
tiller thus:to f•erve you three years ago, by
:••urpi ising a maiority, when, judging bozo all
pr e vioa, result, there ieetned Fwaree
A h of a drtat'e of StleCeS!^, my that
venturing upon the exPerim,mt, I have tried
to ae-ervti.. that coat tence to- au inkla,triodf:
attention to the involved, in whit 1
tru-t. Lim% e Inv I,:led , re to -te:::ord
your good deeds," in un itecep.ab'sa tn.arilti!r
a:: I k•inxi:i.; ex:w,rie7:::o how
uon.:11 better qualitied any oneis after aer vking
0::, in, (as Any one ao
o.:l:tinled itij the , Itilks of the
. ‘6ll test
;:t :y..) I dent it no propriety to thus otft:t
f,,r -14•-elt.'4:1'0:1.
is there anyliiitig, tArsni: - .• or unllecoming in
my . doing. so!: Is it out of plaee fora School
Te :cher, NAL, by h. : coming fonifiar '.‘ it'll the
dispositiote4 and capacities of you children
dui itio• one term. has imptoved hi; ability to
teach theta; profitably fhr another, t o off e r hi.,
~ : rvices again ? By so doing he chats no
door against the righ. of any one eke to ..t.,.k
-vOur employment.. Neither di. 1. 'Eyery (Pie
who aspire; to the station, lia. an evill right .
to solicit - your favor; nor '‘ill I attempt to
win it by dispartging the inerits . of 'other's.
.? Wit ybe proposed. , =
:gain: Sappose army
ring Company to irtVti enployed a Cheek or
Book-keeper fur a term of one, two, or three
years, till he had just got "pasted up," in alt
the ratnitiefitions of their busines, fathiliar
with 8 11 . th e ,ir li o ..ks any papers, and ever rea y
at his post to show tip the documents, an I
impart ally desired inforfnaziOn to any -stock
hobler ulio might come in , , If he was
in all other le-peets fitte:.l for station, and
tzave gclief al salisfaetion..wonlo tha,e 44?..1112;
int rOpeiel V in his offering to co oti:lfoe for au
other term t Would it be deemed relnishe,
or wise policy to di-miss him and employ - a
yaw liar:cl tvl
_tho lt.folis every tw o or three.
years, merely to vain salt flottle. if4cgirlarr
071 C term prilleiph.l Or Ironid it iu tiny uay
plomoto die intc.l..s! of ibe rvot to I (111 . e a
change facilely on the groutat o f &ntubl r-
to discinog-o the old Book-I:v.4lmq who had
just got seftled
_in a borne elo-e at band.
merely to -get a .new man every time from
home other or 11/ON:: remote part of the ecorrity,
ho would have to • incur the extra .extfense\
of pulling up stakes, moving.- and buying
,c - !1-
re-ting it place to live --or else of hiriv out 1
the lin.yi.resa to a . deputy' -
I. would make tlibc ammo neeinem illus; early
not only for the general reasolLof giving op
portunity-for mature delib e ration in the *elec.
tine Of candidates, . that all may. - know
thronzhout_ the county tOto. May be expected
to eotnellefare them, awl be prepared to give
exiitesiion to titeif pre fer - epee:in ranch:us:inner
as they . timy deenf
..,proper—but„ far: One O
tt o Birciat. reasono, to - correct otruserro-°
peoui Impressions 011:infoiu* linen ;
got nbrond in ittstne.qutitiqtl4 , ..; One : thit*,.. : t
Was elee*
would pot.tiferef*tin a g ain
tillacifot i(ttat . Ida, it ttibul ! c "seem only
. ,
lIIIPtGuJ Pall tied Ointment. - 7 -The exe
is tint more nece,sary Pin new settlements:
t kin %vomit-11'cl e!4, • which
cure midi ;Avidity. :itiillecocitify .
all;.opoDs s:.cunach. and • the
bow t dswhich l'araly:•e hiklu?,tcy iu unhealthy
il'as.,itg.threngli the absiirbentsin-
to the interi-or.organs,tl4s Ointment netts like
a Magic bakhin on. the iollatnet.l ami . irritat,
ed Tarts, while the Pill,; by their_ action ..on
the 1:11)1)(1, pe.ti!rittizq the efeitients of disease.
Caution should eweing. • that the
medicine is genutne • - No do 100 k 111111'.
ntwly for= !he•- . }:frater.•//kurLt which appe,ve •in
trttrYlietti of the hook .of '.directions..,. They • '
ate not genuine: unless Ilia. worth', 7 gollii!
way;_ New fork. and .Loulon,"001' -1m 'seen
i,n,seini-trauSpart.,nt letiers iu . 4.pieet
when held I.o_thellight:
Akreelible n,_legoltitibri of tbe
County - Agliculturid •Souiety, the• Executive
COminiC* tiropo!te to bold the AnnitalPlilw,
lug Match is some ?ne or the;Jawnsliito
wberieutHelentencmongement may be given.,
The'Conituittge s
eietild tberefnre incite too=
tMeabt:addreiserf to Alfred Ilald win, Montt*.
. Montrose, /tine 6i1,1851. -