The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, July 16, 1857, Image 4

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,17 1
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4? 1
timier:lgar-(1 hnvin? pitrehased th:±
:•;`,.vmour in. the firm of
(;:ec.. . • wc,artc Go, will hereafter
• Under the firni -, of
I , l‘ L A N b 1 N G
tficy -.4:11 lacbippytometheirold friends
a!!,1 shv,s :iizra stock. of Goods of a su
• ru 1,1 g, wns-and Ginf, , lzams, a choice
als•Jrtulent and cheap at
A T.V.711, re 21.* , : ic.,:rtrazeir,t
Itter at all priees t at
0717ii1T Eotilict 711)03tg and
Tritn.,:_sit:gv, C; , ..ed and nit,hionable
,v , ,sortalrllt: at & BLAxIYING's.
CIVOCnEI7I.7. of the LatePt railer-17s ,Ind
a full a , 4Aortnient of all kinds of Glass
Q PEAR, aul Jaclton's Saws and Riley
Li Cams Vile:4 3 -01e beg Ilrands in use, at
Cuffs. & BLANDtzm's.
Itarr , tr.l, :173y 12111,1651. •
0, Yes: Of Coarse:
LI, who wi,h to buy tocucsarui sTATlonulr
c%irtif,ll eat! nt the Montrose 11-04 k
Store,'; in the Post Office, where they eau g 0
geed tittkides; nt 'n fair pi :T.
JUS 7' RECE! V" ED !
A .Nrs.w . 1. , ,fr or sr,:zool.' uoiis—Town's and
We serp-s iteaders, &.c. %Vat - De
ments of Mora! S.:jetwe—eight dirercnt sizes.
NVebster's I)ietionarics,' at reduce::
choice lot of .ffresli Garde::
Seed, , , raised and put tip by - the Shakers' of
New Lebanon. A. N LULLARD.
Montrose, Pa., May 13th, 1857..
TUNE-- , Top (Ape% the Weasel."
. i
liallo, stranger, stop a minute— • i
Acre's a store, just drop in it, ! • i
And view with wonderful surp r i s e ~ -
The Buclis and Toysqliat meet your eyes—
At Builard's. - 1
I tyke. 13!y01.,:s nri p.tper, just the b, Et ,
Tim 6 you win E.:A r Wew I;
Irany of m frienls shouLi dnitbt it,
Call in, I till (lise minds about it—
At, Builard's
r. •
Pint. .13.1(.1;f. 1 1 c.r.. ^T.O Pr per tki;
Ali kinds id Childrco's Books. nud new;
In short;'hore every:fling. you'll find
lo the ni.)•ci:: and STATIO2iI::.I* line—
AL Mallard
corar , ccnln one, corm , :01,
Ce:nt‘ ti DO r, rz•t.sat. aLd
And I wiiirsell you
.13milis s'o cheap,
I knot: I SLali you: cto . •
• • At Bullard's:
iliontrc,se, , 1537.
. ,
- -1. - ` 4. ... • - 41
I 4 ,1
Ai i,,c k
4ri i TAT -4474,,
• , ~..t..u.-_.:1.12,1. .
AVIYtS h.11:-. 4 . of scliing mit car store with
11. - .. k. its cements, we nie ::_rain in the inar:;et
with `yea' Goods seiiing• for Cr,h - only, f,r is 5::: , ..
th.trienn be fourol in Bw-fp:chant:a C,,unty. \\Jr
are dt:ti.rmi:w I to scd! goods Loy: nottvl;l : s..amlir g
the railina {our up•to•vn neighbors. So friLnd,,
nne,nn , i, nli, c..,rne nna buy where you era' buy
the elien7iPst. Voar rumors slv{ , 4l is as 0% 90 (1 for
yo.ii as fur tlict:ie yoii hare i9:11(111-e, lit-N - 1(4 , 4 - e.
Lt. Di 4 .YER. & ,CO.
.April 2,9. th. I S 3 -7. _ . .
crsollo I .1 7 .-1
t 4 V V ,CS
111 e 1-4*
--- l'i,r , ' - -' ---
H. J. IV. PI'S
.11/02v - TRPSE; APRIL, 20t7c 1557
~1. . 1 ?- 7 El IV DA 1 L '.i.. 1.. .''. :. i: il: r sr.:4_c - 4E3?. - ::
...4,--1. V-1' ..,
i 7-. ----•-----,.. ..... F.› ,_____
' • 0
• ..,,....:,,...-.;•-•,•,_,:!:..,:-.. -•-.. 77 .- >"1": - --- -- -7---;-..# 13
'',,:;';'.--- %::: -- 7`;', ,- .1,':- ."4,"7-: 7 ~4.- -----4 ': ±.-7 .6 .. : v. -' i• AL* -
:' , .: . . - c,:, , ..',....,..., - . 4 : ., , ::::.7'.'.....) ;‘,. ..c .. , ; .„ „ ::,••• 4.-
raVm...... ti.t.i.....r.,,04r.-.. -- ,....- - .. , -, 4...r,.. - 7.
From Sprir;;;;.-;11-.2 to Dcpa !
CI, N tile rid. IJackatranna. & Western It. It..
'I.I via:Niven and l'; t 2 reevi lie ; connecting with
r ; I:l4iily Line to Carllomiale.
Li.-rse Springville every morning (except Sun
daes) at t: iri'elork; arrive at Tunkliannock Sta
tion in tillie . for the Morning Trains going Bait
and Wept.
.Leave Ttinkhnr.noel: Stgtion nn the arrival
of the Trains Ilastr. trni ‘Ve. , .,.t and nrrive.nt .
Springville the same ever,i - :.g.
Now and Commodious Stages, and Excellent
Horses, are in. use Ripon this Litie, with Careful
Drivers. . .
GET)R.G.€ WILSON, Proprietor.
N. D.' Ilores. nazi rarria . es ntwny.., in .rendi=
neßs to conve, pass'ehscis from SprirgAllle to
any point
June sth. 1837
Land Warrant Lost !
\ • -
have received itiformation from the Pension
Department at. Washington, informing
that Military Bounty Land Warrant, : No, 65,-
903, i!.sned on the 1311 i dai of April, 1855, to
John Baldwin, tSerg:iant in Capt. Camps Compa;
ny, Pa., Militia, tvas forwarded to me at Mon
trose about that tiroc;. Now, as paid' warrant
has,never been revieved by me, and has been lost.
Cr' miscarried by the mails, I
: hereby caution
t.he - publie against pa i rehasing said • warrant. as
any as-slgnruent theroof is fraudulent and void,
and I have entered a Caveat a7ainst the issue of
any Patent foric4:o, upon ‘vhicleitmay he ler:I
-li:A, and have'also applied for another warrant
in favor of the said John Baldwin.
Daa?ors in Fish .and Provisions;
lave consinntly unhand an assortment of
Mackerel, Shad, Herrings. Codfibh,
Beef, Pork, Lard, Shoulders,
\ _llama, Sides, Cheese Rice,
is .fating, up big mackiinery 1
`1 to nceommodate his customers with! worit. l
to snit the spirmir.t! arid knitting
_notice,....,.Tl.iunjifol'for past fayors he hopes by
strict attention Sci„ .. k..tLciness to merit a she of
patrorint'e.- A. 0. REYNOL.OI3.
Wrist fifookiyri;June lat, 1857.
Q UN DAY SCifOOESfurriiiiied IritilLibarries
k: - .) of digererit .sizes st Neil- York . r.tail prices.
Call. at. - .the
.Pest ()Clue. .
May 7th, 1856. • . . •.
:ia. - Entmll
e4o Stoes at KENVON'6.
B LACKI43ILKS,, 4 -tlow Orimt n•
•C: , nt.
Impo•• •
rtant- Discovery.
CONSUAIPTION; end all diseaitea of the
LUNGtitnaII'IIROAT aro pottiti!ioly; curable
by INIIALATIQN,. which conveys thp_remedies
to the'oititie . s in tlifiJungs through the air patio
gcs, - arl emnlngiridirect contact with the disease the tubercular mntter,allaya thorough
causes a free and .easy expectoration, boobs- the
lungs. purifies the tdood,imparts renewed vitality
to the nervous system, tivi4lii= 4ltat energy so
indiTensable for the restoration of the health.
To be able to state4sinfidently that Consumption
is curable by Inhalation, is to me a source ulna
alloyed pleasure.. It is as much under the control
of medical treatment as ray other formidable
east; na c ot of Int) eases can be eared in the Ist
.tens, and . so pr et. in the : brit in the 3rd
stae . e It is impossible to save more than 5 pr et.,
fur t h e lungs are so cu t up by the disease ns 'to
Lid defiance to medical skill. Even, however, in
the last stages, IMIALATION affords relief to
the snffering attending this fearful scourge, wl i:h
annually destroys 95,000 persons in theU.S.alone;
and a correct calculation shows that of the present
population of the earth, 80,000,000 arc destined
to fill the consumptive's 'graves. •
: Ttul: the (ph:yr of deans has no arrow so fa.
to ah Consumption. In allitges it has been the
treat enemy of life, for it spares neither age nor
sex, bussweeps Off alike'the brave the beau z:ful,
graceful and.gifted. By the help of the Su
prone Thing From whom cemeth every good 'and '
perfect mu enabled to offer to the afflicted
a perMancnt and speedy cure In Consumption.
The first cause of tubercles is from impure blood,
and the immediate effect produced by their dep
esitioa in the lungs is to prevent the free admis
sion of air into the air eel Is,which causesa weak
ened vitality thrii the entire system ; Then sure
ly it is more rational to expect greater good from
medicines entering the cavities of the lungs than
from those administered through the stomach ;
the patient will always find the lungs free and
the breathing easy, after inhaling the-remedies.
Thus. Inhalation is a local remedy, nevertheless
it nets ebnstitutionally,nnd with more power and
certainty than remedies administered through the
strunach. To prove the _ powerful and direct
influence of this mode of administration, ehloro
: form inhaled will entirely destiny sensibility in
a few minutes, paralyzing the entire nervous sya
tern. so that a limb may be amputated without
the siisidest, pain; inhaling the ordhiary burning
gal Will destroy life in a f7iw hours.
Th.{ inhalation of ammonia will arouse the sys.
tem when faiatir.g or apparently dead. The od.
or of ms;_; of the medicines is pereeptiblina the
shin a few inii,utes after being inhaled, and may
bo mined idely den eted in the blood. A convin
:.iiro- frog` of the constitutional effects of inhala
tion.,is the fact that sickness is 'always produced
by breathing foul air—liner this positive evidence
that proper remedies, carefully prepared and Liu
diciously administered through the lungs should
Produce the h Ippiest result' During IS years
practice, in:ny thousands suffering from diseases
of the lungs
. and throat, have been under my care
a nd I have ?ffected Mane remarkable cures, even
:ffter the suff-rcrs had been pronounced in the
staze's, which fully satisfies too that Con
sumption is no longer a fatal disease. My treat
ment of Consumption is original, and founded
on long experience and a thorough investigation.
My perfect acquaintance with the nature of tu.
bereles, etc., enables me to distinguish, readily,
the various forms of disease that simulate Con
sumption, and apply the prener remedies, rarely
- helms - mistaken even iP a single ease. This fam
iliarity, in connection With certain Pathological
and inicrocopic di-cures ies, enables me to relieee
the lungs from the sfrects of contracted chests,
to enlarge the eKnit, purify the blood, impart to
it renewed vitality, giving energy and tone to the
.'entire system.
with full directions scut to any part
of the United St3 l .csand Canatia4, by patients
cararaunie:.tina their symytoins by letter. But
the cure would be more certain, if the patient
ity me a which would give me nu
opflortunity to pxnmine the lung and t-nable me
tip prcscril,i. with much greater certainty, and
then 111,. (-tire cculd' be effected without mgsre.
ins tho no•!iin. G. W. GI:ALIAAL M. U.
(.),Evo, 1131 1-Y,llvrt ( old No.- 109, )
(vl l ri26v.
Of :11 ; the great, first cause,
SE ins; &i:n neglect of Nature's liiws
11"7,(..'n a CURE is Gvara7.b-cil in all stagcs rf
NECIZ ET DINEA NE, Suf A'nz:c, Nervous
1),/n7 il l! . :Si rio i;,,- N , - - - C,;(;,-..'!.., Gravel, Diatc'es,
I)i,:cl , s ,, fd.'u. icitine , ;s and 11:11:ler,- Mer,!nrial
,tll.lieumatism,.Serofula, Pains in the Thmes and
Ancles. Dis-oses of the Ur -1,T., Throat, Nose and
Eves, Ulcers upon the Body or Urnb., Cancurs.
Dropsy, I.'4l:The Fit., St. Vita's D.,nee, and all
di,,,, : ,,,,.,,,, a s i l taz from a d:trangement.of the Sex
ual Orgms : Such as 'Nervous Trembling.; I.,ss
of Power, General Weaknes., Dimness of Vis";on
with pl•uliar f• pot,: ap7)earin , r b, fore the eyes,
LoZs of Si , tt, ‘Vakt.faluess, Dyspepsia, Liver
Diseas; , , Eruptions linen the 're2e, P.iin in the
1 back and head, Fernaie Irregularities and all ;tn.
[upper disAar , res from both sexes. I matters
not from what eause the disease origin.. ed, hoW
ever hag stanliug or obstinate the cope, nr.-cov.
Env is ennTA.tx, and in a shorter time than a',
permanent cure effected by any other
treatinei.f, 6 : en after the disease has boillA the
z•kiil of ernine - :t physicians and resisted oil their
menus r,f en r , % The mdicines arepletsaat with
out 7,x; er, ea u&r,g; Lo &1:kr:C.35 1 / 2 and free from
mereury.or balsam. During 2,0 years of practice
I have rescvd from the jaws of Death many then
sands, who in the last stages of the above men
tioned diseases had been ziven up to die by their
ph) sieians, which warrants Me in promising to
the griiet t il, alto place themselves under my
,are, a perfect and most speedy cure. Secret dis
eases are the greatest
.enemies to health, as
titer are the cause of Consurnption,Scrofula,
and many other diseases, and might to be a terror
to the human family. As a permanent cure is
I scarcely ever eflec ed, a tosjority,of the cases fal
ling into the hands of incompetent persons, who
not wily fail to cure, the diteaies, but ruin the
eonstitution, titling the system with mercury,
which, with the disease, hastens the sufferer into
a rapid c 11^1.1111k ion. . -...
Ent si,ould the disease and the, treatment not
cattne ,1 , -,tl, si.eedily, and the victim. marries, the
diseac , is er.loili..(l upon the children, who are
'born with feel,le - constitution4nd the current of
life cortupted by a virus which betrays itself in
Scrofula, Tetter, Ulcers, Eruptions, and carrel
fections of the shin,-Eyes, Throat nnd Lungs, en
tailing upon Ahern a brief existence of suffering
and consigning them to an early grave.
-SEE, V 2;aIaTSE. is another formidable ere
my to health, for nothing else in the dread rata-1
logue of - human diseases so destructive a
drain upon the system,drawing, its thousands of
victims: through a few years of, suffering down to
an untimely grave. It destroys the Nervous sys
tem, rapidly wastes sway the energies of life,
causcs mental derangement, prevents the proper
development of the system, disqualifies for mar
ringe, society, business, and all earthly happines-,
and beeves the sufferer wrecked in body and mind,
predisposed - to consumption and a train of evils
more to I.,c,dre:..deAthan death itself: With the
1 forest'confidence Inssure the unfortunate vie
thus of 'Self A base that a pertiraueut and
! speedy Care can be effected, and with the atm
i. doninent of ruinous Trochees my patients can be
t restored to robust, vigorous health. .
The alliictr-d are cautioned against the use of
; P a t e nt lledi e lnes, rot there are so many in,gen.
ions suares in- the columns of-the public prints to
catch end rob-the unwarysufferers,that raillons
have their constitutions ruined by the vile com
pounds oignack doctors, or the equally poison
cats nostrums vended as Patent Medicines?' I
have carefully analyzed many of the so called
Patent Medicines and find that nearly all of them
contain Corrosive Sublimate, which is one of the
strongest preparations . of mercury and a deadly
poison; which instead of curing disease disables
the system for life.- -
Three-fourths of 'the patent nostrums now in
use are put 141' by unprincipled and • ignorant
persons; who dii not .understand even the alpha, -
het of the In4rita. - vtedirxr, and .are equally as
destituto ,ofaniv knowledge of tho - human system,
having one object; only'in view, and that to make
money. regardless of consequences. -
Irregularities and all diseases'of males and fe
males treated on principles established by 20
years of pritetice. and sanctioned by thousands of
the most . remark-ible tures.," Medicines- sent to
any part of-the United .States or Canadas, by pi
tiepin communicating, theirsymptoms - htletter.
Iln Hill 061 i:: eertspondence .fftrictly• confidential..,
Address,- -J.- - SUJIMERYILLE, if.- D.'
Office N 0.113 - Filbett'sL (old N 0.109
1,,,, - ,- 1 2t1i. hit, ?i,.::,,, , ffiA, Ps. 127 v.
Sancta an Dtttauir's
North I Vest Cor. of Skond and Walnut-st ~ Phi le:
jrIAPITAL, Ono Million Two Hundred and
Thousaiid . Dollars. ASSETTS,
.$523,037 07, Invested in Bonds, Horizons and
Good Securities.
Exhibits the the Business and Condition of
.the entipany; to November Ist, 185'3.
Premium received on Marine and
Inland. Risks, to Nov. Ist. 1856, 821 , 1,684 GO
Firu Premiums, 169,736 61
Interest on. Loans, 8,704 47
Totsl Receipts, - -- • - 8100,185 G•S
Paid Marine Losses, - $64,427 04
Paid Fire do. . - 39,737 89
Expenses. Salaries and • .
Commissions., - 45,489 00
Reinsurance, Return •
Premiums & Ag'en
cy Charges, - - 27,474 GS
• GI
Balance remaining with - C0.,8223,057 1;7
Philadelphia City and.
County Bonds, - $16,848 18)
Railroad Bonds, - - 11,000 00 cost prices
First Mortages, Real
Estate, - 144500 00)
Stock s,Gollateials, on
Call, ..... 32,400 00
Girard and Consolida
tion. Bank Stork, .
Deposits with DUCOTI,
Sherman & Co.,New
York, 30,000 00
Deferred Payments on
Stork not yet due, 07,700 00
Notes for Marine Pre.
. miures, - 103,030 00
Due from-Agents, se.
cured by Bonds, -. 35,376 18
Premiums on Policies
recently issued, and
debts due the Co., 26,470 38
&dance in Bank, - 16,456 '74
This Company Insures Buildings, Merchandi
arid Stock, from $lOO to $5,000, at the Lot-eat
Rates consistent with Security, and upon the
most Liberal Terms, and make PROMPT Par.
.EN upon the adjustment of Losses under Poli
cies issued by then,.
.The Board of Directors have this day declared
a- dividend of 15 per cent„ payable on demand,
upon the business of the Company, to the
Hon. THOMAS 3. FLORENCE, Presitlciit
EDW A R It. I f MANI BOLD, Srcreary
Philadelphia, November I ith 185.6.
52y I p ibp.l of Now Milford, Pa., Agent
Q !It forgr 61nbi(ttb.
Who has had 10 years experience as. a
.11.1uker and publisher, and author of
.1-serios rf Let-lures al the Broadway rah
yrnaele when for 10 successive nights, over
ti Fr 50,000 People_Cf
Greeted him with Rounds of AppinnsP.
while he exhibited the manner in uhici
Counterfeiters execute their Frani.; and
;theSurest and Shortest Means of Detecting
Bank Note Engraicrs all say that he is
grerte.ll Jud4T r f Paper None!! liring,
ent Century for
• i ßetecting Counte,rfeit Bank
Notes , .
\ •
,De.eriLinEr, Every Genuine in Eni.tenr;.,
and nt a !ilance every.
- Counterfeit in
an-zed so 3di71r.11.4, that itErEr,Escr,
.= ''.7:o" Nu 1./thix to examine! ' No p•IL , o t(:
hunt up. 13-0 so sim?ly arrAn4.!tt. ti,a;
5... * the ' 5l el chant. Ilanke r trid Business Man can
.a' ;
-.N. •,,,ee all at a Glance.
\ _,N)
.'; . -- .
. i • Engli4ll, trench and German.
i'fim< Each may rend the came in his own
Native Tongue.
'.3./pmt Perfect - Ma. ~Vote.', Li t Publl,l;:d.
Also a List ef
Ail the Priratc Bankers in -linericn.
A Complete Summary of the FINANCE or
:Eynon: a•c-n AMERICA will he published
each edition, together with all the 1;n
port.tnt NEWS of THE DAY: Also Es.; ns
;From an Old Manuscript found in the East.
i - Slt furnishes the Most Complete History of
?describing the Most Perplexing. Positions
~inwhich the Ladies and Gentlemen of that
tasy ( Country have been found. These Stories
swill continue throughout the whole year,
and wilT prove the Most Entertaining ever
\ 4 l \ 'offered to the Public,
al — Furnished Weekly to Subscribers
only, at $1 a year. All letters must be ad.
JOHN'S. DYE, Broker,
Publish* and Proprietor, 70 Wall- t, N. Y.
• 18yl.
...4.1. rplIE subscriber is now re
- ie.' • 'JL ceiving his Spring stock
4 a' - 444 of Goods to which he would
N :.•• .0•• lit invite the attention of his
''' • ''. - •,,' friends.
Among his goods
6 ( g. s'-' .: _;* May. be
found a very largc asl
' . sortment of Gold and Silver
Watches of ever variety comprising 18 differ
ent styles of his own importation, and a large
lot of Levers, Anchors, andLepines of different
makers, Gold Cha'ns, Seals Keys, all the new
patterns of Ear Rings, Breastpins, and Finger
Rings, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold and Silver Thim
bles, and Spectacles. " A full stock of Silver
Spoons, forks, Napkin Rings, Buttec and fruit
knives. Plated' Table knives, forks,. Castors,
Cake baskets, Candlesticks, &.c._ Cutlery, nee-
Ales, Shell combs, Gold pens and .penci ls, Bass
Viol, Violin.and Guitar - Strings. Gold Sleeve
buttons, and studs, sewing birds,&c, &c., all of
which Will be soldtt the lowest cash prices, at
the old stand of .
No. 2 Odd Fellow's Hall.
Binghamton, March. 2.lth, 1856. 13
Salt! salty. , Salt!!!
TBE subscriber begs' leave to inform his
friends and the public that he has taken the
Store No. 201 Washington street, (ditt op
posite Washington Market,) lately occupie d . by
Volney Elliot, and is now prepared to offer for
sale on the most liberal terms FOR cull, all
kinds'of Foreign - Coarse, and Fine Salt, from
vessel, or store,' either in
s ucks or bulk, or put
up in small bags to order.'
Dealers will be furnished with their names
printed on the bags woen ordering a thousand
or more. Persons from a distanie ordering by
mail can depend upon having their orders
promptly filled at the Lotm-r Bid/MET PRICES.
New York, March Ist, 1857. 1071.
P • •
111 0 I 11 ft It •
ERSONS desirous of paying me money, on
debt of any description, can do so by leav
ing their payment with Post, Cooper & Co.,
Eankers Montrose, to my credit, whose receipts,
will be allowed from their . date. • -
- April 18th, 1856. t Aug,' 1. 'r 1. •
Dairymen Tike Notide.
HAWLEY. & GUILD have constantly on
14nd awl have made to order Churns, Fir e
kins. Return Pails - Ind Butter Tubs of the best
filnlity. Vil , F./)n. April 2.,q111, 1R57.
5,225 00
$523,057 07
Patent Medicines, &c,
GRASHENDETIG Mcnictsr.s..—Vegetable Pills
Green Mountain Ointment, Sarsaparila
Compound, Children's Pnnacea, Eye Lotion, Fe.
ver and Ague Remedy, Health Bitters, Dysen.
tary Syrup, •Consumptive's Balm, Marz,hall's
Uterine, Catholicon, Dr. Libby's Pile Ointment,
and Manual of Health:
'Ayres Pills and Cherry Pectorial, Tanner's
German Ointment, Trask's Magnetic Ointment,
fiollowat's Ointment and Pills, Davis' Pain
Killer, Pr. Pitch's heart Corrector, Bennett's
Root and Plant Pills, Soule's Sovereign Balm,
Wright's Italian Vegetable Pills, Rhode's Fever
encl. Augue Cure, Merchant's Gargling OH, Arni.
ca Litivament, 'Camphor, Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Aloes, Picera, Myrrh, Licorice, &c, .4Sze-
A new supyly just received, to be kept constant
ly on hand, for sale by I. N. BULLARD.
October, Ist, 185 G.
F A R'M E R Si -
$l5 will puieh'ase ono of tho best
Ever Invcnted.
rpllF. tindersizned is now prepared to furnish
to FARNIERS, Millers and others the world
renowned Excelsior Corn Sheller—the wonder
of the times—being, the best, most durable, and
easiest Funning Sheller now in use. %I wanted
to shell more corn in a - shorter Space of time,
than any other machine, entirely cleaning the
car, from end to end, without crushing either
corn or cob.
The Machines are constructed with two
cranks, and putty for a belt, so that two persons
can turn them, or attach a belt in motion by
any power.. The attention of persons owning
mills, is solteited, as the Machines are wonder
fully adapted to any kind of power. They are
very easily turned, and when once in motion a
small boy can turn then]; they arc capable of
shell:nf , one bushel per minute—every Farmer
should ,have one—as they save their coati_ in
les than one seasons.
They are on exhibition at Searle's Hotel,
Sayre's Foundry, Ely's Mill in Bropklyn, and
at Lathrop's Lake Mills, where they can be seen
in operation at ary time. An orders addresSed
to the undersigned, will receive prompt atten:
tion. Machines shipped at a distance and war
ranted to operate.. D. D. SEARLE.
Al Searle's Lktel
Montrose, December, 11th, 1856.
THIS is to certify, that I have examined and
used one of the above Shellers, for sale by D.
D. SZAI: tr, and unhesitatingly pronounce it, one
of the best, most durable and easiest running
Shellers ever introdnceti into this county: It
will shell more corn in a shorter time than any
other llachne, and is always ready for service.
I n:ost heartily and freely recommend them to
tlo. Partners of Soscfa County, as th e c h ea p es t
and best Sheller, now : use. I have one in
operation in my mill in. Dimnek, which needs
only to be seen to recommend itself. Call and
see it. AMMI. ELY.
Bzuoklyn, DecemLer 11th, 18b6. fatf.
Susquehanna County.
Tn. the undersigned, propose to publish n
map of Susquehanna county, (if sufficient
encouragement be given.)
. said map showing all
the Roads, with their n,files—all Strumns in
their proper places—together with nil I.nkes,.
and PiThd.:, with their names, showing their to•
cation size nhd shape. The names of property
holders nre to be inserted in their propm
es =it will also show the location of all Church.
ea. School Houses, Hotels, Stores, Mills of all.
kind. aim) a eorrect .Tablo of Distances from
one Post office to another throughout the
County. map is to Le on a scale of an
inch nod one eighth to the mile, cm/ Mill be de;
liyered tip Sr,hicribers, colored nod. mounted at
the e.xecedingly ; low price of $5,00 per copy;
Nog. 1 i & 19, Maine st.,
TT AviNG juqreturued from New York. With
I a eompkte ussoinntlit. of goods for the
:.-zprizo , Trade consisting. in part as folimi.s, viz:
Dry Goods, Groceric.i, Crockery,
laardwar c, Clem): & Shoes,
Cocks, Losililm; Glasses,
Umbrellas.'Wall Pa.
per, Ladies' son
, Zizr.
A .flne stork of PA iVA MA, STRA W, and
1 1-LE.AP 11,1 TS. :lad many other arti
cles too nunieroes to - niention, would invite the
especial n ttemion of cash 'havers to an exami
nation of hi.: stock, ‘vliich will be. freely
to all. an.l soal as cheap as they seit go:4ls this
side of New York Thankful f(tr the patron.
3,,,e that has been bestowed upon him the -past
year, he hopes I.v constant attelition to the wants
of al!, o suit an who may call. Hoping that
rustemeis pot forget that a settlement
of aeconnts le tine me (nice a year. I ionialu
their servant, KENYON.
• Look and Read!
THE undersigned, Merchant at Dimock Four
Corners, has lately. discovered that for
ready pay he eansell morcGoods,and make more
money at one half the .usual profits put upon
Country Goods. ConseqUently I can sell Goods
from live to ten per cent. lower than any other
establishment in this section. But do not take
myword for it. Call and see for yourselves.
Bring a little Cash or some kind of Country
produce, and buy your Goods at a price-unpar
alleled in the history of Mercantile trade. l Aly
stock is large and well selected, and I am re
every week. My Terms of Sale are READY PAS.
It will certainly be for your interest to call'and
see one before purchasing,elsewl,cre.
Flour rd Salt kept constant hand.
Dimnck,Jan. 1311),
[SL - ccEson. TO A. & E. .BALDwrs.]
Manufaritarer al Saddles, Harnesses, and
Think and Carriage Trimmer,
11TOTAD invite all who are in want of any
T article ever kept at a Hamm shop to give
him a cal).
IlarnesSes made of the best Oak • Tanned
Leathers on short notice.
Ile has on band n good assortment of Carriage
Trimmings which he otters on the, most reason•
atle terms. Carriage Trimming done with neat
ness and dispatch.
Repairing done on short notice.
No. 1,2, and 4, Basement Searle's Hotel.
Montrose, Nov. 26th, 1856. p 49.
Keeps all• the Popular
TATBIO 9 ! .
Montrose, - Pa.
TNICKERMAN & GARRETT are giving es
pecial attention to the improvement con
templated in this county. the ensuing season, -
and now offer a helping hand, by keepirg eon.
stantly for sale a large quantity of Window Sash
and Glass, Blinds. Door, Nails, Paints and Oils,
and a complete assortment of Builder's Hard
Ware, &c. Those going to put up houses is
the spring will find It for their interest to give
us a call. Wo can furnish everything you want,
and at the very lowest manotactutinc prices.
New- Milford. Feb. Bth, 1856.
Attention .Fanners!--Plow Points
almost every pattern and kind now in use;
also No. 2 it.l.lltatetiley Plows and Corn
Plows, maybe had at time of day andi until
-10 eelock at night, in exchange for Cash, Old
Iron, Grain, Egra. or any kind of Ready Pay, of
May Ist: 18561 1. N. BULLARD..
Invalids. Fathers, Brothers, Ph7sielins,
Philanthropists. read their =eels,
wad judge of their Virtues.
Headache, Sick liendicke t Fout StOrtitith.
?remota, Pl., May 1,1866.
J.C.ATta. Sir: I have been rcpcattlily cutrd of
the worst lien.lache any body can bare hy a date or two
of your MIA. It serum to arise frtmt a font stotnach, , which
they cleanse at once. If they will Cure pliers as they do
me, the fact is worth knowing.
- Your. with great reryve3, tD. PDEDLIC.
Co* of ASTortzma• Clarint.
Bilious Disorders and Liver Complainii4
Derisrstsrr or szts I:rrzoot,
WASCIN4TON, AC, i Feh., }-
FM: I have rued your l'lthefn my general and hospital
practice ever shire you mole then, and cannot hesitate to
sac ,1 hey are the beet cathartic we employ. Their regu
lating neticat en the lic'r in gnirk and decided. cons:spent
ly they are so admirable remedy for derangements of that .
organ. Indeed. I have seldom tonna a mos of balms air
tan so °luting.. that It did not readily yield to Mott.
Fraternally yome,, ALONZO lIALJ., M. D.,
rA v ech., of The Marine Hospital.
Dysentery, Rektx, and-Worms.
• POST. Orrin, lIARTWOrD, Lir.oo.;:litat., Nov.lB, 1855.
TM. Arent Your Nils are the peifeetion of medicine.
They hare dyne my wife more good than I can toll you.
Sim had been ai.k and pining emu for months. Went
off to be .1, trued at treat expense, but cot no better. She
then commenced taking Tour rills, which soon cured her,
he expelling lame quantities of worms (dead) from her
h%lr. They afterwards cnre,l her and cur two children
of t4ondy dyanntery. One of our neighbors had it had. and
my wife mired hint with two dm% of your rills, while
others around to raid from Are ttV twenty dollars doctors'
bills, and lust ntnch time. w lthnnt being cured entirely
even then. Such a medicine 53 yours, which la mil:may
good and hones; will he prized here.
GEO. J. GRIFFIN, rtatetarfer.
- - lodigeilition and Impurity of the Blood
Rom Rir. J. r: limits, lintor of Aim' Church, BosisiX.
Mt. Arra I have used your Pills with extraordinary
success in my family and among those I am eailed to visit
in distress. To regulate the organs of digestion and purify
the blood they are the very best remedy I have ever
Known, and I can contidently recommend them to my
friends. Tours, . J. Y. MMES.
Wanssw, Wroxmo Co. TR. Y.. Oct '24, 1955.
Di's ftm: I am using your Cathartic Pills in my pote
nce. and find them an excellent purgative to cleanse the
and purify the htuntains or the bleat.
Erysipelat Serofala, Eines Evil, Totter,
l'uinors,.and Salt Rheum;
Prmn a iElrartnaling . 3krchant of P. I.ottis, Feb. 4, 1868.
Pr.. Arta: Tour Tills are. the paragm of all that a
greed 14 medicine.. They'have coma n little daughter
of liken.= sores open her hands and feet that hid proved
incurable for years.. Her mother has heen long grkrons
ly attlkleil with blotchea and pimples on her elfin and In
her hair. After our child was cure.). she also tried your
PM!, and . they have cures! her. ASA MORGIUDGE.
Rheumatism. Neuralgia, and Cont.
Post the leer. Dr. Ilumtm of the Methodist Epis. C%urch.
PI - LASXI lltr a. SAVANNAH. Ga.. Jan. 6, IF4O.
Ilottositn Six: I should he LIIVTatf MI for the relief 3oni
skill has brought me I did not relsot my case to yon.
.! cold settled in my limns mot brombt on excruciating
neuralgic pritrts. which enitrol to clam& rliktunatism.
Notwithstanding I had the best of phselcians '
the Manse
grew wow and worse, until. by the a:lt ice of y finr exrel
lent agent in Italtimore. Hr.:Slacken:le. I tried
Their effects were slow, but min, li3 persevering in lb.
me of them I tan now entirely well. • - •
BaNars CIIAXIM, BATON Dora& Li., 6 Dee, VIM
Ds. ATLI': I Lace been entirely cured by your Pills of
Rheumatic Gout —• painful alseaoe flint had "filleted ms
for years. 'VINCENT SLIDELL.
For Dropsy, Plethora, or kindred Coma
plaints, requiring as active purge, they are an excel.
lent remedy.
For Costiveness or Constipation, and ai
a Dimmer Pill. tiny are agreeable •na effivtusl.
Fits, Suppression, Paralysis, Indarnma•
don, and even Deafness, Amid Partial Blind.
lamas, have been cured by the alterative action of these
Most of Me In market vintnin Memry, Vidal, al.
though a valuable reme,ly in skilful hands, is dankreinuS
in • puhlie pill, from the dreadful consequences that fen
quently follow its incautious tire. These contain no men
eury, or mineral outshines ahaterer.
ENZA, unascurris, 'WHOOPING
and ror the relief of consumptive patients In advanced
stage* of the diseace.
We need not speak to the public of Its vlrtnee.
Throughout every town. and idnowt eery hamlet of the
American Endre, its wonderful cures of pulmonary cont.
plaints have made it already known. Nay, few are the
Amara in any civilised country on this continent without
some personal experience of its effects and fewer yet the
communities any where which have not among them.
some living trophy of its 'victory over the euttle.and dam
germs dimities of the throat and lungs. While the
most powerful antidote yet known to man fur the form!.
dable and dangerous disewree of the pulmonary organs, it
Is also the plerwantest and safest remedy that can Le em
ployed for infants and young penwms. Parents should
base it in store against the insidious enemy that steals
triton them unprepared. , We ahundaut grounds' to
believe tho CISERRT PfititAL acres more lives by the con-
Buruptiona it prevents than those it ruree. Keep It by
you, and cure your colds while they are enrul4e, nor neg.
pert them until no human can muster the inclorattle
canker that, fastened on, the vitals, •enta your life away.
All know the dreadful fatality of lung disarders. "and as
they know too the virtues of this remedy. we need not do
more than to assure them it is still made the best it can
be. We spare to. cost. no care, to toil to produce it the
most perfect posaible.-and thus afford th.ole who rely on
it the best Kett: which our skill can furnish for their cure.
Practical wad Analytical Cbenliat, Lowell, XIS&
ABEL TUItRELL, Montrose,
And by Dealers in 31fiDICINES everywhere.
1114 1 ,31.0 VAL!
runE.undersi g ned having removed his . shop
1 from Public ..Itenue to MAIN STREET,
is about reee'ving a splendid assortment of _
Which he is prepared to cut and make to or
der, in a style that calm( t fail to "suit all who
may. favor him with their custom. l'hose wish
ing (lotto in a neat and durable man:
ner, will find it to their interest to .-give me a
call. .
.1. SA UTTER,TniIor.
Montrose, N0v.27,1856.-4911
SOl.ll proprietor of Johnson's highly approved
and improved smur and sCnEENING m.tcniNE,
Improved Iron Concave Bran Duster—the Pre
mium Machine for Millers. •
• Reside-nee: No. '.6-1 Queen-Bf., (18th Ward,)
addres4Keasim7t.on I'ost oth !e.
Shop: liaydock-st., below Front, Philadelphia.
Cocalico Mill Stones, Mill. Irons, Smutt Ma.
chines; Patent Mill Brush, PortaLle
Stretched Belting, Cetnt.nt and Screen - Wire,
Square .11(eshed Bolting Cloths..
Philadelphia, May 25th, 1857. 2.2-3 m
Panuflourets' ii,nsurance Cq.
Charter Perpetual. Gran ted by the State of
• Pennsylvania.
CAPITAL 8500.000.
Fire,'.7larine and Inland Trauspor-
tali on.
AARON S. LIPPINcorr, President.
• Wm. A. RUODES, Vice Pres't.
ALFRED WEEKS, Secretary.
Aaron S. Lipincott, Charles Wise, .
Wm. A. Rhodes, Alfred Weeks,
Wm. Thomas, J. Rinaldo Sank,
WM. Neal, John P. Simmons,
Charles J. Field, James P. Smith.
Office No. 10 Merchant's Exchange, Phil'a.
A. N. BULLARD, Agent, Montrose, Pa.
, 20v1.
Clover & Timothy Seed
FOR sale by
Now Milford, Maith 18,1857.
Ashton Sa lt
FOR Dairy and Table use, just received and
fur sale by the sank bushel or pound. 14
• 1. N. BULLARD.
June. nth. 185 f. • .
BEAUTIFUL stock of Ladies' fine Shoes,
and Childrens' Gaiiers and Parodis at _
SHAWLS from fit,oo to sio,oo at
TijillitßOßS.—Large Gilt From(d - Mirrors,
17JL foroole by ABEL TURRELL
GOLD -. and Silver Spectacles, a new. lot jest
received, comprising all ages. by •
Angast 18th; 1856.] . A, /...V'4 13 ! .-
jr ENNEDY,I3 Medical Discovery, tot sale
STAFTOftWEVOIirs Tai, - ae•
- ---~_ .
. %-New Rail Road Route. • .
Delaware,Lackawanan4c W.R.R.,
NEW and expeditions broad gnage routo
11 from the North and West, via-Great Bond
anct Scranton, and from thu _Lackawanna and.
Wyoming vAlleys,),directly through to Noir
York and Philadelphia.
Oa and after Thursday, June
.18th, 1857,
trains will be inn as: follows:
Cincinnati Ex. Train bound east on the N. Y.&
E. R. R., arrives at Gt. Bend at 6:12 a. and
the 'Mail Train at .9:25 a. tn. connecting with
the EXPRESS Train which leaves Gieat Bend
for New York and Philadelphia, at 9 30 a. m.
Due at nontrosti, ..- • • • 10 03 " .
Scranton,ll 40 . !` : -
Strotultibura, • ' ..' 1 58 p.m.
Delaware, 15tninutes to dine, 2 27 "
. Bridgeville, Phil. p.ass. leave 2 50, ",,
Junction,3 3 5, ~ .
Ne.w York, 4 15, "
Ptiiladelphia, 8 20 , 11 .
Pa_sungers from N. Y, Leave .
Pier No. tt, North River, at 7 30, a.m.
From Philalelphia, leave Wal-. • . .
nut se, Wharf, at 6 00 "
Leave Junction 10 '55, "
Duo at. Bridges:itle, Phil. connection;'ll 45,
Delaware, 15 Minutes to dine,lZ 00 m
Stroudsburg, 1 07,p.m.
Scranton, 3.4 E,"
Montrote; . - . 6 35,"
' - Great Bend. , 6 10,"
Connecting at Great Bend with the
Mail Train %Veit at
Scranton Accommodation , Train
!raves Scranton for Great Bend at 9 2 . 5 a.m
Arrive at Great Bend, 1 00 p. m
Connecting with the Steamboat Express east,
and Dunkirk - Express weat, on the N. Y. & E.
Rail Road.
Returning, leaves Great Bend at 4260, m
Ducat Scranton,B 20 "
Foi 11le accommodation of way travel on the
Southern J) vision, a passenaer ear will be at
tached to the Express Freight Trains,
ceriu at • - 600 a. in
Due at Str,,nd,burg at 11 35 "
" Junction at 4 =.13 45 p.m.
Returning, will - leave Junction at 400 a.m.
Due at Stroudsburg at 7 35 - "
" Scranton at 220 p. m.
. ..
l'assengers from New York will change cars
at Cla liVille.
. -
No and from Philadelphia, via B. D. R. R.,
leave or take cars at Bridgeville.
For Pittston, ICin , liiton, and Wilkesbarre,take
L. & B, K. R. cars at Scranton.
Fur Jessup.Archbald, and Carbondale, change
cars at Greenville. -
Tickets sold and . baggage checked between
all stations on connecting roads.
Passengers to and from Wilkesbarre, Wyo.:
ming, &e., via. Lockavranna & 810 ImsbUrg
Railroad, go through without any detention at
Scranton, as the trains on that road run in Con
nection with the express - trains on the D. L. &
W. R, R.
Tare from Kingston, Wyoming and Pittston
to.Philatlelphia. $4:59. From Kingston . to New
York, $4:85. Wyoming and Pittston to New
York $4:75..
Tickets sold, and ha ggaoe checked through.
•Wm.y. Juxt;s,Gen'l Ticket Agent.
THE Blood furnishes the material of every
bone, muscle, ~l and and fibre in the hu
msn frame. NVhen pure, it secures health to ev
ery Organ.; when corrupt, it neeessiirily produces!
disease.- HOLLOWAY'S PILLS operate directs:
ly upon the elements of the stream of life; neu
tralizing the priucipla of disease, and thus rad!.
cally curing the malady, whether located in the
nerveS,the stomach,.the liver, the bowelr, the
muscles, the skin, the' brain, or acs other part of
the system.
Used Throughout the World?
• HOLLOWAY'S PILLS are equafly efficacious
in complaints common to the whole human race
and itt disorders peculiar to certain climates and
localitias. -
- .
Dyspepsia and derangement of the liver. the
source of infirmity, and suffering, and the cease of
innumerable deaths, yield to these curatives, in all
cases, however aggravated,actiUg as ri mild Intr...
gative; alterative and tonic; tfry relieve the
bowels, purify the fluids. and invligorate the sys
tem and the constitution at the same time.
General IFeaknes . .lL-11rervozis Complaints.
When all stimulants fail, the renovating and
bracing'prope.rties of these Pills give cirmneps to
the shaking noires and enfeebled muscles of the
victim of general debility.
. All irregularities and aliments incident to the
delicate and sensitive organs
_of the sex are re
moved or a few doses of these mild,
but infallible alteratives.. No mother who re
gards her own or bee children's health should full
to have them within her reach.. •
The London 4. Lancet," the LondOn 4 , Medical
Review'-' and'the most eininent of the faculty in
Great Britain, France and Germany, have eulo
gized the Pilltand their inventor.
Holloway's Pills are the best remedy k noten
in the world for the following diseases
Indigestion • •
Inward Weakness
Inflammation ,/
Bowel Complaints
Chest Diseases Liver Complaints
Debility Lowness of Spirits
Drepsy Pi lea
Dyspeptil _ Secondarr'Symptoms
Diarrhoea Stone and Gravel -
Fever and Ague Venereal Afiectitins
Female Complaints Worms of all kinds
•+a Sold at , the Manufactories of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane. New 'York, and .
244 Strand London, by.all respectable Drug.
gists and Dealers in Medicine throughout, the
United States and th . o . eivilized world, iu boxes
at 25 cents, 62 X-2 cents,and 4I each.
or There is d considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes.
N. IL—Directions for the guidance of pa.
tients in every disorder are affixed to each box.
%Mit A.W G 0,4 D
We are now receiving our SPRING STOCK;
which will comprise a large, and desirable -As.
lortment - of all kinds of
Oor stock of Flowers will be unusually large
this sessoi, g end we 'would- Invite 'your special that department. Please:tail and
examine them before m a ki ng your purchases.
Nos. 77 &:79 North Second , St.-
MaT . l4, 1867. 2114
Alarining Disorders.
Dolicat+3 Females
Scientific Endorsements.
Cif(Viniti* - -.Dtniiatrat :1,
TEIIIIB.---131;50 cash in advance, $2,00 if
.not paid-within eiY Muni hs, anci 9 3,50 at the end
of tho . yea r. No paper 'discontinued- until all a,44
rearagestire paid, except at the option of the
Publishers. All corm:nu:l4.l4°9i connected with
fife office,.to ensure attention must be, directed
to the Eiirrolis; :Fairrj'a. Co.; Pa.
'tales of Advertising.
One square (12 line.i.or leSs) 1 er 3 weeks,s,oll
Each iutAequent.iMsertion, 0,p,5
One ••(put. three months, • 3,t0
One square six months, - -5,
. 0
Business Cards, foui . lines or Tess, 3 At
One-eightk.column, one year, •- , ' . 6ioo
One-fourth . ' . 10 i 00
One-half - ' ' " " l'' • :. 18U-,
Oue euiurun, . .... . : . .' .. - __3o i po..
Yearly advettisers ,will be' ratriefed to he
business in whim they aro enraged; and ,rc
considered as wishing to continuo arivertis ng
unkss they shall git - c. sßecial .directions fu a
discontinuance of the tutbe. - .... ' ,
. . .
Er'The p u blishers having added to Weir ob
Printing materials a large and surmott as-:rt.
ment ot. Job Type, are. now prepared to exec to
Jos a manner unsurpassed in this - c'.
lion of country. and on reakmable terms.
planks of every description kept eons
ly on hand or printed to.order.'
G 57, ".
NiisillCss pircttarg
Ofirageitaus and Surgeon , Sul
n6p . ot, .
M. 11. C. VAIL,
WM: W SMIT4, Co.,
Cabtaket and Chair itirantifact
ers, fopt - of i4laia Street. Moutrue6, Pa.
omosF„ P
Dealer in bruga, -Meilicinfts; Cheri
Dye stigr4, Glasso.earr, Paitits, Oils, Vitrni:
Window' Gloss, Groceries, Fancy Goods,
dry, Perfumery, &c.—And Agent for all
most popular Patent
- Fashionable Tailor—S hop near
Baptist Meeting House, on Turnpike St
31ontrose, Pa.
Dchler in Ready.3lade Clothing, Hat
Cap. Boots'aild Slices, Dry Ginuist&e.
r-fr'Store opposite Seark's
C. D. LATIUM'', and .th.
J. P. W. RILEY, Wi
" j_: LATHE
rhs‘iciala and Surgeon, Mont
CJtlh iu the Farmer'a Store.
Attor,ney and Conntiell.9r r.E I.
Montrose, Pit., will attend faithfully to all
ness entrustcd to hire in the County of S
Conveyaneing and writing of all kinds w
done neAy,vndchar_ir moderate. He nil
Attend to prosecution kit claims of soldiers,'
'widows and heirs, agqinst the U. S. Go,
tnent, for Bounty Land, Pensions, (c.v.
3.14 y he' found at ail hours at the office Ali
occupied by .1. T. Richards, Esq , north c
Court liloUse.-18&3—w13.--
• M. C. .TYLER,
Interested with I. L Hunt
Importer arid Denier in llardwar
'Cutlery,,Carriafre TrimrningF., Springs, Fu ,
• jro. 215- 1 3 , - .17-1 Strtel, j1 7 .;1
INVIterC his Mercantile frieras, in this - and o;
Counties, are kindly iliyittql, ;:nd F..kriNEST
lieited to call,: nd Furehm•ie.
Dr. ll:'Stiith• • I
QURGEON DENTIST has removed h
KY - 6.e frkn Searlf;'s to- his own dwl - the Bapti s t Church, (north side)
:111 Dental okrations sill be VerforMed i
usual' good manner. \ • . •.
.11.mtruse 11. y 13th, 1857,- ‘i
riapdckla mad Sy:Fß:rola,. kfts
net:y jci•ated himself at ;11ra6nqville, '
County, Poin'it; - and will pro:3l2lly :attend
calls with r.liich he , tuay be favored.
May, 185.4—n21
the 'Peace, Collee
Debts, Exveutor of 114 , e.a Cont e.
001,ve,,taet-rvifle, XV,youlin2 County,
May 9, 1856. -
%A.t.t2.11., L 1 1..i13, - ga:
- - :
• .
'. ~ itlimtrose,.. Penn's
. .
All sizes and deseriptiorF, in l ine qu
made to order, or furnished on the shorts
tiee. •
New Milford, Pein'a.
Il s o n i; s e ; n il
c e r e T a t ir r e B
n t o rt n e
v s;
Watches, Jewelry, ancl,Plated Wzre
lerv,' FishingTad:l . e; &e. &c.
Merchants and tedlars, sultptic.d on 1 .
. - DR. E . .1".. W - ItMot
Gradtiate of the , Allopathic . and II
.-pathic Colleges of Modiein6, is now
wanently located in Great Bend Pa.
April Ist. 1856. . ' -
Fashion able Tailor.. Shop 'firs
north Or the Farmers tore:?
N 0.76, Warrizin-st-io
W. A. CAULDWEE4., IttitY
THE subscriber having associated him - se
the above house in
_the Cm-kitty trade i
various branches, would simply "say to I
ants, Hotel and Boarding ilouso,-Kiep
Susquehanna and adjoining counties,, t hal
stock is one °Lae largest of the kind ij
York. Their assortment is large and g
Their goodsareofgood-quality and choil
terns. Their,prices as low Us the trade
fer with reference to profit. and that he
grateful to" - all who may think pr4er
him a. call. ' HENBY S, KNA
New 'YOtk,.,an, Ist, 1867:
A.. H. Bfecomum
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'.• Binghamton; N. Y.
Ono &Or West of the Canal.- Opiketti!e t
D. VAIL, M. D..
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