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cittect ottrt).
JESSIE, D 03 9 r vox; cur.
Tung--"Ph, Suhannahr
Oh, my dear Jessie,
Don't you vry for me;
I'm afritidihit lotig'll for White Ilounn
I fore the gnat' Republicans,. • •••
And Girths poor htii•kft sigh ;
But ;111 I fMit wilido no good,
But Jessie do:A. you . cry: •
Cuonos—Oh, duar-Jeside,
- Dou't you rry for me ;-
ringoing up Snit river . • .
With a nigger on-each knee
I've climbed ilie
And leavened tar. and wide;
Bnt attrf next election'
I know not where I'll hicie.
tried to retch Anierie; , us, •
But they were .01 toe %14 4 ;
They . sotnehaw toonluch for me, •
But Jessie don't you cry. `
C1101:17S—Olt, my dear, JeAie, &c.
I , enitoralirernia . , ,
And surveyed - tunny it river,
Tholrish vote Eve tried to get;'
.itut they *ll answered " sliver ;"
And every two:American
Wiil knock me into
I winit I'll staid inOregon—
d.'sn't you cry. ' .
C;ionus--Ott, my dear Jessic, &e.
I guem inydem., to Wa%hington, '
We will n4kgo *quite yet—
We cannot • give them imi,ie" rstow..'6
I rear well Jemsli) eeL, •
Fur Buck and Breek will put us down,
Aridthere have. - to,lie;
We.'ve Wpiked and toili4 so very hard,
Yet, .Iclode, aria% you . err.
Caouus—Oh, my dear Jessie; .
- Don't yon cry •f Or mo;
• .oOing np Salt ricer, - •
• Wilh a titger on each knee.
. Ttie subjoined poem may, strike some readers
as rot beingen entirely original. ; Kgre:iteemistake
toShi nut pi,sibly be made. We at leant never
• I
saw anything like it anywhrre, and whosoever
let him point it out.—Knickerbo'cier.
he night h.,* eotne, but not too soon ;
Wesl ward thestar of euipi re takes its way ;
Ye banks and braes of bonnie Door!:
i Blue spirits and white, black spirit, and gray
'ocked in the Cradle of the deep, .
Old. Casper's work work; *at; .
iping oo holloW reedA to is pent sheep,
arge,Choster, chArge Vn,
here was a sound:of revelry lip night,
Oa Linlen when the sun was luw ;
ot voice rrplied, far up the, height,
; Tall oaks from little acorns grow..
What if a tittle rain should toy,
1.1;:lve not lora the world, nor the wbild me;
trt•ll a d:iy
'‘Voodtuan, spare that tree!
My h eart lenettip tsijh li(y - t9 see: ,
I A primrose by the Avnt•-es .
I •
iLwchi•us tm dA elimb the tree, •
Few of our youth a uid tope with hits
1 prayer of - Ails u•as for light, •
v , The light that never ww; on sea'or sit Ore,
padding and beef tufke Britons fight,
wore I - • ,
thder the spreading besnut tree,
For iworB tAbgether sat ;
and'iny:Anytal,el Lee;
A iu.tu is a tnan fur n . that.
"Truth crushed to earth iihe again,
And waste it:4 sWe.•tness 4.n the desert
In thunder, iightning, 4.r in rain, -
• None but 'the brave der.erve the fair. • ,
Tell we ;HA in wournfutznnthers, -
The child tattier of the Ulan,
Huth, my d,ar, lie still and iluinher. '
• They can conquer who - believe they-enn.
A change came u'er the spirit of tuy dram;
Whatever iu, is right;
. 1
And things are not what they, Sel!M,
- I My native land, ved night!
uliizrnl gtrtitits,
Prow the Dollar
ECOMPTON. ii. T... Oct. 10, 18.56.
NIE,:f3ItS EDITORS :—The tinexiiev:ed -sue
(*Lis of 11. ~(weary in re,ittiring peace to din
-. 'troubled Territory so soon after assuin s ing
°Woe, 11.11,14 he 'source. of Nitieeri
' giaiulation to all good citizens of the,Anieti
oiin Union, to whatever section,they finny br
attached, or'whafever 'may be iheir . -petialinr.
politied completions.* 'there are ... some
ties, no floubt, who would have preferi-ed the
'aeftrlueut of this,rlo4irable after
tioi Presidential callvasN. salt . has -deprived
them of their feast elfeetive
thunder. To these, *epeitee. lo Kati es," it
most di , agreenble whioh is gulte er-
Itlelt, thereto extzeroely.iotittt 'to
Lelia rc.—
Fal*una.lnueutabla.statemdnts bf•ful
"condition of - titings here, stilt fitiA -places
their publieitiort, for the .;nlioitity uhjeet v.
end ditipersion l. of the l'vtrkoriiii,;4inijitiii,'.
'Capture of liarvoy!aatited-warat 4;s at ILL
' Dry Point., and Ole driving out the - -Teirit..-
‘ fp of the irotoruati agitator, linfresit. rtwit;;
no *AWLS out brintk; has'oecarrea, unitt.'a, ft4'
I '4-4 se 6 suitYmerirhii,o l '.lllv c.
**ay.* , iiisoormaiw-ippaittittrigai
iittilsit!eate Terns teathiod 'tbli • faecitittfti
NTsittivent Mutt Lane had z.illeitteti in. lon,
large reitif4m,einen 1113111beritig about n than.
sand' incin, with whieh, *ad three hr*stf,.
Nieces he wm.l again about to intide.the:Ter.
ito►r tlt . le 'went Consequently
on • the Vieth ult.. five hull - tired U. S. Dragoona,
with tt batiery or light artillery, were tie.-
piCelied to titei' iicirthern fr ontiei - to i ntercept
th mi n Rod tiling, him pii.oner to Isec:Oinlit;iii
Ithould he be found in. Knnsiu l / 4 ,- Tide force
h. 04 not yet returned, nor has nny neeount of
their . operntioni been reneived: The rota-
i that Lane liaa too much
regard Gar his to venture agaiii
into tlti, Territory.
Yesterduy • Governor on "It
Visit to L-twtenve., - W e - rode down bug
a y, acyrimproet t oy n .solitary oriler ) ou.
necks :Igo tlu journey
C.llitii DM, tinVe been in , nle with gaiety with:*
nnt n sttong.force lif:U. S. dragoons.
( , Inn i t ,, e in the ape of thing.% along the to:Icl
can 'tom more rea;itly immgined than des:crib
N o of marauder,' could
be pl.tvu (ur ptey upon . the cliglity
ItillN'orAyitig, for gaiety through: t h e ravine..;
nor iravelleis, - . lllnrinz - nll who nppronelird
tiiettt to be rnenties; dashing from. the main
rcut4 Into the extets-iveprnirieg. On the een
r:t every thing was indicative of peace:eon-
tiileriei.,:ntol -returning prosperity. 'Forni
rink'aioncon horseback from settlement ; and
wag Ons,. unattended Mal 10 iJeil witli Itonse-
and nien, wornen and children
aversetl the kullg IS iu perfect, tlift4„ Wo l k.
Inert - were everywhere emiloyed in.rehnilding
lin;trditned ht.tisesi :main taking itt and 7.e•
curing tiwir lip:mm(l enva.
eliQn reaching Lawrence the,liniipv infht
c f
rchton.44.. peace.; woo convicuously
clilpliryed. -No -usitils Stl!rolltided the town;
nor were-there mutinied sples to vl-flick its
sever:WM - Cline's..Squad? of idlers no longer
king about - the streets. , The stores -were all
opened, and business had actively 'emitted.
Gh - ionit had forsaken:-the countenances of the
cheetfultiess- .seemed to - pervade
the (*tire :community. 'The
.Goreinor. was
rt.tteivtd the cuitost cordiality, and his
continued through the day, ten
4ered iespecially agree:ink. A company of
militia is enro:led here whir] is nearly
a 6,1 ready. for•protewive purpocer.,- to I t.
aint.teieilliito the S. service. A general
ilbterailoatioti seeinttri to prevail to cultivate
a spit it of int' ry, ,pence. arid -good order..
,On 'Our retain to Lecompton we stopped at
Various of the ,settlements, and; in eVery in 7
stance,' f,,tind the fareilies entirely freed froth
all itjtliehemiorts of further disturbance,' and
in the enj iyment of the fulle,t cantentmcnt.
In Lawrence and along tlie.road the inbah
atits - gtinetallY - ita troweled a feel' tyr of thank
fulnesssl anti joy . ..that the political trickste , s.
andtnagogues had- departed from the cona
tiy, and all expressed the hope - . that they
wolad !never be permitted to return . .. The
option l
a mong the actual citizens is univer r
s.allyeniertained, that the men brought into'
the tet!rito:-y by these agitat rs, ostetuibh to
Itrtttcet it;_ iijured citizens. hut' actually to
pi unchirtitti d t ;.triv,brought with them all .
of indOlence, vice and
littirdretisi of these, miserable %Creek:he... non
deserted - by those %%hose dneps find tools diet
have teen le, and no longer daring to Con.
tinne their :l as of violence, are left.' here a'
burdett to the territory - anda curse to itr ).rat.
peritc Thefgood people of the North and td .
the South, w4tose money 'collected these vag
abond's to , ellter, and sent thent here to prey
pp m) the stdr4tanr -and blast the happine..,,if
the peaceable anti settlers, have to an
suet jrC most, of the criines that have, been
luttbnittte,) in Kansas, for at their dour thi•
lutist in truth. b laid.
. ,
Want no more . recruit% - fortfiSllell In
NortlietO Societies. tior,yet'front the por 7
Letts et Southern and Wes!ern .
the clintitAble citizens of .the.atates .bestow
their #ands upon .the poor midsuttering tGm
aredwelling in their midst. • ft'. will be fat
more,servicenble to the world than; beitcg
squandered upon. the unworthy -melt +riio
have been Acting n 4 their AgentS in this rt;-
gioti.! . We
,neither . money;' diets
agents r nor the class of men I.Gy : send
These are the,brigands, the incendiariei Mot
assassins with wide!' the territory: hasir beet,
overrun. We bane indtc-try;irtne and pa . .
diutibm etictigh
_among our inhabitant% u.
' , toad our own ititerespi; lung as A.,
keep the 41eSintiliTe poi t u te
ciut4de . ,infhicure end- biterfeiente, we ...311:,11
h:tre no more - law:ides to % - ttroi.nit. too ' - difki
,•ultips against whir lt to l'untetid. mil,
t. ttesieed lir desire, site those Isla.
.wine to settle and enhivate linr
cute tueehanioal establish manufneto
ties,; drive our any and griiit mill,t, and-give
fresh and vigorous impulse to nor totnineitie.
Providence liaii,giveti .41a 013 e -Pt tbn.inua.
beautiful and fertile countries - in_ 'the_ .world,
#nd we only n'ed the sober sort, of, popula•
Lion to, ;nuke it'an..earthly_paradloti •
Xbe policy and energy or G9vernor Geary
areirspidly driving oat every."' foul and tin.
'elean ibing„.7.atid under lib , liwib by adiuiii6.
trai(in that which had beets made but-a algal
111.41 g bet!rt Ihnn n " 1190 i iig ail
4.lerin%*;":' is !die.•;Ay' rgintliu;; to` ~''tind stmt
the T6'oo " : `vv:it thu
au4;ficetipivq tbriaW with . 1);, in4ll(sll_
tiring 4 viii;r and aCtiii4
. cansmtorn.4tion..
'The banuAti ittbabkants 7if 'O,
ft 4:1111'4
to . olioolder lift ter efforts to . tottiTtio
antrase, Spiv:pin (f) nytta, fonea,k (TrtrsWal Itlon4u.g, Ortobtr 34,185 a.;
a litinittie'rreindly heritage , that tuts been
eii therm ' - The doctrines of popular stover
eigatyolpue the new gatrisor lists
!tamed his entire policy, have taken rocs!. its
.their-underasantlings ao l their hearts, and .
they are Willing* to wait patiently - the proper
time to 'decide, like true tepublicana ' end ex
good citizetmAt the proper place and • in the
proper Outliner, the vexed question as to what
:not be their peculiar local insti
tutions: J.
VOilabelpijia Corrtipoitbnice.
. ADELPRIA. OCTl9th 1856.'
A. J. Gintursox, DEatt . Stn
The proutive I tnade to you n few week
ago, has not yet lien fulfilled. You imn tint
togotten 41iNt I said I 'would write to
you soon after my arrival in. Phibidelohin
Now `• delays nro tino . tremu4." Sonie . i, rood-
ern Solomon said 40, and. of A' our-e, we'inugi
believe him.: A4 . .,rinnger4 - then mecontriny
debtyg., F till 'delay no longvr in 'writing to
. ,
you - . If it were in my in),wer, I would gladly
‘end soatetitint. worthy of yinir attention•
flowerer, take the-will for the tlev.l. Now.
don't expel:toot) s I hrliere it is that
Nigelittilosopher Sam Sick, who say.w: ILip,
py are they who expect nothing, fur they shall
not be disappointed. .•
Though nt fitst. .inclined to come to the
.city Of lbothetly I.:we" by the. Dela Ware
.and Laekawanna'rou;e,on second considern ,
Lion I-coneluded to give tnysellan '-opportn-.
nity of behoiJing the scenery Along the Yotk
`a nt i and of spending a few days in the
great mettopoli: of the Empire State. In due
time I war in front of Ihe ''passenf:er
Airring way thrttogh it dew ran ,:s of tttii
*Owed !wore. The cars were• gained ; the
contloctoeo "all aboNni" . t soon heard ;
die iron' liotse_hvgan his course; One of fia•
tures grand panoramos'was swiftly moving
before tote ; forest rind meadow, ha! and dale, ,
appealed au.l disappeared in rapid sateces.
pion. -JerSey City, in a fetv tours, :`vita left
behind the lin:Is:on - was crowed ; and I Was'
i t tnro g' the enteroriSing, ' enlightened, „go
ahead peopie of N e w Y ol k..
In any city human nature may be'scen in
many of its forms. If an exception could. be
made to Chi-, surely no one would say that it ,
is New:York. Various as maybe the char
acters,feelingS and pursuits of the thousands
who in' this city are ever rushing bv, the
prevailing idea is business. Business, of •
eourse,'is . the motive power that has rendered
this, Ike "-age of
,pro.gressi,". awl the New
,Yorker: Knowing this will never .let future
generations-say that he was behind the, spirit
of the age. From, this chaNteteristic of the
10th century business . , wti must ihowever ex
empt the. afer.' That sage individual has
sufficient moral courage to tine superior to
the LIIY of the day, and . believes it is all
humbug to stippose, that man was doomed
to, earn his brgad by the sweat of his brow.
Be mac crwrivi4l the city to his rloctrine,.!:ut
Lite mot be patient; for it appears that the
Ifates we now his foes. Look . 4 that crowd
' ed.-st rect and you will think so. 1, ,, 01t into
those shops told stores and you will be con
vit Ced.'"The merchant and the clerk. the
stage-driver aid the I • man, the Jew ch:111,
ieranti are Peter, Funk,"'tic Haws
boy and
the bout-black, the wee . t - fsWeeper and the
171: .• picker—all are there, and all are busy.
toilinvind tortigglihg and swindling; to se
cure hapOrreS rind money.
A visit to Cite - Brooklyn Navy,, Yard affor
ded toe much plea-ure. - : In Wimpany with a
friend every spot sat. familiar, 1
went through the many shops liert,,"the hum
of machinery, and the Ini?Aciii:•o of 1111 . 114 f ed,
of hu-y metbartics' gave evidence of Uncle
Sam's Vigtir.. The DIY dock 'swell worth ex.
It is built of huge blocks ."if gran.
e , an t i:the masonry' is elegant. It is 3
sett in length. 98 in breadilrnwl 27 in depth.
When n vessel i 4 run in for repairs the g,ates
of the dock are closed, the violin are set t.t .
work, and in a short time the v e ss e l is • left
high nod dry.,' The • pumps for this unr
.sse Ate welled by n bilge steam engine in
the'grnnite builditqa ~tort distatitte iron the
dock. Titi! , building, and parieutarly the
engine room %%ell de , erves the attention of
*No tiiie be Navy Ynrd shoubl leaie
tylthout going if possible, to the'• Naval
Lyrettra. This, - building is bitimied in a .
very beautiful part of the yard.. As the
tor appraches. be sees on every side, pyra
mids of-balls which 'perhaps inny yet be sliee.
tyny rm tintuy an erratt.l
In' front, and exlmiding . tip towardi the prin•
ctpul gate .of the yard, he cannot fail to ob
*err ethelong row of 32 Pounders_ pointed
towards, the.,principal gate of - the. Yard, be
eanout fail to observe tile loug row of 32
pottialet:s poitittql townrds
I.itiljwt. • My. ,friend
negtvtinleti . itli the tuanager, we
pitted *built ;tutu without - .difficuity,'ltrid
a itirt;eitt I f. 'rind tci3telf ininatniied 'by the:
gra;iteA t •, tiOU ii
. e riPlki I lei . , tare d
ralutt tittestotb, titat J Jtaii . ever .beltehi.
f tteljrwi:iltitu; that MUMMA me was it Odic%
.i.•pl e tat !la i triittp a_tra tog I along lite frott .
kith:4p t reoentritgotueof
Rao t tneU_ -uut..iiuttittry,,in . ,.o .
Nriryaud Cabinet. . all the Preis
dent. were .titele l lookistgr .titUit• eritivws.
tireltattler/ . i Malty . of iiiir' hr are .itrui=
j'urra, r. 1;r
ThOpk„..lwr.l .beqn!ur, Roger.,:
nen;giiiiiir, 4ll o 4l :
eixitogi i cop grottoes piaci: , A gingra
Ong of Nelson, anti dune of the "ISailor
William IV. were in another part of
hall. A fine marble bus!. of" Pater Patrice"
could natfail to mike the visitor pause for a
moment and think; of the great original
whose mighty influence gave existence and
glory to arepublie,' and Whose counsels if
ohq‘ell will forereri , frustrate the designs of
those who seek to riot, amid scenes of disun
ion, anarchy and blood. ,
Passing- from thoSe, let us look at that with ?
ered vecimen of 'non:wily, a mummy. It :a
from • Gournon,Tlielick I forget how many
thousand years haveeinpsed since it acted a
Bart in the titrairx of the . %mild.: It matters
not. " The dome or Thought, the .pninee of
the Scud" has het n, Intl- - deserted: Many a
nation rose, Aourif:tied, and rliaappeared, since
that body tvas • tra)tsfixed by, the shaft of
death, ;mil many mole arty sink, benevith
the destroying barn"- of time,-before that life-
less clay will lose tiw irutnan form.
Ina corner we see n'marble slnt► covered
with grotenne figures of a liiindnd different
-Itniies; •It iS R tonil, stone from Thebes, pre
sewed' in 1838 to Commodore Pattersoh and
is said to be 1000 jeers old. I tried to read
!he laieroglypliies:but found I could not.
What a late! A ;bort. tli4tance. from this
are'sevettil most hid
..on-ly. 'illy' 'lli tie's ! Instead •of re-
reiving, as in the days of . yote, the homage
of the ‘icout Cele4ll, they arc exposed to the
profane gaze of the Arnerica i n Ilarbminn.
Come slung. lier is it iarge i•esr4l forme,'
by nature. It is ealleil Neptune's" ,
ton wine glas.s in shape, is composed
.4 4 por , ;us kind stone, and is about 15
in c hes in diAtne:ter,.2,.at the mouth, aid nearly
two feet high. It •• . •ivaA.• found in the Bay ,of
139 feet below the surface, and pre
soffit-4 to.ilie Lyceum Capt. 'Henderson.
• 1
J ..
A little farther On,,lis a ease conmiaing T,tivits
of Mt. Dna, another, L•ivaS of Mt. Vestoi
tiA, another is ftlledi with Agates of the Nile,
another with stalagmites from the Island of
Minorca. Again„we iaace specimens of the
artistic skill of the;South Sea Islanders, such
as . hows, poisone.l . lartowA, spears, a coat of
mail,' hatile-axe?,"and other thi — ngstol
was to.mention." *The spears.ire merely long
slender shafts of Lea. y wood sharpened at the
end. The
. arrows'nre generally pointed with,
some kind of bone. ,The handles of the axes
are vety ingeniously carved: and. must have,
cost some 'poor fellows many day's labor,
Patience is certainly to be found in the South'
Pacific,' nearly,eq6al to that of the • old Chi
tiying to grind a crow
bar douti to a cambric needle, a. razor
strop, or something of. the kind. The coat of
Mail is r•onipoc.,(l id hard ,twi4fed - ropes, close
ly woven. togeliei, and mldeto cover the
dusky warrior frOsirt sttaiit to toe nail., The
Sava . ges, it appearA, have a little age of Clair
all to themselves: A eariously wrought
paddle from the F"evjoe Islands is also among
t he 'collection.
Srretal mo.lels*-Of Chinese jonks and, sortie
splendid . nr: - ulels iAmerican ste:tmers and
sailing vessel's weve among the otii t bos o f io
tcrest. A tare 'Colleetion of stuffed birds
beasts, flout varkps parts of the world, was•
also to seen. The Great. florin's • Eagle of
America, the. Yellow nosed Albatros, the
Penguin 'Bites 0. Paradise, Aid lleten, a
number of Dettell . rial birds from Australia
and a bitudreA others from every point of
the compass. - Alligator'., tint.:•eaters,
botteonstrictors, bears,- vampyre-bats,
in Cott, a whole eidony of beasts - , birds, ands
tO, have made a general stani
pole to the Brooklyn Lyeeetn, ranged . th'em,'
se:ves iu order, and .suddenly hist their
breath. - _ •
N:4 the least I intvresting obje . ict, bn ac-
tlw reeoNctions which it awakeng,
i- a blanket onceloWned Abraham Can
field, a veteran 4 .the It was
worn and presenta to : him by his • mother,
and m'cotopanied him . ;hrougli the -whole
lie:Volution:try str i uggle. lie carried it, While
he trod the bloort stained,soil of Bunker
:Bennington and ~ * .Stratog a, nod on many a
pieteing night of - yinter,ln the gloomy Cain
paign of 76, he slept beneath its folds. Ills
des . ,:etidaats pies:enTed it to thelyceutn.
Some shketing mortal of the Artic regior:s
sent in his \ Contrjattion in the shape-of a pair
of sun w-dwies. 13u t stielt shoes I I. can't de
p-cribe them.- ; '1.40k At ; a stone boat and you
will have a pretty.. idea of what they
ate like.
Atr. WM, Itt4ink of. Brooklyn, has sent in
a morocco slippr made by him within
It•atr- afier the shin Was taken from the boat's
back. To skin a goat, tan the leather and
makes a slipper f4nu it in 9 hours, is doing
ba,ine;ss in a
.wq . th:it Makes oldl fogies stare:ki
A horse shoe is there,"tnanufltured in 31
seconds. Not slow either.
' *bat h have Isere meittioticd bears only a
sandl comparison to all the_ 'Lyceum . : con
tains. I spell; ttiarly . two hours\ viewing over
and over again' Iltoqi .contributhass from so
many eliMits,thpse 'isles Of bye :gone days,'
thole memorials of .deeds that 'sici: love to
i-olutnetnurrite; 01'64 portraits . of men
n , whom
the tegard - With BLit •' noon *al :\ now
drawing-nigli,..itqd • I, - obliged to 'depart.
thOugh rethictinee, from a place stn
whtelt id fatlio4liniu ikeitiOd to me to hairo
been IM-0611414 lhy express. - 'I may here:meis
Linn' that . 'ihis'estaWililititent is' hot .1
. -
in any mattLer
togellter prive:ii'tint . terictinalataitied prep
of ill ti 'lass nkV ml v lei^, .Thei.C;stlin on
their 464 •16 - ibti cone
i l OOl Ol l - til_, • .tr! ) tr - 14 0 09P s `#Pt i c 11 %
indeed n - twill &ores coy
. , . • _.
ttibuted to the present' collection. The - 14 -
ceutn Was established in 1833, nr.d chartered
in 1835. Commodore *Abraham Iligislow is
now president. • :
I will now bid ' adieu . 'to NeW Turk and
proOklyn, and roturti to . my :own . old: native
In - this city the election' has 'been and 'is
.yet the great topic of the day. The gitestioit..
of superiority was decided last-Tuesday by an'
encounter between the • contending parties ;
the trininph of the Democracy; was complete,
still, sometime mtist elapse before the excite
ment of the conflict will entirely pass away.
The bosom of the ocean is agitated lung after
the fury rif the'etormispatit, so it is with the
public mind when excited by questions of
great political importance. ThOugh.aetitties
cenee to the will of the tit . njyrity is t< grand
characteristic of our institutions, still this ftc.-
quiescence is far from implying that 'pa-- , sive
~.übmissiort which takes from the individual
the privilege of giving utterance to -his opin
ions; and deprivp him alhe spi tit and ener
gies of a freeman. ' - A glance at the opposing
parties will show that the excitement 'cannot
:die away in a moment. - Muni ,the struggle
is over, when the victors are sure that the
eountry is saved" they: ',must • congeal ulnte
each other in their sticees7:, friend mkts‘t„drinl:
with fiiend to the-evellasting prosperity of the
country and the - cause, the successful aSpi
rants, an.l . their champions must-gii:e a _ few estra - fp !eats to as - tire the public that ir.
I the di,cliarge of eflicial dutie.:4; f elf will be for
gotten, and the good of 'their camtituents_
will be the only object of their care.:' the
ennquisheri .on the contrary, must rliscover: or
manufacture some excuse -to ren-ler their po
-1 sitioa less humiliating,' they will Usually find
. that some enormous fraud, some, gross on:-
1 rage on the ballot box, has given the vi e tory
lo their opponents; some Will bewail the fate
If their country. which they see falling he:fd
buil into - a dark and disinal abys- , , others
will try :o bear their defeat - like philaSophers,
and lOoking with hopeiltrough . the dim % ist:t
of the - future, they will say to- their m-,re ',his
conSolate brethren " next- tree well IL, bet
- ter. Don't give up tho A l .ii p. T:tere's a glop!.
'line coming boys; yec—theril's a goo I . thntt
corvine ."
Tf tbk is the ease iriordinnry times, Low
math more so on this occasion n!.,en.nnot!ier
great stru'ga.le is nppro:teliing. There is no
time for*. repose. The dereatt.d • hattnilous
are preparing for the - tionflict ; they are coT 7
teeting their scatteiesl forces, elosinz their
ranks, nnd, like Napcleon at Waf.erico,
,iced to stake their .-whole destiny on the
issue of one desperate, ore final charv.
L l 4 week, repotts were tnystethat , ly c7r
(minted that on cleclon ddr,:tiot and 'death
would stalk :abroad in all their horrors.—
Thousands of " furinerS".were'to •co:no to the
polls " wine], and equippekl"- to fight
Democratic ticket throuh. Know Nothimz
bravos were to run .from strt.;et Co street
spreading terror and broken skulls on every
sido. Bullies. were to Collie (tom 13altimore
to control the election and—perhaps appoint
: one 44 their natuberNing of Philadelphia
.11ullets, bludgeons, lowie-knives[ and brick
bats were to be the order of the. day. 'These
rumors may have prevented many timid
zens from cornin L ! to - lite polls, but tl-vy resul 7
. ted in nothing more. All was quiet 'dining
the day. .
Early last Sunday morning a hearties mgr-
der was committed at the corner of Ninth
and South kts., under the following circum
stances. An alarm of fire.brot)ght out the
memhers of the no.e cempany.*ati l l
these were soon joined Iv two gangs calling
themselves " Rip.. Raps" and " Eng ti..;-
lies,"lntely imported from ilallitnore,-for the
purper, it k said, of Creating: a.. riot at the
electiOn:. AA they ran' up - South At. they in•
doiged in cheering for the •‘ Rip Raps,"
'Fillmore" &L-c., stoning the houses, and cur
sing theLocofocoi.'
.On approaching OttiAt.,
they came in contact with a man named Wm
.Mclntyre; be was questioned with regaid to
his polities, - and on. his discla - tiring conH
with _the
. 11 [tap," party, : John;
Engli,h, a member or the B:iltinthie
stoppedfroM the rope - of the Iluse carriage
and shot him in the hie:l'st. ro- iess than'a
minute be was 414, .
Gilbert or. hearing of !the tkagedy
took with him RV . Cral ,olßCers .Sr procredrd
to the Shiffier' hose- bouFe.. The „gang had
by this time returned: -.Tae ejii:ers.enteied
and:arre s_ted 0r.15. All the Jueinhers of
the_ gang were artne.l with • reYeivers, slung,
.hots, atilt other deadly weapons.
Theirexamination toek place Tuesday
and English hii;assodiates, Was
v.Otnreittetlfo 'auswei the ellargc 'of murder
and riot. The other prisoners were held to
bill in 11100each"to . iviep tho rea m. -
Mr litter basic:Mg ere this;'lo4t; all claim to
brevitt aniT yoarpatienee Tine tin dnlibt been
pat to a severe trial. Ti is time 'for roe
to give you siiree4finimerinf, , :of: a hope thiit
?on will - come to the via of yirn,'„
sometime before= you sttain ilio - ago
notediluvienlatrierch: '
A few words more. Since my arrival hero;
' usq neh n Ca.,-haw.heceme.-to-I , me a'
. Lani to - telly ignorant-:of. whit is:
guing•Ou in *Dui Lmiss .t h in "Derr.
,neratr ,which in forriruir times:carne 4 1 . 1;me. so,
ga~ternl-iutelligeneer. , ph viii It ,Vend«—itit
ineglo see Fit. IKilt -sari ple to
o sseiourAnsrptiatattesiV4inpiegLihalyotW4llllt44oo4.lllollMeiiteeoicitnihing.J.:
4 - esteiti*ithelitc .
• - •Uunk, ifftlF4•!.
• • P.Sactrawa i v,,
. • -
• Fu.ovir etrizaxe t-=The-dernoew4ic-State
Central ,Coynreitt4e of Pennsylvania:congrat
ulates the . peeide Of.Peon' syivania,an4 of all
the States of the. Union, tt - pon the unpr.ece;
dent victory which has crowntuf.our;fger:
The 14th,. of October4Bs6, bendef4rtb
be memorable to our urinals. .
Assailed from within by
,eneroiei of she
Constitution, and from without. by the awl
ailnuts of our glorious confederacy,' we have
nobly biumphed. -
Too. much credit eantkiit be given • to the
manner in which. our:organi,zatiou bas. - been
pelfce'ed awl carried out.
It is impossiiile fcr language to conrOy the
profound gratitude we entertain for our gal
lant and eloquentlrieutht frora other States
who hare come hither to assist us in this great
cti uggie.
But our duty it not fully discharged.-
We hare utterly touted enemies of our
free institutbas upon The sacred Soil from
which the Declaratiou of.. ludependence .
proclaimed, and upon xi hieh : the.qoastittiOon,
of the United States was adopted..
Iu the'huur-s)f victory it is however well to
remember that there are other.oblimktions, to
be, fulfilled, and. that au:organlz.stiori so coin..
plete, so admirable and 'so. widely extendef,
must still be aubered .t0...*• _
Therefore, fellow eitlien4, iiers,everd in. the
itkotl work so nobly begun ; rejoice over stile
magnifi,olt. triumph yon havenchieved ; rinl
reeneinber that the 4th. (lax. of N'overuher,now
elo4e ntltand, is that . day upon- which you
zire to compietel the great work ,yer,terd s ay
aubpicidusly`dornmenced. - • - -
Pennsylvania, the gteat barrier ogainst.
the wave "of sectionalllqu'have andleEi
ltris niainticinedllei'43,rotkdjut*rity...
nil Iho new .world,.herlookedi u?ion her , ;;witile
all_ patilotie.- hearts have
,hoied that:- she
would stand firm in the mid6i. Of the terrible
res_ponsibility imposed: on-lier4she• has pre
, erved a not.le moderation and -an inexov.,
. She, has.repellia from,ber pr&-
eneethe men , who have been tent among hi?.
Phpula.tiqn._ to de(:ciie and betray them.
The great - victory
,we have •• achieved has
fir.t of all, sustained our iilustiions •and..l.le,
_l3nr.liana.n. •
ll' e, in iJi5 own, S:ato the torrent fam;ti
cism i)ss Leen stn ved.
• Hers?, where he %vas born,and . alders he Lis
lived a life of , ! ing:i purity antl patriotism, he.
lias.been urbeld,md generous
cfrennsylvania. . ,
'fl ennobling ,sen:iment of State judo .as
clone much for us in .this earnest. • .
Our pc:aide have res p d .to -t I lei r r a d Moils .
- hi s hiStory, Anil long li,t 0 1
-ervices which haveirumo . rtalized his name;
11)(1 - * from tlfty ilellettrOt 11 it Urn . . SOitle7 s .
4 . 0 say that a Penrisykalnian,true to his
country arid true to himself, will not r _yAnt, or
wait for friends amoirg hie, oili fellow citi
The PlattOrin titliite. aitnOciatie Nit oaal.
Convention, upon, %ilia& JAirts Ducastcsrv:
stands, has becU vindicated:; the great prin-:
elide of popular sovereiguty.advocated in l ee,
ery sclfool District and township i n the State
daring confliet,has been vindiea:
ted, and the aspersions •apOn,...‘ his
,eititrap - ter
h a‘ . .e : bee n refute=l and trampled - under 'fOot.
Arid the, prond*honor of achieving this
splendid- result belong, not to the old Demo -
cratie party alone, which, with reatilmatAd
-vigor, *entered into the contest nn(l preserved
to the end, hut we are • (dad to acknowledge,
tha . c it has keen shared - by thousands of na
tional \yhigs who have nSs - isted Us with all
theiretiergies,and whi,.are henceforth : to be
counted• as our brOthers; and our cornpatrV
From this clay till the .4th - of Noven4l)e - r,
5513, let meetitigibe held in eyes Seheol
Dist Oct And itftteState.
LA us keep up the fire wLich now barns
so l,rig?e!l\•.
Fused on . 66:14t11 - ocioter, tin'tl eon
t' xed hr tlia tretneadotis triemoroble re
bAe they, ItaVe . reeeiv'ed, for iryini to
ceive the peonleot the
.State, they will 'seek.
t' shelter tliemseles - bY'iinotliei`eombintaion .
in - November: • ' '
They-ife enimiecto tot and to .the Consti
tution atilie,.neOnvitter 'whit n'arne'they — beni,
or under what ling . they - • _ •
-Those whet havel)icifes;e4i to be NAttonnl
have ennit their . Natierinlitt
sirC to . ttereitt. the ''nnlj; 'l4citionat 'party in
existence; :and those were t•ectionftl
have attemliteci to finiipone Or to apologize
for their seetkou:il istn; in - order to ulna guil
ty victory.
Cinee more the Dernoeratie State Central
.Ceinntitice appealg to the Natierial, people of
the'State to naitiat ate their oriinizatioe,. and
to contieue the work so nobly - Began, `until it
is as nobly finisliecl - 011 - tfiti - '4ih'day of No
vemberlBsl3. • - -
Vist.-=-Thatritite' the Aho
demists " shriekin for freedom"and claim
ing to be, its 'untidier,. Weed*, ; they, and' at ,
the.lete.: , e.sion, passed / A it the lionse of
Itetui!sentatives which --Nroitid:ilpviri into
•the'Territoriit( - antt Eansui jor
ftel'„yearN and innikeatteklidienUrcirni in the
rnearithiutif.strunt.tnothers, lattila -Power -144
Thi.i pro - i+tvgri utttabl i wwlinio4uced into
the lions° oy-a*Pilikiy)(k.4o.o,Nina p g ss
that body by atrA
Binek /4.publicatift4l T 0 : 1 04. 1 ,! !IfitrViti#e+
one, tater.' Of I:oliiiegio6 "ietneeint
trans the sottlt:Ull *OA:. o f kainity4 B ,
extension of slavery,b4 rloPu6 This 10
should be remembered by the roa&
:7, s
13; Sul 44%
'14 810 " University Oct.
Messrs . Enneni:r4li" Normal
nowict blest,,attoded by , 44and f ikiiii
hundred and - fort:3r Teachers :rawly sitl i ieerro
dents of SuNnelannit Cgrinv.„,
_Our,exerci!en are , usually interesting , but
during the past week, therbave been eniAnti.
cally se.
. Prof. D. - 13 Cbarnberlitrbas been - *ink us,
lecturing to the 2 Sehsml,,,,Moi presen t ing a
new SYStiMo f knitYol of the English Lan.s.
Muar , ..- tbs" Nattoul,
tutting the structure of : dm: Language by
snalogiea from Nature. •
The undersigned were . - appointed' coin.
mittee to draft resolutions in relatkm to the
system and reported -the following; 4hich,
were unanimously adopted. - •
Resolved That we look upon „ „-
the -- ATre
RA L SI'ATEM .of AsAt.rszs originated ink
reaented by Prof: D. 13. Chamberlin its highs
ly-worthy of the attention of:Teachers; as an',
perior to all other methods of Diagraming ;
as greatly - serving to simplify the tuanner of
illustrating the Science of I.angi4e •, mid: •
.t 4 greatly„calculated to , relieve the study - cif
Grammar ofutuch of its irksoreettets tco - the
young learner,
Resolved, That. we shall watch its stciront;
from the Press with much anxiety; as. mark
ing a new era in the rugged pathway of the'
earnest Teacher who has ever found so much
difficultyin rendering the study of the sci
enee of Language Interesting, and
,useful. to_
the young, - -
Bes~lred;.That . we believe wipe' reertei
iVaturc to be the true soured - of all analogies; - '
nnd'only in imitating.her i are we ahle to ',St.::
bin the greatest degree of perfection.
Resolved, That - we extetd to Prot Mom.
our warmest sympalbies, and returti.te
111?” our sincere thanks. tor his Invariable::
hind e??, and urbanity duringhisidayarnong
11. P. KIEIDAtt.,cnoT • . cotd.y.
E. B. BEArtn.j.Ezi:
WonTra of Nora.—Since the- peAci: 0(
1783, our territorial expansion has hieil Tin
intetruptedly progresing. gice tatia.':
Ear statement shou - ing, the date and amotint:
of each - additionl--: '
. Square kits',
1783 A•tet cf - the Union at the Peace 820,660.
1803 ,Purchase of Louisiana, - 89,0,5i0
181 D Acquisition of Florida, 07;960
1835 Admission of Texas, - ' 818,000
1846 Oregon Treaty, - 302,052
1813 Treaty of GuadalopellidOgo,
1855 With 559,455
1855 I , l 7 boie:Area or the United S. 2 33;6861•
1855 Area of.the Slave States, ' 857,:30g
Free ' "
intai Aren.of 1116 States_ -
Total Area of the Territories, 1,497,01:
tro TnersArin ' 1 BRIBE irmit:'
What do our Democratic friends in other ,
parts of the-State think of these figureslrr.,..
they indicate- -1 he . Democratic majority in!
•his countv —in old Northnrepton, the homel
of Ger. Reeder—in that county wjob
, w his-.-
mighly influence as to -ret ot
oltai iie, and
I.uru over to the support of the a 0434t0r50,
The New York . •Tiibtrae said 'haFit ~' few ,
, peeehes from Reeder : in -tile,' t ;11
liy of 'the!'
Delaware would- make it all'right, Nitell f :l34::
lid make a few speeches in the valley of , thif:
Delaware, and even shined that Main ( - whiihy
he borrowed in Mandl' Chunk fora the plaw'
pose) which one of liis free . soil - friends ice e -
chained-within Kansas, and the valley' iras =
-11 l rightL-" over the left.s Burlinginie t ' ; '
Wilson and Wilmot were also hem and-they''-
made it right s and novi , if they will only.send
saint Greeley and poor Sumner here, from --
now on to the 4th of November, we think We;
.can Alter _these figures on- that occasion and:-
make them read something like this--Ql(.l?.Torthamptott 2800 . 1 If they will oilly-senilf
then gentlemen, we can do it- 7 -we are,ieter4
mined to beat them worse if - they don'tlot..
1 us alone.--Easion Sentinel.
. . . . ..
Otis or FCVDR.,--We understand that he ,
Mack Republican wire-pullers, who have for ~
many weeks past Wen most.lavish in , the .et 7;..
rend itu re of money;.subsidising riewspaparp 4
Ind buying purchasable-men, have given c0r ,, ,- ;
rice that they will pay no amore money ,ier r ,,
Pennsylvania. This - is itigentive.of the
,figts. , .
that the conspirators have.given up, thn,,obi.., ! "
Keystone as a,' gone goose," so far ,as Fre- -
moot is concerned, and,we trust nor that.the- ;
lying fraternity, win" has heea.- - ellaPio.i 4 "-:
will hie - away to thei holes, and let us htat'. , .-.
no more.of therm - . ,'. '. , . 1
- --' -
je the unto counection, we are_ enabled to •
account for the present position of the lie*",
:York Herald, whirl 13 - 011 MOWS op Freinent•
Greely, Weed 4k Co 4 one day, and. blow* ,
them down the near. The story, as:ll:ci get it
is that-the supplies hare been 'topped in date.
quarter, and' hence the guirditio +loom of dui'
Satanic organ.—bogy trews.
We have washed out the Distittionista r , in
pennxylvanis. Indi an a dvitvei:
thorn into the takei forced theirtii,NttfC tho''
.svintnils in Florida . ; •in • little Delaware-theri
have, been tossed into the -waters of her .ovv4
noble liver; in Conneatiout driven :_
fastncls of herotsn,hilts , itidAnotinishrqihtf`
triumph in ihe - Only. paitfor
an election , is complete z- Pishi,fitive
gi -us Alootheia of Constas =wherckytk,
now lave not ono and. in ROvotabor , :NAL
'Buck" them into-the gulf tit
Tte followirg 1400 41 4)4 0n'ti :: -
is after our election, **ten 4" .0
"Paiftridift (Oa
- sonewejoil , ° loool * - 40104-`
? Out 4440 0 111 t 4114 4,4tviitlftaiiiitipii
wititjkaiip vho. 04%4 - -
y 2,50 -