The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, April 27, 1854, Image 4

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    ._ . .
gt intro 't - !.. tinotrat,l
ALVLNpAYi - ED rrolis
'April 20, 'ISS4.
gain's Farm.
• .' Of all tho In ig ty nations .•
In the east or in the .west, -
• 0 this &lorious..Yankee nation -
Is the -great
,st and the best; - . '
. -We hare roe for all . creation, • . . ,
- - And our li ncr is unfurled, • . , -
1 Here's a gene al invitation-
T 6 the peo le of the world. ~
Then come-along, ome along, make no delay,
Come from every anon, come from cvery.,way
Otic.lands they are broad enough, don't be alarm.
For.Encle Sam is
ich, enough to giyq us all a
kmarks onr Northern line
'stets flow,
rande our Southern bound,
to"3lexico". -
t Atlantic Ocean, =•
-un begins to dawn,
o__ltocky Mettntaln,
Ore - rah
us.:—Then como nlung, &c.
St Laazeneel
Ai fiat es
Way deixo
Prom the: gre.,
Where. the
Lesp-oerois t
Per away
• -
th shall raiso tliorcotton,
st the corn and pork,
,n wing Water falls
our hilts,
.sings for wamhing sheep
nrs.—Then comp along, &c,
While Cho So
Anlthe W I
New 'England
Shall do th '
For tho'Acep
That cours ti
- Are just that;
And driving c'
ye us
,liberty,, . , ..., .
d they dream" - .
nits that floN4long
Y ago of strut, . •
'tains, Lakes and rivers,
az° of fir , _; • :
bur ,news by lightning,
l irraphic . wire.
lus..--Then come along, Six.'
Bn . t. Haled
The grand re
. -This might
For our mou
Are all a Id
And we send
• On the tel
Yes, werb i.)o na 1.45 beat the nations, l; -
- For our motto's "go ahead,". . • .
And well tell the foreign pailiperA . • •.. •
• That our p ople ate well fed,' ..
For the natio s.maht remember
That UncleSarri is not a fool, . . •' ,
For the 'people do the. voting, .
And the c, ldren go- to school.
.' Cno .us.—Then come along,,&e,.
pe f ithment.
f ilecill
• • CATTt W
E E/GII . BY ME.Orms•.-- , The onty
instrument .nece- ary , is - a tneasfire; with feet 1
and inc rk d upon it. Thef girt is thel
circum erence f 4 anirind just -hehind.fthel
shoulder blades. The length is the . distanee
from the shoulder blade to the rear of the but- .
tock. The superficial feet are- obtained 'b
-multiplyingthe gi rt I i and length. 'f fie follow
ing table contain the -Tittle
.to ascertain -the .
weight of the animal: • .
If less time ond foot in girth, multiply su
perficial feet by. eight. • . -
~ •
Ifles.s' than thr6 and more than one, mul
tiply superficial fet by eleven. - - •..
If less than five and more than three,.rnul
tiplY,superficial fJet by sixteen. --.• . ~
. If less than seven and 'more-than five, mul
tiply superficial feet bytwenty-three. • .
Ifless than Rik: and More than sevenimul
tiply superficial fief. by . ' thirty-three. -.. .
- If less than de en and more than nine mul 7
tiply superficial feet by_forty . -twO. ---
.F.Y..txrcE.—SuPpose the girth.of a bullock.
to be six feet three inches ; length five feet six
_inches.; the superficial area will then be 'thir
ty_ four, and in ad i cordance with the abase ta
ble the weight wiP be seven hundred and
eighty two pound's.. . - .. '-• • ,
Ex:txuni.- . —Suppose a pig . t.o..mensure in
the girth two feet; and length, one foot nine
inches. There would then be three.. and a
,half fetA, which-multiplied - by-eleven, gives
. thirtY eight and a half pounds* . the 'weight
of the animal 'when chested,- : In' this way,
the Weight of the four quarters can be
stantially ascertained during life.? . J.
. <I MP Off - • -
Cot - cm iN TlorisEs.—We once had a horse
that had caught ti -bad cold,"and coughed so
severely that he Could I,es heard. a distance.—.
Alrsorts 'of reinolies were Itrob)W--=enotigli.
we - should think t lto kill any good horse out
right.. The A. remedies were rejected, although
some might have; proved useful, and.tlin fol
lowing course ptisued. The horse was in the
.first place -very ..carefully and *mixlerately used
so as to never prOduakperspiration—he was
carefully blanketed when the weather was
cold, it was about mid-autumn, - or, ,when lre
was in the least degree heated—be/was kept
constantly on gr, een and succulent food, clo
ver roots, &c., and was suPplied . with a plen - -
•.ty of the best of water at' all tithes.. In a:few
weeks he was perfectly well. It is an old say
ing that tnor depends ou the nurse than on
the physiiianl whicli was Verigedin . this in-
dishes sometime. !este whitish Marki unvar
nished tables; when set, as - they should not
be,carerlessly' upon them. :To remove it, pour
same lamp oil on the spOt and . rub. it hard
with a soft - elothJ i . Then pour on adittlespir-.
its, and rub it dry with anoiher cloth, and
the white mark Will.disappear, leaving lie tn.:
Me bright as before. . '
. .
Vpluniecr" tells the New Englund Farmer
that the So!lowing remedy 'was found inv'altt
able in the fatigue • marches • in, Mexico :-
4' White.,lead -finely pulverized,- is the most
effecti pli cation. Rubbed/ion dry, or made
into -a Taste yithimilk,and applied a ,few times;
it will prevent white hairs groWing on galled
places." .1 ,
. ,
cago I
nixs es. Cuncutio.—Mr. Hanford of Chi:-
Illinois, ' ,
n stated at a recent 'Fruit Grow
er's Convention t--" A ten- yeari igo, in ma-
Vng anenclostue for hens, I accidentally in
'chided some pluin trees; and these--perfeeted
fruit, 'while 01l . the adjoining/trees all were
destroyed by tb.e'curculio. I took the hint,
and the next year enclosed tame ballatice in my
poultry yard, and had a ffootrcro from all.
I have since triet4 single. coop (h ii and and'
chickens) on the,"Amth side of eacli tree, with
the some good , &stilt. Mr. Bellangee has
been equally fortunate with coops of chickens
under his trees."
Fntrn A xi) •Su l iapa-,—Whatever is in
:tended to be done in the - way offilanting fruit
and Shada,tre , *l , 4lrubbery, 'hedges; ke, should
be artanged for now, as omitting this -until
th e time fur, tradspl;iting, arrives, has preven
ted thousands ftpin the enjoyments and pro
fits of good ilia and refreshing shade: OM
cannot afford to stop and plan, and decide,
whenthahudallre. bi.lrsting; and the fields are
Mint* hands for his help! He will
not leave hiiplo,wing 110 W, but another year
..maheanother year; plants may then be
springipg from their own grav, and the ap
portuinty for dolng for his posterity what had
been done for himself, is gone! Delays are
flail geroim
I• 1 I A•46itiriiiits : Stoi.'
A You!!g• Parisian, ravell fr
la ,-,, 'Willii
attracted by In rema
rid honse near the mai. - lle
Duich inn n. i n :French! vlib staO
. vesfiel With: I
"-tray; lEir i ' may I. i k to worn that ;hoir
belougsl" 1 , ' . --- 1 ,i • ' - l'
• The -Hollander falM i c red him in-his -.own
lilliglia,V, rL . .!
! , ,
"Ik lan net Verstai " (I JO not undeistand
The Prdrisian; nk d ilitiiii he, , wasnapr-.
,s.tood, took the !DiMil i tan's,"answer Air- die •
proprietor's ° e. , 1 . , , . 1 , . . . -. ' •
"Oh !' . o l li ! .'zaid lie, ‘‘ it belongs. to Mr.
- Kaiiitestanl Well. I! ini sure 'he must be
. ag reeably. p,. • ' , , ~.
very sittiatpd . This house is Most
charming, and the'garOn aPpears deliciouS !
I don't ktioiV that I ever saW a better! ~A
frien&of.initie,llii one like i near the!. liver
Choice; '.liiit I certainly give this the p•efer
(ince !!' • ite added many 'observations - 'lO4
sinne kind, to whiOrthe-Putelunairma e no
reply.• - - -
t ' .
Wbenlie arrived it Anisterthim, he - 4rw n
most beautiful womait Walking on the iiiniy
artn 7 in-ariu,.With a gentleirian. Ile . .asked . :a .
perSon,iylm paSsed, who :that;:thartninglady•
was; but !, the man not underiitandiug French,
replica : :
:. i . .
- ."Ik kali net vei•stand.7
"What sir !" e elBimed our traveller; "i 9
that Mr. kaniferstan'S wife, Witoso house is.
near,the I 'lndeed this 4 gentleman's lot
is enviable, to possess suelt ;Iv noble -house a d
Sueli a beautifuk IrompaniOn - 1"
'The nelv,t, daN'• 11 1 -' he
saw some, trumpeters i plaTing at a gentleman's
door, who had got the, highest prize in the
dutch lotte,ry. 'Our fi parsiati, wishing to be
informed of the gentletuan'S - ,imme, it was still
answered:. _
" I]; kan neo-erstan."‘ - ,
" Oh ri said lie "this is t* great an acces
sion of pod fortune ! - lir. :,Kartiferstan. pro-,
prietor of stel a fine hous4 . lluSband to Stich;a, beautifnll .
•volitan, .and to get. the . 'largest]
prize in ihe lottery ? lt tiptst - be'. allowed
there•are.l some fortunate the in the world !"
Aboutia ; Week after this, our traveller saw
a very stiperb funeral. I. I.lei!nsleci Whose it
was. -! •
" Illani net ' vet.. stln• ' replied ' the person
1 ; .. - .
of whom' be enquired:';.
"Oh, gracious l7,px - .`,. aimed he; " poor,Mr.
Kauifersian, wlia had isnolti a . ni.ible - house,
such g - tn .i. n!. .-r e li e ; w..fc.l, 4nd. the largest p . Ze
in, the Ictteryl! llt,-i • Untst ii bav6, Ileft ,t iis
.IVorld-wiih great regret! But ',nought. hiA
happinesS was too conete• 0 be of long(lu
tion:. , i '• Y ' - ' 1...
• . lie flr+vent,honic refiectino• :On - the
bility.of .;hutuan affairs. J: - . 1 i,.-
; i - '
:Yaqu i ; Amerlea.... j . 1 '
"Ileberi;' sald ad .indulgent tnithor to a
youngster briiine, who was nnifising -ltith,:elf
in the corner with•ptilling the tail 4 . a re
spectable tabby cat,' who' iiith the titntoxt
force of•feline lungs was' explw.sirtg her . in-
Ilignation at snchl '" unfeeling" tecatment,---
"Itobett, • What, would ; Sot like to .• have
me buy you for a preSent ,
I Shall it be a
top l',' .• ' . ' I • • .
~ . \
" A top! i No , Pin toe ohr for tops" •NVD,..4
.he ' eillyL ' . •.• '. - :1' :
• , , I
." hen' perhaps, • you Would 1i1a.,.',.a sled . or a
pair jot skates?
'" Ti0,.1. don't want tiftitn!'4l,\ .• • -
"sliall I get yoti a b,otv and arroliA or a
pictiire book, or \ what . would, you like hest !"
• "011 lady," mad P t ohcrt, With dignity, " re
spec. th :feelings' of a fgentleinan,; and do not
aggrava O Me - further ; keepl. your bows, ar
roWkan I (picture books for ',„tlttni that • iike
ent.'i l . • .1"f:61,1 want .to- knoiv,.iiwitat I .WoUld
like, .1 .will.tell you—,a,•box o r 'cigars and a`l
shawl '4" •I . I • . -:'• •• . .
. i • 1 '.. - - -;
11's•Mdther fainfed -in suprise. i - hert site
recOverdd; she eiOress,... - -d the:, eonsietion 'that]
Ilobtl f rt wasithe forwardest bOy of, his 4-re 811 e!
knew of and sbewas_sitre lie Avo ld make ;I l i
great orator: some of those days he thouffitti
. ~ ,.
proper-tio deny him: the `cigars, but as for the!
shavd—iperhaps yon have seen a figure of three
feet .or undr, protrieur.ding'Zroadway Within
the past week, closely- envel,Oped in a thick
gray sh.lWl.- - . Well, that"s ll,Aert. •
• .':_l• . !New Pritstin,iiiPres. .•
• --- . ,
• A [
coi4espondent•of the Netv York Jude.
pendent, writing from - Bolton says a new
.printing gross called the "F..elf Feeding l and
Self Ite,gisteringTolter Pre,". has 'been &ix hi-
bited in that city for several (lays. It fiedS
itself works both sides of the sheet, if desired
and idrgps the sheet; when :printer], . into, a.
box 7114 . 101ir0-1 - ing; it off. ;:The paper is wet
upon a feel, and rolled off, his in the case of a
'telegra - tic strip, and cut by the press to the
right . 43.
• ~ . .,It performs dbuble the.amount 0.
‘ , lloes. ljnder Press,"•at t -the same speed.-4
It is Iprvided with a regiSter, whiCh aceurate- .
ly'cOuntp the sheetA and.tokens; a bell stri.:
king atthe comletion of eVery 1 token ; and
an alarm dial, which inait'f%e set to any mini
ber Of sheetS or to 'e is • dbsited, . These are .
1 soin of it4 - peculiarit es, .W.f . i,ich are regarded
lie by same, at least, as quite worle - rful.-
Son for 'Walker is here trying . t(3
.. s : tr , ike' . up ,
son' .sort 'id a. bargain • N - itli the 'inventor,
Mr. Carpenter, of What nature I am not ' in
for el -11 . ] , .. . '
. .
A lawyer wa3, bp nee pl4ding a case . that;
lironglit te i rs into, the jaroi's'eves, and every
t ri,
one-gaVe n the cash, as gone for the plaintiff.
But:the opposing counsel iose and said :-=
"Mayit please the coarf4 do not propose
in -this k..* to borefor watir,--" here the
tears Wktrdl suddenly dried,', laughter, ensued,:
the ‘ridicalonsness of the ease exposed l , and the:
defendantilfrOt clear. - ' '
~ . •
sime - parish elitirClßA it is tlie cus,
1 k
perate the men from the women. :
I,i, being interrupted by-loud talking
ilort, when a woman,/eager for :the,
er flee , arose and s. 'd, " Your,
I the noise *not , among ilk" "I SO ,
Ibetter}, it will beisoon over." I .
'1 ; .
.41r Is
tom to
stopped s
honor o
much the
e Census-takers fund great diffi
culty in ascertaining the :tigc.s of the girl s, huge mayrity of their being - Only sixteen.—
In one fa,/ i nily in neighboring county, there
were foutO to be'tWeive girls between sixteen
-and-eightken idars' °tap.,
YALU'II LE l EortlEs--ior sea-sickness;
stay at'ilOine., For afinikeness,_ drink cold,
water. gor cariv. For accidents,
keep - oat danger. To ieep l out of jail,
ja3 your!debtsi To be happy, be bonest.
Da, please,all, mind your business,. To pros
.per, advertise and pay t,he,printer.
2 1 ~ w .
-, ,r, c best repartee c have lately seen,
came fro Prentice, the Wag of the Lqusville
J6urnal. The Editor-'of the Alabama Flag
called, it nt by! the fellowing squib :. " Why
is the edit4-Of ;the
. I.lOuisville Journal's enreer
through !if like a celebrated tune. Because
it is the ,ogue'ti march."- !Prentice whorls ' h
dead shot, loaded his piece ; and let thellar
man have it right in the , teeth, after the fol 7
loWinmtiiitniter "'WI iy will the editor of the
Flag.,/it ; lel, cle e of his cfreer througli life.
I ci
be,like a tithe et Pag:nintst . -Ee . cause_lie will
be execulled• on' mule string" - - . l',
Fahit i..;)
~ .._,
'.4 l )*i• N$
Jhe coati who courted unfinvestig(t .
as .' good - an aftvetiOunki
e:4peet not. •
to Arostt
13LIILIDELDIIIA :r.II4DICAL 1110 USE—Ekablithed • 20
.1. • years he 1),Y.1ir,; 'UN iihiLts,cortier of Third .1: - . I.."altia
sts. betweleu Spruce and Pine, Philadelphia, Pm
1 sivraiul..liit aPprtzed that: fir. KIN RELIN .ennfines
ltia practice to di pattietilar branch of tnedielne, winch en
tfAges his undi riled ritteation. flo eautions the unrort mint e
ufilduat the altriselmercury; thousand. aro annually
tikerclilladizedoUt o life., Decent 'aflections are piomptly
eitingmished. I -- • . ' ' ' ••' •
ll.'wt aI y Year' zit V - vpehiencel, - faille tteatinent
cif a class of diseases hitherto neglected riled Imperfectly un-
Ileivtood i luts etiabl di Dr. KO: Iit:LIN.(A .:t lion or A WODX
0:s-SELP Fa smutty a,trtn#,) to pro'Vethatline tenth■ ofilie
cOuPcs of nerrolig 4Lility, local{ and rn 1:41; Itt inlln I 'weak.
riessoncural and physlealauflering ' are'triecal.le to (ter
tian habita;forasing:thel semi tteret - yet deadly Mil fatal
springs of:domestic ill:is:Ley and premature - mortality.
t "lra lc c. l'a rti c alt.] r Piot l'r.o.—Tht . re is an ev !I hablt
spmetiniesindultel in ify boys. in solitude, often growing
Up with them - le nuyinlidclii, anti
. :which, if nut s refinedin'
Ilite time, notrm)y imgeti scrimp ohstarleA to matrimonial
aftriness, butt 41,-,.:itiE,lt,, c , ,serie. of protracted, insili o n.,
anti devastatin;„sffeetimis. - .Few rof those who give way to
this:. pornicinust:sirticp are ::wars of the consequeliees,
Until they find tileervOtt...syst stn chattered. feel strange
and unaccauttte 1
ble (Tiring:, an i vague fears in the mini.
- I Vie "artfortitaiite hni affected becomes feeble, is unable
t o labor with oreustioneil vigtor,'"or to apply his mini to -
study :. Ills,st rills tardy; and weak, he is doll,,irresolute,
Awl engages inilds /pert wipi lers energy than usual.
i Ir he emanciliato timZelf &fore She practice his done its
*ores. and enter insitrielony. lila ma:riage is unfruitfuLand
tiissense tells illin that this is eaMsed by hi. early roliks.
l'hese areroysselerletioni which sihould istraken the otter, lion
(if Those 31,m:twit. a iteurrd . ' }, ..
, 1 igarrirtzett ' req'utre* the fulfilment of several eontli
tions,in order that It. tatty be really the cause of Mutual
happincsa. Coulithereil Which covers the origin of do
mestic writeheiness be veistiloind its true Frail rein every
instance diseased—ln how ninny eould it be traced to j,hys-.
teal dimuttlillinitionfr anti their attendant disai‘ptintrnentst
,Aripty them %Tillie ibis ye! time. In a:4er to have your un
'Strang and relaxed' organization rebriced, revivified and
itrengthened. f: . . .
'i, li: c-: VIC 7113" E, 1-lle who .plane. lilmitelf, under Dr..
KINK MAX'S t,.l.itt . milt mly religiomtly confide iii his:hon.
or as a tr , mtlerdin,txn , l r itly noon the - tistirani.c, that the
Secrets of,Dr. I{,'s. i:atice.ts trill be disclosed.
Yining Man.:4let i ntiliilse tunePty det . !lr you fromlitak•
tug your ea.:•ekii urn to I . fle who.frout education and rjspec
tabilitytean ceitainly'beifrieml y'pu.
- ! Too makr thiuk t hey' Will entrees' the secret in their
and cure them se4 - es. Alas! - how often is
this a fatalilelnsion,rtnil liovVertrtny. a promising ygiiing.
.1:M900:o:11110st have been an Ornament to society has
faded froarthe earth. f
i Stricture* of, thejurethrri nru rapidly -removed hy_ the
liPPlication of it. neer therap euttcal agent; 1i.e.1 only by
Dr. K. eak i nesa l and pinstittitional debility promptly
. t•ured, arid ball vigiorrestoredi . ' -
! Country' Isvi, -) .al icIN Can have tt,y stating their
:11 , e ex plieitlykogiiiier wi !ti all t licir symptoms, per let
. ter enetosiug arennitancel Dr.llVs. medicine, 'lPProPria•
tletlaceordingly.- ~ , -:
,i, - - \
\ - 4' Forwarded 67 ail pert of the rnited States, and packed
'frenre frani‘DA3l.l.(l r'. qr CU lig) SITY• . _
RE AD ! !;.--,IroV. th itncl
Li, ~g o rotgiLt 4 . t -or!t I , ir aturr r )6 , 1,-/ -
..ielin on &V.
1 '' , c.4,r-407,ruiiy 25, Cents.
! - 1
-it is a work e , minimily required, as a means of rororm
rolg.the.vires or the' age in which we live. Also,
,Tiring ,•1 • i' - ~VATi.:llll. " ,6'
f ruks for ihe Proloorat ion ;•7 , ust f,•o the Press
' ' f.L'I •
.! i
A letter with a remittance- 01'125 cents, or the yalue in
TrOst stant.,ls, als.lr4se - d'to—Tir. .:.1N1t: HUN , l'hilli elpl. ia ,
'.1 4 Mil Ftlettrit, II copy f,f either of the above. Im o !, s by
i'et aim of malty 'or 12 elpie.4 iri3.lie pent fret• of pottage
for $1• BooksTtlerf. Ca , nraPpc4,TrAvelling Agents, Are .
atiPplied Whohltale'at the publisher's prices, - which admit
iTir it tarze profs. •- ~ - 1
~ i .„ Letters . .„
' ,i' fifs -- -Ati most oe p05t:21,41. t I:iyli
1,1-• , 1 . .
H. addressed'
near in t
r • us raCalifornia, •
I .
Of 'a
ny ptaca. 07: al ( Aube, f rmtnuf present realer
Atm - • . .
4 ' BOY!4.ND .tiiiakna ST 011 E.
11W"ICH Is now lilled With a new and exteit
site ti ssOrtimiat of !, tkrticles- in their line,
Ombracim , a feuerall vurie4- of liew and elegant
ptyles of. Litt ies and; gentlemen's 'wear, among
;Which are Lilles French, Larting and Pre
mid.F.naineled Polkas, Kid Pat
nt leather tsnd brOnzed "jenny finds, Buskins
and Ties; o•iitlerirett's Freneit and Philadelphia
iiak4anitedealf skinand kii) 'fiords. Congress and
button Gaitc4s, Monterey ana Washington gouts, -
toilet Slips,il.Miiroeciot andl Cowhide Bra
/1.17.4 kip; calf rind cowhide Boots and
Brogans,; all<kinilsof find Children's wear.
Also-, a genernl as3nrimmit of Findings, - which eon
ist in part4f lasts; pegs', ;sparables. //tim , aritin
pails, taas,,thrdatl, wak; BrOles, shoe binding,
aWlis'. raspsMsandstofies, she .kpives, - .Sze. Also,
itarik aud - heatibek!tannedeaq upper and soleleath
~ er, Morocco ; 'skins sad 'linings. .
Work' to or4r andrepairing neatly done
ork' made ,JiPt p“ ...
hi & STOD Li RD
AbutropO - ,June 1,1'353.
. -
I; Eli A 31,i . 2t1 ,
- : ,
t L. wpßsTE;i: (TO. would rei , peetruny
• ihfortit.the people of this county and the
people in g`ette I . :II ? ' that they hzrVe opened an'estab=
list/men; of. the above kind lit, Montrose, 'at the old
stand . or SaY l re hint WohSttir, one ..doof north of
the w . ltere they intend to keep on
Laud a fir. itti , oriolotit of; Stores Tin, copper,
Brass 'tind s4et r r lrori WaresLail of which they will
sell as cheapaS.they 6aa bu bought - in this:or nny
other count} i Aornon;.'; our stoves may ho found th e
following betides . others t.icip.umrotts to an:nit-ion:
.11: - 4, , Or'nla Sttile •', "--
- - Vulcan' ' •"i . . " -M
, Bay p.' talc, , . 4 li . - it.
. . :FOrtit Qtrech,rltraikcl Orcn. - - .
Also, P . z j i i r i l ' o '7 rTo w- fclz . e. r:uti ' s . it olS•tor ' es, Cul reef,. Pat -
cnt Hot-nir PuFtiaces for heatiwz Public Cuildic ,, s,
stores, lb-e 1,.. etc. :Store Tini
rimca, Pip', ZinC,
She 1 Lead, Lead .ripe . ,. W'e,l and Cistern - Pumps,
Cir in p Ai r
k t i ii ii 'p ci
s ',. (i li r a Chains
s a t n o i l l n G ;‘ ;a ‘ ar i
, or y.
d 9 n
e.o.n. short
Lice nd nin4 reasouablv tertns. Our Motto ;s small
pro its, read;y pay; and titticbl, returns.
• * * *All kitids of . Produce nt kenin excitange for
Wares. If ;ion don't believ* it, call and see.
' 1 li iA. L.,WEBS.P.E.II & CO.. •
.Montros6c•pt.lsi 1851. i
..._ .
The artist's f,Groethigi. •
Friends,Fair' ons; and &tr ./ . licd , y, an other In Ile
stone has Veen 'reaqhed on riht, journey Of life—,
another degree lias :been :narked on the scale of
time—another has lice severed from the
eh in of LI4 future—another ::g,e has beep writ
ten in thergreat vOlurpo cif the past—and again
we wilpesli the bright opepito• of a NOW Year:
And 4t its early t 1,14 meet you;
• • And yitli a ; " !Ivo hew year" greet you.
And now, d§ you .
review•tlic year just deparkd
and dwell Opoti its; joys arid Sorrows—its
loges enjo'cd,4, and its unties neglected: pei
chance,.son- e of pit have Ineglected to call on
'the Artist IlndsecOre . onti of thoSe "Failkful
Shadows" •
Which - light:Mi4art,ivith magical spell,
• .By worklag•togethcr, can cold" so well! ,
But you rOy yet redeem the 'past. As you lay
yew - Oasis' for the hdyancing year, let this oe?urty,
an early arid promihent place on the progtamnie
of your fuinre intentior.s.
• ..iVonld Sion leave a lastin. impreston behind
foul L,Cotne to.tbe • Daguerreati Gall - cry! Would
• yoli," see Ourselves as-others oee yon?" Come
fo the ',Dalterrenn Galler+. Would you make
appropriate, present 4 a cherished friend?
Come to le Picture' Rootns! -And .beside all,
this, soul you enentiragd art, and mak glad the
iheart Of the Artist? •
• Then pct ii appear birpromising bee,
F That dnting the itiar Fifty Pour;
Yon cineland:alf, be sire to call
lAt Odd Fellows' Second Floor.
•'; - •W. B. DEANS.
g, 16541 - - •
One third eiteaper tltiin SllhitC Lead,.and frecfrom
. ' all palsonoul qualities.
J. ACE* JEftsEl7' ZINC . 0031PANY having greatly
enlarged their work PI, ntlitupeored the quality of their
products, are prepared to execute orders for their Superi
or Bcy and gtton nil in oil, in assorted Niel:ages of
each. from 25 to 500...poundsj also, skry in barrels, of 4,0 pounds
TheieWhite Zinc, which is Enid dry or grand in oil, Is
warranted pure sad übsurpaF t lmd for tbody and uniform
Whiteness.- 11 • • !
A. inejthodzf preparation lutri recently Lees. discovered,
which enabes the Company toils:arrant their paints to keep .
(reels aid sots in , the! kegs. fair any reasonable, time, In
this re:4)oa !!heir . ,paints will 11.6 superior to any. other in
the mailiet 4 • '
-Their brosim w
Zinc Paint, itich sold at, a lovrpriee,and
can only belnade trout the . Line ores front New- Jersey, Is
tiovewelt kn i nwn for hit protective qualities when applied,
to iron pr other metallic surfaces.
Thel; stone color t po4geesen all the properties of
the Brdwu, Una is of :lit agreetibieeol• r fer painting C,it
tages,•pepoi-s, Out•bniklinzsiltridges.
stir/Uri' Ouillberal their Agente,
i 1 IItENCII ItlciLtr.Ds.
Wld.olesnle Pa itt Dnitkrs and Impoiters, N.
IV. Corner qf 4. - Market • S'ts.
•§: 15 vio. • •
• •
• •,...- , • , 7 i
. . ilanore. hey, - Goods, •
T.l purmlT Is hoer' recelidllg another general dock of
.1.1. • Fall ancid fl'lnter Goodi, by ableh is assortment
will be llylrepledisked in every departMent and u•
ally in sting and coMplete. [particularly lu new atyle of
lAdlee re*Cloc4a, Bich Plaid and Fancy DeLsines and
Csalitacre.ParattMttals. Franeh.llierlnct, Bellage, 31olialr
Luetrel r pn'broldred'iltobee l l.iilki., Bbnnei e .100 Bonne
'Ribbens, a large a nd-Wew ateortment of Winter Shawl 4
Ladlda Furl Cuffel, Yletorinea and - Muffs. LacEler, Rubber
Boiall,lSliptierwand oyes 4toes,Cleeks of elegant and new
etylea,Pand pp aril' assortment pof.hop, Parlor and (looking
.Stover' witti a great Varietyl of. otlicr Fancy and Staple
Goodsr wiucti will be sold MI the most favorable terms,
-o :TerinicespfelallMlntementato crasher time buyers. . .
.tiewtlilqra, N4v.1.4 1 185 ,3 : -
i ,-,
11. ti• I:
jur troc(l.
1103i , 'ra 41 66
• .
qoods•glicap,. to make -room for a
f.!+cia;.plf, L TURRILL'a
H . 1 •
Stoves SOt-rs!! Sto',mu!!
Sere atiVYellow Lear' reminds us'
that the faSt'APproaclipf the keen Frosts
of Old Grey WintkOs hen one of these nnsur,
passable and higkly : ;iipproved Sto:ves front the
inkts( extensive: i‘tanntactories ip the! Union,
r & P4clia rd . ; '!'`comp indlsPensuble
to every faintly. Witi;:oulttrespectfullv al:noun:co
the citizens ocs 4 us H , hpik and adjaiuing
countie.s that we I)4v;e just reccied and.ore re
ceiving, the largest nod best•nssortment of Stoves
ever introduced into bast ern Ponnylvanhq which
trill lie,t-olti at the yetly.llwest caql fig.;
ttloeo'u lio nru in of Stoves they will! it
to tioijr interest ttp ;411 an2l.. eNantin% our Variety
before purehasing e:l.4i!where. l They eoniOist iu
'Ort as follows: ito
1 7 r1i/eti ,ifrars,
t do
Clih!.l . r• F., i„:„ • I FOry :1' do
alma' .Ir!ring 7dit.
. . , ,
• ApintiVr :Van • J. Gii l l f: di)
Fume A IVrtt,j
• 1
Tke . above StovOtare too witll: .re
quirel,atiy ininute ilo: l ,orijlition, being Ott most
.popular anti approA4Stovc in market: All who
May favor ns with :it ;:eall will be shown through
our nssoctment witli pleasure.
Reeollbet the
number"--;EAToN'4 NC fasted "One Price Store!'
lllarford Pa., 5ePt1,,1853.-35
. .
(1. on3p - .nix IT.;: : ••••HrousE,")GOATIIr4i..I ) ::‘..
ry'rrEisubseriber; :haing rented this Well !known•
hense,iand redittd•and re-furnished ?in good.
style; is nol* prepareil to reeeive and -erttlatain
"nests. This houSe' is delightfully situated on
the banks id the Stisrineitanna.. river, on' the line
of the Nett/-York and Erie, kind the wlaware;
Lackawanna and Wilitern Mitre:ids; of drlookinli;
Le:iutiful siierion •(A country, aula is the
paneima of seenerk:nnerialled anywhere.!,
AS A SIIMNER Own' for thd tusifieSs man
seeking quiet and 'freedom : from' the • noke and
iii of,eity, life, and fin.. ladies and gentlenhen in
purstiit oftleasurd ainid :the rural, scenery of the
country, this loeatiOti cannot Lea,qualled. Here
.the. 'Weary :Itavelleg so .:tire trout the confusion
iiiteident to the eon tiltual arrival and.dePert ore of
espAdally in the night tune is a
very great'annoyarke to those•stopping'•:itjbouse:4
very near the!
Itobis) are lieW, pleasant and weij fbrnish
eil; 1114 'rabid, wait' all the &lie:oes tvliiA both
country and city tnarkets .afford::and .fie: - pains
Will lie :-pared to niake his house it pleasant home
to•all his pests, -i• . • . _
: - Zr'tlinrsTs will I.)e , conveyed to and from• the
cars, at any dour dak or night, in I.„...oedo:tinibus
.free , of t _harge. . •
1t, 7 - e.f" A il, ST.tILE is, attaAted . the .
Brflint.! Uend, Depof,!
Pa. • ' :• !;
I:llSnew and Eipp.elotis sittiat ! -4 but
_IL a law feet frilM the Depot at Great tend, is.
'now lOperd , d and fUrnished in a suitattle,stSle fur':
-a Public House, and Will he 'kept open at all
bourS, (both !lay tind night,) for the reception of,
travellers ;' and for the .i:.cconumidation.
of pas;onf. , ;er.4 travOling-on .the
&F Itaiiro.altSls.qag at the junction of these , .
two reads; and the' me,st. - convuniOlt point to step
in and taLe, rt2freslltOntS :11',1 be Off with 'Ole ti rr.t
train* as, well as tlo ; inost convenient hou!,e
comtnoclate the, NEW CLEAN and
roOms c eMingh to aceont-,
niod4te • ALL, Leind fitted nett'lllrniturey
to corre.,.Pond,,aa talJles alwn stiet,'withW. 3 .lol:
AltAi.s and .Anxtifie fund-lied at a. momentsi
warniorr • . 1 • . 1
• inr Passeng,et* qe'siring, rest :dud
by calling here, aV.t,hl theificonviLhiencepf , taking.l
an nth:Jais to brit an inn; as . 411 as the
ntl Uncertainty of returning to the clepq;at [hell
lirrival or departure the trains ;as a porer will
be in waiting to.e6nauet them with
to thc,.. Bryant I lotist.l; "just aer,s, the arld
contruci them bael: tifrain without ft-e air ri:ward;
tahinct'spCcial w:,ke . th4Lu if de Sired
Any hourof the. tifght. .. ' ' ..1
. .
The lo•4ation of the Bryant . House, : With thej,
natural sCcnery ritieuit it cornhino . to ',mike it,rti
SLOINIER RESORT for litisincssi
rnen and - Miters- i 0 the city wilt) may' to'-1
l‘cast off care foi, tr , few d;:ys tO recruit in t1:0
• -,
. ,
. ' I A i Large . tnta .001711:icZtiVS • Thu • .
.s 1 • : ,
14 attachi l l to 0111, but:din7 fc.r the. coavunitnee; .
Of phsasul'e P.,taTtE4., %rho !nay alw;;y:-?...finki feed . !
IceoinaloiTation itc ., te., without regartl.6 nuttilivr'
I WitY warm .111) 1 .4 fortheir to .ill - and r •liab'
1 . 1 . . .i...„r LI.• 3, • 4... lc: ,
- 'i
lit:•lp to wait upori ! them.
"-- r • ' • 1 r. - ' .. ' - '''''at tl .'d
6771_7 [ ' o r , turtlJet, partwa a, :, ingutre.. lc,
BrytOt House ohlib, proprietor. , . '.• ',;'. l -- '
• ' • • •-• -I.I).DISON BRYANT.'
- • •,
Fcb. 1 . 853-7tf. •
, •
Int r alidS: of onnsylvalim,
• • • . -Fr
our attention'tirgently invited to,; a? careful;
antcanditliernsal of somett!ng tit : he:llas just
been introdUeed into your 'rich. cbd t
'State. :1 ,
ralccmacher's.4liclrn . Electric i'nitaiC: Chains:l,
..A new;and bovl'inotle of applying -it powerful]
retnetal rent, set - Oust r ucted to be worn under,
the garmtints, nexj..ta the skin . prOducinga constant]
min terrupted current of E!ectro Tlugnetisn,,efectiS;
irk immediate reqefd*rom the most aent,i pain, and.
also a perrolanent itirc of all Neiv , pus Diseases. Di
seldom has failed- O.'lurnish alt Mast instant re!ie4
and a final, pertninini ctire. by being used. accordV
ing to directions, to the following ;discask.H'llhetti'l
'lnatism, Gout, Smatiea, Paralysis, - Painful ana,
S..vefled Joints, Iqtrialgia of the face, Diseases ef i
:the Spine', Deafness' and Poininess, Uterine Pait4l
!PalpitatiCn of theiltpart,Periodinal St..l
'Vitus Dance, Genral Debility, Pains of the.Chese,!
;llystericS, Dyspeoft, all diseases that til caused
by a deficient arnoutkof Nervouti Fluid a rj r greatik
'relieved, if not petmanently cured by siMpfy wearr e l.
ing the chains a few:, hours each day. • !
Be it nnderstooii That it is not plainted.that itl
mace all-diseases, but only . those f t which it ire
ommended; and moreover we boldtelajtn and de i
.fy that niimedmititrJagtMt of any kintli.asperform l
'ed so MANY'.ettrirsiOuring the last - year, of these
• 'Plercrni4,ttcr's Electric Chatty. :
it • -
And to proie er ton, we defy any person tai
,produce so many Y. - 'll antheitticated.Certificates of
pcientifici Physiciam4amiiutellig,oidpatients as may,
fountiu patripll!et ier 3G hazes, to be had (gra r , i
tic) at tIM agent in o:hi town. The F.lectrie Chains
were first introduced in
France in 1850,'; and alter
being suhjected to mbs.t.thorthsgh and rigid trial,
by the first niedicatmen in Paris, they *ere fotmit
:to possese strange aad marvellous power Tor
ink pain,Wherevei.! implied, and by their influence
;wale introduced hi(a-the hospitals of that city. fin'd
also sawed letteis,'Pittent by the French Goierti.:
meat. 'They aro now introduced into alinost e%;eq..
Ilospital in England. Germany, Austria', ljelgiuni;
and patented in the*, countries,! where t hey have
lbdcorne the thoct-1 1 • r: •
Popular 'Cetrittire Agent in the. Wod .
They 'werefirsn introduced into the U.• States 14-
bout ortoyear sinad; and went through: the sane
trial as in Bimini rind were at once introduced in
to e'vet y ospital:iii N. York, where - they 'are . not , /
in daily use, effecting even mote wonderful cures
than had ever hereto been awarded them. They
are highly recomii4nded by Prof. Valetitino Mott;
Van Boren, Post ii).(l others, who have published
their views of tbervinower and value in: several of
the medical journ+ in thal city,;isnd are also in
daily 'practice orteCornmending their use :•to par
Canis. full aeOnnt of their opinion may also lie
found in;every parephlet, and sent to the addrers bf
every person in the: State hy• applying,(aOst.paid)
to ABEf., TUR RKLL, Agent; 217ontrcise, Pa. Pie
Chains Can he seal ! by mail. with full dezeriptions
.for use. 'Pric.e of 'Chains, .$3 and :SG; I'
PhysiCions are kitety invited to c:ll'and-extun
ine their constru 'etlott, and proutmucel upon their
merits. Osn worin INvALine, no! person need
fear that they will not accomplish Pat what it :is
claimed they catolo., - • • i
-N. 13. One Chaht will last for' year - Bland lose none
of its electric pot+. bp.uso, and can o: applied
either adult or child.
A sEt.Trututzt,r4 Agent, Montrose, a•
JOI:STErNERT,.f.leneral 'Agent, 56 , ißroadway,
New York:. - • t Cyl
• ,
Oint nesortiOnt now comprises almost every
- article wanted, andwe fear, :some that
are not:wanted; voio we will sell 'rit, cost and
some:Articles at i lens- tliaii . enst on ;that sahib
.account i V. BURROWS & Co.
• Git4ti Oct. 26, 1853. ; . ;
' . Liiiffttlo Robes. • •
A , Larp, lot of them choice whole Robes nt
.Ll' ti,very real . ),' advance on: the cost. • ;
- Oilison;Nov. tr, :II BURROWS' it t , .. de,
------. I- -
5h4411 thippluesar and
# calth, or albery land
1, 1 . . bukams, , ,.tizrend ft t .
• ;
Reflections fortlie Thouglitful;
.: .
i ' _ - r . . •-••
1 i -
Strange that counticso human, being, rixist and
drag through life as dui the scarfs of ph,.....! field; or
the; insects - of the earl h,: evincing no mil thought
;or rellection than though.the.noLle facultie of mind
I were not vouchsafed to them: • , !I.
- Many stich are hath,inas and falhers,ol phn Whom
Aral dependent the health, the well-being, and the
happiness of a confiair.g :and affection:4e 1 ire) with
perhaps a family. of eliaartga. 1 . 1
-I , .
In that pitiable cor.dilion ac not even for ono (lily to
feel the happy and eliileratiug influence! incident
to the enjoyment of. . •
She may not be au invalid' confined' to her;Led,
or even to. her room; her pride, arab tioti and
energy.. induce and nerve . her: to take Ivey...ulnal
charge of her household; crew when her liCalth Iviil
not'admit of it ;.but she is neYertheloss perectitibly
sinliing'frinu day to tlay,'and alway 3 ailing; -
.Thus., day after doe, antLoontli after'inouthitran.
spire. • kler health dailyi sinks, ; till finally ;eve's the
holicOirceorcry no lon,gkr remitini. And
Gut a few years ago ih the flits:li of heultiet and
yodth, anti buoyancy of ; : spirits, rapidly - , and hppa
rently inexplicably, bec,otnes a feeble,. sildilir„, .de
bilitated wife, with frame einaciatetk nqrve un
strting,:. spirits depressed, .countenapeo beariu the
impress of
,sufferuq,, and an utter Phy.iicai
. mental - prostration:, t -
- 4oetune.4,lhis deplorable change. m l ay nntli, doea
ariSe from organic or 'Constitutional eautol.' , Hut
•Ittincr, by far ofieneri to gross and inexenstible
mat - mance of the simplest and plainest 'rules of
hetilth - a.4 connected with the marriage stat4l, the
violation of which entitils divease, suffertag' and
, milieu,' not only,to the Wife, but often - 1' , . :
. l't -
. Hereditaryi Complaints upon the Chililin
i -
" tivro' TIIF 111111 D AID FOrR.TII GENERA ifON;" -
rronsolittitig cosstintrTrim, scitina:Lit,
: KING'S EVIL, turd oilier diseases;
Os a : :• , I 1
. front the Pari:ists.- i 1
And 'must this •contiano 1 Shall 'we bb wise, la
alli that concerns the Cattle of our
.fields, oar horscS,
our, sheep, our cows, bur' oxen, the Otani , and
character of the roil we possess, the teXture.and
tp,nility'ofour goods 'and merchandise ; hat in n 11, that.:
coucenas ourselves as' human beings, with human
fudetions and spassions;'; subject to great 'derange-,
• me'nt, itivolving:our future peace and 'happiness- , -
in hll that concerns the health and welfiti - o of the
, wife of'our affections, and the mother &our chil
-1 dren ; in. all - that coneert,:s trip mental and physical
' well being of those children, we 'should• bb ini
mcVed in tho-darkest add most 1 . I .
1 ,
• : 1 1 ,164 r. long shall this.l;norance prevail so prOdle
tiro of its bitter fruits. r How long shall the, wife
and mother be ignorant of the nature, ammeter and
. =Uses of the various ylaub and. sexual coMplitints,
embittering her days by suffering—sdifering 'often
pnitungeo to years, eventuatiag.ii. a complication of
diseases, 'utterly and h4elessly • incurable 'I !Shall
. we',:for ever close our oyes to the results of physio
logical science by which we' may arrive at an
understanding', of ourselves as, men and wbtheit,
subject . to Fcriotp life-long enduring diseasell, and
perpetuating them to °Lir children. - . 1 I •
• • +
• '
, - .ko husband or • wit'e , aced be. ignorant of , whin
conrerns them.,airwt to 'hacto to secure l'hilr paint
and happiness. • That 'knowledge is contafnc in a
, •
iiiEle iron-entitled . , 1, • .. - , , !
. .
1 13
THE DIAHRXED 11 . 0111'fiN•
DV DR. .4..:11: . 31A1,7111CE:1D,.
TitoFES-.501t. OF TilbrAsts OF Avoirgxj -
Otie IhindlTM El«tion. 151.1. i,., pp. 23a. Prrce 50!Ceri1i
, t .
L ,
First putslishea in lit 7 ; Ana it is Dot ~ 1
Conalthrtng -that V. Elt Y F P.: HALE.
I,vhether lIIMLRIEI/ Olt NOT, can hero
Lacquire a full khowledge of the
ture,. character nod causes of he*
comphilots, with, the various
symptonta, turd. hat nearly
krinuta. nave !seen sold.:' It is impractiillthle tb con
rey fully the "carious kubjects treated of, 4 they
an? of a nature -strictly intended fur We married,
or ; thess c•ont\ mplating marriage. 'i • •
• .• • •,
Aare been SENT 111 srAtun: the lust few
• - rr4uths. •,• -
CAu :1%,, THE • PUBLIC.
13 u y n book unless ;Dr. A. M. Nfrturicenu, 123
Libcityl Y. is on the title page, and the
entry in s the Clerk's (Alice on the back of tile. title
of reswcuble and hothorable
dealers, or send by snail , tut ruidress to Lir. 12t.
Miruriceatt, as there ate Spurious and surrcx;titiouti
infrin'g,cnients of copyrii;ht.•,
• •
' •
Cs Upon' receipt of! One Dollar "THE !MAE-
E ItttANION" is rent 171t414.1 fire) to any part kit' the
Uaited States, the Canadas and British Isrdirinces.
All Letters- :mess be test-paid, and addretised to
Dr. A. M. MAIIIIICEAII, 'Box 1224, Netv-York
City. EablishlrigOillsa No, 129 Liberty ; . Street,
. New-York.!
SALT: ii•V—T. B. P.,. , :erstin, Plai!:i0,•: Mrs.
Cy i:ltn• - -c II B!anell &
11,tuni: J. 8:-Nuitli, Le.banon ; N. I)uWitt,-.
lj ; Spantzkr &
Dr . (' .71,111e:1 , 1er; lit;;;;inqa,,i; ; S
Me Oim:11(1, Uniontown,; J M... 11311 tn. Nt•walQrlin
II A; Itt•ading; P Crocker, Ilroxqnsvilloi
& Stark, earbf?ntlalQ ; Eldred & tiViightj
.Wilipunstni,rt; • S. Wilk!!sbarro ;IG. W.
Wayne ,, lioro';i Pater kc!, MeNlari, Belle.
fonto; C Merrill; Wairen; Robert Crokiv, 'Mer
cer; !S.-Lesder,llanoiier . : R. P. Cunaminks,Som..
'erset ; Tlios Co N r portliait, Philact; Gunni.
son . , Erie' •S. fly. Greensburg ; 1. llail
;E. S. Durban. Franklin ; S Stiott,
Beditc;rd!'; E. 'lndiana : J 3
ford J. W. Eitlney. BrOwnsville"; G .Ml3leGet
tvc .1. S. Niel n, ChamberNburg ; F D
s,)wer, Norrktown ; 1 Iwnner. SumneyUpwn,;'ll
Pittslm T.!! ? (3 \V • Get:Ts, Butler; Jos
Sirtz, Blootns.bdrg; Deelairt &
;ben laug. . ; 2m6
• .
• . VEC: Exii.Errje
Foriiiiecnre of Fig, .::Spasms ",Cramps; and all
iVerron.3 and i)iseaSes.
ny.1 , ....30N who are lahOririLT under this^ malady
Will find the EriLErrre Puis to be. , ,
thenhly. rettivtf,*: e • rer (IL:lowered for curing Eitihiosy, or -
Falling Pits.. . , $
. ,
Thcse rills possess a stfNific. tenon on tile nei-vous 4ye
tosi ; ;and, althoutdl they .Wre prertre.d, etrechedy for the
purvi,i,e of ettrio - 7. Fits, th.Si wi Ihe found of especial benefit
for cell peraflcv; a 7 . 714. , ,tc.:1 th - weak nervo. or whose ner
vouiy,,,trin has been .pi;Ostrated or sbattertalfroni any
causti Er:FT. 1i elbcondc, lisetti , e - e. of low ,
,they tiro execeti:
Pri j he, d3.per box., or two doxitg for 65.1 Pers'onA cut of
the city. ritr;insin . remtrifin,e, fill hare the Tills. sent
htm•mi throtvz the Itunit4Tree of postage: site yh
SETH S. lIANCE, Isio• 10 Baltimore street. Ipt,ltiaMre,
Md., to whom orders froth all parts of the.l.rriloti,tnur.t
. he
recei'ved• anether Importation'of those
!splendid Full JeWeled Detactid Lever and.
Horizontal Watches *ith seconds and ihard en
amelled Dials. double!bottomed iio openlcases,all.
of %%illicit are warranted and received dit'ect from
Swjizerland. The ..f . tiv subjoined 'prices will at
one§ point out wherO an& hoW an
enotmons per centag4lean be savett:'
DOuble bottom.ll 4eweleti Lever WatchOs as
abote in elegant silvl4 eases - from $l9. 'Same
moii - Inents in Huntfng cases frail - I . Bd. _Hori
zontal Double bottoOed 4 holes Jeweled open
face and seconds frcitti $8,75; the same 'move
ment in elegant. hunt(no cases with sunk
. seconds
froul $9,50. All of Otieli have litird'en4intnelled
Gold Dian:MA-pointed IPens with pencil
and. Waver exteosion magathie for leads:
from $l,OO. Diauiond pointed pen
biad t i s from tjw, .fotelry,&c: &c.ecivaily cheap.
A .good a..sorttnent:Of excellent itiecond hand
Watch 6, eptinent milkers, in `first. rate going, con
dititin, will be sold dOilledly loyfOr cnnh..l3est
Frerith•Lunett•Viratcli!Crystals,.l9e. Watch re
pairing Its nsu..l.
.Is; B. Watch Clidins and Keys gratis to Pur
flours of LW:Voss from 7'A. M. to 7 P.
'Sf: 1. -
J.A. - 1 . '1 . SINOLETON,
N'tllieh maker and Injliorter.
Aug. 10, 1853-otf'. - ', I' . .
. C4rpels
• .
TTAVING.ehlarg44 and refit.ted . our,extenstve
IA Crockery and. ~ t ouse Fornkiting 13tore,
pres My. fir the busia,4o, wo have added a now
featurein its departlOnt.S. • -
The second. floor H, devoted to 'Carpets. Oil
Clothantid,Looking plasse, in whielrive recta
good assort tnent nt priced which antiot fail to
pleaike i and to whichitto invite . your 'II:11'0(111bn' at,
I -- I" J. H. DtPIiT.E.
Binghamton, Octtgs3; 21?„ - _.: • 1
•Neer lor c.rire: BlSllllke 10.
„ t „
• ftfitt!e, u • ail Strcet.
(In (~foh unl .A.E.iircired Bw:urines)
. . .
ri 'ks . 111 : 1
Insures ag4inst'Los' s'or Thimage by Fire.
%nit 11 Dir.S*-41..titebb'hic, , 113 Aron.C.l Street;
Peter C. Itt,,
.4 Nprucel Ettet:t:- -Girard, ilanrker, 118
Bronawn.j.,; T10n,45 4 1 1i4r,ciNF, I 41/1 , Ce4.iar 9tteet',; Samuel'
South 31ar1, 9:1 tittect,; Albert L Conklin, 819'
;;J:tilt.s A .:Cro.4hy, Brundway:; (Marten
1011 g , hrialii:,:l. Y.; Lanilmrell. ohi n ngo,
I Smith !,104 1 .1iee- . 01'4 I;eltinri, New Y fl oh.; peter R.
Pq6it ; tliate cot., and 4.1,01t"p ,I.4 .•n. 78 ' IV4 tet Ftrert Is. Tan
IPur6;llAaro,t•l+r,;tyt II S. Ilui ittp. rot• IYePt. tint)
WirrOvF4itrvet.t - • ; l'ict,qt li. F104t , ,, cer. :11.1sv
Itvubvn r.t, 4t-1 1 1111:1,11tli
Catrlen. '.`i• 3.4 +WR 11' 11 0 - Mgh, Pi.;' 6 1:1.4101.1.11t - next,,rll.
ittnn 49Ii`atrr ir4t re , 2f ;*, Surnnet , F lll -ullir,'Cribtfac 1.14111.
in Sdntnefli. Shgir, ClO:eland, Ohio. , •
I‘.o Cll.l.llBEaLtiri, Pres
r.. .
(2 ti,‘ I.3lz.ov.'N', Ageiit.
montrirf., G; 15sfi ' •
• • -
NEW Iro4*. ArovEivris.gmE , .
. .
From thc.
R. .11414: 111ENG:10,-',vc,(.4
l23!Na's3au 11,ork, 1() State ; St., liostuit
.;• , '
Thi3aticl.l\l.l.l;iik Establisbment.
mtzymt ,•••• fri ts•tm . r•r4 Ir.* •
tqi lit A. sks kV h. sr'ss •
a 3 lt Sf, I: E.VA. B IV .11' 9 '; IN E.:
incitt impKiced and ::;Fleffylcons.—
~ 1•1 fifixr.hri& 'Col's l , SVc,rlil'ir Fair PrerniuM Pianos,"
wit/Liron frame's and cir
cular..tit:o, r. Tld.• Merit of film", instruments is; too well
known to need fnrthcritiarnomtnilifinit. Gil Mirt'r
riatios, an ele,gar? t fustcuutent for c tinitt rooms. ltaltet &
Corn ml on's•l'M ot•a, ;Of theiol,l cstabli.died firm or, linnet k
Co. . Mr, W.. 11( I O' r r V:01, , a g i oNt for 'till the abore Pianos, can
(Act.them Itimice thin any :other bons t, Ifolrafni Waters'
pr.wAy 1 for him. tracing great
i.owtr of tone Anil Olatdicitty of touch. 3d33 Broadway is
- the targest depo*fortlnioil ItrstrUthents in ;this; country,
alforitiog a.t opportunity for selectibbm not to belhad else
where Second-hand Plinns at great. harimins. Deices
front; ;ld t o ; ; Eyery. instrument - fnlly .warranted or ,
the moticy refunamt. • l
• * r; mniri(yanoNs.
G, 4 6 ,I :fl an & Paten: f)rrnit -11101odeans,
sot Two nitictc - ,tiof,.lutys—a sweet and tliorrerful lostrut;
~tte t. Priee front s7:m. to! 82o°. S. Snltt
celettitated Ntelo , lfton Wit uifiiVnilodßuitartf,Brown't
Boric!, Biotin:tr . ,' Violins, /trams instruments. &et--
Dealers suppliedlwin Titans and Melodeons lit factory
prices. 121: perle,c;nt di-count to; Clergymen. "•
. . I
; •
, This list pa mpri- - qm the Pioduets of tire great ra amt es. •
both t ;nit I reecivm•
in tr . Minnar.t alditiOns by an extensive'puldi&atickirof the
choice find !poputtVpi(4 . l. , of the in ;31r us if',
ant Tearthirs of t• ouninaries to purchase itny music
huhlirhod, or mikmarraugemr4 . , ts r fir coutit ued supplies
of :41r. Waters' issues, will find it to their interest to
farseard their orders*. ?do sic sent tonne part of the Linton
Caoatlas, postagt free.; • • ILOILACE 'WATERS.
ax_i3it - r*Lr. SHOP.
riTin andeisigned ,have • estiddiShed a .1 - shop in
Ji. • the basernantof)lr.. Sa3le's Store ,i . O 7.110 n..
trose, where they will at all times keep on hand
Fos.Eit3;.; and . 09•:iTSSTI.p /1.1/171f.r.? 1111 a I:n3n4faCtUref
they Sallie into .3iuuutnents, To.tabstonesi Table
topf: .!. c.,•etc4 1 I j. .
Ijj Ihe patronage of the pahlic isrogPectfiitiy
soli}:ited. ! 1 CONG 00. g &•BEVIEIt.
Montrose, Aug .2.5 , 1 d.f...53—tf.• , .. ', • ,
. ~ „ -
. . .
To thenthzons: Naf'• Susquehanna:
. ~, ,
.. .• It Connty.,.
. & 511.1: , ;:q..-17 would respectfully call the
- t ti attention ]tift all rarrsons in Susquehanna County
or:di-Vicinity to their larg, , t and welP selected stock of Dry
U1r1.).15 and CarpttAiNvhit!lii . 9nsistof all thefashienalde and
seirsonghle 4;opt(A th:sw inrtogrie, Gootls suited both for the
grave and Ili - gly.':and ial fact all rsf ;toe different, styles of
go is which earl
o hei i..31).. 1 .1 for or tbrlught of. ire are dc-'
Irrhlincl not r, Lie adcrsi);lf , arid 1 il'you will•he So kind as
to t:vor us' wsth 4 rail .vt r - wii I make, our word good. 'il)
sr. - mit of Dress ilorids consists in 'pat of ' —
Mack, Bromni.i, Istiabl - , l'tripe, change:shle, arUl Lining,.
r•. : ant plain rt,ool Delaincs,Figi and Plain Cotten do.,
Sil " kl•. Merinos. tilitods, A'tetecus; Paeimmtla, M :. de Page,
Phil! Lfus,,ys,Calnied sack Flannel.. Calicoes. n'e. &r.
54,1 1 4 -,,51, t 4._,..0r whin we have an endles.i tarietr
tilisinatre Shaw* ,from i. 7 to 650 Day - State; Long and
- Square do.,Figdand Plain Th)het,%k r e'. ke. ,
,Vi , ' hit.- einindic , --.llinin. P laid i and 'SWF% :inmost
MuSilui, Ilinis Kyomod Irtmrsia. Diaper, Irish Linen,. Table
Linen. Linen,.Celton, Worsted,: and Fanl.sossed S pread.,'
ZZAI. and Indla.illt•ok :Muslin,'. Victoria , and Irisops
Lawn.. Linen 'Citinbric,S Lmen Cand•ric dillk . a. Fretch
Worked Culla:slant-1 Under 41.1 it's. 3itr•din Drapery :Linen
and' cnttott Stit•er,ing hint J-qiiitii4 ; Bleach and Brown,
Jacqrfard Diaper. 4c. ~ ir, s‘ '' '
~. -,
Grist. f.l , frzirt tr n ril r —Corn sisrs of - . ,Birsclr Eand Fan
cy Broadelorns,le,:kim. tes, Black end Fancy. :rtinetts,
li l
Sheep's Grey:Kentucky dean', VaShmeretts,Satin. Wer
sted an.l:•Silie Va.rtings, Black mid CelLIDN's, Satin Stocks,
Neck Tics, :Ci! I -Planned , . Whirr; lied. Blue. rrdlorrand
stripe, Gen, C.; estlimele 'Wrappers, Prayers. le c.',k,e.
()Ur .toek of 1f,• , l :ryes; and ilicrsie•ry i. , complete
crishracinqlsalits.iMl•scs and Ger..: Gloves, Lisle thread
Ca.hmere. - Fleece Lined. Charnels Lined, Ilea
ver, Kitli, Buck' isklu. WM, Fee. '. , . c,,
Ladies". Mi:.,, and G•Mts Cotfen•lios'e. and ~ii Bose,
White, Itron - rt. Minfi.l. Diack . 9.rif•• 'Male Colors,l4lpao"tv,
Ironton, Ca , lun are, M rrir.o' and st.ilkl do., and every other
style of seatemilsle;ilbaiery.• -,, : 1 . , •
Aisor an variety ef other tryles of Gor lIF slith as.
Datatisks,boria;Cotton' and Woal, Silks and Cotton .Vel
vett. rosin t erp . ine's. Moreens. Carol , ries, •T nill deins, C(7111..
fo rtr.ra. Pso .0 and Ilona Blankets. Nankin',. T.oking:t, Mar
-meet stave. onehserr arias. Curpa Ila,ts,k.C.. i .
(jarprqi:l4-11111.ii4.13.711rue Ply- Tnm - alram both
Wool aml Clot ton. Cot ton do., Cotton an.l Wool stair Car
petimr,Dru..r.ret, Clisstli.. Bush Carpeting Rugs! - 6
c`..fur steck . of.Plre Goods is now complete, an if you
would like to see it ; R•on‘l assortment of Goods and Yew'
Goons you will.tall at. lildidrhant s sc. 0e.1113 tt, -. :.•: . , nearly oppo
site,tho Poo•oiThco;
'l3Jn;honytoo. isi . tr. - , lirinv.S,l4:;',;—n.l4
. _ •
• • i
. . pQcto;.• Yourself : : •
• .
Or, Eeky 0;11 . his owl?. Ph.y.siciddl.
1:-110-ELFT Edition, containing
.1.1 One hatuirt•-Mti H
:!,•,.. - jr Dis'eds.iS and 3.laiformations of the tin
mall 'system in every shape and form.
U n'hich is added a Tr'ea,tiei... , on
Diceases of- i•ettales,i'being of, the highest impor—
tance to married people, or those cotemplating, mar- •
flame. .By .i •V‘ . .; r
. .
' IVillianr ouv,;'2l: .D. - j : -
• 1 [
.1 Let' no fatten be ealramela to present h 'copy of.
the Acicalapit;s to,his child. it may save hint
froin an early grave.' Let 'no young man' or wo
enter into the secret obligations ofmarried life
without•reading the Pocket. AesculaPius.,; Let no .
one sutr.:.ringfrOm a hachnied cough, Pain imthei
Side, reStlesii nighti, nervous feelings, 'sad the.
whole train of Dyspeptic eertiations,and given . up .!
Iy their physicihn, beanethef indment wititetqe,on.;
sulting-the A;ESCULAPIUS. :1 4 ,!'lve the .inair,ted:,
-or those abopt tb be married' any ilupellimol,:re_nd'
this truly ustifut !weld, us it has been Abe ruL•ans of !,
savmg thouso.l63 of unto:lnnate creafdesfrom the,'
veil . jaws of Aein,ll. • • .
1U" Ais — 'r4 sending t oeuty •fire cents n:
.., De .en I . . e
cicsed,in a te;tter, will recei'Ve one copy of i this
Wcirk by mail, ;or five topics . will. be • scat' for One
Dl:liart , Address (post paid.) • , ;
•.' DR..AVNI. YO.r&6,
..; ,
i i No.' 152-Spruce St. Philadelphia.!
liarelt Btll`, 185.1-Hloy 1. ;'." • ;
, e. .
'Ci•octieri ialtd! ' -Ii onse - .I.;‘ll.raOshiv4,
:.-. 1 . ... sl,Vre. ". ~•
T., if. .I),EPEU is now prepared to iavilo the
el, o_publicgenerally to examine his varied and .
ex:ienivOnsor...tnietit of goods 4hich (as n c.x . ,
cltisive deahiar) ho is enabled to offer vigy low.
- CitNA.—e-oOsisting of Gil d Band, Decoroted
• 4!
and Plaid, Pinner. and . : Tea
,1. - 3,ltts,` Fruit 'ißaskets
, L :
. . ,
, ST ON E C4ltc.:‘ Fall` .— Dinner and . 'Pea: Sette;
Printee, andiPiain Embossed in Setts,.., the:
Sit glo-piecalq, a fariety.'of beautiful styles of
Toilet ' , j , ; . . .
.-• ,
...00KIN . G 01.1sreEt.-7--Maithgany, put:: and Or:
natnental fratnod Glasses from.. - j•: . -1 :as": to s'l s ,
able, .3/arldd Slabs and Bracelets. , • ' War.'E.'—Gut andAressed Gbldets;De.l.
canters, 'Ttonhlers,j c hatul'pgl4, BoAvls on foot.
Cc r'd - Butters, :Globes,. Candle Sticks, &.e. c.
- ilousEKEic.rttw lthIDWARE.— Table and Pock:
et iCutlery, Spoons, Tea Trays, Scales, B:iddrons,'
Hounded Kettles, ':llat Racks, 'Refr i gerators;
W a ter Coal i ers, Lie Cream Freezers, &c. - •
IVoon.EN I Ail). WILLO`.\; . WAR c.--4 1 ,ilopelli.irsi}
Cabs, Wagiins, Rocking Hoses, Cradles ' Ceder.
Pails, Tubs.; loss, F(iundei.s, - Baskets, R ocking
llig,h and Stool Chairs, &c. ' ,
iWINDOW—CorTices. 'Glass r and Gilt
Pins and INao's, 'Bands Loop and ;Tassels, nisi
Stain PoidstiitlYariety.
I.LiceAszil NVAitE.—Toiletskt,• consisting. of
F,ot 'Pubs, ~5.14) ;far .and \':tter Fail; Cash Ilex-'
es' ata - 411 attictes tuanufactdred in the line. •
- T
6 Du ril,; r.‘! 4 D A ni:i: NTus'r _W AltE.—(oie an
• Urns,FoCoddlers r4ist TA, C. afi , D'?h
PitChers, Candlesticks, &a. - .
• • 111.110 ANtl UINTI:iINs.—In evf2ry 'Variety, - style,
- -
'price and qualify: ' • i
!Toys . Asi) IPANci Awricr.F.s.—PonlilOrng 0
China, C,llasit, Wood, Tin, ;WITI ,, w; :Iran, Paper ,-
Alielte, 'Pena Gotta, Pariar 'And Atolsitttix rinS, al,
4clFa nc y Jliski..ta. i . • !. , • i ::-
• !Plated Waye.— Table • and T ests'poohs, Table
Dessert and, Oisttir Forks, .:beswertl knives,..6'oup
494 Binwe Ladles, Castors. Snutreis and Trays,
T t m :ma colls.4tA. - ~ :-. . - .
turd Ca4s;"•rabl..6nd Floor Mats,. Brushes of
'e4ry,dcscriliff,in,'itifact almost every! article 41
tie lino of fuitite furnishinp•,both. useful and orna' 7 .
tnkmtal, rank bit. fouild'at this ext e nsive I establish-.
mlent 1 ••• ,
I ' . ' . : -• .
f • • 1 1 •• i - .JAM ES IL PE PEU..:, _
~ 1 A donri easf,of the Arderi!!:3: l l o tel- .. .-. '
I Din o e•hatutoti;June Bth 1853. :. :'j • . 1 ! • • '
,441 g ri§
Its AND Pliolo.4llETo' Us.
q 17:
411,1:1 411
, .
TIM, IS- 7 5i,50, cash in eulvanee; $
not Pahl w 'thin six - months; and $2,50, at t
bribe yea .. No paper discontinued until ,a
ges are, pa,id, except at the option of -th
liiihers.: 411 communications eennected w
office, to i 1 mitre attentiou . ,tuust'be directe I
paid) 6 C EASE & Dar; 111entrOse j . &ISO:
c ount3i - , la. . ~-
1 - '
. ,
. • .
gales • of Adyertisipg.
OUe sqiintie (1 0 , lines or less) a insertions ;
Each - stibse rent insertion, .ri . .
Onesquarie th cc months, .
si. months, -. . ..."
Business CaM•, four lines or hiss; ,
Yearly adlverti..einents, not over . 4 squares
;One,column oel year, .. • .. ..
Ytaily j adv -rtisers be restricted
( business jn w rich they are engnged.
, 1 5 . 1 1 . 3!1 : k
having added - to tit ,
Prin - 11
•materials a 'large and superior
men of Joh Type, are now prepared to- e'
' - '„ E "' Work in 4 manner unsurpassed th
"? of country, and onthe mostTeaseinahte
Imulirs Of every deseriptiOn kept con
:°"' and or printed to order.
'' )lt . sl: - 4 . 0 . 5 .-, ll.qcttar,
.10111 1 11101a00S, .
sh I.etnableTailoop under
ktel, Mnai Street, Muntroae, Pa.
i r p
- ItIVICANT . 110PS;E:
eat Bead Depoti :ADDiSO
4.yr, Proprictoi.
L. li.
ac, spativrl
• ift;tftatritr of Srßurr i' s QO3IEIN
niAcr Srnnics,Montmsei
Wm. W. SMITE( dc. Co. - 1
„.. •
ibiuet and Chair MatattfOturers, foo
Street; Montrose, Pa: •
G. W. 11. FULLER ,
Ariers in Books, Ready-Made Clothi
and Caps Mots anct.Shoes - ,.&e., Stor
site Searie's Hotel, Montrose, Pao
iLli Dr.' C. 46. EDVio'ARDS,
4 Physiein 14,:ind Snogeonilr,:irford,'Pa l
1- 2 doors, below Eaton's-St O. - - .
Dr. EL Smprii;
1 - k...... w .;,..
, - Seade's Hote l ; Mondays and I Tuesdays el
week. • " sy'
Dtbalers in Dry 'Goods, GroCeries,
Crockery, Boas and 5h0e5,1,44e., Sprii
Pa. .
Attornies 40' Law--Oflitie former]
ified by Little & Streeter, Nontrose,
banna County, Pa. -
rileaierAi in Marlde Monuments,.Tables,
Stones, &c. Corner of Court and Ex,
_Streets, opposite Broome .County 'Ban 1
11,amton t. N. y.. ; 7
' ;C. LA.TIBILRO* Aic.
' •I
1134‘.foler, Stoves and !3lannfact
Copper, Tin; and' Sdeet.liOn Ware.
.. west sid . e Main Street, oppoite Dem
flee, Montrose, Va.
• E. Hr. !LOONEY, • r •
Repairer M Clocks, Jeweity,.3fu -leaf Instrh,
•• ment . k, and Guns, &e., &c. Elect opl . tilig of
Sprpms, Wathhes, Ji;welry, &e.; d ne t ordpi.
.lvis appointment fog Sealer I*. eig h ts
and Measures. Shoi) Main Stret, fiift
.door..below the Brick Cornet, lloi;Ltrosf, Pa.l
ABEL AlohritoSEl
Deafer iu Dyngs,'Afedicines; Chermcals,Paintf,
Oils,.Dye-stuffs, Grm:jeries,,Div goodS, Hard
ware, Stone-ware, Glriss.ware,CaniPhOne,Butn
in.g Fluid, Larnp,Oils Can dlesiVarnish'o„Whl
• . dy,w - Glass, Fancy and Toilet Articles; Perth.
mery, .Jewqlty,. SpoOns, Spectaeha, 31661
Instruments, - Trusses Medical Insttumen4;
• I.itino . rs, liirrars,.Stationery, Brushes, Shad,
Yankee. ICotions,&.O. Physicians. Preseni
" tions caiefulfy compounded. - " ' t • :I
Attorney: and Counsellor at Law, _
Moyrri.opE, PA., '
. , • !.
- VNTILL attend faithfally to all business entail
' T T tedio him is the County of Soitinehannal.
-. Coneyancfng and writiw . of,alli )tindi will I 1
done neatly, and charge moderate.' ' •
He will also attend to the prosecut ion aclaimitd
soldiers,their widows arid heirs, •atitinet . The IT le
ted7'States - governrhent; for Bounty- Laud, P4it
sioits, &d., . • .- - . ; - , I--
May tie romp' at all hours at the officefonneil
occupied by J . . Richare,s, Esq.,north of the Co' rt .
House. -.•
,DEAI:EI:tN I f.tvVeS, Tin, Crpper and Sheet hell
Ware, Lo i deNville, near Great Bend Oepoi-rlif
: . M. 0:, YLEB„ -;•
• Intetested wit h I. L. Hunt,.
IMPORTER AND DEALER in 'Hardware and C t.
lery, Carriage Trinunings, Springs, &c.: r
' 1 No. :215 Pearl Street; IV. YJ
Where his Mercantile friends, in this: and oilier
Counties, are kindly invited, and earrieidisolicit a
ed to call and- Purchase. ' ' n61f,1 .
HENRY :B—KNAPP, •; • 1 -
.OF MONTR • OSE PA. •' . . ',.
•Nl7jth- - .Rowet,- Woodruff, :it_ Cart e . ,
AATHOLESALE; GEocErts and -Cozemisgi s
11 1 MEr.crusrs, No. 1'73 typbbagton Stre t,
between Cortland and Dey Streets, New York..
Villarch 8, -1854-10tf. .
.- .
. .
• 'Medical Card.
RS. E. Patrick, Jr. •& G. Z. Dlmockla
this day' formed a co-partnership, for
efficient and successful proSectition ofl49 . diff
ent branches pf their professiOn... •
All- lnisinpss entrusted to.them, - wiltte atte
Ged to with promptnegs and fideliti;
Their office will ht;the ohs lately occtipied
Dr. Dimeek.. L
' G. Z... DIMOCK.
Montrose, Mardi 22, -1851- • I
.DiNerit . .l C. Vail •*DRu?6sTnlde7l,l2.a d
n.,meiene: ;ic:l q,,Dituf
Paints, Oils, Patty, Window. Glass, Camphill
Fluid, Pert Yankeq N &c;
C..-141:111:0NDALE- STAGES.' —I
riNIE Subseribc4. are, Punning a Daily line
..L..- Stagett bet*een . Carbondaloind Hopbotte
Station on the.l.noliawattrut and Western Rs
'goad; Distanee'.. o o Mlles. Leave Carbondale`
.. .
.morning and .eOnneet with the ears goi i i
North. Returning.,..leavo on the arrival_ of ti
:-mail. train "frein the Great Bald.' Tile Beare,
most direct mill cheapest route from Great Bei
to, Carbondale. Passengers by. this line alwsi
tg,et. into Carbondale earlier in tho,evening tb
luny other route.
.- ! ..- . - .
1 run recei 1 ed in Carboednh: at, ,the: Store
the Stibleril ors,Voin street, a few blocks belo
'Bronson'.s I tel. _ _ -..—
-'; ' ,• :,,.: : GROW R. BROTHERS ,
Anteet, 103.--Af: . . :
1-131‘v*tht4"' TURRELVS
r.,00, if
e end
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1. 2,50
j! 4,00
• 3,00
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