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Montrose, Tliursiday, Jan. 4,- 1855.
The nappies!kplat* is Hinge.
sr ItEr. am:my nrna.
Though others may. seckfar aid wide
To gain but a moment of bliss, • 0
Disappointments their footiittpi - nbide;
fri a world. Mil of phantoms-as this.
But with loved onesthe blessings to shire. -
Ahijwho would be longing, to roam,-
Wheril taught by the joy is sigd there,
That the happiest of plaed is home!
The World may, seem brighter without,. ,•
With the glitter and tinsel of art;
And its friendihips appeamore devout,
With the semblance.of truth to the heart:
But so sweet are-the pleasures I share,
MI I heart feels no yearning to roam,
Since nothing on earth ,can compare
Withthe bappieseof places ; my home !
sorrow e'er ' r darkens In* way— `-, •
Tilt the heart wears a burden of grief, ' *
And the friends I have trusted betray,
In the hour whetfinost needing relief;
From . the anguish which tortures the mind,
To:my ,own little heaven I'll come,
In the smiles of my loved one 'to find,
That the happiest of places -is home.
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Execution of, Major Andre.
The following interesting account of the
etecution, of 'Major Andre, Oa. 2J, 1780, as
given by an eye witness, has been extracted,
from the IlEstorical Collection V: New Jer- i
-sey :
• " I was at the time an artificer in Col. Jed- I
uthan belewin's regiment, a part of which
was stationed within a short distant; from
the sPot•Where Andre suffered. One at our
men, (I believe his name was Armstiong,)-be of the oldest and beat werkmen at
his trade in -the regiment, was ielected. to
make his Coffin, which he performed and• nt
ed black,!; agreeable to the custom in these
times. At this time. Andre was confined in
what was called a Dutch Chtnich, a small
stone building with only one door, and close
l,y guarded by six sentinels. When the hour
appointed for his execution arrived, which I
believe WitlS , 2 o'clock, P. M.,• a guard of three
hundred l inen were paraded, at - the place of
confieement. A kind of procession was
forined, s bv . placing a guard in single file on
number Of American officers of high rank pn
These *ere followed by a wagon ' eontain
ing And 's coffin ; then a large. number, of
officers on foot with iAndre in the midst.
The proces.yion moved slowly up a "moderate ,
rising hill, I should think about a forth of "a
mile-to the west.. On the top, Was a field I
without 'any encloseure. In this was a. very;
high gallows,made by setting ,up two poles or !
crotches,' and laying a pole oit,t.he top. The' ,
wagon th i st cemented the coffin Was dawn 1
directly)tOer the. gallows. In a short nine, i
Andres plied into the hind end of the wair- i
ow; then.on-the,coffitt-.--took off his hat 114 1 ,
laid it dOwn--thenpla.c'ed his hand upon his
lips audfitalked'ver, uprightly back and forth I .
as:far sisl j i thelejugth of his Coffin" Would permit;
at the satielime casting Ins eyes upon.. the 1
pole oveklds beakaud 'the whole scenery ".by
which he. was; siiirounded,- He was ,dressed
ti wluttAshould'eall *complete British uni
ferin; his coat Was_of theibrightest scarlet, -
, faced 'ori,..trinuned with the -most beautiful
green. jiis underolotha or vest and breech
es, were bright . buff, very- similar to those
a i
worn bofficers military in Conneticut . of'
this pi ut day. He had a tong and beauti
ful he of - hair ; which, agreeable to
1 ' tbe fash
ion,. wit 4 Wound. with" a black'" ribbon, -and
hung dein big baek. All eyes were r pop:
him; aid it-is,oc•kbelieved that any officer
- in the British eitny; Placed -in -his situation
would have - appeared better-than :this unfOr
tun.ste tuna. - ,
Not maTty m inutes alter te:topk Vs : oand
uriorcth'p eolitt; .- the executioner stepped - into
the wagon With a halter in his hind, 'which
he, attegiow to put over the head and around
, the neck of Andre; 'bit by a .stitidgi....mcit
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25 26
In front liaa a ire
meat of hiS hand; - this 'w,iii , preVentoill, : An-
Ale took . oWhirlhandierchief from is peek,
unpinned hia ' shirt': - eollar;: and 'deliberately .
took - the' ehd of - th 4 halter ' 'ptitlit .. over - his
head, andVaeed.the knotdirectlyt under the.
right ear, aud dreg it, veri. snugly-to - his neck.
Ile then teok - froni his coat .0 ;pocket ' han : 7
kerchief and tied- 4 over his eyes; iThis done,
thePfficer that cotnniaraled:(his'Aiine J. have
forgotten) stoke in a rather intid !Voice - and
,said that his ern:mit:Mist be tied. - !Andre at
puce pulls`!!-,down!l tile' , liandkoichief he had
: st- tied 9 4 ,cei his ''l'm and drew .from- his
pocket :Ulf:other one,:.and gaveiti to tle exp.,
cutioner, and thenlreplaeed his haad erchief.
His arias' !were tie l :3trst ' above I the elbows
and 'liehind ;his hack, ! The - rope was then
made 'fast ' L t.° the . pele.! over - -his! head. - The
wagon -was-very suddenly drawd from under
the gallois 'elluch With', tile-length of the rope,
gave him, i most tremendous swing back and
forth.; boj
in ; a few Minutes-he hung entirely
still, ~ :,.1 , . •. : I 'I, , . ~ -.. .
During ttai wholetripsaetion; he appeared
Lis , little d. tinted as Hirt John-H.900M is said
e t c
to hate Was abonti- being burn-'
ed .at•the stake; ! but his countenance was
rather pille.-7-11e remained hanging ? I should
.think freq. twenty;ite thirty 'Mantes.; anddu •
ring that 'pine theeharnbeis of tidath veto
neverstilleOhan the: Multitude : by .chick he
was'sarrotlndO. Ore ers . were given to! cut
the repo and tale hinildown withont letting
him fall. t, Ptis was 'dyne and his bixly, care:,
fully laid the --(wand. • . .''' •- . • '
Sliortlyriafter, •as viiihdmeen,
and .spec.nitors w' .10 - 4orne 'for.:
ward and:'iew tl tut -the crowd
was so ollitit, that time beforel I
ti t h.
. - 1
could•get .i n oppt 'hen t was able
tondo tliii ,is coat, „esti . ~breehes were
taken oft I . nd hish i
Ody laid n\tlie offin, coY-
erect by s4trie s Under clothes. , :The lop of the
coffin WO not .put•on. I I viewed. the
. •corpse.
more cnr4iilly.thin ;1 lfad ever done th:it 4
any •ilinittrii• bei ng lbqfote. •H. 1ie . %.1 .,\ , was
very,uei, one side Lin eonsequnee 1 .the
manner in .which the lialter'tireW on his neck.
His face , 'peared : tql.;§ greatly _swollen and
very blae 2 , Much . : rdscinbling a high degree
of inortilliation. It iwas iii , tiekil j . ai , _ sit - oak-Mg`
:eight to lAiliold,• There was at this tli . me, stand
at the, foot' of•tlai coffin,' two yOnng - men
uncometon small i:tatur.;e.l..l `shotild think,
not morelltlitur four '.feet high. %"- Their 'dress
was the niOst gaudy; that. I ever beheld. , One
of tliem.Wid' the elothei justi.tikerilfrom An
dte on hi'arm. I took particular pains to
leirii . whoithey were; aud was intorined, that'
they Aver his servants, sent tip-from - New'
'York to take his clothas,bni ‘ilat-citliertu:;i
ness I diquol, learn.;: - „
• .,f..,
-I now tiiirn to take a vieui of the execution-.
er who w. .s still standing by' oneof the posts
of the . ga ows,- • I walked.igh enough to
him to ha &laid My)tantitt . n his shoulder,
and looke !UM directly in . be face. He.ap- .
petired to .1.,e- about tWetity-fie... years, of lige,
his beard {if: two or three wtic.4' growth, -and
his whole facie covered with what appeared to
melo he - Wa i t:king taken from the outside . of
a gien,sy . potl A - marefrightful - looking be
ing I neve/ belield,;• his whole cotintenance.
bespoke hulk, to• be-a; fit instrunient for• the
business 4 had been doing: • r. Wishing to see
the closing of-thewhole business, I remained ,
upon the spOt until; scarce twenty persons
were left, but the 'c•Offin wax. still beside, the.
grave, whi'ch had' . previously : been dit,,,lii
now .returns, in
to y.• tent / with My anind deep
ly embued ! lth the shocking; scene I 'had
f a Tenaessee Fro)
13Y SAM .§LrqK.
• 1
Well,,we,danced :and . 'hurt-awed withOtit
anything 4t particular interest to happ , en • till
about . tlirelj O'clock,. When the darndst muss
was kicked th) you ever 'did see. Jim Smith
sat down 4longside Bet Holden, (the steel
trap gal), a,ci j Rat give her a bug, bar fashion,'
She took - it very kifid till she seed sam - Hen- .
.ry a lookinglon front behind about! a dozen
of gals, then . lie.-fell to kicken', and a.holler
in', Mid - sereq t chiii ' like all wrath. i Sani he
come tip anditold4iin to let Be; 'go. Jim
told him to ,- .4'0 tO a far off country .iyhar they
give away leimstone and throw in the fire to
burn it: S.atit; hit liim striae atWeen the evo,•
and after a!feW licks theightin' started. Oh,
hush ! It makinntyitnouth water now to think
what a beaittiful-irpw We had..' One fellow
froM Cadfa Pore knoCked a hole in, the hot - -
tom of a fryin" inn,fiver Dan . TOcker's head,
and left it bingui"roulid his neck, the handle
flying about like; a lang . cuo, and thar it hung.
till J-ake.Tii*lnti : eot . witli a Cold chis
el next day;!-. , ,O,was his share i'or that night,
sure, Anothe elloiir got Inoeked into a meld
barrel ; he Was as mealy las _ati Irish - - tater
and as liOttSlarboss radish ; when he busted
the bOops. and came out he rar red a few! Two
fellows fit.Out' of the door,ldown the hill into
the_creek, And tberOended it in a quiet way .
all alone. ISiljperfect mule from Stock-Creek
hit inel-a wipe with . 4 pair of Windin'. blaleg;
he made IFincilin.ivedd of theni, and I lit on
him. We tifid ithid and tails' for a long
time All owir :the Molise; but if the itruth Inuit
be told and shame my' kin, he `warped 'nie
nice; jiatte save his time, I hollered. The
liakin he gave m madeote sorter oneasy and'
hostile like . ,;.lt wakened my
,wolf wide awake.:
The little-filler came scropkin'it,"-ISt, his fiddle;
up over his.!.hbad to keep/tin tune, for fightiti"
was Bitten tOferable - lbrisk. ;You. are the one,:
thinks 1, 0,4 ! I jist grappled the. dougli-tray
and split it tilump oiper his head.! Ile rotted'
doWn: right thar, and I . pa.ddlettilis 'tother
end leith . one, of the pieces i , While • 1 was!i,a
mollifying,4dy. feelings in that way, his gal
,slipped - nic;bellind me aiel'.. fetelicl tne a- rake
with - tile hot! hocks. .Ttile Sawyer was " tlinr,
and jit an' .sed toiler right off, !rich mighty
nice dt . it - ,i:ii‘,4,- ;Jule striped „and, checked ker
faCe nice, like: a. partridge net. hung on 'a
white fence, ;$ She hollered. fe'r hpr fidler, bin
oli,;shaw I 10,-ecinklii't do her a.bit of good;
lie 4W a'S ti*P tins); rubbiri first! hislbroken head,
and then hialblistered extrethetieS; So when
I thought Otile bad . . , ,.iven bei pleuty, I pulled
her off, and put her in - good "minor by given'
her soft st4vder.' 'Well ' thought at7first in I'
hale drint'l'd pe about done, isol I started
for the 'el-014 mid,. the . first thing . l saw . : Was.'
:more stars?, Wjth my eye %s shut than I everdid
with theni open.• 11 Icit)ked :around,
.and :,h-
was the li4l4.;•fidler's big brother! I"knowed
what it mOint; so !wa Itteked borni without n
word, that, all -alone; anal do think,,werfit pa '
hour:: All4st - Sinice - *tithe 'fellers Hearin is
jolts at the house, and 41ley-cum and dug !us
out, for we. had- tit into a' hole where a . : I;,i'
pine stump ha.l. burnt ', and there We,Was; .
up to oni r 'girths, - a; ite , ;in' away face to face
and - no . dedgin' ; • ' 7 . ° - .
Ar.VilinOy ihe',klevis are oer me stealing,
said the man vho,liad.five due. bills prawn
ted t once.
T -
jar Why aizeyoui {u se and chin always at
variance:. Decautii ii;ords constantly pass b..-
ticeeti thetn. !,`
- - .
Air am an-040 Nothing;? said a rje:
bor, as 114 13U'rielipipei1ill. }jowl
many, dorsi' sobseribins eau say thati.
ire lirotbei .4idi.or "tell -1I
y S that- *heti
'he was in Pirion oflbe
peace, he was requesta by the - jailor' to give
the prisoh n. puff. .
. Tbst...beueit.m.dical Wine and the Voreq Pills, are
feet galuiag the go od wlllt. and becoming-the favorite med
icine of the {maple, and known asa most elloctUal remedy
inthe enta of'.
Dpepepide,ilabitnal Ortativeness, Liver ComplOint, Asth
ma, Pi:es, Obstinate Ileadache,Billious Disorders, Pim
ples Blotches and unhealthy Coke of the Skin. Jana
aka,- ggrusaint Fever, Nall Rheunt. Erysipelas, Com
\ plaints ineldent 'to . ifemales, Languishing Weakneas,
• Night Sweats. NCrepots Disorders; General ill Health
and impaired state of the Constitution.
than short time has elapsed since these great and good
medicines have been made known to the public, yet thou
sandshave exPeriented their - good effects. Invalids giVen
over by their physiciona as incurable, bare been restored
to sound and vigorous health by their, use. These medi
elnis are unlike any other. Their twofold properties art'
directly on these - orient a thee totnaelf,liver s nd kidneys,
which secrete the Bulls; and separate the Impurities from
thehiondl. -This Wine and Pills never weaken, but give
stivngthand animasicat to both body and mind. .
The great amount of , good these snediciaes have donefor
the Melt and of have Induced thousands to eommend
them to theirtrienda and the nubile. Individuals of the,
highest integrity have voluntarily testified to the world in
favor athlete extraordinary Virtues.
Dr. I. A 4 Stark Ira .' celebrated physician. in a
lettej from Princeton, New dertiey..thited Nov- 16, 11619,
slecliret that in all his experience he had cover seen any-
thlngto eninpOre witlithe Forest Wine and PIM. at the
same time relating several cases of constitutional Debility
andScrofulons affections which it cured in,an incredible
short time." Among the members of the medical Faculty
of. New York,asho have witnessed the great remits of the
Forest Wine. tend recommended it in numeral:li complaints
will befound the names of the.celebrated Dr. M. T. Good
man; Dr. L. Chessman, Dr. Chilton, Dr. Wm. Brown, Dr.
JIM. tddreano and others.
TESTIMONY of 10.Jolutson Burke, ahighly respectable
citizen of WsVerly rice, New York :
'Di, G. W Assay .—Dear Fir. I esteem :the Forest
Wine as the King of Medicines It has done for me In fire
!vete What three physicians failed. to dolls as many years.
Tn 1816. I became the victim of the Heart Disease and Ner
vous Affeethanewhiebhave been growing on me ever since
until I procured your Forest Wine and Pills, although I.
had wasted several handreel dollars foe medical attend
ant!, Dining the last two years WAS obliged to keep
my house nearly all the time. and gave np business in eon-.
Fel4crnee of piyill-health. I had lost nearly all hopes of
recovery, my pomplaint mss of that class Wader which
" n attar* sinks sad life becomes a burthen." Seeing your
Foreit Wine 4drectlsed I concluded to give it a trial, and
befq7 finishing the third bottle I felt like a different per
sOn. nd was Stlieln resume business again. entifely cured
by taking five bottles. For the benefit of thaw, afflicted
withainallar eimtplaints youare at liberty to publish this,
Yours; &c. Wae,rly Place, N. Y.
Ge er-71 41 both,
ieneral . l iebility,Entacialionorastin 0 ,• .
,:. - ,
Many are'afllict ad with some one of the aborecomplalnt a
wit/relit bAnu'ablete trice it to any particular case, and
therefore delXy.the uve of the proper remedy until the die
casei become} conetitutioriaL The dlaordere are often
charticterizeiby a fellSe of sinidng, or entire: exhaustion
after, exirckw. some experience stuirgistateett, laseitnde
and at !imam 0 stimuli or flushing of -the countenance pal
pitaiotgof the heart,- or 1111.1{- symptoma. • i
---. T e eetelleiat effects vrhieh have ever attended the use
of t i e rest i ll,,:ine and pills, in every specleiof delthity,
h is co A.. 11
.. . ._..
e t bisive irblence of its hippy re-S'ulls in this class id', A' re : rkin6 ' , .• -•.Ver. 4 - , • - 11 iNilan; --
:Frx. !danf love resorted to these medicines si An i Nil (Ales, Jr,, J. E. Cantioid, Athens: Hon. -John
iatim, and been speedily cur , d. For lietvons di, or- ' i npOrie ToWALIda : Gvn. Bradley Wahernan . Li.
Inn(' Debility the Wine and Pille are Salon actordlng "" ' 1
• e directions nn the label,. ;.. . 1 , tleyVilii? ; Goo.. 31. 11611enbaek, Wilketbarre • Jii
r \llle Celdle....—True bianty and loveliness se- Ohael Bylert, Layorte. Pa.
l i,
m ad* the highest. rerfeeitos of health, shieli **gain in- j. , ,
srli r bly to ilousathe PUREST STATE OF TUE RV iOD -e?' ; Jr. %ha arltittelat APpindszes equal that vivid eapressinn of ; 'Jun. Ilurgen WWll:ion, Pres.; C. F. ! %Yellen, J
coun 4 enrince4ilich emsnates from health? .What paints Vico Pres. find Treas.: J. E. Canfitdd,Sec'v ' '
can °inner° Sri lb the crimsoned colored id ociil 'casting its ' AA 3 - t
brilliant rose tie hue theoszh the
.transparent texture of .i ..-toureqs, G.. G..y.lard, Wyaldsing, Bradford
the lqtill? IV:tatlcrma ere more captivating than those i.ollitty, Pa.-28y1 * '
otnidure, in er.• Ighest perfection 1. Let Dr. liaises!. -
Wine Supply.ihe pl eor an c•runeticks. Th'e use of-this
erre:lent Winb in a short time creates pure. rich blond.
which enursitor thl'onzh the veins, penetrates the minut
est (tea thsi.verge towards the surface of the skin, caus
ing!, I unhealthy pimpl..atul blotches to disappear, im
partln4 a vivid, rosy color the akin, dud brilliant ex
-1 ersison to the tree,
I :, -
In ;orroburition of these fot4s, Dr. Daisy has many
testitnonlais t. The following Is Trent a lady of the most re
spectable:standing; In society, sent to las by her brother,
reSttling in Antic?* Street. 4 t, . • - ,_
DR. 0 W.I.OViEY— New rk,July 7,1842.
lay sister, from her youth., had beeril\in very ,d'elicatri
health; complaining frequently'of weakness of. tire chest,
attended-wil d ls a cough. About the age of itigliteen - she be
gab to get rach worse. For six months preatious to com
mieniing with Tour medicines she had not Iteen\able to get
out Of the hottse. Her countrnanee was greatly\rmeciatol
yellw and fa ok Iy , Iler face and neck was, covered wit h
din abbfinastules, ilea very much sunken, and her
i ree
-sou hacreishig. Tu tine, eh. , bore Irri7l appenrattee of
srtonbecemliar an unhappy victim to consuroption.l
this time I Procured fur her some ofyour Forest Wine a d
leillsl which the commenced using Recording to the die
tious. She gradually improved as she followed tip, the use'
of them. Hei first symptoms of recovery was an uncom
monly good appetite, her face finally become smooth. and
her cheeks rbsv. Her cough left her altogether. She is
now Strong add vigorous. and presents the finest example
of health I eirtsr witnessed. . ! JO - lIN S.MAXWELL
Dr.'G• \nt Dalsry's Gstm.eoated Forest PillS!
Mail ufa et i on the same principle as the Forest Wine;
; t ed
to which It is an Import ant adjunct. They are roared with ,
pure %cabin. an important Invention, for ,which Dr.
Halsey has received the only patent err? granted on Pills
by the fin•ernmcnt of the United State's. . '
IttliTaisey's Forest Wine and 0 urn-coated Forest Pins,
tinite in acamedishing the same grew end THE Purificationof the Blood. the Renovation and Restoration of isle
Stomach and ;Dowels. •
The life principle of man Is the blood, no sooner are
those orgnnr4 of the stomach which secrets the Moot,
cleansed of morbid matter and restore' , to healthy action
by the nee (tithe Fore t rills; and pure rich blond made
to Stilt in the urine. by the use of the Forest • Wine. than
diseietlberiair to vanish. and - strength and !PT Prty of hotly
return: Thiele , theptinciple on which it founded these
great medicines. and by which nearly all diseases are sired
The Fieret. Wine is put up in larresanars 'bottles, with
Dr. : Halsey', name blown In the glass. pais Dollar per lint
tie,* alt bnitles for Free Dolbirs, GI coh•con ted Pores t Pills
25 rents per Dog. For Sale by the appoints , ' Agents,. at
Wholesale and Retail. General Rep 1,161 Runup street,
one door froralludson. New York. .
Anbilinted Agents in Montrose; Abel Terrell ;,Grest Rend,
Lucien Sent.{ . . . . .
- • Styl: change quarterly. . .
I• . . I . .
' (
• ! NEW GOODS! .
At the " - Crpsonville Exchange. ,,
rp, HE inhabitants of UPsonville ' an i 'd vicinity
.1.1 are main favored with an exhibition Of in—
othr choice selectlon of Fall and Winter-Goods
at ttl e
old stand of the subacriber. !(Doors open
dairy, Sundays excepted, from '7 - o'elook A. 111.,
. •
unhll 9 o'4)a P. M.,) where may he seen, sold
ana bought, a good assortment of Dry Goods.
Grtceries, ) Crockery, Hardware, Stoneware,
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buy either r' i down , or within a reasonable time
thOeafter, are invited to cull. Tho'ae belonging
to that othbr class may as 'well go ! Where they
can do better._ All kinds of Farmer ' s . Produce,
Du ter,4i.d, Eggs., Pork, Poultry, and Cash re
ceiy . ed in exchange for GoOds, ! 1
tlps•inville, Oct. 7,- Mil , I I ,
Australia, California, • I
°non itiek.e on the Man:cannot present greater,
- inducettentt than
. REELER. '..47 4 91)DA RD' S
Ur HMO is'now filled with a neW :and eaten
eive Fi assortment- of larticles !in their line,
embracing it general variety of new and elegant
sti)les of I.otdies and Gentlemen's sseitr,' among
witich•are L adies French. Lasting and Pre-
Dille Gaiters, Kid and Enameled Pel kali. Kid Pat
ent_ leathei and - bronzed Jenny Lintis, 'Buskins
end Ties; gentlemen's French' and! Philadelphia
oaklanuedi calf skin and kip Boots,lCitn7ress uud
butt r on Gaitersi . Monterey and. Washington Boots,
toilet Sliptt, Morocco, calf. and. Cowhide • Bro
gsos c I Boys kip, calf Ind cowhide, • Illota and
Bcogaint; all kinds of Misses and,Children's wear.
Also, a geni.ral azsortmenrof Findings, which con.
shit 'in part of lasts a pegs,spantbles:;" Hungarian
nails, tacks; thread, wax, •Bruttlers, shoe binding,
a~ls, rasps, sandstones, shoe knivo.• &c. "Also,
oak stid hethlocklanned calf upper and soleleath
er. Moroico skins and linings.
iWork made to order and repairininehtly dime. •
i3lnntrosEtjone 1.1853. ,
NOtice to Passengers.
r! - DSSENpERS. trnvelling North ion the Dela
ware. t Lackawanna. & Western Rail Road .
I r in Great 'lend. can have twenty-sic minutes for
Dinner at I,he "Bmtawr IlottSt" before the New
11'nrk Express goes East ;_and one hours time
'.before theq3unkirk Express train goes West on
lie N. Y. 'lit Erie Railroad until farther notice.'
'N. 13. The CineinnatiExpresi train aping
lEast, stopi at Great Bend. • Leaving time i 51.59
I - ProPrie lik to . i B O ß flAtirT r itn ' t House."
1 Great-Rend Depot, Sept. 26, 1854;
1;-. „ , Stoves, Stoves'. 1-
T"E,ubs'exibers beg leaio to inform the cit.
izena of Brooklyn and vicinity .that they
ihave just freeeived a lot of SvovES of the various
modern patterns and styles; which they offer for
Sale they can be purchased elsewhere
in the county . . :
• .
ALSO4-A lot of STOVE PITT and ; Elbows of
the different sizes, aj. trutaufacturers twices..
Warcrip—Old..2on, Copper snd Brass la ezi.
chaage,for Stoves or ether Goods. ;.
. • • & .fIEIIdF'STEAD.
Nov, 20, 1854., .7 - -`• - • -
, ,
11oreatoweis and Steam Engine.,
- (NNE - end.two Horse Powers for threshing'
VI and:other purposesi' and s 'sixteen Horse
Power Meow Engine; for sale low at the Engle
Foondry.4 Also, Stores, Plows, andelt kinds of
CastingsPr Machinery and other purposes.
Ifontr4se, Dec. 1, 1854.
. . .
.NEW GOODS. ;. ,
ATC & PARK return Itheir gratful
.I.ll' - ackniiwtedgments . to the public, fur past fa
vors, and invite- attention to the very large stock
of Spring and Summer Goods theyl, are now re
ceiving Land offer fur:salci at very /Ow prices. In
addition toAleir usual assortment bf 3.410 t r3t:
Goods, GrOceries, Hardwire, Pai ts,
and Oils &c., they dre prepara to exhibit al rgo
assortment! of
of every,deseription,` Plaid And Pl
Silks. Boniints,Sbzwls, Ribbons. Glovetl, if s
.Lnaiiikand' Mimes sloes or all kinds—al
largo i§ock of ' . •
. I
Cloths, Cas'simores, Tweeds, Joiknsl, - §lam
Cloths, 17t4tinp, Hats wait caps;DlO
Ribes &e. 4c. _ .
They respectfully Solicit an eirly;!eali •
those who wish to purchase Gdpn Goons
Low Putcr.s. ; ; ;
Spriopille,May .2,1854.
Great Exciteinent in No! York!.
Pianos and4ll l elotlecms for. Cash..
H 6 RAC/ 1 WATER. le i great 'Musk sad ~Plano Forte
dealer, 333 Broadway Wee York, preterit': to share a
large per cent. with his en tomers, - rather t.hatlp ay It to the
*harpers of WitliStrect, tO raise available Meant Mailable
him to stem the present right time*. otrerabla JMUienar U
sartmeid of elegant and warranted Pianos mid Melodeon
at %dame discount from factory prices, far Mal • ti II as
*oilmen tcoutprimes Planer from titres of • be' largest and
most Celebrated Boston Manufactories; Slim Giese o 1 sev
eral of the ben New York makers, including the beautiful
and much admired Hot-aOll. Wet Pianos from blsown
tor*. and Melodeons of the best Boston, New York and
Buffalo marks; affording an ',sport unity . for selection. not
to behid Maas:tare. Path lastrument waranted, Second
hand rillOOP at Great litrglitll..•Paletat PIO* POL. $l6O.
Musk and Musical. Instruments of all kinds. Dealers,
Teachers and beads of Sabo ds sueplictl on the best terms.
Haste wit by mall poor paw- earral steleelee4 Cata
logues of Maslo and Schedula or factory prime of Pianos,
Melodeons aad musical instrumento forwarded to any ad
!dress, tree of postro.—ge boot
Farmers' Union Insurande Ot t,
,Office, Athins, Bradford County; Penna.
CAPITAL 200,000,
- - EiTATE.
INSURES' n r ,frainst less by Fir.; llnuses.St l ores
1. - and other buildings, Goods, WareS, arid tiler.
rhandise, en es favoruble terms .as •tiny sitnilar
Institution. 1.04404 promptly adjusted and paid.
.lion. llorace IVilliston, Francis Tyler, Gen. A.
'Perkins, .1. 'l'. D. 'M .C. N. SIC " -v. C. F.'
1003 BMA: Agon s Wanted,
tTpo C.mvass for the best and most saleable
Books published, • They'sre writtel by the
most, popular Authors of the day. including
among others, T. S; Arthur; of whose, last great
. ' Tea Hight; in a Bar Room,
. ..
10.000 cnpiel h a te been sold within a month of
publication. • , . - ~ . ,
Til6Se Booksirtt beautifully illusliated, (Ina.
ny of them with finely colored plateS) and are
printed and hound in the best manner.
~ , - •
Agents will find a pleasant and prOtable em.
ployinent in their - -circulation. For, particulars
address (post paid) I ' t
. -
J. W. 1311.41.D1EY, Puthlisher,l
No:AS:North FOurtliStreet, Philadelph a.
41m3 , .. • , . !
PORK [OR s,u;sl I
irIORK.FOR SALE by the barrel, tk)i 1
M. S. win..,os or A. OALDW ii
Montrose, May 17, 1854.
New Goods. !,
Good . °aslant—to arrive this weal
11 low priees. Call-and ex.innine.
Montrofw,.SP pt, - 12, 1854
• Stoves : Siol. - 4.: : Slog e 9:: :
rrlIE subscriber Winiieil to call the:atifmtio l n )(
JL his friends and the,`Public to his very large
assortment of i \ . i 1
at his new Store Itifiom in Lodersville, net to
,L. S. Lenheitu's Store; and tiear, the Great Bend
:Depot. Hs has in addition to Isis, fOrmer "large
variety of Cooking and Parlor StoVes, mac) new
Patterns, some t;f which are—, ,H,
'- Sr .vithoiss; Peach Branch,l 4 ire Flfr,
Modern Troy, Mohawk, .11p , 'than,
Black Warrior, Orient-, :Oak,
, - EMT Stove,
Which together with hiS former stock will\be
perhaps the most extensive, and varied assortimen •
of well selected Stoves in the Connty. 1
* * *Clinton Stoves well furnished at low pices.
• !Fir All articles in his line kept on-hand and
made to order as visual, and orders received at his
old stand in Great Bend.- •
• - f.
" l'tn with you once again my friends ;
No / nor my footsteps roan ' I
- VW w tr.' fir d. me at my residence on at nta
.1_ vue, two doors south from Seth ;Slit hers
Esq.,,happy et any time to wait on you, s lalli
or professionally, the latter especially. 'hose
who prefer to have their work done at theirs , resi
dence whether living in town or out; will Please
give me notice accordingly, and ' I am at ] your
sei-vtee. Persons
,at - a distance desiringj Plate.
Teeth, canlbe accommodated at try; hous., free
Of expense, while the work is being dune.j As 1
Wish to be busy I shall 8til), adheroi to Illy old
plan of charging according to the circumstances
of my patrons. . There tv much complaint of
the high, prices of Dentistry and of my prices too,
although I have
,been in the habit of doditcting.
from 15 te' 25 per cent. from the first. Now,
friends I will make you this offer,44 you who
need work -will -come right . atone tied _have it
done and so keep me busy, Twill Work fdr you
for half price and do, it well toe. Tim reason
we haie to charge - 0o'hetiause, ;either
from dread:of the pain or, the pay, yOu hold back
and force as to lose ; ranch time for Want 'of
work. , Citne on titer? and voti.will Orrd there is
a cbance for bargains'at Meintaruci. - : -
• ' ' C. D. - VlR6lL,Surgeen Dentist.
.Montrose, April 19,'1851.
Lodersville &-Great Bend N0v.,1053.-1
Our Stock.of Stovcis, ' •
S, n cumplete&—and we woulditake thisop
portuniir to say that we can - show the most
beautiful acid -Splendid Patterns of: Parlor and
cookin,g , F;toves•to ! be Onnd -in :this county.—
Among thdm can be seen the Revoiving Front,
and Gothic Parlor, for wood or coal;entirely-new
patterns, 'rind decidedly pretty stoves. iPrities
from-five to ten dolltiri. • • 1
- OF our Cooking stores, we think' t needr
sayY much, only to- remark that wri - are
them ntour former prices, and judging fr
rti'pidity•of our sales,we - believe thS
satisfied wit_tii prices and qua
our.• Wares. • • •••
- "We have a " few- left' of the ' , Clint!
Tight Elevated' Oven stove,,'' tu:knOwledi
all to be the:best cookinfr.stQve rics-
Russia and English pipe at old prices,und ,
rnings And Tin Ware of all- descipOorts,
very - iowest.rates. - •
New MiWeld, Oct 24,'54. •
Everything works to a Charm.
COTT, JOHNSON & Co.' are now receiving.
0 a new Stork of Fall Goods, and'are ready ! \ o
wait upon the people to - anything they wish in.
the line of Dry, Ikeda; Clothing, Groceries,
Hardware Crockery. Fisk Salt, Iron, Beets and
Shoes, &C. at.r. We will surely Suit all that
call and see -us at oar Afire in , Sprinville
Springville, Sept, 054.. ,
Administrator's ties.
vancE is hereby . Oven - thaletiers teat:t
ill • metitary upon the estate otWilliarn Gard;
ner, deed, late of the tote hip of Bridgewater.
have been granted to the subscriber:— All per;
sons indebted to . said esOtte are hfreby t.eques.
ted to make immediate pnythent- tho,se htiv
ing claims upon said estate to preseathem duly
atteeted Tor settlemeet.
.Wl4. A. WAGNER,
MoutrOse, Nov, 30, 1854.-48w6
.. - .
"Man, 'know Th.: elf. •
An. Invaluable h ook for 25 . cent3-," /Jet y fatuity I should
! hare a copy' ! " .
„, .. 1I . ~. , , - - 100.1100 C PIES SOLD IN
~...•„• ''•" kar,. t if., LUSE TIIA, A TEA 11.. . -. ',,t neve
`,L,0111,,. ~;,,t Tlyrtift•ft...L. , - etlition4 revised and improved, '
.47. , • •,....,,,. just issued.- . , i
••••,•.... .
..": &erre -."...- Dr. Bunter's Medical Manual.
Z. --` i..- ,::,/ 4 .. and hand Book for theaglicted-- -
• • fiZE2F /.....• Coatiinilig an outline of the on
e•-.. - --- , •• s., gin, preigress,treatrireni airde are
",././ , : :;•!.' s of - every form of diseeite con
.. s.e'lliet If!. ' • ••• . •
treated! b y -- piongpcuuu4p.xuat
intercourse, by Pelf aliment by ttexnal eXteSP-, with advice
for their prevention, ?mitten In a! familiar style, avoiding
ali medical technlealtles, end everythiug that woUld offend
the ear of decency; with an . outline of complaint e 0/Meta
• to Females, from the result 'et smite twenty yearg enceen•
fel practice exclusively devoted th the cure of diseases of a
delicate rr private minter. •
To which IS added receipts for the Mare of the above dis
ease', and a treatise-on the causer', symptoms andtcure of
the Fever and Mime • • • 1 t
Testiosony-oeth. ProkrioroeDsAtelriceinPono`Dollegf , ,
4The author o this wetek , tlulikc the majority of those
who advertise to-cure the diet-ales of It bleb it t-rtios is - 01 i
inducts of on of the beet Cdlleges in the United States.
It affords me pleasure to recommend him to the tinfort it
sate, or to the:victim of in elpractice, as a Puecesspil unit
eiperienced peectitioner. in whose bottle and integrity
. they may place the greatest confidence.
. - .; joa. S. LONGSIIOILE.i'm D
From A Woialtra rd. M. D.,of Penn .Unisersilij, Philo- a
delphrtelt give. me pleasure to add my testimony to the
professional ability of the Author ot the" Ma inch Llilate-
VAL.' Nurnerons rases of DiM , 4/4.3 of the Genital Organs,
acme of them of long etandlne, base revue under imy no•-
tice,ln which Brodkin has been manifest in restiiring to
perfeel healtb,lln some mixes where the patient time been
considered - beyond medical aid. In the treattnent, of Sem-
Mal weakness.! or dlsarrangeth'ent of the' functiOns pro-*
dame' by self shave or Excess of moiety, I do riot know I
hia•seperior In the proression. I have ;beim acquainted
with the tantheir some thirty years. and deem it no more
than justice to him as well ae,kinilneve in the unfirounate
victim of early !indiscretion, to recommend him ay one in
whose profeesional skill and integrity they may safely
confide themselves. A LVIIED IVDOLOVitItIBIM. D.
" This Is. without exception. the itiost comprehensive
and intelligible work onldished on the cress Of disease or
which it treats". Avoiding all reeldneal rioldreso=
es Itself to the reason of Its readers It I. free from all
objectionable matter, end rio. pirent barterer festrilious,
.eau object to placing it in thethsnde of Ids gone: ;The Ml
thor haedervotedmanit years to the treatment °Me end.
one complalnti treated of, and: with too little I+:lth to
puff, and too 'title presumption X n impose, he hat s" offend
totbe world, It the merely nominal pelexof 25 cent., the
fruit of some twenty years' most succeasful pra4tice.",-
Herald. . 1
"No troche r or parent eho • ntil be without the 4tiowledge
Impartedlr this invaluable wurk• -It would ;Cave-leers of -
paln,mortification and iilirrow;to the youth under their
charge "—People's klrocate. , ' 1 t '
A Preshsterlen . elerzytnan in Ohio, writing of "Rain,.
- )i ter's)leitieal. Manuel" 53yr- :—'• Thoucd
in. npoti thous
ode of our yauthi be-evil example aor iniluenite of the,
pas lons. have Leen le I - into the habit io !si•lf 1 , 4 1 1'1 lOU,
with nt es:tile-hie r!i- sin end reorfal eimse!litereies. noon!
t to b at h n i I
t in ti rue:"p l an tli tr a , n, : t i ' w ,,
it a n t,th : 0 : 4 1 1 : 1, 11, t ,, 4 1 : 1,: t , 1 i, h1 .,: e .
, 1 i ' v .. .. „. •
: I r t ,n a i ' ntn r 1 , ,, ,.
; r 0 .::.. Y . t )t.,, . 1
; h i i ii r h i;
~,,,rw .
it ' ' .,ilit t r l ,: t o., li r 7 :
ii e l i t l i t ,
.. i i t nu t ,
r‘ ‘ 4 : k
r i
5 ' •
ji i , i .::
o i . oi r,i ' i tt, ' ,.:
.ip, h ,, ..
to l
. e r.: l :
ti,h,r l e e i
oe ul 1
(or r.,....
Anvt g Biel min be done etdilhten [ Anil influence
a t
n . e i l
humanmhlei / '' .:t ni b :l r e r u:l;:ln " ,:t i eiy: :L e o w 'b r o l e n " til d : d o e c i e:t a h r o . t . s t r
man ea* ,r f eeepe my thanks on heh if et' the nelieted,
and. he4leve 110• your r s-w - nrker In the good work you are
sneetively engatred in." . • 1
One-oily (stro-ear sneelooist? will h- forwarded. free of
posture. to nnv part oftiso colt,ltatntvd for . 2A-4pitti. nt
six ropier; for 1:11. A Hr...., lent paid) COSDEN & CO.,
puhu-here. nr Roy llii l'lnitt It.lphin. ; .. ~-
err- Book.pliervoßnovnvlots and Book Agentssupolied
on the most Iptetalrerms. • , . 12.4y1
Your att.intion is oigf•litly inviied to a (:. - arefol
and,c4titlid pvrusal of solotth in g trin tfriS
been ititroducvd into . ..tour rich end time hotkorett
State. ••
1 3 iticcritacrier's•Ilielro Electric v.!;llains. ,
- 4 A new and novel Modu of applying a lioWerfu
remedial ttient,.sii constructed at, td lie 'woiu under
the ganneuts, next to the skin producing a 4onst ant
unint. rrupti.d current of Electro ‘lagnetislnteff.:m
-iug immediate relief the most ;tent e pain, and
also a permitnent ettreof all Nervous Diseuses. It
s'eldota has failed to - furnish almost lusted[ fillet',
and a fittal,permanent cure. by being tised'.aecord--
ingto directions. to the following Aiseatit. s 4- Rheu
matism, Cieu , , Sciatica, Paralysis,' Palen! and
Swellettinints. Neuralgia of the face. of
the SpiaeADeafness and Diininess. itteriiie
PalpitatioU of the Heart. Periodioal lleathtelte, St.
Vitus Dancie, General Debility, raini of the Chest.
HyrterieS, Dyt.`p`epsia; ilisea Ft' 1. that art , caused
by-a defieiMit niuottulof Nervous. Fluid are greatly
relieved, ififtot 'permanently cured implY wear
ing the chains n few hours_each day. , • - 1 .
Be it understood that it is not -claimed -that it
- cures all di'seascs, but only those fot whiclOt is rec
ornmended; and moreover we boldly claiMand de
fy that no merliCinal agent of any kind has iverform
ed so MNlSlY.cures during the last• year, of those
Aiseasesjui , t named as.
Pulrerothcher's Electric Chain:! •
And to prove this assertion, we d e fy any #ei ron to
produce solmany well authenticated Certificates of
Scientific [hit sicians aud intelligrnt patients:ls may
be found 14 a pamphlet of 3fi pa ,,, es, to be liad (gra
tis) <Attie ageutin this town. The ElectriC. Chains
were first introduced in France iu 1850. - Mid after
being subj4cted to the most thorpugh and
by the first medical men iu Paris, thev.wt:,re - found .
to possess Strange and rnarvellou.s pd*er. for reliev
ing pain, Wherever applied, and by their influence
wet e introduced into the hospitalS of that city. and
also secured letters patent , by the French
ment. They are. now introduced into alutbst every
licispitalin- England. Germany, Austria; Belgium,
and patented in those countries,- where they have
become the most - •
Papalar Curalire Agent in Ihe Wir/d.
They Werefirst inkroduced into the ti. Statesii
bout one ylearsince, and went through the same
litel as in ,iirope, and were at once introduced in
toevety qospital in N. York, where .the - yi are now
in daily rise, effecting - even more wonderful cures
than had ever before been awarded :ilient=. They
are highly) recommended by Prof. Valentine Mott,
Van Duran, Post and others, who have published
their views of their power and value in several of
the medical journals in that city, and are also in the
daily practice of recommending their rise
! to pa
tients. full account of theiropinion May also be
found in every pamphlet, and sent to:the addresaof
every person in the- State by applying (riost paid)
to ! A
B ELITU R R ELL. Agent, Montyckse. pa. The
Ghaineciiii bq sent by mail. with 'full deicriptions
for mai. Price of Chains. g 3 and 86. I
Phyiiipiaus are politely invited to call aid exam
ine their? constinctlon, and pronounce upon their
'merits!. ;01rxvirono vo lavauns, nil' person need
fear that they wilt not aecorpplish , hat - it is
claimci they can do:' • !
N. B. yoe Chain will last for yeara andloseaope
Onto etectric power by use, and van ibe Applied - ' l °
either adidt or child.
. .
AssiTuaart.t., Agent, Montrose. , Pa. -
Jos. ST;II:46ILT, General Agent, 568, Broadway,
New . .6sl. Yoiit. ,
- .
, .
, . . Doctor Yourself , : - •
Or t Awry vitt his- owit Physician.
ITTE F.I.F riErii Edition, c'Outainiu s g
One huudred Engravings. showing
7 - 7 - jr Diseases and Malformations of! the Du
, 1 man system in every shape nod forth.
I To' which is added a- Treaties on the
Diseases of Females, being of the bighestimpor.
tepee to nnarried people, Of those ethemPlating Mar
riage. Ely I , .v
- William Young, M. ,D.
Let noi father -be ashamed to preeent
. copy, of
the Aeseulapios to his child.. It may taco him
from an •4arly grave. Let no young man of wo
man eutiir-into the secret obligations otnitirriedlifte
without reading the Pocket Aeiculapinii. Let no
one sittl4ing (roma 'huckuied cough .Ptlin in the
reitless nights,- nervous. feelings.!- and the
'whole train of Dpopepti . c sensations, and 'given Op
by their physician, be another moment withoutcon
suiting tlite AP.SCULAPIUS.. Dove the; married,
or those about to be.marfed any Impe,klitheilt,read
this truly useful book, has been! the means of
saying thousand, of un rod uuute Ofeutyr4cfrom the
very plata of deailt. - • •
17 Any person ifending twenty fire . 'cents et ! .. -
closed in.wietter, will reeeive one ' copy -of this
woiltby'rnail, or five copies: will be sent for Quo
Dollar. 'Address (poet puid.) .
• •• ` I DR. Wll. YOUNG.
Vb. 152 Spruce St. Philadelphia.
March sth, 1t3.54z-- I Oy 1.
less to
I m tire
is are
ity of
ri Air
.red by
et the
. , . .
= Pqmps! Pumps I!
THE - greatest improvement of 7thelage. C.
11, Williams' Patent Double Ating B.
Valve, Porce'and Lift Pump. An iindrovement
above all other pumps - Or maehines, for lifting
and throwing water, combining both tdpump and
FiriEngine. -This Pump, patented in rebruary,„
1854, is the *hole of it metalic, •no bolts or
,tgrews about it to inst.' consequenntl it, will
last a Mane* life tiqe... can' be use in every
vari t.y of form, can dray ,water from ny sittut..
lion nd Carry 'it to any part of. a 110480, it is
supe ioi to/all 'other ' pimps for-distilleries. Pa
per ill s , Tannerien, Brick Yard - a, Imp Works
and anufactri ri rig establishments of all. kinds.
Al orders must be addressed to Adlson Dim
tnicii, Lhdersville, Pa., miho'hai boug h the sole
right rot'. Sunqielumna County. 1 - • - '
, . Mtg. 29.8
154.--351 f.;
1 1 I . .
A.TENT MEDICINES.-4small land it'd'.
eiciusiv selected assortment,. inelpding Dr.
Swayno's, 'Jayne* and ' Throop's pre partitions,
Wright's and Phinney's Pills, Davis' and Thayr's
Pain Killer, dm., &e. Baum &
Brooklyn, Aug. 22, 1854. , ;
_AFFLD : 1 'l' l ,ll,E M-Lii - TISOcI 'Dllieilit:"
DILILIDEIa v kiIA sttattl:;-1,1. lltn.ii : .:—E,tabil, t e t i lVa i • ./ i .1 .
1: 3o.a r s .ge b 3 Dr. KIVU:LIN .eigl'lW l . ~ir ,:i,ita :.-.. iialou unLisn.ED.EVE4T TIIUP-SDA.I" 1101tItiltirsitt If '
Res, between :Spruce and l'lne. l'lnl.tdelphia. p a . ~ ia ,. .
- : - 1. 2 vat id. are apprise•l ta.i: De. Ii.i.SKI.:I,LI gontiues - - r. ' elga l b ll4 -- 44' 11)41 kartt - '[ . . .
hispractleik to . a Pat tlentar •or.tueli of medicine; witha l i m .. 3
gages his undivi led attention ; if s cAutionsthe•entOrt unAie. I
•. 1 . . 4 .
- against. t.t:u .ibust- •.:' nierculy ; titoo,..tnis are, annually ' • - -
Merettrialized out of tiro Recent a.%(te!iol:l6 11re 1) ioiitilt iy k
itextlngultited. - "
In thetteatment Vi•,
TiVertl)' Vets Ts: trii' 7:: N. not, ri ••liseie
ore eines of diseases hlthertonegleet oil a Rd i m p..rftmtly un- ed.
dPrhtood,ha,enAbieft;)r Kis ram s.( Arryou qp,..wor:K. on
ortfigt.s-Pagssnvtrtosto to prove that nine tenths of •he
- causes of itervour detiTit y .Ittenl - and constitutional weak- inee
tarsi. cliental anti physietasu:foring, are tr•tr.enble to cer- *dir
lain tilbit4.(o , ming the most. 'secret . yet deadly and fatal
springs of domestic •Itlyery Intl premature mortality. e,,Sq,
. To h e 't.l V II! , 111 al It .'.'li oil igt , --..T betels :to ovilltabit
' -.. • :
sornettme.lndalzet in by l'ohtn•le: often growing _,..,, .
up with them to whielt .If not :reformed in in g.
du e tim e . n u t ..niy t h ,z, t is seriot, olasta.el es t'o ramtrininnial
happiness. htit'givest ii.e to a . eel P. o f pentra•-tettin.i•lious, serticibe
nod divastating rtileetiOtt., F 0,,, Olt linFe who give way to
thlit pernieinus iirnetice are a V 771 re ~ f the. eon •elltebees.
unilitlto)' fin.' the osrenns .INtetrt . 11:1t.tere,t..fee1 s trange
and umicenuntahlefts•llmrs. and v '..i.e is in thernind2
TitP 1101r0Te Mott tt thus alreeted heeelnelLrerlile.fs 131131316
-e 0 illhflr. With necusto•e ell vigor, or to apply' his mind to.
stbdy : its step Is tartly and. weal( .he is dull. irr,s o tot”,'
and englgeiTn hiSisp••rt wit it IN, F energy than usual. . .
If he eatan lipatc Ithitvelf before the nraetiee has don, its
worst. a nti•mt-r matrimony. 'his m'.: ri /V.'e I. n,ed - roittut and ,
1 hl.oten'se tells him that this is eant.ed he tlll4 'earl.' totiiesj
•Tfirse are loot ilerations whiejt'shoUld uusaken 'fie. , ft e nt;osi
of I hat e zionilarly situated - - .
vil rriorer , moires the fulfilment of seeeral condi-,
LI order that it mai hi. really the rouge 0( 100 , nal
ppinesp„ , vonlirtlic ',Pit which rovers %hi origin r•f dn. ,
ic‘iretcheilness he mired. and its tree Router in ever*
Instance dis^losed—in how tonne could it h•• traee.l to phys.
..4, and their attendant diratmointlyieri!ar
APiiii thorn while it Is ye. thne„innrder,to titer y •ur on.
strong and Waved orgnn , sntion rehrseed. revivified and
strengthened.. . .
.!, .• 't, • : 'Twit ilrr—iir • who nlarea illm4elf littler Dr.
KlNKELlN.'Streatutent mayreliginusly confide In his hon.
Or ns a g litleinan; and rely u min the . ..•=nranee.4ha . 4., I be
seeretrof D IC'.
r. patients will never he disclosed,
Young mon—let ha false nt o•legt y, deter t on from otak-
Inc'm ton to one eho.from ml oration and restive
tability.en n certalaly befrfr.A.l you.
Too many thin% t heyismlt eoneeal the svm‘vetrin their
own hearts. and cure themselves. how often i
thi s a taloa deluttion.and hoW,many . nerunising yOntig .
mau.who might have been an ornament to society hag
fadi.4l from the earth .
, .
' Strictures of the urethra art; caid.ily r , -.mored by the
IPPlichtion of A new therno entice 1 i..., rt.ed .nly by
Dr, IC. We , ttnes. and ,m-titution .1 d,bilify promptly
cured, and 0 WI vigor restored.
• Vaunt ry I 1111'11 3 i ik: tam have (by statlne their
ease oxplicitly. tor.ethi.r wi - li oil tbr irsymptrns, per let-.
ter enclosing , a rrmittance) Dr Vs; medicipe t appropria•
tedacc - ordinuly.,
Forwarded to ti r y part \ of the rnired States,and packed
sieurefrun DA V (I r:ite CUTIOS !TY . .
READ 1 .'.' , , Yo.iitli ,rid Natilltiod,: .
A rigoroul Lilo ! er r Pienuiture Death, Kinkelin o'i, ,Slf
• ' • Piesermtion- 7 --0n1y::.5 Cent,— .
, . . .
It is a Wolic'entittehtly required, rt• a means of roforro
fog the vices of the agein which we live. Also, .
.. . •
With rulez , for the ProlongutiOn of L?fe,juJtfromne Prel3
A letter with are oittnocerd t.t. or tbo ratu'e h
loAt . +tatlyS. o.tdretoed to—!)r L !.; . otelphia,,'
Pa. will eccure a copy r.f ,•it her of-the ,At bonl.'N by
retina of nrill; or 124a0es-will ..gin: free ge
for ...:;1•L eiLora“en.Tr4v..lling' %gents. ko
euppltrd trholv..Kale at the p privet. which, 'a dmi t
of a large profit. ,
1 ,:n"..411 Letters must be pcst-paid
. „
A S i'. w :triti ,riiilgulaNly- itrieceAsful
et" it
...., . I re..l , Nly•for ti, cure oi, .111 I;ili:
• .4,..„. , 1 - - - - ions: , 1i,e.,••••—(„10,tiv..-ties , -, 7:11,11,:e.,
--- ,c, ,, ' 41_ 0, ii „Li] re. Denley.itiP•uttionma,
- fee - • r..v..r . ir:".11, Itutilor: , ..•`: err ousiier.,
il e____
- . , - , hi ita:6l.l, .1 'fit, , 1111:t:itlii,s.l.tai.theehe.
• ~.... • ~.,,, ei.i.itt ,It 11l- qr.... , ” 7 i i..e. 11.,e1t, :im.l - •
.". gemer , ....... ,, lim,.'
.„ Feimti.• LlO.trirl , i Tit ,:. ilt:,c
- . 10 .. 1 . .101e...1. v, tv ft- v :ire kt.,,li?,:LFini, i
, in
l•- • 01 a, • Pul 7, - :Ise". Vi,•th.nne v: pot
more or 1. - 1-, , requited. lihi:O111 , 11 :•-i-Lio - •c al.! sulTeApir
m;r:iir be provniii,wl. if it '9:l: . ..IT..itt u..• I. li teti e .
were move (forty llSrll. NO lior,oll l - I) -1ei..1 o• 1/ - lrillio lt'
ranee habit a. 1 ....13 ore ,- iii, ; 1.i.ii•1.-- it fl`l.-r:e ,
pirio, ; no ofi,iii for . i!, tfliiii!i might wire bi,en
avoided li, the liip..T . .nd jiilliei , ,o••• ili.i• oi :1 ,:ooil•petrt;".
tire. T , i.•+ '•",, , lit: , trot . of .'014 , . F,...verl,h .% niptom-, iiii4
WI .iii u.iiii.rai.g . tatiqi 11, 'll.ll, - tend to TworatllO or tiro
;luta? the a rep -iiitti.,l iii I . ortii . t 'lt;.: 4 .: -1 e!'m"r. ~l iieb lona
thelie..l.- - rs ill twee the 1r.t. , 1 11 , Ifee Wri,..l hi.• , ':,tiiil;t• ph,-
ii, is 411 the firti import:we. ' to ill.. 'oulilie !width, an 1 i Wit
1911 it I , bet il pi . . feet , . i Ili tit , :tollstklutiiide , hill,tn.snnet,-th .I
demrind Ail -it •14r , 111,1 ii7 * Stt . vii . t it...-. tfy rhy , .l..initi..,
1 . ... f. ., or. a NI . 1 .3 ti011i.!.. hr Ai.... f1i....a1' . r ll't.s 41 1 - iiisilillir,
r'llr i ' -li'l'l' I,l ti , rtin hiIOWTI of -. :*ro - mmlirtle.. Care litre
lieu-i'. l l. rltli Lc! .'till Tionri 11 - --1- llii.s 001 .iiii?...taiiiintiA
11 -- Itoo-0i,.; nt •11 , -11 r v ,li oil 10, i Tilill ~time ell Ll'llel er l‘S to
f.:•:•,•.; ibr.ii pt, , ,, ..t' ti 1 1 1.,*1 ,
A.,,• , -, ti.• .., -., ,-,,.i.,• 1,1
in ~%, 0 , th, -el . ' 1t...,. . s•
p,-. t ILip.. t;tl,•;iri r “: 4 -3 iron. end Stntr .
e1:.1, 104 jrt
ir "10,... Setiarr,r.f the
s 51-1, th- (forr:":1 , of
I:lrdrr-ilt .11, 61\1.',1•1ir.. 311)11 0 .1. , Pll , ll. to 1 . 1117-
lall IZ4I 111 0 11(i,. 1 f ret.n: Lt..;
1) , . J 1. 0 )0',, \••wrLr't. , rt . L. :krt:, r,t ant..:
t', r -4 "-hnet A 1 1 ,1.,
P. 1 - I!.kiet or- -t,ono:ri ri 1191 , •1. ottirr..
TA! ...1111.1-fis
trim l‘Wr nricit.n,!e
•-•:•1: t •:n , tit,' ovlg.tii.ll,.• rl etninftht•Vßh.
t6I•1 , ,111 Cell
1 . ;•••••••f•el , . t I..ntr ittre-•t l •_ , nr7on :•n•l',••• tidy.
sr' [••r••‘ , i • , '•t- pit` , e •Tir-e. ••••••nph•te
whiell the rre , ent •••...••• e:tn rifTord
Tlier :••••• C•• •,;• ••11••1.--.1 410 , o •1, ii , 'Ile1:1•01Ve; , Intl of
the..n•• • rir t only •••• ••••••••.lth• rem.. ri•••••. • , z , ,r;tet ed
hY;••1...1n1e,1 er••• , ••••• 'reL .4.•te mirity • .end ,onilmtell to
e•-ih,q• ;,•'61.••11• • •.. ,•••••••.as to '••=nr•• die 1 , •• , e ri•=••)t.. TICo•
I , tr'n ilpll.l ill the .
(TI ire ! , 1•1 h./:.h. ,•••• 111 , -1 sonro eilleient •
rerne.i• thin 1110, 1,411.-00 ... o'o Ai" , I-hr ••ely orekee".••
r••••• ols l•• • e•••• • •eeilr ••hri••••=. 1 1 .1 1111. ov! , I mode
(tirninef•rition• evert , hnnlenell "'PI/ more er
14 , •••: , • t ,, ir)•‘lll .114 , 1111 i'• Mk. vlieh
11.111 P only that.34•ll••=kreit for the env , fl‘e elTect
flt present. All the del ..h.•;•/••;.h.1.4 !if ;••••• to• etch
matnnee einv•loyell ore left ejir ! •ti s -,• yi L t l i o n
only.belet7 •kititied. 11•••nre '= •telf-er the rffeets
FNpttld proro'n, ,Rey mere ••••1,•••1 to, purely J .: l w
and the s urer . more; pow•Trul an'itinti• to diocese
than :Inv nth r mTfiel•ne • 4.o•rn to the world .
A.% it if 6 . f.1 , 1f1111y exifoainna t gat an r inclteine %bngl)*
tat en tooter the eon.on.l of an nttentlinz, -owl in
boo-0111d tint property jndne or re mrdy •rithont,
itsf . f.ronori%i t ion hare olafeJ the 11,rnrtl'o reornnin., by
RiFirit ho'h r.lT'Peetora!,,n.l aro mole to Mire rrhon.
boar of Praetitioner. in the rnittol Fate. And Itriti.h
A Prorinee.. If bounce- t bore -honl4l bonny one
trl.4 h 1 not reeeive.l th , oe, 01 , 7 Will be oronlptly ferwattl
etlihr mail t o hie natlrf.S.f.
PrAi the,P,tent that are OlTerea. liOrr few
wtirthl be trt , ..en if 'to enmne.ition 'rn- known! Their
1;1'4. e0m.1%t% In flyar my% ors. T hare tip tos.:..teriee •
Thy!, , mpe.hion of my prep/roiling told (meat to' a'l aro! ail who , re ~ .:noct ;01 , to Jul-:e on the ...object
freeirnekrnovleAze their conviction, ofithelr intritt-ie met,
It.! The Cherry Tvrtoral nrrnoonci'd by sedentinr
to he i vrtorlerrni medirine ber-re it. elr-rta acre
Mani emin nt Physicians brat declared at same thine r 4
and even more .eordblently.: and- are yr iilin; \ to
ear fry. that their anrie , retiong were more than r^pri zed
• t hrir noon trial.
Thevoner , t , . by tlyir nroverful influence on the internal
visirrrn:l.l miry flu. b4awl .in.lrtinittlar ' e it into bealty rke.
ti mz-rernova the ob....notion• of tip. tr . ma eh. ilnwe.l2. lir.
er.'nrOnther. organs of the body. r eqt ming their iri.-.rnitir
110 , tolienith. sod by wberer .r they , e.v,ia;i
antic derangements as are the firs origin or diFetoe. •
Otntrar WinPnel then are pleasant to tate. -did be •
n; purely vegetable, no harnt_etAn
For minute direction:a. itee , :w epperon the ,130x,'.
Frreare4 I . wv MSO. AT ER. •Prirtical and Annlyrical.
Cbtanivt ' Lnwrß, Mu. Pricy '25 mita per Box. Five Box
es' PI- :41. • ,
; 1 :OLD UT A. Turret!. Monfrote; B. F.. h. n mann,:
norora . Church & Phinn• y. 'Daridall; L. &Mt, GrOA
MAW : ' all' Drn;tisto nn•l Dealer! is M, dieine every=
when; Sept 13-17m40 • • • - •
• • H. C. .BP.NN.ETT• &Va.. •
Dnporters and Jobbers of - Foreign and DO
] •• mestic Dry Goode:
TOUI.D ins ite the
t n i t,.
t of
,ni en ts in
their stork which %% 4 11 be fout.dlarge. and desira:.
ble at all seti.46 . lis uj tlie - yettr, elinsisting in part
of Cloths, Cassimeies and Vestitigs -.Jeans AO
Tweeds, with all the best and ,well known styles .
of fast eoln,red prints.
Also, Dress GoodS, White and Linen Goods,
Also, BrOche • tone and sqiurre
mere and Silk Showis,togetlier with 4ooeyyri.nd
Pitney Goods. '• • • -
!Prompt attention paid to 'orders. '
• 4y1 7 1 rh;inrie.
Delawiire, Lackawanna & W. R. IL
ON and afto Thnrsday, - Nov:".f3. 1854; the
Pa3senger Trail will leave Scranton
4412 31. '1
Duoi-CGriat Bend itt:2.:3o, P. M.
• Connecting with the;lllay,',.7.ExPreas ;Train's On
thii N. y.:St E. 'R. R., lioth east and eVeSt.— I
Passengera takittg.this train will arrive: in New:
York at 820 r. at, and in Dunkirk at 11..
Return, will teave.Oreat Bend on the arrival
of the Outralo E;tpreiei . lheund West, (3.20 .P.. 10
which deliarts from New York at
arrives atScranton at 5.50, P. el:
The Freight Aecointnodatiou Train, with paa.s
enger -car. attached, will depart . from ',Scranton at.
1.50, P. 51., due at Great Bend at 6, r, m.,conneet=.
in; with the Mail Train bound West; -and _Alio,
Nhtht Expreis Tiiins•bound both Eabt and NI.Te4. -
Returning, 'WIII - depart front .Great. Bend at
620 A. - at. and'afTive ht b'eranton, - 11.00,
Stages will . be in waiting on the arrival . * Pie.
senor Thins at'Stifaittiiii, convey :passengers
to.Carboridale;Titlatun,.Wilkes:Barr e ,
phia riahe . Rending R..R.,'Eatoti; and all other
interinediate•places.- •
D. 11:
sup% Office, SCranterid
Nov. 18, 1854. :f'2stf
- Drugs & Medicines. •
F RESH stock of Genuine Druga and 31e,1-itines,
itines, Patent Medielhes; P;Lints,Oibi, Dye
Staffs,,ate. 4te, tot by
Dee. 14, 1854; BENTLEY & READ.
uhn have te.tifieil
yErims..:4 1 :lA' cash in nth
not paiOlititin six months ;attds2;Wattt,
ol'theygar.. •-NO palieftliutontinuedlantilat
g are paid, itxcept at the': 6pildn of tfig
fishers. All`communicationseomteetedwi
toin:4ute attentilin;tniist be directeo
paid) to CitASE & DAY, Moritose,,Sgisqui
onty; . • " '
Itatvs of Advertising. •
One m ( l 3 :re 0 2 lines or le's) 3 insertions, $l,OO
' Each 'snhsegoent irmkrtion, • . 0;25
One stria re three months, • A !: 2,50.
One sgolre l six. months : , .... 4.00
Bui,iness Cards; four lines or irr N , 3,00
Yearly adverti.ements, not over'4agog,*,s, 7,00
Ono column one yr, . • . . . 80,00
Veal& advertisers *ill_, be - restrirleA . to the
bnqiness in-whiCh they are engaged ;and,are con
side mi I ns wishing to rMtinne advertising dnieiri
they abst! give special - dire : dime for-a discontiii.
uance of the, same: , '
This publishers having ridded tefileji Jett
Printing materials a large: andjuivilor. asso r i.
ment of.jobb Type, are now prepared to,execto. s ,
Job Wnrk in a manner unsurpassed in this eec.
lion of countryiand on the most reaßonabk terms.
1111anics:of every doscrifittou kept eobstiiitly
on liana tir prjnfeq to prdir,l. •
( .fiiiiiit,iS-P-iftip.
. • • BRYANTHOUSE, • • .
Great Bend Depot , Pa. ' ADDISON BST,
ANT, Proprietor. .• - - . •
Man tifactui4rs of Simotrfscarstann CA it
RIAG.E Sr H gbesAlle. Lycoming Ce.,Pa
Spring may be had of M. S.Wiltion, Montrose
.• : ° W. spurn-
CabineLand Chair' 'anufsett,ireis v foot
Street, Montrose, Pa. .." ~• .. •
Pitysiciart and Sorgeon,l - larfiird, Pa. Of
2_doors below Eaton's, Store..
Surgeon - -Dentist, Montrose. Ps., will ;be at
!trlit'.s lintel, Mondays sad Tuesdays of each ,
week• . • Isyl.
Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, 'Hardware.,
Crockery; Boots and Shoes, &e., Sptin silk.
Pa. 'lBvl
Attorailes at Law—Office formerly • ecru
pieil by Little & Streeter, Montrose, Sfirtque-.
hanna County, Pa.
RAtrn B. Lrrrti.j
. .
hanna,, Di..Oot; Pa.. Office - over` S. E. West's
Store.: f. ' • - • ..16y1 '
Dealers in nirbielfonurnents,Tablea,T , m 1;
Stones, &Z!, Cortter of • Court.and Eire nnge
Streets, .opposite Broome County Bank, Bing.
hantton, N. Y. -.
lieb TURRELL, , lierazosa, RA. •
Denier in Drums,Sleclicines, Chemicals,Pairds,
Oils, MC stuffs, Groceries Dry Goods, Hard.
• ware, YUnkee Notions, 16f. Phyikdans
seriptions carefully. compounded. •
• somv. GROVES, . •
ttitsTa ioitable" under Slearle
. Hotel, :thOn.Street,,Montrose, • Pa:" .
DEALER 13 Stove's, Tin, Capper and Sheet Iron
Ware, Lodersville, near Great Bend Depot.-6tl
. _
Woodruff & Eldred,
DEALF.RS rc Srov.Es and MZlTlll.tlC.llrer o f cop
per,l4ln, and Sheet.lron Ware. Shia+ near
the New Court House, Mdntrose, '
S. A..W2Ourturi.] IG. B. ELDRED. !
A. Lathrop;.
. •
,DEALER ip Ready-Made Clothing, Hats and
Ciip..,Boots and Shoes Dry Goods, &c. Wtore opposite Sk:arle's Hotel, Blontroie.
C. D. LAVIROP, and } w ith
J. P. W. Itn-.EY,'
Dr. Merit H. C. Vail.
IARUGGISt and. CHEMISTV . and Dealer ir.
IL/ Dsvcs,3ledieines,Chemicals,-DyeStuffs„
Paints, Oils, Patty,Window Glass, Camp:hire
Fluid, Perluatery, Yankee NOioos,dte.,&e.
.Lodersville, Pa,—,lotf. . _ _ ,
PR/Mani ERA-
Pa., will attend faithfully to all business en
trusted to. him in the County of Susquehanna.
Gonyeyrincing, and Writing of all kinds will be
dont neatly, and charge moderate. He will
alio'. attend to the prosecution of elairos,ot sel=
diem, their widows and heirs, againia the U.S.-
government, for Bounty- Land, Pensions, ee.-
hiny be foundlit ail hoirs at thfij:iffieo formerly
occupied bi? J-, 1 1": Riehilid; Esq., north Of lb
~Court-Houseltitta-n49 •
M. Cc...TYLER *
ItteieStiad L. Iftmt,
7T1'1111111401 1 / 2 3:1111a Cut.
• jery, enrriage Trimmings. Sprinmdte.
, • No.- ti 1 . 6
Peirri Street ! , Y.
etv .h is . 3l erca n t to friendi . ' , in, 't hin nod othrr
Counties, are kinilly and lainest4tiblicit•
ed to wall and purchnwe.,.. ' .7.1; n6tf.
'Wit* Row(N Woodruff, cartet,
11THOLESSLE Gnmi:lts =and Comyssitss
I V Ir‘aletrANTsi: No. 173 Washingtois'Strek
between Co rttn nd and Dey4tre'ets, New York
Mart+ 8, 1854--10tf.
Medic4l , Card.
- •- . . •
TNRS. E. Patrick, Jr, & .- Z. Ilinufreit harp
I this day fOrmed 1 ett-partnership, for a mom
efficient : and suicessfut irrosecuitoll of the differ.
ent brrinches,of their profession,' - .
' Ail, business - entrusterito them; WiWteatte*
ded to withAiromptness'and "firlelity.
Their, office inaj• •ho found over LaiheO
Store, East side Puirlic Avenue...l.r
- 4 - G. '2. pniocK.
Montrose,-March /2, 1854. ' -
• W Singleton
Carl now' be.found at his new . stand -no 0 414
ET() street, 2 dunk west of Scarlet"; ;iota where
he e/lhtuafly t•epairta.;With - , dispatch. Ntiatebese`
Ctocks,,Gtin, - J ewel 4; and 'OiferY..ileseriPii"D of
machinery;:' Wheel 'eutting, - urf and Watcli
materials supiilied
A. A. & E-Baldwin -, • "'•.
iATAY bfi Yquuttieliesetuent of Oetrites , llo
'tol, 3 tiootts west rfOttl• the coiner: Net
anti aceOpetplithat are .due us Wi 1 i ' be very . r
cepubl.e vll'4'oo-0. •• ~ . 1 i
.-. _, • . .A. 4 E. BALtoWIN.
Silver Spcoone.:.,
T_ warranted
Desert, Sugar' and Palt.l.Sp9onti, ,
- - warranted !Tra frit , male by
• Boats and Shoe's.
N unusually - good assortment of ite, bo!
make, all fresh-ohd perfect. for iota by
. • ' - :BENTLEY & 4:EAD.
, .
AL.Bertils--A large lot of plabt: and cu l
Coral, also Coral Armlets and Niscklaccs ,
. .
tam .
th the
[EZRA B: tiAsE;
[A. lAiHEoT