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, ~ . • „
' or be would .be held responsible for the untr-1.-.,.- ;,- .-• Nzw.,mus.oßD.
, -
_.. 7 ' •
der.. . Whereupon he ..and - two, gentlemen ,shavil 1& 11 1 1, 0 0, G oo d s .p annor hi m
started to the parish of Concordia, -where he i . - ' ' - ' P§X - P.LLlg35'. : - '‘''' -' - -
said - the negroes were -to be. found. They 1- -- • - -- 1' , - •
Irir • BURR I wheid infe - rm his friends and
' have not yet returned. The empty 1 -"lat . '" a t I 11.. t. the Publit s thittilic ha nom in store and
Bayon Sara, Where lt'was taken up. - The Foo,(1- 1
_is rec'elying:e full,.assiertment . 44 Fall mid Winler
ies . *ere found Bunting in the river a short ! Gi,ods in e iodingia ' r e:tt, variety of Rich Pall
distance below, and were taken oat the water 1 Prints in „new styles, , .Plain . and Fancj - ,DeLanss,
and deposited in- the graveyard. bear tilt. 1 Plain and Paaey Itiohrir Cloths,'Pluin and Plaid,
~le ee . . Th e f e mal e was found to be. (*ciente. f 3 rerinoe'l; Peron:tett:ls, De Rages and Poplins;
. lib,i weapon weed. f or t hi s . butchefy . was a Dark' Blab
. Gindliatits, in Fell - Styles; Black
Brocade, - Plin Anti f'atiey Sii,kil: 001,. Broche,
. coupling pin of a wagon. The lad - is titling Cusheiere, - Crape ' eti.o.ilk Shawls.; Rich WI,-
' well.. . - - -•
. ' - • - bons, Bonnets entl
. glowersv Ladies 'Cloths and
• .
'Velvets for Cloaks find 11-mtdlas, ilroadcloths, ,
Ca SiSitll ere, Sie., e.r.c.,with n . largo assorttnette of
Staple end • Faitr , !...;floalS as ustia, includi , g
Ifardware.Crockerf,j . fron and Steel, Minis, Oils,
Roots and Shoe 4, lints, 'Clock,. Batralii Robes,
Cairtings, 4-c.,t,ev.itll a newassortment of Stoves
and Trimaling4 . iif tlt! Vex!. iirtality. 'being made
1 to order expyessly,g+ . l.44 -. CitmtomTrrile and *ill
1 - all be seld at the lok‘'est ft,;:ire or 4 LITtLE LOW.
I:Ett for ea,.h. produce, or !Ipproved credit. .
N. B. Wool . Socks I.4';atitill tor: which the
highest prii!es.-will:eontinee to 1, paid. Flour
land -Salt constantly on hand.l - -
) New llitforti , cittti.he ir, 1355. - -- -.-
riff Wenotice in the Tribune of the 14th
inst., that the Abolitionists
.9f York State.
have placed in nomination for Secretary of
State the negro Fredrick Douglas's, of Mon
roe County.
In speaking of the above the Tribune lets
off in the following attain.
" With respect to abi I i tv, a bet ter non,iina
tion could hardly be desired, but yet we eon;
fess, that we regret to -see Mr. Douglass elect
ed..' His pmeer place is not as a Member of
the State Aihninastration tit Albany, but as a
member of Congress
_at Washington. For
the former place he poss'esses no qualifh•ations
- that Might not be, found'in other gen , leman
while for the' duties of a Representatire at
Washington he is peculiarly gifted. As an,
orator and debator he possesses both the force
s od grace appropriate to i Virginia gentle
man of the old .school; and one of the '-first
;farnalies, to which depth of conviction anal
a .me.lution of purpose worth the test .days
of the Republic and a persuasive and magnet
ic chitin not often felt, in the Fedral Capitol.
We trust then, that the friends.of Mr..•l)otgr, - 7
l a ss will-not persist in urging
.his elvethin to
that office for which be is now narniny hut',
will make every preperation to retur7'ititn
to Congress on the vet - first "raeancy in the
Monroe District.". -
We knew that,the Tribune for t.-orri,:t
past have- beea advocating the clothing of
Congress in mourning for what it clmaises to
call- its misdeeds, but we didn't know that.
ebeisei, was the material seleat,Nl
The North Side of Sebastopol.
• • At.the latest adviets. the Al ,were not
in po , gesion of the North Side of Seloasto-.
pot !there the fortitiicatiotA are 'of !mutt
strength and command, on :mecum of their
elevated , position, the opposite shore
American, who was seiiitig as au 'officer oV
.the Medical.staff in the Rus. l .ian artny, gives
the following dis.-.ription of the forts on the
North:side . of the Bay :
"On the.'Noth side of the bay is also ii
s.ueoessien of hills, some of which are very ,,'
high, running. in "every direction. Yon find
on them bastions all
, •every direc
tion. These bastions and redoubts extend:
up the bay for a mile or so from the
and some of them are very effective, you ;
neariy*.centinual stream of balls a c r o s s the
bar into theenetnies . battery .which i.
the bay.. I think it very (4 , 13(40 wheth
(4. the French would be able to hold' this
city. for any length of time if they could gel,
poresion ofit, from the fact,that the hills cm
the north side are tallerLi I
nn_ those on the
South, and the city and the batteries on them
Ithink, would force them to leave it. In the
Main; they haVe been attempting this from
t, lard on.the south Side. I will .finish this '
by aying.that it is the best fortified place I ;
ever saiv . .. There is not, a hill or a mound
wherea cannon could be placed with advan
tage but you. find them."
, . - -.
TRUNKS—Ladies lend Gcntq Tray
. cling. Bags andAralies,--Ac. I s
..AI I. sizes qualities
.anal pri6).4. - Nelson ft,
Priest keep constai)tli en hand, a very large
assQrtrneut of th.) hbove Gi , o4is 'which we offr
r.t whol; , sale Drives. _llnultlo mails arranovtnenks
with ene of the laNrost . tnailuf tetares, Mr."Johil
NEW' YonE, Aug, VI, 155.5. i Mark. N. Y., to furnish: usaat wives which defy .
Sot :-.—l never Was consciously 'svithiii a. • cotcompetition.Els
mile Man, Know Nothing and
lodge., ti&er'l Bin'Zhaniton,Oet. 10,k1S;15. .
, --, %
could. liitve been inlisced to join one on any
- - Watottes,,CloCAsi Guns, &c.
accoutit. By placing your foot against the ; .,i
author 'of this silly report noticed in yourlel, I N "'" . ' l '''''' i.lTrriti " t: 11 "' ived fri t"' Eng
. ill limi. fi'itzirtiol.i. Gerinittly. &e., wbich wilt
ter, 7 you certain to kick a great liar. be suld . beiow t i te r Ntw r 0
r k p
r .;
at i
. Yours; Sc.
lIORACE GI3.CEIY. !• ‘ 1'
.A.F Posey- Dig.
' Montrw..e, Ciet..lo. 1855..-J-I i: . - I ': 1
* - !
G. W. SIEYMOIR & al, ,
A . re jajcri•f!rivinz thole Fa l and Win+ Stockl. V of G•1•:,3, Which they eel confidebt they
re'otrvrin , r for Silo at Tul.t..l„tsLott! Si - :Gus as
! ny ost::!,!i-li!nent in this seciion. Our istock is
s (2 , 4apl . cte as is generally' found in lcountry
flarford I
Sept.. ;1855.
~ ,
iar Somebody having started' the report
that Horace Greely was a k. n. , a Mr. Posey
wrote bite inquiring into the truth Of the
eharge,i,to !Ceti Horace this pointedly re
*l- k ;
.7? t
Is was supposed' settled that Lathror., .
Smith,the democratic candidates for the Lfi
islature, in this district, were both elected.:—
This (Mondayjmorning is reported that Smith
of Wyoniing,democrat, and Ingham of Sunk: .
van,KnoW-Nothing„areelected hpa kw r' , :it.t?s,
thus; leasing Susquehanna without, any. 111-
resentative. We however think Lathr.:,i)i.;
elected instead- of Ingham.
( gailtatt4„ • :-.
By Ed. A. L Post e - in Montrose, on the
2nd inst, L. F. :FITCH, Esq., and Miss •Mter: •_ _
lirrtsox both of Montrose.: - : ' 1 p ..Y.71.1111.1:1011.'S Hair Die,. L40111.14)4 s Balm
' Also, on the - 3d inst., in Bridizecrater, - Mr .11-, cs f a thousand fl.,'vers, and Purfkurerl at
J. L.
.GRIYFIS,. of 'New MilfurCl, and - Miss . G. %V. S. de Co. .
ELlZAbETtaltir. GARDENER, of
,the f9t r.P.;r • Lbs . : - orc STOLEN. . - - .
• ,
place. '," ' ~ .f , ,
S - p!,7 - • 4 , . . . On the 4th' in-t.. A 11. n r.itili,k. on e the Sea.
With the above 4otlee the Printer, ne-- ,i ier , s t o nz , n 1.- tir n ..:.• • -a., ": re:.t. N• Y., ttle prein •
~‹ .„
knoiledge the receiptilOf a nice lOt'of v. :l ke-- erty of With:tt I.6bertson.• Whm•ver f ,,tvw re
turn it 14 11-,.- I 3 us;. or Willia m Roheit,on:at
.kfter partaking of it freely, they ail. 'visited su.,, . D - . .i I
la' ~.p.a I'ost ()dim% shall he /die all- re.
tile'happy pair much joy and comfort,. &c., war,' rtd. It is '..ot tp, 71,t? 1.0 , it'n'y p T.; .n the
, -
' sitt.).i.riber. . • WILLIA.II ROBEItTEON.
Also, Itiiii . _.tite 4th inst.., in . 1110ntr0 , , ,, , . S'asq'a Depot; .0.t.. 4111, 1855:—.11 4 . 1- 1 -
lirll.t •
..csaiilßs'owle,of Binghamton N.. Y: ----- .. ----------- : ---- - ------- 7 - -:----..-------..,- ,
- New Ntlford Store E - ..tuporuns
And IlliSS CATUABINE Ai AlC1C11;(4,, o f . Briq,i't•- .
V ' . IN FLILI, BLAST. 1 •
"Ater. . . , • . , ,
c'is.7 •-' ._<.;ToyEs now f.",r s Ile at. Dicic'ermlns
- 31 •
Aug. :Nth, at St., Tosephs Church I,llla- z i i•i)
"'G.irr'atts. Wo axe in:: receipt of the
delphia tiy the Bee. Dr. }lido. M r . NlD•rt.:r.t. large,t slo,•k lorstovese'ver olfeeird ;n Northern
Waltz), of Philadelphia to Mrs:MARIA I.3aAta - Pa n
...cosistiilgiofttool4nt.r, i'arl.triand o size plate:
of Silver Ike. ' • bolls 1 ,, r Wathi and Coal.,:itsx• a .101 l IWSUri We a
• . " +. .of Ihr ,, er ',iv... for Clotrvlies and litto re4 .
In Liberty cut the 3d inst., by Ed. \ T. V, Iv, - , , • . ,
. . . . ,u,,, colt rtrt=comr ruti;•hti.iii to the Jeffer-
l'arker," Mr. Astotto . s!: Disiamtr, and Mrs.-; e . ; ,,,, i „ m m -, 0 ,,i ; no ., th e most perifert and -heat.
Brtsfs A\N, daughter of Mr.llohert ranee, i t .. l ,:.t u r e ,.: 1 , , market. . Among reur v;rh•ty of
beat of • Liberty. . . . ,-' - . • 1.,rg 0 overe would mention the Empire Sttte im.
• .
„ a proveras being:very. ht ;
avypfate:l and a p(•rfpet
mosso mmi l mso p si on.
finish and t - taperfiner, farmai-s u 1 sn,,,ohnhn
Grand and Magnificent DiEplay - a> 14 b
e e h•,en -in .i
,habit of pur ,
OF PALL AND 'WINTER. GOODS- J light stove :':-,(1 light . rimming" and pitying :-..5.
' nitw u it ai Vou - ou ,, bt to for l.;:tvy plates at , Leavy
J. WITTENBERG and-Co., takes pleasure ill I • • • -'
annpuncing to the citizens of Montrnie, and : the I vi ,.,. in,inn ,4 4, - nt , o f!jor own -i. urni . ure
I itnd sell
adjoining Counties, that they bare just • receivcd „
the largest and most • fashionable .assortment o:, ;:: t , h Z i k '' e t s ' n .,..' a r gi l j ii i f :: (s e. ,: rn ire p ( ! t i d )ri ‘ u v e it 'i l l i s t - s t • ti i ' f 9 7 t e fie w i l " c i ati p . Ly
Fall and Winter Goods, , that has ever been'-', , t • ' ;'" 1 "i . 1 • • '
.. • ..,,womg, („orl :Ls n.u:/. 4i 11 s.tort no lee.
brought to this portion of the State. •
i', i Mt:KERMAN 4.1.... G 11.11ATT.
. . •
:elle follotiring comprises hut a small portion
New Milford, (./.1,.4th. I gh•s,'
of thvjaimense assortment to be .found at this
• _, 4
_ 0•
. •
• . . i NE W 41; 0 0 rr...1
Boys and-Gentlemens Clothing, in endless va- • . ~ . . 1 , . - .
.. : ...;„ •
riety.and p - ro t ut i on a t - i n ot e • reasona t,t e t i „,, T , A !FIJI: subscriber is in.epastant receipt of.lert
than can be obtained elieWhere: • .1_ Geprds, in his. line: of.husiness, artly every
Ladies Dies:Bo°6llS; French Merino.Pararneta - v .NO I
wee.t. The public! will find hi assortment,
part and all wool Delain e -of 'nest any color and and iii'l -ztrtiel”. • nc,w ' 341.1 ii of good, quality. - . 74'
shade. Plain.hlack„and Ogured,eitangeabie plaid stock cOßiifits an
.111:141:111 . 4' . ..f .
And striped fitilks.•"" . • Drugs, 'Medic-toes; Paints, Oils, .-
, .Pricsti unctGinghants, Bonnets and Ribionp, . Dye-Stile:, Groceries. _ ..
Laces ar id F a abraielery. Nhawls, ilouble, and sin, • .: . . I.''ane,v-Goods .
ete .13roabli, and : -double . blanket Shawls,. also • . •
•• 4e" noeiy, &e. , :, , '
Csahemere'enenaliel •Shswlll,olniiii: and .110, t . . , Sto,re• at the Ik;we end of Ifni lulled district.
",'erv.', Curtain Goods, Urn'tirellaS. Table Spreads, - • • • A ITEI. TtIRILL. .
I ,,°Y;;Oinag, p,iapers, -Iklntlinii,, 'Fatinotter, oti,th, l‘!onir,,se.,.:l,4tne I, 1855. • , ,
.....____ ...... -
t-Stavalg• and 10;400 other articles too nutneroas — 7 . --
to mention. ' NEW G 0 - 1 S CHEAP
Cash Buyers will Bud it to - their' benefit to ~.
give us a tall. We will not be undersold- Our . - ru-I:7' r elp-'ved it ' it:lt:tif near Goods, furl, 4 De
way of transacting business is to Sell low r.r )di I '," , e D I e Boer', iParatnettss, 'Persi em s dl., '
tuft on short time to gatiii men; intending` 0 'be: l e ,' ae ,.„; (; 6 : 1 5 g . t,,,,. M;rinoti. Prints, and shawle.,, p .._ IIT- - - - -#, WJ • Latest style at
tempt in meeting our obligations,and expecting j a fact *general asap J Dr,) :Goode . whtcha "'' 'C. W. MOTT&
our customers to do that aside with .us. '. • \
' -'
I will be sold, tow
- - . , . • , 1 . - .• • - - •
, . • :I. WITTENIIIERG. -.! WANTED- 'ek , - Eggs. Watt er' t pard,Cheese Jnee , 13.
. . • :L. ROSEN Bit '. 1 Flannel, .4 1 r.e.. au 9u;ntity. in exechayAe.
-MOT?.for 11 ood; - :
1 - -
. .
~ •. P WITTENBERG. lit cosh prices. ', Is
Montrotie, 631 4.tb, 1855. ' - • •-•-' -Mositrooe, Feet -.15y5: • •• i.:l
, • _
Irving's Life of Washington.
be completed haivisorne 8 mo.
voloph6 , —lllororded with Piiwrizjirra and Plans,
at €4-2.6, 1) , ,4 volume.. • .•
01 this:•ltioi.fraPl.y of the Parini): of his . cowl - -
try there . is hut oue opinion. It is the most eon).
pick! aver issued, and by the pt. of one of the
Greatest-IVelters of thci Age.. Every finnily in
(h e isr,fsh.l 4 id post 5.4 it, snd• every person
shout{ read it.
44 11 1 °1'
A.t's rvo are Nxantt.d t ,t this and several nth.
er itnportlnt iv .I`.4rins are liberal. Ad.
dres, C.. T.- EVANS. ti,k t Gihkuv Neve
York; 0r4:7. 11, SCRIViN, 19 East ,
et:n:ll4 - 0h ,
:tit free or postri* ()if - receipt of price.
10,1855.-111%i - 3' 1, •
The under.igned itoen ati)paintrd nn naent
CO.II,PANI% liariisburg Said 6nl,pany
; It. s.a c. r :ii;i:ll of
It is as safe atid:e.tienp ;i company as . .tny• in
the State and in-nie444 the Steel; ' and mutual
INS STROUD, Agent. .
I . 114 1 :11 - ontruse. (Jet. 9, 1855.-43tf
• 1
tVe - 1 1 1 e undfvioill herehy.sante that we•have
dune business with thk, , nhova company._ and we
.ire'nre pth safe and
•In unr experii;nce ice.;, hive never knotill any
ses.sinPrits ,a premium tit e.
, F. M. %Vat. JeSsuiv.
1). W.;is,•t. 11.
H. r!rl.t Elurklgv. .• • E. i 3. Chase.
• .
,Liiill l 7 GOODS - '
- •At - If.Topbottor4 Station.
rriii: ..tebqrilte
rs . in. n0 , .4. revolving a general
supplv- or DTI
&74.. ;,chl , Croeldry,
re. Ilarriy.nro,&.v. ~ .1 1 Of - Whieh
,Will hi ,
'old vlie:ll)vr Oiar: ran be :,1 orded els t ;vetiere., in
Ow eotiAy. Also, Bunts ata Shoes nt• low val
ves arid gi,,,,c! huality. BELL & TINGLEY
____,.._— •
ii) ID Broad Cloth Car 4 "1" ,, r 3 mbillin2si a'
T & TINGLE:}',`
I. $2.06. , hv the 1.-ad R.1.94. 6 at
.k;:r bt Ow 1.
L. 7
VREAT'‘ ariety of goAtly MAtio Clothing
chrap At B. &T.'4
Q! go l d article at 75cts., -at
IL11). - )tt , 117Kt. 4, I£iis. - "B. &Tl
Y Elf, ; .:111‘,1 ninrlietOrici! ‘s ill - Ipe paid fur all
priodtwe in cpx..lialifre far viNcisi
pnid for rzowl Daißv Pate,t?r at
flupbottwn.oel.,4tll. 1.53. B. &
of Cr, I:ery arid Glass
:Vare. :it 1.4. C.
13011.CELAIN,:.11(1 Gr,:iitt: CI% up..
. 1 G . tt'. S.l: Co
T_)o and Bay :!ztal
1.1 •
8 1,Af.7K :fnci :ffid 6
shil{i t i g .: pt.* y:iril, at q, W. S. it. Co.
• •••
De L.-tines of the lateAt Styles at
• G.V. S. c 4. Cn
Notice. Extra. '
Y - Notes and secounts can be found at *
old stand, and I trust that ell will see the
necessity of settling them without fnrther notice.
- :
Aug. 9.9,-35106. • \
. - Cop*nership. -
HE "undersigned )mve this day associated
under the firm of Dkkermap - & Garret for
the purpose of transacting the mercantile Busi
ness at the old stand hf J. Vekerman Jr.
New Milford, Aug. 18, 1855. -
TPHE subscriber willf offer for sale at public
I- Vendee, nt his rfsidence, nne mile west of .
Surnmersville, nn Thursday the. 18tlifday of Oct.
Thirteen 'fend of•ehoice lileconeown mad young
doeic t one- very extra Devon Dull. Sale tocom
mence•at 1 o'clock. Six wombs credit on ap.
proved Notes. 1, GEO. HARRISON.
New .Milford, Rept. l ll6, 1855-38w3*
To Iliiryinen.. '
pp UTTER.: welted. ! The highest msrirct
ces will be paid id cash for good Dairy But
ter, by •
Administrator's Notice.
NroncE is hereby given that letters testa
/I went:try upon the estate of Enos Doolittle
deed, late of Thomson tp.. have been gran.
ted to the subscriber. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate
payment. and those having etaims upon said es
tate 0 present them .41111 v attested fur s"ttletnent.
-. - NEttEillAll PARK, Adm'r.
Thomson, Sept. 1,8, 1855-38w6.
Porte outh Lawns.
NTEW and Eleont Patterns retailing, for one
./.11 shilling a vary NELSON & 'PRIEST.
Bingh.unton, Aug.
• Patient Apple Parers. 1 •
MITE subseribers - arc Agents for the sale of
JL the above article!, a largo. supply of, which
they hare just . received direct from their .manu.
factures. Country merchants supplied at whole:
salt. prices.'
Pl-11 7 VE & KNOLTON:
Binghamton, Sept. 1:1, 1855. -
TI -1E 41tb , cribers wou}d respectfully inform
the good peiTle of Nitscloohnna Co. that
they arc now opening their stock VlfFall And
Winter Gnods which is. unusually hilt) and at
tractive ati of which will be sold lor cash* •or
iipp r i.ved credit clieapir Shan can be brin,u,ht at
any other establishment in the county %V man
just what we sly. PienqP a ire trr a trial,•
O . apposed to be 'cheap B.loou worth, Ready
Otuat.le clothirig at
- DLATED doz..-m . ore plated
. and Te.a KniVes this day received by
Aug. 529. • A. J. EVANS. .
TAKE notice that the money arising frnm the
sale of the Real estate of Elliott Benson,
e ill be.distributed :tnting the proper creditors
by N. Newton. at his office in Montrose, on Sat
urday the 34 tia.y of Nor. next, at 1 o'clock in
the aftertmon.i AU persons who hare an inter.
est in said fond are requested to appear and pre
sent.their cla(mwor forever be debarred there
from. j \ N. NEswoN, Auditor.
3fontrose, Qet. 4,-185.5-46A1
•, ", CAUTION..
A LL persons ate cautioned. ageing purchasing
a note giieu by Wm. Back to T. D. Beta
brook (in' or thereabouts—dated Sept. 4th
1555. The' payment of Raid note will be Plopped
unless returned to me. ISAAC RECKIJOW.
Lochirsvitle, Oct. 2, 155.540w:1
Of' Real and Personal Estate at -Auetion--
A Rare chalice for Puithasers I
Pill; subscriber having made arrangements to
chantv! his location and business will offer for
sale at Vendue on the 'itemises, on
• .TurAffay the. 23c1 day of October inAt.,
commencing at 10 o'clock A. MA the following de
scribed real sad Personal estate, to w :
His farm of 110 acres or thereabotits, of good
land, situate in Franklin township, Susquehanna
county Penn's. on the Snake Creek road leading
from Montrose. to Binghamton, and three miles
from the former place, on which are seventy five
acres under prod Improvement and haring thereon
a frame dwelling honer, barns, sheds, 12./rood
thrifty yenng orchard of grafted fruit, and well
watered with living springs mid sireams..
Also, r o ue whirr piece adjoining the , above, con
taining the same number of acres, and on- which
there are ut 15 acciy.newly cleared and which
is now so wheat hurl rye and 'eh will'be
sold with
. -
Also. on liter adjoinint! 11 1 e, and
conk ining 5 nereiror the i r.alrouts, on w there is
a nod water p.rwer, which a t cry re
cently stood, ben which has been destroy by fire
leaving most of the vats, foundation, dr.e.. without
injury, also .:iOO or 4 . 00 cords or bark which will be
also Aold. -
Also, the followlug articles of peisonal property
With numerous articles not mentione4 will be sold,
to wit:
niq prieeA.
G. W. S. ♦ Co.
One 'pan of s wcirkiug horses, lumber wagon and
harness. I two horse pleasure wagon, 1 our horse
Laney and harnoss. I one horse lumber wagon,
set bob sleighs. I cutter, I. pleasure sleigh, a varle
ts' of forming utensils, including pineghtt, harness
&c.. Also a variety of household furniture inclu.-
ding bed,, bedding. choirs tables, bureaus, stoves,
t tc. .ttso I pair yeti - ling oxen, I pair matched 2
year old abets. and 2 cows.
TEIOIO. Or SSLE.—One fourth part of the -pur
}11:11.0. money for the lands to be aid tiowu, the bat
ante ;it tour equal annual instalments with imunal
Inter the whoWomm nunititierm unpaid to be
and and Mortgage when the deeds art.
For nal property all sums less than $5
cash. forlall.eum4 exeeediug $5 viz months credit
he given to be seeorelLhy notes with approved
se4urity nndoninterest. B. GaGjtOV ER.
Oct. 1, lE'53. •
LET'rEftS Testamentary upon the estate of
Wrig,ht Green. dae'd, late of Franklin
township. All persons indebted to rhaid estate
are, ninested to make immediate pityment, and
those Inning demands will present' ihem duly
attested fur settlement.
Frtnk tin, Sept. 18, 1855-88w3
rr J. WEBB is now receiving a new
1.1..p1y . 0f GOODS, Which will be soldebeap
for cask .
. Montrose, Sept. 18, 1855 •
New Goods Cheakfor Cash,
- W. MOTT has josi reuel red another lot of
ILI * New Goods, such as Challis, Barge De
Lain; De Bnge s, Gingham; Collars, F,mbraid o ey,
Lawns c ate., 414. WHICH RE OF/FEBS.A.Vviny LOW
PILJCES.! . SITM.WER $.17.4 WLS, s mear lot just
receiyedi—beautifol patterns at very . low 'prices,
as low is the lowfst.
yAIREE every
I t 7
Choice B °coded Stock
Jane 26th, 1835
Fresh Arrival of New Goods - at
New 71111iirt1; Sept. 18111, 1:855.
Newlin/red, sepl, -180E1855:
list the Coins ou Pleas.
Executors' Notice.
Don't be forgetful. friends, one and all—
, Aged or youthful, great or small— •-
• (if not Lao small)
That at Odd F:ellowe Hall
Ix t11f.4 place to call
To get your pictures done np.tan.
S. & 1); SAYRE
rtie sohi by public - starrogi tho 23d
ie=t; ti 10-a. al., a fau m of 70 acres' sited.
ed in 'Silver Lake townsisity:Snaqu's county and
State of Pa., of which 35 acreeof aribleptature
and meadow hind is in a good state of cultiva
tion:well watered, with a 1144'ft-site :House and
frame Bare and a good orchard. Said farm hat
.a delirahlo location on the old Chetiasgo4artti.:
pike Miles from Binghamton, 11, from . Mont
rose,,; 2 from a Catholic Church, ohe mile from
two ptherdittorent churches, and I mile from i t
Gristi Dlill and saw mill. said property will be
sold on reasonable terms, half the ; porehase mon..
ey oil hand, and the other half in two instalments
onein 1 . 3 months and the other in tWo yeari.
Also to be sold on the same, day by public
vendee for ready ,
cash only, 3 milch cows, 2
yearling steers, 3 calves, 30 sheep, a . 2 horse
wagOn and harness, and many other articis too
numerous. to- mention. .F ir farther information
application to be made on the liremises to the
'proprietor. . FEREMIAII DONOVAN.
Silver Lake. 5ept.16,1855-40w3*
strayed or Stole's.
Ou or raiont the 23d inst. from the pasture of
the subscriber . in the townultip of Clifford, S 'sq.
Co., it young mare, the are is Bre of .
About lb hand's high, of a
color,. bl ck
'mane and tail, with a strip on the back extend
ing from mane to tail, a small spot of white hair
on the fore shoulder nursed by being galled '' by
the saddle, and having a round bunch on the 4 m.
ble joint of the off leg. Said mare also has d.trk
'or brown legs, with a tuft of long black, hair
growing from the feterlock joints, has no white
feet. Any person giving any information con
cerning said mare to David Rees, Dundaff Sus
quehanna Co. Pa., L Searie,-lisq.olootrose, Pa.,
or David Davis. Leraysville Bradford, or bring.
ing her to any of the above named places will
be liberally rewarded..
Terriblp Accident,
HAPPENED to rift.. Green the other day:—
i He had bought a suit of ready-made clothes
At the Store; and the first day's wearing' the ac
,eident occurred, First, ofi'drapt his vial-tail 1y
the mere force of specific grav,ity, giving. to un:
fortunate man'the.apperance of a badly trimmed
craft with the flying jib in the stern, and on
stooping over to pick up the remnant, the dread
ful casualty took
. .plaec—the fountains of -the
great I deeP were broken up--Green's pants Were
sundered from ankle to waist, and Green himself
seemed to be. The only way to prevent such
deplorable. necidents is to patronize a skillful tai
lor, who makes up his work with a determina
tion that it shall not ,only fit : neatly, hitt weal
well: Gieen buys at!the clothing store because
he thinks4te can get his gearing a little cheaper.
In all brobahility the pants that Ser v ed him so
treacherously had passed through a, fever ho pi.
tat,-been stripild from 'n cholera patient, carried
home eight nights in the week on a shutter, and
findly ttleached and tarried,- . 1.,y an ingenious
Frenchm=en for a market in-the country Take
warning by pOor Green's mishap, and -ge to a
tailor shop like that in the basnient of Searle 's
Hotel if you want to be suited.
Eer Cutting usual, nna all work war.
ranted. JOHN GROVES. .
Montrofio •Aug. 27. 1855
AME into the inelosure of the subscriber on
V or about tae 20th of 1 ay last.. one 2 years"
old Windls Stem', about one mil. from Friends
theo.weg,o turnpike The owner is rc.-
quest° to prove charize;s and take
it "away. 39 - %v3* DANIEL MITIIPIIY.
. Now spring • Goods. .
BURRITT would iinnounce ti! his friends
I -and the public that be is now opening
an unusually large SstOr.. of Ser d r,r; and Stir.
AMR GOODS, itieludir4-a mat variety of Prints
from 4cts to la. per yard; Plain . and Printed
LaWns, Bane Delnines, Gingham s, Bro'cade,
Black and Farm) ! Dress Silks, Silk Dress Tissues
and Bareges,PoPlihs. &e.; with a superior
assortment Of Silk, Broehe, C,:sinnere and Thib.
bet Shawls, Mantillas. Parasols, Frrfieh Lace and
Straw and Silk:Donnets, Rich Ribbons and Flow
ers, with .a large. variety of other staple and fan..
GroCedes, Crockery, 1-I.trilware: Iron and Nails
Boots and Shoes, lints and Caps, Carpeting,
Watt paper. painted Wirni•-•sr Shades. Flr)r Oil
Cloths. Clocks, Stoves, Oils and Paints, Plonghs
dtc., /kr.; in shbrt, the- largest kind of piles - of
rich and cheap Goods, too numf.rons to m en ti on ,
but just the things to purchase. nil of which will
be sold at the most reduced prices and_ on the
most favorable terms for. cash, exchange, or ap.-
prored 'credit. -;
.N. B. Salt and Flour constantly on hand.
•New Milford, nly 5, 1855. - -
• •
PHI FE & KNOMILTON would most re
specifully c:t11 the attention it •purchasers
to a surge assortilent of IJARDWAREjust re
ceived and. beina increased by'arrivals from
different manufaetulys. fisving, purchased at
prices lowerAttin,tliose for whieff.ortieles of the
snuie quality hav,i t'.en offered daring the fife
pa 4. years, they are enabled to make quite a re
duction front ilteir former very reammable de
mands, to offer ht‘th town and country trtde in
ducements superior to those of N. Y. agents.
Binghamton Afvf. 13. 1855.
Will Fish Site ?
IIEY will if you use the . fi-hung apparatus
sold by Phyru &Knowlton,- 3 doors east of
eitango Bridge. *A new lot *just received by
'press. - Call and examine their !awe . assort=
nt. Hooks, Lines. Reels, PoleS.Bnells.
&c. YFE & K NOM:TON.
'. B. It is currently reported. that FisS, in
s seeti,:n of country, will not be caught with
er Tacklc than that sold at the 'above . estab
ment. 1
tingiutrnton.l),Jitg4 li, 1855. ' , .
_ Fall and Winto l r Goods.
ivELSON &PiIIEST hare- now in store a
./.11 .complete assortnient of desirable. dry Goods
suitable or tile present anil ennting 'season,
which they offer for sato at prices that the.clos
est buyers cannot fail to appreciate, - :
Ladies''Dress Good:
Black Cron do Rhine,..frotn ss. to $32 per yd..
Plaid, stripe and pl, in cottli-03 %ilk,. frsqn 3i. 6d.
to 81.50. • Merinos, Paramettas , Alpaess, Dom.
hazincs, Persians, (.4 'burghs. Wool Plaids. 'De
lisines, Behnizes, 1-Insieryt. Sie. Fretirti, Eng.
limb and Amrriean gingham's "Lid Prints, the last
from 4e. to 3s. I
Entbroi4crics and Laces. .
Coll trs from Ge t 4 10 donors, Umbrellas at.(l
Under Uaudkerchie x, at.all prices: Lives, 'Dut
ton from lc to 30,- Linen from 60. to $3.
.11foui•nitty Goods.
" 3fneh time and eare ha. 4 been taken• in pelnt.
ing these. ever no difficult to find:.and we ftiel
confident that our assortment,- embraeing•• many
fabric and texture of Anise degigns, not only in
dress goods but Embruiderier ;' will meet with
general approbation.
- • ' • • Shawls. -
Silk, Thibet, Merino, and Cashmere with
wool or 'silk fringe; Amertnan, French And
Seoch.Plaid, long - 4nd sxuare Brodie, Stella,.
Printed Cashmere and Turheri Shawls.
. . Housekeeping Goods.
Rnie and Whitney Bihnkets an!! sixes, Grey
and Plaid Horst... Blankets- Ilarsailies, imperial
and Allendale "Quilts, Barnsley and lris% Linen,
Sheeting, Pillowcase Cottons and Linens of all
widths, Huck, Diaper' and Birdseye Toweling,
Eatnask Chiths. Napkins, &e.
Boys and .3fPns Wear,
Tweeds, Cottonades, Satinets. Sheens grey,
black sand Fancy Cassimer Frcncb Doeskin
and Broadcloth.
boniest; .
Brown and bleached shirting yard wide. from
6e to Is. 6d., Cotton Flannel, 'nett and White
Flannel, striped shirting, Apron checks, Ticking
Drain's, Drills, &c.
N. IL.Posoold mention that they do business
entirely on . the one price . System; buying their
goods at the lowest possible price :aria marking,
them to sell at :a close valuation above cost.—
We guarantee our goods to be perfect and in
every. way whit they are represented, and ems
towers may rely upon obtaining of as a rfret
artieleatt es low a pitce as the goods. can, e pin.
chased west of New York City.
Shigititeton, 10.
New Arrangement - at Gregory's
hiving forted 'a co-partnership for the;
purpose of tonducting the Hardware business ins
ell its various breathe!, _would reapeetfullt fa. 4
'form the people 'of Sesquelianna county:, that
they are now opening at Gregory's Old Stand,i
opposite the Exehingellotel, 2 doors flaw the
Canal,. Binghamton, N. Y., the largeat, chlest,)
and best stock of Hardware ever offered in tag.;
ha:atop. ' •
Having made .-arr.ingements to import :their
English Goods :md.purchase their Ameriettn.
rent from manufacturers, they e'en and \ will Bull
CHEAPER,. than any ' other mitablishmenl• in
town ! Stock is now very extensive, and
those Wishing to : Juirchase are Invited to call.—
The following are a portion of their leading ar-1
tides, knives and forks, Tea - -do.;
carvers, forks and steels, pe.n and pocket knives,:
bread and butcher do.,hay and straw , do., *As- .
sors, shears, and raz.ors, britannia tea and coffee
Potsosilver and britannia tea and table spoons,
silver plated, brass, and iron candlesticks, 'snuf
fers nod trays, solar lamps, lard, and suspended'
lamps, mantle-pieee ornaments, brass and -iron
andirons, shovels and tongs, dte •
Looking pinnace, And looking glass plates, to,
gather with a general assortment of housekeep
ing articles;,
eonsisting of leeks; latches; butts, terews,.brad.
nails, bolts, patent window springs, blind fasten--
ings, shutter screws, and fastentngs, &c.
A assortment of tools for Carpenters
and Joiners. Cabinet and Wagon Makers, Masons
and biaek smiths, consisting of planes, - saws, ham
mers, hatchets, axes, mites, chisels, augers, auger
hilts and hollow angers; anvils,Bellows, vices,
patent drill machines. sledets4; stone hammers,
brick and plastering trowels, cross-cut, mill and
A splendid asSortment of Saddle and Harness'
makeri•tools and .trimmings. . - „
consisting of shOvids, spades: forks,rakes,seythes,
Brain cradles, hoes, pick axes,
_iron: bars, grind
stones, &c.
Also; Agents fur the sale of Whittemore'.
Squires - &, COTS /Orient:oral tools, sUell a' piovis,
hay and straw cutters, corn shelters. &e.
• Sole and upper lather, morocco and shoo
trimmings, with n general assortment of findings,
Wooden ware, • willow, cradles, wagons, chairs
and baskets of all descriptions. • .
Ilar-iron and steel, iron axles andslecl springs
malleable castings, coach lace and trimmings of
all kinds, paints, oils, sash, glais, putty, &c., all
of which will-he sold at the lowest rates: Please
call am: examine the sti)ek fur yourselves.
roCh am to; ~March I. 1855.
The Manhattan Fire Ins: Co.
No. L. 9
CAPITAL. • - • "62.50,000
I win ro. builaingQ, f Furnttore,Ves=
gels in Port and their Cargoes, and other Proper
ty, ogainst fas t of damage by tire.
Dnizcror.g.4Nathaniel 1 ichards, Samuel F.
Mott, Peter ILI Schentrk. Wm: F. 2110tt,; Edwia
D. Morgan, Wtn. W. Fox, Sidney Mason, Etisha .
Riggs, R. L. 4rd, Thug. Barron, Russel H. Nev
ins, Ang. H. Ward, Nloseg Taylor, John Stew
ard, James Cotles..Thos. .W. Pear'sall. Richard
Tighe; Peter o,)opei, Henry Eisworth, Lytaar;
Denison, John i 'Cteswell.
. .
_ lV.rr. PITT to 'Seey.
ELS N .& PRIEST, Agents, Bing
hamton, !
N. Y . -
C,iear the Tiaek
i 14101 t lamin a great hurry. Why what's the .
i JL matter! I Oh, nothing. only Bullard ove r
! there at the Post Office has just received by
1 Rail goad Express a new lot of,Books, and Sta
tionery and I want some before they are alt. - gone
that's So. come on he has Ot. Mary Lyndon ,
_ The
Hidden Path, My Bondage ,and Freedotn,(Douo%.
r 1,--;) Hmtha ami Li/lie, fiol,ul's choice works in,
i setts 4Vti l . B'c..Y.anL7. FolI;s glee Book, A vari-
I sty of son, , 13001:7.; and n lord cAditieb to my
stork_ of Wri!ing Paper, ,}metopes sand Ink, all
iof the beat tpuJity,.antl ellet nt.
for the-ranY.
.: . N. BULLARD.
31 od trosi• Sept e • 19, I 555. 1
611 orli ',:koirtisements.
The great Platio,; t;lodeola and
1 •
X. 3:33 ilronilmOy, 'Vetr York. •
The largest assortment ofPianos, Melodeons,
Musical litstrumentz.i and )1 u l t,ical Merchandise
of All kinds in the
,United_S tes. Pianos from
TEN different manufactories, comprising those
()f every variety .of style, from the plain, neat arid
substantial 6 1:2 octaves, in Walnut or arise
wood,, from $l5O, to $2 o,`to those of the
most elegant. finish up to One housand • Doilars.
No house in the Union can compete, with the
above in the number, variety and celebrity of its
instruments, nor in the extremely 1 , 119 prices at
Which they are sold.
Hon Ace Wall:lgs' Mon Ens I3trnorkti Pt.ittos.,
with or without iron Frames, possessing in their
improVement of Over strings and action, a length
or scale, power and compass of tone equal to
tb'e Grand Piano. united' with the beauty and du.
co - 1)d ay of structure of the squire Piano. iThey
are justly pronounced by the Press and thp first
musical Masters to be equal to those of any oth
er manufacturer. They are built of the bestand
most thorolich seasnried, material, and guaran
teed to stand the . aetiou of every climate. This
House has the Sole Acrency of T. Gilbert& Co.'s
Celebrated Premium Pianos, with or without the
- Aeolian: Hallett &. Coniston's,- %Votidward- &
Brown's, and Jaenb Chickering's, and other Bos
ton PiAno4. Gilbert's flondoir Pianos, and-ele
gant instrument for smell .rooms.
Each instrument guaranteed to gii:e
lion or purchase money refunded. Second hand
Pianos at Great Bargains, censtantly in atom,
prices from $3O to $l-40.
Sole itoencv of S. D. & H. NW:Smith's Melo'
deons,(l uncd to the (Ina) temperament) to which
was recently - awarded the First -Premium, at the'
National Pair, ‘Vashin7tott, D. C. 'Pried from
$35 to $1.50. Double bank melodeoro, $9OO. -'
Horace Water's. )tOodeon., superior ins4ru.
ments in tone; touch r i nd durability of make.— : .
(Tuned the equal teMperament.) MelodeonsOf
all other styles and makes.
3lartin's Rrnw•n's Harps, Flatett;Vinl
lins,and musical instruments or all kinds. A
lartre diseimnt iv sellouts, ti•aeers,ehurehes and
eleravmen. The trade supplied on the most
liberal terms:
. „ .
Music :---One of the largest and best select',
ed Catalogues of music now published, compris2
ing many of the choice and most popular airs of
the day : among; thou are found the universally
popular productions .of Thomas Baker.
31u5ic sent by mail to all parts of the country
post paid. -Particular and personol attention
paid to all orders received by mail. .Satielfne.
- -lion.guaranteed in every instance. Pianos and
-Melodeons for rent, and rent allowed: on pur
chase. Pianos and melodeons for snip on month
ly payirents. • Second•hand Pianos taken in ex
change- for. new. • -•--
Testimonall from Profeisor4 and Opinions .
• " the • Prest;-,
110RArE WATETS, Ems:, 533 ilroadvv:iy.
Dear tiir--Haviloy'exa mined your Piano Fortes
from scientific and appropriate tests, I am ena
bled to form a satisfactory- judgment of their
merits, and it is'witts pleasure that I can, speak
of thereras among the most colebratod and im.
proved makes of the day.
For power, brilliancy and richnqts of tone
elasticity of touch, and beauty of (milli, they will
not starer inscomparistor with those of any other
manufartarer and those desirotts- of - obtaining.
a really good Piano Fortn—qmo that will prow
an tnnivalent - for.their means, will find snob a
one ip your beautiful initromonts. . , .
--- • ' .Toona.4 BaEnn,
R. A. 31. Leader of Jallien's Rind and mintioal
Director and Conductor at Niblo's Garden.
For power, brilliant" aiid riehneße
elaiticity of toilet), elegance and durability
Imam, they are in advance of any other pianos in
the United Statia, boing the result' of tong ozp:ei:
*nee' and a seri& o f esEaimenta.-r-Z 4 l, zkPw.
• • •
The treble is clear, pure, beautiful, and -very
ingtodeousi- the bass is deep,- telling= and sono
rous; the wid 4l 4 - -1 4 0 14 rich i nd quiPaibetitt
and pOmeesithe power
_of Singing.; i. Of uniting
the sound id r esektonei wde,gree but rarely
For peweeof tilt* depth of bask *ad aditisfe
crof treble, together; with monkey of touch'
they are equal to sky make I am acquainted alth
and I eardlaltrrecommed them to those wishing
to' parahisi;—V. C. TAnels, - r
PUr Mena *ill find it Mr, Waterestore the
very best assortment of music and of pianos to
be found in the United States, and ere urge our
swilktel and wedetn friends to give him 3.ca1l
whenever they go to New York:l—Grahame:
IWe consider,them worthy of special attentiOn,
from the resonant and exceedingly musical tone
which Mr.. Waterfs has su'cc'eeded in attaining.—
N. Y. Musical World # Timer:
-The Horace . Waters pianos eto. .of superior
tone and - elegant finish.—N. I.:chifstiart ratinti;
Nothing at thState Fait disylayed • greater et
eellence in any department than the Piano Forte
manufactured .% florsce Witten, of this city.--
Cauecamks. . -
Horace Wate' Piano Fortes are of full, rich,
and even tone, d- powerful .-- N. Y. Musical
Review. •''''' ' •
The Editor othe Savannah_ReptAlicas, • Els•
f i
arannah, Ga., spy king of the Pita*, Fortes kept
by llessre. .1. W. Morrell & Co. of that city,
"It will be seen 'that their stock
struments of every grnde of excellence, from the
well known manufacturing . establishments of
Chickering & Son, Horace Waters. H. Worces
ter, Nunna and Clark, and Bacon and Raven.,. It
might well be supposed, that in so large a col
lection. there would be some, very fine instru
ments. But there Is one which, for beauty of:
finish and richness and 'brilliancy of tone, equals,
if it does not excel, earthing of the kind we
have ever seen. It is from the establishment of
Horace Waters. Being constructed of the heat
and most thoroughly seasoned material, and up.
on improved principles, it is capable ofresisting
the action of every climate, and of standing a
long since in tune. The keys are . o f pearl, and
the, recess for the finger-board is inlaid with
pearl. the legs are most elaborately came& and
the whole instrument finished up in a- style of
- great excellence and, beauty. And yet its chief
merit lies in the power brilliancy, and rielmetur
of its tone, and the.elasticity of its touch."
" A Tnocsken Dotian. Ptstio.”—We paid a
visit the other day to the music atore-of Mr. Hot
ace Waters, 333 Broakway, on purpose to see a
specimen of his pianos, just manufactured , at his'
up-town establishment, of which we had heard
a good deal of boasting. It 'may not be general
; ty known that Ur. Illiaters has been established
I in this city but a little while, having set up' inn
i i small way some six years age as agent, for n
1 Bo4ton firm, and gone on by dint of industry and
enterprise, till ho has become one 'of the most
prominent musie publishers and dealers in the
country. His musical instruments are well
known for their superior quality, thOugh they
scarcely surpass in richness, volume of tone and
delicacy-hf touch some instruments of more ob
scure makers which we have seen ; yet, even in
these prime respects, Waters' best pianos and
I ,
i melodeons challenge comparison with the finest
mode anywhere-in the country-4-though those of
'Chickering„ Gilbert and others are more famous.
The particular piano avevent to see, 'though
is certainly it superb affair. I is characterized
by great fullness and softness of tone, and re
markable exprbsice power;' while its externals
are equally noteworty ; it -has a rosewood case,
elegantly inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and carv.
ed in various cabinet designs; altogether got up
with every care of finish. Other pfahos we heord
in the same room, of equally fine tone—the same
class of icetruments, n fact, except the case—of
fered for a fraction of the cost of this very ele
gant ono. • Persons wishing for - instruments of
this kind; whether at the most economical or-ex
travagant price, will be likely toile suited at the
ware-room of ilorace Waters.—llome Jour u4l.
A THING OF BEAtr:FY.—Wo had the pleasure,
a day Or two sine°, of inspecting 4 magnificent
American 'piano, at the spacious ware-room Of
.Horace Waters, whose reputation is. established'
all over the couutry . as one of the ntcst success
ful and extensive dealers, and nnti of the best
makers of the piano, this aide of the.Atlantie.---,
The instrument in question, was one of his own
mannfacture; a seven octavo, carved ruse-wood
"case, inlaid with various colored mother-of-pearl
with keys of the same material, and'.' altogether
shining and sounding as , we might fancy or Coble
sky-lark-Ing seraph, in piano form - . A more' ex
quisite piece of workmanship we do not relnem
ber to have seen, and the elegance of its exterior
was the least of its merits. 'ln • tone, it was
equal .to a grand-action, and we„ doubt- if Erard,
or any other European celebrity, could produce
a more superb voiced instrument. Mr. Waters
has experunentedin stringing his pianOs=—intro
.dneing a decided improvement—until he seems
to have struck the fountain depthi of sound,from
the most delicate to the most sonorous tones.-:--
This partieuliWpiano, was valued at $l,OOO, but
wearnined and listened to several, at prices
ran. ng down-to qUarter that sum, all equal 'in
r tm e,- us in all the instrumentif of his own man- .
ufacture. Mr. Waters uses the same superior
" movements," so that, while the Tien - can hive
their music ib , i -a lututions case, the poorer can
have just as gOod Music ill a case suited to their
means,. . .
11 ,. . Waters commented in this . city ,as agent
1 for the sale of Gilbert's (Boston) pianos a little.
over six years ago selling but one or twos week
now he is sellihg from 25 to SO pianos and, me
' tedium weefliy, of which half.a.dozen of the pi
anos per-week are mannfactnred by bimtelf. in
this city and two per week, in Boston by a
manufacturer who was for eleven years one, of
the head workmen in Chiekeriug'ststablishment
while' the balance are made up of the manufne
tures of Gilbert, Chickering Hallet & Custom,
and Woodward & Crown, of Boston, and other
of the best makers in the country- .
We examined specimens . tram all these ma
kers, but neither'saw nor heard anything quite
equal to those of Mr. Waters, own manufacture
—either in quantity and volume of tone, or- ale.
pore of finish. Still, as " many people hive as
many tastes," Mr. W. holds himself prepared to
serve any and every customer, with any desired
make; Enelish or Frenrh action, and with or
without Lolian or other attachment. Music and
mnstiml instrument dealers, tertehers, composers,
and the press in all sections of the Union, have
united in pronouncing Mr. Waters' pianos second
to noun other, of American or European make.
As to taken. Mr. ,W. noes not allow himself to
be undersold in fair, open trade. lits . melodians
—of which ho keeps a largo steel . c.:-.lango from
$4O to el5O, and his pianos carry to the tune
from' 8150 to $l,OOO. It is scars* poisible fin.
the dealer, or the bnycr of a single instrument,
not to satisfy himself at-M,t. Waters' - depot:
In connection with this, branch of -the trade,
Mr. Waters is one the most extensive ,p
of music in the Union, He keeps atsteadywork
eight presses; and his. popular music, bythe Most,
continent cotnposewis flying everywhere broad.'
cast throughout the land We doubt, if Oliver
Diston ofßoston, said to be the hwgest mil&
dealer in the Uatted States, turns offmore sheets
or-better music, than Horace Witeri. When
Mr.- W. commenced in this'city, he was told by
competitors that he had better " move•on" as the
pianos he offered were " no gee' but Horace be
ing a pretty stubborn New Englander, concluded'
he wouldn't' 'move On" the way hiarWals meant
at !emit, until ihe tried - the market.; and his con.
chrsion now, a fter , six years trial,. during which
he his ikon compelled to enlarge his premis es
several times; is that he will " more on," and
keep moving on until he is able to Bell 100 in a week, instead of 36, 'rtrb Make at
least 25 of tbe.loo,hitusalt. - - After all, Mr. 'Wo
ter's sucessaiti nattily to bir attribstedlohis lib
eral pattering* of the prem..' 'Mere is mutely a
paper ill the ITnion of any retweitabilitYt into
which his advertisements have not found , -their
way. By no , other means could hei r •O l short lir
time have Alison to hie present--position. • His
late reduction of price of muile and ;InstrumOnts
has abio largely inereased his trade. He in t one ;
if making and soling-Me superior article at the
lowest prices will Abet it,lo Wine do AO fat',
that competition-will lag in the rear It is mirth
any one's worse T -bnyer or not-=to drop Ini et•
No. Broaitinty, (his depot) and seeittittio Uf .
his things,of treautY,fot• , • ' i ,•'''
. .*t A thing of beauty
ie a joy &tree,'
Persons it a &ate** within& '. ;Iritieltaie Wlll_,
by toml6 ,
_*.tliblf,ioena . futiP Wiiii4tizail
alt eIV4tOPPAt 4 Valicl4o4eisoulf:',
jf sit: :' , . .:, ,:: jt.,..i.
W YORE AlMatninnUMß '
louse, Appleton's 846
and 348 Mradway,
- . 10 . 1i t AND BAGOINth _ ._, :
' - Noir SSt WHITTLESEY,i '-- -
rt•.ite w *sit_sirtiavor t
~ ~ ,NE.E M. SUP, SEW VMS, ', 7 • ~ • - 5.
• am cotistanVy oil sad, andcoSOSNdits; 4
order, '.. _- ' . ' '' 4 " - - --
Digs for Fleur; ti it, Sititiilliticitie-,
wftetit, Ala as age '' c '__ ' '''
f'!Arka l id - 'r,h4lll thie iittentio o f emOtriAlfiy-,
o . ertio, to their asitOrtttient!4
Simulator* Piritione-Bugai: ,
,mIzLE It S ' E 4 :17 :, - ' „
Desfiled nod kited to order, expivssiirottaoii.;
- Are such that we eaalmfibiJrfille.
10)000 to tlO,OOO bag* per day.:
Alen irnporierd and Peidens itt 1 , ,.
AAA vdtlotm hinds ThreAd and Toile, bell!
Linnen -tind . Cptton,_ of *Mutt *e its_ iteeishi
col:din - 01 supplies: • • .7
Fairbiliaka , Platform sand Callan
FAIRBAAS dr... / Co. , have ireeehtlys , :- eporssit
spacious Warehouse at .189 BroadwayeAtar.
York, where they offer, tt wholesales/Id 'retails.
the most complete ass ortnieut of Weighlett
pandas to be remain the United State. Assort.-
the articles offerred 'will be .foubd - upwards.°
seventy different modifications of.,FAIRSARKg -
SCALES. Also a great variety of Ranstrue, Jews ,
elers', Druggist's Grocere; and other :
Spring Balances, l'etent Beans, Teister's Welobts
and Measpres,'&e.,
• HAY•and COAL SCAIIS set in any put of
tho Couttv by experienced workmen:. - -
- Orders y mail or othersvisswill receive sties.
tics: -
FAIRI3A 4 iKS & Co., 189 '&4;4A-fly Y. York
• • .
tresses, Washstands, Enameled Sets * Loin
gee, Chairs, Pillows,Sounterpanes, &c.; •
- 448 Peitri st., N. Y, between • ,
19m6 Madison and Chithruttut
New and Valuable hiscovery.,
Dr: Ifanz's Aromatic Invigorating Spirit. ,
'This delicietis beyerige is`superior to 'all itt;.'
vigorating Cordials, Schnapps, Nervines,dgc;, ln..
use, for the cureof Dispepsia„ , Nerirousness,
Ilearthuin, Drowsiness, Kidney Complaint" Mel.
,anchoty, Delirium Tremens, Inteniperante,' ete.;•
as it will invigorate and strengthen, but will net
intoxicate-or stupefy. •
Persons who have beiorne)tabituated_to the
excessive use of Tobacco, Opium end Spirituous
Liquors, will find speedy and; permanetat relief •
from the desire to use - ileac 4 iestroyil*_ agents, _
by taking s bottle or two of this Delictousidedl."
cal [leverage. - - •
Weak pod Sickly Families- will find Dr. Llttm's
Inyigorating Spirit a quick and sure . cure for all
tern ale difficulties, it he itiz a Rttenerator as will
as a Strengthener of thellunian Systeta. Each
complaint that the Aromatic InVigorating Cordial'
is calculated, to' cure is' named- on the scrapper
accoMpaying each bottle, and - full direettine rot
use rrll
,re also minutely given. -
Price SI per bottle. Prepared by Dr. Darius
Ham. Principal Office, No. 2 Liberty Street;
. Nenli
York, were wholesale orders shoulibeaddiessed. •
For sale by Druggist throughout the United'
States. .
Sold by A. 'Farrell. Montiose; P.. 81. X. 11.'.
Eaton ifarford; Church & Phituly, Dundaff;
Scott, Bend. - , 93--Iy.
Wroight Iran
-For Water, Steam and Gas. Jamie O. Morse
et CO, N 6. '79 ..Joh.n Street, New "York, mane..
flu:hirers and dealers in Wrought iron Pipe.
Thirteen different sizes constantly on hand,
with Valves., Coeks, Elbows, Tees, and every
,zariety of fittings for the same. Asheroft's - Steant
Gauges, 'Whistles, Oil Cups, &e.Heafers ler
Steam Engines, Steam and YerCe Punips, Boiler
Flues, Tuyere and Soap Bailer Coils, Screw
Plates and Screwing Machines. Buildings iNarrn.,
ed by Steam and Lighted by Oat. All °Mali
for repairs, and country orders receive prompt at.
tention. ' ,
'L. O. & Co, be„.,47 to cull the attention of
*owners ofifnetories, hotels, &e.; to their inperior
Gas Generating Apparatus,. new use at \ the
St. Niehblui Hotel, New. ; Y ork;; Manchester,
Corm., treat Barritigton, Mass4, s ßoCkville, Conn.,
and carious other parts'of the co - nutty. 24--3 m.
wryest and Cheapest Stock
-of Dry Goodelis
Xew York.
PARTIES who are - about to visit the city, aro
invited to Lord & immense es.
teblishment, 255,, 257, 259,.Grarte Street, corner
Chrystie Street, or at their:other store, new nem. •
hers, 47 and 49CathatineStreet,.at both of :which'
stores may be found at all times, most attractive
stoeks of FaahienaLle Silks, Shawls, Mantillas,
tirlpss Goods, Flannels, Domestics, Linen's, Hosie
ry, Gloves: Laces. Erahroideries; and every-other.
description of seasonable goods.; also Carpetings,-
Oil Cloths, Rugs, Proggets, &c.; in great variety.
to all of which additions mi l eonstantinbeing
made . from foreign markets Sad auction ' . .ardeft,
and, purchasing or. the most advantageous terms.
we are enablel to sell at such remarkable low
prices as to over tonur customers greatti.induct.,
,uents than ever. • 25-602
. , . .
110131 EAT . -,. I.
A'xelativel3i for . Caih. --.: -.- .
. .. . .
- L1 -H. DROWN & Co:. 34Libei1v4t.. : tlito
_e .doors beloVi,th,e 1 1 '04 Office. - NI: T..
portera ;it'd Jobbers:of . 31 t n l / 2 g, ' Wolnetis._ittlit
Chigreia7s - Hosiery. ClOVei, and Laey4,lSillt, Ile,
rine 'and . Cotton. Shirts and . Drawers!;._Noolen
Ynrn, Star eniierN , Silk .ard-, Cotton .liiandker
chief's: and Cravats; .Silk, Lisle Wren . - Co l itoti.
. _ .....
and Week?, Gores . and hinter:a, and tltte..vt. tt
rieties oi' CoOds . in this line. - ,', ;:,.. •:' \... '''. t
R4nr! extensive icrkTiOtters. atd'lSlcei:boteis'_4l
- dealers - till - _find - ft .064" to Thar _Sit.
vantage to 'exrinine ttir Stock: . : - -, 3_4 er.3 i
_. .
. . HYGEA NA. ...,
• Brotegh .1-lorne`ltt4he Door of the-Millie
.. ..,
A WONDF. FULDheitirry bps recent:to hem made by..
Dr. Celt Nat th te. city. In tt b treatinent of Consunap
flaw; Asthma nri alt diseases - of the Lung . ~We refer leo
" Dt. Cott, Itygerna or Inhaling .llygean Napor end'
Emig. a . WI h this netts method Dr. D. hap restored Mang'
IMM:tea .ttn re' or Wert health; to , nh. evidence of nitteh he
hes hratursers le cettificatee. • B.geaking of the' treatment.
a physimenre arks: At iseritteut thatieheutit.....egar.ent, .
ty breathing an agreeable., Sealing- , t•sper. iheraithibintil
properties matt reale to direct eontaet with - the *bole 14
the :Wel cavity rrthe luugt, end thns escape then:ditty and •
rested ..cha t ge.. et , duet d upoti them ghee introduetittintte
, the stomach, end subh..eted to the meet, or ' • _
The Itygynnot sfo r ante at all the dragglatattwonght . *: IT
. :,-- -- ,
. .'' ; • 'IVIID York nutclestatt of.reiti.l.4o
The 'lnhale"' Inicii`tn ou the here., nst,tpol t , Hun k loth
out the /east Inenoveniener— the heat ,Or the hotly. bear
stretchtot to eVaVoritte the Outd. ' . .-. . _ •
lituldreds et oASNO of eintY.S.Oke the :tollaiiing intirbt-'
lie named. One Parkaae of ifygalt: Ai Imagined tar of it.
• ASTIIIJA c r eft year,. ph:iodine.
Jas. F. groberry, P; Al. st.lYurrnuamen: Pa. -
I amentednithe ASttillet a C loli mt , B u ni u s .b y D r .
Curtis' Dwane. . ..: • , . .
~ ?
I.l.largnret Euxtori,lkiooktyn, 'T.
Mrs. Pare) nf tic.- 5 lanmenand St., X. Y. us awed to
'revere cast , of Brmathettaby rlyrelna; •
Dlystpter hen been tu ' ted era DISTRUSING MUGU of
several years standing t and decided to be Inetuntip by by?
physidane Pint Pei anted_ fro OltAldONTI! by the Ay.
gnaw'. J. ,
IV Gaubert, p...4li.RirS.,Vt.
Pries tbrrie Deltart a Package.--Sold by CUIVTIIP k "Prir .
Rnia..kliOND &PAVIA No, 114. aniunbera in..: Y...i!;-41
Packages sent henna exprees to anY part .o.c:pc.rOted,
scary for The - ,
14. ir—Curtin' Itygrana la the OH tOINAL and 0.111.4
Eis titft ARTICLA, othrea gni base jamltattrust pr
vile and INJURIOUS eartankfulapz., „ yev
would PQIO,O N. „ ' 3772---Vlsecdtet_in
tartar PaltAy ItralYarrell,llansglaa, Mien '
Corner of Pearl and" CitaMem Zt"
G. - I.E. 4 tt 4 K, Onto Itatartf- -- Urtalk)
k . i.vpi atetio atatid„ on theieorrer,eit
Pend and Giuttinnr • StrOtit as - good *II
mentt4 Hata and Caps as cancan ., b fount'in.,:ht•
city, and attho most ressonattio
hoftPitit - teivenl. in, greet variety" froM
44. Panes Hata,
,'Undureltr - 'Hijk
,a for pip by
G9lttChltimi,o(lll;w4lit s and pattints. -