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Seed Potatoes.,
_jn • Aka Deeamber number of the ceneseo
-, Farmepage .227, the. question is asked
"•Whetlier it is mare advantageoks to plant
f mnitptatoes than-large ones .: [";
,Prointny earliest youth,' have been taught
the importance of selecting the largest and
bgst poiatoes to be used as seed. My prac
tice has been occasionally to put such in a
hilt; bikt;generally, to cut them into two, or
throe woes and to put three pieces into
each hit!. In-the spring of 1849, owing to
the-scarcity and high price of potatoes, I
teas induced ti plant, as an experiment,
seine small '3/crceis in the garden, on a
square that was 'highly manured. The
yield was great, and the pntatoes first rate
as to site. Being much disappointed 'and
meting tho fettle a friend, ho gave an un
qualifild opinion, that the favorable result
. was owing to the richness of the soil. The
'past[seastin I planted several' bushels of the
largest and best 'Mercers I could purchase
-irrthe thy. -They were generally cut in
three pinees eacih. But the supply not be
ing sufficient I planted three bushels of
- Small ones, sucli-as had been s taid aside as
,small for, table use.. Of these, three
:were put , iu each hill ; and were along side
-the large ones. The, quality of the ground,
;the timd, , ef planting, and the tillage, 'were
in all iespectittie same. When the shoots
• frordthe small seed first appeared, and for
- a Omit time after, I thought them more slen- '
tier . thatil,t liege ,frotit the'. large ones, but
inon thereAvai no perceptible difference.—
At harvistirig, the size, quality ind priduet
from thelemall seed was . equal in all re
"Teets to the large ones. But the ground
on which these were,planted was rich, hav-1
tag been Ihiglily manured. To complete the I
experiment, however, -I planted at the same I
time half ; an AMU of ground of fair quality'
that has been tilled before, but not manured.
Ilia the! piece was planted with the small
, seed, and half 'with
_the largest and best
quality. 1 These-were cut in two or three
pieces etteb. PrVous to the first hoeing,
a handfUl of leached ashes was thrown on
cash bill ""At harvesting, the potatoes were
large-and no; and those from the' small
seed were equal in Size and product to the
others. 'I The richnecs of the ground, there
fore, in the first parcel was not the cause of
prodUcing as largo potatoes from the small
seed u from the largo. In the latter case,
ground, comparatively poor produced! the
same results.
The Farmer, a Beautiful Picture.
:The man•vrho stands upon his own soil,
who feels that by the laws of the land in
•which helices- 7 19 thelaws'oreivilized na
ttems-"--ho is the rightful and exclusive own
er Of tha land which he tills, is by the con
stitution of our nature under a wholesome - 1
influenca. not eislly imbibed, from any
otbersoaree. ilifeels—other things being'
equal-4tiore strongly than another, the
character of a man "as the lord of the inan
imate W i orld. Of this great and wonderful
splieredwhich. fashioned by- the band of
Goa, and upheld hy..itS s power, is rolling
through•the heavens, a portion is his=his
from the tenter to tho sky. Ais the space
on which the generation before him moved
in its round of duties,: and he feels himself
eOnbebted ; by a visible link with those who
will.fullow hku: and to whom he is to trans
mit a horde. Vertiaps his farm has come
down to him from his fathers:' They have
gbne to their last home; but he can trace
their footsteps, over the scenes of his daily
labors. The roof which shelter/3 him was
'Tared by those to whom be ovtes his being.
some interesting domestic tradition is con
nected with every itmlosure. The favorite
feuir-tre - elwefe gaited - 1)Y hiS father's hand.
Ilesported in his boyhood beside the brook
Niihich still winds through the meadow._
Thiough the field lies the path to the village
school of earlier days.- Be still hears from
his window the, voice of the Sabbath bell,
which called his fathers and forefathers to
the lkopes of Gad, and near at hand is the
spot where his parents laid down to rest, and
whete,iwben his time is come he shall be
I tid byl his children. These are the feel
ings of the owner of the soil. Words can
not-paint them—gold cannot buy them;
they flow out of the deepest fountains of the
heast :they aic the life spring of a fresh
bealthY and genfrAtis national character.
Zuoi,rornta PLANTs Imola - INSEcTs.—
Droft Mapes says : Welast year procured
ti;Om a Seaff-mill a barielof dry, but dam.
aged _snuff flour, -and prepared dredging
boxes, covered with a fine bolting cloth,
with which wexifted it over the surface of
any plants attacked by inseCts, and with
most signal success. The snuff should be ,
applied While the plant is wetirith dew, and 1
oepeate4 ufter every stoat'. If the boxes
oto properly made, (like a common floor
dredge) and "the snuff is perfectly fine _and
:and dry, but a little time is necessary to
rte overran acre of plants, Even the rose
4itg,:calahage louse, thripa on'" grape vines
allyiehl to 0.3_ influence of snuff, and
,riiitt most delicate plant of the hot house is .
Dot injered by its_ application.• For field
yngetables,eanetic int% made into fine pow
der while dry, and applied before slacking
by conttiet With the tur, trill prodace 'sin&
Ikr -
.Ftsit I ttq nor some experi
ment shy Droussounet, twiny species of fish
tred seviwal days in water too hot fur the
hand in bear it far. an jnstant. Sounerat .
ptatee thitt in one of the Namilies, there is
'3 hot spring.nith a temperatttre so high,-
that he epuld not beer.his band in it, yet
switntningnbout in it,epparent-
Iy not ipeoininetled by-the beats
ver• Te:bat avails all pomp'and parade of
lire which aPpent ; abroad, if, when we Ilia
LLe Itittering Sienna; the man is nn
floppy, whoa happiasseilike allaay,must be
at borne'.
"the prospect of. /oven -104" "anYB
nn ,paper, 4 ! would baye no. charm
for fin :American of Abe hiPlcwoodP,' 4 if
thought there was arty place farther
west • •
All - B.ALtiq,P.l
A Couple of Stray Leaves.
" Well, 'my - dear, will yoigo. to the party.
to night Y yea kuoW we bave i
bad a polite
Why.; my love, just as you please, for
you'icnoiv- that I always wish. to 'consult
your pleasure."
'• Well, then, tarriet, suppose we go ;
that is if you are4erfeetly willing; ''now 1
du not wish for yoli to say yes, because I
do, for you know that wherever - you' are
there :lin I perfectly happy." ,
" Why, toy love, you will enjoy yourself
there, I am,sure, and wheneveryou are hap
py, I-shall be of course. ,'.What dress shall 1
wear, IVilliam? my 'orbit° satin with blonds?
or my ashes of rose . ? or my ievantine, or
my white lace ? you always know better
about such things." .
*Harriet, 'dearest, you lo ok beautiful in
any thing; now take your choice to-night ;
but Lthink you look very well in the white
satin." ,
‘• There, William, dear, I, know you—
would think just as I did; oh how happy
wo shall be to night, and you must promise
not to learmmelhere for a momeut; for I
shall be so sad if you do.".
"Cal 4 thee dearest, leave thee
by youder star I swear!"
"Oh, William, dearest William, how
beautiful that is—you are always learning
poetry to -make mu happy."
" And Harriet, my own prized Harriet,
would,! nqt do anything in the world to
give you one moment's happiness ? Oh
you are so very dear to nue, it seems at
times almost too much happines to last.".
• " On, du not say so, dear William, it will
last and we shall he happier than this, for
will not our love be stronger and deeper ev
ery year ;'and now dearest I M ill be back in
one moment, and then we will go."
" There; she hai gone, bright and beau
tiful creature as she is. Ou, how misera
ble I should_bo without her—she has indeed
a spell around my heart, and me that :can
never, no, never be broken—she is the Only
star of my. distance, guiding:me to -virtue
and happiness, and can I ever love her less
than now ! Can I ever desert her—can I
ever speak of her in less terms than praise?
Oh, it is impossible—she is too good, too
pure—happy, happy man that I ate."
"My dear, I will thank you to pass the
sugar, you did not give me but one lump
_this cup of tea "
"Well, Mr. Snooks, I declare p.O use
sugar enough in your tea to sweeten a
whole hogshead of vinegar ;—James, keep
your fingers out s of that sweetmeat dish;
SusUn, keep still.yonr bawling; I declare it
is quite enough to set any one - distracted ;
there, take that, you troublesome little—,
" Why, Harriet, what has the child done 2
I declare you are rather hasty."
"I wish' Mr. Snooks, you'd mind your
own business ; you are always meddling with
what don't concern you."
"Well, Mrs. Snooks, I want Co ;know,
I who has a better right 'than I have; you!
aro'always fretting and fuming about noth.,
"Pa, Thomas is tearing your newspaper
all up."
"Thomas, come here; hnw dare you",
abuse—l'll 'teach you how to tear it again,'
thereisir, how does that feel Ti now go to
" Mr. Shooks, you horrid wretch ; bow
dare you strike a chiid of urine in that way ;
come hero, Thomas, pour ilia you
get,hutt ; never_tnind ; here is a lu.oapi of
supr ; there that's a good boy."
"Mrs. Snooks, let me tell you, you *ill
spoil the children; you know I never i4er,:
fere when you see fit to punish a child it
is strange that a- woman never can do ally
"Can never do anything rigid -
Mr. Snooks, if nobody did anything right
but yourself, what would become of us ?"
"Let me tell you,ma'am,thisis improper
language for you, ma'am—l'll bear it no
longer. Yon re snappish and surly as a
she-doz, and if there is a divorce in the
land, I'll have it ; you would wear otlt the
patience of Job:" •
"Oh bow mad the poor man is ; well
good night my - dear • pleasant dreams."
"There, she hai wme ! Thank tfeav
eti, rm alone once more. Oh ? unhappy
man that) am to be chained down to such
a creature • she is the very essence of ugli
ness—cross \and peevish. Oh, that I- could
once more be a bachelor; 'curse the day and
hour that I ever saw the likeness of heti,
Yes, I will get a divorce ; I can't live with
her any longer "; it is utterly. impossible." I
A nobler in Mobile, who nhop prntessedtrY
tench music, had the following .kignever'
hie door
"Delightful task to mend the tender hoot,
And teach the young idea how to Fume."
An-inquisitive country gentlernan once
accosted a boy who-was feeding pigs
"BoY, whose pigs ; are those l".
• "The sow's, sir," replied the boy.
" Well then. whose sow Is it?"
" Well, well, who ie your father
• "If you will mind the pigs, 1 will run
home: and ask my mother."
- .
The Ruin whose word can always be de
pendedlupon is sure to be always honored
and esteemed. - -
There is a ladyin Boston - so modest that
she lately.discharged her cook for seiving
up a half-dressed leg of mutton:,
rer. Marrying a,woman for,ber beauty
le like eating a bird for its zinging.
Extraordinary virtues are ever de
famed bithose who. want the eourage to
imitate them.
.1E1;6 - To some meu it is imlispensuble to
'be 'worth money,. for without it they are
worth nothing. • -
• riir Mer i t is mostly discovered by acci
dent and rewarded b destiny.
An alehouse keeper put up the following
sign :--“-Tabki bear sold liar." /1; 1 wag
said on reading it, that the bear .must be
of the person's own brtitirs
Jenny Lind is timidly called a nighti ale
but a chap who gave ten dollars fora tick
ht says Its, his opinion she's a robin.
• Tr.
• ..
'3, B, &`E. . B. Chaser
istirromi A! , 70 ritorstirrons
. .
SiOLLIR Al 6 vim currs per
annum, Cobh hi advance, or two dollars if not paid
until the end of the year, or time of subscription.
No,Paper will be discontinued until arrearages)
tier pad, except at the option of the Publishers. j
.All Communications must ho rose PAID to re-
ceivo attention.
All letters connected with the office, Should fa;
directed to S. B. & E. E. CUM ' Monirosc, Sun.
Co., Ist. • '
(11:F.P.ditors' office over M. C. Tyler's Store.
One srMare, (12 linen or Peas,) 3 insertions, $lOO
ach-subsequent insertion,,- 25
One square, 3 Months, - • = 4 ! 250
6 months, , - - 400
Business Cards, 4 lines or less, -- 300
Yearly Advertisements, not over 4 squares. 7 00
One column, one year, - ,- 30 00
Ym Advertisers will bo restricted to the bu
siness:in which they are engaged. • -
gi-;!1•11. Publishers, having a large assortment
ofJobl"rhiting Materials, are prepared to execute
all kMdir of JOB WORK with neatnees and des
i i .I3LA - NP, of every description. constantly
on hand, or primsd to Order. -
- MUIMP , 4 CTM.
301101 U. DIMOCIL,
Attorney at it,aw. ofilce on Turnpike etreet,
one door We of ilia oI Reglater Printing Inky, r4on
Great Bead, Pa.—Office trial Col. F. Lusk.
ITAVING been appointed by Gov. Eish,of New York, a
11 a Commissioner for that State to take the proot and
acknowledgement or Deeds and other Instruments, tall
attend to Mildness calls in •tltat capacity at his office at
Great Bend, Pa. - Sept.lo,lBso.—ly
Ty4llannock, Pa., OffiCc in Stark's Brick Row
DR•. G. 11. GAMBLE.
D FSIDENCE In the home ferm.trly the midi tee
jL Munua Guile.dereAsed.
Harford, Dectnnbck 23, 1530•
J. N. SCOTT , zt co.
Montrose, Pcuu'a.
ratiiner and Chair litaizer; carries on the
buslnctsio all its various brantbes:aud on a large scale,
at the old stand of Smiths, Steven., and Avery.
. E. B. & S. B. CUASE, - '
(oce over Tyler's Store.)
r.11.64m S.B.Cmsg
DEALER IN Dry Goods, Hardware,Crockery, Tin Wac
Groccria, nook', .tc. Also carries on the
Book Binding , Business.
' Public .4renue, 3lontrose, Pa.
(Shop over A., Daldwin'i. Saddlery Shop.)
0z.A.7.7.Ard - ttar.
Searles Building next door to the Povt. Office,
Ntontros.e, Pa. • n Ifltf
RTE are prepared, to
- sell :Vessrs. E. A. & 0. Pratt's cel
l! ehratell solo Leather' at N. Y. City prices—having
an acetyl. Dealers ran he accom foist ett with a superior
artiele,front (meta nue thousand sides at prices hereto
ore onboard of in this country.
Oct:1, 1850. , 15..4..i.0 L. POST yic CO.
AI E. TIIIMELT, DI new receiving n large And defina
ble assortment. or (()O lIS (comprising neftriy everything
granted ill tido market.)wh'eh will be sold eztremel yLOW
for :ASli or r enly pay. My assortment may be classed
u port as follows:
Drugs, Medicines, Cheniicals, Paints, Oils,
Dye Stuffs, Groceries, Dry Goods, Hard
ware,- Stone-ware, Glass-ware,
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry,
Saver Spoons. Spec- 1
• tastes, Musical •
Instrument, Trusses,
Medical josinuneuts, Liquors,
Perfumery, 2111rrora, Stationery,
, Brushes, Shoes, TOys,'Yankee Notions, c}e.
Thenkfultbr the llLeral patronage and substantial en
touragernent hitherto remised, I hope to merit and-re
selves continuance oftbe same. .
Montro.e,Oct.24, 1A50•
A Fresh Stock of Clothing.,
ny. thus and Cape, (spring latidon)Gente, Laillll and
tinys it oats and Skt.K`s, also, Cap and Letter raper,
by the Ream nr teen cinnutity, Walt and Unstain Paper
and Border, Inks, Pictures and Picture Frame., Iteok.
Fancy Stationery, Fielainz Tackle. &c.jumt received and
for Pate at ;mall profstf forready pay, and reud'i pat, only
April Gr,O. yuids.n.
Flax Seed.'
A" quantlty rg . Flax Seed wanted in exchange far aro
,erior nr Cruili by . N. DULLARD.
• Oct. '23.
EMPIRE Long Snawls, Palmettos, and VAIL De Lane
4 ofall colon , at' TYLER'S.
SALT by the loud ut
D. IL L. &Co
PLOUGH:: and Ea-aims - for rale by
SUAL rawdrra and LAGIta for pal
~ i gernm* an's New Saloon
A• MEltittplAN respectfully announces to the public,
t that hc,has removed his reccry and Salton to his
new building appueito SP arle'silotel. which he has fitted
up,ln A style unsurpassed, for the accommodation of
those who May think him deserving of their patronage..—.
MP eating. rooms. for gentlemen, are spacious and ele
gant; and inaddition he hoe furnished, In appropriate
style, twortiums expressalyforthc accommodation of la
• No et/after/11l bewnntingonthepartoftheproprleto .
torn 4. ke Ills4aloon a pleasant resort.
ungtrose. Nor. 1.1.1.a5c)--4nran.
1 - Ptkittatery; - Fancy Soap &c.
ircr,s4.3t 'Tondoline:Triple Extract; Macaws= 040 s
marrow Pomade, Beare' Oil, Itarry!ii Trieopherode,
and other fixinza for the hair._ 'Atilliary shasing Soap,
Wein ut 011 do While Brim Almond and Sassafras Soap,
superior articles for the Toilet, to be found at
Montrose; October 28, 3550 J. LYONS k.,,S*o2f.
Wanted- 1,500 . d05. Woolen Socks, '20,000 yds.
" Flannei. 31.000 bushels Oats, .5,000
EhoepPeltit' en uant'o-or
ter Zte. Wilma , Corn, Rye and But. ,
Ilarfo - rd, pet. 15,1850. JOILKSTON TERN._
Furs! Furs!!
VASy paid for Fox; Miuk, Muskrat, Martin-and
I/ Coon skino, by •-'.; - M. C. -TYLER.
Montroge, Die.'19,1850. '
The, People's Friend
T. T: PONDts. of Ithaca., N. 17.
Dxt re DE5 . 71101 . 811 ANDitEATAND'EXTRACT.—An Extrac
from the shrub called IV - Rd:l-hazel, and pilrely from
that with the exception of a little Alcohol to preserve it.
It will cure - oil local Tata and Intimations t old - serer,
fresh wounds and bruises, Piles, and all':diseases of the
bOvrels of n chronic nature, tootlr.ache ; - earnche and, an
excellent rfmAyforfemales, &c. .
Itis truly_what It professes to be," th e People's Friind!
Prtysidence has seattercd along the rugged paths of life
many things thateontribute greatly to the comfort and
Irappiness of erery body, hence' their great ratite, and
well may they be called!friends of the People.'
.• One word here toguard againstimposition. Amen by
tint:name ofBpencer, has manufactured and offered for
saten spurious article called the Coryll Erlract,—that
wo(ild tart:area of the hazebnutt—the. genuine hula
white and as .purc es 'utter, while thespluions article is
coinred,which enables tnepuhlicto distinguish.
4 1ifonegenalne,buttbosemarked Pond'spain Piestrwr
WM. K. lIATCLi, Montrose.and store-keepers and me
drelne-tiealeregenemllyiAgents. .
.ANEW supply of JEWELRY, and Mitchel
at cost for ensft,it TURRELL'S.
Jan. 1, 1851, ;
CLOCKS, vfxrcEiEs, Jt WE LltYtte
-' -, Giva llargalnst, -
--,c.....,,,..„ .„._ li r .c..trqpir,ED vent,' fay
- z-. 7• . lb . to. the citizens of :Montrose
,0:7 7 .. ' ~ and vicinity, tbot he hasjust re
. , ~,.., 14 turnedfrom New, York 'with the
, sll
i s' ' 0 4,,, s /' largest, rleheit nod hest ielected
if 44 . ~ i?.,,cjiWortnnut of
, lit a t e li it tii
4 Ypavelry. Silver AVrtre•
%.,, .i o M af, 41,:e. ever before offered in Bing ,
LI,. hatuton. The libOe pinds were
bought foreaih, and will ho sold
lit the tiniest price,end all articles' warranted as reeetn
mended.: 'N. B..—Partienlarattentiou paid to 'repairing
alit:lnds of We t cher.and Jewelry.
1",..1' Court street, nearly opposite the Pleenigitet-el.
Binghamton, Octal/JO!). L. VINFIELD.
The Good Time Pins Come!
Tm: subseslber hail this dayrcturned from New York
with a largo and well ! seleiltsd assortment of Goods
to which he would call the attimtion of his friensls.liev,
ng had the la 'vantage of In years experience in this vi
age; he flatters himself that he well understands the
tastes and wants of his patrons.
Amonghl a stork will bo found upwards of 40 different
styles of Gobi and Silver Lever and ',opine Watels
I Gold Vest,l'oh and Guard Chains; Ban' Bracelets , Box
and Slonedo; Pens end Pencils: Thimbles, Speepseleg„
Belt Hooks:ma Slides. Watch Keys, Lockets, Breast
Pins,Finger ltlnashnd Ear Pings.
A large arsortMent of Silver Spoons. Forks. Buttes
Knives, Cups. Napkin Wags, Thimbles, Pen-holders and
Se , eetacies. Also, ass extensive variety of Plated Were
1.14, Castors, Cake Baskets. Candiestleks, Fruit St ands.
Snuffers and Trays, Toast Backs, Spoons and Vorks,and
I a full variety ottlutlery, Fancy Articles. Clocks, etc.
These Goods having been Felerted with great care.
bothwith regard to quality: price and style. the suhsert
; bee is confident that he wilt give 'satisfaction to all who
' may favor him with their patronage.
ALFRED J. EVANS, Washington-st.
Binghamton, Nov. 7,1530.
Lever Watch, twit Minute Automata
T A- SMILY:TON (Pupil of fatherland. Om Paten
e tee, and late with It. Itoshell, Liverpool.) iinosi ,
Li eomplienee with numerous .11SIllelltial, mud earnest
eolieitiit ions to renvial in Montrose, I have consented, on
condition that I meet, with that enenuriy.tement and op
prova which It shall . he my eonatant stilly and interest
to merit.
In Mblition to the Mann:actor-T:lg Department, J. A. S.
undertakes effectually to REPAIR every description of
Geneva 311iSical Tableaux. Repenting and other watches;
together with Automata Mechanism. however complex.
The disagree:3d ejarring en prevalent in spirit musie r and
so ju lily complained of.thoroughly eradicated, morepar.
Ocularly to in Illusical Boxes.
It must be admitted that, In connection with, and in
ruldition to theoretical knowledge. or a speculative a,
quaint:lll,l,R is illdiTCll,siblyrquigite the ort izart should
be practically familiar with the complex 'nature of that
delicately minute deseript ion of machinery referred to.—
This qualification. and t his onhi. renders the artist com
petent to accomplish with mathematical accu riey.
If upwards of forty years' assid uons mut pr..tica I per
severance in the construction °lv:lrons approved e,npv
wnts for the more accurate means of measuring Time.
in conjunction wtthiunique specimens of Automata now
in his prisseFSloll. together with the high pa troimca en
joyed, preponderates in the scale of sr•i en Oho approbation
then J. A. S., unost rota tionsly pr,;Funies Jut lion some
pretensions to the coallence of those honoring him with
the run: mends.
N-D—T oerripv a wlndoir in the Drug nutl 'Varlets store
of )!r. Abel Ttirr,ll.
:Sloutroqe. )la.reh
English Patent Levers
.ern , ris this
day received another invoke
T :You,trmot his superior Patent, Lever wArctin, nmdecz
prevsly for him by the celabratedjoseph Johnson. I.iver
pool. The subscriber Is prepared to cage tin nhnee
Watches in any pattern. or quality of gold. as cnstomers
may nigh, if those on hand slienbl not suit. Also just
received a large lot of Silver Anehora. and Lepines, all of
which will be sold at the lowest Cash prices, and warran
ted to give satisfaclen. ALFRED .1 EVANS.
Din3ll2oml. March 'M.
dk. 1 1.41.. 1111 G
I hnve been entvwtrged by the very tibecni pntronagn
received:to nil 117 my shop with thti largest and best
as:ortmenVof gout. ever yet brought to this maritet—
Init may befound everything belonging to n Jewelry and
fancy st ort• 6 .10a.Cineks o . aVateheA. of every description.
Burning. Fluid.parieraml common Lamno. ableb at this
time is the best thing in use for a good and cheat,
You can flail them only at
Nlontro‘ei. November 211. 1 SW)
Notice to Railroad Men.
rilifflstrak.4tibzir bas MISS day received another invoice of
finglishillatent Lever Watched. per Atlantic. These
Watches are from the mane:teary of Joseph Johnson,
Liverpool, Made eapressly to order for the subscriber,
with his name engraved on them, tvith ennrcial reference
to tbevrants of Kaden:id Agent s and others. Wishing per
'. cerf time: ;They are in heavy silver cases, and willbe
'eased in geld. orally style and quality, to order.
Dinghaint au, Washington-st.—t 9 A. J. fi'VANS.
lifEßCifAND,Sfircr&ding Oil,Trask's Magnetic Ointment
M. Cod Liver Oil, Townsend's Sarmparilla..Vaughn's Li
thontriptie.Schenck'slialsam.Sw•aim's Panacea.all of Dr.
Jayne's:Medicines. Dailey's Pain Extractor,' I. Ain
lfeave Cure—and most of the approved Patent
Medicines of the day, kept constantly on howl by
(ONSISTI'SG of Table, Dessert Tea. Cream, Mustard.
Ij and Salt Smons; Snore Shovels, SuLzar Tons. Table
and Dessert Forks.Dut ter Knives,&c., warranted elual
to eldn. tram - rived gratis.3by A. J. EVAIk:S.
J. J"" Silver Ware Pinter, unit fierrnim
Vl..iL; - Silver eon •Isting of Table. Tea,
Desert. Cream and MUF ;aril Snoops, Salt and S uzar
els. Fork s e. , fin:roved gratis, at L. e ANTI ELD'S.
QILVER Spoons. For1;1 MI 1 finivqs, warranted the beet
manufact ared in America., TRUES.
11117 E last nt the 6 dna. 20s- flinckti Lr . zone but more of
1 the sumo surf is OU the may to True's Jewelry shop.
Watches, Jewelry &c 6
rpRE Subscriber hat. received an addition to hi
stock of Jewelry, consistilig of Gold Foh and
Guard Chains. Lockets, Fidget; Rims, Ear - Rings.
Breast Pine. Silver Chains, Gold Thimble's. Gold
Pencils and Pens, kc., &c. to which he would in
vite the attention of his friends. A.J. EVANS,
Binghamton, March 3, 'M Washington st
Watches! Watches !
aOLDand tiilver. Lever and Lepineo full jeweled and
T plaln.n large assortment, at tlie vary - lowet,t,nriees
and warranted.
Binghamton. Out.. 14.16.50. L. CANTTELD.
—_ •
The Richest
r I ELITTIONof Itreartpfus.F.arringr and Fir,,rer flings
i)erer offered in Itinahamton,liy A ..
TATATetIES airti oilier jewelry iu quantities
V V to suit purchasers by •
GGINI Lockets.
OlNGT,r,andl)ouhle c)ferery Fize. by
1.) Ilinz:trtmtnn.l s A. J. EVANS,
pe'rfeet. time keepers. AlFa
tVatetws;allquantitieß,Ly' . A..L ErANEt.
• ' Gold Chains
LO.ETs..Thimbles. speckF, Pen and Pyrell ('arras
a foil amortla cute a L. VANFIELD'F,
H. Burritt teceeintuonfia
i s l u lo alT; l l.. " Z k an o l
complete in Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods, GE°Cedes, Crock Pry, Hardware,
Iron and Nails, Boots and Shoes, Cooking, Parlor
and Shop Storee,Etalo Robes, Hats, Caps, &c.
including in particular, !Warp and splendid as•
sorttnent of
aaaagav =l - tio , 2
and t Winter Long Shawls; •
tom whOl lz e u - ote.t invite the attention of ntlwho
nrevrieting - Goods of the best styles, and at prices that
canuot;be beat ; for cash orpt mince of all , kinds,incizuling
Woolen Soclo.Flonnel.Pork.;.thain, dr.c. iu tiny quantity.
New , slllford, Nov. 7.1850:.'
N. D.--Coarpe aad Wcptern Salt, and Floor kept con
antly on hand.
still -Rolling the New Goods in
At the ne4d.orrias . imation. -
T •
lIE Aulr , rib ris reemiri g !teary ipments,ot almost
every kind of Goods which au offering very'cltenp
foi the ready John, 4•4 • - '
Ile would tender Isle warmest thanks to the pukUc,nul
tspeciatly to those whc Love been Mend in the bestow.
melortheir patronage, and seem to feel aul act;
that , hfilerchant ncecht his pay conic thou during the
cenftlry,and;he went(' toost rt-Tpeetfully tt ka contlun:
aneelof theirfavors. ' - M. c..TyLEn.
Mcintrose,Noveroheri •.
ARE jurt receiving a aplendld lot of FALL. GODS.*
OUT custconefikeon fled at the old stand alintist any
thing they desire atraiereleesi • -
. • .
. .
New . . Goods,
. ,
TrltEnlbxeriberis•og ,in receiving n - fresh supply o
.1- Fall and Winter (toed S.- Please call and examine. •
Montrose, 0 cv.2 I 3,WA. -- - U. T. WEER.
1890 YDS. of . that 8d ,Orange and Wan print
, just -renewed and selling , rapsdiv at
- • - LAKE 4 EATON'S.
The_!kitest prices paid for all ktuda of fur.—
,t We are after elts - !" L Es E..
flarford, Nov. 28th, '5O.
DISZkiTL FIY . 1 / 4 . -READ
200 Oz, Silver Ware.
Some Very Fine
And till they Come
,Stoiresi: Warp,. ai‘d - •
tEY SEMI() State . Air 'right - cooking stove, for
burning wood or coal, the best in
int:igh and
,Ready double oVeit cooking stove.
Elevated do . do. do do •.
'Premium " -do •do
Victoria der dt, do ' do
EmpiroState •do do
Clinton Air Tight - do do
211 Sizes and kinds of Partin. Stoves for, wopd.or
4 Sizes of 6 plate Stoves.
Coal and Wood Stoves for shops, school houses'
the best in use.
Copper, brass, tin and iron stove were. •
Russia, English, and. Stove Pipe.
Stone, Tin, and Zinc tubes, esm., fer sate by the
lOU, doz., or single, at the Eagle Fotmdry
Montrose, Nov. 26,'50. •
Ware Room in Lyons 4 Chandler's
. Long Building.
A general unortineOt of -
Cooking, Parlor. Shop and Coal Stoves,
Stove pipe, Elbaws,•Zinc; Sheet Iron, -
Copper, Brass,TFire, liar Iron,
Nail Rods, round & square
Cast' ,Steel all sizes,
round 'S square
- Iron, all sizcs,
Side Hill.
Green Sward,
Excelsior, Genesee (S.
Tr)rsterPlows.Straw Cut
ters, Corn Sheller,s,Saw Arbors,
Morticing Machines, Mill Cranks,
Balance Tilheels, Pots, Disk Kettles, Spi
ders, Tea Kettles,‘Trajle Irons. Um
brella Stands,Pu mps,Lead Pipe,
Shingle• Manhincs, Scrapers,
Sleizh Shoes, Jack Screws, 6.c. (ST.
Aii kinds of Castintto on hand or made to order—
also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron %Vitro on Imn . d,
or made to order. WILSON & CO.
Montrore.Noi). 5,1850,
New Titi"iord, Stove Depot
1 1%Tp().
111.711111TT has just received a new assortment of
it. Stoves,- including the mast approved kind 4 of Air
Tight mnd comment Cooking, Parlor, and Shop Stoves.
llio , slann.l common pipe, Sheet Iron, and Line. Stove
Tnbes,,k.e. toe., to which the attention ofrash placebos
ers. and the public is invited, and which will ho sold at
eery 101Cj•rit`05. for cash or approved credit.
September, ISA.
Move, Tla :and ,Copper Ware.
THE subsctibers have just- purchpsed, a large
stock hf o yes, Tin and Copper Wpre, which
they offer{ to the public. ;so ehenp as the elniapest.
11 , ;n.Lx . riiRop ;,.
Montrose, Dec. 10, 1850.
The best STOVB out
THE lidystone State Air-tight Coobing,Stove,
mannfacinred and far sate by Wir.soN 4 en.
Montrose and Lanesbero%
F. norroor•iiing a lorgo nor splen•Prl
not:, will be sold cheap for c ' af.h ° . "°rtfnent of
iihirting. 1 irking, Batting. Wadding, Dril-
C"t con and Yarn, Carpvt and Knitting
Yarn, ItTnarictoths and ‘,lassimi‘res, Carpets and Carprt
Trual:P.itlank,illue and (keen Fu11a,11,15, Japated
Ware,erceliiiry and Gluac IN are, Hardware,
Crushed, puiveriscd and N. 0. Sugars. Coffee, Molasses,
Black ens! Green Teas, York, Mackerel,Codfisb, Candles,
spices, &c.
We are receiving; a liugc assortment of ell kinds • ischoo
linekr.fllwriish, Latin. French, Greek nod (lerrann)
Illrtoricr, Miscellaneous }Works, Medical Ilboks,
Ca,.I,Ti , SUP and Note Paper. fc.c. &c. Those .n want
of Books and Stationery will phase give us a call, as we.
literal, to sell ellen p for cash.
eouldlta% Parlor... Shop and Coal Stores. Pipe, Elbows
Store Ware. Iron ts:orapers, Plows; Corn shelters, straw
eutto s,. P low Points, etc., at Lane:dame.
by fir 11 1. nr other pier—Candles by the box or lb—also,
ti G lass, PuitatA and Ohs.
P To‘rwentPe. and Santl'eenrea
paril In —75 emits per bottle. LYONS & CHANDLER.
! , lontrost,;:n.l i, neAnro', Nor. 7.1350.
Blatchly's Plows
m i1E,...1„,,,„r would inform his friends and the pub.
.I. lie. that he is snow manuracturing the erlebrated
Ilt.sTnnLY I'Lew3 at the old ttand of 11. 'Fait. Side
Rill. Mon, Wayne Fn., Living...ton collate. and Skinners
*Eddy Trews and Castings nu hind " Repairing' done on
Otai, notice. flaring made an-arrangement with a ma
chinist. ho is prepared to make and fit up most, kinds of
nmchinery on shirt notice and on reasonable terms.
Sl t rose, February 17.1851. 11. MILLS.
1110 N—English and Swedes, $01:11 , 1 : 11 fire, fult:11.1vo.
Drag Teeth by ' S. 11. 'SNAP. CO.
Agr,o,lArcolul head crokit,g etuse, air° a goon res.- rut
ter, fur eale,cheap at T mutt:Lt.'s
ALOUGlES.—llingllnmton.MontroFe.Skinn•TA Eddy
and Mott a'nd FulltesPlougdlF and Ca Fling ~eonstantv
v on hand by S. It. SAYTIE EL CO.
Notice to the Public.
New Seasonable Fall and Winter Goods at the
. .
Great One ,Price Store of
F.. S. LEN3Iui3Y, Gri•at. Bend,. Pa.
I:GS leave to take this opportunity of tendering his
,ittel,l, thanks to his friends and customers. for the
generous patrimage they have egtended to him; nod
at the same time inform them that he has just returned
frolii New York with a very large and choice selection of
Fancy and Staple Dry Coodsi Also a fresh and eaten
vi veassottmentof Grceenes, Provisions, Boas:lnd Shoes,
lists and Caps, Irardware, Crockery. Ecc.,Dtugs and
3ledieines, which will he sold for cash and produce at a
very email advnace, at prices which defy all competition.
FlO s ur, Pork.Fisb, Salt, wholesale andretati).—he would
nisi) remark that he wilterev strictly to the idystem of al
ways n ming the lowest price at Hrst.thvrety Firingthe
Fame advantage to all who may favor him wi4L their pat
ronage. - •
Great rend Clothing Store.
The largest, best-swl cheapest assortment otriemly
Made Clothing in the Village of Great Band. Pa., Broad
Cloths. Doe Sitins,Casslmerrs and Vetting? of all qualities
suitable for the Fall ant Winter Trade. which he Offers at
suchprices no to satisfy any one that this's the place for
them to deaf. in consequence of the grttit increase of hi.
business Ire has been obliged to greatly enlarge his stock,
which he now offers to his friends sod the public fur en.
amination, confident that in so doing they will n nd some
thing to their advantage. The subscriber has made are
rangements to manufartnre cliithing in all its various
brandies, and is now prepared to sell the same, warrant
ed to bear inspection. Custom work and 'cutting done
at the latest stylennd shortest not ice,—alikinds of tails
ors' trimmings furnished and for side. - Do not forget the
spot. Store nearly opposi to the 31anelon House.
Great Demi, Sept.,lBso. • L. S. LENIIIIH.
. Boots. & Shoes!
AGOOD esiortment of B o ots & Shoos, embreeinq
31en's eoarenndilne Boots, Boy's Boot's and Shoes,
Womea's and Allsseeditto—ntso
rmi , rnelng a grsat vrriety of Qverroats, Sacks - , Twesds,
&c., a larva variety Of Vests front viz ehillin ,, a upward..
and n good assorintynt of Pants, Shirts, limners and
.I'o - rappers—ditto
Hats & Caps,
Silk and Fur lints ;.Plush, Put, 51uhalt, Cloth and glaz.
ed Caps, fall fashions, for men, boys and children.
H , BOOICS & Stationery • r
School and Miscellaneous lio9ks, Staple and Fancy Fta•
th;nery,, Inks, Inkstands, Penracks, Penknives, and a
great variety of fancy articles too nualerons to canna
tate,just received at • PULLER'S,
First door above' Searle's llotel:
at ontroso, Oct.. 26,1859.
Books! Books!
* NEW Furpfy of Books just received, Inchnling nll
11 thp kindor used to itut.Nnw Acad,tniy, Atso
Leticruud Cap rum, at the price,
Sept.s -- J. LYONS k SON.
Valuable Books
VITT ON'S Daily Iliblo Dias Emerson's E3anys,
apostoliellatithark by Taylor . , Itcrieirof the Mexienn
War by Llreratoro,Dook Fonna,D'Aaltbign..'a lliatory
of Reformation. et c. J. LYONS &SON.
G EN ER AL assortment of School Books whole
El sale or regale by . •
Montrose. Nov.2G,
‘-- Boots and BhOes! -
ANr.i ... ..uppty or Gentlemarnl ,Cal f Boot s
. and 1.441104 Bnots,Sltoce, unit Slipper,Oust rereiy
F,ept. 4, 1840, .11):1). FULLER
EAS prime urtiolo at prices to suit tho quul
ity,'autt.iirchaier. for . sale hy
Chang 6 ri Hours, .commenting, Jul!, 8 .
Ramapo. &Paterson and Pater •
- ,
sun .S4,lllludson Inver, . .
. - ra.‘,4A; E LAM- 0 A :3)S .: .
.Leave Suilcrn's Depot at- I '; Letive New-York at
'0 o'cieck 30 rain. . A. 31.17 o'clock 30 min: ' A. 31;
10 "- -30 min. A: 3L3— " 1 tirniu. P:31,,
.0' " .30 mitt.. P.• M I ' . s' " 45 mkt.: - 1':34
4 , 4.1010.1,AV l'illAtnes.
Ltart Stifern's Depot; 1 . 7,eare Neill- York '
*5 o'clock :10 min. A. M. I' o'o'clook P. 31.,
•Or on the arriral'of the Eriutnlinstroluir. 'East.
, eAIC Fat.NO Ai 'V It it I NS. - -
Leave Patermtnt ; Lea re Nere•Yark ,
7 o'clock A. M. Market4t. 7 o'clock 30T111$.A. , 51
Bki " " rat'n Don. 9 . ! " 30 "
12 " M. " " 1 ;
4 3 4 44 It . M. 61 {A . 3 ‘is .13 ,s•
7 " "• 31arket•Ft. 5 ; . " 45 "
s ini DA s."rre A Iltira.
Leave Paterson al ' 1 Leone New-liirit at
o'clock A. 31. Market-st. IS) o'clock . A. 31
,!.1 " P. M, Pat'n Depot. I 0 " r. 31
N. IL On .Ifonduytio'rnievtliefirM, train fromSaffern't
will leave at 7 25 lola. or on- MB arrival of the Port Jerrh
Thu 7 30 A. 31. nnd 5 45 o'cidek P. 31. , traing.frron . Nen
York. will not stop at any otatlba north of Paterson, cr..
cept Itork Road and Hohokam,'
The train:if which leave New York at 734' A 51 and IN
P M will be in Haze to meet the Eric trains,morning rind
voning , ,goin:.; Wect, ut Suffcrtis Depot
Augmt 22,1850
New York Erie, Cayuga
quehanna Rail Roads, Seneca
• and Cayuga Lakes!
T"E ~, b@cribers are , how prenared to reecive lIT
of u://:”.1., at thofollmting point", sits
Buffalo, Atmet. 11 ttavia, "Borten, Itogliegter, Cananda
ua, Omieva, Drmiden. Ovid. Lodi, Dundee, Landing, Jef,
erroft., Ih Mitiport, Itorretteatb., - Corning:, Elmira
Fagtoryville, Spring Port, Iteddees Ferry, Aurora, I tha
ea, Candor, threTt, Uninu t Binghamton ' Great Brod
[mobs boro' , ()eye Ilaneock, every day intim week
l 5 a witty s excepted,) and COntitiln with regmlarity throng
Out,oll. ilmy will attend to tot - wording the saute
to the New York Market, wberto wilireeelve the per:me
al attention ot experienced saletquelf, Ids o wll attend to
the Neil nit Ile Saute, and return the proceeds in Bank •
able laud, at either of the ahoVe polo ttt, to the following
perstate :
1111 dato,St orehouso of lienryiDnw ; A ttica.Storehouse
of IlenreSyford; Bat avla,Storelionseoihnei US A . Smit ,
Bergen, Storehouse of Daniel Merherson; Rochester
Store of Fairbanks & Eldredge; tinuandagint. 011iec 0
Widtcr Corcoran; Geneva, O Lawrence; Dresden Store
house of Whitney A: Mourn; Ovid,Fergusan ..:Sprague
Lodi ; Dundee Landing,. Storehouse or T. Tuthill & Co.
JetTerson, office of E. 0. Nortnn, on the Pier, Havana
M11e...1J F. Phelps; 1l illporti store of J. Stull; Horse
oeads, office of .1. A. Farrell; Corning, store of Wi0..1
Arnold; Eimira, storehouse of Thurman & Ingltram
Factor) title. store of Charles 11. Sh.pluid; Redder'
Ferry: A niorn, store of H.& O. P.:Borg:1u; Ithacn,stos
of I' . If. Drake; Candur,store of S. Banger; 0 0 eFfa , 0
lice of Nathaniel Ells; Union, store df 0. N. 11 - beeleg
Binghamton. office of domes Sick; Great Pend, ode e a ,l 0
F. Churchill ; Laneshoro', sffide of N A. Ward; Petit,*
store of Ensign 11 eau; Ehnicock. store qt Allison &
Reeves.. l l s. II Dinghmmt on, "
W.H. WHITNEY, Dresden, •
GEO. I'. 3IONEY.I/, do.
AG ENTF.—Buffaln, Ilenry Paw; Atticn. Thomas Fy
ford ; Batavia. Lucius A. Smith; Ber>,en,DanielMePher.
son; I:oche:ter, Fairintnits & Eldridge; Cm:and:tram,
Walt et-Corcoran; Geneva, C. Lawrence; grid. Ferguson
& Stmerue; Dundee Landing, Tuthill & Co.; Jet,.
forgon, E. 0 :carton; Havana. F. Phelps; Millport, J.
stall zit:at...elle:els, J. A. Ferridi; Corning. Win. J. Ar
nold: Caiira. Thurman & Inglirant Factoryrllie.o If.
Shepherd, A urnra, 11. & 0. P. 'Morgan, Ithaca. P. H.
Drake: Candor. S. ilarager; Union, C. N. Witecier;
Oren t Rend, F. Churchill; Laneaboro'. F. A: Ward; De
posit, & Dean; flan cock, Allison & Reeves.
Capt. James Is
qlper!ntend the bus!tiese throughout Chu tsjiole
tle,avelre,eitre and fill all orders for
f4encorles. Fruit,' Fish. °ratters, ACC. 4 .tc.
which gill he bought at the Innekt wholesale prirem fn
Nen. York, and forwarded to any or the above Domed
New stage Arrangement at Great`
• •
marl two Daily Mlles of Sieges from Great Rend to
1 Montrose wilt hereaftar have the Railroad Hutriof
C. C. Smith in the immediate vleinity of the Depot, a+ (pl.
lows : At 4 A..'s. and CI P. 51.,'01.1 the arrival of the
road trains from Nsw York: passing through New Milford
to 'Montrose. whence n Dail t line rote in co numtion
therewith to Springville Tunkhannock and Wilkesbarre ,
another via. N rhnieon, Factorywille, Abington Centre;
Providence and Hyde Park to,STrantortitt, (these places
being along the line of the Lt.*cts Gap Railroad ) Re
turning, the stage. leaves Scrantonla at 4.A. M., passing
through the above places to Montrow, witenee the Hues
leave in time to reach the Great blend Depot before the
train. going Fast.
Also. a Daily Ihn leaves Stultles Railway Hotel en the
arrival of the noon train from.' the West for Carbondale
Summersville,New 3111 ford, Ilarford, Len imand Dun.
tlatf. • TRUESDELL& CO.
Great Rend: Jan. 22- ISIII. 5 tf
• (3 4 ti) 12 1 - • i
DR. S. E. MAIN, German Physician , takes thin:neat
thtt of informing his friends and the pubdc in general,
that he has located in the villagr Owego, Count) of
Thra, and has established a permanent oM Ce on Main-st.
over Ilulhart's store, and is reedy to attend to any
IlSineSS in the line of his proftitsion.
his superior method of arriving at a correct diagnosis
in disease, and his tinparalelle'd success In treating tat !
various tiviett,es incidental tot the lama= sytela, more
csialcially those of an acute, subacute, chronic, or com
plicated character, are all that Is necessary for, him to els
fer to the invalids and disease:l : of every chant ct er t o enti
tle him to the confidence of a diccriminativg public. For
the benefit of those unacquainted witiiiiitt method of
practice he would say that he describes dtsense by a
chemical and microscopical examination of the Jrine.
Pet sons may send or bring thelTUrine in a clean (at
least two ounce) vial, the first - in the morning preferred,
and as a record-it kept of all: the cases examined, the
name and age of the patient are also required. No
charge in made for examining ti case where no medicine le
Ills medicints are principally selected from:the 'Vegeta-
Mc Kingdom, and lire administered according to the G
man Rotauic Pruelice.
He would abeD add, that he bee at last made an !mom
ent discovery in relation to treating diseases of a calm
lOUs origin, or Gravel. Is'a singular dettosit ion , ana
may consist In crysta Inc grains, of agritty barb-feel,
but not distinctly risible upon a close examination i of it
may consist in irregular shaped transparent concretions,
sufficiently large to be scadily:diatinguislied by the .7e,
and denominated calculi..
T,he preparation,that.he hap introduced IP enpnble of
dissolving and holding. in solution, ealculnur, or later',
tious concrotlons, uhich is the, source of Irritation, and
vet)? often extensive intimations of the Urinary organs,
thereby allowing tile same to CACATTC. •
oferencett eau to, hot( atillpOtTlent. mpersot•sllving
ht oil TAW Western counties of the Sint, of Nen York,
Yenusytbnnin, Miebiann, &e., Nth° _brit been, yen *up to
din by the most skillful Physicians. llearing of . m and
avaiing the nselres of his skill have been - reßtor, to.
good imalth: The great'Derman Lein edy far Female Ire
striations. it'orras, Croup and Dysentery. may always hu
fount at the Office. • ;, D. 9, E. CRAIN.
thne-go..lSrt. 9'2.1651. = 4 ly.'
ASTROLOGY-111 E Gelehrat,sl Dr. C. W. aormex,
Professor of Astrology, A stronotny,Phren Mow. bud
Geonnuary, emnIUM,I with CONJURATION, from y 0 00.
den, office Nci..• n LOCUST Street,' Philadephia. otters
his services-to the. citizens 4.lllontrose, Ile has-hoes
conrultcd by all the er owned heads of Europe, and en
joys a higher reputation as an Astrologer than any . pLe
living. Nativities calculated according to Geomaney—
Ladles 8:3, Gentlemen „Sri. Persons efts distance ran
have their nativities .tirtrn by sending the date of the
day of their birth. All letterslcontaining the, above fee
will receive Immediate attention, liativities scut to any
part of the world written on durable paper ;- end bets
prepared to ninhe Use of hie potter by e'onjuratien on any
of the following toplete—Uourtslup. advice given for the
successful aceemplhilment of ti wefdthy marriage, be has
the power to redeem such as era given- to the we of the
bottle; and for all cases of hazard, and for the rectwery
ofstolen or lost property, and the purchasing of lottery
tickets. Thror.ends of the shave named canes have been
done In this city oud its vicinity. end lu the United &tetra
to the full satisfaction of till *PAM ll:invites or Dore
oscopcs have been cast during the last four mug while
hero. Letters will answer every purpose, and will do as
welt as to call In person, and the mall is now so safe that
pe sons 'feed not fear to trnstAnoney through the Post
Oilier. Di. Haack rece.ves from 100 to 10I)I letters
monthly. and has neverinisse,l one. All Letters w 11-be
religiously attended to If pre-pitid. For particulars cell
at the Democrat office and get!an Astrological Almanac.
-• i O. W. ROBACK. •
Locust st. above Eighth, 'Philadelphia,
trruo particular to mention,the Post-Office, county
and State: - '• 3.1*1.9
7., r i POttEEIP—Dr. nuNTER wiliforfeit $543 If falls
el ing,to cure any ease of disease that may coon;
under his care, no matter how long standing or afflicting,
Ennui" sax are invited tollie Private Downs. 38 North.
SEVENTIf st., Phila., - without, fear of Interruption by
other patients. Strange's and others who have been Un
fortunate in the. Felertiqn of a ; physician. are Invited to
call. Those who have injured themselves by solitary vise
are alsojovitod. ' :
D AND It EteLECT.—The DaliCtet WO,Tati du well to
reffeet before trusting their health , happiness, and in
many cases tb or lives, in - the hands of physicians, - Jane ,
rantmf this elm' of maladies..;lt is rertainly impossible
for ono man to understand nil Ills the human Dimity
aresubjoet to.. Every respaetsble physician has
cellar branch, in which le fx more successful than lds
brother protessers, mod: to that ha devotes moat or hia
time and study. - . • ,
yuAn a or vitae:Tref:. exclusively devoted to tint-stmly
and treatment of diseases of the sexual organs,. together
with ulcers upon the body, throat, nose, orlegs, pains in
the head or bones, mercurial rheumatism,' strictures,
gravel, irregfitimitice;ilisease arising. from , youthful :ex
cesses or impurities of the blood, whereby the conetltn
tion has becnnie enfeidded, -enables the Doctor •to offer
eraser natter to all alto may place :themselves .under
care. . . .19 ly
TULE heit reirphly for ilillionsattacicreitantfispeakft erre
. J. experience) for snip by - '• C. ISALDWINt-
rim:Wf.:l; Ounplipr (ap r Pepper sauce;
)u,:t ard„Lttt er Paper, Twine, ISlaraing and tencher,
Zte,, for ?ale by . 1 N. DCLIAND.
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-i ~_~pi
Mfke, l v
For the Removal and .Permanent! Cure of all
And of those Compininta 'which aro mixed by IA id
paired, weakened or unhealthy condition of the _
. _
. .
beatliifUl AM convenient apPication of theta - y.lg
terinus powers a GALVANISM and l MAGNETISM, had
been pron,ounced.ty distinguished pbyticiana, both id
Europe and the United !States, to be the most valtioti
stedicinot discovery of the Age:. • .';
MAGNETIC 174111 D,
is used with the wort perfect end certairi success In td
cases of
Strengthening the 'weakened body, giving tone to ad
itlrious organs, and invigorating the entire system. 4J
all NERVOUS DISEASES. - which complaints arise Lam
oho simple cause—namely,
A Derangement' of the Ifervons System.
/13 , In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Drags and Mel
sines tneres re the disease, for they weaken the vitalises.
give or the already prostrated system k while, under tbi
strengthening, lite•giving, vitalizing influence of
as applied by tine beautiful and ;w.onderkl
virerv, the exhausted patient and weakened stderet is
restored to former health, strength, elasticity Sad Sim
The great peculiarity and excellenctie i
. Dr. Chrlstiela Galvanic: CurOlves !
consists in the fact that they'arrest and curd disease by
outward application, in place of the usual ;mode of dray.
Bing, and physicking the patient. till e#lausted . tiatun
sinks hopelessly under the infliction.
They strengthen the whole system, equalize at eireule.
Minn of the blood, promote the serrations. and never de
the slightest injury under any. circumitaneei. 811:100 their
introduction in the United btates, only three years dies,
morn than
7 5,•000 Persons .
ine.tuain all ages, elauei and conditions, ; moll %Flak'
were a large number of lag ev, who are peculiarly ttabJett
to Nervous Complaints, have been
Whop all hope of relief had been given tip, and every
thing else been tried in vain
•To illustrate the use of the GALVANIC BELT,.
suppose the case of xi person afflicted with that banes(
civilisation. DYSPEPSIA, or any other Chronic or Ng.
ova Disorder. In ordinary cases, stimulants are takin,
which, by their action on the' nerves and muscles of the
stomach, afford temporary relief, but which leave thi
'patient in a, lower state. and with injured faculties, alter
the action thus excited has ceased. this
with the effect resulting from;the application of the GAL.
VANIC BELT. Take a Dyspeptic sufferer, even in es
worst symptoms of an attack, and simply lie the Ben
around the Body; using the Magnetic Fluid as direeted.
In 'a short period the insensible perspiration will act oa
the positive element of the Belt. thereby causing a Old
snide circulation which sill pass on to the negatave, tad
tbduce back again to the positive, thus keeping up a era ,
Unisons Galvanic circulation throughout 'the spites:
Thus the most severe. cases of DYSPEPSIA axe PER:
Of the molt Undoubted Clutraieter,
From all parts of the county could be Mien; iattlciest
to Jill every column in this paper;
which conclusively proves thot • •
Truth' is stranger, than Fiction"'
' • ! CURE , OF
of Now Jersey, of distleiuLthed a4ainroeuts and exalted
Sroxsy, Now jersey, July 12,194 a
CitetericDear sir: Yen' wish;to keeled
me what has hehn tha result in my own case, of the ar
plicatinn or THE GAL v.ucc DELT AND NECKLACi.
Sly reply 13 as follows : -
For about twenty .years I had been suffering hen
DYspepsia. Every year the symptoms became wortg
nor could I obtain permanent relief from any COT= of
medical treatment whatever. Aboutfourtreo years sinrs,
ini consequence of frequent exposure to the weather, ia
the discharge of my pastoral duties, I became subject to
revere Chronic Rheumatism, which for yea . ; after Far,
caused me indescribable anguish. Farther: na the winter
0f,',13 and tlti, in consequence of preaching ti great dad
v own and various other churches in this region)
was attacked by , the Bronchitis, - which sped became a
severe as to require an immediate snspension of my pas
total labors. .i.fy nervous ;pion wee now Goronity
prosircied, and as my BrencSitis became worse, so alsodd
my Dyspepsia and Rheumatic affection—thus esimir;
that these disorders were connected with each ether
through the medium of the Nervous System. In the
Whole pharmacopmia there seemed to be no remedial
agent which could reatth and recuperate my Tenon
System ; every thing that. I had tried fur this purpose tad
,completely failed. At last I was led by my friends ton'
amino your inventions, and (though with no very so
guine hopes of their eniciency,) I determined to try the
effect of theapplication of the GALVANIC BELT Ala
Is, Yune, 1846. Tolle GREAT ASTONISHMENT. VS tiro DAH
TROUBLE are. Such is the wonderful and happy result*
of the experiment.
I have recommended {he BELT- and FLUID to EMI
who have been likewise suffering from Neuralgic stfero
tints. ,They have tried them, wink stern
• I am, dear sir, Very respectfully. yours,
Is used for all complaints affecting the Throat or Had.
such as Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Threat, Nemo
and Sick Headache, Dizziness of the Head, Neuralgia in
the Face; Sas:ring , or Roaring in the Ears, Death s%
which is generally Nervous, and that &greasing 6=
plaint, called Tic lloloreux.
Are found of vast genie° in cases of Convulsions or HA
Spasmodic Complaints, and 'general Nervous Affective
et the Head and uppar extremities. Also in Palsy $u
Paralysis, and ell diseases caused by n deficiency of power
or Nervous Energy in the limbs or other organs of ter
Tic Doloreuic and Neuralgia..
. 'These dreadful and agonizing eritapleints are Nay
effetely relieved by the application of.the GALVANIC Burr
NECKLACE and.Ftete. The Belt diffuses the Electritifl
through the system ; thoNeckface has a local effect, Ed
the Fluid acts - directly upon the affected nerves. lathes,
distretsing afflictions the application NEVER FAILS.
. .
These _alarming and terrible - complaints are • :Away/
caused by a derangemard of She Nerves. The DEL?,
Basesa.cre sem Farm , . will cure nearly. every cant I*
matter. how young or old the patient, 'or how confirmed
the.eutoplaint Numerous and astonishinsproofs are la
possession of the proprietor.
ffe- 'Many hundred Certificates • from elf parte' of the
country of -the must extraordinary , character can be
given, lf required. •
0/5.-•• No trouble or lnconvenlSnce attends the use of
may Do 'worn by the most treble. and delicate, with peo
fact ease and safety. In seamy cases the sensation attend ,
ingtheir use is highly pleasant and agreeable. They cas
be tent toasty part of the country.,
' Prices:
Tho Galvanic Belt, Three Dollars ;"
Tho Galvania Necklaceq -• Two Dollars.
The Galvanic Bracelets, One Dollar Each,
The Magnetic Fluid; One Dollar.
Tho" article. are uccompunied'hy fall sad plsM
di:vellums. Pamphlet* with full purticulare may he bu
of the authorized Agent. • 1 ,
. .
07- ilmare of Counterfrib . and Wortqati.radtations .-
• • 'l32'Broadrity, Row Turk.'
. .
Bentley & Rend Agunts for Susq'a Co.
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1/ Balt Spoons, owl gencralelsort ment ()Identity •
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