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    :... ...r4~..r.~,~
now placelte.r upon _her gear& torhutls
The front (foot' swung',to huaelly:after him;
and ;Mrs. Dorruncu went down to the;drawing
room, awl belted therthutteiri Which she thet
Richard' had iso carelessly tett unfastened.
And nolitfalling back upon the same fan
‘ti3uil where she had thrown herself an hour
before in such a. storm of passion, she ,gave_
herself up to reflection. She saw the dangers
to avlich she had - exposed herself, and silo .no
longer-Wondered that , her husband svouldhive
shielded' her frein - the World and Its tempts
- - •
ti owl; And now, her conselencennetpWaken .
eifroiri - iii Slumber, failed : Us:it to ace berif
gEr'irfork Tho veil was stripped away. which
' had thrown Over 7 all, and humbled• at
the Sight,she•would have gone to her husband
frith penitent eenfessiona, had it, not been for
the relics - of the-past which the open ' drawer
harreverded to her: •
reanneotodoubt that he hes loverlbe; she
said to heraelt, as she recalled many incidents
ofthair married life,`! cannot doubt it, and it
is T ivho have, driven him back to memories of
his first love. But he wronged me in conceal
; had' I known . his heart had
o ice beerfanother's, I should have been more
careful of it; but I was too confident of my
- oiia power: • Now, if I should tell him that I
had'd'ene wrong, that saw my errors; how he
would adult over me, always holding. up his
'frig - love ris a sort of bugbear to frighten me
into Submission. No, ho shall not do that. I
"w iiladfiere to my first purpose; he shall think
that 1 tee have mementoes.
• So fostering a spirit of revenge, she Put out
:the lights, went back to the library. :
' TalSg a slip of paper from her own writ- 1
ingtdesk, She wrote upon it, `Edward. Mid.
Arne Net crnistrintia.' Then enclosing
.the lock of hair) . yhich She had severed from
tliahaul's head, slitlaid it in her Unlocked
drawer. -
Sho went up to her children's bed-chamber,,
-and;after-aWakeningllatty, sae stole softly
'into her own room for her night dress. What
was'lier surprise to find her husband still up,
She had supposed him , asleep long ago.
Ile standing 'beside the mantel, and his
face was is white . and rigid us the marble upon.
Which he leaned.'"ler heart accused her; but
she 'would not listen to its better promptings.
- isthe oneto make the first concessions,'
-I shesaid tolerself, but she waited in vain for
them. Ile saw her gather her things together 1
— sad leave the room,withont making the slight
"'ist motion to detain her. •
There was no' sleep for either- that night;
` bath Wire creaschius of error ;' each imagined
''rho ether guilty of a wrong. • ' •
Howard Dorranco had been aroused from
- ithe 'revery in which he had indulged, after len
-lint his wife, by hearing the 'shutting of the
!f:ont door. Hastening, to the, window, fearing
wife, in her impetiooy, was - fleeing
fri'ape hini,he had seen Edwar4 Graham leave
iheltorde..7'Straik with.. surprise, and sup.
iiosing,rizt course, that his wife must have‘rd.
- e mitted him, he "had tortured himself with sus
- p - iBoes,•vultil his brain was in a whirl.
Thus Were tivo hearts, each fondly loving
" - the 'other; (one frem the faults of education,
-incapable Of making' the sacrifices which lore
required—the other, forgetting, to makeallow
'' maces for the tendency of that edueation,)now
vstill farther iietia96ii by a whirlpool of pride,
A l fra t2l
' 'The ceremony - Of - erecting the monument
:' . ii;er - the remains of the late Governor S . IIUSS.
_ . •
rat Trappe, Montgomery county, 'on- the 4tb,
'Was attended by perluips the largesteenceurse
Of people assembled on that day. in any.. part of
the State,rintabering from eight to ten thousand
of iy)th sexes, and wasiamong,the most impoi.
ing and gratifying &lel:lit" tle - as of that day of
glorious memories. • • -
Two troope of horses,a company of artillery
and eight 'companies of infantry and. riflemen,
theririg from four to fire hundred, formed
'n military display that commanded great admi
• =thin an& added much to the general effeet---
Thi Mannmittor, Smgertmnd, and Cecilien
ibi;7than vocal music societies, of this
" were preientand sang several odes, some
which were prepared especially for the emu
! ';;ion, iii thihetit manner. The strains of their
litindied Voices . as they were borne among the
ny . tbousarids,floated afty over the graves
alb dead :and thO surrounding green fields;
iirriag the; deepest feelings of the bud=
- • • -_
- .
- the iilaress- of . lion. GlO GE Wool >.
ne,; Wei. One Of 'great - beauty, - fall of elo
z- iperitp!tna - patribiism, find every Way worthy
the - orator; - theof day and the oec.ssion. His
re'rereneeio the lowly-blith of. Gov. 'Shank—
the poverty; toils and 'privations of . his boy
"-, early'-graining and particuldily his
oth care'—dimmed =pan eye.;
'Let he 'touched `with a master hand every
thing -that . r elated 'to :the Intimated deceased--
ihalife he rived, the death he died, - and the rue
ilk:try-he has left behind him; . .
threugliont appropriately blends
, the life,servides and character of Gov. Shunk,
the:erect:l6u of z worm:tent to his Memory
the citizens of the. State, with the birth,
' and destiny of our country, maids
: - iiotteluding'ievocatimito the multitude assem
-I.led'there' im that sacred day, in the shadow of
temple, `. among the graves of the
and over that of • Shtdr, to`
t ictieti their Vows el fidelity to - 114 righti . of the
Fit lies ail they are, AO:that - the Union as'it is,
' must and shall be Preskrv.eil;" wastruly
Tlio' whole: address and proceedings.
'hope' to -be iii4a to give oar senders -at an
&Y.! .
31r; PiPsident d!he
by'JtidgO 'Eons, and : several
41ther,171aPreildentit The "Itiv. tr: ;Erse
Attie Lutheran Chtnuh; TdOpe,m,id
: fon‘C4 l4 -tTs?- 43 1 13 .er - FiergYnlei;
ielt4iPer:iol.7ilPs Ave feet - Pioil `
.to whoa the
i*Trief&i:hti it - itatOoMblo
'.4.PP,.41 441 - 4 ' 47--A '4 l9 P 2 1 ' 744 *.wW! - - 4°-
-iiitive:44o`a'l4lll-the Zultitideitt'i4;
- 7E% EAVO R
The Largest ; Circulation in Nor►heru Pena'a
Sfl _ "
WIG - CuAzE, Earoas.-
Democratic State NonOations
Of Clearfield County.
1V7121 - %
X3l Clarion
JAMES CAMPBELL, or rximunt.tat.•
pr Any of our friends xvhom it would sc.
commodate' to Tiny us in `wood," can dO so and
accommodate us: Bring it along. as you visit
non. Wm. jeasuip...the United bleat.*
• Ilusilt, dc. ' I
To begin to build at the foundation is te, begin
at the right place, so to begin at the foundaticm
on which a man has reared his political' struc
ture—built his political faith r -may enable us
to form more correct notions 'of the princirles
by which Ito is govented. Inthisway too, we
may form a, correct conclusion in; reference to
the man, his sympathies, his notions of right
and wrong, his prejudicies, his_ passions - rind
his preferences. We may see him as ho has
been and is, judge of the metives that actuate
and sway his mind and judgment, and general-
l judge correctly as to his strength of intellect,
consistency and firmness of character. Search
out the causes that control the man and you
have the man in all his strength and greatness.
If only the most powerfurand convincing rea
sons can Asko his faith,.influencehis nrind,
and-ontrol his judgment, hiS character cannot,
be questioned for furriness and strength: But
on the contrary when : light and trivial causes
move him about at random, when every excite
ment that springs into being to live its brief
,hour and Vanish, weeps him from the rock of
his purpose mid sends him'adrift on the frothy
waves of those popular current's that ebb and
flow at thetapriee of unthinking merr,hovvever
dazzling may be the C ' SterlOt; we may rest as
sured that there is weakness in the man. We
aro aware that it is a pleasant duty kir some
to perform, to load others with fulsome and
sycophantic adulation' We say duty, be
. cause some seem to consider it a duty to act
thus towards their fellows, whom; circumstan-
ces and fortune may have favored at the ex
pense of merit. Such persons only wait the
smile of soft words, of titled dignity to lose
sight of their principles, contradict theirloudest
professions, and pliant as a lover at the_ shrine
of beauty; they'll bend the supple knee, and
yield up their ovvii'martlm' ess.' Simple hearted
once a Democrat, or at least, acted with the
nowltecrocratic,pqty. Probably. most ,of the
political Men irrthis!conety remember When
he was activeinihe Support of Gen. Jackson,
taking partin our - organization, and professing
ardent sympathy nndattachment for our prin
ciples.: Gen. Jackson Was his ideal ofn man,
Stnt ' oarn s, and hero: -Those-. of our !readers
riegoahtted.with Judge J., personally, Who, have
seen the hapialaireneSs, ,his nature
as it-generally is on' anithingnew
.or. )narVek.
I ions Orgient,rimy imagine the:. activity
zeal.which he exhibited, when.
.corruption of
men. and "great interest-0,7 combined crush
the hero, of the, _ last war with . Erigland, and
the, sage Of the Hermitage.,-
But-there came afire!) that tried men . tried
thepuritY,of their poiitice s theintegrity of their
political characters. In that trial 'weak men
1044*d .and'selfisimess was: unmasked; while
the timid ,who, advanced:AT the Might of,:tbe
&1 . :11\6d sold, crieloritfor fear s retreated and
sought shelter from. the storm, Minierthe Wing
othafinerice and 'petted
,poWer.. The] item),
eritio party was trictfas.neier before Or since.
.Scery inducement beta liwO of - principle told
theinio - foMake: the fortuneS of the old . man,
Who on his oWn reaponsibilitY, -;face the
monster tank . its, the Uniteot*s. great
and powerful had:tliaflitatitittiotabeconicithat
it then held in' its grzisi the deatitrY' of this
goVernMent. Seardely - it Public' man that was
not attached teits intereati,o - r-, Wedded its
existence. No section ofoni nation that was
not visited byits influence and corrupted twits
demoralizing No-dePartment. of our
gorernmeettliat - Was not secretly - 'controlled
itaNforee'ind made dependeirt- - *- - onits - pat
ronage.: It laid fast hold, cif every State 101,7-
ernment - bymaking.the.Banks of -SierY-Cout.
Monntalthttubiertient; to its interest, and dO.
pendent; upon. it for -their existence, Theti
had itreached- out. and grasped the' pOWer of
and holding:an influence :that
. conld control
thisriation:it tho-Wilt of J err
den. hellion entered the field, planted his
standard` in the; midst of the camp and called
on`the conntry—iheicople sustain Win in
the contest; Designing me. tf,' Cmid Men, z ael t
fish'men, corrupt men, were Struck
May. end fled.: .No -Man thnt . bad mot bold
heart, who acted not, from . a conacioMmese Qf
right;of purity of prinaple regardless of P'9n...
segnerMes,*ood the s old man. All-"ethers
fled:rather tharieneounterlbe.assiralts of, this
engine of terror: Ivere - nreto political
pti#Clples; pniiti:ana • integrityleitili;
imiiihere wood h eir. Wm Jessup'': Hodiie
the firmness eta - boldness to ••follow-his leader"
threuelCivii • report: strlrell s good 9 Not
he• He faltered , iihrtinitahltbeckomd
ithelP*,ll7lrib etocAliroldeo:fm.r;'o4
iiiidaidioadriutotheiembraokaAhe z P44
of privaege s ist4 v*lbtres* tdgrnsw
meat cobestioilsuilleackix - R 4 Puv*a•
The was Ls first so t; and
fro it may heisted thetspounl ritis 'love
- .
for Tonics, and Bwitringeorporationl,.thA Lod
him,:tdirsted with ids esios 'open, into the-w.
k it'opendioni Of-Rink:lig concerns in un
own county: lt is riot to bo wcindercd at, t at
a umti`Whio - 'sacrificed hie idoland_ his politi
principles for. the, Bank of the -United Statel,
should sacrifice more for. a Bank in his owl
county,_ whero his loro
,for suck operations
coned bo gratified by the eitirclie cda,personal
influence over it - , ••, -;.. , ,•. : ..- ..
. .
Li this Operutieri,'a.s a political men, he was
measured.:Alis political.sympathies were de
veloped, his integrity tried, his sagacity tested
and his 'weakness brought to light. ,Birang•
t 9 .
mind,-that - .we hear of; did eetlead him:in the
right path::. After twenty years, at this cline,
we hear not from him_ or his party, one word
Of favor for the U. S.Bank; on.winch he hung
Ids politioal fortunes: -.Xs to make the first
abandonment more: ridieidois, II the position
then assumed is now abandoned' also.' Theie
things arc valuable as fornishing a key. to -the
mind of the man, and an explanation to
subsequent inglorious Career in Stisqueliannl
County Banking:
llon. James Campbell,
Tho gentlenmnwheie narao heads thhcitiii.
do is one of the candidate - a on the Democratic
Ticket for the Supreinolletieli: Asa Mein
hbr Of the 'Harrisburg Convention, vir . voted
for Mr. Campbell end have pot seen any ica=
son foziegretting that vote, nor doh vpnntici.pato that we ever •shall 'regret, it. Had wel
thought tdjudge - a l ma n for that position by
his'own loud pretensioni; had '47e been of the
opinion that the Supremeßenchoonld be - safe.
ly filled with tnen ,more noted, for `political
um:going with a view to self aggrandizement,
. •
Than for firmness and consistency of
we shouldprobably hvepasied Mr. 'Campbell
We'de not enterirfn such an opinion,nor
do 1% , c believe that to he a politician is any
recommendation for that office..: Understand
us, no care not how, devoted to principlo a
Man maybe. ll:he is radically _democratic in
his views and has the ,reEmisite qualifications
so mach, the better. He
in re apt undor such.Circnnistances to keep
pace with the enlightened, progress of the day;
and, his_ opinions, delivered from the Bench,
will be characteristic of his principles,. and
throWthe weight of Their great, influenco m
the right scale. But 'we would support no
man for. the Supreme : `4eneh whose. sole or
greatest recommendation was, that as, a politi
cian he justly•claime.d a place in the first rank.
In reference to Mr. Campbell, wear° aware
that the most active effortsare being made.—
His opposers and the common opposers of
democratic: principles, are active, zealous, and
wo hay° every reason to believe ,in many in
stances unscrupulous. The mention of his
name in connection with that office, long be
fore'the meeting of the Contention that put
him in nomination, was sufficient to bring up
on him vile and loathsome abuse unmeasured.
The most unfounded charges were industri
ously circulated in reference to him, and his
reputation as a laiiyer and a „Tud,ge; and since
his triumphant nomination the =ncispecies of
warfare has been kept up and is now waging.
vvarnaer. It is not an open, manly, honorable,
warfare.; but, rather a cowardly and systemat
ic attack, indicative of something back of the
ostensible reason assigned. We care not how
ardently any Whig may;oppose James Cam.
only' ag,ainst this hypocrisy rind deception,—
this attempt to-deceive I the - peoplo. l nnd, lead
them, astray. •!. • The Whigs aro- verY . cautious
indeed how -they attack bie, publicly through
the press ;and yet: every one of them scorns
fully . 4 ‘posied up" They all have the same
rigmarole about hisquilificationi,_ anti many
perhaps ore:honest; for they have been.toldalli
this ; not openly but inn corner, Where it could the puhlic eye., or :car and where it
should not call-.forth refutotiori,—d defence.
As to. his-.4ttalificatiens Jet ns - see.. lir.
Campbell has been on the . Bench ,in:Philadel
phia for the. last eight yearsi .-Now
known to : everybody 'that 'the , finest legal .tal
ent; the . greatestlegal learning in the -whole
conntry, is at that 8ar...... - How in the
name of - reason and • conimon sense has Alr;
Campbell sustained-himself in that position, if
we admit the argnment adversoriesl- 7 1
Would such u-Than as die.-3f. be de
ceived in the gunfire:idiom -. ef 3lr. ',Campbell;
When practising every day, almost,before hint I
We might mention .scores of :tilteDluost
nentioWyers irr the State; who are constantly
I irCpreetian, before him, and • who. urged his
nomination with all . their:ocal. .liont why was
tuittoo It Cannot-he bemuse they wished to
remove hifir from - the:Bench which he now oc- -
e.nitits, on account of his unfitness for the sta
tion; for if that. and his unpopularity, are so no•
torious as the :Whigs say
,they are, most. as
suredly they had not his election to fear. On
their own argument he ; would have . been -
moved .forther. out - of.. their way _ than on the
Supreme llench which they are striving torte, ,
are for him. ' • And :further, could .he have
*Wept the. city and County. ofPhiladelphia as
he did, is. so unfit 23,00,00e:it'd!. Will
.they, have the boldness to say that he'diti it:by
the arts of a - demagogue I lf so he inusthave
'sust*es. hininelf on. the Bench. by. those
and the least reflection will convince any, man
of pre impossibility of thdt being We
inii4if s ly,,Cllllieite the 'World to . produce the
Lean who cairrntstairi,hiniSelf on the', iteneli. by
inserts in pOlitial management: It Is iLot in
thepoWefrof man; for the position _itieftforces
hint - to . diaplay hiaignerance it he be ignorant.
He is constantly ' , plied ripen - iipPlY - Obstract
_ larapes unit principles
w to la* varied
:end difficultand"coniplleatedenies: Taisiited
andlearned Ceniiiel are engaged - before:
and ileeiseJererY*fieieieYAO
esceptto every decision thSt W04 1 ; 20 .4( 1 4
authority and kil*, this,
has - Mr. Campbell beeti:iried:for the'Liakeiglit
be thee tto ascertain tits' incapacity, couch-
ing'for f end need urging hie; election. '
The 11 00::/ii;00 11 4.04/ 1 4 130 ;.:c. 03 E'
J/04 - OA 04.:0*9
torgvo,t4v.,g 41•54101..ppptasfs—
owi>. who . --early immigrated to this:Country,
and made It hls]botne and his irountiy.
Is the secret of the relentless warthatis bell*
Merciless meanly - Wage d o Oast' HOu.
Jaules capipbell. It needs only to - be exposed
tole desPiseil,by thinking and , liberal :Mon.—
.Gen. Jaeksok.. that venerable and veneratOl
herd; eneOuntcrett the same .force, marshalled
and arrayed. Gee. Shields too, at a later day,
met the szime, and •his triumph has been n
ti •
icarniegto thoso who -followed - it up;-and
!tenets tha - seerecy with which it is attempted
libweffectually" used rgainst Mr. COMpbell.—
e shall,have more to say about Ahis -in fu
ture, and have alluded tott now„.lrt order that
pee to may not be deceived at the outset.
- ',
IV The'Surrptcherma-Register-luis passed
frome hands of J. W. Chapman,-its fernier
Editoi and comes out in a'new dress; ostensi
bly driller tho control of J. C. bliller, Esq.;
Bir. , rluipman, as lie.._says, having disposed "of
the Whole concern to others: Mr.; C.. has de
vOted hiniself to that paper,"and the interest of
the Whig of this county, for a great number
oryears;. dis put t s:de ratherconl3r by _the
new Editor a \
when he; says that "the exigences
of the, times require an enlarged - and good
paper." • ' '.- \- ,' ~ -- - • ,
The A others" spoken of by Mr. Chapman U.S
having purchaied the establish,inent, we under
stand are Hon.*m. Jessup end two or three
other gentletnen\residing. here; so we Infer
that the "extenols" referred to, are the elec.-
I 'tiori of that gentldtrum to the Supreme Bench,
and the necessity 4 a reconciliation- between
the Susquehanna Cuunty - Bank width° people
—its note holders. \ - - , --:
• 117 The , following i t s the table of postage on
the Democrat for ahno 4 st any distance in the
Union: . ),‘
In Susquehanna county \to any. Post Office
Any dtstance under 50 ‘ nnles,
out of the county, . 5 eta. per quay..
Over 50 utiles, and under 300 Id
Over 300, and. under I,ooo\ 15 "
Over 1,000, and under 2,0014 20 " "
Over 2,000, and under 4,000 \25 "
All distanies over 4,000 ntile4,3o " "
.. _ ,
'•2-Cor.. Ihuitti's Pornaarri - ~T Heitt.—We
had the pleasure of conversing l - a 'few days
since,*ith a man (rein Clearfieldgvhom wa had
always known as a ictrue-blrie" ..whig,; , died
in the Wool.' In the' course 'of . CnVersation,
we enquired whether Col Bigler Was _popular
at bottle. • 4 Pepular P said lie, - asj though • he
Was srirpriied - that we should ask such a cpfes-
tion, 4 Popular? yes ;• I should rather \think he
was.. He has been a father to the po rof Our
county. I have kneWn him to - pay o mort
, gaga'after mortgage •on' lumber' lying 'in the
river waiting fur a freshet, and 'in - numerous
- ;Other instance - shave I seen - hin4rciieddinself
i the; poor - Man e s ' friend. 'Phi) PeciPlefpf,•our
county, Whigs and Democrats, will et.r..i\Up
portCol.4liglci, thongli I, Or one; would not
vote for`anfiither:Demticrat lining'' - '' ' • .
. ~ ..
~ Such orldende of the real worth.of our ca.-
didate; from such a source, outweigh nil
.the falsehoods that may emanate from' the
combined effOrth of . tho Federalpreai • troth
'June to' Eternity:-Lewisburg Zie;no. -rat;
Whig ffands on •the ital!ot.
The Lniend Deinocrt' thus :abides to cer:
taro developrnenti at the investiption into the
Oetober election of congressman in the 'Dis
trict composed igaz;.erne;Columbia7.3fontenr
mg counties
' In the
at Danville, were brought to light some
eery Str4figa Among . them is the as.
toUnding fact that one hundred and thirty-fire
person's voted at the Octebei Election who
had not been :risse'ssed, under the statute of
PennsylVanial Nor "does the certiqdlist. 'of
voters shoW that a solitary one of them voted
on the payment of a tax within 'WO - Years be:
fore. ~.Nor were any of them boys, for on the_
returned list . "of voters are the names of forty
age voters, any of whoni have already' been
proven to have been under age.' ' ,
'One of tof the he clerks '
election • E. W.
, .
'Conklin, left Tlaniille in 1838-=and returned
as he says, “ Amour the middle of April, iBsot
and that he "fia4, iwl paid a stateor county
tax within two years lefereln Hero is the
tact presented of a citizen of NeW ierSeY act
ing in the capacity - or u Member. of the'
lion-board! . Ho stated alio - it( his examina
tion' that 'a_ man by the =Me of ,:stidwlnidge
'assisted hitn in Ida duties :as" eleri.- - =-both'in
entering names and making talliei.—This"Mr:
Stiawbridge—was,the iielf,conatittited: clerk,
as mi. liartman - WMi the 'seltconstitniedin.
Spector or judge. The other clerk had the
services of a Mr. Gearhart' te h elp,hire to keeP
As thdease noir stands Col. Wright showi
Persons vibe, werenotlassesied hut who Voted
—i3s. - Pelioniwho filled their declarations
and obtained their final papers,' either before
or since theelectiOn but not citizens at the
thne-20.—Pers'Oni. of foreign' birttll who bad
not filed any papers_to become citizens-'-say
30.. Bersens n ho..were inon-residents: at the
time They voted not included in the foregoing
enumeration, 6. Total one hinadred i zatdnine.
Besidei OAS the election board return
Co!; Wright as having received 32 votes. By
his evidence he has nulde and has 'tubas hands
the volunteer afrulaiits - of 'potions who - swear
they.voted. for him,41 4 4 in all—being'an excess
over the returned' vote'of • seventeen, which
inake*good the declaration ; of, Thomas' Ilet:
ier chic, of the Inapectors'tif It'lliOwneVer,
-that "'they, threw seine of Col. W right's tick
eta under the table."
, These are some of the festnres disclosed in
thu'lestimony . Which are:Of and "charac
ter to ihroui the Dan Ville poll Out Of theiouit
in a YrY.,sumn32l7
is In proof_ that during the.. day no oolitory,
case as to the, tioslikmOtion:ofO:v,eteripl?-
ot, , :l4fet deePaion •, the tiont4:4Oot ii
naturaliziticinpppei peo . 46aed,—; ; OOt
for,tsxes - e;hibited: . Eyry pre
'fieiliflfiirriselt at pet - 1)611d tOvote, - i , otOdmitll.
out guest on by,, hRY r: The, assessor,
vhoso ilut} it is ti‘ h`'the
UPI l 4 3 4.goOlPe .44*ment: fist'
t 1 names
`per onsso!}ering` to vote; - laid
aside digAicata' - a - E2 took upon. 7iimself an
oath adwiriistEred'byth .Yudga'" to help the
J°4°CtPF.°°°4/qii° of
fairly and 41tit rfaciitfeind
this new employment opect the Any acting as
an Officer • of the .electlen ! board 'instead :Of
eernixiii ! !Mind: of ! -every-man who', Si
neunced hiMeelf. , tO 'Vote ! with his recorded list,
, In: addition this, : there kite mit:ally papers
and•duplic4ecopiei of the beard:filed in, the
ProthonotalyNi oftice:at Danville— - -In tlM:oth - -
er districts they are piled with the returni•but
novas to Danville borough, and why were
they : fieti„ The 1.1%78,_ 'of this cotamonwealth
provide that the tally papers •and duplicate
_copiesuf the eaths_of the 61fieerei 4141:10 filed
Within three days after, the election - for the in
spection of all the citizens! whom It may con=
Uern •
' In the volume of the testimony, which we
have-been'lindly - permitted. to- peruse, from
the notes of the - Ilea. John Brisbin, council for
CoL Wright, we are , prepared- say- that a
clearer ease wits never presented for theaction
of a deliberative body--atid4hat there. can be
pot the Shade' of a shadow of. dchibt as to a
successful! result as to the contestant—and
from - that day when. the Democratic associa
tion of this town passsed resolves in favor -of
contesting the election,Which was" immediate=
ly after the - election in October last, down- to
theliresentfime; - ! we! Italie • not:been among
thaset!Whe'entertained &doubt about the but;
rag,eou's character of the frauds at the Danville
poll. - They are • Maw ‘proved; _proved ineOn'
testibly and beyond surmise even. ••
A ysung lady appeared in the streets in a
western village, in the new style of ". petti
loons and short gown . ; the; dogs took after
her, taking her to bo sonde 'strange "animal
run her some distance, and treed her on a high
fence: "
illat. ( ll l .6l \ d - alibl i b C AMl sl. >
N. lI,ERIE 1f..9.11410Arh,
.-001:CG - - EAST.
Mail pass:l Day cx pass 1 flight ex •Catl R.
10 55 A.m. 1353 r. I 2 03 A.M. 11228 pm
- - . GOING wr.sT.
pass.illy ex pass NNightl Call frt.
6 15 r. mI .
2 M., 2 03A.m. I 3 53r. m
tX"Tlie day express trains do wit stop at
Great Bend. = • •
Sous of Temperaisco otSUsuchoo Oa Co
`Dlvisibn. • Lnotton: Meet on.
Chaiirlingego,. 444 ' Burford. Tuesday.
North Star, .432 Brooklyn,, Saturday
Montrose, 450 , Mopday.
Springville; 464 Springville, Saturdiiy
Lenox; .460 ,Lenox.' • Saturday
rrivai and Departure o4_:11110.
_ .
, For Great Bend, leaves everyday, - except
Sanday, 7 o'clock, A. M.' 'Arrives at 10 o'clok
P. M. • Mail closes'at 9 o'clock P.M. -
For Wilkesliarre,, leaves every:day, except
Sunday,. at 7 o'clock A. M, Arrives at 9 I'.
31' Mail closes nt 9 P.ll.-
For BingharntOn, leaves every *dap, except
Sunday, at 9 o'clock - II:M. Arrives (every day
except :Monday) nt 9 - P.11: Mail closes at '7
o'clock - P. M. • • '
For Providence, leaveSevery day except Sun-,
daYiat 8 A,:.111..: ArFii - os at '6 P.'ll.
.Mail clo
ses at 9 P. 11. , •
Tor Towanda,' teares'On Sundayi,ll7.edneS- .
daYa and Fridays - at - 8 Arrives onTabs
,,days; Thursdays - . and Saturdays at,l P IL:—
Closes at 9,P, 11.1. -
Fpt Carbondale, on Mondays, Nll..f.dnedays,.
Fridays; at 7 ..4:1‘.1: .. .Arrives' On Tues
da`tia, Thursdays - and:Saiturdays . 'at 6 . P.
tAses at 9 I'. . •
•• For Owego,
on Sundaysc.Wedneadays' and
-Fridays at 8 A. 31. Arrives on Tuesdays - ,Tkurs- -
trel ..das l34 r . .
' • FotSilivi Lallulte:,,On'Fridayi,nt 5' 4.. M:
Arrives on Saturday at, 9 9
Tinirsday.„:' •. • •
- • -
For Skinner's gddy,iin3l4o;nd4s at 5 itM
Arrives 'same day at' 1b P. 3L Closes at 9 P
111111 C
This d 4 s , consecrated by pney - pleasing
remembreOes, was eclebraied in 'different
parts of the 'county' in: ntecomink and eppro.
pinto rnanne.. . •
AtSprin&illo the Sons of Temperance and
daughters*.'too; held a, Convocation:"-Of, the
Sons, there were in ettendaneotepresen4tives
froth the Tonlrhnnrick;
Montrose, end' and' of
the Daughters; frdei Heiferid
The Precession' \vas formed at the Hall; at
ten o'clock, by 3frA ting,ley, Marshall 'Of the
day, endmerched•foithe Grose, West : - Of the
Village: The - Ciercifeti" - were Opened '• with
prayer,' when tba Dec laration of ledependence
was rend by Geo. Latlop, and art-Oration de 7
livered, hy Itoc.'A._H gloat of the Spriniville
-- This - Was fOlotved by Addresses
from 4 3; B. Chase' of the \ Meintrose - Division,
and IL R. Little,' Esil,.of\- the' Tenkhnnneck.
De'Pride was the Presiding officer: • • ,
After some plehsing find ipp.koprintfi remarks
fivra D. G. W. P.- Geo. P'Uller,
Williams and others 'the pr l '
to the liOnse of Thobuis Jnekion, - where
prepared an maple (Miner, in kOod's!yle for
the occasion: The attendance Was large, con:
sidering the shower in the and alto
gutheithe 'Celebration WSSTlmiszint - and prof ,.
itable;iind such as did honor to' the :ay - m. 9
celebrated:" ' • '
. . .
In Montrose ':theday was celebrated in the
order preiloniii 'announced. C. ,:Ward,
Fsq., delivered" an' Oration will* We: buie
heard veryhighlispoicen of; - and in the Ti•en.•
ing the display of Fire Works was. plAlid.•
In New alilrord, Little, - Esq., - delivered
an Oration, rind other " f •cerinninies, word, had
which ice hear of di"! interesting in_the.
tretue.. ; '; ,
At Lanesboro alO. eelebratFd•
but we are unable to give the partientirs; not
haying heakdthiim.:l • \
The eiiiiens,pf Susquehanna, Depot
extensive preparatiOnkfoi event: The'un4:
pieasantnesa of the,ininning undoubtedly pre.
'vented many trona etteriding,
,but,. withal
." the
procession was and *hit elci r ea:highly.
agreeable: :Tali. M. Nord - presidel, 'Assisted
by Gee. Harriet,: 'TWeicejointtiee of
;anti :ionsistirig Messrs. Benion; It: Ii
.3 . latine ; and F. A VAid; Esq„,
had pie Mar.
shall of thOaiy; .3141.:NjElinittl, assisted by. :
W:13.'44 - I'olo' performed their' a with
much c edit. The 13.74a4isioesel
fiiid'aeinird:populai odes were sung;
splendidly, by the‘Chnie
&QV* Deolartthofri , 46,) which 1, , Air cratwp
AO:U*44:0)111h g.ebirol
DeWitt. A sutoptuous repast was. served up
atetheafotel of Mr. Nichol, by the way, every
obliging lindlord, not to speak- ,disparagingly
of otlins thernovho, we understand ere
" the Bathe sort." ,
The little town of Susquehanda is Much
more pleasant tium,wo supposed. R. sprung
into existeneo with 'the Railroad, - Mid"- boasts
of a most industrious' and valuable class of
citizens., It must be more rapidly increasing
in population tfutii ini - otheiphiie in the coun
ty; ive think, and from the enterprising char
m:lM. of its people, it undoubtedly be
come of much business. The hospi
talities of the. Fourth will long be remember
ed. We will oblige the Committee, inrtheir
request, next ,
„, _
4th of Jai , Celebration:at liteur,llll ford.
According to previous - airingernimts, mode by
Messrs. 'Ogden Pratt, Dr,":. W. Eitighatn,. Silas
Hamilton, L.A. Pratt; Ilenfi s EeWittand p.
It. Wadeolto Conttnittee previensly. appoiated by
the citizens of .the place, to conduct the affair of
the day, in_auappropriate-mannert
A National salute (4,0)4 one omit was fired
at sunrise, under - the imp_erviSion' of Capt . Silas
Hamilton; end IleuribeWitt,
At noortthe inhabitants of the place and adjoin
ingrighborhood,"assolubled at thewell conduct
ed honie of .1. I): Treirf,. when th e '76 salute of
• thirteen gitti;:waifired;UMl they theiziat down to
a sumptuous repast, provided by..the gentlemanly
and accommodating- host:: at the New . Milford
Hotel ; and by the celerity with which dtts-good
things disappeared that graced—and by "th'e smil.'
iug and well pliiinsed countenances, gathered
around hie board, We should; judge that this part
of the least, yielded entins satis
faction. ."" '. •
After which, an eloquent °ratio.' was delivered
by las L. Lrync, and listened to by, the assemb
led multitude with refoiind attention - , widen it s _
close t. . thkclealaiog cheers that arose, testified
unmistakably that their Views coincided with the
sentiments advanced by the speaker..
At the ConcluSioil'Of the addreis, Min); of the
assembled multitude, once more gatlicied aroutid
tho festive boattd, and after the Cloth was removed
the following toasts, amid deafn ing shouts of -ttps
please, were drank. •
'lst; By: the Cretin; of the day, I. L. Little,
The day, our flag, put gam our convictions and
our. Country, a right, we etand by them.',
2nd, By G. B.I.L.Wado; Independence forever,
may our example illuminate the world.
3d. _By J. D. Treat. Elero's to the Sons of
fiftY:one, May they not' forget their•. forefathers
of '76 -
4._ 51r. Thompson. ,Bere'eto the-'spirit of '76,
may it spread until it fills the wide Puivergo.
' - 5. -'l3.y; Hunker. 'The Batile - of New Orleans.
like the fable of the frogis.—Death to the British
but ftuAo orn-BoYs._ • •
-6. .• By J. D. Treat...
llere's to the ilan• that carried the Bird •
That flogged the back,of 9e'orge the third.
7. By Isaac S' •
Oar President, The ruler of the people; on 7
flinchiogly. the champiOn of the rights of our whole
Wade, - CoUtmerce aid Maio
Ttie'pr4resti made in each, give abundinkprod '
• .
of Americanintelect: May_ their 'advancement,
la'fritare;realise, our brightest 'ardlcipatiinta,
9. By I. - The Ltickarrninus and
Western-Railroad: , The : neatest blesaing 'that
Susquehanna County ever riceisied,:'te, boon e --for
which her citizens will ever, - be grateful. - lhe" , re
turns of her produce, as it..finde_n_maAnt.lurLits
few years change the face of
the entire, surrounding country. • ,
_S.:. ICI. -By.. a. R. Wade The . .!rancenv—'
• .
May success attend them--may they estape
theldrrairig, they 'so . ionsiantly• 'apitly'•iii other
hides; and.niity zr-generouis competence' be . their
ultimate reward. : • •-: •. •
H. By. a. citizen., • New:Milford.
.As loxeiy a Nancy gethliiup ishines_npon ; len
treasure it na our homes. , - -
America-4n :were true
. .
to their ;pantry's, Canse. and shamed many' ti..faise
hearted.Son,'nray 'the .present _arid •
tiort equal; if not surpass, their,
,predeeessett.' . ,,,,-,
. 13, .By, .cogann Pratt. , •• i•
:O'er Ileal. ,1%fr..1.
spetlly.,manners 4n41 : superior -entertainment,
tit le. him to our warmest thanks, and the pleasure
evinced by 'thei;MiXeinbla -- Malti!iale.' is .;enfriaient.
picot, that hise'zoitions are anliziPPreehtted.
`The niembly thenadjatirriad le - the rublie
.§citta're . disp'
works, under the management of Maori - Seely,
trait and 1.3". - Little, that wonid have doneloner
'a place of far treater - pretensiene.
tSigned by the PommitteefOrArrangetneitte.).
DEATH Air Fran.—A daug,hterrof Mr. Fran
cis S.-Fineh, of Lenox this County, nine .years
of age, was burned to death. on the third day
'Juno last; while-her' parents were, gone .from
She had, placed a lightedcandle '
her side, when her clothes took' fire, and , so
burned her, Oat she livedtut a few, hours.
- .ror the Democrat. '
'What is politeness 7
, . . ,
1 . -We understaud.thnt it, nuniber ,of the 'Young
„ .. • , .. -
Ladies of, the yillage, wore solicit ed- b y - .the. Eire
. . . , ,•, .
Company,to meet at . the Engine House, at 6:o'-
elooiteff the. niornioi of thO 4th inst.,- to confer
)the, favor ` upon thont of triniming tiMEngine;
' pieparlitory'Mthe'ciereisei.,,of the'ddii; 'Mid that
they eotnyfiedWitli r the •iegnest, *spending two or
three houro for that purpose;-' • :-- - •' '
:The i'iremens' Parade-provide fitsitifralr, and
no eno'itrho Witnessed - it r.ould, have .;failed (*.ob
serve the beautiful appearance of - tlte. Engine,
deckedne,it was; with: • twining Evergreen ii and
brilliant flowers. displiying pure and refuted
in their oPPriPritttq ili!PtrO. :.9°P-F°°!o natures',
IY_hat'4 l o!Pfi l !' e 4t i ' ai l i rCP m i nin Y• 4esigiiirec
xtgoizing the serviern of t he I,,adies in some waY 7
at.JOast, by ioviting,"tiiim to there in the - fastivi4,
tleeof 'tholriroMejte, ditidei.,kiyeni4litein on the
seine day: .'"itifey, or the I*.l..ailieti;' we' otilerve
Warn ..liroionti tY piiratit invitation, . (!)J .. ,af the'
Cotnrniffes apparently forgetful of thil4iiile tt t of
the t ipoi t iing. extended none to tinitnLiMt irner.
~'eight only eMsaledby"theinnOined pelitiniern of 1
••- • e
ThethigkeitatoriFiret Company = one' year since.
It iiii loilg,"uNii oboe "(hi-Seine Idurtosi In con=
jductioi!„: icith - .inborn, - exerted therneetves iota
liteasi;UOtt gettiii "up .thio,fli el l 7iess et : s u pp e e,
That - istifielinelined - WrnmiO4 tltt.Y.cortiltii of
ihil• 4414h:01i0% Abey Appearg4. to-. ,u,i9c,o,,pur.
tokiv. -if 1 4 . N/1 - ',..Alhenl'llf .itick,c_T.4uct en
!3 4. ; 401 "kff t lf..4 i PTIO:?Acka?lelif.1 2 .*
i it ' 4lll 4 l 4 llF P! 4 k,ltqd th l L7c#' ' il i it' ' 44444°li *' -
, .., , o, ~,, ' - • ..: —: -:' .. : -47 , 'IC - LADY t ".•
Nootrose, lily 8, 1 - 8,51. ''T ' -,. .:.,- -•-•:- ' - •
twos. riuLt.
: --Utters Advini Age—No. 373.—Coidtk
poidtri ',Wilshire; Professor Gregory- c 4
Clairvoyance; the Metroplitan Proteethti;
Scoresby ihe Whaler ; My Novel, or Vuxju
in English life,Cliap.:7-:-19; Red hair ;11 4
greatlanki of:Ceylon. •
—Woodworth's' Youths' Cabinet, for ,t a !, ,
the commencement of a new volume •
to us much improved. It is an ainusieg
instructive work,and should be in tho haed it?
every youth in the country, D. A, w oo. "
worth, 118 Nassau street, New York 4 7 ,
al . a year.:
• —:..DimOcratic Bedew for July,—E e tt, 44
MooreiN. : Y.„ Te'rma
—The Student, No, 3.7—rowlata dtiv4 4
130 Nassau Bt., N. - Y.., Terms $l.
—3leny's 4useum, Nu. 1. S. T.
Co., ii 6 Na.ssau et.: - TenniSt, •
—Bartaints - 15tagazino for . August l a ,
Sartain & CO; PFUladelphda. Terms 4 1
copies $lO.
—The Infernationa.-.4The July No. of 14
most excellent Monthly has not been rectii
as yet. ' Will the Publishers please foui,l
the same...._Tenxis:s3 per year. ; Address Stay,
ger & ToWnseild,. New Terk'Fity.
The Dollar . M igazine for July, has be
received, - and is filled, as usuai, with with b,
teresting nintter. E. A. & G. L Dayeli zi k
Publishers, 169 Nassau st., N. V.
-2pio Judges of Wyoming, Adams s z i
Union counties; have put, their veto apoa e
ing Minor on Sunday in' theirconnties,s4
ing contrary to law.
-11 On. liowell.Cobb, late °Speaker ot
llouse of ° Sepresentatives, has been tr, r ,.,
mously nominated, by the Constitution:l4
Union party, for Governor If the &a?,
Georgia. .
exiTeasfkom rho ivest,T z 6
,day night: last; rTar Elmira, ran overact?,
which. the • ',.weie•thrown off the -.
which put. them out of their; time, and
came in collision with it freighttrain,ammQA
one of the engines,- killing a bmkemnd.::
scalding several Of the passengers. Noem t i
or other particulars given.
—40,1500 dead letters were received 1141
General Pont Office, on the 2.3 d, from 014 ti
—A telegraph office has been openedat,- . ;
City of: Carbondale. 'S.. S. Benedict cft,
Citizen, is the 'operator.
Three hundred barrels of stranicnisil
baskets,'wembrought into .New Yet
single boat,. - .foin New Jersey, one dlj
week; and retailed at low prices. ti
—The editor 'Of an. Ohio 'paper sap
any, man who is able to, take n norsapro
and don't do it, 'deserves to hare a "thran'll
piece" passed on him for. half a dime. 'LA
k. 4
BLOODY Asstir.' most brutalit.e4=4
was eonatuitteilOaMr. Wm. , C. Johnsca,
Constable of this town, on Wednesday dit.
week. A black fellow, by the =o of.ltac
a barber, bad been reeking threats slaat4
arrest' of the Harvey _slave, that ho woofo
tack someone with it razor. This toe
_tinder bonds to keep the pencil
bail hearing of his. recent threats had Ea;
rested on' a-bail- piece. Mr. Johnson !al
irvensly On the bail pieee, - and was etok
ing, • the raigio to jail. As they came esti
jail ' doer, (they two: being alone) the 4
drew - a'raior and, gave Dlr. Johnson a f: 7l
gash near the ,
of the left ear; and laying it open to the
ner of the mouth J. also receireds:p.
across,thearrn to the lint. ',As he
• ~ - • . , -
the 'nest lido of the .square, P. L lk
rushed :outef...
n,his shop to help arced:,`;:
wtien arasoir g avo him , riP with the ' , t,
bat the instrument hitting , S button into lt•
of his pantaloons, glanced off with only:
iu..his . pants.. :The button probably
'lawman's life.-- The negrothen went tt O'
shop in Market street, where he :, ---;
and ivAs ,conduated to jall, i ihero he
mains. . = ''• -
3fr: .lohnion is very. OankeroMiy 9 1 %
feurs' aro entertained for life, The •
on lifs`fatu and arms: are. truly horrible. •
negro intended'to kill•hifm, no doubt, bett
ed..Stmnao it, may ieetn,theabolitical
ilds tOwn oyMpathit, with Mason, la •
4 , l F4rderer a5. 4 : 1 4. 1 4FtY0 ..: • ,
4 Vtiti tkm;indeeli, On' 'strange t•
The ikton, oltie 4th at
• The Democrat givito the followings rdni
. .
ore.isea in that enterprising village:
let. Ridging the liretibfast bell
drand Tumbling opt of Ded.
, Grand 31tirch to the
..Table. •
4th... Attach a la flueneili s intk upaadt
- GentsMi Excnvatioh from Teeth.
: General amaiemeats vreaing le tit'
Alley, Playing .Duoito l .Witiets Pen; " 241 4
7th. ' Ringing _ of the Piriner bag
the viltdge.
:9th. Rehearsal of the , imatorte Denise
and Beane by the Whole village.
oth. Zneh Sight at the White Moe.
lOth. toot-Mcd on thellridge.
11. Ringing at the'Supper belle.
Dance' 'the "Private rtetiden ,
Coloreti Gentlimtut In Stabilwit;':
and Fleeseti
Tea LAIV r
nf. the "_Pittsburg
Wel* ttled in that city last week for
1 .c.:,e commenting upon tixi:eluesater ofr
tain individual who presided at
-temperance meeting. By tbe Bill of ;
under tbe Constitution of the SI%
'puldit press is free to 'discuss the.
the Legislature - , tbose oecopyin
ositione or_ who may be in
--Col. Foster. an conduetieg
definte,took the limed that tb9 ' "
was acting la 4 nedslio capacit s.A
man. of 's poblio _meeting, 00" obE
which wartoinstrwet . Oa- Lig'& l4 "
publio and the`CoMW in,selation to 14
ileartud WM& dims advo o, •
publit tn.?* vggo. via. scee-1
over 05)20114Mo wittiPg. ,
witbssod mollies aid' jcusti!esblo et