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:The season-'ef loil* evenings has 'come
poseomotit. a almost:a continual , holiday
far; the termer and his sons., After dish,'
are garnered, iand• the !fuel 'procured
tot'lvinter, : the independent farmer . is corn
' to ll eillto toil more thin' IS cerefort,ahle
. alpleasurable. ; - 'There is little, except the
cared his stock, that need to , give him any ,
anxiety:4 . s "( - •
In his eliar is an ample supply of fook
'and Who be as stupid as one of old, he could
any t° '• Then ha - st much. goods
aid up-,--soul take !thine ease
,; est, drink
and i errY.'- But T Nelda countenance
no such disposition; I would have_ every
person busy—tlic firmer " as busy dining
thattiotat as the suninier 7 --bUsy either with
Body or his mind, . and it ought to be- with
bath the !year sroniid. -&d to measure of
Mental and _ physicial activity is, essential
licalthl and long life. 'who has an
anactire Mind, and a robust body, descends
Seward the brute,and is short lived.. He
',he has do active niind .ind weak body, is
unfortunate and short lived. It requires
the barnionions union of both, secure - the
'highest health , and happiness, -
'and to pro
mote longevity, need tiet.he said , that
tipon this also depends all that: ie elevated
and dignified. ; .
There is enough for the farmer to : . do at
all seasons of the year; and he wile is inea
pable of 'mental employment, and has no
taste foriseientlfic culture, should be busy
With , his 'hay. I find
no-room for idleness
ora foolish waste, of time in any one. Let
the thoughtless hew wood and draw water
for their; children, for they -incapable of
anything else; but' let the educated far. :
per Continuo in adinneing his awn great
yess, even if the children have to hew their
Own,aw woad and draw water for thernslves.
,The latter, however, will perform more la
bor in - half the time than the former—not
in whopping perhaPs, but in producing from
bis fields.
• Bat-Whai of the ,
coming winter evenings?
This—that for the . coming four .nionths
there trill be muchltitue than can be most
profitably employed; by the farmer and hii
family. - I Eta can be's student during this
:time; arid prepare himself for a profounder
philosopher and a better farmer for the bal
ance of his days. , •
Lookni it., the farmer's sons can employ
'eight bours per day at least, in reading and
idlection, during five or six months of the
year... i: ' . , . .
Suppose we calculate the time we can
. thus spend from the period of twelve until
thirty years of age: this would be nine
years, at eight hours per day, which, we can
pass as la student. It tequires but four
years tu giaduate at college tand binder
, take to say that be whase mind is inclined
to study, can, daring, these nine years,
o btain as gall.' an ' education, 'and better,
than is furnished during the six years us
ually anent in preparatory
.and colh•giaie
study? ! And- yetthii education will not
have Cost him a farthing, except. for
- books., 'while he would have spent - from.
one_thousand to- two thousand dollars at
college i ' 1 . _
It is irue.that there is a lack of teach
entaid nder such circumstances, bat the
snore at ender' there is given to a, proper
use of winter evenings, the: more speedly
I will eery hossehOld contain a. master.—
Every tether ought to be a Professor, and
' if our farmers sans Will improve _their win-.
ter-ending - % they will be able to act as
Profess Ors and Philosophers in their own
familiesi . But if the coming two or three
generations, agricultural and Mechanical
or industrial Reneges, will .be_of invaluable
service, in furnishing all with able
sors without cost. : There ought to be 'one
established in each county at once. ,
.. But:What shall be dine during thisaere
• mints? !Beaks should he read ;.- little so
cialmreles for ennversation about what has
been read, fOr discussion of various sub
jects, and for ditcipline in composition,
shonld be formed; and attended•.onto or
twice a Week with as much promptitude as
you would.perform any ,duty about your'
/arms. -I Tbere'is rio excuse for neglecting
this--iti can he done- as - well as not, and
when t 1 people anfficiently appreciate the
dijcity of :a cultircsted minds, they will at-
iond to it: Cilacdrning the advantages and
'management of euell - sodeties, I may write
in the West cominnnication.
But ma hare no . bOoks. says some one
Then g 4 them—You are able, every ono of
-yam - •Tion need not indiriduallyget a large 1
• library, but you: of, the snide neighlierboodl,
shouldjdia in establishing:a good
.library. '
"tin not ! personally aCqUatoted With-many,
agricultoral townships -in the_ Brute,' but
-those I do know are abundantly able to
fminda Public library of ten Itlidusand rot.
unite in S t en years I Think of that—a lib
raraiy among the faraiera of - 10,000 -vol
umes I Their sources oflufortnation have
timsfar been oanteed to professional men
and.merchants in nar large _cities and towns
Let the farmers see ,that knowledge
is imiongerincinoPolized;tmd thin greatness
it rionfert confined the Tow who-ispecu
late ,out of their labor. ; And yet - very of our large towns have "public
_All_that is required is ' the' co-operation
ofAhapedple for this purpose. - The expense'
Aring derived by aSseassuents fur a
' - years,; ouldnot be felt,by any One: 1 - It
is - true that too feT , appretiate the matter•
etiffiniently to take told of it, but let those,,knovi- something, attend, to this
matter; do what they can; and beeome more '
intidligent They will see the effects of
.it t ecto# lieed : ` , they : sow, in virtue and
knowledawbich their children: . sviti -en
There f aro- coriain , .beeka;.'which- every
t an iu y sbould'ponsese; - Theienre,,L. The
Uhl° ;"2; A pia Arpti6ol3:s'4 3.
A lexiison in each;of the Liatin Greek and
lit Tang,uatesT; 4, A Classical
pietions,ol , . A g6od_Enoyeitipedia,pne
of Parattire, one of. Science. coo Cif Air--
culture, lone . of Arts Mechanics ;•
',4 2 a400' on- Pilysioti.evi A ..nod
OM. 111R111.111...e.....• --
Workliti Hygeia or tlie Lana ofileelth iB. ! - Ilk IV ir ii;ii Ci.`lCD It g A D'.
Vivo papers, one a rie lf I ..
I . ' Pllilailelphii Medical II .
one' . . A gIAUr LI ont, re 'glees, , -
polttleaL one literary,' and the ,E sla bl is . h,' d met, ,, , ..., ea ' rs wro h , 4 DR 1 9 7 118 , 0/ e i . D .
tY,PaPot% ' - ' - ' , , ' LIN', ..iVi.rilt tat Corn' ' ''':f 11i-r i d ' it,i '.
-These I tegard as the necessary.: house- ' ' _ ra m , s lrod ,, b e ,,,;;;". (. 0 ," . c i c - ' 12 - 'a d iT
bold t'urniture of then ked. 'fog 'can go : Pine ' &jots,' Ellitia,l4 ,l l 4 iir. 0 , 1
as much aprivate libtary as you c ET:3 VI:AILS or extensive and . uttinterOpted
please s bu,t with these books - and : papers, gotleXdpvirTeTtit'ln this citi' " rentkrapr ' ll ' tlie
'stressful pvEctstanartar Eus4 top, to
Oa treat•asEnt of l all instates of a private radlae I, Per- I
a ' 0 1, 4 : 11 h . :i t - g:"" a „f lu . b - ii 9 3 ib i ai .i.; i. (41 , !•1 11 . 4 '5"?'"! , sons atiteted tritb ulcers en the bc4y, thioat er . es,
at , very wen - m the spinti!al itt.c. , I r ains ittais bead or holm, tuereireal theuroatirms i t e rie-;
shouldjike to see in eabh,Tamily also a good toter; ftl4"e l i l i g a tlror gu rr"el tr uthi l l "V'tt" 6 "!
treatiac on each : of_the Scienees—bat these bee, ate enfeebled are alet"tltcrilcuallirereesti.t° ° b"
caa, be had at ihe- public litiritri,_2wlpere r4outiZCeTeplehlingertuen,etge4,:e=enelp. ;11ndlr'ii:;
there shOuld be duplicate of, all the books d W i lY.`Y e ' s ' 9° ''''"'''' 2 " l "" P "'"'''''' ) . '''' -I '' ' .
meet :in demand, -The eXpense - "of _ fthe lol:oof tfien: ". s x &TlA:TrlaLlp:t r gc liritn4 : ;rlP4gie`
Woks above spetoified,titeuld be abOutsloo a llab,t frequently !camel ' from lig corral:4one Or al
school--tho elk tts °fly - Melanie sightly felt, even uhen
or if valuable - }1 , I d"
neyt, ope las were o,btained, ! Love. and dertrothoth tetra tu4l , beEiri alsqull apply i
tim expense miglit te advaneed to $2410. - - in: 3 2 :',lf2:w..fge th 4 l ar, , k`r t l t inifa a n' , l 4 " , p. bl n litY . l i
w hat farmer that knows anything,canrint P"
g e at r atj "' irril4billlY
nt"l alt
l ' 4°U3Uaretle ' 'lll4l " 7ll. I
afford this! • In these books he eau balm a atiY sal gelOWXfltiththoeplitsaee4:ltVegnmeltteu'its,::tt 11.
bird's eye view of all things, ".and if there g a r TV nirrt , i. 1 i
_be no publie library within teach, they dre 7 Lim or ; u r l e ; tu .'' -1(1.4,4e A ligopitta ,
the best hoots he can; have. - The papers seirpres n es f r i4re im p" ( l . - lol ft. 4Kinkai'l "
should be geed °ries, and they would cost jai: Boajust published Is filleiit Ce V:luorina .
about $8 per year, a pain that every stem- Zit; n. ,TteniatZtis,l . 7t ! aen d d r a I {l o t r b tlE a , gl
"n 07.0 . i5 t116 1
her of the family can save by greater sini- c all a ' l a -4,'"''' and-shou ld e"lit plet " a=l:b " ,°.w. 1....' ' .1 i 'l-bil i 1
plicity in dress, by wbieh they would feel ;Ica•s viev orAt i r m . P `tieur w erle n e. a le i l 1 4 : - "' I ' m " ven ''
equally welt and look much better.. In; t '''',, n ,,`=„l' t `tt, Za,"„ n n,,tri 1 4 tv., ndirlS l it, ° rgi u l 'a e i llu ti 2, D o u l;
deed,,filtydollers per year might be saved e 'Partmettai - iiiti:e i n o tl, th eellete l rti'te ' tter , ed.
from this source • by every family, to be l i p ;, , ,l ee e t i g t rlt e l t i ; , s7je.,F,.N.l4*. Corner of Third ap3
spent in clothing the 'mind ' iii ratment of i'l„il ensure a ll ipope, ut l i t tietF r en u e e :t3e d , P p i er;eru ta rn ia ttlii hia '
both a serviceable and prnamental charm- eticism°,l ns ga a f t e a e dist i a t a e ee may address Dr._13.% by letter,
tee that shall grow more durable and beau- -P4e46%." 4114;:liciaTallra31::::/1 " fb"ardP' d ' by
sendhlg a remittance ,an 4 ute
tiful as the ages sweep along !• 1 or - onriehtleb • ' r : P "cut° from
'way to find -plenty employ- wi look-seiters, NyErs /manta, Padlais, Canvassers, arta
This is the others supplied with Alto above work at arty low
[ merit for winter evenings. H - ow 'mu h late,.
1 better for individuals,-for familie's, for so:i-
ety and for the honor of: agriculture, is
such a use of this large amount of valuable
time, than ,to waste it in slothfulness, or in
fiivolous conversation and idle sports.—L
There is nothi n g • in ' whiCh I 'should '.s '
much rejoice, as to see bur rural populatio
taking the lead in all that elavates unties,
alts the race
_. This they can do if tbeY
will employ their time judiciously. ' The
exempla of the parents is althost every thing
in its itifluenee upon the children. If an
intelligent father should beunable to leave
farms to his sons; he will bs:queath to them
what is of far more valee, 'and what will en
able them to get and beau l diftilly iniprove
farms for themselves—a' good eslueatiod
anti a high degree of excellence' -
'Lot all begin to think about improving ;
-their winter evetpiugs fo the best advalptage
and to encourage this I will add somei fur
ther reflections in subs( pent numbers sit
thO Cultiv,stor., .1, I•aper _en tbe 'manage
moat' of Lyceums, and the ;method • of dis.
-cession, and one on the - use, method and
benefits of Composition, would be Of seine
service to the young. '
,:These things can be
attended to by farmer's sons 'at home le
well as by students at the Academy Or Col
lege. I regard exercises in committing
one's though t s to paper, as the very best
means of mental discipline and develop
ment:--Ohio Cultivator.
'itußt2 - D2ETREV.:
8. - Bi &-B: B Chao,-
5.D11 , 0101 AND lottOiaTETollll
anntito,,cash in advance, or two dollars it not paid
until the end ofthe year, or time of subeciipiion.
' No paper will be discontintted until . arrest:ages
are . paiil,sxcept,at. the option of the Publishers.
All communications must lie son PAID to TO
ctiCe attention. , ' •-•
Allietteri connected with the Office, shouldle
- directed to $. B. & E. B..Eimss, Montrose Sas2;
Co., Pa.) • -
113" EAitots' office C.-Tyler's tore. 4 ,
HATES or:till/ma/min.
One square, (12 lines or less,) 3 insertions, $lOO
Each subsequent insertion; - 25
One vinare, 3 maths, . ..; 250
" - - 6 months,oo
flashiest urds,4 - 3 .00
Yearly Atlvcrilsemecits, not over tprintires. 7 00
One column, one year, •j 30 00
Yearly Advertisers will, be restricted to the bu- -
shwas in which th.iy are engaged. -
37 The Publishers, having a large assortment
of Job Printing Mate rialsiarc prepared to eicute
all kinds of JOl3. WOR * K. with man:it:Si anddes....:
patch. . . ' • - '
, _
* i *BLANZS of
. eveiy descriptiOn constantly
on hind, or printod to order. I ; • •
.Ota . :IIt27.4OI \ I 9 ZiaLIZAZT
Searie's Building next duct to the Post Office,
' • .
Twahannock, Oa; 011ie in Stark's' Dila Raw
, •
P. D. HINDS& ,
Allontrogid,,PinVat. : '
E. B. Si, S. 8.C.41.415E,•:-
ATS'OnITZTO : 1 ,177;
(0 - Pe over Tyler i i
r :
E. 11 CHASE. - ; S. B.'tffilg
•- - 1013 - N.- -CONGDON:- •' •
DrAl.,lll IN 3.IATBLE MORVXESTB,"TeItH,aTOSEs,' ..,,_
ko. Betwitu the Canal Zridge- tuut Court
sr b 911 1 ,0, Court -Kt, Itinglutrak,u;N.Ar ixls - J. B.
sr'm um:toy Traveling 4g,out. -3or
WI L DA . 0t77211:t4t
• SEA I t
Dit7t , oooD3; ORD GERMS; 830T3 AND
trolrry Notipils, &c
l3iaa2lScnd, Anne s:olii 1551.
(Shop over .t. thldain's Sactillery app.)
nartor* Pa. ' -
Otto 2 doorit , bolow-G: G...Pride'sStore.:4l7g
• Physician and Burgeon, acrd-dealer: an prop,
Medicines .Painto Pito, Dyes; dto.. .
Corns? of
Chtirch and Pipiaatrocts,,oppotin, Col t F. ;Ash's,
Great Reid, Po." • - - . .
• - - JOHN id;DIRIOCK,
Attory at . La. : - ,Offlec.'nu:Tutwi
ric w lkestitiei;
one goor-wegt, of the old Zegi , ster,Palath4 Pincer Conte
111 .. 16 :- 111 VESD4Ls
°raft B!nd,Pit.-:-o,lke with Cut:
Col F r . Lusk-,
. .
. . . .
---.- TIRSTIN-HARICET;z:-- - 4,
~ . .. , ~
W .
'IN E .. : -.
_:-. -,,_ H ,
, - G aoa - s --
1 11, : l:WEIllig&V'gatie:Zilie3:
&tactic/AM giglt - ., triad* be , ittlo:re tor tato to ibott.wl34
ts7Ll,. my. Wes OS Call - WI rt.,00111.
blyraimeit„ „Not trtget• tug due . thauts matt : at ME
Mentia, as have ho. etoloto Ixotbt soodi oftetst =id pail
for thtso,to Incites them to 9CQUE,AGAL.N.": --- .i -
• jlotitrose : Sept . l,othileni t - :
~,. ~
. .
ilittLiiMV3l : 4l, c 4= s Wlllll ,ll ls o2l
•••• - ASSOCATION, '
- Branch office' . 28,6 - Brat:dway 6
Aedumulated-tash•tapi-. • •-•
tali 4 - • $33,000
Guaranty Capital : 6o,ooo
.This is-an' Association Of ltcchanics and nth
- c rs e for2ned foe the mutital benefit of each
case o f sickness or accident.'
UT the payraent of tho . following annual - rates, you
JJwill become a tile Member, end be - entitled to a!
weakly benvkilt during life , if you should be disabled by ,
Sickness oriltccldene, from attending to . your ordinary
business or occupation, and at the deccase,ofu member
this Association shall appreiprlato $2O to be paid as a
funeral Lciatt i to each . 'person or persons as be
authorized to rece•,yerit. • ! • • - •
! YEMILY osyostv voit .ISESIDEEE UNDER 50 furi 5x
• •
Two dollars.. year you - wail tiratv, per week $2 00
Three • • • • . • 300
Eight •
Morrtalo rates from $2,00 to Sl',oo,
Those or Vr iEty i'ears of Age will be chatged 25 per
extra, $l,OO Adnneslon Foe will be than-110 in addition
to the above. the firot year, and must be paid et the '
thnotf making application, and the first 'year's deposit
within thirty days. Tito organization - of We Institution
Ss ands a a jondas it perfectly secure, and 1-have hes•
Itaney in makiug the guarantee, that all benefits will be
promptly. paid, And turtheriuould invite attention to
the following XI , tlakrilieJES ! •
Hon. David Wilmot, Towanda. Urn. G. A: Grow, MO
tordsellte How B. D,Streetei, Little,Egq..B. II et
E.B. Chase. 31 ont tete; /10h. no•nee Greeley , t city ;'•
I !lon, It. D. Bench ' Springfield. Made. - - . L •
Ezell member,.its . furr&hc+.l with u, cipy of the ny-Laws :
of the Associa , ion end will receleu the ~ ..Wouthly
tee" -which ',nobles them to hp` tot the prncper!ty - ondl
ryj r ;i l le o n f by lm ea l l i lro l g tU n t : ° tt!
trosoDralocint," over Si. C Tyler's store.
nt. J. DAVIS,Ag.t.Ior Sun's,. Co
slontroze, Oct. 33,..1531.
To Dairymen and rarmers,
Valuablr property for -Sale.
..PARN of2ooaCres situate In Bridgewate:ternship
Sua.paebenna County and stute . of Peun,lro.nia of
V5O fleece of which is under good imort merit .
The fermis ws it designed to,r a dairy.mid is enpable of,
feeding iu cows during summer and winter. and every
part or it Is well watersd. The buildings and land are j
in good condition and the itnees,-*Liel. aie of ktoue
and rails are alp gor , d', There are twe largeberns Mien ,
the pt , emiees, bestdeaa, granary . gird ern% rill( nt shed
for cattle, Three orchards principell of graf tttlfr ints
and other fruit trees.'
Said farm has a very pleasant and desirable location
shout two-miles from Montrisc. tl:c Cc tints seat of e
clPchanna county. end 9 tailtit fir at ILL Leggetta
Gap Railroad - , to which there if n.Plenl: Readin process
of completion, and is very eonrcnient to meet lugs and
schools, and raechani. -
AlsoanotberValualde Perm adjcin*• the above, can;
lairs:mg:la) acres, of which Ito erns is nectar a high
.state Ofeultir salon. trot) it there lon large frame
dwellinc house, and out bntldinge to correspond and
'large orchard.. It is writ wattred and fencedand admil
-lably adapted to dairy - purposes,: .
Said property wilthe golden reaconebteterras, a par.
Lion of the purchasetnoneymay remain upon Bandana
'Mortgage to snit the purchaser. " • •
- Application niny be made personally'or by leiter_tli
non. Wm. Jason o or 16.3. Niren at Montrose. 7 r. said
eounty.and any further particulars that may be repair=
ell will he airen.-23cf, . .
notice to the Public.
New Seasovable Fall
. aildiVinter Goode at the
- Great One Price Store of '
L. S. LIENII£I3I S Groat Stestdo
'BEGS leave to take th is opportunity of tenderiug bls
sincere thanks to his friends and customers. for the
generous ; patronage tbey base. extended to him ; and
tattle same timeluform them that ho has Just returned
from Now York with a Tiny largeand choice selection of
Fancy and Staple GsT, Goody - Also a fresh and erten-.
siveassortmentofOroccries,Procisions, licrotsandff hors,
Hats and Caps, Hardware, Crockery, fcc..lirtsgri and
Iledicincr, which will be sold for cash and produce at a
verystuall advance, at priers which defy all competition. -
' Flour, Pork,Vish, Sal t,wbolcsale an d rat ai1,..4.1e would
also remark that he wihesesstrictly tti the system of al.
nays •nablg the loweit prierat first ,therthytirin s the
same advantage to all who may favor hiin with shahs pat
Greittllend - ClothlngSkire.. --
Thelargest, hest and cheapest' assortment' et , Ready
Made Clothing in the:Village of Great Rau d, Broad
Clotbs,Doe Sidos,CasslmeresandTestings of all qualified
sultablefOr the Vali and Winter Trade,which he oilers at
ancliprices as to satisfy any one that thisthe place for
them to deaL in 'consequence of the groatilicrease of his
business Ise has been obliged to greatly culargehirstock,
which he now offers to his friends and the public far el ,
aminatl on, canfiden Mat in so doing they within some.
thingto their adrantsige...ff b °subscriber hail wade at.
x agtmentsto.msnufoetnro clothing in all its carious'
branches, andis now:prepared to sell the same, warrant
ed to bearinspectlon. . Custom work and cutting done
'at thuilateststyle and shortest siotiee,-0114inif of tail
aretrimmlugs furnished and for sale. Douai forgot the
spot. Store nearly opposito thellansion House.
'• Carnet of Court and SVeshingtan it..
frHESubsertber takes'' antonneineto tbe '
public, again coasse vette of the liberal' patronage
hes torrad Upon this establirhmeatthe part year; he half
determlnedpermanently to eontlxtuethebusintrfiDlitag
baraton,- The .Loch coraprirea every style and quality of
rockery in general ure, for Table and Toilet Ware,
a ll will be sold tu aettaqby the angle article. - Alto ) a
and Taney articles, such Oit rrnit nastota;Cat --- 44tri do,
Cologorßattlra, tares,. alatgestotk cf
'GLASS.WAIII.II.. -co nsisting of cnt, premed and
plain Turoblers„Cobleta,,WlOes, Decanter', Fruit Bowls.
Mahar, fiapples,-Pitctrera; Candlestick/. Lamps, Epacie
TlactirreD MI/ea t /map Globes and Chimney's of all
sizes, ?ca.:Aka constantly on baud, an arecirtmant of
Lard, Solar, and - - Caraptieno Lamps,. Gjgatno
doles, and mai Lanterns %Alan ale rat. lot Of ..
andet,Tea Tra7a4aators. Table-Malty; pls..
ted, German tillver and Brittannla Table an d tea spoon a,+
Table'Cdttlery;.a.o., all orobtek'olllbc iold TCrylow for ;
Cash.tflth increarclfarllltlea tot. burincro, and unre
nulttrag attention to tbawahls of tdo cnitmacirr.tbo
sleralgned hopes - to merit the Continued patronage of
community. - . " T. apr,LtAcllZ,agent.'..
Ltlngttamtili;3l42lo2,llB33. -- , Cm
ESQ Eimung Pinta t'Or sale ry ' -
Ace - Crdeow4Gnitirs: banjar, etlri.onetti , ,
kiealme, alto Sloths strlnrr tows. Intl roetion
Jatkoksoteetintisle, and'otberfatlires - for Initiumetts,
ptt..., &large ismnimPnt.jiut arristsl
- • Montscwo Nora; -• ' =• - • ; •
I 11)111LO1DIVELL'S Piitatiwz - Stitre.ll Luotts. for.tlaxing
11,:vteux,—will ere n.snueeb Ccuars
licoops, Shirts. Cambrirty dce4—the t ined,
AM ecillg , Fattoriew 12)c - tts..Vor Anici bl
DLATfnereei rariet,f,, vie.: Cake barke d, .ll.• (Teeters.. Gaud feetteksi BautteretindlTakill, EPculyr,
rent, Butter kbhus; et r,; ete.,by; -
- Orr 40051...-- • • • •-••-
r,"!!o,!.."..(l)ll,llprt.reooied: titirMOriecltbArm-ati'
„ -
. .
tiT i.;',ftvufYstntz four dollosivvr biandred st •
•-• • ‘ • - D•it+ rartirgor 14.C0..
, •
rtiunpbule tuld 11, ruing Flpuifor salqat • r
:" i."..N;#3171,L4:11D'S
. ... ._
.. . ~..
1 ' - ALBANY. & . - 81T1TAL0,....
I, NoWTWork 41:;, .ErteiVaputa..A. ; ip t .t.",
1 T. i4uipltkantia Itall.itastkils,Senfici.x.,
. 'T - = :; du4„Catug#l4tkliel
~-.-,.., 71
i EY...E11:V.1301i Y 'S - MARKET - LINE
, 1 -4....,,,,,, „ i , alSo poi, praparenr orceeisu:PDSl..DUT:
• i A.- °full kinds, atehtifollensiut Peintetslr• •-- _ -.-- .
' 5 - lt uloloAt.. tea, Barra, Bergen - , Rochestr, smnartaa
. L " urtianderai Dresden 'Ovid, I.ool,Dundssi Lauding, Jer
I srssuilinsons, Mill elk, Hors e heads, , Corrung r timi ra
' ,'l,"actoryvillo Syria ril ore, Budder's Ferry, • A Orel a ; Itha.'
Ca; •DaUdnr,.l(Pacgo tlyi;oni,-Dinghilaton, "Great-Dem&
' :LanestiOre-, Deposi4aed Ilaueec Ity every day In the weak '
r (Stladnyeexessitedlol ion tin - unit/di regularitY throng'
, out theseasod.. The min attondto foraurdlug thesama , ,-:- . • -,-, -,. • . -,-; - .: , .---;-: .-
10 the Serf Fork' Ma et,uhere I trinket - etre the
te n d ; THE Subscribers baying enterd: idto - ecsmortnerehlp
MI atteutlonoroxperi need if itlonieginizn wilirittetid to Fl. 'ln Mt:Storm; Tirt and slicer Ircnibusluess artt - prer
,'-thaellingeftlid seat , dud retlltuUt9Pl'occedills Dank.; Pared tb attend to any- orders tri-their line•dt theislies.:
•.' ablefunde at either,e; tha:llbOyePOitltil,to therloloVring• ,Jett UOUC9 i They . ilatterthertioefses that b.t gisinglitrigt
,- 1 , e ,„„ 5 .....„,„ ~.... ~ ;,.., ._.,.- . ._ :, -,. -- ~- , ,; ~ '; atteution te business dad lasi prie ia, that Huy trill hale
- ituthilu;SterchouscuillaryDitirf AttleitSSOreheroael, a, reasonable share afpubll a patronage.' Their atnnyrtorent
~., orators, Is good, haslngthe latest, tad . most improved
of lieuraSyford; Sat ria,StorehOtistiofforeirisk.Smith, l
I liergeti,' Storehouse f Daniel 'tlePherson;lionlicster,-;7Futterlukonsong which are the Dmiamider or Vulean—M
of gt r b a uk; Eld re dge ; oe rl eadage 4 3, offl eo r .o t, store which took Ilia ilrtt Preialubsat the Staterairat
;Walter Corcoran • 0 era, La u rence { Q. Dresden Store .; Syraculst*: Era) - Forcer QUeeet Phoe ni x , Forest'
i tinol, of Whiffle; fe 3 eme n ; odd; p ergom , y e s D i e 0 ,,, 1 :1 Queen em erged y Key Stone Air Tigbt, do do,
;Lodi; °Andes!, Landll4, Storehouse of T. Tuthill & c o -4; Premium; - Parlor stoves, box stases; nor roil or seam!.
Jedersowordeo of-11.'0.- breelol l i nu • the Dice, -Havana, i All kind Sof Tin Siere, a ten e sin emad tin t übes, kept On
ales of J. F, Phelps ; kllltport, store ofJ. - ,Sto II ; florse.l Wu:id-mold at:prices thar.silll tuft.. - All Ithille - Of produce
Wadi. oSicsord'. A. errell; Corning, store or It j,.! taken itsPaYmentastd mei?, uet refuted -. Oppositetheidd
Arnold i SitairiS, - ; storehouewf, Thurman. itel - Ingbritin, 15°2° of
, 2,1111R,.and gundp. . SATItII Se -, tYPISTER,
Vactorysillo, , store of Charles 11.. Shephind;-Itedder's ' i'or u -tole ; J IAY 10 , 'AI " -' - '-, 251 r; . :. '
V o o r r i rs J ;' ,. l. D u r ro ak rit, e
; 5t e 0 . r . ,4 5 - l o a f r i , l ; t4o o ...P ts .3l .: o u rg arag an, tr i b o acti wev 'sto o re r.
~ , _
' I - '' '.
Genite.'Gllridij . - - '' : - .
; flee of NathanietElis •,'Thaiott, - store 0f . 1.1.:N.. Wheeler, - '
I, Ilinaheinton office of JurnesSisk; Great Bend; Troy, ITtico, add Albany; tv, large
omee 111 IS stair reecisingfrom
F. Churchil l; Laneshoree,llslee oft? A. Word; Depori,t
Cowiltvrarbi Prarlor,;,nted - Sheila. St.raVea,
. twine of Ensign &Dean; Hancock, store ,Of Allison 4 for wood or tool, embracing ail the lamest and best pat-
Beeves. JAS. SISK .Binghamton, - : '
:' • ' . -W.H. Iv.u.r.rsEv, Dresden, -;,- , --, terns which will be f Old on SliO MA faforittile terms. -
.• . ~ •. -,.- .:„. GEO. P..3IONELL; do. . , .., , .
" The Farmer's Stoco'!, is' prop lily. sit ; things poor&
. . , ere ct , the hest largo escOtovu that Is u'lide In /unerlea
aGIINTS.;--Bnaatri, Henry Daw r Attica, thorn ...- as Sy. ... ,
and will ba -sold at the' ;..i ' i ' - - • -
ford; Batavia, Ediclus a. Smith; Bergen,Danicislcl'her. - ' ' ~ ' r e °P le'S ' E xchan g 6- ... :- • T
son; Itocheater, Fairbanks & Eldridge' Canandagua, as low is they eon ha bought this side of Nortn Hirer: , •
Waucrcoreoran; Geneva, C.Lawrenee, ' Ovid, Flt-mum We are now , receiving' . a fi ne assortment of. elevated
, t , spregue; lotli; Dundee Landliwr, Tuthill &Co.; Jet. ovens : In *hart the most fastidious can bo putted with
( emu , it, ci Norton ;,Itavana, F. Phelps; Hiliport; 3, anything In the title °Doves,' pipe, or trimmings.
Stull; lloraehends, - 3. A. Ferrell; Corning, Wm. 3 ."AT, Harrold; August 22, 1851. -..-
;t01d,.• Elmira :Thurman &Inghramil Factoryville,o H. -
I Shepherd; Aurora,ll. & (L.P. 'Horgan , Ithaca; F:'11:
Drake: Candor; S. Forager; Union; Q. N. Wheeler;
' 0 rent fiend; F. Church ill i. hanceboio', IN A. Ward; Do.
oosit,Easign & Dean; Hancock, Mason & Beeves. , ,
. . _
.James. spai ~
,Wllliciperlatatl the .httslriesa throughout ihe whole
ne,awlreceiveand4llallgrderafor ' ' -
flracerlea.Frittltai Fish, Oyaterg, &c. am.
_.. . ,
il:delwilt be bought - at-the lotted wholesale prices In
New 'Cork, and forwarded to any of the abeco named
',Depots... - . ' 32—tt
11eir S tag et Arrangement at Gr oat
:rpm twill:tally Lines of Stages -from • G rent Bend to
.4. Montrose 'alit het-outlay leave the Railroad notelet
C. Satitlviti the tanhediatc vicinity of the Depot, avfol
ows :" At 4 A. )1. and 6 P. M., on the arrival of the Rail-
. rind trains from New York, passing through New:4ll[ml• 31entrese, whence a Dail , line runs In et . uneaten 1
I therewith to Springville Tunlihannnekand Wilkesharre , '
smother t;la. N eholson, Factorvville, Abington Centre;
, Provideneu and lisde Park to Ekren tonic ;(these, places
being along the line of the.Leggets Gap Itatiroad.Y Re.
, t urning. the stage leaves Serantenta et 4 .4. iit.,pinslog
j through the above places toStontrose, whence the lines
in ti n ate t te nt r t e . aeh, the Great Bend Depot beforothe
. .
Also.a Dnlly line leaves Smlth'sßattway Rotel on the
, arrival .f. the noon train from the West f , r Carbondale
I vta. Stonmetsville.New 3111fonl, Raeford. Lenoxand Dun.
Great licnil,.7an. 22-1851. stf ,
' • -New Goods. • -
T_T AY DEN & LITTL EYS stock of Now Goods
1-1. have arrived, comprising a complete assort
ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Stove
Pipe Zinc, Nails, Glass; Sash Wooden Ware
Drugs and Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fish, Flour
0,4 d Salt.
' O /kis° - a first rate • lot and good 'assortment ot
Ready Made Clothing, of almost all descriptions.
Boots and Shoes, flute, - a pe otA Bonnets and
almost -everything, usually found iu a country
Oar Goons 'roust be sold, nod sholl„be. abbe
very lowest possible prices. Our friends are invi
led to cull and look nt ourstoek.
-Produce of most all hinds, wanted hi exonaug e
for goods by the subscribers, -
Now Milford May Ist 1851.
• Farms. for Salo. -
rr il E subscribers will act as agent! for tho privatt
1 sale of Beal Votate—Farms, Bottles and Lots—loon•
red in .ioquelianna county, Pa. All who wish to offer
their p:operty for sale can give a minute description or
their Farms or Loto no follows: Number of acres, how
rannyunproved, and how watered; Buildings; Orchard,
grafted or colomon fruit ; other fruit trees, and. shade
trees; luiw far from* Montrose, and the nearest point to
a depot on the Now York & Erie_Rairroad; price and,
terms oft: symcut. All whoWlob to sell orpurchnoc Real
L'otato, will r , tclve promPtiottention by calling on ors.
add:es:dug no at 31ontroos,Snsquebanna corinty, Pa.
9.„4 - "Cousefanco from Montrose to the premitesfree of ,
charge. .
011 ice on 'Turnpike street, 4 doors west of thettrick
corner. . .. -
The folio wing Farms and L otonre new offerod for sale:
• N 0.3, 40 aercs,3o improved.Yranie House and Barn
No 2,80. Jo 50 do .. sold .to ' do.
No. 3,100 do 60 do do' -do
Na. 4,100 do '5O do sold do do
Nil. 5, 70 do 40 do 'do . do
- No. 6.98 do 35 do . do do
- No. 7, Store, Warehouse and Lot. . .
- N 0.8,143 acres 75 improved, framed house and
:No. 9. 5.2.1 c do 55 do, sold do do
No. 10,2 do ' do , 'do do .- .
No.ll, ,' gold . do - do .1 Lt
'`0.12, i,OO ncies7o mproved,framed house and barn
3.13, 340 do 200 do ' do, do ' do
N 0.14,58 do 50 do told do do do
-N0.13,168 do 60 do' do .do ' d° U BURBUT has now Ins tore: 8 new and choice se
N 0.16; 120 do 55 do sold do •do do -I.l•lcction of pry Goode, including a great sariety . of
N 0.1 7 -000. do" 75 . do ' do do Ladies' Dress Goods; Crape and othe summer Shawls,
N 0.13.112 do SO .do -do dO '' do Silknantiliag, Parmoolt; French Lace. Vancy'Straw and
No' 12,200 go 150 " - AO ~. -' do do ' .-do Leghorn Bonnets;. -a beautifuj asoottment cif Bonnet
N 0.20,145 do 100 ,do do . do' - do - Itibbon,Flowersand Trimmings of now styles, Black,
4 , ,T0. 21,100 d 0.120 -do' ' do do . do Silk and Lacett..foriffsfitlllas:BonnerSlik, black LaCe
Nd,22,90$ 'do 45 do ' .do•- do ' ' do Veilt, Broad' Cloth, YanOy . Cassimeres, Teithigs and
Na.23,.45' do .30 -. do ~ • - rio .do do summer potb,,lnrpot Bare, Trunk Neils, Boots and
2:0.24, 23'2 do 225. ,de .do-: . do • do Shoes, Painted Window Shades, Carpetidg, Nato Cape,
' N 0.25,125 do 100 . . do - do do deo. with a large and general assortment of IlardWare,
N 0.28,196 do 140 ' '' ' do do
No , , , zr, so do 45 , red cdo , . do 6. 4 ,7' 1 5.7 1 :e11i. : 4 .".71-,Greevir. , ,pid,ll, to.3.loficines . „l:ll , lS,Stor
N 0,25,11 net-es mill sad dwelling. • -. ' r ---- ..,...1 A. bon.
N • 20,134 nores,,9o improved,framo house and ban?. . 1 - 4 -",', ~ . , --e* ."‘ ie 'P m gY ic -" mndred and fif il fr 1 — l.-CENERAL STOCK - .OF
N 0.30,175 do 100 " . ..- -oo ot
tlOavy . „
,„ poundu, l 4ressed, leas; killed recently, by- F.
No. 31,135 :do 'O5
No. mom do 130..- " Coos, ~in Bridgewater, :this county. ,ThiU
No. 33. 130 do . - _ " " "
No. 34. 150 do 100 " " " " Og eVe inhere _ took tlm first_ premium et the
35,150 , 80 " " "
N 0.138, 300 do 170 e. .4 1 .14 u (put, Agemattoral Fair, •
0.07,100 do 140 " " "
N 0.33, 170 do 100 .6 " .i •
No, 35 175 do 00 .do do do do
N o , 40 -80 do 45 - . do do do do
N 0.41, 212-- do 100 do !old - ~ do
eo 42..72 ,do 50' do, ' do - do: do/
No: 43: 4" is7 . ld - do ' do. .4--
No. 44 133 do 05 do - do- do - -,eitpail-
No. 45 850 do 200 do do do
No. 48, Marred 601mprOved,fram e hoots and barn
and pier mill: - •
No.-47 200 do 170 do do do . do
No 40 S 3 do .60 - do do do
. 'No. 50 S 3. do 8.3 .do do . do, -do
.N. R.—Persons deeirlag to pnrehateani of the abovi
byglrlng the mambo' eau obtain falldeserlptlom
G. BAllcoca
Slordroie,Pa. Oetober:lBso,!—.l44f, ,
1851 LUSK HOUSE, - 1851) sto
ve, Tln and Ware
9 . - -, .-
.'• - Great Bend, Penn a _
111 LIE eizbeciibeis ..tcs'e just purchased a . large
Addison Bryant.: Proprietor. - i _atcick o(t,v-.A., Tiii.2and Copper. Ware, which
-•. • ,
QTA.C.ES lucre this floury Doily for different yolitte,i they.offer to .nepuulic as cneap ac the , cheapest.
on the arrival different Trahir of Cars.' Alto, Lir- ,
my Teams furnished by Ilfr. 11.Triteedell, at abort notice . lir • - - '- 0 .
D 10 1050
and terzawlilela rennet fall to cult : - • 0, • •
-N. 11.—.. t covered carriage milk rewrap seats to and . ,a_cntro n se, . n
-rota the care.—ds '• ' - - 1
New - Milford' Stove ` Depot.-'
iSt. .• ‘.
II fIURrifTT ham nowt n tore a nor hid large as,
entmeatof dooklog.Partor`..and'Shop Stoves for
vioNarid eell.laeluding'the new and moat improved
ktade of Mr Tight. Largo Oven, common and elevated
° T° ll4 e* , vialziloyetdoe,Shoottromand Zinc,. Stove
Tubeete., whlchhe ollilselt very , tow foreaabor itp.
proved credit • ' •
rit l OCEiti...-* 2 -11trit rats itgeorticnt..Sugsr—tionse
I.7syrapoinct other Wlol[o,olllo for 3-1 0 1 lbs. good
steal* for 114. fondles for 81. - ,'std othor (trader.
10 in proporthio,gcsorqog Co gnalltiiat TORII:EMS
- • : Last Notice.
1 ;11HE notee, and Accounts or Male Shermari
and Mills Knapri.ara fa the hands of Mt,m.
4- Turret! rao:vith ipetruCtioos to collect t!pitn
s: • •
Moil:raw; Sept; 18.51.. - 1 •
Deal Dinis,liediSfais,:ChimicAig; 'Picts* °lig,
essoptthie, tamps,DJostalfs,Qroaerie..Drygopds
ffordwaro.stonesstre, Glassware, Clods, Wstches. Jev
*Try, spoon.; spoetae; es, - Musical lessrnmints.:, 'busies
M edlealintinments, Liquors; PerrumeTr. -MlPrOrs; its
tlontly.braohcp,oo44jitae,tl SOttOnP,' &C. Ra. Skly;
„ .
~ Azix quantity orViagolkiswitutedinexcusigeo , -r*
teriesoreastai • I N. DULLARD.
Oct; 23. . - • •
DLUAGE DeLah)es,Paiilliii,lttgas; Ind a greittiari.
.U 7 OfDress9th4de_just opened by _ '
§T. - 0.y5' . 4,1...,,, - o!,rdy-. : 5!!.,: . . :.
The People's Friend
T. T . POND'S, of Ithaca, N. V.
. ,
E .
pAtIiDESTROTEACANDH VI so rr aacV.7-AnEstrac
from shrub called Witch-hazel;-and -purely from
that with the eiceptimirof a little Alcoholto preserveit ;
.It relllefireall local paid and'iniliimittions; -- old. sore! ,
frmbiwoundsandbruises, Pam, and - all diseases of the 1
bowelsof a chronic nature; tooth-ache, ear-ache an an
eicollent rcrafdy for . -• '. ;; -•
•It L. truly what It professeato be, thel7coples Friend!
Providence havacattered along the - rugged paths of,life
manythlngs thateont rilniti greatly to- the comfort and
happinedsof every body; hence their great yalue, and •
well may they be called , frisads of thn people. , .
Duo wort! here toguard againatimposition. - A Man by
the name .ifdpencer, has. manufactured and offered for
sale a apuriourkartiel e called the Corpil Estract,—that
wonldba extract of the ; hazel=nut;-the genuine lace
whit °and as
_nor'° as water, while the - ipurioui article is
coloredmhlch enable* the pubiirto;distinguisb. •
thosemarked Pond'EPaintlestroyer
• 'MLR. llATCll,lloutrOse, andatorakeepera and me
. ine.dealersgeneralin Agents, • - 4
- Hover's 13* Manufactory.
4 . 31. 9' V
N 0,144
(3ctwoon Fourth and Firtb t 'opposite Crown Se.)
. the Proprietor is enabled, by - increased
I' V citifies, to sapply the growing demand for noun's
rot,Which tts Wide spread reputationlite created.
Thin Ink Is now so well established in the good opinion
and confidence of the Americalaublic, that hie scarcely
necessary to 'say any thing in.its favor, and, the manu
ncturer taxes this opportunity to say. that the ionfidence
thus secured shall not Ve - abuned. -
I. In addition to tho various hinds of. writing Ink. be
also manufacturys Adamantine Cement. for mending
61asei and China, as 'well as a superior Hair Dye; atrial.
only is necessary to Insure its rut urOnse, end a Stating
Ms, well adapteo for Drusgest and Bottlers, at is very
low price / in It rev or small quantities.
U niers addressed, to JOSBS ii £.IIOV
N 0144 /tare Street.,
Between 4th tc sth, °ape:cite Crown St./
42 m 3 '
FOR VEIT—Dr.IIUNTEIt nth forfeit $5O iffall
lingg to cure aby vase of disease. that may tome
under hls care,no matter how tong etanding or afflicting'
Erruntt sEx are invited to his Private ltoinns; a North
SETENTII st., Phila., without fear of interruption hg
other patients. Stranget s and others who havebeennn
fortunate in the selection of a physician are invited to
Those who bareinjureattiemselveshy solitary vb.°
are alcoinvited.
. .
REAP AND RSPLECT —The afflicted Wet Lid do well to
reflect before trusting their health. happiness, and in'
anycases their liTes, In the heads of pbysielaPs, fpn'
Mot of this class of maladies. It is certainly impessiblo
for one man to understand ,all the ills the bunion finally .
ores:Meet to. Every respectable-physician hoe his pe
culiar which ho la more successful than his
hrother ornfessors, a..d to that he, devotes most of his
time and study:'
' Yairts ripen ACTlCEetelusivelsdevoted totho study
and treatment of. dises!es Oahe sexual organs, together
with ulcers ipon the ,body, throat, hose, cr legs, painsin
the heed t ...bonesortercurial rheumatisto, strictures,
grjrcl, Ireeguilaritioc iißVlACarlsivg . from youthful ex
cesses o-impurities ortht: olcad, aihereby the. constitur
lion boo become enfeebled, enohles the Doctor to offer
nnonv RELIEP to all who may pluce Men:selves undo
hlg rfro.
The rest Wendel'.
PT. BAIINUM, the great abouttntro
• clueing, Into this country the celebrated Vire ilinti
hulatnr.' a Tull chin c riot target , than a ceree mill, worked
by a thumb-scrrw, which will put out the lergett.ilre In
stantly. - Sint this has not' . ing to flawith the rdet that
'Jour; Jriovus, Tailor 11;.0 jest rce'd the •
and Is now prepared to wait his friends with his usual
alricrtty, skill, and good humor.
O Call in if you - want capitalfits, at the shop over
Lathropirstore. , 1- • .
ti.„ B. Cuttlnz ilone es usual'
tiontioso Oct. 9,1551-
' mtd
i i proceed to WashillgtOu in a feiv (Lye;
'Nyill 'be. ie,'ceicd' by . Coneess
_ with
•, - it-titt •
been carefulty - eamlned *: men of science. sad
by them cheerfully recommended to the,public,=-
A carriage can.birbuilt with these Springs cheap.
or; 59 ibis:lighter, more durable and for ease it is
not equalled by any springs nowin use.
All Springs warranted. • Manufactured by. •
, • Elk Lake, Susq'tt.
Ancrcrs—L: B. & A Seam , :
Montrose , Livery Stable.
THREE Horses, •
Three Open Buggies,'
One devered Buggy,.
One _Lumber . Waggon, • 1,
One Spring Waggon - -
Two Sleighs, , -
Three Cotters;
One pair Hobs,- - _ • •
One Sett:, Team Haineis,- •
One Sett Carriage! -. Harness., .
Three Single, Harness,
Saddle, Bridle, Blankets, - Siteingles,-are:
The above property - sin be sold very elloop for mliot
CormandOnts at cad! prietp. - - • -
• , - ' D. D. /11XDRic Co '
• Maros°, September d, 1861 - -* tt
, , ' • Take lii'ettee.
LL potions indebted to old- firro !,1`
' Bettlet the
sante'ae it . hoe hCcontst - Oceett4yle have 4114mA
irsiinestiOity, ' •
.The frooke oad'Netee.totty. be foind
eaticribei.; at the, iteitiOf Hi 116•4
G .
LD extension holdara of size -all
and - best quiditieti forlWe by:
. •-• . ••• W. D TriOvißßiDG4
Atoodiceond hand cooktrig e . oypialitirtkirccia xtewcEr.
tes s ,ft faleiclurap At '.; 7
En l'shPateitt Lever Watches 1 , 811891113uma. AcApt ig
_ g -
had ..._,_ q pnE VI. IFt,ltAtt Oribt V eCOBEI jthr e r , h , ,„,_
,„...._ , ri n gE Ituhee t 4; e n IIOS listy 1 .I. will commence on 'Wednesday th e Tii,',Zkeak e '
1 , .. 41 2,..* i -
,JL %volved from the Mimeo Tr: . ( ember, rust., under the immedintei se, ",",i,;l• 1 1,, Fe e
Agy, WrY ' Sn 0 t3W1°4.79T t " 4 1 117 1
fli g t r •:' . ' Mt ISAA.O GRAY A, Iti:
, -„,,,, p . Haeju& Levet Watt' el,
444 S t , ent Islets and styles, in slitter 24 4 ' ' Ai n • i
t .4 . s? jC 0 010 eas.Nquiljesteed,and Lapin
~ litis. si
en _ , o va
) )
, * " ~ ' Thom e " ° 7 9lahl
,L 4 e t e l ge th e t l t trith competent Mishit I wr°ll°. t" “*lt,
ti&• ~• . ',- time.ltvenc a- .-- —=- t The e Illation nate
lik ~•.„...7.
„,74 - " - t hey can obtain them elsewhere ,
ifu N eschrr
Di a
li t a T as an eet e k et ill
e ..f. ai llm t , l" u t, 1 ;t u n the assurance that tge Inittligurbbon esbanthel4.o3
''s, ',,..,-- , nen invited to „eall mu tt u n t d e
th em , as ;hit ,S l l l / I Cribet C3 u with -e.°l3 •lorsaielet this raannitement to nrcet tho highest expert:lß "41114 *
them as
teeny Watches ever oner i c . 3 l „Atm I tvs °fits Petroa P. (43 1/4,14;
Arrangementsmrieforthe cora
inoghsinton,,Ang.l2, W shin C t*ra t, -' - 's rem sh tt4 d *i ltit tetr a .
oiLvat wato.-A full assortment ofßilverTor . usi , poo! mcon!ron n , ua l
oy 2
,s, ,
oceatker, sugar tond salt shovrlL 8ittyr....tu.17.,1 qc - t i P I
_ . _ _ , A. 4. xv sr. ~ Tiros nd es of the-Primary Departmeut, 1.) RI ~. .
for snm er .... , • . Wat klitglCL int' . The Common Branches of the Academie . 4 ' 14
Ang, 14, 1 got. ~
4,E0 ~
Thll Bigher branches, of the Academie
deimrtment, r•- - . - - g ott ~
Tim studies oftheClassleaffiepartMent,
Latin, Greek ano freneb, , withrtbore '
onto AcutemleelDepartment,lnwhol e
' part ... . . . . , ,
tet ~,,,,.
Mule with Ind of Pluto, , ir eo ' 1 1
Brateingand Painting 6 .„ 4
by spool al amusement rnsde wiib the Pehad eet —4
on acCottut of sicksiNts of one weeks' durstio
nOT t...;
' It
• Ntotiee of RentotalC
• a lb the inhabitants- of Sus itehanna' Co
ode; itd . E . - 4 flteferitienf I
flirt t en
the sties leateescapernest) and detachtd liver nseep.•
meat maker,. to Robert Hooke!' of Lon ECLlcertmot, to. I
cently sith'M crinfEentleYA Reed 'of this' Vice; end I
until thts antiountement occupying; sipstrot Mr. Abel
Turret's Store. - Grateful for thounb ortudtd. cot Odense •
reposed. , Does hereby.gfro settee. - Wee In ;consequence
'of the aforesaid AbtOTutrell's conduct bar left - bla old
'stand tas before adrertried)and at thee/anytime Volt"
his spry numerous customers that ho bee ac roonocttos
'pith, neither unite - be activerotbliitorliisi_WatebeiJovr.
etry or other'property deltrited Olds: Abel Ttirrairs
Storefor repairs, orotherStre:._ -
Montrose...Slats st..orposttet.tDeMarrait „
: Petroleumlot_Reek 011- -
A NATURAL; remedy proogred - n`well • itt
21:gbeny, oottnty, Cour hundred eettleep Put up and
so Id by B. M. HIER, (lanai Batriti, - Pittsbunh, :Pa.. It IS
put up in bottiesjust us it flows &OM the .well without
admixtutiof any kind. illyoThat are nßlieted
• •-READ. IttIAD!!
Rheumatism yields to the power of lire Petroleum. A
roice f om LuretneCo., Ruled tp., duly gth,1.851.
• Dlr. Kier—Dthr r mallow fie as a itnngef AD eon ,
gratulate you as- the solo proprietor -rat* Invaluable,
calledPetrolcunt or Rock Oil, tibleh is destinedere long
to takethe place of all greatmedlelnes. Many personsin
this neighborhood hare tried the Petroleum In a number
creases curing racist - of them arid prorhagbighly beneficial
In all.• I have tested it In conghs, colds rheumatism;
letter, spndirs, and swelling; for rheumatism I think It
14 a certain cure; . Sly wife has been afilleted .with the
Rheumatism for some years and nev er could: get'any. !
thing to relieve her, in fact she tried everything , and no.
t hingrwOuld do hot any good until the tried your Pet ro
-1 len m and It has relieved her en tirely,Tor my part I -think
it Is the greatest pain killer nowin use. - Yours lte
Another letter from • huzeine reeommenhing the
Petroleum ' :•• nIiACII HANZIN, JUL* 7008.51;
Mr. I•Craa—ntar• sir.t—l take great pleasure to certi-
Iting to the virtues ofyotir great net uralmetlicine call ed
the Petroleum oillock Oil, widen is-,certainly a great
medicine. Ibrlught one dosen of .your agent when be
wavalet* here last fall, I tested It in It number of eases,
and found it to Provo good. I also tented it in a cage of
tetterand found it very beneficial. .1 would like very
much to hare another box of it, for I don't like to be
withoutlt. Ilespectfullyyours,
- • . • • J. CAMPBELL.
.• • •
A voleo from Snaqueluinna eo,, certifying to the effiea-:-
ey of the Petroleant; I Durloswv,'June 6th. 1861.
31r. M: Kis tt—Dear"sie:—Allow niti to cettifyto the
virtues ofyOur tusturalmedleine oiled Petroleum orllVt
Oil. I lied been afflicted with the Rheum:diem for eerie
time. I MUM in Witheebatte tart summer end got bot
tle from your Agent when he was along-there, it has
cured me perfectly. I have singe seen la t. sted indifler
cnt caaesofrhenznatisin, and found it,giverellef In all. '•
• - Very 'rFspactfullyyours,• : -
T/31.1i ItAI!MOCK, July 12th.1831..
Mr. 8. ffl. NtEn-rDearSir—Allpis me to eeitify to the
elrtno. , of year great natural medicine called Petroleum
'0- Hock Oil, which I better(' la a good medicine.: I hare
been afflicted 'offal Neuralgia, pain in the ultra , .for the
mast ton years. and never could get anythibe to relieve
me: In thett tried almost everything and nothing would
do me any good until I tried - ydur petroleum, which has
relieved me i cry much; t havelnlso tested It in .burns.
scalds. and bruises. ft has always given relief in a. very
shorttimo think it to the gr atest pain killernow In
use. . Tory!espectrally young,
. , . .
. .
Call *nage! a eirtnlar from tbe*gent. wlileb gires *
Full detitiption of It. I'm tale by' BENTLEY 4:: nun.
Sald'wholerale by Iran Hi.% lIA LE, SG Co., N0..2n1 market
ttreet,Pblladelphia. ..: .• . . , :-,. - . 2.111 y
•. •
A LARGE atom( or extra flue s poons. Albata table and tea
poonc, littaniazware, sire stengthened table and
tea spoons, but table and tea ariona. Alto, 'liver, all
ver plated, Gorman silver spoons; etc., etc.. ;lust iecuired
and selling low for the quality, at TERRELL'S. ,
illontrlite,..lnly 3,1851. • • = •
• GIVE : •
have beerr encouraged 11 the very liberal patronage
1. received; to till up my vhop with thy largest 'and best
nwortment orgoods ever yet brought to this market—
tuft may•botound everything belonging to a Jewelry and
fancy t ore, 6 'in z.Clocks h W atches. oievery deteriptlon.
Mulling Fluid, yorlorand common tamps', which at. this
timels the best thing injuse tot a good and cheap Itcht.
You can find them only at TRUE'S.
Motttoso, .14 oy enibCr 20,1650' ' '
suirseriher has this day.receieed, ammo tmettof
.1. very rich goods, of last month's Imp min from
Paris; consisting of fine gold enamellnl bunting Levers
and Lepines:Pearl tindliantet Breastpins and Batilings
to match. Silk awl Bead work bags, beautiful Fans - for
Parties Diantemd; littbyi and Pearl Finger Rings, Brace
let.. Gold Sle e ve Buttons, some beautiful Buff Pins, sit
vo: I.:upkin Rings, &e.; to which he tvontil invite tho at
tent on of his fnends; • " • 4.4." EVANS.
Bingliamton,Sent. 3, '5l. • . . • . . •
. • .
,r, r nE subscriber bum!, prepared to dresi cloth on the
shorten: notice and in the neatest Ptyke, from 12 to
18 cents; and waritintedirell done. - Produce taken in
payment. • . • •'. (.N; 4OUTHIVELL.
.. Jessup, Sept, 24, 1551.,4633. . -.-. ; .. . , .
. ~ ..
- .'Watob:es! - WatChes.! . „': -
tlOLDendtver,Leyer end Lipluee fulljeweled and
1.1 plain, alarge ascorkment at the very, idcrestprlces
and - warranetd..
.- : ' I - - '
Ilinghtenton, Oct. lt,18.50;- , . - L. CANFIELD.
J 0111; 4:ITtOTES
Watches, Jewelry
MHE übscritker kai received. an addition to Ids
, 1.. stock of. Jervelry,...consistiog nf Gold Fob and
GnardGhains, Lockets, Finger Rings, Ear Rings;
Breast Pins, dm - Ch'ains, Gold Thimbles, Gold
Pencils and Pens, .5-:c;; &a: to which he woeld in-
INite the attention (Allis friends.- 'tt:IiEVAN
•ningh.allitour*March 3, '5l '%Vashington et
,AVABW , G001Y•S•
do Please call and examine,
traMontrose, Npv.
cigLECTIONof Brea' Mplas, Eairings andi Finger 'Ringo
eve' offrietlin Binghamton, by A. J. EVANS'. .
1 1 67 Pidee&; Sitter Ware . platediatal Gorman
Desert ;Cream and riall i r i gp r otV,:a l l7tUla t t . ar le i l : 4 3 :
els. Forks &a. Ettiravad gratis, at.
Q/ 11 TR SPoons.Forks and - Sabres, wai - ran ted *he b est
manstracturedhkAtairica,at .
truziaitia the edni. pit : Meeks% gone' but niorio
the eameeort is OP theuray True'clewelty !shop,.
GItEAT reductlan I;nep,ors , eTer. Lepmi sad
other , Wwches at • '! Z• - J. A. BIN,GLETON & Co.z.
Dloatrose. Oct . 1,1851. •": i • • •
Old Chains
OCEn a,'§nonblea,Spaike, Pen and Peneil ['area
-1.4 atuntsaaartesentat
- ' Gold:Lockets.•
olNTlLEandpoubla of every size; by_
IJ - ,Dingtinzaton..) - -A; .7, t
L• Some Very Yule
6,4owitTolll:B perfect time iceepera...- Also alive
Wetcheroalquaatities, bit` -16,3-EVANEL.
PIFILLIPE Patent Tipe Boxes for ,Wooden %Mane*
14tichts undonbtediy the best nay In nee, for eele at
D. n. Latitaor
A LViitiS Revolver., double ind sin stmoiers,Tber.:
11 nsometers, Carpet Bags, Umbrellas and igrea
riety of uotionsjust ritAived by 11ENTiBY.IBBAD:.
Ersi'aga,and Anger
‘../Justrec'.l. • ' •
. • _ • .•
A NEW Iptof bias t lifni:eeqlve ‘ tthrdey by '
• •-- • " ••• -A • , -.I,EVANEI, ,
Blognamtolii;atinte,lB3l; '2l3:g
1100 and.silYspWaSOhO l SESorEfebleasO,Estotints
ILA salt Spoons, oniingsaerAtassostment ofJowelry .
, . -
CLOCJP,Arvaribas = pattern's, - rOviiied:, this
- day, an . dl:9!:We'cliet_tp by •- ' •••
VINGER , RINGSr•NV'tew - ood - opteadido:
Aortrnanfiost"!eq•lvedirird for into cheep by,
YU'ATCIIES andT.atheljewelry 'in' qualitities
V • javait porch - a:MI.I.y , ''
i i ß"ii P — I J EWETAY:ind,Watoiii
7 Ailcitiiaroi4't4 .TIP. pp .. p; : ,.. ,
4ai;.1i1851. ',,,,,;; ,
TENNILINVEsrIIcops,the toe xi style Oistit
• _ 711AELV3,
The. Richest
a, Se 'y.
itc,Aitro . so. k.3ept
- 'At Dirnock wque alma ounly Penn'
. _ .. ..
'lxTiLt again he opened for the" redep hen oftiola.i.
y r- on, monday the 'Setter h oo f onihrute,-yi
dlate:chargenf Mr..WILLARD p.-Ophi t m, 'a r
erinpetent assist-knee neeermry, -- - .- .. _ lle
, Twiadnintages of thin I nothutlOni with repel h
eallty, health att.+ moral Itillurnees render h DU tfi a,
-most deslreble to parents who whh tin send thee tilt.;
abroad for Instroctlim. : - -
Ev i . r ip s duty will bealioniled by the leihnittii t ,‘
tho annommatallon Of students In regard tn ram %
- -
The aepdemlo year Is divided latiifour Tuner ef‘
en - weeks-sash-11 Imetillorrof two week s 0, 44
ouiaeocrihg cachAttarter., , ..
... .
- Terms of Tui tion.
The Striates of the prtmary 'Department, per .,
grunter. - - ' • • •
Common Arademte, per gusier,
Itigher Aesdemle, do
Clsee e l SO -
Ifreneb, Witt) anyotber brandies,
0:7• ... Good board 'may be obtained at $lOO, tells
per week., Fob rooms in the Academy: al3.pply to tb A
43 •
'Kingston, .Ltterne:conntr, p a ,
THIS Inatitntlonjuse one of the m oot 4100
Vona tu Northern' Pennsylvania. Kinction hank
plea-ant and salabrlonsvillage, GDP mile Wen ofic,h,
barre, and accessible by dally stages from all panio t h
country. The school neo now been In operation
years, doting which Ito patronage has been 'antic!
constantly barren:sing..
Through the munificence of Wm.Swetlend.
add{ thmaiStiniunry building 40 by'49 reel. and (hex,
rieshigb. has Just been completed, and by tbayt.
Of Iron. Ziba Bennett; the school to now terabbsl
a valuable and esterfish e library. entirely belt. 11,
Chemical. Philosophical and Astronomical .4;11 4
of the Instl ta Bon as regarded. br;all who ben
edge of it. tut of a high order, and amide for fall ups
inkns to Nati:mat Selene* • - .
Thoßoard otlnstructlori for thoenrulog yea:buff,
Ray. Itertewee Nelcon, A. 7L,
Rev. Tonne. c. Smlitt,
• •• • Teacher of Ancient Lamp:zoo.
Philip,T. IHvaro. E., . •
Teacher of !Untimely!.
RON C. Eh Rarrpy, '
.Teseber et Natural Science.
James W. Westlake, •
.Arnetant Pooh
111,"17rtity "1e "
Teacher °Modena:cm .
Miss Esther Patrick,
Assletaut Teacher of Modem Lump,-
Mrs. Jane S. Nelson,
TeacherofDrawingaud . Pentlnz.
Mrs. S. A. fire Cory,
Teacher of Muck!.
•dll of the above teachers are employ e d To the ...e . „„
the whole of each day except the Teacher of 0 rsoig
Mr. Westlake: The former devnte • such a roast!
each day te • her class as may he ninesenuy, sod aril
teaihes one half of each day. The public sillyeM
thatty this'orrenpment the school is ender thenle
stolen andinstruction eta very full board oftada
stet the Trustee , " confidently believe that no pe..1,4
be oared to promote the most thorough bagman
all the pupils. - .
The necessary expenses Milt's Institution &minis
Ater. -Tuition exclusive °tenements' branches, heti
to $5,50 • per quarter. Bowl $1,50 per weck,vikr
3T,i per dozen, - and fuel $2,50 per annum.
The discipline of the Institution combines or.On
with flrmenss, inculcating solind., moral znd myti
principles, persiveringindastry, sriet orJer sad cat
deportment. • • .
Tho present tern of this reboot Will mat
:lad Of Dec. nett. Students are nehnitted at tube
but the most suitable time for entering Is the teMmt,
or the middle of each term. • Thice who mlyidArbil
tend:the school through the remainder of the Wei
throughout the Winter, would del well to enterers
ae the 20rh or=dlest. -There Will be a ?wain efts
weeks et the close of the present term. The sin to
consists of thirteen weeks commencing /entry hthi
ing April Ittli 1852. " • • •
Catalogues of the ,e cannery and any infeeasem
- rive teat can hi haelby addressing thePriacipel,e,
of the undersigned:- SHEIBII,Pai
N. ItOIINDS, Bee'y.
Kingston, Ott 40851-42-tr.
- 11`111R Pall terns of ibis ,n atltut lon will comma
Monday•the 22d day Of Eeptember, inst., elets
'care of •
'Rev. A. K. Moat, Lid.
The year 111 compessfmar Academic tenascirres
week's - each; - •
TherPrimaryDeprirtinent,smbracing Readier, TeM,
Spelling, Arithmetic; Geography. mad arammn,r9
Tho branches of the Englim Department, IA
Clorrateal -Department,
Vreneh'aml Draviing; each, , It
_- Those who wish to prepare for College, Swinge
thpactlye duties of Ilfo, will here And every warm
- •
_ .
The. Latest_ News By Expo.
T" 'w od
sobscribereould inform their friad
the public in general,- that they tmic *.
ironed from New York with a large and atria
atock of GOODS, - Mnbia cing every oriieleisth
that is called for in this , market; sal Of 4
made arrangements with the Manufactures tide
wird'additioxial supplies, whenever mistra,
ntnuch prices as will enable ue to sell faith kl•
er than ever before sold iu /tfintrose, Beingrs
tical shoemakers, oar opinion le That we knarit
wants of therpeople better than these. who Jai
"other business. - We *mad therefore deem ite4
necessary (*lay, instead of giving a lid ated
anikprices, that
. • • Goinpetion is defied,
- .
Inspection solicited,
And satisfaction guarantied!
We keep also on'hand hemlock tanned ilekii•
er ; French and American Calf Skins, Yaws
Linings, Binding's, Shoemails, Pegs, Sinld4 , *
Shge-knives, , Peg. floats,. Hammers, Fat
Rasps, Tacker, Hit and French. Shoe Foo!videlii
description, BootC . /imps, W,ax,She•thro4 l4il
webb;lfeel.bail, Blacking, dtci
Shoemakers are respectfully solicited tom"
inn our stockbefore purchasing, as oar toots d
findings are all selected by one who nodervto
the buoinei*-- Sthredirectly oposite Sesdesiiti
Don't' forgetthe place.• •: -
Theenburiberwou d also thenh 6ii 50" 641
frietids- tot the liberai:riatipage tie has rict4l
forsheiti . st four: yeirs, hoping, that he inzy
msiitn shariortliPis proonagn at 11 0 4 ' 1 ",.. 11
iceeP and Grocery . ,
"' - Sept.. ~1 6;41-4 4 f ALMERI:I3IO •
TlLATClltitittgoirs_ for Oslo cheap fir ,
-- .Lhtorc -
duly 24,183:
I.I.LEN RevolTess, doable , and sines J.urenal_
talaonsfrty" fuse; 'Path Baia; Ctoatans. we;
Tbennonsetersinpabn4las, soap pawderalndap w
carpet bags, etc„jusa tacolved and for slde by,
"Mit!, KV nr,
ROO eery peciii vsts:rwo° l4
:1` thlwasotwittir kcnu tbe Slenotse tory,
; :nightbivatob,,lgughtl,-1 8A
BVIININOTWICand Ca . :aphasia; constattiy 1 1
at ght , lowest: gessltet pr . lces, ot . „MOIL,
N0y..13,1831. •
VIOLiNS and dC,COUDEONB;:- - laii
Y. . 310 1tM11 1 /p and will ha told' at. a Mal
in VI% at ' • ' 317/4 1 ,ci!'
FRElin stipigir of?daekettlagid gledtajaol.
ftaisale at .• . • D.,ll;•Lt7llEO?*
G,ls atid-miitting, at ,
1 4=i
Cluiplor Oum,;PePPV,
Li Ituitar4;Lotti#PaperiT ia0,}1g,, 4 4).
tto. (oriole - t
LOUR turi milt for ia at Dxy & c~