The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, January 26, 1854, Image 3

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    -oirtodoo■••------------T-7—. 4
irta c l shall be sutfere'd to
renutin, .or car or
i oc , a i naive used after prOsts.cution'for the Irst ‘
or An - subsqUent • ottetice,• pitovidetrthe li.rie
; aid . ortheast Railroad company may, if hey
1 ,
deem it expt,.dient so 'to dO; put down, 'and
ga ys i said city a track of the' width,or . gauge
et'lCou feet eight inches' and a half, with 'ears
, i i i 'd• I . °motives .to .exmttly correspond, Any
tling herein. contained - to the,contmry not
withs a iding. I
et- .
SE •. 2. In case any railroad track shah"[ be
it I own on oracrossiany of the streets of
Pi k . . • • - .
Iles City, in violation of the 2 provisions ofithis,
l e rdin Mee, the AO 'Constahle-• is herebyl au
tlioriy.4.l and reqiiired -th cause the mime -to
it 'fdrthWith removed from such- . street or
street•; and he is hereby. authorized and,-re-
Aire 'to employ a, sufficient: force 'for, that
q) I
p a rt. se.-. _ . ..._ - •. -
ISE . 3. Each and every r esident of this
.eitV i• hereby;iin requestl)Y the 1. 4 .11* ' ll- •
'stiible, reqiiired underfor_
the penalty of I s .
every neglectlor refuSal to aid him in thedis•-
lietein before '•enjo ned
'char e of the duties ,
him.: and all persons - are 'hereby irO
hibit • under the. penalty. of 009 Eton Te
S i St i l ig or o bstructing the High Constabl
ai l ' s , person called to his aid, in the disefi l
1 •
e t tli duties above enjoined:
•I Svc.{ 4. Nothing. herein contained shallon
fel.; o'. 'be construed. as,'Conferritigi, any right
vj co istruct or maintain ,ju said city, lipon,or,
i l lro4 any of the streets &red; giy.rail , oad
trick - flir the construction and inAiiitainkince
.0 1 , Id tch a,legalanthon'ty,does ni.irexist i l nde 7
?end , at of this ordinance.. - , 1 I
10r lained and enacted into an urdin ,
.this 19th day of July, 1853. • , ..
-l lndefiance of .this ordinance, and relying
4in -the ,aet i' the Le„-ridature,the Compan '
',f l oc eded with ,the Coirstructionef the roa
into he city. 'Noiv came the conflict between
'tile- c ommon Council . and 'the' compau y!---r-
Standing:Upon their right of control
.over .the
streets of their iiity, this 'body' passed th fol
lowi 'g ordinance, which brought the matter
tai a core direct issue between theni . and the
Nor least mid Erie doMpany z,I
, I W I t e r eas i • The Franklin Canal Coinpany
and he Erie and Northeast RailrOad Comp
nr, lave respectivel y caused to be,placed -Up
dn, ( o'er and across divers of the public streets
of tie city of Erie; certain railS for railroad
i rac l,:s, and certain bilidgel, embankinents,
,:cll t es,limiters 'and :other erections and con
•tions ail of whieli are without authority
w, and obstruct tliirliee,mie of saidstreets,
ctivelv, as highways ;therefore . • '
1 ,
Be' it ordaimal mid enacted by th ••• Se
.and Common Councils of the city of Erie
it is hereby ordained and enacted, by th
6ritv of the same, that the
,Mayor o' sat
'be, and -he is hereby, authorized an( en
red to issue hit; order to the High Co
le of the same; directing' hith•to remo
stichstreets, or any'of, them; all-.4rAi
'eh track or tracks, bridge' bridgr
- meaty -me ditches, timber i erections am c
'lions, whatsoever, or any part thereof
nsoever made of caused ; and the I'
table....,on,the receipt of . such orb
.b required forthivith to carry the
etlect,- and to employ . a sufficient 1
hat purpose. • • . • , •
-Any peron -who shall ~ in any manor
et 'or. resist the high • Constable in i
Such Order intO,eflect, or shall repla
in, replacing any such -track; bridg
)tinent, ditch, timber, ofuther erect
Fstruction, upon or over any of said ,
r the same shall have been • remo
r l esaid, shall forfeit and pay to the.
city a penalty of 'ninety dollars for,
-Aimee. • -
.... That all privileges, or grants Of ,
ege,(itany exist,) to any. railroad con
toprace or maintain any track, bridg,
, t apc 4; over, • or`across Any street, in chi
are ?hereby annulled- and revoked, at
Placing or maintaining of' , any ' such i,
:iJASititiell. - j•I
I Ordained and enacted Y
" this 28th day
h b : r ilig lB h sl C . on - st;thle, Joseph Deem4,' act
on the authority .With which he was in
lied by the Common Council, proceeded to_
Move the track.. He was attended by one
&red and fifty special pobcenien, 1 whose
arty it was simply to preserve' the petee; .
di c. were .not required to pull tip the kails.—..
th it
. was done 1:7 the
s cit . i . .ze . tts', 'acting uader
di authority whiehtheY had received from
th Common Council: I .
If, as the result will prove, thef . avere.'act .
in., illegally, they had, tit least some nutliori
trifor what they did. ' They claim tha't.they
Lire thes-attic right, throu p oir• their corporate
. •
authorities, over the 'use and oceupauc,y of
.66 streets that, the citizens of-NewY.Ork - pos- -
. 1
seiq. The'People of, they say,WoUld
n fi ver permit a railroad tobe' constructed in
B eadway, even-if their Common Council and
I.egi_ Mature combined had granted 'the right .
to a company. . The attempt to-do so in op
p -ition . to their will w'on1(1;• they- believe, be
at tended witli more serious disturbances than
hre taken pface in this city. ', 1 : - • .
, The Legal-6rciringsrings ihe .ccise..
T ,.T i t te l :f ( o )f llo th w iis ittr i , ty w , h p ic r li .se w i l handed . me by a
The .city takes the „legal position {hat the
a of thelegislatureof PentisylVania, of 1796
111der which the .toWn '(now city) of Erie was
1.4 i d out, and which) remains 'in .fall force,
Made an absolute .dedication of the! 'streets,
lanes and, aleys thereof
_for the purpre.s of
streets and having Made such dedication,any
lippropriati on or grant of the use of the , lstree!f
4azies. mind alley's to an individual or ii corpo
ration fin. a purpose; inconsitent With the oh
11 , ~.. ,
Jects and uses.ibr which tney :were o :gitially
granted andlchartered. would be void, as two
ants of the same right both N for's)dlar
p Iri)os,er, would be inconsistent, and toill.i not
tit in the. riature;of thitlp-s. ..
,A distinction'
isl Made by the city between a dediatiou -by,
the commonwealth antra' mere reservation ;
a ids they.acne of the 'opinion that the words
"shall be' and forever- remain comnion.high- •
ImyS" amount to -a dedication. "A 1 dedical.,
Mon is irreVocahle; : and the owner! has no
i wer Or control over the property as' incoi -.
..teiat with the terms of the dedicatlion.7 In
. . , .4.-.! grants Of lands made by 'the Common
vealth she usually retains the right to enter
Lport and takt tixper centum for Alio uses;
i ut iti thijlrant to the city no mseivatiOn is
i , nale. They -relY ai sortie eitenV Upon the
,itt , e of Pitcher- vs.' the New Ik York and. Erie
ittilia t ad Company, • 5 TS•indford's I Superior
(i.ourt,; R. 587, and, upon many PeansylVania
eases with wh'
6tiou that a
I aken ; hence
tioirof the sty
of a railroad
the' objects 'Ol
'lie railroa
bait their mil
streets on th,
in, the eas e ,
Railroad Col
hecituse that cast. )
zillowed the cOutinany, If)
lay.down their haul intlit; 'streets o Ketisin , 4..
ton and the N Libtrtio‘
t ey 'ciaim
Tha t it . covers a" 'Protw-tts their ittempt,' to
do it in Erie.. This is-an•wer e d b l y the city'
, .-
that. Kensington and the - Noribeitr . Lib re .
of Philadelphia Ivere. Bald out on 1W v t e t
i n es.
eny, anAlthe right 'Of . the citizenii . t( a i tieskrth.e
?.Sreets exist only in Privateg rant and Ppr
ftriation—that. the comidouwealtli, 'wh a eu - ith u e
traSsferred.the .soil' undoubtedly reierved• ' as
she usually does, the right to appropriate six
Per cent for roadoke:- . Renee,. lly .4orright
of 1:
'N. 'fit I
• I
Icon ,
.t or
r. ) .
/ the'
1 i
of -eminent &main, and the .reservations in
~she enters.and takes' possession of
the •B'.recs ;_that . tlie . LegiSlature gave the rail
road cOmpany the right tq use and occupy.
those sit - ( . ! . , - s, in the saint: manner and by . the
'at th '
smite arity that th ey mould dO . t. °sett
py and use a farm,. or4ther;privatelpro . perty,
over which their right of . entry and occupa-. 1
Lion for Public uses , existed:!;t - • •• i. : .
The'ebmpany, again, clitim• that the city'
and.citixens allowed them 'iii lay down their
trackoMtl that „they
. arelid'iv. bound by it-'.--..
that it is a brea - ch of gOodlititlfin then now
- . • , : _.
to interfere and.compelthein to take . up their
track.' To this iigitin - , thel::'c,ity answers titg
it was' a mere sutierafice on , •their part, and
that it .was understood hit& agreed at the , .
. At a ipeeial theetintr of Huron Lodge No. /18;
time the toitfl7 , --4 - asslaid • mulch that itShould• 1.0, of U. F eiiiiveite:i at Jackson,' Jart. 10, 1854
loon, ,
.. , ,
tpiten' to t tie , narbor ;_but,without their • . " ~
in 'itonsetpienee,of the death or P. G. f t AugustM
:Ig-remit:tat and tintierst.lnditig, they sat* " the
• . • 'ickeriii 't. who; de art 41 this•
4, p t up on the filth inst
public are .never boiniti hv tite shame 'of of- i ..
, i .-, - 1 - . tin. foll Owing , r resolutions were • uhanluieusl
itzttions; nor by prestimptions of law or estop
pels,"iiind quote e•Yer, and anon the old mon- adopted -' -\ '
nit; mitxim, a .21 7 allarn ;tlftitpits ocettnit-re- 'Wnetitas, It has pleased. the giiprtho liule
.of all worlds in his. Holy and Wise - Vievidene,
Iti,".' which being interketed,lmeans that may
,or " King," AA* Erie may.
,ito what suits him •
to r,..rnyi.l . froth ear.iiiidst Our worthy 'astGraiic
anti esteemed brother; AtigositiS.Picktirthg,who
and at any . tints ; he \ Pleasear;'' -' '
• • iiii.ofy and christizt,p..portnielit ithitirrill hid •
The' .stoibur,y road '
and it a; - .connection with valu:ditt6ticiith'er of-Tsui Wli le l a cotistai
the di j ficulo. 1,, .i
- 11, of •kitidtk !Vining, - slitiwing that he eta;
,11 ~ " .
bound to his telittw then by the trippie chain iii
In the year 1836 *charter w:is granted for
Friethisiiiii, Lore and Truth, latiVe mirrored Ina
the construction of a ro:td; from Erie to Will:.
. , tO the I)l'a:tremor this LudJu laid cialialuied hie
iiiirfsport i,t - distance of twOlinntired :mil forty alleim,ry in our' ite.tri,i. °
. .
Mlles' uniler the Mune of the' , Erie and &tabu- ' tte,4, i I i i i
', F e..., ....i.l la,. trr ' otbers of litiriltll.4u4
„ 1 ,. , 1, meet_ 1..1
ry itaiiroau.. "it was . to.cot woo the cat- , No. 483, deeply lantenting the death iir our broth
ftWisSft road , and through A 'ivitit .1 erser Citir, 1 cr., tender our treartte4t ti t tun kitty. to !the finial
by'a reap whiiiii it Was prOlipiAtti to run thro' arid fr . iends ot the dt;eitase.i, trustivtg i that wh.
FaSten. ln the event, of it;ii 'completion there is •tueir loss ;1 . 10 : our;.., Is to, him infinite tot
would be three great road's; all continua:lug too lt r i.s t v, i7r , i r n i , t , ott
C d h ; rist s .\ t . ..
... , . t.wr
, :i t„
i . ii
r t t. 4 , 1 w
. t n:"1 1 - 1, t he t tt
at or iteir NpA%"‘ i' ark, and ..,i-ll Coniinuitietiziitg ',,t - :oir'late' t I ! :
.. . , .1 it
. hat• ir,
with ;the oreat west. Tiler would all, -
• '•. - i .
m. i
. of..tear toe imam badge tit mounting fortiorty d:tv..
course, be In active Contiletition, and that !It,s•ov r d, t'lvtt a copy of th, se ri.iil t itho l s: h
which -presented the greater t fiteilities and ad- -I.ress7nte.l 1 , li I il
i ...9 t...e . - ita...y o f our iir part! hr.' i
vanages for the ts:liisPO4,,ttrion of -travellers -Also, zt t at liemtity be torwardiA :th • titelt of (Itl
andfreight, would naturank receive the trmit- et,lltt,f livers :with .i rctitittllfor
it. J. A. 11RONSL/N, N. G.
e.-st share..of 'llatronage. ,'Protti. ale following- ! . ! - -
—-L D'BEtoativ ‘4.'y ,
tablmit . vvill!be Se.titi,that!the Erie . ant San- ,L. ': -'!'`" • ' . ' ~ ..
MosraosE, Jam 24; 1854.
buil- :imid .was t.lte sliortelt; and -would in. . ;
. . . ,
consequence be Preferrellby travellerS ilestin : . To theiOilicers and Brothers of fittron Lod .
-,,,) for Erie of any plade . I bL•yond that city to N 0.483, I.' 0..0f 0. F. - - ; •
, ,, !- - 4 -
either of titeptiter roads t 1 .. .- -
113'.the. the-Erie sunt,„ry broad, ' ' •with your request; atol herewith furnish t . :
frOin N. 1.
,:'-1 Miles 457
cups.; my addre. to the .Brothers 4
:13y the Eric and N. Y. Lll . ' .." 517 Sisters . ef our Order, on the oce:' iSion of tl
lfy the Albanv , 4ind Buff 4. ”, • 55G .Foenil Obsequiesiif Bro. Angtistus Pick
•\ I • 1
iti . g.; which address you. are at liberty to it
• Frrm *ConOarison of 00. e, dis . titnees You
tis‘..yottisliall think proper. :end'. it' it slit
will ; Ii eel that 'hy the. Shiibury mid` Erie is
prove. Of any (benefit to your: Lodge, or to 11
brought -sixty Utiles neaterltO New Yolk than
Order ?, it will .be - A source of satisfaction
by the Erie rpalt.4 and ninety-nine.miles near-.
~..,.. Bra. iu F. U. & T.
'ertlian by , tho Albany . aii.l Butftto. it is Your
-e"yident from this that theiinbriry would re- ' ' • - F. A. W
• . N,
cove all the trivel and :freight - '
goeslover it m.Ent., ant •Alhativ•and'Butfalo
wadi:, to Cleveland and other Vikstern eitie4.
i'TheiConstrueo ni of this-read would therefore
a t -Phite,higlily' letrimenutlii to, the . Commerce.
ankbusiness ctA3titlitlo, Of is a New .York
I eity.i while it. would be nit imMense 'atty.-an-
tam to Ent, which is a - Pennsylvittit city..- i
Nov this t ie . Evian:. iloi hot deny, •and they,
arel willing, so far astlie*irival roads"are conl
celled,. to a low them c? . test upon their own 1
'merits. BM this is in p . Osible..they say, un
der present'circtimstanee; for the attempt, it' i
sueces.sful•; . to ruti-their
. fOur feet' . ten inch I
tra,l - thrintgh the city;of Erie would have.nn
inj•tiioits etfect, 'Upon their road. - , This May
apkar strangle at. tka ' 4.4 5 .f......, hut to licat •
w come to consider it. We ..will find that it is
,trite; nevertheless. .. • ,
The time pined on• the Simburyroadwetild
be lost in• the transfer of passengers and -1
freight - at Erie if the Northeast road, which
cOnnects with- the Erie and 13:111".ilo - roads,
wer allowedk to run . t.lirinu , h Erie to Cld,ve
littul on a cluitinuous track. Ilut if, on the
contrary, , the Norheast read Were . ctimpelled
by the municipal , autlicirities of this city,
'thrOugh. their allege...l'l.4;lA of 'control Over
the streets,. .to . enter -on ;the six foot track.
(thereby catisitr-it break;) the Sunbury road
woulkhave tlieadyantage.. ;Thus the Matter
stands as far as
. this roadis coneenied,and you
• reeiYe_ how it slitiuld become involved
as On of.the.iSsue-s: I.' .. • i
. .
Whati the, 17 - arbor CreitV people haste to a+
~. .. 1' with; it: \' . . 1 .
- - -. i !
• The, Northchst road viols thrOngh Harbor
. ,
freek„ -a, towitship al4nit • eight. Miles 'frorn
. Erie; and iiu the same County. •To ,this the
peophi of that pla;• - e,` saY they have. no objecl
tions, if it.did not th.:citipy abut thirty roils
:of ! public thoroughfare,• a id cross it fret
quently, to the
... (:: -, .at danger of life and prik
,erty. • They say they litYe prOtest4...ll against
i ' :.i.
irtreqiiently,. and conk , fid that tne,eoturn., i
sioners of roads had no:tight to eaulie it. to be
removed as they - did. :Por doing this it.,- titer
n a
allege, i lawilil and peticeabletrilinner,the %
were attacked by one or the ruins: ofticiabi.,
who shot one oftheir tiitizens. ' e 'rest the
readers of the IferaU.Aq -already cquainted
With. • • i
i Thl whole caset hi, a A.Votsh 11..
1 .
.` The .whole inat , _er, With -the var
and . trie=tious !that...render it so c
to lilt wit provion:ly ii49ziailite:l
facf. , . and 'histtiry of the iy b
up-briefly - its i',;llow::The Eria
-break' at their. city. betause it -W,
1 lieni.:l share in the ;.profits Alcrivej
trawl/on: :ion and, trataer of freil
want the road to run dawn to th.
knowing. that it wlialtl -greatly imp
mimintirce, by the e)npliiyinctit of • - 1
sels'imithe .trnsethiation of . freigh
vAriiin4 pArt.s . 4oti Diki• Erie. It tl
permitted to run thi•Ougli their tit;
- a break, they will' derive no benegi
bat-iiearly in the' lirly,n.tion of
which they Wont] . derive fro:* its r
the harbor would 14! t;b0,10, , ,, to ti
iliatv.. I ere, then, IyOtt; see the i
ilie twit ..:.111 - cs; so fa lts'ttlicse citii
.certied,i c ine in ii i+A c4llllict, a
people.'of Erie'do not defiy. •
. .
Then,.gai ' then", tvit ts iit , a roat of' their
own, the 'int . ry,.Or ‘ , /iiich they 'btaincd a
i_ l_
i!haver .. Yet- -: *eat:Al:l(4k - but w fich• they
have ney r been itb,e4o:: complete nor will
they, the) believe; c.zinph , te it fort 'tny years
to come, fur the.reaions i have air lily stated
if the four feet ten inch track is• twitted to
run .through their city:••;Now, if tl e Sunbury
was: - conq doted, zilarge, part of the travel and
freglit us ilial now Oest - over: he two New
York roads would part
~,ever it. his is . one
of ! the reasons 'wftv the !resent q estions in
iereits Me: - whole . !'Stafe : of _l'ennsyl -ania, and
it tsalfio ttioqier reasptii.Vvity the tate-of N.
Y.lcotisal'ing her.intere4ts, shoal endeavor.
to ,[det;i: its conStruetipii. It is fi ght •in
which tth , New' Yorkers t:litiye the kict of the
14rislittu eOf Petnisylvadia,altering the gauge
Of pat Skite, on their side, and in which - the
Errans are• aided, by theiii local - • uthoritic.s,
sitinding lon their. Mituthipal rig ts, and in
oppcisitiOn. to the act of, their ore Legisla
ture, , .1%7 P.' herald: ' I
-:.7- 2- 0.---------=-:
~ • i , : , .The Mtex.i:tit#,Treat . . .
. .
It is. ratted that -c. : , L. Wird ; f Bradford •
•on y, Pia. has I reached WashingtOU from .
!i k... ie.°, with theJeng talked of treaty. The
tieutl • ry agreed:m4: enlninences three iniles
twit]) 1 . . A. I Ptizo,'r thenee,.southncegt one league
south of La • . e Glizinanep the `thirtY-first. de
gr4.elof latitat: and the io,fteltundrOd and der
euthl,detrrec-- of,. ngitude west frem Green- -
wick trience uciltliw ' l'io a point two leagues .
,aboo the montlfof
. th riYer' Colorado.' The.
neiv ! territory. ernbracc.s L all of Pistne.*.`.
via: aad . thiFty-nape millions acres. .- • '
. The. eleventh Arden, of the t ty of (had.
tilOpe Hidalgo is'OlitiOe god.' Me - is to . reo
i .
er ob
,ce or
on or
'elf as
ise of
i dtv.
!id the
ceive I,Wenty..lmillion*of dollars in fifteen
mcinths—three millions on the ratification' of
'the treaty, and the balance in tri-mi?uthly in
7;staltnent, - with interett, out of whielt five - mil
'lions be; set apart to • pay Atnericar,
claims; inclutfing - the Garay people receive
any portion -as an indemnity,theyPill.rel.
-to the Mexican govOnment all- title to the
lands onthe Isthmus. • • ".
This i all the mention. made of the Grano
coinpany in the treaty. - If the United Statei
wish, thy can pay the whole amount tnen. i
Boned tit once., and have the interest. •Att
Board of Conimissioners is to be appointed
at,Washington to adjust all .
t •
PROyIIERS 1 AND , SISTEitS :- , :•We! are - again
convened to' perform the last and sad duties
we owe wdeparteil brother. ;And though it
may seem that a multiplicity
.of, :such see ies
Wonldlhave a - tendency to sear or clog he
channels ~ of !sytnpathy, vet such is not. he
,nor dot we•come here for sympathyl.a
lone. ;Are We not - here with prayerful hearts
towards that All-wise .roVidence Whose 1 - 4 -
teriowi working with us
. poor mortals has 1
hroigiii us tOgether on .this oceasion. 'And
Winialookiug riVon our •Brother ',now in file
eirlma•e oft that "icy nionSter de:till a •
Brother.who but a 'few days at , o•!we 'suppos-,
• t , ... e , ~
ed its destined to remain with tts much 10n
e,,. ..i...,.. ' - 1 - • - arA
.., .-1 ~ ,alu4-11%...i.• W.L. -1.41 . .11,1.14 EU; V....f
t il;
us,znd to whom we never in vainapplied i 'or
adrice,\May ,we not.console our: lees with Ole. 1
blessed thought, and cherished , e hoPi
.` t h at
though We are no more to have his presence.
in. our, Lodge here below' ; he has gone to; and
is now happy in that Mansion abuse, . whose
maker and bulkier is' Christ. Md vet Iwe
Mourn. This family who have IA a husband
and al father, Mid we brothers and: sisters Metro .
have lost a', Brother; aye a /Father, though
.we al), mourn; let us believe that. it is tru-ly
saiAl,'‘,, life •i, - , butrappiness, and that for the .
i 'believer in Christ. to die is gain - PerhaPs
the takium of our Brother froiwOur midst is
i but a;warning to nits f that we like him, May
1 be prepared !to receive the sumniOns in pe)ice.
I. "The'connection ofour.Brother Pickering
, with our n'of such duration; as
1 - t.iy e nAle us to learn. and appreciate his ever
I l bountiful*od qualities, ^ And it is,n great,
sati:faetion 16 know that\ he'has mink eve r
1 • ! 1 • .1 .
1 etforOo ear 7 owt and sustain
. the principles
of our Order the grand object of \Vhich is to
• 1 - -
1 fraternize. oir world. and Ito -unite 5n one
1 Brotherhood!. " all.people, tohgves and kin-1
dred. l '.;' We hare seen in- hith \ \hatexhibition
of Friendship, Love. and' Truth; that we so
! • 1
:11111‘.! ii: 8111111 tie., and desire should!,:govern, all
lour actio - as.'.. . 1 . I .1 .
i. , TO'our Sister, the wife of our\ .departed
• Brother we 'would say, let not the link thatiS
just •liroketi! ,caSt you down.• Iletne*Perl we
all niusi'die;nird ',remember too that there . are
thosi left Who - will *watch. over you in sick
•!. I
ness,!and tmlist you in health, who will Iwil
t, awl freely- counsel with you in all tri
als . :
and• troubels of this life.
Tel coil Brother and Sister's of our Order
I would sae; you can here behold an emblein
of the Ciliii ' s:ill sieli VI it iv,! are irr-\.
to .undergo=; let it,sink deep into your minds,
for you knoW not•how soon .it may come- to.
.von,",letit teaeli_us all the great - necessity o
i faithfully performing the - duties . We. owel ' eur
1 Mak4r; otir;Vindresi, our, brothers,sisters and
to ourselyesltherefore let your wor.kingislbe
ous IsqueA
with, the
'from flip
lat. They
fir harbor,
for CharityJ l ;itionghlov, and your hoi
Heairen. And though yon may be of kat
surel, and Often hear . petson speak ill of
hlanti'tiwan not, rather pity the►
nailtroeriag:ihe dying. pray'er of our S n
when he- stOo - t alone, no friend to ..eo
rove their
.heir.vess•; ,
L 3 to the
lie road is
iv wiili4ut
1. from ;
the proat
i e Buffalo
!iterests of
. •
him,':lll 31•OUnl.Avus but pur.4e,Mtiou,- yet
he not say t! it F . ather fort ive them,thev k
tiot..ivliat they do." Mm,•:Faith, ItOpe,
Charity, el - MI - tied Fl-iendship, Love,
Truth, thovelt;vine - and !ever to be elieri
pritte.iple.; be ,:ini rem in with Vol al w:1
g Are
-1 this the
Information Waiitod
OI John 31rE1.• t‘a t.4tive of Ireland. 1,.
,41'' liii:unila , n,'comit3. of com,t...wh,; ciine'l. l
e4.uniry ..Ip - 0nt. : 12 A'en is; :it, ..when •In4 t••, ,
w'is in NoreOlk. Virginia. I Also, Charles M.'
in .t.ibr..thri• id*J.lhti; wh .1 e,hllllo ill this col
. abottl. IV yrilts :Igo' when . btst bothed of wa
- 7 4 - ,lrk. I Any infornintion rtlspecting 11
will lb.t .111knkfti'lly . rr;t•eived by their I.ris
Fr , o4.isM.--Pt. , ...rt00t. Piezt:4o to MI
-11.• N unity; Dinowl: 4 Ctirtiers, Su4iptchatini
1 1 :t..'1 .- • • ; .•
i ..
Boa on papers plensi copy.
•1 ! -
• •: •
In Se : sgurk.o e 29th ult,,by the Re,
Batt let.„'3lr4-1 5 1: 1.31 , ;,nkt.L atrd Miss
LO - ria E. Bitizi.t., bot of Jessup.
I •
410rAcccunpanyin' the above notice
u. befititifut loaf.a•bride's ke.' -• The hl
Om ; haVe our best wishes. •
• i•
. r . In Aubtirt, on the 17th ins by Eld.
CLIiIENA W. HAVENS,.Ikoth of Auburn.
• In Greiit Bend, Dec. 18th, 1833; by
ReckhOw, Bk";,1. OGDEN. of Che r ;
County; 1.,. to .Misf , PE RMELIA Till
Windsor, Broome county, LY. . .
.1 i
Crieut.mnd, by the same, on the Is /
Smut, both of, great *ad.
itt - Ltinesboro. on thel4th jolt., • by
Rumford Eki., Aft, Gro. Yisszikuoti an
MAirsa..DAttooz, all of Thomson, Ps.
17 . . ,
n Sanderson4Bussex county, N. J, on the,l
)3th thO residence ail
,his grand pa-''
rents, RANbAL .)::Ir.r.trE ° , son !of Orpha and;
Thomask4aing,r,hgect I penis.
waraßEAstport is in feirculation, that
Mr. John r . Dunmore piid nos 800, the
penal suit' requiro y the eostqtßte Depu`trarnt,
fur atterUpiing torus: a_canceltql L t u rr .sc am o.
•It is-due tot hitn. t tat I shodld say.. that, Vini, 4
not the tcss'e. t i Th; . 11i:virtmtitit did' not pro,
nounee it c Thereforti I have returned
to Mr. 13,1unincire his letter,
D. R. L
. i Oiie
; Cent Reward.
. 13 ANini4 frOtn the nuineritier on the night,
.11 of;the S onnelltobertson; nn in-I
dotted 4pprentiOi .to the Shoen 'king businotn.i
Whoever will return Maid appientinee sliall ,re-1
come the übove fewnrd.
1 -..: ..: . Wind L. VAUGHN. 1 .
Dimocic..Tn.l.k. 1854- 4 w3. 1 . I
. , , • ,•
11.• C. BENNETT &CO: -, ', 1 ,1
b,: ~,
Imporiers aid 'obbers- Foreign and 0-
' .. • '''-': titiltic Dry Goods.. :! •• I
.. . • 41 DEE STREET, REIT YORE, • :
. .
WCRILD : invite the atuptin" nf mere' htintSin
VV . lins(poillanna and adjoi ling Counties' to'
theii stielt Olielt still he faun large and_dettira:
ble at rill seaSo'oS of the year, emtsisting in pita
..f (1 , 4h,', Ctissirateres and Vesting'', . Jeans nod
TO.eedit;with :111 the best and lyell,known stiles
.f . fastieol , ired Prints: -• . ' ,
Alan. Dress cods, White and Linen GoOds;
&v. 4 - • •':-
, !T
Also::. Broiff, ',?'brig and sqohre shawls' Cash:
. ~.,
mere .aiiitt §lllt r Siiawiw, together:with Hosiery and
Riney ao.a s . 1 . 1: . • ~ i
• ProlUpt -atteniiori paid to ordurs.
' } 4yl-1 ellange.: :.
Cn. LA'l'llft.OP & C.'. ‘l, , iiil(l beg learn •to
• 'rettirtithi'aiks to their for . b.
era inttrtitiaize for the last vtiorand hope they
e•tntinne their favors, o hilt We ho . peto tner.
it by St riet - attentio n hush, ytt, ;at low pares.
We tetee the totist approviSl plattives of StovEs
ever qinngtst hitu this in:.rketaittong o Melt :04 4
lw t: - tititi :--!: •
STAR OF TILE WES ri (Elevated Oceij.):
(;111.T.1r ATOR, "
• • -,
PAR .1 O • i • •
G 408 E,
. A l'l4A 0, .1 • I
TIMEE STA TES, ll Air Tight, and nth . •
erg toil itioneratus t.. mention'. • - . •
WI4 tiand n large assortmen of
Tht n ! jhelry ay; 'expressly for litOtie
trade.ll7iseent and %V ell PIIMA 01 ail
lead ripe..tif nit Niied, reels for 'chain putnps,:&.,l
- done with neatness - and desp,:t r ttlit.
All kinds, Of produtto . t..ken, or approved eri.dit
oivett Give tie a call if you please. Shop! tut
Alain istreet, diieetly oppositet,the nett.
;,. •
Cal.b paid ftk•Fitrs by . L. &AV.,'
TIE Ci..paitner4hip :heretofore 4 . ,xistin. , 7,i be.
kweeb th! undersigned. In
, Editing and iod}r.,
:11 , ouruxe Democat. uniter the ffi-rm
and style 1)1 & E. 1. RASE, is this; 4:114v
dissolved by Mutual moment, The notes; ; And
seeotints itre fiir the present" n the hands of S.
L. . Jr !
cute iottriuh9eribers. arraNtements have been
mailt%, Kn tb-it payments may be made
'the tatw Office . of S. B. CIIA p. st . f;real Rend;
to AitAskien t ise. &I. of LI frford ; or to Aicent
DA's ono !bf 1 the present .propriet. , rs ofl the
!' Dein wrAt." SIMEON B..CEIASE,
• r: .- E. 4.CIiASE.
Nti)r,tro'r, Dee.•31:1853. •
• •
At the Upsonville'Eichange.
T"E Tibor herby iinfortns his frier*
• i,..(toonprisinitOire Public Lrenerally)
now . :repleinishing`iii+ stork of "Goods. and is • kit
ferittg, Mal a ri..t inderetnents for them to pot ichlse
of him, keepin•• %ill as
doini.! theft- traning.nt home, •arnonz itis:Lstoek.
mayibeflifol•ngeneral asiortment (if Dry.fimilits4
Groterirm; •Cioelierv, liardivare.
_Paints, !!Oils,
. .
Dyeis Bouts u nit Slopes, ,tS and Laps, wall and
paper; t3lothing,TrunkS, Yankee nOtions
all of wliiil‘he will be hap,py to exrhange
for :any f.rtiter's prepuce at the higliest
Prit'VA, good credit. . • .•
Also h4°.w:ints ati who have :ieentinOt. of, Over
six inuntire stindine to rail surd settle them' , on.Or
belay° the; tir4 of Feb. 1853; and all why intend
to pity in Wr:,in are reqdestrd brim_ it akin gas
soori as ilm‘ohient. J 41... MERRIM I tN.
WANTED,-to hire a :Mod Blacksmith, one
witi; undtirstaiids all branclu+s-nf • the tr 4; and
ran :eotnei; . wrlli recronnetle& for sobriety and in
dtt4try ein obtain f•.ii wage 4 •bv ealling.on the
subseribei st,nn at Upsonvii e , Pa:
• 1nn.:2,4854. • • • . -
. •
I: Montrose Dop
rill 1E aitenfjon of the put
vii4ll . toittio asNortfoof
vAlved at.
1. (.1: LEES 'NE*. STORE,
Ghives, titti4a4. ‘‘ltidiiw V.l),
ki;alNidqari4,lFaney alood4
&r. "&e.,
S dal fair rash air bane
j•k\,.. , '±niala. ka.urstiwei4.
• Ai,intri ri els)..p.d. ‘n. 2d.
. .
' Ai i P //Mi. iii . p Judo es of ii i (',cart el . -.(inartei•
•\ , .
~ Seloys if
tia.the Pcuct,in nefor thecounty If
• Sas uerdia: '
• . - i
rpHE\ioili.n ..f I. N. Bullardof. tict B•trrigh
L tit* klinittiimi in 1.4 sill It , .IiITY, n•s t wei ru, ILI,. rep.
re4fits."l„lo he is priividt•d with tinita!iie i•iitive.
iiii•iire t:i k\•ilit n 9,r,bt•ry in' lite Doriittizbinfiire•
slid; :in A that it i.. hi.. intetitit i rn in •
p11,.1 Itut the
3 .! I . _ •
fieX! Court 11 . Qll"lrker . .. .. - ,essirns to tn. 11110.3) in
.a i ii fiir shirt entinty tin the tiitit•ill Iliindtiv4l Jan.
nary rer* iiii,tin.e to keep n iiiicery, .acid fry to•• 1/
i•triitig beer, Oii. or llitter matt ligniors, aceorditie.
to ihtt atit. trilliitAetnbly...4 140 April A.. D . ; 1851.
i. ". - 11.'N. BULLARD. ,•.'J n. 4..1R44-I
. .
Ad>ninistrato a Notice., i !
I\talleE)s hereby give loqu•NlTesta
.l.lll,k*.sti m341)1:14% - upuit Estlate Orin Will-
tain i latu of Briiigeivot.'l T•io l fteiliiii, have
stern grinned to the - Sub•ieribrr.• All Persons in
tb-lated tO said estate are !hereby i!equested to
inOke iuiritrifiate payinent,l 1 Ind those.. having
estate to .pr •sent thew Oulyint
teated j I r •
:E ELIN E' E.: WI LLIANt.-8,
-OridgeVcOtet, lin. 18, 1853 —awd.
; ti PUbIiCI:V63 / ;
VITII Lbe vatioiked Oulierliendu . at the
V V ti , ti,eiiictlett. or the,sul+ iber. in Bridoewa
!O. Sett:lfde* the '2Bth inst:, ;at 10 © .'cluck A. M.,*
die 'ft itll/Wing. property,, vizi;
One first rate pair or thni.n. 4 Cows: BedK aid
1 I:oohing Stove; Olough, and other
farming, ritensil, hputwhold furniture dGci ,
TERSSAAI . wins under t 5, mash down ; over
eixifiteriths credit, *ith!i t• - tranna'apProYed
.14r.?HN N. DNANS.,
Jan. 11, 1744-21 A V.
13LAtlEtt Forks, SpoouS,
' usvreo,d, by •
Di IL Latigin
ARsseiling off theft' stt ,
uon over In iiider torsi
Spring iuriihase. Call an.
:T Jin. IP. I, - • 1
PLAID De Limes 'mil) , i
1 /
i; ' A. R. l e
• BAY'State Sit - mix chi*
r SOAE I more of that 6d Si
• 1
Mcnitt*, Jan.l36, 1864.-
f `I
-4 A
Friendi: alnists.'alyd Everybody, an othet mile
stone has been re)teheit on the journey of
another degree has 'teen, marked on the scale of
[joie—another his been severed from the
chain ur the fah:ie.-41110er page has been, writ
ten in the i'great ltfoluine'of tile past—quid again
we witness the bight opining of a New Year:
And at its Oarlyoawii`.vit3 meet you,.
• And with a "happy new year".greet you.
And now, its ynOeriew the. year just departed,
and -dwell:upon its joys . and sorrows- r its pricit
loges enjoyed, and its duties Jieglected ; per.
chance, some' of you have negleeted to call on
the Artist .axid adeure one of thOse - "Faithful
Shadows" .:
Whtch light arid art, with magical'spell,
By working togetl4r, can catch b 0 'Wen t.
'But you may yet(retkem the past.. As you Jay
yTir plana,for din adYnneing year, lettAis occupy
en early and prominent place on - the. - programme
of your future intentions.
Would you . ledve s lasting idipreisim behind
you Come to (he Daguerrean Gallery!' - Would
Otti -$‘ sec yourst*cs others see you?" Cittue
to the Dagueriettp Gallery.- Wind I you - mike
nn appropriate.present to a -cherished friends?
'(erne to the Picture Itttems! And beside ail,
this, would you ineotirage art, and make glad the'
'heart of the Artist! '
• Then .let, it appear by prondsing here, •
• ' That during the year Fifty Four,
-You will, one and all, be sire to call
• At "OddiFelkiswe Hall" Second Floor.
, • - W. IL DEANS.
Montrose, La - . 2, 854.
to the lfuri. tasVudgrs of the Court of quarter
Weasions Of the Peace in a:bill:GT the .County
Susquehanna; -. .
THE petitiokinf Frederick Pickering:of the-
Bormiah tc SuStAuehanna, in said county,-
respectfully reptesettts„ -that he is provided -with
imitable e;mveni'imees to keep a 'Grocery in. the
.Dorongh aforesaid; and that it is his intention to
apply\ to the Coart of Q.i trier Sessions to
tw h i dden in and for imid county on the fourth
Monday.of , for a license to keep a
,41rocery,end to sell: t4rone beet,, ale. -or other
malt necordirat to the 'act of Assembly.
of 14th April, A.' D:1851.
Susquehanna, .1an r 4,1854-1 w 4
XrDTICE liprehy Oven thatupp/iention Ira!'
IA been made to the Court of CommOn Plena
su.quelumna cotintr tf. grant a charter of In
eorporation to the ‘,‘Alpha Epkilon Society: of
ilurford Oniversity i " Nienniiter to the Art of As
sembly of tho..sth day , f Clet. * A. D. 1840.
. • F. A. WARD, Prottey.
t roose, Jun. 2 L 1853.
H. 4. D. SAYRE are just receiving a varie
s . ty of New Goods. amour which 'miry hr found•
Ladies Kid Glovrisiinly 2x. 6d per pair. Ready
minle.Clothing. colored carpet Yarn. De Gaines!, Dr,
Berge., 2 , ashinere, French, English. and Saxony
Merisioes. &c..' all of which we will sell ha clioap
if not citeaper than the cheapest for Ready Pay.
. Mrinimite, Nov.P, 1P53.
• Execiour's Notice.
testa' Mentary been gr.-tinted to
the ,subseriber on the estate l ir Contelimi E.
Low, deti'd. !ale of Althorn township. All per,
sons 'indebted to said estate will make immediate
pl)i o nient, and persiriis leiving demands will pre
sent them to Thu aridershmed. duly „attested for
settlement. - •ANDREW S. LOW, Ex'r •
Anhui,n. Jan: 2,'1,85 . 4-1w6.• , • -
A 'Fresh Lot -
(AF Gaasimereo. Gingham'', and other Fancy
Dry Goods, jut arrived nt
gL'orr, Jonsarott.& Co's,
nevistml large ahmartment - il iron; arm;
&e.. which: will be *sold cheap an th.o for Lash
or paw dow'n. • - Scorn, JOITN'STON-81. co.
Jani 2, 1851.
. .
• Admintstratrix 9 Notlte. \ • .
iv.NICE is hereby given that Letters Teihk
1. tnentary,:•upon the estate of DennisDresh.
al, d'ee'd, late of 'Silver Lake - township,. hive
beenl . erunted. to the stibseriber: All peron , ' in
debted to said estate are hereby requested th
inake immediate •
.payment, "and tho-e hiving
upon lesid estate - to present them duly
attested for settlesoimt.
Silver Like. Deel 12, 18.53'—.0w6.
To t,
he lion. the; judges of *the ,Cofkrt of Quarter
Sessions of the Peace in ándfiii. the Cuz my of
Sasilueherrina : . ,_.•
E petition .of lotneS l ßell of the Borongh of
! Susquehanna ,iri Kahl, county, respectfully
represen ts, that he ho proviiled•with suitable con
veniences too keep a Grocery in the Borough :
afoor'esaid ; that it :is his intention to apply
to the nke Cotort Of Quarter Sessions to he hol
den in and for said county-on the fourth Monday
of Januarv. '1854,,f0r a license to keeps Grocery,
and to twit strong heer, ale, or.other malt liquoroo,
accortlin , * to the act Of Asetubly •of 14th , ril
A. D. 1851. -
Susquehansai Jan. 4; 1854-Iw4.
NOTICE iii lieilyi)y given that Letters Testa:
LI memory, upon ; the estate tif Calvin Wilcox,
deed, late of . Auburn township; wee been.grant r ..
4 . 1, to the subscriber. All perluini indebted to
said estate :Ire hereby requeSted to make imme
diate payinent, and those. having claims
said estate - to preitent them duly attested fti•
settlement. A. S. LOW, Adm'r.
&i burn. 12, 1853 -;4OtV6.
t Ahead.',
ie re,peciftilly in
`of Goods just re-
11",o1 xylfirh 4'lll be
Pleasti call and
• Going..GOlant, Almolk Gone!
TU laianci... of my Goods will he sold with
out,regard to:prrifitatnithaving been'hought
when .Gouda 'were, front . lo to 16 percent. lower
in New York thanl they now areil offer unusual
indueiments to all who .
,wi.h to' buy Goods
c4eap. rind 'see for 'yourselves and' yroi
/rill find you. can buy . almost, 'at your Own pri
ers.. LITTLE.
New Milford; Dee. 13. 18 . 53 • .
XT. .
OTICE 14 hereby (men that: Letter* Testa
mentary upon the,estate'of Lazel!e Brenta
dee!d, !meld' .1 teks - on town-thip lert. been
ted;to the stilt:glitter. persons indebted tol
'said estate are her;!-by reqiiested-to snake Intme.'
tjiate plytnent the 14ub 4 eiilwr e . diarford,and
avow havina'etaints 'upon: ti.lid i. estate to pielent
theta duly-attested for Settletiit nt: ••
H trford, Jan. it.l 18,51.-1 w 6 , I •
. • •
tipsyy. stock
A. J. k:VAP.LS.
& CO:
I .l‘ of GoOils:cheaper
ake. root» for their
co fur yourselves.
!slat, at , .
THROE! & Co.'s
r thin ever
D. R. L. Co.'s
gar sett it •
D. R. 1.4. & Co.'s
CWter Notice.
Fre' Arraial of• New Goods.
Adminlitratoes Notice.
Adminiettatoei Notidts:
• 1. Notice;
herenv Lovett that Letteip Testa
tnentary tOin estitto orAtmustos
tering , .decd, late o Itek4on township, have been
granted to the sub Bribers .' ; per Sons indebt.
ed to said•estatO aro herehy'reguested to make
immediate paytierit, and.those having claims up.
on said-estate tti, - present them duly attested rot
settlement. •I , • Sstiiyht. W. eICKERING.'
• • • • •:. Bcssozi. •
.TailuarY 18. 1853-3w6L/ . • • lidtn're.
- • Executors' Sale. •
T i HE executorstotter for sale valuable farm,
Lite t h e e 4 : ,i e of a Harper, dtc'd, in
Bridoowntor Abolit 3 miles of
11(lntrose, on Saltirday the 28tli day of January
inA., at 1 o'cloCki P. M., containing 150 :tyros of
bail, with 101! Ores undo; improvement, and
well watered. Said (aim ‘luis good buildings
thereon, and is wJI adapted to dairy purpOses;
and altogether is a. very. desirable 19ention• fur
uay.ane.wishini to .purvtiase.a good taiin. Terms
made known on day of aale..", •
4 CHAS 4 S. G I LBEaT,
Bridgewater,lan. 1554. 7 w3 : Elem.;
SOFT SOAP, gallon or %) , Irroll at
THE place to tiny tutorials for LIGHTS is at
',SETTLE up - f•ith . A. TUIPtELL:
January, 185,4. i;
t • •
, C -
3000 of Ityp. ani.20,000
erthita, fur iwhicli the biehmt price
wilt be paid in . Catah by
.summenwilo, flan. 2,1814. - •
New Lino of Mail Stages
_ _ 'P MRO ,-_*
STAGE win 1•414 Alrlrerood, peering timbal COe..
benefit's. Liberty. 4c every tporainx litter thcant
* at the dlatiTrains of Cail, both tats sal WeAsiseb-
In Montrose at 1 P. 41-.
. .
',days Montrose daily, (Sanders excepted) it 2 P 21.,
reaching 'Kirkwood In tame to take .the. Mall 'trains of
Cars.both Fan and West, trine -the nearest wed. Inal
feasible route to ireach the New York and Erie Ralteoad.
• This line' intersects* eel-weekly 1100 for-Diniock
vine, Tankhannock, Wyoming. ond 'Wilkesban. which
'leave, Montrose ;at 7. A M- every Monday, Wednesday
Pri lay. Mon, aline •ri berayvviii.-Arn. Oned
Teems and comfortable Carriages are prcrridril, and Hie
Proprietors willopare no ;Marto ieronanndate the rub !
lie • • W K. lIATCIT,
Deeember 24,13= MORGAN I WRST.
Jil. SUTPHIN invites atttntion to the isnissainify,
• tarp and complete assortment of
New Golds for Fall Sales,'
\he !snow ?reeving. In addition to his usual supply oI
•Staple Dry
. Honds. tiroemies. lierdware, Stoves ke. he .
else offers to the Ladies a rich Stuck of
, •
Fall and Winter Dress': Goas,----- ..
. ,
Satin 4 'Velvet Di tmets. Sheets. nil ts re. Gloves and
Hosiery, Veils ; Table spreads & Clothe, Satchels, Ladies
and !threes line Hoots and shoes &e.. ke \ To thetleatiei•
elm hi often a large stook ot best quality I I ,
Ready , Made Clothini,
Clothr,Cassirneres. Tweeds and ;wins, Vatic gs; Hats wad
c a ,,.. Roots & shoes, et c. ' • .1
His stock Srmbreees a Inere extensive anuverfed assort.
lent than l lieretefore, and be is pr•ipared to holdout
I - Superior Inducements' ,
to CAiffpurelscr i sers. , , , I
1 -
lie respeetitilly otolleite eis early call fr,om hie frcetete
and all others (desiring good goods Hist I toe worth the
price naked for • em, ••••' I
swim.ii.ville Fept. 12th 1653
tvi 1
m. 4
2000 I lreraaso ai rtL \ al l
e l l:r i e r ereff s eredin a t i Ffe ;;;:fl;:tls be sl
twelve,' at \ • I. II STITPHINS. I
.•. • More hew Goode ~ .
• •-,.
H. RURRfT is now rectdving another general ittoek ofi
I I • Pall and Winter Goods, by which'is assortment;
wtil be fullyreplenished in every drpartm ht and 1211UPU
ally Inviting and complete" padienlarlS a new at4 l . or
Ladles firm. docile, Rich Plaid. and Fancy Detainee and
Cashmere. paiamettas. French' Merino, i 1 Beer. Mohair;
Lustre, Embroidered 'Robes. Silks, Ronnets.ltieh- Bonnet;
Ribbons. a huge aryl new essortmeof of ; Winter:Shawls;
Ladles 'Fur Cu.,tt Victorines and iftiffs.riL4diee Rubber
Boats. Slippers and over Shoes. Clocks of elegant and ty w
styles, and a new't~riment •of Shop, Parlor and Cookffig
Stoves. with a great tar ety of other Fahey, and Staple
floods which,irill be sold on• the most favorable tamp,.
offering especial indnement a to'cash or tim e buyetv.•
New Milforl. Nov. 24. 1,1353. ' • I
. . .'1 ew.'Stoves, , ',, .''' - j
HllintitlTT is now receiving a neW land 611, assort
, meat of Conking Parlor and shOp lin:cit. for 'Wood
or Coal. anti In conneeti.m with his pre lons stock wi
make a seleit.and complete assortment tribe \ nsost pop
lerand improved kinds of ' Ti
Air Tight ; Elevated Oven, 'Premium and
Plate Stoves. I t 4
~; , •
le .
. 4 tun, stove Pipes,Weel, Iron. Zinc: sove Ta b s Ike..
which he will sell at the lowest prices for 'rash or ippro -
ed credit. ' 'I ,
New Slilford. Sept. 2911.. 1853. = ' ' , • ‘, fl
U' &REYNOLDS hays ; removed theii
Tailnrior establishment to titS room ever r,.
IL Hawley's Store. near the' 4. Franklin lintel."
whets they are Prepared •to nitric! promptly to all
calls in 'their profession. pledgintr. en ire 84 sfaction
to every reasonable man Latest iNew‘ork and
Paris fitshinns just received . f- •
Nitintrose.-APpt. 15.1 P-53
T"E arufartsigned have established a shop ;i
, th e, batn;tnent of Mr. Sayre's'Store, in Mon
tr..ite. where 111.4* will la all times; keep ori hah
Polatax and Dour,:rric Mmtut.r. _aud m intifsetulr
the . . same. into Monuments. Tonilk-atooss, 'Table
tope, &c.. &c.
; :17' The patronage of th puldie r is reapsetro
Mutternite, Aug. 25, 1853—tr.
New .Goods,' ,
J. Wfllll is now receiving liis Fail sticki.o.
• Goods. .Plegtile cell and examine; as they
will be sold cheap for
'llontrese. Flept 14, 1853
. •
dorse l powers & steam' Engin e•
i • )1' f: t ad two Harm Powers tor titrashing, or.
V oilier putpotti.s, and a sixteen horse Power
Steam Eitzins for sale low.
Aar. 17. . Stria, flesmtv. & PICIIKINIR
A _Lt. kinds of GRAIN by ; :
• .
. . .D.R. Li ROP & Cii
~ I ,
Grocerios—Mholesalo:'& Rete
TN great variety, considerable .quantity.
.11 or quality. and cheap for 'cash; Or to exclia'sce:
fur most kinds of merchantable prixince, on - cxid:
terms. HIS stock of Sugars, Tettsi,, To bacco. 'pi.
ere, &c.,ibeing so numerous, he de'erns it only ece.
efowry td ray. that almost anything in th.c. (fro-,
cery IMO; used by families, can be foinid. uponlnqui--
ry andl'consequently enumeration! in Considired
supertiulus: In particular he would ask an ex in:-
•illation of his Gd. Sugar. Ttibacco. - - and 4s= ea.'
A deducOisu worth saving o mada- to those litho tidy :
in large naltities. I
Montr re, ra.
Joseph I Merihnou..
1 •
P i Et: ITUELrinforms his friends that fi e
is R
receiving a f ile of choice Goods (rum:
the treat •••Einporium, which togethierwithl);his
old stock makes his assortmeutquite complete. ; and
Will enable him to *access/414 coatii-qe with hiS
neighbors. Among his stock may. bt, found a lood
supply of Dry Goods;-Gisic
tiries,. crockery. ti rd -.
ware, and Wooden ware. Nails. Drugs and
_Dye*, Paints isnd 0 Is. Boots and 11iries,.(11;sulierihr
lot) /fats cud Cap*. L tales Wiiner Fiminets, retch;
ells. Carpet Bags, Trunks. Ready Made ClothiniN
selectedfxpretsly for service, end * thousand other
useful avtictes not necessary here tb mention. All of
which he will sell at the Intern living piofill (or
Cash. frailties, or approved credit! q 1'
Upsonville, rept. 24 ; 1853.
. ,
' • , • MONEY : MONEY 1 ,
lAION EY e au., be saved: by . purchasi gof
Lamp , nan 4 co. at Bhighanvon. Wht , Itie'
the largest assortment between New York; and Cis
e i 111 l e ti, of Woo?. Medicine 4, Points. Oils, . y
etuffA. V!iruishes. Glues. Brushes, Ctritinicills, Pa
ern. NlWicinee, Perfumery. Fancy . Goodt;. c.-
.Also. Witelqw• Ght,st of all bites from 7by 9 o
by!36. Putty. Pditit Biusties,' Graining i Btu lie
Glees WAre,and otber things too numerous to mel
tion in,/hie notice. ,1 • , 1 •. '
All of which we pledge ourselves to till an as
grad term* as theyi can be - hauglit in the city of
New lark or else Where. ,
We are prepared' to , supplY( dealers as well as
consumers at the lowest market 1 stet. . .
• lilllPll AN th Co.
.. Tompkins. Back. .
Oct.ll. 11W1-11m3.* L ' •
Fare Valuable Fairn for Sale.
tIE subi4criber offer's- 110 8.41 e his 'vat Able
farm in Gibson township,. StimpiebsOna
eounty, ra., containing 1157 1 aercs, situated tn in,.
Eastent part of said town, half of a milo fm m the
'rsinklutnnowl; Creek, and 12 1 2 Mile% fro St
quelianna nrpeit, on the IC, Y. fit, E. Railr. fid.
On ii i nid farm is a framed [anise, 3 lls n,
horse shed, corn house. a yimng orchard o to.
190,tices, and is well watered. • ' '
lie Offers to sell for 10 pirr • cent.. less t h n
:real value: . • -1 .. .
TE.l6ls.—Turn thirds of lhe purchase a
Cash down, and balance; si.cOred by taartgit re.
1 Gamut, Nov- 23 - , 16.5- -r.-47y1 ' : 11 . .
i - • • 1
IGOLD Spectacles—A ;dogeassortment
, Gold Spectacles of all ages. ,
1 •
Silver Napkin-Ring.TX Frnit Knives, Cu s
Chains. Thimbles. Butter knives. die. - .
To the Ladies—Amite and Corseliadi.Diess
Buttons. Rol Tlair Pins, a very nice . a tele
PLATEDAV ARE- --orte very hand oC
tors. Cake aiskets, Candle Sticks, Snuff rs 1
Trays. &e. 1• • i'' -
LOCKET';:--A good- nssortaient of Den
and Stn le. both Golft end Plated. '
-twit. made- to twitch :invert Forks.
'• SilEl4 COMBS—Just received, a n lo
Shell Mirk - Combs. also IVory. do.
GOLD C HAINS in every variety-.el . G
Keys and . Seals .' All of
.1 the a bove , art ales
for solqi o»: by ALFRED. J: .E ' E
.. 1 jtEMOVA4,. . 1
tpve , !, P$CQY 4 ! tt !,- .1Pv.1; 1 0 4 -
rirliDi sub",eriber wiatiem to ~11. the sit..ritionlf-,..
1 hii fri s ends•and the Publ i k to his Very lirgs 4 c
assurttneut of -- *'. 2 ; '-1 ' • •-• * '
-? ' ';STOVE% .
akhla new Store Haunt in Loieralril
L-S.-Lenhoieris*Stori., and. dear 'ths
Depot. -Ho has in addition ,t his,'
variety of Cooking end Parlor Stint.*
Patterns, some of whieb t are+ .
Et Nickolas, f PagiCh anti*,
,i' - 11. "
. *lan r 4 roy. 1 Mohawk . i,'
Which together: with ids farmer si i ric
perhaps the tdost extensive ald varied'
of well selected Stoves in the , Couritv
And not At, be forgotten,. is theCll toti,Stois
of greater- -eight and better [materials than! those
hawked about thiCountry by unficen •d pvillars.
Prices for largestsize i with large turniturelof the
best material , ;,.., • ' I , _
With such .tiiininings as Pedlars furnish, , 93 - - •
Snail" size tell tricateed,:j 20 ';
- These Stoves are tint ma l e -with-.old , fray .i..:__
'represented by` Pedlars, and bona that hav been
soh] have failed. -- i - •' , • . - *
ar All artielsg . in his line kept , on h d' and
made . to-,order as dsual,.acid ilrders'receiVe .at his
old stand in GEput ' , Bend.' . 1
4 ... I
', —-•-.. - - It/TI - CO it
ILodersville & Crest-Derail Nov., 18b3: , fa
. ~
• , winter sto ck i Goods. I • -
: •
. D 'b ' 4&53 -1 1
..- seem Or,. . 1 -- °
frig subscribers -have the piton of announcing to
n -their enatumen. and the pu lie merally. that they ... -
are now ticeiving a large addition to their stock of Oricule,
bought it the lowest primer. ;facet the deallne In me eta, -
ind which they are prepared lw melt et a very arta t,t . Aro , :.
V a Nc• c. We do -not ennabler it rteetteary . to name very .
article in oar line—euffiCe ii, to !.. y we caul rowel all - ' .
who will give tie a rail. that' In QUAIffiTY._ 'QUAL! Yor
i'llitlE, oar etoek will hear OtalktrisOn With, WV ofh itile7
abilllnnent in the county, : -•' : r•-, . I
, . . • '.._ I BEITEXi: at READ. ' ..
, • I
WANTED—MI kind* of —4i*in, Dery 'az flannel,.
3, V Woolen !woke, Taller, 'Lang Drird .Cpy ca, or CASH,
.' - . '
Inerehnoge for Goods. , . : 1
. i, • - \
... .
Deretube. , 6; 1853 Il
. ;. ' t, leNti.E ;It itgADe •
. . -. •
. , .
A cfrozpil 10t lust emaiveld.Ana otTered low
Dec. 3d,103. ; , • •
'7.41111E MOIR
TR have a pleatj, ot Flour au4 Salt on
• ..est prises. - r.
.cetiber ; - r.
00011$ k 6110168
O - 'r
ber. qudlltles and Ales. edko'pk, :040 . so'
cer •loesoind ituakini, call sad
1. quality and price', . t
December 3d. - 1 , .
' '..• . DAY GOODS.
TIE imbscriber respectfully invite th
(host , wri4drig to pirrchatei, Cheap rt.
gyv FALL nod lIINTRIt F.T.lCK,:whiehl
"ety and cheapness. he may, It ray is n lny in the Empire state.smon•• which mal
4 --SWO lieNpaill)l •SIUIA
- - i
oteiery qualltyand style,:price 'angina. fru
100 pieees Parametta and - kap.' .. from lo- I
French gerinties of 'every 'graOL and col
clira P . •
10,000 yards of De Leiner ti Persian Cloths ruins go
:•to4s. Prints and tlittphanis hi ell3telanuaritity..
15 000 ) aids bleached, aLtP3tribleat tied r hectitigsand
.Shirtings, crow 6c to la ilit. H I • . :.* . 4.... ~ . - • .
I 000 3 arils White. Red 'end Ylitrits Flattiels„, from Da
.64 to 6s. Woolen 00.14 aof Orli kind for ritetiars.l bC4 is d•
.1000 yard . Silk. Itroeio.,• Mitt, and Oa 6 ,Illaett from
the lowest grade to the most ettpepot Outfits. Dress Tem-
\•• inings of *Nary deter iDtiou: 1 ',., -. '.. • ' • ~.
.•' : . l EDLAII,S' GOODS. . '
:. sA large stock from Anitiori; very , rhea . Trunks and
Tearelllog Rags( en exteuaiVe4 I.......tozubecr.t44.utii on
WOO- - • • -'•....: r . ), ~•
~• --: •
~ N 4 \eg •rt will be _ snare len lhe".p.trt of the rtitiacriber to
roerkt,a'roottirtaue of the po,tiotfege which tb. ptiblie has.
hltheitom - .st generously 2,-.4.iirded hint. 410 thr which be
returuWelacere and hearty ttiatilts. . _ .
. ..,. • ' i WN. *ll-cioN,
CorWer of Court .k. Water ef.P., Tompkins Block. •
yearly opiOsite the Aulefiesw lied, ISiogheas 0ti,21. V. • -,
N ow. 11:Z. . .-
. 1,1
', \Far s e. •- .: . -
• 1
rritlE stibteritien will-act' as la . ems rot ibliying andael-1
J. itLr , It.ial• Ko'itate,—.-}"artiv, ;nivel; &TOIL°. a -tali v. in •
Sualneenviina county. Pa ,ni ' Brueme Celat.l3,'N. Y ~'
' 1
and 416° V irgi" Land 0 , ari tit/ .. . Aills h.. vonidv to Oft, 1..
.', their property for Fill Cart 'tit goo miuutie dr,ertrii,i, of
i &heir fining or Lots - 4 4 s follsws: Ao to es; hoar untfi.
- improved, and -bias waterisl ; build:lnge; rchardi crafted'.
- or common. fruit,; other fruit trove; ILO far from Gr.:eir ' .
I Bend, and the nearert pointrof the ii. 1,14 r. Iv. 1t...8. and
, 1 . 1 N. Y. .v B. B. It.. price end terms of pliyment -:' . ..
ticr Ali who wish i n error: est L RHO uitate . nil t re
c. ive prompt &titbit, n by ea Ong on or aiddrtsslLg OtLrr of
ut at Great. Bend. S. uvonehatina ci utity: Its. •--.. ." -..
la' Conveyance from Greilt Semi to the prendriar MI
of charge.
Office - on Main street li wtheaweliingbov
labelinectipi, tt b 7 N. t. cart euter; „.
. ,
' - • . r
:Great Bend, Oet.4th, 1A53- I
1 . ,: . GEO. FULLER
ri.As iFist steered his Fall and 'Winter
.1..1. Box! • . . !
- Ready-Made Oloi.i
lgmbrniiitg . Ovet Coats of ' ;11 vitiety r i li'•
Sack, and. Dress Cords—Vestp4l'iii t ,
F. irts and Warrers—Vipe Witte r.hirtel
1 , —.l'hrer All.Stnckfnv-01.11.55, ( C.+
'• A Food assortment Offashiiinible • '
t p r
ely11.•WOLTIO21. , 31Issea. ilf , ‘l l- , era Chili
'AIHOES. *din:Rubber itootil, =hoes and'
A saw supply ,nt WALL PAPER, Curti
Ste. '; Books and StatinitOrS• '•
• A l so, • Trtinka, Gdns. Traselling Bags. 1
Statar, Tea, (niter. ate -and a variety of 1
11i:sr:lotto Ore° ly pay anti One price,—Ci
ft' itoreooposite SPAlrrilutel.
Montrnxe, .Ort.'4. 1853.,P
Tly the bu'itthel, or .barrel. or by _the lee
D tore (if Attl mitywriber 1
°nal ttose, Oct:. 4, 7 0 /53 . . j• - 0
Sots• and lUppor Crasher —A
of the bast kind; coostantly on band,
• - l's - no*, 'receiving his Whiter .
. G ,
. .T .
• ~• 1
C ° lll, - T ill ' rh G wilt be neatlyi e
theeeu wa I
please. Tbe,pubile are inal ed,to call in'
•Ntootrose, d oer 5.1854 '
Drags; Medicines Bt. Chemicals:
-A . first rite aseortraent. Phyticians BUN neat! iteat-'
. put' up int , redurel and.rris•
erfpion!..c irefully coultlouelel.- The to• t qtiality .
cie.thle I.pdrtmeut will be fbiandst th—, uu and Var.etz
Albre of ' I - AB L TURItieLl..
•P A l'iWt.Sy. MI;S: ¢ .DYE
A Follassaetnient, and of pestfi nal IV es'
. ,
G raw et ..a.m..11 5 ice:weal iar aorta:tut,:
atarket attarls, at' -
-I•ii' , • . • ,
n'' ' D Crelosl4.7: , t anii/D biat • choice
e- most stapl•rirrlclt4 of Dry Gentle, Whiel
t., . prleci that will make ft foethe , interest
. cell at the nom of -.-. ',! '- -
• ,
.lard...War^. and fluttPrV. embr eing agoodaa
S, sortmenl orf thd.oe celekkiated Mitre". 'Pocket Knives='
u . stout-,ware,AC ik•e.,ja ~• ; • , _ I TIMIELL'B.. - -
Druggists , Glare- r are.—A• tante arsortinklit
at ' .
iers.—A. cho!ce tnriaty 'of I.lq .ra for osedielsal
PurPosekr ac ' , . A -_,_ , TAIIIIIICLL'a. - .
1 rl u.l rat ingitrumlifis•--vio , Bow*. EtrillP
Rosin, Bridger,Vegr, and 4al "'terra,— Imo Aceordrottai
Flute 4, FM a Claron. us.. i9injos, Twain Forko. infatua
tion Books, Piano Igu.ic, Ike. at , TITHRIKLL's.
- - -
I. Wet rv.—t new i upidy of faohlotteiblikJ.iielri. Ls;
dies and Ortitlotiien; pliin pc, tall at for fsq . i7vtore of
t ! •
Pfacturnery.-7. Vitra
fiamery, at t.-
I ._
Enneir Treomeo gems.; e.—L
: A. I ar:re oq.l first rate wanninelo
:The bebeeVare infmy No.
lea., law the le Aof -. . TURIt.
• • 1-
Patent el .911c1 ISlt*},--A Jung variety. and eitsbra•
clog nearly an a the lunit iteduable kind,. et .
• : •
- : • rork, FlourAzad • alt.
A - FE Vi' harp•ls of ooui, At 'A ichiganbrando.
Also 111pos Pork trari biiir;by ih. , horrol or
load. A. 11,11.DwIN.
..,aNtrtr,rnio; Feb. j
11:. 11P3. -- , 1 .
66 Some things ttat).; doni as Well
- . ,11 otherc,fi - . , .
subseritter basing .purch red ti e . Chitir
1 M 10111'460r yor lip. Green - ood, in Hanford,
is prepared to alininfaetnre • • •. .
at-reaneed pribes. ni materi Ir. slid In &tit
MYto r'or woritinimPhir•- liPrp constantir
n u on hand, or mauls aetnre -
ble BoSton . Rnebrs; ( rrored all
(:f Fancy an' Windsnr. Chairs, .
Ft* Sear:, Soi r ees; 40. act.z.
tr Al: work-warranted to gips, istillsetior for
five rear!, •
o„, 41 Nirrehantablo *ro•loori. will, he token, iti es.
chance for woskibttt curnlT
are .- • ••* !, JAMES JOHNSON:
' iterford, Diec2, 1111531=y• •
lion fa
teat Bend
er •:la
Wavy no*
ire '
edallsori s
!i& 00.
l od at the low.
I 6.0 & Co.
tmi.nt of Bub=
icsomilt *tni
5,,3.& Co.
ottratioti of
'..Cash, to' his
1 for rittent top
n•arpatted by
' !amid
to -50 p. to $l4.
Co s;;..ifer yards urf.nisotitiaddy
9,018• B.' Chill,
S. B. 1.111.P.E.
tea a irtib slid
, 'tot*,
ent.n ..rndirr
Fancy i‘o7Cal,
• cri \ *, 110)iel
rna 's
\ -
• 'Ativrel,Co4l,4l4.
L •nev rtiOrs.. '
; or prapet..
ftir Emile sttbit
O. rriLtrb.: \
ttil in 'hip air
. cannot :taf I to•
gnat:Linn In*ln.
nd bnt 4 ,l„ r ha
, 71111111KLUIL,
Feleet+ap,.of thi
witt soil it
f purelouierif to.
t - of ettnfo• 14r-