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    i' , .(1.411g of lithe State Comanitteth.
:twat was q‘riie a full attendtmce, ef the
iml.i?.rs of the Democratic State Committee
i . :,llldelphia;on the 26th inst., and the
lingo we 4 c:onclucted with spirit and
The meeting of the. Committee
: doubt, Ooduce the happiest' retrolts.
';; , wham presided, and E. B. Chase, of
acted as Secretary_ pro tem:
full aad 'free interchange of, opinion
rc..t.itimi to the presentr.poutton and duties
1.;1.3 - 1) tnoeratic party, the following Togo
and address were unanimously adopt.
That the immutable truths em
,"..2 Uhl our Prinaiples, v:hich have been
..,.:furty and attecessfulfr carried out by the
21z,e-ratic party, and by which the glory,
:4114 PrgatilnitY couetry ,have
ca s Ii 3'andaectieed. fothid and preclude
p4-ibility of pui making any treaty with
nt formini Asada for the sake of
or ten party iiinmplxs.
40ived. That the allegations against the
patr i ot of using influences to'
the votes offnattualiaed citizens, and of
''''rilism towat4s
_Abets in the distribution
ere uttuded and unjust;—that
there jabs u no proscription on no
'0•1t. of reliport or birth place—no negation
o,:nstituttonallY guaranteed privileges—
"-, ims not behn any deriation °from. that.
, of justife, that regards equally the
's of every ottizen.
✓ I; wire.? That our faith in the great fun-
Pemognstic doctrine has not been
nisheti by fortuitous combination of
itanees-titat occasioned the iemporw.
-.ripat dike Democratic party in this State,
.Itilently 'believing that the people wilt
, :c , ci:ive in the first attempt to incorporate in,
) .Ittr sptetn of! government principles and
initnieM to the rightb of any, the be
of a policy dangerous to the rights
,f ail. - .
Rrsolrfq. That the. idea, that the old issues
11:.viiicli . .the Pernethitie patty triumphed,
:. - ... -- 1 - feen abandone t by our opponents and 1
obsolete, is false and deceptive—all expe
:li.."proyi ng that on the acquisition of pow
.:-.• T.%;.. our i adversirrier,"thev seek to overthrow
:.• ,
• , 6[1130F and s • :
4tiCsubstitute the antagonist
. 2 :)Ober. - - L -
Re.soieed Thatli,,as the battle of the Denioc
..l::v is .a battle fer measures, not n3en.--prin
...,:les,•not place the defeat of their fandi
:',t-•es produces'nq evils .or discoumgements,
.:::.lept so far as - :it enables . - their opponents
.);- a Thne,.to arty out obnoxious measures.;
'cd • being fully'alware of.this truth, *sense of
=uty and -patrioti m will constrain them With
•nrel:4, - ,d zeal - t ; • advocate, and, - unabated 1
..:;lance to guan l , these. principles •of gov- 1
:Inient to which • the- country is indebted
-. its unexampled growth and prosperity.
Rcsol red. That 6 State Convention of the
.5.r.,• • 1.
..triocratic citizens loc , this:Conlarmwealth, '
. nipwel of a.nurnber equal to the • Senators ,
ad Ii presentative of the General Assembly,
) be selected in the usual way in the Repro- . 1
,- ,:itatiye and Senatorial Districts of the State„
~. held at Ilarrisbiirg, on the fourth day of
!!r... 7 A. D., 1855, 'to nominate.a suitable per
.l for,. ..11, 1 3 office Of Canal Commissioner, and
..n,nct such business and adopt such meas
.:.-,. thc.exigenctes of the times may:seem
.., ,!..c•m:rna, • 11
II .
.. 1
F-low-Ci tiani k —The State Committee b i '
- .:e• Dauloaratic, Mrty have thought properite .
~ .,idi.- . -,9's- y ou. ' brieflY on. the present aspect of
üblie infairs. 1..
; A full . ...crtroltrem'e with, one another, and . a
•are-.fui ivview of the facts connected with•the
'T.2. Yl , -:.--!!ion, have satisfied ns that we have
- . - .. -, (;- - iu ,- ..; - to fear.iulthe future. The Coustitu-,
ifm of Ole - country is not yet under the .feet
:'ili , , , wito'itodi trainple upon it. The
".-ii f.giri - - of O . IIT citizensare riot vet Over- i
;:, t ,:. The Lieiriperacy has weathered many I
1 "«: u;, isiArodelt out in triumph. We have
• ii.:itutered trimly an enemy, but never nne
:lifit did not in due time fall before us. We
are aimed from ;, head to foot in all , the
strength of a just Cause, and truth has thrown
- ,erbroa - d shield Over us. Wei stand up as
wti•e have ever stool for equal laws and equal
rights'; for -that ,liherty of conscience which
the Constitution Lqiarantees to all men ; anti
lighting for ,stich`principles as these, we are
....60. ilium . continue to be invincilile. The idea
tiat the American' people will ever deliberate
: r,ensetit to see the great doctrines for which
'J•ir fathers fought and died in the revolution,
. `Vvrt hrwati for the... sake of giving, office to a
`;',,,w, politicians, iS simply preposterous. - If
.1:-. true Democrat sees any-thing to fear in
'4l e s:gris of the times, let him add to his faith
..JHrage. , The good sense, the honesty and
' .fjUsticeovhiCh characterize the public
hind; will scatter . the present combination of i
. Iver:-.e elements to the wind, , Ina rely short I
',me the Democracy will be" stronger - than
_-%•'r. We can afford to go into a minority
r ti season, and then emerge, as we shall - do,
with brighter hopes and prospects for the In
:nre, We will soon teach anew, , and in-a.
• Manner more impressive than ever the lesson
e.O often read and so fully known and under-
Ayod, that the pOlicy and principles of the
I I.Atiocrati; party ban - alone make the insti
tutions of a free country safe.
Jtemetuber that the Democracy has corn
; t•:letely quelled its most dangerous erielides.
The political -superstitions and greedy infat
.Uation which threatened t 3 put the indugtry
Gf the people under the dominiOn of banking
and manufacturing capital,. are almost emir*.
15r- •estirpated. The, party that advocated
those dangerous doctrines, with so much en
ergy,,talent and boldness, and, with which
1%.5, straggled for'seventy-five years; has 'been
crushed to death - n the folds of a new organ
ization: that has not a single element:hi it to
give it strength or endurance. Its secrecy is
calculated to givOt teMporary success, but
.'that very . feature slll insure its speedy and
. final repudiation. , The. party that his beaten
Federalism in" somahy shapes will not be
conquered by an enemy which avows no pa
litiearprinitiphi at all, or which - is ashamed
to make, that motifs! publicly andiin the face
of the !people. The Eagle wfll not be hawked
at and brought doWn by the mousing owl.
, We regard the defeat of Governor Bigler
As a great, misfortune to the State. and we
feel sure that history will 60 resold it. Nev.
-ertheless, let no give the measures of his suc
cessor a fair:sod-Impartial consideration:•The
tree will: be known by its fruits! If he bold
ly uses the - ieto sgairtst the corrupting intht•
enze of itscorptnated wealth; if be does not
prostitute ttSe-pretwative of the pardoning
power to the "etas - of his piaTitical friends ; if
he economises the public treasure:; if be keeps
the oath' which he takes at his inauguration,
and disregards tha Which be took in the
4,N.,othing,.. -"ismthe 16th of June
last, at the corner Ninth arid Arch streets;
in this, 67, we wi4 be bound to - mtcess that
his Administration is a better thing thin we
. hoped. But if, on the other band, 'the influ
ence of his office shall belent out -to the ..e - 41
Ti'lll,oSeS of had men if be stirs up_ religious
bigotry and Strife mong. the people.--if be
x i
-, f4quaoders the me, y tithe tax-payers or de=
„;.rolls the c o n fl oo wealth ofher public works„
without a4equake„cctesideration-iif l ie w k.
nowledges" the astioir. - obli‘ ptiona he cores ,tu
rhesu s as being.more binding than the
t ! .t.,:;:e,., to the Cons tivs!io-thee be is
.1': 4./.: no o:abearwe---liis. twee will he
fAlrfita t.: hisking anal , a, VII*, tied •the abort
~ . r .,,, l ~,,.• i v , v ,w e e , It 111 be nemoiriaArc4 fr , te - -,
F'- ' • 1
after as cre ember the blights ;and mill
demi, the time of famine land' drouth and
potatoe-rot, when all the years of pledty and
prosperity are orgOtte o .
We ail you, citinenis, 'consider
and: refieet'ort4fully *ll flits pond* by-.
tea whioh the iresedt-oonditior , of things
gets - Our QppOUCEtliw•4rk in secrets
prefer darkness rather than light. , bey bare,
no principles whicli'they are not aibarned to
dircuss: But the Democracy. rely On a fear
less, frank and full avowal of their-Sentiments.
The contrast between such a course and that
ofc'a Harty whitih thrinks from all public in
vestigation. is lalons sufficient to; give the
Democracy ad enviable , moral superiority
which must id la very 'Short time secure them
the political aspendancy among a people as
marked by thetuasnly moot of truth and
boldness, as are the freemen of Pennsylva
80Ng..01, Chairman.
SeeY. I • • -
fc. 28, 185;4.
olt! iost entwiti.
TAE EST ctc.ut..kilos rtmea...
cHAS . • DAY:',orroßs,
:Routtese, ihourmitty : , 49: .1!!S$.
" Tr4nin Ifaininlintrt' •
- • -
The 4gisiature last,: Tuesday.
H. K. 8240:5 was elected Speaker
of the Elo‘, by a rote of 76 to p. He is
Wbiglinow I Nothing. The Senate ia not
yet ofganized.,l The rota fore Sp4ier'atood,
ItAMLINc.; 14; ifroinatens,,l3, Beau , Ong 4.
joy- Are hae heard tbe :natnesbf ' I Wu. S.
Chweitst.t. of littsburg tuentiobed in 'connec
tion with the nimnination for Ceuta COMmis
bioner: lie is I good man, and :is be • was
the-choice of . this section of the 'State at
Reading in '5ll we 'prestitne he wilt be in
'55. He certaipty is one choice. .' 1
, ,
tar We cordially aecoitd the litotion for
tt meeting ?f tie. Editors; -and pu,bli4ra of
Northern PrnneLiriva i. da at p•erantonl thellth.
Let us haveiit, Ito will attend certainly.'
Ind Publisihera of Northern
vorable to the formntion of
AsApciation, pre reg i nestid
purt•ose, iat the Wyoming
kon, on Wednesday, Jan. I 7th
yenkary of Ole birth-day iof the
Statesman land iPhilpiopher,
The Editors
a Typograiihjea
to meet for, that
House in *rant
inst.,—the anni
great Printer,'
.s in'toesteo plesse.cop'y.)
'BY Tr 9t P0)1N155107.1.1t8..--
i t
ern of this I county I,env ap-
CacinsmAn -3 / 4 Cl*; Fall iths
ousel, atuliW.ll. Tinii
.- of
•eAppmineir l for the ensuing
pointed W3 r .
F BASER, Et4l 7 . e t
Lenox, 'Wrenn.
- , i•
FARit JOUKN4SL—This ex
-1 for DeceMber is on our ta
6; n
its, sth 'volume
1.. , .
prolllisT of being the bst ag
, 1 -
.attori In t'li? country. ', Pub
' 11 , ,fer; Psi. by. J. 3feredith
dol ar r ,annum n ^A
lpe, 1 tie i ..
[ • •.- : 1 : i
I , 'til t *" AMP— , ' 1 ,
ld call's the attention i our
• 4 ,
certisetrkent '.ot tne Costnopo
, Iteiocintion, i l located at San
the p4pose la enco*iteqn,ir
d dissltnitinting a pure and
attire . threnihout the coun-
PENNsrti - Azil
bk. It is itt
ind,gives gorxi
45c Co. Term's-.
~rg- We wo
zeaders to an la
titan, Literary
!dusky Ohio , fo
I L 1.43-11110 Arts, ft
I wholesome
- .
r. Grow - i
)sn needs nbsr defence nt our
ic:fendeis, bob i l and contant,
4 1 1 ocer Wei 4onnty and dis 7
of - the peOole. 4ourse
been 4ationkd by ereitWv
'Dili gentle'
hands. His.
may be found
triet,—the hear
in Congress. hal
here, who love ionady' inteTitv and fidelity
* ,
in a Itepret4ativ. e 1 ' ', -
, . I - 1 s
' In the .Registr last - Week we fiud thisfol.
g-, malign 0
lowi., 'and defi l imatory thrust.
' which we coyfor.pol4ic ii3fortuation. ,That
paper, speak i ingi l of Mr. +1 1 " 31-ow Isays,—he is a
• , r• ; '
I Democrat, Whii notwitlistaniling his grinci-
I l
pies, votes for tike regular nominee, Ri,gler,
Whiskey, Nebka, Slave Pins and al T,
• •Now, we 4 Demot.irats to just reflect that
' the Editor who üblisbed that false auctin& T
mous charge a inst Mr. Giow,, this Week,
steps - before the !public as thi. E(' Mot Of the
Republican, the organ of the Wee soil limo ,
cysts of this! ci:unty.
.',We ;say the charge
against Mr.'Grow ii falss,e and infamou«, be ,: ,
cense it says that Mr. Grow' voted for; Ne
braska.. , Why, Idisi the 'man shot publishes,
to tlie-world suppose that the cit
• <
imps of this icounty had forgotten boW Mr..
Grow voted ion tiebraskn? Did be kuinkcise
them such foolsitliat they would believe him
ag,ainst.thesr ciWn certtisn knowledge t', . Or
has be seboOled4simsc.. if;to falsehood, an slim
, ,
der, till for for his .life; be cannot tell the'
truth, when' be nova eferybody will se+ that ,
be is dealing" inithe rankest labselood I i The
latter is the
,ido.4 charitable ' interpretation
of the fidlowss - niefinnem,! . It is true thti i t Mr.!
Grow votedlfor tigler, And it is . now! seen i
t.hat be voted sa every cousistetat anti-it'ebras- 1
ha man should - have rotid, fol. those who vo
ted with the IC i now-N44l,inga , for: Pollock,
, nest y, .
though ho now see that. they voted to
I stsengthen theh wer ot i . Slavery, purl 'vitt)
the party whit.. 'was.intended, to . erush the I I
1 Anti-liebrUska sentiinetkof the *rtb: 1a 1
Other werriN th 4 voted Just as South - "aro.„ 1
line nigger • dlrers .gated cheni . to .s-ote, 1
while M Grow rotod iii Oppdsition ta t this
I power, which Was aintiqr to crash his princi-
I pies. Had 1 1 10er been
,elected, Kupw-Noth
'ugh= would 4re beenldefeatO, aid then a I
fair field for diSeussion of the ;.slarery ques
tion would /Jai* beep, left open. ow that
question hi oveiborne, aidtbi Kubow-Notb-.!
lag organis' atiOn, strengi,,henedhy frim Boilers,.
is being used tti defeat the Benton!, RieWards,
and Sornners tii that paityl As it ?um% tarn
ed out, every fi‘ soil nilin in' YenpsyliPania
' w h o :voted foqa)loph, ioted the p4' -slavery
organizatitas ofithecounl4:. 1* l 1
Now.we waii# our readers te .notiee roods
eilfitct. "The p iper . whith conisibeil Ali irk
famous !Lau*: upon 3ftl,vi,iii . !k- 342 4
integrity . tom l4nor, skici - • Ded-iluk+iito*
".fit,;;_ •.,
article defending tha: . 00‘iit i biageo"-'
Pl‘' r liror fl ii‘t iiapNWierl 14;11" 4 Pl'
the this pLlee, and his ; paperfor the
last six months ;has beew`deveted with great
care to the propagationitidllefence of their
doctrines. IfOir look at this Know-Nothing
- h . 964:-.- r...450w is:a .determined oppo- 1
neat pi' very i extecisio4, hence, ,like other i
prominen4 inesilon thaerinestion, he is mark- 1
ed ali,Jsiielini . #3,r,Atiniv4'N9thing vengeance.
But how can they aCcorripliSh his proitration
in this District ! Only 14 insinuiting among
the people that Is dishonest r r-that he pro.
fuse principles; that he does not act upon.—
This is the course hit utin to 'prostrate Mr.
~Grow, by the ;Know-N4thing conspiracy.—
Look at it Deinocratal 'I
Look at Lthis lora
:nous libel upon:lift...Orris, and .then. reflect
thatf the editor Who perpetrated it last week
- this week seta hiniself Cigna thatiiior of the
Rep:l6llam, the exclusive organ of "free-soil,
. ..k more inttisparent fraud was never
perpetrated in the flies of Heaven. 'That pa
per is to be the'lorgewefi the Know-176thing .
Whig conspirators of lf ‘ entiose, and. its ob-•
i. , ,
ject is to prostrate the !Democracy' of ibis
county and hand it over . to the manacles of
Slavery. ettensinnists. To accomplish it they
are endeavoring to sedu'Te Democrats into its
support by professions, while they: \ can then
debiuch their Principlesiby the horrid oaths
of organization.:; -This is the gdme now
- being played. Will not the earnest and true
men of this county, , rise !up and rebuke its
profligate dupliCity ? if not, they are but fit
to tie slarestbewseives,4--they will bring dis
grace upon thanainet of independent freemen.
Pe . "1111 Regibler..
Tho Susgehanna Ittgifter, so long the or
gau ind defender of a clam of men in Mtn
trose . who have made themselves 'ilia by
plunderinc the 'people of this county, died
last Week. The', concern lad become so ndiims
that its iapport,;becatne la great. tax OA its
worthy masters; who are beginning to fee
quite poor aieci-the fiie,land no prospect for
another chance'.to replenish their pockets by
a•Bank failure; Hence! the expedient. bas
been hit upon to changekhe name of the pa-
per, simply putting :another head to it, ho
ping therehylthat the eitizensof the county
may be fooled rut() the support Of an Editor
and - press which from, their -heart they loathe
and 4evise. •
Very. few vie -ai:preliend, will le silly '
enough .to be esivght iti. int* a snare. - But
we l4ve; a good!joke, New Year's day the
*Otte! issued ►ts daith-bed. farewell . in. the
Alpe- of a Carrit.', - km Addrest4.luwhiCh ...occurs_
the fellowing stanza, eoinposed by the , great i
I.orn ir hititelf.'; • ! , .
" ejole4 amt that my !reign is' e'er, . . -
.t the acts of men I beheld no - more;
For ayear of.commotion ha been the last;
Irt tronbloa times h i s triy. lot been east."
".Ifelp the Cassitis or li, sink:" Might have
been App ropriately added. - .
, . --_ i..--•-40-4.-----,.. - '
To the Readier,'" of I the Democrat.
I place .4eated Myielf to the performance of
shatli conceive a: duty.-- . 7 :i duty from which
1 I cannot' shrink without; personal dishonor.
1 • 1 -r,
To feel obliged to step
. I..iefore (be public,to
rvittliclate myselt, front public charges of per.
jury, moral turpitude, and . -c. rimi zUil Irribery,
iis a tlimk *bleb I . never .expected to feel ob
i ffe . . •
lid to ptrforni ,a before 'people who bar ,
known me from ris routh up , and ..who have
More t.hau.opee, 1.i0nar,..(1- the with high onf
i-I.3.lencei , But thsd, base and; rnaliginant'a aek,
which have be ; 11 . - 'lnt It* w.". and
bars Leen c
tied inerea4 , 4•violeuceihe.past yea.
bear tner, a i
I barC tillmotic.let pass in silence. as I
ceive 'reached x point in the Registe last
week,l Where I am not only justified in reply
ing with Severity, but absolutely am driven
to do,so, or else; submit that my silence be
construed into a tacit confession of the truth
of their infamons•charges.
person can read that attack ithout
being cominced that .its authors, to serve I
some ipurpose of their own, aim at deuroying I
my character, ruining my, business, and dis-,
gracing myfamily. My character is Mllt. a
father, lotgsinee in heaven, bequeathed - me
as an Iheritaguen earth, and while' had hop.
ed tithtsilence and forbearance , on my part
would induce - My malignant enemies to, fol
io* my example"in that respect, it seenis that
I have ialstnketi them: Nothing shorCof my
utter ruin and 'prostration satisfy their
hatred and satiate their revenge. Iliase now
imbmiltted till Icean do so no longer. ; I,can
knot and shall not; consent, that they 81101
I drag the artillety of their malice over a bleed=
ing reputation without a struggle. Trusting
in a God of justice, the protectorof the in
jure/I I and the innocent, I Shall mate one
More effort to hurl back upon these infamous
'and'guilty slanderers, the load of infamy with
which they woidd crush niy character. 'Will
not Wlpeople, who love truth ana honesty,
bear" With ale while !Mail:ay plain tbings:,-
1 -
expeclully when they turn to the ilegister
last Week, as well as the velama of last year,
and conider the provocation / I shall trust
I it in their hamis. -
iVtio""are the authors of this 'merciless at,-
, _
tack Upon m private character t . Peed the
last Register and no one can. doubt. Its de- ,
fence of all that system ofraicality which his
been perpetrated upon the people of this coun
ty, by' the "Bank family,". shows 'conclusive
ly tb!!t it was written by one or more o/ . them,
and' er the wliole of them. That - infamous
:.11.1ratter, " the horse doctor," 'whom -they - 1
keep for all infamous purposes ;"acid who is
now. More pliant ititheir service than ever, in
hopes! thereby that form another sill
Hance 'with their wealth ! which Axil itieß l
him frotn'i istarstion, end , SaPporthint in bit
indolence, wastlndoubted , y . th ascribe. -
whole tribe shout at its . appearance, and seii 7
enite its.elaikni, in the street, in their stores,
in public arrd in private. Lit is -from such 7 1i
soltreEi that these false malicious, and' its=mans Charges against } me 1 ematiated.—,
Their 'pnrpo.i4s accoirilish mp ruin,- 7 ,
and 1 .01 1 X ,pPait) tout re this
cotintf, thonsaids of,erhoni hat , ' ltnirivn
'flirts youth, and d4obusitiessc with - ine
past tve Ye!tt.., l 7-41.40010 ' 4 l p i!le; .16 4 .144
itmr ; MlPo l3 . l ; :laY Lir there:
ruining ; in *forme, tgetly..attugit. .1
appeml tit 4thtloopiii arst.iisk airy Min
wst: in gh a t. manncr 'T
Aneolieeervad-suotkiy_ilerlanders; Leany
even ruy tradtipens point out if 1 they
- -
Fan, anything likodishotioty in my dealings, teioney by robbing; Banks, forging notes, 'fir
*herein I have ever wronged it man of e, far- 'plundeript my neighbors, as some of my 4.
thmg, or wherein/ have Ater Weft sharp of tuttlants ve * e theirs. My humble re+
itntaoralitio of any, kind..l let theta . point Itience, ifish4lbe able to pay for it, will net
out,,the inetance in filial ,I. have ferfeited be pid e fortletinoney ftiched, in . yiolation' i nf
r ,
übliia confidence•in ;tha discharge of;Publie ;law,. from the ' Widow's purse and the orpl/iiki
duty;--where I hive not been faithfut as a ;heritage. I hail no part in se indlinethis
representative, and honest as a man. li fear- community out of $20 . 5,000 at one sweep,ei
lessly challenge the world Loan investigition: land can my rissailants say this for thernselreit 't
I tuight appeal to persons, in this very:, Bor- I do not stand in constant fear, lest some eite
oug , le not particularly my ! friends either. Let Ikhrill Undertake to execute the law, and seed
any man ask Leonari Searle, in whose 'iami- me to the! petitientiary. I have never been
ly I resided a long tiee, • whit awful Moral caught with the St. John thieves of Wall
delinquency -there-is , in my character:' Or IsCreet as my riomPanions, nor aided to wive
ask Judge Warner, in; whose family II also them a character by...winch they might Vain
resided, or any of the business men in Mont- der community as they pleased. I have ney-
TOSS wholave see" rind done businese ; With et made certificates to the very hottest cher
me from day to day, the past six years; or go t eeter of such 'men, nor shared the spells lef
to the plate of lity schooling, any*here, 'their rascality. Bad I done so, and become
where lam Immo, aside from this " family" as " rich" as my assailants, then probably 1
ef . ptittic plunderenfinlitnntrose, and lichal- !should have linen a.most, honokble man Ina
lenge the man, womanor child, townie for- ;their estimation, fully deserving of dieting
ward, with any show of truth, and plaice a tuislied consideration' ftir my integrity and
spot upon my charanter. In extreme
,yonth !morality ! These men talk of ill-gotten gain !
I was left an orphan; poor and friendless.-- 1 As . well might thee. pirate from his bloody
By, my own unaided, exertions, I inn what. I I:deck, boast o honest-gotten gain as they.H
inn. I have laboredanaccivire the confidence As well might the foot-pad, from his mid
of the public, to sustain an unhlemished rep- (night covert, talk of "ill-gotten griiii'i as the
utation, well knowing Ithat that must le,my: 'directors and writers-of that. article in the
chief dependence in life, s a id therefore, I sup- (Register lest Week. The people of this coati
pose, it, is • that my, namitationis bunted down, IV don't wonder that those - men are troubled
with all the malice arel•vengsance that ever on the subject, of!' ig-gotten gain." • I,
rankled in the heart of a 'Nero. "Let; himl Do these oPen and notorious publie swiad
be crucified ," is literally the constant cry. here, who have kept the Susquehanna Regis-
Twice was I electel Ito the lie i osiatilie, by ter as the defender of their villainies for the
majorities which plainly showed that the pub- 'past years, suppose that there-is no virtue in
tic bad some confidence in my integrity.— !men? Do they hold secret converse with
Now these Satanic ' eAsPirators wouo rob I;their - own heats, which have become eallOus
me of all , that is valuable in public eqinia- Eby wrong and depredations committed alien_
tion, that . I may have' acquired by ill-rquit- (their fellow ruo,,and from that dark,eltam- I
ed ,toil in the e public service. There, too, I ! her of prime, and fraud, and peculation, which
'appeal to the public. „The whole record of ( they find in their cell; breasts, do they judge I
my service in the Legislature stands forth on 'others fo be pOesesseil of the same? Do duly
its journals. Let any man search theinfrom Isuppoese that because they did not hesitate to l i
beginning to end and point ; out if he i can, l iaise their guhty hands in detianbe of the laW,
wherein I proved rect nt to my trust,— -land 'plunder their fellow -citizens of the suit)
wherein I betrayed mi. constituent,;,—*liere- 'of #205,000, that therefore thero iS no mer l in
in I did not act them, the part of an honest, !sentiment of obedience to law, whiph coltreie
fearless and faithfid Representative. I ;chal- the conduct o others ?, Or, Writhing under 1
I lenge the production of the first instance. If I the loud ofgnilt, and shame, which the jaclie- I
1 it can be produced, leeit be pointed otit, or I silent of all honest publk has placed updni I
1 else let public opinion declare that I aril lin-them, would thcy drag others ilo* i n to their- '
nocent. I might appeel e -too, to the Le'Aiala- ewn guilty abiiide, on the primAlleahat "mite
lure.' Why among all the men of that hody,l ' et y loves company?' which • of the s b e i e
[ was I selected by the latest vote ever given I eonsiderations tfftuates these Sat a nic libell
-Ito any man, to fill one of the most, resPonsi- !era, we are unable to say,—we . w ill leave. )
ble places in the Commonwealth, and the I Public which ISnows them well to judge!--
highest place of tryst 'airlionor in dui gift I The low and guilty villain% who stunt' con
of my fellow members., etc act this, ofAselt 1 cicted (if robbing the people of OH - county Of
a siitfieieet - vindication for me, against the ' t lmn4eds of thousands, through their more
loose and malignatit ai6ets of men, -whose I !villainous paper,ehich has dis,graci e
disgraced' deceit
very hearts swim and burn it, the corrosive ! ity i`ti their serifice _till not enough of the ho
( sublimate of all malignity .? But the 4 say i est menof the l / connty will have it in their
1 he'! fi xed th e pricerend swindled the county I l to us e a, t o sitipPort it longe r , now talk 'of (nit
by that road t iew, while in the Legislature. 1 having green T -thidenly rich," because from'
Here tlety show theii tongue and soill of i tiro years of Itonelt industry and patient toil
falsehood falsehood and defamation. It is- false and 'we lance laid aiide enough of our hard care
Ithey know it is false. They know that the i iigs Of we shah have good luck in colleet
, Bill ;ties passed two y ears before I ever yr saw iit our (int..) ti -t perillase en huml.le dwell
, 0
Ithe Legislature. mainly at the instapee of ; ins'. Before tie.!y impute crime to 'others,
t seine landdielders, ie Movrese, and that the :Alio)• had bet ge'about Susquehanna comity, ,
"rice of 61 lleY was ll - 14 4 by. that traiT nod 4ni li ke . hoe,e,st: mon thernselv'es f return the I
;hatih Bill - 1 last-winterwas got forwhich h-I•ti k ; f the
e passe, fi s hes t r) late ien remßeact- i
the purpose of relieving the county from the ; ow and the orphan. \ Candidate: for thepet-
1 payment of several hundred dollars, Whieli " itentiary thems l elvee the 3 had Thee, put their
• the other Bill imposed upon it, and , that it ; own hoisee in nrder before • turning their at... ;
`did so 'relieve it. • Blackened, burned all it e t ; ti tk, th ttel e tehh or e' 1
ri ,0 L e , . I
lover, in the fires of a hellish fleadielins of I It e few hundred dollars has made tno rieb, I
passion, hatred, reveegejalsehood and'aeal- ; I have grown rjeli because I
, have itood up
ice, . must be the hearts of the propagater of ( 'and expOsed faithfully to the light of day, I
I th at Illia, when he knows that the publie rec- Land to the pole of this county, that worse 1
I orris in oqr county cdlles,.. conirsidiet him in than highway piracy, by which a nest ofan+ i
I - - _ ,
the face. I in 'Montrose have grown rich from the e . aril-
Bnt, for the sake of the ex-Elder of the ings of the people of this county. This is
family, allusion is made in the article to the why I hey° grawn,rich enough to purchaie
clot:e o the controversy, which he provoked an humble dwelling to-protect me- in future
me into little mere than = a rear agct,-,--and years, ;while I when 'Continue to pursue the
the insinuation i 4 thrown oat that I frwasthere , ' '
same avocations • I should have been a great
guilty of atonal perjury My readers know deal poorer I have no doubt, , if my assailants
that I have never alluded to that subject ii' bad been honest men themselves, for many
my paper since As close-, while time rafter then would have had no occasion for my sei
time, Over the signature of the "proprietors vie:es, and vi-Oisld have found no use for my
of the Steam Mill," and otherwise, it hag been editorials.
thrnst at me. I ,am not therefore the wail- I. have now 'indeed all the points and ac-
ant inthis pone hue ! They hare forced it cusations breughtagainst me by- the Regiater
upon me, And, ow [surto all this people, last week, about which I care. I will then
that if-Albert P will ptit. diet matter .in le- inquire why lam thus assailed. The answer
gal- form before a rt., where I can be el- is easy,—be arse, in ,the discharge of triv
towed to bring th fruilt in evidence as 'a d e- public duties as an. Editor,- I would tint, be
. ,
feaces I ''ill Pr° • •by Petsbcrs.of hit own silent when my assailants were robbing my
Church, in addition to the young men who fe ll ow citizens, :by the thou‘ndii, of their !lain
made the afildavite, that in that matter, I 'and honit- eaknings. Because. I have de.
spoke the words of truth and sobernei._l , neunced wrong; and entleavOred to warn,a :0
will prove it to this whole community , nun I p i eter e t h e e i g h te ''i l f t he peop l e a t m, eeeti e y
t challenge him to put it in yell a shape;. Let against their , rascality, I am pursued like I:ri
him meet me where the. whnle =truth an be
brought out, or else let .himireep his e tinder
ens'insinuation' I Cutle t theissne. himtiger. Al! theii efforts in the past,heve fail- .
larch Miller's and their Frasiiir's halo ,
,t turned out label like their St. Johns. Their
make it and - communitY shall know n Whose old Rigiater•prtiss has dwindled out a miser
soul rests -the guilt of mriorla Perin -7! Ale existatien, iillit has finally expirial in the
But they say Iluivegrowt" sud eniy eic.' b;" embrace of the dead year; and -now, enemies,
and thus insinuate that I hate been guilty of a g a , kiwi oolitical encase, they e
nitilfeateince in public trust: ' i 'they arei terrib- task i ng a i m' desperate el y ert , wink, p
1 Y indignant becana° il" h ave i m raiiln a ed a dominance in this county. Shall they fide
houee end kit in Montt** at $1450.V. This ca'sed I" ere' have no feats' that they will.L
has alarmed dtern,:for it dealt look te'i them Relying upon .the senseelf right, the love ',of
as though .` I was 'g oin g t'o• he driven siolt of Justice and niond truth of this people,' for
town. And - then, they
,here so long I had -a one I shall endeavor to place some obstrets
poor half-starved -Editor about them; that teens it: their guilty pathway.- • i
they c.aneot conceive hOw one can berated
, I regret:the necessity of tins article, lint
from arartntir" who bna-e v ii a P arne n n a "[trust My readet4 will remember that I. vias
hence 4vith their raver. Al4t Turrellindited not the assailant.' l --Lad tatacked no odes
tke D ent e i a t ai l 1) . " r o ' 41/ 4 14 is•
high '''!" 4 a private character in .m paper, nor %VI I I do
caPital.aniE'-ient to put 'him in A rank Ise Unleisdriven lasnOw; to 4eiriefi4ce. " Ant 1
amm g Wir . ! betnbant c 'L a a Wan , 4m O ina * — . they, bare treated my silence as confessing
Mr. Hetraestoid,cOnducteet it about fouttyears, uteia , jacameaaaharges, and grew
- heiderliw
with;no capital to. comMenct with, and left their. " hautahlotats. , !my private character
itable te•perobsie'and 1 stock a farm ' ;
e , , . I,iworill
is is dear tom e' and mine., as is onee,atid ,
now $3090, and besideeithatis in a luerntive • 1 . : I
trade.: I I commenced tJ, conduct it fiv4 yeas w_,44'),..(1_07i1 to P") wallt I must turn Old
ago ono l y ;: was po or then and am pops si n, Ileve ba tt l e. .. I will not submit to its proet:ra-
Itiese without Ali effort to sustain it, 'and duo,
From hopit toil, Ili the pater,-end in . '
my profession , n' i i i cii (3 f pl at n i f 1411 -In P urtad ' With Trut h ' J ' '.' . . an d
,and , ttatte o i tt . my, aide, en a
rayfamily. the hoe, two years; independent ;of
the PePer, I have laid' ‘enotegiii in Iveyearrr 11 ° 4 4 who .1,44 twat yet stood ' by, and. she
t° P O 9 "MO, 3 0 0 4 1.144 for inYlittle ismily t 'Weed me; . ' .l : i.i toot.Yesi. Right' Will `ii,
if I shah lieveletici %tit in, littieiinip — tity, en= lifiniof..,` 'reb°,l •of .tl;4til
_AOtrary: will I° 4 .
gagetnentr - if, Dili notlsinl bow €ricii" IParta,uka:a4 4 4 4 0100ri0g viilaioi to trEoPlo
llkoFe gfoink With a I paiiilinagErfortthe pa- Idown •btryi liarl! , putrate the fisir fame !of
pain least a thilltiarg tbol it wisti*her tbil i t dild,llBll4'llilth°S. rebuke . Here atalnl '
undeiTereen; Or nempateed `besides My lei 14ydrabdateteadefirig th e Oliva branch with
gal Imemeeer4e probably tnaelLimorlhan lake ensltestheo mord,
half what they dfd in the Fele,
.•tireeil In- ;1 B, OHASEj
1 7 4 :
• dri
deed there g genriething wrong heo;
say they. Sti 1)0 . I have not made
Free 'T r: "
The last two n7 ; mbera of our paper have
contained extra* from the leaditlg Know
Nothing journals, showing i t the7sty ouges t
possible light that tiro Order ,is the worst ro e
to the" free soil sentiment" that can possibly„
exist: All their leading pr e sses, indleading .
men 'openly: and boldly' proclaim.; 'that - oile
part of their" misSion-is. 'to rid the country:
; and Congress of slavery agitators. All. true
'and earnest men, who havb heretofore le:tithe
sentiment of the North against : :slavety • ag
•gress' fon ate the shining • marke for Know
Notiiirg vengßnce, They defeated ThoS.:ll.
Benton in MiAo uri, and their organ at Wash-,
ington gloried in it,which we ; published wee'
before last., and at the sane time proclaimed
their determination to defeat Bewani in New
York. •
It is well known• thatlohn 31' • Clayton,
several years agO, put forth from his; seat,in
the LT: S. Senate, views in reference :to for
eigners, in consonance with the KnOw Noth
ing doctrines of the present day, and that he
has -unifortnerly sustained those doctrines
since. Iliniee he is a favorite of the Order,
and is strongly urged as ; their _ candidate fo r
the next. President. At Delaware City...not
long since, Mi. Clayton made a.spiec li - at a
KnOw.Notking celebration, and in that speech
()Cetus the folloWingSentiment - when ,•speak
ing of-the principles of the Order:- -
"A party formed on these . priticiples must
necessarily be thoroughly national, and 'not
sectional .in its eliaracter. .It can' have no
geograPhicaldiviSions. 'No -parallel of lati
tude ordongttude can divide - it- into discor
dant fragments, to form the elements of. fu
ture separation and civil war.'. Ignoring the
slavery question as.o proper element of party
combinations, it scouter refuse to taillike suit
ableness of arty men for public office, by the .
question. whether he teas for -,or ' against the .
mere extension of slavery in some Territory of 1
the United Stales, always content to leave
that; as well as every otherdornatic.question
to the people Of that, Territory-, who alone
ought to have the right to deCele it; as soon'
as sufficient numbers have settled there to
.form a respectable commonwealth." ' 1 .
-And again he says Of himself: . ,
"I did not 'vote for the repeal of the line
ia the Nebraska act, and I will -not vote to
repeal the repealing 'clause in that net, - or to
disturb the subject again. Let
~it, rest: Re
pose for the passions of men- is required to
save us froth Ourselves." - . •
This speech is. but iii unison, with all the
declarations of the press and public men of
the order everywhere. Arnong all the men
discussed at the`KnOw Nything Council at I
Cineinnatti for President, pot one of them
~ is. 1
at all giVen to "free soil proclivities." They'l
were IIouston; Clayton, Fillmore, Aire. In the 1
eletion in this state, they showed. that they
did ' not, vote for ' PUlleek - - on "free soil"
grounds at all, for they also defeated Darsie.
and elected Mott They also defeated Drum,.
Meister and Taint, for COngress,, Who had
showed themselves' true on the _Nebraska' ques
tion: In NeW York they exerted every nerve :
to defeat Clark for GoVe.rwir, and to-elect a,
Ino-slavery,.Fillmore : candidate in Isis stead.
In feet, there is no denial. by the Know Noth- 1
ings,,either by word' or deed, that. they g... 1
note the - slavery question. -, This truth ,
least stand confessed, and all earnest-," free
sail" journals, and leading men, ,
have. armed
themselves and are struggling to the death'
against this insidious emissary • of 'the
-slate I
pOwer. And yet-we have the singular •Fiec.- I
tack piesented in this county, of an atteUrp
-ted alliance, between'Know' Nothings, 'Whigs
and "free 'seilers."- These three elements,an-
tagonistie. i:li they are, are here .to . be "fused"
into a great and predominant party I . :11ere,1
,in the' , District made famous by " the .Provi- I
so," free soil mens are to lie the
,fh'st 'to desert
their principles,, and to throw themselves into
the fetteo of a power which was diAigned by
the prapogandists of the- South,- to do jest
what . , it has done, --break the force of-North
ern 'orwinization against the _perfidy Of 'the
Nebraska Bill: , It
.was designed tp:aerecim
plishthatessesell4jand herawe find.. "freasoir '
men the first7fraiss the rixd• that his striote_l
theni,--thefirst to yield. themselves to:the sbitek
leS of. southern . political: - domination ! • l'Ab..','
are we not justified in 'saying 'that this whole
," fusion" rpo'veurt in :this .county - is IC fraud
uti s on . honest Men? It is aWhig,Knol Noth
ing. schenie, for:the urea' spoi'i of -Ottee; and
nothing more: 'They would ditpe berioarats
:with tbecry Of " free AO," that like the spi".
der, te..the . fly, they may.. be &snit..into
their meshei. • liOnest, consistent;
.-,tind - eartt-
I. .
' rs t "free - soil" men there undoubledlY a r e,
'mho have' beeti' made to , ,beliere
,that t L
PUblican movement ;Wonid . in-some way ! serve
their pri nei pits: : They , : must _have-been. ttir
deceived by thia tinie,andif So,- liliationest men
.. .. • .
they will leave the - sinking . ship, and 'btiekle
on the armour against this, foe. of
,airif and .
religious liberty in these States, '. .. •-
. :The Democratic patty is now the only par
ty, in• the North'ihat is really fighting the bat
i tie of freedOtri from slat* power, for it- is; the
only party that is fighting Kr.4w No4ing
istri.' Bothl)emocrita l t and Wltigsi_W-Isu lore
-their principles - - ; in thilsltespict,' will b
long in finding 'the forees t _ - ' with, Which ''iliej
trust stand to fight iliti,ii4a(battli; and ;t3U-.,
less'they . rouse - thernsAres up,. and at once
take 4. 4e4 , .. position,--vii . Inuout, from the 'f fu= .
skin" if:tbity. have. been - in it; it , Will. '. not b e
long tiefoist4ey . will mild .i themselves laylni
Jteder .the lead Oritififuoi: that . : ottrit elite iii ,k
'ttian who forsalcea bis,prineipies.fpr the Spoils
of office.' And let this : be nni4fastened.upon
northern men,: and twu conturiskilifiirtlblauf.
nee to ,breek - ihe‘. shoeklee ~ Of. Soatherd- Pre
dominance:. :- • • : .l ,
.. - ,
,-_ . f.•
ifair Seven 4 itticithi: and commu n ications
are iiroaded 'oat of ourl, 0'46,04 week •. •
of. Afifittlai !bland
Tpideac6 . ! - Wat week.
• limed 'Nage& 1
Congress bo now lief?qe it A 'lug to Tto r:
relit the miculation,4 small iniitak s •ii?
Disttiot of Columbia': ,This'ia'Pertiogyo,ghti
and Gmgcess ishould . pass the
• lg ; ittoloott.-..,.
Theta is. no places : rthi.s.
Jaftell gold' coin fainnyon into: tbo. ohm*,
of trilroulation as the Distr,i s ciof :Namobis.
anti' tbe isaueof sinall-inta tit:" bk4fil.**
batiks:l tkerels more of a spigitlalkork*F . k
anything' elae.'- 'rho excuse' MeV I s's . clin to
scarce, is simply &lump". Laws imutli mites
out of circulation #4o,:oolit, 114 Old 114
will 4eoll*ldt.e:3B+l-10P"-xan°'
Know-liftithinessas. "
Th 4 "Register," persisting irrits advecacy
of thiS order; twe weeks since, publihed
extract from the chargaof Judge Niter, to '-
the Grand4Ury of Wayne county,' on the
,subjecit, *fits being indictable si a conspire-
ay. It-tberiAtteMpts a little' feeble ridicule
'upon ''that charge; and publishes a- sort of
form :of an Indictment,' taken from a ablaelf
(isle japer; =having no legal; idea ;•.,./i0- WA- I
blanc;e of argument, ; and, as a matter-of
being utterly pointless and silly. ,lie Po t .
ter is i known to be-one of the ,Moetuble -Jur- •
ists it the Uniou,—and his ()pinions on legal ' BUbjeettri formed: 10th the care which , marks
his discharge of his judicial (meet.Kill,bard
ly be!shaken by the ridicule of atini s - i,AW ts as
those' just 11.1111 ti% -• •
Thie points may be thus stated:
1. Our 9onstitutionlwatt eat'efel *at
ioit's belief should be no political: test,—. 4o
disqUalifleation for Office.' An unseen comb",
nationof men declares„ , --" we will practically 1 -
anr.irt'this provision of the Coustittition; s o t:
far a:4 it concerns the Catholic
24,13 y
.the same •instrUrnent; the_ offices of . •
the Country, (eicepting President and - Vice
President,) are alike.opeirto the naturaliied, -
and native citizen. This secret' tyranny or
dains that this equal and beneficent proilsion
in our country's fundamental 'law, shall be •
-practically no naturalized cis
izen Shall ever hold office. t.
Are not the.e objects then, contrary
to thp intent, and-the letter of our Constitu- `
tion i, And if any proposition in law is clear,
it is
,that any combination of parson for An
' unlaivful object, is indictable. Indeed, some •
combinations of men for purposes that a sin
gle individual might lawfully*, are held, to •
be piinishable conspiracies, We have many .
such cases in the Books. •Of,suelt dangerous
t en doncy, in' he eye of the...l4w, is concert,
and ',combination it itrerigth -.But _ when
that concert, in all its details, • Reaps, and .
manner of attack upon the sacred,; Constitu
tional rights of a whole class of orie= fellow
citizens, is carefully wrapped in mysi s ery,how -
tratis6ndantly diingerous Why ; 1 in, a„,' tore
,nner day, when the people got even 'a suspi
cion,(sinee proven to be groundlesi,) that the
Masonic order, embraced political objects;
they 'prose with a zhighty indiknatitin,against
such '4 anger. What; secret, oathpound pa- ,
litira arrangements, in a tree Republic •
And those objects too,-e-spre.sslY
all th . :c genilis of oar Institutions!
It May , be, as that paper this
ease, that sonic of .tbe• Order : 'were in the
Grarid4ury.,—it may be that no Jury
be drawn without such , an element,--it •may
be thht this secret iufluence creeps into every'
Court, and into eiery,branch of the govern
ment 4; so as to defy the pOwer of law.. If •
they ;were weak, and our insulted Coestite
tion was strong, there Would'be lesi danger,
--but it , is alarming whor l a compiraey is
bid away front the eye of the law, arid is yet
so confident of strength' as too laugh, ihrough
its Pess, at of • legal investigation ;
and Sneer at tedges acting in the faithful dis
eliarc;e.of r :OffiCd.
et '
This introdnetion pf relipiouriests into the -
politics of the country; is but one " feral of
intolerance, an I petteoution ; Which once,.
aroused, has, in every country, sooner ,or la
ter, kindled the flames of civil , war. -
' It is no answer to say the freeman may
vote Against Cathohcs, if he pleases. The
dividnal, and 'parties evett, may legally vote
. undeii, the influence of religious: or= political,
preju4lice,---they may ?pose any. candidate,
or any. Ticket, or -any principle, in an open,
honorable way; but they have no rightto
combine in secret, 'it order to deprive a whole. ,
class of men or riglita'see'-uredto them by law;
any more than they would have, to combine
to detirive them ofliberty, or property.
Thi% is still a third proposition. Our -
laws are very careful to preserve the 'voter
from'every influence and, control.. Voting,_
is to be a freenum's free
,act. He shall not': -
he acnountable to any human power, for =the
manner •Of his vote.- But :this unseen=tyfart- '
ny, corrupts the Bollor-Box, and , periert& the
first i;,,rineiPle. of popularasoveseigaty,
ercinA the voter; and holding lsitb fret:Mtge-
tile that he contemn that act to ist4
the majority in their Grand-Couneiti,--Mnit
that such ::a viewless, irresponsible weeny - 'r
may preside . over; its mamba's id "the 11allat-
Box ; and you admit an element destrective
of every 'Republican idea. •
But 'what, isithe Occasion for such a- cons-
hinatieu I Why, Papal power I - An Abk4
they do not _ number '. one-sixth of our 'popitlaz
tion; 'and they are , relatively . deletraing at
that —still i,fiee sixths must, _against
Oct danger ! It is utter-, nonsense!'
we invited the Foreigner here, by all the
alluring offers of Freedom, to unite! . with oar
weekies*, that togetbisi , we reight„gruw - #
into a giant brotherhood, arid, strearith;le ilf4 • .
new world. He trusted' oar went—sisiait
Off his former political relit:muft i —prom eel"
'emir 41Iegianceto.our governments-Hilo*
here his hopes and -iiympathiee,-';-stinxi. in (Mr
irtith4 ia - thu Revi,:ihitiOn,eleared l tWay the
mitre:Jaen forests, old wastAmeriiims in all
his art. Why arm this- claw against us,
by,the mostirritating-of all wronot t —liere. •
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