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• [From the Daily :fate.] .
The Preachingi.oftWhititeld.
, _
1 130.1-ons 3. , mblin Is. •_. . •
' . The era mars -ea by - the Preaching of this
~extraordinary min, was one of the most
wonderful and illastrious, perhaps, with
which the writhes ever been favored, en
lightened, and &domed, ; I
From the day' of his embarkation for
' America in December 1737, until his death
nt Newburyport in 1770, bis fame as "the
• Prince of Preachers," increased dally, nay
I (Italy. - - •
Whether on S . hiPaiatird; itinong file slaves
of Georgia, the imbidare And statesmen of
England, tho.tasnufactureis t et Manchester,
the merchantptices,of New Turk, the stur
dy yeomanry of New Hampshire, or the
strolling players.of Leidesletsliire or Moor
`fields, he was\ thdliame eloquent expolider
of Ditine truth, the same winning and
persuasive disciple, the ;same winked, zeal
.us and heroic Min. Nailing could deter
hint from his darling eriteiPrize—the' sale
vation of souls. -The yeomanry' of England
tneimeed him, the boothplayers and moun
tebanks of Hatiapton ..Common devised
nohemes to interrupt and disdninfit him.
Men, at the cornaieneement of his disetior
ses, settively a sound could' be heard of his
erect, yet manly , dad comnaanding Voice.
llis - impassionedgesturei betokened the ri
: log fervor, his whole fianie seemed to par
take of the zeatand ene.rgY of his heart.
Thousatitis attended his - preachiti„,m. Upon
occasion, at Gloucestershire, 'he preach
.. ,
eel to twelve thousand attentive hearers. and
at his farewell sermon delivered- at Boston
i-t October, 17.19,
,his audianceSuumbared
almost twenty thotisand. •
Airing seasons of great Silt pourings of
Divine .Graee, he preached dully. His
rust effective sermons were delivered at
*ix in the meriting, o Monday,..,Tuesday,
Wetincsdarand—Thu shay, 'of successive
weeks. i. In ;his;progress and itineration
. Pennsylvania, Now Jersey, anti
the colmsnies nu the Atlantic seaboard, it was
his custiona to gather the. people in the fields
and on the wharves, and: there pivaelr to
.:oun the love of his Lard , and 11Iaster.--
1 lis voice rose with the dignity of his Sub
ject, heaved - like the ocean, was clear and
tiets:ca!, and iinpressed hearts_as much by
if., lively .symplionies,as its seething rebukes
'3.iii thrilling =pings. 1 "
His ceaseless labors greatly impaired his
health and caused his followers much alarm;
but lie says in a letter to James Henry,
" Cl4i - st's latmers must live by mirieles
for Gni onlyknows what 1 daily endure,
end yet the pu pit es my cure."
His was the preaching at earnest affec
ting love. ,_ _ The rugged wayfarer loved to
attend it, the sea- to s sed . mariner bent t o 1
catch a syllable of his rich - and •holy elo
tpuine, i
e, , the enervated slaves of Georgia Hs- 1
trued w ith attention skin to inspiration to' '
.-very sermon which be preached. The de
eire,and love of hearing him was never sat
iated by gratification : and seemed to in-
.trease, rather thaii decrease, by every new,
impoly,r Hume, the• infidel, was asked his
.pininn ;of Whitfield's preaching, His re-:
-ply was; 7ip is worth while to go twenty
voila CO, bear hitn," and the recited the fol-
Ile iag `passage of:a cerrnon delivered in
his presence, as an evidence thereof. "The
arteittlant angel is just about to leave the
threshold and ascend to heaven, aid shall
lie ascend , and not bear.with 'him =the news
of one sinner among, all this Multitude. re- ,
r!aiinedlirm the error of his Nyays ? Stop l
ere you enter the cored, portal!, and yet '
carry with yen the news of one sinner enn
verted to God.' The power of tie, Holy 1
- i
Spirit evidently necompanied the , irord
preaehe f il. 'Strange and ludielrous scenes,
instead of,Confusing, oily fureishing point.
and beauty to his eletrant and nidGterly ap
peals. i The players 'of' I\l°6i-fields, who
through along serios of years:lad erected
togitfis for their exhibitions during the ho
liday seusat, felt a great diminution oftbeii•
iirdis on ace - Dont of the preaching of
"li'llitfle;ld, in afield adjacent., They em
played a recruiting sergent with drums, to
pass• throng!' the assemblage, And _thereby
create diseriler. But Whitfield 'preached
laden and louder, until the ,players and
letrlecildn's broke -up in confusinn, and left
the'preacher arid his hearers to the quiet
and seclusion ',they coveted: Whitfield
saysteterring t',l) this occasion; -'I received,
1• belieie, a thou'and notes froth' persons
o ode r ennvietion, and soon after upwards
4" three bemired were received into the
Socie - ty. in 'one day." His preaching was
delightful yet effectual, and yet - no show of
tfeete'tion or'conscious pre-eminence, ti
t her 'Oral orinteleetual, marked the deliv
ery •of his message. His voioe by its sweet
nnd'geptle ;intonations, added power and
ffeet tn the words uttered. 'llis gestures
were orantifur and _beautiful, his manner
.iignified yet pleaSant. Christ and him
eruclued was hisloveliest, most eudeariti;
T Ileitie., GeThoiaorelhim in, his glorims
ersd iinmermi.mission, inasmuch as he hon
ored Christ. - r , i
Thci Svroril mid the Mess.
• Thefollowing , beautirul etti
iliaact; ilhistra
'ling powerf ul manner the mivantige!=
..r priniine to mankind., it; froinan essay by
T hi.inas Carlyle; in the "British Review,'
..tuliliaited . ikettrV twenty -years ; agn, - whn
noel writer clothed hiaidee
in plaial.:4lih,:lind • worts; could hp
nid without in Weight - 11M. the mystariei
4 I'..tallecendentillism
' Tauter a le had hushed budding .
_of seventy - thOuSand human
ttultr, and was , seen standing at the gate of
:J)innaseusi glittering his_stoel, with"his .
.shoulder, - till Kts
I.9sts filed out w nevictories and new ear
-I,dl,ti..;tlio—p-ailtiolier On night have fancied
I , 4ut: : usiure.was in. let _death throes, for
and, , disßuirhad taken phssossioa of
rt:,o eUrtia - -414 sat) of maahbool.seemod set.
-blood.— Tit it might-he <in
ir hot :very,galsd4 Tarierlaie, thats iii-
~ i le.l l Ote4vits_'444.l•llglkitlePiaige the str e ets
tletii ; wkoielist-Orywas tuartiin'poitant
,thg,..1:4: 4 1-vranty. T amer anes.
- 7.litratu,•witt; his:shaggy,detuons of the wit , :
' . l)isr.Vd itray like whirl*ind,to .
fie,oo74tottp!l Prever ;• and -that German at
riPin ;hns *Ought, -s t 'be,rlie:fit, Whisittis - yet
1 - • _
cpuiitiuo to
trigs bed tbreugh all OtteS;:„ .. i;WlititOire, the .
,ecnititiesticfid expeditioni of the''Ott.le CO
tinintlen kiaf e.ipta us,' , froni Witltreti ',the = Peri-.
ttylesi te;',.tirtpuleon. 13etiepar*,CoMpared
With - the4f_ittevable types,:of itatist ly
is is a mortifying thing; for your conqueror
to - reflect bow perishable isi the metal with
mhicb,lic,ltatuniere . trithSnoli • violettee ; iron ,
'the ttied::Qarth ;mill soon ithrortd;_np hia
bloody footprini4 . and all'that la.acheived
'find :01etl . togetbef tivill,lie like
114 own - Canvass city of a eamp.-=,7this
all 'struckanti
few earth:" itits . .and heapis:Cf 1
straw.' V.orAtere; as alWays, it-continues
true that:the deepest fete° Is lira stillear4
tbrit,.. as In the , table, the Milt , :shining.
of the suit - shall accomplishe whit
the .fierce blustering of .the .tem pest in, vain
es aged. Abovetill, iris ; ever tti - keep: in
mind that, ant - by tizaterigi, brit by metal
pincer are Men and their netions . 'governed
NO :'rolling of
d, urns, no tramp of .squadrons, if; itittueas
at able. tumult of higgagewagolC attendits
ninVernentS, 'what 'n6nieure and setitieS•
teed places may the head be Meditating
which is tine day to be crowned With f more
than impciial mullet ityl ftir kings and ern
perers will, be anincg'- its Ministering
cants; it will roll tint .over but, in
heads—and , with. these 'solitary
of ideas, and• with
belie& the world, e its will! tin4t may I
route whenNapoleen . himself be betted
4110W11 for. his lait's than his_hattleS, and the!
victory of Waterloo - proe less, ettinentu- 1 1
our than the opening of tbeirst mechanics'
Institute.? - '•
- • ,:7 -
Whithersoever we go,..ire meet ttith the'
sniveller. He stops us at - the cornerof the
street to entrust us withitis opinion. lle
tears tlitit the morals and intelligence of th 6
people are-destroyed by rhaelt,citouo some
rogue to office. , 'He fills - us, i just before
church, that the laSt sermon of sotne tratts
eeMdentrapreaelter hns given the death-blow
to religion, and that the -waves of atheism
and the clouds of pantheism are to deluge
and darken the --In time or-general
health. lie speaksof the p estilence that is to
ThMmaireannot be an "hour, late; but
the prattles of railroad Mmidents and seam.-
boat disasters. • His , fears that his friend,
,Who was married p-sterday; a,bank
rapt in a year. 'Whinaperi over the trials
which he then will' haie to, endure. Ho is'
ridden With' everlasting liiglk-mare, and
emits an eternal wail. :-ReAlessness is a
bad quality, and so - is Wind and extras-
;Twit hope; - hut neither . is Se degrading as
inglorious and ineetive ,dcspair. We iAtject
to the sniveller, because he presents the
,of a being who-- ha s the power '
emotion . without possessing life. His insiji
hi languor is worse than tumid stkength.-
13ettcr that a Man should rant [Mari whine;
The roan- who has no bonwling and buoy
ant feelings in him; whose ,elik.k•• never
flushes at - anticipated good y *hose Weed
never tittgleS and fires at the . cantetnpliiiioti .
ao a noble aini,,.wbe has no inaPiration; and
to treat ohj , ct in life, is, only fit-. forl the
hospital or , band-box. :Beterprise, "crittfi-'
(tience - a disposition to believe that good Can e
be dene,'an indisposition to, believe that: all
good has - been: . dune—thpse constitntelm
pqrtant -eh:meets itt the Character of eVery
man who is of use' to the world.. ',We-o'mA
no wailing and whimpering about the
settee of happiness, but a sturdy 'tleiermi
:lntim to abate misery.--'-Straday Glpbe:
Boys that
,are philosripirers at sit Years
of bge; are generally blookhe.titt' . at twenty
one. •By for - Clog enildren; you got 2.0
into-their beads 'that they . .becopi4 - crAtikeil
in order to hold IL ';'.—
' . 4 ,.
j ' [Neu rJer..9.—eimatizin64
All PlAllachlplealanks part
Dank of U. States - • 33
Bail: of tllles ter county
Do - of Dean:3le. ' • ptr
lin Delaware county. do's
Do or Germantown • do
Do of ettyst•org • 3i
:Do of 311 . 331et0wn
- Do ofliontgomery co. poi '
Do ofliortloiroher'tul
'Do of Pittsbm7,
Do of Susq. 'eo.
Ca:liFt ,
Newark, .
- EiSiabetittotst andNetv
Trenton It'ngrompany 'par
union, barer .
• 1 4 . .
- - - All City' Par
.llbany Vity
Albany Exchange" 'par
Atluntir,.l3rooklyn . , do
A tlap,l.ll3m ZO'
nark Albany i -
P.rn4poit 5 0 .
" Ctannlerce
Chambersburg • N;
C-olumbiabkabeblgeio. per.
Doylestown - ' do:
Easton : -
Exchange, Itollitlayegb'
Farm .11neksmwnty par.
Far: Sc Dror., • Wayne g, 3i 1
I.nneastrr -par ,
Farmers. Item Eng ..• - deg
Farm.. Schuylkill cO: df,
Franklin . • A I.
Ilarrialawg , . 14;
llnnesdalo • -;j
Lancmler - Fart
Lebanon • , .do! Mannfae.
Miners, Pottarillo pari.
West . urzurA, Par/
Wyoming , par
ltnuEr Notes •
_ P.luLtac.
i-ts • - olleata . . • 'do
"I :" nt Coriiing 10
" par
" Pawling • ' par
11,,utidont do
Epi-inga —1: X
Brooklyn, , - par
Canal,-Albany !i
!Vattsktli., j
Contravrcial, - All'an,y, • do
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'ERty.ll!affalo.• ` • 'failed
ibutcheFa county, pike , par
Erie county
.. - , . 50
Fortocra'i Malone , . cloaca
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/5 .4 . Gaiucs ' do
" • Sencea co.
Flom Ec Dror, Somers par
Farm., Orktqc co.
Calais• - 10
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Allsolvent banks -
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.llltulson River ' - : do
• Kinderli.o - ok ' '. ' '-'' do
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;trip:qtr.:burg, ' • ,ii
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powell...Ncialsurg . ~ - ' • 40..
PoughkeePoio . . - par
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Saratoir.s. Bpriaga ' r. '... - g
Saratoga county , 1 ,34'
St.: Lam-rellee - ,- i .. failed
- .Statea Island . . Jailed
State bk. of N. Y.: ..- fara'l
SelleAestaily . ;, ' .1 ..If
Tanners, calla . : , ; ; par
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2111 solvent batiks - ..* 1
, Caintsectistit:
Bridgeport Bank • .4
City, New Haven - 4
Connectieut.3fridgeport X
Coun. Hirer 11t.g.. Co. '-.4
Danlntry,Norwelh i- i 4
E4o.3.laddam - - -. 4
Exchange, Hartford. .i 4
Fairfield Co. . .4',
,Farm la Biel& .. - i )f
Hartford, - i i i .4 1
Trcna,lfilla Vintigo ' - 34
Jewett City . ... . ~ -
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Mechanics, : , ,T errllaviiia .?..‘
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- Stamford • i i - i i; ' ii"..41
Stontagion' ' ' ' ' - K.
'Mottles. Norwich ; . - Vi
Thoinpson . . . .- ' , • .' 4
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iVbalifer.,NewLeudon:' Xi
Windham, . • -1.- i -.-- <Mi r
:mantilla= co. Brooltlyif -3,i'
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Belvidere : . '-,
Burlington county 'i , par
Commercial,Pelth Am: - —,
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partners or ii..pnie* 7 .do
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Peivbeir,Vatte;sco. ' -- •
Delluivarp , - -
;Allsolrefit-ticinict ' •
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' Pot: 87. -
Pent , • = th'
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All ot'ller . banks. •
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• A 4 600:it:bank"
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Another Bunks - • •":N •
sol Tot butts . ,
VII18 . 2:M116171.1411) "
rotnastis.n cards, Tanis :ass juiturintitt . er:_
-, •
fit 111t1S.—Osz DOLLAR per ms
annum, cash in advance, or Ave dollm if not paid
Until tho end of the year, ortime of subseription.
No pape; Will be OiscOutioned-until nicentsges;
we paid, except nt ths'..s - ptio - n of the Publishers.
Alt communications must be POST PAID wire
ceive intention, • •--- • • --.-• • -
• Allrettere :connected with the °thee, ihould,be
direeti , d:to S. B. di; E„l3. CHASM, Afontroile ,
ICO4 -
Eaitois' o.Ttce over M. C. Tyler's Store.
; . RATES Oi'Aea'l7
• • - *I
!One agnate, 19.1iues or less,.
-.• Each subsequent iusertrj
Or.Et square;3 mouths,
~ 6 mouths;
13usinees oros, 4 line's or lel
'Veortk Advertifemeitto, - not . 1
'Ono coluom,,one year, ~
Yearly ,
Ativertieeo will be
eiiiess in wl!iehthey!nre eng,
1:0"' Tho• k'oblishers, hayin
of Job Printing 'Marials, at(
all kinds of JOB %%ORK wi
pat Ob.
'V BLANKS -4,- "every d.
on hand, or "wild to order.
Medicines .Paints Di Dyt
Church and Pine sticets„opp
Greiit Pend" - -
.morns`Odle Turupiko arrest
Coo door treat of the old iteglete Printing ()Mee, tilou
trosoYa. • - - • •
dreat Bend. Pa.!-LO:fice tnitli col:F.Lusk;
jjAVING becnimialitioil by Go • Fish,of !iewTork,
Colllll.llFSiotler for tbat Sta cto take the procland
acknottledgenici.t of Beede and o her inattlituctati will
attend to nosiness cullt,in that. c parity. ut hie office at
Brett Bend. Ba: Sept-111 : 16'a ,
Tunkhannocie, Pa, qjrce in
. • bit Li. Ni. 6 ifictE. -
RFSIDENCEin 'the ,liouse , St, erly We residence al
Samuel 0 Mk, demised. . i
Ilarfortl. December 23. '1,8:0* --- . . - , i
it, it. ;0* P. , 1 k
utrose; D'erm'a. • '
- E. E. -.Si. S. - 13. EASE,
ATTOI-1,11 ET. AT .
(Office over Tyler's Store.)
7- 308 A. CONLTDON
net, itc. Between the eintl Bridge tad enurt
Court 110 1 /0, COUrt ot, Vinghan tan, T. Ca*3-IJ.
WhitneY TraTehug Agent. 27 ant
lt j :
"man, us,
D BT•000 S, G.IIOO.r.ItIV)I3OTS An 5.110 ES 7
Secreirif,.Notiotisl;,:4c 7 ,
firept Beild,4nne 20th..18.51. 26 tf
. 2 : 01 . 45;
(s-. 0 0 c?v,7r A. 13:L1.1v:rites S
Co=i-h7.6i.a15 TSFiIaTZ;g\T •
Searie's Buildidg nest door' o Post Oflite,
Montrose, Pa. .
1851 LURK.-1- DK HOITOE, 1851
.. • Greitt Bend; - re nn , a.
AddisoniEryantlitprietor.: - .
QTAi.ES ihisqviste, Tfulli . (for afferent pointi,
an the arrival differiftt Tram., or cam AlFo, Lis
•ry Teams furnlFl,cd hy!Mr. 111.Tria4sdeli, at 'short notice
and terms which cannel fail to Futt.
N. B.—A eoterill cattinge nib cOnvty guests to and
frrna the ea:s.-4Z ; •
Dealer Sn Praes, 3ledieiner, CI. eicietas, pints,
Can - Thine, Fluid, hat Cps. Dye stuftsj,Grorcttis.Pry grwds
.11nnio ate, stoneware, Glassware. Cif...el:B. Watcher'. Jew
elry, spcon. , , spectacles, hlntical Instruments. Trusses,
Med!Cal Instruments. ;donors, perfnmery.- Mirrors, eta,
tiontry,lnuAnts, shoes, Tanked Notions, &c.
11Cntrcse, ; 134 Iy
The , People's Friend
T. T. PONWS4,of Ithaca, N.V.
P4I:ID - zsranynn ..I : ND HEALING Eiin acr,—An Eitnte
from the shinb called Witch-hazel, and purely from
.thzt with the exceptioa of a little Alt`9boito ;preserve lt.
' Itivill cure all total palm and ittliamations; old sores,
fresh wounds andbrufses, Plles,and all - diseases; of the
bowehoJa chronic n iture, toothcache, car-ache and an
eicellent rem dy forletuales, '
It la truly what it pro fe sser to be t Prople s Friend!
Providence bat , scattered Mow , the raved paths ofllfe
manythings thatcontributegr'eatly to the comfort and
happlai'ks of every body; hence their great Value, and
welt may they he called..friends uftbePeople •.•• • •
One wurd bele tapiardagainst imposition Ainan by
the name, peneer, has manufattUred and effered . for
gilt , a spuriout , article celled the .COrytt Extract,—that
would be estruct of the hazel-nut:rthe, genuine is as
whiteast4aß, pnreas Water, while the.parions article le
eoloredNlieb wial•lms the publitto - tllstltuitlsh:
Nooe.teuelni,buqhosemarked l'ond'iTaluDestroyer
W31.E.. I raTi3ll,..l.lontrose, and store-keepers and rue
..:ene-denlero avnerallY,Anents
- .
113 1 P , EBY ce , Or).that._in the,iprii* 1550. ; told and .
Yazoo Itiroti Lae. Which restittcti In the comet, o f
thf Summer and Failirt Ptemonary IContnmplinn. My
PhYsicians i met: of rtrlinenev and OFIU. part• me by as 111.
encaliie.- I t het senfaunl of Abel Turret!: Drug ,
Olvt. Bc.. Illomrose,.p,i.; a bottle, of Brant'a purifying
extract," for which; I paid oneclniloand by. the use of
thlsbue bottle.l wan restored to perfvet health: " I now
r joy gond health.:.
, . ? MARY
Franklin, naq'a.
Co.. Pa., July 2011.1651:
8. The above .ptitifyin , ;cx.t.-aet' and alga "Ilrarda
pulmonary flalbita" Oath unrivalled lathe cure orPul.
- ilStoutrOpc, Sept, 4.; issl. - •
I% .- ~ . .: ''Furs! , Esax•s! - •. ,
it ASH paid for Fov; 4 ink, Mmikiat. Ma tin and
V Coon ebiio. by . , - - . : - Ati .. C. TY ER.
i t.
Ilfontrose, Dec.. 19,1859. ~.: 1 ' . :-. - '
_ ir - -
VlPlRE.LongEtinitle,P,almettee,in, Ldjilata Dto
IN Grail colon, at- 1 . ' ' 1 . ' "TUE .I.VS.
ALT by - the bbl. !cal at
LOrGfl.s and Scrapers for rale bye•
yalirstrualient p•rerfuiiery-ia I
• . • ; ,•• TURREI4 S.
DRASS kettlo! fresh. raisitiP, figs,-.herring.
ijitharkerel, codfish. and Cniop ligte for "sale by
. , . C. TYLER- t.
AGOOD stock of Boots and shoes-st -
, - • D. R. L and Co
and Linseed Od.i,aints; a `good as
). snitment -at. , .; •-' and Co:
funognodlconlin ii:Crni.7 7 3ge
forp lu we; anJ angina. -"..; •
I%lontrose, Jun.l3. 1E3511 -
9fin more nfilmie Orange eq. tin pa no and all
nfiin at, TTLER's.
. .
eNTLFNEN wishing to buy Cloths; auttabir ninter
T- clx4hltscrill do Ineato tall nt"- - - .10 - annnVa.
(1060,1 EXT and Mackerel at
V. Ocn.ber2l3: • - . J. wirin.L;
Take • . • -
A,Lj. persouti iiide . btedto old - Orni. - 0tT,.4.
,IJoyderi;ari;t : !equeeted to.e . ell, and settle the
came Cu it ties become necessary to have all weft
claim& arren7;ed • : •• • •
The 0 1 34 Piet es! holy he 'pinta with, the
eitttielitteroi the", itore'of Itoyden 4- Lillie., • ;
iste 25;'51.;1.1tf. =;' •,
in Ann' ISS: WOOL; ted on recount.
vg ) v og to exchange cog Cloth" or ogher
Giolis."‘iiitlg.iiine rash inixed . in
ingintroie; :Pdait !Or. ; ,M I :C. 'TYLER.
BNTUk ofoaia. 10.00,Iish
- 4;;1' &Ye 'incf,.COrn .for the ..hiehtlri
pricevill be paid in ,dash or tit bv - ' '
- ....„: , S•rgotice of.netbov4l , ' • ,
- I - : '-'
To. thelin habitants a . Susquehanna Co.
• ,3 . lk. 6 biglntim (late) pupil of tither Igor (Patentee ot
the rack lever escapenenn) pod detteised lever wrap.
1 went maker, icritobart ltoskell of List , Et Litertnio', te.
cently with ill erste . Itentley & licarr:•of this 'place end
, until this announcement occupying , a par, of. Mr. ' Abel
Turrel's Store. Grateful for tbe out ounded cutildence
I reposed. Does beseby give notice that in consequence
of the aforesaid Able 'Put 's conduct has lett - ids 01,1
I stand tas before advert! d etthe same time Wures
Ibis very numerous' mist thathe hat re , connection
I with, neitherwill he be a . erable for any n'tuches Jew
city ocidhef propeitY delivered at Mr. Abel Turrellit
Store for repairs or othersiso - ''...'
Montrose, Main et., opposite.' Democrat" elite..'
Fi „ lshPatent Lever ate es
- - ..i 4E ,-. . T UE Subic.riber has this day
received from tire 51anaufae.
. ; ".• , tory, another lot of his superior
.-' gz -i. « ' English Geyer Watchts,of d,ffer
eat sizes and styles, in sliver rt. d
1',. 4 ''''',.; ( Gold cases;fniljeweled, and plain
\ $1
' - . ,: ' Those persons wi shim; a good
-i,.. „ e,'". 4 41.„,' lime-keeper at hover prices than
.6j...k...„..;,...they can obtain thent, elsewhere.
' ore invited to call and examine ,
thertoas the subscriber can with 'cot. fidenee warrant
them superior loony Watches ever offered for salein this
county . . ALFRED J. EVANS. ..-
Blechamton, Anu.l2, 'M. • ~ 'Washington tit.' Q
MAIM wa re..-A full assortment ofSliver PorkS, , prams
OCrennte'rs,'sugar and salt shovels,
.I'l3 , u , t i tc , r i k t n , I , , , es t , r .4 ei c t .
for iale by - . • .A. J. EVANS. •
Aug; 14, 1851.
easertions, $lOO
- I- 125
. . 4.00
vet, 4 squerptt. 7 00
•:. - 30 et.
restricted tO the be.,
a large assortment,
prepared tcr execute
lY neatness laud des
- - -
, . ..
, ...
Spoons. , ..
1 A LARGE stock of extra fine Albata .table and tea
' spoons, Drittanta-ware, wire stengthenatable and
tea spoons, buff table and tea arenas. Alto, sliver. sib
lir plated, German silver spoons, etc., ate.. Just rev Wed
and selling law for the quality, at . TVIIIIELVS:- '
Mordiuse,JUly 3, I.S.:il:' .: '
Vilitt IKIIG .
TA - '... .-•
ThaTebcen encouraged by the eery liberal patronage
I received, toll up my shop with the largext and best
an P ortnnint of gnats errs Yet„, brought. to this marketl—
Inlt may hotound everything helongi ng to a Jewelry and
fancy store, 6 biz:Clucks "t• VII at eh es. °revery demi ' , Gen.
Burning VI uld,parlantal gnat non Lamoa, whielt at this
time fa the Mat thing In nice for a good and cheap licht.
Yon ran find them only at' - , .lltUE'li. L
scriptiou cdastantli
6 . Ind&
OtIKS; •
tlcaler in: Drugs,
31antrote, November 2141850 . '
Vli Fubscrilierhns this day received on assortment of
IT rich goods. of latt month's importation fern
oonsisting of flue gold enamelled hunting Levers
and ',opines, Pearl and Garnetitreastpins and rarftintts
to match, Silk and , Dead . work bags; beautiful Funs for
Partied- Diamond. Baby, and Pearl.Plimer Rings, Brace
let, Geld Sleeve , Buttons., s o me beautiful Cuff, 70ns. Fit-.
rte - Nagkin DMus, &ct, to which he would Invite the at
tent on of his frittuds. • A. J. DUNS.
Binghamton. Sept. 3 '5l.
WAchesl Watches
1 OLD and rnlicr, Lever and Lenin& full jeweled and
t 7 large•aasortmeut at the very lowest prices
and warranted.
Bin*hanxton Oct 14. 't.s(l. - CANPiELTO
Watches,. Jewelry &c
MHE übscriber has received an addition to
-stock-of Jewelry, coneistino• of Gold • Foh•and
Guard Chains, Lockets, riipre? Rinzs, Ear Rind,
Breast Pine. ilver Chains, Gold Thimbles. Gold
Pencils and Pens, &e., &e. to which he would in
vite the attention of his friends. X.J. EVAN,
Binahnniton,•March 3, 'Washington qt
"rk's firick Row
567 Pieces.t.
Desert.Creara unt MustardSiionnr,SaltandSm:nrßhox
els.Forks•&c.,En.Lrarelgratis. at L. CANFIELD'S.
ILrE It Spoons. Forks and liuirce,warranted the best
manufactured In America, at - TRUE'S .
rptir.inst of tho 11 dos. 20aClocksis gone but more o
I thnanme sort Is on the way to Ten e'sJeirelry.hop.
CLeCKS, 44 various patterus, received, thi
day, and &reale cheap Lv '•
VINgER RINGS--A • new and splendid ns
JL sortment just received and for fed. (therm by
The Richest . •
cIELECTIONot Breastpins. Earrings and Finger Rings
Meyer offered In Bi.natramtnn, by' A. J. F,V.4
VITATCHES tind other jewelry ha qoautitiev
I ; to sub. purchasers by-.
Gold Lockets.
CirNGLrand Double of every e!ze,by 1
' 1 rti neoin ton. , A. 4. EVANS. Weoliinztnn-ct
flOtn WATCltES.perret. time keepers: Also side.
LT . Nntebes. all quattitieg. A:J. rms:s.
;CAW supply of JEWELRY. nod - WWoiii
forcush, TURRELL'B:
„Jan: 1; 18.51. • •
• i
__ . ....._ . .
. . : Gold Chains -
r ocKETs, Thimbles, Speck!, Pen and Pencil Caren • a
1.4 a full aseortrnent at . L. - CA NFIELD'S,
211 L LLEN'S plernlvers, double an d Pi ' ll ale shanters.Ther,
mnmeters. Carpet Ilsgs. Umbrellas. sin] it great ra
rietv ofnotinne just reeetred by BEN'ILEY ci• I:EAD.
CLIFF -FINS, breast Pins, Ear rings and tlii - er rinis
just rec'd. ' A. J. EVANS.
Aug. 13., ,
rIINGEIL EINGS.—Famt, very prat h v ,,rtex.RFreceive4
.1' this mart - dug Irani tin. 3tatmfa , tory, by.
,I3lngberuton ; June 9, 1561. 26 tf d.J. EVANS .
A NEW bi'east ping received tbis day by
Binaliamban. June 0,1651. - 26 tf
GOLD andillver WatcheP,Kii V erTabloaea: D esoer tan
fait Spoons ettvl agenoralusortment of Jewelry
T orS, an ii sorts ofliotions, at
MORE of thote . goyi Poet Anises at -
E'ept.lB s 113p1.• " TUT.II. ELLS
iloops,thelate st tyleou ta t • ,
Tetrcleum of Rock
A NAVAL. %L remedy procured, from a well in Alit
11gheny ceuniy. 'Fair hundred eet deep ' Put up and
sold by 5-31. 'Canal Basin, Pittsburg); Pa. It Is
put .upitibottleijurt as it Howe from the well without
admixture of any kind. Allye that ere afflicted
Rheumatism yields to the power of the Petroleum. d
voice Item LuterneCo., Union tp., duty 9th,18 , 41.
-Mr. Kier.;-Dear - air, allow me as a stranai r , to inn
gretulatcyou as the Ede proprietor of an invaluable,
celledPetroletun or Rock on, which is destined ere long
to take the piaci of all great medieines:' Many person Pin
this neighborhood have tried the Petrol' , um in anumber
°fusses curing mostotthem and proving highly bsnet cult
iu all.. I leave tested it in coughs; colds rheumatism,
teller. sprains, Mid swelling; for rheuthatlem I think it
irf &Certain 'cure.- )1 wife boo been afflicted 'with' the
Itheumr.twm 'f , tr Sorer pearl , and never. xeuld get any
thing to relieve her, In Met File tried eirrything.and no
thing Wouldrio her any good until she tried your Petro
leum audit has relieved her entirely: for my part think
it fs the greatest pain - killer now in use; Yours &c..
.Anothe, letter from Lucerne eb., rerommenhing the
Pc•eoletint : Bustle ITavtx, July 7th, lf.:11.
3ir. Mtn—Dear take great pleasure In .certi t
Wog to the vytues of yourgreat ,atural med eine - called
tbe.Petroleum or Rock Oil, uldenis certainly a great
miilicine. I truielit on&dozeo of your agent when he
vrasahrog, here last fall. I tested Ii toil number-of cases,-
and found It to Trove good. I alto tested it in a care of
tetter and found it very beiledcial. 'I would like very
much to have another boa of it, for I dunat like to be
aithoutit. Respectfully yours,
. -.7. OAMFMEI.L.
A voice from Susquehanna co., ceitifyingio the erica—,
ey ofthe Petroleum.' •- DM:DAFT, June sth. 7831., 1
Mr. S N.ltire— , Dror sir:—Altow te. ecrtifyto the
virtues olyour nature' medicinecalled Petroleum nrßocl4
!Oil. I bad been afflicted with the Rheumatism for soat,,
time: Yaw In Wilkoharre last summer and got. aI:44J
tie from your Agent 'when he. was along there,
cured me perfectly. shave since seen MI , steel In differ.'
eat cases ofrinumatlftm, and (Mind it giverellef In 411:
- Very respectfullj•yeang." •
M ---
r. S. M. KrunDear Jlir- .Allow to certify to the
;virtue of Your greet naturalinedicine culled Petroleum'
Rock Oil, which I believe is a good, medicine.' I have
been-afliieted with Neuralgia. pain In the nerves for the
Mat tea years, and. never could get anything
me: In fact I tried almOst everything and nothing mold
do me any good'untll I tried . your Petroleum.lshlch hm.4
relieved me cry much; I. have also tested it. In borne,'
sealdta. cud brulFes It tail , alway.. r.,lvenrelleila a very
shorttime I think it Is the gr :Meat pain killer riow in
•. Noy respectfully
_ . ..
Call gadget - a eiranlar from tbeaarne. whialagivaa A
fall deseription of It. par .ale by BENTLEICa• IttLiD.
Sold .wholPsitre by ILA nit/s, HA Ls, .54 -Ca, /i o .2n/ u 4 rket
st:reet, Philadelphia. . ..- ~. , ,-. ' - '. --. , '.,2911....
4 8 0:I F 2- c E g;; D u'y i.. rn tL r r in 6 a Ct i l e"o 4l m l ;
canderhisca re, no matter how long stein
Eivarn atz ere„ Invited to his Private Itoonia, 39 North
SEVENTII et:, Phila..-without fear c r interrerptinn by
other patients. Strange's and others who have been tro:
fortunateirlthescitetionor rt physician arc intrited‘to
whWhavelikitrred them, sciverhy scattary:vite
- titan Ann Iltimeoy =The afflicted :oronlcl;aft - weli to
retlect: before trusting their lcaltb, bappinerr, and in
:min-yearn thel r in; the ban do of ohYsinlan
rant Of this Mar fa( niainflice; ;le certainly impoarible
forCifie Mon to onnorrtatitl thilth , the human
afirubject Every - resprctobbqbyettion her Mope-
Citlitibranch ,in which ho .10 ',niore rucceittal ban bin
brober Miffersofai and ;to Mr devotee most OMB
time and study..• , • .
Ira If a 'or mi cildi f n;chiriveirdeeoterf firthn - cloak
nod treatment of dirca Fre of tbesennalorkane, togcther
witlitlecro upon - thichntly. throat. uoie,`Orieimmaiirritt
the head'rimer:Mercurial ihenrontirm: etricturri,
govel,,lrregnifi,itire.n.iseare trete Yorifilet ea.
&r ea wimp nritienottho blood. *thereby - the;constlttt
iba"ri Inintecomo: enfeebled, enables the !Motor to-blyei
tisirfei tintiFY toAll'srtni 'may plaeri. - themanic,Ms: urt4
VET Bunting Fluid for sale iry .
• - - . •-.- : O. tTLEII;
. .
Some Very Fine
, . .
`Zeorgszi - G Pride : :: . .-• :
ral realcinerern Tro,yy Vitra, runi-Albany, a Jingo
uortnant • • . •• as a,•' - Pnidatv and fillin4o Staves;
for wood or coal emlancing all the towesteuld best pat.
terns which - Will heiolil rite anosrfavorab tir erms
" The Farmer's Steveis prob. bly, all things Conti&
ered, On hest 'largo ckven stove that iimade in America
and will bet sold at the - • •
• . People's 'Exchange.
as low as they con behonght•thie side - of - North Eleer.
.Wavtre euw • receiving u bnu assortment of eisirattet
ovens. In kliort the west festelions can be suited With
anything in the Hee 'orsroves; pipe, erninnnings:':
• ultra,: tl, August :2,1851. - •
rinlE subscribers htvingontered- Into co-partnership
- J. In the Stove, Tin and sheet Iron business are pre
pored to attend teeny orders in their line at the shor
ten notice Tiny flutter themselves thatht giving striet
attention to business and low plea., Ow tiny will hare
a reasonable 'share of public pint enage. Their ti.S.ortrueut
ofidoves is good, having the latest end most Improved
patterns. among which ore the I , olvtides or , Vialcart-4a
stove which took the. first Premium at. the State Fair at
liyracuse In 18.50.. E--0 'Forest. Queen; Forest
Quemienlarged;' Key stone Air Tight.. Phoenix, do do t
.Preinium • . Parlor stoves—for coal or wpm'', ,
All kin ds of Tin were. sten e zinc and tin tubes., kept on
hantl44old at pricm , that wilt eult. 'All kinds a tirodueo
taken in payment und easb not refused. 0 pproltollie old
store of-Mills ondli tiapp; wEnstER, •
Montrose, July 10, • 28 ly
Vince, and ripe.
rEY Stone State Air Tight cooking anise, lor
burning wood or cos!, in use.
Rough cud Ready double oven cooking. stov
Elevated - 'do dO-• do (lb
Premium do do
Victoria • do : do . do do
Empire State do do
Clinton Air Tight do ~ do ,
Sizes and kinds of Parlor Stoves for:wood
4 :Sizes of -6 plate Stoves. `
COI and Wood Stoves for shops, school houses'
the 14 : st in use. . . •
Copper, brass. tin andiron stove ware.
Ilussia, English and American Stove Pipe.
- Stone, tuhr , s, for sale by . the
100, doz., or single, at the Eagle Foundry Depot.
Montrase, Nov. 26,'50:`
Warw: 14toni .in 'Lyons 4.
. Long Building. ,•
A. general itortiiietit of
Cooking; Parlor„ Shop and Coal Stoves,
Store pipe, Elbows, Zinc,Sheet Iron,
Copper, Brass,Wire, Bar - Iron,
sail Rods, round &square
Cast Steel all sizes,
round: 4- Square • •
Iron, all sizes,
Side ill
• • Green Sward,
_Excelsior; Genesee
WOrsterPlows,Straw Cut- •
• ters.:Curn Shellers,S'aw Arbors,
Morticing Machines, Milt Cranks,
Balance Wheels,-Pots, Disk Kettles, Spi,
ders,r Tea Kettles; Waffle Irons, Um.
brella Stands,Pumps, Lead Pipe,
. , Shingle Machines, Scrapers,
Sleigh Shoes,..TaCk . Screws,4c.
All kinds of Castings on hind or made to order—
:llse, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware on hand,
or Mackie order. • WILSON & CO.
-Montrose:Nov. 5,1856.
Sprout's Combined Carriage
VIOFFERING MIS :Much celebrated Spring
to the public tho Subscribersrospectfully solicit
a euudid examination as io its merits. As for its
superioritY over all , other springs, let " those w 1....
have tested tbetn,.bear witness, and the subscri
hers are willing to, abide by the decision. It has
been catefully,examilied by, men of science, and
by them cheerfully recommended to the public.—
A carriage can be built with thinesprings cheap
; lbs. lighter,, more durable and for ease it is
DM equalled by any springs note in cse.
All Springs warmitted. 'Manufactured by
". Elk .Lake, Sustfa.; County, Pu:—L. B. & ./1 SPROUT. 274 f.
Stove; Inman Cop :: -, Ware
- •- - .....
VIE subscribers ...ace . just purchased a large
I stock of ov!.s, - :Tin and Copper Ware, which
they offer to ate public as cheap as the cheapest.
- - - • ... - .1); FLLITLI itop : ,
Moutrose,.Dec:lo, 1859. - •
The best STOVE out i•
HE Keyetone Mute Air-tight . , Cooking :Stove,
I , muntifact*d . und, for !ale by
,W u_soN & co.
. .
. .
. .• i .I..scoriii - • The t .p,.., .1. , .. i g.i - E P.
- ' . illontrose and Lanesboro',"..
, .
A.ltt now receiving a large and, splen4itl assortment of
II Goods, which willbe sold cheap for ensit.
4 11 thitifigs.6ilirtinga3cliingr, Batting, W,ailding,.Dril
'lnca, Cotton iind IVoolen ' Yarn, :Calvet and Knitting
Yarn, Broad cloths and .Cassinierra, Carpets and Carpet
Bags, Trunks. Biacy,Bluen.pd Green Umbrcilas,Japzul'il
Wore, Cr ...Miry and Glass
~Ware, ilardware, ecc.— . ~
.., ..
GR OCE Mt -. 6: -..
Crusned.pulveilsed and N 0. S agar!, Colic°, iiltlasses,
Mack and G rc-rt Tp6.lf, Pork, Alackerel i tiudilsh, Candles,
Weniereceiving a la-geasiot tin int otali hin tl st,ilgehoo .
itookr.(Englisli, Latin, Frvnch t Greek and German)
bki. tstoriesOliscellatieous Work - S, 31.11 Iva! Stooks,
Caids, Tissue ittnlNeta' Pape', ece: - ./ce," Those.. n %Cunt
of!ooksandStationeryaSll pletui . e . ..giv . ivi a' oat as Fe
ntend sell ' , bean for cash:,
:4701eTS. AND. IRON,IVARE...,.
- . .
Cooking, Parlor. Shop and Cant Stores. Pipe,' Elbows,
Stove WareiTran Scrapers, Plows, Corn shellers, straw.
acute 5,1.4,17P/data, Lanesbnps'... • ..
by the bbl. er ot h erwite—e miles by tite.hoz.or
Nana, less, Pahiti And ON. .•
. .
• Old Dr. Jaebb'e.4. t'',Totswend, 4 g, arid S'and'rmirna.
patina —75 cen taper- bdtt le. LYONStr. CLIANDLER.
Montrose ;indL neslioro',Nciv.7,lBso:
TitEsdhscrihe tv r °aid inform bliCfriends nail,the pnh
lio, that he is -now mon nracturine the celebrated
fl icuLY
Pr.ows at the old otand' of I). Poet: Side
MS-1. /don; Wayne On'..,Lieluif-too county, and Skinners
Eddy pions arm ilarthics on.hand Repairing drme on
abort notice. Raving made an arrangement - with amn
chinht,horspieparedtomakeandtltup moat kinds Or
inaChl nary on short notice willon reasonable ti.rtno.
ll.ntro.e.lichruary 17.1851: • ' 11. MILLS,
A good oceond band cooking otor . e,pioo o Eccd /Ivy cal
It ter,l'or visto,thettpur • ounnEL es
. .
strscturmAlarA ACADEIT'ir.
rhst. term of thn i • erond - ynor of the Inotitiithiti
—l. - • will commence Malf rtinenday..the Intl, cloy ofSei
tember, lust. 4 ander the immediote Up? r!wion of
Principal: .
. ,
°it Vtiffi)Et LTiceptrers t • •
with CoMinetent itissistant Ipstructons..,' .
The sits - tits 6.11. of Mr. It ay, on naldlir.lent nnd one
ceseful Teacher nml !Wel niinarlan. furnlth thy-Trustees
with the agotranne that theinstitntloneinno . t Mil o ILS
!inanagnment to affect tbo higheft expectations and whl3.-•
les °fits P Irani. • • • •
A rranXementa.ll/111 be MaiP fer.tlie comfortable eseam
rapdation et pupils. ISione ntireaa, , .
The .tiviles erthe Prissier Department. $2,60 ticitemi
The Common Drenehes OrtheAcadenlic
Depattmelit. ' = &AD The nigher branches: 'of the Academia
illepertnient;- - , GPO: u ....
The etndieleftht.Dleigel raiDepirlment-;
Latin, Oreek ono french. ulth..thore" '
- _.ortheAcadmidealDepertmettt,lnerhole
:Slush! with rise et Piano,- : 4 ..
Draaingand Painting,. ape " -
German ' - -
-NWptipil - will be admitted tor lets than - a tem unless
by special anmagernent made with the Principal; - -
A dedudion srili be Madeln the Mils In mice alisence
owacconut oteteknees etude weeka r dnrettort ot more.
JESSUP, RS'e.4l4l-at-
R. J.Nivitr,Ser e y - i, ' -
liontrose.gept - 1,1851. -
UA/ 1 0 1 QAMP.,REfO n t &°
ziesst . ..totir, :ilefie;:.. - cay.o tn:4. , ..00. , ,
: giudiiiiiiiinit *ail “ostokosienetic
F . :'' , ':!!--" ..'-:•-atidlehytiga Lith'es, - -.---,,, -
I T i ga i t it t ri c i t u . i i b : r zal a t r ti e :;o7 . 4 . , , ,..p u a r „ ol,, , t -o : .. v .c ,: i : v . _. pita ? trx , l
'Buffalo, &Mica, it vtavia, Itergew;lteehettar;.Oananthill
f ba, Geneva, Breetten, 0 vidj Luai, Datttlee, handing, 4 ,1 !?
,- ereen, jjalfall3, Alliipottp Oorseheinlei earning', %noire 1
!,- Fectoryroille,Spring Portiltedder's rerry ,'lt urot a i Itha:'
i ea, Candor,,owegu, Utilon;-.llingbaunton Great Bend
Laneebtvo', Depotit; and Itancoeit, every dayi in the weele
( (Sunday. ex eeptett) and continue with rep iarity t brung .
'out theeeabou. They will attend to foiwarding the tame'
to the New York Maris et ; whereit vrilivitevive the person%i
I attention otexperieucedialesmen,who will - attend to!
',he selling of the entue, and return tbo proceeclein Bank-,
I.blefuuthist elthecorthe above poltrts, to the 191 lowing:
- NS
lindfalo,StozehoWse ofllettryDaw•Attlet.,
lleuretlyford; Ilatasia,SterehoutrofLuelusk.timitt6
lergen ' • Storehouse of Daniel McPherson; Rochester}
;tore of Fairbanks & Eldredge; Canandagua, °Mee &;
14alterAlorenranl".Geneva,;(13.awrence; Dresden Store
muse i.;f Whitney tollotiell; osid,Fergusoi& Sin ague
odi Dundee Lai:Wing, torchouse of T. Tuthill & Co.'
leßerson, °Mee of E. o,NoriOn on the . 'Pier, ifitsani
Itlicu nt J. P. Phones . ; Millport: ;tore ofJ. Stull; florae'
Clerictr., office of.). A; Ferrell ;.'Cornintr, *tore of Win. J:
Arnold; •Elmira,:storehouSe of• Thurman tr.:lnghrinn,!
'Factory's-111e, store .of Cbarlei 11. thepbeid; Redder','!
perry;_ Aurora, slid* alt.& G. P.Morgan ; Itbacuoto
of P. D. Drake; :Candor. stare of B.llatagerl Oweguo;
Ace otNathaniel Ells; Dillon, store of C N. -Wheeler'
Binghamton, office of James Sisk: Great Bend, office a.
F. Churchill; Lonethoro';sffee of It A. IV ; -Deposit'
store of Ensign &Dean; Hancock. store of Allison &'
:Reeves. •, JA St. .11inglittmtort, L?
1V :VL.R'IIITNF.Y, Dresden, „.
I • - : ' NATHANIEL EIJ" Owego -
-AGENTEt.—ltuffaln, Henry Daw ; Attica, Thomas:Sp:
ford; niouvia, Leielus A. Smith: Tlerzevi,DanientePher,
ROD • Rochester, Fairbanks 'Eldridge* Cana Mingua,,l
Wal ' terCorcoran; slice LawroW , s; ' Ocid,'Fergusen
sprllgnicl Lodi; :Il:undo. Es.nding, Tuthill &'Co.; Jef
ferson.ll.,o Nortop; Havana, F. Pholps; Millport, J.
Eton; iforseliends, J. A. Ferrell; Corning, Win. J. Ar.
nold;' Elmira. Thurman & inghram ; Vactoryville,C U..
'Pheoberd; Antrorajf. & Morgan . Ithaca, P. It.
Drake ; ltnrager; Union, C. N. Wheeler;
Great Benel;F :Churehil I; Lariesbern'. R.A. Ward; De
nosit,Ensign & Doan; Iran toCk & Reeves.
. _
Capt. James Sp
71114uDerlotond the business thrtingtLont the 'hole
no. and receive and till all orders for •
. ~. .
Gracf*ei ea. iFirnit -., Olith. Oixtcre, &c.''L &c
WWI, will be borty,bt at ilte.loweo wholesale prices ha
New York, and forwarded 10 any of pa aboie - named
Depute, .. ..
New Stage Arrangement at Great
. Bend.
ITE two Daily Linea or •
Stages from . areal Dea d to
T.Moutrme will horeaflar leave •he It nilrend ilerf ?of
C. Smith in the immediate vicinity of the Depot, 0401.
own : At 4A. M nod 0 on the arrival of the Rail
road trains from 'aw York. punning through New Milfcrd
to Montrose. whence a Doll lire xriti. Inc. unesion.
therewith tn.Sprimrcillo Tookbannockanil , WilkePliarre
another via. N rholson; Factoryvilta. Abington Ceptre;
PrOTldenciaddllydo Tark to . Scruntonio.tthere - plarcs
'MN. aloof:the Roe of the Lepgets Gap Railroad.) Re,
turnma, the stag o' leaves .S era n t miin at 4A`Ping
throughlhe'abare places to Mon troselwhenci the lines
leave In thne to roach thN.Great Rend Depot berate the
traiof .
Abia:aDnity line , leavei Smith.'s Railway (.01 on the
anionic f the nooti'trath from the Wept 5. r.Carbotoble
via. Summersvilinew'Milford, Moller& tenozand Dun.
duff. . • • TRUESDELL 4: CO. '
Great Beath Jan.'22-1651: tf ,
Diew Goods,
ITAYDPr& LITTLE'S stock of Ne*Goods
bairn arrived, comprising n complete more
mein of. Dry. Goods, Groberies;Jiardware; :Rove
Pipe Zinc, :Nails,• Glass, Sash. Wooden Ware
Drugs. and Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fish, Floor
Alsb a. first, rate lot and good assortment of
Ready Made- Clothing, of 11111108 l all descriptions.
Roots and Shoes,. Hats, [Cps awl - Bonnets and
almost everything," usually found in a country
Store. - . -
Oar Gooos MUM be sold, and atoll be, at the
very lon,st possible prices.: Our friends are invi
ted to cull and look of our stock. - • •
Produce of .must nil kinds, wanted in exchang e .
for the subscribers, - •
',caw Mitfard May hit ' -
BU BRITT has now in itore.'a new and choke se.
13 election of Dry Goods; including a great variety of
Ladies' Dress Goads, Crape and °the summer Shawls,
Silk Mantillas, Parasols. French Lace. Fancy Straw and-
Leghorn Bonnets; a beautiful assortment Of ilorinet
Ribbon, Flowers end Trimmings of new styles, Black'
Silk and Laces. for MantillaS.Botinetalk, black Lace
Veils, Broad Cloth. Fanny Ca_4sinteres, Ceilings and .
summer Cloths, i_nrpet Bags, Trunk Nails ' Boots and
Shoes;PgintedWitalow .shades, tlarpeting,llata,=Caps, -
&c., with: a largo and general assortment of !lard Ware,
Crozkery, Iron. :I rocerms, P.tints.Medielnes, 4 4 ili,StGfell
afro' which will be sold, at the lowest price; and on
the most roasonable terms. N It. Ne,irly all kindi of
produce wanted-Socks in particular, and r the highest
p , i4e In Cub paidfor Wool., Flour and Salt constantly ,
on :coml.
New Milford, May, '2-.l',
T YCOMI NG County Insuraua• - 9 uniiny—::
I—/ The onder,:ignetl , Ug'ent for this well kdown
end len established institution respectinlly inforirs
the public that he will,recuive applications for in.
surance riainst loss or derange bytire to,Buitaings
Goods; Furniture, B. IL Lroriu, Ageiut.
•Mont•ose. Apr. 9,,''.51.1 • tf
•- • .
TOLIN GROPES, the well , ttnetvn 'Tailorfitts
ng,Uht mud hisuplivaintjett in lAlontreve to op
erute iu the übove nutned:huviness nt the diamond
directly oyer Lathrop's illy
storp,,aud .
would. again tender his services to thO public, mid
olicits their putrOnage. • . "
Makin.* and.eutiitia done in the mast, appravrd
style of the age, and dono;on the shortest uotienas
Alpntroie, Feb. 12;
MAILS, 3 to 40 Peony NatlNFloor and Flaf Aing Nails.
1, 'Montrose, 00y,13.• , . LYONS& eRAN.131612..'.•
ZiNTEE CUILICANTs, Camphor Gum,: Pepporaartre
Ntistars.l,,Letter.Pap et, 2iff it.w.,lllacklm: and I.lru , ho*
4.4. c., for 4alehy . - N. LIVLLA ILD.
. • 4VNAt a".,4 14. aat
eIFP receire4 n tpir stock of spring and Annum er ;fleas
t the ate; e 6f Jl - .1 Wk.llll.
J — - - -
tsr receiVc4 a fresh supply of
011 s. Varnish, Glue, Tin {rare &c. at
. % •. " TuntzsaAvs:
Nbi , ,V orLudies Rubbero; Atigliabv,•&.
cam &c.,just.rvceived by , '`-;
• llENTtgir
Cash-tor Woe:: •
cron Ms Wool ornhtetl for - Which - tht , highest =teat
1 price. lb Rash
Neni 11.111141.Jugola.48.51:
LOLD Pell - otidvt;AteltiSint twitters 01.istF.r ull
urid best qiialiiirs foritile by .;,
•e, • . •
• / - D TROWIntriME..
New Things
!UST received bT thesubier,ibet.Sogar.Coffoe.Tobaono
.1 Salt, hroad Cloth, Shouting, Batting. Waddlttg,ko,i
atid tic 6,1,1 as I.lsr nt4 the:l:l7W 1,
gOntroio,Sep t. 19, 16504 j '•_;11 ,
FLOUR and suit •fay sule Ur • -
• &:CO.•
Itarper's iNew , ' ,
Moab -Nag
' azifio•
TI:ARPER'S New ninthly 'Magazine - Wasik}
JLL, invariably on the firet iiuy Montiviii
which it la tinted,: 'EaelOintribee ivillcontaiu 144
octavo pages, in'dottblaeOlurults reech year thus
commixing nearly two theasend pag,ea attire eroi.
seat I%iileelleneane Literutirerof the .Every
Number will contain rmie - ions. Pictorial liltislrp'+'
tiona, accurate• Plates the Fashiuna, - a - eepiona
Chronicle Of Cuirent"Evvrc tindlintiataar Nati !
ces of the itiip - ortani bunks of tile Meath.. The 'ael
nmeei,_cdritmelice•with.o4 flambe' ri for Jiine - raid
D,o,•iotHr. • - ';, , • ••- •-•
Tmt•sts —The •Migazioe May, be obtainetl from
Beektiellers:•Periodieal Agents, or from the Pu b ,:,
Ili.heris et THREE DOLEIRS n year,i- or_ TWai.iy:
Fiv e CENt8 4
111 number. The semi-annual Vol-
inner, as comitteti.d, neatly beutl in cloth, at Two
Dollurs,tir the Afuslin covers 111 twetityfive ten to
each': are furnished by the Agelits or Publishers.'
The Publishers will supply Specimen numbers
tratuitously-to'Agefits and Postniasters,
make libertil arrangements with.theirt 'for nirculml
flog the Maitnitte. They' will also supply
on Tiber it 'Mail and City suhserilidri,
when parnentleMaild to theM 1p advance.' Nitre
bets from the •"coinmencerneut c nn:b ' e supplied pt
any time: • - r • • - '• • "
:Thn , MakFiiine oyirtuiven antruid ores
eight ounces. '--Thm . peittaie on each number' to
any postatnee thmeonitY, whieh - nmat 6d tiaid
quarteity lit adennee; cents:
11A111 1 4ER & fißo77lEliSc
h3w 671frotreet; New Voris: - 1 ,
' I
OLOTHING. BOOKS, 1100 T8 1 it
r..100..i.P.,—,------*- • --- - ------------- ~. ----
_...° • .
Notice to the Public
Ne Smut/n(101c Pali and Winter treads I.
Great One Price Store of at 1 -
L. S. LENIIEI3I, firctitt terend s PA,
inoS teave to take this opportunity of teader.„ l a
D sluevTe thanks to his friends and customen t.', ,r,,,
generous patronage they hare estroded to hia ;;;;
a t the g4mo time Inform theta that he has just '„,'„'
from New York with a very large and cholee selea,,%"4:
!Fancy and Staple !try Good,. Also acres and et:::
r sireastrortment of Greceries,Provirmas, Buot s soett""'
IHata and Caps, Hardware, Crockery. rite...Drom"
Medicines, which will be soh! for cash and prorieti, p,
I.erys.alladrance, at prices which defy all cosopehr,;;
, FlouriPork,Fish,Saltovhoirsaleaudretail,...tta„,-
also remark that he a ibexes strictly to the sport te'.,
ways 0 ming, the lowest price at prist. thereby ta,,,1,
r eatue advantage to all who may favor him with their 14
• In
.."agC, Bend. Clothing Store, .
The largest, best and theariest tissertment of Rad,
Made Clothing In the Village of Great Bond, Pa., h aat .
1 etotha„Daa smar,Cassituen 0 and Testings of all qtar t ;
r sultabietrir the f ail and Winter Tradorwhich lie Om?
!such pfieres as to la tisfy any one that Oils,' the No"
`r them to d•al. In cons eauence of the great lmes/eel ta
I fluorine?. lie has been obliged togrt enlergeka,od.
1 which hi no,* offers to his friends ltdth e pate ~,,,
am Mat len.contirTen t that'll An tioing th ey villtai,,Z .
I, t hi ng t, O their 4dvittitup, Tin:subscriber has las e „,
I augments to namowthettire clothing in all Its va.,
' french he and Is now prepared tosell the same %mu.
e,il to hear inspection. Custom work aud eatia t e c .
li ot the latest style and shortest notiee,all kin la 0 tm s
I brs'trimmings furnished and for sale, Bonet form,
spot • B tore, nea rip op pwrite 11mM/tuition House '”
i Great rend, Sept., /S5O. 'L. S LlNlllik,
A Fresh Stock of Clothing.
INF liars and Cope, (spring fashion)Geut 1., Ladles kt
by th eil °l t Ylr al ln a° °4 l a e ns a d u h a " n e t '? t a yis °, ball AntiCLulttrdera'll.4%;
mad Bard er, In k 6, Pict ere:land Picture Frames, kr,t,
Fancy Stationery, Fishing Tackle, A£ just reeeired tat
for sale at small profits forready pay, and ready peee,d,
April 7,1851. • GEO. WO LLEt,'
New and popuar i , oh — oorlifoE
C°4ll;tallitEc.:7tible.Er wEa"a"ttralt'f:llgEolflgtlllsll
El SHED PERSONS, to 'which is appateled an erltotev
Adopted and used in the Publlcsehools of Pidlsk r ,th,
- B. S. JONES & Co;, l'ublither a
S. W.Xor. Fonrth and Ru e sts,hii,
Teachers and school Committees Addy rsing 'rum to
no post paid, will be furnished with cirpies for erusbis.
A full and complete ;reser tment of Books Mad hi
unary Orate at the Lowest Perm'• ,
lt,St i?Tehonse
- -. .. I;:ats and Caps
A new itvply and gond assortment)
• --.,-
.11lookii. i .
!A general assortment_ of deka)! Books, embradtx et.
cry . r rarlCty need In the FebOols and A embeds, daunt,
l out.thisreadon. Bibles, a great variety—Sunday nboal
L Ilnoks—ltank Account Books-. Pare and Itlrramic
l Books, and a large assortment of illi , irel'arentis Burke.
I WALL PA l'E It —tt, new supply of neat patterns ;bin.'
ieelved. , Cap and Letter Planar, of the first q unq,
the Beatn'or quire. .Staple. and Faurya Statirem. a
I ; good assartrnent' Inks ; Inkstands. Slate 'Pentia.lts
ferriltallls,l'ens; Matches, Condni.Thbing Tatkle,rn.
vats, Men's Seeks. Suspenders,.Ftdrf,x 6 t e ,; ,
. •
SwigOr, -co ff ee kind Tea - 8
i A Itmnll Otork. but. first qualify. Those who snot t
~,,003 articleoff:lack Tea, aa well at llyson, pedtp
10 Well to give raca call.
Ak Few Trunks
i - For Salo. 0:7- 0, a door below Judge Tyler's.
1 , Montrose, June 19,1551. :GEO.EULEEL
ItGENERAL assottrneut of claool Bookas6a!e•
sale_ or /auto by
Montrose. Nov.
! I Wool arding,iCloth, Dresskg,
.0 Cloth or &lame'
on Sllsrarea.
TTIE subscriber wobld annopnce to the public. title
continn4 the above business gable old stand in Cid.
lord township; 'one-half mile above - Ilcslla's 31114nit,1 'miles. N..rth of Dundaff. and fur the accommodatod
his friends and the public. he till leech.. end rest
loth, d e.. at ltlessrs..E': . 11.. Wells lc Co.. and Gera
Cones stareg in the borough of Dundefl,and all IrPlin
erlated to the subscriber shall be lode In worluut:b
uwfunir and alair discount for rash.
• .• 1 -, T. 31. USTICE.
Clifford, August 21st ,lEZL , • 3411.
l SRO .I~ERY . S`fOßE.=
' Corner of Court and 1r ashigion
el - trrE Fubitirlber takes pleasure hi :announcing to dt
public, that is
,conscluenee of the liberal ratreug
bestowed upon this ftrablishment the pact year, iota
determined permanently, to Coutiritze'the bufinese Juan;
hantton. - The stook compri' p ce•every ptyle end
t:lrnelt ery In general tree,,for Table and Tone Wale,
and will bt.E O l4 io setts or by the sitgle,artiele. Ake,'
variety of
I and Fancy atfieles, - inch asPruitlrzskets.Cardnob,
Cologoepottles, Vaseti, d c„ toce , ber with a Iwo net d
42, W R A.: • consisting - or cut,- preset tal
-1 plain Tttoablers, Goblets ; ifines. Decanters, haitEctl,
apples. Pitchers, Candlesticks,. Lamp, fkedo
Jars, Tincture nettles, Lamp Globes and tbirattrooltU
sizes. Also constantly on band, an aseartmal of
Spirit, Lard, Solar, and Cadapbene Lanips (draw
4oles, and nal ILmiterus Also a large lac:
Window Shade. , ;Tea Trays, castors; Table Mato; pb.
ted,tiorman direr and Brittonn a Table and tea men,
Table Cattier', &a, all of which will be sold iffy iota
Cacti. 'With incroas.,l facilities for business r ami, are.
witting attention to'the - wanis of hip custemell,the ts•
darsigned hopes to merit thrcontinued patronage dile
'community.. - - Y.L Or ERACR2,Agett.
Binghamton, May 2441851. : 2:61
ASTROLOGY—llkEtlelebrated Dr-IC. W. ktoltafg,
Profe,sor of Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology. ad
Getimtmey, combined with CONJURATION, from free
den, omee No, TI LOCUST Street, Philadephis, des'
services to the citizens of ;dontrose.. lie huleett
consulted hy.all the et owned heads of Europe, mine
jogs a higher .reputation as an Astiologer than tv ore
Nativities caloulated according to Remarry-
Ladies $O,. 0 el/SlM:ten st*., 'Persons ate ,dfstarre m
have their nativities drawn . hy sending. the data of to
ddy of their birth. AU le tets containing the atcrefre
will receive immediate a t tent ton; Natiiities gentle of
partofthe world written ou durZtilo, paper; atilt it
prepared to make use of his by conjuration nal
of the following Copies:-.-Courtshmadvicc given AIM
succeslqiilactomplishmentota wealthy miniage,tebas
the power to retleem etteh'as aril, ten: to the Unt
hot tle;, and for all ca of hazard, and foie) etwerrey
oft tote or lost property, and the, purchasing crictnlY
t fah ata: •Th au , a int ()Dile abora named awl/Mho*
dope in lids city and Its ty: nod In the United Fula
the.funttalizfhzt/elzof ail. 10,000 Nallvltes or liner
osenpes havo beencaSf during the last font Yeatilhle
here. Letters-will answer every purpose, Atli' wiiideu
well cafe call In person; and the mull is caw Foisafettst
persons need not fear to:trust money throuCh - T Wel
Open. Dr. Itahack recemea from soo to 1000 lona
m on thly, and has neverm6seJl.ono. ~ All letters Mt be
relinionsly attended toil' prepaid. , For - Tactical:a; all
at thitpetucorat oLtlca and get rin Astrological Alums.
Whithst. I.!est ycA
O:rßepartientur to mention the TOstufilee..romity
and State. •• - • :.! • ".• • 'll*/1
• • hew rrangement !
Extensive : Chair gfid Furniture .Esid
- • !mend.- '" •
WM; W. S3fltt Go. have now, fully completti
, their arrangements far lannuntelluing and tog
Ing constantly od hand all and ovary kind of lloonta
Furniture. mapufa et urt d out of the Ltrt
hotalq; Mark Walnut. Maple. fkretyl. and tuber len
be and in the best nit') most durable manner., Aral'
th tirtleles Which tu,ey intend to keep on hind , ol fell
to order.are lalsogany, flack Walnut, Chrtry, ara
platturea ..514 e Boards. Ferro tar it s. Foot: Ca ors; Clll
trd, Card. Pfaraiodot heiaabl ;,F ,of WTI VS
deb' Sofas, Settees:l;oone, Ottcrrane. der. •Iltdtirst
ofal I kinds OW sty ha. made of Mahogany, Dlrik Fif
nut. C4144 , y, and 31aple- , ' • ' -
ALSO—,,MaboganyAllitek Walnut,Curl and - Ihmer
Maplozand Fancy rhairs, of aro,' varieti Bud &Pit'
tioni nldgh tkeylharc non on hand. and.intend total
a constant supply. Any article desired alllbe supped
no a few days notleo. • . •
As the subscribers hare Oft eti been x,licited to etslistt
tbelrbusinca4 and to open an establishtnenf of the
in font wpieti quid fupply avert' iatidtY ala s "
kohl Fur:Word. awl Soso the trouble of nudist Nth ,
eithai for RIICII artfelei. they haply to meet :with
yutrOn ti4ll6crouritgemcnt. - -
- Itiollll.l,lllllllllll9if
. .
Notice.- =
riEffni.igpao.APlPlr has en . dlfsolrea 11 121 . 11 '
' al eptusenC. . • AVM M
. M. IVA.
!MO trrie, ,
l ! nitl
Cartaetylitit • brritatee existielf, 'mitt fit
name mut *pit , ot Latca &. EATON. Is this dsittisrol! .
ed 6Y tont ust collier] t.. Alt ;indobted:iwill Otos ut
.Without attn.*, • 4 ' ' -• • • LAN& :
bo N t i , , u u n ,.- 41
W 'r i lt t e h m u at ,
r es .
k aV in it , e a cti t u e n h t o s n a l n d f-1 5 bo tawi lit$,O rta bri , si t
lint it Ili cotitintle eat_ry an'tbebfistiassiasd seU
at areatty rednetalptlaes,‘- - - -H. F. Ealg ej
Ilatfattl, , Auft.2Bt6,lB.ll. , ' , • - 3111';
Water cure. ,„,
Mount Prospept Water tiure Ertabheetn , — ,
Binghamton Proome Co., AY, 'l 7 :
establidoswit del Ightfhlly leeatrd th. ba l
of the mountain from which it takes its sew, sh
intnands a delightful view 0f the Chewing ° " 4
uelianna rivers pith their rich RUG bee until rsillet.
The"Onre"is now open fer the reception and •
malt of Patients.' The institute has been nteeenful
securing the aid ofllr. . B Barrett,' Isle el,f 4 eir
ens, whose lung orperiencein Cydrepate, i y
guarantee tolbe 'patrons of , this institution ibal
bonbundently`rare4 ter,
ittlietterai en runtesstanal bushiest must be
~..1 14. :
drenred to Pr. lin:sett at the Cure. Ceratnun''
only allthelrecelved that are post pafte-ieu•,