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    dreaded purpose. The " Know-Nothin n ."
through its brief, and. inglorious career, wi,4 i
'.be, and now is, a National Party, guided by 1
\ the South ; and trusted too, as the great aly
, of their peculiar Institution.
How well they have -succeeded, is shown;
y the fact, that many Free-soilem have ac.-',
• with the Slave-power, in building -up' thfs:
chosen ally. 4. .i '
To come to our own county,—what tifar e.
'and deception was practiced, in f using n tii
only Whig . and Democrat,—but Free-soi ~,1
and _Know-Nothing t How true it is th t
;the Democrat never acts with the- Whigt s . ,
'without being duped I Those wh o did se l l
under au anti Nebraska impulse, just begi
• . I i
to discover that they have becn.vheatea nt
the support Of Slavery. ,The election of Pol l '
lock, anyLe _elevation of the secret-Order,
I was the precise work of the South ; and all
'Ole unnatural liThig ranting about the Mini
e'iouri line, was only done to seduce honest'
Democrats from their principles, and the4.'
party-power. A few' leaders of this .furiort
lave trusted their hopes Of Office with th4i
n ew party; they will stay in it,—but the
plewill return to the ancient fold, never mor‘i
t o be seduced by outside perA j,
,dy. I
'.,'The National Era, for a time, was mad+,
to believe that Pollock's eleetion would be ' , ''
. t „64 tiftimph of Anti-Nebraska sentiment
in Penn's. But its last number-holds .rer ,
different, language.
m g : "The Know-Nothing, by its crooked
policy, showed an utter want of principle on' .
the Slavery question; for example, bf. elect-i
ing in Penn's, the pro-Nebraska, Adminks
candidate for Canal Commissioner,
e. - • .
" =ere are : your An ti-N.brisk 4 . l
vietories• in Massachusetis.,• New York and
Nennsylvania I How much are they worth ?
o man can answer—for the , results are , mix
ed arid vitiated,' and time alone- can . show'
how much of the Anti-Slavery. sentiment ea
tered into them."
. "'They will not "go it blind," for . men and,
• Means selected and prepared by a sworn few,
midnight assemblage. They have a right
to' know and 'scrutinize both, before they/vote.
Without that, every presumption is against
them. Can anything be good that covers
- -self in darkness? hid truth ever shrond it
self in mystery Is it , not .her God-given
7Aaracteristic, to seek the broadest light,—
a l tr to' invite the keenest scrutiny ?. She.asks,
first, .examination,--;then, acceptance; and
ik what a divine Consciousness and. energy
she imparts to her blest votaries
- la conc'usion, fellow citiiens, ler us
not', and retain the characteristic fact, that
the Whig politicians:here ; to a:man, fell into
- the suppork of Know-Nothingism, from its .
1- •
vers. first allpearatice among us. Their Press
also swam upon the, same current. Why
this unanimity in 'error ? It is because, by all
their habits, education, associations, instincts,
• !
arid sympathies; they run into every move- .
merit the Party of the People; and
tending to their own power. Without
sorting, or thinking ;. their aristocratic impul
sesnaturally_ array them, as one man, on . the
side of the -rich. :ngaiwit :the poor, = of, thy
„strong against the.secerk, : ---of Banke;• of mo
.arpoiv, and every form of associated capital ,--
hg i iinst the interests of indieldullabor, in all
its sad struggle with the. oppressions of wealth
and speculation. They care not for the peo
• theysympathizeinathiz s e not with oppressed hu
m anitv". They will .associate =with Know: :
it tingl• .to 'degrade the Foreigner,—they
w6uld hold slaves,, if the law would permit it,
uything; everything- which goes to create, Is ,
. and .make wide what they regard` to be .the I
pnecper distinctions between' learned wealth ~t
unlearned and menial toil ! le is the •
ddlusion e:',4 these men, to believe such dis- S li
tinctions natural and right ; and their:whole
1$ is One ceaselessiabor to realize that
iv, society. , It is hardly necessary to add that
tht ., Parts- and influence we have 'delcribed,
tinotliVe. in, this: country,--and that the of
little weak, and unnatural fusion in . this
Co?nty, cannot last as long as the operators 1,1,
Akereengaged in makinr , it. - ••
, Pursuant to call, a meeting convened
at tic& Carpenter's Hotel in Great Bend, Sat
xrditv, Dec. 30, 1854, a very large number
r;lcitizens were in attendance, .and the con- t
tension was organized-by the appointment tee
N. I . ". Waller,- Esq., _President ; Doct. Jas.
Griffin, John -.McKinney, Lewis S. lienheim
and Amass T. Trowbridge, Esqrs., Vice Pre.i- !
• 1
dtntlr, and T. D. Estabrook, Alanson B. Whit-
ney and N. Dußois Secretaries.
The object of the meeting - was briefly st!t
ted by 11,. T. Stephens, Esq., - as king to ex-
I -
press their feelings and views upon the sub- I
j.lct Of tile prosecution lately commenced .by i
R:4M Corns against the N. Y. dot -E. R. R. 1
6. °'n l l) 4 n 3 y, for passing bank bills of less de-
nemnation than five dollars. On motion of i
li)e , ',•!peakr,- the following committee was ap
pointed to draft resolutions for theconsidera
tionlaf -the. meeting. R. T.. Stepheni, Esq.i
.1 . 4 ? 1 ' Reckhow,'Esq., David Thomas, Benonilt
Tiel l tell, Joseph Dußois, •Wm. Green, Thos.
--lays, 'i Geo. Baldwin, D. L Taylor, Doct.
Y. 4,ilman, Chas. Chamberlin and Addison
biminiek. The following preamble and res
outx . ns were reported-by the committee :
Irineaeas We learn with regret that pro-1
ceedings \have lately been commenced by 111 7
tAx Currie., of Great Bend, Susq. Co,, Pa., 1
'''' , ' , in'st. the N. Y. ti E. R. R. or putting I
C 0.,. ,
in circulation foreign,Bank Bills of a less. de-
notn*ation than five dollars. And, whereas , b
;se are well twine that the agent, Conduc- l -:
'and Paymasters
sni. , • s la b
sirs of the N. Y. sk E. R. R. j- - . ' -L" Odle - " .
''kaaPizty, acting undo instr uc ti ons o f 1 HE -sOsc r rif,4 having solJ his farm, will ex
the Uotnp*n . y. did observe the law {proltit,it- 1 -I Pee to Public sale ot his reikidePeo ie .
it'',"' the ingiliXlVf small bills,) until it was to: I Br4ktvn, on Tuesday the 16th day of Jtimok!..Y,
tally r ded by the community and it I the tollowinepronerty, viz: 3 'Cows, 1 yoke of
'bad become - ice 'lle to do bnsi • nv , s with- l i - b w ,,,,', r i k i. l . ° l l27 m °X u e re n i I pair of two year old steirs.well
!.colt, 30 sheep a qirmtity of hay,
''''t iiiitking use of email • bills for change.-- i _roans ' an d por;t oe i, 5 s to c ks b i ees,l 1 ox eart:l
nd that, , we as citizens -of Great Bend and ! one hfsrae wagon, 2 cutters, 1 harness, a variety
siein . ity deem it indispensable to the pawner. 1 of titUre.
rming tools, and a quantity of ilionsehotil
':al intere s t of thisconety (particularly at the (furns . . .
,Pretent time) that the circulating medium be I tkaws.-- ll sums under 85:cash down, over
1111 Testutined: And, Whereas, we look upon 1 65 six liont lerelfit with interest and approved
**ldly. silt) toi cornnt= at 9 o'clock A. M.
tilt pent prosecution as-an effort to extort 1
73, Eley from the• said Railroad Company, and i Bi. ooki •, • - aosw /1 4 , wHITNEY.
3 rt. 1 , , 1855.-Iw2,*
Lot for the purpose of . enforcing.,a just law, 1 ---+-- -th , P '
fist !t cooviotion 'of right. Therefpre, i . L-...
~ 'lc It v..
' - iwk 0 •
'n n yolved, That we look not only ivith'feel- l ual meeting' of the itoekhoiden s in the
a p bf regret but of indination upon en 1 A 1..., Great Rend and Cocheaton turnpike "reed
.t that is thus calculated to prejudice, net , comPariy, witl :be Weld the Lusk .House, in Great
'Paly ihe interest o f t h e -R . R . Co. b „, , L . hi _ i Beml, on the', second Vediteliday of January,
'0,14, 1 - _, . ' "'" " 4 " -. 1855, at 9 o'clock 4. m.. it)rithe election of (Xi
',...,, interests,..•?'-rn„,,ni of es •
- ° '. l. 14 . 71 " / "'" 7m1 ; 77 .. 78 1 ergs Ike.' i , NENRY nRINKER, Etrr't ,
'nt R e i Ilsr• 1 ,:' ' . '''
( ir - -- eil ~, P.-VI. 7... , 11 -filA.,i' -
.1 •
We extract the f.ollow
ILesolo d , That ?we' view the application !of
the ••srulill uote - law' to this locality situated
as , we are upon the hue of the State of ‘li. Y.,
as impolitic, and oppressive, and that the
same.liaS been rendered nugatory, by thecom.
rnim consent " of this: Jadiolecommunity, (in.
eluding . the plaintiff of record. in this suit„)
and by the acts of - Judges, Jurors, Attorneys,
and oilier officers i:,f our county, and county
officers. i i .
Besot:id, That vie hereby request Mr. CM ,
tisithe plaintiffin Said suit, end all other per
sotk interested therein, to discontinue the
1 prcisecutitin thereof before the next ;term Of
our court r . 1 -
Vesolved, That Unless said suit is discon
tin ned according to the above request, We
will hold, .no intercourse. either socially or
otherwise, with Mri Cqrtis, or any other per
son, or persons connected therewith, either as
At(orngs or otherwise; and that we will hold
them responsible ferittheir' acts as Cain was
for ihis.
:Resolved, That we tender to the'N. Y. & E.
R. R. Co.i our symPathy and support in de:-
fending themselves ;against this gross outrage
upon the m rights and our interests. J
After reading the above resolutions, Mr:
Curtis being present, was Called upon - to make
l any; remarks, or offer nor - .excuse that lie
thought proper. lie tePlied. that he bad no
I escre to niake to the Meeting, but that be
. i
had; reasons 'r.atisfactorY to Mins& for his
7 ~.1
conduct, but they might not be to any one
ielsetof the assembl7 The meeting was then
1 addres.sed .by Doct.: JRS. Griffin, it. - T. Ste
-1 phens, Esq., T 1 1). EStabrook and Geo. Bald- .
mil l , . 1 1 ' 1 1 1
. 1
On motion t ab , ve resolutions were.adop
ted it n.animou al . On motion Resolved, that
the proceedings f t h is meeting be published
in the t contity p pe.l in the Binghamton pa 4
pers l and some f th i , Nev York journals.
1 ' • NI E. Wane P4si dent, - and Duct. JaS.
.' i ,
Griffin, John M Kinney, Lewis S. Lenheim
and Auras T., owbridge, Vice' Presidents:
T. D. Estabro dt A. B. Whitney, N. Du'
Bois, 'Seererair ' ie.,. , ,
tom" Mr: and'Mrs. lienr:y A. Riley tender
their grateful, ackni)wlddgment.X to the tnany ,
friends whO oreti thtku with , the ir presence'
gild geuerons (ifferihgs 1,0. the .afternoon Ara
Thursday,December: 20th ; ever;
prayiug that the bfessitig of the God cif g race'
may be the experienced recompetise of their
liberality. ;
, .
Agkiettliunit Society. •
The annitil .meeting rf the §ttil'a county
AgrieUltuiPlSociety, will he held on Tues..
&Ay . ereiiing, Jan. I g3, i. 1855, at' the CoUrti
House, at which ti* 'an el'ectiou of - officers',
for the ensuing yeati - Will be held. : -A general
'attendance is 7q,f, ...
1 e-Ci CARMALT,'Pres. ' 1
! , \
\V t. H. .T.Essu r,St. 'C'Ni. - . .
i . !. VIikvit: 114 :180•L . .
In.l.kii x, Saila:l) I)ii.e. ries
31, by ~ A 'O.
Marren,. Ir. .lo'lrs . floali jr., of - Lathrop, and
Miss ELCEN MAi . rsoN l ,, otlL4;nox. ': ' _
At thel:nionlLll, West Ha,rfoid, on Sun
da}-, Dec. 31, the!sarne, Mr. GE,O. M. AlD
dmicn of RiehmOnd,l nn4l Miss- I.IARRIET• J.
IyAc-lloesux of I.cet.
ie In tlronviile,l.Jari. 1855, by Jos. 1..
E; -q.:l Mr.. i EltrAs NORVIROP,
1-4 - tn Witntlt, Loth of Liber:ty TON%-n
1 1%, At alt,!.. R.: 1111Viir H 1 P11: 4- iN in .T.01.142r.5% I nek)
V.111'5.7.*1Y' P. -'l'Blll,llT !Rev. J. 13. McCreary,
or. 11ENRY ACKL"?..sOzL:, and Miqs EMES.i.Nk.; ii.
''l.. t, - ( 1.1 11 .1-7 : - -
4 r
iii i.)011 1 1; 1 of :. .ti , tiwl on I . i
I; ° 3 - I C t o l ra7 by the
1 ' toe„ M
-r. DAwni l'. ik...7'sn, arid INliF.s JL:,:.:.C11.
J. Ikeleimisfs, both cif Gat Bowl Pa. 1 '
1, • . '•; • i
At 11. A..Williains; ITOtel, in (Milord '
• ' •
,3tli, by thii Rev. Win. Slit•lp, Mr. DAvni K.
'nn ii Kit; .0f Mt. PI e a i,:o t . %‘''-; tyncit: .?":, Pa., and
Mi; , ..s ADALI:4:E S. XVIII. tANIS.,.. of .13rooklyu,
lusAi'a Co., Pa. '
- . -
I In thirford, I.) 1 / 4 , 4-261.1.1,- by .11e, Sibley,
. - .4'1 Mr. Juurs •%V litx . En and. Miss M.tair
'‘'"ASIIEteItNE, all nfJ4sup, I'a. .; '-; •‘
Ia Como, the 1 - ftilt ult
nsi. S. Palmer.; Mr. leAA'. BALDWIti7, Of Au
ra. Miss LerisAi A. Hrd . Kcol-, of
he - former place. '• •
le.ssup; on the fikstirist..lby Rci,r. 11. A.
Acot - sirs liissrir. of Litchfield Conn..
ndMiss. SC..tN.ITELE:N, 'Youngest 41tighter
I John Robertson,. Of the :former plate.
, • •- • •
In liridgwater Dee. -28th.i by the . ,
)hn F. Deans Mr,Titostss
Binghamton-N 1. late. of Toronto CL W.
lid Miss. •Earnesi NEW.VAN Pf the former
late. • • I
Rte . Maining u s Pas Post Office 'at Montrose,
1 I Jan. 1, 1855* • • , 1
B;01 & Tingley,
W 1 Lenlx Hew
Brown. Orange .; • Nail, A. • ;
14-fiWn, Wm. G. 1 Robertson. M.! ;
Benedict. Hear; I , Rowley, Wm..;
1; 31iss Jane 1 - IL:4-1 330 nd, Wn. S.
; I'lilirnirk, Wm. 11. • I Rutter, S. T.
ini•etz, Joseph %V. Roberts. Miss Amelia
Diugherty,'Daeiti, Resseguie, Mrs.' S. j"" --
Eggleston, Mrs. E. A. Sherman, S. H.-2
;Fii4k;Geo. A. ; Shannon,. Putt ;
Ffiwler, Frank D. Stone, Thomas, ;W.
04een, -Johr, F. Smith; John. W.!
Priodell, - Fresleriek , Simmons, George 2
thilbrook Thompson, Rev.• D.
114 (brook; Sarah Thompson, J. &' Co.
11411ey, Enron ! ; Vosburgh, Mrs. C.
Haward,; J. C. ,Wnlier.Gustav 11-2
Lr is , sc B. Wit on. Aaron,
lerso l is , calling for any, of the *
abon'o! letters
wi please say advertised. •• '
t I .A. N. BULLARD, P.
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1 .' . : A. LATHROP & Co.'s
an. $ , 1855.
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Bacrkwite, Flora Liebe and the Dan-
• cing •
THE abbve celebrated StatneA, together with 15
Statuettes in bronze, and :4•everul liundred mag:
nifieeni Oil Paintings, faro) the collection of Pri
zes to be distributed among the Of the
Cosmopolitan Art Association at tt.c, first annual
distribution, in January ntst. • . .
The Cosmopolitan Art-and Literary Associa
tion, organized for, the encouragement and Geo
eral diffitsion of Literature and tha Fine Arts,
on a new and original plan. -
The Committee of management have the pleas..
me of announcing thlt the first annual distribu
tion will take place .on the 30th of January next,
on. which occasion -there will be distributed or
allotted to memberaseveral . hundred Works of
Art, among which is the 'original and 'world-ro
,nowned Statue of the Greek Slave, by Hiram
Powers. costing over $5000! together with the
beautiful statues of Venus, Bacchabte.
- Flora, and the Dancing Girl; and -15 Statuetts
in Bronze, imported from. Paris ; also, a large
collection of Oil Paintings, comprising some 4,f•
tiro beat productions of celebrated American and
Foreign Artists. • ,
• Manfor-the•Current rear.
The - payment of 84 constitutes any one e
member "of this Association, and entitles him to
the Knickerbocker Magazine for one year, and
also a ti c ket in the distribution,of the Statuary
and Paintings which are to be allotted to mein
bera in,Januarv.
Persons titking,five memberships are entitled
to fire of the Magazines one yo. r,',and to ;ix
tickets in the distribution.
Persons, on becoming members, can have their
Magazine commence with any month they choose,
and 'rely on its being mailed to them promptly
on the first of every month, direct from N. York.
The net' proceeds derived from the sale of
memberships are. devoted to the purchase of
Works of Art for the ensuing year.
Books open to receive names at the Eastern
office, New-York. or Western office, .4anduskv.
. 'the Gallery of Art is located 'itt.Sandtisky.
(the"- Western ofilee.of the Assoeistbin.) where
superb Granite Buildings have been erected (or
it, and in whose spacious saloons the splendid
collection of statuary and Paintings is exhibited.
The.Advo7ntages Securcd
. .
by becoming n member of this Association are
-Ist- All persons receive the full value of their
Atbstriptions at the..slarl, in the sliape 'of sterling
Singlzine Literature..
• 2d. Each member is contributing toward pur=
clinging choke 'Works of Art, which are t be
distributed among themselves, and are at the
s:une time encouraging the Artists . of the coun
try, disbursing thunsandii of dollars through its
Persons remitting funds for numb( rship,should
mark letter'. " Registered," and state the month
with which they Wish their f ma7azines to coin
menre,*nnd also Their post effire address - in fil, , in
tbe'reeeipt of which, a evrtitieate Ad . membership,
together wish the magazine desired, will be fur.
warded . to any iyat of tito country.
`,Those who porch iso magazines at Bookstores,
will, observe lhat by joining this A.sociation,
they 'receive the Magazine and Free !Ticket in
thy annual, 'distribution., nll at the same price
they now pay for The Magazine idone.
ifilustrateri Catalogues of the - whole 'collection
sent.nn applicntion, free of charge.
Offict , ' of the. Association. at the Knick
erbocker -Macr.aine office, 348,Broadway,
:mil at N 0.166 Water st.. Sandb - sk - y. Ohio. Ad
dress, (at either offi s :e„) for membership.
C. L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. S. L. A.
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T(e Abduction, - h'ials.and Adrentvres of Payneta
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VP,ifeof Augustus 11. Mandeville. of Baltimore", who was 'I
skiku from'her husband at Bogota. New Granada, by a 1
bead of Spentstt Rotri'ers, and by Own( detained in their
ukkintain fastnesses for thirteen months. there haling :
it",:ule throuzh the moat terrible acenes that the imagination i
ran Acture; tho whole, forming the most truly wonderful i '
12.110 . elven! ac:nal OtteOrrettret ever yet placed, before the :
tear! ng:communlty. Written by her Ilusbend. Price 12, 1 / 2 ' i
tient . i : ,
AT billintr and Startling . ;Fork ! - the authentic!
, l.
i • i Con fes-‘it•ft ,;(William Masterson, .
The Cruel Murderer Of his Father and Mother 1 Togeth-
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Mtirdent, includlng thit of Mr. Manning, of Buffalo; N. Y.,
and, the human! Mks Rum a Martin. Added to which Is
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ear and Pickpocket, Thomas Little, the isocomplicoof Mae
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tier lamentable ComeOtlon whit •he :dark and eventful
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by Greccuel..ppard. the late termination `of whose &dwelt-
tines tri,: Madrid. neat the Pekoe of the Queen,' bait created
so Muth coretnent, and such Intense interest In the Ameri
can press. - ti L
t Thousands throughout the United flatus are familiar 1
mrltlirpot,firms of the eareer of" Prfnee Mantes: . but this:,
IFarretive sets cuttitaidatnooterrhie wkesteestreenespetidl.
1' Ildercinneetion with the riehund beautiful Jewel". Rae i
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'turtling l
Diselo;urex ! Mys/i r jr; Solced; or the
1 '- 1 History if Esther Lisingstore.
Audi ark career of ;Missy Baldwin. By awed& L.IPP III :
This Natrative not Duly, pictures the rfropillir, career of
litith:v T r iviogooD end the crimes of flenry Baldwin, but
the !meats in width they were aci (vs in tha Mammoth
Cart. arteries(' by the arretebsd Daldwitt(in a bot.l,trutb.
dal. but ishem hint style. And the Mettler of Iglas .Annis
ffatt4. in Cbarle.tnn. eh, the Nitht of her Marrises, to in
4, 61 ,t piteir, tprrthly explained. l'ice 10 vent*.
ritelifiara Rerertgre ! or ilie Lately Quakr•ss.
C4therme .. 1 1fuldleron. . , .
Thy filillful Gamester in Disguise. I Her giwilsr co
tter with the startling developments in the life
. of Doi
lenneJnein(n,.• Tice lifankic Priest." Pricsedgj,‘nentsd,
ITER'ilft—The ebayc five Thrillinx and int. resting Vol;
nes m will be sent to any address In the United f..tetee And
(letadas 'free ot`Postti.e. on the reemirt of Ad ants. rod.
Masters Brothers, emnitting two dollen. the abate live
Irtolte, will be ten t Vil . Persons, free of Postage ;or of
the receint. of five dollare they will be sent to fifteen Pet •
that. ': Lireer Clats'itt the vatneOroportlon. -
( All Lettets must, be addremed to
RARCLAY•Ar. k 0 ,
V) Ann FI ratt, Ns tr 'I e'ry
"' •
,—' " Al 113, ~,,,:,,
r,-,,, err •7 0 .rj , ;• i:,* T7:l , r ~ , --1 :4,7_13
I -
Sherjg's Silos.
541.0 at sundrY *its Woad out of th• Court of
COMMOD Picas of sttAquehannueoutity.ant to me Ul7
mat e d, I owl aaposo-to p,ubtic talc at taro' Court' Ho use
in Montrose, ott34tur47lstl3tb day of January next;
at 1 o'clnek ,
All that certain plea or parcel of land situate i
lying and being in diet townstiip of Clifford, Sua
fr p,h unria coun ts, haupded and described as foi
lows, to wit.: Be ic inaleg at the northeast corner of.
Geo. Brownell jr ' a lan6, thence 'southwest to the
middle of Lot's creek he calte l „ thence down , th t i
'said creek the several courses thereof to the,
tniddle of another e.kek emnmonly th 4
northeast branch of the l'unkhannock', thethm
own said creek to ?Iva- lipid ,a m o. Brrowool jr '
land, thence north tidily degrees with hoed.
to the place of' beginning, .ontaining twenty'
'acres be the same more or less, with the appuri
tenances, I framed Huge, 1 Sma!l shed, some
fruit trees and mostly improved. -
• Taken in execution at the gait of Chas.llogatt
vs. Nelson Philips. • -
ALSO—:AII that ceisain pt3ee or :parcel of
land, or vinage lot. sit Gate. lying and being
the Borongh of Susqvihanna Depot, Sustra t. Co.
bounded and describelil as follow'', to. wit: 0
the north bj , the publie highway', on the east b j
land of F. Pickering, op the south by land c•f D
L Kimber, and on tlle' r weat by land'of Jas. Bell
said lot being 56 feet ,front, and running back,
104 feet, together Wiih, the appurtenances, 1 two'
story framed dwelling house, and all Impreved.
Taken in execution, by virtueof two writs otl
Ven. Ex., at the suit of C. S. Bennett - vs. Na
thaniel ' I -
\l4Bo—All that I.4tai-
ihitt 'cc•Lain tient or- parcel of t p
land situate in the . •tosinship Of Bridgewater it'l l '
the county oflusqtialainna an d state of Penn-il
a yt ea nia, and butted, bounded !and . described 141, 1
follows, to wit: Beglntiing at a post and stoneart
in the west lino of Abraham Xennard's lot, thei
,southeast corner ofVot surTeyed for John Dar.l
row, bow owned by blenezer thince i
by said lot south - deg east 83 and. 7-10 perchiii
ei to a post and stades; thence by another lot
surveyed foi the said John Darrow, south 871'
deg. west 100. perches ton post and stories, tho
northwest corner of sail Darrows last inentionedil
lot, thence by unsold rand north 3 deg:. west 8311
and 710 perches to a post rind istoneit, thence by!
said William's lot north 87 deg. east 100 perch
es to the beginning, nontaining 48 acres and
. 139 !,
pereheir and allowance&e., together with the
hereditaments and apptirtenances; &c.
TalriM in execution 4 the suit of C. L. Ward,
Assigni...e of M. Jf. Waijace vs.! Wm. Dairow.
ALSO—AII that ee'rtain piece or parcel of
land- situate lying and being in the township of
Liberty. Susrfir county,kbotinded and described
as follows, to Wit On the north 'and - east by
lands (if Joseph E. Wehster,.on- the south by.
land of ] Joseph Bailey. Mtd west by laud 'orion
athan Ross, containg 60, acres More or less, to;
zether with the appurttinancer4, about ttvo acres
improved. _
Taken in execution at the Suit of 41in FL
Green is. Geo. Chapman.
ALSO—AII that eertain piece or parcel of
land sittutte lying and hieing in the township . cif
_Auburn': Susquehanna county, bounded and de
scribed 'as follows,' to wit:On the north by lands
of Samuel Saruckhammfir, on the ca-t by lands_
in possaission of Ezra KCnnedv,l on the south by
lands in possession of Philip SWackharnmer and
Harry Carter. and on tbe west bp: land An pos
session Of Harry Carter John Brown, eon-,
taming about 300 acrem more Or less, together
with the appurtenances; I framed house and
barn. I log house, Seine fruit trees and about 200
acres irnProved., •
Also, 4ne othernieee or- parcel of land sittiale
in Aubarn township, bounded rind deAcribed $.l
foliows,ilo wit: Oa the Korth by Lands of
him Shoemaker, eistlivl lands'of Patrick
Galvin. s 0.11 . 4 lanai of ;Ezra Kennedy.and west
by.lands; of .Ssmue! Seipckhanmer. containing
90 acres; !more or less, with the appurtenances, a
house and barn, a linialllorcliarci• and about 40
acres improved.
Taken' in execution atithe suit of A. - Lathrop
rs.:l)..mief and' FredericklSwackammer.
. Althat certain piece or p:ircel of
land. sitaate lying sod b i ing in the township of
Susquehanna euunty, bounded and de:
scribed a s fotloirs. to wit: on th north by land
of Atru.s ttnd Simeon Barnes, east by the Bel-•
;mint and Oquago turn . pi4c, and it n the south and
ore t h-iands (; - f Sinreand-Amos Baracs, eon
.taintia I !acre of lam:, itv;re •or !wag together
with the !appurtenances, 'brie fr.tmed house 9 1,1
barn ;old tinprovid. '
Tak(n' \ in the snit' ; of h.. 1. I.yont,
and Brother v.% Ir t I,ViThms..
. .
•• ALSO: I —AII - that: - ci•rtt,in. piece or . parcel. of
land 'situate in- the township (Et' Jackson and
bounded hnd drac
erined w
follo;, to wit :
at a post and storios eorner on the line
of a lotiti p,, session of TrutiLta Perryotlivnee .
south 45 iie;?.. I'4clics to h' pet, ther7 . 6
~sl:6 45 PeZ. west .. --cirches part by lot for
merly surveyed ter \ i,. B. Wh.Niton to a ratlines
corner, t.lOwe north! 15 tittg. west 104
a birch noar the creek, thence north 45 dog. east
=perches to the place Of kie,ginnitig, contain.
itw 85 acies or thcreabortts, be the samemoreor less, with.lho appnrtetinnces, one small house
and one - 1e,7 stable and abbut - 20 acres improved.
Taken i n execution at the sutt of l C. S. Ben
nett vs. %) , .'na. M. Bowen.
F. P. fiat:LISTER, Sheriff.
Montrolie..Dee..l9', 185.1 —slw3
• •
In the Orphan's Court.:
Audil i or's
Tdistributio of the assets in the hands
of Ira'Niehol. , Adrreret thi4state of IVut.
Baker jr. deed, will be aptmrtionied muon,g the
proper claimants by the unde'rsigtied auditor, at
hi 4 c.frice in 'Montrose, on Priday the 12th
at 1 o'clock P. 3r.- •.!
_ N. NEWTIIN, Auditor.
nulrove, Dec. 21.185-1111W4, -
To the Hon. the judgesof the Court of Quar
ter Sessions of the Peace in and for Sus
ifahanna County:
rill-1E petition of I. N. Bullard of the Borough
of Montrose in said count }, respectfully
represents, that he is provided with suitable con
venience to keep n Grocery in the Borough
aforesaid_ ; and that it is hii intention to apply to
the next Court of Quarter Sessions to be holden
in and for said county on the fourth Monday of
January next, fora license to keep a Grocery,
and to sell strong beer, ale :or other malt liquors,
according to"tho Act of Assembly of 14th April
A. D. 1851. iL N. - BULLARD.
Montrose, Dec. 27. 18544-52w4r •
To, the lion. the Judges the Our: of Quar.-
ter Sessions of the Peace in and for, Sus
quchannoc County ,
T"8 petition-of Francis R. Drake of the Bor
ough of *nsquehstina Depot is said county
respectfully represents, that:he is provided with
suitable. convenience to keep a Grocery • in the
Borough aforesaid; and that it is his
.intention to
apply to tho next Court - of Qmirtrr t i Sessions - to
be holden in and for said county on the fourth
Monday of January next, for a lieertse to keep a
Grocery ; and to sell strong - freer, ale 'or other
malt liquors, according to the Art of Assembly
of 14th April A. D. 180.
Susquehanna Depot, Dec. 2b, 1854-63w4
To the lion. theludges of the Coirt of Qmtv
ter Sessions of the Peaed - in and for Sae
quehanna County: i
r 111 HE peti lion of Jas. GolWatei of the Borough
JL. of Suaq's DepOt in Laid.county,respectfully
represents, that he 14 provided with Suitable con.
venieneo to ktep Grocery, in t r ite Borough
aforesaid; and that it is his iltentiO to apply to
the next Court of Quarto, Seesjima to be holden
io and for said county on the third Monday of
Janokry, for a license to keep a Grocery, and
to bell btrong beer, ale or other mnitl liquors, ae
eflrding to the Act of 'Assembly of 141 h April, A.
Sosqnebinna Devi; Dec. du, 1854 7 51w4
Flour & Salt_
Q ALT•by the !fled or sirtgle?bbl.fl tali at the
0 figiPbottOksitittititt. -
Also flour iu quart, bbl. sacks at, $175 per
met. • BELL & TDiGLEY.
lioilottoul, Pet. 12,1854.
.T. IC. Parsons,
Witettsati tar , Remit. /3441 ER in Cabinet
Ware,' Beres, Bedsteads, 'Pohies, 'Stands,
Chairs, 4.!..e.
N). 9 Washington street,
!‘ Bia,-,, , baniten, N. Y
. . .
%V A I•
:./. tl trinorr Ur F;:tr..t M
t ,i
East - side of Ptiblie Avenue,
Two doors from 'Per& Corner ,
'(THERE we shall be glad t o ate all - our rid
TY . custoniera.and be happy to wait on all
• hose who will give us a Oil, feeling conEdcat
that from our large stock And extensive agart.
• meat of goods We can suit ali thou who' slia
Call end examine them. t
I. P. W. RILEY, and C.t. LATHROP,
with. A. LATHROP. .
Iklontros,., Dee. 12, 113154.
cirtat rash fur. .Russiz.—lron, Stoves, 2'in
ii'w c, do
WOODRUFF gr. ELDRED - haring 8,41;Otill+
ted themselves togaher for the puipose .
of carrying on tho Store andt Tin.wnro busitters
In nll itu various tor:inches; would respectfully
cull the attention of the trading public to their
Whkh may easily :fnunit—it being' in close
proximity to new Cout 11.1use—,thelquatil
weat corner - thereof. • Out building h - not as
commodious as We intend having in the Spring.
If our pations will bear wit, h us until that time,
ao flatter, ourselVes that otir es^ablishment will
not be surpassed by - aciy in the ,county. We
have the most approved pattorts of STOVES
ever brought' into this market, among which
may be fouhd .3
Star clf the West - (1 7 .1.;rati d Oren,) Cu/tiva
- for (Elevated Oven,) Onragon, Nate .
World, Globe, Atlatr, and
TAree State:,
All Air. Tight, end i•arieut other patterns ton
numerous to mention.
' TINWARE ofall kindes kept constantly on
hand for household use. Jibbing done to order
and in the best manner." , 1 Tin-ware car fully
proved before leaving the I
They respectfully ttolicit ihe atronage of all
who wish to purchase anything in their line. as
suring them that more can be saved by examin
ing their stock berire purchasing elsewhere,
Montrose, Dee. 12, 1841.
ILTAS_ just - received from New York, a full as-
JLJL.,.sortment of
comprising it, first rate -variety of •
Drugs, ,Chtinicals," Paints,
Oils, -Dye-sta"
Faniily GroccriesitlfaterialL
. • for Lights, Aniiical
strurn~nts;. Yankee
• Notions, Jeto lry,
and all sorts of •
Fancy G0'0,..1 s,
Which will be soil extremel, low for cash.
Daring recently sustained; a loss by fire of at
least five thousand dollars, 4bove insurance and
goods saved, I fari?y I hive . Strlng claims forthe
1 patronage of my friends . andt.he publie-general.
1 ly. I ask no man 'to give to me, neither do I
ask or expect.additional progts In conAequence.of,
said loss. lull{ sell goods is low, iinot 'tower
than they can be.bought elstiwhere in-this Town
or county. All I ask is that; patronage from the
k public which will enable roe with industry to
slowly and grallually replace the toss sustained,
loss .bctng the hard earnings pid fife of
orations toil. •
Store at the lower end of the burned district,
how Maio Street ; a feiv rods Wow the corners.
1 Montroe, Dec. 14, 18 1,
Window Sash:
. . ,
- Q •11. &D. SAVRE,havin . g been 'appointed
!).)• agents for in. eztensii4 Sash, Blind end
!Door Menufaelory aro prepared to furnish any
iartielevin this line at less rates than' they have
lusually Levu sOl.-" - '.
i i 11.• e. 14. : . . •
. .. .
ISIIAVING city:Am—nn hiticie which ,every
ut, t u sh:Jutti try, for 14144011)... . • -
S. kI. - & D. SAYRE.
Ready-made Clothing.,
A VERY desirable dock 14t very !ow. priees.
• • s. ty, st. D. SAYRE.
i Montrose. Mg,. 14. 15,14.
Wagon Making. Blacksinithing
and Carriage Ironing.
eStabikbed himself
' Mit •Yek fJor Corners,
prepared to do the above
.f u tsines nn shOrt notier: ird the
Most realonable - terms. lie (tatter, himself that
'Litt) the help now io his employ:rhe.will be able
io give entire satisfsetion lu Oil who mav favor
him with their custom
mock; 1854.-48 t
/ - v" N. B. M
lost kinds of !umber a nd all kinds
RE country produce taken in payment. .
Do the Min. Ms Judges n,Cthel Court 4 - Quarter
of the. Peace in anti fur Susgutlitz;zna
County: i. !
7%11E petition of Zilyi G.Sprin - g of the Borough
A_ of Susq'a Depot in said county, respectfully
represents, that he is proyidediwith suitable eon
yopionee to kJep a Grose r,l in thi, Borough
'aforesaid; and that it is his intention!to applvito
the nest Court of Quarter Se4sions tp bo hoiden
in and for said county on the OH Monday of Jau.
next, for a license to keep # Grocery, and to
sell strong, beer, ale or other Malt liquors, secor.
ding to the Act of Assembly of 14th April A. D.
1 /i. 51. ZIBA
Stoloobanna Depot, Dem 13, 1854. 7 50 tv4
NOTICE.; • j ------7
QEA LED proposals will b ei received by the
I,p Corn tnit.ioners of Susq'nOonnty at. ilto - Corn.
rnissioners' otEee in' Montrose,;
until. the - 9th of
Jin'y next, at 2 o'clock P. 31., Or rebuilding the-
Bridge ficross the Wyalusing %leek, Hear H. J.
Champions in Enxh-township. tI
. I I ....
!The plans, drawings, and spfrificattpits for the
mid work. may be iseen and examined. at the
Com'rs office. , i'-
A. WILLIAMS, . . .
.1 , J. •W.. SMITH.)
lAttest—Vt'n. A. Cxessxrair, Clerk.
liontioso, Dee. 11, 1854-sbw4 1
1 i •
. Register's Notice.
'DUBUC Notico is hereby giien to all persons
.1.1 concerned in the followiniEstatets, to wit:
Estate of Sheffield Matteson 2d, dec'd, Tru
min Perry, Adin`r. •
Eslate of Henry Benson, dec`d,jr. Aloncda Ben
tsen, Adiu'rx.
Eitate of Nathan , Arnold . , deed, Harvey Hair
and Chas. Chamberlin, Adair!".
That the accountants have Settled their ac i
cants in the Register's office in mid for the Counr
ty of Susquehanrut, and that the same- oril I be
presented to the Judges of the cirphan's Court of
saki C4unty, on Wednesday the 17th day of
January next for eonfirmation avid allowance.
J. W. CHAPMAN, Regiater•
Register's.Oifiee, 3fonirone; •
Dec. .19,1864...-4tur4
.Audita's Notice•
rrIFIX undersigned, having beet, appointed by
theOrphana` Curt of Elniquehanna Coun
ty, 4n Auditor to bear. ezteptions: to the account
filed in Abe (*tate of Jae. WatsoP, deed, will at.
tend In the duties-of his said.appolatment, at his
Montrose,'-en. die 12th day. of
fantiary next, at 1 o'clock P. If.
. Ilentrosie, Iles, 12, 1854.-510.
I - Auditor's NotiO.
riNiE undersitned burying 'bens, appointed an
JL [Auditor to distribute - the fund in tbdhande
of the Assignees of Otto. 0. Pridc4 will attend to
the duties of the said appointmesit at his office
in Alentme, on Friday Ow ilith day of Jandtr
next,iat.l o'clock P.: M.,Att; *lrish
. lime and place s
all parsons - Mil' present their chums er be dig:
barred from coming in dpon the siddlnd '
A. CHANtI3FOFLU A N, 'Minton
Montrose, Dee. 19, 1854041w4 1 -
ANow. Cutter, and a two boreeiplemturc Car
iiagd.for sato, cheap, by 1
Ifilttnr.y. Der. 27. TKO —s2if i .
. ,
Yisscn r Ea & SCiris,t's General Advertising
I - Rouse; Appleto'n's .Building, 346. -
? end 348 Brnecchcay'
Straw and Beaver Bonnets, Rib.
• bons, Flown 's. and Feathers,
I' 011 CAsll.. i • - ;
THE 4xt.,,, zic trela
cre in the coney Market
the present season, bas yieldedi , to U 3 in.
erertsild facilities is :ho Purchase of aso erb - stock
of writ kw a n 3.2 s 4,1:3 vo.trttrrst, ?Mr= ?LOWERS;
annects and rz.-*lnatta, nnegitalled in this city;
and which. we are enabled to offer et. 'unpreee
dearly IoW prices for caul.
• To tiur stock of Pax's, Fr:Aram:a and, Borint
RmaoNs, we wood espccialiy. call,the,rstkuton
of CAN OMR% as we are assured that A mere
desirable assortment was never before ~f l4 - , d i n
this city. , "HOMER & KII;TCHUM,
Nos. &land CO Johh-st.. eor. William•st., N. Y.
43mt • '
• 60 Wedding Carat, With Plate,
8 ...
Visiting Cards and Plate, $2. -- Silver Door`
Plates, from $3 to $lO. Wr4filtio Envelopes,
Note Paper, Business' CSrdS. Notary:, Sod ty,
Commercial and Private Peals engraved. nd
prOmptly forwarded to peoties sending are :t
-utu*. to . • :A. DEMAREST. Genera a-
graver. 182 Broadway, N.A . . 7 -4
• 3m3 . "9- - -
S. & C. Fischer, Piano-Forte Man
ufactory • • ‘ 7' -
, .. . .
AND WARE ROOM, Nos_ 243. 2 , 0,247.41nd
, 249 Welit . - T wenty-eight atr,474:. betWevn.
9th and - 10th Arent:ea. New . York.. 'Piano,' with
the lEolian..and, 'all Alto best atOdstrtt improver
dents, made of the best materials, under.. our /
own supervision; a . written•gusrantee given with!
every Piano. J. di,. C. V. being practical - ther,l
and manufacturing very largely, can turnbat the
best Pianos, on lower terms than can. be furnish- - ;
ed any where, end it is decidedly the best•Plaee I
to buy for cash. Those desiring a goody 'Planiki I
and one that wilt stand and wear well,•-ctm't do
better than to call on J.-&. C. Fischer. it3M3, ' 1
Stoves- and Ranges. *
• ° i
• , - - sr Rol.F.sALs AND RETAIL. . - •'
• - '
HE SUBSCRIBERS have on hand the fin.ll : 1
, .I. est assortment of Air-tight Cook and Par. i
I for Stoves that can be found in the City. Stbeett
I of all deseriptions, styleti and designs, for burn.'-' ,
1 ing Wood or Coal, which we wwill warrant in ev.
iery way. Persons In want Of 'a, fine. Stove, for
/beauty and durability, will 46 , 0-elf - to call ht the
I HOPKINS & DUFF, proprietors, No. 935 Wa' !'
1 tcr-htroct, New York. • - 13m3 • 1
• . • .. . . i
I , GOUPIL & 00.. . . ~ ..i
. . , i - .
Sellers & Artists'-Colerme.n,
: Print . *O f . 366 nroadsvar.lstess•-Tork..
1 "
' -era, printers; and Manufacturing Ati4ts,
i Colormen, Paris, London, Berlin, and No: 366 I
I Broadway, New. York. Catalogues sent by Mail.
The usual diseoant - to the trade andlnatitutions
' - • ' Picture Framts furnished . .
the Holida ys
• .
Gold Watches for the Holidays!
, TrOGETHER withs rich . assortmerit of DIA.
_ Ji.: MONDS, and all kinds ol Fine Jewelry t. -
Gold Watches, from $2O to 8300.
Plated 'Cake. Baskets; from $5 to $25. -
1 Double Plated Tea-Sets. from $l2 to - S.SP.
Silver 3fid Silver-Kited Ware, and other a4i.
I vies in the line. nt equ tily low prieea. •
1. M' Favor 'as with A call before' parchasing
1 elsewhere. - WILMARTII & BENTON.
60w6, '313 Broadway, Now York.
Y virtue of an
. order of sale. issued faom 'the
.1.1 Orphans Court - of Sesquebmina county.
will bo sold'at.publio vendue,.un the premises in
the township of Franklin, on • -
Saturaay, Jaattary G, 1335,- at . 1 o'clock / 1 .
following described two pieces 'or. pnlyels
of land, late the estate Or/Clark R,Simons,det!d,
situnto in Fninklin tqinship aforesaid, and
I, , unded :is follows: Weginning at, a post the
solithwc,t conier litteof and of tot No: 137 on
Jason Toary'S map of re-stirveyof. Henry Drink:':
re's Snake creel: tract: thence by rot No. I'dC
:aril of Stephen . 11. Crane, north, one hundred
and twenty4wo. perches th the horthcast.eorner
of the dart mentioned land: thence by 'the south
line or lot 133. hor.Of Sylvester Smith or Thus.
B. Smith, easi, slxtY,ff.e porches and six-tan:as
of a perch tola post. the
. northwest corner of
John. S. Ilandricli's . end: thence -by- the last
mentioned land .senth,lime liundredrand.twenty
two pchil(-h to a 414,-.(t r 6Pfle't by file 'north line
Of lot No. 141, land of paid flandrick, nest s:xly
fire perches : and of a perch Vi the
place of beginning: coat aining•fifty acres of land, -
and being the West half of lot 137, r 41140 all
that other pieco .or p.ire.4l of land =esthete as
Dforesaid, and bounded ami described asfollows:
Beginning at a point in the middle of the road
leading from IL-.11. to Mr. Green's;
Ocoee by lied of John S. ll:mdrick; north two
and one-half degrees tast k thirty-eight pnrches•
to a . post and stones: thence by - land of iiie said
Clark R. Simon; befere . des,ribed north - eighty.
seven and one-hilt' degrees nest twelTo and a .
half perches to a stake' and stones':. thence by
land,of,said Llandrickoinuth two and n deg
west, thirtv.nine perches to a" point in the mid.
dle. of said road: thence along the middle of the'
same north 88 degrees:east,. twelve and a. half
perchers to'._ the place of beginning,. d'Outaining
three acres of land. . , •
TERMS' made known on day Of sale .
HENRY - cpANE \ Atinfr.
-Great . Peati, Dec. t 2, 1854-60w4.
-TAKE.rotice that I have applied to the Court
• of Common Pleas of Stisquehanna county,
for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this
CommontVealth. And that, they have appointed
Monday the 15th day of -.Amoy pox t i at tcp
o'clock A. M.. at the Court-110st, in Montrose ;
as the time and place to hear the and my credit
Dec. 18; 185.1-4iw3
Landholders Take Notice;
HE Morris Claims, (late Robert!. Morrk
nanrier of tho War of the RevelutiotOwil
be sued out Occupants and opeOr ran have
Confirmatory, Quit and . Feel Titles,. by
early application to
JOHN Moss. Sole Grantee, No. 50 Wainut street,
WALINI Eq., No 2 Vol k Building,
J. L !lust:Loa), EsQ.,.No. 4 SzirMOM street,
* .VttArneys at •Latr, Philad., Pa.
Auditor's Notice. -
r VIJE undersigned, having been - appointed by
JL the Orphans' Court of Sustquehanna eoun
k, an Auditor to distribute the
. asseta in the
lan& of S. A. Nowton 'and L' . 'Woe . ititfr. ex
ecutors &e., of Amy Babcock, deceased; will o.
tend to the duties of his said,. aPpointment, at his
, °Ace:in Montrose.'on Saturdayi the sixth day of
January next, at I o'cietek P.
.at -:isitich time
and place, all persons having'etaims ,against the
estate.of said ducedent,tvill present themorite for.
ever barred from coming in upon said fund.
• ' H. Hi - FRAZIER, -Anditor,
Montrose, Dcr... 12. 1554.- -501x4.
W.:B. beans--.41a - gucrieotypiat,
At Odd Feilotei'Jlall,.
TAKES Pictures of everything that tell; ktep
Or Chiidreil rail! no: bp' 4jton b oles' biret
betwAll the hours of I.Q limn o'dock; on a clear
da.:.IV • - 1- . - : •'! '.. ' .
NEW strocK.. !. • ' • -
Of Cases; Frames, LoCkets, ate., just t urckasid.
Montrose, Nov. 23, 1854.
. .
• Now Goods
HWEBB is nos, mom-jog ; hisSall
8 goods. They haring been bought
-trams!) , low, will be sold at the lowest price for
ready pay. • - -
Montrose, Sept. 12, 1854.
The busiiisse ea -partnership .herstofore
l ei t o gimmuLthe,“o* . p . ors, this day dissoir
W.‘ll. FULLER.
Doc aa, 18.54---59w3, .
A NEW a block
F k s of Winter Stfawisi just reaty.
by - •
Administrator's Sate.
To my 4 Creditors
!The HiiirCinaifen,, or, Waterproof,
Consumptive! Cork Soies; . manufattured
,ifarsVurt, Bractrey . C 0.,, 44
Market St., Manekeitter:
in. clod Witraktiai:e, IC4 'Croat •Stent; °Almeida
Landes England. ganellen ' Eatabllatmenta, Aba
Siren /911 Bassi* Orcet.Ns7. Task, 3.
qr. liZtiydrousigva L 4 a ninth:it dilper:7, fils *t e a.
hag thefts CMS act* or sallike and -therefor. a pte
er from many Lang diseases, withow: any doctor
whatever. The ilyerurrigen. is in the form of a 1011, ,
era aura Instdetbo hoot or - shoe. . Ste meditated ohmic.
trr le a goiretful antislo'4-to disease.
For geatlerven it w.a4 be. Mond- mpecablielsetto..ani '
,letatt2y. to wear In the golden or ,*mitt wsathe?, as.
the foot cannot beirotori ird iC the'llytzettmima Is labbit•
ed: - Ladles may wear the lightest or shoed In
the roost bleteraeat weather - with InatoadltY Ira* Cm'
sunlytton io prevalent among - the youth of our country,
may• be Omitted by their general sbsition. They entire
ly svparseds peer•skars, ss the latter canal, the Met to
penurtro In a dm,' unhealthy - manner; vide hetddts, aW
• ant Mingerona dna to .padrortana in loy...ildether.
ladle robbers.. IMBe the letter'esOre the feet to mmeer
ir.'reznar.l large, the 11yd:orogen Witt a ; mete thin
slim or • cork sogated; eettliariritaatd dont not
illersase ths el sent the boot; or cruse thajtoot to appear .
untidy. 'to OXlatins they ere extremely Teloalre e sa
they may, roars.* Intertlst with Mao:tang healthy ef•
Teets. : Their • naPeasele se, slight arktof tessee nerd men
tion; *pies. tote who .pstrontte theta will hind their
;tarty skter!: WI insehdisoNtikal a frreby. -
Ai th e a/decamp:a Is, com:mt , kacern ft. sale is
:nerearius to an annott fatted% e- tent- Las: Isar In
tero 9 6, Ilitnethertte, Sitminsfasan, r,testipool eleagoe,„
Bubiln; tat!: Antsrosp.masocatip t a d S e tip o i t e
Isles retched .1,7=46 0 pairs of Cork! Roles. This )ear
- the cur:the:mill tar stupaSsthal... - -
d.k theldonity their *dot apish. nide lea pre- .
Inane. e for CoSes, Colds, Didathltis, Asthma; and
Hoer Site, pr. pair, Cents.„
• 1.3.:1it5• dn. do. .10 do. • ,r
, • Boys' on 4 Krum do:' . • •
Ir• • 411 k. & Tle:7 ULU—
*I anowante to Jokbots ap4 Whoiesalirts_ ad that any
I:otereiceapvt may toakoaa fl oe proCt 'On ithitir - side,
ate ins otitis that Taal Itai,:eptitzy rtoro i astalf
TTertets:a,*lll; to- • : - - 1 • • "'
t Co. • -
- Staatt,2tont Yolk.
, ' - ''tV - TICE CHESS' ::.• ~, :•••
'Sir .4:14 Coupwc, L,. .D ' • the eminent
Medical Practitioner : has le a valuable L
, „ h is
Legacy,' to - Me - tocrrld tn - t G eat ?reties:.
- ativc of Csinsuowtion and unfailing cure
Ar Putmunary. Diseases,':withoni the sae
- If Medicine, - -- -
six,A., C., Bart, Invented and advised. the cc of the -
Chest. Protector, .-
Medicated Fur. e• ' •
T-o all' persons °fall ages alai conditions, as a torten aid
s* shiAd against those fearful diaeasea, Consnorptiolt.
elitts,, ; gsthma, Coughs, Colds, and other etteCtioltf
ou lh e e nzta tuti t :: it . bleb arile .. frors , the e:p
, Caed state of true
eh t, ' accordin,g • tojashiers,.and themoutintud assigns of
z. .. he - Protector" Is simply a chemicutlr- proparrit for
fined with silk and :padded, which, fureottidad from-the
1 neck corset •the chest,' In act arameattle a manner that,
once warn. it becerne-e a necessity and a comfort— - _
"The Protectori," aithough but taconite Introdlread
1 into America le meting rapid progress thronih_this United-
I State 4, the Canadas; South America. and theWert lathes.
j I t has fora low time been a staple article In England and
on th, continent of Europe,:Oho it has grown' iv • many
oburitrles bt the position of a rt lirticie of drcs.
To d'ernonstrate there facts enquire; of any - Nnillth real
dent in your eleinity,orhis knowledgoOf the benefielal es
foots of :wearing the protector, without recourse to doctor.
lug of any kind.. The coat of wearing these articles lc a.
mere trifle, and oncerill.last some. years. ;So one who
',slue!' t 1.. braid; of Eitoielf or his family will be without
lib, at. 'The' 'Hospitals in tliis cOuntty art srot_. 'shake race
connendina them. hut rapidly introducing them. - lint.
court, Bradley .t Co.. ofLontion,and Mancheater,.tngland,
Irv, itii;inally }ontrusted with the'mainfrietarts of the
Protectors, by the latuento.l•Dr. Cooper. and =dm to
menaraeture • uccortlii G to his oliehal Instructions,' and
therefore recommend these Oho 'wrath' wear the !' Pea
-1 teems," to pre to their beins.ftenulne. •... ,
Remember thatdtda la a staple article,' and no Putettt
Idedleine. 1
. - .
RETAIL tir.rcig. - .
• • °ones gize, each.
• Ladies' tin . ,
1,00. do.
Boys' & Mingo do . . .;I 75 do.
'11A11,C01:11T, BRADLEY, & Co.
• ;I` - A nu St.llnd 102- varsan SI.
New -York. - U. S.
Principal Warehonae. 102 Wood St.i.Cheapslde,Loadon,
3 Lsollratto:7, 44 Market St , Manelsr'tter; England.
. 11. D. 'e• Co.- areestablishlne Depots fdr the rale of the
Proteetor in all parts of-A.meriel. physicians. Surgeons,
Dm :mists. Clothiers, bry Good* Merchants,. 'letters and
3111linere, also Ocuilernen's 'Furnishing Storo - KroPati . are
en.rusted , with the wholesale'-.and
'hens, and to whom-most liberal 'tends arP offered for their
enterprift. and - ft IpiPTJdiaOriaollllll:ity:' , 7peLS to' them lot
see and protltaide bu.inrss. • ,
• 11..t e RCOURT,IlltAD1tEY. & Co.
Arn St ~.Neet-"Terk, tT. S.
Noie and More N i ew Goods.
IIBt.:IIRITT is now receiving ne.vcand flail
1:1'; supplies of Goods for than Winter trade,
including a new and elegantassOrtmentof rreneh
:Ilariiaoes. Merino antil Caslin:ere Plaid 4. Plaid
Fancy and Plain De Lanes, Putetnettus, ,BrOehe
Square and Long Shawls„::ill ' , if -new and beet
and will be . sotii r.t 25 - per cent. leas than
last ryqars prices. Also, a -teW. as,ortruent of.
Ric:: Ribbans; rail Benuets, Silk Velvet,
for :.nd Ricil:Plii• \ Eind Velvet
u gen..ll:tl aiisoettuentof oth
er hail e auti.faacy'Cloods, Ostini, which hay.
iiag lo.en - ln)light: tinder
,11-io- 1 mown t pressure of
rue castrularket, :celd eerrrisporiding
• 1.
reduced prives. •
dew Milford.
•.1.; I - •
New Goods.
FlZ:ESLiarri-al of NAM' G 9 Citl.s ' we
offer very cheap: Wu have), otock
of Staple and Fancy Dey : Goods,lw .
st.ll VERV,CIII:4i% 0111 and exaniine.
We arC no‘v prepared-to . u)1 according
to, tho ;Lai esfsfylo: IVe lia . ve a ;:irgc stock which .
.are will st•lr acre'esaroine'beforo
.purcha;iti.r."- Also, a large - stock l 4bloths, Cas
sirriierOs, Jc•ans, Twerds,-45c.,i, in fact
otif stock in thi4 is complete. : • Wei:invite
the attention, of . c.i.stt puttett.t.tEtt% to-our-Latock,
All l;inda of produeo taken eiclUingo for
Gisods 'at ea:6ll prices,
lIAWL4Y et.)10717.
Montrose. Nor. 22,1854. • -
- •
r 11:1E ,sobscriber Putt - hawed 'the entire.
J.. interest of the old and 'WWI lincniS 'Grist
called Se taraer'S n *tiere'
to hi's old eustonieriond , all,oertiernedAlltatite.
i. has gtvi* iE a „thoroegit rep:Aril*: audit; iwoosr:
;; , 10ingjirsirate work ; and uniler;tho-clistge.:44l
: Levers .I.l`omikins (whoss - repmistiOsswiluitir
errt. , iond to none-int Ole eenant,y4,2l:ld
with plenty of water - with, "ue are
fait - ore&
at all times. "we trust: that •Cre y reatirereitir
, game of public. patronage. •
Dec .Staf,3llAS.
. ttlplSia4l.4ow4'
i srsQuElimmt couN T T, ss.,
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersig ned having &en - appointed
t _ the. Orphan s Goad , of said County-, - att Aut distribute to assets in the bands of A.
1 , G. Bailey and Emanuel Carpentor,Adm' 'stratum'
lof llorace Carpenter, dee'd, will attend tan du-
I ies ,o hitt appointment,at hii office in ntreau'otr
i Saturday the sixth-day of January flefts. at -3
o'clock 'p.m, at which time and place, allpetiona
having claims against said estate willpreaimt
!;them or be forever barred horn atimingirt,upon,
[ said fund:. • ' '
Ffi:4NKLE 4 I_ FRASER ( Atiditer. .
MontroPe, Dee. 1% .185.1.-51.44.•
Bentley It Beta
A atnoli-receirin4fria-tboir dew ItitiWing on .
the . west side Pnblic Avemut, two door*
above Searleit Hots/ s 4 larel anddetirable
soittnent of • • • . •
Their steel la almost entiiely N*W..l •
slved bat'a. trifle, comparatively *Pedant& #' 4ll M
ilie late deatroetlve fire, said coandsea th eir au -
uni virilty'of Dry. Goods, - Groc.OesyCronliely,
Hardware, - Drup, -, Medlcfnos,
stuff* Boots, Bboes;Ciocks, Yankeeuntiona ,
dze. We-trust that oar old ceefoinersOstidr
public generally,: will`gire its a eidt* at, oat join.
ktmtion, as wo are Aelormined ..tec supply lb* .
wants on as favorable 3erena,ae oast Itittakt
b M ontrose; " • s:' 1: •
ont rose; Nov: D, 1844,:
entCnpuGHT a( likws
y_ e •, r t i 0 -
iold apeorglybs.e ppaoM,
-., • ~. • ..;.,:;:;; : r.;.;
• 'l7-1117WPVILII"4‘
Gibstm,?!es.' , ll; 183
AW;ETtra estiltells4eAVVetiOn
kj mot Ltd 4 pvpjii:o6o44l..elt4lll44lPll
been . enabled to - A b e ' theta' f(ete`
Oet: - - 13)tv06.:
- Dre G
AGRPAT variety of beiutiful styles and al.
most as chea!ia,s'oottid desired;
Oef , l l, ' •
~:l'.'r ~