The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, July 20, 1854, Image 2

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.ettarni"OliM" est regitt
t hnoeir . tow, six fee*, .o '
high, nao . ,rti o n, a :';-; ^i''' ' l , ...Mt
3 , ta c te t 7,' - ; 7 ; !: l ' B o u r s O kff illir ioer ~, ly, tbf,
' 1 ; ic.,'fieputy .. ,:, ' ,R,
of p, .',. &zoo _
I.ipue pmegiinV --,... iit e ,iim
a: tligo
*nor of New fork, Y In ihal
a v ktelly,; in the afternoon ,train to
1 ork, and will he taken thence to. Eli a charge of burglary. Viet-
>a oW .!.
York sioundrel and burglar,
ankle's* been practising his profession in
different parts of the country For some time
lie brke iO l ,iMPPvn IR .Pennsylvania,
where , t _ 'o- iddie.Wietta stint against 'him -
for lurglary ;, and: he
,_escipect from jali
in ffrngXeti; eiiriaimr(A .-Ittitiindrthoents -
exist against hiniViotillioryirt Elmira. On .
- thissimiirti lirestlid;•atid Was= )eing. convel- -
ed to Elmira, tattuumaged to slipthe irons
from his weisKuirid • With , tha assistance of
N ome - 1 ' IngitianNlwitcuevs, escaped. •Ilis _
Mina itutAim on' the track for. tins, eAstem. 7
land of 4liateened:howlei of the. brave; and
ottltis;,:arrital at rarthin f t,, leywna . taken
dwarf of:* thatotorioas-abolitiosiat, Fos- 4
ti.vlbuthaa Of abby Kelly Foster,, end,, reran t
enjhifinkihs totiehing . ,thr of ." Old. Folks at (
Homirigilysilwith - . . jute sweetness by Ta
sylitimatuthitledina ". , for-the *muse:neat
ef..tipaiMfortanatele tagitival hitatelk when '
Dat.trletaialudy'llra4plienterad,- Out a pm."
foiditb4 at eteel , :tracelets.wcon after took
piaci with hitailatiagodiempai* to 410 little
astaiishme.nt, of mostiorthbiepresent.:
. - W t *haie alreadfgiien no account of the
exeitanteut.shat unkind. when it became
- noisaainvet Portland that. a eoloted:, man ;
hattlsiewskreated ort'a charge of burglary,
wlitah wail believed to be but a feint to cover
the nrrest, of 'a fugitive slave; but the' c,' Vig
ilance Committee '" of the city finely became
satisfied that the fellow' was a rascal, and
then they suffered the laws .to -be-executed
without obstruction. ' . .::f -
Oa Wperson; when:ariested, there, were
fotnid.siet of.stelebM keys, of unusual nice
meAssatittOs ievplver, pistol balls, capita Align,'
des and $BO6 in money; Lie was: permitted
to-retaiiitherlatter, but it is .no doubt-' booty
attains& in'.soin'e 'deed rascality, =e and Ib
marulthnitely reach its proper, _destimition.
.not likely that_ ha will escape the
clutches &ilia custodian,' as • Victor isitrisell
says, " Mi. Kelly the linartest coffirtiir on a
scoit-thathelas metsince le set up busi
ness:l '••• .
To th e • Friendi of Ibe
;itherState. Of Penntkyl,ania provides for the
education of all resident Blind children, who
are=a triity f in the Institution at Philo
-4006; ". Ce•itOm five to tight
years. • - - c-':
451fairtareekiedlittsitettfor i and -are - tau'ht
teinatihe several branders
ofagend , ailaantiOnt d laic. '
.?lioy-arerelso titighisarious useful branch
esofzindustim by which *:they .May :be .able
hereafter to supportthemselits.. - :
Industtiotts blitutperna of . good moral
character, - who are So unfortunate as to lose
tbeir:.parents ?and, 'natural guardians,' and
havenb tomes. to. return to at the . expiration
of their term of instruction, are employed by.
the Institution , in -;a- comfortable "Boma"
especially pritkide4 for theta: - :
- The female pupils learn to seer and knit
rations ornamentid and!. useful articles; and
the analesiesin to manufacture Mott MATS,'
Gratthisiand all kinds Of Bar - snag. -
• , •-Thetefigions privileges of the pupils , dell
disterninationa, ant fully senttred, . •
- - -Theinstirmina has been establiihed mare
thanWyeits;-.during Which miod, it has
eitkathd: - feeimseftd ,vocatiixti Many individu 7
are*lSatli itemen;:whO, notwithstanding their
leit4esight, have beenahleto gain not only
rail-althea:ld; bat . also theitespect and affec
tionatrOjigard' of the:Commtnitty«in: which
thetiehitie.';`-beltagsrell itistructed,ntmenhati.
.10011,cittiutd morali;
Altifittrysilid that, berkres °crown 'State, the
tiriftlitettfiag li , ltatesCf '.New Jersey 'Dela
wiarapt Matyland,:bave recognised by tv.:
islatiehlitife the geed atlininiatrition.of4he
latitiotictur4 -whidr:Gar,:many':lears--,pa!t
-attilittB:4litlt tttliknOlt , inntiig, and provi
dBtl:liberally for ` them:
- *
Arldkitiatilehould- be made at' -an
early most suitable. time is,betleen
15 'years: ' special
ditait'Appticants ireadmitted...after the latter
#40401. :AAP,
' e4Offiel
rarivOielifei - idniittsidlfiw *2OO a-.yeari.
Of hM y .according to Circumstances. Anti.:
etid*.'irsy 'be made -to - • -
'Ll';1411-LLW Cli 111 , Principal.
2 .1 . 316 4, 41 1 4 4 ,
' •- .
!legal • ."
1 1 1;°" one
.044044.41041iitikit OrY:Of Fire,' was.
seliedetlittoltrtifte cry= whiff .bart. too
.ofe **meted;being evietOds'id,
1 4 141.-llirsietY4 - --404ti:0044yky .11*
4 11 '
441040001473cidgrii4 ietratc*eßtl 4 •W
dab TA.O - ****" . ..ooistt Ai;
Aoki:lt; bitaismi4losk,
**Ott AZW400 8 '.: 11 50.74 0 0,
"vW altilgaVAihr building
thationtit.,-.4hcfireillerdip*4l* on :
~ivith7 l 4oll. ericelleut..ienglue, ;in an.
•t, igp short spac e of time,-and did _noble
- eeenation: But owing to the fact that there
siiisatiokrings- dm:, iii the building, thectrebad
gillinueiftprogresa that the structure is:porn-.
Itwas, beyond., all 'manner
'Of dotibt i i the work of etkiowdiary..
- 45evrhersday morning about half past one
mt. were arm - alarmedbz the. cry
4 414144 1 0 11 11it i fiV4e,c r of bells. Ire imme
diately Sallied out and learned_ that the plank
Louse with shanty4ttached, located on the
brie,k yard, just Weir' : lowa 'was on fire:
These Wore-some Seven persons sleeping . in
thCheirselmen-annloyed on the brick yard)
'artirer;af..,whotn narrowly escaped of their,
Sias, Bohr , had - the fire .advanced' before it
emat-disnotered: The house, with a portion;
arttheilniniture, , - Was • destroyed:- . .
esittellitilL P. Moire. Lift *bent .200.,
The edgun the fire iii,nakatiwt.4- 7 : Bra4fot 1.
Ote L
ravgildatmit„ at its .:last sew.
itkokan act for the papposii of aupptesw4
elation' of notes underatextenora-;
itilieitatfire -dollar& Th e 'law Vent: *ID'
elpreivitio r rope the lit dity ofJaly. - We team
' from :44i Vicksburg that it absoltnnly
Prillubits persons -from passing any , Uak
bill l insitrancroompur icerfificatiof dot -
StmovW atiffihingotthe -kind, kust!Virally
Itinknittinern a irot pwon in that Stater-or
• dehallilaike, -ed loweirc n lation, eiradation, of a de.
gehhiaidion,trader five dollars. It fattlier ea
ty for the vie - Utica' of the law,
litiftiltoiejelatine say . pw . son, body poli
tic, or aompanOefores suttee of Use peace
to r r_pffeading wait this law, sad recover the
• NitoilkiffetiAoliawi for Wt and eiiry
valied tit $O , OOO . was * de
ifiery,citl "by Hui it St,. Louis Chi the 4th lust
, The loss is mostly covered by insurance.
r 1 -- --,-
r 54,1. 11
Oa 4 1 4 111111
ilVe44o'a haT a atitY Pf gaad,r-a
-114134, which,lrel will sell Qa raaaaa.tNe
s. those of Or 'friends WhO are in need
this 41n, will ideeie give nom
.Far Sate.
As fine: one liorsete&ered caniege; ..nearly
alie a Inesi plated harness,' latest and
style of wOrlitnanship, Vety cheeri.- : =
rPIY '
Oa .90 1 * -
1 • 1 * l O4 iire. l l lB * '.
'- Li ',
Last ;enmity , we ehised our. Books with
Several•thonsand dollars ofuniettled accopnts
ui.on tut. !,..We lave tried eery *ay te in
dt3e s e I +lent and 'payment, but. with fiery
b d succ4r." ; The .Ilookti - Will 'reinairt 'it our
h►nds till' after,: Auinst Pettit, andthen in
order •
order thnf. , ive may have our just due, weshall
be obliged' to make out Dills and leave them,
in the.lißll4l . of hitipct . "!4, - the 'raCe in e
different tow n ships for C ollectio n . ' 2 . Nr4 :Ar
like to-dole, but know 4fno other 'we . The
amounts are generally small and we . trim
our patrons, , pi thOt sf - r . them, , Will . t .lint,
141t.ctbat - ; iinpleasantinitessity, but will
,im the time frptii-.noW till Court' in 'Set':
thug upl. 1 We,muit hoe,leur: due for our tu
ber and
. 04nie: - iis --well!sst-othera.. 'Those
Whop gaol net arrange theie accounts :tilt they
- s, all be !chin the handi of g : Justice need
n t expect any red i ttctionfrtn ""therkates lof
d . Hogue's!, subscribers-42,00' per year.
A gri We havO several coMmunicati .tis, for
!, , 1
Inch the aut h o r s will accept our, thanks.-
Weidialliook , the4 O!ver . .before long. , '
which ,w e
We, uive oll'e On hand • which we decline to
publish,. and its ; author might to have i iimown
isie should do sp; before 6 went to thn troub
-1: of writing it. : When PootOrSdisaoe, we
a _,:notlt car Inclge, nor the instrument to be
u.:... in! t mit. quarreli., (OW likely iby , de
e ining'to publish it, we save thi author a
b .ken head, or libel suit, or both. i
t?lWe publisli, to-day_, a notice i of the
ilf , ,titutton for the Blind. ' ',cry few perhaps
are aware that the State 6upports an institu
tion of this' kind,' where's these Unfortunate
1 i ' ' I supported
children ,may be taken, i poor,and
tucatd. -1 1, i . ) . • ,
Mr, ' u.WIN', the ineipal, lecturdd here
. • , i
,onday evening, 41 exhibited by several pu
pils, the manner land course of instrUdtion.--
Iti was proneun4di l very_ifiteresting, :wipe
kiwi; county - his o pupil in the ...L—
-might have sev l
S a' eral. " ' ' '• • .
Arif , Mr. A. Poi 'ma has called nd jn
fanned Ins, ling i • public . , - understand by ,the
e, - f th e '
li 'rapper accoun o 1 e to .r.
Gana; that his bo • threw, a::fire. *era ker, or
soraethirt of thatl character ,On the anvil
Oen in.l*r.i Oaar i s hands,y reason ef . Which
i andl that injust ce is thereby done
-the 1.34. 1 7 , ldr. F informsUs that.therßiOter,
inentioned the , ho • • by Dant., _in corimeetion
.*ith it, that I:nir 'article Was therefore
stppesed telineani hien.: 11 oureant - any boy
'4., 0-1 4. 1 4 - illi , ; 4t . ionid do . Such a trick.
hen '!!le pf . nsiOe arras_ e we did not know
• ho itt ai„Only \ hwing that it " vta :some
o of
~ , towni; heya; and, scarcely ever ta
ng tinie!tO,l4 . into, - :ithe columns of the
44guiter we hall 'not seen that: sheet'a report
o f
it s ; sei ti pi-hl:hy;atinderf se_ em to E give ; that,
1 ;tie lad in!gtinesti
ien did ni do it, and this is
"ail we ' '.
: . abotii - it , ! , i
I , Otirreatiersirdi eat thatwa eon
telet 2;?f
tyl pie p*rairipli s : *th waagoing the
1 * et thei*hilt .P ii i ierl i - 711V4' ' ) * 71t11-*
' .t• tng . tillt 'Abe rittittistt
- - , ,i,g9!--s,l , - . _
E de,
, • I' au lfifluen . 11 democratic;- .t ) .' 11 4 - itiP4
head- taken the nano of • revisor Mourn from
til f
.1 1. ,„,, I I than ~.„ „ ~,
itn - head a.,put up /ion. /JAVID WILT
+T. I9 ,We stated; that . 4te Chronicle was not
aidemocralic part, but i l pdeponient in poli 7
tips,. and uevOr had CrovcinorlSiutsn's , ,name
riOts 1e5 1 4, 4111 d n e ver hiO sup Ported 11 4:
therefore , r.he stabemont I iXTUS a - &Wheel—
is nas :net with an :insinuation that our
siatetßeut was farie'• ' 1 '':
1 The Chronicle itself niiis - this falsehOod to
, .s (i
the counter, in , r its i ssue
_. pf Thursday, July 6,
ai tenoveg: ' d 1 ' .? 1
I t Ocl: Posirk,:c.—W'e notice a para l grnph
giojr: the reimits Of thellyhig press, that the
T i ittB rg Preiiirii , Chnilikle,a . paper...devoted
te ocratio men and measures,, has! taken
down the nu* cif:Williatn Bider for Gov
ye!oi.eediNit,'lp 1:11t, of. David Wilinot.—
?terer aid' onstkinl, ' the lord.; The
•hr" 4 '4 a r av O•tt ni A er t eend ' An i never
-*el el, ihe ref 4 4 Ortgefse____,,the '*_ete of
-4•0 candidate fot! o.o44—Nt r e uwalaraul
Rye our view 44 melt 4nd measure, fwhiih
we .iieetninly have the Itadoubtei to 'do,
, ' i hart never; attiveadd-ots a . par hzot the
tleitiser '' yexclitosiee r ly.. VitAvitree
2rnu hloal
is; lidepasticaVan , we Shall maintain lit, re
gardlum of whQ itri3 l 4 o ooor who we offend."
..-11Novir that our std ' tie verified fry •the
1 .
Music k's own wo we have a litt/e• curl
city io see wii.tb‘i th who laid nein \ the
fi'a will „ !unt, e, himeity enoagh . ' to; admit i
mistake, or w - they wig inxteed i r ion the
doetiine tlmt falsehood dubbin* adhered,
to is the sam s ;: t7 itliem as the truth.; , Will
--6-.• ~,•,:, 4.
they bat. iti Pk Pst!ee bo there/ire/ad;
trilea,laitieflithlY - Pet"
lialr the* papaslsOini o Mateinsit a the; cane 1 •
,f 'c• ' .
___ i . ile.A. -4, --, t;- - ; 1 - ,
; Air
The. Argot alkili-* prep:4lVA
oirlitewas , ':ptutiiirised in .littsbni, ;.and
wois '4lelOrered 'in ...ridadelphia, saventy-llve
ceUts cheaper, per ream, than :the costi of the
saruelqu:ilit in l a , city.
1•• , -
For Judge of SOprrine Court,
.niumiteit i s.BLACK
_ of SOMORSET COOM. ;;,+ '
.• 1 -
For email cOasiliaissiorier,
10= 1 4 O.; MOTT,
• it , The t- ':-` -z..,-.--4 ,
. 1 "They assert publiflpand
~ , , t eboard, that
•., ' '4 - ...
, ' , r ! , ',. ",
.., 1 ; y•., • soont afte ••
6; 4
‘; • , ...,' , . , -: 'gawp, publicly
,• • ,-, • 1: ,. on; , , :- -".. - V, t§. Wald House, in
A* 'jet tha t-! . iskei . ,or the appoint
-,:.:. •,. ki,
,• 113 ;", :, , :.';:-.116 2 T.g li ' t can a
,the saielitit ,
the nam of more d em ocratic er voters than ,
Wyoming and Sullivan together contained,-
still they were disregarded ; and that when
he got home he vrould give them " yrrs !"
When day you Mead Chaise f Guilty or not
guilty!" , 1 t , 1 •
We - clip the algive from the Bradford Af
gas, in \ its aitialiinvietving out.letter to the
Edito r of that paper published in our paper'
,L" ll „ I i. • i r • '
I°.ti • .. 'l ' ..
' 1
• We plead "netsritiltrito nil the counts in:
the indictment sate one, Frit.. that 'we' were
on the porc h
,of the: Wand Mena° in -
da seen after the hdjou went of,the I l egisla- i
tarel Having entered. `'plea .We will now
stilte ,the case..
I .i . ' • \ :
F r
We wire` oU the porch :If the Ward House, ,
and Gen: 6foinri 'tirenident: of the Canal'
Board was there, !andveral others: Cori-'
versation turned .subject of the Canal,'
its management ,- t e delay in getting it:
in u.4iigable : order :' .e remarked that'we;
.I ‘e
had ,46.4Uht, 1 4 (r0M whet corn= ,
was' every day l:
ing to light, that the giossest frauds had been:
practiced upon the State iip its Construction, -
that the sub-officen.k, or' many of them, were . -
irieffiCient and., inattentive, that therieertei'n-.
ly WO,grois wrong SoMeihere, and we should
expose it, in the billest.inanner that we conld
obtain,evideree to base `Upon. Quite . likely'
we said- we " ehotildtivej them fits," as the
Editnr of the , Aripus bas it, when we got
home,.._ Someone asked it'etne of those offi
cera Were not from -Susquehanna county ; and
we .repliedtthet they were not' thatour-peo
ple bad not yet likome. 'corrupted and de-,
moralized stifl i ciently to fan after those -pla
ces ;i--that, we never knew but On man in
. County. applying for Vane on - the Ca
ne}, -that he :7411 ,1 1 Ei very decent and respecta
ble than '(the same as alhtded 'to in our let
, ter) e.rid' of cefirse' Was not appointed. We
said ;nothing abont,his petition& for we don't
knthathelhad atty, nave perhaps a few
• let ters
of teecomtnendation from prominent
merlin the couniy whci knew him well as , a
man of in*itrand wor t h, ThiObabili
e p.
- , •1I
ty, that An infprrant4 of the Argus, inno
cently or r .wiifuily, confounded :what we said
almgqt exprasing the %corruption on the line,
with! the reply in - reference to the applicant,
and 4ited that we were going to expose the
one beeaciSe of the failure of the other, which
is sakolly intrue----not the shallow Of truth
about it. §a far . from .chafing under the
sting of disappointment," as the Argus says,
we repeat
_drat welted no more perional, pe
careary, or Political interest, in any appoint
ment thathas been made on the /Canal, or
that! has' not been made, than we hate in the
affairs of the Argus printing office. We were
nev4r disappointed, because we hallo, never
bad laitything to g,ain or hie by their at, all,
or in the remotest manner.. Isnot the Argus
satisfied 1 :' !
gut we'have iaever exposed these abuses
before. Now - we' will take a. file of our pa
pee! andoompare editorial "Wi!l the Argue,
and l if we'Cannot' show More editorials in the
Dcmocraiosince It has been irr our hands, ex
posing and depyeoating wrongs on the
works of the State, than the Argus can in its
coltinms,for the same period,sre will agree to
- grvehim our interest in the ./. l )eurocr ! nt office
free, of all incumbrances. Our friend has ei
thef not read our piper very !attentliely, or
'hasj a bad, armory. The Argus virtually ad
rnita that:the abuses exist on the Canal which
we 'halo been Pointing out, and, _WO might
a+kt. wry it his not expbsed them,4—wby it
does not, at least, sustain, those who are slo-!
it., instead of attempting to disarm them,
of their influence by insinuating that they
aregoverned by. sinister motives in doing so ?
4 -
This looks had:
the Editor of that paper knows 'very well
01ot inn* element was intxoducml into the
politicnof this District loot fall,' itt expectan
cy cf 4he i Canal appointments. -!.11e knows,
weihive no doubt, that last'fall the people of
. ' . sold before they
due- distract were actuallyou t
suspected it, by a set . of venal plitipians, in
consideration .of the' plunder of the : Canal.—;•
Ilef:intiiii, ar ought to know,* that the Ccork
Ventinn Cf,DradfOrd enmity was bored and
controlled,finaily,hy men who do not reside
in -the DistriCt+,th4, every man interested in
thileanai, as contractor, candidate or expec-,
fait, froth one end oUtheC - tumf to the other,
w 't on the grolindengago - in al'deatb-strei
gl to carry the nomination for Senator to
Wyoming coup t', and that subsequent ,vents,
appointments, arrangements, and conventions
were made nominees for Canal Com
ref -ionei., havii . shown why that was so. Ile
kn ws, or ought to know, that pi.ominent men
in. radford, like 'Judge Wiuioi even, de
nonneed'th ese _lungs - then andi vowed deter
mined hestilty to; the men engaged in them,
should what appeared on the surface 'finally
bef developed id a tangible shaP r e. ,
Time has made those develoPements, and
we i knew - the sentiment of the people of -this
county Well enough to say . fdr them alit;
whatever the other counties of the Dlis:'
nit' do L they 011 provide well 1 against' such
acCidenti,intuture. - They haygiven their
fait vote for'a Candidate for a y legislative
eilfee, who willmisrepiesent tit at, Maio;
• in
burg, and use the influence of his position to
placeltponthe:State works in this District a.
set of pliticaLiroffigates and drunken row
dies, whmie aim it to, delay the 'completion
of _Works, that they may fill their peck
eta fnmi theilieisury, rather than 'discharge
the duties of thmr office with fidelity and ear
-1 y i thi n gs
neatnem. Theses are so, have become
COnmon talk . all over .the 'District, and we
,sronder that fthe Argos, vi n its search for
hcakesiy, has not: pounced upon the villiane
who are perpetrating these, things, India(' of
arraigning the , ‘r-Ilorik ,Brwich . Democrat'
raid ourselves, anal attOttting unworthl and
dfittenest - motives is tifor esposingthenr.- 7
Row, does that' paper, assuming* it !~undone
ant i the past,.tio bwationutch the conservator of
tnipolitical ads of our State works, now
In 'silent when these wrongs !ire being
perpetrated in t,ight;of its own of f ice, or if not
: .
gi've pnblieiti to the scandal of peri
sous interested in t4ein conceviing those whq
iv4l'll4•ol*ui 140,,cit( aa
Every itliktritt NfintrylValtia knows tinit
the Nortit'Bmiiirlaki-to intnnt.
gable ) order hilt-"fill,--that Legisla
apprprinted mone' by. himdreds of thous
ands,l more than was first tistimated necessai
•ry to complete it,+—that the Canal Boar 4
Made every preptir4tionto.opeu it for ?spring
husintes; and that tvhen they came to loot
after it and see tliaZ it was done, they found •
it place of
.wl4 li . ave been the I
•I'corth 'Branch' Cana l, a nt,ble and valuabl
improvement, a miserable ditch that woul
held i wutcr newliOr, and that must be re-
built to make it iihat'it ought to have beet
then! 'And, forsooth; 4 11 in press must nOt
sinstic °Pt against these wilprigr..4 under penal..
ty - O slender and Misrepreientttion So• fix,
as w e arc concerned , the sbamps. may horil
froml one end 'ofthe line to . the • other,. and
tintir sukidized views Ma's echo their howl
ings; we shall do join. dutyi Not, one of them
will ever get our-lt'3f.e, or the support of the,
press of this county,. whild! it remains in our
control,; with the nomination or without it,
and 64' may intirk thili declaration and
make the most . 4 it.
Mitzi do not - pep khis article for the purpo:ie
.of centrOVersy eitli the Our friend,
d 6 ,1 tlyenOp i ;;Y l lit,tas . beeti led 'astray by -n4-
repro", centatiOM atatilt no Maine to him,
Mid MO hope he, kill lie wore careful in fu
ture hoe he arraigns the motives of others on
parM evidence„! !. •
P:0 op 4iir
jam' Gpdry's 141dy'e Ilipok, fur August; has,J
.thuslearlY!been ret: e ived, end contains many
new and interesting featt*. • • Its embellish
m -
• • .
erits ere fine. ';;"The 'Village Belle," is..l
very finely executed steel engraving. The '
• fashion pates and :needle-Work department is
continued in this i'funtl.\er with many impro4-
men-x. t Terms tktf. a yeart 2 copicA, *5 ; /1
copi a , Dud one to ; getter Op of club, making
1,2 copies fur onlyl*2o. •
Address L A. Godey, 113 Cheetnut street,
1 •
- .
prt Pe. terton*Ma.ejazitie, for --August,ia
sotnitlank- beyotid our 'expectation. - The
fishww..plates,are the most perfeCt and bea*-
colOred. engravings-. NVe have • , ever. seen.
Althoukh it 'Cud tie had 4 the low price
tiro Idollats this Ma 'urine tray rank
amonglthe - first in the _country in point. of
1. - Three 'copies, ss'-• 5 copies 47 7
60 •
worth. 1 • ,
0, ()epics,' $lO ; copies,ls2o.
Adcliess..C. J. Iteferson; . lo2, Chestnut •t.,
Philadelphia. ~t , 1 • r
t ;
Altftough ambition too often Seek's
adsiof!selfitilmess.:tnd strives to pinion its
flight With popularity, yet, under ri'ght
tun; it becomei4 ennobling elatraOterist:ie.
IMplanted in the .breast solely for thi; attain
ment of-lofty ends, when aeperated from vit.-
tne, :presents a :Sad speeittele, for it degrade;
the nobleit'peirets. ;* '
Thoiigh orator h
~ . . -,-
- .ign .. ay. hit t- scum* to 114+1
praire4--, , though Oetry ps caught, the inspir-,
nig Oeho and atttined- hor lyre. .to
strains—though ;music, Ointing, sCulphire
-sindhistory have! Clothed tit in the most at
tractie garb, yet:these most beautions leaves
are 'too often hiding a v* ii in the bud.
It, i 4 ambition' that. fires the breast of the
hew'', to adorn hiV i brow With the laurel, that
the i i pagemay glow with the recnra
Of his glory, that Tame may herald his %lett,:
r 6 to carth'sremOtest lxamd. Spurred on fitin
conquest,to conquest, giddy with applause
from the fickle crowd, ba)anced on the uniita
hie 'ales of popularity, behold him entraile
ed by, their adoMtion. ?See him' lost to all!
• . I I
sense i, t may be a honer true honor, and ; se-.
,-- • ,
eluded withih the limiteiof his own selfish
ites'ii, living for, nothing hut self, and sacrific
ihion its altar, tile 'wail of the' widow, the
entreatiesof the Materiel, and unheeding the
solemn admonitlens of ~ is conscience,-411
, •
fez. a bubble whieh he vainly imagines, Can_
satisfy his cmvir. Itslustre allures the,un- . ,
steilli - eye but Mr ankament, and then it:van
islies. "A few jeers. riri) round, and lie Who
savor a throne, lays his bend on his final jail-
low and sleeps his last 81 , eep';''
Bat a
there is another, nobler, a.holler am
hitiott;'whiat livOi'not'sinipli for self, which
exalts; itself -by linmility4 which, lends anlear
to anitstiivee til, allevilite. humanity's Wpes.
It extends its syl'oPatitiett- wherever the curse
is fonnd. IteligiOn is 'its Oride, ,Charity.f . itii
0 0 0.i m l lia .,: irion,-Eart il li !‘,l l tre and nea . ven,:its
. ,
:scarcely wern'ever more different
r -n,- .
than Howard and Nailolon. We wonder
when we behold'ille owl-like hero enshrined
11. 0 p A , 31,
kith iall the pomp and #lory pf. Mars. ! e
feel 4 glow, of ernulatiiir k arise in our .bosoms
to hive our nannis recorded ph the list ofim-
Mort/114y, to bnclianded; riatim to remotest
,• t I
posterity sty great owitort earth.. - But it is for
a moment and thP illthlioli - disappears. Na
ked reality col* beforti up, ,and we sinink
back; in horror. 4.,ike. a taming nieteqr, a
great conqueror nay biwilder for his hour;
but the short sea4on fled, 4is star Which bad
long ',slaone with hope, nowt sinks beneath the
boriaon, departing witiiiit4 splendor. i
..Bit when tlie4, unprptehding ..11oward iv
' ' in hovels a ' dad
send hs, administering
:thirbalni of consnlationito the woundedipir-.
. 1 - I;inflike a minititering angOl, easing the fi
nal agony, of the dyial - 4, 4 i l ic feel, that.thir i tigh
deformed as it was; the Striginaland divine im
.pitik has not, t+ti. Wholly effaced. His lam
bition to do thelgrtvifes: t good, 'was binied
towardsno parti4ular cplcir but Aispiariliag
sectional i lines. and ninonal.prejudices he left
la fatheiland, fol. what! iTo acquire - riehe%
hOnor or famnt I; No, tie' disdained- to i call
suCh.: his chief eids,,a.n4 yiliks the rnaisel';pig
eon like, were - Ciinte.4eo In flutter - hear t the
gimind, he like the:iiii}t.soared to unattemp
.ted Inights,,and , troin ht isk lofty , rwiliori. bey'
held! the -thildren Of affection:. His greakbei
orn' heaved at their admire. ' -With hiixOnitil,
was, a blotter iircl not,' tOol for Ins 414 4 A And
niftwithstancliiig "Athidne never iv:o64d Uwe,
ner a diadem
„graced :: his heard , nor servile
crowds of flatterers paid' him homage, yet his
name will be chlirishoi by posterity ; and em
bahlied ever fiesti in_ tic heart of the rilitan
-1,1 ' , 1
throp4t, 'when Obhrton shalt I f are`
the ,of Na n leort.l 1, - t•
rose, 3406,180185:k4, •
:, t: r. 41 , 1-. . T
" . o*r.So 114
. 1110,
f complete_ nbescati *sm.
lima countries:. tl e au ,
as supreme ;and 4.,adi,
it toleration, through fe.4
lie rack and the - stitke, •
• in humble, though tint
the•feet of tyranical rubh
lie shrine of hn establish
its etv
to riot''
nal eliristianity; wholoi tenets ti
hui - 61 - rm . ' Siiiiif 44 - i,i4l anal
eitYr wasieyerywherestinUTsie :4' t
,h.s. rigor. • The 'most n 'dePloq
pre_faiiled.mnong . - the, 1 inass. l
supetition reigned trimnpbau
my fO ebodings.of ilui, fUture
friend of hunianity.,;44 Math
wise Trpvidencejor rob lest e
his‘Nuttipotent ttrrn, and bro
spell ltich for centuries 1n
despoticropes . eon:
lamp freedom that for age;
With . eeble, timerous light, ' 'A
0 i
ilea4n. one brilliant' Dame; ;
'iuthli proclaimed to'uti:,.s
his i utuortal doctrine S, an
brav e ll the threat..Aino' thund
.can.Tbee commenced ,a no
tory, f Europe rind - die. worl
of lib rty and. reform, t
refo lhailed
riation as.the harbinger
spicious epoch ; while trenabl
limbs of guilty. monarelts si
blocilmilt thrones. ' Since :. justly memorable in tjni.auna
the - pinciples of. freedom and
cipa n have' been . diffused 't
rope . i
t i
th astonishing, teleri
the P rtisatts of liberty - have n
all. thlt an, ardent zeal and ch,
1 , - : : -
er/Se i b:ld led theta to expee
.been itlready gained i for in
tries Ivery revolution, wheth
not, istrally has astrOng ten
and ennoble the loWcr.cla
they. , nay be . borne.dOwn, an
slavery riveted togetlicr„ yet
know edge of theirOWn cap.
ing bw the Jeroni.of;experie .
bility witenevernn.opportur
*Self, waranting a di! Clay" 0 . 1
be nmeli'.greater titan on pr i
thane of liberty whiel
oruscatod throtighout
ered, is . not extinguish ,
tl►e bosonis of restle&
der, i
are warmed b 4 it ge
ers, crowns and stk!
. •
element shill again
as a criterion; events ,
old . world, we
tsion that a criSis', is t
king, which is. destined,
ieither in the .eititnitio
ye, and the enipresst.
11 in its
'itic. , ns, or the universal
carted and.; tiranous
Europe is in a state. o
The torch ofl'crar is
glesitive sounded,
tine+ from centre, to tiirtm
neatlidbe tread of embat
God: forbid that vibration e
flames of war to be tixtingu
tbrole be bhrled froin its b
and kindled into a tionfire,
(1%411 of monarchy; and
on a )erinanent basil, - of a
lican sm. .
inerican principles a
bomllarding Europe,' and t
monarchical power, 'must, .e
dertip ihe aggressive and it
of DqinOcracy. The eagle
Ore flash along the,
yber, and ~the street:
resound with the ent]
senfltralled, France.
of d
rial ;
ranee, whose soil is fe
of herovi, will' join in
Her Marse4ise. wi
and cot; upoi3
her verdant vales. -
nd enslsfed, shall ret
'the; battered - ;sword,
poured out for the s
cost freedomand natio
tunate Hungary,,who:
with the nneoftined
Ins, shall yet glitter a
le difideni r of P.nropea l
too, thatpdarl of ti
nation of-Europe i nov
oppressive - yolie of t
one day be free. Th
will be regarded as
'the people under-ru
is., enjoying all : the bli
instittitionii,,Will in
liths,or enlighteument
ed • .
in tl
throiv, July 18, 1854
io Free Soilersof Bea+
rention last Mei:ifty,
*es was the following,
ism, with Pou:pos, ani
iolved, That pin rest
State Couventitnii
slaw .ity are -coo vague - an&
ward, the cOfidenee of t
of t?is State, and the prese
Pol t iock,.too unsetisfactor
Netaska vote, therefore
a Siaie cortvaption'shou
motith of Augtist, of_all
the iextension of slivery at
dryiedeial governinentto
and, select candidates for
will' unite all the friends
Por: •
Olourry su:Panujizapi
penlltendenta musteexanM
pr tat themselves for I
siv a- certificate iffouM
Th examination ahould i
°nib, bne. • ;Proficiency
Tiled taught in co
e° e re nee(- 4 al7s Ika
.good rnOrnl clorac t e..
pallcular maid ishonld
era? knowledge of teachi
s trpction or the applic.ani i
• - 1
tet tiou
-• • .• rt•
..," 7 Tby
t 1) at
and are
de, I inust
,t; thrOugh
theSaM - eined, iumjtha't the I aceusitiOi d.have
been made., • _
Acting the part of in - honest public .1„o r
nalist, have written' some articles expOsin,
the -misnianagenient of the North Branch Ca
nal, - espeCially. on • the Wyoming Vivision•
which_ entirely - .within repteSentatiVe
District. Alliiding7tO - tliese. artiel in four
last papei-Jou say, substantially; 'that - yam
influenced by diahoritable motives; , —that
have aided in tht pastin coneealing thewfong;
practiced- tliere and tliate I expose it Owl dire
•thotives of revenge, heeauseihave heen .dis
'appointed rn not - getting certain tippoint;_
Molts made: on. the Canal tosuit my political
interest's. -
Permit:MO to assure you and your rtders:,-
that - suCh true, and that your, iii ornr;
ant, whoever he be, - has itui?Sed.upon
you, and the public, a gross and nntnitigated'
falsehood. `,l have; never had; inlthe Legisla ,
ture or out it, 04 or
pecuniary interests to'serie by,- ; appointinents
. the Canal f —have never asked:nor ree!eived
any sticl,faiois. - ; Last '
winter, a most
and irluarions' Irieh citizen Of -this: cOutity;
poor min and'veryoompetent frem long
perience oMpublie , vierkei aeked,,.,me toe .give,
.hini a letter of inti4iictioit or . recommenda
tion to, Mr Superviser Dimock, to employ
him as a
."'mutt believe they call
themoti his • DiVision.. As a personal favor - ,
to a personal - gave him the letter,
and that wasthe end of it;'-and-was the only:
application -,ever. Made, - by a citizen
_of this
county, fora place of any kind .on the Canal;
to my kuoWledge.: 'From this yOu can I readi;
ly judge how.-greatly my interests have suffer
ed, by disappointment, from the august dis
posers of patronage On the Canal! -
. Last fall I was - applied to by gentlemen in
Bradford and Wytmilug, to go tollariistiiirg
and aid them in fixing the appeintnients.• . I
had no:political -or . personal interestnt their
success or- defeat,- r had no person' apply 414-
for a place Of any !'kind from. this:county—.
had po interest in the appointments, 'and re
fused to go;' When tat Ilarrisb,urg, I: have
frequently teen asked to speak - :favorably to
the appointing power fOr gentlemen in your
county,-and, in other counties along the Ca.,
nal. When I have - known them,. and tho't
them capable,.as a friendly - favor I have done
so, but whether they, were - appointed--or - not;
was a matter in Whieh had no interest, and
which could give Me no. annoyance: The
journals of!the-legislature will 5h6w.,.. that I
have always in that body, sustained". asale of.
tilt public Works, - or: that portion of them
which were completed, and therefore inn con
dition to sell advantageouslv;, and . • . mY pub
lished speeehes ahOw, that I have held up:
the demtw4li4ingintluence,• which they exert
upon the polities of the State as one reason for
favoring their sale. - 1• 1 lam therefore no .new
convert, and haVe not been engagednf - the
past in'tovering up the plundering :! of the
State, on our public works, as Tons article in
, -•
timates, • ::
Yon soon - 10 think ,strange that I have but
just discovered the ,Wrong praCtieed :On . . the
Canal, and . use this arguments an, against
. me:anawer that ;the officers of. the State
have but just taken charge of the Canal from
the contractors, —that-it has not been tried
till the,preSent spring; and therefore the frauds
perpetrated in its construction are - bat just
coming to.light: Is not this - sufficient?
.. In conclusion I have onli-to remark,' that
in all ti'me past, when the public presS has at
tempted to do justice to the State by expos-.
ing the wrongs done by mercenary •Itirelinos
on, the State works; subsittized individuals and
presses have invariablystruck the tune of . ,po
• litical disappointment, With whielto,meet its
arffuinenti and destroy its influence • and this
cotirse,h4toO often-iiieceeded,in its.pisrpose.
_So far :is. ,I ; am concerned, it . is wholly.without
truth or foundation, and I am surprised that
your piessi:inneePntly no 'doubt; for -I-cannot
conceive any, intereskyon_ can.have -to serve
by it, shmild have given publicity -edit
orial, the Only effect of - whien IS, t 4., disarm
truthful eiposule Of wronp done to the-Com
monwealth, and thus sustain the wrong doers:_: ;
They muskindeed have been gratified by that
. article, coming frotiva. press of opposite poll
-ties; but, undoubtedly, an honest desire to
do justice between: the . Commonwealth, her
'plundererS, and her defenders, will 'lead yrni
to a prompt, application of the • antidete.
• Truly your friend, •
. . '
S. to
of the
of ecle
the dun:
mat ,
r of
1 0 r .
w il tll9
nil tever-
1 , 1,1(1.1
ud nomi
otrii and
khile gloo
les.. sod the
it" an all
,6 gloomy
led tha ha-
tim. The .
1! b.unted
gh towarf
ped mirilfrd
tAlie Vati,
in the Ids
fie friends
seizoi the.
• on - their.
I • •
,event, so
• the pnst,
' l lan etuan- .
g.,1164t, Bl
ind. though
in to n. just
!nueli -has:
,otic cowl
ieces.sful or
i t to elevate
or . though
nifg ny• . in ,the
.lity , , inl ;trout
tee; tf i ieir in vi . nei- : .
ity, may ' preSent,%.vill
UM. occasions
I has , so repeat-
urope, though
. . It ttill srnoul
-1 rniillons, whose
lid fire, and woe
I ers, when that
li mrst forth,.and
how transpiring
rly e p ome' to the
, bre rapidly ap-
I hin
re •
, g, to e% en-_
1 of Ic
ingly pre
t of it antiquated
IsupOma e y of an .
1 desk,'o tism. In
1 fevelish eicite
ightl, the mar-
I 'd thel whole con
, fereu } ee,rocks be
ed . 1( 1, g ions ; and
l er eose, or the
hed, until 'every
iody foundation
to cc e.brate the
ous &Tat-
,unions are
ie strjng holds of
' 5 •
frentually surren
tiv ulneirabie spirit
ef •free l dom shall
'inks . of the
I; of the " Eternal
tisiastae plaudits
kile sv i itNthe life
!the. chorus of lib
-11 be Ichanted in
te-elad hills and
l oland I
the scab-
er• J
m l
ivies of
Iresphi I
I . Tied with
en, of her
are whi.
er martyr 4
/tient jewel
Om. And
in short,
ng beneath
~q right" of
lete idea ;*
I their town
e ocezt
" divit
„era of
free: and
Lke'r:iplid progress
and hinban poir
, ec
- W.-T.
041 , 141/ as. ,
er ty, had a s
eek. rmong the
which • eeliiies af
the. pigs : •
µLions of the .. late
On the subject' of
indefinite to corn- .
anti* aver) , men
poeiti on of Judge
I to unite the anti
, e reedmmend that
;!ba r eal ed, in -:.the
I;4i are r „ pposed
a its; r intimation
:y dor . rincipJeo,
, State
.ticket ; that
6w:dom ia Ow ant-
Quu v e. Z.. Ll u _:
f;:„ &Tite, and
all itaseaheathot :k
i. the b i ritee; re
n k is of
aonie •videnee of
thew pliciao•and
p a io the_gen
and wet. •-.14c • -
• Brom t). Bradford Argcm
_ _
The Weather and Crain.-
We are now having very fine, l'pleasant
weather, and our farmers are in roving it
well. It has beceme dry --Vain - is pretty
badly needed. The grain ;crops look
From some parts of the county we learn
that the weevil are destroying the wheat r +that
near the)river, and some fields near large
streams, "have been' almost totally ironed. In'
the , valley of. Wyoming Much daitiap has
been done. -
- As a'niatter of pmterest we append the fol-:
lowing items tromp' differtmt :sections of 'the
earefulli! collected fron if the Nen;,,
York Tribune.: They a good idea-of the .
New York, Ju y 14.---After'Weeks . of-the
hottest weather and most:. parching dtouth,
with clouds of dust' everywhere, we have MI
last a there ngh, old-fashioned. rainy day.- , Of ,
course it falls upon a good. deal of hay and'
grain in the .field ) but all the• damage &Me,
there is ten time paid in growing I crop's, all
of whichnear.,the City 'needed ruin. 'Nemil
PoiliANs And tßwiatocii from Long'lSland and
New Jeriey are now coming in abundantly,
though at, high*ices.,,,-..
From the intepor of this St4e oiir letters
and exchanges ape,:iik of the' greiiti"Want 'of
rain and damage to wheat; oats; barley,' peas;
potatOetYgrassinini theiniporeibility, to 'sow ,
turnips and rutabagas while the ground is so.
dry. • A correspondent in Steuben CountY
thinks they are worse off than'anyviliele'elso.
Some . meadowa are scarcely WortiiiMowing;
And flekikof wheat have been
. plowo up as
net.worth cutting. Corn is - the only troy
that, lnt.(not I?eeti injured. tree half.
~ ,P- r om istricti 'affected. by the' Weevil iiit
l'itir tha - less' than - was expected has been
done to t e creP.. , .\ - z ., "J , ‘ ' - . ,
In LiVingatori Comity-mos . bavo sufeted,
though snarillshowers haveitilleu. 'lately.' in
litYq.fugus Coutit c y, Julyyi, A frilP 4 4 writes
us that they are parched up there. !- 11 J.effs.r.'
son County the 014 meadows are 'light, but
s yl i tyte 'f r o m .d rot ilhi l a st year - and 'year. before
thad 4 preserig ,,, p ason. In Monroe; County'
the tarrofacwromUctiv : busy in, the,ialutat fields.
Th e , gri owiliguod and. not,ranok injured by
9,9;041...-. .rg, ~ . 1
Prederiek.Out(Va) July 10.- , -A lot of
new - wheat sold' on Ssiturday last for 44,50
per bushel:
Norfolk, (Va.) duly t2.--Coi. gerbert bag
iiicared '414,980 from 16 acres4potatees. The
crop on.yB.. „ ;rets wAitipoupt to 3,060.
Cr 406 '.,. ~., ` . ': - .o.lbuty, (Lt.) Jul
—Ja:lt:offer t; -0 ..• 1 - 0160ay'tO leave .the
..: ' - libto•the lotiVeskfidd. I intend .
4=, , _
~, s aret 'l,•seiree ape crops .1
No t
..e, yet or -
~ , tlt. . :*a who broke
the T-••' u k r'st 6 ' 41.,;.': - .;.1:f •
jvta tke
'-''--; t• r; = 4 444 , pf1,44 0 ainters erect
*".trtrio .2,9l4r:day-for .hands to :cut men
tnt, crops of wheat. I, hear the .sarite,thing .
' Illinois and Missouri.. Wheat neverlwas
strzood, or. wages so high before/ Wiscon
sin and Illinois will.produce an iminenseisur, •
plus of'grain this year,. It is estimated t t •
wheat - will average 25 bushels an acre: . ; There -
never was as. much spring Wheat sown ii2i . Ail •
1 - •ar..- :(il,ott.thitiligh rtlbtflo'norther.p.coptlties . -
or' q lino% ' and? Tilidialiai'. 41(16'1 .Latit teen
lutely are witho.utpteeedent.
._. .: • • .. : 1 4 ,,
:' "fieit "1-6.1Y-46--,--,WeliiffrlciFos4V4`. •
for cropvt 's tseascli.i. We 4K,Aooftel. l 9lv- •
'er the,4ot.i oft SeVeSit7tldp* tottoilit . g.
ilk \
Winciftstfr; 'a.) July . .12.-. Our harv i efit '.
is not overyet. ~ oak H0ia..43 teen a tle
ahOut wheat being elk-destroyed •by 1 ta.-
It-is not so . . .. There viiikbe .atraveri!ge crop
in the valley and tberniVne r scarcity it 116 -
Charleston,s . •
(S. C4:',lnty'', .A . l7teieida x .
was the hotfeAt:of therife4sOn to 401 4t;
4s on;
85 . deg, running up , t 0.44 Afik t Al ..A;k
~ n
at 90 deg. - In the night we,. had .. a 'shower.
It did not come 'nay:toci . . aoiatolo.4liinsliii
now in my Oic:e aays, 0,4#.4 - *ltis*Vitet.
an oat Crop .4,:th:fre'. :polie*.c,' v,...,_,::;-:-.- , ':.4 . ;.1:-.if i
• Corn and 'cotton ii,er i ftASKaklitiels:44, Yd.
•be wished..- The - price of corn willte [Ore?.
• , Cleveland; (01no)-Ititli12:abe2larnt"Of
the tot a l 'destruction of the wheatf• - 64 11 -
• weevil was pretnatufe; i . Borne .fieldSilare . de
stroyed; WhiletOthers'ajv good; -andltte: berry
. vcy plump, and-Will yield thirty tpforty bush-.
els per acre... • .. • : .- - . -.. .. .. •
liribning!ok (Del.) - -,Jttly 43,—Therel
be a light - crop.of peaelies in Delsware,
few orchards will turn out - a, good: crop;
others will '3lehl nothing; Apples are
. few,and fatbetween; • - -i •
Lockport - July a
er,iu our store to-day !my thatttialchole.
of oats would . yield silty or seventy: - ._l)
an acre. , • •
liragingtcm, (Pd.) july , area
in the very height of enickyrnent at tkur
prospects since theiheAryrams of the
days. • Corn, potatoes*, pastures and 0,
were suffering terribly , with drouth—noi
are fresh. The weather has beea het, h i
hottest. ,
Baragor, {Mc.) Jul3kl2-" The hai crop is
not likely to turn out-as :wets!, . was expect- -
'ed., - Ma.nyof the old fields were badly !Nur-
ed lay the last winter,'"'"ltOireter,'lFirerefi
will be better, than it was last year. , .. ,The liar-,
vest is about commencing, bud .f . tlie :weather:
is 'good:
• !liar cirs.—lt is perfectly surprisingl
these simple protectors : l3re_ not ' used ito
o a
gileater extent. 'To a State that depends; epon
making hay for sale, as Maine does,' this im
proved appearance, to+ say nothing
-of the im
quality of the hay, would : pay fo r tho ."
caps, every ; ear. --A fanner that is, pr tided
•with caps for cocks, stacks and loads,o hal,
has no fear of a sudden shower ' or 'A trainy
day like the present one, whiel;ibe needs"bat
dreads, because his bay is outiwttifleid; or
the stack not toppedleu, • . '._•.- ..-i-, .1 -
Norway, N. Y.) July:. 1-- 1
.—Oti ttie3o* ult,
this Section was visited ith a ,rnost drench
ing and refreshing -rain, whiCh,' oonO•ary to
expectatien, lit being so late in the season,)
works liken charm upon the ,meadow 4 and
Will ..add many ttina,•to the deficient hay
`crop. ~ • ! . , . ' I
I have just made a Short tour into Oneida
and 3ladison Counties, "-and everywhelie,-ex
cept on the low lands, the 'g rass is light..
Occasionally saw a piece of g ood fall Wheat.
Much corn was planted,' and many rfields
look remarlible well ; but I should 'think
'from what could be seen and hearil, ' that
much of it is 'either ruined .or sod - Irjured '
by the worms :- Potatces look well. 11-lop
yards; which are numerous in :Abe so u th ern
'part of Oneida and some fans of :,M adison
Counties, never looked better.; but tins
. af- '
fords no consolation .to the biumry, and none
to the friends of the Maine,La:, except tb
hope that an abondant crop will sped the •
market and break up the businm. : It lis as
certained .tbat a .farmer, with a large, liep
yard cannot look through the dense - mass. of
1 ,
vines and - see the utility : ((1 the Maine Law.
(The Member of the Legislature fast . - Winter
from the town Madison is: a very lapeeta
ble intelligent farmer, and has.a largEk ticy.
yard, \ mil when the vote upon • the Nalno'
Law was taken—. I will not finish the ,Sen
l. tonce, as you say all superfitumi WO* must
be avoided. - I stopped •to water - 'my! horse
near farmer's house: . . •
" Sir, • your corn .in this neighborhood
loOks rather poor." . I 1.-
"Yes, it does 'indeed ; bri t "our hop s are
:first-rate." '• ' ...
"So I see ; you are not in favor of the"
Maine. Lae; in this section I supposeri
a Well!-0, vet I though Feld. like to sel
our hops . first . 1 - '" ' -
Bloom. Township, Airfield Co., cOhi
July 11.7 The Philistines are upon us, in
the shape of clouds of grasshoppers. One of
my neieibors, "Mr:'; Claypool, dank* ..they
have damaged him tt4oo or t5OO. -: -
Guernsey Co., (Ohio) July 13.- - -Our wheat
is all in shock. • I think tho everage / reld as
good as last vear. The berry iti 'verygood.
Oats, corn and other. croKer.ceirent r
Chattanooga, July 11. 7 -After .ttve,, mks,•
hot .and I dry, we - had a great :Bower here
last Sunday. < The crops' are wonderfully re
vived. ' - - , ''• •' .--'` ''' .•:- , -
New-York, July 15. 7 4 have ' just returned
from Chicago:: I never sawn : such 'Wi l mot as
there lain Indiana and Michigan. ' Oats and
corn; leo, arefine.-- , In! Canada‘:l' was 'told
that the
-crop -would exceed - any prOons one.
I Fully a fourth more ground • wan. sown than
i last yea ~and it generally looks,'Well. l ,•. It is
thought' bY some that CanadiCivill 'have a
sitifts cif ten - millions' of husheli. tfireiy
where Viravoled thero• l is . •ts,:oomilaint -that
farmers cannot get",, l lar„veit - hands. < «b are
i *re they t me, . of the / idle ones it this
I City
/ onglkt fo be drive n "eut.', to ; Pp !:10)
. fieldf cif thellOrti' ' and Weit. '-'-
:-.,.. • • l • - 4-- -
.lies"Fityette, (1.4 . 1ti1t 12.--'lVehrtroVell
cotroornatoes, and tinctimbeinj heroqpite , r
much ahead of us are yoq-fi r t ~ .!'t':.i.. i•q• ,' '
Alt is difficult to - say bow t h i s
the :war '
be- attend' in - productions of thiii Motility, as we
get such' things . ' from tliii:SOithlorigtlit .. ..fore
they' hero. There is no reason- tv'
rd In
Fayette should not have garden vegetables
BOOU'as N ew . Y or k IlitalVOgrOlFtll ) :SLOPe "it
is not al far north. as we are.:,.._3l7ebaye had
green corn in maiket'seme weettlir two,,but _
presume, it came' front "Norfok Va l "fri ln.
7 which,* get ship loads of .gardbn stuffbe
fore We parttphiet it here. 'Tomatoes twit il"
loktorAfrom Long' Hand and New Jersey age
oqw pleaty.
.in 'our markets : at a b out ' ' $3. or
$4 tin el . _~.: : aShel. - ' / „,, • •'- i •
"Gidench,.julv 11. 1 -L-Iteabout a Week the
farmers will hirverst.their wheat in this sec
tion. The Iciousta have done moo dairuigeifl
thifil'egicin* ,- 5.,. ~,-„,. .. ,
~ . : • .
. htvilia ISLANDIWarairi---' The •
I P _ Ofit of speaks 46 crop er'winter Wheat Ni
that rein claim?* at 30 bushels - an sere,
and asica'finnerslto notice thn facetolt w_heet,
two be g rown : in. that State -I'Why not f h
,yop.yilkgiT,Ahaopp the rot er tixxl Lt wi ll
grow Rhode ISlitiid as ; -well as Allmilt. —
1 I i
I now
:t for