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    ' • The," nnterrified" at _ tWo e s clock unit in
.council at the Court llouSe Square, raised a
14 hickory pole from the top of : which
fated 1 ' theitag of the Itinion.r Our dis
iingOisbed Senators,.•Bigler and. Broadhead .
vete present, and the f r
.mer ..addrOSed the.
..multitude for sapre . .th n two . ..hotirs., in a
a paee' h oktmatuiwemble rgument: Ileof. - E,
It Schnabel spoke about three quarters of an
ij a ar, with much effect„ rid eliciting frequent
*Parise;. .The meeting then : adjourned -tii
v i tae. at the same place i the evening.
: Ili o'clock r, M. th - w. nterrified , reasseni=
hlisl - and were addres. - . d by - llessrs.Jiroad- I
1 142 d, Schnstbel and W rd, ...Aft& :the oven= l
•lai'adjciurnnitent of he Meeting, a torch i
light processirt of l erakns paraded the I
Streets, accompanied by two bands of Music, I
s ad bearing train; recies with inscriptions, /
, • *Meng which: w ied the folloWino " . IVe
dont belong to da klantera party." The
' insien . Thes prineVer—cl ten with the foreigner
enid'up with the -- -: negro:" " Artti-.knoll= ,
othingisat+.fre4o a and Eittar flights" 1
. 11entocracy of :vino are aWakel and
hill give a dath blo , .to the'eotribinatiOn of 1
bilious bees .4. wit they are ',apposed.!
Thursday morning we started: on. our tit- I
early arrived at ,Tilden's,:at, twelve Oiclock,:ll.,l
int . ii sraerpeo.tedly Tound arrangements made 1
• 1 . 01; a denroetatioYeienting *t that dace.—,
~.I . boat a iteindred voters assernblt.'.(l:mtV were
addressed by Mr. Selmabel with more thaa
Aftsusual ellxineuce and power. Great inter
est was manifested and.a good work done for
the constitution and the Eluiott. la the cre
tin Mr...schaabil addressed 'tiro 'peopte of
Gibson. ' The "dark-lantern" aristocracy
lamas to distuib; not to be instructed, They
'wittlted 'eider the iasia. We pitied, but Couhl.
'tot hp them. " Tree-speech" was likely to
; blast their ambitious hopes, and so they
kissed and used all the Petty: appliances •of
petty tuit4s, to deny to Mt. Schnabel t fair
bearing. 'ln their indiscreet; triadncie.s they
hissed tho sentiments of Tluirilas It-tenon'.
The speaker reud a letter, .written by that
tlitaent Patriot, in; which he aVowell'ltis-hos
., •
tility to Slavery, but deproated the agitation
vet the viestion as likely to end in - . disunion,
tend civil war. ITho Democrats present apl
Plauded the patriotic 4.-ori.erti of theirbelorecl
. ancestor, while tire "Iree-speccli and
Kass alit eltierAnattiteste,4 their tlisapproba
: tiwn and malice by litising vigorously. They
Are, the men whom D _ grid Wilntot . denoniiria•
~ted JefersoniaU flemOerats; . What a conipe-r
lent Judge of political .history and character
mast be ;•
The Democrats - of Gib s on are firm, autt
gaining groutid; these facts probably 'ac.
counts for the de speration' of thbir enemy.
Prom imr *emotion during our trip to
Hone dace and back, in say t&oor democrat
ic friends, in the count:C," be of good cheer"
the prospect brighten*.
The Democracy: of Clroconut met pnrsuant
bo wake, on Saturday the filth and or
ganized by the appointment of A i mos 14ath,
President, and David Robbe, David Mahn),
Otis Ross and Nelson Camp, Vice Presidents.
The meeting was addressed by 1)r. Calvin
Leet, and Mr. gehttobel, nod ajonrned with
three cheers for the Democratic; National,
Mate, and evoity iiekets. ,
'The Democracy of Franklin went address
ed on Friday evening last by Messrs Schnabel
Monday afternoon last the Democrats or
Middletown held a large and enthlislastit
'westing. Fronsfve-hundred to
_a - thousand
people were in. attendance. They were ad
thyroid by- Meeirs. Little and Schpalycl, 'rhe
of sectional bigotry, retired abashed,
before the tiuth, and in ail that cast assent.
Istagesterlt there urine so mean as to do it rev
trireme. In the evening of the same . day,
Moan Schnabel and Little addressed a large
*meting in Jessup. The Vteetnonters
. and
toystried to distsub the meeting and get up
,a muss," but were unsupe4ful.
IntSATOlt BIGLER. will.address the. De-
Itiontsey at Gyest 3i nd on tburaday the 18th
hat Other eininerit speakers ,have , been in
tited, stove names will be announced in the
lifli. Senator )3igler disctisse:i the questinus
atimme with great:ability andt cornier, ' Go
andisear him.
Rim L B. Sew:Lamm will address ft
mimic meeting at Dundifr on Monday i the
lath. and at New Milford, Tuesday ofte.rueen
the Vet&
aspassosrAnrie co.v.FEß
At ti meeting of the lieurt seittative Confer
nee of 'the District ttomiosed of-the Count
of Stu4oehatse, Wyoming and Sullivan, eke
folkriving named persons sgpeared and,took
lots in the Conference. /
's: Lewis Brush, C.ll, &ere, James
LB. Lithrop; Wyotut, L. C.
Conklin, C. D.Genrhart, E.,Mowr , Sul
livan, C. C Finch, F. g. Bauingurbner. On
snothm..E. *wry it. was Called to the chair'
sad I. 8. Lamp sad . C. Fi ( ncli appointed
tionsettuies. ..-On motion • pioceeded to make
nominations for Reintsntstires.. Gt - e
nominated E. T, Brernett of ,Susq,a. Co.
L.C. Conklin nomittnt4 Jolts v. Ss n u of
Wyoming Co. C.C.liiich nominated (ho.
D. LICUOX of Sullivitn Co:- It was moved
And seconded the Conference proceed to vec
tor amtdidates. The nixie of. 'Gro. SACK.•
bon was here withdrawn—and on motion B.
T. Ehtentsurs *odious y. Sacra were nomina
ted-by sostansalion,ns :candidates to be sup.
ported_ at the ensuing ple4iou fur the office of
On suoticna, Betiolvel that the proftedingsof
this Cosifetenee be published inthe Demo
,pipeas in the District. Adj.-sine die.
(Signed by -the officers:)
• - t
1 %WI) men to:Worh for me the .otber.„day
fo thiOnt'imiest; - shower name up , sod
we *Aloe the' ben. -Whhe sitting upon
the hay, euld 'hearing the vain pour _ upon the
toot 'to beguile time we conversed. •
I 'squired of my friend who
_be Should vote
Tee;for isrelistAnt... He 'answered,. Fremont.
Aged him why he should- role cot Fremont,
iosteed of StmissMan. Ile' said he did .uot
know, exactly, he hnd not read,z- gr!Att cleat,
init from Idiet . learn, Auclukaati,
lived in a.SlareState, owned a pita. 4nang
stares, stud Um - point? to snake PennsOvania
ellave atate.• That Fremont was a Primalft
canton, and loot for keeping it afree State.. • •
Now Laffirm that nine out of every ; ten of
lb:tie who are so vociferous for. Fremolit
about these diggensw i . can give .tro better res ,
590 for their, course than the • .
r • REstatucs.---Nr corropoildent is.! right.
Ile op, -
position so frequently and emphatical-
assert, that we are the' pro-slave r* party,
many come to believe the infamous ichirge,
notwithstanding it is in defiance of our plat
form, and history. Let. eac h mc f, , read,
think and for himself judge and the demo
j evade Star is again in the ascendanti even in
this locality.
Wtra.umarowr, - Ang. 12
Hon. D. WiLitor , — Dion Sin t , 1 •
, .
. . . .
: The.unsettled Condition of the pc lie *lnd
in relati.m. to the great political questiOnsEin
yoked, id the ensuing Noveinber election in
duces me to invite - you to a publio ' is4ussion
of, hose questions. It is desired th tVre take
the same stump throughout ti ORS' ! ERN Pa.
Speaking alternately before the te me . wadi
'eueies. -We can arrange , the - .p °positions
rrararivra,— . -or have oui, respect ve friends
agree npoti the issues, and their p , raseology.
I desire . no other issues than tliosel :made by
yourlf at the Court house in N illiarnsport
in your speech delivered somatrre _before
year Phi Pa. Conrention-- 4 'wish
proposition or two, embodying t tt peculiar
.views , of the Democratic party, ' , expretiel
in the Cincinnati platform, .I •
I have ever entertain , entertained a wainpersonal
regard for yon, and there is not pother man
in the State4opposed. to sue in p: Nicol faith)
1 3
-with whom 1 would rather join lin debate,
Than „yourself. Should yOn -ha : the time,
and it be aireable to' your con. nienen gild
'pleasure, to grapple with me,. i.l the above
suggestion, - --please inform rn i by return
mail, at Williamsport ; in order hat we may
loose 00 time in arriving at any understand
ing. . ' Yours - very respe4'ullv..
'--, - ..
Tow NTDA., Atti..oth,--1830.-
D.. its 11. Scrivantt: Esq,--Dktu 'Stu :. ,
I found your favor of the 12th inst. on 'my
teturn home yesterday, after nr 4 absence of a
week. 1 start tomorrow for 4y Courts in
Susq'tt. County ; I shall be enOge,d every day
in bolding courts, from the 18th inst. to. the
12th ,of Sept:after that .I intOul to devote
some - tithe tocauvassing our S to ; and if a
satisfactory arrangement can !, made I cer
tainly would net decline an et ouster for . a
few weeks, with so re , peetablertind gallant an
adversary - as .yoursoll I eanclot however tis
now upon any-time,- as some rweeks since I
tendered my services to the; St, Nxerutive
Committee, and they may b. ,ye tnatie d put
some work for me in the we: em part of the
state. We will dounnuniea,e fat ther upon.
this subject if ycn Owire, aft ..r I shali under
stand what - chargeS are al : y lush upon
my tirne. One th4ig howes, sr I should insist
upon, that'the fief of our e.;ploits should be
t ronsfered from the-NOR 'I.IERN TO Till!:
.(art of ti.e
State. J 1-
Very Respectfutb,vour c)
At the persona, : in PO(erville . Bradford,
Co. Aug 23d by hey J. G.jlSabin. Mr GEo,
1 w DBETEE of Lactyville, Pa' , and Miss SINAI'
A. FIELDS of Le llaysville '
'4, Ai the 'Varsanage Hutt e in .Ntontiose by
' the Rev. S. S: iiman,.MILIGEORGE' B. Lall-ts,
Ito Mtss B.A. Wralstss, :Oth of Montrose.
• V...kt Genera, Wisconsin, -On the 30th ult.,
I by . the-Re r. Mr. •.Peten=, I tri. Eros F. !thus
I I oi*Great Bend, Pit., and PI iSi , ElizAnn - rtt B.
1 FAttsrm,.daughter of Mrs; .(_.' A. FAR-
I scat of the runner place.. : :
.4 On the' 4th inst.., by
the, Rev. John F.
Deans, at' his_ residence, i' .: South Bridgewa
ter, Mr. Brs,assust 0. I:I ITUOLF of Jessup to
Miss ELLEN C. BILMILAIi ,' of Ditnock, Pa. '
• f. , .,
VBy sliderd "1 - V Park 'lt his residence on
-the ist inst., Mr: - Cit Ara it FOOT and sites
Katharine Ayrer o all of ;I.lritigewp ter. •
V By the slime on the 6 ti inst., Mr. Lay.: D.
Worm of N. Y. pi ty,
..-,' d Miss Flatus. C.
youngest daughter it r. John Fancher of
, Bridgewater.: ' it, , J • .
• Vl**.
\ fri Bridgewater Aniast 21st Am , o;DA I.
,only daughter Gf Edict '4l: A nlzelia A. Taylor
aged 13 years 2 month and" 12 days.
vin Binghamton on Jii,sday morning, Aug.
26, ANGELI:4'f t wife ,
C. G., and
daughter of Munson' t. Watkins, Esq.,- of
NI In Ilarford, # the residence of P.
WI ILI ASO, one,Wednesday, Sept. 3d.
Evr.t.rN A:, oily chitd of Charles G. Will
iams of r ‘ l,l ugha t . tier reinaltus were
brought t,O liirighantlou and deposited with
thOse of er mother,pn Spring Forest. Ceme
i ,
_ and
tc at- the Aoadgmy Hall, Montrose, :for
two Afternoone4itid two evetiingA. . . .
The celebratedt,and : renowned . I •
Will. have the honor of' exhibiting his
woinlerfuL and pc, 'nlar entertainments ; at the
above Once, on
~ htirsday and. Friday, Sep
-- lamenting at 3
I 7.1 in the even
ildien 121.
Aug 30th
Fir T P ' '".O - G F A. .12E1
f. Z -
.'3l. T Z a. V
i )1 C 5 i T 17 E
Il i
...W"' 8" T 1 / 4 ' E I IF 0 a ../Ell
TTP in my e Infortable sky Faller, iu the
1...) Brick BI lc, lam still engaced in the
very interosting , . ployment of 4 , catling shad
°wt. Of my a ceess in my etiling, my pictures
are my Witnass . From Maine to. California,
from rock botui .New Eng,land to far-off 'prairie
land, ban:lcel.-tare is tiosiesiiott or these un
fading eridencelt of what the Daguerreotype 'Art
I t
has hitherto led me to accomplish. For the
encouragemeti 'that I have received I am truly
thankful, and - ' st that the future will show a
material incr. ' both of pattering° and. grail-
Inds.,i i , , ,.- ' - 1 / 4
But, ft ifthi - I - "hankfr'
lot, for on (thing I inn nil: thankful. A 'few
hove palronis ' well, but paid alas: huw.poorly.
Now, -' 4 , :. •:- . •
ts .:a TO cErrirr,
''.-That toi 'of patience In. cetl.ttin dli,ec
tions la quitvexbansted,'therefore, my dear for.
getist/frienigjust,bear irr Mind thit if you do
not do speed*hat you
s pootive4 to ao many
,Intinibi 0 l nnpkaaani :consequences 'May foi
l- Such em ilk language applies to bat a mall
number. I'lCall tho rust I subscribe tayiett, - • ,
_ g ' pontoon obedient, -
L - ,? I f ',- : •.. :Pa
, . W. - D. DEANS,
1 tar ' hisais Mock, 8d .Flosib ,
- -,4
The Montrose Fire Co - ., No 2 will meet at
their Engine .1101180 next Monday afternoon
at 20 minutes past-0 o'clock Torexercise..
The Ploughing Match of the Susquebanua
County agricultural Society will take place
on the Farm of David Post Esq., iu rear of
It Drinker's premises, at two o'clock in the
afternoon of Wedno3dity the 24th Sept., 1856.
'For the Pest Toughing
2d do 4
d do sr a
4th I do
tith do • • 1
OAT. Elte4Mß.
To every smancemscut competitor a 13adge
of the Pociety will be given as a recognition
of merit in trying to promote the inteiests of
NOS. XICITOLset.V., tx.
' • F. M. Witt.tasis, . Com.
OT/CE is hereby given that by virtue of an
1.11 order from the Orphans Celia of .Bqsquer
banns, the following described property, the es
tate of Abel Rice.late of llarford Township de
ceased, will be ixposed to patine *tie by cendue,
on Tuesday the 10th day of September inst., at
oae oktocii in the aftereoun.
The.first piece situated in the xillage of liar
ford, bounded North by lands of P, Carpenter,
and 0. Carpenter, and 0. }latch, cast by Inds
of S. B. Guilesoath by lands of Amtum Chase,
and West by the Great Bend - and Philadelphia
Turnpike road, containing about 'one ; Here, on
which is the family dwelling house, &e
Ow therefrom a state lot sold from onilt orner
of the same to carpenter and Sibley of abont fir
ty.feet wont, and one hundred and fifty feet in
the rear.
The aria Pte, sonnded north , by lands - of
Charles Payne, and lot,b Tyler,
,east by lands
of Harvey Sib!ey, south by (ands of Job Ty-.
ler, an 4 - Sax& Seymour,
and, on the • west by
lands of said I( ab Tyler, containing one half
acre and on which is a shop and 'water privilege'
tad Piece, bounded on the east by the Great
Bend TUrnplice Road, thence a south westerly
direetion,along lands of Nancy Sweet, about one
hundred and forty rods to a stake and stones,
thence a northerly course along by' ether lands
of the emote of decedent to ?itso of Sob and b
ob Tyler, thence ~long said lino an, easterly di
rection to the Great Bend and Philadelphia
Turnpike Road, containing about ten acres more
or less.
The . 4th piece, lying . west of the one last
above described, bounded oil the east by the
lands of the estate last in the tot above. men
tioned lot: on the south for -aboitt one ituudred
*reties by lands of L. T. Farrar, and A. G.
Barnard, on the west by lauds- of Loren Gates,
and on the North by lands of Joab : Tyler,. con
taining twenty one acres or thereabouts.
• Sale to Le held up6n the . pretr - W‘s after first
described lot, and - terms ofpayment made known
on day of sale.
Ilarford Sept,
. Addfiziss l •
, AMHERST cArtitNittt,.
- . 4wn37
21.,41 S 1
't Set 't.
ND the endeavor to palm off that " Exten
/i: si r e stock II superior , quitlitFof goods
lately received from an old broken down estah.
lishment in Binghninton, has proved-an entire
failure to our friends doren /men. "Sevin #s
beliering." We acknowledge - the. fact, \And
should judge that "seeing," (without wearing)
would be all that was necessary to convince the
public that • . .
at their store on Ptrnttc AVENUE first door above
the Post Office, have the LARGEST and most de:
sirable stock of BOOTS and
ever introduced tato this market, which-for price,
(we offer no competition. With second rats goods)
durability and style, we ehallenge competition.
We are receivir.,, ,, Weekly ftoni the-best Houses
in New York, the latest styles and- beat qualitiis
of GOods, which keep our assortment complete:
Just received a large addition to our former
stock, consksting ot GENTS Patent Leather Boots,
Patent I.other Short Boots, 'French Culf Boots,
Gaiters, Shoes and Slips, all styles. LADIES
gaiters ' ,Btiskins, Slips uhd.Boots, best qunlities.
Also, It o s, Youths atud-Childretts boots, -Gait
era and Shoes, the best in Market. hi fact ev
ery thing belonging to the trade. .
All kinds of Leather, .Findings, &e. All y kinds
of work made to order and repairing done neatly
Montrose, July g l 3, 1856.,
Now Arrangement at Gregury's
vv• having formed a co-partnership for the
purpose ot•conducting the Hardware bu'siness hi
en its various branches, *veld respectfully in•
form thepeople of Sttsrptehanna county that
they are now opening at Gregory's Old Stand,
opposite the Exchange Hotel, 2 doors from. the
Canal, Binghamton, N. Y., the largest, cheapest,
and best stock of Hardware over otTeredia Bing-
Having made arr.mgements to import their
English Goods and purchase their American di
rect from manufacturers, they can and will sell:
CHEAPER, than any other establishment in
town! Their stock is now very extensive, and
those wishing to purchase are )nviled to call—,
The following are a portion of their leading ar
tieles;viz:.--Table knives and forks, Tea :do.,
carvers, forks and steels, pen and pocket knives,
brad and butcher do., hay and araw do., scis
sors, shears, and razors, britannia tea and coffee
pots,silver and britannis tea and table spoons,
silver plated, brass, end iron candlesticks, snuf
fers AO trays, solar lamps, lard, and suspended
lamps, mantle:piece ornaments, brass and iron
andironamhovels and tongs, &e.
Looking Glasses, and looking glass plates„to
gaiter with a general assortment of housekeep
ing articles.
York State wag.
liuntruso Pa.
.onnisting of locks,•latelies, , butts, screws, brad
nails, bolts, patunt*window springs, Wind fasten.
ing,s, shutter serews, and fastenings, &c.
A general assortment ortools for Carpenters
and Joiners. Cabinet and Wagon Makers, Masons
and blacksmiths, consisting of planes, saws, him.
mere, hatchets, aies, adzes, chisels augers, auger
bitty aid hollow angers, anvils, Bellows, vices,
patent drill machines,' sledges, stone hammers,'
brick end plastering trowels, cross-cut, mill and
circular saws. -
- A splendid assortment of Saddle andllarees
makers' tools and trimmings.
CO iteo tin?. a atm vele, e padea,fork s,rakes,sey th es,
grain cradles, lines, pick axes, iron bars, giind
stones, &c.
"MSc), Agents far the sale of .Whittemore,
Squires & Cues' Agricultural tools,suelas plows,
bay rind straw cotters, torn sinners,.
Bole and' upper, Ittatber, Irooroceo Arne
trial wine, walk°a general easorivrent, of. findings,
Wooden ware, willow eradles, 'wagons, .elnwe
'arid basketlike! all descriptions.
"Bar iron, and steel, iron ales stasteel 0 ,11 . 13 V0'
malleable pestings; tomb Ines and triinnkings„. 4if
ail Math, painfit i vils; esib i gless, putty, Ike., 411
of which will he &AEA the lowest Wee. Pleat*
call,end examinetbe. erode for yourselvems
Ifitighastaa, Moth "i t 1/1611.
`Wire t rife : :
S. M. \V suit. Sec,t
~ J 4 '
++ 'lam
~; \ ~ .. r
~~~. ~3=: ~T.'.'..
; •
On the Chenango Turnpike, between Ne
hemiah Scott's, and Scutt Bahlivins, one
small silver Cilindereseapetnent watch. Ati,Y
one who will return the Said watch to the
underaigned,Or leave it at Scott lialdwins, Ar
this offiee. shall be libertlly rewarded.
Sept. 13,1.856.-4 f. •
WILDE leS rAT Eft sawitanuse,
Eir "The best sec in the wdrld,"—Seenred
by the celebrated 1.0 Pos;derproof Uck,
with a very small key—all" made under thelim
mediate inspection of
_our lt Jr . STEARNS, who
has for fourteen years superintended their than
ufaeture, during which time( not a dollar's worth
of gopertfhtts' been consumed in any one of
them-213 having been tester ju neendentnlifires
Warranted free from dampness. For sale by
•40 Murray and 146 Wateests.
Second 'hand Safes'of othm makers, et retiuced
prices. • 36-3 mom.
(101.11 and Silver Speetaclos, a new hit jlist
received, comprising:all ages, by
August 18. A. 3. Eviirts.
n REASTPINS and Finizer Rings, a . faiiety
LP of new patterns, this day received by
August 18. A. J.EV,Ass.
T . OCKETS—A beautiful augortmont of Lock
ets—ohe, two and four faces—from $1 to
A. J. ris%lllS. •
810, by
el LOCKS -- A good al'sortmoni of Clocks, from'
IL) 81 to $lO-30 hour end;—plidn,stri
king and alarm, by • -A. J. E.(4.1(9.
August 11.
DLATED WARE;—:Tex Setts, Caki)
ets, Castors, Candleslicks, Snnffers &
rays, Spoons and Forks, Card Baskiits,
.by . - A. J. EVANS.
August. 18.
Watches', Watches.
A - UST received by the-team Ship 4ttaotic s.
cl few-doz. more f•niy celebrated! . English
Patent Levers, also &few extra' fine .slx ounce
Skelton Levers, in plain, silVer Hunting, Ceses.
The above with,my fi ruler stock, mak,'!s the
Largest and best asvftn M..0 - fine trcitehes ever
exhibited in western I N.: k., all of which are of
my own importation; and warranted ;first rate
time keepers. _ ' . i ''!.l • A LI D as ,.
No. 3 Odd Patmen.oall, r f -
Biog,hamton, Aug;; . 16, 1356.-
.1 .
Important to. FaTmes.
Veav Freight Line front Minatiose.
Commission Merchants ; No.. 3, I.hie
_ ;
FOR the better 4tecommudation Oor the farm,
ers Susquettsnna County. we have cen
t:laded to receive fieight every day in the week,
(Sundays excepted) At- the store of M.. 8. %Vit.
son 4 Son; who will attend to shipping the,
same to New Ye*, and the return bills 1* paid
in rash at their store. •
Capt. Wiekhnnt is their salesman, whose long
experiento on the N. &E. It., flAttetS
himself that justi'de will be done to 'his patrons
.with the above artangementove invite the farm,.
ers' to giro us atrial. JUSTUS MIA..
• C. B. ARitSTRONG..
Motittose,Aiti. 20, 185ti..--6m..
A VERY large minek
• Binghamton. 1;.
Came into the enclosure of t 1 subscriber .on
or.abont the I‘ , stb of August,.os6, one large
red cow. The;owner is requested to. pay char
ges, prove prOPerty and takelier
Bridgeurater,!An2; 18, 1856.--4w.*.
. • . .
• tts Vi' :-TlVii4t 3 trt . I .
oi. ihmocr. Sut.:Q; Go., P,
. ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
T131E13. I . 'S' & BROTHER'S, bpd WHEEL
1 1 , ER, 31 LICK, & Co's- I Rail . Read' Horse
Powers, Threshers and Seperators, Threshers
and Wirmacers combined. . • ,
Reapers Pand Mowers combined. - Mewing
and Reaping, Machines, of six or seven•different
Patentees, nmon i g which.are .11eCormitflea Bur
rsilb's, Manny's, Weights, and the celebrated
Ketchum •Machine,whieh N warranted to Work
to the.satiOnetion of the prirehaser. The little
Giant Corn and Cob. Mill,f the Nimble Giant,
Feed .Milla; with iron plate* French Bur atone
mills,•for farm or mill use.l Portable Circular
Saw Mill With 24 inch saw , for wood cutting
&c., ext np, table and saw for slitting boards and
fencing stritrand general shop •use. Upright or
Felloo • sew for Wheelwrights rise.' Crosi-cut
saw arrangements, gr, eatly ;improved to attach to
Pewee for' cutting woad iii the log, (it will eut
off an•lnth log in one'ininute.) Emery's poi%
table Cidifr Mill, and Piesa, the hest. in use,
Fanning !Mills tilled for PoWeis. Power corn
shellers, Power Feed cuttr„ Improved dog Pow , .
ers, Cloyir Hullers. Wind Mills, of various biz.
es, Situ* Machines, flay Presses, Field Drill
Sower, Lime spreader, Field Roller, Feuntainfi
of various patterns,, Improved Hydraulic . Ram,
Agricultural Furuaces;Pzitent self-tteting Cheese
presses; , 'Clitirns:of various lands, !Cultivators
and Plows of. every.isieSeription, I,euther and
Rubber' Belting, and 'vanions other implements.
In fact, inmost any linfilement - a fanner may
wishorai any one else may desire except gimlet
handles'wnd scandal, which no doubt can be ob
tained it the great manufacturing establishment
(as is represented or - ulisrepreitented)• in . Brad.
Co. They alao manufacture nn excelsior Fan
ning Mill: (they call it)iwitiels may bo -very val
uable if it is Capable ofi blowing or clearing the
chaff fikstu the proprietor. AM w hat • would be.
I would say to th4e who,
.may have been
humba ,, esrthat - Emery's or Wheeler's railroad
liorsel'owers, Threshers &c.,are not made et
allowed to be made this sidCof AlVany k also to
those] , wishing to puechase either 'Emery's or
WhOer's Machinea, that Emery:or Wheeler
has net authorited'or,deSite Mr. IL L. !Holies
to sell their machine*
Descriptive catalogne price List and circulars
of nearly all tuachlnei sold by me, sent gratis
and Postage pre-paidcto all 'applicants. Send
sour name and address.
No'w farmers itiyour time' to make from 12
to 25 or 30 per cent. on your investtneets. Re
mem'ber I . get my inaebines direet 'limn the
funbfactors., i've no middle man with whom
divide my cotemissionos ps the with
some others. All machines scild by we are
warranted to give satisfaction or May be return
ed it not as recommended. See large hand.bille,
circulars, 8:c.
AF4AV Stuck' • ot.fine . .'SLlNEß WARE,
`warranted as :Onre as ttoin, consisting '4r .
Table, Dvasert and_rickle roris threaded, rib.
bola; pattern and • plain' Tubte, Eleseri.. and Taa
*Wont iiivatard,.(tream Stigarani Salt Spoons
pr Ores difrures!..otterris;"siso,! . Butter Knives..
Ringli„.#:Jogar Gravv.and soup
Ea ok4:i" . to othichtt would in-.
vita the attention ei tat); friends.:
• .; _ ...ALFRED J. EVANS,-
igtragtlWty k 8.1856.
HEREAII. my wife, Cornelia A., has left
V V my bed and board, withoutany just cause
Or provocation. -Thia is:. therefore, to forbid all
persons harboring or trestieglaer on my account,
as I will papno debts of ber contracting after
this date: • t. M. WRIGHITa.
Thompson, Ang. 15, 1856,
Extis Cheap Dry Goodat
Irmo immense and attraetiee stocks of en-
JL tirely new -Goods at
Rich:- Dress Silks, Shawls, liaritillis,lLaines,
AlpaeaS, Coburgs, Deßoiges, Malibu, Tissues,
Bategea, Brilliants, Ginghams, French, English
and Aederican Prints . , Linens, Flannels, Domest
ics, Hosiery, Embroide.ries,Laces, Ribbons,Trim
mings, Cloths, Cassi mere,: Vostings, . Also,
at the . - •
Rieh dilt Cornices, White* Shados, Curtain
'Materials, Tapestry, Beessels, ,Velket and low
priced Carpetbags, Oil Cloths, Mg; Btatiing,
&c.. &e. t
Parties about to visit New York are request
ed to call before purchasing elsewhtee, aid will
find these the largesvelreapeat anti Most desira
ble stocks of Dry Goods Pa the city. •
• 255, 257,259 & GRAND ST.
and new numbers,
47 & 49 CATHARINE ST:, N. V.
July 16, 1856.-3 at.
• •
N OT at Auction for the Bonk Auction bas gone, but please bear it in mind that new
books as well as old can be bought cheap at the
Montrose Book Store in the Post Office, ono
door north of Seirle's Hotel. Just call and you
can find Books of isll prices, from •a' ono cent
primer to a Slo Bible. and among theca you
can= find Dick's works, L. Dews, also, &pea
tion to Japan, the Hunter's Feast, White Chief,
Scalp Hunters, three highly interesting Books
by Capt. Mayne Reid, Gerard, the giant Lion
Killer. tne Sparrow-grass Papers, Widow Be.
dott papers, My Bondage and Freedom, uni on
the Road, Salad lot. the Social and Solitary,
Rose Clark, Tom Hoods Writing's inTaridas
forms, &e.. ttc. A new lot of school and blank
books and Stationary, Yankee Notions &e., Ste.
Also a few of those tip top Gass Lamps left.—
See here. Any one making a bill of five dollars
lin& over, at one time shall have one dollars
worth thrownin extra, or $lO worth, shall have
92 extra. Call and be convinced.
Montrose, Ang. 6, 1856. •
Attention Palmeri. Look 'bre.
NT C. SUTTON, having mainland the stock
-AIL• formerly owned by C. C. Wright, he
would respectfully annonnee to the citizens of
Middletown and vicinity, that he has just re
turned from this city with , a new ttnd full supply
of all, kinds of thnitret Springand Summer Goode
which ha will tell at uilpercelentectlow prices for
cash or itedyVay. !' tease call and see, His
choice lot of Dry Goods, (or bath Ladies- and
Gentlemen's wear, of Foreign and Domestic man
ufacture, Ladies Bonnets, Gents Leghorn Hats,
Canada do., Chip do. Crockery, Groceries of all
hard and hollow Warq. Drags: and Medicines.
iron ,and Nails and risb, besides all other arti
des usually kept,in a country store. He will
keep constantly on hand a • full supply of Solo
and upper Leather. Wanted any quantity of
Pelts, Deacon and Calf Skins and Hades, fur
which the highest market price trill fie paid.—
Alt kinds of f'armer's Produce will bit received
in exchange for GoOtt at market prices.
I'leaso call and examine for yourselves at the
old stand of C.G. Wright*. -
Middletown, Sum. Co., Pa.
Groat Cause. for RejOi
Peace among_ the' Nations of the
Oid World.
Day GOODS and Clothing - falling , and have
already reached a mark below all reasons,—
blo expectations; and to proie this-fact call at ,
& CO., at the east end, of the new Brick Block.
Seeing is believing, so call and see: for your.
selves. Come along without delay, procrastina
tion you know, is in all . eases dangerous. We
will offer you rate bargains, not offered else
where in northern Pennsylvania. We can and
will undersell all our competitors.- We have
advantages in buying, and manufacture out owh
Clothing, of which we have a splendid assort.
ment, from a little boy's jacket and breeches to
the finest Dress Coats and Pants, for gentlemen
of all sizes. Our assortment of Fancy aneDo
mesas Day Goods can not be Surpassed by any
other establishment in the country. One of our
firm is constantlyin the city,< and Is sending al
,most daily,Goods of the latest and most fashion
able style. Our stock of nonnets and Bonnet
tailings is complete. GENTLEMENS HATS,
tots of them. Also a splendid-lot of Mantillas.:
Montrose, April 22, 1836. .
Of Susquehanna and Neighboring
lATE would respectfully eolitit your atten
!Vs our largo stock of the abuse'
mentioned Weds, now in store and in'course of
reception. For many years the trade of eat of,
the largest portions of . the limpite State 'has
been.retained by a monopoly, which has tit list
given away before the rush of enterprise.,
Possessing unequalled facilities for buying,
and having direct eonununkatibr: with the - most
ektenslve Mannfaetories in .the ihtited lates,
we say, without exaggeration, that we ca and
will sell, either wholesale or retail, - at
lower than eVef offered
,beforlS •Wed of . Y.
While nothing has been omitted in the :A
ware line, we have given particular attention to
the House Furnishing branch of .our business;
and have on hand a stock well worthy 'the in
spei:tion of House Keepers. -
Of Fancy Goods we have also a large assort
ment, which, having bees selected with especial
reference to the wants of our , customers, ve
think will piete those in need of articles in this
In conclusion, wo would say that oar Goods
'aro new, and of the first quality, and that we
hjpe, by strict attention to business, and *Mt--
stint anticipation - of the wishes of nor patrenes
to merit even an increase of the ceingdctiottal
ready reposed in as.
Hardware . , House Furnishing end Fancy Goods
• E4l4sllshment, 51 Court St., 14inghattl•
• ton, N. Y.,,mijoinitig Bank id '
Binghamton:.N. B. We havee a very largo stock of Wood
en and Willow Ware, Mots and Rugs, Britannia
Warn, Fancy Bird Cages, &e. Fe'Sporting
apparatus' or every destription, including Fishing
Tackle in nil its varieties, Guns, Rtes, Fist*
Gun Materials. &e. • •
From r.he Binghamton Democrat, April 10th.
SPGENDID bernovesteef. , —We have before
noticed the new store erected by . A. , Knowlton ,
Elm., adjoining the Bank •of • Bingheintm, to be
occupied as a Hardware Storp by Bleak's:Mork
& Knowlton. As it , approieliCa completion it
deserves more and more the iiraltaxt that have
been bestowed on it. and icundonlitetily In Its
style, finish and appointments The model store of
ther'Bouthem Tier. blears. p. & are tin*
putting iu their stpck, one largerand Moro 'cern
plete than has heretofore beeti kept in thisflees,
embracing till the departMents ot Hardware,
Builders Finishing Itateriali, Gas Fixtures, &e.i
&c. illack*.tone.:§in Warmed and ready
workman, superintends the t,s ritfitit depart.
Menlo .I,ook in atPitxte 4 KElO*llotriL
"%TOME; is hereby giver! panne* ilinving
.1.11 demands spinet the Estate orlholel. Abi;
boti bits of Robb township, ghAt tits 'snit(
mint be Presented
,t 9 the ,findensioned for Ar.
tenement, and Ali pore* in(ehted to_sald .
tutu are required to make ,Itiutiediste Sottloatent
4 - JULIA litltSKYrri Mena
Iletstt i 18cre.-/
Hardware =and House Furnishing
Goods. . •• •
Hls is a progressive age. No eno doubtri
A. it; dr If they did, a glance at the manifold
wires on which the lightning whizzes with im
portant new% would So6n cqrvince ; a Wok - at
the rusting can would add idiom emphasis to
the lAat and wise conclusion. proof*_ pre
sent themselbes each day . ; each day we are more
ankiodi to
"Catch the tiVing manners s.s . they
turn them" to ode own account. and take Mies
emelt cash as pilssible.
Now aAaysfeepia are averse to dealing. at Ohl
fashionedStorel- . -those established from test to
twenty years ago. Their proprietors having - be.
Comoterougli!y. Mimed with the high price
principle, (or rathet latk of principle,) are tan-!
witli4igtes !owe") , their " demands to a scale More
in ateordaace with the titles we live in.
• iZesolved to keep "pate with the • progressive
spirit or the age, we hake opened our now and.
sticious Ste*, N 6. 61,tonrt St..with a very
largo assortmedt or.
Ha &ram • ause - Furnishing,
and Fancy Goods, which we offer wholesale or
retiil, at the lovrett frites, for'eash Or app rove d
credit. PSYFE & KNOWLTON. •
81, till rt -St., Dieghtuntoe, N. y . .
Fir We advise consitry merchants to 'hitters.
They will find it advantageous.
find -
- WILL find a largo lot , •
Ty Hoes, Rakes, ,
Spades, Shovels
. Grass-Hooks,
and many other' articles for tilling and beautify.
lag the earth, PHYFE dz. KNOWLTON'S,
Binghamton, N. Y, '
WE are determined to "suit the Ladies, hay
ing their comfort in view, we lately pro
cured of the Importers, a large assortment of
which must enltainly pirate even the most fas.
kidious taste.
We have a fine stock of,Hair, Nail and Tooth
Brushes comprising many, elegant styles. .
"Of combs we have an extensive varieti,incitt.
ding many of India Rubber, Iron and Horn.
We have, beside, many other Fancy Articles,
too numerous to mention.. Call and examine
our Fancy Goods.
51 Court St.
' Refrigerators.
TUST received a large lot, at prices ranging
tf from IWO to $1.1,40,
- •
flat N.V.
Bird Cages! Bird •Cages !!
1105 . 11Y1 E & KNOWLTON havei4st reeoived
a large and well selected assortment, of
combining , many of the most elegant designs
and hennaed finish ; combining derabilitiq *kb
lietness and alliltass of styin: •Ptoht ils Ud, to
$lO, each, drinking-and seed cups included.
51, Court st., Binghamton. •
To Sportsmen.
Fishing Tackletuns! Rifles! Pistols!
Jllllll & KNOWLTON. have now on hand
a splendid lot of FiBhing Tacklo,cornpris.
ItudalfFoth is td, to 810 each'.
Litt*, prom 344., to $5, e'ich.
Reels, from 8140 tol6 etch, and an assort
ment'of artificial Bait, never before equalled in
thin-vicinity, including Frog*, Miee,Glass,-Leath
er, Isciin Rubber, Illinnows.Gutta Percha, Grass
Hoppers, Shrimp, Spinning Bait, &c., &c, Pat.
ent spoons to avoid catching grass while hailing.
Patent Spring Hooks for Pickerel or Pike. - -
Socrlalogera, or Yankee Doodle, Houhs; I hew
and improved mode of catching AT. -
W have a good stock of. Guns, Rifles:: Re.
relying, single and double barrel's! Pistols, Pow ?
der,Shot, Water Proof and other caps, Huliting
Horns, Turkey calls,4.c Powder . Flasks,
Pouches, Game Bags Temperance
&c., dtc.
In fact we have every article of. Sporting ap
paratus.,- Hooks, for outline fishing by the hun
dred thousand. PHYFE &KNOWLTON.
51 Om et -st.; Binghamton.
PHYFE & KNOWLTON are Agents for a
number'of lilanufattatere,tind Wilt suppl -
the Trade on easy terms,
and at a low .. price at
their Hardware, noose Furnishing and Fancy
Goods Establishment, • .
51 Court street.
Country Merchants,
WILL find Hardware, Horiab ~Furnishing
and Fancy Goodaat.
_gni! :red: Prices,
Cash for Wool.
DICKERMAN & GARRATT will pay the
highest market price for all the Wool in
Susquehanna Vit§tnty, delitrared - at their store.
Now Milford, June 16,1836. •
1.6 rij . 44 . F AAP L l / 2 41 .??;:y: AND VICINITY.
. .
Please read it is short anct Of ' i m p ortance
to every House Keeper.,..' - •
DAVE received their spring supply of house
11 tarnishing Goods.. We can now offer
seven beautifld stylesurCknekery. Oge of them
a new Mid elegant Spring Pattern of White En
swelled Ware. Our Goods are , all a No. I in
quality, no seconds or odd -lots. but complete
setts, and can matched if broken or
More wanted, for yearn to come. -All the coin
mon wares, CHINA TEA VVARE;s:x splendid
styles of white and decorated, very law. ,
a complete. and unbohnded vatihty always on
hind. TEA TRAYS of our own importation.
Fifteen elegant patterns, tar an:passing in, rich
ness, finish and durability, the . American article
usually+ sold; at u low prices, and by far the
largest and Masi Complete lot ever offered in
these parts, from $3 to 815, of tout
FROM AucTrairl RE.-4P . 1i..4R
:- GAINS i
Brass Curtain Cornices, Biti4ll, Hooka, &c.,
at prices that defy competition . . Twenty differ
ent styles of those elegant Bird. Cages, from
75 cents to slo,each. 84 different patterns of
superior warranted Clocks.'from 81 to $25
each. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry neatly re.
fe a redi Plated Canters, Cake Baskets , Spoons.
rt*, *apkiti Rings, &c. eta. dod Dozen
Knives and Forks. Perim Lamps, Hall Hutg.
log L.. mps, Britannia and Tin-Ware.
Martieilial Iron Mantle Places and Grate% ate., •
in fact a 0124111 Hinuto Bttildiit end; Reuse
Furnishing establishment. • „
WWI and Me ns at, oar.",CRYSTAL PAL
ACE," t*et doors castor the Canal,
;ern titlr Hoods are Trot di teitriiitinted, our
pridtis it low as in toiku And you aro not trea
ted well, please don't bay ,
Binghamton; March. 1850..
Como and Beth
- 01.43111 TY-FIVE Onntn:ln ti kw" t ee
dollars. worth of 1..th0 aptothillLot tl nk. of
spring and, summer Got.* knit : ten onitig. at the.
chettp ethstrntni barter store at Pititttet.filureor.
ners t orhent,dlroost erorybotfilgoes now to tony .
their Uoddn. node 4161-11 nit kept .siways, on,
'• *fru. H. THAYER. „
. ,
Din!" May 211;4454.. -
tArzEt. wouto of slaying to hia'sfri:oikda
ao . eitatitaintthit.tto , taiik: .gain:reemed
the *die" af Uddithie his old tiara
tiotek *kora - ke day Vet. fottridat aft Ai& lank**
oritoistopaitY baniteit*L' would 1 4 to,thtkit ,
At k ins , pm-oft oid**co**, 'that loraill deduct Ats
per vent. On off ierthnitt. pelt befoier'tbei of
April, wit, (or If affy*co like, ifirgera ' will
&dad Iftty.
11lvMt►4 + e. Petii,llo4
Peace DeCjired s _ •
ONattch terms that secures the right ofevery
nation to the ,navigation of the Dannbe„and .
be It known to the people of Susquehanna.
County; and tho rest of the world, that they wilt _
find itNto their advauttige to COMO to the Temp;
erance Saloon and GroCery in Main St , Mont:. -
rose, Pa., (the only' Temperance saloon hi _
rose) to get Pies, Bubb as: pies,, Cakes;
Cheese; Crackers, Sardiees,. Pickled Oyisterol -
Clara% Cucurnbers, fee Cream, Grange!, Pine
Apples, Candy, and Segura, Nuts-4c. Small
titter, Ice cool Lemonade, • and Soda Water to
eat ;ad drink.. At the same place la n good is
ittwtm'ent of Grocerieit And Provisions, with new:
.supplies every week -trim New York, such, is.
Tea, choice kinds, from 2s. 9e.. to 6s. per lb.
sugar, not at . 3 tte. Best •Coffee 'll I-2ets.,
crusher!, Pulverized and Granulated at Is per
lb. Afolasfies 3s: 6d. Pei' Gellert; best Syrup at
ss. 6d. Per gra.. Pork, Smoked Ham, and Shoe& -"-
tiers, dried, Beet, Ham, Cod, Mackerel. White-
and-Blue Fish, - G i llette, Crackers, Lard, Tallow,
Sterine patent and Sperm Camilesot variety of
Bar Soaps, Shaving; do, best in use, Coffee Riee
and Tobacco, plug tint! fine cut, Chewing ad
smoking; do. in tin Fire Crackers and Fire
Works. Matches, " all kinds. dried Peaches;
Plums, Cherries, Figs, from Is. to is. 6d. per lb..
;Prunes, Zantee Cgrrents, - Citron, FL.' paste, Sa
go for p - uddings,Spices all , kinds, do. Ground -
Mustard, do. French Soap Powder, Babbittit Sal
illattak„dn. and Washing Soda, .Cieam Tarter,
and Supei. taib Soda Platen° Aeid, Lie - 06m, .
do. root, Faney Candy and GI/in DroPs, fresh
from N. Y., Canaia Wads, Canary seed, Nutmeg**,
Cloves dre., Cocoa, Brom and Chalkulate, Lit-:
dards, black Bud Scotch snuff, Resins, from is.
to Is. 6d. per lbeduttanee seedless Rasini,starch
(pearl) Corn starch. Patent Nutmeg Graters,atitt
Cluthe's pins, Sweet and Castor" Oil in bottlet;'
Raymond's Lees ; and Wriehts Pills, Balser Roli.
brimstone, Sulphur, Gina Camphor, Vinegar
Choice lot of Catsup, Pickles,
,Popper &nee,
Raspbery Syrup, flavoring extracts, Hair Oils,tc
embelish and prevent from falling w off or turning_
grey, Herring by-the Box, White Wash, Scrub
and. Shoe brushes, Stove and boot• Blacking,
Garden seeds, state end, lead *elle, Axe hand
les, Brooms; Thoth Ache Ointment; an_ almost
sure cure for burns, Spraini, Bruises; &e. Rus
sian 'Ailment, good for Man or beitat.
.Medicine, together with a .-large assortment of
Children's Toys, -Selected with great:care for
both girls and boys, among which are omen
pads and BaOkets,Horties; Dogs and Cittle 'on
wheel's andlockers, small. Tea getii, Thimble*,
Cornelian Rings, Tops, Clarionettes, Accorde
on, liarnionicons, Harps, and many curious -
tillage, Ladies Baskets and Sewing Birds, Sack
Salt for family use, CornAal, also Flour, kept
constantly on band, by the pound, sack or bar;
Clams, Orang_es and Lemons, Pine
.A . pples,
Some Eggs s ßutter, Potatoes, Beans, eze., Inked
in exchanft. • Theabove.Goods ere for sale for
cash or'ready pay. • - - ,
Thankful for. past" favors, I hope siect
attention thlitsittess and small p rim to gain a
largttf shire a iidi.orage, thereby
mutual) , benefited, orders with the readi
will ba promptly attended to.
Temper:met:. Salooii, droceiy and .Provisioa
Store in Maid St., Montrose, Pa., May ap t 1E56:
ORIASI, SMITH '& CO.; would ,respeer.
fully inform the publie.that they. have pur
the. interest in the. saddle and. '..Hainess . - f:-! .
Business 'ot A. at'. E:Jialdwin. , Welope by :4
strict attention •to 'fatalness to receive Our share 3 1
of Pilblia figion:ilte; Constthatly on hand,. Sad- - 4
dies, Bridles, Harness. ,Whips, Trunks.' Valleca s ...---.-
cfe. Camille Trimmings in all .of its-branehes neatly done. to: order 'on. - reasonable 114
Shop No. 2, Searkts.Basem6nt.
'FORDHAM sain"4- CO.
biiibtraie, -Jam 1 186.
Pin! Fire b ird
liE updiirsigned is agent for the.following . 17
aputparueS, the - reputaben • or
whieh, for solvendy; and lionorahie dealing, have
boon.longlnown to the publid,,:. • ,
. . •
T6' Farmer's Union Instiranee.orAthens, Pa.
Capitats2oo,ooo, secured lip Bands and Mort.
gages. - •
Stale Mutual at llarriliburg, on the stovh, and
Mutual plan. Capital . $350,N0.
11W" ApPlicalata can receive policks in either,i
dr any df the above edam:Wel& -
Montrose, May 120856. '
'robbers Wanted.'
lit widernigned Will let by contract to clea 1
75 acres of land,froni which - "the lombev
and fire Wood has been' taken.. Also the Cul4-
ting (lone feet of hemlock logsotna th
pealing of the twit from •the same. Also thy;
cutting and Inurling, or the cutting alone, tt , .;
cords ofgall Road sirocd. .
The above;work to be done this season; tirY
will be parceled ont - to emit 'any one , wishing
do ap art of it• OA/. For further partienta
please apply to the undersigned- at the work
3 1,2: miles ,up the. Plank Road - trona Hancocjl
Delaware Co., N: Y. :
Ten good men' wanted to Arica teams a 4
work .a saw tutu; to, which good wages
be paid, - Early application solicited. -
Office addreas—flanconk, DeLllo.. N. Y.
May 1, 1856 . for D. P.-Detnerest & Cor4
Burnet's Patent Iniproved
This is the otivi fruit`Zan in 'market Inc,
entirely of Tin. All others - are seahsl by me,-
of Lead Screws, which disetdbr the fruit.
By tilted* of a ,Rib*Rin r c;, the, scalin
made so perfectly Air Tight that. the most - ej
less person cannet make a failure in sealing
CAM. -
A channel' being . arranged , around the
Wax 'can be ' sed Of desiren,) . in additiou - W-4
Rubber Ring. .
-No hinneis are necessary in filling these'
, _The oOning la so.lilige that a - full air.cti I
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