The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, June 24, 1852, Image 4

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    i ll) . olgeltAT 1:
norquclOr,, •3Fintr.,24, 18$2. -
Pioefous RoPuNicardEnz
get cult MO wuY- you Y7untr4uouls
Thia was ttiade by a gentleman withLa'very
tteperious ale,and,something naval offleer !Ike {
s!' li}b'cnst 'onig tutice)oriorhii4its iieatedin
a handsome . open_oarrkap, with a . fashonable
dressed The 'iyoungiaireals l, i
lions ho thus honered with hissboticec were
boys, ten or twette'years ol4,'ldetilersin
gte sliavings; an article very much used in: this
city, for kindling coal fires:_,., J; ' •
.:Trie.ltais were wheeling Si x or eight bundles
oftwir commodity in ahand Cana: ; and they,
h pened to meet the : gentlernaq in his car .
rine lain part of a street W.liich was obStruet.
ei by a large pile of fire: wood, which made
it impossible for the two, vehicle's to - pass each
other; unleas - Ono of the ilrivdra had the, con%
lilaisiace to draw bad k.
= Gat out the iray you young =Scalar said
the -g‘intleman in the carriage. , • .
Tie paling shingle shaving merchants
ed. at the speaker with undisguised astonish- .
runt; and , ha was obliged to repeat the order
before thay seemed to realize the'fact that they
were the p trty , spolien to; -
At taat one of the gentleman' made to ens-
' 4- G2l4autot the way yontself, and be blamed
to you. •
was now the turrtOf.the gentle an in the
'iaitiage to be astonished.:, Pale With rag,o ho
you knoW whO, t ant! you vil-
Uant 1 1 ' • , , -
wa dan't ' anAwerod one of tho boys,
gneis. Do yon know Who
era ara ?"
Th'S gentlemin wls obliged to ean!fess - his
Ignorancm.ald ha did it in';:t tone of siwprising
'contempt. 1 .
• We :tie - American citizens," said one of thorn'
Kith impunity.,
Is that any reason you abould block up the
Stfecti alil the: imperieMS' genticreart verY
excited/y. • • -'
k To be sure it IT," replied the javertil e, 'who
has a better right to the stroet ? Wo are ! the
ro;oritY—two, I guess—and the Majori
ty eagles everything in this country,"
`The aristderatie g,entl , nnan seemed disposCd
to be szery violent; but iilaSer•edoiroi)ably that
the by-standeis, who were' nowvery ruimorons
sympathised with the • republican pitrty, he
swallowed his Wrath and Sat silent for several .
minutes, as if rcllecting-what course lie ought
fo parses -ha These perple4ing eireunastan:
The lady.who sat by him now spoke for the
Erg, time, and in a sweet and gentle voice she
said to the boys-:;.. ;:
Will you-not oblige me by 'allowing us to
"c'ertainly.,mldam:' s.jirl the storks- repub
lkans; " !ell do anythin' i g for, a ladyi or fora
manwho koow how to ho to bah:lC(l hinvielf, as r;
gentleman . ;but a' for aria; way to a'etnek
im.lidY like him, blamed if I wouldn't ;rather
er..aY hero till, tha next 4tlr of July." -
They then drew bneksand allowed-the earrive
pr.ts 'without further hinderance.—Pennsyl
ianian. .
The Reveirttionars%Lover.s.
A young Or; of sixteen, nf sterling beauty,
hid totight twith her brother and her betrothed
in rile ranks - of the Lyoraintse eauttonierstin the
French ,Rewolutiorz, • I'
The; whole town admired her intrepidity.
(Meets cited. her as ari, example fur' • their
roldiers.. Her modesty eipialled her courige.
Bete feund her heroism in ,battle. She Avi.s
then a rice n. Bet 'nadie 'was ';Marie .Adii-
_" What is your maim ?" inquired her,
strriet with her youth, and dazzled 'by - her
ehanns. -'
- Marie," replied the young, acioneek; the
name of the mother of God', for whom liam a
bonne ' • !, "
• What is your age r
• Seventeen, the are
(413- 2 - • • • I ,
ct Taut ago harn you . iVeertabla•
tiro a caption apinst yoizi country - t: •
wra to - defend it." - , -
one of the judge ty•e ad
mire Tow courage.-- NlThat would Ton do if
we grunt your life r
•-.• I would poirrard son as the executioners
of ..tuy country; ehe ';rtiplred ; raising her
, She mounted itrairence, her gee doWn
tho stepis of the, se:iffuld; mere intimidated - at
the looks of the Crowd; than deathl
. . . .
•S'he refuscdthe hand which the executi4er
offered het to guide her step; _tuad oiled out
twice,"lfireie roi.' - - ~, ~ .1 ! , 1
on stripping her a 0 rdeoth - , the ciecUtieleer
„found in her bos om a nt•te,utitektrith;, blood
it was a - farewell from lier : betrothed,.;shot a
'few days . previous at the.' Bretteaur.
;-`tTo.roarrow, at this hour,-laftall i l e ilo: more: .
be. said o- his affianc(id. , I'l Wilt' not die
Without to lingyou once" ntre; I :fo ra ' theq.*
- *ere nay life offere r a "ro . 1 j) ilsta.Y: tke ;c o ' .. .iiltry,
I, Would-refuse it. I base ne ink. shave open.
ed a yein to write:to.,,yout with mi. blood. - I
would mingle it with Toui
a fr e--
, . , . oterniii,
"411 - dicoony - dcar Made. , Weep not, that tho;
,itagleitilay .. thialc - you as `handsome.' as I ',l°
lif-IfeaTan: f- , I: 'go t(4,wat you: Bel not
-:.','The two loreti Were poly seperated twenty= -
. four hourslk !loath. ' 7116 pc;,ople. could ad
mire tliei lieew7noilloiv to pardon. ' •
... ,
wbst '• • '
neve:lost'Mysolf:t, -
ollo)ardayou fitelr, .
Pretty smooth I. suppose, but you'am feel
ineind see" • . 4- '‘
Good m'oriliog, Ur: 'Smith!'
"'I think it's rathei p bSduste—..verY wet nAd
Pan piA:FrtY, luktora
iiroduat of vicious no italiindest do tty
-cmtivy Weser In good
" Li - Ar e -
I love the man sincereat:hear,t.-=.: -
h love the Matf ivbe; takei '
leVethe Man who - will be tree.
I love, the man of liberty.. '
the,pliinWhnleven to
I. love the- mum who loves his nulghber..
I love the min wholoves' his wlfe,
line the Mail who neyehai strife.,-
I love the .man who.loves not
r love the man candid' Mil bold, -
I I love thy man who loiss
,love the man witii conscience mellow.
I love the Inen'summermi7
Who ne'ro torgets to pay - tee rerazu.
, .
. son," said take that jtkiond
fetch too sumo }jeer." r': • _
" Give me the' money. then, father." -
son, to gets mer a fth Money anybody
rah do'tluit, hot to ,het beer without money,
that' ; 's a trlek,"
• Sp th e boy
. takcs the jug and otit he goes ;
shortly, he and places the jug before
his filther., "Drink," said r thp son. l
"Ifew can I .dripk,'' said the father,:" when
thete is no beer in the jug •
" . To.drink-beer"atit of a jug,"'saya the boy
where there is beer, anYbiidy can' do that ;
hut to drink beer ont of a jug where there is
no beer, that's a trick
The Burlington Free Pre"a is responsi
ble for the folloWing "Lfist Saturday, the 3d
instant t its the t',expresi triad item ',Montreal .
Was running. at great spe.4 to make up lest
'time;-between St. Johies'and Rouie's
'the engine man diseovered a Woman standing
in the cintro t.c . th; , e , tpck frantically, swinging
a basket; evidently With the intention of atoP 7
ingithe train. The whistle was immediately
sounded for" down breaks, hard!" and with
gve l at exertiim the tram brottglit to rest
within a - few feet of the-. woman',. who -never
stirred-front -the track, or minced the slight
est fear. , The:engine - min; fireman, breakman
andisnperintendent, (who happened to be on:
this train,) rain. up, to the•woMan to find ou s t
whdt. horrible accident•had.. happened ahead to
call' forth such . strong
partEnh one nSked eagerly .ttip cause-.of
her signals.--‘ LtWfal sakes'!" said • she,' " I
never ited one of there Machines before in
my life, and Ii do derlare it is the funniest
thing I ever did see - 1"., 1
Cum , jzom.--The fullowing_question in
Logic' may interest sonic of our renders. No
mntter where' they imp° from, if they aro
sound; _ -
Teacher—What do you understand by:pen
n) wise and pound.foolish ? small sum to
sbcote a great benefit. •
'.reacher. :Can such a: thinz be, and if
how? , •
1Pupi1 1 ....41 eat!. .Tb6'eatise may be penuri
eritsuess or begleet. . -
•Ireaeller.—Givenn example of penny wisdom
arld pound - folly. •
PcMll.---Refusing, or neglecting to pay five ,
dollars !or advertising, ono `day, - and missing
custom' worth 'a hundred V);
r'ff*At the Old Ladie4' S4iving'eirete, lest
.Fritiaierening,; tbe rueinber4' got to talking
about tetioperanee, the Alnine liquor Lacy, &e.
Said - 11re.rFridmed
nine mortalyears l'sle`pt with a !barrel
of braniy; now thanks to Gough and Prcivi
deuce; I sleep with a • -
- • •
4 Well,' iaid- Aunt, Byles, 4after all, lbr my
ble4ivith 4 barrel . duib . aridy .
.than these cold'•
. .
Mr. 4. Fridged
ing is from a letter written by John C. Rives,
of the firm - oplair and Rives:
'it have seen the manuscript writings of
Most of the_greaf men in this country during
the fast tWenty years, until thinks may say,
that tWenty.of theta eotthi stand the test of
one half or. he journeyman printeis employed
in my office." s. '
When is alighted candle like a tidal spono3
When it' s iet np fOr a.iarz hosiind.,
titOCKERY.-CrLASS: AND Ilyr:::1;
(IVeit 4,0 r • Fords - .)., „
Tetutim , tieing his Lerma iesr trotild
tentleehts thou s - -to his wide•spread customers far
the nueouragement: reecivid lti the sustaining Of PO um
tat and eatertaive n , ,establitliment, =hire, the Hansa ,
lc EapCn mei , And all the minutia for readetiog its
ties but a ploasant taak,aal mac!' to glom ant beaat'-
- fy the parlor. •,. ,'
My etnek of French; Slbite;chisia. Earthen, Rocking.
'bans Yellow and Ways Weirt,is cow large and' varied,
.axl complete, embrecing some tiew etyler (of my own
importmion)lioAn which (ha most del/cOr lute may be
. • _ , • • oti-se : keepine_
rile es. •
- •
• Cation, terrors, spoons, colfea atil , ipie4 millir, eso , lto
sticks, .snos-ls- nod sono, snuffers
. ; seslcs,tstnolyinds,
cords. and-i*Ons,- um4rello. stonds4co. .
Ponaders, pails, mortars, broonik , krniPs, bowlS; Chairs •
cradles,ctittu arquprolicc." ' ' "
. .
• . • • '.
Tx:lTyp athl b t Ls'ttrzuNs.liiitniinls Ware of eli
Oka" and cut ; and Fairy Ofictlaorallaintis,
prices and descniptions: Cloel:s, rope, lute, srooLAili
co 'and e 0, 3. Hattis.:7Winica F.:tack's; (very cheap,) and
113141 , Caarkor -various .
Our Flocktikoooinplete.presentlitq kWh i great' va
rlty ofusertil and xenamental articles that tbaseitlab:
to s ab - a.coingleto °cant or replenish. hal:al:keep
lag anTe.lisutislit4c and treiney by calling
at.ibis tatabilshment.:by - J. H. DePEU. •
lliughnist•Sarli Y.;Apri11.1,1652,
. . .
11 and nu atomen#Uutthe tans tti dny rtlntelitad nnothcs
large lot of Ids polor- loin; not t Watch"
anteactnied Ex - preift,to Lie order, with Ms own
naisikedirivt4 iutt; Jew-
e l pd.luiaut.ngee4,e7,lo Privy, pndFkire-pattenutle
Pligu '.1214164 it -riarkity •cr lbesi delebtatiol
Thavi Kereporgi- abler:l - s he n*.sn'for -- nale PS . lagr:Ali.: 1 0 1
.I',.4OItLICILWAIR Tierfeet:'; •••.:
• •••-•••••• ‘...4.4t.E.y.AN5,N0401k1
t IVnadd . orttat4t.
trizbaintou - A • pif4 /352.. ' • • -
. , _
/Iv ResdrOn'ule,Volhin tinto.and pc eon ,
suottt bud.: -A%row: of,tht 'f9B6ant6"
e6-112cripa ,onas new supply!spet.4 an , ivy tiro.
IEARRIN GS attito ilium'wits .
W-tart TeUeieb new S' e'er, Veitt : eene air flay weird)
eem the aiiimufaittpks by. a 4.-3;EVASS.
4 0 1 a Lhaies
Pen #oE4'l4o'4l twos,
f. rs , L. awe'
m aro-linimorttneutat - CAN/
Anu , tigaitipevto at MID and Pia Caws of cunt-.
tut styltiva , ts audy#c9iby A, J. EV ANS.
sass' cases-, <
• __
Wm; P. Wysitt,, ,
All.Oll, Turaptir street,
spied by J:ll..'Dtmoak,
I othiag at sow. }ark
" • •
Oftrit O 8 SYROUT 4 s CunD:
lags, gonti6so, I • n. .
'Willi. W. Stan . & Col
; Mautiono, Pa.
S. Park,
1 —
G returned to tloncrose tc resunot the pine•
of bit •profession, way bo found nt Eeatio's
ero bo wf.l bo tinny to Plitt Upon his otl
st , Feb. 2,1852.
-- G. Z. Dial . (fek,. t . , ' I. , ' '
N. AND 21:11tti EON, Montrote, Vs, *lit at.
. all busineee tb..t way be eutrus+4l to hie
ithprouiptness' and. Aden ty. . Mike st We old
on Turnpike ettreet. lietidence t IJOck, bull&
. „
paysr ,
pa', font
• Geotge Fuller, • •
. TN DOOKS,lteady;tumliClothlni,Thttc&
.n.ioto At. fittoes,&t. • Mote two doots,bolow
Ir" .
M 4: Tyler,
. .
D"' : n. IN pity Oil ODE% Groceries Croelcrty,rtard-
ware Tit:mare, Fisli, Oils: Itlaid:Paintsi &a. ht..;
also pays cub for all kinds orSttipplitg sun. Stoic first
below th , Court llottso. - . ' .1. - -.
• . i:j_.: ._.Clia - rles - l i iiima,n, - I.
I.3'llailillogi war door to tit,. Dostopler i Illontrpsc, re.
- . .
' H :
i i • Si S. ''Winchoteri
'rtinkheurock, ra. l °merlin
.t 3. Star 's Brick. Low. , . -
D. D. Hind. • •
T AND EXCIIANGE , TADLE. Oglfe 3uca?rs
Ke lictel, ,Monhose;
E. B. &S. B Chase, .
NETS AT LAW,: Nontose. Ogle over TY
auto. , , E. B. Cit Ase. S.B. pluksa.
C4ngdon• 'l&St erling;
ZS ,te.,ltetween the calla' Br ago Court
urt et, ttinghautteu,N. Y. Mr.l. II Whitney
Ageut.i - 27 ly
D' I.
honsp, C.
Trairellu :
Baldwin 4. Cox Saddlery Shop; Moniroie.
!Di.: C. C. Edward, I I,
TAN AND Eri m EON. Iturfard,lPaJ , Offlee 2
below G. J. Pride's store. • 1 I 47tr
- ,
Dr:James - Brook,
GRAN AND SURGEON. and tleikler In Drugs,
i ices, Paints, Oils, Dves, &o. Cpther 4Church
!I st rests; op poi Go Col. F. Lusk's, Greul Rend.
I. led(
and Pine!
I. 0: D.. - Virgil, I
. Ic:DENTIST, lii olvtitoxe, PA; Offlc, in Old
s• Building, corner or Turnpike and chestnut
Operations upon the troth performed the most
and tenderly. Plate work done.witli the best
dln them Ist improved style. Charges low.
In ca a r=l
01 21 - 2Egt - 312:7.
S. B, & E. B, Clasp,
. . .
TER 11!..i. . , •
liar and fifty cents per annum, cash inladvance,
Oars if not paid until the en i of tho year, or
tubscription. No paper will be distentinn d
arrearages are paid. except at the option of the
rs. An eonitannicatlons must bepoSt-pnld In
t*.eittltin. All letters connected with the office
a directed t t- S. ii.: .k E; it. - Chase,, llontioso,
,et anus county, Pa. , , --1 ;.
nom' . When over.M C. Tyler's store. ,
One squ re (12 lines or lese,) thi col nsertions, , et 00
Ear , subsequent insertion, i.- ' l , , - !• • 1 -, 25
One equ• re three months,' - -
. - 2 50
One aqu a Sir. menthe. - I -
i - !, 1 • 400
nusine. Cards, fonr Mies oe lesei - 1. . , - , ..; SOO
Yearly vertisetnents, not eve: four squareN, . iOO
One col , inn oneyeer. ' • . - 11. -. '-1 30 00
. Yearl . advertisers will be restricted to the business
n which they are engaged.
..... _.
. .. . .
ion, WORK., ,--.
`I.T a PUbliehent havirm
a large assortment ofJob
Pantie. materials, are prepared to execute all . kinds of
Tob wor with neatness and deep:alit:
.iltni kw of every deseeptiorecoustautly orrhand or
printed obrder.• , - . .
. .
.$506 OTT AT4LENGE. i
A ULI TEVER,feoncerue the health and hapPlnesa of
. V a . &tide is at all times of the most valuable Inc :
portane .." I take it for granted that every person Will
do all I their power to save the- lives of thetr children
and the, everymersou,will endeavor to promOte their
own lea th at all sae:laces. "I foci It 'to be my, duts , to
so:Omni assure you that Trot nee,mc,cording to the
opinion of the most colt:totaled Physicier.e, a.tei tit a psi,
may ca CC Ora large mliorlty, of Oireave. to triiieh dill
drell au I vitas are liable, ir you have en appetite con-
Litman changeable Item one kind of toed to another,
bad bre h,pain in the *to:lnch, picking at -the,"
harlot • and fulness of the bell}, dry cough, lew fever,
pulse it center, Pi:number that-all these denote IVorms
and ye • shottld at tinee r apply the temede. - , •
. • Haberisaik's 'Worm. Syrirp, 1•
~ 1 • '
An arti.te Salmi' upen scientifieprinelples; to pound:
ed Ili purely vegetable substance, being eriectly
safe 1 wire taken, and detertniuod In all its e efts. and
not liacing the system in a di-eased coedit:6 us moot,
1 advertised no-trams for the rent teal of worms, =posed
1 of calomel. such as boiengeS. V.:ventures, he,4 but has
performletl 'the most astonishing cures cud saved the
tires of ,thonsands, bona old and young; who have been
pronounced hepelese, Wearable, by physicianS. .heal.
, the tolllwing4ind 'beconte'eot.vitted of its eMrsey Oyer
Obn d 1
or two d.
time of
until all
.1 0 .31)11611
receive c i t ,
morkii niver,'N.j.,Ani.lo,lBsl-.'
N. Ifobensack—This is to certify that toy child,.
t of age, having been sick, for three years, was a t,i
or a disease of the spine by Drs. Loper, Widths.
I sler for a longtime al tlin 0 t retelirrng ling Ilene , "
ei as Incurable, I went to Phila
er giying her n.'
, and conSulted ooe of • Out best physialaan; her.
still grobing worse. It .was at this time I was
'to try lrobeessett's Worm syrup. and after ta.
o bottles she Ott tifely regained her health. after
a great quantity' r wortell..: iloyttigthls will he
t to parents stlfore children are ramitarly agceted,
- ' I ato 'yours; 4 a.' •
•-•-- , - --.' .• -- ' - ' ,.-.: • - ' -- It. 9011 Lilt
. HoEen.sacles Lipr - r Pills.' '.
,ttipnit'Of the syit , ni is mare liable ttidisesse then
the livir, it reeving as a filterer to' purify the hiqpti;ne
airing t Improper separation and secretion to the bile, so
that any,wrong wit act ef. the, Liver affeate the other int.
porta,: parts of the System: and , result* variously. in
Liver( am plaints. danrlice, Dt speitsitt, Firm vt. &r.. WO
shenid thereforeyeteli every imptom that rnight indl.
eats a wrong action of the liver. t- This° PUP being cent.-
posed , -of roots and plants. furnished be elevate to heal
the sic : namely : Ist. an fixPeetorant, which angracuts
the. ite retied from the pulmonary Mucus menttbrane, or
promo the dlieharge Of -secreted Matte/. .. , ":1. an al.
terti t, which thanges'm roam inexplicable end inset*•
sits anner. the certain-morbid actions of the system:
34, as Tonle, radish gives t ope andit reag,th tot the neer:
one a; tern, renewing health and vigor to all parti of the,
body. 4tbi.a- Cathartie.which acts in Perfecb - harmony
with', t to other Ingredients by Operating ttn , the :bowels
and e pelting thewholp mass of corrupt; nail *Mated
matt e# end purifying the blots!, which Sett etlys disease
Mr .11
15 year}
fft. Ar
Mug to
a bend
" I
pared et 'llabanatteVa'-f.abarittery,
dth atalOtorgeat: Price 25 - cents: Vjr' Yale by
uefial oragglate.and Flo ea generally ii.ronchout
Intry. By agent Alhbiiry Want, Plnladelpria.
d B
nnen tier& Bead; Van..
Hayden *Latta and Wm: 6`; tropr
end - re
-• Pre;
the co
I baton lc Peek. antl•Soaq Sryiriur, Iblrf.lni; Th..
il & Ifo;.Closon I C.II. welt, fr; Ltatt4tal On - and
1 & Plitnne 11
y, Duildall; .X.- Eldrl,l,te, Ilieedt•
feu' &Throto.,Clenlidod , 111 . 0(11 ecoit a d Dr:
Droakt.- Ormt Deuill J .1V 'L , :inali t Ira klrqn•
it !loiter& naleatell t Blerlftnivltle; 8. I'. tuule
llialotliM; ".,-". • '- :. - • ' H 28Yk
'ord r
B:iviL9o9 would re v „trun i
;nit, critiettltd accountb with ad.
! f
if ir - r7.l7;tlidtindneva *lll be cOllll/1114 kkithi aid
tinder. flio B rio or 11. $. wnsou ar;Aon., i •Thay
I to kora a general variaiy. and'will ever ba vend/
tankful= to accommadato tholta' wka ;favor - them
Call....Tltay-willitvap on hand a largrvtotk. of - •
y lia,cw dti t :G rove rtes, Crux kotT• 01 1 14. •
__ ,- Illiairdwnvol- •. 1„.•
leuTirattentlon •will ho given' ta . thlii linneli of
lil nvinatoi; to keep-it full artnrtment. - ;Cittpanterv..
staithr;flarnvai t tlarriago,riatit and Shoo makers,
1 end - tboartlalvalkeyyant,' - ' - I' ' • ,- .-- .'
le. fikood, tindltit9ital erlalicta makattaein of kept
. 1 )
it 7 3 by:' ••,. '...:: - '-, ~ , - Bt. 8.
,WILSCIiN - &gOtt. '--
..;--_-,:_ .. _
-..,_,,,,.•., .-lyttr
... .,
ibten ,
EnoSilret*Plitia OCT/Dili/ Stitli;,r Table.
d Tea - Boobs by the groee or ,lotett. very low by
• ..- • -4. t FILED Y. 'ltrAh'S •
Washtogton BlOgbatuteti,
-. . •
- Atip - pOlTLAß;loiutqe4 far the . Piano; fo
,brziakie 1135z._ ' • ••.j.
• nantityorylaiStedwszkieOnexenanienraro
elorßsibby N.10:11,
k. :B.
.'.l\ ow. Luang went! 1 ,.
and leuilzkaiv
'AITII,V.SATITII _ken. hale pow fully itemplotad
their arrangementefor Mlll:lufactueing an 4 keep
ink eauatantly on hand all and every kind of uaelsold
o u g t
3 %1 t y n t r it e 1
i nt e r
I n v t a a l e n t ‘ u n r: ;1 1
a o p u i t e et . l e i b b o e
t b y ea c t u .i d u . a o l l i b t y e
e a f l !14:
bee, and tt the best and most durable manner: _Among
the articles vadat they ;stead totseep on hand, erwako
to order,are Slabegany, Clark {Valiant. Cherry, rite Sha
tlollurea Side licart,serretariett. OOk C eit ; Ce:
n., Card, tts.
Pie r, anti - othe is r Tables; Stan V • var Sta n ds every att n :
dell; .Sotas,.Sets ees;Dis ans, Ott amass; kc. Bedsteads
orals Mods and styles, made of Alategany, Black' We
nut, Cherry, and - .
ALSO—Nlahognny. Black Wainnt,Cuzi and Dirgleeye
Staple, and Fancy Chairs,,of every variety cited descrip
tion, Vlach they hire now iso hand. end intecd to keep
a constant supply. Any azt lel° desired will be supplied
hea days ut, few tice.
• .Wm. IC. .SSIITII,
• • ROBT. A.63111'14'
Mont rose,Sune.l.l 1361.-2311.1t, SAl}d ui
;bout° for
hivLU *oU
TUN UNDERSIGNED, formerly Foreman for many
years or thetarayette hum Millstone Manuractoi y i
ZIG Washington st.,N.P ~(W.Tyliekalgtmt,lwould in.
form his friends and the public in general, that he has
Binghamton, N.
ears,' apt.. IP op-IN notch
And solicits a share of theitpatronage.
; hare constantly outland alarge tech or French
Ilurt Mill,Stones, as also a large supply of Emus and
gain -stones, also Freneh Weeks, boiling cloth,
screen wire and Plaster Paris.
The undersigned assures his friends and ,the public
that lie will faithfully •xe, nte all orders entrusted to
Ids care, not only in quality, but In pri 'Ts of articles fur
nished, and solidi* their kind patrcnagc.
Orders by letter be execnted islib as much care
and as cheaply as eshenpureliasers are on the spot.—
Millets and Millwrights are requested to call and exam
ine his stock and worlusashiP.
Dinghamtoit,July,lssl. • . .
Danlol Searle. klouteve: Thema* Phlnney.rivi.•
Dundaff; Caleb' Carcialz, Slietiaerlileef I. ;11. Drake,
lldgeweter. ' • . 4
Farms for Sala
1111-"ni2scribers will ace at agents for the private
sale of heal relate—Penns, llouses and Lots—loca
ted in Susquehanua coney, Pa. All ale whir to of f er
their p'.Uperty fat sale con girt: a minute deicription
their Farms or Leit, , as rations: - Number of Ores; how
many improved, and hoer watered; Build in gO ; Orchard,
grafted or common fruit ;'other fruit. trees, [and shade
trees; how far from Montrose ; and the near stpoint tO
udepat on the Non York it Eric Itallroad; price and
Berms of payment. All who dish to sell orpurchase Ural,
Estate, tri II , r,eive prompt a teentinn 'by calling' on o •
addressing us at- SI out rote, usquehanna county, Pa.
Ctinonveyauce from Montrose to the pretitieesfrce of
chargo I
Wilco on :Turnpike triet, 4 doois west .rif the Dila
• Thor°Bowing Farms and:Lots aro now ntrersd for sale:
No. I, 40 acres,3o Improved-Frame llonse and Barn
No ‘2, SO do 50 do sold .10 do
N0. : 3,100' do' 00 do 'do • ' do".
100 do SO do sold do ' do
No. 5,-70 :do 40. do aold. do do .
No. 6,.9(1 do •SSI do .do
No. 7,,,R,10re; WarrhOuse and Lot.
N 0.3,115 acres7s tropiored. rramed house and
" No. o . 52 S' do 35 sold do do •
No:10,2 do - ;do do .do ; •
No.ll, sold do do Lt
V 0.12, 100 scres7o moroved.framei house and barn
3.13.340 do-200 do do do du
- N0:14,54 do' 50 do sold do : do do
. N 0.15,108 do 60' dodo do , do
No. la, 120 do 53 do Sold do do ' do
N 0.17.100 do 75 -do do_ do! do
' N 0.18,112 do 80 do do! do
No' 19. 200 do 150 do do .• do - do
N0..20,145 do 10D do . .J 0 do'do
1i0.21,190 do 120 do do' dcil — do
h 0.22,001; do 45 sold do do 'do
No. 83, 45- do 30 , do dol -
• No. 24.292 do 225 d- . do do; do
N 0.25,123 do 100 ; do do' ,do
N 0.26,190 do 140 do dol do
N 0.27. 80 : do" 45 sold do • do do
N 0.23,11 acres gord ass mill and dwelling.' •
- N .29. 134 acres,oo unprored,framo bodge arulbnrn
.. No. 30,175- do 100 • " "
- N0.31.135 do 95 ;"
-- No. 32,185 do 135- ..
• No. 33.100 do -60 "
N0.•34. 150 do 300
No. 35, 150 ' 80 -
N 0.36. 300 do — 170 . .• . .1. .1 • s. L •
No: 37, 190 do 140 -
N 0.38, 170 do 100 =.. - :
No. 30 173 - do, 00 : do-do dO - do
No. 40 80 'do 45 to do do do
No. 41. 212 do IGO do sold do do • ,
No 42 02 do 50 .r.lo do , du
' No. 43. 4 . sold - do - dc. do
No. 44 138 do.; ,CS • do . do do, do
No. 48 801 . do .; 220 di.' do do
No. 49,120acrca SOlmprored,fraine house on 4 barn
nod grin , -mill. • - •
No. 47 200. ~do 170 do, do do • do.
No 45 103 ; do do . , do '
Ns , do 00 d o do do • • do
11,0. II) 83' do CS - •ds do • di," do "
No. 51 92. 1 , • , • improred ' • •, ;
N.B.—Persoundezillog to purcboarnnyntthe abort
bygislOg thentuabei can obtain a folldescrlption
• • I,
E 0. BABOOCK' - .0e10ber.1850.-4411. • ;
Liver Complain,.
A Ni) all di:teases ariAlowtretrt• a tlitordetthl liter or
etontnels, s'aelf us_ conStipatien, inner& pike, full.
.outs or blood to the hend,-acidity of the Pteineth.
B'o4.lwatt-burn, d;pgost for 100,,t, fullnes, or Welg
thef‘torunels, ;sour ornetatiorm, sinking or fluttering at
the pit of the stotnnelt, swimming of the Lend; hurised or
difficult bieathing„ . dattettott at the hehrt,ettoki 'ni
suffocating &mentions when in a. tying povtura.dicanies
sLoo-a, (tote or webs before the eight „reser and, doll
pain to the lonia, deticitincy nr per.piration,j
-of the shin•end eyes, pain in phe ehie, haelc;)Fbest,linibx
itc h 4udlen flushes of heat, burning in thq Iteet;• - eon.
- gunk itnagining,s evil, ontizreat. depression of:spirits,
ennhe effectually cured
Dr - lluoflund's criebrivril.Germ' is
, .
. - -
- ,sr Int:;120 ARABI rir., PIM ADELPIIIk. •-• •
Their power overtire above nisMises isnot. excelled.if
equalled, by any other preparation in the Visited Stai CB, '
as the Mares attest, iu many cases after !Mira physicians
had failed. • r ';' ••' - i • : -6 '.A, - ! - • -
Ttrese Bitters are worthy the attention or inialida.—, i
Possessing greet virtues in the rectificat loot ot tlieettscs of
the Liverand Maier glands, exercising the Most :search.
Mg power in weakeesrabd affectious of the doreative or
tone, they are, withal, safe, certain and Pleat:mt. •, •
-..- lIBAB 41I) DLL:" rN,VINCED.'. •.. - - • ,
The mbieribt the Boston Bee arilti,lle read@ 22(1-- - ;.
De. ll'ostlecnds'C'elcbratelßermtirt Bin erf,tor Abe c&e .
of Liver dompiaint. 3rjundice;• Dyipepale,! Chronic or
Nrawous . Debility, is de:rat-redly one of the rated papule.
mealtime of, the day.' . These Bitters have been - used by
thousands, Mole friend at our elbow soya be has lontielf
received an effectual had peMnaneut cure of Liver Com
plaint Beier the use of this remedy. := tier are couvinced
that.itsilie use of these Bitters, the patieut , coastal:lß, ,
gains strength and vigor- 7 a fact worthy, of great. coned
eration. i They are pl meant in Lige 'atidireell. nod rah
be used bY pirseris with the most delicate etomtich with
safely: under ahoy eircumstlinces; We ere speaking from
experience. anti to, the afflicted we UtiTil34l tinir use: .
Beottit,lVOekly, oh e'er, the .0 est "IlierarY riiPv.rliliiiiY!
lashed, said, Amfust_.•2sthr-•- .."' " • " c.. ,"i.'
"Dr:: ilonflaruls •Gert4iin Bitters, =unite at ured by Dr:
Jackson, are-nnir recommended ,by some jg• the mesh
(prominent members of the medical faculty as AD article
t o/ cinch diked its cases of female tvoaAtteis. •Atri 'Noah
' lathe eau, wewould advise all mothers - to Obtain is bot
lie, and Ulna anvil therusetres much olcknessi. ' Personate
debilitated coustituttona will find these Bitters aclranta ,
genus to their' health, as we know from expeilerofe "the
mintary effect they boric umni weak ardente.' -' -
' •'r . . - MOB .IiVIDRNOIs.: -.• .. rt.::
- The f r ldtadelphirs-Saturday- Girsette,, ificl.beett: family
news' aper buldished in the finitcd.s tatee, says of,.Dr.
1;oollet tu
al'efileran rilttcri4— ..' ' " 4 ''. • '.
' -
4 6Tt is seldom that we: vicemmend what are termed
Patent ttealcinef, tithe trontid tate and pat tousgeofpus:
readers, and therefore when. we recommeini Dr, I-Toot
hed& German DI tt era we wishto be dis tt tietty Anders tood
that wit ere reit speaking' of the - noStruris of the' day,
that are noised about for a brief period and thertfi,igot
ten after they have run theLr guilty race oranischier but
el' , n MedicrnotoOg establl)died, unlvinollyi proved, and
Which hue wet the - hearty approval fir tho faculty Itself.".
1 • - Leak Well to theem.rkreAr the Zeritliflo: • They have the
written signal hrer of C.; Id. J ACK:4OI4f upon the wrapper,
sad Ida name blutm In the bottle, trifizotif Which they rare
1 - Per salewholeattle and retail at th!ri German firciiefne
t il
Sfars.No.l2o Arch keret, nth oor ibeloW`rilxtli, Philti
delphU t'and .byreispectable dc era:v*3l444 through
Relecel — Ton enable 11V - classes f invalids lo'
the advantaarn of_ their , /eat restorative powers.-
' ..klen for gild by Ana TtlltltgLt,Droajet,lfontrore.
0 opn'e - . ' -. • • - - I - - - iyl. cow
- 1317."1300 I .
rparl Itisthrl t - or Iluitypty nu& ICo - spat "(a 4tilnalitu
work( bj• ov:11.1% - l'etrfokucl ilier Itipore urtkiv fa:
Indus rortlat Divorce On in tninnthl°4 ll pt l ee r vgth
c gekieral assorjment of 'acttool Books •4nlA ta loam ,
always on , t _ '•
>A n aupply or the "Psimlstrjait r4rriveir •
• Yeti. • • 01:0:VOLLEIL;
. .
. .
A'Arnßf exteavi#Onestatinen t, at enter ling &VI!. .rlia,
It mond, Ft oby,Prarl, Gavoet.Emerald.lree,Stalteband
~.•• .11:6,1U - Elt ItTeI,GS. - , : s'.:,
el tone,ahrovevy heavy plain dc,1, 4 ',1,8 a 13 4;01.4vat duo;
',Chased do, and a. vntivey of thee 'Wee by . . •
Blogbamton' DlMealtiVi 4111. 18516.- ' ' • I ' '
perms, ols,Druit.ttsuurb;*4.o4(iiioilicl'eCtOm;
vuru e s7Z2w d ur s
°LOCKS, Aceordeons Or - all pilaus $t
,• - ~. -Ayer ii:Viletry, *cettgraa,'
-,..- ..., -.,- :-.- ----..' -... - FOWTH.E'CURII , itiF
. - . „
:- ~.. A'i: ~..:, ; . . '- z ouctils 4ND: COIrD.B,
,*4 -4 :ratoNctllTlB,.-AST)I
-,144%1i,11.01.1Y110,0i'11g G
... : , A i r
~ J . , . COUG,FL - CliOtn i ANIS :
• "Pri , iit -COS SUbIPTI 0' Ist :"= .'
Atqui.g the nutuqous alscneeri. Mt EtiCllCt has Made I/2
trAhl gent-rotten to facilitate the bitsiness of lifi.,--incivme
its enjoyment, and tern prolong" the term bfbirmatlea
int-mice, none can ho named of more real:110w) to Will•
kind, than this contribution Of Chemistry, to the If Lithos- '
Art. , A vett trial of its virtues thrcingbens tide broad
country; lots proven beyond s. detibt,lhat no medicine.
or combinmion of medicines yet:known, can 00 , surely
control mot cure the nurrrerous varieties of•palroonarY
dise'lfl` which have hitherto in. pl. ft Om Ourruldst than'.
sands and thousands every year- indeed -therein now •
abundant rens mi to believe a Remedy his at length been i
found *Mai tiM be railed orito - cure the most dangerous i
- affect ens of the lungs. Our:moms here Will not Permit •
us to publish any prePortien of tire cures Sifected by its"
pre, brit we would present the following Opinions oreml
nent teem:mil refer -further Sneaky to the amnia/which I
the Agents below' nanirit,'will alwnys,lie'pleaseil to for,
'nigh free. wherein me-full particulate, and indisputable 1 -
proot of thesefecte. -,--..- ' -.: • - . -: ,-- - . .. . ,•
,From the President of Amberstpolleze, the celebrated, rated,
P rofessor llitcbcock. •- • ."• .- - '• • -'. '-• •, .
" James C. Ayere—Sit :"Thive. used your - Cherry Pee- :-
toral in• me own case of deep-seared Dronehitiii, I
satisfied:from rte chemleal conic lotion. that it is 'an ad
mirable compound for the relief of! arynalel Mid b:ciiich
lal ail:flint ties. - .lf my opinion of its superior character
can be of any service, you ore at liberty to use Was you
think.proper. ,••'. - thWARD DIV.:WOO( L. L.-1)::
Pam the widely . .ol:o)nd ed Professor Sllihriarr, H. D.,
1, T.: D.. Professor of Chemistry: Mineralopit,'&c. Palo
College, M.-mberorthe .ill
Litet. Had. Phil. mil Seim:alt.
lc Societies of America *nil r.urepr. • • - 1., •
o I deem the tmerry Pectoral an admirable cariposi-
Um front some of She best articles in the llateria Medics,
and a very effective remedy tor the Llus of diectiacs it ' is
Intended to cure' : • . "•• • :.• -.) • ~: • ~, ..:
New llaveit‘etl, N0r.101440. .
hinj:Prittison. Priwldent of the S, C. - Senate; states 1
. that ho hits used the Cherry Pectoraiwith wonderfnle no-)
I cm, to cure an [Orientation of the lunge. • •, t-
From one of the first Physicians lo Mains. - - _ .
. . . . .•.• ' ..Sa co, !de.; Apr 1126,1942.
Dr. J..C.•Ayer,,LoWell-'--Dcar sir,: I pawns constant-'I
your Cherry Pectoral in MY practice, a tolfweter
i t trSany oltermedicinererpultnotiarproinPlatots. From
observation of many revere cases; I am couvincealt will
cure conchs, Colds, and diseases of the lunge, that have
put to defiance all other - remedies --• • - . . • .
X invariably recommend Its use ha GUT? of C013511M p.-
lion, mitt consider it,mileti the best remedy' known for
that Weenie. - itespoettully yours. ' : - - '
- - - ---
- ' '-' ' -'''• .. LS. CCPmfmq. sr. D.-
• -Prepared and sold by James (:;Ayer, Practical Chem
;Ist. Lowell; Moss.. , ,_ • , •
" Sold by A . Turret!, ontinie 1 Lucienr,Scott, Great
I Dead, and by Drunistacterywhere.—OlV .• • • •
• - -
Entered nccortlin'g to Act of Cougrers, In the year,lssl,
by J. S. HOUTON, 31. D., In tho • Clerk'r OfEleo
. of the Walla Court for tho latent -
Dtrtrict oll'otturylvaute. •••• - .
Another Scientific Wonder!
Great Cuie ear. Dympepstal
GES'IIItYI.% FLUID, 011..Gatoric talc°, •
Prepared from RENNET er the fourth Stomach .of.the
9F. alter directions of Doren Liel.ig ' the greet Physic
1i gcal by4., 11. D.; Philltdel•
tibia, Pa..
This is a r irnly Won 'etfillretaedy for INDIGt.STION,
STIPATION end DEBILITY, curing utter Nature's own
meth - d, by Nature's own agent. the Gastric Juir.c. ' •
• a, teaspoonful of Pet sin. Infused in .water,
will digest or dissolve; flee pounds: , of Roasted Deer In
ahnfit two hours. out of the stomach: - • -
Pepsin is the alder - element or great Digestive princi
ple of the Gastric Juiee--tho Solvent of the Food. the
Purifying, Preserving, and Stimulating Agent of the
Stomach and - Inte.tines. It is extracted froM the' Di•
gestive.i.thinach of the Ox,.thus formit. AItTIPI
tIIAL DIGESTIVE 'FLUID. precisely Ilk% this• natural
Gastric- Juice in its Chemical ewers, and f ish
urning, a
comp/els inn pcejeci stibAlitidetoF it . Bythe nil ofthis
pet vacation the pains and evils of Indigestion and Dye-,
pepsin are riMo7 2 d,,ill , t3s they would be byu healthy,.
stomach.- It Is doing wonders, fot aviPeptles curing -ca
ges of Debility.',Emr.ciatien:Nerv'clui , Decline, and Dys
peptic COdilluiption, supposed to be onthe'vvrgaof the
stare. The scientific evidence upon' wflich It Is. based,:
Is in the Itighest - degree eatlnue and reread:able.
Sine:lts:fie Evidence
Heron Llebeg to hie relebrated work on 'Animii Chere
atry;- says: •••An Arlil lel - 12dge$L:it'e Fluid, nualivous
to the Qo.trie Joke, may be readllyr.ripared from the
mucous monbrane of the s'etrateh 'or the Calf, in :which
Marion. erticits of food; en meat and eggs. will be soft
ened, d. and .11grsted.iust Intlie saute:manner as
the would be lathe Lumen stotneeh ". . . .
•"y- Call on the agent and get h Desert/dive, &eider,
;ratio; riving a large ittii ,, unt of sClentdie aridenre.siini
ler to the above, rthrether with reports of remarkable
cures-from ell parts of the United States. .
1gt.1101.1011 CON'S PEPSIN' f*nnw sold 1 7 ititirly all
the dezder. In fino - drliginted poriularmedlohn,i ttirauHei
ont 0/h I:silted Stags. It is pr,part.d , ln Pbanler:and in
Fluld form; aily.l In r.reserlptive vials' for the net:4 . ph3.
sirians • : " : . •
. .
_PRIVATE CIRCULARS for the sire of••Phygelana.may
be ~btainetl of vr. litiughlon or his agents. deseriblug
the whole proeeFsof . prenoration. and airing the author.
Ries upon which I he. clairno et thts'nert remedy are
~wh.. A2l it IS not a- secret rowdy; tio:oble.etion -eau be
raised robax,: - Re1156 by„PliiNoile in respettObto kand
ing,atal, re4ularractlea., ON-li:D.O . LL.SIt per
:onstr.vr. TltiB47- 7 Tvery );ettle of the genvdne
PEPSIN bears the writt , vi signature of J 11 41 11611;
TON. )I.' D.. re'e' proprietor. V 40401144 Pa.. Copy
right and Trade Mark seenied. . - • . .
....,7 7 ,n1d by Qrugtlists and Dealers in pellitiper
rrrpor xnle
Pa.,".Kzeno.:Sastuchltnni county: 5Ty
TO 11,0211frit Wi::-ALtir.:
11711 A.T. is there Lfiikizuzaitterlo ronr etempliteney
V more surely.; n ttur decline Of lite, than Health,
undviettrof yowl*. nothing. Then the location 11011.117
anal that be ebtainsd and • Frotired. „ • _lf . we.- have a
Cough, - Cold, llrouChitis. .Catarrh. Pleurisy:,
!Witmer:yin Iloarsenelis:nr env "otheraElletlon of 'the
'Loup or Cht at, you will find it
i.:03119UN4.YV111.1,P. 111 tfl4 30)0T. a Sore and safe
remedy, or if your chit rest Jore' ufillited with, pr
flooring Comp', no better remedy' an be, •o end. Thou
sands have been relieved sit), it, and certilcatts of its
curative dowers. now in my possN'Fiqll, pltteesit beyond
doubt; the greatest. remedy of the ago. for any affection
of the Luegs. , ' The p't. wet sof flood Root us a remedy
has long been known, out Its Carib 'action alone has
kept it somewhat out of - general - favor; bur,' I natter
myself that theabOve conibination is perfect and that
its use,atllseiture,fsfcads rrhareferirliuffered tl to an
A NVOILP To 3lttructis.-trl wish' to antei ore e your
condition. to lessen your cares, perplex! lett, and anal e."
ties, which Ido la.y pro v!ding . for ur teotter.offirieg,
a retnedy,fiir th•ir. I lls that is rti . hipteil to. their Infirm:-
ties, without the . tear , of rensequenees.frout. remedies
charged with destructive' and detriinernal to
Co many thousands o font. race.. 'Whit amongst you hu t
feels far the malleriuglnfant y where Cries era ihr only
Indication of Its sufferlartorrl thing withrniattfrontehoh..
IS.. =Mutated. from inarrlera: or. dysoutarY,,staating
great. oirsties. Iritatlon - frem.
often homed to death's door from chniera_ Infentum,
and 'every frinu but nourishment cir,no!slitg,
I . ..have often all tit these. cured In a. day shisst,,by,
remedy that rhare been for,years L in perfecting. In -en
extenslieprietiaentnearlytcretitg"yearSaMl now offei-
It to Item Ander the trite num.. of
INFANT. RESTORATIVE 'and tlt/TILEIt'S 11E1 . .1E72'
- When this remedy . has been uteg, It has mew with uM ,
bounded favor, mid as TOW Same • our ohn eomf'ort
the welfare , of ,oue.darliug babe, risk 1010-tn gip!' Ira
trio!, and 'On, will lay , Ut Its , ;Mu
`3lothe'estlellett', ~ • .
' ;weans are ' also productive of ereat. tsrmnrq
dren:.kiner *ears,. be syMptoppent.viLleh.eveiy, Pa
rent Is awaro.unAirhera suspeeted,it
eaten:id - nate them as speedily as 'possibie..whieb can be
done only witlen few. doses of Dr Thioop7ilV ORM POT,
$0 tt,crllicb is beyondcora; arisen, with nny'Veradfuga
of the day. ; ltwilidestid -them; and - the eery'imall
dose,Makea it Ueciptable to the ehildrin that dislike
medicines of 'tiny. kind...' It. Is a happy_ compound.of
barmleds vegeta hie medicines; that in - their, comb:mt:
tion, produce . wonderful effects-upon throne thy intru
dersbt thoptunanissatop. ; , . • •
you are suffering from ...dertinganien,t elfin:, steno'
.ach, Liter, or Dowels , god - have Feller; head.iiche, mar
•stomach:Or hFart;burn, ilatuleney; •eostirenesti,- and
many ether unniellFtalt symptomo, fur theirentirercilat,
you have only to take. a fees :doses of Throopls
BILLIO VS PILLSe! and you hmie •o. Mire. • :They act
upon disease by renseving.thif, eldest, restoring the sez
cretions, of all the tircauti the* -- heidy and 49Altb,
Ito, consequence. • • ' - • •
• Twthoso atilicted with sOreileerikeoi:inflolulA eyes
.I,fundsh yen a iso'tt remedy thnt Winstead the: test. or
years of expericute, and restored . he most ease, when
every other rentedYkno ern had fallcd,Dtc Tltivors'Etr.
WATER. Theab omit prism the list of Dr. Throorti•Do e
tit estle Medicines; that should lee is the hands of merry
house keeper; as n good rentedy.alwaye ready, and Oita
only icl;juires a trial to 'Moirethem a place-- •,
lt.rontia , ik dais eitei.ineo trey' &••i lt end trate ti
It, Omits , Boutlwell. Rush; O. 0.
:Wright. Middiateorn;`,ll,,Cildilerritindirdifeir.',r. lU4'
•Braeleuey .5c Mont.:lM. ratibley ;
Grover. liihmck,;,..screttle. Moot...eprippille.l. Cr Lam
Lert.,-getburnydatetee, Tompkins, Tomplansirilie.;
den' ttett:Milford.;• Bond; ,
doxeph L. Merrintan t limipwrilletiDrd,..Bartiey.
kl.dikes; - *Yasperlitaniey, Cbocenut; - C.,Trilkety, Creek,
lip Centre Williams. Clifford ;Dr. - J.9: utiusteadi
undaffl . Johnson
fititSD tif,l49Pl.2FrotAPlut*,idr,t,qta..w•iz•
74in:S; VT24111
. , -
- - a • 47 ., =.
- _
Aeopous, ,, lllittaxiis.v r arb ; - Wire gtongthetiedtableind
41t,t•A /pomp; b us/ tobt Ind teo' options - .
= = ''"'Tot aarecchtil
ond setting low for the g01dtt,T,At.,,, , , TtittiLEWPA
watited ,Idoßtrese,Zul,y $ ,1641:!: '
160 1-1 Frit , good Ilendockluat';orellrartld ' 7 ; kt ;6. '
"rdie , ,Cleil,vcrOd !Vndot 644 ‘ : tioaj Ajotu./Tl.,
/P 4 ' 143832 ' 4 1"" "1 7 41 1 1t .` 1411.kfledit Itlifst' ol o4all
•1 4 - 412. " • irtti..
, 13 , trital/at tteti alined gopot, V... 4 3, •
ot the - wpm:l To filo/410k gone but-toornot - • -
1,1111;i isle sortie et, dieitesY teqvue!iqeig,elsistiop':'' t
A good geoond hand - cook Ink store, oleo a, good neer - "iv 1 . 01111 tot la% cg thl $181; • °I"
at 0/14010 Jauflary /0,
it enter, tor golefchiap nt sons
. _ .
sulatirrlbers hastnr entered lictcreo-partnership
1, lathe Stove, 'XI and sheet Iron .business lird
tO attend to nag 'orders la their title' at the shot
test notice. Patter tbenWelies that lit glsini orict
attention to business und pike., she , th l y T trwti, - ",,„
a reasonable abase Ofpubliepstrensge , Tileirtowct*nent
orstoves iszoed; haring the latest . snd most improved
w ittiiris nicking Whirl. are tie I , 6n•sidea vwlean—e•
Store widen took the first -Preseitim'a t the State Fair at
tiraettse In 1850.„E—O.Yopt-st.Queeu; .1!--4 Forest
Quern enlersed.;` Vey tl tone Mr light. Thorn's, do do.
premium; ;',Parinr stores—for cool or shod;
Atli:lads qt Tinwlri eteneatnrandtiiltuber kept on
bend , -sold - a ilk , '" that will suit: All kinds of produre
.taken In.pssutentandeaibnottefnrrd ClpPosit elite old
.store of. Attila and Knapp:. YWE dr. WEBSTER..
Montrone; July 10, '5l:. ; 2617
1 CT 1g D:11. E A D.
, .. ....
~ , .
' Philadelplii, Viedio.l-31oilso,
- ,P,stablishedfifteen years ago; by DR: K MEE
- •••• LIN," North , IVest Corner of 'lliird and • ,
Union -Streets, between Spruce-and.-
I Pine Streets, Philladelphiv. :, '- ; .
EAT* or .txtiq3o;se.rapa unlatcrripted
practice spent In this city, ha' °rendered De. Et.thb 1
t most riper: and ruccesit t ui ptacrittenerfa, end tie ar, ila ;
the treatment ea t en diseases of a priv ale 'nature.. Pezi-,'
poet° affileted with ulcers en the body, throat or, lege, '
Ipains in tit thead or bones, mei - en:eat rbeutnetbuistno- I
turfs, gravel. diseases , arising from yontldui execiseS or 1
Impurities of the blood, whereby the constitution has
bee. MC enfeebled are 411 treated with success. '
lie who places himself under the care of Dr.' K. may',
religiously confide In Lieber:tor as a gentltman, andoenn I
flatly rely upon his skill X
pa a physivan. .
•• ..
TA 6 PARTICCIaft It ..TICH ---Teimg , men Who hate
injured themselves by a certain. practice indulger,: in—
a habit, frequently learned Dem evil corny anions Or at ,
school—the elf. eta of oLich ore nipht iy felt. even when . '
Last - flop; bad dieFtroy both mind tend body, 'should amity
Immediately. Weakness find constitutional debility,
loss or inuscu'ar °net; y. 113116,1 lassitude and general
'prostration, irritabiliv3 laud all nervous affections, indi
gestion. sluggishness of the liter. and every disease in
any nay emit:tee - red sithtlic procrcativ e functions, cured
and full Tiger rastored. - i . '
Read ! -. Youth lind.:AlanhoOd: ~ il Vigorous
. ..
Life or . I), renlitidri Death., , Kr aclitt on
-, --, . - seY . . reserramo
n ;
This Tosi tutpublishedlSflledwithUsefulint orno .
tie n, on lice infirmities en d - diser'ree: of the. mimetic°
organs. It addre.stiv itself ebb° tto ' 'Yerth, Manhood,
and Old .9Cetralill should be read by all. ',The valuable.
advice and t rv i,id g e . iiarnipti It gives, 'will prevent
years Of udier, endwuffering.end save annually thou
sands of . Parents. by retulin , ' ' it, will learn Low
ter prevent glie t tlestru et inn of tht
, •,„*A remittance of Pfi rotate. enclosed in a letter. ad
dressed to fir. KINIC . ELIN. MAC; Corner, of Third wed
Union Streets, bet wren spruce and Pine, Philad , lphia,
will ensure a book; under enreinpe, per return mail . 1
Pcrccos at a distance may .eddress Dr. lit ,bf letter,
enclosing R fee- and.h° cured a., 'Warne. , ... ,
Pae-kwa t e , qt. - Meliernes;:Dire.ltiotia, lk.;rprrittraNi. by
sending a remittance, and put up seenre fee= ..D677W..0
- or Cnnosdy. ..., .
Boak:eellers, IV ews Agents, Pedlars, Conversers, and
all nthors supplied . with the 'ahoy e work a i t wiri lew
• •
To'Dairymen and,Farpters;
Valuable property fur Sale., '
ArAl'3l at 200 acres s t note indlrldgewate.townshin
Susvichotina County and state of Pel3ll4slllllll^f
150 acres,Of which is under good hoprovtni cot'
Thu farm Is nett d esigned for a dairy,and is capable pf
feeding 41 cons during sutorner at:d Isinter. aLd errry
part of it he Well natersd. - Alle htdhdiep. and land .nto,
in good condition and , the 'tenets, v.hirl. are of - stone
and rallsare Wimp ! _There are two large.barns upon
the preiniffea; besides it grin - find coot r went shed
for cattle. 'thrceOrcliardar rincipallyolginftedfrulte
and other fruit trees. , _ .
Said fartu has a iery nlearant : and'desirabla loiatton
,about two taties from Montrose', the Cotirityscatml en-s
-oot:bison.% ettOrity. and ahen: Omilesfr.nt the. typeetis
Gan Itailsuadllo iihlch theft ILs arfack'lloa - din process
.of cOmpletlon. and I.s"Tery-conyenieLt -to meetings cud
schools, and mechanics.
Also anotherValuableFarat adjoiti;thc aboi . e, con
taining, 200 aefeg, of which, 150 acres_ta under n high
note of rultivatiOn. - rponeit. there is a large t fiame
dwelltro house, and out hullilinas 'to correspond and ".
orchaid. Ills well watered andKLced
avid edtnl
rabipadapted to dairy purnoset... • '- trill hosold on reszonobleterros. apor,
lion of the purchase toonortanyrcrazin upon_ Bond and !ilortAne suit-the,„ --" '
'Application foxy - he ramie' personally or by letter La'
-flan: Writ: de's.ll, or 1t.:.1. - .Nirettat. Montrose: :At said
enunty.and any further pal ticulaFs thal =ay 1)9 reciniz
e4 bn " • -
i',Otice'lo!,:iiie.',.eliblic . ;
iVeta Betisurlybic-Fall arld IVitster , Qood4:atikl
—• . Great One Ar ice Sitire.tif ••,,,
- 1-• lAct‘dvi'rt. -
fIIEG le aie to take Vas' opportunity of - tendhiut bt
ll sificeiethduhl t o ht frlondr-un - d - tust broil's, for tb
generotn. pat too age they. have: osteuded to him ; .and
rattle ;tame time iufOrartheru that he Iras just returtkes
from Now York witha very largeand choice selection of
Fancy and Staple Iriy floods.. AIRO a frebbitrid: eit, at
Site.tigortouila tor OrceeriMr.frovisiOns, Ituott.arl:Shoeic
Ilats and Caps, Hardware. Ciimkery, ac.j, Drugs: And
'Medicines, which will be sold for ea sh and praductkat a
ces which defy allemopetitiod.
Flour, York, Fish, Sal e:wholesaluan drat alt—he would
alsoretuark that he n .beresstrktly to the fystemof al.
ways n miog the loWeit:prler atilt:lt:thereby givizirths
samentivantage'tti'ullwliomny - fairir him with their pat
Great 13end.elottiingiStare...::
- The largest. bestand cheapest rissortinent 'of Ready
Made Clothing In the tillage of Great hand, ra... iirend
Cloths. 1)04. Skins,taeahu er. p and Coatings idail qualltio I
suithbleforthe Fat t ;Ind lt inter Tirade. which he et
such prices ns to satiefiatiy line that tbin ta the plat-elle
them to tlettV - iticongequepre of tile great - increase et hta
business hi , has.been obirgetl•tn greatly calargehisstoek,'
which he now nffere to Ids friends • ml the public fus.ex
areination,ionfhlimt that In engnlng they Willfintlanme
thingt crib clr - adv antage. The subseriiKrbas made ar.,.
rangements to manufactnro elothlogin nit it* various
branches. and is now preps., ml to. sell the same. werrant
ed tobeurinspection.
: Austen' . work and -cutting done
at the lateststyle and Shmtestnotlet—allklti•ls of tail
ore' tritniiainge fur rdebedlind - for , - tin tint forj et the
spot. Store neatly. opPo-Ite the Mangan ioOsf:.
Great Bend, 5ppY.;185 4 ):,,, • L. .
- - The People s , Frzend -
T T. PON DT•24 cpf :Kelt taco,
DATADESTROYER •titi Ilse LixoEvemacr.—Anllettnitt
teem the eluilt, sallt , ll.lVitch-lmzel,:ouil purely from
that vi flit he exeeptlqu'o leeloalto kreserce it ~
.I[wlllcureahl Local pan "and Inflaelation Si ' 5 . 11.1 a tWee;
'fresh no mid Oh bettlael; Illlee.ratill‘ all ease .of the
boWelei.l'achrente rt.ttu re; t Gab-tell - a; , •ear-ache arid; hit
excilleul , teltOdYibllemkleo t Ae - - - • -
It 'stroll tehat It eepliosseeto be, ‘lhePeople'l
Piliroltleneehae tie:Muted atmaillierttgeett paths efllfe
alanylhinge theteohtribute greatly . to the , eamfeet ithtl
hapootwe oresery body ;d theft. Ova valhe,aittl
well may they 1, e - ealled "rletida of the Penple-'.'„ •
.000 word bete tovartlagitlnat Man' by
the name allpotiter:lias taantihtetutdd and orrertallet
sat, lkspuriouturtiele Corsa! Eatram—that
wouttlba :extratt - ot the basal:WO tl—thi 'gentlit la Una
'whitened le 'Ole - este Watert e the ;parlous ankle le
colatcd,whichuttablesthepublicto distinguish.,
Sunrtenulnf.butthosemaritud PentrePainDestioyee
IVSE K. ILA'ren, Wittiose.andStuto:ltterers and me.
DeArcaierg4eneratt,t;lgents., - _
'47. - Altraferti,llli al I
4Prr - Pa tenger. Di ainr wilk!Spedtat AT 50 engetayert •th
foriearlhr, - o...3terchanda:c-enta Packages- :
. , avail etc:au/p.*ln: Specle...Bank Nato, ,tc.•
,VoTE4,l.lraftaVand Bdls collected. all °vier: Attend'.
JA id to with'tirotaptneas and -at riitsanable rate's,'
Ttna'Agenta at tha.,Latitawanto dalVattoro Railroad
'oMpariy, gill act as ageuta fOitht , ahMr a.exPrega. Ila ,"
I "zpreo reading:pi upon thonyytaal.
at,, at, Saran-DN. to'rataitt
. N erchandfati;k ,'W
e.;toPittatoull.lteeharre. ?to.
- Leonatil Swale of litontronei to , anthoilsid to iiielao
and tutatatid - Z xfprela Freight •' from that place to tba
mouttato etat4tt,"atidttnat att l 4Stattan.tdltautrosa..
• N. (f. Martin' let Turkiharroock; vitl reeelMrand
word - Eakeas,Fralght , frour.thattilaie- to Tttii46aggiick
Ptation, and froakthatiStatimi. ta.Tooklianoork .
' r • laitt)OP . CO:T
koierlibei:ilott•As2tr: ".
. .
SS° tt
thweartwand firt,e'o(l3l2lVit - Throoli; le the- Ibtllreta
butlnese: en the &11r.p:11.:, thl* day-1.11 eßol 11
tetllultkvoluktilt, JAM 48 Bls -
- - /1. 11 44400 r
114 ea
.tiiO4 :44 VS ,
throip* 1: 1 ;1 4800. 0. 1 !!xllITells• - - -
„,,,.. ..,
c,,-: , , i;;;;, , 11 .. ,.:,A1i. -- r-c`..--.77.............,„„......... ii. , , , ,,
~.. ••
ci i ii :t if i lu i; eri t iln l i r l:su l tiril i a l
. lib fty; - ,that he has jun sitsna—
” .••• :•••.. , ,r-' .., sy „tenni tiew jTark with ata...-'
. • f
0, iv , 4,.k, ]tilliiontn lantana'', • - " l4 '
• ,•,,, - " c ; i - .• at 1 Grd-‘atttiTar 1. e ee f ' 1 1 4 ' 6 11 o il r ib
i !os, 'i s ,
: ,,r ; ",-„,..,
..f . , jewellddtad plural'''.
Na il
Cr"* .
e....`7' , "' ,- x — - , -Iris a nt fob rhanuxca - 4,1 , 01,,,..
mos, 'psalm, Whits; braced, Ist Miser...and a i r ritc:74,..
ow. L„ ae h e s; . orpletv: 1 rail aesi Atli esti el.' '"
and paned cases t ohnral be al, cutlery, roft," - til
„,e - r , urinal:tuts and.plat liVo;rea.tecordains:a.,
r an k % soaks, violin striTg , clocks; wallets, soul -,
.- fiecollea, and faney go o'b Vislth'itiSairs.l o -4 , ..1.,
- lariats tor the trade by th quantity, n ot s t o i7,ol,
sold at the lowest piles/. acriyetrby r at a j ...aii
. nilkinds repaired on sitar notice at the 04 n iz i ng
:ly tpsoldte the Plus olx, uutt stalushstutr o lih
Clocks for sEno:an4 ti p 's anbouia ands dap, es t:
;Yor2.___ Neu style and wari[nted at.. ,• L. CEAriguir
Cirdi/C6 SikilT l4..:ll.t
': .. WY • AIL, .
• Itingston, Lir/Mine cbtl.uty, pi
I r I . i IL I ea fil li a
% Sil l n a l ne
:i t °t o t 't a t : i n
L n e bn i ' c l u a: i 7r : ' l : : Y age a , l' o l u l e . m i l! ti bil'Uta4tdillt
Lure. and aceiasibleby daily stages limn all pati o &
coun t r y. Tit, school fkli nOllbtal in osenthu u ;,".
',ona ta ram, &i
t iVialleh
ss da p nrona&e. Las Lattlitnuji
lentlr creaAn- •_ - • - _ •
TLrousli th,,utuniticeneelot WO. ,oretiattd. Lni•;tt
edditiona I E dint ary bUili Inc 44,14 49 !cat, scd °Om,
sh , t high, has gat been completed, and Ly thitl At o.
of non. Zilia I:ecuettt throe! IA 141 1111144 lig
! a TalunLle and • rai4nri. ! litrary. cuddly re,. ti
1 Chemical.' thlictpophical; tid naircartalcal Stitt!,
i of the Institution , s rega dad, by's.° wed lu tt l ow.
r4e att. as or n high edits, and ample* tall etoc,
sums s in :Natural Eel en eel .
Thetioard o r last sudden for the ancnit4yaaru k i,
Itirt. nerthrit Nelson, Ain, / merpAx,.
imer. yontie (. ' , Milli, A. rt,',,
. . 'Anther of !time Lansuspa, •
Philip T. I l 7vetr*.jA.l%..
I 'rancher of 31;abelantla.
. Rev. C'.
1 7' 1 Cu l t. e l : Y. :it - Ai . ra I . . I S ' : C
It 41 CO. , .-
Mimes W. Utoilliiite, , ,
, • • • -•:, lowtantPtinit. • • • .
. . .
Miss . -Vary L'letztl - . .
.... .r. -, 1 ,Teacber otiodeb .
Miss+ tsther Par r rlck ~'
.. .
... - A selstantlarherot3ludein,Tiasepi;
Hrs. Intsr:.S..Nel eyr',, , 1 .
Teacher or raviniand Batzlial., 1_
"lit;ti S. A . 4dregor p.
Teacher of Ainsie. - . ,
MI of the above terichlls are employed loth ido l
that/bob, of.each day rzeept the Teacher Oft:inter*
Ittr.lctxtled.•e. The former devot.s le d g pi ,,,,,
curb day t her class aay Be teceststy, and this
teaches one belt vas tyday. The pare will Ira
that blista aoeme i the school ia atdtt thsisp i
i .. iun b i e rr , t 4ean (` m e
army, fu II board of ,n 44
and , the Trustees tear/tatty Arrlicyr thst ~,,,,,,....,
be spared to promote th ir.dat thicrough Iiii ii ;;;;:,
all the pupils. . 1 otitis '
The necessary expenr .s lastittition stet*
ate. Tuition rxelosice .1 o rtaintp aot ru.dicinal
to- err, GO per quarter. Board 51,tapertreetondp
:TS per dozen, and.fuell $2,50 per enema. • 7
The disM . pline of the dostitution rembites a:4p
wah firtna..., - Incnicatipg w rep q and, moral tea
pzincipl es . , persevering Iduelty,trict uc t i: p i g ~,,,,
• ' '' .' - -"
idepertment,; , : , ~.•.t. - • . • t •
The pregerit - term of I is I :Leal till reatitte 11, 6
23d of Per- next. 'Students arr Stained at at 7 sp.,
but. the molt suitable time for et terirgis tielpp l ,,,„!
or the middle of rack trim. That 'to may ?Ws lii
i CU a .the Scheiorthrougli the pa:Wader rt tie Bd.*
, throOphout te Mint ETA zooid do 'sel 1 , rob, 14 4 ,
as the 20th or h 2:14 Inst. 1 There ;sitlbs l a
weeks at the close of the proartt test.. Ot t t , 21 ba
consists of thirteen wects corator acing .lindurilii 4
toy April oth 1552. .. . 1 . !.
. • Catalogues of the • erninery Sadao, lefeda s ii n* It can b ... bad by addressing the ttlaritsl, pi*
of the undersigned. D. A. iIIt.EPIYAN,
1 li. ROUNDS. Eee.r. , ; . - .
i Riposte*, Oct 4, IS 51-42-tf. - -
Petroleura'or ROck-'Ol •
A NATURAL remedy proenned. fenn3 Tell
.1 - S.gberl cotody, 1.-.12r hundred ett deep . teaq
sold by S. 4. SIIER,Consi Basin, Ylttsbenti;
put up in bottles Peet finite crew tte stg
tilludittueofsuay kbed.r All ye i be t ire:Meta
1 r- READ! READ!!
Rheumatism yields tritlie newer of theTeleta.
voice f , em LuzerneCo.4 Union tp.; Jody Sib,lia
•, Me: R ier—Drar sir, alto! cre its a Wasps Is '
gratedateyou as the Sole proprietor of an lin*
called Petroicumer Rook Oil, whit:his *Wades ~
to take the place pf sill great medlelou.7 Ray • .
this neighboihood hare tried the Pet I. utast.,
of cAset caring racist of !Li-mend pros' 4/43 - •
in all. I have tested it , In ecuibr, Co . u'arratea
letter. sprains, and evening; for rheorosthil tilt
is ... certain cure. a; y ;info has been atitted rtiS
ytheu.ari F ni f.,r some years and never tun itt
thing to relieve hor,in fact the tried ertrythirnst .
thing would do her .3, , , good lentil thc Wale:et&
Teens and it tins relieved. bre entirely, fur n lan I ' .
It it the greatest pain killer nos in nee. 'f't co lit. -
Annthet letter froui.._ Corrine en., secars.ll4-,
lie•rolenm : , ' - .Luxor 11.ters; July Tllat
Mr.....Rion—Dtar sir :.--I take gout ritvoi b e
fylng - to the eirtttes ofd our great oaturstrcol.cisi ••
the Petroleum or Roth Oil, eihicoi if ermitly Spi
mcilleine. lbought one dozen of year mitt eta I,
wasalong here last fall. 1_ tested I; la a nantetifai,
and fond it to prove good. I also tuft 4 ills I
tatter and found it 'retry. benetielat. 1 Trria lilt xi
much to bateanother box of it„ for I' on't lit 01,
nithoutit., Respectfully porno,.
Y. cAvrtial:
A voleetrom Suagnehataa co. , certilyiretadt
cy tif the Petroleum. . !Ilex at ir.ltinel4. lIT
3fe Sll. Kritn—Dear sir s—Allow ale to rtalo4
!Jetties ofyntir natural medicine on. ti Pertirrs opt
Oil. I had been talleted With the D Inoue:no atlee
time....' I via in Wlll,erharte laA seamier stri{:3lW
-tie fsc:to your Arost• ultra be gas sleig 1W0.%
cured'uie perfectly. I have since seen Is t. sit i *Mt
ent.Pseauf eltenthatlent; elan found It ;it I rel]tlad t
. . ~ - '• " " Ncry• rcspectf ult}yeart.
" :sa' ~.., I
,' . -- . , ,,'5x Pichnoca,,lailllts la,'
nr. S. 31. Riga—Detre s it—Allow rat Wall:4oA
virtuo of your great ni,tural medicine earn Ittial
o 'Nock Oil.which.thelierets a rood iardlar. On
been atrdeted - with pain In t In. erne WI
last ten years.and never could art- saptii sir ails
mi.: In fact I tried alninst"eterythin: and Lenrwii
do nie any good until r,triod your retreat:LlM%
. relfreed me s cry . much e 1 tytee Also to:edit Jr Ir
scald 4. anilhruises t le!ha alitaT - Olin " Ikth ' I
eherritime .. I tltinL tile the gr atert psintilteists,
161.'-'?:- - , Tory respectpsily r•lrris
. • . ' •
- - THOS. EJS ,
dall And get et circular from the Agra. 4. 1 / 4 1_01/ 1
full description of it. ,',. ,or 'sale by lII.NILIT I HIX
Softl wholesale by 114 ;z3,11Af..5,& Ci,N0.710
tree:, Philadelphia:.' ' -- ' ' , 'Mt:-
• ri
1.1 wIBB
.rock of Ir3l I good.. trt ItL ho offers for ta tOU
Witt. PAY for Hato, tas tow 'tit es ac Oil tenor
lAratited. Bod ing- duo hooks is via tilY
trim tilt, as tr,ave ho ore btuoht good' OHS/ tali
forthern, big inviteti to , • Lfoac
Slontrosel Sopt: 1851. I '• r •
lILI bosju st nee— tr:d stew azkeqg
assortment of ' • •.•
Ara 1 In tei.Geods.
nclpdingahelegapET:rletyoffadleslhetaC Ol
.A` I •Oftg, Slistda,' test' ):ite' Bonnet Rlbbo 06 ,
Caye y staplo tioods itr4 tbs. tO r od,lesizzal.. o
Trbleh,having been pu:thasell'atflao Isle sic ps
ca toilltatt untwanUy lon.
"joie Milford, Sept._
Irdi Stove . Depot .
if 11151211,1 Tr bate( ,tir %natal , : a canted Ml'
[ 11 arirtianiat of. Coottl jp, Parlor, az".l Atiop Porn
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