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A Powerful Poem.
We bare the pleasure, and indeed it, is rtir
" r ive, of presontur, to our readers the follow.
iv i ens ekeble poem from the peu y oung la=
dye)srbo,our readers will sustain ue iu saying, is
anp aror inthis country
Dli:rine Journal.
God! what a night of horrors!
nice, rouse me ! Alt ! take o ff this fiendish fear
!areas fang-like on my soul, and crush
l'iseserpent‘dreatns, that curdle iu my brain
dawn this ghastly llorror, ere its eyes
Serren op ray ltfetilootli, and its reeking breath
810 me cry') pestilential poison, foul
Frits out thecharnel•house!
Ha! gone! Awake!
It that the son'' I will bethink me. alt'. [then?
What hideous dream was that which passed me
Oat nameless terror. wrapt in formless gloom,
Mita lurid, dark ?Mined phantasy - of belt
I am awake, the 'Morn is iip, and yet
A dark remembrance lies upon my soul,
Like the chance dropping of a raven's plumo
rpm a snow drift, white, and cold, and lone.
It is the shadow of that fearful dream,
That vision of the 'maim; demon-power,
Winch waste immortal being like to dust,
And digs a grave for the dissolving soul.
Nortarc,h of Madness, thou and thou alone,
Art " king of Terrors," strong to slay the soul,
And make Its s.hrin iug clay its sepulchre.
Dread despot of annihilation's realm, -
Thyself art uoyhingatess, a formless void,
Deep shrouded to a veil of vagueness, whiles •
Thy featutes seem a horny, chilling glare,
Whh caught thstingu;shable, save those eyes,
Which hold such deeps or desert vacancy,
At there is to soul within to tight
It, star-dame m their dreary solitudes !
And yet a mighty power is thine, thou ghoul.
Fan feeding on decaying seises, fiend
Atud sumpyrr, draining out the very streams
Of immortality. Stern judgment falls
Before thee senseless from his throne, and strouz.
Frond reason building up her columned arch
011efty tegument; fe.rgets lier work.
To de beneath its mins, when thy breath
O'encheelms it the the deserts pillard sands
Blare the simoou. Fancy's dancing light,
Theborealis of the mind, is quenched,
hnegitintion's mirror ground to dust,
And worse than all, tomb-breaker, thou. dost tear
The qua heart-graves of memory, and strew
Thetreasure of its buried loves abroad,
tramp!ed and debased.
'Tis agony
To see a spirit writhing io thy chains,
ds fint the struggling senses reel and strive •
To grasp onceinore a memory of a hope,
And vainly strive, as does the blasted tree.•
To clasp the fle — e - I ; 4 77 "wintl. Anon the brain
Beanies a faun hydra's nu - arming lair,
Whence, wild with terror, bursting,Rll its bars,
Toe stung and startled spirit, shrieking flies
Ou bloody, homing, pinions, flies, alas!
To smut and perish in thy black abyss. •
And idiot laughter echoes from its grave,
Hollow and fearful as the earth's first fall
Upon the coffin•lid End yet *tie joy
To thee, thou callous conqueror of the mind,
And thou diet gloat above the spoils of all
Tbalmonals deem immortal.
Dc . .; - 1h is kind ;
O'n! when the heart is weary, and the son!
I Wrung wab urstobedusss, she opens her arras
And Ike eolne soft-voiced tagel bids us test
In dreamless slumber on her bosom. Yes;
ieh death is kind, but thy devouring worms
In madness seize upon the living bruin.
kad riot in the warm and bounding heart.
rsen :action's torture rack our life
ruddea spasms, or drop by drop, the fierce,
Wniagipir4 weeps Its trots of burning gall—
The angel death cotne panoplied in roe—
tat tare us father, frotst that phantom-king
ISho sleds around the writhing soul, and drags
ltlaatl• down. down to his abysmal heart, .
Sinus friend sends us the followingwith a
rEVEEL that it be published:
Old 'Costume. '
Dingliug,duneu g ,
Limbs eutungliug,
prigglt-tail upon the gasuud,
Paserneut brushing,
Health's hopes crushing,
S ling Skirts the whole year round.
Hip depressing',
• Chest compressing,
Leith's grim messenger thou art;
. Back -bone breaker, • .
Consumption maker,
TiuMaral I forever part.
• Jilgo.mer Costume.
" f ight and airy,L'sice , •
a fairy,
Ladies trip o'er hill and dell;
Cheats unhanded, .
Lunge ezpanded, -
NMare has a resting spell. • •
• y
or fs,rt,t tue—The following is a iiter2l
,note whieh was sent to a dr uggist ,l !" ? ' l4 .Vp binee. We sup.ress the prunes of
a efetti;*
V 'Dear :—Plesse send tee by the beaver,
!it of tremendouS aleoholiand
oblige youi?a
aqtQltable bottle."
rwo thingsretut never be, eeeessfullit
P42l4l(4—ntedesty and eetcaneroseliele•
For the *entree," D'enito6et
Nature's' TeachingS:-
The external worannt
_only _supplies from
its exhaustless storehouse thphisicalwanta,
of man's nature,lnit irltn•nrier, linst4tYtuP'4'
magnifieetice,‘subseriek a - purr; ministers to our Spirituel neccalthint
it allays that hung,cring andthirsting afterthe'
noble and the geoid, - so irrv . pressible, iii - eiVry.
mind, and feinisheS ample MeshB . 'o-040y.;
ing` the principles' oUtaste and'llie 1: 0 30 . ' Pr
beauty so inherent in: the. Seul. --- These lights , ~: , , ..
„ ,
of 'the inner shrine _runt indeed liccome.!3 . itn- '.
-, i r •:-. • .1 . 111 ; cir r - -- 173..5-um ' N - Ell .- FIE . I *- 1) :*--
tried by th • e:continual predomman e, of ow - Colt Med Bill Bodin' was the generalissimo or,
iJe n s, by accustoming ourselves to, 'n narroW i the Texim-,Lyncliers; --.'He well .deserved • the
range of thought,•or a_ low : of -taste; : title ybielti'heliald-,,won -bV . many a, desperate: l
but the eyes .of the sonecannot he,. quite: put I (leech- Hel,possessed such:incredible 'skill in
out; for: there is no active, ~ a self restoring • the use:ot,lall, sorts of.'niurderous weapons,.
power in the human-mind.Which.repells what- teat it might be pronounced virtual . suicide to.
ever tends to ' its injtirY,- ; and is continually" •Oven
,thinklOf encountering hint, so rapid...was
for, Ulrich, hismotion l' ' • h•
struggling to reach that state ,even ,so. unerring. is mortal. aim. The
in its lowest Conditioir i it teeil"an instinetiVe
terrible. cognomen of ,- Death irt.,the:Eye,'!told.!
. j
sense of its ad:LPL:Wen; ThiS•is easily demon-' truly the : mark. :at; which •htkalwayis fired- 7 ,a
strated-byT:facts that' ontinually present them.; mark, ie bad f never once. niissed r - 7 While:such.l
selves to the-eye of the attentive observer,— was hisastonishing - quickriess, that his. gulag-
Objects of great beauty. and - sublimity :irc-aL! •oaist usuaily,fc,ll.-without,pulling tli trig,goid
so objects of :universal interest and adiaira- Au enemystood,_no hotterchange byvcsorting.l
lion. Birds, flowers,-Waterfidls. sunseiskieS, to the sword or bowicknite, against *me iri_l
and the ocean, aslwell.asfine : specittiens: of whose hamis:the flasir - of steel waSlike light.
art, address themselves''tOttieuniverSaliheart ning,-as swift, as:mighty to slay 7 -,0ne..-,who,
of man. - There are: but: fe r iv perShas'eritircij', - appeared to surpass, alb, other men - as much in i
callous to the pereeptionsof, eater il beanty... a ,strrigth.ns in actii.ity...-fa giant. in stature, a
The rudest pfoughniarh• in nonicri particular gladiator in practice, ond,a fiend iri courage.--
mood of mind, will stop to admire ) the bles , Hi.S,biographyla itself Was More thrilling than
sour his- htiedless share. has rent from , a novel, wilder than the wildest roMance ;. apt .
rent soil. ,Its Structure, its coloring,-however the very:first net this dreadful daring revealed,
familiar they may be, will awaken 161ns-bosom in all their
: force. and fulness,the tiro essential
unwonted thoughts .cf . delicacy; - -and
: though elements o his character--the ferocious ardor j
Ihe be not, Burns, there will alwaYs be soinc.;l Millis appetite for reictige, and the iron pet* ,
thing of • poetry in Ins:emotions, Mitch gives I ttacity of.his indemitablewill. At the age of
`evidence. of - this in4ercnt principle of human twenty, he pursued the assassin of his brother,
nature. :The rustic milk-maid 'will Sometimes ail-the way from Carolina to Canada i and shot
pause in the midst of her : liveliest carrot, to - him dead at the i ninner. table .of a. - tavern in
pick up . a'ciariorts stone, tawatch the flight of Quebec; yet, such- had been the- cunning of,
birds, : or forgetall•the 'dark necessities of. the his previouSarraageinenta for this event, that I
present in the' bright 'colors: of -an insects sided - by nitmeicini relays of swift horses,, he I
wing. These' objects Will awaken emotions , effected hisesiiiitic safely to the Sznith. • The
of whose origin- they may be perfectly .uncon- !achievement cost-Mini ten thousand diallars.-
conscious, but which tonchthoone livingipet 1 From this time faiward his life 'Was one long, j
in bosoms whose senSiblfrties'are well - nigh war.-_Almost every 'month tin the yeai - Saw
lost amid tho darkness and-.incrustations =of him engaged in Some fatal ducl--tital only to i
ignorance. • - - - - .. '..''• ' . others,never hurtful to him—while each week'
There is a power in nature:s „ Scenery.Whieh
might ?Elicit the hearts of all, if--Men woad, i
but go forth and list to her, teaebiagi," "There
the cold and covetous might thid:.a. lesion - of ,
benevolence as wide as the Wants . to, which l i
it ministers, in the deivs. that ;seek out the 1,
humble flowret, in the care . . that expands the 11
simplest leaf, in the watchful love that minis- I,
liters to all without regard to favor, overwith 1,
the same generous and nasParing hand.' There
the doubtful and desponding might see that I,
nothing-was forgotten, that- there-is-a tendency [
in all things to the gorxi ary:),the perfect. There 1;
the skeptic might ilnd through all manifold I,
combinations of organized being,.eVen in the I
. . .
structure of the siinpleSt moss; a common leaf',
or a blade of grass, traces of deSig,n, of order, i
of 'wisdom, of. benevolence, which defy inter- I .
pretaticin -by him who discards. a divine ,and
omnipotent Creator. In the Woods the irrere- I .
rent and undevont Might gather a lesion, of
devotion; when the gentle breeze, which. may I
well represent the religious sentiment; posies;
through them like lin all, perwiding, spirlf.--q
Every thing feels and ieknowledgei its power;_
It tenches the deter.. teferns; . and , they, are I.
moved as with a' thought of love. `lt' Wids-.1
pers to the lowly shrub,and, thecepie, and the . 1
(layering leaf r.espenditi,gly answers. ....Even .
the-sturdy oak boys - his head and.sways'..his
.in- Obedience to the, unseen intidsli.
Let the most zealous devotee of pleasure leave I
the noise of .the. brilliant assembly—let late I ,
bow himself down with the simple liMirt of-a
1 little child before the
. angitst -majeSty 1 Of - na;;
tore—let -him' listen to choral songi of liirdS
blending,harinoni4usly with the murmur of ro a d
sects thatswellsnpen every breeze,and i would
I not this beautiful 'Scene rind all't his. FpontLn.,
I ity of music spak too_him'aS a lang.uagc never
I spake—would nut hi . s . Sonl:then assert his own
I immortal dominion, ` its heirship.with the
vine,i and Struggle Upwaid even against the
iron bondage which-yeara of,pernicieus ' IM,b
its have been fastenineupOn his 'crushed but
h'eaven-boin• - wings - ? ' And did he but liel..d .
Such admonitions;lhOw reiglif the watibk.pla
ces of his heart and mind be'gladdinedi-besi
often , might the wilderness
. of his- soul. he
made .to blossom as the rose..- ..' :.- ::',,. 1 '...'
kat perhaps ' thorn' is -no forin - or leSuty 'R6
universally felt anti4jo . deeplyinterwoven With
. .
the enduring affixtione of, the heart as is that
of flowers. And here - must be their obviOus I
use and design in the economy of nature: It/
is not IttiornAct be at all neeessarit to the'per.
feetion of the fruit, that r eorrolla should be
of the most brilliant bues. - The - same great
pnocess of vegetation might be carried , on
were all nature dressed in one unvarying garb
of russet, or grey. .134. our• beuerleieutra. I
then has tinged their ,dellealeiteMhfiiivith
ery hue and -shade of olcr, fo - that: a jterecio
tion of it . might steal into the , uterrier 'and lierd.l
er elements at ournsfyie,Mvalteitingilieuibis
of 4feetiOn and gratitude who his Mit
Only ministered to _oar necessities but to. the I
hiNiqlvs'of 'tastO . ' sentiment is`nit
then, that 'God.hairinirli4.4ol
the. ioinmen,,waiside
that lie has' clothed the bills . and 'iutudotes,
with the richest verdure„ for elicit and all con
tain not only a luxury: for 'ilte,beel,l, fl - fq s `,
ifqn•foi soul.of Paps 41;41 1 94 Pore
dos the cedar; of .Lehantatieluulow
Vijakttthan doe 'the Jitfde aiaile liostrat
MAD OII O I. ZiDaqtacop.. 'gni% 7 -1 1 braltm; fgVaTtattaTirp 24TTri';' * ater Sittareitti2.
1 • r
wihNp - ire :the . simplesttngsa
the verf.blaaq of' - g.iso we iruhh.beitheth our
feet; is within ithegio complete or
Sucfi hie u part 'of - ghtfife,i teheliingo;
shell a portioh o f the veriops inttohge: she
- spOtie to him' whetliii' the love 'orikotuielotdo
erintrhhntol with ho
L. C.•
.DEATH` OT pWW;7:'::: , ' :
witnessed the occurrence ',of casual affrays, Of
ten as Weedy as'his - in - Ore - regular Combats.—
fie was the Napoleon of - the 'knife and, •pistob
But the truthof imp t artialhistory conapets me I
to' reeord; that this man, so fearful in his dec33,l
Whose right arra - reeked -with gore to the eb I
bow; was;not co - minority the a,,,SSoi in his
quarrels. Often the friends of these be had
vanquished in fair fights assaulted him, film
motives of revenge. - The "fame of his Prowess
provoked the A - ain jealousy of others. He
had acquired the - perilons - reputation ofd n
mitchleSs hero—the ardent, the desperate, the
ambitions, would win, if possible, his laurels.,
Every young Hercules longed to kill the lion,
so as to 'clothe himself in lt7s skimand thus '
&rein forced to 'Maintain an interminable war.
It is so in Alt professiunS. There inn be ad.',
peacei - n high planessbirm; hail and thunder
will break 'a round -the niocntaia's
This du lisYWras one of the; Cart: j est settlers'
in EaStern!Tmcai;u-her., hebecame the el rot*,
the Lyneldng party : 'ln' his . own s county of '
;Harrison he possessed boundless influence On::
deed, he would not suffer a foe to reside with
pm;limits; *nee, he . might hnve openly I
defied*. i law,, had , such been his pleasure;.?
but Ids:shrewd .and, far-seeing sagaeity adept-I,
' ed_a wiser and n'safer. course,"., _After. perpe
Crating lioniimde, Ile invarhibiy submitted
Lis own case , to the grand,,:lury,,surci of a tri.
umant•Acquital by, his friends on trial ; and
thus, shaula public sentiment overturn against
him in ? the ; future, lie would be enabled to,
plead cffectnal:yerdicta in bar of all past effen-
I At longththe time arrived which the Colo
nel had so. song anticipated.:
_.A.wealthy and
intelligent class
.of ,f
citizens began - to Change
the current of, opinion in ,Harrison; so : that
Ale comity election the friends of orcler, by. al
!slight, majority,
„gained , their, candidate 'for;
'Sheriff.-, -This. Was a,terrible , blow,' to Mel
Lynchers, as it deprivedythem of their 'secure
; vantage ground_in_ - packing juries; and _to :in-
}crease their danger:at; this unpropitious
a new judge
~• % :as also .nppointed., The old
Eaution, however, did latiftlespair, They were
Still numerous, thenaumhly armed and-'desPe4 a maa t and determined at their .first
1 . court to muster at, •r r
ength,so as RI icoti.k
trol and,ovcrawe their, primeedings. ;
At 9, lo'cloidc, the morniog of the. second
Monday - in SepteMber, 184:2, the new judge
took his seal on the bench. - no - was - a stran
ger from the West, ivhOse Mime' had `alone]
transpired, and whoie appearnin;e; at brat,: lb- 1 1
spired the desperadoes with • and the,
friends of order with doubt and; paibful UI4: 4 U-'1
hensinn. Charles Evans Was atyonng"man - oi'
twenty-two-4a14% , slender, • - extremely hand ,
some,' and dretsed wits the-meet ftrilial - toSte
=hisfngers flashing with rings; and his'per;
son adorned iu tiie. inciStrgailWmPubUr,
long : hair clraliiiof, goldeO ]saving in
curl's around his yshoulders, and 'the • sweet ,
I smile of cioPlquiO , beaming on, !? 1 ?..'
ly femining;
Berlin gsFea, ott this apperitio>i
with ineffable znetpnptp - an4 . ,V4iVe -10
volFazdVP-:-!` 1 0-0 1 ?•4 11 TP.A.s4!*PYRIvitYi,
as 0 0. 0 8 ton fuis-kiiiiilL.BP4,4 1 1 143 ife. ,Arcu
_if the Colonel-lad paid-more- attention to
the tnani . ificii*lo . ..,:the vicating, hei"- - vecitdd
.FettOpkihigte - beettle&to*.cliffessett...eontlea
li.OitOg.t - ,:- PA., - TVE:SI}Ai i : DcE#BR - -i; ~.:,,fBst;
[sips; i'or there Was a strange light in thevivid
blue eyes of the stronger, alight that waniand
I e , irriltdar interwds, like:the 'play of
.litant lightning in` asturtmet cloud s while tlmeorneri
of his mouth' wore a .wild,, resolute Sneering
l'expresilaii,befoltening the2Opposite of pliancy
Lnpd fear:'
The jury; heing called; aid sWorn the ,
,Jadgacethmenced his charge s and at the,Souod.
of lds . voida everYbody . started ';ter
_the tones
were shrill 'OS atrampet---se s ringing,
, us, like th
rioe aecents of . a connimoder'on" pa
rack: Htiiirtg ghdtecii - rapidly 'over the legal
definitions and:penalties 'of 'crime; he prciceed.
el to descant upon the responsibilitY of juries
to. ail in its suppression. • Ills soul appealed tb
catch eleetric tire at the theme—his voice hor.
rr rowed the rich roll of thunder—hisiivid blue
eyes_literally,blaced with that Strange light—,
the wild expreision grew terrible on hiawri
t thine iipS, and his words flew - like - volleys of
burning arrow - He, painted the - horrors• of
lawless anarchy till the very heart -sickened
he described the beauties.of reg,ulai govern-
Ment aaavision of heaven realized on earth . ;
and he finilly closed with the IMid announee
seent,—‘'.l will yoltdowu lynehing wherever'
I 1 hive the honor of presiding, orb will myself
t be pat in the grave to
Then, Miss Nancy.take,eAro of Your eyes: ,
cried who:trio voice s , louder and more Mei:loc
i ing than that of the Judge. • -
Etery - heart gave one skind'aer., The sen
tence. Seemed Pko a warning front' eteinitf--
a revelition s 'as it were, front' the depths of
i'WhO tlm are to—interiupt the
busitiess of the excluiceed Judge Ee::
ans, with the diOified mijestrof a king.
"My earn& is Colonel Bill Boilia; but most
persons call the "'Death in the Eye," Was the
4 i Butts law you have another name," re :
plied Evans, inuiling.
- " Tell 'Me what it is„lmttalie good care of
yOur egos retorted Born:i s with unspeakable .
farY'. • -
'lt is murder f': said Evans, and the smile
on hi/4 lips, heforo, - pale as sunshine, was now
a wreath of lurid fire. •
You shalt pay, dearly for, that word within
the week !" fairly shouted the duelist, grind
ing his teeth like la raging - beast.
"There is no time like the present" was
the calm reply.
"Nam s"iuterrg,ited Bodin, as-it doubting,
the evidence of his ears.. -
Yes, Arno! if you Ist* the courage. to
challenge me," said Evans.
I do challenge you," thundered Berlin.
"And Incept," answeretlEvans.
Name your seconds." . ' • . •
a , We will fight without wig." - -
“ The. terms ?" asked Borlin, with signs of
On horseback, in the little prairie•west of
the villN,e; one half hour from this, each arm
ed with as many , pistols and huires as he can
procure or sees fit to carry," said Evans, appa.
rentli - passionless, as if defending a motion in
court. .
No one but the chief actors in this extraor.
I.dinary scene, uttereqaa_ syllable, or oitere& to
' interfere, for 411 -saw thatsuch attempts would
ibe unavailing, perhaps dangerous to the med n
• tor. One half hour afterwards, the parties met ,I
in the little prairie, which WllB zircularin form
and about three hundred yards indtanacter.;—:
!By tacit consent,. both -actuated by. the: lame,
purpose, they.assnmed their, the
edge of the timber on opposite sides.i , Both
wore. , strong belts, iiterally• stiff with' knives
' and' 4otit were mounted on- powerful
steedslut of opposite 'eolors,that of the Judge
being white as- 4 snow cloud; the Colo
',nors was blpek and glosSy as the wing of a
men., The features of the riders in that Mee
of death presented very diirerent types of•ex
pression. The Colonel's brow looked . dark as
1 - the gIOoM of a letnpust,,stern lowering, awful;
but the handsome fee of the Judge was gay,
rstrailing,joyoubrilliant as the sunbeam tkult
hissed. it. -The Multitude stood around in.the
grove,-speechlesli, simost terrified with-.the
, scene about to oPen. „ • '
• Suddenly the Colonel waved a .:white hand-,
*amide, as she signal thar he was :In the net,
of starting; and swift as arroWs frost the howl
terrible as ballstrom the salmi:War/loath, the
two ilorirern gri,,y,igi pistols cocked, and fingers,
firm op. the •trigger,- shoe lowards other.,
WhPP' !vitt" fifty.stePs!tr each other, the CPL'
opel f ltaltsd aurFising desterily; ati erp,
lag in land- tongs talcs,care or your
cYCs fired...., , I
tbe last,* The Judge:urged hia l horas
to ss evolstiori, l!oundlng, over • wall,
and the bullet !PIIttS4 for ills eye, , strucit.-ths,
Silver :pursateli of, his ,saddle; ankglaneed off
without. harni. Continuing, Ilia former . vetoer
ty, hojiaased thit Cidonal 1111114 •,thres. feet;
the. other a. 1.08':D,
hat istiicting , 0 14 It .Slig l 4 17(010; and ..then
botl POPee4o to the 13 PPc.T4 4) ,Prde 1 9f thS
~prairie, and renewed: Oejr,
This tune neither t/Oled,, Pssse4, almost
eachotharstitl Arad as they, pas_ s-
eel, eaeli drUwing :front , fos. a _ stream of
t The ammo cliargo- was ,repeatedd,wlth
th.P:44S dozen
.tree; -
!F :st
e lend: 310.141i
lathe„ P9chet
botb.itPPtthck wild o
• Tbo last ! , mi:epp RFAII., Vac ter.rlWl
• ,horses were : batted In loud , tie_ tidilyi'vere
iPvertd With:l4oo4;auflibotitlgeled
Fle 4tae lthEl l l ,o ,ft;:ll; trirx l rtts ai be ek &on a 7 the ard s s. a
wiett iPadt7l: 47l4 ,4lra,.
i4041104t4141/istst*itikaitWltlitatlo •
be final; Some desperate- thought,semned to
hare oceurreci to aach at the, same instant, at.
tering itself in-,thcsb ,wild cries—yells, like
nothing earthly, but. shrieking, 'savage demo.
~,On : they, f low? .theykept•straight_oo.
wards—they swerved ;et to thioicht or lett
—and ,they. met - the 'collision:of , adverse
. •
caraels., • Down „went ; the , strong steeds-;-
down the forions .4h! surely, this
must lie the en 4, of alll ,Not yet,. See, the
Judge rises, tottering'slowly to his- feet, and
his thee slill-wears thirst indescribable smile,
unqueriehable!.by allits blood, uheonqicrable
by all„its bruises.. Thy Colonel cannot stand,
vet lie is riot -writhes-in his. agony
like a crushed work'. The Jailge approaches,
crippled, halting, ta his enemy stoops,,and
plunges the sharp knifeinto his heart., He is
the victor:, 4.,m the field: of death ! Not yet.—..
Hark I,a erects, ; a roar, a fall n —the Colonel
masters also, his ; -expiting energies, fires lib!
jasti Prate; and p,xnfailan tones-et
amph—" I told you to Like care ofyoure-yesll
The horrified spectators ran, to the spot.—
The antagonists were both dead, an se nght
eyelet' the imigkwassliot out. The Colonel
was " ?Death in the . Eye!" to the last.. •
The cemetery. ` • ' •
- Perhaps there is nothing in this vale ofuor
ty- calc lated to 'p rod uce in. the ContemPhi-",
tine mind such Mingled feelings of . emotionai
to visit the cemeteryOf ihr de:id. There - one!
beholdsin the Chiiclled marble the: nathesTof
those whom we:once loved, respected, and, es.
teethed. It instantly calls to - mind scenes and
aisociatisna of fOrrner'years;"when all : Iv:4 life
and animation.' Pleasingremenibraithes - Ot the
past flash over the mind,Mrodueing a train of
serious reflections, Idemory pointi back to
the time when pure joys swelled the bosom
with gladness:lnd friendship lt also Points I
to the time when that vigorous frame became
'weak and emaciated, sluicing in the convul.
sions of death. Next 'follow the.funeral obse-.
geies, and the select:lmp - recession of thernourn
ers to the grave. All this and a thOnSand,oth.
er minor circumstances naturally arisein tee
mind, while =Sting a glance. upon the graveS
of those With whom', we were intimtelyac.l
, see the Here; again, we see the final censuinmation
of all sublunary enjoyments. Here - the living
learn that.they must erelong Share the gloo
my fate of their predeeessors. - ,Here kings,
and princes, and monarch; can . see the bind!.
iating end of all their greatness, pomp,` and
glory. -"Here the proud aristocrat, Whose tow.
ering' ambition . finde no restraint, sees that he
must tii4cend down into tlie - grave,. and there
find a level with.the rest of mankind. ' , He who
epries-lehis rieheb, must lay It 'all aside, .and
' become as poor as his unfortunate deighber
who has gone befdre hitn. The devetee _of
pleasure, the votary of titshion; and 'the giddy
aspirant,'whois'AeSires andlthrsuits for earth,
ly felicity can scarcely ,be'.cheeiced, Hilt, be .
compelled to yield to that tyrant MOUS:ter, be
fore whom tnyriads . haie been humbled inthe
dUst.', l Death taunt put a period to 411 the
tittles and honors - pf lifer--all its wealth, and
pleasures: All Must be summoned by:a voice
which"' Ito earthly power can withstand,te
abaridOn their, darling pleasures' andlbriake.
their fondest 'acheinis of ambition. . _
:No one win gaze upon . the seeret ' reposito
ries of the dead, coi!terriptate the ruins of pride
' mid ambit - len, and mouldering 'ielick of,Y Oath 1
heautk; and ‘genins,withaut indeie.;iliable'emo,.
1 tionsl i of sorrow; No - one ;can
I MIMI:Wed, the lowly bed where repo i se the I
1 remains of the, geed and g,r,lat— -the spot
' Where rti.t.s all that . %v.v.. ,mortal, of i those,
whom the has honored witiLitshiudest
plaudit, the betefaCteregf their 'or axe
erated as the destroyers and, enemies _of man
, liind.! The hue, that bleouiedu on tl e
4 cheek.; of Youthful lovelineis, has :Ilidedlaway.
.- . .
The hright itaßliee,ofthat eye, whose glances
diffused fight and happiness on all around, hes ,
sink in its Becket . The stern features' of re..,
1 lentles tyranny,'dimlting, iti the say har.
I bariti over the rain of its innocent, victim,
_' ,
I '
In view ofthea,dt,ida44 the g,iir,v4iiili'e
I het*, and the haoyaiit.ele.stic eheeitalneseof
I the',heart,are forced to give :mai' to theOeiny
shadei of Melancholy., ,The Bonl-movingacti
Of friendship - and sympathy.hrie their itecus'
tamed Chimil: Every" avenue' to joy:. seams
I closed:'' ,The ekes wander vainly over the- cx....
I liase . vf life, and - net it '1 star, of ; hope seems
twinkling iii` the 'groomyvoid:
,The.tinsel joy.
lof relit world can charm no Mere; and the
soul'find rest only in the arms:of that nr.Lte
iii* Wriest, precept: are' iiiiiie, 'Who s se, promi
ses can never. deceive. . „
toiirafth .s.:-.Youpg,i4dieB, it it is nit sour:
neat dress, . 37 , onr,expanslye 4 shal3i,01 , yotr
don finge7, that attract , the ntiention of men
of Sense. - It is ioureharucter. theY, ll l4d.Yrlf
trifling and toose in your,aonverlatinrt
-wi matter if you are beautiful as nnnngel—
yon no :attiaettini for - them., It is :the
true. locginefFs ?fY4nr- nature : that,_*ins And
p4ilitect!pne,l or-the hßit.
young ladies; who labor to
theirrove p o utward iC;c4; wili*l6Yb ' estPtc
not thought, on #l4e. quads. Fools. pativ be
ili 4 e,OFtiw 1 4 1 . - i1ie1,f 4541 9 41 4ci I '3'l
8i10t4 40 1,r,01c0 1 i41. 1 0;...r)4 Rna Bl 4 l o:iniild•
ooi.:bia'alirteAttrx: o.l4 .. lf+:ola` e the
_ l l ,
Y°Ft, * Pr,rlPF.- e P ~,'r
eriftzitliettlill**Whio9 aihrle
: 400k>.11 t , 11.' •
.Bossutl4'ilppcieh , in Pn
- After,Kcissuth ierrehed
,hio'hotel," his prier - it*
secretary' didit l ed Its speech from his munn• H
tetipt to the: reporteto; rcc ived at t he ,
same t6e.Oitrtilltiit)l/g,nc;ie R°l4os'
To the Gentlenzei) • -
The entlieciasin of the penjdeNe" - W"Xitec;
with 'Whiell exPrelied. its noble, sympathy
for - ilinigary, so" great - thht' ifs 440:unt
made, it impoisible torthe Governor '.to ad=• the 'teases ;•.bnt out of +copeCt in the
inhabitants or the Emplie City, and to 'obey
his grutitude ',for the cordial :welcome
which Ile was honored to-day, he -,wishes, by
the, mighty ; agency. the', press, to give - , poly,
belly to h is feelingi, arid,to: havo..rinoilated
What he would have suld, if, nufeikunattly for
biro, end for thel'eause of Hungary,,the people
assembled' thii inorninff, hiid had Icoi-sympa.
thy, and bad expreised it leis warmly. - •
I cm, gedt;emin, your obedient servant,
The Speech.
I tin Yet itilf . sick,"gentieinen - tossed and
tuisted about by a fortnigl&a gale on the At
lantie's.restleas Waves; my giddy:brains: are
still tu r ning 'round' o's a - Whirlpool, and' this
gigantic continent seems tremble be
neath my waveriag steps. let me;hefore
. to, Work, have • , some hours at, rest Upon.
this soil of freitiiinN your happy- Free.
dom and ilomeoVhat heavenlymusic in those
two.prords I no -bite, and the
freedom :of ray 'people - is dowmtroddett.--:
Yours; Giant of free - Aimeriee; do net tell me
that thy, shores , are an asylum to the oppresS:.
ed, and ahotue to the homeless,„ exile. An
asylumi eflOirgle
rious country, can tbey:droWn Into obliviot .
the !unlink of the heart; and the fond' desires
for ouetoliie•lancil • My beloved native land!
thy very sufferings make thee. but-dearer' to
my heart; thy hleeding iinagedwells with me
when t 'Walie, as it rests - with the in the shell.
moments of my yestless'sleep. "It;has'acioni
panied,th'e over the waves: .
ny mo'when . l go hack to fight ever again the
bottle'of thy. freedom ; 'once more. i have no
idea but the r e; I have; no feeling but thee.--
Even here,,With this proalgibus-view ofgreat
nein, freedom, and happiness; which , spreads
before my eyes, my thoughts are- wandering
toWardst" home; and' when I look over these
thousands Of thousands before mie, the happy
inhoritance - oeyonder freedOM for Which your
nithera fought and" bled—and when I turn to
yeu,'citizeda, te:bOw _before : tho majesty of
the.United.States,,and to thank the people of
New, -York , fur theitgenerout share lu my, lib
cration, and for the unparalleled honor of this
reception,'l see, out_of _the very midst of this
great ",aasetiblage, rise the bleeding image: of
Hungary, looking to you with anxiety wheth
-ler there be' thelustio of your eyes'
,a ray
of hope for her ';vittether therebe - iti the than::
der of your hurrahs a trumpetcall of &sue.
&anti& if theretvere no such ray of hope
in your eyes, and n o such trupepot:call ‘ in yOui
cheers, then wo Europm's Oppreasednotioils.
i'vill..atand alone in tholeur neede-rf:
- Less fortuhato thatt!you were, they:will meet
no biother's band to 'help them, theoap.
proaeldit giant struggle= against_ the leagued
despots of the world ; and wo also to me. I
will feel no joy even heie, and the days of my
stay-here will twit out to'be lost tor: my iii
Wee land—lost at.the very timee - when every
moment. is teeming in the 'decisfotini Europe's
Citizens, much aa.lum Wanting some holm
'IA, rest, much
. as I need - to become ; familisr
wall the-ground I Will luwe to staid upon le- ,
!foie I enter on, btiSiness"mattins Tubli,ely, I
look. it for duty honor, not to let - escape
even thi.4 first monsept of.ylitirgefierous wel:
comer,'.Without:ziatirlepluiply rind' openly
lin what are' the evpc 4 Itioris'ena hopes,
‘vhat ire,the motives Which' 6 1 1104 tue,.richk
to -.your glorious
.s'aure~s. ; - entlemen,l
140 the people, Coogress, and, goveru.,
1 went the United Blates ,for,lny liberntion
from captiviiy. Hunan tongue, has no words
to-expresi.the-hlisi which ;I felt when .I.L4hir
troddea__Hangsty's: wandering: chief
glorious tlig; of thy .;Stripes,itnd stars
I tlutterhiir over. - My helid--:wheu I first baled
• - -
befUre With deep 'l_ saw
uroUnd ine7the gallant - OfficerS and the arent'of 1
the ~iissieisippi frlgate4the.-nuist,Of then) On'
worthy reprsiientstivnn tiir64l.Mer;Orr prin.
ciPles,AnieriCau gresipesi, 4,inerfearr ginerosl. I
that it wen pot AIM! fitaPes: l
which 'cast •the_star-spangled banner :Around
mCs.butr,thot it 111,, your •protilutiug-trill-40•
know that the United Stites citAmericsiton.:
sciousof *Or glorious tailing, as yell as of ,
their poiver, declared lby this unparalleled act
to the pilit - eatrus' of
4,7? ti g i v- com i n g - (Pr' 4 3 4 1 / 4 :4tibieakithe•
01 4"biwkch thepriehgestOespots or Ea
rope:fettered the astivlty of the Magyar; whose
very , names disturbed i :tho .proud seourittof
iheir!sleep-T-to .feet:rnitored , :hy. Emelt proticw
)ir); nail in such':a Way,lO il•eidoin:nod
freedonttO setivitY, yriti maybe weliiiivrtin
what I have felt; still-feel,at' the -- retheio„
ors s poke—you acted; and I was free - YOU'
acted; and at, this' ac t ni:Yotins teem
bled hunCtiitY isbniaed nit IVitli - loyr . the
. y#t 44 4 4 #0. 1 1 :7: Eitap4 bpprel
holtixte ' fili 114410
30),ItYROOket*NIft *Pi*
F 411001.0. 4 0.49'000 .44 / 1 0 0444 6 1 V 1
by_ ths ' t.qcslii°g 4 °f• / 4 . 1 e 4 40 .
useful, to. my fSther ' ..iiind'alad,l9 klullasitli Ili
VII be. yourmeritl-it:*ill be your ironer—%
thy you arid your gloriout etreastrybe Misled
for it. ',Europe 'it on . the eve of such bangs*
events, that h oweverferit'ulf4sititsasr bs;, l =would not.:l it au ho:lied to mai
the Atlantis., at this .vcry time : iinly . loi- the
purpose to exhibit'to you'my warns tiundar: 3 l
Would have_thanked. you by Um' antr l lkill*
to the freedom of the European eentinent,:ala .4
would bave postponed my visit to youfgln*
ens 'shorettill the 'dnolairO brittle, foi liberty,
was fought—if it were my, deitiny,p outlive,
that daY. : Then:nwhat is.the motive of my be. ,
lag hero at this very tinsel- The motive, eitl.
zens,ls that your generous act liberal
tion has raised the conviction throughout the
'world that this generouseet of yours Is bag
i the Manifeetation of your' resolution to' thrite'
your weight into the bklanee'srliere theder s is!
the European continent i s to be 'Weighed. '''cira
haver raised the _conviction' throughoutf the; !
world,that by my liberition ,ihn , are .
Nitiki 1
to my, " , Ye oppreSsedttStions cif old Ertrep".
AS's continent, 4' of go'd sh - ser/ /lip losPil
giant of AMmimstratchis her - Powerful rime
over the waves, ready to give a brothet's hand
to your future.". '
:,.So is your act • interpreted
throughout. the' end. '', you; in .- your 'titlark
security; can senivoly imagine bow • benentlid
this Conviction has alyeedy proved to' the
tering :odious of the European continent. Y ou
can scarcely imagine What self.ionfidenea poet
have added to the resolution eras; 0 4ivii 444
You hrWe knit the ties otaolidarity in the rk4
tinier; of nationS. I can't doubt that you - teMpst
how Was received by, the public opinion k hi
. .
every country which ; touched since tam freq.
and what feelings my liberation brie elicited isi:
those countries which -it 'mei not my lotiei
touch: Too know how f, a plaits, poor, paint:
les.s exile, have almos i hneothea centre:lL hope
and confidence the mosfldifferent nationst
1 not united but by the tie ofconmen sufferings;
Whorls the source ofthie:apparitiao'
icied in lo a la/i il4 ' Bll. ltPil:t Th° so/0 6 , 4 44
is, that ' . your generous act ofmy 1 / 2 11
,lano!io 4
Yken bY tho w*id ' ibr the rs/e4/ 101 1 it - Om
fait that the Uniel ' d Ptatolti resolved 104 SW
allow the despots:of , thit,nrorld to traMplelenx
oppressed humithity. .11 ii hence that myiliie:
eration, was cheered, front Sweden-down4i:
Portumd, as :ray of hope: ':lt is he:teeth:at
even those nations which most desire
s iaft*i
erice intriropenow,have unaimously told nie;,
“ Kasten on, hasten Tsts to - the' grist, freir iicli
andinoirirful ic s oP l 9 of the' States,TSitid-and.
bring over; its brotherly Sid to , te . cause, cir,
Your . ePularYl so. IStithatfircossecti4-,Witik
European liberty; , and hens; stead to pleael
the cause.of the solidarity human rightei blia
fore the great republic of_tint United Stateit,:i.'
Humble sal am; God, the Almighty, has se:
lected inn to represent the, cause "of hturianiti
before • yon; .My warrant to Ithis "capseitt le.
written' in
,tlrr symPathy end . confidence;f all
wh° are a PP r e ss e d,' . 4 / 4 4 "fair..wfor a, YOKli , . 1 4
der brother, isest the 'w of On!** !iYMPOS
With thWri p - ooetr My Warrant to this civet;
iii is written in the
,iope-s and.expectations
Aare entitled the world to entertalot,byt
liberating.,me out.of my prison, and by rester.
ing me to activity. - But iehrts pleased Orel&
mighty to make but - of my humble self yet an
other oppo:Usnity for a thing which to oil on let'
a hppy turriingwoint in the 'destinies "Of . the
World. ' L ilt:l'nd you a brisprliiiii4ing l lkAtii4
the people of Great 'Britain. I riper/knot hs . nn„
official cha'ra f etei,imPt*fii diplomacy,' e s.:
, secresy is - the cured ; of the world, but. i cm thki
!harbinger of the public • sPkrit of thq Plailer:
1 which has a right_to tread, a dir e ction. to ink ,
government and which I witnessed, prononner•
ing itSelf in the most decided. manner, openly;
—that the people'of Etighersd,4nnited tis •fent!
with enlightened brotherly !ove, as it is:united -
in brood.L 7 conselbut Of your Strength 'esi ' Win'
conscious of its °Wei; has fOreiter it'birlonea:
every sentimint' - of kritation ► and rivalry; anal'
I dekires the b rotherly allia4e_ 4r ti , P' i t iiitia,'
grites to Secure to everyitlitiOn the iovernip;
tightto,difipoieif itself, ..mira to priest/og ,
aßroicigo right ot ISatiOaSafiTuant the oKreitels,
rug AirOgnee or despots, and, leagued to your •
against Om' league of desPote, tontend;togetb;
i ejoith yon, god.fathbr to the aPproiebtor
baptism of ',European liberty. Now, gentle.;
men,! have slated my popieloa: lion a slinight.":
I'orward Trani I out 'tr reinblicin, ' 4 1: hes*:
avowelit,oPenlyln thiicistorieSelilekhni fin'ec,
EaglasA;' , snAlits'SSPO to stSts*ii**4o
- lest - by this ivesini t j here., A' bops I,
wilt no/l 1 9" in ieliilhhFau A/IOW: 1 i
, thiftaninscsa, Mild; tri .. satbalme:Of OS Clder
lqualities of everYrePlailleam'i ', tip I beg-Nemo
frankly , and •ePePVi` ,l6 . state - the- following;
points:—Fintt;that I take it Jo ,bi diditim
honor andprinciple •iot ,to Meddle eith.ieblit:;!
seer pa qiiOstien eryonr 'own ciomiiiik' ' its ,
fairs. - 1 elsini for my `country the Sight Odle: .
[ peso of itielf t 'en l.atti 'renblied, and must !it!'
1 reccli,iii, I :.rilic 4 i,. , tlit (-- pfm* OM , * 46;
iPilever.l74lofre? ./4 a Y:9 l bei* -4 1 1 01 11 -4 ' .7
part; Or ' lsigl./liter/5 1 41. 4. /hO/11W ll t is not
MYcarli::, pm 0 1 ,,i - mapp!4), greatPtioo/*
of 0 0 ,4'vefeignitY,of everYrOple,,tivd,4llo l l o ,
of its Own domestic:cantos:l4 riot }molded*
tautly deny to eyery foreigner, este oteifor!. ,,
sign power,:therightteopkielets this's:m*os;
faidit.f. ',. fteentelly, rptofesSlilghlyettelopto?
ty;.iny ii(lo3iiztioi rot , the, gloriourrptinottot
ad* . on iiiiieli stands lliti;lnighlY'Piriuidd4 or
lotititeitheKatid*d%!he'jmud"f 4
yoitinsvetr# 3,4 // thtl'!lMlt 0/4 4 :0J° 44 - 1 ,
/404 - if ( .. * •, 11 ,•4 0 ./It t &111, VON;
IfrPii* 4 ikuir*V::,,t) 44 l l,4l :ii**? • p,
wiAtt Ono Pii_otpfrputric,ffimuiiir
0 0 ,0 4 1 ..miRti*owa**** I sonv-7 , . ,
r: u ,, .; , :. , •4`.1 :::7 z '11 , !-, IL vi ~. ri rt.! L'L c t.,..1- , f
_ ,
r: 10 VICO,
~a ion lip
•.:,,,,, -,.„-t..,,c-.,:,..,,t,
8UM8E1140,._ ;. .3
~:;, ~t, „.......: